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“Frame your beauty.” — Marlies Dekkers

Leading Strings (l) padded plunge balcony corset (r) padded plunge balcony bra & 7 cm thong


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16. “My pleasure, your beauty.”

My three different shades of love


Marlies Dekkers founder & creative director





Never have too many bra’s



The ‘sweaty’ bra


22. My magic mold



25. Dare to seduce yourself

Picture this...




“My pleasure, your beauty.” — Marlies Dekkers

dame de paris My Dame de Paris collection is designed for ladies with style. I was inspired by the magnificence of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Being the epitome of Gothic architecture, the Parisian Lady of the 14th century combines a sense of the divine with stunning graphic lines. Graceful arches and elegant bows are her trademarks. An aspiration to Heaven is her belief. I took the Dame’s subtle play of lines and put it right on top of the cups. Framing a similar gracious and elegant décolleté.

Wear my dame de paris and believe in your highest self.

Dame de Paris - Black plunge balcony bra & thong 7 cm


01. signature straps

Inspired by the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Dame’s subtle play of lines were put on top of the cups, framing a similar gracious and elegant dÊcolletÊ.

dame de paris black

02. high quality fabric To ensure unbeatable lasting comfort and style, the fabric used is thoroughly tested.

dame de paris ivory

03. matching bottoms The stunning graphic lines of the bras are continued in the matching bottoms.

dame de paris red

Dame de Paris - Red padded balcony bra & thong 7 cm


dame de paris - black padded balcony bra & thong 7 cm

stunning graphic lines are framing a similar gracious and elegant dĂŠcolletĂŠ. padded push up bra thong 7 cm


dame de paris - ivory padded push up bra & 2 cm thong

padded balcony bra 12 cm brazilian shorts


If you could wear only one colour of lingerie for the rest of your life, what colour would that be? Would you go for basic black lingerie or minimalist white lingerie pieces? Or perhaps your drawers would be stuffed with smokin’ hot red lingerie sets...

My three different shades of love W H Y I USED TO DESIGN ON LY BL ACK, WHITE A ND R ED LINGER IE

It may seem like a weird question coming from a person who has a walk-in closet just for her lingerie - a candystore for grown ups with the wildest colours and patterns imaginable! - but when I was ready to conquer the world with my designs, over 20 years ago, that was exactly the question I had to ask myself.


leading strings My Leading Strings collection is designed for ladies in the mood for play. I was inspired by the sensuality of leading strings. A girl’s best friends because these little black necklaces are your perfect aphrodisiac. And who doesn’t like some requisites here and there? As I always like to say: ‘Use diamonds to feel glamorous, use straps ‘n strings to get amorous.’ For this collection I translated leading strings into stunning black lines spicing up your décolleté and adorning your back and buttocks.

Wear my leading strings to get flirty.

Leading Strings - Black (l) padded plunge balcony corset (r) padded plunge balcony bra & 7 cm thong



From the moment I start designing a bra until it is actually in the stores, takes about three years. The high quality standards and design techniques of marlies|dekkers lingerie need a development time like no other lingerie brand.

My inspiration for a new collection always

oatmeal breakfast, the next stop is my closet.

comes from a strong woman from nowadays

The first stop in my lingerie department. Since

or the past, who inspires me. To maximize

I am a women who regards her lingerie as an

the designing process I need to completely

integral part of my outfit I start with a lingerie

immerse myself in the new designer theme.

“questionnaire�. How do I feel today? Sexy,

I then breath, eat and sleep this theme before

sensual, casual, bright, dark, calm, energetic?

I can start with the designs. I can become

Fun choices I need to make before I can

infatuated with theme and start preparing

decide upon the perfect lingerie set for that

my closet for the lingerie which is coming

day. Then the second stop is the rest of my

within a few years. By the moment the

outfit, where the most important question is:

collection is finished, my closet is filled with

what complements my lingerie best! Maybe

clothes matching that particular collection.

not the order you are used to but choosing

The Style Collection has been conceived for

my lingerie carefully and making sure it fits

the woman who regards her lingerie as an

my mood, gives me extra energy and makes

integral part of every ensemble.

me feel beautiful, ready to conquer the world

Every morning after I have finished my

(ok, ready to handle that day).

morning rituals of working out and having my

Gloria - Black Pinstripe padded plunge push up bra & waspie & brazilian shorts 12 cm


gloria My Gloria collection is designed for ladies taking the lead. I was inspired by the female gangster movie ‘Gloria’. A groundbreaking piece of art in the history of film and feminism. I remember watching this movie as a young woman. I can still feel the satisfaction of finally seeing a female lead (Gena Rowland) portrayed as strong and dominant, instead of dependent and obedient. For this collection

Gloria’s strength was linked to the concept of power suits and translated into a pinstripe pattern.

I linked Gloria’s strength to the concept of power suits. In my design I translated this into powerful pinstripe patterns and macho suspender straps.

padded plunge balcony bra waspie

Wear my gloria to release your inner alfa! SHOP NOW

Teenage girls need to rebel against their mothers. But what if your mother is the Rebel Queen of Lingerie?


I’m not an overly strict mother. I’ve always given my daughter Zilver (now 18) all my trust. I’ve allowed her to learn from her own mistakes, offering her my listening ear and shoulder to cry on when things went wrong. Sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll; nothing is taboo in our household. Except, perhaps, one thing. My standards are very high, especially when it comes to my own brand. I find cheap, uncomfortable lingerie an affront to womankind! (yes, I just raised my voice). So what did my daughter do to rebel against me? That’s right, she showed up wearing a cheap, badly made bra. And another one. Just rubbing it in my face. Till I couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out: “Come on, Zilver. Those bras can’t be very comfortable!” There, she had me. With a triumphant smile on her face she answered: “Mom, they’re fine.” End of discussion. When she was little, she wanted to be like me...


“You are as beautiful, as sensual, as desirous... as you believe yourself to be.” — Marlies Dekkers

Space Odyssey - Glossy Camel padded push up bra & thong 4 cm


Space Odyssey - Black padded balcony bra & thong 4 cm


space odyssey My Space Odyssey collection is designed for ladies aiming for the stars. I was in-spired by Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Kubrick pays tribute to the big questions in life: why are we here and what is our destiny? This courageous voyage transcending time and space, reminded me of the heroic journeys of women on a mission. It’s what I wish for you: boldly go where no one has gone before to understand and fulfill your destiny. I took the shape of Kubrick’s twirling spaceship and translated it into lovely little round-shaped details.

Wear my space odyssey to radiate star quality.

padded plunge balcony bra 4 cm thong


The shape of Kubrick’s twirling spaceship was translated into lovely little round-shaped details.

Let’s start with a little experiment. Take a marlies|dekkers bra and hold one of the cups by your ear. Squeeze it and let go. What did you hear? A gentle ‘pop’ as it bounced back? I like to compare it sound of a well-made car door closing, say that of a Mercedes. It’s subtle and right.

My magic mold NOTHING BU T THE BEST FOR YOUR BOOBS Now try this with a similar looking mass-produced bra. It rustles, doesn’t it? Kind of like a plastic bag. Your fingers probably felt a difference too; a different density, and much less stretch. Does it feel cheaper? Well, that’s because it is! A common difference between ‘high street’ and ‘high-end’ lingerie is in the quality of the molded cups. To make a so-called ‘molded cup bra’, a foam-like material is heated over a mold to give the cup its own distinct shape. When people look at a bra, the first things they will notice is the fabric and the straps, but the cup is equally as important. A bit like the engine of the car, expect that it also really defines the look. As a matter of fact, it can completely transform your silhouette!











signature instagram impressions @bilemezdimki




















ms. bow Wrap yourself up as a gorgeous gift with my silky smooth Ms. Bow collection. Because that’s what you are: a present to yourself! Flirt with your reflection in the mirror. Bow down to your own beauty. Tell your-self: I am as beautiful, as sensual, as desirable as I believe myself to be. Then, seal it with a kiss. And of course, a flirty bow.

Ms. Bow stay ups black


I think it’s the creamiest part of a woman’s body: the inner thigh. And what better to highlight that area than a pair of gorgeous stockings or hold-ups? I’m a life-long aficionado myself; can you imagine, I asked my mother for a pair when I was only seven! But why exactly does it feel so good to slip them on, and even better to peel them off?

Dare to seduce yourself THE SECRET OF SEXY LEGWEAR

“Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me,” Dustin Hoffman uttered nervously as Anne Bancroft peeled off her silk stockings in The Graduate (1967). It’s an iconic scene, depicted on one of my favorite movie posters ever. But would it have been quite as seductive if Mrs. Robinson had been simply stark naked? In a famous essay titled ‘Striptease’, the French philosopher Roland Barthes talks about ‘The eroticism of the partially hidden body’. According to him, the sexiness is in the unveiling, the interplay between what’s seen and unseen.


femme fatale My Femme Fatale collection is designed for ladies dancing with shadows. I was inspired by the female-focused crime movie Femme Fatale. A modern, erotically charged film noir by director Brian de Palma, revolving around an angel faced con artist with dangerous skills. Sultry and oh so seductive. Like a true femme fatale striking men down with her beauty, brains and sexuality. I love how this sensational woman fearlessly manipulates her identity to outsmart her enemies, while using the power of promiscuity to control the world around her.

This collection is designed to explore your dark side.

Femme Fatale - Black (l) suspender & brazilian briefs 8 cm (r) padded super push up bra & thong 2 cm


Picture this...

It’s hot in the city, 38 degrees Celsius, the skyline sparkling in the ink blue night. There’s a soft breeze on the roof of your hotel. Your cocktail burns bittersweet in your throat, the ice cubes clinking in your glass. You’re dressed to kill -a push up bra under a smooth leather jacket, stiletto heels and slicked back hair. After gorging on art all day, hitting the galleries and museums, the amber nudes of brilliant painter Balthus keep flashing in your mind. Art allows us to see and feel without touching, without shame. You scan the cityscape. In half an hour you’ll be meeting him on the rooftop over there. How exposed you will be! You can almost smell him. And then, when your blood starts running cold through your veins, charging your body with electricity, you understand that it’s on. You’re on. So you pay the bill and walk towards the rough industrial building, heels clicking in the empty street. By the elevator doors you adjust your stayups, allowing your fingers to linger on your velvety smooth thighs. Once inside, you slither out of your cashmere knitted skirt and put on your sunglasses. You push the button for the 28th floor. Don’t think. Go. The cold metallic doors open, and there he is. Eye to eye, his scent filling your nostrils. You gasp, your heart quickens. And when you hear the low smooth timbre of his voice, your body propels you forward. You want him... now!

peekaboo Come out and play! This sassy set evokes Veronica Lake’s come-hither loveliness. Initiate a tantalizing game of peekaboo with a combination of sheer fabrics and playful cut-outs that is sure to bring out your bewitching beauty. For some extra ‘va-va-voom’, I added polka dots, a flirty trim and sweet satin bows. All in dark-magic black, of course! Wear my Peekaboo collection and discover your own magic spell of seduction.

Dare to bewitch!

padded plunge balcony briefs body


padded push up bra thong 4 cm

Peekaboo - Black padded plunge balcony briefs body


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marlies|dekkers signature magazine  

marlies|dekkers signature magazine