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“I like that I work for a local company that recognizes and rewards hard work.�


12 Years of Service

At Martin Bros. our overall goal is to deliver operational excellence to our customers. Our drivers make that possible. Martin Bros. prides itself on hiring the very best when it comes to drivers. Drivers are carefully selected based on their driving record as well as their personality traits to ensure our customers receive the best in the delivery of their products. Our drivers maintain a working knowledge of industry-wide safety procedures and guidelines and do their best to maintain your trust.

Visit us at for more information on how you can start experiencing Martin Bros. and the service you deserve.

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VENDOR MARKETING COORDINATOR Krystle Kettman CATEGORY MARKETING MANAGERS Angie Destival, Julie Podhaski, Steve Krivachek, Rod Stewart, Natalea Koehn, Roxanne Hassman DIETITIANS Julie Halfpop, Chris Timmons, Mary Sell, Renee Greiner, Christine Link, Christy Edwards, Gretchen Robinson, Katie Wulkow

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Seafood is one of Martin Bros.’ Trends for 2014. We know that there are opportunities for growth with seafood because the Midwest is so dominated by beef, pork and poultry… and because seafood is known as a healthy protein. We also know from one of our seafood partners, High Liner Foods, that there are opportunities to capitalize on the fact that seafood is the only major protein that has higher sales in restaurants than in retail. Finally, seafood dishes typically generate a premium topline. So, as we move towards Lent, take a look at some seafood possibilities for more profitability on your menu.

Gluten-Free Tools


C-STORE & RETAIL SPECIALISTS Ken Stoner, Bonnie Davis, Craig DeHoet, Denise Funk, Don Wallace, Patrick Mann MEDICAL SUPPLIES SPECIALISTS Tim Glenn, Erika Kramer, Deb Elings, Tom Jordan, Lynn Meyers, Becky Eighmey EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY SPECIALISTS Mary Schott, Bobbi Bowden, Rick Moser, Mario Mery, Kam Miller

Profiting with Facebook

CULINARY Scott Fadden, Steve Tiezzi, Doug Voss, John Smith

Growing with the Times

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Jeff Sadler, Allyn Slack, Rob Swiatly, Billy Patton, Sara Kies, Angie Dark


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seafood Steve Tiezzi

Martin Bros. Corporate Chef It’s time to get savvy with seafood! Lent is just around the corner, starting on March 5. Think about what’s on your menu that you could highlight as a special during Lent. Maybe it’s a fish sandwich or a crab cake appetizer. Also, think about what you may like to add as a new limited time offer and ways to drive traffic with your specials – ads, posters, table tents, menu inserts, etc. Here are some recipes and product ideas to get you started.

J&B Freshwater Walleye Fillet

PARMESAN PEPPER WALLEYE INGREDIENTS J&B Freshwater Walleye Fillet – 6-8 oz (922851) General Mills Gold Medal Hotel & Restaurant (H&R) All Purpose Flour Kemps Buttermilk (904128) 2 cups Kerry Golden Dipt Japanese Panko Breadcrumbs (415090) 1 Tbsp McCormick Basil Leaves (472151) 3/4 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese 1 Tbsp McCormick Lawry’s Pepper Supreme (473101) Shredded Parmesan Cheese PREPARATION & COOKING – Breading can be done ahead of time. Place breaded fillets on a parchment-lined sheet pan up to a day in advance. This is a great time savings for busy rush hours. You will need three bowls. In the first bowl, pour flour. In the second bowl, pour buttermilk. In the third bowl, mix panko, basil, parmesan and pepper. Dip the fish in flour, dip into buttermilk and then coat with breading. Garnish with shredded parmesan after cooking.


(922851 – 1/11 lb)

PROFIT POTENTIAL Walleye Breading Potatoes Salad/Vegetable

5.85 .64 .52 .60

Total Cost


SELL AT $19.95


WHO IS J&B? J& B Group is a family-owned company based in St. Michael, Minnesota and a leader in perishable food manufacturing and distribution, serving the retail and food service industry across the Midwest and beyond. *Potential profits are based on average prices and serving sizes.

King & Prince Gourmet Seafood Crab Cake


(927410 – 4/2.5 lb)

CRAB CAKE SANDWICH WITH SPICY AIOLI CRAB CAKE INGREDIENTS 1 King & Prince Gourmet Seafood Crab Cake – 3 oz (927410) Kemps Buttermilk (904128) Kerry Golden Dipt Japanese Panko Breadcrumbs (415090) PREPARATION & COOKING – Slack out crab cake. Press it with your hands to make a patty. Dip into buttermilk, then into panko, pressing the panko onto the cake. Pan fry or grill with oil until browned, flip and continue to cook until internal temperature reaches 165°F. AIOLI INGREDIENTS 1 qt Ventura Classic Gourmet Extra Heavy Mayonnaise (631000) 1 can Roland Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce (561180), minced 1 Tbsp Lime Juice 2 tsp Kosher Salt PREPARATION & COOKING – Makes: 18 (2 oz portions) Mix all ingredients together.

PROFIT POTENTIAL Crab Cake Bun Panko/Buttermilk Aioli Fries Lettuce & Tomato

1.00 .41 .23 .20 .42 .28

Total Cost


SELL AT $8.95


FINISHING - Serve crab cake on a toasted Rotella’s Split Top Gourmet Hamburger Bun (994000) with fries and aioli.

*Potential profits are based on average prices and serving sizes.

2014 ISSUE 2




HADDOCK INGREDIENTS 1 Atlantika Haddock Fillet – 5-8 oz (922141) Kerry Golden Dipt Tropical Rum Coconut Batter Mix (415150) Kerry Golden Dipt Tropical Rum Coconut Breading (415150) PREPARATION & COOKING – Breading can be done ahead of time. Place breaded fillets on a parchment-lined sheet pan up to 8 hours in advance. This is a great time savings for busy rush hours. You will need three bowls. In the first bowl, pour dry batter. In the second bowl, make a wet batter mix. In the third bowl, pour breading. Dust the fish in dry batter, dip into wet batter, drain excess batter, and then coat with breading. Cook. SAUCE INGREDIENTS 2 cups Orange Juice 1/2 cup Rum 1/2 cup Sugar 3 Tbsp Cornstarch 3 Tbsp Water 1 tsp McCormick Ground Ginger (472371)

Atlantika Haddock Fillet (922141 – 1/14 lb)

Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Pilaf (461750 – 2/5 lb)

Haddock Breading Orange Rum Sauce Potato & Vegetable

1.82 .40 .13 1.50

Total Cost


SELL AT $12.99


PREPARATION & COOKING – Makes: 12 (2 oz portions) In a sauce pan, combine orange juice, rum and sugar; bring to a low simmer. Mix cornstarch and water until smooth; whisk into pan, and continue to boil until thickened. Add ginger. Adjust sugar, if needed. Top with orange zest (optional).

WHO IS ATLANTIKA? Atlantika is a U.S. Corporation headquartered in Connecticut. It was established in 2009 to service the United States and Canadian markets with frozen-atsea cod and haddock fillets that are sourced in the cold, clean waters of the Barents Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean. These fillets are totally “clean products,” with no chemicals used in processing, and they are traceable from catch to customer. 4

*Potential profits are based on average prices and serving sizes.



seafood items

Lobster Crab Bisque (90350332 – 4/4 lb) Boston Clam Chowder (949610 – 4/8 lb) Coastal Crab & Sweet Corn Chowder (90424792 – 4/4 lb) Red Rock Seafood Bisque (946010 – 4/4 lb)

REBATE ON PAGE 11! NEW! THE ULTIMATE SALMON BURGER – 4 oz (927430 – 1/10 lb)

Dipt’n Dusted Popcorn Shrimp (923780 - 6/2 lb)

BREADED & BATTERED FISHERMAN’S PLATTER (923700 – 16/9 oz) SOUTHERN STYLE BREADED PANGASIUS (921300 – 40/4 oz) POTATO CRUNCH POLLOCK (927260 – 46/3.6 oz) GLUTEN FREE! Cooked Peeled & Deveined Tail-On Shrimp - 21-25 ct (924408 - 5/2 lb)

BREWERS CHOICE BATTERED COD (920090 – 80/2 oz; 920100 – 53/3 oz; 920170 – 40/4 oz) YUENGLING LAGER BREADED CLAM STRIPS (927050 – 24/4 oz)

Classic Gourmet Select Tartar Sauce (630060 – 4/1 gal)

Norpac Flav-R-Pac Grande Classics Malibu Vegetable Blend (962640 – 6/4 lb)

Grill Mates Seafood Seasoning (472021 – 1/23 oz) Formerly known as Salmon Seasoning. Same great flavor. New name. Lawry’s Lemon, Basil & Thyme Key West Style Seasoning (473221 – 1/20 oz) Lemon & Pepper Seasoning Salt (472701 – 1/28 oz)

Mrs. Friday’s CoConut ButterFly shriMp (924130 – 4/2. 5 lB) REBATE ON PAGE 11! 2014 ISSUE 2



Scott Fadden

Martin Bros. operations Consultant Think green! Irish green that is! St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and we’ve got an idea for a unique twist on a Reuben here. And don’t forget about dessert!

Tyson Deli Slices Corned Beef (933380 - 6/2 lb)


INGREDIENTS 1 lb Tyson Deli Slices Corned Beef (933380) 1 lb Shredded Swiss Cheese (903768) 1 lb Cream Cheese (903710), room temperature 2 cups Kemps Sour Cream (900540) 1/4 cup Ventura Classic Gourmet Bistro Thousand Island Dressing (630658) 1 cup Bay Valley Sauerkraut (610040), squeezed, drained

Corned Beef Cheese Cream Cheese Sour Cream Dressing Sauerkraut Bread/Chips

PREPARATION & COOKING – Makes 4 appetizers. Mix ingredients. Divide into oven proof dishes. Heat in a 375°F oven until bubbly. Serve with your choice of bread or chips for dipping.

Total Cost Each Appetizer Cost

5.94 3.29 1.96 1.36 .16 .66 2.00 15.37 3.84

SELL AT $10.95

Ventura Classic Gourmet Bistro Thousand Island Dressing


(630658 - 4/1 gal)


*Potential profits are based on average prices and serving sizes.


Lamb Weston Chicken Batter Recipe Crinkle Deli Wedge (963690 - 6/5 lb)

Ventura Classic Gourmet Bistro Thousand Island Dressing (630658 – 4/1 gal)

Sara Lee Hillshire Farm Endless Black Oak Smoked Sausage (910000 – 1/11 lb)

SMOKED SAUSAGE REUBEN INGREDIENTS 4 oz Sara Lee Hillshire Farm Endless Black Oak Smoked Sausage (910000) 3 oz Sauerkraut 2 oz Ventura Classic Gourmet Bistro Thousand Island Dressing (630658) 2 slices Swiss Cheese 2 slices Marble Rye Bread PREPARATION & COOKING – Butter one side of each slice of bread; place butter-side down on skillet; top with one slice of cheese per slice of bread; grill. Split sausage lengthwise; grill. Heat sauerkraut. Place sausage, sauerkraut and dressing on top of one slice of grilled cheese bread. Place remaining slice of grilled cheese bread on top (cheeseside down). Serve with Lamb Weston Wedge Potatoes.

*Potential profits are based on average prices and serving sizes.

PROFIT POTENTIAL Sausage Sauerkraut Dressing Cheese Bread Wedges

.56 .30 .20 .46 .42 .35

Total Cost


SELL AT $7.99


eli’s irish CreaM CheeseCake – 10 in (90421989 – 2/90 oz) Luxurious Irish cream cheesecake layered with chocolate ganache and finished with Irish Cream mousse, a splash of chocolate and a dusting of cocoa. REBATE ON PAGE 11!

2014 ISSUE 2


1 3 1 I N G R E D I E N T • 3 WAYS

The Ingredient: High Liner Icelandic Scallops 10-20 ct (925200 – 2/5 lb)

ingredient ways

100% whole muscle North Atlantic sea scallops. No additives or preservatives. Extremely high yield product with limited drip loss. Individually frozen for easy handling and storage. Packed in resealable bags.

Also Try: Yuengling Lager Panko Breaded Scallops – 21-30 ct (925290 – 1/10 lb)

Scallops Vegetables/Oil Parmesan/Capers Sides

14.00 1.96 .76 2.24

Total 2 Meal Cost


Pan-Seared Scallops with Sauteed Vegetables




14 each 1 cup 1 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 2 Tbsp 1 Tbsp As needed 1/4 cup 1 Tbsp

High Liner Icelandic Scallops – 10-20 ct (925200) Assorted Bell Peppers, small julienned Capital City Zucchini (361451), small julienned C.H. Robinson Matchstick Carrots (360250) Capital City Red Onion (361110), small julienned C.H. Robinson Green Onion (361010), diced Wholesale Minced/Chopped Garlic in Water (391020) Olive Oil Shredded Parmesan Cheese Roland Capers (601151), fried

Thaw scallops. Heat sauté pan with olive oil to medium-high heat. Place scallops in pan; sear one side; when lightly brown, flip to the other side; lightly season with salt and pepper; cook to opaque and browned. Sauté vegetables with olive oil; add garlic for the last 1-2 minutes of sautéing. Top with Parmesan cheese and fried capers.



*Potential profits are based on average prices and serving sizes.

1 I N G R E D I E N T • 3 WAYS

Scallops with Garlic Sauce, Pasta & Vegetables


Serves: 2 10 each 1/4 cup 1/4 cup 1/4 cup 1/4 cup 1-2 Tbsp 16 oz 2 Tbsp

High Liner Icelandic Scallops – 10-20 ct (925200) Olive Oil Capital City Red Pepper (361251; 361250), small julienned Capital City Green Pepper (361261; 361260), small julienned C.H. Robinson Matchstick Carrots (360250) Wholesale Minced/Chopped Garlic in Water (391020) AIPC R&F Fettuccini – 10 in, prepared (480640) C.H. Robinson Green Onion (361010), diced

Thaw scallops. Heat sauté pan with olive oil to medium to high heat. Sauté peppers and carrots until slightly tender; add scallops; continue to sauté until scallops are almost cooked; add garlic; sauté an additional minute; add pasta; cook until heated. Garnish with green onion.

Fried Scallops with Sweet Chili Sauce


Scallops Vegetables Oil/Garlic Pasta Salad Total 2 Meal Cost

10.00 1.26 .40 .64 1.20 13.50



Scallops Buttermilk/Breading Sauce

7.00 .21 .24

Total Cost


Appetizer 6-8 each As needed As needed 2 oz

High Liner Icelandic Scallops – 10-20 ct (925200) Kemps Buttermilk (904128) Kerry Golden Dipt Old South Fish Fry (347782) Bay Valley Saucemaker Sweet Chili Sauce (430570)

Thaw scallops. Place buttermilk in a bowl; dip scallops in. Place Fish Fry in a separate bowl; bread buttermilk-dipped scallops. Deep fry until brown with opaque center. Serve with sauce.

*Potential profits are based on average prices and serving sizes.

SELL AT $14.95


2014 2014 VOLUME ISSUE 2 1

? 9


NEWitems Hormel Fuse Burger – 4 oz

(999730 – 2/5 lb) All Natural Protein + Whole Grains + Fruits & Vegetables

A perfect melding of beautifully basic ingredients: all-natural ground turkey, nutritious spinach, hearty brown rice, savory roasted onions and dried cherries. These down-toearth ingredients deliver a uniquely delicious flavor with the added benefit of a favorable nutrition profile. Fully cooked, ensuring easy prep and a consistent finished product.

Did You Know?

There is a growing demand for menu choices that are healthful but don’t compromise on flavor. The Hormel Fuse Burger offers an easy way to deliver a menu option that customers can feel good about while at the same time differentiating the menu with something that is unique and unexpected.

Redi Grilled™ Seafood Fire Grilled, Fully Cooked Fillets

Trident Redi Grilled Seafood New Species Additions

McCormick Grill Mates NEW Seasonings Barbecue

Get customers’ mouths watering with exciting additions to the Redi Grilled line-up. These popular, mild tasting white fish species provide delicious menu options that will appeal to a wide variety of customers.


Wild Alaskan Pollock

Featuring brown sugar, red bell pepper, salt, tomato, garlic, onion, parsley, paprika and natural hickory smoke flavor. (473321 – 1/27 oz) Featuring black pepper, chili pepper, red bell pepper, salt, garlic and onion. (473351 – 1/24 oz)


Featuring chili pepper, red bell pepper, salt, garlic, onion, paprika and natural mesquite smoke flavor.

(927480 - 40/4 oz)



Receive up to $40! Offer valid 1/2/2014 11/30/2014.

(927500 - 40/4 oz)


Save up to $500! $10 per case. Minimum total cases 5. Offer valid 1/1/2014 4/30/2014.

New! Redi Grilled™ Family

>> IntroducIng tIlapIa and pollock! >> FULLy COOkEd ANd FIRE GRILLEd >> REAdy TO SERVE

(473361 – 1/24 oz)


High Liner FPI Ultimate Salmon Burger (4 oz – 927430 – 1/10 lb; 6 oz – 90589574 – 1/10 lb; 2 oz – 90589575 – 1/10 lb) Crafted from a perfect blend of flavorful, first-quality Atlantic and Wild Pacific Salmon and the finest herbs and spices. With rich, meaty texture, hand-crafted appearance and upscale appeal, this next-generation salmon burger offers the ultimate in value and quality…and limitless menu options and profit opportunities!


Buy 2, get 1 free! Offer valid 11/1/2013 3/31/2014.



PRODUCTrebates Save up to $500

Save $5/case

Save $5/case

High Liner Thank Cod! For Smarter Savings Rebate

King & Prince Real Deal NEW Gourmet Seafood Cakes Rebate

Tyson Timeless Recipe Fried Chicken Rebate

$2.50 per case.

Crab Cake (927410) and Lobster & Seafood Cake (927420)

Fully Cooked ProPortion Cut Fried Chicken (977550)

Minimum total cases 2. Maximum total cases 100. Offer valid 11/1/2013 - 4/30/2014.

Maximum total rebate $500. Offer valid 10/1/2013 - 3/31/2014.

Save up to $1,000

Save up to $500

Alaskan Salmon Burger (922250), Salmon Croquette (923270) and Redi Grilled Salmon (927490)! $5 per case.

Redi Grilled Wild Alaskan Pollock (927480 – 40/4 oz) and Tilapia (927500 – 40/4 oz) $10 per case.

Minimum total cases 5. Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 4/30/2014.

Minimum total cases 5. Offer valid 1/1/2014 – 4/30/2014.

Save $5/case

BOGO & Rebate

Save up to $500

Tyson Score More Sales Serve It Spicy Rebate

Kerry Golden Dipt Pre-Dip

Minimum total cases 10. Offer valid 1/2/2014 4/30/2014.

Save up to $1,000 High Liner Seafood Is Smarter Savings Rebate $5 per case. Minimum total cases 10. Offer valid 1/2/2014 - 4/30/2014.

Red Label Select Cut Homestyle Breaded Boneless Wings (998380)

Trident Seafoods Favorites Rebate

When you purchase one case, your second case is free...additional purchases (cases 3-10) entitle you to receive an additional $2 off per case!

Trident Seafoods New Favorite Rebate

Eli’s Favorite Cheesecakes & Desserts Rebate $5 per case. Offer valid 1/2/2014 - 3/31/2014.

Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014.

Try Irish Cream Cheesecake – 10 in (90421989) for St. Pat’s!

Save $5/case

Save up to $4/case

Save $3/case

Maximum total rebate $100.

Maximum total rebate $80.

Maximum total rebate $60.

Maximum total rebate $250. Offer valid 10/1/2013 - 3/31/2014.

General Mills Cereals Rebate

General Mills Gold Medal Mixes Rebate

Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 3/31/2014. Offer not available to K-12 or C-Store operators.

Offer valid 12/1/2013 - 2/28/2014. Offer not available to K-12 operators.

Save up to $7/case

Save $6/case

General Mills Pillsbury Biscuits Rebate Maximum total rebate $210. Offer valid 12/1/2013 - 2/28/2014. Offer not available to K-12 operators.

General Mills Pillsbury Frozen Baked Goods Rebate Maximum total rebate $150.

General Mills Snacks

Offer valid 12/1/2013 - 2/28/2014. Offer not available to C-Store operators.

Save up to $3/case

General Mills Yoplait Yogurt Rebate Maximum total rebate $300.

Offer valid 12/1/2013 - 2/28/2014. Offer not available to K-12 operators.

Offer valid 12/1/2013 - 2/28/2014. Offer not available to K-12 operators.

Save up to $40

Save up to $100

Save up to $100

McCormick Grill Mates NEW Seasonings Rebate

Heinz Escalon Tomatoes Rebate

AdvancePierre Steak-EZE Rebate

$1.00 per case.

$10 per case.

Offer valid 1/2/2014 - 11/30/2014.

Offer valid 4/29/2013 - 4/27/2014.

Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 3/31/2014.

Buy 2, get 1 free

Save up to $3/case

Save up to $500

High Liner FPI The Ultimate Salmon Burger (927430) Rebate

Sugar Foods Sweeteners Rebate

Cloverdale Breakfast Meats Rebate

Maximum total cases 100.

Offer valid 11/1/2013 - 3/31/2014.

Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 2/28/2014.

Offer valid 1/13/2014 - 3/7/2014.

Save up to $500

Save up to $10/case

Save up to $600

Sara Lee New Products Rebate

Sara Lee Seasonal Favorites Rebate

Maximum total rebate $100.

$2 per case (on more than 70 items).

Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 6/30/2014.

Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 6/30/2014.

Save up to $100

Save up to $600

Sara Lee Ball Park Hot Dogs Rebate

Sara Lee Sausage Rebate

$2 per case.

$2 per case.

Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 6/30/2014.

Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 6/30/2014.

King & Prince Lent Rebate Minimum total cases 3. Offer valid 1/1/2014 - 4/30/2014.

Save up to $250 Farmland Spring Rebate $2 per case. Minimum total rebate $20. Offer valid 2/24/2014 - 4/27/2014.

Martin Bros. tracks the above rebates and more for you. For a complete list and extended information on tracked rebates, go to and click on “Coupons” under “Products”. 2014 ISSUE 2



Are you

Gluten-Free Friendly? Mary Sell, MPA, RD, LD, Martin Bros. Menu Production Manager


enjoy working with many Martin Bros. customers on menus and recipes. Over the years, I’ve been getting more and more questions about how to handle a glutenfree diet. “Gluten-free” is still one of the top food trends identified by the National Restaurant Association.

What Is gluten? Who needs to avoid

Consumers in healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools and other foodservice venues as well as in retail have been demanding more gluten-free options over the last decade, and the demand continues to rise. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about supporting a gluten-free diet.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and often oats. It can be broken down into gliadin and glutenin.

Are there many gluten-free options,

gluten and why?

and how do I find them in foodservice?

People who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should avoid consuming gluten. Ingestion of gluten by individuals who have celiac disease can cause damage and inflammation in the small intestines, resulting in stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, decreased absorption of nutrients and other symptoms.

There are many gluten-free options available, and the availability continues to increase. Martin Bros. has an online search option that can help you find items that meet specific dietary restrictions – including gluten-free. In the item search on, select “Switch to Advanced” and then select “Gluten-free” from the Specific Requirements (Food) dropdown to find glutenfree items. In addition, always read ingredient statements on food packaging before serving.

How can I identify

gluten on food labels?

Read ingredient statements on food packaging. Avoid foods that contain wheat, rye, barley, oats and derivatives of those four ingredients. Ingredients that may indicate gluten include malt, triticale, spelt, dextrin, maltodextrin, modified food starch, natural flavor and artificial flavor. This list is not all inclusive. In August of 2013, the FDA finalized labeling regulations that define the term “gluten-free,” which manufacturers can voluntarily put on food packaging.

How can I avoid cross contamination when preparing gluten-free food?

It is important to thoroughly train staff to deal with a gluten-free diet or any allergen you are avoiding. Gluten-free ingredients need to be handled with:

• • • • •

Separate covered storage Separate designated appliances (i.e. toasters, grill area, etc.) Separate containers of condiments, butter, peanut butter, etc. Separate water for boiling or oil for frying Separate food prep area with designated tools and equipment

Feb 12


For more details on our upcoming food allergy webinar, look for the Village Approach to Food Allergy Management located on the back page.

H E A LT H A N DW E L L N E S S San Jamar Saf-T-Zone™ Cutting Board 264696 - 1/12x18 Dexter Sani-Safe® 10 in Cook’s Knife 264639

FEATURED GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS Heinz Chef Francisco Broccoli Cheese with Florets Soup

Dexter Sani-Safe® 8 in Cook’s Knife 264638 Dexter Sani-Safe® 6 in Narrow Boning Knife 264637 Dexter Sani-Safe® 3-1/4 in Cook’s Style Paring Knife 264636

943220 - 41416

Custom Culinary Master’s Touch Cream Soup Base 500920 – 6/28 oz.

High Liner FPI Potato Crunch Pollock Fillets 927260 – 46/3.6 oz.

Great Lenten item! Rich’s Par-Baked Pizza Crust

Purple has become known as the color to use when working with gluten-free diets.


Purple = Gluten-Free

999620 -24/7.75 oz



Saf-T-Zone Cutting Board TM

• Dishwasher safe • Grip corners hold board securely in place during prep. • Durable co-polymer material will not warp and is gentle on knives.

Ventura Hidden Valley Pour Bottles – 32 oz

Sani-Safe ® Knives • Textured, slip-resistant, easy-to-clean polypropylen handle withstands both high and low temperatures. • Impervious blade-to-handle seal provides the utmost in sanitary performance.

Ranch – 631640 Honey Mustard – 631650 Creamy Caesa r – 631660 Italian Low Calorie – 631670 Light Ranch – 631680 Blue Cheese – 631690 French w/ Honey – 631700 Thousand Island – 631710

• Blades are manufactured from proprietary DEXSTEEL™ stain-free, high-carbon steel, are individually ground and honed and excel in commercial use. 2014 ISSUE 2



RESTAURANT STYLE DINING Julie Halfpop, RD, LD, Martin Bros. Director of Nutrition Services


real W

ed Ce


tm Cut Oa Steel on and b Cinnam yl any st Eggs fresh

rm Two fa e-up id sunnys

rjac Lumbe f farm Two

ide es ill fir gr

In January, we highlighted the three dining trends that we’re seeing in senior living – room service, on the road and restaurant style. There are many tips, ideas and benefits to each style. Restaurant style in particular can be a great person-centered service. It is also an attractive marketing tool for a facility while offering some great

revenue potential and resident satisfaction, as well. So, I asked the Director of Food & Beverage from Bethany Home in Waupaca, Wisconsin, Josh Eggeman, who is seeing some great success with restaurant style dining there, to tell us a little bit more about this trend and how it is working for their home.

Josh Eggeman

Q A“Getting everybody on board”

Director of Food & Beverage Bethany Home Waupaca, Wisconsin


How are you incorporating restaurant-style dining into your program?

A“From every angle possible”

We redesigned cycle menus to consist of restaurantquality, made-from-scratch recipes. Fresh salads, fruit and soup of the day are now also always available. We restructured the department and rewrote all of the job descriptions. We separated them into front-of-thehouse and back-of-the-house responsibilities – consistent with what you would find in a restaurant setting.

What is the first step?

First, you and your facility (starting with the Owner/ Board, CEO/Administrator and Foodservice Manager) have to truly want the change.

Second, you need to involve your staff and residents in the ongoing decision-making process. Interview your residents to determine exactly what their needs and wants are. I recommend implementing a comment card system and establishing a Food Committee to keep the communication lines open, as well. Work very closely with staff when restructuring job functions. It’s also important to get the other departments involved. Teamwork between nursing staff and foodservice staff is especially vital. Third, you have to look at your foodservice operations in a whole new light. If you want to provide restaurantstyle dining, you can greatly benefit from people with restaurant experience. I recommend hiring people from the restaurant industry every chance you get.

We created an actual restaurant menu that is available from open to close daily in our log cabin themed main dining room, The Fireside Grill. The menu has everything from Fireside Omelets to Beer Brat Sliders… and even Campfire S’more Ice Cream Sundaes. I’d put our food up against any restaurant in the area. We have also incorporated, and have had luck with, a Friday Night Fish Fry as well as an Easter and Mother’s Day Brunch.


Food & Beverage Department at The Fireside Grill, Bethany Home


ll d ham fireside Grian ide

es tterm firill gr Bu fluf grill Two fireside syrup.



ide es ill fir gr

fireside Gricridellea

es firill gr Fi grill fireside F


Fireside S



AD 2.5 • 1000 Isla nd • Bleu Cheese • Ranch • Light Fren ch COFFEE





• Raspberry

Half of a Turk ey BLT Club along with the fruit and soup of the day 6


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Smoked bac on and turk ey breast on CHICKEN SAL Texas toast with garlic & herb ma Pulled rotisse AD CROISSANT yo 6.5 rie chicken with sliced salad tom *Most random ato and leaf with pecans, Craisin s and shredd lettuce on items not list sandwich FRE a buttered SH-CATCH ed apple, serv edse ERS croissant FISH FILLET then ID s chee on the menu are $1 ed , is SL se Pan 6.5 Sw -fried ska chee BRAT and m fireside Griand n Pollock elted y ll house Ala BEER i beer brat 5 and m a, sour crea All Da in tartar sauce , served on a marble fire ls icken Served rye hoagie Two m rkraut 6. 7 grillside illed ch ives, sa with leaf lett BLUE OX BUR ll d saue with gr oes, black ol uce d , GER firesid re fireside Grian tom e ato grillCha he OS rbroiled Bla NACH chips smot ttuce, tomat eside firill ck Angus bee le lla FEVER onion rings gr th CABIN e corn torti of shredded 7 with Che f patty, served with grill rved wi rs leaf lettuce ese 7.5 fireside Homemad in Bran éed, se • Cheesehea , sliced tom th laye Speciality • Rais ispies d saut ato and red Burger 8 high wi e 6 d (Fried Che ilk 2 ce Kr piled ding an ol M • ese Ri ‘Sh ea Cur am • roo ith br PS ds ac m & Swiss W and Caram RI eese (Sautéed Mus and gu elized Onions • Bacon ‘n FISH ST rmesan ch s Flakes ), hrooms Ble USTED • Corn Nut Cheerio r pa y • Sunshine u (Smoked Bacon, Car , Marsala Cream Sauce AN CR tossed in ou Ranch amelized Oni • Hone RMES 5 (American and Swiss house Cheese, Sm cheese) ons and Ble CHICKENPACAEkan Pollock e 6 ilk 2. ed with rd, 4 CAST IRON oked Bacon u Cheese Cru uc with m d serv Alas SARrta r sa SAL an ium, ha and toast GRI and AD Slic ed mbles) ed LLE a Fried Egg ed m ta meal sugar, served fri D CHEESE chic e y, Hot Americ ll usbre Griken ) e ho d RDS tered, ast, grape esi er-eas sh browns r an at fi CU ov che che -b ese brown ese d: tom SE 6 nd ha pressed bet ie ones a ide bed of cris IN CHEE atoes,rdhom s, ha t ween two slic read ing (fr with golden emade crou firill PIN tb as p cu lik E rom to PES fla NS ur , se ain tons and fres TO CHICKE e lettuce, with es of golden gr WISCO ns BACKWOOD to yo d) served chee crispy le N WRAP h Parmes brown Texa Grilled chic a garlic bre sh brow Sl BEE KAB eddar cooked he gril nd-c anut s toast 4 fireside Griand adstick 7with ha Marinated fireside FresFh Ch lden ha ll fresh ken, red onions, moz h eggs bled or poac 7 steak and ng OB es, go zarella and m spinach roll fire served coffee can essifresh vegetable pancak parmesan p; 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“We created an actual restaurant menu that is available from open to close daily in our log cabin themed main dining room, The Fireside Grill.”

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All you can eat Every Friday Night

Here’s a great idea from the Martin Bros. Culinary Team for a Restaurant Style St. Patrick’s Day Special

Irish Nachos!

or Co & YOGU N (ass ot or FRUIT MUFFI TEA (H 1.5 BUNYAN 2 PAUL 1.5 COFFEE $1 FRUIT AL OLATE u are ness ON OC 2 rne ill on the men SEAS HOT CH 2 onal od bo d CON • Seas k of fo not liste CINO ED BA *Please note *Since we PPUC nilla (diet) your ris om items SMOK 2.5 CA that are M nd Va consum crease a non-profit D HA organiz•atio Frenching raw or underceggs may inKS!! Most ra 2 GRILLE n, all tips don and ookedTHmea E $1 ts go nd – AN ts and egg meaated SAUSAG u are NS 2 ooked employee futo our employee fund s may increase your e men PORK BROW risk – THANKS!! r underc d on th HASH Most randomof food borne illness raw or ted go to ou t liste item uming na ms no GOLDEN *Most



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u are $1

Designed by Martin Bros. Marketing Department

Q A“It can increase quality” What makes restaurant style dining great?

The fact is that food just may very well be the biggest part of your residents’ day, and new styles like restaurant-style foodservice are, and will increasingly be, in demand. The bottom line is that this sort of change can help support quality of life. Change isn’t always easy, but the good thing is that it can be a learning experience for everyone.

“The bottom line is that this sort of change can help support quality of life.” Not everything that you try is going to work, and that’s okay. You have to be willing to fail. This is foodservice, not heart surgery. If breakfast doesn’t go well, for example, it will be okay. Simply address the issues and move on. The residents see you making an effort, and they appreciate that.

Ingredients Lamb Weston Yukon Selects CrissCut Fries (963660 - 6/4.5 lb)

Sara Lee Hillshire Farm Deli Select Sliced Corned Beef (913170 – 6/2 lb)

Bay Valley Saucemaker Monterey Jack Cheese Sauce (430310 – 6/#10)

Shredded Swiss Cheese (903768 – 1/5 lb)

Bix Shredded Cabbage (380236 – 2/5 lb)

Bix Diced Tomatoes (380248 – 2/5 lb)

C.H. Robinson Green Onion (361010 – 4/2 lb)

Party Supplies

13x13 inch St. Patrick’s Day Napkin (899443 – 1/18 each)

9.5x14 inch Emerald Green Placemat (899504 – 1/50 each)

To order these party supplies, contact your sales representative or email c& Include account number and quantity.

2014 ISSUE 2



The Dignity of Scent Erika Kramer, Martin Bros. Medical Services Education & Marketing Director Being a part of a family-owned company, it’s always great to share our story and hear stories about how other family-owned companies came to be. Martin Bros. was founded in 1940 by Roy and Glen Martin with great determination and a handful of cash out of a residential garage. On our vendor side, one of our medical supplies family-owned suppliers, Central Solutions, has a particularly inspiring start-up story to share. I asked third-generation owner (one of four brothers who have ownership in the company), Paul Nobrega, to share the story. So, here it is:

In the mid-1990’s, we were producing a number of different skin care products, including lotions, shampoos and soaps. Most of our formulations were private labeled for niche markets within the healthcare industry. We were at a point, however, where we wanted to come out with our own branded line of skin care offerings, specifically targeted towards long-term care. We were simultaneously facing a family difficulty. Our mother had been diagnosed with earlyonset Alzheimer’s Disease. As those within healthcare know, this illness is insidious and (among other things) strips its victims of dignity. As is often inevitable, our mother was eventually placed in a specialty facility. We were fortunate in that this facility was especially committed to helping residents retain their self-respect and inherent value as people. Still, it was an extremely difficult time for my mom as well as for my entire family.

“By developing a retail-style aromatherapy line specifically for the elderly, we could send a message of dignity to the resident, of reassurance to their families and of value to the care providers.”

During one of my visits, I noticed a lotion container next to her bed. I then did what most people do. I picked it up and smelled it. It wasn’t an unpleasant odor. It just smelled…well…“institutional,” which was unsettling in that my mom loved aromatherapy fragrances. So, while we couldn’t control Alzheimer’s Disease, my brothers and I decided we could control the skin care products used on our mother. Shortly thereafter, we visited a bath and body store, purchased samples of their most popular lotion fragrances, took them to our chief formulating chemist

and asked him to create some lotion samples with similar fragrances – yet to make sure they were still appropriate for elderly skin (pH balanced, hypoallergenic, etc.). A brilliant chemist and craftsman, he responded quickly with several bottles that we donated to our mother’s caregivers. Their response was overwhelmingly positive. It was soon thereafter that my brothers and I realized that we had something unique. There were no aromatherapystyle skin care products in the long-term care market. And therein was an opportunity. By developing a retail-style aromatherapy line specifically for the elderly, we could send a message of dignity to the resident, of reassurance to their families and of value to the care providers. So, we did! And to this day, it seems that we’re still the only company who does so. What I’ve found out through this experience is that bad things sometimes happen to good people, and that’s part of life. Yet here’s the ultimate life lesson that we learned from our mother’s illness: sometimes good things can also come out of bad situations. It doesn’t make what happened all better.


It does, however, provide an opportunity to create something honorable out of a painful loss. In this case, our customer wins, our company wins and our mother’s memory wins. And my family will take that any day of the week.

Instant Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera

040820 • 24/4 oz.

Vanilla Bean Cream 040880 • 24/8.5 oz.

Apra Care Shampoo & Body Wash 040700 • 4/1 gallon 040710 • 24/8.5 oz.

Melon Breeze Conditioning Shampoo & Body Wash 040720 • 24/8.5 oz. 040730 • 4/1 gallon

Perineal Wash 040760 • 24/8.5 oz.

SkinCare Cream 040740 • 24/8.5 oz. 040770 • 4/1 gallon

No Rinse Foaming Cleanser 040750 • 12/8.5 oz.


DEALING WITH ALLERGENS Renee Greiner, RD, LD, Martin Bros. Marketing Dietitian


ccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), food allergies are a growing food safety and public health concern for children. Allergic reactions can be life threatening. Therefore, the CDC states that “schools should develop plans for preventing an allergic reaction and responding to a food allergy emergency.”

Eight foods or food groups account for 90% of serious allergic reactions in the United States. They are milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.1



In consultation with the U.S. Department of Education and a number of other federal agencies, CDC developed the Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools and Early Care and Education Centers. The five priority areas that these guidelines suggest schools address are: • Educate children and family members about food allergies. • Create and maintain a healthy and safe educational environment.



For more details on our upcoming food allergy webinar, look for the Village Approach to Food Allergy Management located on the back page.

• Prepare for food allergy emergencies. • Provide professional development on food allergies for staff members. • Ensure the daily management of food allergies in individual children. 1. Boyce JA, Assa’ad A, Burks AW, et al; NIAID-Sponsored Expert Panel. Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of food allergy in the United States: report of the NIAID-sponsored expert panel. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2010;126(suppl 6):S1-S58.

Go online for

MORE IDEAS from our team of foodservice experts!

SUGGESTIONS FOR MANAGING FOOD ALLERGIES AND PREPARING FOR EMERGENCIES: • Keep current paperwork from parents and doctors. • Review products regularly. • Utilize the Martin Bros. food requirement online search option to help you find appropriate items. • Partner with your school nurse to train staff on the food allergy symptoms to be aware of.

Lenten Items Sa-Weet! Potato Crusted Pollock

Fillets – 927440 – 80/3.6 oz 1 oz Nuggets – 927450 – 1/18 lb

Whole Grain Rich Pollock Sticks – 302840 – 4/5 lb Sea Wonder Shapes – 927360 - 4/5 lb

Gluten-Free Potato Crunch Pollock Fillets 927260 – 46/3.6 oz

2014 ISSUE 2



Serving Up Facebook Nicole Vannordstrand, Martin Bros. National Accounts Coordinator

Deep within the annals of Internets lurks the slow creep of social media. The methodically loud beeping of the modem morphed into chat rooms, which morphed into MySpace and has now comfortably settled into Facebook. For now anyway.

Here is some Facebook food for thought:

Since it’s origination in February 2004, Facebook has become the largest online social network with over 1.19 billion users worldwide.


Its popularity among all ages in over 95 countries has made it too big for businesses to ignore when it comes to marketing to the masses, which is likely why 16 million local business pages had been created as of May 2013.

Every 60 seconds on Facebook, 293,000 statuses are updated and 136,000 photos are uploaded.

80% of consumers say they are more likely to try new things based on a suggestion by a friend on social media. (Pew Internet Social Networking Study, 2012)

BUSINESS BUZZ Isn’t now a great time to add Facebook to your menu and make it a feature item? Start using it to gain customers, keep them coming back and add more profits to your bottom line!

Here are a few easy steps to get you started and help you be successful:


Create your Business Facebook Page. Seems simple enough, right? But where do you start? Begin by creating a personal profile page. Once that is done, you can move onto your official business page. Use a compelling photo for your cover photo and your logo for your profile picture. Your basic information would include your hours, location, phone number, website, etc. Use the about section to tell your followers what makes you great.

2 3

Secure it. Once your official business page is set up, you’ll want to establish Admins and security settings. Admins will have permission to post/edit content on your behalf. You may need more than one Admin in order to stay on top of the daily activity.


Learn the lingo. Nothing is more embarrassing than sharing instead of liking or posting on a wall when you meant to be creeping. Are you with me? No? Well, there are fans, status updates, posts, offers, events, likes, shares, comments, etc., etc. Phew! All of these things do something a little different, and they are all important to your business on Facebook. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the workings so you can properly market your business and mesh with your followers.


Add your menu. One of the first things you need to add to your Facebook page is your menu. You’ll need a special application to do so, but it is VITAL to attract customers to your page. When you have steps 1-3 completed, you are ready to welcome your fans with your first official “post”. Don’t worry about lighting the world on fire with it. Just get the ball rolling. Fire and world dominance will come later.

Content is KING! Remember that gosh darn 80/20 rule you learned in Econ 101? Well, it’s back! Facebook is about social interaction, not necessarily about sales. So, make sure the majority of your content is social. You should be primarily interacting and engaging with your consumers. Ask them questions. Solicit feedback on your menu or on a photo of a new dish. Share industry information and dining trends. And don’t forget to respond to comments, both good and bad. Be transparent. Don’t delete a comment because your feelings were hurt or because it is simply not true. Keep calm and respond on!

6 7 8

Post regularly. Set up a posting schedule if it will help. You can preschedule posts and set a time for them to go live. Consistent content is the key to keeping people engaged. (In fact, I’m pretty sure that it is what makes a Facebook Jedi Master.) See what your competitors are posting. You know that saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Yep. That applies here. Check them out. See what they are doing to market to your current and potential customers.

Promote, promote and promote some more. (Did I mention promote?) Take advantage of the marketing materials that you are already using. Add your Facebook address or logo to your table tents. Add your feed to your website. It is important to cross-promote every which way that a customer is able to learn more about you. Linking all of your social media, website and printed materials together is a great way to add value and further establish your brand.

Visit to download an e-book guide to utilizing these eight steps to make your business successful on Facebook. 2014 ISSUE 2



GROWING WITH THE TIMES KEN STONER Martin Bros. Convenience Store & Retail Project Manager


artin Bros. is a 74 year old foodservice distribution company. However, it’s only in the last 12 years that we have put an emphasis on convenience store, travel center and retail grocery deli sales. Why is that?

Source: Nebraska State Historical Society

Well, many of us remember the old “gas station” days when foodservice (and I am going to be generous here) was maybe a donut or maybe a hot dog, but most likely a candy bar and a cup of coffee. Today, foodservice has become an increasingly important part of the bottom line in many retail chains and for more and more independent operators, as well. Many of the larger convenience and retail players put a huge emphasis on their foodservice. It’s what you see when you go to their websites. It’s what you see when you first walk into their stores. In our upper Midwest distribution area, the largest industry player is Casey’s. Over time and with much tweaking and adjusting, they have developed one of the nation’s largest volume pizza chains. And the airwaves are full of their advertisements, which promote foodservice, not fuel, cigarettes or oil. Why is that? The answer is margin and profit. Independent operators can and many do have a food program that is both professional and profitable. The key to success is investment and commitment. For the price of a single fuel dispenser, you can have a professional-looking program with attractive imaging and 50% margin or better.


28 Mar



Stop by booth 224 at the Kansas City Convention Center and join the Martin Bros. team at PACE 2014 on February 28 and March 1. We will be serving Burrito Factory fresh burritos to order. We will also introduce “Coffee on Demand!” with low labor, controlled costs, low maintenance and an attractive look. See you in Kansas City!

At Martin Bros., we have a team of six people that specialize in helping retailers start and execute a foodservice program. We have the equipment, food, packaging, product and margin consultation, imaging and complete programs available, with your commitment, to get you where you need to be.


DRIVING BUSINESS WITH PACKAGING Natalea Koehn, Martin Bros. Equipment, Supply & Disposables Category Marketing Manager As price inflation and competition continue to afflict the foodservice industry and end-users become increasingly concerned about portion control, foodservice managers have to work overtime to provide differentiated, affordable foodservice options while also meeting the needs of consumers. Packaging can help you with this task with designs that raise consumer expectations, control expenses, increase revenue, protect your reputation and achieve sustainability goals. 1. RAISE CONSUMER EXPECTATIONS Innovative and customizable packaging can make your offerings more attractive and help drive sales. 2. CONTROL EXPENSES Pre-packaging can help you control portions and thus control expenses. 3. INCREASE REVENUE Attractive packaging and portion control can be incentives for end-users to buy and thus increase your revenue. 4. PROTECT YOUR REPUTATION Partnering with trusted, branded names in packaging ensures that your customers are getting the quality that matches and drives your business. 5. ACHIEVE SUSTAINABILITY GOALS There are renewable, compostable and recyclable solutions that can help you meet regulations, consumer preferences and your own operational sustainability goals.

PACKAGING FOR SOUP SEASON FlexStyle® Symphony® Double Sided Poly Paper Container/Lid Combo Very best paper containers! These containers can be used for both hot and cold foods and are designed to meet any service or storage need, including freezing and refrigerating.

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Wide formed rim for more rigidity and durability. • Double sided polyethylene coating acts as a moisture barrier to keep liquid inside and minimize sweating and condensation on the outside of the container.

8 oz. - 856998 10/25 pack

16 oz. - 857018 10/25 pack

12 oz. - 856808 10/25 pack

32 oz. - 857028 10/25 pack

• Only paper food container line available with spiral wound paper lids that prevent leaks and let steam escape. 2014 ISSUE 2




microwave ...OR NOT M

Kam Miller Martin Bros. Equipment Sales Manager

icrowaves are like cars in that you’ll still find some vintage models in use; however, they typically need or could use replacing about every three to ten years.

Two things to look for when contemplating whether or not to “drive off” with a new microwave are your current microwave’s performance and how much it’s going to cost to fix if it’s broken. Of course, your microwave’s current performance could be no performance if it just plain broken and not working. However, if you’ve been noticing that food doesn’t seem to be getting cooked as quickly as it has in the past, it could mean that your microwave is drawing near the end of its life and you would benefit from starting to look into a new one. If your microwave is broken and in need of repair, you’ll need to find out how much that repair is going to cost and then weigh the pros and cons, including the cost, of fixing it versus purchasing a new one.

MEDIUM DUTY MICROWAVES • Perfect for smaller kitchens that do not require volume cooking. • Feature a generous 1.0 cubic-foot capacity and a convenient 1,000-watt power output. • An array of easy-to-use features and one-touch controls add versatility without the added costs of using a high-powered microwave or oven. • Strong, specially designed latch handles reduce door failure, which is one of the most frequent problems on units of lesser quality.

R-21LCF (263477) • 6-Minute Electronic Dial Timer • Heating Time Guide

R-21LVF (263479) • Computerized Touch Controls • Double Quantity Automatically provides optimum heating times for two portions. • Express Defrost™

R-21LTF (263478) • Two-Way Programming – Use any of the preprogrammed memories or manually program up to 20 of your own. • Three-Stage Programming – Program food to defrost then begin cooking at one power level and finish cooking at another. • Counter Check – Let the oven “remember” how often each feature was used plus the total number of manual uses so managers can keep closer tabs on operation.



DISH machine



e all do it. We are in a hurry, and we just throw the dirty dishes in the machine without rinsing or scrapping. We know we shouldn’t. But why?

There are two main reasons why the dish machine also functioning as a garbage disposal in this way is counterproductive. First, dish machines use the water/ chemical solution in their tank to spray through the wash arms to clean soils off plates, glasses, utensils, etc. Even with screens, bits of food and garbage in the machine can work their way through and clog wash arms, giving you poor washing action. “I have seen anything from fruit seeds to jelly packet wrappers and even straws plugging up a wash arm,” says chemical vendor sales representative, Rob Fiori. “Customers should really make a point to inspect and clean their machine wash arm daily, at a minimum.”

Roxanne Hassman Martin Bros. Janitorial Category Manager

Low Temperature Detergent, Rinse Additive & Sanitizer High Temperature Liquid & Powder Detergents & Rinse Aids Kitchen Cleaning Products

Martin Bros. offers a full line of the highest quality janitorial, laundry and dishwashing products, equipment, leasing options, customized programs, training and service for all of your cleaning needs.

Second, the chemicals used in the dish machine are designed to help loosen soils from the items being washed. In a low temperature machine, a set amount of chemical goes in on every rack. If there are gross soils added to the load because of poor pre-scrapping, the detergent may get weak as it is breaking down the soils in the wash tank and then not be able to loosen the soils on all of the items needing washed. Poor results and rewashes will follow. On a high temperature machine, the wash tank has a set concentration of chemical solution. If more soils are added to the tank and the detergents attack those soils, then the machine calls for more detergent to reach that set concentration. Excessive chemical use and still possible poor results may occur. There is an easy overall solution to these problems, and it really doesn’t take a lot of extra time and effort. Proper pre-scrapping is the key! Train employees to take the time to sufficiently remove the gross soils from items before running them through your dish machine. When properly pre-scrapped, you will see cleaner dishes the first (and hopefully only) time. 2014 ISSUE 2







hoosing the right drinkware and glass racks for your establishment is very important. First of all, everything inside and outside your establishment that your guests see makes a statement, and glasses are no exception. In addition, drinkware is an investment that you want to last a long time and always look great, so picking the proper racks to clean and store your glasses is very important. Some of the things you’ll want to think about when choosing your drinkware are style (from classic to contemporary), shape, tapering, base, width and height. You’ll want what you pick to match the look and feel of your establishment while meeting the demands of those you are serving and also fitting within your budget. Once you have your drinkware decided on, you’ll need to figure out what racks you’ll need to wash and store it all. Did you know that Vollrath, one of our smallwares partners, has an online Glass Rack Guide to help you plan? Go to > Products > Vollrath Warewashing, Handling and Dispensers and click on Vollrath Glass Rack Guide towards the top of the page. As always, our team is also here to assist you with your planning needs, as well.


Martin Bros. Equipment, Supply & Disposables Category Marketing Manager

Signature Full-Size Compartment Rack (264049) • Individual compartments help prevent chipping and breakage. • Ideal for storage and machine washing, providing excellent protection and minimizing costly replacement. • Open design promotes thorough washing action, complete rinsing, rapid drying and quick glass cooling for spotfree glassware. • 25 Compartment • Medium • 5-5/8 in overall height; 4-5/16 in inside height; 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 in compartment dimension


Pub Glass - 16 oz 90531504 - 1/2 dozen

Natalea Koehn,

Mixing - 16 oz 200134 - 1/2 dozen

Banquet Goblet - 10 oz 200133 - 1/3 dozen

Old-Fashioned - 10.5 oz 90531521 - 1/4 dozen

Hi-Ball - 6 oz 90531529 - 1/3 dozen

Daily Specials Drive Sales Italian Biscuit Wraps FEATURING: Pillsbury Southern Style Easy Split Biscuit Dough (981000 - 168/3.17 oz)

Maple Bacon Cupcakes FEATURING: Gold Medal ZT Yellow Cake Mix (402140 - 6/5 lb)

Do something special for your patrons with these and even more recipes available at


Our webinars and events are designed to educate customers of all segments. Please refer to the color-coded key next to the event title to see if it pertains to you.

Feb Village Approach


to Food Allergy Management Bonnie Johnson, MS, RD 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

Mar Making the Most


of Your Meat Dollars Chef Doug Voss 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

Apr Preventing



Most Martin Bros. webinars and events can earn you CEUs! Register at:

Skin & Wound Management Certification Course March 3-7 The purpose of this course is to provide participants current evidence based education in the area of skin and wound management. Certification provides an added credential beyond licensure and demonstrates by examination that you have acquired a core body of specialized knowledge.






Feb Reducing Acute


Transfers Based on UTI Kimberly Owen, BBA, LPN, RAC-CT 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

Mar Dealing with Narcotics


Justin Rash, Pharm D 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

May Guidance to Regulatory

Rehospitalizations Kathleen C. Niedert, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST


VGM & Associates 1111 West San Marnan Dr. Waterloo, IA 50704


Compliance in Culture Change Linda Roberts, MS, RD 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

March Cleaning Madness Mini Show March 25 • 9:00 AM - Noon Lunch CST Join us for a morning of fun and education followed by lunch...with CEUs for housekeeping. • Benefits of microfiber • Hazardous labels, SDS and the new GHS standards • Disinfecting and sanitizing hard AND soft surfaces • Vendor booths



Carrollton Inn 1730 Highway 71 N Carroll, IA 51401

Healthcare Medical






Dish! - 2014 Issue 2  

Savvy Seafood - Getting Ready for Lent

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