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LANDING AT THE DALLES, OREGON, CIRCA 1897 Judge Fred W. Wilson, a notable steamboat buff and resident of The Dalles, wrote of that place, "In every essential it was a river town. Men talked steamboats; they lived with them; the coming and going of the boats were the crowning activities of the day; the captains and the engineers, the pilots, mates and pursers were the best known men about the town. When evening came and the steamer's whistle was heard . . . the most interesting hour of the twenty-four had come. As the passengers reached the Umatilla House, . . . , the townsfolk gathered; old friendships were renewed, new acquaintances quickly made, the news and gossip of the outside world told to eager listeners." Here, something of this atmosphere is captured as passengers are seen debarking from the famous Bailey Cat-

zert around 1897. For a fare of $1.00 she used to provide excursion service, departing Portland at 8:00 a.m. with arrival at The Dalles at 3:00 p.m. and return to Portland at 9:30 the same evening. To the right of the photograph is the Western Queen, a 94-ton side-wheel ferry built at The Dalles in 1877 and replaced in 1898. At the extreme left are seen stacks of cordwood fuel for the river steamers. The Bailey Gatzert was built in 1890 for Puget Sound service, but was transferred to the Columbia River in 1892. She was drastically rebuilt in 1907, becoming virtually a completely different vessel. She was returned to Puget Sound in 1917 and converted to an automobile ferry. In 1926 she was laid up on Lake Union and used as a floating machine shop.





FROM THE QUARTERDECK In 1975, when the first foundation piling were driven for the Museum's new building, it did not seem possibleindeed, it did not occur to us-that completion of the facility might take six years. Neither Trustees nor staff nor contributors foresaw the ravaging effects that rampant inflation would have on our efforts to achieve a timely completion of the project. Today, on the other hand, with the building firmly scheduled to be ready for exhibit construction by the first of the year, it seems almost incredible that completion can be so close at hand. The excitement - and the extra work - attendant on the impending move are felt by all of us. A seemingly unending stream of details affecting and affected by the new building must be dealt with on a daily basis, from the location of a light switch or the height of landscape plantings, to suitable temporary storage for museum objects. In December the building itself will be complete, lacking only exhibit construction and installation. The first phase of that task-the design of effective displays for thousands of artifacts-has already begun. An exhibit designer with broad experience will join the Museum staff in November to complete the work. Construction and installation of the exhibits, and extensive preparation of objects large and small for display and interpretation, must be carried out as soon as possible if the new Museum is to open next summer. What remains to be done will be expensive, and at present there are no funds to undertake the work. This final hurdle must be cleared. Time is of the essence. Michael Naab

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a member of the crew of a square-rigger on the high seas? If so, you will be interested in the Museum's Fall series of film presentations. On Wednesday, October 22, Alan Villiers' 1933 film, "Men O' Sail, An Epic of the Seven Seas," which highlights the voyage of the grain ship Grace Harwar to Australia, will be presented. On October 29, "Cape Horn", featuring a passage of the nitrate clipper Peking from Hamburg to Chile, will be shown. Made by Irving Johnson in 1929, this is a classic among sailing ship films. Finally on Wednesday, November 19, "The Warship Vasa" will be presented. This film tells the story of the raising of a Swedish warship sunk in 1628. All movies will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Maritime Museum. No admission will be charged. For more information call the Museum at 325-2323.



REYNARD TO SPEAK AT ANNUAL MEETING Captain Kenneth D. Reynard, Master Mariner and former executive director of the Maritime Museum Association of San Diego, will be the featured speaker at this year's Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner, scheduled for Friday evening, November 7th, at the Astoria Golf and Country Club. As in years past, the evening will begin with no-host cocktails at 6:30. A superb dinner will be served at 7:30, followed by a brief business meeting, including a review of the Museum's progress and the election of six individuals to four-year terms as Trustees. After the meeting, Captain Reynard will present his remarks, capping off what promises to be a most enjoyable evening. Because space is limited, it will be necessary to limit admission to the dinner to those holding reservations. Invitations with reservation cards have been mailed to all Museum members. Reservations, accompanied by payment, should reach the Museum no later than November 4th.

Larry D. Gilmore, formerly Assistant Curator at the Mariners Museum in Newport News, Virginia, joined the Museum staff as Curator in September. A native of MiltonFreewater, Oregon, Mr. Gilmore holds a bachelor's degree from Whitman College and a masters degree in history from the University of Delaware. As Curator, he will be respon sible for all aspects of the Museum's collections, from care and conservation, to cataloguing and record keeping.

PETER J. BRIX ELECTED TO MUSEUM BOARD Museum President Ronald J. Honeyman announced in early October that Peter J. Brix of Portland, president of Knappton Corporation, has been elected to the Board of Trustees, filling a vacancy created by the death last June of Trustee Glenn Jackson. Mr. Brix will serve out the remainder of Mr. Jackson's term, which expires in 1981.

CHANGING OF THE GUARD Lightship #88 , an integral part of the Museum since 1963 , has , at the genteel age of 73 , embarked on a new career. On October 6th , under tow of a Knappton tug, she departed Astoria for Cathlamet, Washington, where her new owner, Pierre Pype, will convert her for use as a floating restaurant. The Trustees of the Museum regretfully voted to put the ship up for sale after a marine surveyor's report indicated that the cost of refurbishing her deterior ating wooden decks and deckhouses and her aging hull would be prohibitive for the Museum. Her new role seems an ideal solution in that the ship will be preserved and she will be available to the public, even though on a limited basis.

The newer lightship was built in 1950 by Rice Brothers, in East Boothbay, Maine. From 1951 until November 2nd, 1979-her entire Coast Guard career-she served as a beacon marking the entrance to the Columbia River, leaving her station only for emergency repairs or regular overhauls. Replaced by an automated, 40-foot diameter "super buoy", #604 was decommissioned last December. She has been berthed at the Tongue Point Coast Guard base since then, and will be moved into position at the Museum's 17th Street moorings before the end of the year.



Lightship #604, 1979

Lightship #88, 1963

Soon to take over #88'~ duties as the Museum's largest exhibit is Lightship #604, the last Columbia River Lightship and the last light vessel to serve on the West Coast of the United States. She has been acquired by the Museum through the federal surplus property division of the State of Oregon. Administrative fees associated with the vessel's acquisition were paid through a generous grant from founder and director Rolf Klep.

Like her predecessor, #604 will be maintained as a "live" exhibit. Visitors who walk her decks will feel her respond to the river's movements. When they leave the ship it will be with some knowledge and understanding of this unusual class of vessels and the lightshipmen who manned them. The ship is in excellent condition, and her steel decks and aluminum superstructure will be relatively easy to maintain. Her main engine and all machinery on board will be kept in operating condition, allowing for the possibility of future short cruises to other river ports, perhaps as part of a seamanship training program.

NEW MEMBERS, INCREASED MEMBERSHIPS(*) AUGUST 1 - OCTOBER 10 . PILOT Mr. Clifford B. Alterman, Portland Dr. John A . Banholzer

SUSTAINING Mr. & Mrs. Francis]. Kem, Portland Mr. A .L. Mills , Portland Mr. Walter D . Pelett, Portland*

SUPPORTING Vincent]. Benbennick, Seaside* Capt . Joseph L. Bruneau * Mr. & Mrs. Harry Claterbos, III *

CONTRIBUTING Mrs. C.M. Bishop, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. C. Delmer Boman* Donald W. Thompson, Eugene*

ANNUAL Mr. & Mrs . T . Price Beeson Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA Mrs. Eloise Forrer, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Sam Fort, Portland* Mr. & Mrs . S.L. Gregory, Beaverton R.J. Nutting III, Piedmont, CA* Mr. & Mrs. Glenn 0. Riddervold, Walnut Creek, CA Mr. Fred R. Stark, Seattle, WA

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS, AUGUST 1 - OCTOBER 10 Dr. & Mrs . Gary M. Boelling Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Browning Capt. Joe Bruneau Mrs . Nora S. Bue Mr. & Mrs. Theodore T. Bugas EDWIN BALSIGER Mr. & Mrs . Eben Carruthers Mr. & Mrs.John M. Gizdavich Mr. & Mrs. John L. Cathers Elizabeth Chisholm HELEN BLITZ Mr. & Mrs. Bob Chopping Mr. & Mrs . Walter Gadsby, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry Claterbos, Jr. Frances M. Keerins Capt. & Mrs. James T. Clune Louise D . Coe ROBERT H . COBLE Mr. & Mrs . R . Dale Collins Mr. & Mrs . Rolf Klep Columbia Memorial Hospital Columbia River Maritime Museum MAUDE A. CRAIG Auxiliary Mr. & Mrs. O.W. Beasley Mr. & Mrs . Vern Cook Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence]. Nielsen Cecil C. Cross Mrs. Irene Ochal Mr. & Mrs. Dale A . Dickinson Dr. James Dolph WILLIAM G. DAGGATT Mr. & Mrs . Trygve Duoos Mrs. E.L. Casey Mr . Joseph M. Dyer Mr. & Mrs.John M. Gizdavich Mr. & Mrs . Thomas R . Dyer Mr. & Mrs. Don Edy LINCOLN DEVEREAUX Mr. & Mrs. Jon Englund Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gadsby,Jr. Mrs. Bernice Enke Mrs. A.A. Honeyman Mr. & Mrs. Henry D. Feusner Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Forrester, Jr. HOWARD D. DORMAN Margaret Foster Mr. & Mrs. John L. Christie, Jr. Michael W . Foster Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Drucker Mrs. Vernon E. Fowler Margaret E. Green Mr. & Mrs. George C. Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Sam H. Lee Mr. & Mrs . Walter Gadsby,Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Naab Dr. & Mrs. Hoyt D. Gardner Mrs. Alice Gantenbein GEORGE GREBE Mrs. Beatrice A. Garrigues Mr. & Mrs. Ray Peterson Hugo Gensicke Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Gensicke ARTHUR GUNNAR! Capt. & Mrs. Frank Gillard Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Parkinson Mr. & Mrs.John M. Gizdavich Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. Saarni Mr. & Mrs. Alan Green, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Syvanen Mr. & Mrs. Harrison Greenough Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Gustafson,Jr. HAZEL HAMIL TON Mr. & Mrs. Herman Haggren Mr. & Mrs . Charles M. Gustafson, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Edward Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Donald Helligso RUTH HARRISON Mr. & Mrs . James Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Gustafson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Roland C. Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. Carl R . Hertig RACHEL HENDRICKS Mrs. Jean Irwin Hoffman Mr. & Mrs . Art Sandstrom Mrs . Mary B. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. L.F. Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs . Ronald]. Honeyman The Thomas Hon! Family BLAIR J. HENNINGSGAARD Ilwaco Fish Company Mr. & Mrs. George Abrahamsen Alma Jacobson EmmaJ\lm Mr. & Mrs. Arloy F. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Gunnar W. Johanson Mr. & Mrs. Paul Askinen Brig. Gen . & Mrs . J. WilsonJohnston Astoria Clinic Mr. & Mrs . Ronald E. Kaino Mr. & Mrs. Paul Autio Mr. & Mrs . Jack L. Keeler Helen C. Baker Dr. A.J. Kerbel Mr. & Mrs. Joe Bakkensen Mr. & Mrs. William R. King Dr. & Mrs. John A. Banholzer Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep Gordon K. & Debra G. Barrick Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. W. Myron Beals Mr. & Mrs. H . Ruben Kuratli Joanne Berchenbriter Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie Mrs . Frank 0 . Berg Mr. & Mrs . H .W . Lancaster LEROY C. ANDERSEN Sue Anderton Altstadt Mr. & Mrs . Arthur C . Smith

Kenneth K. Logan Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lovell Mr. & Mrs . Eugene Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Macdonald The Carl Mahnke Family Mr. & Mrs. J. Martin Mrs. Richard H . Martin Capt. & Mrs. Reino Mattila Medical Dental Center Mr. & Mrs. Michael]. Meno, III Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Carl N . Monsen Mr. & Mrs. Neil Morfitt Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Morrow Capt. & Mrs . Kenneth McAlpin Mr. & Mrs . W.F. McGregor Mr . & Mrs . Evert McNeeley Mr. & Mrs. Michael Naab Dr. & Mrs . Robert D . Neikes E. Charlene Nelson Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Niemi Mr . & Mrs . Orvo A. Nikula Mr. & Mrs. H.A. O'Bryant Mr. G . Wallis Ohler Mr. & Mrs. Steve Olienyk Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Paquet Dr. & Mrs. Timothy A . Patrick Mr. & Mrs . Bob Phillips Mr. & Mrs. George Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. John Rickman Mr. & Mrs. W.T. Ridenour Mr. & Mrs. John E. Rippet RADM & Mrs . D.L. Roscoe,Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Ross Dr. & Mrs. Frank Russell Mrs. Helen Ryan Mr. & Mrs. F. Richard Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Hugh A. Seppa Mr. & Mrs. Wesley S. Shaner Capt . & Mrs . Roger Shannon Mrs. Elsa Simonsen Mr. & Mrs. Glenn F. Smith Arthur & Rose Speke Mr. & Mrs. James S. Stacy Frances M. Straumfjord Mr. & Mrs . Arnold C. Swanson Mr. & Mrs . Harry Swanson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Deauard M. Swindler Mr . & Mrs . Dan Thiel Thompson & Taylor Realtors Mr. & Mrs . Denny Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Dick Thompson Mr. Douglas C . Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Thompson Lauren & Lee Underwood Mr. & Mrs . L.F. Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs . J. Dan Webster Mr. & Mrs. Sion Wentworth Mr. & Mrs . F.A. Westman Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Weston , Jr. Ruth A. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wolfgram Fred & Agnes Wolleson Miss Dorothy E. Wootton Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Wrenn Yergen & Meyer Mr. & Mrs . Donald Ziessler

Steamer Harvest Queen at Cathlamet, Washington, circa 1910. Note the Columbia River gillnet boats in the foreground.

RIVER LANDINGS: VIEWS FROM THE E. R. MOONEY COLLECTION Mr. Eldred Mooney of Portland has made a significant addition to the Museum's holdings by donating over 300 items from the collection of his father, the late Captain E.R. (Ray) Mooney, a well-known Columbia River Pilot. The bulk of this material relates to steamboating on the Columbia River and its tributaries or to the activities of the Veteran Steamboatmen of the West, of which Captain Mooney was an active member. There are several scrapbooks kept by the late Captain Arthur H. Riggs, founder of the Veteran Steamboatmen's Association, some 250 photographs, and a few pieces of artwork and three -dimensional artifacts. The cover photograph is from this collection, and a sampling of other interesting pictures from it is presented here.

Portland, June 9, 1913, 7:00 a.m. Takoma prepares to depart for Astoria. Bailey Gatzert and Sarah Dixon backing out into the stream.

The Steamer Ruth herds log rafts in the Willamette River at Oregon City.

1865 pencil sketch of the steamer Senator at Oregon City, signed by J.L. Pope.


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