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Arch 351 Professor Skinner Fall 08

Louis Kahn – Drawing of Philadelphia 1953

Arch 351 Chicago Studio – Living Map of Chicago Living Map of Chicago Through the multiple subjectivities of your group members you will make a "Living Map" of Chicago. Your document will be a hybrid of physically collected data and virtually collected data. You will map the city as a temporal system (mapping the things that happen) with documents that are both realistic and abstract, picturesque and analytical, immersed and removed. Physical Data Collection For the physically collected data you are to choose a medium that you will wear as an extension of your body into the city by which to collect the physical data (i.e. cell phone, a/v camera, photo camera, audio recorder, movie camera, polaroid camera, pin hole camera….) These should be readibly available devices that you can carry with you naturally or attach to your body in a specific way. You are to consider how this device and the way you place it on your body will aid you in finding something normally inperceptible and document this data rigorously. You are also to chose a way to move through the city. This can be by walking or by using one of the public transportation systems etc... Virtual Data Collection For the virtually collected data you are to use online research through a combination of sources (GIS, aerial photos, demographic, social and other sources of data that are pertinent). Hybrid Each team is expected to organize and synthesize these two kinds of data into a "living map". Meaning that the data is synthesized carefully into a document that is "alive" much in the same way we understand the contemporary city. We understand the city today as an organism made of matter for sure but also a vital living thing. Team Organization Individual studio professors will organize team sizes. The people who will travel to Chicago will collect the physical data. The people who stay in Clemson will collect the virtual data. You are to organize yourselves per studio and come up with a plan for collecting information and for editing information, the medium that you will use, the methodology, the area that you will look at. The teams will consist of the people that will visit the place physically and the people that will collect information about the site virtually. Today we will decide what moving method each studio will pick for the making of their map. Each studio should choose a separate method of moving through the city such as walking, biking, elevated rail, subway, bus… On Monday, you are to present to your studio professors a thoughfully crafted and detailed script for how you will collect the information on site as well as how you will collect the virtual information. There should be a clear idea for how these two sets of data will be brought together. The documents should be detailed and include information such as the idea, method, measuring system to use, shedule, time, durations… This material should be presented beautifully and clearly within each studio on Monday. Readings The following readings will be sent to you by your professors as PDF's Corner, James The Agency of Mapping: Speculation, Critique and Invention in Mappings, edited by Denis Cosgrove Hall, Peter, Flight Paths Sant, Alison, Redefining the Basemap Skinner, Martha, A/V Mappings and Notations * Also there are some hepful links to mapping, etc. sites found at Professor's Skinner blog at

Arch 351 chicago mapping assignment  

Living Map of Chicago

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