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Perhaps you dream of everyday life with a view of the sea. Perhaps you dream of having more space and more time together with your family.

Perhaps you dream of a work life with more freedom and a focus on the things that matter to you. Maybe you’re dreaming about community and starting up your own business. Ærø is for many a dream come true. A dream of a different life.


On Ærø we have a settlement house, which is meant for those dreaming of living a life on Ærø. The house is a temporary base from where you can get to know Ærø better and settle into your new island life.

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On Ærø, we found a more peaceful life with more freedom. Watching my children grow up in these fantastic surroundings, makes me very grateful. Life is simply too short not to live on Ærø.

ÆRØ KOMMUNE Foto © Lasse Hjort
─ Sofie Bangsgaard Moved from Copenhagen to Ærø in 2021


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The three biggest towns on Ærø – Marstal, Ærøskøbing and Søby – stand proudly on each corner of the island It is here that the local pulse beats strongly, and it is here that you will find the biggest grocery stores (and plenty of local islanders, of course)

However, the delights of the island are not limited to these bustling areas Just outside the various towns, you will find a host of exciting activities in beautiful natural settings that are a delight to experience

The following pages provide a peep into the special features of the three towns, and we then present the sights and attractions you must not miss to visit


Close to the westernmost tip of Ærø stands Søby, the smallest of the three largest towns on the island Søby is renowned for its incredibly beautiful natural surrounds, as well as its charming, thriving marina, which is located close to the town, the shops and a café that offers a delightful view out over the sea

Søby is anything but a sleepy town You will clearly sense this at the harbour, where a new Dagli’Brusen supermarket opened in 2022 and the only shipyard on the island builds new ships from time to time Its most recent product is Ærø’s ferry the E/F Ellen, which sails its route every day, powered purely by electricity

Just outside Søby stands Søbygaard manor, which radiates history and bears witness to Ærø’s ducal past as a part of the Duchy of Southern Jutland The manor hosts changing exhibitions and the Kys Frøencentre for children It also stages concerts from April through October And a walk around the old moat is always a treat

A stone’s throw from Søby lies Vitsø Strand. This is a delightful, pebbled beach that is a great place to spend half a day or more Take a gentle stroll, skim stones across the water, enjoy the view and admire the wonderful old fisherman’s cabins that line the coast On warm summer days, you’ll be sure to appreciate the jetty that leads directly to an excellent swimming area with a soft, sandy bottom

Søby Marina & playground is an absolute must if you’re visiting Ærø with children The playground is located right next to Søby Strand beach, the marina, shops and Café Arthur, which has a wonderful sea view and serves fast food with a twist

Rising high in the middle of Ærø Golf Club’s spectacular seaside links at the northern tip of the island, Skjoldnæs Lighthouse stands proud The lighthouse is 22 metres tall and still flashes its warning out into the night sky Climb to the top and take in the view out over the South Fyn Archipelago, the Baltic Sea and the waters of the Little Belt – all at the same time

Founded by Arthur Jørgensen almost a century ago, Søby Værft (shipyard) is the largest privately owned workplace on the island If you would like to find out more

about Arthur and the shipyard, we warmly recommend the tour entitled In Arthur’s footsteps, where guide Karen-Margrethe leads you around the town, relating stories about Arthur’s life and times

Just north of Søby is Næbbet, an area of wetland that stretches 300 metres into the water and is shaped like a beak (“næb” means “beak” in Danish) The area is especially popular with birdwatchers and people interested in plants, and it is something of a paradise for anglers on account of the depth of the water and the strong current

In the summer, you can treat yourself, your friends and your family to an entertaining hour or so on the charming minigolf course in Søby. The tricky holes are of the old, brick-built type and the surroundings are green and welcoming



When you stroll through the town of Marstal or along the waterfront, you cannot help but notice how maritime history is much in evidence everywhere you look – even up in the air, where signal flags are used to decorate the pedestrian street As you head

towards the water, you will encounter the old seamen’s houses that line the winding roads

The harbour itself is elongated, transforming as it progresses from shipyard to ferry harbour to marina and, finally, to a fine stretch of beach

The marina here is the largest on the island and attracts numerous visitors every summer – many of whom come back year after year


The Archipelago Festival is a summertime fantasy of a festival in the beautiful setting of Marstal Harbour It is a new festival, having been held for the first time in 2021, and showcases music, interesting talks and activities for children

If you would like to dive down into the maritime history of Marstal, we warmly recommend a visit to Marstal Maritime Museum – although “museum” is, in fact, something of an understatement The place is actually a treasure trove of all things maritime, and the people in the photos are more than anonymous figures “The lady there on the deck with the big hat was my great-grandmother,” relates the tour guide; and that pretty much sets the scene

Alongside Eriks Hale, the most popular stretch of beach in Marstal, you can admire the sight of 19 typical Ærø beach houses. The little houses are all privately owned and they are used regularly in the summer because on Ærø, a beach house is a place for family gatherings, traditions and moments to cherish

Close to the sea, you will find Skipper Park Marstal – an amusement park with water features, games and a maritime theme There is plenty of space for children to burn off some energy while their parents enjoy a coffee on the lounge chairs outdoors or in the delightful indoor café

Strandbyen in Ommel. A little oasis on the outskirts of the village of Ommel, approx 3 km from Marstal Head on out there by bike – and don’t forget your packed lunch and a towel Attractions here include a charming little beach and a private playground close to each other

Every Friday in July, the local traders association organises the Marstal By Night event There are all kinds of great activities for young and old alike, the shops stay open late, and the town is packed with people, music and a general air of merriment To mark the event, the town is also beautifully decorated to a specific theme – maritime, naturally



Ærøskøbing is the best preserved eighteenth century town in Denmark and includes parts that are actually more than 750 years old Thanks to an ambitious conservation plan and to residents who lovingly

renovate and care for their homes, the town looks like it has been lifted out of a fairytale, with its cobbled streets, climbing roses and small, neatly kept houses Many travel guides actually refer to it as “the Fairytale Town”

Over the past decade, the town has enjoyed a purple patch and now presents a lively urban environment buoyed by local firebrands, and a thriving town centre dotted with cafés and shops


In 2002, Ærøskøbing was awarded the coveted Europa Nostra Prize for the preservation of European cultural heritage, which has simultaneously been assimilated into a lively local community It is precisely this blend of heritage and modern life that makes the historical part of Ærøskøbing so interesting to visit

Step into Ærø Museum for a journey back through time: from present day life on the island to the rural society of ages past Admire the extraordinary exhibitions and the museum garden which provides a fine impression of the greener, more fertile Ærøskøbing which is otherwise hidden away in the closed courtyards of the town

Every year, the town is transformed when it hosts the delightful Christmas Market in Ærøskøbing, famed for its stalls,

Christmas music, giant Christmas Cookies and locally produced items that make wonderful Christmas gifts The Christmas market is held on three Saturdays divided between November and December

Alongside Vesterstrand, the popular stretch of beach in Ærøskøbing, you can admire the sight of fully 71 typical Ærø beach houses. In the same way as in Marstal, these privately owned huts are used regularly in the summer, when families invite their friends to the beach, to celebrate birthdays and so on

If you would like to find out more about the history of Ærøskøbing, we recommend that you join the watchman as he walks his rounds through the town The local watchmen are fully familiar with the history of the region, and you can be sure of both cold facts and heart-warming stories

about the residents of Ærøskøbing and the lives they lead You might even spot a tall tale or two

In early August every year, you can relax to the cool sounds of jazz at various places in Ærøskøbing when the curtain rises on the Ærø Jazz Festival. The event attracts both big names and new acts, and the full programme delights aficionados of jazz year in and year out

During the school holidays, a bunch of cool dudes and gals at Det Gamle Værft (The Old Shipyard) are ready to teach young and old alike about maritime cultural heritage and Danish traditions of craftsmanship in the field of vessel conservation For example, you can test your skills in the forge and have a go at other exciting, traditional crafts



Did you know that even the local residents can get lost in beautiful Ommel? Or that Bregninge is the second-longest village in Denmark?


The main roads on Ærø are liberally sprinkled with delightful small villages Here, life is lived at a quiet pace and the atmosphere is markedly different from that in the bigger towns We call them fairytale detours .

Walk, cycle or drive through the village streets and soak up the undisturbed idyll Cows, horses and sheep graze on the fertile fields bordered by dikes and hedges, which surround the small, neatly kept houses and farms Gardens bursting with flowers and fruit trees line the main street, while the village pond is home to ducks and other local fauna


Even if the holiday residence you have chosen this year is located in one of the larger towns on the island, there is every reason to take a drive to one of the small villages nearby Here is a selection of the numerous village treats that await you on Ærø

Beer & cigars in Store Rise

In Store Rise, you have every opportunity to taste, enjoy and find out more about some Ærø specialities This is the site of Ærø Bryggeri (brewery) and Ærø Cigar which sell … well, beer and cigars Ærø Bryggeri also has a tempting café with red-check table cloths and a courtyard garden

Wellness in Skovby

Skovby is where you will find Sol, who works from home, developing and making the most wonderful body care products under the name Tree & Earth

Creams Visit her in her studio and buy some luxurious product to take home for some well-earned “me time”

Dogma farming & lifestyle store in Langevrætte

One of the gems just outside Søby is the Langevrætte area, where Anne & Allan run the manually worked dogma farm “Solbo Grønt”, with its full complement of woolly pigs, ducks and tractors They have also created a quiz maze in their cornfield, where children and the young at heart can learn more about animals and agriculture

Langevrætte is also home to a village store with a sea view: Herremark Here, you can explore Louise’s world of recycling, new items, interior decorations, beautiful clay pots and other delightful trinkets that would be simply perfect for you and your home


The village with two harbours & an outdoor hot tub Ommel is a village that actually has two separate harbours: Strandbyen and Kleven Harbour Strandbyen has both a playground and a child-friendly beach, while Kleven Harbour boasts a beautifully sited outdoor hot tub that the local residents will make sure to heat up for you before you settle back and relax

Exquisite scents, clean skin & churches to visit in Bregninge

In Bregninge you will find Susanna & John’s charming country home that houses the Ærø Soap Company They produce heavenly soaps and salts using flowers and other plants from their own garden, and offer children the chance to

use the leftovers from the soap-making process to shape their own little soaps

Bregninge also has the only roadside church on the island, where there are guided tours throughout the summer Special features in the church include an impressive altarpiece All seven churches on the island (except Ommel Church) are open all year round from 08:00 to 16:00

Pumping legs & shopping in Kragnæs Kragnæs, just outside Marstal, is on both cycle route 92 and the Kyststien walking trail, and attractions here include the lifestyle shop FÆRGEVEJ46 and a newly renovated galley grave from the early Stone Age

A time capsule in Tranderup

When you visit Tranderup in the centre of the island, make sure to swing by the local store “Viking”, which is something of a time capsule

Ærø now has its own vineyard

Just before you arrive in Søby, you may well spot the entrance to the island’s new vineyard: Ærø Vin

The first vines were planted in 2021, and Silvia & Guido, who run the organically certified vineyard, are already inviting visitors to enjoy guided tours, picnics among the vines and interesting talks about the grape-friendly climate of Ærø



Gentle coastlines towards the South Fyn Archipelago and the more rugged stretches of coast facing the Baltic Sea … Some people think that the landscapes are the No 1 draw on Ærø – and there is much to suggest that this is, indeed, the case Whatever your mood or your ambitions – and depending on your plans for the day, of course – Ærø has a wide range of outdoor activities for you to enjoy


Hop on your bike and ride the beautiful Baltic Sea Route (N8), or follow signposted routes through the “Ærø Alps” – if you have the legs for them!

There are a host of great hiking trails on Ærø, so lace up your hiking boots and hike along the 30 km Kyststien trail, or take on the “Tour of Ærø” trail, a 64 km route that follows the coastline all the way around the island


Ærø is a paradise for cyclists and hikers No fewer than 150 km of excellent cycle paths and a host of hiking trails with light – and usually no – traffic make the whole island a cyclist’s/hiker’s dream As you walk or cycle, you can immerse yourself in a true idyll of hollyhocks, timber-framed houses and grazing cattle

Sleep outdoors in one of the great shelters near the windy and wave-washed coasts, or further inland where there is more protection from the elements Don’t forget to book in good time – the shelters are really popular See all shelters on page 46

Play a round on Denmark’s only seaside links with a sea view from every green The course is located on the northern tip of Ærø, bordered by sea on three sides, and with Skjoldnæs Lighthouse in the middle as a prominent hallmark


You can also bring your golf clubs with you and play a round on the only seaside links in Denmark (on the northernmost tip of the island), sleep in one of the many shelters or glamping tents, prepare your own meals or practice yoga under the open sky And much more – all against a backdrop of the blue sea and the magnificent countryside

Try yoga under the open sky. No matter whether you are an experienced practitioner or simply want to find out if yoga is for you, there are several places on the island that offer you the chance to roll out your yoga mat and practice the art outdoors For information about specific yoga events on the island, see visitaeroe com/events


Bring your own bike with you or rent one on Ærø: there are a total of seven bike rental outlets here See them all on page 46

There are more than 20 Bike Friends on the island of Ærø Bike Friends place pumps, repair kits and drinking water at the disposal of cycle visitors to the island For a list of all Bike Friends addresses, see page 46 Otherwise, look for this symbol:

You won’t be swamped with cafés, ice cream booths and hot dog stalls as you make your way through the countryside of Ærø On the other hand, the island is liberally sprinkled with wonderful picnic spots, so pack some sandwiches and a thermos in your backpack and enjoy lunch in the scenic surroundings

If there’s nothing left in your legs, simply hop on the bus; it’s free – for your bike, too The bus runs regularly between Søby and Marstal, stopping in Ærøskøbing

From Marstal, you can also take a bus to the villages of Kragnæs and Ommel on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Answer the call of nature when you are in natural surroundings Ærø has 41 (!) public toilets, many of them placed conveniently at various locations in the countryside

If you prefer not to follow a cycling or hiking map, head off along one of the signposted trails on Ærø; there are seven of them to choose from




Ærø has fully 80 km of coastline, and the countryside near the coasts is often so enchanting that it’s a good idea to allow plenty of time to enjoy it to the full Along the coasts of Ærø you can, for instance,

moor your boat in one of the charming harbours, see if you can stay upright on an SUP board or in a kayak, cast your fishing line, go on a guided tour to find out more about the origins of beach stones, or simply

admire the delightful beach houses and the wonderful view while you relax on one of the fine beaches


Rent an SUP board or a kayak from Ærø Kajak & SUP near Eriks Hale Beach in Marstal When you rent, you will also receive instruction on dry land before testing your skills on the water You can also book an hour or two with an instructor for a more thorough introduction

Take a stone-spotting tour along Eriks Hale Beach in Marstal with local guide Knud Nielsen and find out more about beach stones

Enjoy a walk through Egehoved Woods on the outskirts of Marstal and eat your packed lunch under the swaying treetops A part of the woods is a designated dogfriendly area

Make tracks for Voderup Klint on the south side of Ærø The geology here has markedly changed the landscape in that a major stone slide has left huge blocks of stone that look more like terraces or giant steps leading down to the water. If you haven’t run out of puff after climbing up again, the view out over the unruly Baltic Sea will surely take your breath away, as it is truly magnificent

Book a guided fishing trip from Ærø Seatrout, which also rents out fishing rods and tackle The guys there help both couples and families to polish up their fishing skills along the coasts of Ærø

If you are on a family holiday, go on a Tour de Playground right next to the local marinas It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, and there is always ice cream or a selection of café-hot drinks nearby

Head out to Vitsø Strand beach in Søby on a sunny winter day and let your children build sandcastles while you take in the view of the iconic fisherman’s cabins

Current dates and further information can be found at visitaeroe com/explore



As a returning sailor, you may already know that up until now, payment of harbour fees for Ærø’s marinas has involved manual transactions based on personal contact As from the coming season, however, the system has been streamlined so in the future, harbour fees are to be paid electronically on arrival. The

instructions will be clearly presented for all our visitors who arrive by sea

Remember that you need a fishing permit to fish here. You can order permits online, but if you forget to do so before you arrive, you can buy one from the Tourist Information Office at

Ærøskøbing Harbour or from the library in Marstal

Risemark Strand is a naturist beach Everyone is welcome here, but be aware that you may encounter visitors without any clothes on.





Ærø hosts a wide variety of shops, which means there is every opportunity to find something special to bring home from your holiday on the island

Moreover, many of the shops themselves are a delight to behold While roaming the cobbled streets of Ærøskøbing, look out for the authentic, intricately worked mediaeval doors that lead you up a step, or down into a cosy basement, where you will find

yet another atmospheric shop Take time to browse the wares and to select the perfect holiday souvenir or Christmas gift to surprise and delight someone dear to you Of course, there is every chance that you will find something special for yourself as well …


In addition, the island is home to more than a few creative firebrands whose production of authentic arts and crafts items – warm woollen goods, for example, or delightful

natural soaps and skin care products, fine ceramics and solid leather goods – gives you the opportunity to bring something unique home with you

The cobbled streets of the towns on Ærø are otherwise lined with charming shops selling a wide range of clothes, jewellery and interior design items from familiar brands – always with a helpful Ærø shop assistant ready to help you



Few things are as convenient and authentically summery as roadside stalls, and on Ærø you will have every chance to stop at a variety of them Many of them are open all year round

In line with tradition, the people of Ærø sell plenty of home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs, and many of them also put their bricà-brac up for sale, so you may well find a real bargain or two

At other roadside stalls, you can fill your basket with home-made jams and honey, neatly packaged cookies or home-pressed apple juice


If you want to take something unique home with you, make sure to visit jewellery designer Pia in Marstal and check out her own brand: YourDesign-Nordic. Pia creates unique, handmade items in close consultation with the customer, using the ancient cire perdue (lost wax) technique

What to read on your holiday on Ærø? The shelves of the bookshop Creutz’s Boghandel on Vestergade in Ærøskøbing are wellstocked with literature that the owners have selected with care In addition to books with a story to tell, the store sells toys, games, stationery and top quality paints, as well as a variety of wines

Just outside Søby, you will find Solbo Grønt, a fully organic, manually worked dogma farm, combined with pure, rural idyll that seems to have been lifted from a Thomas Hardy novel The farm primarily sells homemade preserved goods from its roadside stall, so knock on the door for a chat if you would like to buy vegetables as well

At the Ærø Soap Company in Bregninge, make sure to swing by the charming shop that is located right next to the soap-production facility Sniff your way around the tempting display of soaps, oils, brushes and wonderful woven goods that include scarves and luxury tea towels Ask for tips and hints from the helpful Susanna; it’s hard to leave the shop without at least one bar of soap in your basket

A fly net to cover your lunchtime spread? Brushes for cleaning fish? A sunshade to take to the beach on hot summer days? Or a wax tablecloth for your garden table? Whatever you need, drop by Bille Knudsen on the pedestrian street in Marstal. This specialist merchant can supply pretty much everything you need – including helpful hints and advice

Don’t forget to stop at Den Gamle Købmandsgaard (the Old Merchant’s Villa) in Ærøskøbing. Here you will find a range of unique products made locally on the island: soap, Ærø t-shirts, fine whisky and delightful knitwear If you don’t have time to visit the producers individually, you will find much of what they make here

On the outskirts of Søby stands the typical Ærø village store Herremark, all on its own and with a magnificent sea view The shop sells a neat mix of unique applied art, skin care products, ceramics, children’s clothes and interesting bric-à-brac, often decoratively and temptingly presented in attractive displays that match the season

For a list of all the unique shops on Ærø, see visitaeroe com/shopping





The history of Ærø can be traced back to the last Ice Age Together with the island of Langeland and the cities of Faaborg and Svendborg, Ærø is a part of the South Fyn Archipelago, which came into being when the giant ice caps melted more than 11,000 years ago The melting ice caused massive flooding, which left only the highest points of the landscape above sea level, and thus was created the South Fyn Archipelago, with its 55+ islands and islets Today, it is known as Geopark – The South Fyn Archipelago

On and around Ærø, you can still see many traces of the last Ice age, in the form of small islands, tongues of land, cliffs and stretches of wetland; and you can experience how the local population has exploited the particular conditions created by the Ice Age


People, however, have “only” been making their mark on Ærø since the Stone Age, as evidenced by the numerous dolmens and galley graves scattered across the island

Moreover, did you know that Ærø was a key junction on the Vikings’ maritime trading route? This has been established by excavations that have unearthed traces of a trading site and boat-building operations at Havsmarken on the south side of the island

If you would like to delve a little more deeply into the earliest history of Ærø while you are visiting the island, there are ancient relics to be found wherever you go


Find out more about the iconic Ærø beach houses and their 100-year history Book a guided tour of Vesterstrand beach in Ærøskøbing with local expert Allan Harsbo In addition to relating the origin of the small houses, Allan can talk at length on other beach house-related topics such as threats to their continued existence

Swing by Søbygaard Manor just outside Søby and feel the breath of history sweep over you This mediaeval fortress is a testament to Ærø’s noble past: the island was a part of the Duchy of Southern Jutland until 1867.

Grab your binoculars and head for Næbbet, which is also near Søby This is one of the most vibrant and fascinating areas in Europe for people who are interested in studying birds and plants It is also a popular recreation area

Sail with the Birkholmposten mail boat to the micro-society on Birkholm – one

of Denmark’s smallest inhabited islands There are no eateries on the island, but you can buy ice cream from the town’s small self-service store, which also provides access to fresh water The store often has frozen baked goods for sale, too, as well as knitted goods and a small selection of books and sweets

Enjoy a dash of sea air and dive down into the Ærø’s unique seafaring history from the 1600s to the present day at Marstal Maritime Museum in “the skipper town”

Ærø will be inaugurating its very own Geopark visitors’ centre in 2023 The new centre will be located at Søbygaard and is scheduled to open its doors on 1 April Visit the centre for an in-depth look at the special geology of Ærø and then head out to the extraordinary geo-spots that are dotted around the island

Pack a picnic basket and set course for Voderup Klint, from whose cliff tops

there is a magnificent view over the Baltic sea – and the sunsets here can be truly breathtaking

Make sure to visit the area near St. Albert’s Church. This was originally the site of a fortified refuge in the Viking Age, before a church was built here in the 1300s You can still see clear traces of the old church today, and the view from the site is amazing

Come and see a galley grave from the Early Stone Age At the Galley grave in Kragnæs, you can crawl all the way into the burial chamber itself In fact, several people can sit inside at the same time and sense the Stone Age ambience

On the tip of Ærø, just outside Søby stands Skjoldnæs Lighthouse – one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Denmark Climb to the top and enjoy the view The lighthouse is open 24/7 on payment of a small admission fee





It seems that Ærø readily attracts creative firebrands, and the island is fertile ground for art and culture In both the large towns and the small villages, local islanders and newcomers alike show a keen entrepreneurial mindset They devote their creativity to experimenting and expressing themselves – and the results are a delight


Some contribute to a significant production of art, while others help initiate exciting cultural activities For example, you can visit wonderful (and sometimes downright quirky) galleries that present relevant photo art, unique jewellery, ceramics, woven goods, sculptures and fascinating installation art And, of course, much of what is on display is for sale, too


You can also attend great concerts or visit one of Ærø’s traditional – and often thematic – town festivals Or draw inspiration from talks by contemporary authors, micro-festivals, dance performances, yoga workshops and guided tours


The atmospheric and authentic book store Creutz Boghandel in Ærøskøbing often hosts interesting, intimate meetings with contemporary authors – and stocks both relevant, carefully selected literature and top quality stationery

The libraries in Ærøskøbing and Marstal also regularly arrange intellectual and informative events centred around talks by authors

Experience world-class photographic art at Galleri Maria Fynsk Norup, which is located just outside Ærøskøbing In her work, this award-winning photographic artist often involves the self-portrait as a medium to support the narrative of the images She turns her aesthetic eye on the melancholy aspect of existence, the right to be in this world and the raw poetry of nature

The art college on the outskirts of Søby traditionally holds a free summer art exhibition. In 2023, the exhibition, which consists of works by the graduating students, will be presented in the area around the harbour in Søby As mentioned, the exhibition is free of charge – as are guided tours for groups of more than eight people

Ærø Museum gives you the chance to experience a voyage through time: the art/history exhibition entitled “Ærø – our island” presents stories and artefacts associated with life on Ærø through the centuries, from the ancient rural society on the island to modern day life as an Ærø resident

Treat yourself to a festival! The festivals on Ærø are small and intimate, but the lineups are just as exciting as at the bigger versions In Marstal, it is the Archipelago Festival you should attend – a modern festival of culture featuring both conversations and music, while in Ærøskøbing, the venerable Ærø Jazz Festival should claim your attention Every year, this festival draws internationally recognised performers to the island .

Historically, Ærø was a seafaring society (and it still is, to some extent), and this is something you can clearly sense at the “brown hostelries” on the island Step inside one of them for a shot of maritime ambience along with a glass of fine ale –and perhaps a story from the seven seas

No matter whether it is Grollefesten in Marstal, Eventyrfesten in Ærøskøbing or Risefesten in Store Rise, the town

festivals on Ærø are anything but dull Come and join the fun when local residents and visitors – children and adults alike – mix, mingle and party like there’s no tomorrow

In summer 2023 the Open Air Ballet by the Royal Theatre in Denmark will take place on Ærø Keep an eye on the event calendar at visitaeroe com/events for dates and more information

Visit the German artist Silke Bryant at her studio in Marstal Silke’s artistic output is always inspired by her surroundings She is particularly enamoured with the sea and the delightful villages on Ærø, and she works these motifs into her sketches and acrylic paintings, watercolours and pastel works You can also sign up for one of her painting courses, take part in an Urban Sketching Walk or try Urban Sketching for yourself – all under Silke’s expert guidance You may well awaken your own, inner artist …

Keep an eye on visitaeroe com/events for details of talks by authors, town festivals and other events



With a wide selection of things for children to see and do, Ærø is the perfect destination for holidays with all the family – no matter

whether you prefer to come here in the busy summer season or in one of the more “sparsely populated” months, when you can have

the wide-open spaces, beautiful beaches, inviting slopes, secret paths, wonderful playgrounds and cosy cafés (almost) all to yourself


Come along on the Island Treasure Hunt and get to know Ærø (a little better) while you’re here The route takes you to some of the more unusual places on the island, each with a story to tell For example, you will visit the ancient lighthouse and the giant earthworks that were used to defend Ærø against the Wends Visit all the checkpoints to win a wonderful medal

Build ships and cross the Equator at Marstal Maritime Museum, crawl down into the cabin of a “real” sailing ship, or try climbing all the way up a ship’s mast! Children can also get an “authentic” sailor’s tattoo

Make your own soaps at the little smallholding in Bregninge that houses the Ærø Soap Company. Susanna & John grow flowers and herbs in their own garden, which they then use in the soaps From spring until autumn, you can carve funny shaped soaps using the leftovers from the main soap production process

Come and Kys Frøen (Kiss the Frog) at Søbygaard. Bring a packed lunch with you and enjoy a whole day under the open sky at Søbygaard, where you can also visit the whittling workshop, try shooting a bow and arrow, bake pancakes over an open fire and make your own kiln-fired beads of clay

Have a go at some authentic seafaring crafts at Det Gamle Værft. Experience the authentic shipyard hall with its own

smithy, where young and old alike can have a go at shaping a hook over a genuine forge under the skilled eye of the shipyard blacksmith You can also knot your own cool keyrings and decorate them with beads, or print your own design on fabrics and t-shirts

Ærø's nature is open for business, every day of the year And it offers various options for you to enjoy long, sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, wonderful views and historical sites Building sandcastles and digging water tunnels are allyear activities on Ærø .

Let the little ones run free at one of Ærø’s well-equipped playgrounds. For an overview, see page 46

In the summer, you can challenge friends and family to a round of minigolf in the three largest towns on Ærø. For an overview, see page 46

If you come to Ærø in the autumn holidays, you can be sure of an adrenaline rush! If your children are aged between 8 and 16, they can test their driving skills in the Ærøskøbing Grand Prix Soapbox-car Derby

Plan a trip to the newly opened aqua park, Skipper Park in Marstal. There are water-based activities for children in the summer, as well as a coffee area for parents who would like to take a little breather

If you’re looking for a child-friendly outdoor experience, book a night’s stay at one of the numerous shelters on Ærø There is nothing quite like falling asleep under the stars, and in the morning you and your family can wake up with the beautiful natural surroundings all to yourselves

If you have a budding angler in your family (or even if you’d just like to give fishing a try), you can book a guided fishing trip for the whole family The focus here is on children enjoying themselves, and the trip includes a solid introduction to angling before you cast your lines from the coasts of Ærø

At the smallholding known as Solbo Grønt on the outskirts of Søby, you can pit your wits against the magical corn maze, where children and the young at heart can quiz their way around – and maybe even lose their way for a while You can also meet Bubba the boar and the other woolly pigs who live on the farm

The cycling and hiking routes on Ærø can easily be divided up, shortened or ridden/walked in short stages to suit small legs that tire a little quicker Plan a route that the whole family can manage, and remember to include plenty of breaks There are more than enough beautiful views to stop at and zone out




The green shoots of spring appear earlier on Ærø than on the mainland The island wakes with a start from its winter hibernation in the early months of spring, and the bushes and trees burst into bloom in a veritable symphony of colour

Every year, the rapeseed fields add their dash of bright yellow colour to large parts of the island, and poppies bloom in big and small clusters in the fields and roadside culverts

Shops, cafés and restaurants that were closed in the winter open up for the new season, the birds twitter in the trees and the queues at the ice cream stalls are still manageable Spring on Ærø is almost synonymous with weekend breaks and Easter holidays


And which you will want to repeat Often That’s the way it is with summer holidays on Ærø

The towns and beaches bustle with activity, and the crystal clear water can easily call to mind a postcard from the Caribbean

There are many reasons why Ærø’s summer guests keep coming back, year after year Perhaps it’s the special children’s crab races and the long days on the beach that do it … Or maybe the local summer festivals, the charming pedestrian streets and the summer concerts . It could also be the sunsets, the peace, quiet and togetherness, or the evening strolls through the Ærø countryside

Summer holidays on Ærø are simply made to be repeated


As September progresses, the pace of life gradually slows on Ærø This is the time when you can sometimes have the whole beach to yourself, while on the streets you may meet only a cat and a couple of passing locals, who will greet you with a cheery “Go’daw!”

Autumn on Ærø can be rough and rugged with its tall waves and tree-shaking storms, but it can just as easily be mild and gentle with its soft winds and wonderful sunsets

The countryside colours change to warm, enveloping tones, and the air feels fresher than ever – if that were possible

This is the season for art and culture, introspection, tasty meals, coffee and cake And quality time with the people you love



The warm sea around the island means that winter comes later to Ærø than to mainland Denmark Winter on Ærø is the season for reflection and even without snow and ice, the island provides the sweetest backdrop for your winter holiday This is the place to step back from your sometimes hectic everyday life and allow yourself to slip into the warm embrace of island life, comfort and togetherness There are no pressing deadlines here Relax your shoulders and breathe deeply .

And before you say that this is something you can do everywhere, we dare to claim that it’s a little different on an island It has something to do with the ferry As you sail across the water, you can already feel the stress and pressure start relaxing its grip on you Spend the winter on Ærø, making time for yourself Go for a walk in the countryside, treat yourself to a massage or a dip in a hot tub with a view of the sea; enjoy the quiet and a couple of hours’ fishing Ærø has it all





The island is simply made for Christmas markets, Christmas lights and Christmas decorations Here are our suggestions for Christmas activities to experience when you visit Ærø in the fantastic festive season


Ærøskøbing has long had the reputation of providing the (cobbled) backdrop to one of the most delightful Christmas markets imaginable The setting here is both authentic and intimate .

The town is decorated for Christmas, the streets are lined with invitingly illuminated Christmas stalls where you can buy Ærø specialities, Christmas gifts, sweet and savoury treats, and more besides

Classic Christmas hits ring out from the Købmandsgaarden buildings on Torvet

square, the scent of mulled wine and giant Christmas cookies wafts on the evening breeze, and it is almost impossible not to be moved by the Christmas spirit

The Christmas market takes place on Saturdays in weeks 47, 48 and 49


In Marstal, Father Christmas and his family sail ashore (of course) on the good ship Samka, and the subsequent switching on of the Christmas lights is a popular attraction among local children, guests and residents alike

The shops present all kinds of great ideas for Christmas gifts – unfailingly backed by wonderful service – and at the restaurants and cafés you can warm yourself up with delicious meals, coffee and cake

The countryside is packed with winter delights, in the form of colourful walks,

crashing waves and rosy cheeks You can also enjoy the best view on the island from the outdoor hot tub at Kleven Harbour, which the local residents will make sure is nice and warm before you arrive

If you prefer cultural experiences indoors, then make sure to visit Ærø Museum and Marstal Maritime Museum, for example


When you do your Christmas shopping on Ærø, you buy from small, local businesses This makes a difference – not only to them, but also to the whole of the island

In this way, you are helping to maintain a thriving island community on Ærø

You can also buy all kinds of authentic Ærø products online




On Ærø, it’s impossible not to encounter – and let yourself be tempted by – a wide range of local specialities The local residents make honey and jams, brew beer

and distil spirits, and much more besides You are sure to come across a wealth of little roadside stalls selling freshly laid eggs, fruit and vegetables as you make your way around the island, and you can buy freshly

caught fish direct from the fishing boat in Marstal harbour or from the fish van in Ærøskøbing Ærø is synonymous with a cornucopia of local delicacies



The village of Store Rise is home to Ærø Bryggeri (Brewery), which is gaining an international reputation for its tasty beers, including organic varieties, which are an absolute must for all authentic aficionados of beer

Right next door to the brewery is Ærø Cigar, a small tobacco plantation that makes hand-rolled Ærø cigars Here, you can follow every link of the chain from tobacco seed to finished cigar, as almost the entire process is carried out by hand in Store Rise

The courtyard of Den Gamle Købmandsgaard (The Old Merchant’s Villa) in Ærøskøbing houses Ærø Whisky Distillery and Visitors’ Centre. Ærø Whisky is an authentic Ærø product, where the contents of each bottle can be traced back to the specific field where the barley malt was grown

Did you know that grapes also grow on Ærø? Spend an afternoon at Ærø Vin, the vineyard close to Søby, and go on a guided tour You can taste a selection of exquisite wines or simply enjoy a relaxing picnic among the vines Non-alcoholic grape juice is available for children and for anyone who does not drink alcohol

Summer isn’t summer without homemade ice cream from Ærø Ismageri which is placed at the harbour in Ærøskøbing

Hattesens Konfektfabrik in Ærøskøbing has successfully revolutionised liquorice confectionery with its hand-made varieties The underlying motto of Hattesens is: Less sugar, more taste!

Many of the local producers on Ærø arrange guided tours, tasting events and other activities For details, see: visitaeroe com/events



Ærø boasts a tempting selection of excellent eateries, no matter whether you prefer Italian, Chinese, café snacks, a solid serving of traditional Danish fare or a gourmet meal

Some eateries may be closed outside of the summer season To help you avoid disappointment, we’ve prepared a list of the places to eat which are, in principle, open all year round You can see them all at visitaeroe com/open

It is always a good idea to call in advance to check the actual opening hours and to book a table



In Marstal, two plucky young ladies are the brains and the brawn behind the charming, intimate Marstang Café and Marstang Mad & Vin. The café serves delicate bread bowls, delicious cakes and wonderful coffee, while Marstang Mad & Vin presents tasty little dishes for sharing “family style” There is also a carefully selected wine menu

If you’re looking for a special dining experience on Ærø, book a table at Restaurant the Monica in Ærøskøbing Taking local ingredients as its starting point, the kitchen serves gourmet experiences to delight the palette

Café Arthur in Søby is almost a hallmark of the town, largely on account of its excellent location by the harbour, with windows overlooking the South Fyn Archipelago The menu features childfriendly dishes, so bring your children with you – and if they become a little impatient, send them out into the wonderful playground located right next to the café

It is almost impossible to visit Ærøskøbing without ending up in Den Gamle Købmandsgaard in the town square Load up on toast, snacks, great coffee and an always-generous selection of cakes – and treat yourself to a cool “sundowner” beer or cocktail when Rikke and Lennart open their famous Friday bar.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, Gertrud and Jakob at Landbogaarden in Ærøskøbing always have vegetarian dishes on the menu Their filling dahl, for example, is extremely popular

Oriental cuisine is also served on Ærø, as you can tuck into a Chinese meal at China House on the pedestrian street in Marstal Go à la carte or pick and choose from the buffet

In the heart of Ærøskøbing – on the cobbled Søndergade, to be precise – you can enjoy an à la carte meal at Restaurant Mumm all year round And in the summer, you can eat in the beautiful courtyard

Experience authentic inn ambience with Rasmus & Louise at Restaurant Vindeballe Kro on the north side of Ærø – they serve both lunch and dinner

If you’re in the mood for some tasty tapas with a glass of fine wine and a delicious dessert, head for Bang’s Mad- og Vinbar on Vestergade in Ærøskøbing

Vestergade 38 · 5970 Ærøskøbing
idyllic atmosphere,
of Ærøskøbing... The
idyllic atmosphere,
The hotel with the
in the heart
hotel with the
in the heart of

Hotel Ærøhus & Restaurant Bonsack

The location of the hotel in Ærøskøbing, in the middle of the island, makes it the ideal base from which to explore the magnificent scenery of Ærø either on foot, or by bike, car or bus.

A short stroll down to the sandy beaches...

...or a lazy wander around the cobbled streets of the town with its well-preserved old houses, provides unique insight into the local way of life.


Our philosophy is to welcome you to our familiar, charming and intimate surroundings where service goes hand in hand with positive experiences.

Restaurant Bonsack

– a culinary delight on Ærø Ærøhus has a first-class restaurant. The different dishes and meals are largely prepared using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

Our specialty is freshlycaught flatfish with parsley sauce.


At Hotel Ærøhus

Family celebrations, seminars and courses

Hotel Ærøhus is skilled at organising special events with a variety of culinary options. We have extensive experience in hosting family celebrations, seminars and courses for up to 150 people.

Hotel Ærøhus

The Heart of Ærøskøbing

Hotel Ærøhus has a variety of comfortable rooms with en suite bathrooms.

Some rooms have a private terrace overlooking the delightful hotel garden.


Vestergade 38 · DK-5970 Ærøskøbing · Ærø  +45 62 52 10 03  www.aeroehus.dk  mail@aeroehus.dk  Hotel Ærøhus –ehT p al c e w h e r e i n n e r cal m and relaxation merge
of the old v il l a g e
Breakfast buffet Rooms - 1st floor Spanish summer tapas


Romance is alive and well on Ærø! Every year, more than 2,000 couples say “I do” to each other in delightful surroundings on the island Could it be your turn next? The countryside of the island, along with its romantic vibe and charm, make it the perfect place to have your dream wedding


A large number of couples choose to tie the knot outdoors on Ærø, precisely because the surroundings are so captivating and 100% natural – the perfect background for wedding photos What is more, there is no shortage of vantage points; so if you’re dreaming of a winter sunset wedding with the sea as the backdrop, you’re sure to find it here

The top of Skjoldnæs Lighthouse, for instance, is a fantastically beautiful place to say “I do” . From here, there is a view out over the Baltic Sea, the South Fyn Archipelago and the waters of the Little Belt – all at the same time


Once the ceremony is over, you need a place to carry on the celebration In this regard, Ærø offers manor houses, harbour restaurants and more besides . Søbygaard Manor is particularly popular because the buildings, the moat and the surrounding countryside combine to create an almost fairytale atmosphere

In fact, Ærø offers the opportunity to enjoy everything from intimate ceremonies where only the bride and groom are present, to huge wedding parties where friends and family flock to the island to share in the celebration of love and affection


If you are not fully familiar with Ærø, help is available from the island’s skilled wedding organisers, who can assist with everything from paperwork to corsages They make dreams come true, pouring all their energy and skill into each and every wedding

They take pride in making all the exclusive arrangements and securing the most wonderful wedding venues So if you and your chosen one would like to wed at the top of Skjoldnæs Lighthouse, for example, Danish Island Weddings is the partner you need


Ærø’s reputation as a wedding island has spread around much of the world, with plenty of coverage in international media In 2019 alone, people in France, Germany and even China could read stories about Wedding Island Ærø in local magazines


Then check out our wedding universe at visitaeroe com/wedding, where you will find a wealth of perfect venues, unique wedding locations and practical information




Ærø Bowling Center Statene 42 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 42 66 06 22


Ærø Golf Club

Skjoldnæsvej 8 DK-5985 Søby aeroegolf dk


Ærø Kajak & SUP Knasterbjergvej 10 DK-5960 Marstal kajakudlejningen dk

Kajakhuset (storage only) Strandvejen 8

DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 24 27 65 51

Marstal Kayak Club Taget 4 DK-5960 Marstal marstalkajakklub dk


In Marstal: The marina Ronæsvej (opposite no 9) Eriksens Plads

In Ærøskøbing: The marina

In Søby: The marina

In the villages Mølledamsvej in Bregninge Tranderupgade in Tranderup (next to the playing field)

Minigolf (only in summer) Ærøskøbing Minigolf By the harbour

Marstal Minigolf Taget 1

Søby Minigolf Havnevejen 2

Padel tennis

Marstal Sports Association Reberbanen 35B DK-5960 Marstal marstalif dk


Ærø Horse Riding Club Vråvejen 16B

DK-5970 Ærøskøbing aeroerideklub dk

Sightseeing flights

Ærø Airstrip/Starling Air starling dk

Sailing trips

Birkholmposten Pakhusvej 3 DK-5960 Marstal birkholmposten dk


Ærø Tennis Club

Pilebækken 14 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing aeroetennisklub dk


The libraries are open daily from 07:00 to 22:00 and are staffed for a limited number of hours Outside of the staffed opening hours, you'll need an access card You can pick it up at Ærøskøbing Tourist Information or at LetKøb (grocer's) in Marstal

Marstal Library

Prinsensgade 21 DK-5960 Marstal arrebib dk

Ærøskøbing Library Søndergade 16B DK-5970 Ærøskøbing arrebib dk


What is a Bike Friend? See page 18

Andelen Guesthouse Søndergade 28A DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Det Gamle Værft Ærøskøbing Havn 4 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Fies Strik Albertslykke 10 DK-5985 Søby

FÆRGEVEJ46 Færgevej 46 DK-5960 Marstal

Gæstgiveri Bregninge Vester Bregninge 17 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Lundebrogaard Fæstevej 4 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Marstal Camping Egehovedvej 1 DK-5960 Marstal

Marstal Library Prinsensgade 21 DK-5960 Marstal

På Torvet Torvet 7 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Sejl- og Presenningsservice Sejlmagervej 2 DK-5960 Marstal Strandvejen 2A DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Skovby Smede- og Maskinforretning Smedegyden 2, Skovby DK-5985 Søby

Solbo Grønt Langevrætte 1 DK-5985 Søby

Søby Strand Camping Vitsø 10 DK-5985 Søby


Søbygaardsvej 4 DK-5985 Søby

Søby Tourist Information Office Havnen 6 DK-5985 Søby

Uldgaarden Farm Shop Tværby 3, Bregninge DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Ærø Golf Club Skjoldnæsvej 8 DK-5985 Søby

Ærø Kajak & SUP Knasterbjergvej 10 DK-5960 Marstal

Ærøskøbing Tourist Information Ærøskøbing Havn 4F DK-5970 Ærøskøbing


Andelen Cykeludlejning Søndergade 28A DK-5970 Ærøskøbing andelenguesthouse com Tel +45 61 26 75 11

Hotel Ærøhus Vestergade 38 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing aeroehus dk Tel +45 62 52 10 03

Marstal Camping Egehovedvej 1 DK-5960 Marstal marstalcamping dk Tel +45 51 52 44 85 NB Electric bikes only

Pilebækkens Cykler (bike shop) Pilebækken 11 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 62 52 11 10 pbcaeroe@gmail com

Sejl- og Pressenningsservice Sejlmagervej 2 DK-5960 Marstal Strandvejen 2 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 62 53 12 71

Søby Cykeludlejning Søby Vestermark 1 DK-5985 Søby cykeludlejning-soeby-aeroe dk Tel +45 29 72 95 33

Ærø elcykeludlejning Havnevejen 2 DK-5985 Søby www minigolfen com NB Electric bikes only


Birkholm Teltplads Shelters and campsite Birkholm Harbour bookenshelter dk

Lille Rise campsite Access from Ellemosevej DK-5970 Ærøskøbing udinaturen dk

Løkken campsite and shelter Løkken 5 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing udinaturen dk

Shelter in Loddenbjerg plantation Skovvejen 15 DK-5985 Søby bookenshelter dk

Shelter site Sjoen Access via Østersøvej DK-5970 Ærøskøbing bookenshelter dk

Skåret shelter site Nederste Skovbymark (path to the beach) DK-5985 Søby bookenshelter dk

Solbo Grønts primitive campsite Langevrætte 1 DK-5985 Søby Tel +45 40 54 14 42 groentkonen@gmail com

Søby primitive campsite Havnevejen 2 DK-5985 Søby minigolfen com/overnatning

Teglværkspladsens shelter Knasterbjergvej 10 DK-5960 Marstal kajakudlejningen dk

Primitive campsite at Kleven Havn Klevenvej 5, Ommel DK-5960 Marstal Facebook: Kleven Harbour

Primitive campsite on Vråvejen Øsemarksvej 10 Borgnæsdal DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 61 39 16 78 mette-olaf@mail tele dk

Ulveholm shelter Øster Bregningemark 19 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing bookenshelter dk

Vesteraas shelter site Voderup 41 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing bookenshelter dk

Villa Blombergs shelters Smedevejen 15 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing bookenshelter dk

Voderup primitive campsite The area between Voderup 31 and 33 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing udinaturen dk

Ærø campsite and shelters Vesterskovsvej 16 DK-5960 Marstal aeroe-teltplads dk



Dynamo Kaffe

Ll Risevej 1

DK-5970 Ærøskøbing dynamokaffe dk

Hattesens Konfektfabrik

Vestergade 2 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing konfektfabrikken dk

No . 1 – ice cream bar Torvet 1 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 27 85 40 31

Prinsebroen Røgeri Prinsebroen 5 DK-5960 Marstal prinsebroen dk

Solbo Grønt (groceries)

Langevrætte 1 DK-5985 Søby Facebook: Solbo Grønt

Sæberiet Ærø

Vester Bregninge 31 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing aeroesoap dk

Tree & Earth Creams

Skæphøjvej 6 DK-5985 Søby treeandearth dk

Ærø Bryggeri Vandværksvej 5, St . Rise DK-5970 Ærøskøbing aeroebryggeri dk

Ærø Cigar Vandværksvej 5, St Rise DK-5970 Ærøskøbing aeroecigar.dk

Ærø Ismageri Gilleballetofte 2A DK-5970 Ærøskøbing cafe-aroma dk

Ærøskøbing Røgeri Havnen 15 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing ærørøgeri dk

Ærø Whisky Torvet 5 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing aeroewhisky com

Ærø Vin (wine) Søby Landevej 20 DK-5985 Søby info@oekogard-aeroe de


The churches are open 08:00 to 16:00 all year (except Ommel Church)

Bregninge Church (roadside church) Vester Bregninge 15 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Guided tours daily in the school summer holidays, 11:00–15:00

Marstal Church Kongensgade 45 DK-5960 Marstal

Ommel Church Kirkevejen 63 DK-5960 Marstal Open by arrangement; please contact the priest or verger

Rise Church St Rise Landevej 9 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Søby Church Langebro 2 A DK-5985 Søby

Tranderup Church Tranderupvej 49 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing

Ærøskøbing Church Kirkestræde 5 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing


Sømandsbadet at Femmasteren Hotel & Hostel Sauna and outdoor hot tub femmasteren dk

Find din vej Craniosacral therapy, stress coaching, etc finddinvej nu

Fod på fødder Foot care fodpleje shoes

Strachotta Hypnose & Hello Mind jacobstrachotta dk

Kys en tiger Body therapy/treatment kysentiger dk

Massage therapist massageterapeuten biz

Teglværkspladsen Mobile sauna for booking and transport to anywhere on the island Outdoor hot tub (for guests only) kajakudlejningen dk

Outdoor hot tub at Kleven Havn

Facebook: Kleven Harbour Tel +45 30 58 33 19

Ø-yoga oeyoga dk

Ærø Fysioterapi aeroefys dk

Ærø Equicenter For horses and riders equicenter dk


Søbygaard Søbygårdsvej 2-4, DK-5985 Søby soebygaardaeroe dk


By Runge Grønnæsvej 12 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing byrunge dk

Ceciliasminde Vester Bregninge 31 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing ceciliasminde com

Det Røde Pakhus Pakhusvej 1 DK-5960 Marstal Facebook: Marstal ART culture association

Galleri Ao Khai Brogade 9 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing aokhai com

Galleri Maria Fynsk Norup Vråvejen 23 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing mariafynsknorup com

Galleri Rita Lund Malerier Prinsensgade 6 DK-5960 Marstal ritalund dk

Kæphesten Søndergade 1 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 29 21 85 01

Lisbeth Lange design Hellebakken 1 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing lisbethlangedesign dk

Minors Hjem Teglgade 11 5960 Marstal Tel +45 20 25 78 44

No . 1 – photo gallery Torvet 1 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 27 85 40 31

Rejkjær (hand-woven textiles) rejkjaer eu

Søstærk Hustrykkeri Vestergade 48 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 42 32 16 58

Vesterled Galleri Vesterskovsvej 20, Ommel DK-5960 Marstal Tel +45 30 53 30 32

Your-Design Nordic Strandstræde 9 DK-5960 Marstal yourdesign-nordic dk

Ærø Kunsthøjskole Vester Møllebakke 4 DK-5985 Søby kunstaeroe dk


Det Gamle Værft

Ærøskøbing Havn 4 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing For details of opening hours, etc see Facebook: Det Gamle Værft (The Old Shipyard)

Flaske-Peter’s Collection Smedegade 22 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing flaskepeters-samling dk

Hammerichs Hus Gyden 22 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing arremus dk

Marstal Maritime Museum Prinsensgade 1 DK-5960 Marstal marmus dk

Eriksens Plads Eriksens Plads 1 DK-5960 Marstal marmus dk

Ærø Museum Brogade 3-5 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing arremus dk


Ærøskøbing Tourist Information Office

Ærøskøbing Havn 4F Tel +45 62 52 13 00 visitaeroe dk

Marstal Library Prinsensgade 21 DK-5960 Marstal

Søby Harbour – unstaffed By the ferry terminal


Ballast Bar Butik Havnepladsen 8A DK-5960 Marstal Tel +45 26 46 27 47


Vestergade 54 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 60 85 16 75

Café Marstang

Møllergade 2 DK-5960 Marstal Tel +45 93 60 72 63

Minde Bar Kongensgade 13 DK-5960 Marstal Tel +45 62 53 15 26

Miss Sophy Møllergade 21 DK-5970 Marstal Tel +45 62 53 21 12

48 Ærøskøbing Røgeri · Ærøskøbing Havn 15-17 · Tlf. +45 62 52 40 07 www.ærørøgeri.dk Evening menu Seven days a week from 22. June to 19. August at 6pm - 9pm Salmon or Halibut Hot smoked or steamed With salad, baguette and dressing and choose between potato salad, potato gratin or french fries with hollandaise. 128,-

Aeroe close to the body

Uldgården Aeroe Farm Shop is a 350 m2 store, well-known for its large and unusual range of selection. It is a popular destination to explore for the islands guests

made of natural materials, the shop has practical outdoor clothing and comfortable footwear for the outdoors for all seasons.

It is a true experience to walk around in the old stables at Uldgaarden. For

later use you may even be inspired for gift shopping, as you can buy online at www.oen.dk.

There is also a possibility of a nice break in the backyard with exciting pottery etc.

350 m² shop

Open all year:

2. January - 31. March: All weekdays at 10:30am-13:30pm

The shop is to be found on Uldgården in Bregninge, and the village is officially named as Denmarks first ”Flowering village”.

Here are many fine gift ideas, island specialties from Aeroe, delicious soaps, lambskin and souvenirs. This year a bead series of products from our own prodduction kitchen will be presented, among others. Ærø liqueur, salad vinegar, salts, jam, syrup etc.

The shop was opened in 2002 and presents unique woolen goods in distinctive qualities and designs from the familys own small Danish factory. The proud weaving tradition is dated back to 1876. There are yarn and knitwear in the store, and here a bunch of local “yarn-ladies” can guide you.

The shop presents also light garments in cotton, silk and linen - produced with care and comfortable to wear. Among other things own production of blouses, dresses. socks and extra soft t-shirts. In addition to clothing

1. April - 2. July: Monday-Saturday at 10:00am-16:00pm Sunday at 10:00am-14:00pm

3. July - 17. September: Monday-Friday at 10:00am-17:00pm Saturday and Sunday at 10:00am-16:00pm

18. September - 23. December: Monday-Saturday at 10:00am-16:00pm Sunday at 10:00am-14:00pm (Sunday 10. & 17. Dec. at 10:00am-16:00pm)

27.-30. Dec: All weeksday at 10:30am-13:30pm

Tværby 3 • Bregninge DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel . +45 62 58 14 00

Find us on Buses and groups are welcome Shop online: www.oen.dk

Mansted Freequent Signature Micha • Infront. Cero - Decoy
Bregninge Bison Kronstadt Lindbergh Pree-End Roberto Trespass

Søbygaard Concerts

June 21st Young Talents – Old Masters

7.30 p.m. The Novo String Quartet

June 28th Three Female Masters

7.30 p.m. Rastogi & Fredens play Nadia Boulanger and other female composers

July 5th Mr & Ms Mendelssohn

7.30 p.m. Pianist Ida Andersson plays music by Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn

July 12th A Danish Golden Age Icon

7.30 p.m. Music and anecdotes around Danish Golden Age muse Frederikke Bruun

July 19th The Steinaa Sisters

7.30 p.m. Utterly delightful music for oboe, flute and piano

July 26th Nordic Percussion Group

7.30 p.m. Four percussion wizards play chamber music with zest, nerve and vitality

Aug. 2nd Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

7.30 p.m. Concerto Copenhagen brings new life to Vivaldi’s eternal masterpiece

Aug. 9th Schubert: Traditional Lieder or 7.30 p.m. Modern Singer-Songwriter pieces? Daniel Held and Bryan Bennet

Aug.16th The Kreutzer Sonata

7.30 p.m. Christine Bernsted, violin & Ramez Mhanna, piano

Aug.30th Candlelight Concert: 7.30 p.m. We end this year’s concerts on a festive note: Italian music, opera, wine and samples of Italian food.

Further information and tickets at:

Søbygaards Venner

Søbygaardsvej 2-4 · 5985 Søby Ærø www.soebygaardsvenner.dk


Søby Marina · Tel. +45 62 58 18 23 Meet us on Facebook


HØJSKOLEN PÅ ÆRØ www.kunstaeroe.dk
Nybagt Brød Vegansk Sandwich Nybagt Brød Vegansk økologi Sandwich »to go« Nybagt Brød Vegansk økologi Sandwich »to go« BIOGRAFVEJ 4-6 – SØBY – TEL. +45 62 58 12 64 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 1 JUNE TO 31 AUGUST AT 08:00-21:00 1 SEPTEMBER TO 31 MAY AT 08:00-19:00 Loaves of new-baked bread Vegan Organic Sandwiches ”togo” Havnevejen ØSTERBRO VAH NEVEJEN KystvejenKommens Agre MoseHavevevej j Møllemarksvejen Dokvej TSøby vejværNørre-vænget NørrebroMose-gårdsvej B u evej Langebro K æ r v e j S ø b ka k eve j Nørrebro Lodsgyden veMinesj Søby Havn Alleen Ellehøjvej Ru mmes Agre Kapp e l høj Lærkevej Præstevæng e t Jørbæksvej Buevej Abildvej Nørrevejen Biografvej Skovvejen Lebymarksvej Vorbjerg Skov Vitsø Høj-lundsvej Stenagre Søby Mølle Søby Camping Søby Stadion SØBY Welcome to Bolighuset Søby BOLIGHUSET SØBY ÆRØ Østerbro 48 · 5985 Søby Ærø Tel. +45 62 58 13 83 E-mail: info@danboaeroe.dk | www.danboaeroe.dk Shopping hours: Monday closed Tuesday-Friday: . . . . 09.30am to 5.30pm Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.30am to 1pm 1st Sunday of the month: . . 11am to 3pm Furniture, beds, lamps, arts & crafts, duvets, cushions, carpets, curtains, With us you’ll find a wide choice for your home Don’t forget: We offer FREE DELIVERY all over Ærø 1100 m2 shop
52 Visit Northern Europe finest seaside golf course Besides a unique location and golf, we have much more to offer! > Fantastic views from the shore, and top of the old lighthouse > See the southern islands and all the way to Germany and Jutland > Ærøs most western point > Beautiful beaches and sunsets > Football Golf for the hole family > Pay n' Play par 3 golf – open for all > Driving Range with free range balls > Souvenirs and Club merchandise > Relax at the club terrace or garden > Enjoy a ice-cream, soda or snacks. > Need a cold one? We have beer and wine also. Skjoldnæsvej 8 · 5985 Søby Ærø Tel. +45 21 45 88 63 · www.aeroegolf.dk Ærø Golf Klub Ann 190x131mm (Ærø Guiden 2022).indd 1 11-11-2021 17:08:44 ÆRØ VIN Vineyard · Wine shop · Wine tastings Søby Landevej 20 5985 Søby +45 3047 6061 www.aeroe-vin.com SØBY STRAND CAMPING - VITSØ 10 - 5985 SØBY, ÆRØ - TLF. (+45) 62 58 14 70 - INFO@SOEBY-CAMPING.DK - WWW.SOEBY-CAMPING.DK The ”edible” campsite with free herbs. Only 100 m. from the seafront. SØBY STRAND CAMPING Glamping Tents, caravans and autocampers Sea view Cabins Great fishing opportunities annonce3-uk.indd 1 25.10.2022 09.11
53 »Fies Strik« You’ll find the knitting store »Fies Strik« not far from »Søbygård«. The store has a very wide selection. For instance: FILCOLANA, LANG YARNS, PERMIN, ROWAN, HJELHOLT, GEPARD, FAM.DAVIDSEN... In addition to these very fine yarns we have everything the heart of a knitting fan may desire. Things you may not expect to find on Ærø. The store’s motto is quality and good service. You’ll always find a bargain in our store. Come and be tempted by the many fine items and enjoy the views of Vitsø. I look forward to seeing you. Albertslykke 10, DK-Søby – Tel. (+45) 40 29 16 83 Fies Strik - GB - 29-11-2022 8:33 Ærø Soap Company ... soap and more Vester Bregninge 31 daily 10 - 16:30 boutique gardens drinks and snacks kids‘ activities labyrinth nature path VesterBregninge 31 hver dag 10 - 16 butik lavendelhave drikkevarer & snacks aktiviteter for børn labyrint natursti Homemade cake, juice and lemonade, tasty coffee in a cosy surrounding with arts and music in the middle of the island Tranderupgade 51 • Tel: +45 50449453 Opening hours at www.krogkildegaard.com Coffee, cake and arts Østermarksvej 9 5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf. 62 52 15 38 Mobil 61 36 65 13 www.dunkaer-auto.dk Dunkær Auto-Service - 18-10-2017 11:34 Ceciliasminde Handweaving Vester Bregninge 31 Ceciliasminde Handweaving Vester Bregninge 31 The smallest gallery in Denmark A gallery with a fine overview - a gallery with one painting only! DIETMAR’S SCULPTURE GARDEN TVÆRBYMARK 18 dvettermann@web.de Dietmar’s Skulpturhave - GB - 18-10-2017 11:30 We service your lawnmower or lawn tractor and store it for the winter. We keep an eye on your house to prevent frost damage etc. Consultancy at eye level - always worth a call. Dunkærgade 22 Dunkær · Tel. +45 62 52 20 80 www.aemv.dk Ærø Maskiner & VVS - GB - 3-12-2017 9:51 Ærø Maskiner & VVS - GB.indd 1 03/12/17 09.52
54 SLOW FASHION SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING IN 100% LINEN www.linenbykrebs.dk Havnepladsen, Ærøskøbing Lendas Grill’er TLF. +45 62 52 10 48 HAVNEN · ÆRØSKØBING ÆRØ MØBLER A/S Lerbækken 5 · Ærøskøbing · Tlf. 62 52 10 99 Vestergade 10 · Marstal · Tlf. 62 53 13 86 SNEDKER/TØMRER GULVBELÆGNING KØKKEN MØBLER DAME- & HERRETØJ GARDINER & BOLIGUDSTYR TØJSHOPPEN ÆRØ BOLIGUDSTYR Søndergade 6 · Ærøskøbing · Tlf. 62 52 10 29 Ærø Boligudstyr - DK - 10-12-2018 8:14 SHOP | CAFE | BEER GARDEN | ÆRØ PRODUCTS | WHISKY FIND US HERE! TORVET 5 DK-5970 AEROESKOEBING TEL. +45 9125 5970 WWW.DGKSHOP.COM FOLLOW US AT FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM OPEN ALL YEAR! Den Gamle Købmandsgaard - GB - 3-11-2020 4:07 Arnfeldt Hotel & Restaurant | Smedegade 33 | 5970 Ærøskøbing +45 +45 5360 4023 | mail@arnfeldthotel.dk | arnfeldthotel.dk f: Arnfeldt Hotel & Restaurant | @arnfeldt_hotelrestaurant
Ærø Museum · Brogade 3 · Ærøskøbing · www.arremus.dk
An exhibition about life on Ærø



til isætning af store og små vinduer m.m. Træfældning og styning af træer fra 50 tm/kran med kurv eller grabsav.

Entreprenør og vognmandskørsel

Bortkørsel af haveaffald m.m. med lastbil med kran/grab. Udgravning af grunde, fornyelse/rep. af dræn, samt diverse graveopgaver.

THE OLD SHIPYAR SHOP & OPEN WORKSHO ÆRØSKØBING HARBO WWW.DETGAMLEVAERFT.D MARITIME SHOP LOCAL GOODS SUSTAINABLE BRANDS HANDICRAFTS TRY FORGING Ærø Redningskorps ApS Dunkærgade 23 – Ærøskøbing – Tlf. 62 52 22 22 Dunkærgade 23 · 5970 Ærøskøbing · Tlf. 62 52 22 22 E-mail: redning@aeroe-redningskorps.dk www.ærø-redningskorps.dk Lej en container l KOMMUNER l VIRKSOMHEDER l HÅNDVÆRKSMESTRE l PRIVATE Tegn abonnement med forbindingskasse
Ærø Redningskorps - DK - 7-12-2022 9:20
hos Falck på tlf. 70 10 20 31 – til bilen – til hjemmet – til arbejdspladsen. Eftersyn og opladning af ILDSLUKKERE udføres. – Nye ildslukkere på lager. Løfteopgaver med 120 tm/kran udføres, opsætning af spær, betonelementer, optagning/søsætning af både, kranmonteret vaccumsug
We create our whisky on the Danish island of Ærø, using our own brewery and distillery, focussing on using local organic barley. Experience the distillery on Torvet 5 in Ærøskøbing. Visit our shop aeroewhisky.com
57 Experience the cozy atmosphere! Creutz Bookstore Books Games & Toys Eco wine Office supplies Langbordskontor.dk Creutz Hjørne • Vestergade 47B · 5970 Ærøskøbing Røde Kors Butikken Tøj og sko til børn og voksne • Ting og sager Vestergade 53, Ærøskøbing. Tlf. 62 52 29 90 Pæne møbler • El-artikler • Køkkenting Musik • Bøger • Spil og meget andet. Pilebækken 12, Ærøskøbing. Tlf. 24 77 56 20 SOMMERBOGBIX I DE TRE ÆRØSKE HAVNE Læs mere på www.aeroe.drk.dk Røde Kors - DK - 4-12-2017 7:49 Røde Kors - DK.indd 1 04/12/17 07.49 Ærø Rideklub Vråvejen 16C · Ærøskøbing · www.aeroerideklub.dk Tourist Riding Sygehusvejen 40 · 5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf:: +45 51 51 81 15 · Aeroecamping@gmail.com www.aeroecamp.dk ÆRØ FERIEHYTTER & CAMPING We have 22 cabins and 150 pitches for caravans and tents. A beautiful campsite just 50 meters from Vesterstrand – a wonderful beach. Cottages located with beautiful views of Sea. So do tents and caravans. ÆRØFÆRGERNE www.aeroe-ferry.dk ÆRØ! Svendborg - Ærøskøbing Faaborg - Søby Fynshav - Søby Surely, you take the ferry to a genuine island... Bookyourcaron: www.aeroe-ferry.dk Booking and information on all three routes, Tel: +45 62 52 40 00, E-mail: info@aeroe-ferry.dk Ærøfærgerne - GB - 25-11-2017 7:20 Ærøfærgerne - GB.indd 1 25/11/17 07.20
58 You will find our lifestyle shop »Den Gamle Isenkram« in a beautiful preserved house in the middle of Ærøskøbing. Drop by an get inspired by carefully selected local, Danish and international brands. Den Gamle Isenkram | Søndergade 4 | Ærøskøbing +45 6252 2627 | Facebook/Instagram: Den Gamle Isenkram Den Gamle Isenkram ÆRØSKØBING Welcome to Restaurant AmoreMare at Badehotel Harmonien Enjoy authentic Italian specialities and the dome-oven pizzas in our charming restaurant o verlooking t h e South-of-Funen Archipelago. Ta b le r eservation r e commended online at www.badehotelharmonien.dk RESTAURANT AMOREMARE, BROGADE 1, 5970 ÆRØSKØBING WWW.BADEHOTELHARMONIEN.DK GÅRDBUTIK Pilebækken 22 - Ærøskøbing instagram: blaabaer_gaardbutik www.blaabaer.dk facebook: Blåbær Gårdbutik Aeroeskoebing Print & Papir Vestergade 48, Ærøskøbing Visit the smallest shop in Aeroeskoebing Stationery and letterpress Follow on Instagram and Facebook www.soestaerk.co Aeroeskoebing Print & Papir Vestergade 48, Ærøskøbing Visit the smallest shop in Aeroeskoebing Stationery and letterpress Follow on Instagram and Facebook www.soestaerk.co Aeroeskoebing Print & Papir Vestergade 48, Ærøskøbing Visit the smallest shop in Aeroeskoebing Stationery and letterpress Follow on Instagram and Facebook www.soestaerk.co Aeroeskoebing Print & Papir Vestergade 48, Ærøskøbing Visit the smallest shop in Aeroeskoebing Stationery and letterpress Follow on Instagram and Facebook www.soestaerk.co Pilebækkens Cykler Pilebækken 11 Ærøskøbing Tlf. 62 52 11 10 Rent a Bike 3 gears / 7 gears 80,- Dkr. per day BENZIN & PETROL Vending machine accepts notes in DKK. Pilebækkens Cykler - GB - 5-11-2020 5:04 BANG’S BAR MAD &VIN
59 BECAUSE THE WORLD DESERVES BETTER LIQUORICE ALLSORTS MEET THE MAKER MEET CLAUS OR SOFIE FOR A TALK AND TASTE TOUR IN HATTESENS LIQUORICE ALLSORT UNIVERSE. SEE MORE AT www.konfektfabrikken.dk Vestergade 44 · Ærøskøbing Tel. +45 21 51 93 98 www.vestergade44.com contact@vestergade44.com Winner of Travellers’ Choice in TripAdvisor Pension Vestergade - GB - 28-11-2022 11:43 BEAUTY ∙ LIVING ∙ DOG UNIVERS KITCHENWEAR ∙ WEAR ∙ COFFEE TO GO CONCEPT STORE TLF. 26 16 18 81 – VESTERBRO 1 – 5970 ÆRØSKØBING Feriehusudlejning aeroeferiehus.dk mail@aeroeferiehus.dk Tlf. +45 27574427 aeroeferiehus_annonce_DK.pdf 12/7/ aeroeferiehus.dk mail@aeroeferiehus.dk Kim Simonsen Havnegade 11, 5960 Marstal Tlf. +45 27 57 44 27 Cottage Rental • Quality houses • Local knowledge • Personal service • Off season mini holidays Cottages all over Ærø for rent ALL RATE LEVELS - ALL YEAR ROUND
60 H o t e l & C a f é Torvet 7 - 5970 Ærøskøbing hotel@paatorvet dk +45 2872 4650 cafe@paatorvet dk +45 3034 4650 2022 felted fur - just wool handmade on Ærø workshop and farmshop Karin Falter Søndre Kystvej 17 5970 Ærøskøbing tlf.+45 93 86 73 87 tlf.+49 160 90676961 www.hennegansundco.de Ærøskøbing Fjernvarme Lerbækken 23 · 5970 Ærøskøbing Tel. 62 52 29 09 · mail@aeroe-varme.dk www.aeroe-varme.dk Ærøskøbing Fjernvarme, a district heating production plant consisting of a straw-fired burner of 3,150 kw, solar panels of 7,090 square metres and a pellet stove. 676 consumers are connected to the plant. Ærøskøbing Fjernvarme - GB - 24-11-2022 9:05 Vindeballe kro Vindeballevej 1 · 5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf 6252 1613 · vindeballekro@outlook.dk www.vindeballe-kro.dk Rent a Bike Vestergade 38 · DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel.: +45 62 52 10 03 www.aeroehus.dk · E-mail: mail@aeroehus.dk Follow us on Facebook: Hotel Ærøhus Welcome to Badehotel Harmonien Right on the water’s edge in the fairytale town of Ærøskøbing stands Badehotel Harmonien.We have romantic rooms with seaview, spacious family rooms and charming suites with private facilities. Please contact us at: info@badehotelharmonien.dk or by phone at +45 425 0000 4 BADEHOTEL HARMONIEN BROGADE 1, 5970 ÆRØSKØBING WWW.BADEHOTELHARMONIEN.DK
61 Visit Hammerichs HouseThe collector, esthete and culture preserver Gyden 22 5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf. +45 62 52 29 50 www.arremus.dk Come and see our historic brewery in scenic St. Rise village and experience: Brewery Shop and Taproom Beer Tasting Lunch Café during the high season See opening hours at aeroebryggeri.dk Ærø Bryggeri • Vandværksvej 5 • 5970 Ærøskøbing • Mail: post@aeroebryggeri.dk • Tlf: +45 6252 1132 ÆR Ø aeroebryggeri aeroebryggeri

Denmark is a nation of 406 islands. Few of them as beautiful and varied as Ærø. This green island has proud traditions in seemanship, fishing trade, commerce and agriculture The exciting histor y of Ærø is told by Erik B Kromann, curator of the impressive Maritime museum in Marstal. All texts are in Danish, English and Ger-

Ole Ege For age Espe MMV Ærø past and present 130 pages in colour Hard cover DKK 249 G R E A T B O O K O N Æ R Ø LARGE FORMAT NEW PHOTOS ELEGANT PICTURE BOOK FORLAGET ESPER · DISTRIBUTION: ÆRØ UGEAVIS Ole Ege - engelsk_Layout 1 14/12/2019 08.16 Side 1
63 Havnegade 28A, Marstal, Ærø • +45 53604821 Femmasteren Hotel & Hostel Wellness with wilderness bath and sauna Enjoy refreshments in the courtyard Read more www.femmasteren.dk Skipper Park Maritime play park • water play bouncy castle • toy ship Café Skipperly Terrace with sea view Read more www.skipperpark.dk Gasværksvej 16, Marstal, Ærø • +45 22 66 37 55 Prinsebroen 5, Marstal, Ærø • +45 22 66 37 55 Prinsebroen Smokehouse Hot and cold smoked outdoor dining • delicacies read more www.prinsebroen.dk +45 62 53 17 20 Reparation og service af personbiler, lastbiler, traktorer, motorcykler og bådmotorer... Vi kan ordne det hele - og de enkelte dele! Tlf. 62 53 17 20 / 20 42 35 82 www.autogaarden-marstal.dk Autogården Autogården SALE & SERVICE of all car brands & Car Rental We take care of it all - and of the small parts! Tel.: +45 63 52 30 32 www.keerthpizza.dk Kirkestræde 27, 5960 Marstal, Denmark  Find us on Facebook Keerth Pizza & grill September - May: from 4 pm - ?? June, July and August: 3 pm to 10 pm Italian pizza HEAVENLY EXPERIENCES FOR ALL THE FAMILY International Airfield Surrounded by Archipelago idyll STARLING AIR Tlf. +45 62 53 33 94 www.starling.dk Starling Air - GB - 3-12-2017 9:04 Starling Air - GB.indd 1 03/12/17 09.04
64 A FAMILY RUN HOTEL AND RESTAURANT CLOSE TO THE HARBOUR 12 DELIGHTFUL ROOMS with bathroom, TV and refrigerator. 6 NICE ROOMS with shared bathroom. COMFORTABLE RESTAURANT AND PATIO in the heart of Marstal. DRONNINGESTRÆDE 1 A, 5960 MARSTAL TEL. 62 53 13 52 www.hotelmarstal.dk hotel@hotelmarstal.dk Hotel Marstal - GB - 4-12-2017 7:33 Hotel Marstal - GB.indd 1 04/12/17 07.33 CAR RENTAL Cars for 4 or 9 people See rates at www.aeroeautocenter.dk Skolevej 12 · Marstal Tel. +45 62 53 13 02 / +45 21 27 69 65 aeroeauto@tdcadsl.dk We service and repair all cars AUTO-CENTER v/ Rasmus S. Kristensen ÆRØ OPEN ALL SUMMER MARSTAL FJERNVARME DK-5960 Marstal www.solarmarstal.dk Marstal Fjernvarme - GB - 29-10-2020 8:37 Hasselvænget 1 - DK-5500 Middelfart - info@mob dk Feriepartner A b e t t e r e x p e r i e n c e
65 TAKE THE NEW ROUTE Faaborg Svendborg Als Søby Ærøskøbing Rudkøbing Marstal THE SHORTEST ROUTE TO ÆRØ Follow us on Facebook Enjoy the beautiful ‘cruise’ in the South Funen archipelago. Departure from Rudkøbing every two hours throughout the day. Buy a ticket and make a reservation at www.aeroexpressen.dk Havnepladsen 8 · 5960 Marstal · +45 73707800 · info@aeroexpressen.dk · www. aeroexpressen.dk
66 STARK Ærø Industrivej 5 · DK-5960 Marstal Tlf. +45 6253 1121 info.aeroe@stark.dk Monday - Friday 7.00 - 17.00 Saturday 8.00 - 13.00 Sundays and holidays closed STARK ÆRØ HAVE MATERIALS FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT 2 hour urban sketching courses art and art courses creative workshops holiday courses www.silkebryant.de Hvidtfeldtsgade 18 5960 Marstal Førende i hudpleje og solbekyttelse Marstal Apotek Kirkestræde 23 5960 Marstal Tlf. 62 53 10 68 Fax 62 53 30 68 Medicinudlevering Fra Marstal Apotek DAGLI’ BRUGSEN Biografvej 4-6 5985 Søby Tlf. 62 58 12 64 ST OP K vit tobakk en og vind en rejse. L æs mere på www .apotek et.dk Medicinudlevering Fra Marstal Apotek DEN GAMLE ISENKRAM Søndergade 4 5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf. 62 52 26 27
67 The cosiest Maritime Museum in Denmark A maritime experience in a maritime setting MARSTAL SØFARTSMUSEUM www.marmus.dk Prinsensgade 1  DK-5960 Marstal  Tel +45 62 53 23 31
68 Ærø Airfield - Fastest to and from Ærø! l Flights all over Europe l Line Traffic to/from Svendborg and Copenhagen l Bicycle and Car hire l Kiosk l Little pleasant Airfield with international atmosphere TEL. +45 63 52 63 67 Ærø Flyveplads - GB - 11-12-2017 8:01 Ærø Flyveplads - GB.indd 1 11/12/17 08.01 Prinsensgade 6 5960 Marstal Tlf. +45 29 67 74 57 www.ritalund.dk Rita Lund MALERIER Rita Lund - DK - 11-11-2021 8:11 At Freddy Sko we put together our own lines, so that price and quality always go together. We have shoes for the entire family in sizes 17 to 50. Kongensgade 36 • Marstal • Tlf. 62 53 17 44 All for your boating needs • Fittings. • Largest selection of ropes in South Funen • Compression of wires. • Day-to-day repairs and manufacture of sails and hoods. (Collect-and-deliver) • Specialist tasks. • Sale of: Shoes, boots, sailor wear. Maritime wear: Pelle P, Musto, Helly Hansen, Key West etc. • Sale of Kosan Gas. - and much more BICYCLE RENTAL Marstal and Ærøskøbing (by the yacht club) - call +45 23 20 21 98 Ommelsvejen 50 · 5960 Marstal Syning og svejsning af presenninger Sejl- og presenningsservice ApS Sejl- og Presenningsservice - GB - 24-11-2021 9:22 Ommelsvejen 50 · 5960 Marstal Syning og svejsning af presenninger Sejl- og presenningsservice ApS Sejlmagervej 2 · Marstal Tel. +45 62 53 12 71 / +45 23 20 21 98 e-mail: steanmoller@outlook.dk www.sejlogpresenninger.dk YACHTING AND BOAT SUPPLIES RIGHT AT THE YACHTCLUB IN MARSTAL Repairs of sails, hoods etc. We collect and deliver all over the island Sewing and welding of tarpaulins Licensed Nykredit Partner Case no. 2207216 1 level house: 140 m2 Kragnæs Ground: 769 m2 Marstal Looking for a house on Ærø? Estate Andersen & Thomsen A/S Robert Otto Hansen & Claus Henriksen, Real estate agents Vestergade 38 D · 5700 Svendborg · Tel. 6220 2000 · 5700@estate.dk Contact our local representative, Anne Wittrup, living on Ærø. Tel. +45 6160 7511, awp@estate.dk Annonce til Ærø Guiden (B93xH63,5mm) UK.indd 1 27-11-2022 19:35:37
69 Miss SophyGASTRO-CLUB Møllergade 21 5960 Marstal www.gastro-club.dk info@gastro-club.dk tlf. 0045 2999 7472 Table reservation, opening hours and menu: www.gastro-club.dk Great experiences
1999 You will discover Miss Sophy amongst hollyhocks and sailor homes near the marina in Marstal. Miss Sophy is an atmospheric gastro-club with beautiful rooms and subdued lighting. Whether you are seeking a light lunch, a dinner with family or just looking to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Ærø, we offer the ideal place for just that. Our menu is filled with tasteful experiences while also offering both cake and coffee for the cozy occasion. Drop by and experience the atmosphere - we are looking forward to welcoming you! Ærø Hotel l Egehovedvej 4 l Marstal l Tlf. 0045 6253 2406 l www.aeroehotel.dk l info@aeroehotel.dk DENMARK’S ADULTS ONLY HOTEL - Minimum age of 18 Ærø Hotel Open for traditional lunch and seasonal evening menu all year round * * closed from medio december to medio january For booking and inquiries visit www.aeroehotel.dk
70 STARK Ærø Industrivej 5 · 5960 Marstal Tlf. 6253 1121 info.aeroe@stark.dk Mandag - fredag 7.00 - 17.00 Lørdag 8.00 - 13.00 Søn- og helligdage lukket STARK ÆRØ HAR MATERIALER TIL DIT NÆSTE PROJEKT DRAW INSPIRATION FROM OUR BEAUTIFUL ÆRØ COLOURS STARK Ærø Industrivej 5 · 5960 Marstal Tlf. +45 6253 1121 info.aeroe@stark.dk Monday - Friday 7.00 - 17.00 Sunday 8.00 - 13.00 Sundays and public holidays Closed
71 A few meters from the sea and about half a kilometer from Marstal, you will find this ideal place for relaxation, leasure, and enjoyment. At Hotel Udsigten Marstal, you find 19 cozy rooms, including 14 rooms with a private bathroom and sea view. You can also choose between 3 fine apartments with a private bathroom and a small kitchen. Free Wi-Fi and parking. Charging available for electrical cars. Everyone is welcome in the restaurant and at the outdoor terrace with sea view. HOTEL UDSIGTEN MARSTAL Rolighedsvej 1A · 5960 Marstal · Tel +45 72 16 1010 kontakt@udsigtenmarstal.dk · www.udsigtenmarstal.dk HOTEL UDSIGTEN MARSTAL HOTEL, RESTAURANT & BAR ØBOLIG I Skippergade 50 I 5960 Marstal Mobile: +45 2021 0269 I kontakt@obolig.dk I obolig.dk Your local estate agent on Ærø We sell homes on the island we all care for Drømmen er på en ø ø Drømmen er på en ø Din lokale ejendomsmægler på Ærø. Rino Jenssen. Øbolig I Skippergade 50 I 5960 Marstal v/ Rino Jenssen I Ejendomsmægler MDE Mobil: 2021 0269 I øbolig.dk Se alle ejendomme på ØBOLIG.dk Ø Bolig - DK.indd 1 24/11/17 06.35 Your island dream Ærø Folkebibliotek Marstal Bibliotek –Borgerservice Light –Turistinformation Prinsensgade 21 5960 Marstal Tlf. 6352 6360 Mail: marstal@arrebib.dk –Ærøskøbing Bibliotek Søndergade 16 B 5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf. 6252 1442 Mail: bibliotek@arrebib.dk GRATIS WIFI Åbent for alle, hver dag fra kl. 7-22 Se mere på: www.arrebib.dk Biblioteket - 27-09-2017 9:01 Biblioteket.indd 1 25/11/17 07.08 Chr. H - GB - 9-11-2021 8:16 CHR. H. v/ Hanne Kromann Kirkestræde 13, Marstal Tel. +45 62 53 10 60 www.chr-h.dk Women’s and Mens’ clothes At CHR. H. you can buy clothes for all ages - everyday, party and work. We have a large selection of brands - ranging from Selected, Jacks, Bison, Sunwill, Boswell, Skovhuus, Lau Rie, Jensen, Creme, B. Young etc. to Kansas. We can print your logo on almost all kinds of clothes. Open: Mon-Fri: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm Sat.: 9.30 am - 1 pm Weeks 27-31: Mon-Fri 9.30 am - 5.30 pm Sat 9.30 am - 2 pm Sun 10.00 am - 2 pm Painting Drawing Kærvej 11 Ommel www.kieseritzky.art  +45 44 16 95 52 Hilda Kieseritzky FRU BERG RESTAURANT First row from Marstal harbour - at the ferry landing +45 24 63 56 57 www.bergsrestauranter.dk Fru Berg - GB - 22-11-2017 11:32 Fru Berg - GB.indd 1 12/12/17 10.45
72 Burger WITH FRESHLY MINCED SASHI MEAT AND HOMEMADE DRESSINGS Burger house Marstal Binno Special SASHI Beef Lover Real Meat Burgers Havnegade 21 · telefon 31 42 60 15 Follow us on Facebook: Sønderrendens Perle/BUrger House Marstal Uddannelse på gymnasialt niveau 2-årig HF og 3-årig HF-søfart samt HF-enkeltfag Kontakt vores kontor for nærmere oplysninger. P. E. PÅLSSONS VEJ 1 5960 MARSTAL TELEFON 62 65 65 90 ÆRØ VUC - 25-11-2017 7:29 VUC.indd 1 25/11/17 07.29 Let the silence embrace you in beautiful surroundings near beach, forest, and town. We have tent areas and camp units with a stunning ocean view, units for campers, cottages with a bathroom, and Glamping cabins. You will find all of this at our nice little family run campsite in Marstal. Egehovedvej 1 · DK-5960 Marstal Tel. (+45) 51 52 44 85 mail@marstalcamping.dk www.marstalcamping.dk Homes for sale – sell Your home Friendly, reliable and affordable Don't hesitate to contact me by phone +45 2757 0543 www.nielsthorsen.dk nth@bedreboligsalg.dk NIELS THORSEN, real estate agent Din lokale rådgiver På deloitte.dk kan du læse mere om Deloitte og om vores rådgivningsydelser. www.femmasteren.dk Call for booking : +45 5360 4821 Wellness & Sauna! Femmasteren 1/16 - GB - 17-11-2018 9:13 DET RØDE PAKHUS* MARSTAL - på kanten af Verden… UDSTILLINGER KUNST FÆLLESSANG KONCERTER ”MUSIK PÅ GRUSET” FØLG MED PÅ DE LOKALE FB GRUPPER og på FB/ DET RØDE PAKHUS*Marstal

Mærk roen omfavne dig i smukke omgivelser nær strand, skov og by.

Havnekiosken Marstal

Havnepladsen 2 (opposite ÆrøXpressen)

Tel. +45 62 53 18 94

Open 7 days a week:

Alt dette finder du på vores lille hyggelige familiedrevne campingplads i havnebyen Marstal.

From September to May open from 8.00am to 6.00pm. June, July, August, and September open from 8.00 am to 9:00 pm.

At Havnekiosken we have a WIDE SELECTION of:

● Souvenirs and bare necessities.

● Posting/delivery of parcels from Dao/Bring.

● Pools, Lotto.

80 sider. Free Wi-Fi og krydderurter DCU – DK-Camp – Back to Nature MARSTAL CAMPING Egehovedvej 1 5960 Marstal Tlf. 51 52 44 85 mail@marstalcamping.dk www.marstalcamping.dk

● Non-prescription drugs - and many other exciting things.

● Coffee / Caffé latte / Cocoa / Fried beef tartare / Toast with beef and caramelised onions / Sausage roll

Hvad er det, der gør en ø til noget særligt? Ifølge Jacques Berg ligger det hele i ankomst og afrejse. Ingenting bliver helt som før, når man har været på en ø og mærket den parakdoksale frihed indenfor det begrænsede område, som øen er...

Køb, læs og nyd de smukke illustrationer i denne lille bog, hvor Jacques Berg sammenstiller Ærø med den lille franske ø Yeu, og finder at lig hederne er større end forskellene.

Format 205x244 mm

Marstal Camping 1 - DK - 31-10-2020 8:57 Ombrydning 2021 - annoncer - Dansk.indd 25 20/12/2020 09.30 WHAT IS UP ON ÆRØ? Find out on visitaeroe.com

ÆRØ BLOMSTER & HAVECENTER O M M E L S V E J E N 2 3 A 5 9 6 0 M A R S TA L T L F 6 2 5 3 1 1 9 9 www aeroeblomster dk Projekt2_Layout 1 01/12/17 11.18 Side 1 EXPERIENCE THE ”HYGGELIGE” ÆRØ  Member nr. 2754  the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund BUS TRIPS THE BATH HUTS BIKE TOURS  Guided bustours Walk with the Night  Watchman Join one of our bike tours Guided  tours along  the iconic bath huts  NIGHTWATCHMEN  A stay on Ærø is balm for the
You can read more about all our  offers at www.aeroetours.dk +45 40466675 info@aeroetours.dk
soul. All our trips and  excursions take place at a calm  and relaxing pace. Take a break  from stress and hustle and  bustle with one of our many  pleasant tours on the island.
Bogen er rigt illustreret med fotos fra Ærø og Yeu af Valérie Loubet. Den danske tekstdel er krydret med akvareller af Jørn Ørum-Nielsen og den franske del med akvareller af Olivier Dumont. KR. 128,FORLAGET MARK & STORM
Vi har udsigtspladser, autocamperpladser, feriehytter med bad, glampinghytter og teltpladser med havudsigt.

Albertslykke - GB - 5-12-2022 7:57


Bed & Breakfast

Albertslykke 8, Leby, 5985 Søby Tel. +45 62 58 10 44 / +45 40 35 44 70

albertslykke8@gmail.com www.albertslykke.dk

Open all year.

3 double rooms / 1 self-catering flat. Price inc. breakfast Double room 650 Dkr.

Self-catering flat: Please call for price. Free WiFi.

In scenic nature area with Vitsø, biking trails, Archipelago Trail and »Søbygaard«. Approx. 3 km from Søby, in nature reserve.

Hanne - GB - 19-10-2020 8:54


Nørrevejen 18, 5985 Søby

Contakt: hanne-finn@hotmail.com or Tel. +45 61 28 13 40

Open April-Oktober.

Rent for a week.

Rate 1.800-4.000 (240-500 €).

Flat 45 m2 with 4-6 adult beds. Kitchen and lounge. Toilet/bath. A cosy closed garden/ place for barbecue.

See More at: Godsommer.dk - House no. 1192.

Lilians Bed & Breakfast - GB - 28-11-2017 10:37


Havnevejen 3 5985 Søby Tel. +45 24 65 49 60


/ week 750,- dkr. cleaning fee 110,- dkr p. set sheets/towels

Marianne Linnet - GB - 5-12-2022 8:11


Vester Bregninge 20 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel. +45 2614 0003 marianne@linnetrothe.dk www.ferieidyl.dk

Lovely flat: Bedroom with 3 beds, kitchenette, private bath and toilet, private entrance, small garden. Internet and TV.

Rates: Dkr. 650 per night for 2 people + Dkr. 150 for the third person. Breakfast: 75 Dkr. per Person. Opposite Gæstgiveri Bregninge, (restaurant and shop).

Vråvejen 8 - G8 - 5-12-2022 8:09


Well equipped cottage in lovely garden. Within walking distance from ferry, beach and town centre. Six beds in two rooms + two optional beds in the lounge.

The house has dishwasher, washing machine, bicycles, grill and wi-fi. High season (weeks 26-34) only weekly rental at 6.000 DKK/week. Other weeks 4.500 DKK.

Rate for single nights, DKK 800. Rates include utilities.

See more at godsommer.dk house number 12219.

Facebook: Feriehus Aroskobing Contact: skelhave@gmail.com

KAREN-LISE RASMUSSEN Sygehusvejen 25 5970 Ærøskøbing. Tel. +45 62 52 14 34 / +45 21 55 82 40 www.karenlises-bedandbreakfast.dk

Two double
and tea
all year.
rooms, shared bathroom
kitchen and small dining room
radio and TV.
per room first night: 500 Dkr.
nights: 450 Dkr.
WiFi. 5 km from golf course,
m to ferry, beach and Søby Marina
ON A HORSE FARM Ride in Balance / Iris Winkler Tranderupmark
kontakt@ride-in-balance.com www.ride-in-balance.com Open all year Newly decorated non smoker house with two double bedrooms, living room with wood stove, satellite TV, complete kitchen with dishwasher, bathroom with shower, floor heating. Quiet located with porch. Close to beach and Voderup Klint, busstation and shop within 10 minutes walking distance. Price incl. util.: 850,- dkr. p. day 700,- dkr. p. day from 3 days 4300,- dkr. / week. July and August: 5100,- dkr
3, 5970 Ærøskøbing
52 61 10 03
Open all year. 2 Double rooms Price inc. breakfast: 650
Single-storey house, centrally located in Ærøskøbing within walking distance of lovely beach and shopping. Karen Lise Rasmussen - GB
Bedrooms 6 Beds 18 Toilets 8 Parking
2 Kitchens 2 Terrace 700
2 Totally
Nevre 27
- 5-12-2022
LARGE COTTAGE with great views of the Archipelago Nevre 27, DK-5970 Ærøskøbing All-year rental. Weekly rental during high season
340 m2 - ideal for large families
at house yes
refurbished in 2015. E-mail: tonnyfh@gmail.com Phone: +45 40 63 45 67
- GB - 10-11-2020 8:41
Please note that credit cards are not usually accepted at B&B places
Bed & Breakfast / Self-Catering

Holmegaarden - GB - 11-01-2023 9:28


by Maria Nørhart is a family-run B&B set on a farm southern part of Ærø. The farm is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and the Baltic Sea can be seen to the south, within easy walking distance and can be seen from the farm.

We have EV charger for the electric car, which can be used by arrangement. Rooms from 575 Dkr.

Open from Easter to week 42.

Holmegaarden B&B, Ryggerholmevej 1, 5970 Ærøskøbing maria@holmegaarden.eu Tel. +45 51 84 65 66 https://holmegaarden.eu/

Feriehus Nostalgi - GB - 11-01-2023 9:30


Sølvgade 9, 5960 Marstal book@nostalgimarstal.dk www.nostalgimarstal.dk

Peaceful and undisturbed back garden Max. 6 people DKK 1,100/day

HOLIDAY HOME ”YOU AND I” Sølvgade 10, 5960 Marstal Max. 2 people DKK 890/day Discount for multiple days booking.

Linen and towels available to rent.

Wonderful location close to pedestrian street, beach, harbour, cafés and restaurants.

MARSTAL CAMPING Egehovedvej 1 5960 Marstal Tel. +45 51 52 44 85 mail@marstalcamping.dk www.marstalcamping.dk

Marstal Camping 1 - GB - 11-01-2023 9:33

Let the silence embrace you in beautiful surroundings near beach, forest, and town. We have tent areas and camp units with a stunning ocean view, units for campers, cottages with a bathroom, and Glamping cabins.

You will find all of this at our nice little family run campsite in Marstal.

· 5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf:: +45 51 51 81 15 Aeroecamping@gmail.com www.aeroecamp.dk Ærøskøbing Holiday Cabins & Camping gives you A relaxed holiday, with chirping birdsong in the morning and the most wonderful sunset over the sea in the evening. The campsite is within walking distance to the middle the aldertown of Ærøskøbing with the listed houses and topped cobblestones. Here are located cafes, restaurants, art center, museums and delicious shops. ÆrøFeriehytterogCamping-indeksGB-5-12-20222:36 SØBY STRAND CAMPING The edible campsite Vitsø 10 5985 Søby Tlf. +45 62 58 14 70 www.soeby-camping.dk soebycamping@mail.dk Free Wi-Fi and Herbs Rental: Cabins / Pods / Glamping Site for: Autocamper – Caravans –Tents Nature / Peace and quiet / Jetty More info on our website DCU – DK-Camp – Back to Nature SøbyCampingindeksannonce-GB-18-12-20229:52 Bed & Breakfast / Self-Catering Please note that credit cards are not usually accepted at B&B places
CAMPING Sygehusvejen 40

Hotels / Inns / Pensions / Self-Catering

Søbylyst 1 - GB - 16-11-2021 9:14



Østerbro 2-4 5985 Søby - Ærø Tel. +45 62 58 11 20

Nine modern self-catering apartments with private sun-terrace and free wireless internet 2-8 persons per apartment Close to golf course 500 m to the ferry/marina/beach/jetty 200 meters to a baker/grocer

Read more on: www.sobylyst.dk

Gæstgiveri Bregninge - GB - 5-12-2022 7:53


Vester Bregninge 17, 5970 Ærøskøbing Tel. +45 30 23 65 55 kontakt@gaestgiveri.dk www.gaestgiveri.dk

Gæstgiveri Bregninge is located in the beautiful nature on west Ærø. Relax in the magnificent garden with a view of beautiful Bregninge church, experience 5.5 hectares of open nature and magnificent sunsets. Spend your holiday in one of the 8 cozy rooms and start the day with a personal breakfast tray.

Book your stay at www.gaestgiveri.dk

Welcome to Bregninge Hanne and Steen

Vindeballe Kro - indeks GB - 1-12-2022 10:15


Vindeballevej 1 · 5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf. +45 6252 1613 mail: vindeballekro@outlook.dk www.vindeballekro.dk

Vindeballe Inn is family-run, located in the middle of Aeroe.

Short distance to water, nature and beaches.

18 beds in 11 rooms.

Authentic inn and cozy courtyard with delicious a la carte menu and wines in a special class. Free wi-fi and parking. The bus stops 100 m from the inn.

Badehotel Harmonien 1 - GB - 8-12-2022 8:04


Brogade 1, DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tel. +45 42 50 00 04 www.badehotelharmonien.dk info@badehotelharmonien.dk

Follow us on Facebook

Centrally located in Ærøskøbing and with a garden on the water’s edge.

11 double rooms/ 9 single rooms/ 2 family rooms. Many rooms with views over the Archipelago. All rooms have a washbasin and common bathrooms on same floor. Breakfast is served in the sunroom overlooking the Archipelago.

You can rent the entire hotel for a wedding or a conference or courses.

Visit Amore Mare, the in-house restaurant, where you can enjoy authentic Italian specialities and dome-oven pizzas.

Hotel Ærøshus 1 - GB - 4-12-2017 6:50


Vestergade 38 5970 Ærøskøbing

Tel. +45 62 52 10 03 www.aeroehus.dk mail@aeroehus.dk

Located centrally in Ærøskøbing 56 beds / 30 rooms.

Rooms with en suite facilities, TV and free Wi-Fi.

Arnfeldt indeks - GB - 23-12-2022 7:21


Smedegade 33, 5970 Ærøskøbing Tel +45 53604023 mail@arnfeldthotel.dk www.arnfeldthotel.dk

Arnfeldt Hotel is centrally located in Ærøskøbing overlooking the old harbor and 2 minutes from the ferry.

The Hotel offers 5 rooms and 1 large suite with seaview.

The Hotel has a restaurant.

Andelen Guesthouse - GB - 24-11-2022 11:45



Andelen Guesthouse & Bicycle Rental

Ærø’s Boutique Hotel


Your Home away from Home in the Heart of Historic Ærøskøbing

Søndergade 28a, 5970 Ærøskøbing Mobile +45 61 26 75 11 (Adam) www.andelenguesthouse.com

Home away from Home in the Heart of Historic Ærøskøbing Søndergade 28a, 5970 Ærøskøbing Mobile +45 61 26 75 11 (Adam) www.andelenguesthouse.com

Double Room DKK 1000-1200 Triple Room DKK 1250-1500 Family/Wedding Suite DKK 2500-3000


Entry to Denmark’s Smallest Cinema. Free Tea/Coffee/Water as well as Wi-Fi. Quality Bicycles for Rent.

Entry to Denmark’s Smallest Cinema. Free Tea/Coffee/Water as well as Wi-Fi. Quality Bicycles for Rent.

Private Garden with Sun Terrace & BBQ.

Private Garden with Sun Terrace & BBQ.

Andelen offers cosy accommodation and modern facilities in a unique building that oozes old-world charm and atmosphere.

Andelen offers cosy accommodation and modern facilities in a unique building that oozes old-world charm and atmosphere.


Hotel & Café

Torvet 7, DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Hotel: Tel. +45 28 72 46 50 · hotel@paatorvet.dk Café: Tel. +45 30 34 46 50 · cafe@paatorvet.dk

Centrally located hotel & cafe at the Town Square in beautiful Ærøskøbing Newly refurbished rooms and apartments. All with private bath and toilet.

Please book at: paatorvet.dk

For rates: Please ask at the hotel. Hotel Ærøshus 1 - GB.indd 1 07/12/17 12.42
See you ... På Torvet
1 - GB - 1-12-2022 8:12

Hotels / Inns / Pensions / Self-Catering

Pension Vestergade indeks GB - 28-11-2022 11:48


Vestergade 44 5970 Ærøskøbing Tel. +45 21 51 93 98 www.vestergade44.com contact@vestergade44.com

Centrally located in Ærøskøbing


Rolighedsvej 1A, DK-5960 Marstal

Tel. 72 16 1010 www.udsigtenmarstal.dk

E-mail: kontakt@udsigtenmarstal.dk

Charming hotel with a restaurant and a cozy bar located just a few meters from the sea and 700 meters from Marstal Centre. 14 double rooms with a private bathroom and sea view. 5 rooms with shared bathrooms. 3 apartments with a private bathroom and a small kitchen, one of them with sea view. 60 beds in total.

The restaurant offers breakfast buffet, afternoon tea/coffee, evening menu and drinks. Please feel free to enjoy either indoor or at the outdoor terrace with sea view – it is open for everyone.

Winner of Travellers’ Choice in TripAdvisor



Hotel & Hostel

Havnegade 28 A, DK-5960 Marstal Tel. +45 53 60 48 21 www.femmasteren.dk info@femmasteren.dk

Femmasteren is a family-run hotel and hostel. Consisting of 8 hotel rooms with private bathrooms and 16 hostel rooms with shared bathrooms. Nice wellness area with wilderness bath and sauna (read more on the website), cozy courtyard and beautiful front garden, fireplace living room with cozy nook.

You can always buy and enjoy a refreshment with us. We are located right next to Havnegade with a view of Langeland. Short distance to the beach, Smokehouse, forest, water/playground and marina.


Egehovedvej 4 5960 Marstal Tlf. 0045

Prices incl. breakfast buffet: Double room with sea view 1150/1450 DKK Double room with a shared toilet/bath 995 DKK Single room 895/1050/1350 DKK Extra bed or sofa bed for children under 12 years 250 DKK /adults 500 DKK Apartment 1300/1800 DKK per night (minimum 2 nights) / One-week 9000/11000 DKK
Wi-Fi and parking. Charging available for electrical cars.
62 53 24 06 info@aeroehotel.dk www.aeroehotel.dk
Minimum age of 18. Ærø Hotel - indeksannonce GB - 13-12-2022 1:30 HOTEL MARSTAL Dronningestræde 1 A 5960 Marstal Tel. +45 62 53 13 52 Fax +45 62 53 23 40 www.hotelmarstal.dk hotel@hotelmarstal.dk Located centrally in Marstal 35 beds/ 18 rooms Double room incl. breakfast 625 Dkr. without fac.
Youth Hostel VILLA BLOMBERG Smedevejen 15 DK-5970 Ærøskøbing Tlf. +45 62 52 10 44 www.villablomberg.dk E-mail: vb@villablomberg.dk Charming hostel with great location 25 rooms / 60 beds All rooms with shared bath/toilet in the corridor, free wi-fi For rates and booking: Please see our website
Hotel & Hostel Havnegade 28 A, DK-5960 Marstal. Tel.
www.femmasteren.dk info@femmasteren.dk
Denmark’s adults only hotel.
/ 925 Dkr. with fac. Single room incl. breakfast 495 Dkr. without fac. / 795 Dkr. with fac. Restaurant with room for 75 persons.
Femmasterenindekstværformat-GB-23-11-20223:56 FEMMASTEREN
+45 53 60 48 21
Femmasteren is a family-run hotel and hostel. Consisting of 8 hotel rooms with private bathrooms and 16 hostel rooms with shared bathrooms. Nice wellness area with wilderness bath and sauna (read more on the website), cozy courtyard and beautiful front garden, fireplace living room with cozy nook. You can always buy and enjoy a refreshment with us. We are located right next to Havnegade with a view of Langeland. Short distance to the beach, Smokehouse, forest, water/playground and marina.
78 Ærø Svendborg VISIT ÆRØ´S SISTER ISLAND LANGELAND - with a direct ferry to/from Marstal 152 km of coastline 250 km of cycle routes 136 km of walking routes Langeland offers: Find inspiration for your visit at www.govisitlangeland.com Walking
Shelters Find the perfect route for you, form a short walk of a couple of hours, a mini-holiday to a weeks hiking with a rucksack A real hotspot for watersports. Ideal conditions for SUP boarding, kitesurfing, underwater hunting & angling The beautiful countryside and bicycle friendly roads are perfect for anything from a cycling holiday to a couple of carefully chosen excursions The island is home to many artists and artisans. Visit the 12 unique ‘art towers’ scatte- red around the island A world class geological attraction. Enjoy
good walk and learn more about how
was formed...
historic seaside market town, offering great service and a
of spe-
shops where you can taste
Town Beautiful Nature Art & Crafts
Routes &
the the
Funen Archipelago
wide range
152 km of Coastline Nature guiding for everyone, walking paths plus an organic farm shop and café
Gods Experience underground bunkers, a submarine on land, an obstacle course for children or simply enjoy a ”langelænder” from the forts sausage-stand… Cold War MuseumLangelandsfort
Castle Town
Tranekær Experience the Castle’s Park with its ”land-art”installations , the red castle, a Medicine Garden, the “hyggelige” restaurants and the invisible theater...
Ristinge Klint
79 …Ærø’s only local bank and we are here to stay! No matter where you are in your life, Rise Sparekasse is always ready to help you! St. Rise Landevej 10 · 5970 Ærøskøbing · +45 62 52 14 08 Reberbanen 58 · DK-5960 Marstal Bregninge Møllevej 3 · DK-5970 Ærøskøbing TLF. +45 62 58 13 13 info@jesperbus.dk COACHES AT HOME AND ABROAD ÆRØ TURISTFART Jesper Bus - GB - 4-12-2017 7:40 Jesper Bus - GB.indd 1 04/12/17 07.40 SØBY min)(55Søby-Fynshav Havnevejen Søby-Faaborg (60 min) ØSTERBRO VAH NEVEJEN KommensKystvejen Agre Mose-vej HavevejMøllemarksvejen Dokvej Søby vejTværNørre-vænget NørrebroMose-gårdsvej B u evej Langebro K æ r v e j S ø b ka k evej Nørrebro Lodsgyden vejMinesSøby Havn Alleen Ellehøjvej Rummes Agre Bromaj Langvrætte Skelhave Røndal Blæshøj Bakke Kapp e l høj Lærkevej Præstevæng e t Jørbæksvej Buevej Abildvej VesterMøllebakke Nørrevejen Søby Nørremarksvej Biografvej Skovvejen Søndervejen Lebymarksvej Vorbjerg Skov Vitsø Høj-lundsvej Stenagre SØBYLANDEVEJ Søbygaard Vester Mølle Vitsø Mølle Søby Mølle Søbygårdsvej 3 2 4 Søby Camping Skjoldnæs Lighthouse Marstal 23 km Ærøskøbing 17 km LEBY Søby Stadion Laaddenbjerg Plantage Ærø Golf Course SøbyVestermark 1 Benzin Herregårdsruten Marina Øhavsstien Bike track N8 to Ærøskøbing 1. Tourist information 2. Harbour office 3. ATM 4. Manor Houses
80 Bike trackN8 to Søby Ærøskøbing-Svendborg (75 min) VestreStrandvej Vesterstrand ÆRØSKØBING Søtoften Søkildevej Bjerget SøvængetStrandvejen Ærøskøbing Campingplads ByagervejHolmevænget Vilh. AndersensVej Idrætsplads Arrebohallen Bowlinghal Helikopter landingsplads Sygehusvejen KildehavenTværvejNyvej Tværstykkerne Gilleballetofte Ærøskøbing Havn Baggårde SmedegadeJomfruvejen NørregadeGydenBrogade Ærø Friskole Statene SluttergydenVestergade Vråvejen Bag-gavle Moseager Vesterbro Søndergade Pilebækken Torvet Øster-gade Bøssehage Smedevejen Lerbækken Vråvejen Øsemarksvej Løkken Kærlighedsstien Benzin Lunden EinarsSti Molestien VRÅ VESTER ALLÉ BYMARKSVEJ TIVOLI MØLLEBAKKEN Bike track 92 to Marstal Søby 17 km Marstal 13 km Øhavsstien Øhavsstien Svendborg Det Gamle Værft 6 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 7 8 9 Herregårdsruten Marina 1. Tourist information 2. Library 3. Ferry office 4. Hospital 5. Museum 6. Police 7. Harbour office 8. Wedding office 9. ATM ærørøgeri.dk Ærøskøbing Røgeri serve Oven-baked fish fillet and French Fries without deep Fry. Alaska pollock or warm fish cake With French fries and remoulade Is ready in no time. No-Fry French fries in boxes with remoulade Oven-baked Alaska-pollack with french fries and remoulade 34,- 82,-
MARSTAL Det Lille Hav
Nederste Midtmarksvej Reberbanen Primulavej Violvej Ærøgade Syrenvej Toftevejen Toftevænget Østergade C. Christensensvej Teglrenden Teglgade Filosofgangen Enighedsstræde Havne-pladsen Dampskibsbroen Paketkajen kajenHonnørbroenHollænder- Pakhusvej PrinsebroenSandkajen Værftsvej Sandpladserne Søndre Værft Beddingsvej Værftskajen Thomsens Plads Kulpladsen Sønderrenden Stejlepladsen Sejlmagervej Rasmus Havnefogeds Sti Bag Klint Taget Egehovedvej Gasværksvej Søndergade SnaregadeP.M.Gang Møllergade Færgestræde Nissens Have Vinkel- stræde Buegade Fiolstræde Herluf Trollesgade Korsgade Nygade Havnegade Skolegade PrinsensStrandSkipperToldbod-Sølvgade gadegadegadestræde BrøndstrædeDronningestræde Skovgyden Bredgade Danmarksgade Mellemgade Bondebygade Halvejen Grønnegade Willemoesgade Hvidtfeldtsgade Niels Juelsgade Tordenskjoldsgade NygadeMøllerLærkegade Markgade Strandstræde KONGENSGADE NørregadeNørrevænget Brigvej Galeasevej Barkvej Bymøllevej Barkvej Jagtvej Skonnertvej Reberbanen VestergadeSkramsgadePeder Rønnevej Plantagevej Ellenet Østersøvej Egeh oved v e j P.E. Pålssons Vej Reberbanen Solkrogen KONGEN SGADE KIRKESTRÆDE Vestergade Kirkestræde 4. Maj Stræde Marstal Kirke Torvecenter Marstal Stadion Marstal Navigationsskole Toftegårdsskoven Ærøhallen Marstal Skole Marstal Ældrecenter Solfangeranlæg Egehoved Skov Skovgyden VESTERGADE Tværgade Østersøvej Søndertoften Søndergade Marina Birkholm Kalkovnen 6 5 4 4 2 7 8 1 3 Rudkøbing MarstalBirkholm (ca 30 min.) Marstal - Rudkøbing – ca. 50 min. Søby 23 km Ærøskøbing 13 km Benzin Benzin HerregårdsrutenØhavsstien 1. Tourist information 2. Museum 3. Library 4. ATM 5. Harbour office 6. Pharmacy 7. Doctor 8. Ferry office Oven-baked Alaska-pollack with bread, butter and remoulade Fisch-cake With French fries and remoulade 62,- 54,-

List of advertisers

Accounting firms

Deloitte 72

Airlines / Airfield

Starling Air 63 Ærø Flyveplads 68

Arts and Crafts

Den Gamle Isenkram . . . 58 Zac'n Grey 59

Arts / Galleries / Yarns

Galleri Rusager . . . . . . 50

Sommer Skulptur Søby 50 Fies Strik 53

Ceciliasminde Håndvævning 53

Dietmar’s Skulpturhave 53 Karin Falter 60

Ærøpigen . . . . . . . . 66

Kunst Art School . . . . . 66 Galleri Rita Lund Malerier 68 Hildas Atelier 71 Det Røde Pakhus . . . . . 72

Banks Rise Sparekasse 79

Bicycle rentals

Pilebækkens Cykler 58 Hotel Ærøhus 60 Sejl- og Presenningsservice ApS 68

Bookstore Creutz Boghandel . . . . 57

Books / Ærø literature

Forlaget Mark & Storm 62, 73 Ærø Museum . . . . . . . 55 Marstal Søfartsmuseum . . 67

Breweries / Distilleries / Wine

Ærø Vin 52 Ærø Whisky . . . . . . . 56 Ærø Bryggeri 61

Camping sites

Solbo Grønt . . . . . . . 50 Søby Strand Camping 52, 75 Ærø Feriehytter & camping . . . . . . . 57, 75 Marstal Camping 72, 75

Car hire

Autogården 63 Ærø Autocenter . . . . . . . 64

Carriers / Hauliers Ærø Redningskorps . . . . . 56

Chandlery / Sailmaker

Sejl- og Presenningsservice ApS 68

Charity shops Røde Kors 57


Ærø Gårdbutik, Uldgården 49 Tøjshoppen 54 Linen by Krebs . . . . . . . . 54 Chr H 71

Coaches / Excursions Jesper Bus 79

Concerts Søbygaardkoncerterne 50

District heating Ærøskøbing Fjernvarme 60 Marstal Fjernvarme . . . . . 64


Ærø Soap . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Den Gamle Købmandsgaard 54

Estate agents Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Øbolig 71 Bedre Bolig Salg 72

Ferry services Ærø Færgerne 57 ÆrøXpressen . . . . . . . . . 65

Florists Ærø Blomster & Havecenter 73


Danbo, Bolighuset Søby 51 Ærø Møbler A/S . . . . . . . . 54 Golf Ærø Golf Klub . . . . . . . . 52

Guided tours and workshops Hattesens Konfektfabrik . . . 59

Groceries / Supermarkets

Dagli’ Brugsen . . . . . . 51

Horse riding Ærø Rideklub 57

Hotels / Inns / Restaurants

Ærøskøbing Røgeri 48, 80-81, 84 Hotel Ærøhus 42-43, 76 Café Arthur . . . . . . . . 50 Krogkildegård 53 Gæstgiveri Bregninge 53, 76 Lendas Grill’er . . . . . . 54 Den Gamle Købmandsgaard 54 Arnfeldt 54, 76

Landbogaarden 57 Bang's Mad & Vinbar . . . 58 Blåbær Gårdbutik 58 Restaurant Amoremare 58 Vindeballe Kro . . . . . 60, 76 På Torvet . . . . . . . . 60, 76 Badehotel Harmonien 60, 76 Keerth Pizza & Grill 63 Skipperpark . . . . . . . 63 Prinsebroen 63 Femmasteren 63, 77 Hotel Marstal . . . . . . 64, 77 Miss Sophy . . . . . . . . 69 Ærø Hotel 69, 77 Fru Berg 71 Hotel Udsigten . . . . . 71, 77 Burger House 72

Kiosks / Ice cream Havnekiosken Marstal . . . 73

Libraries Ærø Folkebibliotek 71

Motorcars / Repairs Dunkær Auto-Service 53 Autogården 63 Ærø Autocenter . . . . . 64


Ærø Museum 55 Hammerichs Hus 61 Marstal Søfartsmuseum . . 67

Open workshops

Det Gamle Værft . . . . . 56

Petrol Pilebækkens Cykler . . . . 58


Marstal Apotek 66

Plumbing / Heating service Ærø Maskiner & VVS A/S . . . 53

Print and paper Søstærk 58

Public administration Ærø Kommune 2

Rescue and salvage Ærø Redningskorps . . . . . 56

Sailor’s hot tub & sauna Femmasteren . . . . . . . . 72


Kunsthøjskolen på Ærø 50 Ærø HF 72

Self-catering / Guesthouses / Cottages

Feriehusudlejning 59

MOB Sommerhusudlejning 64 Pension Vestergade 44 . 59, 77

Shoes Freddy Sko 68

Sightseeing flights Starling Air 63


Ærøskøbing Røgeri 48, 80-81, 84 Prinsebroen . . . . . . . . . 63

Timber / D-I-Y stores Stark 66, 70

Tourist information Visit Langeland 78

Travel agents

Ærø Tours . . . . . . . . . . 73

Youth hostels Femmasteren 63, 77 Villa Blomberg 77, 83


Holidays at Villa Blomberg

The charming hostel Villa Blomberg with the beautiful location just outside the prize-winning old market town of Ærøskøbing in quiet surroundings between Smedevejen, the nearby bus stop, and Nevrestien, the path where you can walk or bike right along the coast from Ærøskøbing to Marstal.

We have 25 rooms accommodating a total of 60 guests.

The hostel is located in the middle of the island and and makes an excellent base for touring the island or for an overnight stay on your way. The hostel may also be booked by larger groups on a family outing, a school camp, etc. We also have a well equipped guest kitchen with dining room, lounge, billiard room and a large garden with play tower and sand pit for the children, football pitch, bonfire site and shelters.

83 See details on our website where you can also book rooms:  www.villablomberg.dk  +45 62 52 10 44  vb@villablomberg.dk
15, 5970 Ærøskøbing
Villa Blomberg
Ærøskøbing Vandrehjem
– The hostel with the great views! Stay at our great old hostel Villa
Blomberg and enjoy the sea views.

- seven days a week

Ærøskøbing Røgeri is a seafood restaurant in unpretentious settings – open every day of the week from April to October. Here you may enjoy a quick lunch – a light evening meal – or, during the peak season, order Salmon or Halibut, hot smoked or steamed, with salad, baguette and dressing. And choose between potato salad, potato gratin or french fries with hollandaise.

All smoked fish menues are served with bread and butter, a green salad, potato salad or with no-fry fries. For this, draft beer, wine, water or 100% Funen apple juice are served. Every day of the week we also serve coffee, cappuccino, café latte, hot chocolate – or even SKARØ ice cream.


You may also choose take-away smoked fish any day of the week - even vacuumpacked. All menus may be packed for take-away – with 100%-compostable cutlery – this will make you ready for a trip into Ærø’s nature – or for your

Smoked herring with bread and butter 52,with 2 herrings 72,Sun over Ærø with bread and butter 62,with 2 herrings 82,Smoked herring with potato salad 62,with 2 herrings 82,Smoked mackerel fillet with bread and butter 62,Smoked mackerel fillet with potato salad 76,Smoked trout without bones with bread and butter 68,Fishcakes with bread, butter and remoulade 42,Smoked trout without bones with potato salad 82,Fishcakes with potato salad 54,with 2 fishcakes 65,Hot smoked salmon with bread and butter 86,Smoked butter mackerel with bread and butter 86,Hot smoked halibut with bread and butter 86,Hot smoked halibut with potato salad 99,Hot smoked salmon Faroe Island with potato salad 99,Hot smoked butter mackerel with potato salad 99,Salmon salad with flutes and butter 54,Cold smoked salmon with flutes and dressing 54,200 g hot smoked shrimp with bread and butter 69,Smoked eel with bread and butter 79,Pickled herring with bread and butter 46,Freid herring with bread and butter 46,Salad with cucumber, carrot and dressing 34,Smoked mussels with bread, mayo and lemon 62,French fries in boxes with remoulade 34,Butter mackerel with salad, bread and dressing 94,Grilled chicken with salad, bread and dressing 94,Hot smoked salmon with salad, bread and dressing 94,Oven-baked Alaska-pollack with bread, butter and remoulade 62,Fishcakes with french fries and remoulade 54,Oven-baked Alaska-pollack with french fries and remoulade 82,- without frying - without frying - without frying Sandwich with hot smoked salmon and dressing 79,Sandwich with hot smoked butter mackerel 79,Sandwich with hot smoked halibut and dressing 79,Sandwich with cold smoked salmon and dressing 69,- grilled chicken and curry dressing 69,Sandwich with fishcakes and remoulade 44,- without frying ærørøgeri.dk Hot-smoked fillet of herring 100 g DKK 16.00 Hot-smoked whole mackerel 100 g DKK 15.00 Hot-smoked fillet of mackerel 100 g DKK 26.00 Glacier spring trout without bones each DKK 44.00 Hot-smoked salmon 100 g DKK 43.00 Hot-smoked Butter Mackerel 100 g DKK 43.00 Hot-smoked halibut 100 g DKK 43.00 Cold-smoked salmon 100g DKK 56.00 Hand-cut salmon ........... 50 g+ DKK 32.00 Smoked eel 100 g DKK 58.00 Fish cakes each DKK 14.00 Hot-smoked shrimps ........ 100 g DKK 23.00 Take away Sunday 2 April until Friday 23 June seven days a week 11am - 7pm Peak season Saturday 24 June until Saturday 19 August seven days a week 11am - 9pm Late summer Sunday 20 August until Saturday 21 October seven days a week 11am - 7pm Opening hours 2023
Super-Salmon from Faroe-Islands without GMO and antibiotics
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