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“Dare to dre am bolder.” inspired by



Aviator - military green (l) plunge balcony bra & high waist briefs (r) plunge balcony body





inspired by

A m elia E a r h a rt


Amelia Earhart ~ the flying feminist Amelia and I

Female Fouders Day



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Valentine's Day

“ we ar yo u r feminin e feminism as a badge of h on or.” — Marlies Dekkers

All my work as a feminist designer is inspired by muses. Powerful female icons from past and present. Although women have been marginalized for centuries, archetypes of female power have always been there. Through my designs, I bring them to you. To help us shape the world of modern-day feminism.

dare to dream

Are you ready for takeoff? You better be, because this season, we will reach for the stars with feminist hero of flight Amelia Earhart. By flying solo across the Atlantic in 1932, this pioneering aviator showed women worldwide that the sky is NOT the limit. Standing defiantly on the wing of her plane in her jodhpurs, leather jacket and lace-up boots, Amelia exuded both grit and grace. She personified freedom. And she gave us something we had been craving for a long time: our own, swashbuckling heroine.


“...decide... whether or n ot the goal is worth the risks in volved. if it is... stop worrying.” — Amelia Earhart

Aviator - military green plunge balcony body


“ Wom en , like m en , sh o u ld try to do th e im possib le. An d wh en th e y fail , th eir failu re m ust b e a ch allen ge to oth ers.” — Amelia Earhart

She became a star as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932, and a legend when she disappeared without a trace in 1937. But what made Amelia Earhart a feminist hero was the way she showed women worldwide that the sky is NOT the limit.

The flying feminist - A mel i a Ea rh a r t Amelia was born in Atchison, Kansas on

an air show: “As soon as I left the ground, I

July 24, 1897, a time ‘when girls were still

knew I myself had to fly.”

girls’, as Amelia wrote in her biography ‘The Fun of It’. Her parents, however,

But Amelia had to earn her wings: “Some

stimulated her love of adventure, and

of us have great runways already built for

when the lanky, grey-eyed girl wasn’t

us. If you have one, take off. But if you don’t

climbing trees or hunting rats with a .22

have one, grab a shovel and build one for

rifle, she was working on her scrapbook of

yourself!”. She chopped off her hair and

newspaper cuttings about accomplished

took several jobs, from photographer to

women. She took a car mechanics

truck driver, till she had earned enough

course, volunteered at a military hospital,

money for flying lessons from pioneer

but didn’t find her true calling until, at age

female aviator Anita “Neta” Snook.

23, she took a 10-minute plane ride during



military green This season, celebrate Amelia Earhart’s heroic spirit and unapologetic style with my spectacular Aviator collection, inspired by the iconic, badass bomber jacket. Show that you are a lover AND a fighter in a classic, battleready combination of shiny sage green with a bright orange lining. Detachable sleeves and ribbed details, referring to the signature bomber collar, give these pieces a rebel edge. Thanks to the eye-popping patches, you can - quite literally - wear your feminine feminism as a badge of honor! Slip into my Aviator Collection and reach for the stars! plunge balcony body


plunge balcony bra & high waist briefs

I have been called ‘crazy’ many times in my life. When I rejected my parents’ expectations to become a housewife. (“You’re deluded.”). When I applied for a prestigious art school. (“You’re crazy.”). When I decided to start a lingerie brand, designed completely from a woman’s point of view (“Who wants that?”). And they were right: what I wanted was often batshit crazy. But it seemed even crazier NOT to do it. If you want to be the pilot of your own destiny, you have no choice. You face the empty sky and fly off into the unknown.

Amelia I

- Da re t o d re a m big ger a nd bolder Amelia Earhart wanted to be the first

she would say afterwards. Growing up,

woman to fly solo across the Atlantic

Amelia was my swashbuckling heroine.

Ocean in 1932. They called her crazy and

Standing defiantly on the wing of her

reckless. She shrugged them off with

plane in her jodhpurs, leather jacket and

her gap-toothed smile and did it anyway.

lace-up boots, Amelia was equal parts

“Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have

Pipi Longstocking and Marlene Dietrich.

the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe.

She exuded both grit and grace. She

But what do dreams know of boundaries?”,

personified the freedom I craved.


“ face th e em pt y sky & fly off into th e u n kn own.” — Marlies Dekkers

Aviator - military green plunge balcony bra & high waist briefs


From the cockpit to the streets to the runway; no other item of clothing has meant so much to so many different people, from pilots to punks to proud feminine feminists. A brief history of the badass bomber jacket.

fantastic The


as we know it today -



fitted waist - was an invention






age. The heavy leather flight jackets worn by Amelia Earhart and her generation of aviation pioneers were perfect for propeller airplanes and already had that

“it will n e ver b e limited by gen der , age or st yle.” — Marlies Dekkers




much higher altitudes and wet leather jackets would literally freeze in the cold temperatures. Besides, they were too bulky for the streamlined jet cockpits. A sleeker, lighter, cotton version was manufactured with a fur collar: the godfather of our beloved bomber

iconic ‘cool factor’ (to

jacket. After World War

give hers a ‘properly

II, nylon became the


fabric of choice and


Amelia would sleep in her jacket a few

the fur collar was replace by a knitted,

nights before wearing it). But with the

elastic collar (allowing more space for a

launch of the jet aircraft in the 1930s,

parachute harness).


balcony bra 7 cm thong


sand & golden lurex This season, follow your bliss like aviator Amelia in my Dame de Paris collection. I selected a sandy brown fabric with a subtle gold lurex sparkle that flatters any skin tone. To highlight your beautiful curves I added sensual straps that refer to the arches of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, that glorious bridge to the stars. A propeller-shaped talisman decorates the center of your dĂŠcolletĂŠ like your personal medal of pride.


push up bra brazilian shorts

Dame de Paris - sand & golden lurex (l) balcony bra & brazilian briefs (r) push up bra & 7 cm thong


More than a

Phe no me non - Heleen va n R oyen -

Dutch bestselling author Heleen van Royen is the Amelia Earhart of writing: thrill-seeking, groundbreaking, not afraid to risk it all. On top of that, Heleen loves to cause a stir. So much so, that it sometimes overshadows the brave message of her work. Time to put a spotlight on the artist behind the phenomenon. Marlies: Heleen, this will be

your art is so layered and

interesting; interviewing one

nuanced! Let’s talk about

of my dearest friends.

your bestselling debut novel

Heleen: (laughs) I know! Very curious to see how it works out. Marlies: Well, today, I would like to focus on you as an artist. You know that I have always been a great fan. Heleen: I do. As a matter of fact, you were one of the first people to really

“as lon g as I can m ake art o ut of it, it h as a pu rpose for m e.” — Heleen van Royen

The Happy Housewife. You used many autobiographical elements in it, like your own postpartum depression and psychosis. Heleen: People who have lived through a psychosis are rarely able to write about it. I felt it was hugely important to share that experience.

believe in me. Marlies: When I asked you Marlies: I admire how you

as a friend what it was like

break taboos for a very

of controversy, which can at

for you, your answers were

broad audience, using your-

times cloud people’s judge-

always pretty vague. Yet

self and your own experi-

ment of you as an artist.

you were able to write about

ences. Whether it’s a selfie

There seems to be no mid-

such a great book about it.

show or a sex diary, your

dle ground: you are either

Can you explain that pro-

work always has an element

for or against Heleen. Yet

cess to me?


GLORIA sky blue

This season, channel Amelia’s masculine style with a feminine twist in my formidable Gloria collection. I combined a checkered pattern in heavenly pastel blue with



details. Macho suspender straps and sexy faux-leather touches give your décolleté a power boost and turn your bum into a cheeky eyecatcher. Man, it’s good to be a woman!


plunge balcony bra 4 cm thong

push up bra butterfly briefs

Gloria - sky blue (l) push up bra & butterfly briefs (r) plunge balcony bra & 4 cm thong


For over a century, March 8 has marked a special day for women across the world - and this year's International Women's Day promises to be extra epic!

Well done, all you fabulous feminists! To celebrate our achievements and support all the strong women that made it happen, I have designed an exclusive collection of badass feminine feminist t-shirts. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to charity. This way, you can look HOT and feel great about giving back at the same time! Not to mention that you'll be spreading some feminist power every single time you wear one of these awesome shirts.

joyful statements! c

c l a s s i c T - s hci r t t lass shir ic T T c -shi i rt lass

Are you a feminist who loves to celebrate her femininity? Then meet your new wardrobe staple: a classic crewneck t-shirt with a joyful statement. Made from the softest cotton and featuring relaxed short sleeves. You may never want to take it off! Sexism sucks! Rock this sleeveless, mesh ‘power tee’ to make a strong, stylish statement. Featuring a contrasting neck trim and a gently curved hem. The ‘No sexism’ banner right over your chest is a playful nod to your right to celebrate your sensuality without being slut shamed for it.

power tee!

Feminine Feminism meets athleisure chic! It’s all good in da hood


ess T-sh irt

when you throw on this statement-making short sleeve hoodie in versatile grey. For easy layering, we ditched the sleeves. A roomy front pocket and a drawstring hood give you that sporty/sexy edge. But it’s the oversiz

ter ed swea

sporty and ! e g d e y x e s

Feminine Feminist slogan that will set you apart as the coolest lady on the block!


unpadded plunge balcony bra & 4 cm thong

THE ART O F LOV E bijou blue

plunge balcony bra 4 cm thong

Turn your body into a garden of earthly delights with my Art of Love collection. A spectacular play of lines frames your curves and creates a delicious contrast between your skin and the luxurious fabric. And doesn’t the mesmerizing black and blue pattern remind you of the endless nighttime sky? Dare to discover new erogenous zones!


push up bra 4 cm thong

The Art Of Love - bijou blue (l) plunge balcony bra & 4 cm thong (r) unpadded plunge balcony bra & brazilian briefs


Whether you are single or not, celebrate this Valentine’s Day by starting a life-long romance... with yourself! To learn how to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself), let’s get inspired by aviator Amelia Earhart, who was as brave in love as she was in the sky.

learn how to “In our life together, I shall not hold you to

antee to endure at all the confinements of

any medieval code of faithfulness to me, nor

even an attractive cage,” Amelia explained

shall I consider myself bound to you simi-

to George in the same letter. One thing

larly.” Aviator Amelia Earhart wrote these

was clear: even in a commitment like mar-

words in a letter to her husband-to-be,

riage, even with the love of her life, Amelia

George Putnam, on the morning of their

would follow her heart, not his. A radical

wedding. Did she love George? Very much!

form of self-love that actually secured the

But Amelia loved herself too much to give

success of their relationship. Life may be

up her life to become a wife. And so, the

no fairytale, but Amelia and George - with

world’s most famous female aviator said

the necessary ups and downs and extra-

yes to marriage, but on HER terms. They

marital affairs- did live happily ever after.

would not ‘interfere with the other’s work

and supportive parents; they spoon-fed

or play’, and she demanded - and offered

me self-love. But as soon as I went out

- sexual freedom. She also insisted on

into the ‘big world’, I realized I was an ex-

keeping a place where she could go to be

ception. Most people were suffering from

herself now and then. “For I cannot guar-

a lack of self-esteem.


“ lovin g yo u rself isn ’ t vanit y it ’ s sanit y!.” — Marlies Dekkers

Free Love - kumquat orange plunge balcony bra & 4 cm thong


F R E E LOV E kumquat orange

Dare to skydive into love in push up bra 5 cm briefs

my spectacular orange Freefall collection. For this sleek, super-flattering



chose the smoothest fabric in a warm, kumquat hue that makes any skin tone glow. A dazzling composition of straps above the cups, held together by gilded ‘LOVE’ tags, refers to the thrill of falling in love. Are you ready to jump?


plunge balcony bra 4 cm thong

“I m ay fall b ut i’ ll h ave a soft l an din g. I kn ow i’ ll b e ok ay.” — Miki Agrawal

Re vela tion - M i k i A g r awa l -

From period underwear and pee-proof panties to an affordable, portable bidet; Miki Agrawal invents products that disrupt society while streamlining people’s lives. Initially ridiculed, the companies she founded now have a collective value of over $150 million. With her new book ‘DISRUPT-HER’, the bad-ass mover and shaker has written a rallying cry for women to radically question the status quo. I talked with Miki about her drives and dreams (and our shared disgust for the use of dry, abrasive toilet paper). Marlies: Miki, you started several companies

when we were walking around. Growing up,

that all break taboos. With THINX (period un-

we were already unorthodox.

derwear), ICON (incontinence underwear) and Tushy (an affordable bidet attachment) you

Marlies: When you grow up being different,

are fighting the taboos of, respectively, women

you tend to look at things differently; I can very

bleeding, peeing and pooping. How did you de-

much relate to that. It’s easier for us to have a

velop this drive?

fresh perspective.

Miki: I see breaking taboos as a necessity.

Miki: Absolutely. Whenever my parents felt

I’m half Japanese and half Indian. My father

that something was missing in our society

came from India with five dollars in his pocket.

and community, they would not complain,

My mother came from Japan barely speak-

but simply create it themselves. For exam-

ing English. In 1974, against all odds they fell

ple, with no experience and a limited budget,

in love. They decided to choose each other

they started Montreal’s first summer camp

instead of satiating their parents’ desire for

for gifted children. It ran for 15 years with

them to marry their own kind. In their own

around 500 kids. When they realized that

way, they were disruptive. When my twin sis-

electronics was going to be the future, my

ter and I were born in 1979, interracial mar-

parents created these beautiful educational

riages weren’t very common yet, especially

electronics kits for children.

not in Montreal. People always looked at us


Space Odyssey - fiery red balcony bra & 4 cm thong Sky High - blue & silver plunge bra (unpadded) & 5 cm briefs


S PAC E ODYSSEY fiery red

Throw caution to the wind in my stunning, fiery red Space Odyssey collection. To put the spotlight on your steamy beauty, I decorated this timeless design with graphic straps and eye-catching ornaments, inspired by spaceships, at the center and apexes of the bra. Inspired by Amelia’s love of risk I decpush up bra 4 cm thong

orated the straps with hazard tape stripes and ‘caution’ warnings marking your body as the red hot danger zone it is. Dangerous curves ahead!


balcony bra 5 cm briefs

unpadded plunge bra butterfly thong

SKY HIGH blue & silver

This season, soar above the clouds with my Sky High collection in the brightest of blue. For a stylish and sexy contrast, I selected a gorgeous, sky-blue fabric and defined the edges with sparkly silver piping. And don’t you just love the 3-bar silver insignia on the straps? Show the world that you are the pilot of your own destiny!

SHOP NOW balcony bra 5 cm briefs

Wander lust

As soon as I held my newborn daughter Zilver in my arms, I realized that I had been given a hugely important task: to give her wings. So, I raised her using the exact same motto with which I design all my lingerie: dare to dream, dare to grow, dare to be. And I never stopped using my own wings to fly, traveling the world to make my dreams come true. Because I believed that being ‘more than a mother’ was the best way to teach by example. But what did Zilver think of having a mother with wanderlust?

Marlies: When you were little, I was away a

how I would sometimes try to clean the

lot on business trips. But whenever I could, I

house before you came home, so you

would bring you with me. We had some crazy

would be extra happy to be back? But I

trips; do you remember my store opening

somehow realized, even at an early age,

in Bangkok where you and I performed as

that traveling was a big part of who you are.


I accepted and respected that. And it now

Zilver: (laughs) Oh, I do! I was 7 years old.

is a big part of who I am myself, hence the

And how about that safari in South-Africa?

‘wanderlust’ tattoo I got recently! When

I was convinced we were going to crash

did your ‘wanderlust’ actually start?

somewhere on the savannah in that tiny Cessna, and you slept through the entire

Marlies: We used to spend our summer

bumpy flight!

holidays on a camping in Spain where we would drive by car, passing through France

Marlies: (laughs) Well, I figured: there’s

during the night. When I was about 7 years

nothing I can do about it, right? How do you

old, I got it in my head that we would pass the

look back on that aspect of your childhood?

Eiffel Tower, so I stayed up, afraid to miss it. Of

Zilver: To be honest, I did miss you a lot

course, my parents didn’t drive through Paris

when you were away. Do you remember

and I was devastated I didn’t get to see it!


Even though we make up almost 50% of the world’s population, less than 11 percent of history’s space explorers have been women. Yes, the glass ceiling between earth and orbit is all too real. Luckily, it looks like the latest generation of feisty ‘fly girls’ is about to smash it. It seemed so promising: over

In this male-dominated world,

prisingly, men wouldn’t have

half a century ago, the for-

women have always looked

it. Even Amelia Earhart, one

midable Russian astronaut

up at the sky with longing

of the world’s finest pilots,

Valentina Tereshkova Rus-

and hope. From Victorian

had to deal with prejudices

sia was the first woman to

scientist Ada Lovelace who

against the so-called ‘weaker

be sent into space, just

sex’. ‘During the menstru-

2 years after Yuri Gaga-

al period women tend to

rin became the first hu-

become emotionally up-

man in space. But as the investment in space exploration grew, so did the gender gap. It would take nearly 20 years for another woman to follow in Valentina’s footsteps. And when the third fe-


set and it is believed that several aircraft accidents have been due to this cause,’ an army handbook from the 1930s warned. And while a number of American women underwent the astronaut selection process in the early

male candidate, Ameri-

1960s - and passed - they

can astronaut Sally Ride,

could not become astro-

was about to be launched

invented a steam-powered

nauts because they had to be

into space in 1983, the press

airplane at only 12 years old

military test pilots, a career

asked her whether she would

to the flying feminists of

not available to women at the

cry if things went wrong on

the Roaring Twenties; flight

time. The message was clear:

the job.

meant freedom. And, not sur-

space was a man’s world.


THE FINAL FRONTIER FOR FEMINISM? Space Odyssey - shining blue & silver push up bra & 4 cm thong



shining blue & silver Celebrate your wanderlust in my gorgeous Space Odyssey collection. The Nileblue lurex fabric has a subtle shine and a silver sparkle, while graphic straps frame your beautiful curves. And push up bra 4 cm thong

because you are a woman with a mission, I added eyecatching, spaceship-inspired ornaments. Believe me, you will radiate star quality.

SHOP NOW balcony bra 5 cm briefs


female founder day’ s E M P OW E R . CO N N E CT. S U P P O RT.

- L et's celebr at e t he fem a le ent repreneu r i a l spi r it ! -

As a feminist and a female

a 35% higher return on in-

crush the patriarchy. We have

founder, I couldn’t be more



to get organized. That’s why

psyched about the rise and

teams. It’s a fact: female

I came up with the Female

influence of female entrepre-

founders have greater suc-

Founder Days: an annual

neurs. Whether you’re think-

cesses - and fewer failures

opportunity to fight gender

ing about starting your own

- than their male counter-

inequality while celebrating

company, are busy building

parts. So, why is there still a

the female entrepreneurial

your name, or are already a

dizzying gender gap when it

spirit. Over the course of a

seasoned CEO; you are fol-

comes to both income and

week, we will empower, con-

lowing your dream, and I

capital funding? (Only 15% of

nect and support each other

applaud you for it! Besides,

all funding is allocated to fe-

during special events like our

the numbers keep proving

male founders). Let’s face it,

Female Founders Lunch.

that women may have busi-

we are being held back. And

There will be opportunities

ness ‘in their blood’. A recent

time’s up. To quote Gloria

to win rewards and score

study among 350 compa-

Steinem: ‘We will never solve

exclusive Female Founders

nies showed that for every

the inequality of power until

Days products. Plans will be

dollar of investment raised,

we solve the masculinity of

made, dreams will be given

female-run startups gener-

wealth’. Merely applauding

wings. Will I see you there?

ated 78 cents in revenue,

each other isn’t enough. We

whereas male-run startups

have to reach out, lift each


generated only 31 cents.

other up and fly together. We


Other research found that

have to build a network of


women-led teams achieved

badass business babes and



Spread the message!

Now this is what I call a statement bag! Designed exclusively to celebrate our Female Founder Days, this it-tote has something to say. Spread a message of female empowerment while looking like a million bucks. Get this shoulder-candy with slogans when you order our gorgeous Space Odyssey set in shiny blue and silver. GET T H IS W H E N YO U O R D E R O U R S PAC E O DY S S E Y SET!

“adventu re is worth while in itself.” — Amelia Earhart

Wing Power - shining black & sand balcony bra & high waist briefs


W I NG P OW E R black & sand

Give wings to your desires in push up bra butterfly thong

my striking Wing Power collection. In a streamlined play of reveal and conceal, I overlaid a nude base with opulent black fishnet lace, then added contrasting black bandage-style strapping. Wrapping around your curves and dramatically framing the cups, the broad straps catch the eye like jet streaks across the sky. Let your imagination take flight!ality.


balcony bra 5 cm briefs

bralette high waist briefs

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