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“There is no more musical, inventive, volatile, or entertaining dancemaker currently afoot...Morris alone is infusing American modern dance with the freshness that may rescue it from weary formula and resuscitate it for a younger generation.” - San Francisco Examiner

What a weird and wonderful year we’ve had. So many surprises and some dreams come true. The company is dancing wonderfully all over the world all the time. I’m making up new dances whenever I get a chance. It is my job and my delight. The Mark Morris Dance Center is thriving and expanding to include everyone who’s interested. We are welcoming more and more people to our world. That’s what we want. We are preparing to add 3 new studios, rearrange the existing space, and fix the parts of the Dance Center that are showing wear. This work is crucial, and we’ll be counting on our community for support. We keep going, convinced that our open and willing approach has real value; that kindness, excellence, and inclusivity can truly influence. We work every day to share our optimism with our local community and the world. We are happy and proud to continue! Thank you for being an active participant.

Mark Morris Artistic Director


For 37 years, the Mark Morris Dance Group has remained committed to its mission to develop, promote, and sustain dance, music, and opera productions by Mark Morris and to serve as a cultural resource to engage and enrich the community.

Photo: Pure Dance Items, Stephanie Berger

Formed in 1980, the Mark Morris Dance Group remains one of the world’s most influential and compelling dance companies. Based in Brooklyn, New York and comprised of 18 fulltime dancers, MMDG is known for its exceptional artistry, musicality, versatility, intellect, humor, and humanity and its commitment to providing access to the arts. Together with the MMDG Music Ensemble, the Dance Group performs works from its 150+ repertory and engages people of all ages and abilities worldwide through inclusive arts education programs. Mark Morris regularly conducts performances and continues to choreograph several new dances each year. The Dance Group now looks ahead to its 40th anniversary in 2020, with several initiatives underway including capital expansion, capacity-building, archival and legacy projects.


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Pepperland was commissioned by American Dance Festival, Durham, North Carolina; BAM, Brooklyn, N the Sony Centre, Toronto, Canada; Cal Performances, UC Berkeley, California; Celebrity Series of Boston U.K.; Dance Consortium, U.K.; Hopkins Center for the Arts, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshi Connecticut; The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.; Krannert Center fo Champaign; La Jolla Music Society, La Jolla, California; Meyer Sound, Berkeley, California; Seattle Thea The Arts, Costa Mesa, California; UCSB Arts & Lectures, Santa Barbara, California; and White Bird, Portl


New York; Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity with n, Massachusetts; The City of Liverpool, England, ire; International Festival of Arts & Ideas, New Haven, or the Performing Arts, University of Illinois at Urbanaatre Group, Seattle, Washington; Segerstrom Center for land, Oregon.


Mark Morris’ Pepperland, based on music by The Beatles, received an outpouring of support from commissioning partners worldwide.

PEPPERLAND In celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the City of Liverpool, England invited Mark Morris to create a new work inspired by this watershed album. Pepperland premiered at Liverpool’s Royal Court to great acclaim, earning recognition as the U.K.’s Show of the Year (The Times of London). The work, performed to an original score by jazz pianist Ethan Iverson, was made possible through the generous support of an unprecedented roster of 17 commissioning partners. They span the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom; are based in towns, cities, and on university campuses; and include both nonprofit and for-profit entities. This model of funding, with multiple arts institutions joining together to commission a piece often years before it will reach their stages, is unique and serves as a model for collaborative underwriting for the creation of dance. Pepperland will continue to tour to commissioning partner venues through 2019.

Large photo: Robbie Jack Small photos: Robbie Jack (1, 2), Gareth Jones (3, 4)

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Uniquely prolific, Mark Morris adds 2-3 new works each year to an acclaimed repertory of 180+ dances, ballets, and operas.

REPERTORY AND NEW WORKS The Mark Morris Dance Group premiered Pure Dance Items, Numerator, and Layla and Majnun in addition to Pepperland and presented repertory highlights such as the beloved classic, The Hard Nut. Pure Dance Items, an intricate work for twelve dancers set to excerpts of Terry Riley’s Salome Dances for Peace, premiered at Sounds of India, a program curated by Morris as part of Lincoln Center’s annual White Light Festival that included dance, theatre and music performances, talks, films, photogrpahy, workshops and master classes. Numerator, a work for six dancers set to Lou Harrison’s five-part Varied Trio for violin, piano, and percussion premiered at the Tanglewood Music Center as part of Lou 100: In Honor of the Divine Mr. Harrison, a program of four dances in celebration of the centennial of Harrison’s birth. The evening-length Layla and Majnun, Morris’ stunning collaboration with the Silkroad Ensemble and world-renowned Azerbaijani mugham singers Alim Qasimov and Fargana Qasimova continued touring to commissioning partner locations: Meany Center for the Performing Arts, University of Washington, Seattle; University Musical Society, Ann Arbor; and Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College. Layla and Majnun tours through 2018.

Large photo: The Hard Nut, Julieta Cervantes Small photos (L to R): O Rangasayee, Stephanie Berger; Numerator, Christopher Duggan; Serenade, Ani Collier; Pure Dance Items, Stephanie Berger

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CAPTIVATING TOUR HIGHLIGHTS MMDG’s tour engagements included 12 U.S. cities and its debut in Liverpool, England. In addition to the Dance Group’s annual performances at Cal Performances, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, and the Center for the Arts at George Mason University, the season was distinguished by appearances at several prominent dance and music festivals. MMDG presented both new work and perennial favorites at Tanglewood, Virginia Arts Festival, and Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival and Mostly Mozart Festival where Morris’ 2006 eveninglength masterwork, Mozart Dances, celebrated its 10th anniversary and culminated the historic Festival’s 50th anniversary program.




The Mark Morris Dance Group is a global leader in excellence, collaboration, cultural exchange, and education.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT & EDUCATION The Mark Morris Dance Group is committed to providing access to the arts through meaningful community engagement, a principle that has remained essential to Morris and the Dance Group for nearly 40 years. Prioritizing service to under-resourced communities, the Dance Group provides a substantial, integrated program of dance, music, and visual arts learning opportunities in NYC and in locations where MMDG tours. Conducted in collaboration with presenters and community partners, the Dance Group’s customized arts and humanities initiatives inspire a deep level of audience experience. Opportunities include free and affordable dance and fitness classes, such as Dance with MMDG, Get Fit with MMDG, and Dance for PDŽ; music-based programs including concerts, symposiums and discussions with Mark Morris; film screenings and photography exhibitions; roundtable discussions and master classes. Launched this year, the Mark Morris Dance Accompaniment Training Program underscores the importance of music in the dance studio and further advances the profession of dance accompaniment for pianists, percussionists, and various other instrumentalists.

Large photo: Mozart Dances, Richard Termine Small photos (L to R): Dance with MMDG at Cal Performances, Jen Rossi; Teatro Poncicelli, Italy, Johan Henckens; Seattle Town Hall, photographer unknown; master class in Austin, Daniel Cavazos

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The Mark Morris Dance Center is a vibrant cultural hub for local residents and artists and an essential site for arts education.

STUDIOS, SUBSIDIZED RENTAL SPACE, WELLNESS CENTER The Mark Morris Dance Center is a trailblazer in dance and music education and the permanent home of MMDG since 2001. It has been integral in the development of the flourishing Brooklyn Cultural District. Now operating at full capacity, the 42,000-square foot building includes six studios, and the James and Martha Duffy Performance Space. These studios and ancillary spaces are available to the NYC creative community and to nonprofit organizations at greatly reduced, subsidized rates. This year, MMDG provided more than 9,000 hours of subsidized studio time to local artists working within many disciplines. The Wellness Center, housed inside the Dance Center, provides vital resources for company dancers, program participants, and the general public. Located on the second floor, it houses state-ofthe-art exercise equipment, private treatment rooms, and a team of forward-thinking practitioners in physical therapy, medical nutrition therapy, personal training, osteopathic medicine, Pilates, acupuncture, and massage.

Large photo: Justine Cooper Small photos (L to R): Robert W. Cole Studio, Johan Henckens; Wellness Center, Carolyn Krienke; James & Martha Duffy Performance Space, Johan Henckens; Studio A, Beowulf Sheehan

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The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center’s program of dance and music instruction for children and teens inspires creativity and instills a lasting interest in the arts.

THE SCHOOL The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center celebrates dance and music through an engaging, progressive curriculum. Reflective of the long-held tenets of the Mark Morris Dance Group, all classes are accompanied by live music and focus on technique, musicality, and artistic expression in a joyful, nurturing, and inclusive environment. The exceptional faculty is composed of current and former MMDG dancers and a dedicated, experienced team of teaching and performing artists. In the past year, professional development was expanded for faculty and musicians to further ensure the cohesive training that aligns with Mark Morris’ approach in the studio. In addition to serving over 2,400 students in 127 classes each week, The School has made a committment to family engagement through the arts, expanding the Family Fun Series programming and ensuring direct access and connection to the Dance Group through free, monthly Dance with MMDG classes that highlight current Mark Morris repertory.

Large photo: Ballet, Florianne Jalac; Small photos (L to R): Boys Dance, Tap Dance, Creative Dance, Modern Dance, Florianne Jalac



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The Mark Morris Dance Center attracts thousands of students throughout NYC, strongly reflecting the dynamism and diversity of the city. ADULT CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, MASTER CLASSES, INTENSIVES Expanded adult programming brought dance to more people, demonstrating that dance is for anybody. The master class series, which included collaborations with cultural partners such as BAM and Lincoln Center, was opened to more levels and abilities, with classes that highlighted inclusivity and adaptive opportunities. These classes featured nationally and internationally renowned teachers, directors, and choreographers spanning all styles of dance and physical theater. Adult class offerings were also expanded, providing multiple ways to explore, create, and perform through weekly classes and workshops, and special events. The new SharedSpace program brought a much-needed platform for emerging choreographers to showcase their work and receive audience feedback, and created additional ways for the public to interact with dance.

Large photo: Jazz & Hip Hop at Open House, Prince Lang Small photos (L to R): Gaga dance class, Gadi Dagon; MMDG Winter Repertory Workshop, Francois Leloup-Collet; Open House yoga class, Prince Lang; Salsa, photographer unknown; Samba, Aileen Malogan



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Access to the arts is a core value of the Mark Morris Dance Group’s programming.

EDUCATION & ENGAGEMENT This year educational residencies and engagement programs provided nearly 2,000 children, teens, seniors and family and community members with opportunities to experience the joy of dance with live music. Programs were held at the Dance Center, in 16 Brooklyn/NYC schools, and NYCHA and community centers throughout the city. All programs concluded with direct engagement with the company, through performances, Q&A sessions, and opportunities to perform alongside company members or participate in lecture/demonstrations. MMDG’s programming is centered around access, community, creative choice and artistic excellence. Residencies provide students with a progressive and inclusive learning environment across 7-38 weeks of instruction customized to each location’s needs and aspirations. Residencies include MMDG’s flagship arts education program Dance, Music and Literacy (based on Morris’ L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato), American Dance Project, and technique in a variety of genres. Adaptive dance residencies and masterclasses serving children and adults with disabilities are a growing focus of MMDG programs. This year included classes for visually impaired pre-school children, teens with autism, and teens and adults with developmental disabilities.

Large photo: Dance with MMDG, Prince Lang Small photos(L to R): Dance, Music, & Literacy Project showing, Florianne Jalac; Dance Accompaniment Training Program, NYU/Filip Wolak; Saratoga Community Center, photographer unknown; American Dance Project, Lindsey Mandolini



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Dance for PD® is a groundbreaking, life-enhancing program that shares the joy of dance and music with people living with Parkinson’s disease in 24 countries.

DANCE FOR PD® The program, which started with a single class in Brooklyn in 2001, aims to increase coordination, balance, fluidity, and a sense of community through music and movement from a broad range of dance styles. In classes led by professionallytrained dancers and musicians, participants are inspired to experience the grace, empowerment, and joy of dance with live music in a social, fun, and safe environment. Over the past year, Dance for PD provided accessible group classes in more than 250 communities around the world. The program expanded its free class offerings in New York City and offered comprehensive teacher training in Denmark, Sweden, China, Portugal, and South Korea. With support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Dance for PD partnered with neuroscientists at Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia University in New York to design and conduct clinical research studying benefits of dance for people with Parkinson’s. A streaming portal, master classes, and an internationally-acclaimed instructional DVD series delivered engaging, inspiring content to individuals from Singapore to Sioux Falls who choose to dance at home.

Large photo: Ellis Gaskell Small photos (L to R): Dance for PD East Side, Dance for PD Brooklyn, Dance for PD Downtown, Dance for PD Queens, Dance for PD Brooklyn; all photos courtesy of Ellis Gaskell



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Discalced, Inc. dba Mark Morris Dance Group ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Mark Morris EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Nancy Umanoff BOARD OF DIRECTORS Judith R. Fishman, Chairman David Resnicow, Vice-Chairman Mark Selinger, Vice-Chairman Isaac Mizrahi, Secretary Sarabeth Berman Frederick Bland Allan Bufferd Margaret Conklin Shelby Gans Sandy Hill Suzy Kellems Dominik Timothy J. McClimon Helen Meyer Mark Morris Ellen Offner Jane Stine Nancy Umanoff DANCE FOR PD® ADVISORY BOARD Ellen Offner, M.B.A., Chair Ivan Bodis-Wollner, M.D., Sc.D., Research Committee Chair Toby Beazley Allan Bufferd, Sc.D., J.D. Linda Burt, M.A. Bevil Conway, Ph.D. Emme Levin Deland, M.B.A. Penny H. Feldman, Ph.D. Brad Fluegel, IL Pam Gill, R.N., M.A. Gene Gurkoff, Esq. Patrick Haggard, Ph.D., Mark Hallett, M.D. Claire Henchcliffe, M.D., D.Phil. Stacey Lee, M.S.W. Eve Marder, Ph.D. Cynthia McRae, Ph.D. Eli Pollard R. Lucia Riddle Robert T. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D. Edward I. Rudman Susan Sherwin Laurita Thomas DANCERS Chelsea Acree, Mica Bernas, Sam Black, Durell R. Comedy, Rita Donahue, Domingo Estrada, Jr., Lesley Garrison, Lauren Grant, Sarah Haarmann, Brian Lawson, Aaron Loux, Laurel Lynch, Stacy Martorana, Dallas McMurray, Brandon Randolph, Nicole Sabella, Billy Smith, Noah Vinson, Jenn Weddel, Michelle Yard REHEARSAL DIRECTOR Matthew Rose MUSIC DIRECTOR Colin Fowler

MUSICIANS This year MMDG engaged more than 100 musicians as part of the MMDG Music Ensemble Key Instrumentalists: Robert Belinic, Hank Heijink, Ethan Iverson, Andrew Janss, Wolfram Koessel, Stefan Schatz, Yegor Shevtsov, Jessica Troy, Georgy Valtchev Key Vocalists: Isaiah Bell, Clinton Curtis, Zach Finkelstein, Daniel Moody, Sherezade Panthaki, Yulia Van Doren, Douglas Williams Guest Artists: Stephanie Blythe, Alim Qasimov, Fargana Qasimova, Silkroad Ensemble PRODUCTION STAFF Technical Director, Johan Henckens Lighting Supervisors, Kate Bayshore, Nick Kolin Sound Supervisor, Rory Murphy Costume Coordinator, Stephanie Sleeper Wardrobe Supervisors, Maria Garcia, Jennifer Perry ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Chief Financial Officer, Elizabeth Fox Human Resources Manager, Rebecca Hunt IT Director, Aleksandr Kanevskiy Finance Manager, Sonja Kostich Finance Associate, Natalia Kurylak General Manager, Huong Hoang Associate General Manager, Geoff Chang Company Manager, Jen Rossi Management Assistant, Julia Weber Administrative Assistant, Marianny Loveras Director of Development, Michelle Amador Manager of Institutional Giving, Sophie Mintz Individual Giving Officer, Tyler Mercer Development Associate, Makayla Santiago Director of Marketing, Karyn LeSuer Marketing Manager, Brenton Chapman Marketing & Communications Associate, Julie Dietel Content Producer, Jack Gillard Director of Education, Sarah Marcus School Director, Kelsey Allison Education Programs Coordinator, Rachel Merry Community Education Programs Manager , Alexandra Rose Outreach Director, Eva Nichols Dance for PD®Program Director, David Leventhal Dance for PD®Program Coordinator, Maria Portman Kelly Archive Project Manager, Stephanie Neel Archive Project Associate, Sandra Aberkalns Retail Store Manager, Janice Gerlach Operations Manager, Elise Gaugert Facilities Manager, Mark Sacks Rentals and Office Manager, Erica Marnell Front Desk Manager, Jillian Greenberg Front Desk Assistants, Tyrone Bevans, Alyssa Filoramo, Liz Law, Roxie Maisel, Tiffany McCue, Laura Merkel, Aria Roach, Zoe Walders Maintenance, Jose Fuentes, Hector Mazariegos, Andy Rivera, Justin Sierra, Arturo Velazquez


EXTERNAL TEAM Booking Representative, Michael Mushalla / Double M Arts and Events Media Services, William Murray / Better Attitude, Inc. Legal Counsel, Mark Selinger / McDermott, Will & Emery Development Consultants, Dunch Arts Accounting Firm, O’Connor, Davis, Munns & Dobbins LLP Orthopaedist, David S. Weiss, MD / NYU-HJD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Physical Therapist, Marshall Hagins Hilot Therapist, Jeff Cohen INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT MMDG gratefully acknowledges these funders: Amazon Kenneth Aidekman Family Foundation American Express The Amphion Foundation, Inc. Arnow Family Fund Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Inc. Bank of America Matching Gift Program Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners, LLP Booth Ferris Foundation Bossak/Heilbron Charitable Foundation Cavali Foundation Chervenak-Nunnalle Foundation Joseph and Joan Cullman Foundation for the Arts Dance Party for Parkinsons, Inc. Dau Family Foundation The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art EstÊe Lauder Companies ExxonMobile Matching Gift Program The Joseph C. and Esther Foster Foundation Google Matching Gift Program Marta Heflin Foundation Howard Gilman Foundation The Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation Guggenheim Partners Matching Gifts The Harkness Foundation for Dance IBM Matching Gift Program The Henry Luce Foundation The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation JP Morgan Chase & Co. Kinder Morgan Foundation The Langworthy Foundation Leatherwood Foundation McDermott Will & Emery Merck Partnership for Giving Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Morgan Stanley & Co. Harris A. Berman & Ruth Nemzoff Family Foundation New England Foundation for the Arts New Music USA New York Life Foundation Stavros Niarchos Foundation PARC Foundation Pfizer Matching Gift Program The L.E. Phillips Family Foundation Poss-Kapor Foundation The Pinkus Foundation Resnikow + Associates The Jerome Robbins Foundation Rolex

Billy Rose Foundation The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation San Antonio Area Foundation Schneer Foundation SingerXenos The SHS Foundation The Shubert Foundation The Solon E. Summerfield Foundation, Inc. Viad Corp. The White Cedar Fund Zeitz Foundation Public funding for MMDG has been provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, Council Member Helen Rosenthal, the New York City Department for the Aging, the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and the National Endowment for the Arts. LEGACY GIVING Individuals who name the Mark Morris Dance Group in estate plans through bequests, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and beneficiary designations, ensure a strong future for the organization. MMDG gratefully acknowledges legacy gifts in fiscal year 2017 from: The Herman Liebmann Foundation in honor of Lisa Liebmann Adams, Joan Nordell in honor of H. Roderick Nordell, The Stanley J. Wertheimer Trust FRIENDS OF MARK MORRIS DANCE GROUP MMDG extends heartfelt gratitude to the more than 1,500 individuals generously giving at all levels this year and recognizes the following donors who made significant investments of $1,000 or more to support programs:

Suzy Kellems Dominik, Elizabeth Amy Liebman, Meyer Sound/Helen and John Meyer. Shelby and Frederick Gans, Isaac Mizrahi and Arnold Germer, Margaret Conklin and David Sabel, Jane and R.L. Stine. Anonymous, Lynn B. Glaser, Judith R. and Alan H. Fishman, Sandy Hill, Macduff and Twyla Hughes, Marlene Mandel, Mark Morris, Ellen and Arnold Offner, Jamie Gorelick and Richard Waldhorn. Anonymous, Frederick and Morley Bland, Allan S. and Rhea K. Bufferd, Carolyn and Paul Cronson, Nancy Dalva, Belden and Pamela Daniels, Cynthia Hazen and Leon B. Polsky, Jennifer Goodale and Mark Russel, Stuart Miller, Nancy Umanoff, Nora Ann Wallace, The Manson Family and Stanley J. Wertheimer Fund Donors, June G. and Jeffrey Wolf. Anonymous, Jane E. Aaron, Rosalind and Walter Bernheimer, Charles and Birgit Blyth, Emily G. Buck Fund of The New York Community Trust, Natalia Bulgari, Bruce A. Cohen, Mark Selinger and Iris Cohen, Sandra L. Conrad, Ann and Dwight Ellis, Eilene Evans, June O. Goldberg, Lenore and Ed Grabowski, V Hansmann, Roberta and Joe Hellman, Madeline Hill, John S. Ireland, Carol McFate and Robert Jensen, Richard Rubinstein and Katherine Kolbert, Deborah Krulewitch, Jane and Laurence Levine, John H. Loux and Carol R. Sanders, Eve Marder Ph.D., Suzanne Berman and Timothy J. McClimon, Patricia McGrath, Phoebe Taubman and Craig Nerenberg, Robert Ouimette, Lee and Cokie Perry, Judith J. Plows, Diane E. Solway and David Resnicow, Mary-Kathryn and Richard Roelofs, Kenneth Sandler, Cindy Sherman, Ranny Cooper and David Smith, Angela and Joel Solomon, Emmanuel R. Torrijos, Dr. Mark Horowitz and Ms. Dorrine Veca, Mary R. Waters. Anonymous, Nancy Adams, Denise Andreu, Wanyong Austin and Christopher Austin, Emanuel and Yoko Ax, Lane Heard and Margaret Bauer, Marjorie E Berman, Sarabeth Berman and Evan Osnos, Ara Guzelimian and Jan Clough, Jean and Wayne Cunningham, Mary E. Darmstaetter, Sharon DeLano, Susan and Gary DeLong, Robert J. Dixon, Edith and Ed Drcar, Jean Espenshade, Thomas G. Evans, Michael and Nancy Feller, Emilio and Agnes Gautier, Carolyn George, Cheryl Green, John Kelly and Suzanne Greene, Elizabeth Grover, John Hoffee, Bev and Dave Hosokawa, Frances J. Ingebritson, Fred and Jean Leventhal, Kate D. Levin, Greg and Liz Lutz, Margaret Mastrianni, Michael B. McCulley, Andrea Likwornik Weiss and David S. Weiss, MD, Carolyn and James Millstein, Kristine Morris, Thomas W. and Jane A. Morris, Robert and Mary Munzenrider, Joan P. Nordell, Paul Palazzo, Stephen Partridge, Marjorie Randolph, Gregg Rockefeller, Carissa and Jack Schlosser, Adam Sheffer, Constance and Lawrence Slaughter, Elizabeth Rose and William Hurt Sledge, Ruth Turner, Judith Weisfuse, Rand and Karen White, Mark and Carol Willis, Robert and Sharon Yoerg, Gerard Conn and Carol Yorke, E. Richard Yulman, Joseph Yurcik.

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AMBITIOUS As we reflect on the past year, we are proud to continue a strong tradition of cultural leadership, community engagement, and financial strength. Mark Morris continues to create life-affirming work that sets a high standard for excellence in all that we do, from performances to educational classes, to work in the broader community. We are deeply grateful for the many people – dancers, musicians, collaborators, production staff, presenters, audience members, donors, public and private foundations and institutional supporters, corporate and community business partners, volunteers, work-study participants, teaching faculty, fellows, administrative staff, and Board – whose combined efforts make our work possible. As we look to the 40th anniversary in 2020, we are inspired by the opportunities ahead. We’ve laid the groundwork for greater sustainability, capital expansion, and Mark’s legacy, engaging individuals and organizations in lead support. We have had an overwhelming response from contributors like you and are now preparing for a public campaign launch in spring 2018. We look forward to sharing more details soon. Thank you for your continued commitment to the Mark Morris Dance Group.

Judith R. Fishman Board Chair

Nancy Umanoff President and Executive Director




JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017 REVENUE

$8,000,000 $7,000,000 $6,000,000 $5,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000

Earned 63%

Contributed 37%

$2,000,000 $1,000,000 $0 Net Surplus


FY 13

FY 14

FY 15

FY 16

FY 17






Total Revenue and Support Total Expenses


Program Services 80%

Support Services 20%


Dance Group & Music Ensemble



Cash and cash equivalents



Cash held in escrow



Accounts receivable







Pledges receivable




Prepaid expenses





Education & Community Programs Contributed Individual Foundation Government Corporate Investment Return Miscellaneous Income Total Revenue EXPENSES

$2,270,209 $3,045,448 $1,073,611 $1,529,423 $273,500 $168,914 $22,097 $135,895 $8,836,507

Other assets



Restricted investments









Program Services


Dance Group & Music Ensemble


Education & Community Programs


Support Services Management/General Fundraising Operating Expenses Total Results from Operations

$1,410,137 $882,143 $527,994 $8,670,480 $166,027

Property and equipment, net Total Assets LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS

Liabilities Accounts payable & accrued expenses



Deferred revenue



Total Liabilities



Mark Morris Dance Center



Board designated



Net Assets Unrestricted










Total Liabilities and Net Assets $14,962,623


Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total Net Assets


MARK MORRIS DANCE GROUP | 2017 Annual Report | page 21

MARK MORRIS DANCE GROUP 3 LAFAYETTE AVENUE BROOKLYN, NY 11217-1415 718.624.8400 info@mmdg.org www.markmorrisdancegroup.org

© 2017 Mark Morris Dance Group – All Rights Reserved Front cover photos: Serenade, Stephanie Berger; Pepperland, Robbie Jack; Mozart Dances, Richard Termine; Pure Dance Items, Stephanie Berger; Back cover photos: Open House family class, Prince Lang; Arts Immersion, Christopher Setter; Dance for PD®, Eddie Marritz

Profile for Mark Morris Dance Group

Mark Morris Dance Group - 2017 Annual Report  

Mark Morris Dance Group - 2017 Annual Report  

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