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Noblesse Oblige: A Prescription for Happiness

Timothy Ho ‘24 proudly holds the cards that he and his classmates sent to deployed troops serving overseas. Each card was designed and written with a personal message.

As we Welcome another school year, it is important to think about what keeps us moving and aspiring for greater things. What is the point of our yearly routine and why do we have to keep infusing new things and challenges to such? This is what I know for sure: As human beings, we are constantly searching for what brings us happiness. We desire a meaningful existence. We want to understand the purpose of our lives. Then we come to realize that our thirst for happiness is insatiable. Our whole being always pines for something greater than ourselves; something that can bring satisfaction to all our longings, desires, dreams, wants and needs. At Maryknoll School, on top of our rigorous and excellent academic formation, athletic programs, and all extra-curricular activities, we integrate a spiritual formation that can guide our students in finding a path to happiness. It is called Christian Discipleship! Discipleship is a daily call to live a life of altruism, a selfless giving for the sake of others as Jesus did. This can be translated in a common understanding as community service, doing good, being with others, giving back, volunteerism, etc. Discipleship means to follow the command of Jesus to love one another. We do everything in the name of love. It is a way of living that needs to be learned through practice and, when lived accordingly, brings happiness. When we do good things, we cannot help but feel a tremendous joy - a satisfaction that comes naturally. Even when the process of doing it entails sacrifice and painful challenges, the end result is a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of meaning. Sometimes, the requirement to complete a certain amount of hours of community service may not make sense. But it is a great exercise in learning discipleship. This exercise is guided by our school motto “Noblesse Oblige” which means “Nobility Obliges,” or “to whom much is given, much is expected.” Knowing who we are as disciples of Jesus, obliges us to live according to that identity. And so we ask the question, “What brings us true happiness?” The answer is, living our lives to the fullest by living for others as Jesus did. My prescription for true happiness: Altruism Jesus’ style! Discipleship! Living Noblesse Oblige!

Leo Delgado Director of Campus Ministry

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