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A QUALITATIVE RESEARCH PROJECT Understand the new art of gathering data, to tell relevant stories.


Outline for Qualitative Market Research Study www. marketdirectionsmr.com

Good Market Research Practicable Interesting Relevant

Adequate number of subjects

Affordable in time and money

Manageable in scope

Getting the answer is intriguing

Confirms, refutes or extends previous assumptions

To Company’s sales force

To management

To those being studied


Market Directions Qualitative Study A Qualitative Research Study A quick overview of the competitive landscape. Understand your current and target customer strategy Qualitative Interviews – Conversations - with Current Customer Qualitative Interviews – Conversations - with Prospective Customers Recorded Conversations

 Appropriate Recruit – i.e. C level  Report Recommendations for Next Steps


Qualitative Research Study A qualitative study, means the results obtained cannot be confidently applied to an entire group. i.e. if 25% of respondents agree with a message, you cannot be statistically confident that within the general population of customers and prospects the same proportion would give the same responses. However, it is a methodology used to:

Understand the feelings, values, and perceptions that underlie and influence behavior Identify customer or prospect needs Recognize customer or prospect personas Capture the language and imagery customers use to describe and relate to a product, service, brand, etc. Generate ideas for improvements and/or extensions of a product, line, or brand Perceptions of marketing/communication messages Pursue parameters to develop customer journey (buying) map Develop criteria (i.e., relevant questions, range of responses) for a quantitative study


Project Work Plan Administer & Implement

Prepare & Strategize Define and Confirm Objectives 1. Discussions with: •



Front line reps

Others as appropriate

2. Competitive Landscape 3. Identify and Selection Interview Respondents •

Who do you need to talk to?

4. Prepare Finalize Interview Guide

1. Active Recruitment •

Recruit only appropriate respondents, that look like and have some authority as current customers.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Schedule & Conduct Interviews Pause for analysis Ensure Quality Standards Deliver Results •


Formatted for Audience

 Our recruitment is successful– we deliver as promised.

The keys to the success of this qualitative research study are based upon a strong foundation. The project Market Directions delivers answers your questions only if the interview guide reflects back to your original goals and objectives. The interview guide will include questions whose answers can be used to support or negate the stated objectives. Additionally, contacting the correct respondents who are reflective of your current and target customers ensures results that are meaningful.

Interview Guide  We will develop questions that  are clear, specific and relevant  focus on current attitudes and recent behavior  do not have vague quantifiers, such as frequently, usually or regularly  contain demographics

 We will conduct interviews as a conversation.  Typically we interview high-level executives, conversations a much more appropriate, than how likely, mostly agree, etc.

Respondents We qualify the respondent, (Recruitment) so that the we have a conversation with the correct person. Prior to implementation, we understand who the respondent is so that we can format questions that are targeted to his/her experience. Make clear to respondent survey length and incentive terms (cuts down on abandonment) Have large enough list to ensure quotas are met.

Outcome and Deliverables The Value of the Research


You will be able to:

Report Includes

 Develop/support marketing strategic    

objectives Promote management by fact Validate assumptions that support or negate the research hypothesis Make a case to support changes to the status quo Confirm or refute assumptions about your customers

 Insights and Executive Summary  Follow-up meeting and presentation    

of results Audio Transcripts Open-ended text report Demographic Profiles

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About Market Directions Firm Identification

Market Directions provides a full range of research - primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative, locally and nationally. We are capable of managing all phases of marketing strategy and market research projects from conceptual design through implementation. We listen to our clients, consult and apply our expertise to deliver data, strategies and clarity. Our strength in the marketplace is our dedication, and responsiveness to customer’s needs and insights into our findings. Your results include the development of concise, easy to understand information, giving you the ability to integrate relevant information into your strategic decisionmaking process. We offer superior professionalism, responsiveness, expertise, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our Process: The Market Directions Experience A proprietary multi-step process that produces superior results by using a series of internally-developed best practices revised over a 20 year period.

Experience 20 plus years in business as market research firm 25 plus years analytical and marketing experience by owner Developed and trained associates Mastery Published results at conference Consistent measurements of delighted customers by outside firm Data Reported to Congress Expert Testimony Process Quality assurance is provided throughout Control the process Accountable and Responsible Communicate with Yottaa on progress throughout Deliver results on time and within budget Match costs and information value Tools Virtual Recording and Transcribing Call Center Relationships List Broker Relationships Professional Interviewers--- not telemarketers Market Research Expertise and Technical Ability PhD level statisticians Highly trained staff

Working with Market Directions In order to establish a viable relationship Market Directions: Assists you by focusing on your goals and listening to what you know about your industry, your customers and their behaviors. Assists you in setting your own goals to ensure “buy-in” --- goals are reasonable and practical. We recognize your strengths, abilities and internal environments that may constrain certain activities including budget limits.

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