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Attractions on Ærø particularly affected by the storm surge

Voderup Klint

You can still visit Voderup Klint and move across, up and down the cliff. However, the stairs, leading down to the beach was destroyed during the storm surge.

The pier at Gammel Havn in Ærøskøbing Ærøskøbing town is one of Ærø’s biggest attractions, and as you make your way down to the harbour here, be aware that large parts of the pier are missing in the area known as Gammel Havn.


Ærø’s little brother Birkholm was also hit hard during the storm surge. The island was flooded between the outer and inner dike. The cleanup is complete, and you can visit the island yet again.

Coastline and cliffs

The storm surge significantly changed the coastline of Ærø, including slopes and cliffs.

Therefore, avoid climbing on the cliffs or walking too close to the edges. Also, do not crawl into sand caves in the cliffs as there is a risk of collapse.

For hikers and cyclists on Ærø in 2024 and 2025

Welcome to Ærø

Since you’re reading this map, you may have chosen to experience Ærø by bike or on foot.

The map is a special edition of our regular hiking & cycling map, and it shows routes and important detours established due to the damage caused by the storm surge in October 2023.

Use it as you move around the island. And then just enjoy the picturesque landscape of Ærø as it winds its way right in front of you.

Have a nice trip

Be considerate when you move around on Ærø

We want to take good care of our island, and we hope you will help us do that. Therefore, we ask you to observe the following guidelines:

• Stick to the island’s signposted routes.

• Take your waste with you.

• Do not leave traces of e.g. bonfires.

• Stay only at established accommodations.

• Observe the rules on the signs you encounter along the way.

In case of hunting, routes and trails may be closed and alternative routes will be signposted. EXPLORE ÆRØ


A changed Ærø after the storm surge in October 2023

In October 2023, Ærø faced a storm surge like no other. With a water level peaking at 2.04m and hurricaneforce winds for 24 hours, the storm severely impacted southern Denmark, particularly Ærø.

The island was almost split in two at Drejet outside Marstal, and today Ærø is left with significant damage to the local infrastructure, where harbours, roads, paths and coastal protection systems have been destroyed.

The cost is estimated between DKK 35-50 million. The timeline for full recovery, making all areas accessible again, remains uncertain.

Detours you will encounter

On your way around Ærø, you will come across signs with temporary road closures.

This map and its descriptions give you an overview of detours along your route.

As damage is repaired around the island, the signs will disappear, and detours will no longer be necessary.

The map here will therefore not correspond 1:1 with reality throughout the period.

Routes on Ærø particularly affected by the storm surge

Cycle route 92 & The Castle Route (Herregårdsruten)

The routes have been reorganised between Ærøskøbing and Gråsten Nor until June 2024. Instead, you will have to take Nevre, Lille Risevej and Grønnæsvej.

The Baltic Sea cycle route N8 (Østersøruten)

The route has been reorganised, so you have to take Borgnæs Møllevej, Vindeballevej, Vesterløkke and Øster Bregningemark to get from Borgnæs to Ulveholm.

The Archipelago Trail (Øhavsstien)

From Borgnæs to Ulveholm, the route has been moved down to the coast as the path on land has collapsed in several places.

Cycle route 91

At Havsmarken, the route between Dunkærmark and Drejet is reorganised via Østermarksvej, Møllesøvejen and Bro.

The Coastal Trail (Kyststien)

At Havsmarken, the path from Lindsbjerg to Jættestuen is reorganised via tracks in the landscape to Gravendal and Møllesøvej. From there along Østermarksvej to Gråsten Nor.

In Oldemark, the path has been converted to a field road between Tidselhøjvej and Klintevej.

From Øster Bregninge to Voderup you can no longer walk along the coast. Instead, you follow The Castle Route to Voderup Klint.

The path is partially moved away from Vitsø/Lebymarksvej and instead runs on the south side of Vitsø and through the small forest Vorbjerg Skov.

Attractions on Ærø particularly affected by the storm surge

Eriks Hale and the beach houses on the beach The majority of the former 20 beach houses on Eriks Hale Strand in Marstal were destroyed or washed away during the storm surge.

Local forces and Ærø Municipality are working on plans to restore both the beach and the beach houses, which will begin during 2024.

The 71 beach houses on Vesterstrand in Ærøskøbing were not damaged during the storm surge.

01.03-15.07 G Haven Næbbet Søby Ges nge Langho mshoved Langø Sand M A R S T A L B U G T LILLEBÆLT Vejsnæs Bugt Dunkær MARSTAL Trov økke Flyveplads Bondebyen Ro pe ed Ka ehave Trappes ov S ovb ynke Mø e ø Ve snæs L ndsb e g Sankt Alberts kirke og fæstning S ore Torup Øste mark Lille Torup B o Ve snæs Nakke Sjoen Skanse Drejet Ga gehø Vorbjerg E e Havsmarken R se S o e E emose Banke V sø N Pumpemø e 9 4 5 6 1 3 1 11 2 3 Kragnæs Bregn nge Vindeballe Omme F L I N T E G RUN D Voderup Voderup Klint H or ø By Snekkemose Dre ø By S enagre Vitsø Tranderup Tvæ by Gamme økke Ornum Ve er Bregninge God håb A ber økke S enr ggen Hovv g G und G enshage Eriks Hale Det Lille Hav Langeh ø ne Mads Jensens Grund Hø en G und S k a r s a n d Meye s Grund Omme shoved Flak DREJØ Leb Kobbe V angeag e Bromade Lammeshuse Hav ekobbe Skydsbæk T vo S randb Sno økke Ske have V esko en Ø bæk S okkeby Stokkeby Nor Skovballe Skovby Ves er økke Lille S okkeby Leby Lille R se Bølgemose O de O de Mark Langev æ e B rkholm Bo gnæ Nakke Ha mø Bredho m Skoven L lle Egho m Dejrø G æsho m Nyland Grydho m L lleø Langho m V beho m Danmark Me ho m H e mshoved G en ho m Odden G æsho m Budd ken R E V K R O G Vigen Madekrog N HALMØ SU D SKOVENS VIG MØR KEDYB Ha e tenen B yn ehøj G øn em s Hø Vesterås Vittens Længe G åhø e Langesodde D e sodde Hjo tø Sto e Egho m Høllehoved Urehoved Ommelshoved Me ho eds Odde Tr lle ne K usodde Nørreholm Ha mø Ha e Revet Sandhoved Vå ø Knude Bøsehage Knappen B aks ensodde Næbbesodde Rønda Hø en T Å S I B I L L ES G R UN D E E G H O LM F L A K Søby Vo de Søbygård Højskole Øs e Egho ms Hage F L A K Mandens Grund Bregn nge KNUDEDYB SØBY BUGT Skåret ÆRØSKØBING SØBY Skjoldnæs Ulveholm Vrå Vestre Strand Risemark Nevre Gråsten Nor Ronæs Kleven ÆRØ Marstal-Birkholm 25 min. Marstal-Rudkøbing 50 min. Birkholm-Marstal 25 min. Søby-Faaborg 60 min. Søby-Fynshav 60 min. Ærøskøbing-Svendborg 75 min. The Archipelago Trail The Coastal Trail Other hiking routes Wet footpaths (may be very wet during winter) The Baltic Sea cycle route N8 (national cycle route) The Castle Route Funen Cycle Routes 91 & 92 Local cycle path (also suitable as footpath) Main highway without cycle path Convenience stores Drinking water Toilet Bus stop Ferry route Tourist information 91 92 BUS Map legend Hiking routes Cycle routes Kyststien Cycle route N8: Reorganised Cycle route 91: Reorganised Cycle route 92: Reorganised until mid-2024 BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS BUS 0 1 km 5 km 10 km

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