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October/November 2016

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[ 4 ] october / november 16


46 Insurance 47–49

Employment & wages


Regional profile

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Training & licensing


Member benefits & events


People & events Cover photo: 2016 Queensland House of the Year, Austen Richie Builder Pty Ltd. Photo by Rezolution Photography.

Are your showers ticking time bombs? Despite builders best efforts, leaking showers are consistently listed in the QBCC’s 10 most common defects. Sadly, sometimes this is due to sub-standard workmanship, but most of the time it is the design of the shower itself which is creating the potential for disaster. Most contractors are at a complete loss as to why, but detailed testing has shown how, by the action of expansion and contraction, water is “pumped” along glue cavities to escape the shower enclosure, no matter how well it is water-proofed. The best way to prevent the problem is to seal the screen directly to the membrane, and NOT to the tiles. Waterstop Streamline provides: •

Positive connection between screen and membrane

Maximises floor area

Provides a template for following trades

Ensures correct fall to waste

Complies with and exceeds AS3740

Modern, cost effective, one-piece design

20 different shapes and sizes

Minimum change for maximum benefits

My business has expanded rapidly since we star ted using th e Waterstop Streamline ho b and I now have tilers recommending the Watersto p Streamline system – and me – to other bu ilders. Everyone that uses it loves it.

Mr Fred Medd ings, Managin g Director Watertight Austr alia (Water-proo fers)

Remove the doubt. Fit Waterstop Streamline ... and forget about leaking showers.

By using Waterstop Streamline I know the shower will be perfect every time. It has to be, because this produ ct is designed to dictate placement of all of the other components to make up a complete shower. It’s virtually impossible to stuff it up. Mr Glen Whitehead, Managing Direct or BJM Developments

Water escapes shower enclosure


Screen ‘sealed’ to tiles with silicon Tile Water path


Hobbed shower


Water escapes shower enclosure


Waterstop Streamline Screen ‘sealed’ to tiles with silicon



Rebated or flow-through shower

Water path


Screen Screen sealed to membrane with silicone

Keyway to trap liquid membrane

Tile Tile height gauge

Tile Hob


Bathroom floor tile height optional Substrate


For more information, visit Phone 07 5426 3700 • Fax 07 5426 3711 • Email

Bed Membrane


First-term reflections

Accolades for Award winners

with Nick Herron, President

with Grant Galvin, CEO

As my first term as President comes to a close, I’d like to reflect on some achievements during my time in the role.

Winners of this year’s Queensland Housing & Construction Awards were up against some of the toughest competition witnessed in recent years.

Building on cultural changes to Master Builders was a priority, particularly around encouraging more membership participation in the governance of the Association. This was initiated internally, mainly via CEO, Grant Galvin’s, appointment.

We received hundreds of top-quality entries across Queensland, which made the program extremely competitive. The judges found themselves in an unenviable position of having to make many difficult decisions. It was a tough job because the final decision between winner and loser often came down to a very minimal difference in scores. This was undoubtedly attributed to the high standard of work completed by our members.

We initiated a comprehensive overhaul of the Association’s Constitution, to bring it into line with contemporary rules of Corporate Governance. This necessitated the abolition of our State Council and Executive structure, which were replaced with an Electoral College and contemporary Board structure. Effectively, the Electoral College replaces State Council, with its sole purpose to elect the President, and Chairs of the Housing and Construction Sector Committees. The other major change is that the Board will elect the members of the Housing and Construction Sector Committees, as well as appointing the Industrial Relations, Contracts, Health and Safety, Environment, Renovation and Technical Committees. In electing the Housing and Construction Sector Committees, the Board will have regard to members of the Electoral College. It’s my belief that these changes will provide a clearer pathway to members’ involvement in the management of the Association. I’d like to acknowledge the goodwill shown by all the previous State Councillors who recognised and acknowledged the need for change and, in particular, the immediate past-President, Derek Pingel, State Councillor, Don Close, and Board members, Ralf Dutton and Geoff Baguley, who (along with myself) drove this reform. The effectiveness of this change is yet to be seen in practice, but early signs are encouraging with a record number of nominations for this year’s election. These changes are not necessarily significant on their own but place us on a firm footing to deal with an ever-changing external environment. Master Builders Queensland has also managed to forge an even closer bond with Master Builders Australia over the past two years, now sharing the same influence as New South Wales and Victoria enjoys. Adopting the national Master Builders' logo as our own and rebranding ourselves as “the home of building” has been another achievement I’ve been proud of during my term. mb

[ 6 ] october / november 16

The judges were continuously amazed at the exceptional quality of workmanship and extraordinarily detailed finishes. Each entrant was judged based on criteria like quality of workmanship, degree of construction difficulty, external appeal, siting and aspect, and amenities and aesthetics. It involved putting each entrant’s business, product and workmanship under scrutiny as part of a rigorous judging process. The Awards carry with it 29 years of success and prestige. The outstanding craftsmanship evident in these projects points to the important role Master Builders’ plays in nurturing and promoting excellence within the industry and encouraging members to take pride in the job. In short, the projects were interesting, the quality of work exceptional, and the dedication by all to deliver a quality product was second-to-none. The judges’ decision was extremely difficult. Congratulations also to Martin Brooke, George Court, Errol Edwards, James Kezilas, Matteo La Spina, and Douglas Montgomerie who have been made Life members in recognition of their exceptional service to Master Builders and the building and construction industry. On behalf of Master Builders, I thank all entrants and winners for supporting the Awards program and wish them all the best. There are no losers in our Awards this year, and even those who didn’t end up with a trophy at the end of the night should also consider themselves a winner.

To see the full list of Queensland winners, visit

Includes 132kW of power and a tonne of self-belief.

New Transporter. A lot goes into a Volkswagen van. Small business owners put everything they have into their vehicle. Not just their supplies and equipment, but their motivation and ambition to make it on their own. At Volkswagen, we’ve packed our wide range of Transporters with advanced features like a 2L diesel engine, BlueMotion Technology and Fatigue Detection*. We put in so much because you put in so much. *Safety technologies are not a substitute for the driver’s responsibility of the vehicle.


Leading the way for our industry with Wilhelm Harnisch, Chief Executive Officer, Master Builders Australia The election of the Turnbull Government with a slender majority and a new and expanded Senate crossbench is changing the balance of opportunities and challenges for our industry. It should be no surprise that our immediate top priority has been to seize the opportunity for the return of the ABCC, a policy that featured front and centre in Master Builders’ election media and advertising campaign. Master Builders’ Strong Building, Strong Economy campaign was rewarded when I was fortunate to be the only industry representative asked to join the Prime Minister and the Minister for Employment to speak at the Prime Minister’s media launch announcing the Government’s re-submission of its bills to bring back the ABCC and establish a Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) bill to the Parliament. Members can be assured that Master Builders Australia and Master Builders Queensland are leading the way. We are building on the success of our evidence-based policy and advocacy work and the Strong Building, Strong Economy campaign, which included online and television advertising. This has earned us recognition from federal politicians and the national media as the key lobby group for the new Parliament. The campaign worked to promote the Master Builders brand and our policy agenda. Politicians regularly expressed surprise that the building and construction industry is the nation’s third largest industry, employing over one million people and training 50,000 apprentices every year. In Queensland the industry makes up just over 11 per cent of the economy and provides nine per cent of employment. So your business and the work you do every day is vital to the wellbeing of the Queensland and Australian community. Master Builders is reinforcing this message to our politicians when we tell them that the building union’s unlawful behaviour, bullying and unlawful strikes disrupt building activity, stifle productivity and force us all to pay more for schools, hospitals and roads.


[ 8 ] october / november 16

As you will be only too aware, the support of the Senate crossbench is needed to bring back the ABCC. Master Builders Australia and Master Builders Queensland have met with both Pauline Hanson and her One Nation senators, and Senator Nick Xenophon, to set out the benefits for industry and the community of the return of the rule of law. In our detailed discussions with the senators it was clear that protecting contractors and subcontractors from building union bullying – therefore making it possible to provide Queensland and Australian families with more schools, hospitals, childcare centres, aged care facilities and roads – was an important matter that needed fixing. The importance of ensuring the rights of subcontractors are protected and that they are paid their lawful entitlements was put strongly to us by the senators. In response, Master Builders accepted the importance of fair commercial conduct in our industry, particularly as it relates to small business. The state of Australia’s economy is important for our industry and to make sure we can keep providing employment, particularly rewarding careers for our young people. Master Builders was privileged to have Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, address the National Board in August. The Treasurer recognised Master Builders’ advocacy in support of retaining negative gearing as an important part of our tax system, and in calling for real policy solutions to the housing affordability challenge. Keeping housing affordable and keeping current arrangements for negative gearing are other key priorities for Master Builders to ensure all Australians have access to an adequate supply of a diverse range of housing, including rental and social housing. Nevertheless, important as these urgent priorities are, Master Builders is also focused on lobbying to ensure that our politicians are informed about the other key reforms that our industry needs.

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New phone app for smartphones and tablet users with full AC control functionality.

• Switchable and selectable spill zone. • Personalised zone labelling. • All zones automatically resume their original on/off state once powered up after a power outage.

In built with Turbo zone function for when you have a large group of people over.

5-1-1 on/off timer Program.

• Provides full AC and on/off control for most major brands.

• Programmable to suit your lifestyle. • Adaptive interface for different installation scenarios. •

In built with Turbo zone function; perfect for when you have large gatherings.

* WiFi and internet access will depend on router

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QBCC here for industry with QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett Our purpose at the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is peace of mind. This means that everything we do has to be focused on ensuring peace of mind for the building and construction industry, particularly our 95,000-plus licensees and those who choose to contract with them, including home owners. As the industry regulator, it’s the QBCC’s role to make sure there’s a level playing field for everyone who is participating in the building and construction sector. We carry out audits to check for compliance to ensure people on work sites are appropriately licensed and skilled for the work they’re doing. We also prosecute those who are performing building work without a licence and committing other building-related offences, with 31 matters proceeding to court and 19 convictions recorded since January 2016. Compliance investigations are conducted across the state and, with eight service centres located in regional and metropolitan areas, the QBCC is well placed to learn about issues impacting the local building industry. Of course, we encourage anyone to contact their local QBCC service centre if they believe there is something amiss and unlicensed workers are active in their region. While it isn’t the Australian way to ‘dob’ in others, when there’s potentially defective work involved or the local building industry is taking a hit from unlicensed individuals, you are encouraged to let us know about it so we can investigate and take action if appropriate. If individuals are found to be doing the wrong thing, we’ll take every step within our power to hold them accountable, and to protect home owners and the businesses of QBCC licensees from rogues operating in Queensland. We also help subcontractors, suppliers and other industry participants get paid, with our free ‘monies-owed’ service and through adjudication. The QBCC’s ongoing focus and future direction is informed by a Strategic Plan that outlines our future course, goals and priorities in delivering core business activities, and supporting actions.


[ 10 ] october / november 16

The Strategic Plan also helps us develop strategic responses to key industry issues. Needless to say, we’re currently focused on working with the Minister for Housing and Public Works, the Honourable Mick de Brenni, and the Department of Housing and Public Works as the Minister develops strategies to address critical issues for the building and construction industry, including: • Non-conforming products • Security of payment • Contractor insolvency • Improving the licensing framework. I want to reassure you that we’ll endeavor to carry out our core legislative responsibilities and continue the QBCC’s transformation into a better, more efficient organisation for the benefit of everyone working in, or contracting with, the building industry. Another integral part of my role as the QBCC Commissioner is to ensure the responsible fiscal management of the organisation. I believe that QBCC’s hard-working licensees who do the right thing by paying their licence fees should feel confident that the organisation is operating in a manner that is both effective and accountable. With this in mind, the QBCC is committed to providing high-quality services to all of its customers within a robust licensing framework, and giving support to home owners and others who operate within the sector. In short, we’re focused on what it means to be the regulatory body for the building and construction industry in Queensland. Moving into the future, our core business of regulation will be underpinned by fiscal responsibility, with strategies in place to address the issues that potentially pose critical threats to the sector’s continuing success.

Investment in Bricklaying Drives Excellent Results in 2015/2016

During the year to June 2016 Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) achieved the following: • 106 careers events and promotions were attended to encourage young people into the trade. Many of the events included Try-a-Trade.

• Achieved an increase in apprentice numbers in training of 2,609, the highest for five years.

• 1,144 students were provided with Try-a-Trade and Step Out Programs at targeted schools.

• 81 adult apprentice bricklayers were supported with a $2,000 incentive for employers to partly offset the pay rate cost applicable at age 21.

• 2,752 schools were provided with regular trade and career information, including a student nomination web page.

• Surveyed 1st Year apprentices to identify the influences and reasons for deciding to become a bricklayer.

• Achieved a record number of website hits through a recruiting campaign on Facebook targeting youth in areas of high apprentice demand.

• Contacted supported apprentices and their employers to provide support in line with the retention program. • Produced 28 e-newsletters and 60 blog articles to inform industry on bricklaying and ABBTF activities.

• Ran a campaign to target mothers of school leavers following the release of Year 12 ATAR school results.

• Worked with a number of residential builders to share ABBTF strategies and address the bricklayer shortage.

• 13,200 Facebook Fans were reached via social media contact targeting Gen Y and Z. • 468 job seekers and students attended Work Ready Programs in bricklaying leading to an on-site trial and potential sign up as a new apprentice. • More than 200 apprentice job vacancies were identified through the support of bricklayers and Group Training Companies.

• Provided evidence to Government on the bricklayer shortage to successfully advocate for bricklaying to remain on the Skilled Occupations List. • Provided advice to Government and industry training organisations in some states on workforce participation and training strategies. • Supported quality apprentices participating in WorldSkills Australia competitions at regional and national level.

• Introduced a $2,000 incentive to employers to sign up female apprentices and supported their retention.

• Provided a scholarship to support the training and preparation of Bricklaying’s competitor for the 2017 WorldSkills International event.

• 1,669 apprentices were supported with employment and training via the Brickstart Subsidy for their employers. OPERATING RESULTS

2015/16 Nos.

2014/15 Nos.

Apprentices in Training



ABBTF Supported Apprentices



ABBTF Supported Commencements



Operating Surplus



ABBTF Supported Completions Adult Apprentice Support Work Ready Course Commencements Careers Expo Events Attended

2015/16 $000’s

2014/15 $000’s




Total Expenditure






Training Reserve



App Subsidies to Employers







Recruiting and Training Support



Taster and Work Ready










Peak Monthly Websites Visits






Facebook Fans






Step Out Program and Try-a-Trade

Ian Stoneman, Chief Executive Officer August 2016

The full Statutory Annual Report will be available on the ABBTF website or as a hardcopy on request.

Chloe Buck, a great example of the high quality female recruits joining the Bricklaying trade. 1300 66 44 96 | Supported by Brick & Block Manufacturers of Australia


So, what do you really think? As part of our ongoing commitment to the continuous improvement of Master Builders’ products and services, we’ve been undertaking some member research to get a clearer understanding of what you value and want as a member. Thanks to those members who have participated in interviews and focus groups run by Footprints Market Research – a reputable agency with a wealth of research experience, who worked with us once before on a similar project in 2014. The next step in this project will involve sending an online survey out shortly to all of our members. We’d like to ask for your support and participation in this process, if at all possible, as your thoughts, experiences and opinions will help us shape the future of the organisation and determine how we can continue to benefit you moving forward.

Got a question about the research project? Contact Footprints Director, Nicola Pringle, on (07) 3357 1299 or give us a call on 1300 30 50 10.

Is your Master Builders logo up-to-date? Did you know the new Master Builders logo has now been in place for 12 months? Following the launch of Master Builders’ new brand (and logo) in October 2015, we’ve loved to see you display your new Master Builders member stickers with pride on your vehicles, trays and toolboxes – it’s a great way of letting the public know you’re proud to be a member. Our member logo is also a great tool to use on your promotional material – business cards, stationery and on your website – so using the correct version of our logo will reinforce your alliance with the Master Builders’ brand. Since rebranding we’ve also run an extensive advertising campaign urging home owners and renovators to enlist our members when building or renovating, using our Find a Master Builder search. We were stoked to see so many of you update your member profiles and make use of the new functionality, which allows you to upload photos of your work, a short business summary and links to your company social media pages. Your member profile is your ticket to connecting with future customers, so it’s not too late to update yours now. As part of Master Builders’ rebrand, we’re anticipating that the Master Builders logo will be in play across all aspects of your business by the end of this year.

To get your hands on a copy of our new member logo, simply visit our website at or call us on 1300 30 50 10.


[ 12 ] october / november 16


Five fun COLORBOND ® facts

COLORBOND® steel turns 50!


Over the past 50 years, COLORBOND® has produced almost 9 million tonnes of steel or 2.7 million kilometres of standard width roofing – that’s enough to go around Australia more than 20 times! *

It’s the brand that has literally shaped our nation. From huge sporting arenas, to the Australian backyard, nowadays it’s difficult to imagine an Australian city, town or rural property without seeing COLORBOND® steel somewhere.


 here are more than 12,000 COLORBOND® steel T test panels around the country, which help test the product’s performance across the varied and harsh Australian climate.

The iconic BlueScope brand is marking an incredible 50 years since its inception in 1966, over which time it has become one of the most widely used and loved building products in our country.


Back then, COLORBOND® steel was only available in six colours. Today however, there are many more colour options, as the COLORBOND® colour palette has changed with the times. Well done COLORBOND® steel on achieving this impressive milestone.

For more information about COLORBOND® steel, including the latest range of colours, visit


COLORBOND® steel is 100% recyclable.

21 out of the 22 standard roof colours feature Thermatech® solar reflectance technology, which is designed to reflect more of the sun's heat on hot, sunny days. Ideally, this results in less need for air-conditioning.


Did you know that these famous Australian buildings feature COLORBOND® steel? Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, the Adelaide Super-Drome and the distinctive Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel in the Northern Territory.

*Based on the circumference of mainland Australia = 132,000 kilometres.

QBCC prosecutes for building offences Legal action taken against companies and individuals by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has generated more than $356,000 in fines this year alone. Thirty-one matters have been successfully prosecuted by the QBCC and 19 convictions have been recorded for unlawful building work and other building-related offences. Of these offences, a Queensland builder was fined $18,000 in Maryborough Magistrates Court for failing to put a contract in writing and failing to pay required insurance premiums.

QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, said the company in question took payments from two property owners, but never commenced building work. “A written contract is legally required for all domestic building work in Queensland valued over $3,300, so it’s important that businesses do the right thing by their customers and put a fair and equitable contract in place,” Mr Bassett said. “Even though the company failed to pay insurance premiums, the affected owners were able to lodge claims with the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme, which serves to protect consumers when things don’t go according to plan.” Please note: QBCC decisions may be subject to appeal or review. october / november 16 [ 13 ]



Flying the Flag for MATES Every second day a member of the building and construction industry commits suicide. That’s around 183 preventable deaths every year, nation-wide. On R U OK Day in September, Master Builders, along with 440 construction sites across Australia, showed their support for suicide prevention in our industry by participating in Fly the Flag Day – an important initiative which affects everyone. Flying the flag demonstrated our acknowledgement and recognition of the important work the construction industry has undertaken to reduce suicide in our industry. Days like R U OK Day can stir up emotions for many people, so remember that if you need to talk to someone, give MATES in Construction a call on 1300 642 111.

Hutchies builds a bright future for Indigenous workers One of Australia’s leading construction companies, Hutchinson Builders, has set an ambitious task of increasing their Indigenous construction workforce by four per cent over the next three years. This includes supporting local Indigenous businesses in regional and remote areas.

“We believe that increasing diversity in the workplace increases your capacity to be innovative, flexible and responsive in an increasingly challenging environment. It’s part of our mission to identify Indigenous businesses, and put the time and effort into providing support and mentoring."

Hutchinson Builders is working with the Federal Government and a national network of more than 10,000 subcontractors and suppliers to unlock career opportunities for more than 350 Indigenous Australians, as part of the Statim Yaga program.

The Gold Coast School of Construction offers training ranging from pre-employment programs to advanced courses at large construction sites around Queensland in suburbs such as Toowoomba, West End, Yatala, Southport and Yarrabilba.

The Statim Yaga program is operated by Hutchinson Builders’ own award-winning registered training organisation (RTO), the Gold Coast School of Construction.

“In addition, we also deliver our school-based Ready for Construction (R4C) program to more than 100 students in high schools throughout south-east Queensland,” Alan said.

“We’re looking to influence 300 students by 2017 when the program Hutchinson Builders’ National Training Manager, Alan Waldron, is delivered to 17 state high schools in the Gold Coast region, with 10 explained that the Statim Yaga program was created to broaden per cent of students expected to be Indigenous. diversity in the construction workforce and help foster stronger partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. “As with all of our workforce development programs, the R4C program has been designed and delivered by a practicing builder.” “The Statim Yaga program is specifically focused on providing training and long-term career prospects to Indigenous Australians, For school leavers, Hutchinson Builders delivers a Trade Start with 51 participants currently involved nationwide,” said Alan. program in partnership with Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), which provides insight into the construction experience for “We currently employ five Indigenous apprentices across graduates and those in different professions. Over 70 per cent of Queensland and we want to grow that number over the next those who graduate are gaining employment after graduating. few years.


[ 14 ] october / november 16






Call IVECO Brisbane to discover the DAILY Work-Ready range or visit


The DAILY Van range punches well above its weight for tradies with its two main model variants, the 35S and 50C delivering up to 205hp from the 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine models. Both models can be driven on a standard car licence and built for work with up to 2.5 tonne payload, cargo volume capacities up to 20m3 and GVM ranges of between 3.8 to 5.2 tonnes. Not to mention, a class-leading Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission or 6 speed manual, Sat Nav, cruise control, multimedia system and heated driver’s seat. Engineered for the tradie or contractor, it’s worth test driving the new DAILY Van before anything else.



20 0,00 0 K

1801 Ipswich Road, Rocklea

3373 6666 *Daily Van standard with 3 year or 200,000km engine warranty. Refer to the IVECO Warranty Statement of Terms and Conditions and IVECO Extended Warranty Statement Terms and Conditions. Images used for illustrative purposes only. Accesories not included.

Reports & statistics

At a glance The Queensland construction industry has lost significantly more working days to industrial disputes compared to other industries.

FY2016: Working days lost by industry

State-wide building approvals have remained at around 50,000 dwellings for nearly 12 months. Queensland dwelling approvals 12 month rolling total, seasonally adjusted

Jun '16 - 50,408

55,000 50,000 45,000 40,000




30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000


5,000 0

Feb 10 Apr 10 Jun 10 Aug 10 Oct 10 Dec 10 Feb 11 Apr 11 Jun 11 Aug 11 Oct 11 Dec 11 Feb 12 Apr 12 Jun 12 Aug 12 Oct 12 Dec 12 Feb 13 Apr 13 Jun 13 Aug 13 Oct 13 Dec 13 Feb 14 Apr 14 Jun 14 Aug 14 Oct 14 Dec 14 Feb 15 Apr 15 Jun 15 Aug 15 Oct 15 Dec 15 Feb 16 Apr 16 Jun 16







Source: Master Builders and ABS 4,600

Foreign investment continues to underpin demand.


Transport, warehousing

Education, health & social assistant

Other industries



Real estate applications decided by the Foreign Investment Review Board

40,000 35,000 30,000 25,000

FY2016: Working days lost by state

20,000 15,000 10,000




0 2009-10







A report commissioned by the Queensland Government forecasts construction work to remain steady until 2022. Queensland value of work done NIEIR forecast


70.0 60.0 50.0



Other States



New South Wales

30.0 20.0 10.0 0.0

Source: Master Builders and ABS








Total Residential








Source: Master Builders and NEIR [ 16 ] october / november 16

Steel Compliance. If you don’t check for it, you might as well chuck it. A factory production once-off assessment is not enough to assure steel compliance. • As construction professionals using non-compliant steel could be your worst decision. • E  ngineers,certifiersorsuppliershavetheresponsibilityandpowertorefusethe useofunidentifiableornon-compliantsteel. • Youmanagetherisktohumansafety,reputation,livelihoodandcost. • Checkyoursteelproducts’compliancetoAS/NZSStandardsandbuildingcodes. • Control your risks of non-compliance and reduce your liability through simple web downloads of ACRS Certificates at

Don’t overlook steel compliance, look into ACRS first.

Call ACRS on 02 9965 7216 email or visit ACRS – The Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels Ltd ABN 40 096 692 545

ACRS – Independent Third Party Australasian Standards Certification & Verification of Reinforcing, Prestressing & Structural Steels Compliance.

Industry voice

A WorkCover win with Corlia Roos, Director Construction Policy Master Builders recently received a commitment from the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, the Hon. Grace Grace, to fix WorkCover issues for principal contractors, even though new provisions void indemnity clauses. In June, the Queensland Government introduced the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation (National Injury Insurance Scheme) Amendment Bill 2016 into Parliament. In addition to enacting the National Injury Insurance Scheme for workplace injuries post 1 July 2016, the Bill set out to reverse the Byrne’s case decision, which would allow WorkCover to recover significant contributions of up to 75 per cent of common law damages claims from previously indemnified third parties, like host employers and principal contractors. A Parliamentary inquiry was conducted into the proposed Bill by the Education, Tourism, Innovation and Small Business Committee. Master Builders, in its submission to the Committee, reiterated that the underlying issue with indemnity clauses is that principal contractors and host employers are excluded from WorkCover coverage for common law damages claims arising from injuries to subcontractors’ workers. This is despite safety legislation creating

statutory duties for parties, such as PCBU’s and principal contractors for the safety of workers on their sites.

Bill, however, neglected to remove all of the clauses in the Bill aimed at voiding contractual indemnity clauses.

Master Builders contended that principal contractors should not be forced into the private insurance arena to cover the risk and ought to be brought back into the WorkCover fold.

The net result of this late development is that indemnity clauses where a subcontractor indemnifies a principal contractor against any damages arising from injuries to the subcontractors’ employees are now void.

This argument was accepted by the Parliamentary Committee, which made three unanimous recommendations, including giving “principal contractors and host employers the option of participating in the scheme, taking out a private insurance policy or both.” Master Builders welcomes this very positive outcome from the Parliamentary Committee hearings. In late September, the Bill returned to the Legislative Assembly for Parliamentary debate, with the LNP and Katter parties opposing the Bill’s intention to reverse the Byrne decision. They voted together to remove ‘Clause 5 Amendment of s10 (meaning of damages)’ from the proposed

Most concerning for Master Builders is the retrospective application for damages claims if settlement or a legal proceeding hasn't occurred. The unilateral shifting of liabilities through retrospective statute after contracts have been rendered and insurances purchased is significantly unsettling for contractors with unknown liabilities. This outcome is unsatisfactory to all and will require more legislative amendments to achieve a workable solution. Master Builders will continue to work with government and WorkCover to find an appropriate and cost-effective way to bring principal contractors and host employers back under WorkCover.

N E E D A C O N C R E T E P O O L S H E L L? Call us and let us do the hard work for you. Wholesale Pool Shells is a specialist subcontractor to the swimming pool and building industries. We offer pool shells which include engineering, certification, excavation, reinforcing, concrete and plumbing. We offer fixed prices and two day construction time in most cases, with a network of other licensed pool trades available to you. We can also have excavators, bobcats, tip trucks and concrete pumps available for hire.

Call us now for a quote on your next project. Tel: 3208 9099 | Fax: 07 3803 3022 | Email: mb

[ 18 ] october / november 16

Concrete Spraying Specialists Pty Ltd t/a




your income? Complete a Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing to broaden your career and business growth, ultimately increasing your revenue opportunities.

The four-day course teaches you everything you need to know about internal and external waterproofing and how to rectify defects, covering topics like:

BUILDERS undertaking the course are better equipped to supervise waterproofing work and reduce defects and risks.

Common defects and rectification

Surface preparation

Application factors

Injection systems

Sub-terrain applications

Practical application of waterproofing products.

TRADIES benefit by expanding their knowledge, being multi-skilled and having the flexibility of varying incomes. New funding means there’s no excuse not to upskill in waterproofing*.

Courses are being run across Queensland.

*Please note: students need to allow approx. four weeks to apply for funding.

RTO 30097

To enrol, jump online at or call our Waterproofing Training Coordinator on 1300 136 002.

Housing & Construction Awards

And the winners are... NORTH QUEENSLAND

House of the Year

House of the Year

G P H Projects Pty Ltd – Yarrawonga House

Project of the Year J Hutchinson Pty Ltd T/A Hutchinson Builders – Fairfield Waters Shopping Centre Extension – Stage 2

President’s Award Peter J Mulvey T/A S & P Constructions Women in Building Award

Project of the Year

Kirsten Mackay

Apprentice of the Year Benjamin Dougherty

Rising Star Award Rod Johnstone

Residential Trade Contractor of the Year Paul J Mifsud

Commercial Trade Contractor of the Year Vision Facades Pty Ltd

Trevor Mustey Perpetual Award for Quality Workmanship Martin Locke Homes Pty Ltd T/A Martin Locke Homes




[ 20 ] october / november 16

President's Award


House of the Year

House of the Year

Moseley Holdings Pty Ltd T/A Ash Moseley Homes – Marina Quay Project

Project of the Year F K Gardner & Sons Pty Ltd – Tjapukai Cultural Centre Revitalisation

President’s Award Allaro Homes Cairns Pty Ltd – Allaro Display Home Women in Building Award

Project of the Year

Roslyn Smith

Apprentice of the Year Robert Daniel Manly

Rising Star Award David A McIntosh

Residential Trade Contractor of the Year Artizan Cabinets Pty Ltd

Commercial Trade Contractor of the Year Anthony K Dunlea T/A Only Floors – Trinity Hyundai


President's Award


october / november 16 [ 21 ]


Housing & Construction Awards


House of the Year

House of the Year Day To Day Constructions Pty Ltd – Agnes Street

Project of the Year Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd – Rockhampton Hospital Expansion Stage 2 & Helipad

President’s Award H J Family Homes Pty Ltd Apprentice of the Year

Project of the Year

Liam Glanville

Rising Star Award Rowan Anderson

Residential Trade Contractor of the Year Hator Pty Ltd T/A Tomkins Kitchens



President's Award


[ 22 ] october / november 16



House of the Year

House of the Year

Coastal Edge Constructions Pty Ltd – Kahala

Project of the Year Paynter Dixon Queensland Pty Ltd – Kerrisdale Gardens, Mackay

President’s Award The Reef Properties Pty Ltd – The Daintree Women in Building Award Madison Strutynski

Project of the Year

Rising Star Award Matthew Vella

Residential Trade Contractor of the Year Gangemi Cabinet Makers Pty Ltd – The Whitsundays

Commercial Trade Contractor of the Year Shane Laffin T/A Coral Coast Plastering – Emmanuel Catholic Primary School Library

The Ken & Nola Clark Perpetual Award for Quality Workmanship Gary Molloy Constructions Pty Ltd



President's Award









october / november 16 [ 23 ]


Queensland Housing & Construction Awards


HOUSE OF THE YEAR Austen Ritchie Builder Pty Ltd Richmond Park, Gold Coast Set on a working cattle property at Beechmont, the client wanted to build a Scottish Manor-style home that overlooked all of their property, and so Richmond Park was created. After eight months of planning and selecting of products, work began with a 160-metre retaining wall providing the platform for the new project. It took just under two years to complete. A stunning feature is the sandstone walls that required over 215 tonnes to be hand sorted before laying could begin. The features are too numerous to list, but the judges were left in awe of the attentionto-detail in every aspect of this home, including the curved staircase. Everything about this property exudes elegance. mb

[ 24 ] october / november 16


PROJECT OF THE YEAR Watpac Construction Pty Ltd 180 Brisbane, Brisbane Spanning 34 stories and boasting almost 60,000 square metres of A-grade commercial space and facilities, 180 Brisbane sets the tone for the future of Brisbane’s high-rises. Incorporating smart technology and exceptional environmentally-friendly design, its construction didn’t come without challenges. However, the Watpac team worked closely together to come up with ingenious and innovative solutions to overcome them. As the first office tower to be constructed in Brisbane on-spec since the Global Financial Crisis, its presence doesn’t go unnoticed in the city skyline.



McDonald Jones Homes Pty Ltd Oasis 35, Brisbane

Designed specifically for Queensland living, Oasis 35 by McDonald Jones Homes boasts clever living spaces, generous storage options and plenty of flexibility for families of all ages. Encompassing innovative technology in its build, design and styling, the home’s thoughtful zoning shows a high level of craftsmanship and superior livability, and its affordable price makes it a dream home many buyers can aspire to.

Queensland Housing & Construction Awards




Katrina Tomkins, Brisbane

Matthew Williams, Brisbane

Rod Johnstone, North Queensland

Katrina has worked for Paynter Dixon for the past six years and in that time has become an integral part of the team, becoming the company’s first female project manager.

Matthew is our deserving Apprentice of the Year because he’s always willing to go above and beyond.

Since starting his business, Rod Johnstone Group, in 2011, Rod has turned a one-manband into a full, dedicated team. He has advanced from a low-rise builder to an open builder, increasing his turnover dramatically in a difficult economic climate. Rod has become a prominent and well-respected builder in Townsville, working on some of the city’s most notable buildings. This deserving winner is also an active member of the industry and is committed to the local business community.

She gives back to the company and the industry by mentoring building cadets; inspiring and motivating the next generation of construction leaders. Katrina has worked on a range of high-profile projects throughout Queensland and tackles every challenge she faces, head on.

Matt joined the Hutchies team back in 2012 and since then has continued to deliver quality outcomes with an exceptionally high level of skill. Matt’s work as an apprentice has given him an appreciation of working on the tools and has pointed him in the direction to pursue a long and prosperous career in the building industry.



Quality design and innovation are standout features of Artizan Cabinets' work. The team exhibit a high level of workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, and their ability to adapt to each and every job is exceptional.

Logan Steel truly rose to the challenge of this project, completing it on time despite some of the worst weather conditions Queensland could throw at them.

Artizan Cabinets Pty Ltd, Far North Queensland

A coordinated approach to joinery and furniture in a home is essential, and controlling the work from initial concept through to completion is a tough job, but it’s one that Artizan Cabinets excel at every time. mb

[ 26 ] october / november 16

Logan Steel Pty Ltd – Movie World Sound Stage 9, Gold Coast

Sound Stage 9, which is now Movie World’s largest sound studio, can accommodate productions from around the globe. It will even be used for the 2018 Commonwealth Games! The works incorporated and impress 900-metres of catwalk and monorail respectively, and 1.8-kilometres of handrail.


and green roof tops

Designed for creating raised floors in external applications, such as balconies, terraces and green roofs, Buzon’s Award Winning Pedestal system can be used with any type of concrete orDesigned stone paver, timber decking of allin types and applications, metal or fibreglass systems. for creating raised floors external such asgrid balconies, terraces

and green roofs, Buzon’s Award Winning Pedestal system can be used with any type of orinnovation stone ispaver, timberAtdecking types and metal Inoraddition fibreglass grid systems. A concrete key benefit of this the patented roof level, thisof loadall is evenly spread by the the pedestal also improves thermal slope correction device. This gives up to five wide base area of each unit, making them ideal insulation and reduces sounds transmission. percent fall compensation achieving a perfectly for installation on any waterproofing membrane A key benefi t of this innovation is the patented slope correction device. 8mm and 10mm, allow for precise gaps between pavers and provide level finish, allowing for withoutacausing they candrainage even be without In commercial environments where Thisfloor gives up tosimultaneously five percent fall compensation achieving perfectlydamage, positive any concern ofurban ponding or flooding. level floor finish, simultaneously allowing water runoff positive water runoff at structural slab level. for positive used directly overatinsulation material. space is at an ever-higher premium, a building’s structural slab level. Using the Buzon Pedestal replaces use of sandaand roof levelthe is potentially rich cement source when of usable laying pavers, therefore eliminating effl orescence and algae and reducing For even more design flexibility, the system The Buzon Pedestal System is also simple to space. Buzon say their Pedestal System can For even more design flexibility, the system offers height adjustment from weight-bearing loads on the building structure. In addition the pedestal offers height adjustment from 17mm to install. Desired height is achieved by thread be used to maximise a roof’s potential, both 17mm to 1070mm, millimetre by millimetre if required. This allows for also improves thermal insulation and reduces sounds transmission. 1070mm, millimetre by millimetre if required. adjustment, which is lockable when reached hiding all manner of services and protecting unsightly services to be concealed under the floor while still offering access This allows for unsightly services to be and a range of interchangeable spacer tabs of roof substrates elements, maximising for maintenance of the waterproofing membrane and drainage systems In commercial urban environments wherefrom spacethe is at an ever-higher concealed under the floor while still offering 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, integrity and longevity. premium, a building’s roof level is potentially a rich source of usable access for maintenance of thestrong waterproofing allow for precise gaps between The pedestals are extremely as they are precision-engineered space.pavers Buzon and say their Pedestal System can be used to maximise a from highand strength, UV systems. resistant, recycled polypropylene capable of roof’s potential, both hiding all manner of services protecting roof membrane drainage provideand positive drainage without any concern Buzon’s Pedestal Systemand is available in NSW/ supporting loads of more than 1000kg each. At roof level, thisorload is substrates from the elements, integrity and longevity. of ponding flooding. ACTmaximising through Ausdrain. evenly spreadare by extremely the wide base area each The pedestals strong as of they areunit, making them ideal for installation on any waterproofing membrane without causing damage, Buzon’s Pedestal System is available in Western Australia through precision-engineered from high strength, UV Using the Buzon Pedestal replaces the use of For more information contact: they can even be used directly over insulation material. Civil & General Distributors. resistant, recycled polypropylene and capable of sand and cement when laying pavers, therefore Phone: (02) 9929 7650 supporting loads of more than 1000kg each. eliminating efflorescence and algae and reducing Fax: (02) 9929 7655 The Buzon Pedestal System is also simple to install. Desired height is For more information contact:: weight-bearing loads on the building achieved by thread adjustment, which is lockable when reached and 3356 0000 Email: Phone: 07structure. Website: a range of interchangeable spacer tabs of 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, Fax: 07 3356 0005 Website: u

Create raised timber and paved floors on balconies, roof tops and ground level areas. SOUTHPORT before


BENEFITS • • • • •

Create raised timber and paved floors on balconies, roof tops and ground level outdoor areas.

• • • •

Use with stone, concrete, timber, composite decking Use over existing concrete, brick or paved areas Allows for drainage and ventilation Reduces noise and increases insulation Can achieve a perfectly level deck on an uneven surface Quick and easy installation Provides a sustainable solution Adjustable heights supporting up to 1000kg Easy access to waterproofing membrane for maintenance Adheseal – Brisbane Adheseal – Sunshine Coast 26 Wolverhampton Street 2/18 Kessling Ave Ausdrain Stafford QLD 4053 Suite 10, 2-4Kunda Park QLDNSW 45562062 Bells Ave, Cammeray Phone: (07) 3356 0000 Phone: (07)(02) 5477 Tel: (02) 9929 7650 Fax: 99290022 7655 Fax: (07) 3356 0005 Fax: (07) 5477 0020

Exclusive stockist of Buzon products in NSW/ACT

Exclusive stockists of Buzon products in QLD

Queensland Housing & Construction Awards Specialty winners Best Residential Bathroom

Moseley Holdings Pty Ltd T/A Ash Moseley Homes

Marina Quay Project (Brisbane)

Display Home over $501,000

McLachlan Special Projects Pty Ltd

The Rosewood (Brisbane)

Individual Home up to $250,000

Home Renovation/Remodelling Project up to $275,000

Nathan A Hore T/A N H Homes

(Wide Bay Burnett)

Home Renovation/Remodelling Project $276,000 – $575,000

Gordon Bourke Constructions Pty Ltd

Best Residential Kitchen

Entabeni Residence (Downs & Western)

AMD Quality Constructions Pty Ltd

Individual Home $251,000 – $350,000

Mears Residence (Brisbane)

J Co Constructions Pty Ltd

The Emperior (Sunshine Coast)

Home Renovation/Remodelling Project $576,000 – $1 million

Best Residential Swimming Pool

Downs Designer Homes Pty Ltd

Individual Home $351,000 – $450,000

Casa Dei Sogni (House of Dreams) (Downs & Western)

Housing winners Display Home up to $250,000

Perry Homes (Aust) Pty Ltd

Avalon 226 (Brisbane)

Muir Developments Pty Ltd

Orange is the New Black (Sunshine Coast) Individual Home $451,000 – $550,000

James Nasser Constructions Pty Ltd

Nixon Build Pty Ltd T/A Nixon Build And Design Primrose Street (North Queensland)

Klinge Constructions & Developments Pty Ltd

Crosby Road Hamilton (Brisbane)

Home Renovation/Remodelling Project over $1 million

Claringbold House (Far North Queensland)

Corella Construction Pty Ltd

Bardon Renovation (Brisbane)

Medium Density up to 3 Storeys – 2 to 5 Dwellings

Display Home $251,000 – $300,000

Individual Home $551,000 – $650,000

McDonald Jones Homes Pty Ltd

D J Sommer Homes Pty Ltd

Esperance (Brisbane)

(Sunshine Coast)

Display Home $301,000 – $350,000

Individual Home $651,000 – $750,000

Integrale Homes Pty Ltd

William Beale Lamble

Seaview Display Home (Sunshine Coast)

Panorama Views (Downs & Western)

Display Home $351,000 – $400,000

Individual Home $751,000 – $1.25 million

Natter Pty Ltd T/A Stroud Homes Gold Coast

Winzim Investments Pty Ltd T/A Mark Winter Constructions

Kirra 303 Urban (Gold Coast)

Thorley Court (Downs & Western)

G A Ryan Developments Pty Ltd T/A Rycon Constructions

Noosaville Duplex (Sunshine Coast)

Medium Density up to 3 storeys – over 5 Dwellings (or multiple class 1 dwellings on the site)

Mosaic Construction Pty Ltd

Sonnet on Dickens (Brisbane)

Excellence in Sustainable Living

Display Home $401,000 – $500,000

Individual Home $1.26 million – $2 million

MyStyle Homes (Qld) Pty Ltd

MyMirage 21 (Far North Queensland)

Alliance Homes Pty Ltd T/A Stylemaster Homes

Modena 36 with Tempo Facade (Brisbane)

ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd – Robina Town Centre Market Hall Redevelopment Stage 2


[ 28 ] october / november 16

Downs Designer Homes Pty Ltd

Casa Dei Sogni (House of Dreams) (Downs & Western) Individual Home over $2 million

Austen Ritchie Builder Pty Ltd

Richmond Park (Gold Coast)

Badge Constructions (Qld) Pty Ltd – Education Gateways Building

Lifestyle Housing for High Care Needs, Disabled and Seniors Award – Purpose Built Detached Dwelling Martin Locke Homes Pty Ltd T/A Martin Locke Homes

Capricorn Drive (North Queensland)

Paynter Dixon Queensland Pty Ltd – Kerrisdale Gardens, Mackay

Construction winners Health Facilities up to $5 million J Hutchinson Pty Ltd T/A Hutchinson Builders

Gympie Radiology (Sunshine Coast)

Health Facilities over $5 million

Lendlease Building Pty Ltd

Centre for Children's Health Research (Brisbane) Education Facilities up to $5 million

Condev Construction Pty Ltd

St Stephens College Administration Centre (Gold Coast) Education Facilities over $5 million

Badge Constructions (Qld) Pty Ltd

Education Gateways Building (Brisbane)

Sporting Facilities up to $5 million

Ausmar Homes Pty Ltd

Maroochy River Golf Club (Sunshine Coast) Sporting Facilities over $5 million

Condev Construction Pty Ltd

ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd

Excellence in Workplace Health & Safety

Cockram Construction Limited

ALDI Distribution Facility (Brisbane)

Buildsafe (Gold Coast)

Watpac Construction Pty Ltd

180 Brisbane (Brisbane)

Toowoomba Regional Council Library (Downs & Western)

RCQ Construction Pty Ltd

Riviera Apartments (Mackay & Whitsunday) Residential Building (high-rise over 3 storey) over $20 million

PBS Building (Qld) Pty Ltd

Botanica Residences (Brisbane)

Industrial Building

Astute Projects Pty Ltd

Paynter Dixon Queensland Pty Ltd

Kerrisdale Gardens, Mackay (Mackay & Whitsunday)

Community Service Facilities over $5 million

Refurbishment/Renovation up to $2 million

Rydges RNA Hotel (Brisbane)

 J Hutchinson Pty Ltd T/A Hutchinson Builders

Residential Building (high-rise over 3 storey) up to $20 million

Seachange Emerald Lakes Country Club (Gold Coast)

Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management

Commercial Building over $5 million

Community Accommodation for Aged Care and Nursing Homes

J Hutchinson Pty Ltd T/A Hutchinson Builders

Tjapukai Cultural Centre Revitalisation (Far North Queensland)

Commercial Building up to $5 million

Community Service Facilities up to $5 million

F K Gardner & Sons Pty Ltd

Clarke's Project Management Pty Ltd T/A Clarke's Design & Construct

Movie World Sound Stage 9 (Gold Coast)

Alder Constructions Pty Ltd

Robina Town Centre Market Hall Redevelopment Stage 2 (Gold Coast)

Somerset College Sporting Precinct (Gold Coast)

Refurbishment/Renovation over $2 million

Retail Facilities


Rod Johnstone Group Pty Ltd

Toyota Townsville Regional Office andTraining Room (North Queensland)

McLachlan Special Projects Pty Ltd – The Rosewood

Downs Designer Homes Pty Ltd – Casa Dei Sogni (House of Dreams) october / november 16 [ 29 ]


X Safety feature

Safe Work Month Work safe for the moments that matter

How many workplace incidents? There are 9,000 general workplace injuries in construction a year, affecting one in every 20 construction workers. One in every 50 workers suffers a serious injury.

How many workplace deaths?

National Safe Work Month, held in October each year, aims to improve awareness of work health and safety, encourage discussion about safety at work, and share positive workplace stories from throughout Australia.

Approximately nine construction workers die each year as a result of a workplace injury.

Safe Work Month is about committing to improving work health and safety, and remembering our most important reasons for staying safe at work.

At what cost?

Everyone has their own reason to stay safe at work – those moments that make it all worthwhile. It could be time spent with those you love, such as family or friends, or even time doing something just for you. Shane Webcke, football legend and sports presenter, is Queensland's Safety Ambassador. He has a strong connection and commitment to work safety as his father was killed in a workplace incident. At Safe Work Month events throughout Queensland in October, Shane will share the story of how his father's death impacted his family, and offer his perspective on the importance of staying safe at work and creating a strong safety culture.

Around $120 million is paid out annually for construction workers’ compensation claims.



Work days lost? In construction, 55 days are lost for injuries needing time off work, compared to 43 days for all industries.

Construction safety – fast facts ○3  3 fatalities in 2015 ○ 1 1,535 serious claims in 2013-14 ○3  7% of serious claims were due to body stressing

For more information about Safe Work Month visit

What’s causing the injuries? All other mechanisms Being hit by moving objects

16% 18%

with a part of the body


19% 18%

Hazardous manual tasks Falls, trips and slips

Which jobs? Labourers are two times more likely to be injured than other construction workers.

Which age group? One in four injuries in construction affect workers aged between 25 and 34 years.


[ 30 ] october / november 16

Source: National Data Set for Compensation-Based Statistics, and Traumatic Injury Fatalities database.

Safety feature

Health and safety campaign launching soon with Melanie Roberts, Manager Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Master Builders is excited to be launching an industry-wide health and safety campaign. This exciting and positive campaign, which will run over the next two to three years, will be underpinned by clear and realistic goals that tackle specific safety issues relevant to various sectors of our industry. Over the past decade, injury and fatality rates in the construction industry have improved immensely, as the attitude towards safety on worksites has changed. However, we can always do more to demonstrate what collective strategies we are implementing as an industry to create safer workplaces. The main goal of the campaign is for the industry to take ownership of health and safety in a proactive, positive and practical way. This will be demonstrated by improvements in industry performance, more consistent compliance, better safety standards, and collective leadership towards a positive safety culture. Over recent months a working group has been establishing the campaign to ensure that the issues and subsequent approaches are relevant, practical, simple and effective, and that they will produce positive outcomes.

The first two years of the safety strategy will focus on six very important issues: 1. Heat stress in the workplace, particularly hydration, cooling and sun protection 2. Risk management strategies for builders and subcontractors 3. Prevention of working under the influence of drugs and alcohol 4. Exposure to silica dust 5. Electrical risk management, particularly electrical isolation processes, working near exclusion zones and improving understanding about general electrical requirements 6. Protection and safety education of new and young workers.

Master Builders’ aim is to improve the industry’s understanding of these issues, to improve the overall level of compliance within the industry, and to reduce the occurrence of injuries and incidents. Over the course of the campaign, members will be encouraged to participate in issue-specific practical activities and industry education programs, implement new control measures, or improve their risk management approach. We urge you to keep an eye on member communications to ensure you don’t miss out on being involved in this very important campaign – a campaign that will change health and safety in construction workplaces in a very positive way.

Want to speak to someone about the campaign? Contact Master Builders’ health, safety & environment team on (07) 3225 6406.

october / november 16 [ 31 ]


Safety feature

Proudly brought to you by Lendlease

Why safety planning is key with Stephanie Gaylard, Manager WHSE Services Incorporating health and safety into the planning stage is key to the success of projects. Here are a few key reasons why: • I t assists with ensuring you meet your legal requirements • I t ensures safety is considered at all stages of the construction process • I t allows you to price work more accurately as controls are considered • I t saves you time and money once you start on site, as appropriate controls and processes have already been identified • I t ensures you have the appropriate paperwork and hazards controls in place to manage safety if incidents occur. You need to consider various aspects of safety management during the planning stage. These aspects will differ depending on the size and location of the project, the role you play, and the type of work being undertaken. Here’s a brief overview of what you need to be across.

Safety documentation Before you begin your project, you’ll need to prepare some safety documents. The principal contractor must: • C  omplete a WHS Management Plan for any project valued at $250,000 or more • P  ut registers in place for record keeping purposes (e.g. first aid, test and tag etc.) • C  ollect Safe Work Method Statements for any high-risk construction work • I nclude references to safety requirements in contracts to assist in managing safety obligations. For subcontractors, our biggest tip is to ensure you read all conditions in your contracts, including references to safety requirements or requirements to comply with a WHS Management Plan for the project. In your contracts you might find information about conditions, such as paperwork to be submitted, controls you may need to provide (e.g. edge protection), and other safety requirements, which exceed minimum legislative requirements. Ensure you’ve prepared Safe Work Method Statements for high-risk construction


[ 32 ] october / november 16

work. Although they may require amending throughout the project, ensure these documents are submitted before work begins. Don’t prevent yourself from being able to start work because you haven’t submitted the appropriate paperwork.

Site facilities and controls

to undertake certain activities. The process of obtaining such licences and permits isn’t always straightforward, so the more time you can allow for them, the better. In some cases, you may decide to outsource these components of work instead of obtaining a licence yourself. These cases might include:

There are also certain site facilities and controls you’ll need to consider for the project, particularly in relation to where they will be located.

• T  raffic management permits and preparation of plans (footpath and/or road closures)

Below are some items you’ll need to consider during the planning stage:

• W  orking near overhead power lines (safety advice from Ergon/Energex)

• T  oilets and other amenities, such as eating areas • P  ower sources • S  torage areas for materials • Waste receptacles • M  eans of safe access and egress on, off and around the site • T  emporary fencing (which may be required to prevent unauthorised access) • A  reas requiring edge protection for work at heights • F  irst aid facilities (including first aid kits and officers) • Erosion and sediment controls.

Hidden nasties During the planning stage, it’s important to identify any substances or services that may create a safety risk and add cost or delay a project if disturbed. Identifying safety risks at the pricing stage will enable you to factor in any additional costs that treating these appropriately may generate, or undertake the appropriate checks to ensure they are not disturbed. Some of these include: • A  sbestos • L  ead • C  ontaminated soils • U  nderground services • S  ervices in walls/ceilings.

Licences and permits Under Work Health and Safety legislation, you're required to obtain a licence or permit

• Asbestos removal and transportation licences (licences through WHSQ) • Demolition licences (licences through WHSQ) • H  igh-risk work licences for activities such as scaffold and plant operation (through WHSQ).

Important contacts to have on hand We also recommend you have a list of important safety-related contacts on hand for each project to assist in an emergency, or if you require any approvals or information during the project. Some contact suggestions include: • Master Builders Queensland’s health and safety team (for advice) • Contacts for any local WHSQ inspectors and regional staff • Y  our local council (for permits you may need to obtain) • Your local medical centre • Dial before You Dig • Energex/Telstra and other service providers.

For more information on meeting your health and safety obligations, and how you can incorporate these obligations at the planning stage of your projects, contact Master Builders’ health and safety team on (07) 3225 6410.

Safety feature

New industry partnership promotes health and safety In an effort to raise awareness and provide education on health and safety challenges in the home building industry, a joint-initiative was recently undertaken between Lendlease Communities and Master Builders Queensland. The aim of this initiative was to create a collaborative approach in improving the long-term health and safety performance of Master Builders’ members in our communities, in turn influencing the wider home building industry. There have been significant reductions in the numbers and rates of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry over the last 10 years. Nevertheless, Master Builders and Lendlease have jointly recognised that the home building industry remains a high-risk industry, and has the ongoing opportunity to improve its safety performance. The new display village at Lendlease’s Yarrabilba community, located on Darrau Avenue, was selected as a prime

opportunity for Lendlease and Master Builders to engage with members as part of this construction initiative. Prior to, and throughout, the construction of Yarrabilba display village the following health and safety support services were offered to Master Builders’ members: ○A  ccess to Master Builders’ health and safety management system ○P  reparation and review of site health and safety plans and associated documents ○S  ite inspections and audit services to measure implementation levels ○C  apturing lessons learned and opportunities for improvement ○S  haring results through on-site feedback and reports to each builder.

Overall, the joint-initiative has provided excellent insight into key challenges, opportunities for improvement, and best practice examples for Lendlease, Master Builders and its members. Initial feedback from members has been very positive in terms of improving the level of on-site health and safety conditions, along with building the skills and competency of all stakeholders involved.

Further information is being prepared to communicate the overall results of this initiative to members, while collaboration continues between Lendlease and Master Builders to identify opportunities for future programs.




tailored training solutions TOWNSVILLE BUNDABERG



october / november 16 [ 33 ]


Safety feature

Recognising excellence in workplace health and safety Master Builders annually recognises businesses going above and beyond in the area of workplace health and safety by awarding the Excellence in Workplace Health and Safety Award as part of our Housing & Construction Awards program. The Award is given to a business that has identified a health and safety-related problem within the industry and designed an innovative way to address it, which exceeds minimum legislative requirements. In 2016, Master Builders received submissions of a high standard, and the following businesses received accolades in this year’s program.

Condev Construction Pty Ltd – La Vie Apartments

Gold Coast

Condev Construction created an innovative program within their normal workplace health and safety program aimed at targeting their younger workers’ safety on site.

Congratulations to each of the winners!

Cockram Construction Limited – ALDI Distribution Facility Brisbane and Queensland-wide At a recently constructed ALDI Distribution Facility, structural steel erection was a large proportion of the scope of works. Given the amount of steel erection and the high-risk nature of the activity, Cockram, in conjunction with M&V Rigging and Hoskins Steel, planned and developed a lifting frame that allowed up to eight lengths of steel purlins to be lifted simultaneously. With the frame spanning over sections of upright steel supports, it allowed a rigger to safely work from a boom lift basket, releasing, placing and fixing each purlin, one by one. This eliminated the need for site personnel to be positioned under the load or to leave the safety of the boom lift basket, and also reduced crane lifts from eight lifts to one. The approach reduced risks surrounding the rigger placing the steel and the time taken to place and secure the purlins. It also reduced the number of human hours working at heights by around 64 per cent.

The program was championed by a dedicated team of safety officers, and is being implemented on significant projects and promoted widely to contractors. Each young worker was assigned a mentor and given a distinctive blue hard hat, which enabled site supervisors and other workers to better monitor and mentor while on site. The younger workers were invited to be part of tool box meetings and site-specific safety training and forums on site, so they could gain a better appreciation of WHS and environmental importance on building sites. Young workers were also monitored by a trade supervisor throughout the process.

J Hutchinson Pty Ltd T/A Hutchinson Builders – H.U.T.C.H Safe General Induction Downs & Western

Over the last year, Hutchinson Builders has developed and launched a new, web-based general induction for its staff, suppliers and subcontractors. The system has allowed the company to better manage their inductions for various sites and staff, and has taken the onerous task to a higher and more consistent standard. The process is already saving Hutchies a great deal of time on the induction of all new employees. mb

[ 34 ] october / november 16

Safety feature

H.U.T.C.H general induction card.

J Hutchinson Pty Ltd T/A Hutchinson Builders – Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Award Program Central Queensland

After months of brainstorming and collaboration, Hutchinson Builders' introduced a HSEQ Site of the Month award and HSEQ Subcontractor of the Month award to encourage all those involved on a project to adopt Hutchinson Builders Construction values towards Health, Safety Environment and Quality. The HSEQ Site of the Month award is presented to the best site team of all project sites, and the HSEQ Subcontractor of the Month award is presented every

month on every site. Both awards are based on displaying consistent, impeccable standards on site towards health, safety, environment and quality for the entire month. Although the award started as friendly competition between sites, it has grown to empower workers who are proud to showcase their impeccable health, safety, environmental and equality standards on site. As a result, conversations are occurring ahead of time, and proactive solutions are discussed as a team, allowing sensible safety solutions to upcoming activities on site.

To read more about this year’s Excellence in Workplace Health and Safety Award winners, visit

The Construction Training Centre is your one-stop-shop to access training.

With 20 Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) as tenants, we offer a diverse group of high quality, collaborative providers who deliver diverse training options from pre-apprentice levels to advanced Diploma qualifications and high-risk work licensing. Click here to access our tenants to find out more information about their range of courses!

To find out more visit or or call us on (07) 3216 6711.

CTC - Advert 2016 V2.indd 1

october / november 16 [ 35 ] mb 19/09/2016 12:16 pm

Safety feature

Now is the time to drive suicide prevention Suicide rates have fallen in states and territories where the construction industry has been actively engaged in suicide prevention programs, like those delivered by MATES in Construction. So now more than ever is the time to drive industry engagement and intervention on this front. The recently released 2016 report, Suicide in the Construction Industry, conducted by Deakin University1, highlights that while suicide rates remain significantly higher in our industry, compared with other employed males in the general population, rates have reduced in locations where there has been a concentrated effort applied to prevention through specialised training programs. Queensland in particular has shown a dramatic reduction in industry-related suicide rates. In 2001, we had the fourth highest rate in Australia, while in 2012 and 2013 we had the lowest rate. This reduction is remarkable considering Queensland recorded higher overall suicide rates than most other states and territories in Australia within its general population. With statistics indicating there is still the equivalent of one suicide every second day in the construction industry in Australia, there’s still a lot of work to be done. The author of the report, Dr Allison Milner [BPsych(Hons) MEpi PhD] from Deakin University, has noted in her findings that “the results suggest suicide among construction workers should remain a target for suicide intervention and prevention.” Australia is not alone in this issue.

An article released in August 2016 by Construction Dive, a news website in the USA with its finger on the pulse of the US construction industry, highlighted that their industry suicide rate of 53.3 in 100,000 workers is more than four times the country’s general population suicide rate of 12.5. The good news is, its industry is gaining similar traction by engaging industry leaders who are increasingly seeing the importance of mental health and suicide intervention programs to the overall productivity of their sites. Since 2008, MATES in Construction has trained over 101,087 workers in the construction industry nationally in General Awareness Training (GAT), Connector Training, and ASIST Training – and the reduction in suicide rates speak for themselves. These programs, when introduced into workplaces throughout the country, help to identify and connect at-risk workers with the help they need. National and Queensland CEO of MATES in Construction, Jorgen Gullestrup, is confident that the report will help the MATES cause. “The Deakin report indicates that we can reduce suicide in our industry, so our very high suicide rates are partly by choice. We can see that when we work collaboratively as an industry to reduce suicide and improve mental health and wellbeing, less people die,” says Jorgen. MATES in Construction programs are readily available to worksites throughout Queensland and nationally.

For more information about training opportunities and site workshops, or if you need help, call 1300 642 111.

1. Milner, A (2016). SUICIDE IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: Report by Deakin University for MATES in Construction. SUICIDE IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY, 1, 1-25.


[ 36 ] october / november 16

Safety feature

Libby Trickett

Why psychological injury and mental health needs addressing in the workplace Lisbeth ‘Libby’ Constance Trickett might have one of the most recognisable smiles in Australia, but at various times throughout her life it has masked unbearable pain; pain that has no visible scars. Like so many in our country, the former darling of Australian swimming has experienced mental health issues first hand, suffering depression after she stepped away from the pool in 2010. “It was a very difficult time and it takes a lot of courage to finally admit you’re not okay,” reveals Trickett. Open about her mental health journey, the four-time Olympic gold medal winner joined forces with R U OK and Black Dog. Now, she’s taken on a role as an ambassador for the Queensland Government to help tackle mental health in the workplace. Libby joins other high-profile sports stars, Shane Webcke and Trevor Gillmeister, in promoting work health and safety to Queenslanders. Trickett will share her own painful experience, as well as her family’s history of poor mental health and depression, as she works with industry and the general community to highlight the importance of mental health at work. “I felt really isolated and very lonely during that time, but it was the support and love and the connection I had with my family and friends that enabled me to push through it,” recalls the Brisbane-based mum. And just like Shane and Trevor, Libby will feature in a case study film of her own, helping to raise community awareness of mental health issues within the workplace. “Every day in our lives we should connect with people – be it family, friends or work colleagues – and just check to see whether they’re okay,” she says. “With that, we can step through the journey together.” To help lead people through the complex journey of dealing with mental health issues, Libby discusses the causes, symptoms and recovery from her own illness. She shares her personal insights into her social withdrawal, loss of motivation, and the impacts of her mental health on her physical wellbeing, showcasing a real life example of an inner battle. Libby hopes this will raise awareness and encourage dialogue about mental health disorders. “Since coming out and speaking about my dark times, I’m amazed by the number of people who are opening up to me about theirs. It’s not a taboo subject, and talking about it openly without judgement is part of the healing process,” Libby explains. Libby also tells about her recovery, helped by family and friends, the positive impacts that exercise has on ill mental health, and provides tips for people suffering from mental health problems.

With an impeccable reputation, a bubbly personality and that signature smile, Libby Trickett is an ideal role model and face of the Queensland Government’s push to address psychological injury and mental health in the workplace.

Libby encourages: ○H  ave the courage to tell people you are not well ○ I t’s OK to not be OK and to ask for help ○B  e aware of the symptoms for yourself and others ○S  upport from family and friends – the benefits of talk therapy ○E  mpower yourself by finding something you enjoy to aid your recovery ○T  he positive benefits of exercise, sleep, meditation and nutrition in recovery. october / november 16 [ 37 ]


Safety feature

Got a safety question?

We’ve probably got the answer One of the great benefits of being a Master Builders’ member is having unparalleled access to our team of highly-qualified and experienced workplace health and safety (WHS) experts. Our team is just a phone call or email away when you’re in a tricky WHS situation on site or in the office, offering help on a broad range of topics. Below are a few questions our WHSE Advisor, Heath Sullivan, has recently received:

1. Do I have to complete a WHS Management Plan if my construction project exceeds $250,000? The short answer is yes. A WHS Management Plan is a legal requirement for any construction work that exceeds $250,000, and it must be created prior to commencing work. We also suggest you create a plan for any construction work that has risk associated with it. You can easily create a plan on eDocs at

2. Is it my responsibility to adequately inform, train and instruct my workers about risks on site? A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must ensure that information, training and instruction is provided to a worker, and is suitable and adequate, particularly in relation to: a) T  he nature of the work carried out by the worker. b) T  he nature of the risks associated with the work at the time the information, training or instruction is provided. c) The control measures implemented. The person must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the information, training and instruction is provided in a way that is readily understandable by the person receiving it. A great way of meeting these requirements mb

[ 38 ] october / november 16

is through a site induction or regular toolbox talks, which can be tailored to suit the on-site risks applicable to your project.

3. When do I need a demolition licence for conducting demolition work? You need to have a demolition licence to demolish or dismantle a structure that: 1) C  ontains pre-tensioned or post-tensioned structural components 2) I nvolves the use of load shifting equipment (e.g. a combination front-end loader and backhoe, skid steer loader, excavator or crane) 3) I nvolves the use of explosives or another induced collapse method. You must have a demolition licence for all other demolition work unless the structure being demolished or dismantled is: ○ A domestic house ○A  structure built as, and having the characteristics of a domestic house (e.g. a domestic house converted to flats or an office) ○A  structure that is ancillary to a domestic house or a structure with the characteristics of a domestic house (e.g. the carport or garage of a domestic house) ○ The structure does not contain the structural components outlined in (1) above and the work does not involve the use of load shifting equipment or the demolition methods described in (2) or (3) above.

4. Do I need a temporary fence around my construction site? A person responsible for management or control of a workplace where construction work is carried out must ensure the workplace is secured from unauthorised access, as far as is reasonably practicable. Site controllers should conduct a site-specific risk assessment to determine fencing requirements.

Questions to ask yourself when conducting a site-specific risk assessment include: 1. What is the nature and type of construction work? 2. How heavily populated is the area? 3. W  ho will need to visit the site when work is taking place? 4. Will the site attract children? 5. W  hat are the site characteristics (e.g. existing site boundaries, location, and proximity to other buildings)?

5. What is “scaffolding work” classed as under legislation? Scaffolding work means erecting, altering or dismantling a temporary structure that is, or has been, erected to support a platform, and from which a person or object could fall more than four metres from the platform or structure.

6. As a Principal Contractor am I required to display site signage at all of my construction projects? Health and safety laws require that people on or near construction sites are warned of all hazardous activities taking place. Before any construction work begins, builders must ensure that an adequate number of general safety signs, which depend on the size and complexity of the job site, are erected at the workplace. Master Builders sells a variety of site signage, which can help you avoid fines and non-compliance. Visit the eShop at to see our full range of safety signs, including our 4-in-1 Safety sign, danger and first aid signs.

Have a question about safety on your site? Contact Master Builders’ health, safety & environment team on (07) 3225 6406.

Master Builder


Specialist Construction Works and Liability Insurance. Built By Master Builders

If you're not insured with Master Builders Queensland, here's why you should be...

 We're part of your Association, which has been building Queensland since 1882  We're 100% owned by our members  We understand the industry and offer unparalleled expert advice  We know building and we know insurance.

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Tradies corner X

Ask an expert with Tony Mitchell , Building Services Manager

Tony Mitchell is Master Builders' Manager for Building Services. Since his appointment in 2005. Tony has assisted countless members in resolving technical and contractual-related matters. Below are some common questions Tony gets asked from tradies about eaves gutter overflow in relation to the 2016 National Construction Code.

Got a question for Tony? Email: and you could see the answer in our next Tradies corner.

What are the new eaves gutter overflow requirements? From 1 May 2016, new requirements to remove specified overflow volumes from eaves gutters were introduced into Part 3.5.2 Gutters and Downpipes – Volume 2 of the 2016 National Construction Code for class 1 and 10 buildings.

How are overflow volumes calculated? Overflow volumes are based on the rainfall duration intensities for a building’s location, which can be found in the new reference tables. A range of acceptable measures, such as slotted gutters, rear gaps, end stop weirs and rainheads, are options capable of removing required overflow volumes. These acceptable measures aren’t just limited to the examples detailed in the Code. Various manufacturers of rainwater goods can also provide tested eaves gutter systems with acceptable overflow volumes.

When should overflow volumes be determined? The overflow volumes and acceptable measures for each building should be identified at the design stage. Building designers may assist by using Part 3.5.2 to determine: • O  verflow volumes that will apply to various elevations of the dwelling • The acceptable overflow measures in the code that will be installed. When an overflow measure is selected that differs to the options found in the Code, the manufacturer should provide the building designer with a copy of Form 15 – Compliance Certificate for Building Design or Specification. The selected overflow measures may then be noted accordingly on the building plans.

What should be installed? Installation of the overflow measures must be in accordance with the approved plans. This will help building certifiers confirm that the constructed overflow measures comply with the building approval. It’s recommended that building contractors always confirm with the building designer what the proposed overflow measures will be, at the design stage. This will also help contractors adequately estimate costs for the project before entering into an actual contract.


[ 40 ] october / november 16

Tradies corner

Jack of all trades Starting out in the industry at the ripe age of 21, Jason Spaull of Coastal Asbestos Removal knows what it takes to succeed and has used Master Builders as the guiding force to take his business to the next level. Kicking his career off as a roofer, Jason undertook a Certificate III in Roof Plumbing in 2007 before getting his BSA licence and taking on jobs for the likes of Billabong, Range Rover and St Hilda’s School in Southport, and working as a subcontractor on a range of new home builds. He moved onto insurance repair work in 2009, working for national insurance builders – the aftermath of the Queensland floods proving an extremely busy time for him. In 2012, Jason completed a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management), deciding to shift away from roofing and expand into asbestos removal. Jason’s Gold Coast-based business, Coastal Asbestos Removal, was a natural progression as he was already well-versed in asbestos removal, having worked on roofs and gutters. From starting out, to growing his business, Jason has seen a wealth of changes to the regulations relating to asbestos removal. “I’ve seen many changes in licensing, along with the introduction of a new business licence, which I think they’ve definitely got right,” says Jason. “When I registered my business name and created a logo I wasn’t sure what the future held. Some days I was roofing and other days I was removing asbestos.

“It got to a point where I had no choice – I had to get off the tools and focus on the asbestos business. Customers will just phone the next guy if they can’t get hold of you on the first try. “I soon realised that if this was going to work, I’d have to get good at marketing my business. So I developed a website and learnt all about content marketing, Google advertising and SEO. It was then that things really started to get busy. “I also decided to employ a business coach so that I could change my mindset from a busy tradesman on the tools, to one who actually ran a really good business. “Business has boomed ever since and I now have two vans fully equipped for asbestos removal, and have employed a supervisor and part-time administration assistant.

develop a truly mobile business. I can now operate the business from anywhere I get mobile coverage – if it’s not in the cloud, it’s not an option. “Dean Phillips from Master Builders’ Gold Coast membership team has been there for me throughout all of this. He helped answer all the questions I had about compliance, licensing, sourcing labour, and workplace health and safety. He even invited me along to Industry Insights events and the Gold Coast Roadshow, which is where I ended up meeting my business coach. “I can always rely on Master Builders to give insightful answers no matter how complex the situation. Without the ongoing support and expertise I wouldn’t be able to run my business as effectively.”

“It has been a constant evolution learning about sales and marketing, and how to

october / november 16 [ 41 ]


Laws, codes & regulations

Fairer contracts take effect soon Reforms to extend unfair contract term protections to small businesses will take effect from November 2016, effectively banning unfair contract clauses. This is set to have a significant impact on the way in which businesses contract with each other when at least one of the parties is, or might be considered to be, a ‘small business.’ A contract is considered a small business contract if:

• Renew or not renew the contract. • V  ary the price payable under the contract without the other party having a right to terminate the contract. • U  nilaterally vary the characteristics of the goods or services to be supplied under the contract. • U  nilaterally determine whether the contract has been breached or interpret its meaning. • Limit one party’s vicarious liability for its agents.

a) A  t the time the contract is entered into, at least one party to the contract is a business that employs fewer than 20 people; and

• Allow one party to assign the contract to the other party’s detriment without their consent.

b) E  ither of the following applies:

• Limit one party’s right to sue the other party.

i. T  he upfront price payable under the contract doesn’t exceed $300,000.

• Limit the evidence one party can adduce in legal proceedings in respect to the contract.

ii. T  he contract is for a duration of more than 12 months and the upfront price payable under the contract doesn’t exceed $1,000,000.

The laws make it clear that a contract is ‘unfair’ if it gives one party, but not the other, the ability to: • A  void or limit the performance of the contract. • Terminate the contract. • Apply penalties against the other party for breach or termination of the contract. • Vary the terms of the contract.

• Impose the evidential burden on one party in legal proceedings in respect to the contract. If a standard form contract has clauses like this, the clauses are ‘null and void’ and won’t be upheld Note: The laws do not cover the price of a contract or the actual tasks undertaken under a contract.

For help and advice with your next building contract, call Master Builders’ contracts team on (07) 3225 6419 or email





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You deserve a


Q Pro Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls


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n A 100% Australiaed at er op & d owne business

rete Queensland's Taking concchoice ll sleepers ining waproducts reintaconcrete to new heights

MBA SPECIAL TRADE PRICING AVAILABLE P Guaranteed MPA results P Delivery via our own transport P State of the art manufacturing facility producing a superior product P Sleeper face unparalleled in quality due to unique manufacturing process

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Top Quality materials and the manufacturing process are critcal to the structural integrity and life of your Q Pro retaining wall.

C Posts

*Available in lengths from 600mm upwards

H Posts

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A division of Q Solutions Co

Laws, codes & regulations

Should I bother about personal property securities reform? with Jeff Poultney, Manager Legal & Contracts The short answer is, yes – it could save you or the business assets and prevent you from losing any valuable assets.

Lessors can no longer rely solely on ownership to ensure they can reclaim their goods. If a lessee becomes insolvent or bankrupt, they need to register on the PPS Register.

A Personal Properties Security (PPS) is a business or individual person taking an interest in personal property as security for a loan or other obligation, or entering into a transaction that involves the supply of secured finance. The PPS Register allows lenders and businesses to register their security interests.

How to register on the PPS Register

Secured parties, buyers and other interested parties can search the PPS Register to find out whether a security interest is registered over personal property.

Personal property Under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009, personal property is defined as any form of property other than land, buildings or fixtures that form part of it, or a right (such as water rights), entitlement or authority. To be considered personal property, a person must be able to transfer ownership of the property to another person. Some common examples of personal property are artwork, boats, caravans, cars, inventory, plant and machinery, accounts, intellectual property and investment instruments.

Retention of title arrangements Under PPS reform, businesses can no longer rely solely on retaining title of their goods to reclaim them if supplied to customers who become insolvent or bankrupt – they need to register on the PPS Register. Suppliers can register their interest on the PPS Register in order to protect that interest and their right to repossess the goods if a customer fails to pay. In continuous supply of goods situations, a supplier only needs to register once for each customer – not every supply. mb

[ 44 ] october / november 16

The PPS Register is a single, national online register. There are six steps in the registration process, and you’ll need the following on hand when registering: • S  ecured party details – the supplier who is registering the secured interest • C  ollateral details – personal property that has a security interest attached • G  rantor details – the customer who has possession • Method of payment. Additionally, there are basic rules to determine whose security interest prevails. It’s imperative that a business registers a security interest as soon as possible in order to have priority over those who register a security interest later. You can also use the register to search for a security interest in any goods or businesses you intend to purchase. Here are some building scenarios you may come across:

Scenario one A contractor has their own work materials and machinery on site, including scaffolding, a small crane, a bobcat, and a site office. The owner of the property goes into liquidation and is placed into receivership. As allowed for under PPS provisions, the administrator registers a security interest in the machinery on site. The administrator is now free to sell the private property of the contractor. However, if the contractor had registered a security interest in their property in accordance with the PPS provisions, the administrator (or others) wouldn’t have been able to sell their property.

Scenario two A builder is holding retention, as allowed under the contract with their subcontractor. The builder goes into liquidation. The liquidator takes over the site and registers a security interest in all things possible, which amongst other things includes retention monies. Had the subcontractor registered a security interest in their retention monies in accordance with PPS provisions, the administrator (or others) wouldn’t have been able to take the subcontractor’s money.

Scenario three A contractor (owner) leases their bobcat to another contractor by written agreement. This contractor goes into liquidation. The administrator steps in and registers a security interest on the bobcat. Had the contractor (owner) registered a security interest in their bobcat in accordance with PPS provisions, the administrator (or others) wouldn’t have been able to take the contractor’s (owner) bobcat.

Lessons learnt The PPS legislation has introduced new contract risks that contractors have to manage – otherwise they stand to lose property they legally own. Don’t assume that because you already have legal entitlement to your machinery, tools or money that the law will protect your rights. The PPS provisions are lawful and, if you don’t take up the provisions to protect your property, you and your business could lose assets.

For more information on how to register, visit and follow the prompts. Or, to talk through PPS with someone from Master Builders, call (07) 3225 6444.

Building & planning

Why worry about window protection? with Gary Smith, Australian Window Association I always find it astounding when I go on site and see so many windows with absolutely no protection on the frame or glass.

Types of protection include:

Have you ever seen what happens on a building site during the construction process? Do you know what happens to windows on site? Scratched glass, damaged aluminium finishes, stained and damaged timber, ruined hardware, damaged uPVC finishes, frame damage, and glass breakage are just a few of the incidents that can occur.

• Oil sprays.

You wouldn’t buy a new leather lounge then let brickies cover it in mortar or tradies spray grinding sparks on it or use it as a standing platform. So why not treat windows the same way? A window is one of the higher value items on a construction site, so it really does need some protection to ensure it still looks and functions like a new product after construction is complete. When the owner of a building takes over occupancy, they won’t accept damaged windows as part of their new purchase – and nor should they be expected to. It used to be accepted that a builder would just replace a couple of pieces of glass at the end of construction, which would cost around $100 to $200. Nowadays, with the increased use of high-performance glass, a couple of pieces of glass could cost upwards of $500 to $1,000. About 15 years ago it was also common to use touch-up paint on aluminium frames and to patch up timber frames with wood filler to keep an owner happy. Today, it’s unlikely an owner would be so accepting, considering what they’re paying for a new home or building.

• Tape • Applied films

Looking for a simple protection solution for all those easy-to-damage surfaces on your construction site? The Goop Guys, a Sunshine Coast-based business, offer a special, innovative ‘goop’ that protects a wide range of surfaces like windows, bathtubs, floors, benchtops, and even cars. Visit to find out more.

• Paint-on, peel-off products

Tape While many businesses apply protective tape as standard on aluminium window frames to protect the surface finish, some only do so if requested. Some uPVC businesses automatically apply a protective tape on extrusions, which is often branded.

Applied films When requested, businesses will fit a PVC, polyethylene or other type of film that adheres to the window frame and glass. These products provide temporary protection on glass and other solid surfaces, and typically feature low to moderate tack adhesives that leave no residue when removed. Applied films are used to shield against environmental contaminants such as dirt, dust and moisture, as well as more direct damage caused by scratches and overspray of construction materials.

Paint-on, peel-off These products provide temporary surface protection for windows, aluminium frames, rubber seals, balustrades, benchtops and most non-porous surfaces, and can be applied by your window supplier or a specialist business.

A paint roller is typically used to apply the product, and once the product dries it provides a layer of protection. The product is simply peeled off at the end of the construction process.

Oil spray Oil spray can be applied to timber windows to provide short-term protection prior to painting. It’s usually applied to the timber frame prior to glazing in the factory. Anyone with experience in the construction industry will agree that windows must be protected during the entire construction process.

It’s worth the investment Protecting windows on site is well worth the initial investment as it significantly reduces the risk of potential damage and eliminates the need for costly replacement of glass or repair of windows. It also prevents difficult conversations with trades, suppliers and customers – which is a big tick in our books!

'Paint-on, peel-off' products protect against possible damage caused by cement, paint or render spatter, welding and grinding flecks, as well as other damage resulting from the building, renovating and cleaning process.

You can avoid a lot of cost, as well as difficult conversations that may arise with tradespeople and customers, by simply investing in some protection for your windows during the construction process. There are plenty of options available that provide varying degrees of protection, from products that can be fitted by the window supplier, to products that you can purchase and apply yourself. october / november 16 [ 45 ]



So, what does construction works insurance cover? with Ian Parkinson, Director – Insurance Construction works insurance is nothing new to builders – it’s a common requirement in contracts and is often held as loan security. Construction Works insurance covers building works in progress, covering for any loss or damage that occurs during construction. It can be taken out annually or specifically for each project. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so you do need to assess the cover carefully, as there can be significant variations in the extent and quality of policies issued by different insurance companies. Here are some things you should consider when choosing your cover:

Occurrences of loss or damage The policy needs to insure a comprehensive scope of events. Things like theft, malicious damage, wind, storm, flood and other water damage, cyclone, tsunami, subsidence and landslip, fire including bush fire, and earthquake, should come as standard.

Plant, machinery, equipment and tools Ensure your plant, machinery, equipment and tools (including hired items) are covered, with options available for both on-site and off-site losses. Clarify the coverage for any mobile plant. Are you covered for replacement value or depreciated value? What about unattended items like locked premises or vehicle provisions?

Insured parties At the least, make sure the builder, owner, contractors, subcontractors and financiers are covered. If your contract requires it, you may also need to cover project managers, architects, engineers and consultants.

Works limitations

Also check whether the policy covers defective works or whether the cost of rectifying defective works is excluded. Determine how the policy will respond to resultant damage to correctly executed works caused by defective materials, workmanship, design, plan or specification in other parts of the works.

Some policies will limit the type of works insured, so double check that your project is covered in terms of scope and type of works, location, maximum project value, maximum construction and defects liability periods. Also check any other limitations that may apply.

Insured works

This period generally spans from the start until the practical completion of the project, but we recommend allowing additional time at the end in case of a potential delayed handover.

This should encompass all property comprising the construction, ancillary and temporary works, including all other items to be incorporated in the works, such as formwork, falsework, scaffolding, sheds and on-site amenities (including hired items).

Basis of claims settlement The pay out amount should be based on the costs incurred at the time of repair or replacement, not at the time the damage happened – as the latter can generate a smaller payout. The repair costs should allow for the builder’s customary margin to be added to the cost of damages claimed.


[ 46 ] october / november 16

Cover period

Have an annual policy? Check whether it covers only new projects, projects underway at policy attachment or both, and speculative works. In the event of partial occupancy of the works during construction, special insurance arrangements may be necessary.

Alterations and additions works A construction works policy will only cover new works being performed, not a property undergoing alteration. Always establish a contractual responsibility to insure the property and the status of the owner’s insurance over it during the works, and arrange any additional insurance cover as needed.

Owner-arranged insurance Occasionally, building contracts are let with insurance provided by the owner. Make sure you’re across the policy and all the gaps are filled.

Additional policy contingencies Additional contingencies can be insured as a percentage of the contract price (usually advisable) or for a set amount. Some may be compulsory under the building contract, while others will be optional: • Owner supplied materials • Professional fees (e.g. architects and engineers) • Variations and escalation costs • Removal of debris • Mitigation expenses • Materials in transit • Government and other fees • Off-site storage and fabrication. Really, there’s no substitute for reading your policy documents carefully and making sure you’ve complied with the insurance provisions of your building contracts.

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Employment & wages

Changes to annual leave allow greater flexibility with Mikki Richardson, Senior Advisor Workplace Relations On 23 May 2015, the Full Bench published its decision about the variation of a selection of Modern Awards regarding the taking and payment of annual leave. These changes are now in effect. The ‘plain English’ model terms that have been included in almost all Modern Awards, including the Building and Construction General On-Site Award 2010, deal with the following matters: 1. Cashing out of annual leave 2. EFT transfer payment of annual leave 3. Excessive leave accruals 4. Annual leave in advance.

Cashing out of annual leave

This has since been amended, and employers are now able to pay employees who take annual leave, in accordance with their usual pay cycle.

Excessive leave accruals As a general rule, any period of leave should be taken subsequent to a request from the employee. However, recent changes allow employers who have been unsuccessful in reaching agreement with an employee who has an excessive leave balance (generally more than eight weeks), the ability to direct the employee to take leave. Any direction to take leave must comply with the requirements of the Modern Award or NES, which include: • T  he parties have first tried to reach agreement regarding the taking of leave

Cashing out of annual leave is now an option available to employers under Modern Awards, and for those who aren’t covered by a Modern Award, it continues to be available under the National Employment Standards (NES).

• T  he request isn’t inconsistent with any leave arrangement agreed by the employer and employee

These provisions allow an employee to cash out a sum of annual leave (rather than electing to take the leave), provided the agreement is put in writing and includes:

• T  he employee isn’t required to take paid annual leave for a period of less than one week

• The amount of leave to be cashed out • T  he respective dollar amount that will be paid (including any applicable leave loading) • When the payment will be made. An employee’s annual leave balance following the cashing out must be no less than four weeks, and employers need to be mindful that the total annual leave that may be cashed out in any period of 12 months must not exceed two weeks. Any agreement made between an employer and employee needs to be reached following a period of consultation and mutual agreement by both parties.

EFT transfer payment of annual leave Prior to this decision, 51 Modern Awards required employers to pay an employee for annual leave prior to it being taken.

• T  he employee’s annual leave balance following any agreement to take leave isn’t less than six weeks

• T  he employee has been given no less than eight weeks or no more than 12 months’ notice of the requirement to take leave. In some circumstances, an employee who has an excessive leave balance may also make a written request to the employer to take one or more periods of annual leave.

If new employees who started part way through the year have insufficient leave to cover the shutdown period, an employer and employee can agree in writing to the employee taking a period of paid annual leave before the entitlement has accrued. The agreement must be signed by both parties, kept as an employee record, and state: • T  he amount of leave to be taken in advance • When the leave is to be taken. If on termination the employee has not accrued a leave entitlement to cover the period of paid annual leave that was taken in advance, the employer may deduct an amount equal to the amount that was paid in advance from any money owed to the employee. The introduction of these model terms allows companies the long-awaited flexibility to respond to requests from employees, and gives them the prerogative to more effectively manage excessive annual leave balances.

For more information and guidance on implementing the changes, contact Master Builders’ workplace relations team on (07) 3225 6407 or email

To address situations in which a significant proportion of an employer’s workforce currently has excessive leave balances, the model term contains transitional arrangements whereby an employee’s right to take ‘excessive’ annual leave will not commence until 12 months after the commencement of the clause (being 29 July 2017). An employee is also unable to request more than four weeks paid annual leave in any period of 12 months.

Annual leave in advance It isn’t uncommon for a business to enforce a shutdown period or business closure at some point during the year (e.g. Christmas). october / november 16 [ 47 ]


Employment & wages

Christmas is coming

Have you sorted out your annual leave? with Mikki Richardson, Senior Advisor Workplace Relations Will your business shut over the Christmas and New Year period? If so, now is the time to start planning your closedown. For employers, the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) allows you to close your workplace during traditionally slow business periods, like between Christmas and New Year. During this time, the Act allows you to direct employees to take accumulated annual leave for the duration of the shutdown, subject to the provisions of any relevant Modern Award. In all instances, any direction you give to an employee to take annual leave must be reasonable – taking into consideration their needs as well as the needs of your business. Also think about what is customary practice for your business, along with the notice period and timing of the direction to take leave. Take into account all paid public holidays that occur during the shutdown period in order to accurately determine the amount of annual leave to be paid within the period of closure. Here’s a summary of the provisions covered under various awards:

Building and Construction General On-Site Award 2010 (clause 38.3) An employer may direct their employees to take paid annual leave during all or part of a period in conjunction with the Christmas/ New Year holidays, and close down the business, part of the business or a site where the employees work, for the purpose of providing such leave. If an employee does not have sufficient accrued annual leave for the period of the closedown, then they may be required to take leave without pay for the balance of the closedown period for which leave is not accrued. If the employer elects to utilise the annual closedown option (to provide annual leave for most or all employees) the employer must provide a minimum of eight weeks’ notice to employees, advising them of the closedown. mb

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Clerks Private Sector Award 2010 (clause 29.5) An employer may require an employee to take annual leave as part of a closedown of its operations. Where an employee has not accrued sufficient leave to cover the closedown period, an employer may let an employee take annual leave either wholly or partly in advance before the leave has accrued. An employer must provide a minimum of four weeks’ notice to employees, advising them of the closedown and the requirement to take annual leave.

Joinery and Building Trades Award 2010 (clause 32.7) An employer may close-down an enterprise, or part of it, during the Christmas/New Year period, provided that an employee has accrued sufficient leave to cover the period of the closedown. An employee who has not accrued sufficient leave to cover part or the entire closedown is allowed paid leave for the period for which they have accrued sufficient leave, and unpaid leave for the remainder of the closedown. Alternatively, by agreement between an employer and an employee, a period of annual leave may be taken in advance of the entitlement accruing. If the employer elects to utilise the annual closedown option (to provide annual leave for most or all employees) the employer must provide a minimum of eight weeks’ notice to employees advising them of the closedown.

Award-free employees An employer may require an award-or agreement-free employee to take a period of paid annual leave, but only if the requirement is reasonable. According to the Act, a requirement to take paid annual leave may be reasonable if, for example, the employer’s enterprise is being closed down for a period (such as between Christmas and New Year). If an employee does not have sufficient annual leave, the employee may be

requested to take unpaid leave or an employer may wish to advance the employee an amount of annual leave. We recommend that an employer provides a minimum of four weeks’ notice (or as otherwise agreed) to employees advising them of the closedown and the requirement to take annual leave.

Public holidays During the closedown period it’s likely that public holidays will fall during an employee’s leave. Employees should not be paid annual leave on public holidays but rather receive payment for the ordinary hours they would have worked on that day.

For more information, call Master Builders' workplace relations team on (07) 3225 6407 or email

Employer’s Christmas shutdown checklist:

□ Check that all employees have accrued sufficient annual leave for the closedown period

□ Notify employees that

the business will be closed down, ensuring reasonable notice is provided in accordance with the relevant Modern Award

□ Assess and discuss

options for those employees who have not accrued sufficient leave.

Employment & wages

IR made easy, with Mikki The workplace relations landscape can be complex, with the Master Builders’ workplace relations team fielding thousands of member enquiries each year. Below, our in-house expert, Senior Workplace Relations Advisor, Mikki Richardson, answers some common questions. When a new employee commences, what documents should I give them? Along with their contract of employment, you should provide a copy of any relevant ‘new starter’ forms or documents that are unique to your business. These may include: • E  mployee details form (capturing bank details and personal information) • Q  Leave registration form (for workers involved in building and construction work)

Master Builders has a range of template documents that can be used to create a new starter ‘welcome kit’, so please contact us if you need guidance.

Not sure whether your business qualifies as a small business? Need further guidance on how to best manage employee probationary periods? Please get in touch.

Can I extend an employee’s probationary period?

If I terminate an employee, do they have to work out their notice period?

Probationary periods are a common condition of employment and they provide an opportunity for both the employer and employee to determine the employee’s suitability for the role.

When terminating an employee, whether due to poor performance or redundancy, you can elect to pay out all, or a portion, of their notice period in lieu of them working it.

• Relevant policies or procedures.

Referred to as a ‘minimum employment period’ under the Fair Work Act 2009, a probationary period can be up to six months for a business with 15 or more employees, or 12 months for a small business with less than 15 employees.

All employees must be provided with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement as required under the Fair Work Act 2009. The statement is reviewed each July and provides a summary of the National Employment Standards and minimum conditions of employment for all workers.

As long as your decision to terminate an unsuitable employee is not for an unlawful reason, such as race, gender, disability or any other discriminatory factor, you can terminate their employment during the probationary period by providing the relevant notice period to the employee.

• Super choice form • Tax file declaration • Pre-employment disclosure form

Anywhere anytime access

The employee should receive the same monetary compensation they would have received if they had worked through the full notice period – this includes any annual leave that would have accrued right up until the end of their employment.

As every scenario is unique, contact Master Builders’ workplace relations team on (07) 3225 6407 or with any questions or concerns you have.



a day.

International roaming in 58 countries. Unlimited voice calls & SMS plus 100 MB of daily data. Includes: Automatic International roaming, International data allowance of 100MB per day, unlimited voice calls and SMS to standard numbers anywhere in the world. To find out more and for full terms and conditions, visit or call 1300 88 13 72.

Call 1300 88 13 72

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Regional profile

$1,535 per month




Downs & Western

Toowoomba on the cusp of great things The Downs & Western region of southern Queensland is a diverse and sprawling landscape of country towns, wide open spaces, and a strong farming culture. The region has developed a rich agricultural industry, and also delves into manufacturing and mining, particularly coal mining. The landscape is dominated by rolling hills covered by pastures of many different vegetable and crop species, including cotton, wheat and barley. Between farmlands there are long stretches of crisscrossing roads, bushy ridges, winding creeks and herds of cattle. Other typical sights include irrigation systems, windmills serving as water well pumps to get water from the Great Artesian Basin, rusty old woolsheds, and other scattered remnants from a bygone era of early exploration and settlement. The Downs & Western region plays a pivotal role in the Queensland economy and is home to an active base of some 700 Master Builders’ members. mb

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$65,375 per year MEDIAN FAMILY INCOME







Linda Rosengreen

Downs & Western Regional Manager in building approvals for June, which is the largest increase in over three years.

While the industry has always been ‘feast or famine’, our local building industry is fairly well-insulated from the extreme highs and lows that other regions experience. I believe this can be attributed to the diverse range of economy we have here, including health, defence, education, agriculture, small business and, of course, construction. Residential work has been stable across the board with a reported increase of 51.8 per cent

accommodate the growing population but will also ensure a liveable lifestyle for residents.

There’s a lot of talk about an increase in Combined, this could mean great things for commercial activity, riding on the back of our region in years to come. the completion of the Range Bypass. The connectivity derived from the new airport, the Range Bypass and, if we are successful in our bid, the inland rail project is a real opportunity to bring big business investment to our region. This should stimulate our incredibly stagnant commercial activity and hopefully attract more opportunities in the civil arena as well. We’re expecting to see an increase in residential building activity to accommodate the influx of business people and workers moving to the region. Council is doing a lot of consultation with community, business and industry to ensure that future planning for the region’s growth, particularly in the western area, will not only be equipped to

Chris Tait

Toowoomba Regional Councillor see us construct local street connections necessary to integrate with this region-changing piece of infrastructure.

Toowoomba is set to be a real economic powerhouse in the years ahead, and is on the cusp of remarkable opportunities. As new opportunities in agriculture emerge, the Toowoomba Region is also being buoyed by its proximity to the Surat Basin, one of Australia’s richest accessible resource reserves. From a Council perspective, sound fiscal management has enabled us to continue to invest in the growing region. This year, our $487 million budget will inject funds into essential infrastructure, parks, roads, water and waste management, and the building of our economy. Connectivity to the Second Range crossing is a big priority for Council, and this year will

Toowoomba will see itself positioned as a freight centre and Council continues to advocate for the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Corridor. The Federal Government’s continuing commitment to the project is creating excitement in the region. Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, Toowoomba’s privately owned airport, continues to go from strength-to-strength with direct passenger flights to Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns. International freight is a natural progression for the airport, and it will position the Toowoomba Region as a freight hub. Our city centre is ‘growing up’. There’s a real laneway culture and new dining and entertainment precincts are coming onboard. Council’s city centre master plan and laneway strategy supports this direction, ensuring the CBD remains vibrant and contemporary.

Our city centre is also expanding. Last year Toowoomba saw a new state-of-the-art library and civic square come to fruition, which has extended our CBD offer with a new, green, urban space for residents to enjoy. This year we’ll further develop the precinct, with the addition of a Town Hall annexe and a public event area opening onto the space. The Railway Parkland, a 50-hectare parcel of land, was declared a priority development area in December 2014, which is another positive step in transforming Toowoomba into a modern city. Council envisages an urban village to help cater for the projected population growth of 50,000 people in the city by 2035. This will include high-quality parklands surrounded by mixed-use development. With the broader regional population now nearing 160,000, this unprecedented growth and development is set to change the face of the city and ultimately the region’s economy and lifestyle opportunities. october / november 16 [ 51 ]



Bowen bows out After 20 years at Master Builders, our General Manager of Insurance, Ken Bowen, bids farewell to the business he essentially grew from the ground up.

the largest and most successful insurance operation of any other state Master Builders Association.

Our original insurance business, Queensland Master Builders Association Insurance Agency, was formed in early 1996 and solely operated by Suncorp, but run out of the Brisbane Master Builders’ office.

“I’m extremely proud of the business and relish being given the opportunity to serve Master Builders, its members and the national building industry for all these years,” reflects Ken.

In July 1996, Ken and his sidekick, Ian Parkinson, were recruited to expand its technical capabilities. Together they created a well-rounded business that offered a quality insurance product to Master Builders’ members.

“A strong and dedicated team have always been the backbone of Master Builders Insurance Services, and it’s because of them that we have been able to maintain such a high level of personal service with our members; a rarity in the era of online products and service delivery.

The business grew consistently by 20 per cent year-on-year and began operating as Master Builders Insurance Services in 2003. Not wanting to limit the service to just Queenslanders, Ken and Ian expanded the business throughout Australia in 2004. Today, some 20 years since its humble beginnings, Master Builders Queensland has

It has been a long journey, but it’s one that Ken has been honoured to have made.

Ken is now handing the reigns over to Ian Parkinson. “I have no doubt that exciting things lie ahead under the leadership of Ian – he knows the business inside out and will continue to do great things with it. I see nothing but further success on the horizon.”

Farewell to our contracts guru He’s been members’ go-to for all things contracts for almost two decades, but the time has come for our Manager of Legal and Contracts, Jeff Poultney, to bid farewell and enjoy his retirement years. Jeff started his journey with Master Builders in 1982 when he joined the Contracts Committee, becoming the Chairman and Regional Councillor for Far North Queensland in 1988. In 1999 he became the Manager of Legal and Contracts and has been part of the Master Builders family ever since. Jeff truly made the role his own, consistently advocating for change in both legislation and industry standard contracts through the Contracts Committee and National Contracts Advisory Committee.

Jeff with Michael and Antony from Eatons Lawyers

“When I was offered the position of Manager of Legal and Contracts I took on the role to put back into the industry what I had learnt about contracts, contract administration and construction practices. “From the network of industry contacts I've made and the support I've given to thousands of members, I'm satisfied and believe I've achieved what I set out to do over the last 17 years.

With an impressive career spanning 50 years, Jeff has always maintained a desire to learn and do more.

“The biggest thing I’ll miss will be helping members and working with the Master Builders team, many of whom have become lifelong friends.”

“The industry is constantly changing and Master Builders has always moved with the times, both proactively and reactively, to keep up to date with increasing legislative changes that tend to stifle the industry,” Jeff reflected.

When Jeff walks out the doors for the final time at the end of October, he’s looking forward to spending more time with his family, working with a range of charities and ticking a few more items off his bucket list.


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Know how to manage a project? Do you suffer from constant scope creep, time delays and cost blow outs? If you answered 'yes', then project management training could be your ticket to success. Whether you work in an office supporting site-based staff or you work on site, everyone can benefit from project management training. Regardless of your workforce structure, having knowledge of project management fundamentals will allow your team to refocus, and boost productivity and overall efficiency.

So, what is project management? Project management is a management philosophy that can be applied to a specific set of circumstances. Effective project management in the building and construction industry involves collaboration between head contractors, subcontractors and suppliers – with the ultimate goal of delivering the project on time and on budget.

Training & licensing

As the economy continues to pose challenges for the construction industry, the imperative for site-based staff and project managers to keep projects on time and on budget will continue to escalate. Master Builders’ Integrated Project Management program has been purpose-built for the construction industry, and covers 10 key areas of project management: • • • • • •

Scope Time Cost Quality Human resources S  takeholder engagement

• Risk • Information management • Procurement • Governance (Diploma only)

To find out more about Master Builders’ project management training courses, including Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) and the Diploma of Building, visit or call 1300 136 002.



Contact with overhead powerlines can kill. So for your sake and your mate’s, please look up and live. For electrical safety information specific to your industry, visit

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Training & licensing

Upcoming courses RESIDENTIAL SECTOR Course

Why enrol



Business Management for Trade Contractors (BMC)

Apply for your trade contractor licence.

All regions

Courses in regions run frequently – call for the next enrolment in your region.

Certificate III *

Become a tradesperson.

All regions

Enrol any time

Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) *

Become a low-rise builder.

All regions

Call for the next enrolment in your region.

Cert III in Construction Waterproofing*

Get the skills and knowledge to ensure building projects are waterproofed correctly.

Townsville Cairns Mackay Brisbane Sunshine Coast

Townsville – 20-23 October Cairns – 25-28 October Mackay – 8-11 November Brisbane – 5 -8 December Sunshine Coast – 10-13 December

Mackay Rockhampton

Mackay – 14-15 November Rockhampton – 8- 9 December

Also suitable for the commercial sector.

Mackay Rockhampton

Mackay – 14-15 November Rockhampton – 8 -9 December

Test and tag your own electrical equipment.

All regions

Courses run frequently – call for the next enrolment in your region.

Mackay Townsville

Mackay – 27 October Townsville – 16 November

Asbestos Awareness

Understand your legal obligations around asbestos. Also suitable for the commercial sector.

Asbestos Workers Program *

Electrical Testing & Tagging

Legally remove non-friable asbestos.

Also suitable for the commercial sector.

Estimating Essentials*

Skill up in estimating so you don’t lose money on a job.

Contract Management for Builders*

Gold Coast Make sure you meet your legal obligations Townsville for every construction project. Mackay

Gold Coast – 28-29 October Townsville – 17-18 November Mackay – 28-29 November

Passive Fire Related Installation System*

Get the skills and knowledge to ensure passive fire wall systems are installed correctly. Also suitable for the commercial sector.

Hervey Bay Rockhampton

Hervey Bay – 15-16 October Rockhampton – 18-19 October

Completed Building Inspector Course

Learn how to undertake residential building inspections.

Gold Coast Brisbane Sunshine Coast

Gold Coast – 14–15 October Brisbane – 7–8 November Sunshine Coast – 18–19 November


Why enrol



Electrical Testing & Tagging

Test and tag your own electrical equipment

All regions

Courses run frequently – call for the next enrolment in your region.


* Nationally Accredited For complete course names and titles, specific course dates and further information visit or call 1300 136 002.


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Member benefits

Aesthetic and affordable signage for construction sites We’re proud to bring members yet another new benefit to add to its existing suite of fantastic member offerings. We’ve recently joined forces with nation-wide Mesh Direct – an industry trusted brand offering quality, Australianmade products that can help to promote your business on your building site. Mesh Direct’s flagship product, Banner Mesh, is so versatile it can be used for a variety of applications. From scaffolds to temporary fences, and even between fence poles, Banner Mesh creates visually appealing building sites and importantly, provides advertising opportunities. Printed Shade Cloth is another one of its great products, offering an ideal branding solution for your business at a very affordable price. In addition to adding visual impact when installed as temporary fence

signage, it also provides 70 per cent sun block and 30 per cent wind passage. As self-professed brand consultants, not just printers, Mesh Direct is proud to provide all its customers with the same level of service and quality, regardless of their business or project size. Master Builders members can receive great discounts from Mesh Direct if they incorporate Master Builders’ Proud Member logo on their banners. However, to be eligible for the discount, you must use the correct Master Builders logo. If you don’t already have your copy, just visit our website at and navigate to “I want” and select “Master Builders logo”.

For more information or to order your products today, phone Mesh Direct on 1300 368 or visit

Travelling overseas and want your phone working business as usual? to use public phones or make expensive The minute we head overseas with international calls from hotels or airports. our phones we’re hit with confusing technical jargon, expensive roaming The pass is unique to your Master Builders agreements, conflicting advice, and Connect account. The once-daily fee of $10 non-working gear. Sound familiar? It covers 58 eligible countries, whereas most other travel passes are usually for specific isn’t our idea of fun and we suspect zones – often resulting in bill shock for it isn’t yours either. customers. The Master Builders Connect team has put together a unique international roaming pass for Master Builders’ members, making it super easy to enjoy 'anywhere anytime' access on your smartphone.

When you’re in an eligible country you’ll also get an international data allowance of 100MB per day, unlimited voice calls and SMS to standard numbers anywhere in the world.

Another benefit of the pass is that it automatically applies as soon as the first ‘charging event’ happens overseas, meaning members don’t have to call up to add packs before travelling. The pass provides peace of mind when you take your mobile overseas, along with the convenience of being able to use your own number – just like you would back home.

To find out more and for full terms and conditions, visit

Our Automatic International Roaming Day Pass enables you to stay in touch with friends, family and clients while overseas, which means you won’t miss important calls and messages. It also eradicates the need

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Member benefits

Great deals for members Master Builders strives to secure a range of exclusive benefits to add value to your membership and save you money. When it comes to work and leisure, we’ve got you covered with the following great deals.

Advertising and marketing Advertise with APN and receive a 10% discount. Get a free digital health check and a new website with ARM Digital Marketing Solutions. Promote your business in The Courier-Mail and receive special rates in the monthly Master Builders' House & Land section of home. Keep it local and get great discounts when you advertise in Quest newspapers.

Business suppliers Get 25% off residential pest control services with Enviropest/Flick Anticimex. Source direct at wholesale pricing with Golden Elite. Save 10% on equipment hire with Kennards Hire. Access special pricing with OfficeMax. Deck yourself out with 15% off at Totally Workwear. Shop with Trailers 2000 and save 10%.

Vehicles Save 15% on your next set of tyres with Beaurepaires. Leave your wallet heavier at the pump with your Caltex fuel card. Get exclusive member rewards with BMW and Mini. Drive away easy Toyota, Mitsubishi and Izuzu Ute with great fleet discounts.

Travel Enjoy a weekend away at 50% off with Departure Lounge. Make getting about a breeze with cheaper rental cars.

Health and safety Make your office and workplace safer with Uneedit First Aid Kits & Supplies. Insure your health with BUPA and save.

To find out more about our great member benefits, contact, call (07) 3225 6528 or visit Terms & conditions apply. mb

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Get your super sorted with BUSSQ BUSSQ Building Super’s one year return of seven per cent on its balanced growth option, for the year ended 30 June 2016, means that the fund ranked in the top two funds in Australia, according to the SuperRatings Independent Fund Survey. In comparison, bank-owned funds achieved a return of 1.88 per cent during the same period. This means that an average young tradie or construction worker whose super is with BUSSQ would have gained $2,880 over the year on a balance of $40,000. With returns like that, there’s no better time to get your super sorted. Here are some simple tips to get you started:

1. M  ore than one super account? Roll over and save today On average, Australians have three super accounts. Having multiple accounts increases the risk of lost super and erodes money through unnecessary account-keeping fees.

If you have other super accounts, you can roll them over to BUSSQ in minutes, simply by calling or using their online rollover tool. Visit, log into MemberAccess and click on the Rollover Super tab. There are some things you should check first though, like exit fees and insurance cover. If you want to talk to someone before taking action, call BUSSQ and ask to speak to a Financial Planner. They can compare super funds for you and help to advise about which fund is right for you. This is considered complex advice and is charged at a competitive hourly rate.

2. There’s $16.8 billion in lost super – see if some of it's yours Text your name and date of birth to 0429 558 006 and BUSSQ will do a lost super search for you. It costs nothing to check, and you might be pleasantly surprised you did.

3. N  eed help choosing the right insurance? BUSSQ offers members a range of low-cost insurance options to help you manage your finances. Options include: • Death • Total and Temporary Disablement (TTD) • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) • Income Protection. Go to the insurance section of and select ‘get a quote’ to find out how much insurance you need. Taking action on just one of these points could make a difference to your super balance. So what are you waiting for? Tick getting your super sorted off your ‘To Do’ list now!

For more information or to become a BUSSQ member, call 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 69 2877) or visit

The Employer’s Lawyer Workplace Health & Safety

Employment Law

Electrical Safety

Commerical Litigation

Work Cover

Public Liability


Contact Jamie


Contact Mark

Brisbane Office

Level 7, 231 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 GPO Box 74, Brisbane QLD 4001 T: +61 7 3013 2700 F:+61 7 3003 0788

Contact Andrew

WWW.KADENBORISSBRISBANE.COM.AU october / november 16 [ 57 ]



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Register online at mb

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Book launch success The latest Institute of Building Consultants (IBC) info evening was another great success, with two special guest speakers and the official launch of a brand new industry publication. Attending members heard from Lex Somerville, a building contractor with 16 years’ experience working as a technical consultant for the Timber Research and Development Council (TRADAC). Over the last 13 years, Lex has been an independent building materials and construction consultant working with clients from Timber Queensland, BlueScope Steel, the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH), the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University in Townsville, and the QBCC. Lex shared his expertise on how to install tie-downs and highlighted some common issues for building sites. Members were also lucky enough to hear from Don Dixon, whose industry career has spanned more than 40 years. Most recently Don has worked as an independent building consultant and is highly regarded as an expert witness in matters of mediation and arbitration, and tribunal and court hearings. The info evening also marked the official launch of Building Success – Why Property Investors Need Building Inspections, which is written by long-time Master Builders member, Andrew Mackie-Smith. The book provides a unique, practical and valuable guide for property investors, written from a building expert’s perspective, and is filled with tips, warnings, practical advice and real case studies that can guide you through each stage of your investment journey.

To find out more about Master Builders’ Institute of Building Consultants or Andrew Mackie-Smith’s new book, Building Success – Why Property Investors Need Building Inspections, visit or

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office locations BRISBANE 417 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Qld 4000 T: 3225 6444 | F: 3225 6545 GOLD COAST 18 Central Park Avenue, Ashmore, Qld 4214 T: 5582 7100 | F: 5609 6054 DOWNS & WESTERN 166 Hume Street, Toowoomba, Qld 4350 T: 4659 4200 | F: 4641 7854 SUNSHINE COAST Level 1, 91 King Street, PO Box 1458, Buderim, Qld 4556 T: 5456 9800 | F: 5453 4670 WIDE BAY BURNETT 162 Boat Harbour Drive, Hervey Bay, Qld 4655 T: 4303 2400 | F: 4124 7235 CENTRAL QUEENSLAND 35 Derby Street, PO Box 631 Rockhampton, Qld 4700 T: 4923 1900 | F: 4303 6104 MACKAY & WHITSUNDAY Suite 2, 40 Evans Avenue, PO Box 3188, North Mackay, Qld 4740 T: 4969 4500 | F: 4829 4184 NORTH QUEENSLAND Unit 1(B), 316 Sturt Street, Townsville, Qld 4810 T: 4417 1800 | F: 4422 0094 FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND 310–314 Gatton Street, Manunda PO Box 806, Earlville, Qld 4870 T: 4042 8800 | F: 4027 9214

Andrew and Trish Mackie-Smith launch Building Success – Why Property Investors Need Building Inspections. october / november 16 [ 59 ]


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QBCC Customer Service Centre opens in Toowoomba The Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s (QBCC) new Toowoomba Customer Service Centre officially opened recently, with our Downs & Western Regional Manager, Linda Rosengreen attending along with QBCC Toowoomba Customer Service Centre staff, Mick Cumming and Kaitlyn Healy.

Cairns Golf Day Our recent Cairns Golf Day at Cairns Golf Club was a great chance for our Far North Queensland members to catch up and enjoy some time on the green.

Survey of Industry Conditions prize winner David Deck from D M D Building Constructions on the Gold Coast was the recent winner of our Survey of Industry Conditions prize pack, presented to him by Gold Coast Regional Manager, John Duncalfe.


[ 60 ] october / november 16

Rockhampton Golf Day Our annual Rockhampton Golf Day at Rockhampton Golf Club was another great success. A big thanks to the sponsors of the day: BUSSQ, Totally WorkWear, Sea Haven Yeppoon, BIGA, Rufus Design Group and Rockhampton Building Approvals.

october / november 16 [ 61 ]


People & events

2016 Housing & Construction Awards


[ 62 ] october / november 16

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New Karri Beams & Decking from Porta

Mitsubishi Triton Sale Over the years, Mitsubishi’s trusty Triton has become one of Australia’s favourite light trucks with a solid reputation as a capable workhorse and off-roader. With car-like ride comfort, manoeuvrability, advanced pedestrian and occupant safety, cabin quietness and refinement, the 2016 model is the best Triton yet.

THE BAYER PROTECTION YOUR HOME IS PROGRAM OFFERS PROTECTED BY BAYER HOMEOWNERS TOTAL TERMITE Bayer offers PROTECTION Australia’s most comprehensive termite protection system – the Bayer If you choose to the AProtection first for theProgram. termite industry in Australia, activate and be covered by the Bayer Bayer Protection Program offers homeowners Protection Program you will be protected by total termite protection -- a combination of an exclusive $1 million warranty! regular termite inspections (e.g. annually) easy!the Thepresence Bayer Protection Warranty toIt’s detect of termites; and a starts with an (Kordon®) inspection of homeentry by a physical barrier to the prevent Bayer Accredited Timber Pest Inspector. via areas that can’t be inspected.

If the home is termite-free, and possible conditions which may be conducive to The Bayer Protection Warranty starts with termite attack are addressed, your Bayer an inspection of the home by a Bayer Protection Warranty can be renewed. Accredited Timber Pest Inspector. If the The same inspection takes place each home is termite-free, and possible conditions year to give the homeowner total termite which may be conducive to termite attack are protection. This warranty can be renewed addressed, your Bayer for Protection Warranty annually (fee applies) the life of the can be renewed. The same inspection takes structure. place each year to give the homeowner total The Bayer Protection Warranty covers termite protection. This warranty can be homeowners for up to $1 million worth of renewed annually (fee applies) for the life of termite damage due to product failure or the structure.

any other means of termite entry.

Activate your Bayer Protection Warranty by

The Bayer Protection Warranty covers visiting homeowners for up to $1 million worth of termite damage due to product failure or Forother further information on the Kordon any means of termite entry.

The 5-star ANCAP safety rated 2016 Triton has an all-new model range, extending from the tradie-friendly GLX line-up to the sportsstyled GLS and range-topping Exceed. Cabin functionality is among the best in class with tilt and telescopic steering standard across the range. All models are packed with technology features including Hill Start Assist, Trailer Stability Assist, adjustable speed limiter, multi-information monitor and Emergency Stop Signal function. At the heart of the 2016 Triton is a new, refined 2.4-litre MIVEC turbo diesel engine. Peak power is up to 133kW at 3500 rpm, while torque is boosted to 430Nm at 2500 rpm across both manual and auto models. Fuel consumption is just 7.2 l/100km for the GLX Double Cab with 6-speed manual. Triton is the ideal package for towing with an official 3.1 tonne maximum braked capacity (4x4 Double Cab models) and has been specifically tested and tuned in Australia to offer balanced towing performance. Triton also strikes a practical balance between tow capacity and payload so that even towing at the maximum weight, 2016 Triton retains a functional, usable payload. Mitsubishi’s 2016 Triton starts from just $23,500 drive away.

Termite Barrier, Bayer Protection Warranty and Frequently visit To activate yourAsked BayerQuestions Protection Warranty or or visit contact theinformation Bayer Protection team for further contact theon Bayer 1800 552 802. Protection team on 1800 552 802.

Porta now offers durable hardwood timber beams and decking in Karri timber. Karri timber decking and beams are a versatile and attractive option for exposed outdoor applications and in garden construction. Karri timber decking is a Class 2 (above ground) Australian hardwood. Fully certified (PEFC) and sustainably logged, Karri is a cost-effective choice for outdoor timber in landscaping constructions. Karri timber beams are Class 2 (above ground) / Class 3 (in ground) and have an F27 strength rating, making them suitable for use anywhere that a high-strength, structural-grade timber is needed. Karri is ideal for a large range of external and internal applications, including landscaping, joinery, decking, cladding, screening, pergolas, stairs (int/ext), outdoor furniture, walkways, flooring, cladding and handrails. Porta offers Karri in pieces, job lots or packs, as well as small decking packs and long large sections (up to 5.4 lin m (beams). Porta sells a large range of durable timber products, timber mouldings and rough sawn timber and can make any profile to unique specifications in a large selection of timber species. With over 65 years of timber manufacturing experience we recommend calling the “people who know and love timber” today. CR118175AA

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66 Hope St | South Brisbane Phone: 1300 13 12 11 october / november 16 [ 63 ]


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1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Air-conditioned & Fully Self Contained Balcony looking directly towards the ocean Heart of Mooloolaba All on your doorstep

Freecall 1800 649 192

81 Mooloolaba Esplanade, Mooloolaba, Queensland, 4557

“Bring The Beauty Of Wrought Iron Into Your Home”

We can create & design unique pieces that will compliment any setting.

Waste Management Solutions to Suit Your Please support those businesses who s Needs

• Industrial Bins • Mini Skips • Compactors • Wheelie Bins • Recycling • Extra Large Containers • Liquid Waste • Grease Trap • Waste Oil • Confidential Waste

4634 1062

SUGDENS CRANE HIRE Ph: 07 4632 5545 24 HOURS

Please support those businesses who support your loca Safety & Efficiency Is Our Number One Priority! • Construction : Commercial : Industrial : Residential • Factory & Machinery Relocation • Silo Erection & Maintenance • Roofing Installations • Civil Construction • Tree Planting & Relocation • Pre-Fabricated Concrete Panel Erection


Ironic Art

Darling Downs Brick Sales is an established and trusted retailer of bricks, blocks, pavers and landscaping products. We sell a wide range of products from Australia’s leading manufacturers including PGH Bricks & Pavers, National Masonry, Boral Masonry, Claypave, Chelmstone, Paving World, Aalborg Cement and Environex Stonecare Cleaners and Sealers. We have the largest outdoor display of bricks, block and pavers in SE Qld, open for public viewing 24/7. With 33 years in the industry, the DDBS team delivers first rate service as we are passionate about assisting our customers to create their dream home or outdoor space. We deliver throughout SE Qld using Dantrans Pty Ltd, our modern, purpose-built fleet of 10 Volvo trucks with Moffett piggy back forklifts, and one Crane truck. We offer real value for money to all customers and that’s why our customers have kept coming back again and again… for 33 years!

07 4633 3311

23 Rocla Court Toowoomba | OPEN: Mon to Fri 8am – 5pm I Sat 8am – 11am


Ph: 07 5462 1381 Mob: 0419 729 476 74 Western Drive, Gatton

Directory Directory

List your business with

We Can Make Everything Old Look New Again

tHe Master BuiLder directory Pages

today. Promote your business to over 8,500 readers. Phone Brooke (07) 4690 9309 for further information

• Cornices & Ceilings • Internal & external walls • Impact resistant walls • Wet area solutions PH: 4635 0260


Jeff Hannaford

Pty Ltd

Ever met a Chartered Accountant with a sense of humour? With a nickname of “Hairy” Contact Jeff Hannaford who is a community minded Chartered Accountant and doubles as a Trouble Shooter.

What can Jeff and his staff solve??

Anything!! Jeff Hannaford is a Community Chartered Accountant and

Trouble Shooter who has been in business since 1978 when he opened up his first office in Inglewood. His business has now grown with another 2 offices in Texas and Millmerran. Jeff supports the AOOB Organisation because they are involved in charity and charity begins at home. Try Jeff and his staff’s experience in solving your Accountancy, Taxation and Financial worries For a free insight into what changes you could make to your Business or life phone Jeff on 0429 894 937 or Millmerran 4695 1477 Inglewood 4652 1106 or Texas 4653 1155


Don’t delay, contact and enjoy the experience of good old fashioned service.

Last word

2016 photo b th shenanigans Our members like to strike a pose for the camera and this year’s regional Housing & Construction Awards proved no exception. Check out some of our favourite pics, snapped thanks to the support of our event partners, Enviropest Flick Anticimex.


[ 66 ] october / november 16

BUILDERS: enhance your Look professional customer experience by and save money with partnering with us for Buildcentre. complete lighting supply. If you want ‘smooth and trouble-free’... it’s ideal.

Buildcentre is a web-based job management system, This is an ideal way to retain full control over the quality of your build or renovation, even taking with forwarding your customers direct you from start to us for further personal consults and final choosing of their to finish. preferred fittings. By partnering with us you can take full advantage of our free lighting consultancy service, seemlessly and effortlessly supplying your whole house or office fitout straight off the plan.

So whether you’re just ordering a single decorative bulb, or organising multiple home package buys, we’re keen to achieve the smoothest, easiest process that suits your business method.

• Get quick quotes in less than 5 minutes


• Contracts included*




GET STARTED FROM AS LITTLE AS $65^ • ENERGY EFFICIENT OPTIONS PER MONTH! Contact Jason Ah-Wong to find out more about how we can fully • LED LIGHTING

service your building requirements. M 0409 466 298 I E Check out for your nearest branch ESTABLISHED IN 1990, IDEAL HAS 32 BRANCH LOCATIONS ACROSS QUEENSLAND WITH 26 LIGHTING SHOWROOMS.


LIGHTING Call 1300 762 252 or visit SHOWROOMS

* Included contracts and WH&S documents dependent on subscription level. Price includes GST. ^Refer to terms and conditions at


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