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PHOTOGRAPHY: David Murphey Kyle Roche ’18 Expressions

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Kris De La Cruz Stephanie Frank Noah Furtado ‘21 Maria Kanai Alex Zhang


Father Gordian Carvalho Gabrielle Gouveia ‘96 Thomas Kosasa, M.D. Katherine M. MacNeil Perry Martin Rix Maurer Anna Ono Father EJ Resinto Mike Rockers Alfred M. K. Wong Darryll D. M. Wong ’68 Derrick Wong ’68 Stacey Wong Susan Chong Wong ‘66

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The Sum of Our Parts The older we get, the more we realize the importance of education and how it impacts all of our lives. That’s why our staff strives to do everything possible to provide opportunities, to encourage and to nudge students in the right direction – to become the best they can be. Because of our passion and focus on our mission, we’re proud of the school we stand for and want to thank every single student, parent, teacher, alum, staff member and friend that has contributed to the sum of who we are. Individually, we’re strong, but together, we are Spartans.



Dear Friends of Maryknoll School, With our 90th Anniversary school year and celebration behind us, we find ourselves very grateful and hopeful with the outpouring of generosity from our community. I am so amazed by our students as I watch them grow into empowered global citizens, ready to change Maryknoll School, and the world, for the better! Maryknoll School is truly making a difference. Our 90th anniversary year proved to be very productive; with two successful construction projects completed, we have created large green spaces for our children to play within invigorating environments. In a special ceremony, a tree was planted in the kindergarten playground and dedicated to Maryknoll’s environmental commitment, a large “Great Lawn” was created on what was once a sprawling blacktop parking lot at the grade school, and a “greenbelt” was planted connecting the Kosasa Garden to the kindergarten playground. All of these special projects demonstrated our commitment to Mālama Honua, “care for our planet.” Our 90th anniversary also paid special tribute to Pwo Navigator and 2018 Kekumano Honoree, Nainoa Thompson, and the Polynesian Voyaging Society. Our students were honored to share the essence of the term “pwo” – to be the light, share love and lead actions to effect positive change in our community. Our high school unveiled the first dance and fine arts studio donated by the Bob and Frances Bean Family. The dance studio complements our already outstanding band, choir, and fine arts programs, producing excellent entertainment for all. A beautiful new landscaped rock wall is planned for the front of the high school, and enhancements to the driveway and walking entrances.

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I’m also very pleased to share that our students are taking full advantage of the many programs and learning opportunities offered at our school. Last school year, we launched the state of Hawaii’s first school-day Mandarin Immersion Program, and witnessed first-hand the positive impacts this innovative curriculum has on our kindergarten and 1st grade students. Our challenging Mx and Project Lead the Way Programs continue to attract and mold creative, and visionary young minds. These programs are helping students remain fully engaged and passionate about their education, in addition to providing opportunities to be accepted into some of the top universities across the country, along with significant merit scholarships and awards. In addition to being proud of our academic achievements, I am pleased to present this Annual Report acknowledging our many benefactors. Once again, our board members and faculty/staff have achieved 100% participation representing their commitment to our mission and students. I am always blessed to attend many Maryknoll School fundraising events, where generous donors abound. I am very thankful for the sincere commitment and love that our donors have for Maryknoll School, many of them giving back to their alma mater in honor of those that gave to them years ago. I’m also so proud of our alumni and the significant differences and positive impacts they are making in our community and world.

Our 50th year Reunion Class Giving Program, Alumni Award recipients, and special events are also highlighted in this report. I hope you will take the time to review the information included. Please know that I extend my deepest appreciation for your continued support of Maryknoll School. It is through the generosity and service of our caring donors and alumni, the trust of our families and students, and commitment of our faculty and staff that allow us to continue to grow and live out our mission of educating young Spartans, in the spirit of Noblesse Oblige, as we have since 1927. Mahalo for the part you have played in celebrating our 90th Anniversary school year, and for being proud members of our Maryknoll School community.

Perry Martin President



33 REPORT OF GIVING 2 017-2 018


FALL 2018





by Stephanie Frank Whether hiring thousands in Las Vegas or opening a new bar in Waikiki, Michael Kawazoe ’95 has always appreciated the impact of his alma mater.

After over a decade of service to Maryknoll and thirty-four years of service in the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu altogether, Father Gordian “Gordy” Carvalho will pass the torch to Father EJ Resinto.





by Kris De La Cruz

Mahalo to all those who have given their time, energy and resources toward building a better tomorrow for Maryknoll School and our students.

Allysha Mateo ‘18 and her family have a motto that has provided them with many opportunities to create positive impacts within themselves and in their community.

18 THE ROCHE FAMILY: A LENS OF NOBLESSE OBLIGE by Stephanie Frank The past thirteen years have been filled with growth and giving for the Roche Family – including Kyle ’18 discovering his passion for photography.

by Stephanie Frank

Intro by Wendy M. Chang

76 THE JOY OF SERVING By Maria Kanai Dr. Joseph (Joey) Ward ‘98 shares how his high school experience at Maryknoll School prepared him for his successful career as a pediatrician. A DIGITAL COPY OF THIS K NOL L ER IS AVA IL A BL E AT: www.maryknollschool.org/knoller S TAY UP-T O-DAT E WIT H M A RY K NOL L NE W S AT: www.maryknollschool.org/news SHARE YOUR STORY WITH US: www.maryknollschool.org/sm Every story is considered for posting on our social media and website. THE KNOLLER




FALL 2018





By Stephanie Frank

Two high school students, separated by distance but brought together through basketball, share insights about their joint experience with Maryknoll’s new Common Goal Diplomacy program.

From 1927 to the present day, Maryknoll’s campus has undergone many transformations, including recently updated learning environments and new green spaces. Even more transformations are on the horizon.

58 THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE IS YOUR TIME By Kris De La Cruz With last school years’ Day of Service, our entire K-8 student body participated in various service projects to help improve communities across Oahu, perpetuating and living out Noblesse Oblige.

60 PARTNERING WITH HAWAII PACIFIC UNIVERSITY By Stephanie Frank Taylor-Anne Atou, Angeline “Angel” Tanjutco, and Kai Sunahara – three trailblazing Maryknoll students who will graduate this spring with both a high school diploma from Maryknoll and an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in General Studies from Hawaii Pacific University as a result of our new partnership.

By Noah Furtado ‘21 & Alex Zhang

66 SHAPING HAWAII’S KEIKI FOR A GLOBAL FUTURE By Maria Kanai Maryknoll School’s innovative and first-inthe-state Mandarin Immersion Program is instilling cultural appreciation and higher cognitive skills within our youngest students.

68 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2018 We celebrate and recognize the 84th graduating class of Maryknoll School.

74 WE ARE THE SUM OF OUR PARTS A photographic look back through the 20172018 school year.






Find out more about what our alumni community has been up to over the past year!

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FALL 2018

Pivoting & Always Giving by Stephanie Frank

When Maryknoll School transitioned from contributing players to Pac-Five to having its own baseball team, Michael Kawazoe ’95 and his close friend Brian Mistysyn ’95 joined the team. “We were thrown to the wolves,” says Michael. “It was rough. I think we only won two or three games the entire year. But, we always went out there and gave our best. We didn’t let the losses affect us, because we knew we were laying the foundation for something better down the road.” And, as the Maryknoll School baseball team won three Division II State Championships from 2013 to 2015, Michael witnessed the fruits of those arduous efforts in the early nineties. “We felt like they were winning for us,” he says. Those formative years on the Maryknoll School baseball team not only set the stage for the baseball team’s future success, but also taught Michael to face adversity and adjust. “Facing losing is key to being successful in life,” he explains. “The challenges of athletics have helped me to succeed in the real world.”



PIVOTING THROUGH THE MAINLAND After strong encouragement, from former Maryknoll School teacher and college guidance counselor Ann Hannan, to go to college, Michael attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), majoring in Hospitality Management. He became involved in the campus community, joining student government and a fraternity – creating a connection that led to an internship opening a new AAA Five Diamond Resort and Casino on The Strip at the Bellagio. Michael joined the team that sorted through over 50,000 applications in three months to find the 3,200 employees for the grand opening of the Bellagio. “It was a massive undertaking,” remembers Michael. “You don’t see that every day.” Michael and the team were successful. They created a five-step hiring process, a template that has been replicated numerous times for hiring in Las Vegas. And, Michael was offered a paid job in the concierge department at the Bellagio for his final years at UNLV. Upon graduation, Michael moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream career in finance and investments, aspiring to be like one of the movers and shakers in the movies Wall Street and Boiler Room. His first day of work was September 11, 2001. “The world was changing,” Michael recollects. “Finance was not a good industry to be in at that time. People were scared. They were not looking to invest. It was a difficult period.” Despite the difficulties, all of Michael’s clients from his two years in Los Angeles saw strong returns on their investments. “I had no complaints from any of my clients,” he says, “but, it was an uphill battle.” Michael returned to Las Vegas to partake in the housing boom, joining J.P. Morgan Chase Bank working with investments and home loans. He assisted retirees as they moved to Las Vegas for its desirable weather, cost-of-living, activities, and convenient location. But, the positive aspects of Las Vegas for retirees could often be trumped by the difficulties of navigating a new landscape. Michael helped by holding seminars to link people to resources and creating caring friendships with his clients. “One of the people I met was named Shirley,” says Michael. “She was a widow and really needed help managing her money, setting up her accounts, and making sure her bills were paid every month. I became close friends with her and her family. Now, when I go back to Vegas, I stop by to visit her and talk story – at least a couple of times per year. If I ever get married, I am sure I would invite her.” While in Las Vegas, Michael also returned to UNLV to mentor new graduates. His words of advice: “Be grateful. Be open. Be flexible. Do not be set on only one way. Pivot.” 10

FALL 2018

By giving, I am making sure the next generation has the same great experience that I did. I think that it is a responsibility for all alumni to make Maryknoll even better for the next generation.

RETURN TO HAWAII After Michael successfully pivoted through the challenges of hiring for the Bellagio, working in finance during 9/11, and navigating resources for retirees, he returned to Hawaii in 2009 to work at his family’s business, the Ohana Malia Waikiki Hotel. His initial assignment was to open a bar and restaurant on the hotel’s premises. Thinking about his international clientele, Michael designed an upscale sports bar, Rivals Waikiki, with high-definition televisions perfect for viewing any sport programming visitors may have desired, from rugby to soccer to cricket to NFL Sunday football. He also displayed his collection of sports memorabilia, creating a classy atmosphere. Now, six years since opening, Rivals Waikiki provides a unique setting for enjoying time with friends. While constructing Rivals, Michael noticed some unused space – about 130 square feet. An idea popped into his head: a pizza window. He asked the contractor to create an opening through the wall, and now Slice of Waikiki serves pizza from noon to 2 a.m. every day. As trolley drivers stop in front of the shop, they shout, “Best pizza in town right there!” Michael’s current position is the Executive Vice President of Operations at the Ohana Malia Waikiki Hotel. Michael embraces the competitive hotel industry with constantly changing technologies to serve people from around the globe. “There is a paradigm shift from the old way of doing things to the new online frontier,” he describes. “I have interesting conversations with people from diverse backgrounds. I learn their travel styles. We always cater to our base clientele, while also exploring new markets.” THE KNOLLER


Left: The street view of Slice of Waikiki, located outside of the Ohana Malia Waikiki Hotel on Kuhio Ave. Below: A delicious slice, served hot and covered in fresh toppings.


FALL 2018

RETURN TO MARYKNOLL Upon his return to Hawaii, Michael not only returned to his family’s hotel, but he also returned to his alma mater. “As soon as I came back, I was on campus playing basketball on Monday nights,” says Michael. Blaine Gier ’88, Associate Director of Athletics and former Alumni Director, started open gym nights for alumni at the Maryknoll Community Center, which later led to the formation of the current basketball league for alumni to reconnect and compete. Through the Monday night basketball games, Michael reconnected with graduates from many decades ago, and he continued to stay connected with his friends from his days at Maryknoll School – whom he describes as his best friends. “The friendships I made have lasted,” he says. “I still talk to ten of my closest friends from my graduating class on a regular basis. As soon as we arrived on our university campuses across the country after graduating, we stayed in touch through weekly emails. In 1993, we started a fantasy football league, and we just celebrated our twenty-fifth consecutive year of playing together last August with a reunion in Las Vegas.” Michael remains connected to the Maryknoll School ‘ohana, often attending events – from basketball to volleyball to the Annual Paina. He was cheering from the stands this past year, as the girls and boys basketball teams competed in the state tournaments. For the first time in school history, both teams were named ILH Division I champions for the 2017-2018 school year. He also purchased a table at the Monsignor Charles A. Kekumano Scholarship Benefit Dinner, while also donating sports memorabilia to the dinner’s silent auction and volunteering his time to set up at this important event. “I love participating in those events,” says Michael. “I like to see the direction that we are heading as a school. I like to see the athletic department grow. It is amazing we have students who are flying planes and making robots. I look forward to continuing to be involved.” As his business success has grown, he also has given back financially to the school. He contributes to the Tony Sellitto Scholarship, created and named in honor of long-time Maryknoll coach, athletic director, and supporter Tony Sellitto. Coach Sellitto guided the Maryknoll School boys basketball team to four state championships and seven ILH championships during his twentythree-year tenure in the 1970s and 1980s. “Coach Sellitto put a lot of time and effort into building our programs. He touched so many lives,” says Michael. Michael will sometimes stop by the athletic office to visit Blaine and Ben Valle ’84, Director of Athletics. “I will see how things are going and will always ask if there is anything they need or any assistance I can provide them,” he says. “Michael lives our school motto of Noblesse Oblige,” says Blaine, while describing his appreciation for Michael’s involvement. “He is always giving of his time and through annual financial contributions. He is involved in ways that continue to make an impact on the current students.” Michael gives because he realizes he was given so much through his Maryknoll School experience. “I reflect back on my time at Maryknoll with only positive memories. The educators shaped me into the person that I am today,” he says. “By giving, I am making sure the next generation has the same great experience that I did. I think that it is a responsibility for all alumni to make Maryknoll even better for the next generation. We have been around for 90 years. Maryknoll is what it is today because of the people that came before us. Noblesse Oblige is continuing the legacy and the work that others before have done.” THE KNOLLER


T H E M A T E O S’ D A I L Y A F F I R M A T I O N :

Work Hard. Study Hard. Always say “please” & “thank you.” By Kris Dela Cruz

Almost every weekend, for the last few years, you could find the Mateos on a golf course. Father and daughter are teeing off, hoping for long drives on the greens and putting for birdies instead of bogeys, while Mom is enjoying the beautiful views and has the difficult job of driving the golf cart around. This sport has become a true family affair for the Mateos, and was another way for them to spend time together before Erwin and Liza sent Allysha ‘18 off to college.


FALL 2018

Liza and Erwin Mateo were born and raised in the Philippines. Growing up in their motherland was difficult for them. Erwin says, “We know how hard it is to live. But, we knew if we got our education, life would be better.” So Liza and Erwin did just that and it paid off for them - Liza is a registered nurse and Erwin, an engineer. In 2000, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and named her Allysha. As parents, they knew they wanted to instill in her to put God first, family always, have a great work ethic, explore all opportunities, study hard, and to always give back to your community.

T HE JOURNE Y T O M A RY K NOL L SCHOOL In January 2004, Allysha and her parents settled in to watch one of their favorite shows, “American Idol.” Every week, they voted for their favorite Idol and Maryknoll School alum, Jasmine Trias ‘04. “I heard of Maryknoll, but I didn’t know much about it until the show,” says Liza.

As the season went on, they learned more about Trias and what made Maryknoll School special to her. Little did they know that this show would influence where they would send their daughter to school. They applied to two schools. One of the schools was closer to home and the other school was farther away, but it fit their criteria. Allysha was accepted to only one school and Erwin and Liza believe it was the right school for their daughter.

M A K ING S ACRIFICES To succeed, you must also make sacrifices. They go hand in hand with one another and the Mateos had to make sacrifices. “I worked the night shift and they [Erwin and Allysha] would pick me up after work. Allysha would be sleeping in the back seat,” says Liza. “It was hard, but I’m fortunate that my schedule changed, so I could spend more time with her.” Allysha’s school week routine was mom dropping her off at school and when

she was younger she would ask Mom to do math problems with her on the way to school. An odd request, but not for someone whose favorite subject is math. After school, it was Dad’s turn to pick her up. Before becoming members of Honolulu Country Club, they would drive to golf courses in Kapolei, Ewa Beach or Ko Olina, just so Allysha could practice. As part of her daily routine, she always receives a text message from her parents, “Study hard. Work hard. Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’” This daily affirmation has helped her to excel academically, and also as an athlete. Her parents describe her as hard-working, goal-oriented and not a quitter. When she got home from golf practice, she did her homework with multiple screens on and stayed focused to get her assignments done.” says Liza. The sacrifice and hard work have paid off for the Mateos. Allysha was a 4.0 student and recipient of Maryknoll School’s Academic Merit Award for the past four years. Her work ethic towards academics

and golf was also recognized by Brigham Young University, who offered her a fullride scholarship. Said her parents, “We were so excited for her and our family! It was unbelievable.” “My parents worked hard for me to go to a private school and they never had that. I want to make sure my parents know that what they did was not all for waste and their sacrifice was worth it,” says Alysha. “I want to be successful in the future, so I can give back to them what they gave me.”

THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER Like most parents, it’s important for Erwin and Liza to give their daughter as many opportunities as possible. This is their way to teach her how to overcome challenges, not be afraid to try something new, be independent, and to learn something new. The worst that can happen is that Allysha realizes it’s not for her. Erwin and Liza love ballroom dancing and plan on doing it more now that Allysha THE KNOLLER


has left for college. “We would bring Allysha with us to practice and our competitions,” says Liza. “One day, Allysha asked if she could try modeling, singing and acting, so we said ‘yes’ and supported her.”

“Allysha is always one of the first people to introduce herself at tournaments.” Liza Mateo

Exploring different types of arts is a great way for any child to express their creativity. One of her early childhood memories of Maryknoll School was singing in the choir at the Kekumano Award dinners. “It was cool to meet the different Maryknoll supporters,” says Allysha. During the summer, Allysha’s parents enrolled her in Maryknoll School’s summer camps. First grade summer camp is where she discovered the first sport she actually liked. “At summer camp, we went to Tripler and this was the first time I ever played tennis. I actually enjoyed it and played for a few years,” says Allysha. “These summer camps provided Allysha many opportunities to try different sports,” says Erwin. Like a kid who loses interests in a toy, or an adult looking for a career change, Allysha lost interest in tennis. So, she decided to give one of her dad’s favorite sports, golf, a try. Nine years later, she’s still playing and enjoying it. If you ask her who her favorite golfer is, her reply would be, “I don’t really have one” with a big smile on her face. Erwin would pick his daughter up every day after school and drop her off at the Honolulu Country Club to practice for two hours. He’d join her after work so he could also work on his golf game. The time together was their way to unwind and spend time with each other on a consistent basis. During the summer, mother and daughter traveled to the mainland for golf competitions. This has been a great way for Liza and Allysha to spend time together. They’ve traveled to many different states, tried many types of foods, and had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Those acting, singing and modeling classes also paid off. “Allysha is always one of the first people to introduce herself at tournaments,” says Liza.


FALL 2018

LIVING NOBLES SE OBLIGE It’s one thing to say you are Noblesse Oblige, but it’s another thing to be living Noblesse Oblige and the Mateos are living it. “I truly believe in helping people to improve their lives,” says Erwin. As a registered nurse, Liza volunteers and fundraises for Aloha Medical Mission, which provides free healthcare to underserved people in the Pacific, Asia, and Hawaii. She also brought Allysha to one of the mission trips and hopes they can make the journey together again in December 2018. For the past couple of years, their family also helped to feed the homeless in the Kakaako area through their church. They also volunteer annually at the Kekumano Award and Scholarship Benefit Dinner and will continue to do so. By living Noblesse Oblige, it has opened Allysha’s eyes to learn and want to understand the social issues that affect our community. Many people her age say their dream job is working for Facebook, Adidas, YouTube or some other well-known brand, but surprisingly, she doesn’t. “I want a job that involves a bigger purpose. So right now, I want to work for the CIA or FBI or St. Jude Medical Center doing medical research. I want to feel like I’m making a positive impact in our community.”

BEYOND MARYK NOLL SCHOOL Graduation has now passed for the Mateos. Allysha received lei that overflowed past her head and had a graduation celebration with family and friends, which of course included her favorite Filipino dish, chicharron. In August, she left for college and her parents got back to ballroom dancing. The college years will surely go by quickly. When she makes her way back to Hawaii for school break or vacations, Allysha hopes to share her journey with Maryknoll students, maybe through a golf workshop or becoming a mentor. Who knows what the future will hold for Allysha, but she promises this, “Everything that I want to do is because I want to make an improvement, a difference.”




A Lens of

Noblesse Oblige By Stephanie Frank

Thirteen years ago, Michael Roche and Verna Ling-Roche ’85 nervously brought their son, Kyle, to his kindergarten admissions interview at Maryknoll School. As soon as they entered the room, Mrs. Florence Min welcomed Verna by name. Shocked that her former study hall teacher remembered her, Verna thought to herself, “Is this good or bad?” However, her nerves quickly dissipated as Mrs. Min continued to greet them, initiating a conversation to connect with her former student and prospective new student. “That first day really set the tone,” remembers Verna. “Mrs. Min reached out to us and was very warm. We knew Maryknoll was where we wanted to be.” Verna and Michael applied only to Maryknoll School for their son Kyle, despite advice from others to apply to more than one school. Set on the small Catholic school, the family eagerly awaited the admission news – slowly opening the mailbox every day after April 15 to see if a small or big Maryknoll School envelope would be inside. Then, one day, little Kyle reached inside the box and exclaimed, “I got the big envelope!” With acceptance to Maryknoll School, the Roche family’s involvement in the community and commitment to living Noblesse Oblige began. 18

FALL 2018




FALL 2018

EYES WIDE OPEN The days of singing Sonny and Cher on stage at Rogers Hall for the SophomoreSenior Brunch had long passed for Verna. Now, she and Michael were in Bachelot Hall on a Saturday with a group of Maryknoll School kindergarteners and their parents. While watching a puppet show and cooking KC Waffle dogs, they thought, “Why are we here?” After eating many waffle dogs together, Verna realized, “We were there for the students. It was an activity for the families and a way to get to know each other as a community.” After that first gathering, the Roche parents knew they wanted to be involved in their only child’s journey through Maryknoll School. “Life is too short,” reflects Michael on their commitment to being involved. “If you miss a year, you can never get it back. A lot of things the kids do at this age, we cannot duplicate a second time. We want to capture every moment. While we may not have it on video, it is in our minds. We will always remember that special day – the school, the teachers, the parents, the kids.” Michael and Verna helped to create many more special days for the Maryknoll School community. Every year, Michael gave Kyle’s homeroom teacher a list of ways he could contribute to the class. In kindergarten, Michael brought two seahorses for the students to observe. One, whom the students fondly named Michelangelo, dramatically gave birth to many seahorses, and then tragically ate all the babies. Later in the year, Michael created a reef touch tank in the classroom, where the jubilant kindergarteners could interact with live sea cucumbers, tako, brittle stars, hermit crabs, and fish like those from the movie, Finding Nemo. In first grade, Michael brought fish he

had caught to make beautiful prints of uhus, kumus, and kalas in the gyotaku style. In second grade, Michael led an activity for the children to design picture frames decorated with their first initial – a gift the students gave to their parents, capturing the memorable day. A couple of years later in fourth grade, Michael contributed supplies and ideas to create a clock with each student’s picture for Mother’s Day. “We didn’t know what to expect each year,” recollects Michael. “We went eyes wide open. We experienced everything from day to day and year to year. We were excited to participate – to see the students smiling and laughing and having fun.” Verna was also welcomed into the classroom to partner with Kyle’s teachers throughout the years. As a teacher herself at Shafter Elementary, Verna’s desire to be involved started out of curiosity. “I wanted to see the interactions,” she says. As Verna volunteered every Friday as a helper in Mrs. Ching’s fourth grade classroom, even teaching a physical education lesson, her curiosity turned into a true partnership. “I liked helping and giving,” says Verna. “The teachers always welcomed me. They were open and appreciative.” To give in a greater capacity, when Kyle was in first grade, Verna joined fellow parent Candace Pang to become the class of 2018’s Parent Teacher Guild (PTG) class representatives, which was later renamed the Parent Teacher Alliance (PTA). The duo planned two fun, often service-oriented family activities per year around the island – from painting benches, swimming, and having lunch at Camp Timberline, now known as Camp Pālehua, in Makakilo, to caring for the land and learning about various species at the Hawaii Nature

Center in Makiki. “A lot of new friendships have been made through our involvement in the PTA,” says Verna. “By interacting with the different projects and events, the bond we make with the parents and their children is even better. We are known as aunty and uncle to many of Kyle’s classmates. While representing Maryknoll and the grade level, we have completed service projects together – with the parents and even the grandparents.” One of the largest PTA-sponsored events is the Annual Paina, formerly known as the Lūʻau. Adorned in class t-shirts, with the class of 2018’s often designed by Michael with his graphic design expertise, the Maryknoll School community unites to hold a fun family event with food, games, and shopping. Each class is responsible for a game booth. Over the years, Michael has worked with Mike Arakaki and family to create iconic games, including skeeball and a “burst the bubble” board, which were stored in their garage. To create a successful Paina, Verna leveraged the skills and talents of the class of 2018 parents. “I ask if the parents want to be involved, and their response is almost always ‘when’ and ‘how,’” reflects Verna. “Parents appreciate us taking the initiative to ask and include them.” “I have never felt overwhelmed by all the activities and planning,” says Verna, “because I wanted to do it. And, I felt it was important to do it for the students and the teachers.” Joining class field trips also created lasting memories and friendships. During the fifth-grade trip to Camp Erdman in Mokulēʻia, Michael and the parents filled over two thousand water balloons for an epic water balloon fight. The lessons of Noblesse Oblige were not lost during all the



fun, however, as the parents then reminded the students to take care of the property by picking up all the balloon pieces. The following year, Michael chaperoned the class trip to the Big Island, witnessing the students’ immersion in Hawaiian culture as they visited Volcanoes National Park and chanted at a heiau. “The students were extremely wellbehaved and prepared,” remembers Michael. “All the Big Island activities were very educational. As a parent, I learned just as much as the students.” As Kyle advanced in grades, the field trips needed fewer chaperones and the students became more independent. Nevertheless, Verna and Michael still found ways to give. Michael has served as the assistant tennis coach for Maryknoll School’s intermediate, junior varsity, and varsity teams for the past six years, volunteering his time to teach life-long skills to the tennis team. “As a coach, I tell the students to play hard, play fair, and have fun,” says Michael. “I tell them, ‘Do your best. That’s all you can do.’ Grades are always first, and we teach them to communicate. If they cannot make it to a match, it is expected the notification comes from the players, not the parents.” In recent years, Michael and Verna volunteered at the Kekumano Scholarship Dinner, serving during the silent and live auctions. “We were asked to volunteer, so we did,” says Verna. “It is interesting to meet Maryknoll donors and supporters. It’s a different view of Maryknoll. Many people are committed to the success of the students, and we are happy to contribute.” “Maryknoll has become a part of our lives, because we chose to participate,” says Michael. “We wanted to make an impact, but we never thought we would be at this point. Giving back and being involved has 22

FALL 2018

benefitted us. We met students, parents, and grandparents. We had different experiences. We learned what Kyle was doing at school. We are thankful the school - the teachers, administrators, and other parents – has been so approachable and supportive.”

THE CAMERA LENS Despite being involved in boy scouts, tennis, and catching a 700+ pound marlin with his dad, when Kyle was in the sixth grade, multimedia teacher Mrs. Eva Robinson and middle school teacher Ms. Kim Mattler approached and encouraged him to be more involved in Maryknoll School life. They suggested yearbook. Kyle spoke to some friends, and soon they joined yearbook adviser Ms. Theresa Martin and the rest of the yearbook team in the small closet space on the second floor of B Building. “I wasn’t a big fan of working the yearbook software. I was bored,” remembers Kyle. “Ms. Martin encouraged me to start taking pictures.” Kyle borrowed his dad’s basic Canon camera and began photographing sporting events in the Maryknoll Community Center. He realized though, “The gym has weird lighting, so I started searching online to learn the manual settings. I wanted to take more control of my pictures.” Ms. Martin noticed Kyle’s commitment to the yearbook and the creativity and quality of his photography. He became the head editor of the yearbook when he was in seventh grade, beginning his journey of giving through photography. “By eighth grade, I became known as ‘the camera guy,’” says Kyle. He began photographing a variety of sporting events, even learning the ins-and-outs of basketball, volleyball, and football in order

to anticipate the shots. His photos span masses, graduations, dances, community service, and many other Maryknoll School events. He has even partnered with one of his mentors, former Maryknoll School technology teacher Mr. Christopher Coats, to do side-gigs as a wedding and portrait photographer, earning enough money to purchase new cameras and equipment to better his photos’ signature look of soft light with some pop. He currently uses a Canon 1D X Mark II and Canon 5D Mark III. “I often get a text before an event asking, ‘Can you be here?’” says Kyle. “If I am available, I always go. After an event, I will sometimes get a text, ‘Did you get a shot of [this event]?’ I try to take as many pictures of all the different events and people as possible. I have become the photo bank.” That passion for capturing the moment along with his strong work ethic has led Kyle to view Maryknoll School from a variety of lenses. When the baseball team won their third Division II State Championship in 2015, Kyle was in the Les Murakami Stadium dugout with the team. He ran onto the field – almost getting thrown into the pile – and captured the boys ecstatically embracing each other in the huddle. “I have many friends on the baseball team,” says Kyle. “As a former baseball player, that was definitely a nice moment.” Kyle has photos and a video montage of his classmates being hit by dodgeballs during the high school’s annual Spartan Challenge. He also has photos of members of the class of 2018 holding the winning trophy above their heads for the past three years. “I love the Spartan Challenge,” says Kyle. “It’s an opportunity to have fun. Our grade level comes together under one set



goal – to beat the other grades. In a bigger school, it’s difficult to have such a bonding event like the Spartan Challenge.” A few weeks before beloved art teacher Mr. Bradley Koki passed away, Kyle created a video of students and alumni sharing memories of their times together. In the video, Kyle had the opportunity to capture Mr. Koki’s thoughts about the Maryknoll School community. Kyle remembers him saying, “There is something special about Maryknoll students. They put their trust in me.” As Nainoa Thompson received the Monsignor Charles A. Kekumano Noblesse Oblige Award for Service at this year’s Kekumano Scholarship Dinner, Kyle captured the emotion on Nainoa’s face as tears started to form in his eyes. “Taking photos of Nainoa was one of the most memorable Maryknoll events I have shot,” says Kyle. “I’ve had a family relationship with Nainoa since I was young. It was amazing to photograph an award that was honoring him at such a high level.” Kyle also contributed photos to the Kekumano live auction: a four-picture spread of the Hokulea leaving from and returning to Oahu, which was taken from his uncle’s boat near Diamond Head and while riding the waa Hikianalia. Kyle was asked to join the boys’ basketball team as they traveled to Shanghai, China as a part of Maryknoll’s new international learning opportunity called the Common Goal Diplomacy Program. He obtained a passport for his first trip outside the country and packed three suitcases filled with equipment – ready to capture the scholar-athletes from


FALL 2018

Maryknoll School and Shanghai Nanyang Model High School. “My photographs showed the basketball game, the daily life of Chinese students with their exercises in the mornings, the cityscapes, and the beauty of China,” describes Kyle, who will also be producing a documentary of the trip. “Through basketball, the students from Maryknoll and China broke the language barrier. All we heard was laughter and joking. We also visited a British school outside of Shanghai to view the possibilities of Chinese immersion programs. The second graders at the school could speak both English and Chinese so well. Though the schedule was more hectic than I thought it was going to be, I learned to be prepared and flexible.” The emotions, the excitement, the last moments together – Kyle has photographed graduations at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center for the past two years. While capturing many of his good friends graduating, he also reflects, “Photographing graduation makes me look forward to when I graduate. How am I going to react when it’s my time? I will try not to cry. There will be friends whom I stay close with, but it will be sad because it will be our last time together as an entire class. I also think, ‘I am not going to have photos of this!’” Kyle is currently studying Business Administration at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, He will continue to volunteer at Maryknoll events and photograph weddings and portraits as side jobs, with the hope of starting his own photography business one day.

Left Page: Nainoa Thompson visits Maryknoll School to plant a tree in honor of Malama Honua. This Page: (Above Right) Kyle on his way to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. (Above Left) The Boys Varsity Basketball Team visits the school with Shanghai’s top ranked Girls Basketball Team.

CONTINUING NOBLESSE OBLIGE From seahorses in the kindergarten class to basketball in China, Verna reflects, “Would Kyle be where he is today if he didn’t go to Maryknoll? He might have been just a number at another school. At Maryknoll, he has been given a lot of responsibility. He has support from teachers and administrators. They take the time to be a part of Kyle’s life.” “When we started, 2018 looked so far away,” says Michael. “Now, the kindergarteners are the class of 2030. I tell parents that it goes by really fast. Treasure every day. Be a participant in the life of the school and in the life of your child.” Kyle echoes his dad’s encouragement to practice Noblesse Oblige, “I hope more people will become involved in Maryknoll’s activities. Photography is my way of giving back. When someone needs help, I am willing to help them out. Giving is making someone’s life easier because I have the skills to do it. Everyone has their own unique skills to give.”



Passing of the Torch by Stephanie Frank

It was January 5, 1985. After graduating in 1971 from the University of Portland with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and working in the corporate world at Avco Financial Services, American Security Bank, and ESCO Corporation in Oregon, Gordian “Gordy” Carvalho would return home to the Big Island. He had earned his Master of Divinity from St. Patrick’s Seminary and University in Menlo Park, California, and would return to his childhood parish of St. Joseph’s Church in Hilo. He would become the first priest ordained on the Big Island.


FALL 2018



Now, thirty-four years later, on January 5, 2019, Maryknoll School’s beloved Father Gordy will retire from the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu, after serving as the pastor of the ManoaPunahou Catholic Community, which includes Maryknoll School as well as Sacred Heart and Saint Pius X parishes. Following his ordination, Father Gordy served as associate pastor at Co-Cathedral of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, and St. John Apostle & Evangelist Church. In 1989, he was assigned to the Holy Cross Parish and Sacred Heart Mission on Kauai, where he experienced Hurricane Iniki. In 1999, Father Gordy moved to Oahu to serve as pastor of St. John the Baptist Church and St. John Apostle & Evangelist Church. Then, in December 2006, Bishop Larry Silva assigned him to the Manoa-Punahou Catholic Community. “The parish is quite a project,” explains Father Gordy. “It is unusual since it’s St. Pius X and Sacred Heart. And, a large part of Sacred Heart is its parochial school, Maryknoll. The school is not a small Catholic school, as Maryknoll has well over one thousand students.” “The assignment was a challenge, and I thought I would give it a shot,” he recollects. “Now I have been here for almost twelve years, which is significant since an assignment is normally around six or seven years.” Since accepting the responsibility to oversee the largest Catholic school in Hawaii, Father Gordy has contributed to the spirituality, sustainability, and success of Maryknoll School. In addition to regular pastoral duties, such as blessings and services, Father Gordy has presided at school Masses, including the ones that open and welcome students back to campus, and ones that close out the year and bless them as they embark on their summer plans. At every Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Ceremony for the past twelve years, Father Gordy has blessed Maryknoll School graduates as they embarked on their next journey. He was an integral part of the team involved in the construction of the Maryknoll Community Center. “It was a privilege to sign the contract to begin construction,” he recalls. “A lot of people were involved, and together we developed a great addition and facility to the community.”


FALL 2018

My life as a priest has been a rich life. Father Gordy




FALL 2018

Father Gordy was also on the search committee to hire a new school president in 2008. “Approving Perry Martin as President of Maryknoll has been one of the highlights of my service,” says Father Gordy, who meets weekly with Mr. Martin to discuss the life and culture of the school. Recent conversations have led to the implementation of new technologies and programs to equip students to serve in the constantly-changing, more globalized world – including the Mx Scholar Programs and Chinese Immersion Program. “Maryknoll is the largest Catholic school in the state, and it is amazing,” proclaims Father Gordy. “Schools are hard to operate, but Maryknoll has withstood the test of time.” Now, after over a decade of service to Maryknoll and thirty-four years of service in the Diocese altogether, Father Gordy looks forward to a relaxing retirement. “It is time for me to retire,” he expounds. “A priest normally retires at my age of seventy, and my body and mind are not what they were twenty years ago. I had a heart attack about eight years ago, and I don’t want any more open-heart surgeries. One heart stint is enough. It’s time to let other people with the energy take over.” “Honestly, my life as a priest has been a rich life. I had the opportunity to meet many people from all kinds of situations,” reflects Father Gordy. “If I had stayed on the Big Island or in Portland at the steel company, I would not have had the same life. It has been a full life.” Father Gordy is currently training his successor, Father EJ Resinto. “Father EJ is young and energetic,” Father Gordy says. “He is mature and has a sound mind. I think he will be good for the parish and the school.”

“While the role is big and there may be various challenges, I know through a strong prayer life and a heart of serving God, we will get through it.” Father EJ

Father EJ was raised on Kauai by a faithful, devoted Catholic family. He was involved in his home parish, Immaculate Conception Church in Lihue, becoming an altar boy at the age of seven, joining the youth group, and serving parish leadership. From an early age, he had the heart to serve and admired the priests.

Today, Maryknoll School and the Punahou-Manoa Catholic Community are blessed to be led by the energetic priest with a heart to serve. “It feels right to take on this role,” elaborates Father EJ. “The priesthood does have its challenges; school leadership has its challenges. But the joy of service trumps all the challenges that may arise.”

Upon graduation from high school, he attended Culinary Arts School at Kauai Community College, but, after one year, was not happy in the food industry. “I talked to my parish priest about serving the Church,” remembers Father EJ. “I knew God was calling me to serve, but I didn’t think he was calling me to serve in the capacity of a priest. My priest told me, ‘Why don’t you try it out? Take the chance.’”

“I have a big vision but am adjusting and readjusting to find what is best for the parishioners and the students,” explains Father EJ on his aspirations in the new role. “How can we in our community become the best stewards of the gospel? At Maryknoll, our students are striving to be holistic learners and productive members of society. Students are showing God’s goodness through serving the greater community – and even serving throughout the world.”

Father EJ took the chance, enrolling at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, and continuing to St. Patrick’s Seminary and University, where he completed his Master of Arts in Theology. Father EJ then returned to the islands. “I knew from the start I wanted to come home and minister at home,” he says. Bishop Silva ordained Father EJ on July 9, 2016, and his first assignment was parochial vicar at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church and School in Ewa Beach.

“I am very happy and blessed to be at Maryknoll,” says Father EJ. “I am grateful and humble that the Bishop saw me and saw my gifts that I may be able to use at Maryknoll School and the parishes. While the role is big and there may be various challenges, I know through a strong prayer life and a heart of serving God, we will get through it. In the spirit of Noblesse Oblige, I know I have been given a lot and a lot will be expected – all for the glory and honor of God.”




How You Can Participate

GIVE TO THE ANNUAL INVESTMENT IN MARYKNOLL (AIM) CAMPAIGN All AIM gifts go directly to students in the classroom and help pay for tools, software, arts, and sports programs and teacher enrichment. GIVE TO AN ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Endowed scholarships are a lasting legacy that provide tuition assistance to future generations of students. Endowed scholarships can be named in honor of the donor or a loved one. ESTABLISH A PLANNED GIFT Planned gifts, including bequests in wills and IRA designations, are an opportunity to give back to Maryknoll School and at the same time take into account your own financial planning needs. VOLUNTEER FOR A SPECIAL PROJECT There are many exciting projects at Maryknoll School designed to enhance the intellectual, spiritual and athletic growth of our students. If you would like to volunteer, get more information or tour our school, we would be happy to share our vision with you. WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU The Office of Institutional Advancement works with donors to support the mission of Maryknoll School.


FALL 2018

Please contact us at 808-952-7310 or development@maryknollschool.org.

2 017-2 018



Class of 2018 seniors traveled to Kuliouou Beach Park, where they worked to clear the park and coastline of invasive species. In performing this group community service, they exemplified the true meaning of our school motto, Noblesse Oblige.




Dear Friends, The 2017-18 Report of Giving is a testament to the alumni, parents and grandparents of our students, and friends and supporters of Maryknoll School. This is more than a list of names -- it is people whose lives, past, present, and future, have been touched by Maryknoll and who in turn continue to bless the school with their generosity and commitment. In all areas of giving, we are grateful for our donors who contributed $1,023,007 to Maryknoll School in the 2017-18 fiscal year. Their gifts helped with tuition assistance, teacher enrichment, facilities improvement, technology upgrades, and much more. Maryknoll School was built on the values of the founding Maryknoll Sisters more than 90 years ago. The students of today face a vastly different world than the students of 1927 and curricula and facilities have changed along with the times. However, those Maryknoll values – deeply rooted in Noblesse Oblige – remain and shine just as brightly. We are immensely grateful for the support of our donors that flows out of those values. How different are we today? •

In kindergarten this year, parents had the choice of a traditional kindergarten for their children or a Mandarin Immersion Program.

In the Grade School, “Project Lead the Way” encourages students to work independently and in groups, and tackle problem solving and creative thinking.

At the high school, our innovative new Mx curricula engage students on four career tracks, STEM & Aerospace, Medical Innovation, Creative Arts & Expression, Business & Diplomacy.

All of this embodies how Maryknoll School is a leader in transforming education to best prepare students for their future. If you have not been to campus in a while or you would like to learn more about the many exciting changes at Maryknoll School, please call (808)952-7310 or email wendym.chang@maryknollschool.org. I would love to continue this conversation with you and share with you the story that is the Maryknoll of today. Thank you for your continued support in ensuring Maryknoll continues to be a place that educates global thinkers, thoughtful problem solvers, and selfless leaders.

Wendy M. Chang Director of Institutional Advancement


FALL 2018






AIM R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018






48 %



$ 351,8 32








$ 1,0 2 3 , 0 0 7

10 0 %



The Foundation for Maryknoll School is designated as a 501 c(3) entity through the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Its federal tax ID number is 38-3926901.





BENEFACTOR’S CIRCLE $5,000+ Angela M. Pratt, M.D. Bank of Hawaii ++ Mr. Robert and Mrs. Frances Bean Beatrice M.H. Young Foundation, Inc. Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Laurie Broderick + Mr. Paul ‘57 and Mrs. Yvonne Chinen +++ Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Connie Ching First Hawaiian Bank +++ G.N. Wilcox Trust + The Estate of Virginia Gonsalves ‘38 Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hiramatsu ‘75 Mr. Douglas K.T. Ho ‘60 Mr. Galen Ho ‘63 and Mrs. Patricia Ching ‘63 Ho ++ Mr. Michael Ho ‘57 and Mrs. Patricia Chu ‘57 Ho + Mr. James and Mrs. Beth Hoban + + Donor has given for 10+ consecutive years. ++ Donor has given for 20+ consecutive years. +++ Donor has given for 30+ consecutive years.

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Kelelina Huddy Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation ++ Interior Showplace Ltd. Mr. Michael F. Kawazoe ‘95 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kosasa ++


FALL 2018

Mrs. Marlene T. Kurihara Mrs. Claire Chong ‘50 Lau and Mr. Merton Lau ++ Mr. Kent and Mrs. Gwen Lau Lucky Hotels USA Company, Ltd. McInerny Foundation + Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc. + Mr. Ross and Mrs. Dayle Murakami + Mr. Dan Nakasato and Mrs. Chrystal Wong New City Nissan Mrs. Aiko Odo Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Pang ‘68 Dr. Michael Pi Prime Care Services Hawaii, Inc. Mr. Larry and Mrs. Patricia Rodriguez + Rudolph A. and Ralph W. Sylva Scholarship of the Hawaii Community Foundation + Society Contracting LLC Mrs. Valerie Sorensen ‘63 and Mr. David Sorensen + Ms. Ginny Tiu Mr. Derrick Wong ‘68 and Mrs. Carol Kwak ‘68 Wong + Dr. and Mrs. Livingston M.F. Wong ‘48 Mr. Stacey Wong ‘70 and Mrs. Lorena Wong Mrs. Susan C. Wong ‘66 and Dr. Calvin Y.H. Wong ++


PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000—$2,499

ABM Industries, Inc. +

Accounting Management LLC

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Albert Chong Associates Inc.

Mr. Andrew J. Arakaki ‘98

The Arcadia Foundation

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Dr. Joseph Lee, Jr. ‘70 and Mrs. Madeline Tom ‘70 Lee Mrs. Chris Mattos ‘85 Loomis and Mr. Philip Loomis ++ Mr. Perry and Mrs. Leann Martin + Mr. Arnold Martines and Mrs. Thuy Nguyen-Martines Mr. Erwin and Mrs. Anita Mateo Mr. Darrell Mattos ‘63 * and Mrs. Marjorie Mattos Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris ++ Mr. Pat Nakagawa ‘80 and Mrs. Tina Nakagawa New York Life Hawaii Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Sherri Okinaga Mr. Jason and Mrs. Anna Ono Dr. Henry Oyama ‘49 Pacific ComTech Pacific Concrete Cutting and Coring, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Pang ‘56 + Mr. Reginald C.C. Pang ‘63 and Mrs. Doris I. Pang Ms. Cathy Pierce Pulama Lana`i Mr. Lorenzo Revilla and Dr. Maria Ilar-Revilla Ms. Elizabeth Rice Grossman RJW Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Ryan Mrs. Michele Tagawa ‘77 Saito and Dr. Kevin Saito Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Sherri Sakamoto Dr. David and Mrs. Elizabeth Samsami Dr. Venerando Seguritan and Mrs. Mona Liza Valentin Ms. Kellilynn K. C. Smith ‘98 Structural Systems Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Suyderhoud Mr. Ken and Mrs. Sherryl Takahashi Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Takao Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Teri Theuriet Mr. Eric Tiwanak ‘67 and Mrs. Gail Nakagaki ‘67 Tiwanak ++ Mrs. Shana Campos ‘83 Tong and Mr. Rodney Tong ++ Mr. Simon and Mrs. Motoko Treacy Mr. and Mrs. John K. Uekawa Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Loling Ursulum Webco Foundation + Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wo The James and Juanita Wo Foundation

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Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Allison Kim Knights Of Columbus Council 1577 Mr. Michael P. Leach ‘68

R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018


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The Robert and Betty Wo Foundation

Mr. Glen and Mrs. Aireen Yagyagan Mrs. Denise Pang ‘71 Yee and Dr. Edwin Yee



PRINCIPAL’S CIRCLE $500—$999 Alexander C. Waterhouse Sr. Foundation Mr. John Baraquio ‘88 and Mrs. Emilda Baraquio Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Berger Mrs. Kelli K. Brandvold + Mrs. Felice Wong ‘65 Broglio and Mr. Edward Broglio Cpt Hugh Joseph Campbell + Chaminade University of Honolulu Mrs. Lin Ann Chang ‘81 and Mr. Brian Shigaya Dr. and Mrs. Malcom H.M. Chang Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Char, Sr. ‘63 Mr. Cyrus Chen and Mrs. Liane Takahashi-Chen Mr. Shih Chia and Mrs. Yuli Chang Mrs. Juliette Y. Chock ‘53 ++ Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Chock ‘70 Ms. Gerrie Choy Mr. Eric ‘83 and Mrs. Sharene Chun Class of 1967 Class of 1968 Mr. Robert J. Coursey ‘64 and Mrs. Susan N. Coursey Cutter Management Co. Mr. Jon and Mrs. Kimberly Dahl Mr. Michael X. Dean ‘65 and Mrs. Kathryn N. Dean + Mrs. Shalei Bissen-Kealohi ‘01 Dolfo Mr. Kendall Ellingwood Mr. Renato and Mrs. Cecile Flojo + Mr. and Mrs. Shawn G. Fonseca ‘78 Mrs. Jane Bryant ‘67 Forsythe and Col George Forsythe Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fujikawa Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Furtado Judge Colette Yoda ‘73 Garibaldi and Mr. John Garibaldi Mr. Michael and Mrs. Stephanie Garnett Mr. Beau and Mrs. Judy Gilliland Mr. Ronald T.Y. Goo ‘54 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Higa Mrs. Wendy Wong ‘73 Howell Mrs. Noraine Sue Ichikawa ‘68 Mr. Charles and Mrs. Regina Iguchi Jane C. Wong Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation Mrs. Linda W. Kealoha ‘66 and Mr. Abraham S. Kealoha Dr. Mari Ann Zeiler ‘82 Keithahn and Dr. Stephen T. Keithahn Mr. Sungju Kim and Mrs. Sue Jung Jin Mr. Lee Kimura and Mrs. Lisa Yamamoto Ms. Jennifer King Mr. Peter A. Kirst ‘06 Mr. Kurt M. Kunimune Mr. Waley C.M. Kwock ‘64 Ms. Deborah A. Lazur


FALL 2018

Mrs. Audrey Kong ‘64 Lee and Mr. Guy Lee ++

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Mr. David A. Molenaar Mr. and Mrs. Guy K. Moriwaki Mr. Richard and Mrs. Dolores Mosko Mr. Dan Nagami and Mrs. Robin Aipa-Nagami Mr. James and Mrs. Elaine Nakayama Mr. Michael Neenan Mr. Mike Nitta NVIDIA Oahu Federal Credit Union Mr. John and Dr. Leslie Ohari Mr. and Mrs. James O’Hearn Mr. Patrick H. Ono ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Oshita ‘68 Mrs. Sandra Freitas ‘64 Peltzer and Mr. Todd Peltzer PG&E Corporation Foundation Mrs. Linda Wedge ‘73 Puu and Mr. John Puu Mr. Kevin M. Ramirez ‘81 Mr. Scott Ruppel Saks Fifth Avenue Mr. Eric and Mrs. Lissa Schiff Mr. Roy L. Shults ‘66 * Mr. Marvin V. Silva ‘77 Mrs. Ann Mary Siu-Kinder ‘81 and Mr. John Kinder Society Contracting LLC Mr. Frederick J. Soong ‘78 Stat Medical, Inc. Mrs. Frances Goo ‘47 Steen Mrs. Janis Ing Strauss ‘65 Mr. David and Mrs. Tammy Stumbaugh Mr. Jason and Mrs. Juvana Sunahara Mrs. Audrey N. Tanaka ‘64 and Mr. Milton K. Tanaka Mr. Stephen Teves and Ms. Melissa Pavlicek Ms. Regina Toguchi Mr. Tyler Tokioka Mrs. Carol Tsai Ms. Nikki Tsai Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Y. Ukishima ‘58 + Ms. Julie Anne Wassel ‘88

Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Helen Agbayani Mr. Landen and Mrs. Allyson Agcaoili Mr. Edward and Mrs. Annabel Agleham Mr. Harmon and Mrs. Janet Ah Sam Mr. Thomas K. Aiu Mrs. Liberta Aiwohi ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron A. Akau Mrs. Barbara Nobrega ‘61 Akau and Mr. Henry Akau Mr. Antony and Mrs. Leatrice Aki Mr. Brendon and Mrs. Blair Akiona Ms. Jolette Aldrich ‘89 Mrs. Catherine Waters ‘53 Allen Ms. Stewart Allen Mr. Sean Alpichi and Ms. Kylene Osaki Mr. James and Mrs. Melisa Altura Ms. Yuklin Aluli ‘66 AmazonSmile Foundation Mr. Eugene M. Amorine ‘56 and Mrs. Sandra Amorine Mrs. Brenda Anderson ‘67 * Mr. Cheyne K. Andrade Dr. Linda J. Anegawa Mr. and Mrs. Raynard L. Apana Mr. Brian and Mrs. Collette Arakaki + Mr. and Mrs. Walter Y. Arakaki Mr. Ken Arakawa Mr. Victor and Mrs. Catherine Arcayena Mrs. Melissa M. Arciaga Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Armstrong Dr. Nathaniel and Mrs. Kaori Arnone Mr. Douglas and Dr. Ivy Asano Ms. Evelyn R. Asuncion Mr. Vincent Atienza and Dr. Jo-Ann Quengua-Atienza Mr. Dan Y.W. Au Hoy Ms. Erin Awai Dr. Lynn Babington Mrs. Clara Bueno ‘89 Baker and Mr. Jonathan Baker Ms. Cynthia Y.T. Balantac Mr. and Mrs. Vimafer P. Balantac Mr. Ruben and Mrs. Lanie Balotcopo

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Ms. Deena Chong ‘89 and Mr. Wade Navarre

Ms. Alyssa F. Edu ‘18

Mr. Dennis T.K. Chong ‘55 and Mrs. Bernice H.S. Chong

Mr. Christian F. Edu ‘16

Mr. James and Mrs. Amy Chong

Mr. Jose and Mrs. Mary Tess Edu

Mr. Kerwin and Mrs. Lois Chong

Mrs. Mary Finnegan ‘58 Ehring and Mr. Joseph Ehring

Mr. Randall Y.L. Chong ‘84

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Bella Encomienda

Ms. Stephanie Y.L.S. Choo ‘81

Mrs. Patricia Gilsey ‘57 Eng

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Choo

Mr. Lee Erwin

Dr. Dominic and Mrs. Naomi Chow

Mr. Kelvin and Mrs. Jennifer Espiritu

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin C. Choy ‘62

Mr. William and Mrs. Brenda Esteban

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen S.F. Choy

Mr. Liberato D. Fabro ‘78

Mr. Randy and Mrs. Kristeen Chu

Mr. Ed and Mrs. Kathy Felipe +

Mr. Christopher Chun ‘81 and Mrs. Donna Chun

Mr. William and Mrs. Ging Ging Fernandez

Mrs. Frances Lee ‘58 Chun +

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Fletcher ‘76

Dr. and Mrs. Gayne Chun

Mr. Kevin Flores ‘91 and Mrs. Tanya Flores

Mr. Gregory Chun ‘91 and Dr. Kristen Chun

Foodland Super Market, Ltd. +

Mrs. Jeanette Lum ‘56 Chun and Mr. Ronald Chun

Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Julie Ford

Ms. Sloane C. Burns ‘11*

Mrs. Shelley Chun

Ms. Jennifer Foytich

Mr. Thomas J. Burns ‘59 and Mrs. Judy Burns +

Col. Edward and Mrs. Jackie Chun Fat, Jr. +

Mrs. Lillian Yoshimoto ‘47 Fujihara

Mr. Rodford Cabael

Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Kelley Chun Fat

Mr. Craig and Mrs. JoyLynn Fujikawa

Mr. Lexley and Mrs. Maria Elisa Cabang

Mr. Henry W.C. Chung ‘47

Mr. Edward and Mrs. Wendy Fujimoto

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cajski

Mr. Joseph F. Clare ‘62 and Mrs. Kathlyn Ann Clare +

Dr. Ira and Mrs. Catherine Fujisaki

Mr. Jeffrey Callangan and Mrs. May Idolor-Callangan

Mrs. Taryn Carr ‘97 Clatanoff and Mr. John Clatanoff

Mrs. Heather Y. Fujishige

Ms. Sandra Asejo ‘68 Campos

CNT Home Repairs LLC

Fujiwara Appraisal Services LLC

Ms. Kimberly Carahasen ‘87

Mrs. Melissa Wong ‘82 Coelho

Mr. Myles Fujiwara ‘85 and Mrs. Cheryl Fujiwara

Mrs. Lori Kern ‘87 Carlos and Mr. Stephen Carlos

Mr. Mark Conching ‘83 and Mrs. Stephanie Conching +

Mr. Scott T. Fujiwara

Mrs. Justine Young ‘86 Carrico and Dr. Howard Carrico III

Mr. George A. Correia ‘55

Mr. Ross and Mrs. Robin Fukuhara

Mr. David Carvalho and Ms. Krystal Rocha

Ms. Lorilyn M.K. Cravalho

Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Rachel Fukumoto

Mr. Hadrian and Mrs. Angela Catekista

Mrs. Waldene Ichijo ‘63 Curtice and Mr. Charles Curtice

Mr. Darryl and Mrs. Susan Gabriel

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Natasha Cathcart

Ms. Patricia A. Czermak

Ms. Michelle A. Gabriel ‘99

Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Jessica Chadwell

Mrs. Cathlen Hee ‘68 Daenz

Mr. James H. Gahler

Mr. Elliott W.K.C. Chamizo ‘61 +

LtC Garon G. Dang, USAF (Ret.) ‘68 and Mrs. Gerry Lum ‘68 Dang

Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Debbie Galiza

Mr. Alex Bell Mr. Jonathan Bello Mr. Fernando and Mrs. Agnes Benavente Mrs. Antonella Chock ‘55 Bennett and Mr. Joseph Bennett + Mr. Robert Berardy and Ms. Shan Cui Big Wave Dave Surf Co. Mr. Mitsunori K. Blaisdell ‘75 Mr. Chris and Mrs. Joan Bolte Mr. Harold V. Botelho ‘54 Mr. Herbert Botelho ‘51 and Mrs. Mary Lou Botelho ‘53 Mr. Rendell K. Bourg ‘73 and Mrs. Lanette Bourg Mr. Norman Braz ‘68 Brian’s Contracting, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Brogan Mrs. Gail L. Browne Mr. Richard Budar ‘78 and Mrs. Stephanie Nishii ‘78 Budar Mrs. Carol Buenconsejo

Mrs. Elena Q.B. Chan ‘75 and Mr. Joe C.T. Chan Mr. Jacky and Mrs. Judy Chan Mr. Brendan C. Chang ‘13 Mrs. Jacqueline K. Chang ‘71 and Mr. Roland H.H. Chang Mr. Jeffrey Chang ‘94 and Mrs. Cynthia Chang Mr. Jonah Chang and Ms. Helena Rodriguez Mr. Kai M. Chang ‘85 Mrs. Kathleen Chang ‘67 Mrs. Michelle Goo ‘82 Chang and Mr. Welton Chang + Ms. Wendy Chang and Mr. Byron Moon + Mrs. Renee Chang Yamada ‘69 and Mr. Clayton Yamada Mr. Kelvin Chee ‘73 and Mrs. Phyllis Odo ‘73 Chee Dr. Shiuh Feng Cheng and Ms. Fung Ping Lee

Mrs. Misty L. Daos ‘93 Mrs. Marlene R. DeCosta ‘66 and Mr. Thom B. DeCosta + Mr. Leonardo Delgado and Mrs. Charito Pascual-Delgado Mr. Derrick DeMello Mrs. Napua Ellen Prados ‘58 Demers ++ Mr. Patrick K. A. Deparini ‘93 Mrs. LeeMarie Armstrong ‘93 DePonte and Mr. Jeffrey DePonte + Mr. Joe DePrimo ‘69 Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. deVille ‘66 +++ Mrs. Haunani Dickson ‘60 and Mr. Charles Dickson Mr. Arnel and Mrs. May Grace Domingo

R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018

Mr. Tod and Mrs. Michelle Bartell

Mr. Theodoro Ganade ‘63 and Mrs. Yvonne Cavaco ‘64 Dr. Brian and Dr. Miki Garcia Mr. Vernon F. Garcia ‘53 Mrs. Annette Gardner ‘64 and Mr. Joseph Gardner Mr. Wade and Mrs. Margaret Garlin Mr. Lance-Ray and Mrs. Darlani Gaspar Mr. Lester S. Gibo ‘72 Mr. Michael and Mrs. Hsiaowen Gillespie Mrs. Becci Goin Golden Cabinets & Stone Inc. Mrs. Betty Doi ‘53 Gomes Mr. Clyde and Mrs. Jocelyn Goo Mr. Garret Goo ‘78 and Mrs. Sherelee Lam ‘77 Goo THE KNOLLER


Mrs. Joyce Lee ‘56 Goo

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Marjorie Huynh

Dr. Jerold and Mrs. Lori Kouchi

Mrs. Gabrielle Wong ‘96 Gouveia and Mr. Kaeo Gouveia

Ideal Construction, Inc.

Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Starlynn Kuaana

Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Grande

Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Ige

Ms. Jenai Santee ‘98 Kubo

Ms. Gigi Graulty

Mr. and Mrs. Cirilo Ilar

Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Sachiko Kudo

Mrs. Lisa Anne Y.L. Gruebner ‘82 and Mr. David A. Gruebner

Mr. and Mrs. Cris V. Ildefonso

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Elizabeth Kuioka

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Joey Inatsuka +

Mrs. Elyse P. Kukonu-Houk ‘71 and Mr. Daniel Houk

Mr. Shane and Mrs. Rosa Ishihara

Mr. Wane and Mrs. Renee Kunihisa

Mrs. Allene M.C. Ishikawa ‘58 +

Mrs. Paula S. Kurashige

Mr. Francis Guerrero and Ms. Kimberly Lyman Mrs. Maria Anna Guevara and Dr. Paul Guevara Mrs. Mieko Gushikuma Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Ha Ms. Yung-Mei Haloski ‘92 Mrs. Lorraine Chamizo ‘60 Hamilton and Mr. David Hamilton Hanafuda Hawaii LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hannan Mrs. Dolores Burnett ‘58 Hansen Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Regina Hansen Mr. John Hao, Sr. ‘62 and Mrs. Amy Nuuhiwa Hao Mr. Kelly Y. Harada Dr. and Mrs. Theodore I. Harada Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Christy Harrison Mrs. Reyna Hashimoto ‘89 and Mr. Scott Hashimoto HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union Mr. Kelvin and Mrs. Cheryl Hee Dr. Michael and Mrs. June Rae Hee HEI Charitable Foundation Mr. Ben Herrera Mr. Walter Hesford and Mrs. Elinor Michel Mr. Roger and Mrs. Maureen Higa Mr. and Mrs. David K. Higashiguchi Ms. Alyssa Higuchi Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Higuchi Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Himeda Mr. Everett and Mrs. Sharilyn Himeda Mr. Scott and Mrs. Brandi Hino Ms. Kimberly Hirokawa Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hironaka Ms. Julianne Hiu Ms. Donna L. Ho ‘86 Mr. Michael and Mrs. Cynthia Ho Mr. Sean Ho and Ms. Sin Wan Vong Dr. Stephen Ho ‘73 and Mrs. Anne Ho ++ Mr. Steven and Mrs. Julie Ho Mrs. Elizabeth Hochberger ‘78 Dr. Marcia F.J. Ho-Gatto ‘82 Mr. Earl and Mrs. Joelle Hoke


Mr. Erik and Mrs. Lucinda Iverson

Mr. Keenan A.K. Kurihara ‘10

Jade Properties Inc.

Mrs. Radlyn A. Kurihara

Mrs. Monica Yoshino ‘75 Jennings and Mr. James Jennings +

Mr. Spencer Y. Kurihara, Jr.

Mr. Greg and Mrs. Kim Jones Mrs. Gretchen Jong Mr. Brandon Kaai ‘92 and Ms. Tenaya Calhoun Mr. Aaron Kailio and Mrs. Anolani Badua ‘00 Kailio Edwin S.K. Kalai ‘43 Kam Designs LLC Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K.M. Kam Mrs. Attelyn Wong ‘52 Kamaka Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Amy Kamakaiwi Mr. and Mrs. Haruyuki Kamemoto Mrs. June E. Kamioka-Fuller ‘53 and Mr. Harry K. Fuller Mr. Vaughn and Mrs. Wendi Kanenaga Mr. Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro Mr. Jason and Mrs. Kimberly Kaoihana Mrs. Eugenie Kaili ‘59 Kaopua Mr. Jason and Mrs. Denice Kashiwai Mr. Darryl Kau and Mrs. Alicia Andrade-Kau Mr. Michael F. Kaufmann ‘99 Mrs. Darcie Au ‘90 Kawamura and Mr. Jon Kawamura ++ Mr. Noah and Mrs. Mika Keaulii Mr. Larry and Mrs. Kathryn Kekaulike Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Aine Kendro Mrs. Lucille L. Kern ++ Mr. Reed and Mrs. Roxanne Kido Mr. Cy and Mrs. Hong Kihara Mr. and Mrs. Donald D.K. Kim Mrs. Faye Spencer ‘63 Kim and Mr. Anthony Kim Ms. Rebecca Lei Kim ‘64 Mr. Brian and Mrs. Alissa Kimura Mr. Dennis King and Mrs. Zhongli Yu Mr. Bernhard and Dr. Megan Kloetzel Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Janice Knapp Mr. Jason F. Knight ‘96

Mr. Reynold and Mrs. Susan Hong

Mrs. Be-Jay Upchurch ‘81 Kodama and Mr. Gregg Kodama

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Renee Horiuchi

Mr. Kevin Kodama and Dr. Nancy Chen

Ms. Liane Hu Okumura

Ms. Laura M. Kodama

Mr. Stephen H.L. Hu ‘65

Dr. Michael and Mrs. Kristi Komeya

Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Minori Hung +

Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Jennifer Kor

FALL 2018

Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Ann Kusaka Mr. Edison C.Y. Kwock ‘59 and Mrs. Amy T. Kwock + Mrs. Brenda Tom Kwock-Lum ‘64 Mr. James Kwong and Mrs. Annie Loh-Kwong Mr. Yun and Mrs. Wendy Kwong Mr. and Mrs. Colin J. Lacno Mr. Freddy Lane and Ms. Hui Ong Dr. Dolly Langen ‘66 and Mr. David Langen Mr. Howard and Mrs. Gloria Lao Mr. Greg Larsen ‘81 and Mrs. Coleen Larsen Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Carlene Lau Mr. Colin Lau ‘67 and Mrs. Diane Freitas ‘67 Lau Mr. Dennis Lau ‘67 and Mrs. Reinette Lau Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Shan Lau Dr. Jonathan K.H. Lau ‘91 Dr. Damon and Mrs. Cheryl Lee Mr. Emerson ‘91 and Mrs. Teresa Lee Dr. Ernest K.H. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lee Mr. Hyun Chul Lee and Ms. Mi Young Song Mr. Kenny Lee Dr. Lorrin S.K. Lee ‘97 Mr. Robert and Mrs. Terilyn Lee Mr. Gordon Leong ‘53 and Mrs. Jean Uyeda ‘53 Leong Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Michelle Leung Mrs. Sadie Mau ‘57 Lew and Mr. Llewellyn Lew Mr. Tim Li and Ms. Lili Zhang Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Christina Liang Mrs. Lorna P. Lin ‘63 and Dr. Paul Y.K. Lin Mr. and Mrs. Cory P. Lindo Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ling Locations Foundation Ms. Shay T. Loftus ‘83 Shay K. Long Ms. Tiffany K.L. Loo ‘04 Ms. Lila A. Loos + Mr. Marc T.E. Lopez ‘98 Mr. Mike Lu and Mrs. Remi Ogawa-Lu Mrs. Frankie A. Lucas Mr. Alfred Y.F. Lum ‘71 and Mrs. Adele Odo ‘72 Lum

Mr. Blake M.K. Lum ‘98

Dr. Hayato and Mrs. Clarissa Mori

Mr. Ross Nogami

Mr. Wesley C. Lum ‘95

Mr. Shane Morimatsu and Dr. Kelly Shimabukuro

Dr. Harry T. Nomura ‘47 and Mrs. Anna C. Nomura +

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred W.C. Lum

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Deanne Morimoto

Mrs. Kristie Koga ‘91 Nourrie and Mr. Jay Nourrie

Ms. Libby Lum-Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morinaga

Dr. Patrick and Dr. Maura O’Donnell

Mr. Robert Lung ‘63 and Mrs. Mary Ann Cordeiro ‘63 La Fazia

Dr. Teresa Y. Morishita ‘81

Mr. Patrick T. Ogawa ‘77

Mr. Blaine and Mrs. Lorelei Morita

Mrs. Wilma M. Ogimi ‘68 and Mr. Tom T. Ogimi

Mr. John and Mrs. Stephanie Madriaga

Mr. James Morris II ‘85 and Mrs. Doreen Leong ‘84 Morris ++

Mrs. Beatrice F. Okada +

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Madrigal

Ms. Theresa T.L. Mui ‘74

Mrs. Lorraine R. Maeda

Mrs. Cecilia Wong Mukai ‘69

Mr. Ranan and Mrs. Kyla Maedo

Mrs. Corliss Mukaigawa-Boehne ‘74 and Mr. Gary Boehne

Mr. Michael Lyons ‘77

Dr. Catherine Masica ‘67 Maley and Mr. Pat Maley Ms. Celeste Malia ‘98 and Mr. Anthony Craun Mrs. Dorothy Goo ‘52 Man and Mr. Herbert Man Mrs. Earleen N. Marter ‘78 Lt. Col. Jason Martin ‘70 Mr. Jules Martin, Jr. ‘53 Mr. Hiroshi and Mrs. Helen Matsumoto + Mr. Steve Mau ‘97 and Mrs. Sabrina Mau Mr. Alex McBarnet and Mrs. Desirae Arelliano ‘98 McBarnet

Ms. Patricia A.C. Muneno ‘67 + Mr. Chad and Mrs. Leslie Ann Murakami Mr. Brian C. Murdock Mrs. Marni T. Tam Murdock Mr. Brian and Mrs. Laurie Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Carl O. Nagami + Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Nagata Mr. Takushi Nagayama ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Naguwa Mr. Royce and Mrs. Lynn Naito

Mr. and Mrs. David E. McComas

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Valerie Nakada

Mrs. Suzanne P. McLaughlin

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Jenny Nakagawa

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Debbie McNicoll

Mr. Troy S. Nakagawa

Mrs. Laura Medeiros ‘53 and Mr. Sonny Medeiros

Mr. Jared Nakamoto ‘96 and Mrs. Candace Mew ‘96 Nakamoto +

LtC Manny Medeiros ‘57 and Mrs. Darlena Medeiros Mr. Darrin and Mrs. Linda Mekaru Mrs. Melodee Barkus ‘60 Metzger Mrs. Camille Michel ‘84 and Mr. James Michel + Mr. Jon H. Miki Mrs. Cafey N. Millard + Ms. Cary Jane Miller ‘64 Ms. Marisa Miner ‘94 and Mr. Casey Nihipali Mr. Christopher M. Minford Dr. Brandon and Dr. Anh Mitsuda Mr. Bert Mitsunaga Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Edie Miura Mr. Russ and Mrs. Denise Miyahara Mr. Todd and Mrs. Dara Miyamoto Mr. Duane and Mrs. Patricia Miyashiro Mr. Duane ‘83 and Mrs. Leanne Miyashiro Mr. Mark and Mrs. Pamela Miyashiro Ms. Tricia Miyashiro Mrs. Winona Miyashiro ‘62 and Mr. Patrick Miyashiro Mr. Rick M. Moad ‘74 Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Pui Yee Cecilia Moats Mr. Kenyuki and Mrs. Diane Mogi Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Kerri Mokulehua Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Morey Mrs. Michelle Klein ‘92 Morgan

Mr. Jeff Oki Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Lucille Okinaga Mr. Colin and Mrs. Yvonne Okutsu Mr. Dominic Olaso Mrs. Nadine Jeremiah ‘57 Olinger + Ms. Sandra L. Tang Onaga Mr. Glen and Mrs. Mary Jeanne Onato Mrs. Iris M. Oshiro Mr. Lester and Mrs. Deanna Oshiro + Mr. Floyd and Mrs. JoEllen Otani + Mr. Vince and Mrs. Clarice Otsuka Mr. Christopher Otto and Mrs. Raylynn Mendes-Otto Mr. Gavin T. Oyadomari ‘10

R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018

Mrs. Claudia Tom ‘62 McCloskey

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jodie Okamoto

Mr. Dodie and Mrs. Rene Pagaoa Mrs. Claire M. Paishon Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Candace Pang Mr. and Mrs. Cleighton Pang Mrs. Deborah Ann Young ‘70 Pang and Mr. Jeffrey Pang

Mrs. Adora Aoki ‘44 Nakamura

Mr. Donavan Pang and Ms. Trieu Chau Le

Mrs. Gail Nakamura and Mr. Carleton Williams +

Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Yin Ling Pang

Ms. Michelle Nakanishi ‘91

Dr. Robert and Dr. Michele Pangilinan

Mrs. Helen Tanabe ‘55 Nakano and Mr. George Nakano

Dr. Jill Panos ‘91 and Mr. Mick Panos

Mr. Keith and Mrs. Stacy Nakano

Mr. James and Mrs. Jung Park

Mrs. Kristine S. Nakaoka

Mrs. Jenny Park

Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Denise Nakaoka

Mr. Larry Pascua and Mrs. Romeilynn Damo-Pascua

Mr. Tracy and Mrs. Kara Nakashima

Mr. Timothy J. Pasion ‘97

Mr. Russell and Mrs. Lynn Nakasone

Ms. Bernadette E. Perry ‘46

Ms. Leigh Nakata

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Perry

Mrs. Leocadia Kaopuiki Naone ‘60 +

Ms. Elaine Peterson ‘68

Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo P. Narciso

Mr. Mike Pham and Mrs. Kelly Pham-Nguyen

Mr. Joseph C. Neilson ‘65

Mr. Somviroun and Mrs. Loraine Phomsopha

Mrs. Mary Ng ‘58

Mrs. Kelly Pila ‘86 and Mr. David Pila +

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Ng

Mr. Kim I. Pinensky ‘74

Mr. Chadwick and Mrs. Kanako Ngai

Mr. Steven L. Porcello

Mr. Hanson O. Nguyen

Mr. James Poyo and Mrs. Angela Yogi

Mr. Herman and Mrs. Lisa Nillos

Mr. John and Mrs. Julie Quinn

Mrs. Joy M. Nip

R.M. Towill Corporation

Ms. Antoinette L.R. Nishida +

Mrs. Darlene M.W. Pang Raffanello

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nishida

Mrs. K. Nina Rapozo ‘54 and Mr. Gordon Rapozo

Mr. David Nixon and Ms. Charlene Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Redoble

Mrs. Vivian Enos ‘37 Nobrega

Emanuel J. Relator

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Erin Nobriga

Mrs. Sophia M. Relator

Mrs. Lorraine Sawai ‘54 Noda

Mr. Marc and Mrs. Sandra Rezentes THE KNOLLER


Mr. Edward and Mrs. Cecilia Richardson

Mr. Winston Sun

Transporter 3 LLC

Ms. Judy Rieta

Mr. Reid and Mrs. Mari Sunabe

Dr. Yash Trivedi and Dr. Stacy Kanayama-Trivedi

Mrs. Diana Jeremiah ‘60 Rittmeister and Mr. Richard Rittmeister

Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Marleen Sunada

Mr. Kyle T. Tsuda ‘10

Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Jodi-Ann Sunahara

Mr. Jon and Mrs. Lorraine Tsuruda +

Mrs. Joan Kwock ‘56 Sung ++

Mrs. Nancy Tyau ‘57 and Mr. Allen Tyau

Mr. Stephen S. Sung ‘00

Mr. Christopher A.K. Ugale

Mr. David and Mrs. Dawn Sur

Mrs. Kathryn Elms ‘68 Ulrich

Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Michelle Suzuki

Mrs. Melinda S. Underkofler

Mr. Reid E. Suzuki ‘86

Mr. Lyle and Mrs. Debra Urasaki

Mr. Russell Taira and Dr. Caren Tamura-Taira

Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo O. Ursulum

Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Joyce Takahashi

Mr. Fred and Mrs. Ditas Ushijima

Mr. and Mrs. Tsutomu Takahashi

Mrs. Michelle Arakawa ‘81 Ushio and Mr. Glenn Ushio

Ms. Wanda Takahashi

Ms. Jamie Jo A. Uy ‘11

Dr. Derek Takai and Dr. Jaelene Yates

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Encarnacion Uyehara

Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Courtney Takai

Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Valentin

Mr. Duane Takamine ‘86 and Mrs. Allison Lee-Takamine ‘87 +

Mr. Ben ‘84 and Mrs. Katy Valle

Mrs. Isabella Pang ‘74 Rivera Ms. Mary Roberts ‘70 Mr. Guadalupe and Mrs. Kathy Lyn Rocha Mrs. Verna Ling-Roche ‘85 and Mr. Michael Roche Ms. Aimee K. Rodd Mr. Steve and Mrs. Lillian Rodolfich Mrs. Joannie Kalaukoa ‘72 Rossiter Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Amy Sadiarin Ms. Jan P. Sage ‘79 Ms. Naomi Saito and Mr. Robert Love + Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Saito Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sakamoto Mrs. Carol Kimura ‘84 Sakamoto and Mr. David Sakamoto Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Laura Salazar Mr. Kevin Sanada and Ms. Mia Kim Mr. Dakotah and Mrs. Alana Santos Mr. Osmand and Mrs. Priscilla Saoit Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Rowena Senining Mrs. Charlotte Chow ‘42 Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Shaner Ms. Phyllis N.T. Shea ‘58 Mrs. Dorothy J. Shimabukuro Ms. Iris R. Shimabukuro ‘75 Mr. John and Mrs. Stacie Shimabukuro + Mr. and Mrs. Randall Shimabukuro Mr. Brian Shimamura and Mrs. Lynn Ann Akina Shimamura Mr. John and Mrs. Karin Shinkawa Mr. Blaine Shishido and Mrs. Melissa Dela Cruz Mr. Gregory Shiu and Ms. Siu Lo Li + Mr. Brennan and Mrs. Joylin Shum Mr. Stephen Sigworth Mr. Corey and Mrs. Joelle Silva Ms. Charlotte Soares ‘53 * Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Orlando F. Simon Mr. William and Mrs. Lani Simonsen Mr. and Mrs. Mike Smith Ms. Marissa Chee ‘01 Sorensen Mrs. Marlene Soares ‘56 Souki + Mr. Craig and Mrs. Keala Souza Mr. and Mrs. William E. Spencer, Jr. ‘58 ++ Mrs. Susan Stacy ‘61 and Mr. Ralph McAdams Mr. William and Mrs. Mikiko Stowers Mr. Jeff A. Strauser ‘68 Mr. Richard F. Strawn II ‘64 Dr. Sonia L. Sugg ‘79 and Dr. Joel Shilyansky Mr. and Mrs. Corey E. Sumida 42

FALL 2018

Mrs. Doris N. Takara Mr. Roy and Mrs. Richelle Takara Ms. Lorna Tam Ho Mr. and Mrs. Clifford K. Tamura Mr. Jerome ‘68 and Mrs. Stephanie Tanaka Mrs. Lauralei Morgan ‘87 Tanaka and Mr. Jordon Tanaka

Mr. Don and Mrs. Nastia Maxine Vickery ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Vierra ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. Riza L. Villa Mr. Elix Villafuerte ‘87 and Mrs. Vicky Villafuerte Mr. Alan and Mrs. Michelle Vuong Mr. Troy and Mrs. Christy Wada

Mr. William and Mrs. Robyn Tanaka

Mrs. Hauoli Mele Thomas ‘94 Walawender and Mr. Edward J. Walawender III

Mrs. Alice Moriguchi ‘49 Tando

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Emily Walker

Mrs. Megan Carnate ‘97 Tang

Mrs. Charlene Yap ‘61 Wall and Mr. Ronald Wall

Ms. Tiffany Y.L. Tang

Dr. Chad and Dr. Christine Walton

Mr. Jonah and Mrs. Vicki Tanigawa

Mrs. Virginia Lum ‘52 Wat and Dr. Herman Wat

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tanoura

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Kandyce Watanabe

Mr. Shane Tanuvasa and Mrs. Erika Enomoto-Tanuvasa

Mrs. Kimberly Wheeler ‘88 and Mr. Lance Wheeler

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Wendy Taramasco

Mrs. Tiffany Young ‘97 Williamson and Mr. Shawn Williamson +

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tatekawa ‘42 ++ Mr. and Mrs. Chester K. Tatsumura Mr. Ryan Teramoto Mrs. Sheri Kurashige ‘90 Teves and Mr. Dayne Teves Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Texeira The Fort Bragg Mission Training Complex Mrs. Beatrice Thenot-Kim Mr. and Mrs. Andre Thomas Mrs. Janeen Haleamau ‘79 Tirrell Mr. Straci and Mrs. Ena Tobin Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Tokuda Mr. Grant and Mrs. Rebecca Tolentino Mr. Daniel Tom ‘68 and Mrs. Urai Tom + Mr. Elton Tom and Ms. Sandra Teh Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Y.T. Tom Mrs. Jacqueline Walsh ‘02 Tomei and Mr. Mitchell Tomei Ms. Lisa Tomihama Ms. Miki Tomita Mrs. Diane Tom-Ogata Mr. and Mrs. Kyle I. Toyama

Mr. Paul F. Winter ‘68 Mr. Robert C. Wo Mr. David F. Won ‘74 ++ Mr. Gary and Mrs. Stefanie Won Mrs. Betty L. Wong Mr. Brad Wong Mr. Brenton and Mrs. Marisa Wong Mr. Clifford Wong and Mrs. Jeannie Au Wong ‘74 Mrs. Cora Ho ‘72 Wong Mr. Darian and Mrs. Gerianne Wong Mr. Derick and Mrs. Eloise Wong Mr. Gregory E. Wong ‘94 Mr. James Wong ‘61 and Mrs. Beverly Pang ‘61 Wong Mrs. Kit-U Wong ‘06 Mr. Kyle A. Wong ‘89 Mrs. Leona Tom ‘65 Wong Mrs. Marlene Ann N.K. Chun Wong ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wong Mrs. Shari Wong ‘83 and Mr. Stanley Kubota

Mr. Steven D. Wong and Mrs. Penny A. Sen-Wong

Ms. Candace M.M. Akiona ‘08

Mrs. Haidee C. Bristol-Horne ‘80 and Mr. James Horne +

Ms. Terrina G. Wong

Mrs. Kathleen Akiona-Perreira

Mr. Robert F. Brogle ‘92

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C.K. Wong

Mr. KeAliiPooMaikai Alexander and Ms. Jaime Nakao

Mr. Cliff and Mrs. Myrna Burigsay

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell S.H. Wong

Aloha Island Uniforms

Mr. George and Mrs. Elaine Burke

Mr. and Mrs. William K.C. Wong

Mrs. Yvonne Lau ‘61 Ambrose and Mr. Wayne Ambrose

Fr. Scott Bush ‘68 *

Mrs. Lisa Wong-Yamamoto ‘84 and Mr. Lee Yamamoto

Mrs. Arlinda E. Andersen ‘69 and Mr. James Andersen

Mr. Clayton and Mrs. Raelene Magno ‘86 Caberto

Mrs. Isabella Grohmann ‘80 Wooldridge

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Andrade +

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Brenda Cabuslay

Ms. Catherine Worsham

Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Stacie Ano

Mrs. Karen Yap ‘66 Cahill

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Y. Wu ‘81 +

Mr. and Mrs. Rodrick S. Aoki

Mrs. Lynette Yap Cahill ‘65

Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Hye Jin Wu

Ms. Tiffany M.L. Apana ‘00

Ms. Jessica Calilao

Mr. Wei Wu and Ms. Yuan Zhou

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Gay Arakaki

Ms. Marianne T. Camagan ‘97

Dr. Susan Wynne-Piters ‘71 and Dr. Kenneth Piters

Mrs. Margaret Tam ‘69 Araki

Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Erika Candelario

Mr. Marc and Mrs. Claire Yamada

Mr. Roy Aratani ‘45 and Mrs. Katherine Aratani ++

Mr. Edgar and Mrs. Mary Jane Carganilla

Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Yamada

Mr. and Mrs. George Arelliano

Ms. Dara M. Cavaco ‘98

Mrs. Yoshimi Yamada

Dr. and Mrs. Garvin V. Arrell ‘60

Mr. Don and Mrs. JongNim Cha

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Melissa Yamaguchi

Mr. Larry Arucan and Mrs. Laverne Raquel-Arucan

Mr. David Chan and Mrs. Cindy Chan Dao

Dr. and Mrs. Albert T. Yamamoto

Mr. Les and Mrs. Kim Asato

Mrs. Robin Miyahara ‘72 Chan

Mr. Dean and Mrs. Catherine Yamamoto

Ms. Tracie Y. Asayama

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Yamane

Mrs. Lianne Carahasen ‘94 Attar and Mr. Peter Attar

Mr. Creighton Y. Chang ‘69 and Mrs. Debbie Kikuchi-Chang

Ms. Gail T. Yamashita

Mrs. Beverly L. Au ‘80 and Mr. Robert Au

Mr. Sean and Mrs. Jolene Yamashita

Mr. Dean D.C. Au ‘93

Mr. Russell and Mrs. Vanessa Yanagawa

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Doreen Au

Mr. David and Mrs. Christine Yang

Ms. Phyllis L. Au ‘69

Mrs. Eloise Uyeda ‘55 Yano and Dr. Brian S. Yano ++

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K.S. Au

Mrs. Helen Uchida ‘49 Yano

Mr. and Mrs. James Bac

Mrs. Jean Yuen ‘61 Yates and Dr. Julian Yates III

Mr. Jeremy Y. Bac ‘08

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Yee ‘55 +

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Bacnis, Jr.

Mr. James and Mrs. Kay Yogi

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Bajcar ‘77

Ms. Ramona Yogi

Mrs. Diane O’Grady ‘63 Bakdash

Deacon and Mrs. Walter Yoshimitsu

Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Jaslyn Balberdi

Mr. Jayson and Mrs. Wendy Yoshioka-Moore

Mrs. Debbie Ng ‘68 Baptist

Mrs. Janice Wong Yoshiyama ‘68

Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Amabelle Baptista

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Yoshizaki

Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Bauer

Mr. Alfredo Young and Mrs. Kim Uyeda-Young

Mrs. Jennifer Bauer

Mr. Gerald D.J. Young ‘75

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Clifford M. Baumler II

Mr. Kalbert Young ‘87 and Mrs. Cindy Young

Mr. Jim Bayne

Mr. Kenn and Mrs. Kimberly Yuen

Mr. Steven Beck

Mr. Carl and Mrs. Sandy Yuh

Mr. John and Mrs. Donna Belew

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Zerbe, Jr.

Mrs. Heather Bell ‘96 and Mr. Brian Bell

Mr. Min Zheng and Ms. Peiming Yin

Mrs. Fran Bellinger ‘68

Mrs. Malia McLaughlin ‘86 Zimmerman

Mr. Paul Bence and Ms. Cherisse Otsuka

Mr. Laurent Chouari and Mrs. Caroline Witherspoon Chouari

Ms. Joanne Zornes

Mrs. Darlene Kojo ‘67 Benton

Dr. Andrew and Dr. Vanessa Choy

Mr. Derek Birkmire ‘01 and Ms. Sedef Maloy

Mr. Darryl Choy ‘90 +

Ms. Melissa K. Blaisdell ‘04

Mrs. Nelwyn Chang ‘58 Choy

Mrs. Kimberly Y. Bobbitt

Mr. Byron and Mrs. Suriya Chu

Boeing Company Gift Match / BPAC Program

Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Yat Lai Chu

Mr. Marcus R. Boland

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Chuck

Col. Chadwick and Lt. Col. Laura Bowers

Mr. Anthony P. Chun ‘72 and Mrs. Linda F.S. Chun

Mr. Hanlan and Mrs. Elaine Bowler

Mr. Evan Chun

Mrs. Maria Brady ‘80 and Mr. Tony Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Y.F. Chun

Mr. Scott Brewer and Ms. Connie Gazmen

Ms. Karen H.Q. Chun ‘63

$1—99 Mr. Sean Abe Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Jo Ann Agena Ms. Catherine Affatica ‘64 Agor Mr. and Mrs. Gerry S. Agustin Mr. Adam Ah Sue

Mr. Joshua T. Chang ‘96 Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Yolanda Chang

R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018


Mr. Edmund and Mrs. Shirley Chang

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Brenda Char Ms. Elizabeth A. Chee ‘98 Mrs. Esther L. Chee ‘47 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Y.C. Cheng Mr. Julian Cheng ‘10 Mr. Duke and Mrs. Kristl Chinen Mr. and Mrs. Randall T. Chinen Mr. Ronald Chinen ‘60 and Mrs. Marilyn Thompson ‘61 Chinen Mr. Douglas M.C. Ching ‘54 and Mrs. Loretta Ching Mr. Eric K. Ching ‘73 Mr. Yi Sun Chiu and Ms. Christy Lei Mr. Byran and Mrs. Akiyo Chock Ms. Quinn I. Chock ‘11 Mrs. Barbara Chun ‘67 Chong Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Chong ‘85 Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Lori Chong Kee Mr. Shannon K. Chong



Mrs. Lottie H. Chun ‘77 and Mr. Rick Hoo

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Garrahan ‘67

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Inatsuka

Mrs. Marie Alina ‘57 Chun

Mr. Rudy Benigno and Mrs. Wannette Gaylord

Ms. Dawn M. Inouye

Mr. Steven Chun and Mrs. Patricia Chong-Chun

Mr. Scott Gehring ‘68 *

Mr. Douglas H. Inouye

Ms. Cynthia K.H. Chung ‘76

Mrs. Paula Lee Wallace Gillespie ‘64

Mr. Kevin K. Inouye

Mrs. Mary E. Ciacci

Mrs. Michele Glauber

Mr. Lionel Iseri ‘57 and Mrs. Barbara Elias ‘57 Iseri

Coca-Cola Give

Leonard J. Gollob ‘67

Ms. Uilani Ishihara

Mr. Silas Collier and Ms. Yee Man Ng

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gomes

Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Ashley Ito

Ms. Carlina B. Combs ‘92

Mrs. June Mattos ‘75 Gorgonio and Mr. Lawrence Gorgonio

Mr. Garan and Mrs. Adele Ito

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Conboy Mrs. Mari-Jo Correa ‘80 and Mr. Jerry Correa Mrs. Johnna Cotton Mrs. Karen Watt ‘80 Cowan and Mr. Paul Cowan Mr. James Crotty Mr. Adam and Mrs. Young Ok Cua Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cunningham Mr. Edward Cvilikas Ms. Kathleen Dahl Sr. Maria Rosario Daley Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Angelyn Damaso Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Claire Dang ‘59 Mrs. Bedda J. Bergold ‘65 D’Angelo Ms. Jacquelyn Darcey ‘97 Mr. Glenn J. Dela Cruz ‘98 Dr. Joseph Dela Cruz ‘91 and Mrs. Michelle Dela Cruz Ms. JoyLynn Dela Cruz Dennis Uniform Company + Mr. Michael and Mrs. Reyna DePonte Mrs. Ku’uipo DeRego ‘90 and Mr. Alan DeRego Mr. Yifeng Ding and Dr. Jingwen Hou Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Tiffany Donnelly Drug Enforcement Administration London Country Office Mrs. Charlotte J. Duarte-Hite ‘69 and Mr. Charles H. Hite Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Enoka Mr. Neal Eshima ‘68 Mr. Josepho and Mrs. C’Mare Faatea Mrs. Raechelle M. Fabrao Mr. and Mrs. Chris H.W.O. Faildo Mr. Edwin G. Ferreira ‘57 Mrs. Debra Lum ‘81 Fikac and Mr. Anthony Fikac Ms. Virginia Fink Mr. Derrick Fo Mr. James K.B. Fong ‘46 * Mr. Ernest Fontes III ‘01 and Mrs. Meggan Fontes Mrs. Nancy Oshita ‘46 Fujii Mrs. Charlotte Fujita Mrs. Janice H. Suenaga Fukunaga ‘56 Mr. Michael and Mrs. Caryn Fukunaga Mrs. Elisa Marie P. Furtado-Fischer ‘97 Ms. Shirly Gabriel Mr. and Mrs. Engracio Ganio Mrs. Phyllis Boner ‘55 Gardner 44

FALL 2018

Mr. Derek and Mrs. Linda Goto Mr. Kelly Grant ‘84 and Mrs. Mia Grant Dr. James and Mrs. Rhodette Greig Mr. Edison and Mrs. Thelma Guillermo Mrs. Cora Cabebe ‘73 Gushikuma and Mr. Wayne Gushikuma + Mrs. Sydney Kam ‘82 Gutierrez Ms. Christina J. Ha Mrs. Cora Choy ‘70 Haberman and Mr. Wayne Haberman Mr. Mark Hack + Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Leah Han Ms. Megan E. Hanifin ‘99 Mr. Eugene J. Hanratty ‘62 * Mr. Brice and Mrs. Callie Hara Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Cara Hatton Mr. Warren and Mrs. Sachiyo Hayakawa Dr. Chad and Mrs. Julie Henderson Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Janette Hermosura Mr. and Mrs. Carlton I. Higa Ms. Janice S. Higa ‘72 Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Shani Ann Hino Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hiraki Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Hirata Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Dayna Hironaka Mrs. Clarine Hirouji ‘77 and Mr. Dennis Hirouji Ms. Elizabeth W.P. Hisashima ‘98 Mr. John T.K. Hisashima ‘00 Mr. Bryant and Mrs. Minako Ho Mr. Darin and Mrs. Maile-Jean Ho Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Laura Ho Mrs. Mary Ann Ho Mrs. Geralyn Holck ‘78 and Mr. Willard Holck Mrs. Valerie Hung ‘62 Holler Mr. Scott and Mrs. Livia Hostetler SSGT Jason Huerbana and Lt. Jasmine Eugenio Mrs. Mary Aki ‘57 Huihui Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Yoon Hurd Mrs. Catherine C. Huston ‘69 and Mr. Christopher Huston Mr. Nestor Idica and Mrs. Nita Ganio-Idica Mr. Jerome Ifenuk and Ms. Markamina Narruhn Mr. Tae and Mrs. Young Sun Im Mr. Moses and Mrs. Jocelyn Imperial

Dr. Jennifer S. Ito Mr. Jon David Itokazu ‘91 and Mrs. Lehua Itokazu Mrs. Kristen Schultz ‘88 Iwashita and Mr. Randy Iwashita Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Ann Margret Jacobs Ms. Carrie Johnston ‘77 Mrs. Beatrice Iwamoto ‘49 Jost Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Liberty Kaahanui Mr. Mitchel and Mrs. Leila Kagawa Prof. Ralf Kaiser and Mrs. Josephine Kaiser Ms. Nicole S.C. Kamada ‘10 Mr. Clarence Kanae ‘68 Mrs. Betty Yoneda ‘55 Kaneshige and Mr. George Kaneshige + Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Kimberly Kaneshiro Mrs. Mary Ann Kaopua Mrs. Sharon S. Katahira ‘69 and Mr. George T. Katahira Mrs. Akiko Kato ‘58 and Mr. G. John Kato Ms. Alyson Kau ‘85 and Mr. Glenn Toyama Mrs. Iris Masunaga ‘77 Kauhane and Mr. Jeff Pohaku Mr. William and Mrs. Lisa Ann Kaululaau Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Kawasaka Mr. Paul Kealoha ‘54 and Mrs. Faith Cardoza ‘54 Kealoha Mrs. Joan Pollack ‘63 Keaulana and Mr. John Keaulana Mrs. Betty Mae Keliiaa ‘48 Dr. Cynthia Jean Keller ‘72 and Dr. Bruce J. Keller Mr. Kristopher C. Kern ‘98 Mrs. Lina Kikuta ‘63 and Mr. Dwight K. Kikuta Ms. Hye Jung Kim Mr. Jong Chan Kim and Ms. Yun Hee Shim Mr. Shonn M. Kim Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Jane Kina Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Ellen Kinoshita Mr. Herbert H. Kiyabu ‘56 Mrs. Virginia M. Klein ‘64 and Mr. Edward F. Klein + Mr. Charles Kobayashi and Mrs. Denise Kobayashi ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Ezra T. Koike Mr. and Mrs. Claude D. Kojima Mr. Britton Komine ‘00 and Ms. Jennifer Iaea Mrs. Janice Honda ‘53 Kondo Mrs. Beatrice Kam ‘54 Kong Mr. Jared and Mrs. Joycelyn Kong Ms. Kau’inohea Kong Mr. Christopher Kono

Ms. Melissa Lockyer

Mrs. Rie Mizumura

Mrs. Michele T. Koyama

Mr. Bronson and Mrs. Tevairangi Lopez

Mr. Anthony Mizuno ‘89 and Mrs. Yuko Mizuno

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Jennifer Kozuma

Mr. and Mrs. David T.E. Lum

Ms. Tracy Lynn Monsarrat ‘75

Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Christina Ku

Mr. Howard and Mrs. Loudi-Ann Lum

Mr. Troy and Mrs. Monica Montayre

Mr. Jeremy Kubo

Mrs. Marianne Chock ‘49 Lum

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Candace Montgomery

Mrs. Marlene Medeiros ‘55 Kuehne

Mr. Randy K.W. Lum

Mr. Neil Mooney

Mr. Samuel Kuloloia and Ms. Starni Gamurot

Mr. Stanton Lum ‘63 and Mrs. Nicolette Tong ‘64 Lum

Mr. James D. Moravec

Mr. Todd Kuniyoshi and Dr. Maria Chun

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Lum

Mr. Jean-Elie Moreau and Dr. Jane E. Kinne

Mrs. Jeanette Kuschill

Mr. Shih Chang Ma

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Shaynee Moreno

Dr. Mitsuo Kuwabara and Mrs. Hyejung Han

Mrs. Shana Macadangdang

Mrs. Edith Morisako

Mr. Kenneth C.W. Kwock ‘55

Mr. Ranan and Mrs. Kyla Maedo

Mrs. Jo-Ann Morisato and Mr. Neal Morisato ++

Mr. Anthony K. Kwon ‘10

Dr. Jeffrey R. Maehara

Mr. Michael Moskal ‘95 and Ms. Leanna Lui

Mrs. Serena K. Kwong ‘51 and Mr. Paul K.N. Kwong

Ms. Toni Maehara ‘98

Mrs. Agnes Marie Braz ‘46 Motley

Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Paulette Laanui

Mrs. Patricia Maffit ‘65

Dr. Todd and Mrs. Brigitte Nakagawa

Mr. Lester Labuguen and Ms. Donnalie Queja

Dr. Rochelle A. Mahoe ‘88 and Mr. Albert Mahoe

Mr. Marc Nakamoto

Mr. Jon and Mrs. Kiyomi Lagon

Mrs. Sylvia Makainai ‘76 and Mr. Jesse Makainai, Jr.

Mr. Bert and Mrs. Michelle Nakamura

Mrs. Deanne Chu ‘90 Lai

Mrs. Verna L. Makanani ‘66

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Nakanelua ‘77

Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Vivian Lai

Mr. Milton Y. Makishi +

Mrs. Debbie Nakanelua-Richards ‘76

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Terry Lakey

Mr. Cheyne D. Manalo

Mr. and Mrs. Shinji Nakanishi

Mr. Kevin Lam and Ms. Yan Qun Chen

Ms. Jaime L. Manuwai

Mr. Lloyd Nakao

Mr. Trung Lam ‘99 and Mrs. Lianna Lam

Mr. Michael Markrich

Ms. Kari S. Nakasone

Mrs. Mardi LaPrade and Mr. Arne LaPrade

Mrs. Anna K. del Rosario Marks

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nakasone

Mr. Charles Lau and Ms. Alice Yeung

Mrs. Catherine Martin ‘52 *

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Sandy Narvaez

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lau

Mrs. Charlene Martin +

NCA Sterling LLC

Mr. Marc Devon Lau ‘03

Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Imelda Martinez

Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson

Mr. Andre and Mrs. Jayna Lee

Mr. Hayes and Mrs. Mandy Marumoto

Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Jana Nelson

Dr. Brian J. Lee and Dr. Rachel L. Murkofsky

Ms. Julie Mathews

Mrs. Elaine Ngai

Ms. Deanne S.Y. Lee ‘04

Ms. Betty Matsubara

Ms. Thao X. Nguyen

Mr. Garrett Lee and Mrs. Karyne Kamikawa-Lee

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Kim Matsubara

Mr. Tuan Nguyen and Dr. Trinh Pham

Mr. Jae Hang and Mrs. Karen Lee

Mrs. Suzanne S. Matsuda ‘66

Mrs. Thoai Nguyen-Hales

Mr. James G. Lee, Jr. ‘82

Mrs. Holly A. Matsumoto

Mr. Lanakila and Mrs. Shellie Ann Niles

Mr. Jason Lee and Ms. Janice Yee

Mr. Alan Matsunami and Ms. Gail Matsushima

Mr. Chad Nishida

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Winnie Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Matsuoka

Mr. Lance and Dr. Jodi Nishida

Mrs. Lorraine Lee ‘59

Ms. Sachiko Matsushita

Dr. Linda E. Nishigaya ‘65 +++

Dr. Richard and Mrs. Young Hee Lee

Ms. Evelyn Mau

Mr. Duane and Mrs. Jill Nishimura

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Lee

Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Karin McCauley

Mr. Glenn Nishimura ‘84 and Mrs. Michelle Nishimura

Mr. Wayson C.W. Lee ‘68

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Susan McGinn

Mr. Warren and Mrs. Pamela Noguchi

Mr. Eric Leeson

Ms. Kathleen A. McLeod ‘89

Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Gail Nowicki

Mr. Cheng-Yu Lei and Ms. Celine Ng

Mrs. Mary Jane McMillan and Mr. Roland Santos +

Mr. Mark Nugent and Mrs. Laura Kim-Nugent

Mrs. Betsy Chang ‘53 Leong and Mr. Donald Leong

Mrs. Cynthia N. Medeiros

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Nancy Ogden

Mrs. Dorothy Leong ‘54

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Leticia Melegrito

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. O’Grady

Mrs. Liane Yamamoto ‘87 Leong and Mr. Jay Leong

Ms. Junemia C. Melendez ‘93

Mrs. Nancy Wakayama ‘54 Oide

Mr. Benson and Mrs. Waiyu Leung

Dr. Lionel Mew ‘76

Mr. Seungjin Ok and Mrs. Shawna Kim

Ms. Tiffany Li

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Meyer

Mr. Hitoshi and Mrs. Aya Okada

Ms. Yong X. Li

Mr. and Mrs. Howard W.X. Miao

Dr. Edward and Mrs. Lisa Okimoto

Mr. Jian Jun Liang and Ms. Jie Hong Liu

Mr. Michael Miranda ‘90 and Mrs. Freda Miranda

Mrs. Eloise Pereira ‘60 Omakanim

Mr. Kun Hang Liang and Ms. Karen Tam

Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Kaylee Miyake

Mrs. Charlotte Jardin ‘53 Ornellas

Mr. Samuel Liang and Ms. Qianying Ruan

Mrs. Myra Miyake

Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy Oshiro +

Lt. Col. Derek and Mrs. Kimberly Licina

Mr. David and Dr. Terri Miyamoto

Mr. Joshua Oxentine and Ms. Elaine Yeung

Ms. Jennifer A. Lim

Mr. Karl H. Miyamoto

Dr. Ian Oyama and Mrs. Joey Minato-Oyama

Mr. Zachary and Mrs. Kimberly Little

Mrs. Linda Naomi Miyauchi ‘77 and Dr. Dale Y. Miyauchi

Mr. Scott Oyama and Mrs. Seiko Urakami-Oyama

R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018

Mrs. Rebecca I. Kotake +



Mrs. Maxine P. Echols Pada ‘55

Mrs. Barbara Soon ‘54 Richards

Mr. Victor and Mrs. Leah Padilla

Cpt Donald J. Riley Jr. ‘69

Mr. Dexter and Mrs. Janel Pang

Mrs. Eva Robinson

Mr. Neil and Mrs. Jeen Pang

Mrs. Karan Rodrigues ‘79

Mrs. Patricia Lum ‘82 Pang and Mr. Edwin Pang

Mr. Marc and Mrs. Tracey Rol

Mrs. Sharie Ikeda ‘90 Pang

Mr. and Mrs. Derek A.K. Rompasky

Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Mary Jane Panganiban

Mrs. Tana H. Rosehill ‘74

Mr. Roman Panoke and Ms. Charis Thomas

Ms. Carissa L. Rosenbohm

Mrs. Willa A.N. Gaud Papandrew ‘67

Ms. Stephanie Ross

Mr. John and Mrs. Margaret Parks

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ruck

Mrs. Toyoko N. Pasoquen

Mrs. Mara Ishida ‘84 Saito and Mr. Scott Saito

Mr. Jon Passman

Mrs. Makanani Sala

Mr. Kamohoalii B. Pedro and Mrs. Harolynn Arakaki-Pedro

Mr. Luis and Mrs. Naomi Salaveria

Mrs. Moon Yun Pellerin ‘85 Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Emily Pettit Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pettit Mr. Thom and Mrs. Imendelin Pialda Mr. Narciso and Mrs. Gladys Pidlaoan Mrs. Jennifer Provencio Mr. Tao Qiu and Ms. Hua Zhang Mr. Dominador Ragmat Mr. Jeremy J. Ramos ‘07 Mrs. Lynne Budar ‘73 Ramsey Mr. William Rauckhorst


FALL 2018

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rosario Sambueno Dr. Alberto C. San Juan Jr. Capt. Karl and Mrs. Antonija Sandbo Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Ila Santa Monica Mr. Jon R. Santos ‘85 Mr. Matthew A. Sasaki ‘04 Mrs. Suzanne A. Sasaki Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sato Mr. Kenneth Sato ‘54 and Mrs. Jean Sato Mrs. Margaret Goto ‘45 Sato Mrs. Cheryl Silva Saunders ‘68 Mr. Scott and Mrs. Tasha Sawai

Mr. Calvin K.Y. Say

Mrs. Delna Y. Tanaka

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Schraff

Mrs. Myrna Fong ‘83 Tanaka and Mr. Gerald Tanaka

Ms. Carole Wong

Mr. Douglas Schultz ‘85

Mrs. Barbara Au ‘72 Taniguchi

Mrs. Catherine Salado ‘55 Wong and Mr. Gordon Wong

Mr. Peter-Michael and Mrs. Michelle Seidel

Mr. Wendell and Mrs. Alicia Tanjutco

Dr. Frances Wong ‘69 and Mr. Jack Wong

Mr. Anthony “Tino” Sellitto III ‘83 +

Mrs. Sandra Kam ‘78 Tanoue and Mr. Dwight Tanoue

Ms. Gaylean Kalei Wong ‘00

Mrs. Lynette Mau ‘69 Seto

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Patricia Tanouye

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T.K. Wong

Mr. Peter Sheehan and Mrs. Karen Yamamoto

Mr. Lionel G. Tejada ‘67

Mrs. Geraldine Wong

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kiara Sheehey

Mr. Jon Tengan and Mrs. Rene Yoshinaga-Tengan

Mr. Kingsley W.G. Wong ‘63

Mrs. Dawn Shiinoki-Ho and Mr. Timothy Ho

Ms. Regina K. Teramoto

Mr. Matthew Wong and Mrs. Natalie Lam-Wong ‘93

Mrs. Clara Shimoda ‘48 and Mr. Jerry Shimoda

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Terry

Mr. Pokiikeahilohinokauila Wong ‘12

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Lisa Shimokawa

The Kula Foundation

Mr. William K.C. Wong

Mr. Tony and Mrs. Alice Shyu

Mr. Kenneth Thom ‘57 and Mrs. Jacqueline Ching ‘57 Thom

Mrs. Laurie Ann Wong-Nowinski

Mr. Jonathan M.T. Sim ‘99 Mr. Noel Simbajon and Mrs. Melchora Guillen-Simbajon Mr. Mark and Mrs. Helen Simmonds Mr. Denis J. Siu ‘59 Mrs. Laine Matsuo ‘68 Skiendiel Ms. Danielle Smith Mr. Ryan Smith and Ms. Holly Sheen Ms. Sharon Smith Mrs. SyRina Smith ‘99 and Mr. Christopher Smith Mr. and Mrs. Adam T. Snow Mr. Raul and Mrs. Faye Lynn Solidum Mrs. Vicki Arii ‘80 Soo Hoo and Mr. Tom Soo Hoo Ms. Christine Tina Sprague Mrs. Myrna L. Spurrier St. Catherine Parish Mr. James Fe’a-Fiame and Mrs. Ursula Steffany Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Jianna Stevenson Mr. Jay Stone ‘88 and Mrs. JoAnn Stone Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Kimberly Straube Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sugita Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Donna Sumimoto Mrs. Katherine Sun Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Tracie Sur Mrs. Ethel Suzuki Ms. Adrienne Sweeney Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Mae Lynne Swoboda Dr. Anne Sylva ‘97 and Mr. Jareus Sylva + Mrs. Benedith Tabiolo-Ventura and Mr. Leonard Ventura Mr. Landon and Mrs. Dawnmarie Tafaoa Mr. Keenan and Mrs. Jolene Takamori Dr. Ryan and Mrs. LuAnn Takamori Mr. Ryan Takata Mr. Marc and Mrs. Kimberly Takeuchi Mr. and Mrs. William K. Tam III Mr. Toby Tamaye and Ms. Hitomi Aizawa Dr. Aaron Tamura-Sato Mr. Jason and Mrs. Lerie Ann Tan Mrs. Betty Y. Tanaka

Mrs. Thalia Candia ‘73 Woodward and Mr. Russell Woodward

Ms. Beverly S.K. Tom ‘72

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne A. Worley

Ms. Joanne Tom ‘68

Dr. Alan Wu and Mrs. S.Y. Judy Liu-Wu

Kerry Tom

Mr. Chengzhen Xia and Ms. Kumiko Natsu

Mr. Wayne Tome ‘67 and Mrs. Barbara Tome

Mr. Guy and Mrs. Masako Xu-Sugahara

Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Maria Gretel Tomita

Mrs. Barbara Dos Remedios ‘53 Yamada

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Candace Tonokawa

Mr. Darryl and Mrs. Kathryn Yamamoto

Mr. Terrence K. Torco ‘90

Mr. Edward C. Yamamura

Mr. Landon T. Toshi ‘99

Ai S. Yamane

Mrs. Jewel Toyama ‘73 and Mr. Gerald Toyama

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Jennifer Yamane

Mr. Patrick A. Toyama

Mr. David Yamasaki

Mr. Jason and Mrs. Dawn Tsang

Mr. Da Zhou and Mrs. Karen Yang

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Darcey Tsukamoto

Mr. Myron Yango ‘67 * and Ms. Myra Yango

Mr. Jon and Mrs. Lisa Tulchin

Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Mila Yi

Dr. Ippo and Mrs. Sonomi Uchida

Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Lisa Yokoyama

Mr. Travis and Mrs. Licie Uchino

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Yokoyama

Mrs. Mary Ann Yim ‘67 Underwood and Mr. David Underwood, Sr.

Mrs. Barbara A. Yoneda ‘72

Mr. Kenta and Mrs. Asako Uraki Mr. Gregory T. Usita ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Uy Mr. and Mrs. Wendell T. Uyeda Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Wendi Uyemura Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Frances Uyemura Mr. Bert I. Uyenco ‘99 Mrs. Josefina A. Valdez Mr. Ernie and Mrs. Mirasol Valdez Ms. Kristen Valencia Ms. Jordan T. Valle ‘15 Mr. Daniel Vanaman and Ms. Caroline Perry Mr. Galen and Mrs. Tracie Vasconcellos Mr. Bhanu and Dr. Vijaya Vellanki Dr. Maria R. Ver ‘98 Ms. Diana Wan Mrs. Ruth Watabayashi Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Dinna Watanabe Theresa Y. Wee, M.D. ‘72 Rob B. Welch, Ph.D.

R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018

Mr. Stephen Smith ‘67 and Mrs. Deborah Smith

Mr. Michael A. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Yoo ‘80 Mrs. Jean Yoshihara ‘56 and Mr. Isami Yoshihara Ms. Carol M. Young ‘58 + Dr. Richard S.K. Young ‘65 and Mrs. Dorothy T. Young Dr. Robert Young ‘59 and Mrs. Virginia Lum ‘72 Mr. Ronald Young ‘57 Mr. Chris Q.Y. Yuen ‘71 Ms. Christine Y.L. Yuen Mr. David and Mrs. Tiffany Yuen Mr. Eric and Mrs. Yoshie Yuen Ms. Leona K.H. Yuen ‘77 Ms. Angelica A. Zabanal ‘05 Mr. Eduardo Olegario Zabanal Jr. ‘15 Ms. Lorelei B.N. Zabanal ‘14 Ms. Regina Tatiana N. Zabanal ‘10 Ms. Shalimar N. Zabanal ‘02 Mrs. Leorosie N. Zabanal Trexler Ms. Azalea Z. U. Zamora ‘91 Dr. Florita M. Zane ‘55 and Mr. Raymond L.H. Zane Mr. Hulin Zhang and Ms. Xianglan Cui Mr. Shengri Zhang and Dr. Haining Yang THE KNOLLER



Maj. Jon-David Chun ‘85 and Mrs. Marcy Chun in honor of David J. Lum Mr. Douglas H. Inouye in honor of Mr. Gordon M. Inouye ‘12 Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Gail Nowicki in honor of Mr. Jake K. Nowicki ‘10 Dr. Henry Oyama ‘49 in honor of Maryknoll Sisters and Class of 1949

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Ryan in honor of Clara Calouri Ms. Shirley K. Salomon ‘55 in honor of Esther Salomon Carpio Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sato in honor of James Takeshi Ng Dr. Venerando Seguritan and Mrs. Mona Liza Valentin in honor of Maxwell and Madison Seguritan Mr. Roy L. Shults ‘66 * in honor of Maryknoll School’s 90th Anniversary Mr. Denis J. Siu ‘59 in honor of Sister Dolores A. Rosso, MM Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Takao in honor of Malia O’Donnell Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Teri Theuriet in honor of Sachie and Joshua Theuriet ‘26 Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Loling Ursulum in honor of Taylor ‘16 and Conor ‘21 Ursulum Mr. Robert C. Wo in honor of Gabriel and Frances Ma’s birthdays Mr. Eric Wong and Mrs. Kristie Kawakami-Wong in honor of Jalen Wong ‘30


FALL 2018


Ms. Stewart Allen in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 *

Mr. Pat Nakagawa ‘80 and Mrs. Tina Nakagawa in memory of Lori Mitrulevich

Mrs. Arlinda E. Andersen ‘69 and Mr. James Andersen in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69

Mrs. Vivian W.M. Goo in memory of Wilfred Wai Mun Ching ‘62

Mr. Michael Neenan in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 *

Mrs. Margaret Tam ‘69 Araki in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69

Mrs. Maxine Ho in memory of Francis Ho

Mr. Jon Passman in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 *

Mrs. Karen Yap ‘66 Cahill in memory of Raymond J.C. Wong ‘53

Mr. Stephen H.L. Hu ‘65 in memory of Patrick Hu ‘67

Cpt. Donald J. Riley, Jr. ‘69 in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69

Mr. Creighton Y. Chang ‘69 and Mrs. Debbie Kikuchi-Chang in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69

Mrs. Catherine C. Huston ‘69 and Mr. Christopher Huston in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69

Mrs. Lynette Mau ‘69 Seto in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69

Mrs. Mary E. Ciacci in memory of Cornwell Ciacci ‘84

Mrs. Kristen Schultz ‘88 Iwashita and Mr. Randy Iwashita in memory of Paul Schultz

Mr. James Crotty in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 * Mrs. Marlene R. DeCosta ‘66 and Mr. Thom B. DeCosta in memory of James W. Y. Wong Mr. Bob and Mrs. Mary Anne Donahue in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 * Drug Enforcement Administration London Country Office in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 * Mrs. Charlotte J. Duarte-Hite ‘69 and Mr. Charles H. Hite in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69 Ms. Virginia Fink in memory of Mary Ann O’Neill

Mrs. Sharon S. Katahira ‘69 and Mr. George T. Katahira in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69 Mrs. Lorraine R. Maeda in memory of Sen. Daniel Akaka Mrs. Mele Magazzeni in memory of Laurie A. Kemp ‘78

R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018

The Fort Bragg Mission Training Complex in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 *

Mr. Stephen Sigworth in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 * Ms. Adrienne Sweeney in memory of Mary Ann O’Neill Mr. Alfred M.K. Wong and Mrs. Laurie W.L. Hong ‘56 Wong in memory of Minnie Kosasa Mr. Alfred M.K. Wong and Mrs. Laurie W.L. Hong ‘56 Wong in memory of Gwendolyn Au ‘56 Leong

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris in memory of Minnie Kosasa

Maj. Gen. Darryll Wong ‘68 and Mrs. Teresa Ching-Wong ‘69 in memory of Bryan P. Lau ‘69

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris in memory of Gwendolyn Au ‘56 Leong

Mr. Pokiikeahilohinokauila Wong ‘12 in memory of James W. Y. Wong

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris in memory of James W. Y. Wong

Ms. Catherine Worsham in memory of Patrick Andrews ‘63 *



NOBLESSE OBLIGE LEGACY SOCIETY Mr. Paul ‘57 and Mrs. Yvonne Chinen Mrs. Jeanne Amlin ‘58 Duggan Mr. Doug Ferreira ‘63 Mr. Roger and Mrs. Maureen Higa Mr. Galen Ho ‘63 and Mrs. Patricia Ching ‘63 Ho Jarrett W. T. Karasaki ‘55 Mrs. Joan Karasaki Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kosasa Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Ms. Cary Jane Miller ‘64 Mrs. Lucile Smith ‘37 Mistysyn Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris Mrs. Nadine Jeremiah ‘57 Olinger Mrs. Nobuko Ono Paul M. Ono Dr. Rita Rapoza ‘61 * Mrs. Valerie Sorensen ‘63 and Mr. David Sorensen Mrs. Shana Campos ‘83 Tong and Mr. Rodney Tong Mr. Don and Mrs. Nastia Maxine Vickery ‘58 Mr. Derrick Wong ‘68 and Mrs. Carol Kwak ‘68 Wong Dr. and Mrs. Livingston M.F. Wong ‘48 Mr. Stacey Wong ‘70 and Mrs. Lorena Wong


FALL 2018


KEKUMANO TABLE SPONSORS Jade $25,000 Mr. Robert and Mrs. Frances Bean Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kosasa Ohana Waikiki Malia Hotel

Ilima $10,000 First Hawaiian Bank Dr. Sidney Johnson and Dr. Michael Pi McCorriston Miller Mukai MacKinnon LLP, HMAA and HWMG Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc. Ms. Ginny Tiu

Maile $5,000

Olomana Loomis ISC, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D.K. Kim

Pacific ComTech and Mr. Mark Arimoto & Ms. Grace Ryu

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kosasa

Parents & Friends of Maryknoll Students

Mrs. Radlyn A. Kurihara

Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Patricia Rodriguez

Mr. Gordon Leong ‘53 and Mrs. Jean Uyeda ‘53 Leong

Society Contracting LLC Sodexo The Lin and Ella Wong Foundation Torkildson Katz Hetherington Harris & Knorek United Laundry Services, Inc. University of Hawaii System Mr. Alfred M.K. Wong and Mrs. Laurie W.L. Hong ‘56 Wong Mr. Stacey Wong ‘70 and Mrs. Lorena Wong Mrs. Susan C. Wong ‘66 and Dr. Calvin Y.H. Wong Xerox Hawaii

KMH LLP / Ross Murakami Maj. Gen. Darryll Wong ‘68 and Mrs. Teresa Ching-Wong ‘69 and Mr. Derrick Wong ‘68 and Mrs. Carol Kwak ‘68 Wong

Plumeria $3,000

Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Mr. Erwin and Mrs. Anita Mateo Mr. Darrell Mattos ‘63 * and Mrs. Marjorie Mattos Mr. Ross and Mrs. Dayle Murakami Mr. Takushi Nagayama ‘99 Mrs. Doris Ng Mrs. Kristie Koga ‘91 Nourrie and Mr. Jay Nourrie Dr. Michael Pi

Bank of Hawaii Interior Showplace, Ltd.

Mrs. Chris Mattos ‘85 Loomis and Mr. Philip Loomis

KEKUMANO DONORS Alexander C. Waterhouse Sr. Foundation Angela M. Pratt, M.D. Mr. Tod and Mrs. Michelle Bartell Mr. Robert and Mrs. Frances Bean Ms. Diane Beauchemin

Pulama Lana`i The Queen’s Medical Center Mr. Edward and Mrs. Cecilia Richardson Ms. Judy Rieta Ms. Stephanie Ross Ms. Naomi Saito and Mr. Robert Love Mr. Eric and Mrs. Lissa Schiff

ABM Industries, Inc.

Mr. Steven Beck

Advanced Fence Solutions

Mr. Alex Bell

Belt Collins Hawaii LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Berger

Cades Schutte, LLP

Mrs. Kelli K. Brandvold

Calica Building LLC

Mrs. Jill Canfield

Catholic Charities Hawaii

Dr. and Mrs. Malcom H.M. Chang

Central Pacific Bank

Mr. Paul ‘57 and Mrs. Yvonne Chinen

Expressions Portrait Design

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Choo

Group 70 International Inc.

Ms. Patricia A. Czermak

IC Construction, Inc.

Ms. Jennifer Foytich

Mrs. Susan C. Wong ‘66 and Dr. Calvin Y.H. Wong

ImmersiveWorlds LLC

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Ms. Terrina G. Wong

Island Insurance Company, Ltd.

Green Thumb Inc.

Mr. Reid and Mrs. Jodi-Anne Yoshida

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kosasa

Ms. Anne P. Harpham ‘68

Mix Plate Media

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Mr. Dean Miyamoto ‘72

Mr. Roger and Mrs. Maureen Higa

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris and Prime Care Services Hawaii, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hiramatsu ‘75

Mrs. Doris Ng

Ms. Liane Hu Okumura

Office Pavilion Ohata Chun Yuen LLP

R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018

New City Nissan

The Annual Kekumano Award & Scholarship Benefit Dinner celebrates and perpetuates the spirit of service to others and giving back to the community. It was established in memory of Monsignor Charles A. Kekumano’s selfless contributions to our community.

Ms. Ginny Tiu Mr. Tyler Tokioka Ms. Miki Tomita Mr. Jack and Mrs. May Tyrrell Mr. and Mrs. John K. Uekawa Mr. Gregory T. Usita ‘71 Ms. Julie Anne Wassel ‘88 The Robert and Betty Wo Foundation

Mr. James and Mrs. Beth Hoban Mr. Greg and Mrs. Kim Jones Mr. Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro THE KNOLLER


IN KIND DONATIONS Angy’s Handmade Delights Arthur Murray Dance Centers of Hawaii Atlantis Adventures Bay View Mini-Putt & Zipline Big City Diner Big Island Candies Big Wave Dave Surf Co. Bishop Museum Blue Hair Mermaid Body Glove Cruises Butler & Badou Portraits Mrs. Jill Canfield The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated Nancy Chen, M.D. Mr. Glenn K.C. Ching Mr. Robert J. Clancey, Jr. Consolidated Theatres CorePower Yoga Dave and Buster’s Mr. John C. Dean Dellera’s Woodworks Diamond Head Theatre Dole Fruit Hawaii Duke’s Waikiki Edward Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Blenn Fujimoto Germaine’s Luau Glow Putt Mini Golf Grand Wailea - A Waldorf Astoria Resort Ms. Gigi Graulty Dennis Guillermo of Dada Salon 52

FALL 2018


Mrs. Valery E. O’Brien

Hawaiian Airlines


Mr. Galen Ho ‘63 and Mrs. Patricia Ching ‘63 Ho

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Mr. James and Mrs. Beth Hoban

The Pacific Club

Honolulu Theatre for Youth

Pasha Hawaii

Honolulu Zoological Society

Polynesian Cultural Center

Hula Grill Waikiki

Polynesian Voyaging Society

Ice Palace

Pualani Hawaii

Kaanapali Beach Hotel

Queen Emma Ballet

Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts, LP

Dr. Leigh Maria Ramos-Platt, M.D. ‘93 and Mr. Lorne Platt

Mr. Trung Lam ‘99 and Mrs. Lianna Lam Lappert’s Hawaii Leahi Swim School Mr. Khubo and Mrs. Patricia Luu Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Pamela Maeda Manoa Valley Theatre Marian’s Catering Market City Limited Mr. Arnold Martines and Mrs. Thuy Nguyen-Martines McKinley Car Wash Mid-Pacific Country Club Mix Plate Media Mr. Lance A. Mizumoto Moana Surfrider Hotel Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris Avis and Reyn Mukawa ‘07 Mr. Mark Murakami MW Restaurant Nails by Carrie Mr. Keith and Mrs. Stacy Nakano New City Nissan Mrs. Catherine Ngo

Roy Sakuma Productions, Inc. Royal Hawaiian Center Roy’s Waikoloa Mr. Danny and Mrs. Lei Rudometkin Helen Sabatini of Studio Inx Saks Fifth Avenue Sea Life Park Hawaii Set It Up Staging and Home Presentation Shangri-La Tea of Hawaii, LLC Society Contracting LLC Taj Clubhouse Tamura’s Fine Wines & Liquors USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc. Mr. Don and Mrs. Nastia Maxine Vickery ‘58 Mr. Wesley Wakamura Watanabe Floral, Inc. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Waikiki Mrs. Brenda Dung ‘77 Wong and Mr. Kiman Wong Mr. Gary and Mrs. Lynn Wong Mr. Vernon Wong Zippy’s Restaurants

In the 2017-2018 school year, our alumni collectively pledged more than $288,000 to Maryknoll School, supporting a variety of programs and activities across our campuses.





$119 2 . 2 5




17. 57 %






7.78 %

196 4

























$1,336.4 0

7. 37 %




2 0 11












198 4






















$ 2 7, 8 0 5















$1,4 0 4

11. 2 4%










195 4

$ 5 ,13 0










24 .14%









11. 6 3 %


$ 7 7 7.75




7. 3 5%



7. 6 9 %








$ 6 ,15 0

10.3 4%





$1,19 5


19 49





11. 0 2 %




19 4 8

$ 2 6,1 5 1.1 5

13.0 4%






17. 57 %

19 47







$1,58 4

11. 8 6 %

19 4 6




$ 41,26 4





19 4 5


11.7 6 %

199 4





18.8 4%

19 4 4




$ 4 6 7.75





19 42




$ 5 2 7. 5 0



$ 8,015











R EP OR T OF GI V ING 2 017-2 018


$288,402.57 THE KNOLLER


The Greatest Gift You Can Give is Your Time By Kris Dela Cruz


FALL 2018


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” —Martin Luther King JR. Michelle Gabriel ‘99 has been part of the Maryknoll School staff for over 15 years and was recently appointed to the position of Director of Middle School 6-8 starting in the 2018-2019 school year. After being selected for this important role, one of the first questions she asked herself was “How can we support our kids and make sure they understand what it means to be Noblesse Oblige?” Michelle and the middle school staff and faculty, like P.E. Teacher and Dean of Middle School, Jonathan Hermosura, collaborated and came up with a plan that would help students become global citizens and ease the transition to high school. “One of our goals is to create a positive school culture with the support kids need, especially during these growing pain years,” says Michelle. Change is difficult and it can affect students in ways they don’t expect. A new schedule, new teachers, new classmates, and more responsibilities. It’s not easy and this is something Michelle and the middle school staff and faculty recognized. “It was important for us to focus on our students’ needs and their professional development,” says Jonathan.

THE DAY OF SERVICE The Day of Service started with their middle school service club and last year all grades participated to celebrate Maryknoll School’s 90th Anniversary. It was a great event that had all grade levels and departments collaborating. Jonathan says, “There was a lot of coordination between the different grade level chairs and the nonprofits in our community.” Last school year’s Day of Service happened during Maryknoll’s Founders Week, where over 400 students participated in various service projects throughout Oahu. Here are a few of their Day of Service activities: • Donated items to River of Life and learned about their service to our homeless community • Helped around the Ronald McDonald House • Spent quality time with kupuna in retirement homes

and empathy are things you can’t teach in a book. These real life experiences help our students become respectful, better listeners, and engaged, global citizens. When they think of service to others, I hope Maryknoll crosses their mind,” says Michelle. This year’s Day of Service was held on October 26, 2018. As we look to participate in more service projects throughout the school year, here’s how you support our service: • Help us to identify nonprofit organizations who are seeking help • Offer donations • Contact Campus Ministry at campusministry@maryknollschool.org

and find out how you can serve alongside our students. Service is a powerful tool for strengthening our communities. “We have to take care of each other. It’s not only us, it’s everyone,” says Michelle.

• Cleaned up our beaches • Learned about the community and cultural importance of Ka Papa Loʻi ʻo Kānewai

To help students merge the gap when transitioning into high school, they created an advisory program. Students “talk story” with faculty in a judgment free environment. This program builds positive relationships and helps teachers to better understand where kids are coming from.

“There were so many chicken skin moments that day. Students got to see how the clothes, hydroflasks, and other donated items can change a person’s life. Just that one item can create a positive impact in someone’s life,” says Jonathan.

Another goal of the Middle School faculty and staff was to provide opportunities for students to give back. “Our students are given a lot, and in return they must also give back to our community,” says Michelle.

As students participate in the Day of Service, Michelle hopes they remember their community service experience and how impactful it was. She hopes students feel connected to their community and to Maryknoll School. “Compassion, kindness THE KNOLLER




The first Maryknoll school building was a one-story wooden, four-classroom building blessed in 1927 by Father William S. Kress. Between classes with the Maryknoll sisters, the first 150 Maryknoll students would run along its long wooden lanai, eager to play on the grassy area between the school building and Sacred Heart Church, which was blessed in 1914. During the formative years of Maryknoll School’s expansion in student population, the campus also grew rapidly. Dowsett Homestead was acquired in 1930, adding 47,000 square feet, and was remodeled by Father Frederick E. Fitzgerald, creating a convent to accommodate the Maryknoll sisters; in 1938 Dowsett Homestead would be remodeled once more to provide classrooms, a health room, and an area for school plays. In addition to Dowsett Homestead, the Maryknoll campus again transformed in 1930 when Father Fitzgerald led the construction of a fourclassroom building behind the church. The first school building remained in use until 1978, when the currently-utilized Knoll Building was constructed, and on the Dowsett Homestead now stands the Maryknoll Community Center and Administrative Building. As ninety years have passed, and the original campus and community have become nearly unrecognizable, Maryknoll’s mission to cultivate academic innovation and excellence in a nurturing and welcoming community has not wavered. And in the ninety-first year of Maryknoll School, the campus continues to transform to provide the best facilities for Maryknoll students, staff, and the community. “I have always felt that Maryknoll School should create a school facility that makes all employees and students very proud,” says Maryknoll President Perry Martin. “It’s because of this Maryknoll pride that we have made it a priority to improve one or two school facilities each year. Modern facilities affect teacher recruitment, retention, commitment, and effort. Great school facilities also have an impact on student health, behavior, engagement, learning, growth in achievement, and pride.” Vice President of Academic Affairs, Mrs. Shana Tong, echoes Mr. Martin’s commitment to a comfortable campus. She says, “It is important for students to have a nice campus that promotes good school culture and pride as well as school spirit. A comfortable environment also adds to the enthusiasm one may have for learning.” 56

FALL 2018

ONGOING: CLASSROOMS In the mid-1960s, two parallel two-story concrete structures were built to support the growing enrollment of 800 students in grades kindergarten through eight. Building A was completed on September 1965, and its twin, Building B, was finished on May 1966. Atop both buildings were playground areas, and the buildings included a principal’s office, library, health room, and an art and science complex. The Knoll building constructed in 1978 added additional classrooms for kindergarteners along with an art center and meeting space for parishioners. While Buildings A and B and the Knoll Building remain as the pillars of the grade school campus, the interior classrooms have transformed. As a part of Maryknoll’s “21st Century Learning Facility Initiative,” every year several classrooms, including high school classrooms, have been equipped with the latest technologies, flexible and varied furnishings, open floor spaces, and access to the exterior environment, and as a result, these transformed classrooms engage a variety of learners simultaneously. “The near future calls for various pieces of playground equipment, specialized classrooms for STEM, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), and dual language classrooms,” says Mr. Martin. “Also, regular classrooms and other learning spaces are always being placed on the schedule.”

TRANSFORMED: DANCE STUDIO The Maryknoll High School, with its updated classrooms, comfortable Learning Commons, and state-of-the-art science labs, now has a new addition: a dance studio. “The past year saw the construction of Maryknoll’s first dance studio, complete with ballet mirrors, state of the art dance floor, and sound system donated by Dr. and Mrs. Tom Kosasa,” explains Mr. Martin. “The new dance studio provides a gathering place for dance, hula, jazz, and yoga,” adds Mrs. Tong. “It is a perfect enhancement for the Mx Creative Arts and Expression.”


Four Classroom Building built in 1930

Upgraded High School Learning Commons

High School Dance Studio



Grade School Great Lawn

High School Mural

Bachelot Hall


FALL 2018


TRANSFORMED: GREEN SPACES Maryknoll students were welcomed to the start of this school year with an open grassy area – the “Great Lawn.” The concrete courtyard between Buildings A and B was removed and replaced with kid-friendly and car-friendly grass. “The recent ‘Great Lawn’ and ‘Green Belt’ projects are two of Maryknoll’s newest projects bringing distinct value to the grade school,” elaborates Mr. Martin. “These two projects connected existing green spaces for outdoor play, physical education, and outdoor classrooms. The large grass field has a state-of-the-art sub-terrain drainage system that allows the grass to be parked on for special events without damage.” “The Great Lawn has drastically reduced the reflective heat of what once was hot blacktop. Now, every day, you will see students playing on the grass or just gathering to talk with friends and family,” says Mr. Martin. “I feel so fortunate that I was able to play a small role in the planning and construction of this fantastic development!”

T R A N S F O R M E D: M A R Y K N O L L M U R A L S & B A N N E R S Go into the grade school stairwells, walk past the high school’s walls, ride a Maryknoll elevator, or watch a game in the Maryknoll Community Center, and you will see Maryknoll banners, the Maryknoll logo, or inspirational quotes such as, “To whom much is given much is expected,” proudly displayed. “These additions remind all who view them what it means to be a Maryknoll Spartan and a part of this great Maryknoll sister legacy,” says Mr. Martin. “The banners and murals instill a sense of school pride,” explains Mrs. Tong. “They also make the campus have a nice community campus feel – just like college campuses.”

COMING SOON: BACHELOT HALL Blessed on June 23, 1923, Bachelot Hall has served a variety of purposes over the past ninety-five years—including a cafeteria, a dorm, a gym, high school classrooms, and a center for parochial activities. The hall was named after Alexis John Augustine Bachelot, Prefect Apostolic of the Sandwich Islands. His arrival in 1827 established the first permanent Catholic mission in the Kingdom of Hawaii. Now Bachelot Hall will again be transformed to serve the

Maryknoll community. “In the coming months, we will start renovations on Bachelot Hall, creating the needed kitchen, lunch room, and theater facility,” explains Mr. Martin. “This project will start with roofing, flooring, staging, electrical, and plumbing. A new industrial kitchen will be designed and built for all students to have locally-cooked lunches, space for lunchroom collaboration, and opportunities for dinner theaters. The new theater will be developed for maximum usage in developing our grade school and high school drama programs,” expounds Mr. Martin. “The planned renovations of Bachelot Hall will serve to create a sense of community by having children eat together,” Mrs. Tong elaborates. “We have a beautiful gym; now we will have a beautiful performing arts center.”

COMING SOON: ROGERS HALL In 1947, Maryknoll School acquired MacDonald Hotel, which would become Maryknoll High School. It was transformed in the early 1950s to classrooms. Throughout the years, several transformations have occurred including cement work, painting, new science laboratories, and the renovation and dedication of Founder’s Hall in 1996. Now another exciting campus transformation for Maryknoll High School is planned. “Within the next few years, the Maryknoll Master Plan calls for the cover above Rogers Hall to come down and be replaced with retractable awnings which will reduce freeway sound and allow for grass to be planted and grown,” says Mr. Martin. The High School Campus Master Plan also includes guest parking near the main office, a redesigned courtyard with an amphitheater space, additional seating, and sound walls. “There is no doubt that Maryknoll’s 21st Century Learning Facility Initiative produces happy, satisfied, and productive teachers and students,” concludes Mr. Martin. “Our students have noticed the school taking the initiative to make vast facility improvements on their behalf and seem to take enormous pride in their classes and academic surroundings.” From 1927 to now, the Maryknoll campus continues to transform to be able to provide the best education for its students. Yet the hope of the sisters of 1927 and the educators of today remains the same for all students who walk onto Maryknoll’s campus; as Mr. Martin eloquently says, “May we all continue to plant the seeds of humility and Noblesse Oblige in every young mind that has the good fortune of attending Maryknoll School.” THE KNOLLER


Partnering with Hawaii Pacific University By Stephanie Frank


FALL 2018


Taylor-Anne Atou, Angeline “Angel” Tanjutco, and Kai Sunahara – three trailblazing Maryknoll students who will graduate this spring with both a high school diploma from Maryknoll and an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in General Studies from Hawai‘i Pacific University as a result of our new partnership. In Fall 2017, Maryknoll School became the first independent private school to partner with HPU, the largest private nonprofit university in the state, to enable junior and senior students to take rigorous college-level courses at HPU’s downtown Honolulu campus. The partnership consists of two academic pathways for students: the Mx Dual Credit Program and the Mx AA Degree Program. In the Mx Dual Credit Program, students create a personalized schedule that includes one or more HPU courses, along with Advanced Placement (AP) courses, career-focused electives, and foundation courses at Maryknoll School. The terms “dual enrollment” and “dual credit” refer to Maryknoll School students who enroll in college courses that count towards both high school and college credit at the same time. The Mx AA Degree Program offers outstanding students the opportunity to earn an HPU Associate of Arts in General Studies (AA) degree concurrent with a high school diploma. This highly-rigorous option is for students who commit to earning sixty HPU credits during their junior and senior years by taking most of their courses at HPU. In both programs, students do not pay any additional tuition beyond Maryknoll School tuition, and they independently venture to HPU’s downtown campus. All religion classes are taken at Maryknoll School, and students experience a range of extracurricular options – at Maryknoll School, HPU, and in the community. While gaining independence and experiencing the academic and social differences of a college campus, students remain supported by the Maryknoll School ‘ohana, ensuring a successful transition. Larry Kekaulike, Director of College Guidance, goes to the HPU downtown campus every other Wednesday morning to have breakfast with the Maryknoll School students. Additional academic support is provided by Yvonne Vance,

Maryknoll School’s HPU contact and the students’ academic advisor. “These two HPU pathways give Maryknoll students a distinct edge in college admissions and the ability to truly customize their four-year journey in grades 9-12,” explains Maryknoll School President Perry Martin.

TAYLOR-ANNE ATOU: CONNECTING WITH COLLEGE COURSEWORK Taylor-Anne Atou is one Maryknoll School student who decided to pursue a personalized high school path – a path that is preparing her for the challenge of college coursework while enabling her to discover different disciplines and meet supportive professors. “I thought enrolling in the HPU program would be a good opportunity for me to get ahead with college credits and would give me a chance to experience college-level coursework while still in Hawaii,” reflects Taylor, who hopes to enroll in an accelerated law program with an emphasis in business on the mainland next year. “I also felt that the HPU program would allow me to take more college classes rather than taking AP classes at Maryknoll that I was not interested in.” Taylor has taken a variety of interesting courses at HPU – from Introduction to Visual Arts to Living History of Hawaii to Introduction to Business during the summer semester. During this fall semester, she has enrolled in Basic Criminology, Great Books East and West, Mobile Technology for the 21st Century, Principles of Microeconomics, and The International System. “For this semester, my hardest classes are Basic Criminology and Principles of Microeconomics,” Taylor explains. “Microeconomics has many complex concepts. Although criminology is manageable now, I believe this class will become more difficult from looking at the syllabus. The International System course is challenging as international relations between countries are complex and THE KNOLLER


CAMPUS LIFE C A vary M P Udepending S L I F E on the country.” On a typical school day, Taylor’s grandpa drops her off at the HPU downtown campus around 8:00 a.m., and she studies until her first class begins at 11:00 a.m. During breaks, she spends time with classmates, who have become friends, or even meets up with Maryknoll School students on campus. “Sometimes Kai and I meet at Aloha Tower and study, work out, or play in HPU’s new E-sport lounge,” says Taylor. “This year, I plan to attend some of the athletic events and maybe some other events HPU offers.” Taylor also had the opportunity to connect with supportive staff at HPU. “During my first semester at HPU, I took a psychology class with a professor named Dr. Lynda Y. Vilwok-Biaquis,” Taylor explains. “Dr. V’s class was hard, but she is a great teacher and I felt I really learned in her class. After the class was over she invited me and a small group of her students to coffee. It was a great experience to bond with those students and her. Towards the end of my second semester, she invited the same group of students to another coffee meet-up. We ended up continuing our talk after the meeting to go get lunch. She has been a mentor to me and has helped me with my HPU classes.” “I believe my experience at HPU has prepared me for the rigor of classes that I will experience when I go to college,” concludes Taylor. “I also believe that experiencing the smaller class sizes at HPU has made me want to apply to colleges with smaller class sizes rather than largersized classes.”

ANGEL TANJUTCO: PURSING PASSIONS AND FINDING BALANCE “Enrolling in HPU courses was a unanimous decision made between my parents and me,” Angel explains. “We thought receiving college credits would benefit me in my hopes of furthering my education.” “Most of the classes I have taken are a part of the general education curriculum that I must fulfill before obtaining my AA 62

FALL 2018

degree. But I also had the option to choose some courses that I am passionate about, such as math and science,” says Angel, who hopes to continue her studies as a junior at HPU next year, majoring in Pre-Medicine or Pre-Nursing. The Mx AA Degree Program presented various challenges for Angel – “including balancing the college workload, maintaining extracurricular activities, doing community service, and being able to make new friends.” However, she continues to find balance and solutions. “HPU has better prepared me mentally of what to expect after high school. I have more sense of what it feels like to be ‘independent.’ At HPU, there is no detention if you are late to class, no teacher telling you to turn in your homework, or any advisor telling you what not to do. Keeping up with assignments and accepting responsibility is all on the student,” says Angel, who typically uses her free time at HPU to study or ask her professors for clarification. “Making new friends was effortless!” Angel exclaims. “I was able to meet the most charitable, humane people who wanted to succeed as much as I did. I always have a person to sit next to in class, eat with during lunch, walk with around campus, or study with prior to exams. In almost all my classes, I was able to be a part of a study group that would get together before or after school one to four times per week. Because of my friends, the transition to college has been easier and I have achieved academically.” “I would like to thank Hawai’i Pacific University and Maryknoll for offering me such an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

KAI SUNAHARA: EARNING MORE THAN MONEY Kai, who plans on majoring in Biotechnology at the University of Hawaii next year, decided to pursue the Mx AA Degree Program for multiple reasons. He says, “Of course, it is a way to get early college credits, but there is also the fact of college tuition. By doing this program, I am saving my parents a lot of money. I also

thought it would be a great way for me to finish the general education requirements, so that when I do enter college, I can take the classes associated with my major.” Kai has taken a variety of courses, including Pre-Calculus II over the summer and Calculus I this fall semester. “My biggest academic challenge is that I sometimes have to teach myself the lessons,” he explains. “What I mean by that is sometimes a teacher does not explain things well, but I have to make sure I understand what is going on or I will fall behind.” Kai has also successfully utilized the time in his flexible schedule, even obtaining a job at the HPU Information Technology (IT) Department, where he helps solve people’s technology problems. “I usually go to HPU early to do some homework,” he says. “Before class on Thursday, during my two-hour breaks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and after my classes most days, I go to work.” “These classes have given me a preview of what college is going to be like,” concludes Kai. “This program has broadened my perspective of the world. I have met many different people with different opinions and beliefs.”

A POSITIVE PARTNERSHIP From the challenges of college coursework, to independently assuming responsibilities, to meeting diverse people, to engaging in various extracurricular activities, to saving thousands of dollars, to discovering and pursing passions – the Maryknoll School and HPU partnership offers numerous benefits to students. “I believe these Maryknoll students taking HPU classes are adventurous, driven and forward-thinking,” expounds Mr. Kekaulike. “I commend them in reaching for academic excellence with a commitment to being curious and brave. I am very proud that they are pioneers and setting the example for future Maryknoll students to challenge themselves.”

By Noah Furtado (Maryknoll School; Class of 2021) & Alex Zhang (Shanghai Nanyang Model High School; Class of 2021) THE KNOLLER


“...friendship goes far beyond a friendly conversation or occasional encounters. True friendships can be created through establishing connections with others...�


FALL 2018


Even with an increasingly globalized world, it is still easy for people to only view the surface of countries separated by long stretches of ocean. For many, storied political tensions, like those between China and the U.S., distort our vision because many are without personal experiences in these foreign nations. Through Maryknoll School’s Common Goal Diplomacy Program, we not only experienced educational diplomacy among peers, but we also witnessed the significance of cultural exchange and the finding of common ground. Collectively, our Maryknoll basketball team was sent out on a mission to reach out and create a budding friendship with the basketball team of Nanyang Model High School, a top Chinese school driven by student-athletes. From the start, we understood that this trip would be about more than just the sport of basketball. In fact, it was our last priority because our minds were focused on the idea of friendship by understanding our new environment and immersing ourselves in the culture that surrounded us. The early stages of the trip were focused on engrossing myself in the culture of my host brother, Alex Zhang, as well as finding common ground and parallels with my own life. Each player on our team was hosted by a Nanyang student from their team. By doing so, each of us was committed to stepping into the shoes of our host brother and living alongside them throughout their daily life, whether that included attending classes or practicing on the court side-by-side. Despite our cultural differences, the values and priorities in our lives proved to be the same. Alex showed me many

parallels in terms of his relationships with his peers, coaches, family, friends, and teachers. The level of respect he had for his elders and his close bonds with friends led me to think that we were no different at all. In retrospect, we really are just two young individuals, determined in every way possible to achieve goals on and off the court, as well as inside and outside of the classrooms, who just happen to live in two different places in the world. At the end of the trip, we spoke frankly about our experience with each other. We confidently agreed that the memories along our journey of friendship meant more than the actual basketball game we played. The everyday things, tasks many would find insignificant, are among the memories that will be cherished the most. It was not only the trying of different foods that was a refreshing experience, but also the fact that I was able to sit in on Alex’s classes and observe his interactions amongst his own peers. All the little things we experienced together, such as sharing a meal with our teammates or learning alongside fellow students in the classroom, were the highlights of our time together. Alex even expressed how it would be a great idea for him to visit Hawaii one day and have me host him. I couldn’t agree more.

Maryknoll Spartan boys basketball team traveled to Shanghai, China earlier this year as a part of Maryknoll’s new Common Goal Diplomacy Program, which aims to foster positive international relationships and understanding, through the lens of a common association or goal!

The one thing from this experience that will continually resonate with us is that friendship goes far beyond a friendly conversation or occasional encounters. True friendships can be created by establishing connections with others, despite differences that may riddle the surface. Just as the game of basketball brought us together on the court, the aspects of our lives did so even more.



Shaping Hawaii’s Keiki for a Global Future Maryknoll School’s innovative Mandarin Immersion Program is instilling cultural appreciation and higher cognitive skills for students. By Maria Kanai


FALL 2018

Walk into a kindergarten math class at Maryknoll School, and you might find yourself wondering if you’re in the right room. Bright-eyed kids are speaking Mandarin with ease, counting cheerfully from one to ten together with their teacher, Mrs. Jane Luo. The Chinese immersion program at Maryknoll School is the first of its kind in Hawaii, where students learn the world’s most widely spoken first language during the school day. The initiative was launched in August 2017, driven by school president Perry Martin’s passion to offer innovative educational options for Hawaii’s keiki. The school already had a Mandarin program in place and evolving it into an immersion program was a natural transition, offering the best chance for students to develop their best proficiency through an immersion experience. Jill Canfield, Director of International Programs, says, “We chose Chinese because we know the importance of the language in the world today and, also because many of our students have some Chinese heritage. We want our students to be global citizens who are prepared for a more interconnected world.” Parents have the option to enroll their students in either a traditional or Chinese immersion program. Today, 50 students have joined the Chinese immersion program – a 50-percent increase from last year’s count of 33. Another change from last year: the program is now offered to first graders as well as kindergarteners. In the 2019-2020 school year, the program will be offered to kindergarten to second grade students. Here’s how the immersion program works: Core subjects are balanced evenly in English and Mandarin, working with a 50/50 dual language model. Mandarin literacy, science, and math are taught in Chinese; religion, language arts, and social studies are taught in English. Overlapping

concepts and vocabulary are always reinforced in both languages, ensuring the students’ comprehension. From just the first month, kindergarteners can already match Chinese characters to English numbers. As the program continues, students start to deduce how different characters can be combined to make new words. More importantly, perhaps, students begin to develop a remarkable ability to think more critically, decode and become a more flexible learner. “It’s not just about advanced proficiency,” says Canfield. “While it’s exciting that we’re already seeing students being comfortable in Mandarin, it’s really about developing the cognitive benefits. There’s lots of research about how having a bilingual brain leads to more focus, higher levels of critical thinking and problem-solving.” She adds, “It’s also about being exposed to another culture.” “We’re very thankful to have parents who are very committed and willing to participate in this innovative program,” says Chris Loomis, Grade School Principal. “They’ve told us that their children come home and share the language they’ve learned in class. Parents who do speak Mandarin are very happy to see the results of their children being willing to converse in Mandarin.”

“While it’s exciting that we’re already seeing students being comfortable in Mandarin, it’s really about developing the cognitive benefits. There’s lots of research about how having a bilingual brain leads to more focus, higher levels of critical thinking and problemsolving. It’s also about being exposed to another culture.” Jill Canfield

Loomis and Canfield are excited for the program’s future and committed to provide this option through middle school. Their goal is that the children will take and pass the AP Chinese test in ninth grade and earn college credit during high school. Loomis says, “We’re also very thankful to our teachers Mrs. Kimberly Gonzales, Mrs. Jane Luo, Mr. Milton Makishi and Ms. Jinyi Wu, for their dedication and commitment to the program. We plan to always provide professional development where needed, as we believe it’s a key factor in having a successful program.”



B O L D . 68

FALL 2018

B R A V E .

S P A R T A N S .







Edmund Shiu

Ryan Benavente

Kehau Gilliland




Kaira Fuller

Jessica Revilla

Gelsey Belle Manipon





Chelsea Michel

Isabella Cravens

Jaylen Cain

Rhyenne Filisi

Volleyball/ Basketball


Volleyball/ Basketball



Isiah Gelacio

Logan Carlos

Chad Oshiro





Raquel Valle



FALL 2018



FALL SEASON First Team, Seniors

First Team, Seniors



Canoe Paddling, Boys Mixed Division

First Team, Underclassmen

Boys Basketball



Girls Volleyball, OH/MB




Canoe Paddling, Boys Varsity I


Cross Country

Canoe Paddling, Girls Varsity I



Girls Volleyball, MB


Golf, Girls Division I


Maryknoll Softball, Pitcher


Softball, Shortstop

First Team, Underclassmen


First Team, Underclassmen




Girls Basketball


Boys Basketball


Softball, Outfield

Baseball, Utility

Boys Division I-AA Basketball

Coach of the Year

First Team, Seniors

Canoe Paddling, Girls Mixed Division

Player of the Year

Girls Basketball





Canoe Paddling, Girls Varsity II


Girls Basketball


Canoe Paddling, Boys Varsity II


Boys Basketball


Pac-Five Wrestling, 184#





Viena, Dakota M.H.



Kinder, Noah R.

Iaea, Lia K.

Koyama, Celeste K. Onaga, Aris L.


Toyama, Kellie Y.

Velasco, Breanna R.L.



Lindsey, Dylan K.

Gelacio, Isiah J.

Hee, Nohealani M.L.


Tong, Micah H.



Baker, Jarrad K.

Chinen, Shelby L.


Chinen, Sheldyn K.

Nakaoka, Taylor L.



Tanigawa, Kanoe K.S.

Benavente, Ryan V. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES Revilla, Jessica I.



Enomoto, Reyn G.

He, Hongzhi

Espiritu, Blaise G. Myers, Federico


U.S. ARMY Sandoval, Tess K.



Kunihisa, Kayla K.



Fukuhara, Aaron T. Fuller, Kaira K.

B O L D . 72

FALL 2018

B R A V E .

S P A R T A N S .

Giang, Phuong Ngoc Annie

Kaneshiro, Lauren M. Lam, Jeffy

Liang, Louis D.W. Lin, Andrew

Loos, Tina B.

Manu, Melia A.K.

Nakasone, Jacob T. Oshiro, Chad M.

Pang, Samantha M. Pidlaoan, Felix G.S. Remigio, Shae K.S. Roche, Kyle M.

Sanchez, Isaac H.

Soo, Stephanie W.Y.

Tao, Yuming

Transfiguracion, Grace S. Valle, Raquel F.A.

Vasconcellos, Baylie M. UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT WEST OAHU Lorenzo, Kahtina

Madriaga, Teia M.L.

Sadiarin, Bryant C.


Carrico, Samuel

Fischer, Brooklyn T.K.

Staples Lynch, Ana




MARIST COLLEGE Michel, Chelsea L.


GEORGE FOX UNIVERSITY Stietzel, Georjette H.S.







Rodriguez-Chang, Javier R.

McGinn, Michelle K.




Luke, Jordan K.

Nugent, Brenden Y.

Takenaka-Amodo, Destin A.

Mateo, Allysha Mae B. SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY Notoa, Moemanogi K.

White, Cy R.M.


McMahon, Ayden P.R.

Takaesu, Leia E.

REED COLLEGE Manipon, Gelsey Belle B.






Arakaki, Kayla K.



Fujimoto, Brett N.


Lee, Philip M.


Diego, Angeljoy E.

Silva, Sarai K.


Mekaru, Raynna Y.

Baptista, Alexandrea I.

Iona, Sage H.

Simon, Nicole Anne F.

Tsuruda, Marcus Y.


Yamauchi, Drayden S.

Cheng, Aric W.M.

Kahapea-Aquino, Kyra Kinder, Micah E.

Miyashiro, Taylor-Ann W.A.

Sealey, Joseph H.


Yuen-Schat, Naomi WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY DeLuca, Michael C. Edu, Alyssa F.



Carlos, Logan A.

Baraquio, Echo J.

Kahele, Baylie A.K.

Sales, Kennedy J.





We are the sum of our parts.

Here are parts of last school year that made up our 90th Anniversary celebration.



A SURPRISE CONCERT CELEBRATION: Reggae band Common Kings surprised our high school students with a special concert!


COMMON GOAL: Our boys’ basketball team traveled to Shanghai, China in the spring to participate in our new international program called Common Goal Diplomacy.


ANNUAL PAINA: The Annual Paina, formerly known as Luau, was a huge hit with our students and parents.




FALL 2018









90TH ANNIVERSARY ART SHOWCASE: Actors, dancers, and musicians celebrated Maryknoll’s 90th anniversary. Students performed in each decade from the 20’s until today!

BACK-TO-BACK SOFTBALL CHAMPS: Our Girls Softball team won their second consecutive ILH Division I Championship title last year!


BOYS BASKETBALL CHAMPS: The Boys Varsity Basketball Team clinched the 2018 ILH Division I Championship with their thrilling win over Punahou in the post-season tournament!


MARYKNOLL SISTERS 90TH ANNIVERSARY MASS: We celebrated with the Maryknoll Sisters on their 90th anniversary of mission presence in Hawaii.


GIRLS VARSIT Y BASKETBALL “4 - P E A T ” C H A M P S : ILH Most Valuable Player of the Year, Isabella Cravens ’18 takes a shot at in the semifinal round of the 2018 HHSAA State Basketball tournament. The girls basketball team won their 4th consecutive ILH Division I Championship last school year!





FALL 2018


How Pediatrician Joseph “Joey” Ward ‘98 Practices Noblesse Oblige In His Career. By Maria Kanai Helping children, serving local families and saving lives – it’s all in a day’s work for Dr. Joseph “Joey” Ward ’98. A local boy, who always knew he wanted to work in a field where he could help others, Dr. Ward is a pediatrician at Kahala Pediatrics, where he cares for keiki around the island every day. He also works in the NICU at Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children, and is an orthopedic consultant at Shriners Hospitals for Children. We had the opportunity to chat with him about his journey to his professional career and how lessons taught at Maryknoll School guided him to where he is today. Dr. Ward attended Maryknoll School from grades 9-12 and was an enthusiastic, dedicated student who excelled in his studies. But, while he enjoyed his classes, his favorite memories are playing guard for the Maryknoll Spartans basketball team. “Playing basketball was a huge part of my high school experience,” he says. “Coaches like Blaine Gier, Afton Smith, Ben Valle and John Madriaga – who is now principal – really inspired and helped me to be my best. I felt like I had a family there, and I still feel like I do. Whenever I drive by Maryknoll School, I still have that feeling of ‘ohana.” In fact, it’s become a family tradition for Dr. Ward to take his daughter and two sons to as many Maryknoll Spartans basketball games as he can. It was during high school when Dr. Ward volunteered at Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children to do community service hours for his class. His tasks were simple: stocking medical supplies, helping wheel people to their hospital rooms and other various odds and ends, but it

exposed him to the healthcare environment. “Volunteering made me realize that this was the field I wanted to be in,” he says. Dr. Ward moved on to get his Biology degree at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa and graduated with honors. He completed his pediatric residency through the University of Hawaii Pediatrics Residency Program, where he was elected chief resident of his class and finished with Alpha Omega Alpha honors – an award that recognizes and advocates for excellence in scholarship and the highest ideals in the profession of medicine. He became a partner at Kahala Pediatrics in 2015. “I’ve been lucky and fortunate that I never strayed from my path during my education – I always knew that I wanted to practice pediatrics here in Hawaii,” he says. Dr. Ward’s work routine varies from day to day. He sees newborn babies at Castle, Queen’s or Kapiolani hospitals in the mornings, then heads into the office from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There, he usually sees healthy children for annual visits and checks in with parents who may have any concerns. “Occasionally there’s a child who is sick, and I have to join them at the hospital,” says Dr. Ward. Sometimes, there might be an emergency where he’ll be called to the intensive care unit at Kapi‘olani Medical Center or to Shriners at night for certain orthopedic surgeries.

a good listener. Seeing my patients get better or overcome physical challenges – that’s why I do what I do.” He adds, “I will always have fond memories of my time at Maryknoll. Some of my best friends, best life lessons and best memories are there.”

“My advice [ to current students] would be: enjoy the process. Have an open mind! Although I may have known what I wanted to be from the beginning, I always made sure I had an open mind going into every situation.”

“Maryknoll School’s motto ‘Noblesse Oblige’ definitely taught me the importance of caring for others, being selfless and giving back to the people around me,” says Dr. Ward. “As a physician, I believe it’s important to establish trust with my patients and I work hard to be



We hope that you will take a few minutes to reflect on your time at Maryknoll School and reconnect with your former classmates and friends. As our careers progress and our families grow, it can be difficult to keep in touch with everyone.


FALL 2018


Maxine and Don Vickery ‘58

Maxine Vickery ‘58 and Don ‘58 Vickery

Vernon Young ‘53

Maryknoll class of 1953 celebrated their

Sandi Asejo Campos ‘68

Enjoying retirement effective 6-19-18,

are happy in their beautiful home in

65th reunion at a luncheon held at The

from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish

Las Vegas. Their gorgeous estate

Willows restaurant this past July, A

after 15 yrs as Pastoral Associate/DRE.

has been the site of the Maryknoll

wonderful time was had by all.

Spending more time with family: Colin

Alumni reunions in Las Vegas. After

(46yr), Cicely (Class ‘91, 4 kids), Cariane

their retirement, they have become

(Class ‘98, 2 kids), and Cameron (36yr),

experts at long cruises. In September, they began a 38-day cruise starting in Barcelona, Spain. They love the life on board and the people they meet. Most of all they enjoy the title of “best dressed” they so often get. Maxine’s hobby of bedazzling has brought out an incredible talent she didn’t know she had. Each year she donates items to Maryknoll’s Kekumano Dinner auction

Marc Mikasa ‘72

Fortunately, was able to attend the

Maryknoll HS LV reunion at Maxine’s house. What a WONDERFUL group!

everyone. Great food, great drinks, great people ... Heaven on Earth! Thanks to everyone.

I was recently hired at Marriott International as the Graphic Design and Brand Manager in April. My properties include the Sheraton Waikiki, Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, Royal Hawaiian and Moana Surfrider. Aloha!

Taryn Clatanoff (Carr) ‘97

Tahlia Kaleo O’ Nalani Castilliano DeJesus.

Kainani Collins Alvarez ‘00

Hello, I am a class of ‘00 graduate! I began practicing at Farrell & Perrault, a Family Law firm, in March of this year.

Scott Gehring ‘68 Hello fellow 95 grads and all alumni!

Just welcomed my first great grandbaby,

Anita (my wife of 38yrs) and I had a great time “talking story” with

to raise money for scholarships.

Valentino Valdez ‘95

who have all now relocated to Oregon.

After 30 years in the Baltimore County Public Schools, Scott Gehring ‘68 retired

as an area superintendent. Following his retirement, he continues to teach

If you or any of your family or friends have any Family Law questions or inquiries, please feel free to send them my way for a free phone consultation. I love catching up with fellow alumni and helping out any way that I can!

in the Psychology Department at Towson University. For fun, he emcees numerous retirement celebrations and enjoys doing stand-up. He lives in

Mackie Jones ‘68

I’ve loved my career in Human

Baltimore with his wife and has two

Resources. It started in opening hotels

sons and four beautiful grandchildren.

domestically then Internationally in

One of the highlights of his life was

fourteen (14) different countries before

returning to Maryknoll, for the first

moving to Caesar Palace. Moving back

Hello! I’m a class of 1997 graduate.

time in 50 years, for his reunion. He

home five years ago connected me

I’m working as the Finance Director

was thrilled to see so many of his

with my Maryknoll classmates and the

at a Catholic High School in Omaha,

classmates, especially Darryll and

ability to continue assisting clients in

Nebraska very similar to Maryknoll HS.

Derrick Wong. He writes, “a great

all aspects of Human Resources.

moment in my time at the reunion was

Kelsey Soma Turek (Soma) ‘01

Hello everyone! We welcomed our son

catching up with Coach Sellito. I was afraid he was going to make me run laps.” Go Spartans!

Mateo into the world on June 1! He joins his big brothers Milo and Maximilian! <3

Dean Miyamoto ‘72

We just had our 45th class reunion. It

was awesome spending time together with my friends forever. We had a special class! I hope more of my classmates can attend our 50th!!

Class Notes are a great opportunity to keep the Maryknoll School community up-to-date on important events in your life. If you’d like to submit a Class Note for the next issue of The Knoller, visit maryknollschool.org/classnotes.







a. Kory Kawaguchi ‘04

Married to my wife Amanda Zen, despite

d. Brian Klein ‘04

Brian Klein ‘04 proposed to Justine

hurricane Lane tryin’ to stop us. Also

Davis at Malaekahana on July 13, 2017.

excepting our first child, our son, Kobe.

Both Klein and Davis are 5th-year

In addition one of my best friends Brian

doctoral candidates at UC Berkeley. The

Klein ‘04 was the MC for my wedding.

couple will wed at Kualoa Ranch on October 13, 2018. In attendance will be


b. Reuben Macapinlac ‘01

Got married in a 16th century castle Malaga, Spain on June 10, 2018. Spent the next 3 weeks in Europe for our honeymoon as we sailed around the Balearic Islands in Spain, walked and hiked old towns in Greece, and ate

some amazing food in Paris.

a host of Spartans, including mother Virginia (Hulten) Klein (‘64); sister Michelle Klein Morgan (‘92); brother Patrick Klein (‘95); groomsman Kory Kawaguchi (‘04); other 2004 classmates Kelii Akimoto, Linn (Arthur) Kanahele, Jessica Custino, Alexandra Hearn, Hoku Kinzie, Monica Kirst, Tiffany Loo, Colin Luo, Doug Morrison, Andrew Nelson, Clint Oka, Kele Palafox, Devin Schraff, and Lisa Styring; and Jason Domingo

c. Cheryl Ricordi (Lee) ‘05 e

Cheryl Lee Ricordi married Alberto Ricordi on June 29, 2018 at St. Augustine by the Sea Church in Waikiki!


FALL 2018

(‘02), Kekai Palafox (‘02), Peter Nguyen (‘02), Mike Toyama (‘05), and Anna Guild (‘06).


e. Del Mochizuki (Tanabe) ‘04

Married to Sean Mochizuki on 12/3/16.

I graduated from Shidler College of Business at UH and worked in public accountant as an auditor for 4.5 years. Currently working as Controller for UHA Health Insurance. I am the Treasurer


for UHA’s subsidiary Hawai’i Health At Work Alliance LLC, a member of Vistage Worldwide, Community Impact Chair for Junior League of Honolulu, and a Board Member of Girls on the Run Hawaii Chapter.


On the side, I teach yoga sculpt once a week at UHA Health Insurance and


facilitate an executive leadership book club (Beyond The Book). h

f. Tiffany Loo ‘04

Tiffany got engaged on New Years Day 2018 to her boyfriend, Chad Dikilato. He proposed on top of Chinaman’s Hat.

g. Marc Mikasa ‘72

Marc Mikasa ‘72 retired after his long

i. Napua Demers ‘58, Mary Ehring ‘58 and Maxine Vickery ‘58

career as an engineer at Boeing. He

Napua Demers ‘58, Mary Ehring ‘58

and his wife Anita live in Renton,

and Maxine Vickery ‘58 have been

Washington. They have four beautiful

close friends ever since kindergarten


at Maryknoll. They were always in the same homeroom through grade and

h. Calvin Hee ‘61

Calvin Hee ‘61 is retired and living in Henderson, Nevada with his wife Marie. He is looking forward to

getting together with his class as they celebrate their 75th birthdays in Las Vegas in October. “Maryknoll taught me to be rooted in the values of honesty and respect for others. Noblesse Oblige.”

high school. Mary was instrumental in Maxine’s meeting her husband of 57 years and was honored when Maxine asked her to be her maid of honor at her wedding. They describe their friendship as “friends for life”. Even though they live in two different states, they see one another often. They always talk about Maryknoll and how their education allowed them to have such wonderful lives.








j. Michelle Taketa ‘04

Marc Nishio ‘04 and I had a son on

l. Alysha Komenaka (Miyamoto) ‘03

This year I started my marketing agency

September 22, 2017. His name is Micah

called Two Line Marketing. My daughter,


Ariel, turned 1 in February.

k. Sarah Ko ‘03

Sophia and Olivia just turned two in July.

The girls have grown so fast in these past two years. We can’t wait for what’s in store for them in the future.

m. LeAnne Noelani Mistysyn ‘97 Howard

LeAnne was recently selected for the position of Strategy & Policy Director, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty

Organization) Special Operations Headquarters. She previously served as the Deputy Director, J5, Strategy, Plans and Policy, and J54 Chief, U.S. Special Operations Command. She resides in Mons, Belgium with her husband LTC (Ret.) Wes Howard and their two children.


FALL 2018




n. Lucile Mistysyn ‘37

The Jared Kaufmann Bowl a Rama during Alumni Week 2018 was a highlight event for Lucile Mistsyn `37. She planned to just go and watch, after all she is 98, but she ended up bowling in place of Maxine Pada `55. On her first ball she knocked down one pin. On her next ball, she knocked down the


remaining 9 for a spare! It was a really great day.


o. Lauralei Tanaka (Morgan) ‘87

Aloha Class of 1987! We are all getting ready to turn the big 50 next year! Lets work on having a get together so that we can all celebrate together!


p. Jessica Kusunoki (Pang) ‘04

Professional Accomplishment: 2018

Most Outstanding Young Advertiser of the Year.

q. Glenn Dela Cruz ‘98

Class of ‘98 just celebrated our 20th reunion and I’m proud to say we all look the same!

r. James Morris II ‘85

Family dinner to celebrate birthday of

Submit a Class Note at maryknollschool.org/classnotes.

Yvonne Morris ‘63. Only 2 people in this picture are not Maryknoll students or Alumni.




s t

s. Janeen Tirrell (Haleamau) ‘79

Aloha! Nice to connect with alumni, have 4 children, 3 attended Maryknoll,

1 Kamehameha...after graduating high school...my children attended Towson University in Baltimore, University of


Northern Colorado, UOP Stockton/UHM, and University of San Diego. I became homemaker after 4th child, worked as Institutional Research at UH Manoa, moved to the Star Bulletin/Advertiser Sales ($)..but after 4 children, became mom, teacher, team mom, volunteer, maid, substitute teacher, psychiatrist, taxi driver, nurse, cook, always had many extra children staying at my home, it was open to all. I had no

t. Michelle Ushio (Arakawa) ‘81

Hi! Maryknoll School will always hold

a special place in my heart. Especially since both my boys were also Maryknoll students! Both now attend Creighton University. Tyler is in Dental School and Justin is in Physical Therapy School. Thank you - Maryknoll!

true job title but just as important as “professional” titles, had to develop integrity of children especially being the only mom at home for all! My children so far are successfully living independently on mainland.I just pay for cell phone for last 2. “To much is given, much is expected.” I’m hoping my children realize this by the sacrifices our family (career?) made staying home with them, consider how really blessed it is to stay home and raise 4 great “human beings”...I hope many can be able to raise children at home and be mindful of their actions especially in the world today! ANYWAYS MY HALE IS OPEN FOR 1979 REUNION! Let’s do it!


FALL 2018

u. Theresa Wee ‘72 M.D.

For the Central and Leeward Oahu

families- come and join me at my non profit Walk With A Doc Oahu...I meet every Saturday, rain or shine , at Central Oahu Regional park . We meet from 8AM-9AM and I start off with a new health tip every week. We then do stretching , walking at your own pace for 45 minutes , cool down and then great fellowship. All ages welcome and it is FREE! Bring your dog on a leash or baby stroller. Take that first step towards better health and join me!


Aloha Maryknoll ‘Ohana, What a school year this has been! As I reflect upon our 90th Anniversary, so many fond memories come to mind - moments that paid homage to our roots stemming from the Maryknoll Sisters, and moments that signified new opportunities for growth and prosperity for our school. Maryknoll School has always been a place where community and ‘ohana are so closely cherished. From intimate gatherings in the form of KAIROS retreats and this year’s Malama Honua Commitment Ceremony, to the large, joy-filled events like our Kekumano Scholarship Dinner and Annual Paina. This close, tightknit community is a characteristic of our school that is undeniable – every parent, alum, student, or faculty or staff member can relate to the warmth they feel when setting foot on campus, or anywhere the Maryknoll spirit is present. This warmth has allowed us to wholly embrace and celebrate 90 years of tradition and innovation, and it’s this same warmth and closeness that will allow us to flourish and grow in the next 90 years. This past year, the spirit of Maryknoll School was re-ignited, reenergized and re-imagined. We accomplished so much, celebrated hand-in-hand, and reflected deeply about our founders and how we’ll continue to progress now and in the future. While 90 years have passed since our founding, our collective story is still being written each and every day. I hope you enjoyed this new, issue of the Knoller, with the new addition of our Annual Report of Giving. Our entire school community will always be indebted to those who give their time, talents and resources so selflessly, for the betterment of our students and families. It is an honor and distinct privilege to share this special publication with all of you, and we look forward to sharing even more stories with you in the future. Thank you for being a part of our journey, as we continue to give thanks and pray for Maryknoll School’s continued success and growth. Noblesse Oblige and God Bless,

Keenan Kurihara ‘10 Editor-In-Chief, Director Marketing & Communications

HAVE AN IDEA FOR A FEATURED STORY IN THE NEXT KNOLLER? EMAIL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, KEENAN KURIHARA AT: keenan.kurihara@maryknollschool.org or call (808) 952-7315.




Congratulations CL A S S OF 2018

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