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Cover photo: Seascape Restaurant & Bar Photo by Zoltan Szekely of 360 Business View, courtesy of JBM Projects.

Are your showers ticking time bombs? Despite builders best efforts, leaking showers are consistently listed in the QBCC’s 10 most common defects. Sadly, sometimes this is due to sub-standard workmanship, but most of the time it is the design of the shower itself which is creating the potential for disaster.


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My business has expanded rapidly since we star ted using th e Waterstop Streamline ho b and I now have tilers recommending the Watersto p Streamline system – and me – to other builders. Everyone that uses it loves it.

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Water escapes shower enclosure


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Looking forward with Ralf Dutton, President Master Builders’ latest reports indicate the industry can expect a positive start to 2017, with a possible cooling of demand later in the year. The latest Survey of Industry Conditions (SIC) for the December 2016 quarter reveals an optimistic outlook, perhaps spurred on by the fact that business activity has improved, while profitability and turnover are at record highs. This year’s Building industry outlook also reflects some of this positivity, with 2017 showing signs that the industry continues to ride high on the wave of record building approvals and a strong pipeline of work carried over from previous years. But as we move into the year, it remains to be seen whether this situation can be sustained. The significant supply that is due to become available will affect the market. This is especially true for new multi-unit developments in regions such as Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Downs & Western, Central Queensland, Mackay & Whitsunday, North Queensland and Far North Queensland. In the regions, Central Queensland and Mackay & Whitsunday continue to struggle with little or no demand. Townsville, Darling Downs & South-west Queensland are struggling but beginning to see other opportunities. Far North Queensland is recording modest gains. Wide Bay Burnett has been one of the stronger performers in the regions but has also been patchy. These mixed conditions are reflected in industry sentiment, which for residential building is only just within positive territory and the commercial sector has nearly always remained in negative territory. Commercial construction will also continue to struggle in 2017, where government spending is at its lowest in more than two decades and there is no obvious pipeline of new work or evidence that things will change. Ultimately, different segments of the industry will continue to perform better than others, but growth will slowly spread as the year progresses. Important to maintaining this growth will be continued improvement in the major demand drivers – employment and economic growth. It will be these fundamentals that underpin consumer and business confidence and the confidence to invest in new construction. It’s important that we don’t take growth for granted and structure our businesses accordingly as there will continue to be many challenges for the industry to overcome. mb

[ 6 ] january 17 / march 17

Seeking fairness for all with Grant Galvin, CEO Security of payment has made headlines recently, prompting the state government to place it firmly on the agenda. Master Builders agrees that everyone in the payment chain must be paid in a timely manner. At least half our members are subcontractors and without them, the building industry would come to a standstill. There are problems in the industry ranging from poor cash flow management to a general lack of understanding about the assistance available to builders and subcontractors. However, while the government is examining the introduction of project bank accounts (PBAs) as a key strategy, we know they are unlikely to assist subcontractors if a builder goes into liquidation. There are many myths about PBAs. In principle they look attractive, however when you examine the intricacies of how they work, it’s clear that in the vast majority of cases subcontractors will be left out of pocket irrespective of whether there is a PBA. Instead, we believe there are several other solutions which, when combined, will ensure all contractors are covered in the event of business failure. We’re drafting our response to the government’s proposal on PBAs using a working group of large and small builders and subcontractors from the commercial and residential sectors to ensure the ideas are tested with grass roots members. The recommendations include increased requirements for professional development through to several options for insurance schemes. Any scheme that is proposed needs to address a number of issues that underlie the root cause of delayed or non-payments. This especially relates to changing the cultural behaviour of the industry, where subcontractors feel unable or unwilling, for a range of reasons, to use tools available to them through the QBCC or BCIPA. The vast majority of builders and subcontractors do the right thing in relation to security of payment, so it’s important not to create a new system that adds more complexity without actually addressing the issues that cause it. Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow in March, and government consultation forums that same month, will feature more on security of payments, options and proposals. (See pages 21 & 56 for more details.)

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2016 PLATE 2016 PLATE W W W. I V E C O. C O M . A U




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Building the year ahead with Wilhelm Harnisch, Chief Executive Officer, Master Builders Australia Welcome to 2017

Australia’s economic growth path

Most of you would have set yourselves some objectives or aspirations for this year. In my case, a much needed holiday led to reflection on Master Builders’ achievements in 2016 and the opportunities and challenges in the year ahead.

Setting Australia on a sustainable economic growth path and protecting our economy from likely global volatility ahead, must be our top priority. Master Builders will call on the Turnbull Government to take up the politically challenging task of accelerating budget repair and implementing other necessary micro-economic reforms.

A new paradigm

Revitalising industrial relations

The economy is central to how our industry will fare in 2017. There are clear signs ahead of increasing global and economic volatility that will impact on investment decisions and interest rate settings in Australia.

Industrial relations in the commercial building sector regretfully remains an anchor weighing down efforts to improve productivity and employ more young people. The return of the ABCC is a very big plus but it must be successfully implemented and its job of restoring the rule of law has only just begun.

While it’s obviously too early to gauge the real impact of the Trump presidency, it’s clear that it heralds a paradigm shift that inevitably affects Australians. In fact, we’re already feeling the effects of the new paradigm with voters moving away from traditional ‘cookie cutter’ politicians and embracing those who break the mould. The influence of minor parties will be greater than ever and the legislative process will be more challenging. As we saw last year, the views of a few can have deep ramifications and the need for constant education of decision makers is the new constant. While this has its own challenges, our energy will also be focused on consolidating the wins of 2016 – such as our successful lobbying for the return of the ABCC – to ensure they are built on and not eroded.


[ 8 ] january 17 / march 17

Likewise, the wider Industrial Relations reform task is far from over. The important areas of safety and industry commercial conduct will be more relevant than ever, particularly as we go about trying to untangle their use for ulterior motives and distinguish the ABCC in the eyes of the public, regulators and decision makers. Solving the housing affordability crisis Master Builders has for decades called for policy settings and reforms to make housing more affordable and accessible. Taxing housing is certainly not the answer and Master Builders will focus the debate where it needs to be – on building more new homes to increase supply and reducing the stamp duty burden that has

become more of a barrier to first home ownership for young people and families and for baby boomers who want to right size. Future proofing our skilled workforce The livelihood of our industry is dependent on the young people we need to nurture to become our future Master Builders. We’re not investing enough and this trend must be urgently reversed if we’re to avoid serious skill shortages in the future. Master Builders has developed a comprehensive apprenticeship reform strategy and will work with the government and TAFE institutions to have this implemented as a way of future-proofing our skilled workforce. Security for subbies Subcontractors and the subcontracting system is at the very core of our industry’s productivity and efficiency. It provides for specialisation and business opportunities for more than 340,000 small businesses right across Australia that build prosperity and provide valuable local employment opportunities in their communities. This year there will be high-level political attention on the interests of this very important group in our industry, including a government inquiry into security of payment. Master Builders will devote necessary resources to ensure that the very heart of what makes this industry productive and efficient is protected and enhanced.

Can’t agree on a temperature? Retreat to your own zone. Let’s face it, ensuring that everyone in your home is happy with the temperature can be challenging. That’s why we designed AirTouch 2. Now you can change the temperature throughout your home, or in specific areas with just a tap on the panel, your phone or tablet. If only the rest of life was as easy. Individual zoned temperature control Control from your Smartphone and Tablet Control two AC units simultaneously Zone

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Industry reform to bring confidence with Mick De Brenni, Minister for Housing and Public Works The jobs in building and construction are worth more than the industry's $44 billion turnover. Construction jobs – be they on the tools or in the office – in what is one of our oldest trades, are central to the state’s economy. But they're more than that. If you're reading this you're a member of one of over 200,000 households in Queensland that literally help build Queensland. I reckon that's something that should be recognised by every Queenslander – after all it's you who builds our homes, offices, shops, schools and hospitals and the vital infrastructure that we use to live, work and play. You're building our State. Imagine a Queensland without the Gabba, Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, Q1 or the Sugar Shaker. Our buildings define the Queensland spirit. That's why the Palaszczuk Government is committed to making sure Queenslanders continue to maintain confidence in the building and construction industry that means everything to many of us – and that’s why I'm putting together the Queensland Building Plan. I'm visiting every corner of Queensland so I can catch up with you to discuss the Queensland Building Plan. which looks at 10 key ways to improve our industry, from licensing and plumbing and drainage reforms to certification and the QBCC Home Warranty Scheme. I've made the centrepiece of the Queensland Building Plan a suite of reforms that will help ensure that subbies get paid in full, on time and every time. And, it also means that builders shouldn't have to compete against builders that don't pay their bills. Security of payment is an issue that we have to deal with at last. Too many subcontractors have been hit too often. And, too many builders have been forced to compete with people who use non-payment as a business model. Cheating to get ahead is not how I was brought up and it's not the way most people operate. My view is clear, if you do the work you should get paid. That’s why we will be introducing a suite of sensible reforms including changes to BCIPA.


[ 10 ] january 17 / march 17

From 1 January 2018, we’ll be introducing project bank accounts on government projects valued between $1 million and $10 million. That gives us time to get the process right. From January 2019, project bank accounts will be operating across the state. That gives us time to make sure everyone is across the process. Master Builders are an important voice as ever in the building and construction industry and, rest assured, whether you’re in Coolangatta or Cooktown they’re advocating strongly on your behalf. We won’t agree on everything. On some matters we might simply disagree, on others it will come down to a question of how we get to where we need to go. The important thing is that your voice is heard clearly, so the government thanks Master Builders for that. In 2017, some careful reform is essential if long-term confidence in building and construction is to be maintained and strengthened. The Queensland Building Plan consultations are your opportunity to get involved and have your say about the future of the industry. In fact, come and tell me face-to-face what you think. Search online for ‘Queensland Building Plan’ and you’ll find details of all my consultation sessions, as well as the discussion paper and fact sheets on our 10 areas of reform. If you're time-poor, you can fill out a survey or make a formal submission. And of course, you can continue to push your feedback through Master Builders. Queensland buildings are of the highest standard, thanks to the strength of our building and construction industry.

This is our opportunity to set a foundation for future prosperity and I look forward to working with Master Builders to ensure our State continues to prosper well into the future.

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Industry voice

ABCC re-establishment The changing is a win, but… industry with Paul Bidwell, Deputy CEO The Queensland Building Plan, which is likely to occupy most of 2017, deals with the important issues our industry is facing – many of which we’ve grappled with for years. While this gives us the opportunity to bring about change that will greatly improve the industry, we’re also acutely aware that the building plan includes a number of proposals that can have a significant negative impact. Much attention has been centered on security of payment – and for good reason. Slow- and non-payment is a drain on the entire industry and it sorely needs fixing. We’re finally seeing progress on the 2014 review of building certification. Some questions we’re being asked are whether owners should be able to obtain more inspections beyond the mandatory stages. Whether certifiers should be required to physically inspect the mandatory stages, and whether the QBCC should assign a certifier for all building projects and set certifier fees. A number of changes are mooted for the licensing regime and some have far-reaching implications. These are questions we’re being asked: Should the licensing threshold increase from the current level of $3,300 to around $5,000? What do we think about mandatory Continuing Professional Development? Would we support a new roofing license class requiring a plumber’s license? Would we support licensing of plumbing apprentices? Should it be a requirement that all waterproofing be done by a licenced contractor? Should energy assessors be licensed? For Home Warranty Insurance, we’re been asked whether the $3,300 threshold should be increased, and whether contractors with bad claims histories should be penalised with higher premiums. Pressure is mounting over liveable housing design in light of a push to mandate silver-level elements for all new dwellings by 2020. This would mean including things like a level, step-free path from the street entrance or parking area to the entrance, an accessible toilet on ground level, and a bathroom containing a hobless shower recess. The government is also looking to make housing more sustainable by prohibiting electric hot water systems, mandating an off-peak electricity tariff, revisiting mandatory rainwater tanks, and providing additional credit for solar hot water systems. Finally, the proposed response to the problem of non-conforming building products is expanding the QBCC’s role to conduct audits and test products, ultimately empowering them to ban dodgy products. mb

[ 12 ] january 17 / march 17

with Corlia Roos, Director – Construction Policy Since the Australian Building and Construction Commission was abolished by the federal Labor Government in 2012, we’ve seen incidences of illegal stoppages on our building sites double. This got to a point where the construction industry had four times the all-industries average of working days lost in 2016. At the end of last year, federal parliament finally passed the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 and accompanying Building Code – the legislation we hoped would restore the rule of law on our building sites. We anticipated that the new legislation would also put an end to the anti-competitive measures and restrictive work practices so rife in Queensland union enterprise agreements. Our builders and subbies have been forced to work and compete with both hands tied behind their backs for too long. On 2 December 2016, when federal parliament did finally pass the ABCC legislation, the victory came at a high price: Senators Hinch and Culleton used precarious numbers in the Senate to extract concessions from the Coalition that will significantly diminish the positive impact the legislation could have had. Last minute amendments mean that employers who entered into enterprise agreements prior to 2 December 2016, don’t have to worry about complying with the new Building Code’s requirements for content of agreements until 28 November 2018. Agreements with restrictive work practices, anti-competitive clauses, union interference and payments to union ‘funds’ are protected for a further 24 months. On the positive side, the new Building Code introduces stronger protection for freedom of association, improved requirements for lawful entry to building sites, new limits on illegal industrial action and unlawful picketing, stronger protection for employees and employers from coercion, a clamping down on corrupt conduct, and significantly increased penalties. In short, passing of the legislation has delivered some significant wins for the industry, but has left the CFMEU ‘pattern’ agreement in place. While it’s by no means ideal, we must continue the good fight and support members with the few new tools that we have.


Celebrating the life of Peter Fardoulys We warmly remember one of Master Builders’ longest serving members, Peter Fardoulys A.M, who passed away on 22 January 2017, aged 86. Memories of Peter, a Master Builders member since 1976, live on in our hearts as he was a respected friend and advocate for the building industry who was passionate about making it a better place to work. His early career in construction began at Mobil Oil and in 1976, Peter and his wife, Margaret, created Fardoulys Constructions at the former IXL jam factory site at Coorparoo in Brisbane. Over the years, Peter was actively involved with Master Builders and Fardoulys Constructions became a regular name in the Housing & Construction Awards program – taking out numerous awards. Peter was a past president of the Australian Institute of Building and was awarded the

Queen Elizabeth Jubilee medal in 1977, and the Centenary Medal in 2003 for service to the construction industry and the community. At age 74, he was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours List for service to the building and construction sector through industry association roles in Queensland and nationally. In November 2016, Fardoulys Constructions celebrated a milestone of 40 years in operation. Robin Fardoulys will carry on his father Peter’s proud legacy by continuing to display a similar desire and passion for the industry and Master Builders.

1930 -2017

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Your source for everything building Master Builders’ annual business directory, being released in July by NRM Custom Publishing, will have a new look this year. Our comprehensive Build Source directory will help builders and trade contractors locate the right product, information, resource and expertise to get the job done. Teeming with information about building materials, supplies and services, the directory will be delivered to more than 8,500 Master Builders’ members across Queensland. It’ll also be available through various digital platforms, including Master Builders’ website and the NRM digital footprint. Advertisers can choose from a range of options, from simple, indexed directory entries through to display advertising and product editorial features.

For more information, contact Brooke Gardner at News Regional Media on (07) 4690 9309 or

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Housing & Construction Awards

Entries now open Want recognition and public acclaim for your hard work? Then enter Queensland’s most prestigious building awards – the Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards. These awards recognise businesses and individuals at the forefront of building innovation and showcase excellence in Queensland housing and construction.

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Benefits of winning ○ Gain public and industry recognition ○ Receive a winner’s plaque to promote your win to clients ○ Drive sales and catch the attention of potential clients ○ Get access to unrivalled media coverage and industry networking opportunities ○ Be recognised amongst peers via our special Awards feature liftout in the Master Builder magazine and online

Housing & Construction



○ Boost staff morale.

Enter online in 2017 In 2017, we’re making entry into the Awards program even easier. Our intuitive new online awards entry system is now up and running. No more completing hardcopy entry forms, saving photographs to disk or posting in your entry. Submitting your entry has never been simpler! STEP 1 C  hoose a house or project to enter (or submit multiple entries). STEP 2 Choose your award category and learn how to submit your entry at STEP 3 Check out the key dates and entry fees and take advantage of the discounted early bird fee (early bird entries close 31 March 2017). STEP 4 R  egister to use our new online awards entry system then start creating your entry (you can even save as you go and come back to your entry later). STEP 5 Use the entry checklist to ensure you’ve uploaded all entry requirements, including supporting documents and photographs. STEP 6 Submit your entry (make sure it's before the closing date) and easily pay your entry fee online. Once entries close for each region, we'll get in touch with all entrants to organise a time for our judges to visit and review your entry.

To enter or for more information, visit


[ 16 ] january 17 / march 17

Entry fees Early bird entry fee


Entry fee

(until 31 March 2017)*

Trade contractor of the Year (Residential & Commercial)



Specialty Awards (Best Residential Bathroom, Best Residential Kitchen & Best Residential Swimming Pool)












Rising Star, Women in Building , Apprentice of the Year, Institute of Building Consultants


* To qualify for the early bird discount you must submit your completed entry by the closing date of Friday, 31 March 2017.

Award ceremonies Region

Early bird Final entry closing date closing date

Award ceremony event date


Ticket prices


31 March

21 April

Friday, 7 July

Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane

$180/$1,700 for table of 10

Downs & Western

31 March

21 April

Friday, 21 July

Armitage Centre and Heritage Bank Auditorium, Toowoomba

$140/$1,300 for table of 10

Gold Coast

31 March

21 April

Saturday, 29 July

RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast

$180/$1,700 for table of 10

Sunshine Coast

31 March

28 April

Friday, 4 August

Lake Kawana Community Centre, Sunshine Coast

$140/$1,300 for table of 10

Wide Bay Burnett

31 March

28 April

Saturday, 5 August

Beach House Hotel, Hervey Bay

$110/$1,000 for table of 10

North Queensland

31 March

28 April

Friday, 11 August

The Ville, Townsville

$140/$1,300 for table of 10

Far North Queensland

31 March

28 April

Saturday, 12 August

Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns

$140/$1,300 for table of 10

Central Queensland

31 March

5 May

Friday, 25 August

Rockhampton Leagues Club, Rockhampton

$140/$1,300 for table of 10

Mackay & Whitsunday

31 March

5 May

Saturday, 26 August

Mackay Convention Centre, Mackay

$140/$1,300 for table of 10




Friday, 29 September

Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane

$210/$2,000 for table of 10

Nominate an individual The Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards cater for everyone from apprentices, trade contractors and small family businesses to the biggest names in the building and construction industry. But, they aren’t just about houses and projects – they also recognise people within the industry who are crucial to its success. Our industry wouldn’t be what it is today without the continued hard work and dedication of the individuals working in it – individuals who stand out and make a valuable contribution to the building and construction industry.

Visit to find out how you can nominate someone who deserves recognition, for one of the following awards: ○ Rising Star ○ Women in Building ○ Apprentice of the Year ○ Institute of Building Consultants ○ Diversity

december 16 / january 17 [ 17 ]


Housing & Construction Awards

Award categories

Tips for entering

Below is a list of award categories that we'll be running this year.

Entering the Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards might seem daunting, but it’s quite simple if you follow these tips.

Major awards such as the President’s Award, Project of the Year, and House of the Year, are awarded at our judges’ discretion. A project/house must win in its category in order to qualify for a major award.

Construction awards ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

 ealth Facilities up to $20 million H  ealth Facilities over $20 million H Education Facilities up to $10 million Education Facilities over $10 million Sporting Facilities Community Service Facilities Retail Facilities Tourism and Leisure Facilities up to $10 million

Tourism and Leisure Facilities over $10 million

○ ○

 ommercial Building up to $5 million C  ommercial Building C $5 million - $50 million

○ ○ ○

 ommercial Building over $50 million C I ndustrial Building Residential Building up to $20 million (high-rise over 3 storey)

I ndividual Home $651,000 – $750,000

I ndividual Home $751,000 – $1.25 million

I ndividual Home $1.26 million – $2 million

I ndividual Home over $2 million

B  est use of Sloping Sites

H  ome Renovation/Remodelling Project up to $275,000

H  ome Renovation/Remodelling Project $276,000 – $575,000

H  ome Renovation/Remodelling Project $576,000 – $1 million

H  ome Renovation/Remodelling Project over $1 million

M  edium Density up to 3 Storeys – 2 to 5 Dwellings M  edium Density up to 3 storeys – over 5 Dwellings (or multiple class 1 dwellings on the site)

L  ifestyle Housing for High Care Needs, Disabled and Seniors Award

E  xcellence in Sustainable Living

Aged Care and Nursing Homes

R  esidential Trade Contractor of the Year

(this is for an entire complex incorporating class 1, 2 or 3 buildings and class 9 aged care facilities)

B  est Use of Steel Frame Housing

Residential Building over $20 million

Community Accommodation for

(high-rise over 3 storey)



up to $2 million

over $2 million

Excellence in Energy Efficiency and

 xcellence in Workplace Health & Safety E  ommercial Trade Contractor of the Year C

Environmental Management

Housing awards

2. Professional photography You must supply photos with your entry for it to be valid. Photos help our judges to pick the winners and we use them to promote your win in the media and various publications. We recommend hiring a professional photographer to take a variety of photos such as: ○ External  shots – front entry, landscaping and

any outdoor areas like pools, patios and decks

○ Internal  shots – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms,

living areas, media rooms, etc.

○ Feature  shots – any main features, such as

balustrades, timber or steel work.

All photos must be a minimum size of 210mm x 140mm at 300dpi (2480 x 1654px).

○B  est Residential Bathroom

3. Get the OK

○B  est Residential Kitchen ○B  est Residential Swimming Pool

Individual awards ○R  ising Star ○ Women in Building ○A  pprentice of the Year

Display Home up to $250,000

○ I nstitute of Building Consultants

Display Home $251,000 – $350,000

○D  iversity

Display Home $351,000 – $450,000 Display Home $451,000 – $550,000

Major awards

○ ○

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Provide a detailed description of your house/project that addresses the relevant judging criteria and highlights any special features that may be unique to your entry, and include any marketing brochures that are available. If you’re a winner, we’ll use this information at the Awards ceremony, so ensure it tells the right story.

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Before submitting your entry, ensure you obtain permission from the project/house owner, client or contractor. They’ll need to sign the owner authorisation form in order for your entry to progress. Same deal if you’re supplying professional photographs. Complete the photographer authorisation form to give us permission to use the photos.

4. Do we have your correct details? Your entry will be validated against the details in our membership database and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) public register, so it’s important that your details are up-to-date. This includes your business name, trading name and licence number. The name displayed on the award will be the licensee name and, if applicable, one recorded trading name (as per the QBCC public register). If you have more than one recorded trading name, we’ll contact you for clarification.

Award entry checklist Please refer to the relevant checklist below before submitting your entry to ensure that you’ve met the requirements listed. All entries must be received on or before the closing date as we’re unable to accept late entries.


Rising Star

 Billing information (payment must be received with entry)  Detailed description of project (100-500 words)  One good quality A4 or A3 size floor plan  Photographs (professional photos are highly recommended)  Signed authorisation from member, owner and photographer  Certificate of Classification (Commercial)  Written submission (if required)  F ront page of contract (showing total contract value and

  

name of the ‘owner/contracted person’)


 Billing information (payment must be received with entry)  Detailed description of project (100-500 words)  One good quality A4 or A3 size floor plan  Photographs (professional photos are highly recommended)  Signed authorisation from member, owner and photographer  Final Inspection Certificate (Form 21)  Written submission (if required)  F ront page of contract (showing total contract value and name

Photograph of entrant (landscape orientation) Photographs of projects Any other supporting documents relevant to the entry

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Photograph of entrant (landscape orientation) Any other supporting documents relevant to the entry.

Apprentice of the Year

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Photograph of entrant (landscape orientation) Any other supporting documents relevant to the entry.

Institute of Building Consultants

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Written submission (min 1,000 words/max 2,000 words) Minimum two client testimonials


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Billing information (payment must be received with entry) Written submission (min 1,000 words/max 2,000 words) Minimum two testimonials

of the ‘owner/contracted person’)

Specialty awards

 Billing information (payment must be received with entry)  Detailed description of project (100-500 words)  One good quality A4 or A3 size floor plan  Photographs (professional photos are highly recommended)  Signed authorisation from member, owner and photographer  F ront page of contract (showing total contract value and name of the ‘owner/contracted person’)

2017 could be

your year january 17 / march 17 [ 19 ]


Reports & statistics

Policy & Advocacy Agenda 2017 is expected to present a number of challenges for the building and construction industry. It isn’t reasonable to expect the current record levels of residential demand to continue unchanged, and the demand for non-residential construction is likely to remain muted. This year will be one where the fundamental drivers of demand – employment and population growth – remain constrained, even with record low interest rates. Foreign investment can be expected to falter as lending restrictions and government taxes bite. Government and business investment in new buildings will remain modest. Our industry will continue to globalise with more and more built product originating overseas. Stable, widespread demand for new construction will continue as a central requirement for our industry and in meeting the evolving demands of Queensland’s communities. Master Builders 2017 Policy & Advocacy Agenda outlines six goals we have identified as points we need to advocate.


Improve the affordability and quality of new construction

Builders must be well-placed to deliver an affordable product. They need to be supported by sensible regulatory requirements that are consistent and streamlined throughout the state and have been subjected to a rigorous cost-benefit analysis. They need to be supported in their take-up of new, cost-effective materials and methodologies and have access to robust, well-crafted project documentation.


Better manage construction risk

Building contractors need confidence in being able to effectively manage risk. Confidence that the regulatory environment is fair, predictable and enforced. All professionals in the building supply chain must be held accountable for their work, not just the contractor closest to the consumer. There must be payment protections for all parties in the chain that do not hinder the efficient delivery of new construction.


Build a diverse, innovative and resilient workforce

A rapidly evolving market will require a resilient workforce ready to adapt and innovate. New ideas and new solutions for our globalising industry will come from people with diverse experiences and different perspectives. The training system must be practical and relevant to the needs of today’s employers and provide a career pathway with transferable skills and core qualifications.


[ 20 ] january 17 / march 17


Stimulate broad-based demand for new construction

While government funding remains constrained, innovative infrastructure funding models are needed to unlock new investment and new opportunity. The government also needs to take a close look at all government taxes and charges, in particular stamp duty, which adds to the cost of new construction and erodes affordability.


Ensure fair and productive workplaces

We need to work together in fair and collaborative workplaces where new buildings can be efficiently delivered. We need workplaces where there is genuine enterprise bargaining and modern awards that are balanced and reflect market conditions. There needs to be respect for, and adherence to, the rule of law.


Promote workplace health and safety leadership

Across all levels of our industry we must work together to ensure that everyone can work safely and return unharmed to their loved ones every day. There needs to be a positive, rather than punitive approach to safety issues. There needs to be a regulatory framework that is flexible, fair and provides certainty. Workplace health and safety laws should never be misused in the pursuit of other agendas.

Queensland Building Plan Master Builders is in discussion with the state government about the Queensland Building Plan, which will focus on 10 proposed changes:

○ Security of payment

○ Queensland Home Warranty Scheme

○ Plumbing and drainage act review

○ Queensland housing code/reconfiguring a lot code

○ Building certification

○ Non-conforming building products

○ Inclusive communities

○ Liveable housing design

○ Sustainable buildings

○ Licensing reforms

Create security of payment for subcontractors to support a successful building and construction industry. Enhance the structure of the scheme. Consider issues of equity, fairness and transparency in decision making, and address technical legal issues.

Revise current plumbing laws and consider the case for government action on a range of technical issues raised by stakeholders during the review. Update design and siting regulations for dwellings and develop best practice subdivision guidelines for creating new neighbourhoods.

Ensure confidence in the certification process and address the perceived conflict of interest arising from the financial relationship between a building certifier and their client under the current system.

Consider strengthening building regulator powers to identify and deal with non-conforming building products. Make our communities more inclusive for people with disabilities by providing accessible public facilities.

Develop mandatory and voluntary strategies to increase the uptake of liveable housing design in new Queensland dwellings.

Increase the use of sustainability features in residential dwellings and commercial buildings, including energy- and water-efficient appliances.

Review Queensland Building Construction Commission licenses to simplify licence classes, modernise the approach, cut costs and timeframes, increase mobility and employability, and consult on Service Trades Council functions.

Join in the consultations Be part of the Queensland government’s community and industry consultations that will be held around the State and online this February and March. Tuesday, 21 February North Brisbane

Friday, 24 February Logan

Tuesday, 21 March Mackay

Wednesday, 22 February Gold Coast

Tuesday, 7 March Ipswich

Thursday, 23 March Toowoomba

Thursday, 23 February Logan

Thursday, 9 March Charters Towers

Details are available at

january 17 / march 17 [ 21 ]


X Reports & statistics

At a glance Queensland total building work done rolling 12 month total, original 25.0

Work of more than $20 billion was completed in Queensland in the 12 months up to September 2016 – setting a record high for building work.

Total Building Work Total Residential






Total residential work was up by 17 per cent, while non-residential remained flat – up one per cent.


Jun 16

Sept 15

Dec 14

Jun 13

Mar 14

Sept 12

Dec 11

Mar 11

Jun 10

Sept 09

Dec 08

Jun 07

Mar 08

Sept 06

Dec 05

Mar 05

Jun 04

Dec 02

Sep 03

Jun 01

Mar 02


Source: Master Builders & ABS

Looking forward, the rapid growth in building approvals is beginning to moderate.

More of the work is going out to Queensland’s regions.

Queensland dwelling approvals 12 month rolling total, seasonally adjusted

Regional building approvals percentage change in $ value of total work 130%

55,000 50,000



% change over 3 months



Oct-16, 49,155

% change over 12 months


40,000 35,000












-26.2% 46.7% -13.3% -36.5%

10,000 -70%

5,000 Mar 10 May 10 Jul 10 Sep 10 Nov 10 Jan 11 Mar 11 May 11 Jul 11 Sep 11 Nov 11 Jan 12 Mar 12 May 12 Jul 12 Sep 12 Nov 12 Jan 13 Mar 13 May 13 Jul 13 Sep 13 Nov 13 Jan 14 Mar 14 May 14 Jul 14 Sep 14 Nov 14 Jan 15 Mar 15 May 15 Jul 15 Sep 15 Nov 15 Jan 16 Mar 16 May 16 Jul 16 Sep 16

0 -120%

Greater Brisbane

Gold Coast

Sunshine Coast

Darling Downs & SW QLD

Wide Bay Burnett

Central QLD

Mackay & Whitsunday

Source: Master Builders & ABS

North QLD

Far North QLD

Source: Master Builders & ABS

Queensland’s economic fundamentals look good. Gross State Product and employment are on their way up. Queensland GSP and Australian GDP annual % change

Queensland employment seasonally adjusted 2380



2360 2340



2320 2300







2280 2260







Source: Master Builders, Qld Govt & ABS

[ 22 ] january 17 / march 17

Total persons employed (LHS)

Nov 16

Jun 16

Jan 16

Aug 15

Mar 15

Oct 14

Dec 13

Jul 13

Feb 13

Sep 12

Apr 12

Nov 11

-60,000 May 14



2200 Jun 11

2017-18 *

2016-17 *



















Total jobs 12 month loss/gain (RHS)

Source: Master Builders & ABS

Reports & statistics

2017 building industry outlook The latest building industry outlook for 2017 shows total building approvals remain at an historic high with a strong pipeline of work. However, the significant supply that is due to come on line is expected to affect the market. During the past 12 months, approvals for new dwellings dropped by 4.8 per cent, while total construction finance has moved off the peak. Master Builders has forecast 46,000 dwelling commencements in 2017, which will be a small moderation on the record levels achieved in 2016 and equates to a drop of four per cent. In 2018, Master Builders estimates dwelling unit commencements will further moderate and return to 43,000 starts. Growth will continue to be concentrated in Queensland’s south-east but will shift away from large unit blocks to smaller developments, such as detached housing, townhouses and boutique unit developments. Owner-occupiers will increasingly move into the market, while investors will become more cautious. As with last year, renovation activity will remain solid. The high cost

of buying a new home (stamp duty, agent commission and legal fees) will encourage many owners to renovate rather than sell and upgrade to a new home. Kitchens and bathrooms are likely to remain popular options on the renovation front as they can make a home more liveable while adding value. Unfortunately, affordability will remain an ongoing problem for the industry in the long term. Ongoing weakness in private and public sector investment is the biggest issue for non-residential demand and there are few signs of this turning around. Master Builders forecast is that 2017 will continue to be a struggle for non-residential construction, with few winners and no clear pipeline of new work.

Survey of Industry Conditions Latest results Master Builders latest Survey of Industry Conditions for the December 2016 quarter shows that business confidence in the Queensland building industry strengthened, continuing to move into positive territory. The latest proportion of respondents (45 per cent) now regard the outlook as stronger. Conditions in the residential and commercial sectors improved during the December quarter. Nearly half (45 per cent) of respondents think conditions in the residential sector are stronger and nearly one third (31 per cent) expect them to continue to improve going forward. The outlook is similarly optimistic in the commercial sector, with 41 per cent regarding conditions as stronger and one third (32 per cent) expecting further growth going forward. One of the major reasons for so much optimism is that the level of business activity increased, as did the level of turnover and profitability – which reached a record high during the December quarter. More respondents (37 per cent) reported stronger levels of work in progress, while fewer (19 per cent) are reporting weaker levels. Forty-five per cent of respondents now think turnover is stronger and 35 per cent regard profitability as stronger.

Survey format is changing We’re changing up the format of the Survey of Industry Conditions in 2017. The full survey will be released once a year and we’ll continue to get your thoughts on a quarterly Hot Topic. This new approach will help us to produce a more comprehensive and accurate response rate and save members time when completing the survey.

Showing our appreciation By participating in our surveys not only are you helping us to lobby for the change you want to see, you also go into the draw to win some great prizes. Members Tina and Vasilis Hatzioannou of Vati Projects were the lucky recipients of a $400 BCF voucher for taking the time to complete our survey last year. Tina had recently undergone medical treatment and she said winning the voucher was a delightful surprise that couldn’t have come at a better time. “We used it to buy some additional camping accessories and fishing rods for our young kids so we could enjoy a holiday over the Christmas break. Thank you Master Builders.”

january 17 / march 17 [ 23 ]


Reports & statistics

Far North Queensland Renowned for its balmy weather and natural beauty, Far North Queensland is considered Australia’s endearing ‘tropical north’. The region stretches north to the Torres Strait, west to Gulf Country and south to Cardwell, and its main regional centre is Cairns city. Home to national parks and three World Heritage Sites, including the Great Barrier Reef, the Wet Tropics of Queensland and Australia’s largest fossil mammal site, Far North Queensland has a world-class tourism offering. Agriculture and mining are also significant industries in the region.

$1,850 Median mortgage repayment per month mb

[ 24 ] january 17 / march 17




Median dwelling price

Median new house price

Median personal income per year

*Fitzroy Statistical Area Level 4 Source: Queensland Government Statistician’s Office.

the back half of the year bode well for our industry in 2017, with more tower cranes set to grace the Cairns skyline.

MSF Sugar is also planning to turn three sugar mills into cogeneration plants for clean green power in the Tablelands, Mulgrave and South Johnstone regions. MSF is expected to invest $600 million in the region over the next 10 years, converting their mills into bio-refineries that make green sustainable products such as sugar, yeasts, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Ron Bannah Master Builders Regional Manager, Far North Queensland While 2016 was a bit of a mixed bag for Far North Queensland’s building and construction industry, a number of commercial projects begun in

Stage 1 of Aspiel Corporation’s Nova City is due to begin in February 2017, as is Tradewinds Esplanade redevelopment by the GA Group. Later in the year, the GA Group will also begin work on the Twin Tower Hotel and Apartment Complex. Construction of Mt Emerald Wind Farm by Ratch Australia will begin in March 2017. Civil works on the Caravonica Residential Precinct are already underway, and this project by the Botanica Property Group will comprise apartments, townhouses and villas built around a mega-lagoon.

2016 was certainly a positive and productive year for Cairns and, in 2017, we’ll see movement on projects that will further invigorate Cairns and drive jobs, growth and business confidence overall.

Terry James Deputy Mayor, Cairns Regional Council

$67,288 Median family income per year

In 2016, visitor numbers were at their highest level in a decade, accommodation demand outstripped supply for the first time in many years, and the city drew significant attention from international investors. Council alone injected $199 million into the Cairns economy through the purchase of local goods and services, and delivery of two signature capital works projects – the new Tobruk Memorial Pool and the magnificent Munro Martin Parklands.

The first contract, worth $75 million, has already been signed for the Tablelands Mill, and ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions is scheduled to begin work in May 2017. Tablelands Mill is estimated to be completed in 2018, South Johnstone Mill in 2019, and Mulgrave Mill in 2020. Although residential construction dropped by around five per cent on the previous year’s figures, October 2016 figures were 59 per cent better than those in September 2016. Far North Queensland now leads the regions in terms of building approval growth. This encouraging sign shows that the far north reaches of the State continue to remain buoyant.

This year the highly anticipated Cairns Aquarium will open its doors in May, Nova City will begin to transform our central business district, and the Ghassan Group will progress major hotel initiatives. These exciting developments give confidence to those looking to invest in Cairns – and our city’s future has never looked so bright. Council will continue its steps towards the goal of becoming the ‘Arts Capital of Northern Australia’, with the new Cairns Performing Arts Centre and revitalisation of the majestic School of Arts building taking shape in 2017. 2017 is sure to bring many more opportunities and I’m excited about what our Council, businesses and the community can achieve together in 2017.





Unemployment rate in the region

Construction workers employed in the region

New dwellings approved in the region during the past 12 months

Building value in residential building approvals


january 17 / march 17 [ 25 ]


Source: Queensland Government Statistician

Many of the major projects are valued at $5 to $10 million, which means that a total of approximately $1,895 million is being invested into construction in the region.

Tradies corner


Michael Hodgson Outback to Esplanade Constructions Michael Hodgson, is the director and co-owner of Central Queensland-based carpentry business, Outback to Esplanade Constructions. He started the business about eight months ago, with friend and business partner, Dan Crawford.

How did you get into the industry? When I was 16-years-old, I worked at a local hardware store. One day I was approached in the yard by a builder offering me an apprenticeship. I’ve worked in construction ever since.

Why did you decide to start your own business? My friend Dan and I wanted the flexibility to create our own work-life balance. We both love what we do and have worked together in the past, so we knew we’d get along as business partners.

How many staff do you have? We currently employ three full-time staff – one labourer and two tradies, but we plan to expand substantially in the near future. While a lot of our work is local, we’re happy to travel state-wide.

Have you done any training through Master Builders? I completed the Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing, and the two-day Asbestos Workers Program so I could obtain a Class B Asbestos Removal licence. Master Builders’ trainers were extremely helpful.

Has anyone inspired you? Nicholas Phillips from Flashpro Roofing and Eddie Schofield from ET and JE Schofield Builders. Both are respected in their profession and I’ve been fortunate enough to have them share their in-depth knowledge of the industry with me.


[ 26 ] january 17 / march 17

What do you love most about your job? I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a project completed and making our client’s happy.

What do you find most challenging about your job? Coordinating with other trades can be tricky, and relying on suppliers to deliver materials on time and in an undamaged condition is also a challenge.

What do you like most about being a Master Builders member? That reassurance of knowing we're backed by a respected and professional industry organisation who is always on hand to provide training or guidance when needed.

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time? I like hunting, fishing and camping – pretty much anything outdoors. Dan and I also try to hit up the golf course at least twice a month.





A complete system


MetecnoKasset® is a durable, insulated wall and ceiling panel with a modified PIR (Polyisocyanurate) fire-retardant core and high performing thermal properties. MetecnoKasset® is available in a range of COLORBOND® colours, a palette of choice to create an inspiring interior and exterior finish.

• PIR Full Curtain or Window Wall system

• Tested to AS 5113 – External wall and Fire Spread requirements • Manufactured in Australia • New level of fire protection • New level of thermal properties • Prefab sections delivered direct to site • Slot into place and secure • Build, clad and insulate all in one

- Modular unit for seamless window/ wall junctions - Durable & versatile Architectural System with extensive colours and finishes • Suitable for low and high rise buildings (wind rated up to 250m) - Testing & Engineering in Australia by Ian Bennie & Associates & Inhabit Group - Registered Design and Regulation 1507: Certificate of Compliance - Full test rig accreditation to Australian standards AS/NZS 4284:2008 (Structural SLS, Air Infiltration, - Water Penetration, Structural ULS.) • Fast & economical alternative to tilt panel - Light weight and easy to install. Installed up to 50% faster than traditional systems. - No need for perimeter scaffolding. Installed over the handrails or behind the screens - 2 floors a week floor cycle at Yorkshire Brewery Apartments Call (07) 3323 9900 Metecno Pty Limited. ABN 44 096 402 934. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification without notice. Metcno PIR®, MetecnoPanel®, MetecnoSpan®, MetecnoSpanTH®, MetecnoPanelTH® & MetecnoTherm™ are trademarks of Metecno Pty Limited. The colours shown in this publication have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, given printing limitations, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample before placing orders. This advice is of a general nature only. Designers must provide for adequate structural performance and other Building Code requirements. This information is subject to change. *Warranty subject to exclusions, application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your project for the warranty visit or call BlueScope on 1800 022 999. COLORBOND®, Permagard® and BlueScope are registered trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited. Refer to Metecno PIR® website for latest version. Consult Metecno PIR® for your application. BON0470 Kasset FP Master Builder v2 - 09/01/2017

Tradies corner

Tradie: John Durre Value Shopfitting For more than 30 years, John Durre has been operating successful Gold-Coast carpentry business, Value Shopfitting. Specialising in shop fit-outs, commercial joinery and shopping centre work, Value Shopfitting has approximately 35 permanent staff – many of whom are long-term employees. This reflects John’s commitment not just to the industry and his clients, but also his people.

How did you get your start in the industry? At age 15, after completing Grade 10, I was keen to start an apprenticeship in one of the building professions. I did an apprenticeship with a shopfitting company and loved it so much that I went into business for myself soon after becoming a qualified tradesman.

What’s been one of your most memorable career moments? Doing an office fit-out in Japan for a corporate transport business. We got the job through a word-of-mouth referral and four staff members spent three weeks over in the city of lights.

What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out? To work smarter, not harder. In project management it’s important to streamline processes where possible and trust others to carry out tasks that you delegate to them.

Tell us your top three tips for people starting out in the industry. 1. Devise a plan 2. Don’t be frightened to step outside the square 3. And importantly – look back as well as forward.


[ 28 ] january 17 / march 17

What’s the best advice you can give to someone about running their own business? Look left and right, and beware of simple things. Someone may have all the qualifications in the world, but learning through trial and error is the best teacher of all.

Complete this sentence: Every tradie needs a … … good wife and a good balance of work and play.

What do you like most about being a Master Builders member? Master Builders has always been there to provide back-up support and advice when needed and the staff are always more than willing to assist.

What do you like to do in your leisure time? Fishing is my hobby, so I love being out on the water with family and friends.

Building & planning

Heat plays havoc with building materials While tradespeople working in Queensland are fairly used to the heat, there are a few things to be aware of on worksites as summer temperatures start to rise. High temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius and windy conditions can affect the application and performance of various building materials, such as concrete, primer, rendered coating, waterproofing membrane, adhesive and grout. Excessive heat can: ○ S  peed up the drying process so applied products do not penetrate the surface ○ R  esult in adhesion or application issues if heat is absorbed by porous substrate materials ○ R  educe the workability of products and make them more difficult to clean up ○ Cause extensive shrinkage and cracking. It's crucial to take precautions in the heat and make adjustments to processes if necessary

to ensure building products are installed correctly and produce the desired results. Hot weather precautions include: ○ U  sing shade cloth or a tarp to protect materials from direct sunlight and windy conditions ○ W  etting down surfaces before applying products ○ C  ooling down the product mix as much as possible ○ M  aking smaller batches of product and applying it immediately, before making another batch. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on the application process for building products, as well as relevant industry association recommendations.

A cost-effective solution to repair blocked or damaged pipelines without any disruptive excavations Our No Dig Pipe Repair system allows our specialists to repair underground pipes without disturbing any surface materials such as driveways, landscaping, verandahs, floors, roadways, parking lots, electrical, gas and water lines.

For more information, phone the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) on 139 333 or visit

Tractor CCTV camera available Licensed Nuflow Installer

Quicker than conventional methods Drains that can be repaired: • Sewer Drains • Storm water Drains • Earthenware Pipes • Cast Iron • PVC • Bends 45° 90° • All Junctions • S & P Traps • Voids (even where the pipe is completely missing) • Short and long sections and repair patches.


• Relining through multiply bends • Relining of pipes from 40mm to 1000mm • Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial pipe work NEW!! Renew water mains

Sewer drains and stormwater cleared by electric eel & jet rodder

(07) 3277 5742 81 Reginald Street, Rocklea

Trailer mounted jet rodder for large drain clearing

Vaporoot foaming sewer inhibitor treatment

CCTV drain camera from 50mm to 1000mm

QBCC 1029573

january 17 / march 17 [ 29 ]


Building & planning

National Steelwork Compliance Scheme with John Gardner, Australian Steel Institute The new Australian Standard AS/NZS 5131 for fabrication and erection of structural steelwork was released in December last year. This standard helps to improve quality and compliance outcomes and gives greater certainty when constructing steel structures. AS/NZS 5131 underpins Australia’s first compliance scheme dedicated to structural steelwork fabrication and erection, which was developed progressively and in parallel to the new Standard. By independently assessing the capability of steel fabricators against the requirements of specific classes of project, the new National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme (NSSCS) helps to ensure that what is designed is ultimately what is erected on site to the quality and safety standard the community expects. The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) is a peak industry body representing the entire Australian steel supply chain. ASI looked to best practice models of similar certification schemes operating in places like the USA, Canada, the EU and UK, where the use of structural steelwork in major building projects is more prevalent. Under the NSSCS, steel fabricators are audited and certified by independent body, Steelwork Compliance Australia (SCA) to ‘construction categories’ that link back to structure importance levels in the National Construction Code (NCC).

Certification to the construction categories is a technical prequalification scheme that should over time result in enormous efficiencies in the tendering process for procurers and fabricators. NSSCS-certified fabricators are already operating in most Australian states, as the SCA has been able to assess them against the ASI Structural Steelwork Fabrication and Erection Code of Practice (CoP), which was the precursor to AS/NZS 5131. Also new is the National Structural Steelwork Specification (NSSS) – a tool that engineers, specifiers and procurers will use on their projects. In combination with Natspec (which is aligning its specifications to AS/NZS 5131), it’s anticipated that this standard specification will become the default across the industry – leading to greater efficiencies on projects.

For more information or to download a guide specifically for builders, visit the ASI website at or contact ASI Queensland Manager, John Gardner at To view a list of certified fabricators go to the SCA website at

Scheme benefits for builders •A  voids the cost of setting up an in-house fabricator quality capability assessment team •P  rovides an assessor with intimate knowledge of steelwork fabrication •G  ives the ability to nominate a fabricator for which the builder can request assessment • I s fit-for-purpose based on risk assessment – therefore cost effective


[ 30 ] january 17 / march 17

•P  rovides a mechanism to feedback project outcomes and request special fabricator assessment •R  educes the cost of rectification and rework, utilising fabricators proven to meet the minimum requirements of Australian Standards •F  rees up your valuable personnel to focus on project issues they're actually trained for.


Is your business vulnerable to bad debts? If your business provides services on credit or sells goods, you are vulnerable to bad debts. However, there is something available to protect you – Trade credit insurance. Trade credit insurance can only be applied to business-to-business transactions, such as dealings between contractors and builders. It provides cover for non-payment of trade debts in the event a debtor becomes insolvent, for example they go into receivership, liquidation or become bankrupt. It also protects against the protracted default of a debtor, which occurs when a debtor isn’t formally insolvent but a formal judgement is required.

Five reasons to have trade credit insurance

Want to find out more?

○ I t helps protect you against non-payment of bad debts ○ It helps preserve your bottom-line profits ○ I t can be used to complement your risk management strategy and improve your credit management processes ○ I t can give you peace-of-mind and the confidence to expand your business ○ It includes independent assessment of your key debtors.

Trade credit insurance is a highly specialised product so Master Builders has teamed up with QBE Insurance – a recognised leader in this class of insurance. As the minimum cost of trade credit insurance usually ranges between $12,000 and $15,000, it isn’t economically viable for every business, however, we can arrange for a QBE specialist to discuss your individual circumstances and see if it’s right for your business.

Contact Master Builders Insurance Services on 1300 13 13 26 or email to arrange a discussion today.

N E E D A C O N C R E T E P O O L S H E L L? Call us and let us do the hard work for you!

Wholesale Pool Shells is a specialist subcontractor to the swimming pool and building industries. We offer pool shells which include engineering, certification, excavation, reinforcing, concrete and plumbing. We offer fixed prices and two day construction time in most cases, with a network of other licensed pool trades available to you. We can also have excavators, bobcats, tip trucks and concrete pumps available for hire. Concrete Spraying Specialists Pty Ltd t/a


~ Contact us now for a quote on your next project ~ Tel: 3208 9099 | Email: january 17 / march 17 [ 31 ]


Workplace health & safety

On-the-spot fines What you need to know

Proudly brought to you by Lendlease

There are 18 new workplace health and safety offences related to high-risk activities that are now subject to on-the-spot fines, with penalties ranging from $432 to $3,600, under the State Penalties Enforcement Regulation 2014. Breaches to workplace health and safety laws that aren’t serious enough to require prosecution or another sanction, attract on-the-spot fines in the form of ‘infringement notices’. An infringement notice should include a description of the offence. An inspector will usually issue it along with written or verbal advice, an Improvement Notice or a Prohibition Notice to let you know what needs to be done to remedy the breach.

Written or verbal advice

Prohibition Notice

If you breach a law an inspector may give you written or verbal advice on how to eliminate a risk or hazard, enabling you to take action based on their recommendations.

If an inspector believes you’re conducting an activity (or may be about to) that poses a serious workplace health and safety risk they may issue you a Prohibition Notice, which requires you to cease the activity until further notice. The notice should state the reason why you’re receiving it, what activity it’s related to, the relevant sections of legislation being breached, and provide details on how to remedy the situation. The inspector will then follow up within 28 days.

Improvement Notice If your breach poses no serious risk to health and safety, an inspector may issue you an Improvement Notice. It should state what law is being breached and outline how you are breaching it. It should also specify what action needs to be taken to remedy the situation, as well as the date it must be rectified by. The inspector will then follow up to check that necessary action has been taken.

Offence code

Infringement notice offence

Penalty units – Penalty units – Individual Corporation


s42(1) duty to provide first aid




s299(1) Safe Work Method Statement required




s300(1) must comply with Safe Work Method Statement




s300(2) must ensure work is stopped immediately if not carried out in accordance with Safe Work Method Statement




s306(1) trench excavation to be secured from unauthorised access




s306L(5) ladder has a device fitted for stability when working on a pole




s306Q(2) measures to be used when dismantling scaffolding




s317(1) worker must have carried out general construction induction training




s330(1) manufacturer or importer must prepare a safety data sheet for the hazardous chemical




s339(1) supplier of a hazardous chemical to a workplace must ensure the current safety data sheet is provided with the hazardous chemical




s339(3) supplier of a hazardous chemical to a workplace must ensure the current safety data sheet is provided if the person asks for the safety data sheet




s346(1) register of hazardous chemicals at the workplace is prepared and maintained




s346(3) register of hazardous chemicals is readily accessible




s419(1) a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must not carry out or allow a worker to carry out work involving asbestos




s446(1) a PCBU must not use or direct or allow a worker to use high-pressure water spray or compressed air on asbestos




s446(3) a PCBU must not use or direct or allow a worker to use power tools, brooms or any other implement that causes release of airborne asbestos into the atmosphere unless controlled (defined)




s466(1) a licenced asbestos removalist must give written notice to the regulator at least five days before the removalist commences licensed asbestos work




s466(3) if asbestos is to be removed immediately a licenced asbestos removalist must give notice to the regulator immediately by phone and in writing within 24 hours



If you need help understanding your obligations so you can avoid on-the-spot fines, call Master Builders’ Workplace Health and Safety team on (07) 3225 6410. mb

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Industrial relations

New requirements if you tender for Commonwealth-funded building work A new Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016, came into effect in December last year. It applies to all contractors and subcontractors who tender for Commonwealth-funded building work. Letter of compliance for eligibility All contractors that are seeking Commonwealth-funded building work, regardless of their workplace arrangements, now require a letter of compliance from the ABCC stating that they are eligible to tender for work. An employer must still submit their arrangements for assessment even if they only engage award or common law contract employees for the building work.

Code compliant contracts All enterprise agreements made after 2 December 2016 must comply with the new Code. However, contractors and subcontractors covered by agreements made before 2 December 2016 have until 29 November 2018 to ensure their agreements are code-compliant.

The Code’s conduct and practices requirements for building sites apply to a company from the date that a contractor or subcontractor submits a tender for Commonwealth-funded building work. From that date, the ABCC will audit contractors’ behaviour and practices on building sites.

Enterprise agreement content The new Code stipulates that an enterprise agreement must not contain terms and conditions inhibiting freedom of association, workplace flexibility or management’s prerogative to determine labour requirements. Enterprise agreements made before 2 December 2016 do not override the ABCC's authority to audit and assess practices and behaviours on site that would fail to protect freedom of association, including

practices emanating from the CFMEU EBAs. Contractors must ensure that the content of their EBA doesn’t breach freedom of association or cause or lead to behaviour beyond the terms of the EBA.

Master Builders has drafted and filed over 1,000 EBAs for members in recent years. This extensive knowledge allows us to support you during the bargaining process, assess existing agreements and prepare and lodge code-compliant agreements. Our code auditing services have also been expanded to include the new Code. Call Master Builders' Workplace Relations team on (07) 3225 6407 for more information.





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Workplace health & safety

Keep hydrated During the hot Queensland summer it isn’t uncommon to suffer from dehydration when undertaking strenuous tasks at work in the heat or direct sunlight. If dehydration is undetected or not prevented it can lead to serious illness and, in extreme cases, death.

What is dehydration? Dehydration occurs when your body uses more water than it takes in.

The warning signs Signs of dehydration include: ○ Thirst and, in some cases, hunger



Master Builders has launched the Stay Cool Photo Competition, proudly sponsored by Thorzt.


○ Decreased urination ○ Darker (yellow) colour of urine ○ Tiredness or dizziness ○ Blurred vision and sunken eyes ○ Headache ○ Dry skin or skin that has lost its elasticity. Urine is one of the best indicators of dehydration. If your urine is clear or light in color, you’re well-hydrated. A darker yellow or amber colour is typically a symptom of dehydration.


Take a photo of how you stay cool on site. This can be anything from your cool down station to simple measures you take personally to stay cool.

How to prevent dehydration You can prevent dehydration by keeping your fluids up and staying cool while working in the heat by making use of designated cool-down areas and wearing cooler clothing, such as vests and neckties. How dehydrated are you? ! HIGHLY DEHYDRATED of water immediately. Go drink a large bottle ated. Seriously dehydr make you feel of water now will Drinking a bottle much better. ated. Moderately dehydr hout the a regular basis throug You lose water on day. Drink more water. your Get some water in You’re almost there. toxins. those all system to flush out healthy! Stay hydrated and ated. let yourself get dehydr Great job. Now don’t large glasses of water Drink at least 8-12 taycool throughout the day.


dehydrate – ption. limit your consum supplementary ○ Sport drinks can provide IS THE KEY. electrolytes, but WATER

○ Caffeinated drinks

Dehydration stickers Master Builders has developed a dehydration sticker containing a urine chart to help you assess your level of hydration and whether you need to rehydrate. Get your hands on some free Master Builders dehydration stickers, which are an important tool for you and your team to keep hydration top of mind. Contact our Workplace Health and Safety team on (07) 3225 6410 to order yours today.

For more information on managing heat stress at work, head to our 'Preparing for Hot Conditions' page at


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Post your photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #mbstaycool.

There are $600 worth of heat stress prizes to be won, so get your entry in now!

Employment & wages

Timely termination A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission highlights the importance of addressing employee misconduct in a timely manner to avoid costly unfair dismissal claims.

The following day, the employee was invited to attend a meeting to discuss the alleged theft uncovered in the preceding months. Following the meeting, and after considering the employee’s response, the employee was terminated without notice for serious misconduct.

In the case of Wong v Taitung Australia Pty Ltd (U2016/7347) a delivery driver and a number of other employees were involved in the theft and on-selling of company produce. On discovering this, their employer contacted the police to make a formal statement. The police recommended that no immediate disciplinary action be taken, to enable them to gather more evidence.

During the hearing, the case presented a number of issues about the validity of the termination as it occurred soon after the employee exercised his right to raise safety concerns. However, after reviewing the evidence, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) ruled that on the balance of probabilities the employer's decision to terminate the employee was based on his criminal activity not the safety issues raised. Nevertheless, as the employee was allowed to continue working after the incidence of misconduct had been initially identified, the FWC felt that it removed the employer’s right to terminate summarily. Instead, the employee should have been given appropriate notice of termination (or payment in lieu) – at an equivalent amount to the notice period owing under the employee’s contract.

For about three months following, the employee continued in his usual role, unaware that the employer had uncovered the misconduct. During that time, and immediately prior to termination, the employee raised several safety concerns about his delivery truck. When the employer received the complaints, he stood the employee down for 24 hours.

What to do ○ Act promptly without delay when you identify performance issues or receive an allegation of misconduct. ○ Consider standing down an employee on full pay while an investigation occurs into any allegations, especially if the behaviour could be grounds for summary dismissal. ○ Use a fair and reasonable process when addressing performance issues or incidences of misconduct, including extending a right of reply and considering mitigating factors. ○ Ensure a consistent approach, for example if two employees have been involved in similar incidences of misconduct, apply the same approach on each occasion.

As each scenario is different, please call our Workplace Relations team on (07) 3225 6407 or email with any questions or concerns unique to your business.

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experts Your questions answered

Heath Sullivan WHSE Advisor

Mikki Richardson

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Phil Breeze

Manager – Housing Services

Tracey Wood

Manager of Contracts

The building and construction industry can be complex, which is why we receive thousands of member enquiries each year. Here at Master Builders, our friendly and knowledgeable experts are on hand to answer your questions about the issues you face in the day-to-day running of your business. This advisory service is free to members – and it's just one of many ways we’re committed to giving you a valuable membership experience. We’re here to help, whether you need advice about: ○ Contracts, including which contract to use

○ Enterprise bargaining agreements

○ Disputes and helping you to get paid

○ Legislation and how it applies to you

○ Employment, wages and staffing

○ Insurance products

○ Workplace, health and safety practices

○ Plus much, much more.

○ Industry compliance and licensing requirements Over the following pages, this edition’s panel of experts share some of the common questions they are asked.

Remember, if you’re seeking professional advice, don’t hesitate to call Master Builders on 1300 30 50 10. january 17 / march 17 [ 37 ]


Advice & services

Workplace Health & Safety with Heath Sullivan, WHSE Advisor I have workers who will be building a house. Although they won’t need to work above three metres, and the slope of the roof is less than 26 degrees, they’ll be working in situations where they could potentially fall. Do I need to manage this risk? Yes, you do. Before any work begins, you must: ○ Identify  each hazard that could result in a fall or cause death or

injury if a person were to fall

○ Assess  any hazard that could cause injury or death ○ Implement  any control measures that are necessary to prevent,

or minimise the level of exposure to the risk.

Examples of hazards, when working under three metres, which may require controls include: ○ Vertical  reinforcing steel, the edge of a rubbish skip or

unsheeted floor bearers and joists below the surface of where work is being carried out

○ An  object, such as a picket fence or stack of bricks, which could

cause injury if a worker were to fall on it

○ A  brittle roof on which the work is to be done, two metres

above a floor.

Employment & Wages with Mikki Richardson, Senior Workplace Relations Advisor

I engage a subcontractor on an hourly rate. Is this ok? It’s unlawful for a person to misrepresent an employment relationship as an independent contracting arrangement. If you do, you may be prosecuted under the Fair Work Act 2009 and Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016, and also exposed to claims for superannuation and workers' compensation insurance. Entities you genuinely engage as a Pty Ltd, partnership or trust are deemed independent contracting arrangements, provided there has been no coercion or misrepresentation of what would otherwise have been an employment relationship. If, however, you engage an ABN sole trader and don't have a formal contract in place permitting the subletting of work, you're putting your company at risk. The Australian Taxation Office offers a contractor decision tool that can help you determine exposure. It's available at

If an employee in their probationary period isn't performing, must I always give a warning?

I’m renovating a house and my roofers will be working on a roof with a pitch that has a slope of more than 26 degrees. I have installed standard edge protection to minimum requirements. Do I need any further controls?

An employee is unable to seek a remedy for unfair dismissal until they have completed their minimum employment (probationary) period. However, you may still be exposed to a general protections claim if an employee believes they have been terminated for exercising a workplace right, such as lodging a workers' compensation claim or making a complaint or enquiry.

Because the slope of the surface where work will be carried out from is more than 26 degrees, you need to use sturdy mesh, sheeting or other material that extends upwards at least 900 millimetres from the surface at the base of the edge protection or toe board.

In a general protections proceeding the onus is on you, as the employer, to prove you're not guilty of the behaviour. Therefore, issuing a warning or implementing a performance improvement plan during the probationary period may be reasonable evidence to protect you from any allegations.

Do I need to keep a register of hazardous chemicals used in my construction projects?

Master Builders recommends meeting with your employee regularly during their probationary period and promptly raising any concerns or performance issues.

Yes, you must keep a register of the hazardous chemicals you are using, including current Safety Data Sheets for each of those products. You must ensure this information is readily accessible to workers and anyone else who is likely to be affected by the hazardous chemicals.

If you need help, contact Master Builders’ Workplace Health & Safety team on (07) 3225 6410. mb

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If you need help, contact Master Builders' Workplace Relations team on (07) 3225 6407.

Building & Planning

Legal & Contracts

with Phil Breeze, Manager – Housing Services

with Tracey Wood, Manager of Contracts

Is the insurance premium paid under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme based solely on contract price?

What are liquidated damages?

If you carry out insurable residential building work to a value of more than $3,300 you’re required to pay an insurance premium to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). However, the premium doesn’t apply to work carried out for a person holding an Owner Builder Permit. The insurance premium is based on the contract price, as well as the value of any materials supplied by your client. The contract price is the amount the client will pay you for completing the work. If your client supplies any materials, such as floor tiles or kitchen cabinets they have sourced for you to install, you need to find out the value of those materials. You must either pay the premium before beginning the work or 10 business days after the contract date – whichever occurs first. If the value of the work increases by $5,000 or more due to a contract variation, an additional premium must be paid before you begin work on the variation.

What is a scope of works and how much detail should it contain? A scope of works forms part of a building contract and it refers to the work due to be carried out by a contractor for an owner, or a subcontractor for a builder. It should include sufficient detail to enable a builder or subcontractor to cost things like labour and materials required for the work. The subcontractor’s scope of work would usually reflect the portion of work contained in the owner and builder contract. However, if it’s unclear as to what the builder’s liability is to the owner under that contract, it’s more than likely the ambiguity will flow down the contract chain to subcontractors. This is how disputes arise with arguments over scope creep and the need for variations (costs increase), which in turn can create costly time delays and put additional strain on relationships. Therefore, a more detailed scope of work ensures there is less risk of not meeting an owner’s expectations.

If you need help, contact Master Builders’ Housing team on (07) 3225 6419.

Liquidated damages are a pre-agreed amount that may be deducted from the ‘contract sum’ for every day that the project is late in achieving ‘practical completion.’ However, liquidated damages must be a reasonable pre-estimate of the loss that may be suffered by the other party if the project is delivered late, and it applies regardless of whether a loss actually occurs. The estimate should be determined at the time the contract is entered into, not when it’s completed. If liquidated damages aren’t a reasonable pre-estimate then they would be considered a penalty and, in the case of contracts, penalties aren’t enforceable.

When can I suspend work under a contract? It will depend on what your particular contract says. If your contract provides a right to suspend works, then you must strictly follow the process detailed in your contract prior to suspending works. Section 67O of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 and section 33 of the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (Qld) also provide a right to suspend works in certain circumstances. In this case, you need to strictly comply with the process detailed in the relevant act. We recommend contacting Master Builders before suspending work to check you won’t be breaching your contract.

What can I do if I’m not getting paid? While there are multiple options for recovering money owed, the options available to you will depend on the type of work you do, who your contract is with and how much money is owing. Here are some options you may have: ○ Your  contract may contain certain rights for non-payment ○ QBCC  Monies Owed process – the QBCC will investigate and has the

power to take action against a licensee if they are unable to pay their debts as and when they fall due, as this would be a breach of the Minimum Financial Requirements applicable to the licence class

○ QBCC  adjudication under the Building and Construction Industry

Payments Act 2004 (Qld)

○ Subcontractors  Charges Act 1974 (Qld) – a charge may be lodged

against money owed to a contractor up the contractual chain

○ Court  action – the complexity and costs associated with this option

will depend on the amount owed as each court has a different threshold for debt recovery.

Contact us early on to minimise your risk of non-recovery.

If you need help, contact Master Builders’ Legal & Contracts team on (07) 3225 6426. january 17 / march 17 [ 39 ]


Projects Concept image only, subject to planning approvals

Queensland’s New World City Iconic redevelopment of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane More than $3 billion is being invested into Brisbane’s Queen’s Wharf project; a 29-hectare integrated resort and lifestyle precinct being built to comply with Green Star Communities rating system. The development will position Brisbane and greater Queensland as an international tourist destination, attracting local, interstate and overseas visitors alike. The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane project means hundreds of jobs and training opportunities for the next generation of Queensland’s construction workforce, according to Premier Curtis Pitt. Featuring striking architecture, repurposed heritage buildings, urban ingenuity and large open spaces, Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will integrate effortlessly with Brisbane’s quintessential outdoor river-city lifestyle and enhance liveability. The project is being managed by Destination Brisbane Consortium – a joint venture between The Star Entertainment Group, Hong Kong-based investment company, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, and one of Australasia’s largest developers, Far East Consortium.

What it will deliver ○ Around 2,000 new construction jobs during the peak construction period. ○ Projected $1.69 billion increase in annual Queensland tourism spend ○ Estimated 1.39 million more tourists each year.


OUR CITY OF THE FUTURE The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane precinct stretches between the Brisbane River and George Street, and Alice Street and Queen Street, and includes some land underneath the Riverside Expressway. Features of the new development will include: ○ Signature ‘Arc’ building with a 100-metre, above-ground Sky Deck, offering panoramic views of Brisbane River and the city skyline ○ Repurposed heritage buildings housing The Ritz Carlton Brisbane, a high-end retail precinct and a department store ○ Residential precinct comprising three residential towers and approximately 2,000 apartments ○ Five premium hotel brands and more than 1,100 hotel rooms, as well as Brisbane’s first six-star hotel ○ Infinity resort pool overlooking Brisbane River and Southbank, and a rooftop moonlight cinema ○ Around 50 food and beverage outlets including fine-dining restaurants, pop-up cafes and trendy bars ○ 12 football fields of public event space with terraced seating areas, small ampitheatres, nature walks, and parkland and river spaces ○ New pedestrian bridge from the CBD to South Bank.

[ 40 ] january 17 / march 17

Got your ducks in a row?

To build Queen’s Wharf Brisbane, a wide range of roles from the Queensland construction industry will be required, including:

Destination Brisbane Consortium will be looking to award tenders to businesses that: ○ Have an exceptional safety and behaviour record

○ General labourers

○ Are market leaders

○ Service trades

○ Understand the consortium’s industries

○ Steel fixers

○ Are environmentally sustainable

○ Form workers

○ Can scale to a development of Queen’s Wharf size

○ Finishing trades ○ Consultants.

○ Embrace employee diversity ○ Operate with good governance and transparency

Demolition work will be completed and early construction will begin

○ Are cost-competitive.

For more information visit, call 1800 104 535, email, or join the Facebook page ‘Queens Wharf Brisbane’. Concept image only, subject to planning approvals

Main construction work will begin

LATE 2018

ProBuild, who were awarded the tender for enabling and demolition works taking place this year, will be directly appointing contractors and subcontractors. If you’re interested in opportunities, email or visit

○ Are flexible in meeting evolving business requirements

LATE 2017

○ Machine operators

ProBuild will begin demolition and enabling works, including site hoarding and soft strip-out of non-heritage buildings and their removal to ground level

EARLY 2017

How to get involved


Internal fit-out of integrated resort


Concept image only, subject to planning approvals

Expected opening


Treasury Casino relocation to be completed and the development will be fully operational


Diam nd in the rough Winner of 2016 National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards – Alterations/Additions Award ($200,000 to $400,000) This high-set home, situated close to the beach at Torquay in Hervey Bay, was in desperate need of a little love. The dilapidated, 40s/50s-style façade didn’t fit the streetscape nor did it entertain the notion of coastal living. Nathan and Helen Hore of N H Homes were tasked with giving the home a radical transformation to turn it into a low-maintenance rental property with stylish appeal. The owners brief was for a modern and functional home with quality fittings, fine workmanship and value-for-money for rental and resale purposes. Within as little as six months, the home underwent major metamorphosis, which involved a complete redesign to maximise use of available floor space and include added conveniences like a drive-through garage. Inside the home, worn timber window frames were replaced with sturdy aluminium frames to imbue a contemporary feel. Asbestos was safely removed before the walls were re-sheeted in gyprock and painted in a neutral colour palette designed to freshen up the small home and give the illusion of more space. A sleek new kitchen was installed – much larger and more functional than before – with the addition of a walk-in pantry to enhance accessibility and provide plenty of storage. Large glass sliding doors were fitted off the master bedroom and dining room to promote airflow and bring the outside in by melding internal and external living spaces. The doors open out onto a spacious new timber deck that captures the ocean views and gentle sea breezes and allows natural light to illuminate the home for a beachy feel. A Stratco Cooldek roof was incorporated over the deck as a cost-effective solution for keeping the heat at bay – creating ample shade and offering more privacy when entertaining outdoors. Timber-look vinyl adorns the floor in the living and bedroom areas, and tiles have been used in wet areas, as these materials are durable and easy to maintain – making them well suited to a rental property.






[ 42 ] january 17 / march 17

As the original home was built on concrete stumps, one of the main challenges was to make the floor level and the walls square. The home was raised and the stumps were replaced with sturdy steel posts for added longevity. Situated amongst residential units and local businesses, purpose-built permanent fencing was erected around the home for added privacy. The outside of the home was fully repainted, including the roof – because although worn it was still structurally sound, making it more cost effective than replacing it altogether. Having undergone such radical transformation it’s easy to understand why this renovation won regional, state and national accolades in 2016. When you see the before and after photos you can truly appreciate the mammoth amount of work that went into this renovation. Helen and Nathan are no strangers to Master Builders’ Housing & Construction Awards. They’ve been Master Builders members for 10 years and have submitted various entries over the years. “Spurred on by Will Wilson and his team at our local Master Builders office, we entered three properties in last year’s competition – two renos and one new build. The two renovations won at regional level and we were absolutely beside ourselves when we found out we’d scooped up a state and then national award too,” says Helen. “The Awards ceremonies are always enjoyable. Regardless of whether we enter the competition, we like going along to the gala evenings just to network with like-minded others and have some fun! “On the back of our win, we’ve received lots of recognition in our community – with many people supportive of our success. Since winning the awards, our word-of-mouth referrals have gone through the roof – which has certainly been great for business.”

Entries now open Want recognition and public acclaim for your hard work?

Housing & Construction



Then enter Queensland’s most prestigious building awards – the Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards. In 2017 we’re making it even easier to enter the awards. Our online entry system is now up and running, so submitting your entry has never been simpler.

Enter today and showcase your excellence!

To enter or for more information, visit january 17 / march 17 [ 43 ]



Renewal in the Rainforest Hutchinson Builders work on the renewal of Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Discovery Centre on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has been no ordinary job. The tranquil reserve, which comprises more than 50 hectares of subtropical rainforest overlooking Maleny’s majestic Glass House Mountains, is home to a diversity of native flora and fauna. It was therefore vital that work be carried out with minimal disruption to the rainforest. Compliance with environmental conservation laws and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage guidelines added yet another layer of complexity. Hutchinson Builders’ Project Manager, Steven Hodgins and his team were involved in extensive consultations with arborists and flora and fauna experts from the Sunshine Coast Council (SCC), before any work could commence. Their brief was to construct a visitor’s centre, picnic and barbecue areas, public toilets and an accessible boardwalk. Due to the proximity of construction work to the rainforest, Hutchies worked in collaboration with SCC to develop detailed safety, quality and environmental plans, and adapt practices and operating procedures to meet some highly unusual needs. Procedures included working in a uniquely designed site and having an arborist present during construction to ensure that the root protection zones of surrounding trees weren’t compromised. Once works were underway, it wasn’t uncommon to receive an array of daily visitors to the worksite – visitors of the feathered, fur or reptilian variety. These animals required careful relocation by trained fauna experts.


[ 44 ] january 17 / march 17

Pond protection hoarding was specially erected to ensure that sediment run-off from construction work didn’t contaminate the pond habitat of the Tusked frog and other water species. An independent authority was commissioned to test water quality before and during construction to ensure water was adequately maintained and posed no adverse risk to wildlife. Steve said the most challenging aspect of the project was the installation of a meandering rainforest boardwalk made from steel. A boardwalk that would provide a safe pathway and accessibility for visitors in wheelchairs. “The planning and staging work was critical, so we had to be spot on with our boardwalk planning methodology.” A detailed lifting plan was developed, identifying work tasks, engineering requirements and related risks. “Due to the size of the steel being lifted, the confined site conditions and exclusion zones, most tasks associated with lifting the steel members were classified as non-routine lifting activities. “The steel structure design was deliberate to ensure lifts could be achieved by a small crane, thus ensuring minimal impact on the environment. It also factored in the various heights and distances the individual members needed to be lifted to be put into position. “We achieved swift installation and met the performance requirements by using bolted connections. We set up exclusion zones during lifting activities to ensure that only trade operatives carrying out the installation were active in the work zone, to prevent any unforeseen incidents.”

The project is due for completion by early March 2017.

january 17 / march 17 [ 45 ]



Under the Sea

Perched above the hustle and bustle of Soul Boardwalk esplanade in the heart of Surfers Paradise is the multi-level Seascape Restaurant & Bar. With commanding ocean views, an envious seaside setting and a contemporary facade the venue has obvious aesthetic appeal – but step inside the oyster to discover the pearl within. Jason McRostie of Brisbane’s JBM Projects undertook a multi-million dollar fit-out for the venue owners, Fouad & Eddie Eid, to bring their architect-designed drawings to life and create an authentic feel, not just something that looked good on paper. A signature coral feature wall, comprised of more than 1,000 carefully designed and installed pieces, takes pride of place across both levels – showcasing impeccable attention-to-detail. Its three-dimensional appearance is owing to seven layers of intricate, laser-cut MDF shapes individually painted in different colours to create texture and depth. Concealed in the layers is LED rebated lighting, designed to resemble the effect of a reef changing colours and, when viewed from street level, give the illusion of being underwater. Eclectic textures such as timber, stone and tile combine with custom-designed carpet that features a design emulating sand moving on the ocean floor, to illicit a very unique dining experience. A magnificent, internal staircase crafted with Australian timbers joins the bistro and formal restaurant, while spotted gum ceiling mb

[ 46 ] january 17 / march 17

panels conceal custom-made air-conditioning grills and intimate lighting. Floor-to-ceiling windows and bespoke furniture create further ambience. The job required complex planning as the venue is situated in a high-traffic pedestrian area. Planning considerations included accommodating noise restrictions, road closures to transport materials to and from the site, and designing the extraction flow and filtration system to limit the smell of fumes emanating from restaurant cooking equipment when in operation. Jason and his crews’ unwavering dedication to working through these logistical challenges meant that the job was completed within a 16-week timeframe.


Overcoming obstacles It's difficult to run a business at the best of times, let alone when you're undergoing exhaustive medical treatment and multiple kidney transplants. But Master Builders' member, Brett Bullock has proven that it can be done. Not long after completing his carpentry apprenticeship at the age of 21, the then avid surfer from Queensland’s Gold Coast was diagnosed with a rare disease known as Iga Nephritis – a disease that can lead to chronic renal failure and blindness. Brett required ongoing dialysis treatment in hospital for five hours a day, three days each week, to clean out his blood and keep him alive. He desperately needed a kidney replacement so after a year of arduous preparation, Brett’s mother was able to give her son the gift of life – donating him one of her kidneys. Unfortunately, the transplanted kidney only functioned for about five years – a replacement kidney can last anywhere between a couple of months to 25 years. To extend the life of the kidney, Brett underwent plasma exchange therapy but once the kidney failed, he had to go back on dialysis until another donor could be found. Brett struggled to find carpentry work at that time due to his high medical needs. Being a contractor meant fitting into someone else's agenda, but that simply wasn’t on the cards. Hefty medical expenses and unemployment forced Brett to live off limited disability support payments. It was then that Brett decided to start up his own carpentry business, Coastal Creative. Being his own boss afforded Brett the flexibility to manage his schedule around hospital visits. “I had no choice but to make stuff happen. It was a blessing that I really enjoy the work I do, so it was easy to jump in and get going.” Although Brett was still on the waiting list for a kidney donor, he took the harrowing wait in his stride, focusing instead on building his business. Within a short time, Brett had consistent work coming in – he even needed to have at least six contractors

on the go at any given time just to keep up with the demand. About one year into starting his business, Brett received an unexpected call while at dinner with his fiancée. “I got a call at 10pm and the last person I thought it would be was my nephrologist. He told me to make my way to Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital the next morning.” Brett was about to receive his second kidney transplant, this time from an unknown donor. While this latest transplant has helped Brett get back to better health, he still requires ongoing treatment to manage his condition. Although dialysis can be fatiguing, Brett still maintains a very hands-on approach in his business – which includes working on the tools. “I take a lot of medication each morning, and my stomach can feel unsettled until they take effect. Dialysis treatment really knocks you around, especially when you're on fluid restrictions like I was. Construction is thirsty work – so mentally and physically it’s been quite challenging at times." Later this year, Brett plans to launch a new business venture with a friend who has a building licence. Combined with Brett’s trade licence, they’ll be able to offer their clients a more holistic service. To extend to others the kindness that helped him in his time of need, Brett, together with a few mates, founded Save Lives Donate Organs Inc. (SLDO) – a registered charity raising awareness about organ and tissue donation. SLDO offers financial support to patients awaiting organ transplant and hosts regular fundraising activities. “Our charity has been established for almost three years now and we’ve helped hundreds of people. There are some widespread misconceptions about organ donation, so we're determined to get the facts out there. I owe my life to the kindness of others who have helped me through this journey.”

If you’re interested in finding out more, go to

january 17 / march 17 [ 47 ]



How are super rules changing? From 1 July 2017, a number of important changes to superannuation will come into effect. Concessional contributions cap reduced to $25,000 The concessional (before tax) contributions cap will reduce to $25,000 for everyone. This is a reduction of up to $10,000, depending on your age. If your concessional contributions currently exceed $25,000, you should review the amount contributed from 1 July to avoid paying additional tax.

Non-concessional contribution changes The non-concessional (after tax) contributions cap will reduce from $180,000 per year to $100,000 per year. If you’re aged under 65, you’re still able to take advantage of the ‘bring forward’ rule. If you have a superannuation balance over $1.6 million (across all of your superannuation accounts) you won’t be able to continue making non-concessional contributions to super.

Deductions for personal contributions Everyone will be able to claim a tax deduction on personal contributions to their super, up to the concessional contributions cap of $25,000. Previously, this was only possible for people who were self-employed.

Spouse contribution tax offset There is currently a tax offset available for contributions you make to your spouse’s superannuation account if their income is under $13,800. This income level will increase to $40,000, which means more people can benefit from the offset.

Changes to Transition to Retirement (TTR) and Pension accounts Currently all investment earnings in Pension accounts, including TTR Pensions, aren’t taxed. From 1 July 2017, this exemption will be removed and tax will be payable on earnings in TTR accounts, like it is in super accounts. If you have a Pension account balance over $1.6 million (across all Pension accounts held with any fund) you’ll be required to either transfer the excess amount into a super fund or withdraw it before 31 December 2017.

Additional contributions tax (Division 293 tax) People who earn $250,000 or more will pay an additional 15 per cent tax on their concessional super contributions. The threshold was previously $300,000.

For more information, visit

Get super sorted With new legislative changes to super just around the corner, now is a good time to get your super sorted. By taking the following actions you could make a real difference to your super balance and have peace-of-mind in the event the unexpected were to happen.

Got multiple super accounts? Roll & Save On average, Australians have three super accounts – and each one has its own fees and charges. Avoid paying multiple fees by rolling your other super accounts into your BUSSQ account. It only takes a matter of minutes. Call 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 692 877) or use the online rollover tool at Log into MemberAccess and click on the Rollover Super tab.

Is some of the $16.8 billion in lost super yours? Text your name and date of birth to 0429 558 006 and BUSSQ will do a lost super search for you. It takes about six to eight weeks to hear back and the service is free (though standard SMS charges will apply). Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised by what they find.

So go on, tick getting your super sorted off your ‘To Do’ list now! mb

[ 48 ] january 17 / march 17

Need help choosing the right insurance? BUSSQ offers members a range of low-cost insurance options to help you manage your finances. Insurance options can cover Death, Total and Temporary Disablement (TTD), Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), and Income Protection. Go to the insurance section of and click ‘get a quote’.


What members want A recent member research project has provided a better understanding of what members value and provided a clear path for future products, services and improvements.

Our events, in particular Roadshow and Industry Insights, are seen as a great source of information and an opportunity to meet others in the industry. The Housing & Construction Awards program is regarded as a worthwhile promotional tool by more than 4 in 5 members.

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, we recently undertook a member research project with expert research house, Footprints Market Research.

Your additional comments gave us greater insight into your thoughts and we valued both the positive and critical comments provided.

A big thank you to all members who took the time to participate in our focus groups and complete the online survey. A robust feedback framework is essential for improvement – we’re always on the lookout for feedback. We previously conducted research in 2014 and the current project was an exciting opportunity to not only track results against previous years, but most importantly, understand the evolving needs of members. The building industry landscape is continually changing and certainly hasn’t become less complex – so more than ever we understand the importance of remaining relevant.

Findings revealed Results revealed that the top two reasons for members maintaining their membership remain unchanged. Advice and support and keeping up-to-date with industry issues continue to be the main reasons for membership. These are followed closely by access to contracts advice, access to training courses and the provision of technical advice. Two of our main products – eDocs and insurance – also rank as very important parts of your membership.

Emerging themes The research also identified areas where members are looking for new or improved products, services or advice – areas that we will explore over coming months. These key areas include: ○ Greater lobbying and representation to maintain trade standards and employer rights ○ Help improving business skills ○ Public education about the benefits of using a Master Builder ○ Maintaining a strong regional presence ○ Personal connections.

In addition to the member research, the project included a consumer component, which is currently being evaluated. We’ll bring you some of these insights as part of our Customer Service feature in the next edition of Master Builder magazine.

We were delighted that the majority of respondents have seen an improvement in the knowledge and friendliness of our staff and the quality of information we provide to you.

january 17 / march 17 [ 49 ]



Websites are a tool for building your business The internet opens a world of opportunity for builders and tradespeople. Referrals and word-of-mouth are still fantastic tools for any builder, but with 90 per cent of consumers saying they look online to make purchasing decisions1, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is, ‘How can people find me online?’ It’s pretty simple; if you aren’t online you’re probably missing out on business. One of the benefits of an effective website is that it will work for you long after you’ve downed tools for the day, as many consumers search for products and services after hours.

FIVE ESSENTIALS FOR A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE When creating a new website, you don’t need all the bells and whistles; get the basics right and your website will work for you.

1. Functionality Your website has to work properly. If there are links that go nowhere or images that won’t load it will frustrate potential customers and give them the impression your business is incompetent. They may even leave your website and go to another builder. It’s much better to have a simple website that does everything it promises than a complicated one that doesn’t work.

2. Useability Think about what it’s like to use your website from a customer’s perspective. Is it easy to navigate? Is there a clear and logical path to follow? Is the information easily accessible? If a potential customer can easily navigate and use your site it gives a more positive impression of your business and can result in a higher conversion rate.

3. Quality content Content is king in the online word. Not only does it give visitors to your site useful information, it also impacts your search engine rankings and can position you and your business as experts in the industry.

4. Mobile friendly When creating a website for your business, remember that it should be mobile friendly. Text that can barely be read and tabs that are too tiny to use can be frustrating. Plus, you’ll also be penalised in search results, which means potential customers simply won’t see you. If your website is responsive – meaning it can be used on any device – it’s likely to rank higher in Google search results.

5. Call to action Give visitors to your site clear direction with a strong call to action. This should be a one-click action that puts them in contact with your business or captures their contact details.

Contact ARM Digital Marketing Solutions on 1300 853 769 or for all your website needs. 1. The Sensis® e-Business Report Google 2015 Consumer Barometers for Australia and New Zealand

Home-related internet searches peak on Sundays, so a great website can generate new business for you 24 hours a day/seven days a week! mb

[ 50 ] january 17 / march 17


Customers love an online presence According to recent research* conducted by Master Builders, people who are building or renovating their homes find a builder or tradie’s online presence important. ○4  5% found it important when looking for a builder or tradie ○5  5% found it important when making their decision on which builder or tradie to use As well as having your own website, ensuring you are registered on the Find a Master Builder search is also a must. The online search is one of the most visited areas of Master Builders’ website and is used by thousands of customers each year in their search for a builder or tradie. As well as selecting the specific type of work you perform, you can add images of jobs you’ve worked on (people love to see examples of the work you do) and links to your own website and social media platforms. Links from Master Builders’ website to yours are also good for your search ranking and having a profile is the best way to do this.

Refer a mate Simply tell us about a mate who might be interested in becoming a Master Builders member and we’ll give them a call.

Not registered or need to update your profile? Visit and log in to the Member Login area. Click on 'Update my details' then update your Find a Master Builder details. Having trouble registering? Call us on 1300 30 50 10 and we can help.

Look out for more information on what your customers want in our customer service feature in the next edition of Master Builder magazine. * Research conducted in 2016 by Footprints Market Research on behalf of Master Builders.


If they join we’ll give you $250 off * your next membership renewal . Call Master Builders on 1300 30 50 10 or email to refer a mate today! *Terms & conditions apply. Go to for full terms and conditions.

january 17 / march 17 [ 51 ]



Legal firm covering the field in building and construction For more than 30 years, Garland Waddington Solicitors has been helping builders, subcontractors, contractors, suppliers and service providers in the Sunshine Coast building industry manage and mitigate risks, and avoid and resolve disputes. Partner Brendan Bathersby, from Garland Waddington Solicitors, says the law firm has the building and construction industry covered when it comes to legal services. “Clients come to us for a whole range of services, from front end to middle to backend. For example, initially they may come to us with a dispute (back end) issue, however they often return for a contract review or drafting (front end) or for administration (middle) of a contract.” Garland Waddington Solicitors prides itself on providing proactive and expert advice through an experienced team of lawyers who focus on every client’s unique objectives and priorities. “Once we identify a client’s needs, we then apply our particular legal knowledge and skills in the building construction environment to meet their priorities and achieve their objectives," says Brendan. “We have a wide portfolio of clients, ranging from large corporates and developers to builders and subcontractors right through to homeowners. “One advantage we offer is that our team has skills beyond just building and construction law. We also have extensive experience in business and commercial law, wills and estate planning, property, family law and litigation. Our clients enjoy being able to tap into this comprehensive expertise all in one place.” Garland Waddington Solicitors sends clients regular updates about changes to building and construction law at both state and national level. In addition, it also distributes bi-monthly e-newsletters covering all things important in the legal world. The lawyers also write regular articles debating and analysing building and construction claims, disputes, contracts and court decisions.

Join their mailing list or

Making headlines across the community The Daily Mercury has been providing timely and relevant news to the Mackay region for more than 150 years. As the only daily newspaper dedicated to the area, The Daily Mercury has a large and diverse following across both its print and digital platforms, and its online and social media presence is constantly growing. Covering everything from news and sport to business and entertainment, there is also a real estate guide every Friday, a Rural Weekly North and Central Queensland edition every Thursday, and a weekly TV Guide. Builders and tradies can advertise in the monthly “Who You Gonna Call” Professional Directory and weekly publications such as the real estate guide or they can request standalone campaigns throughout the paper and online. Advertisers can even request their very own feature or profile. Aside from traditional advertising, there’s also the option to supply custom catalogues for distribution with the newspaper or digital promotion via The Daily Mercury’s desktop and mobile website. ARM Digital Marketing Solutions – another division of News Regional Media – can even build websites, from basic start-ups all the way through to custom designs. (Find out more on page 5o.) Each year, The Daily Mercury produces a custom publication dedicated to the Master Builders Annual Housing & Construction Awards – giving excellent local media coverage to Mackay and Whitsundays’ award winners.

You can visit the website at or if you’d like to discuss your advertising needs, call Sarah Edwards on (07) 4957 0430 or email mb

[ 52 ] january 17 / march 17

Member discounts

The real deal As a business owner your day-to-day expenses and project running costs can quickly add up. At Master Builders we’re here to support you, so we’ve teamed up with some industry partners to help your dollars go further. We give you access to exclusive deals, discounts and special offers that can save you money on the things you need to operate your business effectively. But, life isn’t about all work and no play – which is why we've got your holidays and lifestyle covered too. Our range of partners have been sourced across different categories to meet your diverse needs. Categories include office supplies, vehicle and fleet, advertising and marketing, health and safety, travel and lifestyle, and products, tools and equipment.

Need to transfer materials quickly and easily around your job site? Kennards Hire has the equipment and expertise to make that happen. Kennards has been in the game since 1948, and with branches across Australia and New Zealand open seven days a week, enjoy the convenience of hiring locally, on your clock. Set up a hire account with Kennards through our website and a 10 per cent discount will be applied to your account just for being a Master Builders’ member – it’s that easy!

Are your work boots looking a little worse for wear? Totally Workwear offers a huge range of high-quality workwear, corporate clothing and safety gear at great prices. Just show your Master Builders’ membership card instore at any of the 19 locations around Queensland and you’ll receive a 15 per cent discount on your purchase.

Dreaming of a relaxing getaway after a busy start to the year? Travel for a fraction of the cost by booking your accommodation through Departure Lounge. Master Builders’ members are entitled to exclusive savings of up to 50 per cent on popular properties like Peppers, Mantra and Breakfree resorts. Accommodation can be booked up to 12 months in advance and you can take your pick from countless hotels, apartments, resorts and retreats in Australia, New Zealand and Bali. Keep an eye out for special monthly offers.

These are just some of the deals available to Master Builders’ members. For a full list of discounts and special offers, visit

Our partners ARM Digital Marketing Solutions, Beaurepaires, BMW, BUPA, Caltex, Departure Lounge, Enviropest/Flick Anticimex, Europcar, Departure Lounge, Golden Elite, Holden, Isuzu Ute, Kennards Hire, MB Connect, Mesh Direct, Mini, Mitsubishi Motors, News Regional Media, Nissan, Office Max, Quest Newspapers, The Courier-Mail, Totally WorkWear, Toyota, Trailers 2000, Uneedit First Aid Kits & Supplies

january 17 / march 17 [ 53 ]


What's on


Industry Update North Burnett

Industry Update Gold Coast

Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building)





Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building)

Info evening Central Queensland

Industry Update Beaudesert

Certificate IV in Building Diploma of Building & Construction (Building) & Construction (Building)

Info evening Far North Queensland

Info evening Far North Queensland





Women in Building Workshop Downs & Western

Industry Insight Brisbane North

Women in Building Workshop Gold Coast

Commercial Builders Forum Sunshine Coast





Industry Update & Graduation Rockhampton

Diploma of Building & Construction (Building)

Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building)

Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building)

Women in Building Workshop Central Queensland






Master Builders BUSSQ Golf Day Gold Coast

Industry Update Cairns

Industry Insight & Cert IV Graduation Brisbane

Industry Update Atherton





Info evening North Queensland

Info evening Sunshine Coast

Info evening Brisbane

Info evening Gold Coast

Event descriptions Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) Info evening Get the lowdown on this course that gives you the skills, knowledge and qualification to take that step from contractor to builder, so you can apply for a Builder Low Rise licence through the QBCC.


[ 54 ] january 17 / march 17

Commercial Builders Forum Stay up-to-date on workplace issues affecting builders and subcontractors, while networking with some of the industry’s most prominent key players.

Diploma of Building & Construction (Building) Info evening Get the lowdown on this course that equips you with the skills, knowledge and qualification to oversee large projects, so you can apply for a Builder Medium Rise licence through the QBCC.

Institute of Building Consultants Half-day Seminar If you’re an Institute of Building or Master Builders’ consultant come along to this half-day, annual seminar to hear a number of guest speakers discussing the topic of energy efficiency and sustainable building.

MARCH 2017

Info evening Diploma of Building & Construction (Building)

Industry Update Mission Beach

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow Sunshine Coast



Brisbane WEDNESDAY 1

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow Hervey Bay

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow Bundaberg

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow Downs & Western

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow Gold Coast





Master Builders BUSSQ Golf Day Brisbane

Diploma of Building & Construction (Building)

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow Central Queensland

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow Mackay & Whitsunday





Info evening Gold Coast

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow North Queensland

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow Far North Queensland

Institute of Building Consultants Half-day Seminar Brisbane




Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building)

Women in Building Workshop Gold Coast

Industry Insight Bundaberg

Industry Insight Hervey Bay





Info evening Downs & Western

Industry Insight Get informed about the latest developments occurring in Queensland’s building and construction industry. Industry Update A localised version of our Industry Insight that keeps you informed about local issues pertinent to your business.

Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building)

APRIL 2017

Info evening Mackay & Whitsunday WEDNESDAY 5

Master Builders BUSSQ Golf Day

Master Builders BUSSQ Roadshow

Enjoy a fun day on the green networking with other Master Builders members while engaging in a little friendly competition.

This popular annual event brings you expert panel discussions on hot topics, engaging Q&A sessions, exhibitor stalls and opportunities to network.

Women in Building Workshop Join in discussions on a range of day-to-day business topics that affect women either working in the building and construction industry or supporting a partner who does.

january 17 / march 17 [ 55 ]


X What's on

13 MARCH TO 30 MARCH We’re back on the road again in 2017, bringing you another bumper Master Builders - BUSSQ Roadshow – our biggest yet. Roadshow keeps you in the know Building and construction work can be risky business, so your safety and the safety of your workers is of paramount importance. Which is why this year we’ve decided to tackle the issue of work health and safety at our ever-popular Roadshow. Fortify yourself against unnecessary risk by joining in this free event. Industry experts will be at your disposal to help identify where in your supply chain potential risks lurk and arm you with an arsenal of practical tips for managing them. Listen to our panel of industry experts discuss effective consultation, collaboration and risk management practices that can create positive safety outcomes for your business and its people. You’ll also have plenty of time to pick the experts’ brains about other safety issues, in an informal Q&A-style discussion.

Another good reason We’ll also discuss the Queensland Building Plan, which contains a number of proposals about key issues facing our industry. Covering everything from security of payments and non-conforming building products right through to things like building certification, liveable housing design and the Home Warranty Insurance Scheme. This discussion on the plan and its impact on our industry’s future is not to be missed!

Come chill with us Enter our on-site Mitsubishi Chill Zone and try your luck at a fun footy passing game, where you have to try to get the ball into a target. Get bullseye and you’ll go into the draw to win a heavy-duty, moccasin leather Irwin Tools Apron, courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors.

Proudly supported by: BOARDS BOARDS ™



[ 56 ] january 17 / march 17

Exhibitors BUSSQ Building Super, 3M, APA Group (Natural Gas), Austral Bricks, Bondor, Cairns Hardware, Chemisys Cutek, Construction Skills Queensland, CS Cavity Sliders, Elgas, Extrastaff, Fifo Capital & Valor Business Solutions, Fleet Partners, Garland Waddington Solicitors, Goop Guys, Hanson Construction Materials, Idealcorp, INEX Boards, ITI (Aust) & Klevaklip, James Hardie, Kennards Hire, Lendlease, Lyndons, Lysaght, McKays Law, Milwaukee, Mitsubishi Motors, Network Steel Fabrications, Origin Energy, Porta, QBCC, QLeave, Stramit, Totally Workwear, Workplace Health & Safety Qld

Come along and win! Everyone who attends gets the chance to WIN a heavy-duty 8 x 5 box trailer, complete with a set of ladder racks, spare wheel and jockey wheel, from our major prize sponsor, Trailers 2000.

Event schedule 4.30pm R  egistration opens, exhibitor stalls, welcome drinks

Valued a more tha t n


5.30pm Presentations, panel discussion and Q&A 6.30pm N  etwork with other members, Master Builders’ staff and industry experts

Free registration Registration is free and is open to Master Builder’s members only, but you're welcome to register and bring along up to three non-member mates as your guests.

Register at now! Region




Sunshine Coast

Maroochy RSL

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Monday, 13 March 2017

Wide Bay Burnett – Hervey Bay

Beach House Hotel

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Wide Bay Burnett – Bundaberg

Across The Waves Sports Club

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Downs & Western

Middle Ridge Golf Club

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Monday, 20 March 2017

Gold Coast

Sharks Events Centre

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Central Queensland

Rockhampton Leagues Club

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Monday, 27 March 2017

Mackay & Whitsunday

Harrup Park Country Club

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

North Queensland

Townsville RSL

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Far North Queensland

Brothers Leagues Club

4.30pm – 8.00pm

Thursday, 30 March 2017

january 17 / march 17 [ 57 ]


They shouldn’t be talking to just anyone for building advice.

They need to talk to a Master Builder. When you spend all day building for others, you don’t always have the time to build your own business. And with Master Builders’ membership, you get the expert advice and support you need to take your business to another level. Being a Master Builder gives you the opportunity to build your skills, industry knowledge, professional contacts and customer base. Not a member? Join our 8,500 members today.

Training & licensing

Upcoming courses NATIONALLY ACCREDITED COURSES Asbestos Workers Program

Building Leaders in Construction

Legally remove non-friable asbestos.

A professional development pathway for site supervisors, leading hands and finishing foremen in the commercial sector.

17-18 Feb – Hervey Bay 23-24 Feb – Mackay 20-21 Apr – Rockhampton

Business Management for Trade Contractors (BMC) Apply for your Trade Contractors licence.

Courses run frequently – call for dates in your region

Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) Become a low-rise builder.

Diploma of Leadership & Management

OTHER COURSES Asbestos Awareness Understand your legal obligations around asbestos.

25 Feb – Brisbane

Courses run frequently – call for dates in your region

Certificate III

Completed Residential Inspector Course

(course start date)

Become a tradesperson. ○ Bricklaying/Blocklaying ○ Carpentry ○ Concreting ○ Painting and decorating ○ Solid plastering ○ Steel fixing ○ Wall and ceiling lining ○ Wall and floor tiling

Enrol any time

Learn how to undertake residential building inspections.

16-17 Mar – Toowoomba 17-18 Mar – Gold Coast

Contract Management

Electrical Testing & Tagging

Make sure you meet your legal obligations for every construction project.

Test and tag your own electrical equipment.

2-3 Mar – Rockhampton 2-3 Mar – Townsville

Courses run frequently – call for dates in your region

INFO EVENINGS 22 Feb – Gold Coast 22 Feb – Brisbane 5 Apr – Mackay 20 Apr –Toowoomba

Diploma of Building & Construction (Building)

Estimating Essentials

Become a medium-rise builder.

Skill up in estimating so you don’t lose money on a job.

INFO EVENINGS 21 Feb – Sunshine Coast 1 Mar – Brisbane 27 Mar – Gold Coast

24 Feb –Toowoomba 10 Mar – Gold Coast 16 Mar – Mackay 10 Apr – Brisbane

General Safety Induction

Passive Fire Rated System Installation

(White Card)

Learn the knowledge and skills required to work safely on any construction site.

23 Feb – Mackay 6 Mar – Brisbane 3 Apr– Brisbane 20 Apr – Rockhampton

Get the skills and knowledge to ensure passive firewall systems are installed correctly. 12-13 Feb – Cairns 15-16 Feb – Townsville 18-19 Feb – Mackay

18-19 Mar – Brisbane 22-23 Apr –Gold Coast 29-30 Apr –Toowoomba

For help and advice with your training needs, call us on 1300 136 002 january 17 / march 17 [ 59 ]


Training & licensing

Becoming a master builder Adam Gates, owner of Aus-Wide Builders, completed his Diploma through Master Builders in March 2016 and he now has the Project Management course in his sights. After the Diploma course, Adam started up his Brisbane-based business in building and construction. With the qualification under his belt, and after attaining the subsequent licence, he has progressed from taking on single-res projects to multi-res and townhouses. We had a chat with Adam to find out about his training experience on the road to becoming a master builder.

Why did you enrol in the Diploma course? It’s now a requirement in Queensland if you work on medium rise buildings and that’s an area of work I’m moving into. I have nine blokes in my crew now and we’re currently developing a townhouse project at Redcliffe.

How did you stay motivated? Completing the Diploma was one of my goals so I really wanted to knock it over. Getting into property development has helped on the practical side, and the more I know, the better I can run my business.

What did you find most challenging? I had to give up some of my weekends to attend classes. Everyone looks forward to unwinding at the end of the week, but on Sundays I was in the classroom from 1pm. It’s only a temporary inconvenience though… and so worth it in the end!

What did you enjoy most about doing the course?

Why study with Master Builders? Master Builders are truly the best of the bunch. I did my apprenticeship through Master Builders many years ago and the trainers were, and still are, really helpful.

Any advice for others contemplating study this year? If you’re thinking about it, just do it. There are grants to help you and you have access to quality trainers at Master Builders for such a small fee. I still speak to some of the trainers who have helped me a lot – even after finishing the course they’ve put me in contact with others who have helped out too.

Networking was one of the best parts. While I’m proud that I have a certificate now, it’s really just another tick in the box. However, the knowledge you pick up along the way and the people you meet are what really make a difference.

Master Builders Diploma of Building & Construction (Building)

How did you balance studying with work?

Who is it targeted to:

I found the Diploma easy compared to the Certificate IV as it was a much lighter workload. Master Builders' trainers were excellent and smaller classes meant they were very attentive.

How has the training helped your career? My job is still hot and sweaty out on site and it’s stressful at times but I’m getting there. While we’re still doing smaller jobs, we’re also starting to grow and are seeing more multi-res jobs come our way. The Diploma really helps when you’re vying for the bigger jobs – I really benefited from it.

What other courses have you done? I’ve completed Electrical Testing and Tagging, the Business Management Course, and my Certificate IV – all through Master Builders. mb

[ 60 ] january 17 / march 17

Both residential and commercial builders, site managers and foremen.

Why you need it: For residential building, the Diploma is a requirement to apply for a Builder Medium-Rise licence with the QBCC. In commercial construction, the Diploma helps prepare site managers and foremen for an on-site leadership role. If you want to know more, call our Training & Licensing team on 1300 136 002 or come along to one of our course info evenings. Enjoy some free pizza as we give you a run-down on what to expect.

For all the details on our upcoming course info sessions, take a look at our Training Calendar on page 59 or head to our website at

Social scene

Christmas North Qld Smoko Race Day

Members enjoying some Our North Queensland Christmas cheera last members enjoyed day of fun and laughs on the track year at Master Builders at our recent Melbourne Smoko Celebrations held Cup Day in Townsville. around the State.

january 17 / march 17 [ 61 ]


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March 13 – March 30

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office locations BRISBANE 417 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Qld 4000 T: 3225 6444 F: 3225 6545 CENTRAL QUEENSLAND 35 Derby Street PO Box 631 Rockhampton, Qld 4700 T: 4923 1900 F: 4303 6104 DOWNS & WESTERN 166 Hume Street, Toowoomba, Qld 4350 T: 4659 4200 F: 4641 7854


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FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND 310-314 Gatton Street, Manunda, Qld 4870 PO Box 806, Earlville, Qld 4870 T: 4042 8800 F: 4027 9214

NORTH QUEENSLAND Unit 1, 316 Sturt Street, Townsville, Qld 4810 T: 4417 1800 F: 4422 0094

GOLD COAST 18 Central Park Avenue, Ashmore, Qld 4214 T: 5582 7100 F: 5609 6054

SUNSHINE COAST Level 1, 91 King Street, PO Box 1458, Buderim, Qld 4556 T: 5456 9800 F: 5453 4670

MACKAY & WHITSUNDAY Suite 2, 40 Evans Avenue, PO Box 3188, North Mackay, Qld 4740 T: 4969 4500 F: 4829 4184

WIDE BAY BURNETT 162 Boat Harbour Drive, Hervey Bay, Qld 4655 T: 4303 2400 F: 4124 7235

Product profile

New Karri Beams & Decking from Porta

Porta now offers durable hardwood timber beams and decking in Karri timber. Karri timber decking and beams are a versatile and attractive option for exposed outdoor applications and in garden construction. Karri timber decking is a Class 2 (above ground) Australian hardwood. Fully certified (PEFC) and sustainably logged, Karri is a cost-effective choice for outdoor timber in landscaping constructions. Karri timber beams are Class 2 (above ground) / Class 3 (in ground) and have an F27 strength rating, making them suitable for use anywhere that a high-strength, structural-grade timber is needed. Karri is ideal for a large range of external and internal applications, including landscaping, joinery, decking, cladding, screening, pergolas, stairs (int/ext), outdoor furniture, walkways, flooring, cladding and handrails. Porta offers Karri in pieces, job lots or packs, as well as small decking packs and long large sections (up to 5.4 lin m (beams).

The most comprehensive termite warranty in Australia If your home has a Kordon® Termite Barrier installed* (*full installation), you can choose to activate and be covered by the Bayer Protection Program. You will be protected by an exclusive $1 million warranty! It’s easy! The Bayer Protection Warranty starts with an inspection of the home by a Bayer Accredited Timber Pest Inspector. If the home is termite-free, and possible conditions which may be conducive to termite attack are addressed, your Bayer Protection Warranty can be renewed. The same inspection takes place each year to give the homeowner total termite protection. This warranty can be renewed annually (fee applies) for the life of the structure.

Porta sells a large range of durable timber products, timber mouldings and rough sawn timber and can make any profile to unique specifications in a large selection of timber species. With over 65 years of timber manufacturing experience we recommend calling the “people who know and love timber” today.

The Bayer Protection Warranty covers homeowners for up to $1 million worth of termite damage due to product failure or any other means of termite entry.


Activate your Bayer Protection Warranty by visiting For further information on the Kordon Termite Barrier, Bayer Protection Warranty and Frequently Asked Questions visit www.kordonwarrantycentre. or contact the Bayer Protection team on 1800 552 802.

Bayer CropScience Pty. Ltd., Level 1, 8 Redfern Road, Hawthorn East, Vic. 3123 Technical Enquiries: 1800 804 479 Kordon® is a Registered Trademark of Bayer © 2016 january 17 / march 17 [ 63 ]


Directory Directory

We Can Make Everything Old Look New Again

Jeff Hannaford

Pty Ltd

Ever met a Chartered Accountant with a sense of humour? With a nickname of “Hairy”, contact Jeff Hannaford who is a community minded Chartered Accountant and doubles as a Trouble Shooter.

What can Jeff and his staff solve??


• • • •

Cornices & Ceilings Internal & external walls Impact resistant walls Wet area solutions

PH: 4635 0260


Jeff Hannaford is a Community Chartered Accountant and Trouble Shooter who has been in business since 1978 when he opened up his first office in Inglewood. His business has now grown with another two offices in Texas and Millmerran. Jeff supports the AOOB Organisation because they are involved in charity and charity begins at home. Try Jeff and his staff’s experience in solving your accountancy, taxation and financial worries. Don’t delay, contact and enjoy the experience of good old fashioned service. For a free insight into what changes you could make to your business or life phone Jeff on 0429 894 937 or Millmerran 4695 1477 Inglewood 4652 1106 or Texas 4653 1155

We are Licenced Professionals who are trained to identify the following - Types of Asbestos fibres in a specific site - Health effects of the materials on hand - Standard procedures of decontamination and disposal - Enclosure assignment for Asbestos removal

WHAT WE OFFER? • Bonded/Friable Vinyl Floor Covering • Contaminated Land or Soil • Internal Walls and Ceiling Linings • Down Pipes Drains and Gutters • External Cladding • Fencing • Fires, Floods and Storm Damage • Fire Retardant Material • Gaskets and Rope Seals • Roof Sheeting • Sots Fascia's and Gables • Laggings

Aditional Services • Air Monitoring • Visual Inspection • Asbestos Management Plans • Asbestos Registers • Asbestos Sampling and Testing • Deconstruction & Reconstruction Services • Friable and Bonded Supervision

Trent Jocumsen 0406 426 144 • James Moore 0438 185 210


Request a FREE Asbestos • Removal Quote today and one of our experts will be in touch.

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Special Builder’s Pricing Tradie Friendly Framing Hassle-Free Service

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Looking to expand your building business?


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and experience the STEELCRAFT® advantage w w w. s t e e l c r a f t f r a m i n g . c o m . a u

Join our team, building high quality Queenslander homes. Based on the Sunshine Coast. Email Garth today for further information. QBCC: 131 4735 ABN: 77 606 911 684

The Perfect Place to

Absolute Beachfront | Golden Beach, Caloundra Discover a unique coastal escape at Windward Passage Holiday Apartments. Perfectly situated on Golden Beach’s absolute waterfront, only landscaped gardens and luscious parkland stand between you and the pristine, sheltered Pumicestone Passage. Whether you prefer fishing, windsurfing or simply relaxing on the beach, it’s all at your doorstep. When the day is done, relax in our heated pool or take in spectacular views of the ocean, Bribie Island and Caloundra from your spacious balcony. Make the most of all the stunning Sunshine Coast has to offer. Find out more about Windward Passage today.

31 Landsborough Parade, Golden Beach 5492 3666 |

Book Dir ect for Febru ary or March 2 017 and get 10% Off

• Free Wi-Fi Broadband Internet available – (1 Gb per stay) • Heated Pool ( Year round ) • 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, all with reverse cycle air conditioning & most with spa’s • Linen, kitchenware & sundries supplied • Full cable Foxtel • Breakfast Hampers available on request ( Fee applies ) • Individual Undercover Lockup Garages • Security coded lift • Wheel chair access • Internet cafe

Windward Passage Holiday Apartments


E: • Master Builders No. 00543 • QBCC Lic. No. 22678

Last word

Be a Brainiac Fancy yourself a bit of a trivia buff? Whether you’re a closet Trivial Pursuit fan, the genius amongst your circle, or someone who is simply keen to test their general knowledge, take the Master Builders' Trivia Challenge. (Answers are at the bottom of the page.)

Question 1:

Question 9:

What is the world’s largest river by volume? a) Mississippi

Approximately how many Earth years does it take for planet Uranus to orbit the Sun?

b) Amazon

a) 110

c) Mekong

b) 25

d) Yangtze

c) 84

Question 2:

d) 53

Question 5:

How many gold medals did Australia win at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow?

What is the second highest mountain above sea level?

a) 49

a) Mont Blanc

b) 62 c) 12 d) 25

Question 3:

b) Mount Everest c) K2 d) Kilimanjaro

Question 6:

In what year was the electric drill invented?

In golf, how many ‘strokes under par’ is an Albatross?

a) 1946

a) 2

b) 1930 c) 1862 d) 1889

b) 4 c) 1 d) 3

Question 10:

How many UNESCO World-Heritagelisted sites are there in Australia?

a) 19 b) 8 c) 12 d) 5

Question 7:


b) A cold-blooded animal d) An animal with one eye

Question 4:

Which of the following countries has a red, yellow and black flag? a) India b) Jamaica c) Israel d) Belgium mb

[ 66 ] january 17 / march 17

Question 8:

Where does the Navajo dialect originate from? a) Japan b) USA c) Czechoslovakia d) Holland

9) C 10) A

c) A mammal that gives birth to live young

5) C 6) D 7) A 8) B

a) A mammal that lays eggs

1) B 2) A 3) D 4) D

What is a monotreme classified as?

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NATIONAL FLEET DISCOUNT AND $500 FREE ACCESSORIES Mitsubishi’s range of fleet vehicles are built for your business, with Master Builders Queensland Members eligible to receive National Fleet Discount and $500 free accessories on Pajero Sport, Triton and Pajero.* CONTACT YOUR MITSUBISHI FLEET DEALER TO DISCOVER A TAILORED SOLUTION FOR YOUR BUSINESS.


*Conditions apply. See for further information.


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