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Supporting green initiatives with the Mateel Community Center Clean Energy Clean Jobs Climate Action

Center. Did you know that Reggae On The River got its start in 1984 as a fundraiser to rebuild our community center after its original Fireman’s Hall location in Garberville was burned by an arsonist? It was from these fiery ashes that Reggae On The River was born and the Mateel Community Center rebuilt, aptly earning it notoriety as “the house that Reggae built.” And as the festival has grown to a place of legendary status, so too has it always played a vital role in supporting the work of the Mateel Community Center and furthering our mission goals.

Greetings Reggae Fans… Though I say fans here, what we really mean is Family – because with Reggae On The River – it’s Family. Staff and volunteer family, Reggae artist family, non-profit and community family, vendor and creative arts family, fan family- and of course family in the sense of kids stuff too. And this feeling of family is one of the things that make ROTR a truly unique festival experience- one that can be profoundly transformative – where you can connect with place in our beautiful Humboldt environs, share of our local culture while being exposed to a myriad global ones, and where a true sense of community exists. And it takes a community to power an event like Reggae On The River. Not only in making it happen (and in supporting it year after year) but also in terms of why we do it- the Mateel Community

If you’ve never been to the Mateel Community Center, you should stop by the next time you’re in Redway. Though Reggae On The River is our largest and best-known annual event- our yearly calendar covers a wide array of art, music, theatre, and youth offerings, plus community and social service programming. Please check us out online at where you can join us as a member. We also hope you feel good knowing that your ticket to Reggae On The River spells direct support for the Mateel Community Center and indirectly to numerous other non-profit organizations and local businesses who benefit from its production. As you read through this guide, please take a little extra time to note the various programs MCC and ROTR are involved in. We think they show that not only are we striving to bring you one of the greatest Reggae shows on the planet but to do it in a way that is socially responsible and a reflection of our local community- fostering global connections that strengthen the fabric of our common unity through music, dance, and celebration. On behalf of the staff and board of the Mateel Community Center and all of us at Reggae On The River, we thank you for your patronage and wish you an incredible ROTR 2017!

Justin Crellin

General Manager – Mateel Community Center

2017 REGGAE ON THE RIVER STAFF Accounting: Amie McClellan Accounting Assistant: Ember Meserve Ads/ Sponsorship: Tanya Malley Admissions- Loop Lot: Richard Murray Admissions- Loop Lot: Andrea Pergins Admissions- Walk In: Kira Graeff Alter Able: Tanya Lee Jackson Ambassador Ambiance: Season George Ambassador Camp Host: Tessa Olsen Ambassador Lounge: Marcus Schiable Ambiance Assistant: Pooba Art Cave: Marjory Brown Art Cave Assistant: Lucy Stanley Artist Bios/ Marketing Manager: Justine Ketola Artist Merchandise: Honeybear Artist Shuttle: Blu Graham ATM: David Katz Audio Archive: Rob Seifert-Gage Backline: Ray Moreta Backline Support: Eric Rowland Backstage 215: Nansi Ochoa Brew Crew: Garth Epling Brew Crew- South Beach: Davin Callies Communications: Dan & Leanna Gribi Conflict Resolution: Mark Schaffner Coordinator Manager/ Ambiance: Alisha Goodrich DJ Coordinator: Justin Miller Drink Tickets: Lisa Stone Electrical: Ted Sloan Fire: Misc. SoHum VFDs Flow Manager: Shiloh Croy-Baker General Manager/ Talent: Justin Crellin Greenway Partners: Steve Salzman Highway Contractor: Wes Nally Hilltop Shade: Anira Gacha Ice: Salmon Creek VFD Info Booth/Merchandise: Megan Gomes Jah Med: Lee Leer



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ROTR Outreach Reggae On The River is a non-profit fundraiser- and part of our mission is to create international relationships that expand cultural awareness and strengthen the ties between our local and global communities. Though we do this in many ways through the production of ROTR, read on for a glimpse inside some of our varied outreach programs.

Tools For Change

Now in its third year, Tools For Change is one of ROTR’s most exciting and well-received outreach programs. Encouraging festival attendees to bring a new or used tool with them to the event, the collected tools support a humanitarian project that donates tools and household items to rural West African villages. Previous efforts were successful in sending a 40ft shipping container full of tools to the community of Zao – a collection of nine villages in Burkina Faso- and benefitting more than 3000 people. If you are reading this before coming to the event, please consider bringing a tool with you. Needed items include hand tools, kitchen/ household items, bikes, etc. For more info on this program or to donate a tool, visit the Tools For Change booth- located on Bob Marley Blvd at the main entrance to the concert bowl.

Reggae On The River Ambassador Program

Started in 2015, the ROTR Ambassador Program funnels 10% of Ambassador Pass sales to a fund that supports various global non-profits furthering the cause of Reggae music and culture. Funds generated so far have supported The Alpha Institute, and Lil’ Raggamuffins Summer Camp in Jamaica, and enabled us to support national groups like the Coalition To Preserve Reggae Music- and our own Tools For Change Program, among others.

Non Profit Partnership Program

As part of our mission to give back to the community, all food and drink concessions at ROTR benefit locally based non-profit organizations working to improve the quality of life on the North Coast and beyond. Please make note of the groups your concessionaires are supporting as you enjoy the many food and refreshment offerings at the festival- and know that your patronage is helping foster the circle of support the event offers to our non-profit community.

Festival Donation Fund

Each year, 2.5% of net proceeds from Reggae On The River are dedicated to a fund that is used to support a variety of worthy causes/ projects in our local community. Groups who have benefitted from these funds in the past include the Eel River Recovery Project, Leggett Valley School, Garberville Town Square, SoHum Skate Park, Support Our Schools, Humboldt Bach Festival, Redway School Music Program, North Coast Rape Crisis Team, and others.



General Information Venue Opens To Public: • 8am Thursday, August 3 (for 4-day & Ambassador ticket holders) • 8am Friday, August 4 (for 3-day main event ticket holders) * Please do not arrive at the venue any earlier than the times listed above for your type of ticket

Admission Hours:

Concert Bowl Hours:

Thursday: 8AM 8AM Friday: Saturday: 8AM Sunday: 8AM

Thursday: 12PM to 2AM Friday: 9AM to 2AM Saturday: 9AM to 2AM Sunday: 9AM to 1AM

to to to to

12AM 12AM 12AM 10AM

Complimentary Camping Options:

Please note that there are two types of complimentary tent camping- General and Ambassador (ticket dependent). General camping is offered to 3 & 4-day ticket holders and is first come, first served. Ambassador ticket holders will be parked and camped in a special area and will be directed to the Ambassador Concierge/ Camp Host upon arrival.

The Premier Campground: Nestled in a grassy area adjacent to the concert bowl, this public camping option offers some of the best tent camping on site- with direct access from camp to concert. Space is limited and available by advance reservation for $85 per person.

Alter Able Camping: Located adjacent to the south gate of the concert bowl, Alter Able camping is available by advance registration for a limited number of placard holding patrons. To register in advance, call Tanya Lee Jackson at (707) 497-9319. * Please note: all camping is at your own risk/ personal liability. Valuables should not be left unattended.

On-Site Parking: On-site parking fees are not included in the price of your ticket unless you hold an Ambassador Pass. Parking fees are assessed upon arrival at the price of $40 per standard size vehicle. Oversized vehicles are extra. No trailers. Carpooling encouraged!

RV Parking: Advance registration is required for all RVs for a price of $600. Visit the festival website for more info or call the Mateel office at 707 923-3368 x21 to register in advance. Unregistered RVs will be turned away. * Please note: no ins and outs, all vehicles subject to security/ environmental inspection, and parking is at your own risk/ personal liability.

Day Use Parking: There is no day use parking available on the festival site. The Golf Lot in Benbow is the closest day use parking area and is available on a first come-first served basis. This lot is serviced by the festival shuttle.

Jah Motion Shuttle Service: Free shuttles offer regular service to Redway, Garberville, Benbow, Dean Creek and within the French’s Camp area from Thursday, August 3 through Monday, August 7. • The Town Shuttle will pick up approximately every 30 minutes with stops at the Majestic Center (Redway), Chevron (Garberville), Dean Creek Campground and the festival site. • The Local French’s Camp Shuttle will pick up approximately every 30 minutes with stops at Richardson Grove State Park, the festival site, and the Benbow Golf Lot, plus County Line Ranch as needed. * Shuttle stops will be clearly marked and buses will operate continuously, starting one hour before the concert bowl opens each day and ending approximately 1 hour after the show ends each night, plus from 9am to 2pm on Monday, August 7.

Miscellaneous Information: • ATMs – Located in the concert bowl and check-in lot. • Phone Charging Station – A solar phone charging station is available in the concert bowl. • No Dogs Allowed – Attendees with dogs will be asked to leave. • Watch Your Kids – Don’t leave your children unattended. Safety I.D. tags are available at admission gates. Look for lost children at Security Central or contact a member of our security team. • First Aid/ Medical – The JahMed medical station is located at top of concert bowl. Stop in for trained medical attention or find a member of our security or emergency crews, roaming and available 24 hours a day. • No Fires or Fireworks – We have a strict policy against fires, fireworks, butane torches, and flame candles. Those violating these rules will be removed from the event and/ or have their property confiscated. Propane BBQs/ camp stoves OK. • No Lifeguard On Duty – Swim at your own risk and be careful- rocks can be slick/ sharp and the river swift in spots.



Reggae On The River’s Tree Of Peace Chief Jake Swamp, Wolf Clan sub-chief of the Kahniakehaka, Mohawk Nation, was founder of the Tree Of Peace Society, an international organization promoting peace and environmental conservation. Chief Jake Swamp traveled around the world meeting with world leaders and community groups to share the Tree Of Peace ceremony and spread the Iroquois wisdom surrounding Peacemaker Principles and the Thanksgiving Address. The Tree Of Peace Society “emphasizes individual responsibility for one’s actions, a deep personal relationship with the natural world, and the acknowledgment that all living things are blessings from the creator to be treated with sensitivity and respect.” He planted a Tree Of Peace on the Smithsonian Mall in Washington DC during the Bicentennial celebration in honor of the contributions to the U.S. Constitution which came from the Iroquois Great Law Of Peace. After being interviewed by Agnes Patak on Heart of the Earth on KMUD radio he granted permission to plant a Tree Of Peace at French’s Camp. In August of 2002 during Reggae on the River a Cedar tree was planted on the slope at the back of the concert bowl in a ceremony that included members of the Yurok Nation, visiting tribal nations and the local community. ROTR is honored to be a part of the Tree Of Peace program and we are happy to report- as you see in these photos- that the tree is still thriving 15 years since it’s planting. We invite you to visit our Tree Of Peace and offer a little prayer for peace.

Peace Tree in 2017

Planting of the Peace Tree Reggae on the River, 2002

Eel River Clean-up Project Gives a standing ovation to the Mateel Community Center for their continuing commitment to keeping our watershed clean! ✔ Installed a 780K gal rain water catchment pond

at the Reggae on the River site for future total water use neutrality ✔ Enhanced trash and recycling services ✔ Supports the Eel River Clean-up Project ✔ Supports the Eel River Recovery Project through through sponsoring films, educational and fundraising events for environmental causes ✔ Plans to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles with boxed water alternatives. ✔ Sponsoring, with Blue Lake Casino the Steel Cup Program at Reggae on the River and other upcoming events!

Enjoy Reggae on the River!!! Please do your share by picking up any litter you see on your way out. Thank you! —Eel River Clean-up Project


The Art Cave

Please note the concert bowl will be open during the following hours:

Located next to the stage on the south side of the concert bowl, look for live performance painters and exquisite pieces at The Art Cave- a lion’s den of reggae-influenced fine art. Featured artists include Noa, Derek Leitch, Marjory Brown- and this year’s poster artist, Simon Rios, among others.

Thursday: Noon to 2am Saturday: 9am to 2am

Friday: 9am to 2am Sunday: 9am to 1am

Reggae On The River Info & Merchandise Booth Offering… • Program guides, stage sched- ules and other festival info • 33rd annual Reggae On The River t-shirts & merchandise • Reggae on the River collectible memorabilia–including stickers, posters, shirts, hats, CDs and more – including a new ROTR photo book! • Mateel memberships, merchandise, and community center information. • Stuff check- for $5.00 you can check your stuff in a safe location while you enjoy the festival. Free for MCC members & Ambassadors. • Lost & found- turn in or claim lost items here (or Security Central)

Festival Vending Booths More than 60 handcraft, import, non-profit, and food vendors will surround the French’s Camp concert bowl. We take pride in noting that all festival food/ drink concessions support local non-profit organizations through our NonProfit Partnership Program.

Artist Merchandise Booth Located just inside the north entrance to the concert bowl, the Artist Merchandise Booth is the place to go for artist meet and greets or to pick up the latest music/ apparel from many of our featured festival performers. Help support these great artists and take home a CD or shirt as a memento of your Reggae On The River experience. Our own Reggae On The River Collection CD will be available here too- along with a new collector’s edition ROTR photo book.

VENDING BEYOND THE BOWL Public Ice Sales Located outside the main entrance to the concert bowl, Salmon Creek Volunteer Fire Dept. will offer ice to fill your coolers. Open all weekend- 8am to 8pm with proceeds supporting Salmon Creek VFD.

Campground & Late Night Food Options A handful of food booths are located in the outer reaches of the campground, including a taco truck in the Check-In Lot- as well as ‘round the clock food options and a beer bar at South Beach. A handful of late-night food concessions are also located outside the main entrance to the concert bowl.

Local Neighbor Businesses We encourage you to support our neighboring businesses. Please refer to the festival map for specific locations, all of which are either walking distance or served by the festival shuttle. • Cooks Valley Patriot Station- offering gas, snack foods, beer/ wine, etc. • Thunderbird Mountain Trading Co.- Native American jewelry, salmon jerky, and gifts • One Log House- coffee, snacks, gift shop, and the One Log House attraction • Grandfather Tree- keepsakes to commemorate your trip to redwood country • Legend Of Bigfoot- chainsaw carvings and gift shop • Benbow Inn- fine dining and lodging in an historic hotel; also features the adjacent Benbow Valley RV/ tent campground and golf course • The many businesses, shops, and restaurants of Garberville & Redway



Masters Of Ceremonies Agnes Patak Host of KMUD’s World Beat Show and longtime Mateel/ ROTR supporter

Spliff Skankin'

Founding member of Massive Sound International and host of several popular Bay Area radio programs

Madi Simmons

Humboldt County Reggae musician and Rastaman



SoHum Reggae DJ and music

Eli Fowler

DJ Rundat

Local youth/hip hop musician

DJs: • • • • • •

Deejay Theory Smokey Dub Cowboy Just One Selector Green B G. Davis

• • • • •

Rundat Guidance Pressure Konnex SunDub

…and more!

Sound Systems Guerrilla Takeover Jah Warrior Shelter Onewise WBLK Blessed Coast

Inner Standing Sound Sizzlak n Dinga-Casa Rasta Brimstone Stay Positive Sound Full Watts

In Loving Memory... On Saturday, May 20th, 2017 Hoy Kersh passed on to the spirit world. A local matriarch hailing from the Whale Gulch community of Northern Mendocino County, Hoy had a deep connection to Reggae On The River. Gracing our stage as a performer with her Reggae band Massawa in the 90’s through to her emcee work in more recent years, she had a hand in guiding both our talent line-ups and the larger direction of the festival and will be forever loved for her passionate, outspoken spirit and big heart.

Local Reggae music lover

Reggae Ambassadors ~ Upgrade Your ROTR Experience As A Reggae Ambassador

Join the Mateel and Reggae On The River online communities!

Offering extraordinary perks and access, the Ambassador Pass allows for the premier Reggae On The River experience. As a Reggae Ambassador you will receive:

Beyond our Reggae On The River and Mateel Community Center websites, there are lots of ways to engage in our online fan communities…

• One 4-day Ambassador ticket w/ Ambassador camping upgrade

• “Like” the Reggae on the River and Mateel Community Center pages on Facebook.

• Limited access to the stage left viewing stand • Exclusive access to The Ambassador Lounge - serving cocktails in a comfortable and shady environment complete with video feed from the stage and artist meet ‘n greets • Access to the Ambassador Seating Area in the concert bowl • Private porta-potties • Complimentary ROTR coupon book and festival goodie bag • Free parking for 1 standard size vehicle • PLUS: 10% of your ticket price will be livicated to a fund that supports global charities related to reggae culture! If available, Ambassador Pass ticket upgrades will be available at the Festival Information Booth. Stop in to see about upgrading your Reggae experience today.



• Find out about Reggae On The River and events happening at the Mateel by following “MateelCC” on Twitter. • Have ROTR updates sent to your Inbox by subscribing to our email list at the info booth or at • When you post your awesome pictures from your ROTR experience, be sure to tag Reggae on the River on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. #ReggaeOnTheRiver or @MateelCC and help us share Reggae On The River with the world!

Mateel Mission Statement

The Mateel Community Center seeks to involve all segments of the community in the creative actualization of a cultural vision embracing diversity, vitality, justice and sustainability. Our programs and events serve changing community needs, emphasizing the performing and visual arts.

Stage Schedule THURSDAY, AUG 3




12 to 4 Mixed DJs 3:45 Opening Blessing 4:00 Altar Tones 5:15 Keida 6:40 Irie Rockers 8:05 Woven Roots featuring Messenjah Selah, Luy Fyah, Army, Winstrong, Travis Roots & JahDan Blackkamoore 11:30 Walshy Fire with Kabaka Pyramid

12:00 Opening Ceremony + SPARC program 12:30 Tatanka 1:55 Yogoman Burning Band 3:00 Winston ”Flames” Jarrett 4:25 Nattali Rize 6:05 Perfect Giddimani 7:55 Kabaka Pyramid & The Bebble Rockers 9:40 Stick Figure 11:30 Assassin aka Agent Sasco

10:30 11:00 12:35 2:10 3:20 4:50 6:30 6:50 7:50 9:30 11:30

10:30 11:00 12:45 2:30 4:15 6:10 8:00 10:00

Opening Blessing Mighty Mystic & The Hard Roots Movement Ojo de Buey Nkulee Dube Warrior King & Rootz Warriors Culture featuring Kenyatta Hil Prestige Ken Boothe Junior Kelly J Boog Slightly Stoopid

Opening Blessing Mystic Roots Sensimilla Dub Marla Brown Dezarie Ibibio Sound Machine Lutan Fyah & The Riddem Rebels Sly & Robbie with Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt & Cherine Anderson

Special Guests:

A number of very special guests will be joining us at ROTR 2017. Look for the artists below performing cameo sets throughout the weekend–both on the main stage and dancehall-stylee-and expect a few other surprises too!

Young Shanty

Originally from the Bay Area, this artist seamlessly blends Reggae, Dancehall, Hiphop,and R&B together to chant progressive lyrics. Co-founder with Perfect Giddimani of the label Chalice Row Records and its parent label Giddimani Records, his 7 song EP Chalice Row debuted on the Billboard Reggae chart at number one in April 2017.The set includes a single “More Weed” - a blazing co-sign with Sizzla.


Haling from Maui, Hawaii, this special guest artist performs roots reggae, singing lyrical poetry that encourages the listener to learn and grow. Songs he’s released like “Island Music” highlight the subgenre of reggae from the region while “ International Farmer” serves as a ganja anthem. His creative vision is manifested as he chants,”One of my dreams is to travel the land, with the mic inna me hand, spreading good intention.”

Rob Symeonn

Reflecting his strong moral beliefs, Symeonn’s strong tone both sonically and energetically inspires listeners as evidenced in his breakout 2005 hit single “Chosen One”. His first single, released on Easy Star Records, “Anything for Jah,” (1997), was a rockers anthem expressing Rasta devotion to Jah with a universally relevant spiritual message. The artist is committed to helping return Reggae to its roots, with lyrics that bring a positive, conscious message.

Rocker T

Part of the first generation of Americanborn Reggae artists, he set the trend, mixing rhythms from varied genres with toasting or chanting in 1990’s Brooklyn, New York where he established the now Bay Area-based Jah Warrior Shelter soundsystem. His 2016 release Return of the Tru Ganjaman presents EDM and dub remixes of his original hit single from 1996 as well as a set of originals that carry on his mission of preserving and uplifting Reggae’s roots and culture.

Samba Parades with Samba da Alegria Samba da Alegria is Humboldt County’s Community Bateria (drum group). With a long heritage of bringing the beat strong, they perform Heggae, a Brazilian form of Reggae, and will have everyone dancing as they parade through the festival grounds!

Riverside Beach Parties Part of the experience of Reggae On The River is enjoying the river itself- and two of the property’s best swimming holes also offer other attractions. SOUTH BEACH is the our main beach party and in addition to great swimming–this zone also features a stage and hosts a vast array of the top Reggae DJs and Sound Systems in California. Additionally a number of featured festival performers make appearances here to rock short sets with DJ accompaniment. You may catch a sound clash, a crushing dub set, exclusive dubplates by the hottest DJs in Cali, or a surprise track show by a festival headliner. South Beach also offers a beer bar courtesy of Eel River Brewing Co. and an all-night food truck- at the far south end of the French’s Camp property. Big ups to South Beach sponsors: Redwood Roots, Cannadips and Brass Rail Bar & Grill for their support! CENTER BEACH offers a completely different experience. A chill scene under a shady Moroccan tent with a welcoming feel– you are encouraged to soak up the vibes and relax on the shores of this tempting swimming hole. You can also catch DJ sets here- with styles that vary from the deepest roots to more worldly grooves. Yoga and other offerings are also ongoing in this zone throughout the day, so stop on by anytime! Center Beach is located in the middle part of the French’s Camp property–adjacent to the river and across from the north entrance to the concert bowl.



Artists ~ Thursday, August 3 Altar Tones ~ 4:00 Formed in Humboldt County in early 2016, this group plays roots Reggae in the devotional style, influenced by the Rastafarian nyabinghi gathering known as the “groundation” ceremony. The group offers their music for the upliftment of consciousness in this time, as they say in the song “Bless”, “Blessed is the presence of the presence in the present. We shall hear thy name, blowing on the wind, living as the sun. Making all things new again, making all things one.”

Keida ~ 5:15 Returning to ROTR 2017 after her late night DJ session last year, this artist rides the rhythms with a flow that is influenced by Hiphop, and R&B, yet rooted in Reggae’s roots and culture. Her single “Ganja Tea”, from her 2015 EP Ebb and Flow is full of lyrical imagery around the use of the cannabis plant, its accompanying music video, filmed in Jamaica, has been viewed 1.7M times! Her single “Stand For Something” is an intro-spective vocal track concerning social consciousness reminding the listener, with the adage “if you don’t stand for something, you’re gonna fall for anything”. Keida will be accompanied by the 7th Street Band from the Bay Area on this performance.

Irie Rockers ~ 6:40 Redway’s own Reggae band, they formed in 2015 based on the shared vision of producers and songwriters Stevie Culture and Brody Forester to represent the ideals of the local community of peace, love and unity combined with musicianship that is sure to get you dancing. Stevie Culture is an accomplished recording artist from Jamaica who now calls Humboldt home, he sings lead vocals and plays drums with the band. Brody plays lead guitar and shares lead vocal duties, Cyrus Weissman is on bass, Brian Sykes is on rhythm & lead guitar, and April Mae is on vocals. They weave Blues and Funk seasoned with soulful harmonies and complex guitar lines to present original material rooted in Reggae.

Woven Roots featuring Travis Roots, Messenjah Selah, Luv Fyah, Army, Winstrong & JahDan Blakkamoore ~ 8:05 Backed by the Woven Roots band, this special showcase of talent is a rare opportunity to see artists who have collaborated in the studio, share stage time together. Woven Roots is a Humboldtbased five piece band which is led by singer/songwriter Travis Roots who performs a segment of their originals as part of the revue.

Messenjah Selah Originally from Jamaica and relocating to the US Virgin Islands at age 15, his 2008 album Breaking Babylon Curse produced with Zion High/ Lustre Kings is a roots reggae triumph, encompassing the artist’s diverse writing style with reflections on divinity, the environment, health and wellness and beyond, delivered with a soul-stirring voice and mystical stage presence.



Luv Fyah Hailing from the Bay Area, he has worked as a studio musician, songwriter and bandleader. He got his start as a drummer in his father’s Reggae band. A powerful vocalist chanting Rastafarian messages of truth and rights, Luv Fyah’s 2007 album Ethiopia We Belong is a collection of cultural tune classics.

Army Performing smooth-timbred vocals reminiscent of Nat King Cole or Dennis Brown, this Woven Roots artist was born in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. He got his stage name after a stint in the US Army. His third full length album Rasta Awake produced with legendary guitarist Tuff Lion, is centered in the artist’s intention to use his music as a weapon in the war for spiritual renewal and justice for all peoples. As Army explains “I want to send positive universal messages to people through my music, without the commercialism we see so much today… For me the music is a healing.”

Winstrong Winstrong hails from Suriname and records and performs music that reflects what he calls an “urban culture sound” blending conscious lyrics with Dancehall Reggae, Hiphop and R&B he’s released collab singles with Snoop Dogg & Blackalicious.

JahDan Blakkamoore

Originally from Guyana, raised in Brooklyn, NY, this artist exemplifies the blending of different genres. His catchy hooks and intricate rhymes are found on recordings from Dubstep to Dancehall to Jazz with features on recordings by Branford Marsalis’ group Buckshot LeFonque, Snoop Dogg’s album Reincarnated, as well as Major Lazer’s Gun’s Don’t Kill People Lazers Do. His singles “All Comes Back to One” and “Mountains to Climb” reflect positive lyrics of selfknowledge and unity. His most recent full length album Order of Distinction was produced by Lustre Kings. His 2009 album Buzzrock Warrior showcases the EDM side of his work with global grooves and Dub. Jahdan has also recorded and performed as part of the group Noble Society.

Walshy Fire with Kabaka Pyramid ~ 11:30 Inna original Dancehall style, when the mobile soundsystem anchored by an MC would select the b-side known as the “version” minus the vocal tracks and artists would take the mic to chant, freestyle, comment on the news of the community, as the town crier or griot and get the crowd engaged through high fidelity speaker boxes. Artist Kabaka Pyramid meets Walshy Fire to present a set that reflects their collaboration: the Accurate Mixtape which was released in mid 2016. A Jamaican based in Miami, Walshy Fire is a member Major Lazer where he performs MC duties collaborates on album projects, as well as producing and collaborating on releases with other artists. As a solo DJ Walshy tours the world presenting his sound that incorporates, Reggae Dancehall as a culture that also includes music from other genres like Soca, Afrobeats, Latin, Moombahton, old school R&B and Hiphop. Walshy and Kabaka collaborated on a “mash up” of Reggae and Hiphop for the Be Inspired single with Raekwon as part of an extreme ski film soundtrack where Reggae artists meet Hiphop artists in a style pioneered by the soundsystem Black Chiney that Walshy toured with for several years. Walshy & Kabaka will perform over custom rhythms with freestyles and word play in a rare, exclusive and highly-anticipated Thursday night headlining set that is sure to be a highlight of the festival. See Friday bios for more information on Kabaka Pyramid.

Representing for Humboldt Originals Interlocking Families for a Better Future

Proud Supporters of the Mateel




Champions of Quality and Community in Cannabis

811 I St. Arcata • 25 4th St. Eureka 2017 REGGAE ON THE RIVER


Artists ~ Friday, August 4 Tatanka ~ 12:30

Perfect Giddimani ~ 6:05

Coming from Denver, Colorado, heavy roots Reggae meets the Pop sensibilities of Dance and EDM to form a unique subgenre coined “dubtronic”. This trio of musicians released an EP, Sounds In Technicolor that reached over 4,000 downloads through the band’s social media and website network, part of an expansive following exposed to the band’s innovative sound on numerous tours where they have performed as support act for bands like Easy Star All Stars, Slightly Stoopid, Iration and more. Prepare for a modern take on vintage rhythms and an innovative hybrid Reggae sound.

This artist grew up in Bamboo, a community located in the partish of St. Ann in Jamaica, where he still chooses to spend most of his time when on the island. Getting his start in the early 2000’s, his breakthrough hit came with the 2005 song “Handcart Bwoy” that expressed in playful, vivid storytelling, notions of class or the vast difference between town and country life in Jamaica, as love blossoms between a female subject and a young “Bobo” Rasta farmer that works to distribute and selling produce using a handcart, “round the market mi juggle pepper and pak choi.“ His song “Country Cousin” explores outlines the cultural differences between rural and city dwellers in Jamaica and that many have a “country cousin”. Perfect has maintained #1 chart positions both in Jamaica and in Europe releasing singles on his own label, and rhythm compilations that include vocal contributions from artists like Anthony B, Mr Williamz and Lutan Fyah. His reality tunes are often tinged with humor, addressing current events and his personal take on the music industry with a dose of irony. He’s recorded over 100 singles, some of which are released on his own Giddimani Records imprint. His 2016 album is entitled Reggae Farm Work.

Yogoman Burning Band ~ 1:55 A fixture on the Western Washington scene as a vibrant band that compels audiences to get up and dance with singalongs, call and response lyrics, and a horn section while wearing brightly colored attire often in red, gold and green. Leader Jordan Rain fronts the band as a vocalist while playing drums through a variety of syncopated styles in-cluding Ska, Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin, and New Orleans-style Brass Band Jazz. They’ve released five albums of their original music, part one-drop, part Salsa with a bit of second line added for a carnival-like vibe that makes for a fun and unique musical experience.

Winston “Flames” Jarrett ~ 3:00 An original member of the 1960’s harmony trio the Righteous Flames along with Alton Ellis, with whom he recorded a string of Ska and Rocksteady hits for Treasure Isle and Studio One, he began recording as a solo artist in the 1970’s and since that time recorded and released 17 albums. Moving to Kingston at age 5, he would grow up in the Jonestown area. His conscious lyrics on songs like “Crucial Times”, “Survival Is the Game“ and “Up Park Camp” address the concerns of Jamaica’s poor from a Rastafarian, Pan-African, city and rural perspective. Performing at ROTR 2017 with the Washington-based Yogoman Burning Band, Mr. Jarrett has made his home in the Seattle area for many years. An underrated artist due to limited exposure he has received over time, his humble manner and vocal delivery are exemplary.

Nattali Rize ~ 4:25 Hailing from Australia, this performing artist and social activist writes Rockinfluenced Reggae with socially conscious messages. Singing in a soprano tone with a Reggae vibe that stirs the soul, anthemic songs like “One People” unite the human family while calling out false leaders. After spending most of 2014 living, writing and recording in Kingston, Jamaica, Nattali recruited a band to collaborate on Reggae rhythms as a vehicle for her socially conscious messages, she calls “rebel music for a new era.” Her first full-length album Rebel Frequency was released earlier in 2017 and reached the top ten on the Billboard Reggae chart. As a social activist, Rize has spoken out on environmental, indigenous people’s rights, and human trafficking issues. Her lyrical flow conjures up a sense of urgency and a call to action as the nimble musicianship of her bandmates furthers the mission with a driving force. She first came on the international scene as the lead singer of Blue King Brown. Since that time she has criss-crossed the globe performing on the world’s most prestigious Reggae festivals, and most recently touring as a support act on tours with artists Tribal Seeds and Michael Franti & Spearhead.



Kabaka Pyramid and The Bebble Rockers ~ 7:55 An artist and producer from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica blending the lyricism of Hiphop, with the culture, energy and phrasing of Reggae and Dancehall, Kabaka Pyramid performs two sets at ROTR 2017, one with DJ and producer Walshy Fire from the group Major Lazer as part of their Accurate Mixtape collaboration to close the first day of the festival and one with his band the Bebble Rockers, an ensemble with whom he collaborates to create music that blends Jamaican rhythms with Hiphop and the artist’s conscious, sharply delivered messages that aim to shake up the status quo. His highly anticipated debut full length album Contraband scheduled for 2017 release contains several tracks produced with Damian Marley who also produced the 2015 single “Well Done” as part of the “On The Corner” rhythm set. Its a scathing, timely diatribe against the missteps of the Jamaican politicians, leasing the resources and interests of Jamaica to foreign investors and the IMF since independence 50 years ago and picks up where his 2013 hit “No Capitalist” left off. Kabaka performs and records with the Bebble Rockers, a team of stellar live players and session musicians who weave Dub, Hiphop and deep roots rhythms as a sonic bed for the artist’s extensive catalog. Kabaka Pyramid has been a key figure in the Reggae Revival movement with his conscious lyrics and action worldwide. He made his California festival debut at ROTR 2013.

Stick Figure ~ 9:40 Part of the current wave of “West Coast Style” Reggae, this popular touring band returns to the ROTR stage blending upbeat tempos with the heavy vibes of Dub music in a multilayered sonic experience. Shifting into lengthy dub instrumental segments with tripped out keyboard lines they sing deep roots style harmonies giving an authentic vintage Reggae feel to their sound. Making their second appearance at ROTR, they shift into lengthy dub instrumental segments full of reverb, percussion and layers that change tempos with ease. The band’s origins are in Massachusetts where the multi-instrumentalist, Scott Woodruff, a literal one man band recorded most all of his first 4 albums between 2006-2012. Now based in San Diego, their 2015 album Set In Stone reached the #1 position on both the iTunes and Billboard Reggae charts and featured collabs with members of Slightly Stoopid and Rebelution as well as Collie Buddz. This is a band that is blowing up on the present day scene, developing into a major draw for an expanding fan base.

Assassin aka Agent Sasco ~ 11:30 This Friday night headliner has continued in the path of the firestorm of Jamaican Dancehall that influences so many of today’s popular tunes. His latest album Theory of Reggaetivity gives the listeners the original Dancehall style, bubbling with one drop rhythms in tribute to the roots of Reggae culture. His gravelly voice and thunderous flow ride the riddims in classic cultural dancehall style with lyrics that are full of vibes. Assassin’s lyrical bars are found in Hiphop collaborations with artists Kendrick Lamar (“Blacker the Berry”) & Kanye West (I’m In It”). Lamar performed the Assassin-flavored song on the 2016 Grammy’s telecast highlighting the artist’s contribution on a global platform. He’s considered to be one of the best lyricists and songwriters in Dancehall Reggae, as well as a producer and co-founder of Boardhouse Records where he released his second full length album Gully Sit’n (2008) which has been described as a “celebration of ghetto life”. He was first introduced to the music industry when Spragga Benz recorded a song he penned, and by age 19, had three #1 hits. Since that time he has recorded over 300 singles. His debut album Infiltration was released on VP Records in 2005. His engaging stage presence and interaction with the musicians during his set has led him to prestigious stages throughout the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean. His performance at Reggae on the River 2017 will feature the Ruff Cutt band, a set of players that are a highly sought after unit in the Jamaican professional musician community.





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Artists ~ Saturday August 5 Mighty Mystic & The Hard Roots Movement ~ 11:00 Performing what he calls “hard roots” Reggae, Mighty Mystic, who was born in Jamaica and grew up in Boston has a style that incorporates elements of Hiphop and Rock that makes for a powerful stage show. The group has been hitting the road hard, touring the US extensively, performing songs like “Cali Green” a cannabis tune classic that has been featured on television and in documentary film. His latest album is the 2016 release The Art Of Balance.

Ojo de Buey ~ 12:35 Hailing from Costa Rica, this group brings the “pura vida” concept and fuses Reggae with other Afro-Caribbean rhythms such as Salsa as well as Rock and Electronica. Singing in both Spanish and English, the band formed in 2007 releasing originals that cover a vast range of social issues and topics from everyday life like personal struggles and relationships. Originally a group of friends who got together to play at parties and events, they eventually decided to record and pursue a band concept. They’ve performed at numerous festivals outside of their country including Cali Roots where they had the crowd feeling the vibes. A horn section, percussion, searing guitar lines, har-monies and various members on lead vocals contribute to a big sound on stage.

Nkulee Dube ~ 2:10 Making her third festival appearance at ROTR 2017, Ms Dube is the daughter of the late Reggae artist Lucky Dube from South Africa and she continues his important legacy. Her original music mixes the sounds of Reggae with Soul and Jazz performed and rec-orded with a band comprised of highly skilled musicians that form a natural synergy with the artist’s soaring vocals. Songs like her debut single “Who Dem” uplift the Rasta lifestyle. In the live setting she performs select songs from her father’s extensive catalog in tribute to his body of work as a freedom fighter and pioneer in modern African music. Getting her start as a backup singer and dancer with Jazz and Afro-pop artists, a dynamic stage presentation is what’s in store. She’ll be performing with the Rootz Warriors band at ROTR 2017.

Warrior King & Rootz Warriors ~ 3:20 Part of the next wave of “cultural” artists that came on the Jamaican Reggae scene in the early 2000’s, Warrior King’s 2001 debut album Virtuous Woman was an epic set that offered a welcome respite from the slackness Dancehall music of the late 90’s and ushered in a return to the one drop rhythm, setting the pace for cultural singjay type of chanting to thrive. Songs like “Hold Da Faith”, “Breath of Fresh Air”, “Jah Is Alway’s There” & “Never Go Where Pagans Go” became mainstays on playlists worldwide and jettisoned the artist to international stages. His 2005 follow up album Hold Da Faith with its singles “Can’t Get Me Down” & “Breath of Fresh Air” encouraged the downtrodden to stay strong in the midst of perilous times. His most recent release is the 14song set entitled The Rootz Warrior. First appearing at ROTR in 2004 and again in 2008, he performs with the Rootz Warriors band in this highly-anticipated set from an artist who has not toured to the area for a number of years.

Culture featuring Kenyatta Hill ~ 4:50 A group formed during the golden age of Jamaican Reggae, Rolling Stone magazine included their seminal 1977 recording Two Seven’s Clash on its “50 Coolest Records Ever Made” list in 2002, its the only Reggae album present. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the album. The group’s impact on Reggae music is massive, after a performance at the historic One Love Peace Concert in 1978 Kingston, they began what would become a rigorous touring schedule throughout the globe including numerous tours to several African countries. The 1979 single and album International Herb would become anthemic to the legalization cause globally with its album art featuring marijuana plants, which generated controversy. Joseph “Culture” Hill sang lead and wrote much of the massive set of material, original founding member and cousin to Mr. Hill, Albert Walker and longtime harmony singer Telford Nelson carry on after his death in 2006 by performing with his son Kenyatta Hill who continues the Culture legacy. The nuances of Kenyatta’s voice as well as his mannerisms remind audiences of his late father. Influenced by elements of Dancehall, grounded in the roots tradition and motivated to carry on his father’s work, Kenyatta released the album Pass The Torch in 2007, it includes finished songs that Joseph had started and is considered a collector’s item. He’s also released a ten song set of originals as a solo album entitled Riddim Of Life (2014).

Prestige ~ 6:30 Coming from Jamaica is a prolific songwriter and vocalist that works to present songs with uplifting messages speaking out against violence and the effects of oppression, his most recent single “They Don’t Give” addresses the hypocrisy of the system. Initially deejaying under the name of Presley (think Elvis Presley), he recorded his first tune in 1994 with the legendary Black Scorpio Records in Jamaica. That same year, Prestige gave up meat, focused on a healthier lifestyle and chose to live more harmoniously with people and the environment. His single “He That Seek” was featured on the 2015 Reggae on the River Collection album, it makes the case for justice with the lyric ”he that seeks will find, clean hands no bad mind.”

Ken Boothe ~ 6:50 Considered the “Wilson Pickett of Jamaican music” Mr. Boothe is a living legend who got his start during Reggae’s genesis, in the Rocksteady sound of the 1960’s with his distinctive vibrato vocal style that topped the charts both in Jamaica and in the United Kingdom. His single “Freedom Street” released in 1970, aimed to unite the political factions in Jamaica’s post independence turmoil by imploring his fellow citizens to respect each other and “work things out intelligently”. In 1974 Ken Boothe covered the song “Everything I Own” voicing it over a Reggae rhythm – it was originally recorded by David Gates from the ’70’s Rock group Bread. The single led him to the top of the UK charts. His first recordings were as part of duets and trios, but in 1966 he was signed to Studio One as a solo artist and his first hit “The Train Is Coming” with its driving syncopation was actually re-recorded with Shaggy and included on the soundtrack to the 1995 feature film Money Train. In 2003 Mr. Boothe was awarded the Jamaica Order of Distinction for his contribution to Jamaican music. His most recent release is the 2012 Journey album. Expect a powerful vocal delivery and commanding stage presence from this 50-year veteran in Reggae.

Considered the “Wilson Pickett of Jamaican music” Ken Boothe is a living legend who got his start during Reggae’s gen esis, in the Rocksteady sound of the 1960’s 16


Junior Kelly ~ 7:50 With his breakout hit in 2000, “Love So Nice” a reality tune in the form of a love song that asked “if love so nice, tell me why it hurt so bad?” his narrative melodic style with compelling hooks and rapid fire chanting ushered in a new reggae subgenre of “singjay” style delivery that blended elements of Hiphop, Pop and R&B with roots reggae. A deep baritone vocal on “Boom Draw” over a one drop riddim extolls the virtues of the finest herb sample. Rasta philosophy is woven from universal messages of courage and hope as exhibited in the lyrics for “Smile” a huge hit for Junior Kelly, a song that would become a singalong crowd favorite on stages throughout Europe, the Caribbean and the US over the past several years. His 2005 song “Rasta Should Be Deeper” discussed the necessity for an inward militant focus on the teachings of Rastafari, a rejection of material things and the co-opting of outward images associated with Rasta. He’s released 12 studio albums and one live album recorded in San Francisco in 2007. His most recent albums are Piece of the Pie and Urban Poet both of which underscore his range lyrically and stylistically as one of the most gifted and under appreciated artists in modern Reggae.

J Boog ~ 9:30 Part of the next generation of Reggae from outside of Jamaica, J Boog comes originally from Compton, California and his Samoan cultural background influences his Pacific Island Reggae sound. Performing some of the most soaring, perfectly pitched vocals and intricate phrasing on the scene today along with the support of the mighty Hot Rain band, his release Rose Petals was nominated for a Grammy in the Reggae category for 2016. Since his debut EP 2011 release: Backyard Boogie produced by Jamaican hit-maker Don Corleone, his distinctive soul-influenced voice and songs have taken him to stages around the globe and to many countries in the Pacific Rim. A frequent collaborator with other artists and producers in the industry,

his vocals can be found on tracks by Morgan Heritage, Tarrus Riley, Fiji, SOJA and more. Songs like “Sunshine Girl” with Peetah Morgan, “Waiting On the Rain,” “Every Little Thing” as well as his first boomshot hit “Let’s Do It Again” explore romance from the male perspective. Heavier topics are covered with an ear to the street and his real life experience growing up combined with a sincere sense of justice on songs like “Let It Blaze” and “Low the Gunz”. J Boog now spends his time in Hawaii where he records and writes when not on the road. His most recent album Wash House Ting came out in late 2016. This is the artist’s third appearance at ROTR, he last appeared in 2013 and since that time his star has risen astronomically!

Slightly Stoopid ~ 11:30 This San Diego, California based group that got their start nearly 2 decades ago in the Ocean Beach area is led by co-founders and multi-instrumentalists Kyle McDonald and Miles Doughty, along with drummer Ryan “Rymo” Moran; percussionist Oguer “OG” Ocon; saxophonist Daniel “Dela” Delacruz; keyboardist Paul Wolstencroft; and trumpet/ trombone player Andy Geib. Representing the “West Coast Reggae” style, the live show emerges from an Alternative Rock framework with guitar-heavy arrangements and song structure. Starting their own label back in 1999 the band worked to gain a following with the fans with the goal to have complete creative control over everything, releasing their music through their own Stoopid Records, maintaining a very organic, DIY attitude, one they cultivated by observing their mentors alternative Rock /Reggae band Sublime and their own selfreleased strategy. During their formative years, the players looked to some of reggae’s top musicians, producers and artists for mentorship to learn tech-niques and help shape a sound that represents the production values and standards of Reggae’s pioneers. The live show takes the shape of a party as vocals are shared by band members and guest vocalists are often invited on stage to perform. They have completed numerous North American tours and are on the road this summer with fellow ROTR 2017 artist J Boog as part of the Sounds Of Summer Tour. Performing first at ROTR in the late 1990’s and again in the mid 2000’s its incredible to see their evolution from then to now headlining the show and touring globally as one of the biggest bands in Reggae today.



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Artists ~ Sunday August 6 Mystic Roots Band ~ 11:00 Formed when the members met in Chico, California this 5-piece band plays originals with two feet solidly in Reggae and adding elements of Hiphop, Pop and Rock to the mix. The band is consistently sharpening their evolving musical arrangements of vocal harmonies and occasional beatboxing that are enhanced by the groups’ female/male dynamic. The group has been together longer than most other California Reggae bands and have helped to define the “West Coast Reggae” genre. They’ve had over 4 million plays on their 2000 song “Pass The Marijuana”. Released in May, their most recent album is entitled Change.

Sensimilla Dub ~ 12:45 On what is their first trip to the United States, the band is very excited to play on the ROTR stage and represent Brazil (a rarity in the festival’s history). Formed there in 2000, this six piece deep roots Reggae band sing in Brazilian Portuguese and play “heavy reggae” influenced by 1970’s Reggae and Acid Rock. Songs are performed and recorded with elements of Dub with instruments coming in and out of the mix, “dubwise” style. In 2016 the band released the album Unity, it was a first in Brazil, featuring 10 tracks performed by two bands, Sensimilla Dub and Bambu Station from the Virgin Islands.

Marla Brown ~ 2:30 As with any child of an icon, a great deal of responsibility comes with the creation and delivery of your own ideas. London-based vocalist Marla Brown comes from the foundation of UK-style Reggae as the daughter of the late “Crown Prince of Reggae” Dennis Brown. She’s released a 7-song EP Deliverance that represents her first foray into the music business. A touring dancer and performer, she also has been a semi-finalist on the TV program Britain’s Got Talent. Continuing her father’s legacy, she sings in a honey-rich tone and deep resonance that reflects his own. By naming the EP Deliverance, Marla aims to represent her own “deliverance” into the world of the music business whilst giving a nod to her father.

Dezarie ~ 4:15 Hailing from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands this vocalist and songwriter returns to the 2017 ROTR festival stage in a rare tour appearance. Her set is highly anticipated as one of roots Reggae’s female pioneers. Her 2001 debut album Fya exemplifies original Reggae from the perspective of a female artist from outside of Jamaica and was revered by fans and radio DJ’s who continue to play this epic album in regular rotation. She received Atlanta’s “Best New Female Reggae Artist” award in 2001 before returning to St. Croix where she currently resides. She’s released a total of 5 albums and maintains a devoted following who resonate with her vocal style and lyrics that uplift women, address iniquity amongst class and race, and portray the African-Caribbean experience. Her band includes Ron Benjamin of Midnite on bass as part of an ensemble providing a heavy roots vibe for her complex vocal chants.

Ibibio Sound Machine ~ 6:10 Fronted by London-born Nigerian singer Eno Williams, Ibibio Sound Machine is a clash of African and electronic elements inspired in equal measure by the



golden era of West-African Funk & Disco and modern post-Punk & Electro. Weird and wonderful folk sto-ries, recounted to Eno by her family as a child in her mother’s Ibibio tongue, form the creative fabric from which the band’s unique musical tapestry is woven. Ms. Williams was born in London, but she relocated to her mother’s native Nigeria as a girl. Evocative Nigerian poetic imagery set against an edgy Afro-Electro soundscape that includes horns and percussion to allow the music to take its place within the current wave of modern Afrocentric sounds sweeping across the globe. Combining London electronic club music with Nigerian Funk and Pop the band’s second album Uyai strengthens and deepens that cross-cultural alchemy. It was released earlier in 2017 and National Public Radio noted the band “has crafted a collection of irresistible, multidimensional an-thems that reach far beyond the borders of geography, music and emotion.”

Lutan Fyah and The Riddim Rebels ~ 8:00 With appearances on festival and club stages in over 30 countries, this artist hailing from Spanish Town, Saint Catherine, Jamaica first got his start in 1997 recording for Buju Banton’s Gargamel label. Since that time his vocal strength is called upon for collaborations with other roots Reggae artists who seek his own particular dose of reality through his songwriting. A part of the Bobo Shanti Rastafarian community, his lyrics ad-dress the injustices of the system and present solutions in the form of positive thought, word and deed. Lutan Fyah released his 16th album Music Never Dies in April. Produced by I Grade Records, it landed on the Billboard top 10 chart in its first week out. As for the title’s origins, the artist explains “When I do music, I do it from my core. I evoke feelings and emotions, so that when my fans hear my songs, they are touched by my words and understand the place where it is coming from. Music is everything to me; music never dies.” The artist makes a rare festival appearance at ROTR 2017 after an absence from the U.S. for the past several years. He’s joined by the Riddem Rebels a set of seasoned players from Jamaica that will bring the fyah with his extensive catalog of tunes.

Sly & Robbie with Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt & Cherine Anderson ~ 10:00 Sly & Robbie in a showcase with Bob Marley’s I-Threes harmony singers Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt who along with next generation artist Cherine Anderson will perform some of the classics from the Bob Marley and the Wailers catalog as well as individually on tracks that established each of them as solo artists.

Sly & Robbie Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare have performed as a drum and bass duo on an estimated 200,000 tracks and are considered the most recorded musicians in all of music, regardless of genre. The duo are responsible for ushering in the digital era of Reggae with their production and live performances as part of the group Black Uhuru using computer assisted instruments and programming in the mid80s. Their sound would emerge in mainstream Pop on recordings by Grace Jones (Nightclubbing) and other artists would then seek out the “Riddim Twins” over the years like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, No Doubt, Herbie Hancock and more. In 1976 they introduced a new rhythmic pattern known as “Rockers” that took the “one drop” style a step further and prompted a cult classic film released in 1978 by the same name that both musicians appear in as players- and with Robbie in a story line role. Peter Tosh enlisted the duo to tour with him in 1978 after their studio session contributions on the Legalize It album. This marks the period when their partnership solidified and they began releasing music on their own Taxi label. As 1990’s Dancehall rhythms emerge the song “Murder She Wrote” by Chaka Demus & Pliers exemplifies the trendsetting Riddim Twins work. They’ve worked with nearly every Jamaican Reggae artist in history and as Melody Maker magazine stated back in 1987 “working with Sly and Robbie has become the accepted seal of approval on any artist’s career.”

Marcia Griffiths Gaining international recognition as part of the harmony trio the I-Threes that performed and recorded with Bob Marley and the Wailers, Marcia had her first hit single on the UK charts in 1970 as part of a duo with Bob Andy, it their early Reggae cover of the Nina Simone song “To Be Young Gifted and Black”.

Ms. Griffiths toured with Bob Marley from 1974 until his untimely passing in 1981. She has released a number of singles as a solo artist including “Electric Boogie,” originally written and recorded by Bunny Wailer, which was remixed in 1989 and made the line dance the Electric Slide an international craze that continues today on dance floors globally. Expect our own dance party on the ROTR 2017 stage during her set and in a highly anticipated I-Threes tribute performance.

Judy Mowatt A harmony vocalist with the I-Threes working alongside Marcia Griffiths and Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt is also credited as a writer on two songs from the Wailers’ album Burnin, “Hallelujah Time” and “Pass It On”. As a solo artist, she has released seven albums and created one of Reggae music’s all time classics, the 1979 release Black Woman. It represents the first Reggae album recorded by a woman acting as her own producer with six of her originals including the morality tale “Many Are Called”. She was the first female singer nominated in the Reggae Grammy category for her 1985 Working Wonders album. The gospel tradition deeply informs Ms. Mowatt’s lyrical style combined with phrasing that has a distinct Reggae influence. In 1999 she was awarded the Order of Distinction by the Jamaican government for her service to music.

Cherine Anderson Singing at ROTR 2017 as part of the harmony trio the I-Threes, Cherine represents the next generation of female Reggae artists. As a singer, songwriter and producer of her original material, she creates music categorized as DancehallSoul. In late 2007, she collaborated with Michael Franti and Spearhead for three songs on the All Rebel Rockers album. As a featured vocalist on the single “Say Hey (I Love You)” Ms. Anderson is the first Jamaican female artist to hit the Billboard Rock charts. In 2008-2009, she toured extensively with Franti and Spearhead as their opening act and as a featured artist during the band’s set. She got her start in entertainment as an actress in the films Dancehall Queen (1997) and One Love (2003).






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Kidlandia Welcome to KidLandia at Reggae On The River Located at the top of the hill above the concert bowl, KidLandia offers a fun family environment with a great view of the show. Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult to participate in all KidLandia activities. Circus Nature Presents A. O’kay Clown & NaniNature

Juggling Jesters & Wizards of Play

Performances for all ages. Magical adventures with circus games and toys

Featuring… Circus Nature & Their 3 Rings Of Play

Welcome One and All! Nani Nature and A.O’Kay Clown invite you to join Circus Nature and enjoy the concert from the hill as the kids embark on circus adventures in the “Three Rings of Play” open from 11:00-5:00 and culminating at 4:30 in a Children Circus Skills Performance under our Rainbow Star Circus Pavilion. At 5:00 come get your props to join in the Restore the Earth Parade and Performance, which will start and end at the Rainbow Star Circus Pavilion.

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The Reggae Brew Barn Conveniently located at the back of the concert bowl, the Reggae Brew Barn will feature over 8 brews from Eel River, Lagunitas, Ace Cider, Mad River, Six Rivers, and others. Wine from Fray Vineyards and refreshing mimosas will also be available- along with ice-cold cocktails featuring Humboldt Distillery rum.

The Ambassador Lounge

Ambassador Pass ticket holders have exclusive access to The Ambassador Lounge-which is located between the stage and the south entrance to the concert bowl. This chill scene offers a comfortable and shady environment, complete with full bar, pro bartenders, comfy couches, a live video feed from the stage, and an opportunity to hobnob with some of the artists.

South Beach Bar

Cool off at Eel River Brewing Co.’s South Beach Bar - where you can Be Natural & Drink Naked sipping on their Organic California Blonde and Amber Ales – or get Inside the Triangle & Outside the Box with their hop-infused Emerald Triangle IPA and Pale Ales. Humboldt County’s own Eel River Brewing – celebrating 20 years on the river! Located adjacent to the festival’s South Beach swimming hole, this outpost bar will offer libations til 2:00am - plus an all-night food truck.

ROTR Steel Pint Cups

In an effort to lessen our environmental footprint, we are excited to be partnering with Blue Lake Casino to eliminate single-use plastic beer cups- and will be pouring beer exclusively into these stylish ROTR steel pint cups from Steely’s. Based in San Francisco, Steelys’ mission is to design and produce stylish cups and bottles that meet the highest standards for health, safety, sustainability and social responsibility. Made from premium, food-grade stainless steel that is tested to be free from lead, Phthalates, BPA and other toxins. Please note that you’ll need a steel pint or your own 16oz container to purchase beer, so be good to our environment and plan on bringing your own or purchasing one from our drink ticket booth located in the main Beer Barn. Stop by and grab a cold one!




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Look for these great Reggae shows at the Mateel Community Center in September

Reggae on the River is broadcast live on your local Reggae on the River is broadcast live on your community radio station KMUD. 91.1 SoHum. local community radio station KMUD. 91.1 88.1 NoHum, 90.3 Mendo, 99.5 Shelter Cove. SoHum. 88.1 NoHum, 90.3 Mendo, 99.5 Shelter Tune during the event to hear main stage acts, Cove. inTune in during the event to hear main and live from KMUD stageartist acts, interviews and artist interviews livethe from the press tent! volunteer driven KMUD KMUD press tent!isKMUD is volunteer driven listener supported radio and proud to work listener supported radioisand is proud to workwith the Mateel deliver this exciting eventevent to your with thetoMateel to deliver this exciting to radio!

Tune in atTune your at 91.1FM! your radio! in atcampsite your campsite at 91.1FM!


Welcome to Southern Humboldt and the 33rd Annual Ł

Reggae on the River!

Stop the the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center for all of your information needs. 782 Redwood Drive Garberville California

(707) 923-2613 visit us on facebook!

The Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center would like to thank the Chamber members and community for their support of the 15th annual 4th of July Fireworks show!!





Reggae on the River 2017 Festival Program Guide  

The program guide includes information about the artists, stage schedules, children's activities, admissions & camping at the festival and m...

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