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“MasteryPrep is the catalyst for knocking down the barriers of access and success.” Ngondi Kamatuka

Center for Educational Opportunity Programs Director University of Kansas

Every student can graduate high school with a college-ready ACT or SAT score. Every student deserves to. For most students, however, it’s not a level playing field. Students who come from low-income communities—who might be the first to go to college in their families—have an uphill climb. The tough reality is that nearly 90% of lowincome students graduate high school without a college-ready ACT or SAT score. It’s not a level playing field for the schools that serve underperforming students, either. Each year, expectations rise, but without a commensurate increase in resources. That’s why MasteryPrep’s entire focus is on helping schools succeed. We have developed the only ACT and SAT prep curricula designed from the ground up to help schools boost their students’ scores. Each year, MasteryPrep helps over 1,000 schools and districts improve the outcomes of over 125,000 students. We hope that this year we can partner with you and help provide your students the brighter future that higher test scores bring.


Academic Timeline

Academic Timeline Our academic timeline provides the roadmap for a complete system of success for standardized test preparation.

This timeline represents a recommended implementation.



We customize implementation plans to fit any school calendar.

Professional Development: • Decoding the ACT (p. 6) • Mastering the SAT (p. 10) Comprehensive training where teachers become ACT and SAT experts. Integrate college readiness in the classroom with tips, strategies, and content insights.

Practice Tests: • TruScore ACT Practice Testing (p. 14) Deep insights into ACT performance with 24-hour turnaround. No-hassle, pencil and paper practice testing and analysis.

Academic Timeline


The common denominators of all programs on this timeline: Data-Driven



Attention-grabbing hooks and


20,000 official test items and

activities, careful lesson scaf-

instructional design and class-

more than 50 million student

folding and differentiation, and

room instruction ensure students

data points means we cover what

expert yet relatable instructors

achieve mastery of time manage-

matters and we get results.

keep your students absorbed.

ment, test-taking skills, and es-

An exhaustive analysis of over




sential content.




Curricula: • ACT Mastery (p. 20) • SAT Mastery (p. 29) • ACT Essentials Online (p. 27) The first and only masterybased ACT and SAT curricula. Fit any schedule with zero teacher prep time.

• ACT Elements (p. 34) Authentic daily reinforcement of ACT essential skills. Scaffolded approach builds confidence and competence.


Boot Camps: • MasteryKeys (p. 50) The most comprehensive and successful WorkKeys prep program for earning a Silver NCRC™.

Post-test: TruScore is frequently administered as a post-test in January.

• • • • • •

ACT Boot Camp (p. 36) SAT Boot Camp (p. 40) WorkKeys Boot Camp (p. 53) EOC Boot Camps (p. 44) TSI Assessment Boot Camp (p. 49) AccuPrep (p. 61) Better scores in one day. Engaging experts help students become prepared and confident with time management and testtaking strategies.


Decoding the ACT

Decoding the ACT Professional development that educators love. Every school needs at least one ACT expert. At your school, every teacher can be.

Delivery Timeline: June-August, January, professional development days throughout the year

In these workshops, participants learn:

Ten ways to seamlessly incorporate

Decoding the ACT at a Glance: • Decoding the ACT workbook for each attendee • Access to printables and tools for each

ACT prep into lessons.

Five ACT prep pitfalls to avoid at all costs.


• Subject-specific agendas for ELA, math, and science teachers

The key reasons students struggle on the ACT and how to fix them.

• Half-day and full-day sessions available for each subject

• Engaging, expert on-site facilitator • Online training also available

The secrets of how the ACT is scored.

Decoding the ACT


Boost ACT Scores School-Wide


Time Management

Process of Elimination

The first hidden question on every

MasteryPrep has helped over

By developing this one skill, you can

standardized test is, “Do you give a

100,000 students develop their time

turn a poor test-taker into a fantastic

flip?” We show you how to ensure that

management skills on the ACT test.


your students are motivated and care

We share what works—and what

to perform well on the ACT.

doesn’t—to get students on pace.

Test-Taking Skills

Guessing Strategies

Subject Area Mastery

Students will be taking tests for the

Every standardized test is susceptible

Each PD session is designed

rest of their lives. We break down

to guessing strategies, and the ACT

specifically for a subject area

what it means to develop test-taking

is no exception. We share the most

(English, Math, Reading, and Science)

skills and help your students master

effective techniques and how to

and is packed with domain-specific

standardized assessments.

present them to your students.

tips and strategies. Content is key on the ACT, and we share strategies for content mastery, common core standard correlations, and a detailed analysis of what content the ACT treats as most important.


Decoding the ACT

Demopolis High School Students Scoring “Ready” on the ACT 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0%


Science 2017

Decoding the ACT Success: Demopolis High School, Alabama Demopolis High School serves 722 students. 60% come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and 51% belong to


All twenty-four attendees at Demopolis High School rated the session a perfect five out of five!

a racial minority. Demopolis launched its ACT score improvement initiative with an onsite Decoding the ACT professional development

“Excellent workshop and the presenter was wonderful.”

program, and the results were immediate. In 2017, 15.1% of sophomores scored on track for readiness on the ACT Aspire test in math and 12.43% in science. In 2018, after the PD, readiness for those same students improved to over 40% in math and 25.7% in science.

“Great presenter! Very informative and engaging! Loved it!”

“Great job by presenter. It’s a hard job. She makes it look easy.”

Decoding the ACT


The presenter was excellent. It is not often that I enjoy PD after being an educator for 20 years, but she was wonderful.

Here’s what other educators have to say about Decoding the ACT: “Great training! It was probably the most informative workshop I have ever attended.” “This workshop was kind of a jump start for me for thinking in terms of ACT preparation. Enjoyed it very much!” “The information provided is practical, and the speaker is knowledgeable not only about the strategies but the approach the students have in taking the ACT and how to redirect their attitudes and test-taking skills.”

“I learned simple techniques to pass on to my students that can make a difference in their scores. Awesome info!” “I really appreciate this information! As a veteran teacher I wish this would have been available 10 years ago…” “Best presenter and professional development ever!!! Seriously!”


Mastering the SAT

Mastering the SAT Empower your teachers to increase SAT scores.

Delivery Timeline: June-August, January, professional development days throughout the year

Why Mastering the SAT? Mastering the SAT at a Glance:

• Build educator buy-in on your SAT improvement plans

• Handouts for each attendee

• Provide teachers with practical tips and strategies they can apply right away

• Half-day or full-day session available

• Fun and engaging format makes this not just another PD

• Tailored to either the SAT or PSAT • Engaging, expert on-site facilitator

• Spark a shift toward a college-going culture on your campus • Address basic motivation problems

Mastering the SAT


Participants will learn: • The four major reasons SAT prep can’t happen and how to overcome them.

• Key reasons students struggle on the SAT and how to fix them.

• Ten inventive ways to incorporate SAT prep in your classroom, without causing distraction or losing class time.

• What the SAT is actually measuring.

• Five SAT prep pitfalls to avoid at all costs.

• How to get every student on pace for timed tests.

• How to get your students motivated for the SAT.

• How to teach your students to guess twice as well.

• Why honor roll kids can’t get the SAT scores they need.

• Nine must-have test-taking strategies.

• The secrets of how the SAT is scored.

“For as long as I have reviewed the test, been given strategies and activities, these were most realistic!”

“Great testing strategies provided and ways to incorporate SAT prep in the classroom right away.”

“This is the first PD where I felt I could check all the boxes on the State Eval form.”

“This was my third MasteryPrep session, and all presenters have been beyond knowledgeable.”

“It was great! Can we have more?”

Learning specific strategies and ‘cheat codes,’ applying and practicing them ourselves, and then discussing the outcome of our attempts helped me figure out how to best teach these strategies.


Teacher Certification Course

Teacher Certification Course Equip your instructional team to make ACT and SAT prep come alive.

Delivery Timeline: June-August, January, professional development days throughout the year

Why take our Teacher Certification Course? Teacher Certification at a Glance:

• Orientation to the ACT Mastery or SAT Mastery curricula and teacher manuals

• Two-day training program

• Training on classroom management and student engagement

• Same format MasteryPrep uses to train its own instructors

• Strategies for parsing data and differentiating instruction

• Completion recognition for each attendee, but certification not guaranteed • Led by MasteryPrep Master Trainers

• Tips for making the most of entrance tickets, exit tickets, and activities • Review of online resources and TruScore practice testing reports • Teach-backs provide practical experience and real-time feedback

Teacher Certification Course

Get the best results in your test prep class with teachers certified by MasteryPrep in ACT and SAT prep.

“The training I have received through MasteryPrep has proven to be effective in enhancing my presentation style, increasing my content knowledge, and maximizing student engagement. My instruction is more lively and relatable for our students and has resulted in positive gains in their achievement!“

- Jim “J.” Kelly

“Training to be a MasteryPrep facilitator was strenuous, intense, and most importantly, necessary. I am not well versed in every single subject so I had my reservations walking in. However, it prepares you for the worst-case scenario, from student engagement to content comprehension. Training taught me how to reach as many students as possible, keep them engaged, and make the content relatable. All these things, and more, I learned in training and it made me not only more confident in my presentation abilities but also in the content being presented.”

- Zola-Kai Pollard



TruScore Testing & Analysis

TruScore Testing & Analysis

TruScore at a Glance: • Pencil and paper or online ACT practice tests • We provide all practice test booklets and answer documents

Deep, actionable insights into ACT performance with 24-hour turnaround. No hassle, penciland-paper practice testing and analysis. Instant online testing.

Delivery Timeline: Beginning and end of each semester, school testing dates throughout the year

• Mailing label included for returning the answer sheets • Detailed proctoring instructions so you can emulate the official ACT • Instant results for online testing and 24-hour turnaround for pencil and paper • Full-color physical and digital score reports • Score reports segmented by district, school, teacher, class, and individual student • 215 answer explanation videos • Expert data review and analysis included

TruScore Testing & Analysis


Why TruScore? The foundation of a data-driven approach to ACT score improvement. • Don’t Fly Blind: Start the year with the data you need. Our fast turnaround means that your teachers are data-enabled from the beginning of the semester and ready to act when it matters most. • Instructional Focus: Subject-specific reports enable each department to set realistic instructional priorities that will drive improvements in college readiness outcomes. • Start Early: College readiness starts freshman year. Share this performance data with your freshman and sophomore teachers to start remediating deficiencies early and set up year-after-year score gains. • Remediation Plans: Incorporate student reports into individual remediation plans for seamless integration of college readiness skill development. • Quantify Problems in Content and Test-Taking Skills: Ever heard it said that your students are bad test-takers? Now you can see exactly where their problem areas are! Determine at a glance if there are issues with content, testtaking skills, or both.

• Pain-Free Test Administration and Grading No printing. No sorting. No grading. We provide all documents. We even furnish the return label. Simply stack the answer sheets in a box and send them back. We will receive your answer documents, score them, and send your results the next business day! • Aggregation All reports are available at the district, school, teacher, class, and individual student level. • TruScore ACT Data Review For the 2019-20 school year, a TruScore ACT Data Review is included at no extra charge. In this half-hour web conference, a MasteryPrep expert provides a walkthrough of your data report, recommends priorities, and helps your team convert data into action and score improvements.


TruScore Testing & Analysis

Actionable Data After students take their practice tests, we provide detailed reports that give teachers clear test-taking skill metrics, powerful insights into student performance, and data-driven recommendations as to what actions to take to boost outcomes.

Overview Report:

Student Score Report:

Overview of performance in each

Available for students and

subject area across more than

parents. Provides score analysis,

20 key metrics including student

recommendations, and answer

composite and scale scores.

key in an easy-to-read, one-page format.

Subject Breakdown Report:


Detailed analysis of over 150 individual skills that are

Automatic recommendations based on our extensive

tested on the ACT. Specific enough for your teachers to take

research of 70 official ACT tests, 15,000 test items, and over

action. For example, instead of just giving Geometry scores,

50 million real student performance data points.

we show that your students specifically need help with the Pythagorean Theorem.

TruScore Testing & Analysis

Test-Taking Skills Report:

Threshold Report:

Quantifies your students’ relative

Helps you strategize on how

strengths and weaknesses in

many students are above or

seven essential test-taking skills,

below your target ACT scores.


including time management and the process of elimination.

Item Analysis:

Score Summary:

Shows how many of your students selected each answer

Shows your students’ ACT scores in each subject area for

choice for a test item.

easy reference.

Answer Maps:

Explanation Videos:

See at a glance the answer choices that each student

Detailed explanation videos are easy for students to follow

selected. Test data also available as .csv for easy analysis

and strengthen college readiness skills. Just because your

and sorting.

students missed a question doesn’t mean they need to miss it again.


TruScore Testing & Analysis

TruScore Online ACT Practice Testing • Online practice tests are scored instantly. • See all of your data at a glance, in any aggregation: district, school, teacher, class, or individual student. • View real-time analytics on each student, test item, and skill.

TruScore: The Student-Friendly Practice Test

Instant Feedback & Engagement: Fast turnaround, personalized reports, and video feedback allow students to stay engaged and quickly make improvements.

Overcome Test Anxiety: Giving your students an authentic ACT testing experience helps them prepare for nerve-wracking time limits.

Get Specific: Even if students commit to improving their scores, the process can be overwhelming. TruScore helps students focus on what will make the biggest impact.

TruScore Testing & Analysis


MasteryPrep is the quintessential diagnostic tool for excellence in preparation for the ACT...

“MasteryPrep offers a reliable and valid means of assessing

“We are so excited to have this feedback to pinpoint where

our students on the ACT at an economically viable price

our students need remediation. Thank you so much for the

point. This gives us great longitudinal data for tracking

ease of this process and quick return of results. I will be

student growth as we are entering our fourth year in our

recommending your product to others!”

partnership with MasteryPrep. Customer service is beyond excellent and the product is continually revised to meet the needs of our district.” - Andy Schoggin, Assistant Superintendent/COO at Petal School District, MS

- Tonia Easley, Counselor Vardaman High School “MasteryPrep is the quintessential diagnostic tool for excellence in preparation for the ACT. My students’ use of MasteryPrep has yielded more post-secondary college

“Thank you so much! Great turnaround with the data! I appreciate it.” - Jennifer Rogers, Lead Teacher Morton High School

opportunities, while providing assistance in career-minded participants, because of a significant increase in ACT test scores.” - Fredrick L. Hickmon Ph.D., Principal Choctaw Central High School


ACT Mastery

ACT Mastery The first and only mastery-based ACT prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero teacher prep time.

Delivery Timeline: Throughout the school year

Why ACT Mastery? ACT Mastery at a Glance: • 4 student workbooks (English, Math, Reading, and Science) • Over 150 hours of content • Over 1,600 authentic practice questions • Effective for students scoring from 13 to 26

• Help students at all score ranges, even the students who need the most help. Scaffolded course modules leave no students behind. • Teachers can focus on teaching instead of having to dig up content. • Reduce teacher planning time. • Get 4+ point score increases for the students who are most likely to impact your accountability scores. • Provide structure for your ACT prep efforts.

• Teacher manuals with scripted lessons for each subject area • Slide decks

Implementation Models

• Exit tickets

• One-semester or full-year course

• Mini-tests

• Weekly core class integration

• Syllabus generation • Direct customer support

• Intervention, advisory, or homeroom • Integration into non-core classes • Special pull-out course or after-school session

ACT Mastery

ACT Mastery Results

17% 15%


20 19.5


19 18.5 10% 7%

18 17.5


17 3%

3% 3%

16.5 16 15.5


-2 -1 0+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9

Average 4+ point ACT score gains


ACT Mastery Success: Northeast Lauderdale High School

In a case study involving more than 500 students, students attending a one-semester ACT Mastery course improved their ACT scores by an average of 4 points, with more than 50% of students making gains between 3 and 9 points.

Northeast Lauderdale High School improved from a 17.2 pre-test to a 19.7 post-test after implementing the ACT Mastery program.

Walker High School ACT Mastery Success: Walker High School Walker High School serves over 1,150 students in Louisiana, with 37% of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Walker High School prioritized college readiness by providing its students with a one-semester ACT Mastery class during the school day in the 2018-19 school year. Students participating in the class averaged a +4.7 point gain on the ACT from pre-test to post-test!



ACT Mastery

ACT Mastery Success: DeSoto Parish School District

DeSoto Parish School District ACT Scores

DeSoto Parish School District serves 5,119 students,


48% of whom belong to racial minorities and 43% of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch.


After implementing ACT Mastery, DeSoto Parish was recognized for making the largest single-year ACT


score gains in the state (+1.1 points district-wide) both with its entire population and among its minority and economically disadvantaged students. Its gains in


college readiness accountability scores helped propel the district from a D rating to an A rating.


DeSoto went on to earn an A rating for a second year in a row, moving from its ranking of 45th to the 9th


highest-performing school district in Louisiana!






“Our teachers love the MasteryPrep materials. They are so well done, and so well put together, that any teacher,

“It works! Our scores are moving up!” - Evelyn Nettles-Hines

from any subject, could use their materials and teach

Principal, George Washington Carver High School, AL

them to students. English teachers could teach on the

“This has been one of the best experiences working with

ACT math test, and vice versa. MasteryPrep’s materials have made teaching students how to properly take and prepare for the ACT so much easier.”

an outside organization that I have ever had.” - Judy Dotson Instructional Supervisor, Carter County School District, KY “When we started, only 3 students were scoring an 18 or higher. We ended the program with 21 students scoring

- Tammy Cole

18 or higher, 18 of whom scored 19 or above. We had

Coordinator of Student Learning

students (including English learners) increase their score

DeSoto Parish, LA

by 5-7 points. The highest gains were made by a student who started with a 14 and ended with a 21.” - Kevin McCabe ACT Instructor, Cohen College Prep, New Orleans, LA

ACT Mastery


Content is Key: English, Math, Reading, and Science English • 470 pages, 30 lessons, 550 practice questions, 45 test-taking tips.

• Tips and strategies for transitions questions, the most heavily weighted topic in ACT English.

• Master crucial punctuation rules that comprise 15% of scores, but often haven’t been reviewed since middle school.

• Essential review for sentence structure, reducing redundancy, identifying author purpose, and much more.

• 546 pages, 38 lessons, 575 practice questions, 45 test-taking tips.

• Time is of the essence in math. Demonstrates not only how to answer the questions, but also how to answer more quickly and more accurately.


• Pre-algebra and elementary algebra drive most ACT score improvement; extensive review of the basics creates a firm foundation to build from.

• Shows how to reverse-engineer word problems and dissect figures to maximum advantage.

Reading • 334 pages, 18 lessons, 325 practice questions, 25 test-taking tips. • Learn to skim passages and scan for answers so that even if students run out of time or are challenged readers they can still get most of the questions right.

• Lessons on context, prefixes, and stems mean that confusing terms and phrases have met their match. • One third of the questions on the ACT Reading test don’t require students to read the passage at all; we show students how to identify these items and answer them quickly and painlessly.

Science • 314 pages, 16 lessons, 220 practice questions, 20 test-taking tips. • So much of the ACT Science test boils down to one skill: interpreting charts and graphs. Our science lessons help students tame and master them.

• To score well on the science test, students have to think like a scientist, which is why we review the essentials of experimental design, controls, and the scientific method. • The only curriculum that provides a skill-byskill breakdown of the ACT Science test, and the most authentic ACT Science practice of any test prep program.


ACT Mastery

Learning Targets:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

ACT College Readiness Standards provide clear objectives

Scripted lessons walk you through every step of the

for every lesson (with optional Common Core correlation).

program. No matter your comfort level with the material, you have the tools to boost scores.

Engaging Activities:

Detailed Answer Explanations:

Hooks, games, and colorful analogies increase student

A comprehensive walkthrough of every single test item

interest and make test prep fun.

in each book makes even the toughest ACT questions approachable.

ACT Mastery


Helping Teachers Succeed Schools have experts in math, English, and science, not the ACT. ACT Mastery helps great teachers become instant experts on standardized tests with no test prep background required.


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on 16




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Entrance and Exit Tickets: Ticket Entrance

– Co


y Eng

Answ ered Corre ctly


Embedded Test-Taking Strategies and Time Management Tips:

Start and close each class period with an entrance/ exit ticket combo that helps you remove dead time, differentiate instruction, and measure progress.

Call-outs highlight opportunities to reinforce key testtaking and time management strategies.

Slide Decks:

Flexible Implementation:

Each lesson includes a PowerPoint slide deck that

Lesson plans for any session length (from 15 minutes to 1

provides a visual focus for the class and illustrates key

hour 45 minutes) and any number of sessions (from a one-


week prep program to a full-year class), tailored to your students’ predicted ACT scale scores.


ACT Mastery

Mastery on the ACT ACT Mastery works because it addresses the three areas that must be mastered to maximize score gains.

Time Mastery Every lesson includes timed practice and pacing techniques, so students go into the test with the time management habits they need to succeed.

Test Mastery Students who consider themselves “bad test-takers� gain a new perspective when they go through the ACT Mastery program. Testtaking is a skill that can be learned just like anything else. In every lesson of ACT Mastery, students learn essential techniques and tricks that help them master the ACT and standardized tests in general. The program covers guessing strategies and the process of elimination as well as subject-specific strategies, like tricks for eliminating commas and how to make the most out of math figures.

Content Mastery Time management and test-taking strategies can only take students so far. In the end, students must know the content to win at the ACT. ACT Mastery takes up where many test prep programs leave off by providing key reinforcement for the academic skills that make the biggest impact on ACT scores. Over 100 hours of scaffolded lessons build student skill to the rigor of the ACT, while more than 1,600 authentic ACT practice questions ensure that students are prepared for the exact way the ACT will be testing them.

ACT Essentials Online

ACT Essentials Online


How ACT Essentials Online Works: • Time Management Strategies: Students who complete this course learn to better manage their time on the ACT. In ACT Essentials, we teach students the techniques they need to know to beat the clock. • Structure of the ACT:

Students can boost their ACT scores by 2-4 points in as little as four weeks with our online test prep program.

ACT Essentials helps students crack the code on the structure of the ACT. Students learn how the test is set up, what kinds of questions it asks, and how to follow the test directions (as well as when it’s best not to). • ACT-Specific Test-Taking Strategies:

Delivery Timeline: Throughout the school year

Some ACT test items can be tricky, but in ACT Essentials we show students how to use that fact to their advantage. Students learn powerful strategies that can double the effectiveness of their guesses and give them an edge on test day. • Lots of Authentic Practice Problems:

ACT Essentials Online at a Glance: • Per student or sitewide licenses • Year-long access • Over 30 lessons and 36 additional practice modules • 600+ authentic practice questions

Just because a student understands a grammar or math concept doesn’t mean that he or she is prepared for how it will be asked about on the ACT. ACT Essentials practice questions exactly match the format and rigor of real ACT test questions, and each topic includes five times more practice questions than traditional test prep books. • Subject-Specific Tips and Strategies: ACT Essentials helps students make substantial gains in each subject area. For example: • How to ignore distractors in English and reading • How to avoid becoming confused by technical jargon and equations in the science section • Which math formulas students need to know


ACT Essentials Online

Next Generation Online Learning Our course is powered by Acrobatiq, the result of Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative, which means that your students experience a course that incorporates the latest research developments in online learning.

• Learn by doing: Our course isn’t a wall of text or a river of passive video streams. Students actually take action and complete activities to move through to course completion. As a result, they stay engaged and learn more. • Hinting system: Students disengage when a question is too difficult. Our hinting system gently prompts them in the right direction, like a tutor over their shoulder, to keep them on track. • Learning estimates: Every task and piece of content in our course is tied to ACT College Readiness Standards, and each time students interact with the content, the software updates its learning estimate. The result? Deep insights into student performance across every essential college readiness standard. • Adaptive practice: Not every student needs the same amount of practice. Students who did well in the lesson move straight to the harder questions, while students who struggled are given more runway.

Here’s what our ACT Essentials Online customers have to say: “MasteryPrep’s products are helping us raise our students’ ACT scores, and their customer service is second to none. We have been

“User friendly and portable.” - J.D., Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA

thoroughly pleased with every aspect of MasteryPrep’s services. They are a first class company with a first class product!”

“Great price and easy to use.”

- Nic Mounts, Centerpoint High School, AR

- K.A., Puentes New Orleans, LA

“The MasteryPrep staff is always so friendly, professional, and

“I find the activities to be fair and challenging.”

provides immediate attention to every need and detail. The products are wonderful and the personal attention given to our schools and faculty in assisting with the implementation of resources is what makes this ACT initiative the best in the country.” - Traci Aucoin, GEAR UP Director, Lafayette Parish School District, LA

- A.G., East Ascension High School, LA

SAT Mastery


SAT Mastery The first and only mastery-based SAT prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero teacher prep time.

Delivery Timeline: Throughout the school year

Why SAT Mastery? • Boost scores by 200 points or more.

SAT Mastery at a Glance: • 4 student workbooks (Writing and Language, Reading, and 2 Math) • Over 120 hours of content • Over 2,500 authentic practice questions, more than any other program

• Highly effective for students scoring below college readiness • Comprehensive lesson plans make teachers instant SAT experts • Engaging classroom activities and built-in instructional differentiation • Everything you need for an effective, best-in-class SAT prep program

• Effective for students scoring from 700 to 1450

• Over 120 hours of content in Reading, Writing and Language, and Math

• Teacher manuals with scripted lessons for each subject area

• Compatible with Khan Academy and all standard SAT and PSAT data reports

• Slide decks • Exit tickets • Mini-tests • 2 full-length practice tests • Pacing guidelines • Direct support

Implementation Models • One-semester course • Weekly core class integration • Intervention, advisory, or homeroom • Integration into non-core classes • 30-45 hour special pull-out course or after-school session


SAT Mastery

SAT Mastery provides a comprehensive review of every SAT content dimension and question type. Writing and Language

• 20+ lessons, over 825 practice questions, 35 test-taking tips. • The SAT’s complex sentence structure makes applying grammar much more difficult, so we teach students how to tune out unnecessary phrases to determine what rules to use.

• Unfailing punctuation shortcuts and rules of thumb your students won’t learn anywhere else. • The shortest answer isn’t always the best answer: we teach students how to accurately slice through redundancy and wordiness.


• 30+ lessons, over 1,195 practice questions, 60 test-taking tips. • Students learn how many questions they can skip to reach their target score, how to avoid questions that won’t yield points, and how to stop running out of time.

• Just because students get stuck doesn’t mean it’s over; our math guessing strategies help students make the most of a tough situation. • The most comprehensive content review of any SAT Math curriculum, from linear functions and ratios to triangles and nonlinear equations.


• 15+ lessons, over 655 practice questions, 25 test-taking tips. • No matter what challenges your students experience when reading, they’ll learn how to use the test’s structure to their advantage and maximize points.

• The only curriculum that provides a skillby-skill content breakdown of the SAT Reading test. • The new SAT asks students to cite evidence for their answers. We show students how to use this to make the questions easier, not harder.

SAT Mastery

A Closer Look at SAT Mastery Chapters: Every SAT Mastery chapter is structured to improve test-taking skills, time management, and content mastery.

Learning Targets

Entrance Ticket

Clear learning targets help

Establishes performance baselines

students and teachers understand

for each skill and helps teachers

what they’ll accomplish by the end

differentiate instruction.

of the lesson.



Review of the core content

In this section, we teach students

essential to success on each

how to quickly identify questions,

topic. Scaffolded lessons build

problem solve, and check their

confidence and skill.




If students can’t solve the

Everything comes together in a timed

question, they can still use strategies to arrive at the correct

simulation of an actual SAT test, with question types students just learned


about interspersed with other items,

Exit Ticket


Provides a post-lesson comparison

A quick reference guide

so teachers and students can track

summarizing the most important


tips and strategies in the chapter.

just like a real testing environment.



Mastery through Research and Development

Mastery through Research and Development

MasteryPrep’s products and services are research-based and evidence-proven. The foundation of our curricula is deep research into standardized tests and student performance. We have extensively analyzed: • Over 15,000 actual ACT and SAT test items. • Hundreds of ACT and SAT standards and content dimensions. • Over 50 million student responses to ACT and SAT questions. • Thousands of pages of test prep practices from across the industry. • Decades of education research papers and best practices.

All of this means that—unlike any other ACT or SAT prep curriculum— our products are: • Proportional: We spend more time on what the test weighs most heavily and less time on what the test deems unimportant.

• Authentic: True reproductions of official ACT and SAT questions.

• Improvement-focused: We teach the skills students are most likely to be able to improve, not necessarily where they are the weakest. • Comprehensive: We cover all of the major question variations that the ACT and SAT can throw at students and prepare students to be successful with each type. • Up to date: We’ve built our programs from scratch from the most recent tests and are constantly analyzing newly released assessments for trends.

Mastery through Research and Development

What’s more, our curricula incorporate and enable many of the instructional best practices identified by Hattie in Visible Learning as highly conducive to learning (effect size given in parentheses): • Strategy to integrate with prior knowledge (1.29) • Micro-teaching/video review of lessons (0.88) • Classroom discussion (0.82) • Scaffolding (0.82) • Deliberate practice (0.79) • Summarization (0.79) • Effort (0.77) • Mnemonics (0.76) • Feedback (0.70) • Learning goals (0.68) • Problem-solving teaching (0.68) • Meta-cognitive strategies (0.60) • Spaced vs. mass practice (0.60) • Direct instruction (0.60)



ACT Elements

ACT Elements ACT-aligned classroom warmup exercises for your smartboard. Freshmen and sophomores gain early reinforcement for the college readiness skills that matter most on the ACT, while juniors and seniors receive essential review before test day.

Delivery Timeline: Throughout the school year

ACT Elements at a Glance:

Why ACT Elements?

• Over 1,000 sets of practice questions and activities for English, Math, Reading, and Science

• Authentic daily reinforcement of ACT essential skills

• Each week of practice is built around a specific skill and gradually increases in difficulty

• Scaffolded approach builds confidence and competence • Better scores in just 5 minutes a day • The only ACT bell ringer program of its kind

• More than 3,500 authentic practice questions • Full, easy-to-follow explanations included for every question

Implementation Models

• High school and middle school items

• Classroom warmups (“do-nows” or “bell ringers”)

• Sitewide online license for teachers on smartboards for easy classroom display

• Homeroom or advisory activities

• Workbooks also available (recommended for Reading and Science) • Compatible with ACT Aspire

• Embed in electives or core classes

ACT Elements






• 360 practice sets

• 360 practice sets

• Over 800 authentic practice questions

• Over 800 authentic practice questions

• 360 practice sets with 72 passages

• 120 practice sets with 24 passages

• High school and middle school level

• High school and middle school level

• Over 800 authentic practice questions

• Over 250 authentic practice questions • Middle school level

• Smartboard or workbooks

• Smartboard or workbooks

• High school and middle school level

• Smartboard or workbooks

• Smartboard or workbooks

ACT Elements makes ACT prep easy for all teachers. “It’s a perfect, quick daily review that lets me see who clearly needs to work on those skills.”

“The bell ringers are easy to follow and the questions and answers are on slides, and no searching is necessary.”

- L.J., Dyer County High School, TN

- T.D., Scarborough Middle School, AL

“MasteryPrep gives a wide variety of questions that are

“I would like to recommend this because it is an easy

aligned to the standards!” - C.L., Lafayette Parish School System, LA

and modern way to get students to practice using and discussing grammar rules and common errors made when writing.”

“I like the problems, and they work well in the classroom.”

- B.C., Union Parish School District, LA

- A.H., Parkers Chapel Middle School, AR “Convenient and relevant to what we’re teaching.” “The questions are reliable and valid. The format is user

- E.S., Henry County High School, TN

friendly as well. I believe the students benefit from it.” - K.C., Scotlandville Magnet High School, LA “Your resources are great and exactly what I need for my students.” - C.S., North Heights Junior High, AR

“Makes bellwork easy.” - C.C., Gibson County High School, TN


ACT Boot Camp

ACT Boot Camp Better ACT scores in one day! In just one day, students will learn:

Why ACT Boot Camp?

• Pacing and time management

• Students learn exactly what they need in the “final hours” before the test

• Test-taking and guessing strategies • Tips for the most important question types

Delivery Timeline: Up to one month before test date

• Improves student confidence • Students don’t run out of time after attending the boot camp • Levels the playing field; an effective way for all of your students to experience high-quality prep • Very easy to schedule: you provide the space, and we take care of everything else. No attendance limits. • Makes test prep fun and less overwhelming for students

ACT Boot Camp at a Glance: • 6-hour workshop • Expert, engaging instructor • Workbook for each student with exercises to complete during the event and additional practice leading up to test day

Implementation Models • Full-day workshop during school hours • After-school or Saturday programming

ACT Boot Camp

A small sample of what your students will learn about in the ACT Boot Camp:

ACT Test-Taking Stategies • A million reasons to improve ACT scores • How many correct answers are needed for a desired score • A 5-minute lesson on how to guess twice as effectively

English • The difference between the right answer and the best answer • Which punctuation mark impacts 20% of the English score

Math • What to do when their mind draws a blank during the test • How to turn a word problem into something more solvable

Reading • What question type determines over a third of the Reading score • How to stop over-thinking

Science • The scientific method in 5 minutes • How to spot contradictions



ACT Boot Camp

ACT Boot Camp Success: Lee County Schools, North Carolina Lee County, North Carolina

Lee County delivered ACT Boot Camps to all of its high school students in classroom-sized groupings in the 2015-16 school year. As a result, its two high schools saw large increases in college readiness benchmark attainment. The school district increased from 48.0% to 57.7% of students achieving proficiency and achieved a district-wide composite score increase of +0.7 points.

• Average composite score increased from 17.5 to 18.2 • Increased proficiency from 48% to 57.7%

ACT Boot Camp Success: Pineville High School, Louisiana Pineville High School, Louisiana

Pineville High School delivered ACT Boot Camps to its junior and senior classes for three consecutive years. Each year, the school made significant progress towards its ACT goals. In 2013, Pineville’s ACT score was 20.4. This increased to 20.9 in 2014, to 21 in 2015, and finally to 21.3 in 2016. In 2016, the school was honored with a state ranking of A for the first time in its history.

• Average composite score increased from 20.4 to 21.3 • Increased proficiency from 70% to 88% • Became an A-rated school

ACT Boot Camp


Berea College Upward Bound Composite ACT Score Improvements

1.6 3







Point Increase Composite




Individual Student Score Improvements










Point Increase



5 3



Kareh C.

4 3










Point Increase 27


Bradon H.


Point Increase






Amber A.








Point Increase 24



Tare W.

ACT Boot Camp Success: Berea College Upward Bound Math and Science, Tennessee “During the summer, I taught at a 6 week camp for high school students. We gave each student a pre- and post-test. The results after using MasteryPrep were AMAZING! Out of 30 students, TWENTY of them improved their ACT scores! Some as much as 7 points! I am sold on the wonders of MasteryPrep.� - Kimberly Hamilton, ACT prep teacher Berea College Upward Bound Math and Science, Berea, KY


SAT Boot Camp

SAT Boot Camp Better SAT scores in one day! In just one day, students will learn: • Pacing and time management • Test-taking and guessing strategies • Tips for the most important question types

Delivery Timeline: Up to one month before test date

Why SAT Boot Camp? • The only one-day workshop designed to help students meet SAT College and Career Readiness Benchmarks

SAT Boot Camp at a Glance: • 6-hour workshop • Expert, engaging instructor • Workbook for each student with exercises to complete during the event and additional practice leading up to test day • SAT and PSAT versions available

• Easy to schedule • Students learn what they need to boost their scores by 50-100 points or more in just 6 hours. • Students master time management and learn dozens of test-taking techniques and guessing strategies.

Implementation Models • Full-day workshop during school hours • After-school or Saturday programming

SAT Boot Camp


The MasteryPrep instructor was great! She really captured the students’ attention. She really knew how to speak to high school students and was very pleasant throughout both sessions. She shared personal stories that students could relate to, and they truly appreciated her. - Monica Martinez, College Access Coordinator Hubbard High School, IL

Students love our SAT Boot Camp

And educators do, too!

“The Boot Camp helps you prepare yourself for the SAT

“I really am happy that we brought MasteryPrep to Sandburg

and is super helpful. They taught really useful test-taking

for our students. I think our instructor was knowledgeable


as well as engaging! It is very challenging to keep the

“The teacher is knowledgeable, and the content is great.” “Super helpful and highly informative” “[The presenter] was always super upbeat and made sure we were happy and understood what was going on.” “This is really helpful, and it will help me when I take my SAT. I would recommend this to all my friends.” “It’s everything you want if you want to score high. I had a great time and would love to come again.” “This Boot Camp will help improve your time management

attention of a room full of high school students for over 5 hours! However, she did an amazing job, and the students’ evaluations indicated that they learned a lot and were happy that they came!” - Stephanie Woodard, Upward Bound Director Carl Sandburg College, IL “Our administration and counselor were very impressed. Facilitator was great!” - Sonya King, College Access Coordinator John Marshall Harlan High School, IL

skills during a test.” “It’s a fun way to study for the SAT.” “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; you will regret it if you don’t take it.” “I appreciate this program; it really changed my mindset on the test.” “Excellent way to study for the PSAT.” “This is my first time at such an event, and I loved it!”

“The students felt the strategies that were shared, especially in math, were extremely helpful.” - Alicia Williams Lovelace, College Access Coordinator Morgan Park High School, IL “One of the best forums for students learning the SAT tips and strategies.” - Roland Doon, Teacher Percy L. Julian High School, IL


SAT Boot Camp

What do we teach in the SAT Boot Camp?

Reading • The most difficult passage is not the last passage. Students learn to read the passages in a unique sequence that helps them avoid running out of time and losing points needlessly. • One question in each passage is almost always the hardest. Students learn how to deal with it and avoid having it shake their confidence. • We give students tips for actively reading the passages and avoiding common pitfalls that eat up all their time without giving them any points. • Citing evidence questions require students to give justification for their answers. This adds to item difficulty, but students who have attended the Boot Camp can use this structure to their advantage.

• College Board has touted that they have eliminated esoteric vocabulary questions, but what they have really done is shift the focus to context. We show students how to use answer choices like a built-in dictionary to arrive at the correct answer.

SAT Boot Camp

Writing and Language • Questions gradually increase in difficulty, which makes time management tricky. We show students how to manage their time and maximize their points. • Punctuation marks can kill your students’ scores, but not if they apply the tricks they learn in the SAT Boot Camp to semicolons, colons, and commas.

• On some questions, students end up guessing, but in the Writing and Language test, some guesses are far superior to others. Students will learn how to play the odds on the SAT to maximize their scores. • Some students will overthink their way to the wrong answer—unless they follow our tips in the SAT Boot Camp.

• Answers that sound right are often wrong, but we show how students can use their ear to their advantage with a tip they won’t find anywhere else.

Math • The Math test is half your students’ score, which is why we devote half of the content time in the SAT Boot Camp to math. • Simple errors kill SAT Math scores. In the SAT Boot Camp, we catalog the most common errors and help students avoid making them. • Students may not be used to the grid-in format that appears at the end of each Math section—at least not until they complete the SAT Boot Camp. • All Math questions are worth the same number of points, but as students progress, the questions gradually increase in difficulty—with an important caveat. We show students how to approach the Math questions in a new sequence that ensures they have time to get to the easy questions. (Some of your students are missing out on simple questions at the back of the test!)

• One strategy trumps all others in Math, but it requires that your students have a deep understanding of how it works and how to extend it to the trickiest questions that the Math test can throw at them. • Your students will learn the guessing strategies that convert blind guesses into extra points—strategies that only high-end SAT tutors are teaching.



End of Course Boot Camps

End of Course Boot Camps Better End of Course scores in one day! You’ve worked all year to help your students master the content. Our boot camps help you bridge your students’ content proficiency to how it will actually be tested.

In just one day, students learn: • Core skills for success in Algebra and Geometry

Delivery Timeline:

• Pacing and time management • Test-taking and guessing strategies that really work

Up to one month before test date

• How to overcome test anxiety and put their best foot forward on test day

End of Course Boot Camps at a Glance:

Why End of Course Boot Camps?

• 3-hour workshop

• Authentic, up-to-date practice questions tailored to your state’s EOC tests

• Expert, engaging instructor • Workbook for each student with exercises

to complete during the event and additional practice leading up to test day

• Geometry Boot Camps available: • Louisiana LEAP 2025 Geometry

• Students review exactly what they need in the “final hours” before the test. • Improves student confidence • Easy to schedule, during the school day or on the weekend • Makes test prep fun and less overwhelming for students

• Algebra I Boot Camps available: • Louisiana LEAP 2025 Algebra I • Mississippi Algebra I MAAP • North Carolina NC Math I • Texas STAAR Algebra I

Implementation Models • Full-day workshop during school hours • After-school or Saturday programming

End of Course Boot Camps


LEAP Geometry Passing Grade East Feliciana High School

60% 50% 40%

Students gave this event 4.45 stars out of 5!

30% 20%

“It’s the most helpful event I have ever been to. I hope I get to go back.”

10% 0%



“It gave me a refresher of material I might have forgotten. The content was outstanding. It was great. I would love to

End of Course Success: East Feliciana High School, Louisiana East Feliciana High School serves 382 students in Louisiana from grades 8-12. 93% of its students belong to minorities, and 86% are

come again.”

“The presenter actually helped me find quicker ways to answer the questions.”

eligible for free or reduced lunch. After conducting a LEAP 2025 Geometry Boot Camp, the percentage of students scoring a passing grade increased from 22% to 57%. “The boot camp teaches you things you

Educator Feedback:

didn’t know and helps you with things you did not understand.”

“ A huge thank you to Mr. Kimberly (MasteryPrep’s instructor). He had our students engaged and answering and asking questions. The way he broke down the information to our students was in a way that it made them think. Overall, it was a great experience for all the students and the Algebra I teacher. Thanks again for this opportunity.” - Mico Cooper, Counselor

“It was helpful with the stuff that’s going to be on the test.”


End of Course Boot Camps

Harnett County Schools End of Course Grade-Level Progress 55 50 45

2016-17 2017-18

40 35 30 25 20 15

Harnett Central High

Overhills High

End of Course Boot Camp Success: Harnett County Schools, North Carolina

Western Harnett High

Student Feedback:

Harnett County Schools serves 20,800 students in North Carolina. 37% of its students belong to racial minorities, and 58% are enrolled in free or reduced lunch. In 2018, MasteryPrep delivered NC Math I EOC Boot

“An easy way to help you study.”

Camps to Harnett Central High, Overhills High, and Western Harnett High. These schools saw major improvements in both grade-level progress and college and career readiness on the NC Math I test.

Here’s what Harnett educators had to say: “(MasteryPrep’s instructor) did a GREAT job, and our students feel much more confident about taking the test from attending her Boot Camp!”

“Continue this. It helped people like me who struggle.”

“Exciting to learn math!!”

- Sara Williamson, Harnett Central High “(MasteryPrep’s instructor) is fabulous! She always does an incredible job, and our students absolutely love her!!”

“It’s a great learning experience and I would totally do it again.”

- Nicole Fischer, Harnett Central High “(MasteryPrep’s instructor) was an excellent presenter. My students loved her energy and her enthusiasm!” - Suzanne Sell, Overhills High


End of Course Boot Camps

Lumberton High School NC Math 1 Proficiency 35 30 Grade-Level Proficient

College Ready

25 20 15 10



End of Course Boot Camp Success: Lumberton High School, North Carolina Lumberton High School was one of the first North Carolina schools to implement our NC Math I Boot Camp, and has since realized gains on its NC Math I proficiency scores for two consecutive years. Lumberton


Student Feedback:

“You need to take this. It’s amazing and will really help you!”

serves 2,114 students, 74% of whom belong to racial minorities, and 99% of whom are eligible for free lunch. The school’s gains in Math proficiency helped to propel their school performance grade from a D to a C!

“This is a very helpful program that can help you on the final exam.”

“He explained everything in a fun and “Facilitator was wonderful and the students loved him. They were engaged

interesting way!”

and enjoyed the session.” - Kelsey Cummings, Assistant Principal

“Really cool math teacher. He makes things easier.”




End of Course Boot Camps

End of Course Boot Camp Success: Granville County Schools Granville County Schools adopted the NC Math I EOC Boot Camp in 2018 and saw immediate increases in their scores. J.F. Webb High School improved its math college readiness levels by over 10%, while South Granville High School’s grade-level progress percentage (GLP) increased by 7.6%.

Webb High School



NC Math 1 Proficient



NC Math 1 College Ready





NC Math 1 Proficient



NC Math 1 College Ready



South Granville High School

Student Feedback: “Helps with overall exam strategies for math. Thank you for this experience.” “I was terrible at factoring, but now I get it.” “It was a really great learning experience for me and helpful for the future, learning new strategies from another teacher’s perspective.” “You should really think about going to the boot camp because it is awesome. Keep doing what you people are doing. Y’all are amazing.” “The most helpful part was the book. It had everything to help me. It’s helpful to anyone who wants to succeed in math. Everything was good/great.”

I was worried at first, but it was actually very helpful. You helped me a lot. THANK YOU.

TSI Assessment Boot Camp

TSI Assessment Boot Camp Better TSI Assessment scores in one day! In just one day, students will learn: • Key content for success • Essential test-taking techniques • Tips on how to handle the toughest TSIA questions • Effective guessing strategies

Delivery Timeline: Up to one month before test date

Why TSI Assessment Boot Camp? TSI Assessment Boot Camp at a Glance: • 4-hour workshop

• Easy to schedule • Effective last-minute prep, during the school day or on the weekend • Authentic, up-to-date TSIA practice questions

• Expert, engaging instructor • Workbook for each student with exercises to complete during the event and additional practice leading up to test day




MasteryKeys Help more students earn a National Career Readiness CertificateTM with the most comprehensive WorkKeys test prep curriculum available. The only program specifically designed to help students earn a Silver NCRC.

Delivery Timeline:

Why MasteryKeys? • Remedial curriculum helps students earn Silver NCRCs • Thousands of authentic practice questions prepare students for every question type • Step-by-step explanations simplify tough concepts and build confidence • Updated for the new WorkKeys tests

Throughout the school year

MasteryKeys at a Glance: • 3 student workbooks • Teacher editions with detailed explanations • Over 2,000 authentic practice questions • Includes 2 full-length practice tests

Implementation Models • MasteryKeys is a supplementary workbook set that can be integrated into electives or CTE classes, used as classroom warmup activities, or serve as a resource for targeted interventions.



Stanley and Logansport High Schools ACT + WorkKeys Index












MasteryKeys Success: Stanley and Logansport High Schools Logansport High School (45% minority, 47% free/reduced lunch) and Stanley High School (21% minority, 30% free/reduced lunch) are both rural schools that have benefited from an emphasis on improving WorkKeys scores using the MasteryKeys curriculum.

“We did great this year! We surpassed our goals at both Logansport and Stanley High Schools. Much of the growth was due to WorkKeys. We had a tremendous amount of success with WorkKeys. At LHS in August, the seniors’ index was 50, and we are currently at 80.5! At SHS in August, the seniors’ index was 81. SHS ended the year at 100.6! In such a rural area, the WorkKeys test has proven to be extraordinarily beneficial to so many students, giving them opportunities they didn’t think they would have.” - Pamela Stewart, Logansport and Stanley High Schools, Louisiana



MasteryKeys: Applied Math MasteryKeys: Applied Math focuses on students’ ability to solve problems, think critically, and calculate workplace mathematics. Students will learn more about employing mathematical operations to solve word problems; convert numbers between fractions, decimals, and percentages; and solve problems that deal with negative numbers, money, and time.

MasteryKeys: Graphic Literacy In MasteryKeys: Graphic Literacy, students learn to decipher and analyze a variety of visual depictions that are likely to arise in a workplace environment. Hundreds of practice questions improve student ability to understand a wide range of real-world figures and graphics. Students learn how to read and fill out complicated forms; practice reading maps, plans, tables, graphs, and diagrams; improve their ability to locate and use data; and experience a wide variety of information presentation styles.

MasteryKeys: Workplace Documents MasteryKeys: Workplace Documents improves student ability in reading and understanding written text from actual work situations. Lessons and practice questions emphasize comprehending letters, emails, instructions, memos, notices, policies, and regulations. Students learn to pay attention to important details, how to follow step-bystep instructions, how to filter a problem when dealing with too much information, and a variety of ways to decipher unfamiliar words.

WorkKeys Boot Camp


WorkKeys Boot Camp Better WorkKeys scores in one day! Ideal for students who need to earn a Silver or Gold National Career Readiness Certificate. In just one day, students will learn: • Pacing and time management • Test-taking strategies that work for the WorkKeys test • Tips for the most frequently tested question types

Delivery Timeline: Up to one month before test date

Why WorkKeys Boot Camps? WorkKeys Boot Camp at a Glance: • 4-hour workshop • Expert, engaging instructor • Workbook for each student with exercises to complete during the event and additional practice leading up to test day

• The only one-day workshop designed to help students earn their National Career Readiness Certificate • Easy to schedule, during the school day or on the weekend • Effective prep just before students take the test


WorkKeys Boot Camp

About the National Career Readiness Certificate The ACT WorkKeys assessment validates that students have the necessary skills for success in careers. Students who meet certain score thresholds earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum National Career Readiness Certificates, credentials that can dramatically improve students’ work opportunities and salary prospects after graduating high school. Learn more at www.act.org/certificate.

Student Feedback:

I believe this boot camp was beneficial for our students and helped them gain confidence for the WorkKeys test. Thank you! - Laura Brower Calhoun County Career & Technical Center, MS

“Educational, important, and helpful.” “A helpful way to study and get prepared before the test.” “Boot Camp was fun!” “Loved it! Keep doing these Boot Camps!” “I am now confident about the test.” “A good experience for someone who might not be the best test-taker.” “Very beneficial to my test taking practices for the WorkKeys.” “Great experience, life changing.” “It’s very educational and helps work out test stress.” “Super useful prior to testing.” “Best way to further knowledge for WorkKeys.” “Fun, good preparation, helpful.” “Really good, and I learned a lot.”

ACT Aspire Essentials


ACT Aspire Essentials Essential review for the Aspire 8 and Aspire EHS assessments.

Delivery Timeline: Throughout the school year

Covering the ACT Aspire assessment in as few as 4-6 weeks, ACT Aspire Essentials will give students insight to the types of questions seen in these four sections of the ACT Aspire: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

ACT Aspire Essentials at a Glance: • 2 workbooks for Aspire 10 (EHS) Essentials: English/Reading and Math/Science (30 hours of content)

Why ACT Aspire Essentials? • The only curriculum designed specifically to boost ACT Aspire scores

• 1 workbook for Aspire 8 Essentials: Math/ Reading (15 hours of content)

• Students learn test-taking and time management strategies.

• Teacher manuals with scripted lessons and comprehensive explanations

• Boosts student confidence in the face of intimidating questions

• Hundreds of authentic ACT Aspire practice questions

• Tips and strategies for modern question types


ACT Aspire Essentials

More Resources for ACT Aspire:

ACT Elements Our middle school and high school ACT Elements products are compatible with ACT Aspire and incorporate many Aspire-type questions. Give your students authentic Aspire practice questions as daily bell work. Better Aspire scores in just five minutes a day. Learn more about ACT Elements on page 34 of this

What Educators Say About Our ACT Aspire Resources: “It is a great tool for preparing students for the ACT Aspire.” - L.M., Sheridan High School, AR “You provide examples my students encounter on their Aspire tests and the reading content is relevant to our curriculum.” - J.R., North Heights Junior High, AR

catalog. “Great resources that we hope helps our school

ACT Mastery Our flagship curriculum, ACT Mastery, provides a comprehensive review of every major ACT College and Career Readiness standard, including those that are tested on ACT Aspire 8 and ACT Aspire EHS. While ACT Mastery only features ACT-type items (no free response or technology-enhanced items), it covers the exact content and questions that Aspire asks about. We provide customized syllabi that help you target components of the ACT Mastery curriculum to the appropriate grade levels, providing your students with a comprehensive

improve ACT and Aspire scores this year!” - S.W., Sheridan High School, AR “MasteryPrep has been a helpful resource while preparing my students for the ACT and ASPIRE 10. I don’t have to search for a test bank. It is already provided.” - J.M., Benjamin Russell High School, AL “These have been so helpful to get my students used

resource for the ACT Aspire test content from grades 8

to the types of questions they will see on the ACT

through 10. ACT Mastery is the best choice for educators

Aspire. It has given them more confidence in their

seeking significant, long-term Aspire gains with students in remedial ranges. Learn more about ACT Mastery on page 20 of this catalog.

abilities to read and understand what the questions are asking. Plus, it saved me hours and hours of prep time to try to do the same thing.” - M.T., Paragould High School, AR “We have just taken our third ACT Aspire Interim. and the students’ scores have increased each time we have used MasteryPrep before the practice test.” - C.S., Highland High School, AR

College Playbook

The College Playbook The comprehensive guide to college admissions that students will actually read. The college application process can be intimidating and overwhelming. How do your students know if they’re on the right track? They need a game plan. The College Playbook sets up a student’s high school years for college success. Students will benefit from the same guidance and down-toearth advice that has helped students across the nation find the best college for their passions and skills.

In this book, you will find: • The Big Five—what colleges really want to see in your application • Everything you need to know about standardized tests (including the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and SAT Subject Tests, among others)

Delivery Timeline: Throughout the school year

• How time management, setting goals, and creating healthy habits can make the most out of your high school career • Tips on how to tell your “whole story” in your personal statement

College Playbook at a Glance: • Workbook with interactive worksheets • Dozens of tools and guides • Extensive glossary builds vocabulary • Written by college admissions expert Lucas Spielfogel

• Advice on how to understand (and appeal) your financial aid award • Guidance on how to compare exact costs among colleges so that you make the most budget-friendly decision • Free online resources with bonus material



College Playbook

A complete guide to college admissions:

Grade-by-grade timelines keep students on

Time management tools and strategies help

track. Example resumes with critiques provide

students adjust to high school and prepare

real-world context and practical advice.

for college.

Dozens of tips for finding colleges that fit and

Step-by-step walkthroughs for every aspect of

avoiding undermatching

the college application process

College Playbook

Pro essay-writing tips loaded with practical

Guidance on how to make a great impression

examples and line by line commentary

during the interview

Undocumented immigrant? Homeschooled? Disability? Want to attend a military college? The Playbook has it covered.

Help on calculating the total cost of college and applying for aid, scholarships, and loans



College Playbook

The College Playbook Workshop Series In these engaging, impactful 1-hour workshops, students and parents get the inside scoop on how to win in the college admissions process. • Expert instructors bring the concepts in the College Playbook to life. • Demystify the college-going experience. • Provide your students and parents with a detailed roadmap to college admissions success.

Student Workshops:

• On Track for College

Parent Workshops:

Professional Development:

• How to Get Your Child On Track for College

• Two-day training on delivering all College Playbook workshops.

• College Milestones: Grade 9

• Includes online resources, printables, and powerpoint slides for all presentations.

• College Milestones: Grade 9

• College Milestones: Grade 10 • College Milestones: Grade 10 • College Milestones: Grade 11 • College Milestones: Grade 11 • College Milestones: Grade 12 • College Milestones: Grade 12 • The Best College for You • The Best College for Your Child • College Application 101 • College Application 101 • College Essay Introduction

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AccuPrep Place more students out of remedial classes with this engaging workshop series that helps students brush up on the essential academic skills tested on ACCUPLACER®.

Delivery Timeline: Up to six weeks before ACCUPLACER testing

Why AccuPrep? • Engaging lesson design makes intimidating topics manageable. • Detailed explanations help students master each skill.

AccuPrep at a Glance: • Student workbook and accompanying teacher manual • Slide decks for every workshop • Full-length diagnostic test • Step-by-step guide to dozens of test-taking strategies • Hundreds of authentic ACCUPLACER practice questions • Train-the-trainer or direct-to-student delivery available • Fully compatible with next-generation ACCUPLACER

• Scripted lesson plans make teaching the workshops easy. • Expert trainers and instructors

What your students will review: Reading: • Analyze purpose and word choice • Drawing conclusions • Summarizing Writing: • Punctuation • Redundancy • Accomplish purpose Math: • Arithmetic • Quantitative reasoning • Quadratic equations


Committed to Success

Committed to Success MasteryPrep is committed to your success. It’s possible to create a college-going culture in your school and to boost test scores, but it’s never easy! To improve outcomes for hundreds or thousands of students, there are a lot of moving parts. It requires the administration, faculty, and MasteryPrep staff to all work together as a coordinated team toward the common goal. We have found that the four ingredients to implementation success are:

Onboarding: Success plan development, stakeholder buy-in, and training

Usage: Progress reports, usage tracking, and on-going coaching

Responsiveness: Rapid, direct support for all users

Results: Data analysis and program improvement planning

Customer Success Management MasteryPrep’s Customer Success Managers help customers implement our programs with fidelity to get the best results. MasteryPrep’s Customer Success Managers use the following tools to help you make the most of MasteryPrep’s products and services and achieve success.

Committed to Success

Success Plan Success begins with a plan. Your customer success manager meets with you and your team to develop objectives unique to your school and work through the implementation details. The result is a comprehensive planning document you can share with your faculty to help everyone literally be on the same page. Training and Coaching Professional development is the foundation of improved outcomes. Your customer success manager will coordinate the in-person and online training sessions your team needs to be fully prepared to help your students. Milestone Reports Milestone reports generated by your customer success manager give your team a regular snapshot of program usage and progress towards the success plan objectives. Direct Support All teachers and administrators who are using our program are provided direct support via phone, web chat, and email. The customer success manager oversees your account’s support requirements to make sure all of your stakeholders are getting the assistance they need, when they need it. Annual Review Once your students’ test data has come in, your customer success manager analyzes it and leads a meeting to review outcomes and discuss ways to improve performance going forward.



About MasteryPrep

Our Story MasteryPrep’s founder, Craig Gehring, earned perfect

personnel from less than ten to more than 100 to ensure

scores on the ACT and SAT while still in high school. He

all customers and students have quality experiences with

started tutoring, and soon he realized that there was no

MasteryPrep products and services.

ACT or SAT prep program designed for underperforming students: everything was geared toward helping high-

MasteryPrep has been listed as the nation’s fastest-

income students compete for the top schools. What’s

growing K-12 education company two years in a row (Inc.

more, the students who most needed the help with their

500 2016 and 2017) and in 2017 became the preferred

ACT and SAT scores could not afford any prep at all. If

provider of ACT preparation for the Council for Opportunity

low-income students were going to have the same level

in Education.

of preparation as their more affluent peers, it needed to happen systemically—through the schools themselves.

Today, MasteryPrep partners with over 1,000 schools, districts, and institutions. Since 2012, we have helped

MasteryPrep developed ACT Mastery—the first mastery-

nearly half a million low-income students prepare for the

based ACT prep curriculum—and piloted it with 200

ACT and SAT at no cost to the students or their families.

students at two high schools. More than 80% of the

And we’re just getting started.

students improved, with an average gain of 3 points. As word of mouth spread, MasteryPrep went from those two initial school partnerships to more than 100 in its first year. MasteryPrep has added products and services to meet runaway demand, including practice testing and reporting, bell ringers, and online software, and has increased

About MasteryPrep

OUR PURPOSE To level the playing field in education.

OUR VALUES Customers Are Forever They are first, second, third, and always.

Go Pro Or go home. Get better than the best.

Do Right The right way. The first time.

Make It Happen Do whatever needs to be done to complete the task.

Make It Awesome What you do should be so great that others have to share it.




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7117 Florida Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70806

“MasteryPrep stands out as a refreshingly data-driven force in an ocean of monotony. Other resources offer vague promises, but MasteryPrep delivers on promised results for our educators and students.� Barry Lofton

Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Pre-College Programs University of Central Oklahoma

masteryprep.com 855-922-8773 info@masteryprep.com

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MasteryPrep's College Readiness Solutions Catalog: Level the Playing Field  

MasteryPrep's products provide better scores on the ACT, SAT, Aspire, WorkKeys, and end of course tests. Every student can graduate high sc...

MasteryPrep's College Readiness Solutions Catalog: Level the Playing Field  

MasteryPrep's products provide better scores on the ACT, SAT, Aspire, WorkKeys, and end of course tests. Every student can graduate high sc...