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NO. 3

S.S. ROSE CITY OFF THE ASTORIA WATERFRONT It has been almost fifty years since regularly scheduled passenger steamship service between the Columbia River and San Francisco came to an end, but many of the vessels that plied the coast are well remembered today. An example is the Rose City, a 336-foot steel steamship which entered on the route early in the century and outlasted every one of her competitors and running mates. Named for the city of Portland, which she served, the Rose City had already had a colorful career before she became a Pacific Coast packet. She was built in 1889 at Chester, Pennsylvania for the Ward Line of New York. Under the name Yumuri, she spent her first decade in the South American trade. In 1898 she was purchased by the government, renamed Badger, and put into service as a naval auxiliary. Two years later she was transferred to the Army for use as a troop transport with the name Lawton. The San Francisco and Portland Steamship Company, a subsidiary of Union Pacific's Oregon Railway and Navigation Company, purchased her in 1908 to replace the ancient City of Panama. After complete renovation, she en tered service as the Rose City. With electric lighting, spa-

cious public rooms and elegant accommodations, she was immediately popular with coastal travelers. For a few years she ran in conjunction with the George W. Elder, another Chester-built steamer 15 years her senior. Then, in 1910, the Bear and the Beaver, 357-foot sister ships newly built in Virginia, joined the Rose City, and the Elder was sold to a competitor. The Bear was wrecked in 1916 and the Beaver was taken over by the government during World War I. But the Rose City continued to ply between Portland, San Francisco, and occasionally Los Angeles. Briefly, her running-mate was the old steamer Alaska, then the Blandon . In 1924 she was purchased by the McCormick Steamship Company, who operated her under the Rose City Steamship Company house flag. The old Pacific Mail liner Newport was chartered as a running mate in 1926, but by 1928 there was no longer enough demand for berths to support two ships on the run, and she was returned to her owners. The Rose City continued to operate until the service was suspended in 1930. The following year, after a brief employment as a barge in Los Angeles, the Rose City was sent to the scrappers.




FROM THE QUARTERDECK "Sound, seaworthy, and insurable." With this timehonored phrase of the marine surveyor , Captain Adrian Raynaud, featured speaker at the Annual Meeting in November, gave his assessment of the status of the Columbia River Maritime Museum. At year's end, it does not seem inappropriate to repeat that view. 1978 has been a year of important advances for the Museum. The collections, largely through donations, have continued to grow and improve . Educational programs have been greatly expanded. Museum membership has increased by more than one-third, and admissions income is up substantially. Endowment funds , though still far too small to provide a significant part of the Museum's operating income, have grown steadily. Our major project, completion of the new Museum building, has made little progress during the year. The area surrounding the building was filled and graded by the National Guard, and some utility lines and drain fields were installed, but virtually all of the interior work remains to be done. There just has not been enough money on hand in the building fund to proceed with the very expensive heating and lighting systems, etc. In the final weeks of the year, however, contributions to the building fund from individuals, business, and foundations brought us more than $130,000 closer to our goal. To all those who supported the Museum in 1978, I extend my sincere thanks. Many have given again and again. They are indeed inspiring! Thanks also to President Fred Barnum and his fellow Trustees, whose guidance and assistance has been invaluable . The Museum staff deserves special recognition. Throughout the year, every employee pulled his weight and more. It is an honor to work with them. To all, I wish a happy and healthy 1979! Rolf Klep, Director

Steamers Sarah Dixon and Dalles City tied up due to ice at Cascade Locks, January 5, 1909.

KEEPING THINGS BRIGHT Periodically, the fourth-order lens from North Head Lighthouse that revolves in the Ainsworth Room of the Museum gets a thorough cleaning and polishing. Employing copious quantities of brass polish, innumerable soft cloths, and more than a little dedication, staff member Bob Cox keeps the lens - and most of the other brass and glass in the Museum-gleaming brightly. The results are clearly impressive to Museum visitors; Bob reports that about half of them want to know what brand of brass polish he uses!

TRUSTEES, OFFICERS ELECTED Two Astoria men, John B. Altstadt and Harry L. Claterbos., Jr., were elected to the Board of Trustees at the Museum 's Annual Meeting in November, and four others were re-elected . Mr. Altstadt is president of Fisher Brothers Company, an industrial equipment supplier. Mr. Claterbos is president of Harry Claterbos Co., a heavy construction firm . Those re-elected to positions on the Board were Philip L. Bainer , president of Clatsop Community College; John A . Banholzer, M.D.; J. W . Forrester, Jr., editor and publisher of the Daily Astorian; and T. H. Thompson , operations director of Tongue Point Job Corps Center. Each year at the Annual Meeting six Trustees are elected to four-year terms on the 27-person Board by the Museum membership . Three Trustees are appointed . Officers are elected by the Board. Fred L. Barnum will serve an additional one-year term as president of the Museum. Also re-elected as officers were Ronald J. Honeyman, vice president; Fred A. Lindstrom , secretary; and Charles W. Browning, treasurer .

NEW MEMBERS, INCREASED MEMBERSHIPS (*) SUSTAINING Mr. & Mrs . Edward H . Allen Mrs. R. T . Carruthers* Mr. & Mrs . Edmund Hayes* LaGrand Steel Products Mr. & Mrs . Larry Teien

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

SUPPORTING & Mrs. Alf E . Dahl * & Mrs . Robert L. Myers Henry Ramvick * & Mrs . Robert]. Wilhelm CONTRIBUTING

Mr. James W. Bayless Capt. & Mrs . Robert G. Braun Mr. Michael Foster * Mr . Bill Green * Miss Elaine Hammer Mr. & Mrs . John E. Howitt

Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Naylor* Mr. Bruce W. Nelson* One-Hour Martinizing Mrs . Audrey M. Robbins* Tommy Luke Flowers Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Tevis* Mr. Brian D . Wake Mr. Bruce R. Watkins

Mr . & Mrs . Earl Smith Mr . & Mrs . Charles B. Stoner Mrs. Anna Turner Miss Friday Turner Miss Valyen Turner STUDENT Mr. Joseph May Greeley Mr. Gary Hancock

ANNUAL Mr. & Mrs. James E. Cashin Mr. Thomas J. Clune Mr. & Mrs. R . B. Craig Ms . Carol Ann Donahue Norman A . Hall Mrs. John Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Norman F . Kelley Gregg Marks, M .D . Mr. R . E . Mohr Mr. & Mrs. John F. Reynolds Mr. Douglas Rose

ENDOWMENT GIFTS HONEYMAN FAMILY FUND Margaret A . Honeyman ALICE KLEP FUND Mr. & Mrs. Karl R. Klep CLAYTON MORSE FUND Mrs. Clayton C. Morse Mr. & Mrs . Donald Kessler

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS FRED L. ANDRUS Mr. & Mrs. Robert Anderson Ms. Susan Andrus Mr. & Mrs. William]. Berg Mr. & Mrs. Deskin Bergey Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Brown Mr. & Mrs . Allan Bue Mr. & Mrs. Roy C . Cave Mr. & Mrs . Robert Chopping Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Coe Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cox The Daily Astorian Mr. Vern Davis Mr. Ken Doney Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. Ed Fearey, Jr. Mr. H. B. Howell Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. A. J. L'Amie Mr. & Mrs. Michael Naab Ms . Gudrun M. Newtson Mrs. Mary Nyland Mr. & Mrs . Peter Marvin Mr. & Mrs. Don Mitchell Harvey C. Rone, O.D. Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Ross Mr . V. William Seeborg Mr. & Mrs . Charles Simpson Mr. & Mrs . J. Dan Webster VERNA M. BATES Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. T . M . Tyrrell OLER. BERGE Hilda Andersen Mrs . Charles Berry Mr. & Mrs. Don Brunner Mr. & Mrs . Allan Bue Mrs. Nora S. Bue Mr. & Mrs . Trygve Duoos

Maude Fowler Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. Henry M . Gjovik Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hauke Mrs . Joe Henningsen Mr. & Mrs . Mel Hjorten Mr. Marv Irby Mr . & Mrs . Rolf Klep Ray &Jennie Lerback Margaret Lervick Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nygaard Agnes A. Ramvick Chris & Hans Thompson Mrs. Charles Wooley FLORENCE BERGERON Clatsop Count Extension Staff BENJAMIN 0. COLEMAN Capt. & Mrs . R . G. Braun Mr. & Mrs. Bud Clark Dr. Harry Duff Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. A. J. L'Amie Mr. & Mrs. W. F . McGregor Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Van Mumma Capt. & Mrs. R. B. Shannon Mr. & Mrs. James Stacy Mrs . Jordis Tedi Mr. & Mrs. Dick Thompson Mr. & Mrs . Frank Thorsness

WILLIAM F. GUNDERSON Mr. & Mrs. Herman M. Haggren Henry E. Ramvick Mr. & Mrs . John P. Syvanen WILLIAM A . HASELTINE Mr. Tom Autzen Mr. & Mrs . Eben Carruthers Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. Michael Naab WILLIAM HAWKINS Mr. & Mrs . Robert T. Catlin HIRAM C. JOHNSON Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Alf E. Dahl Mr. & Mrs . Richard D. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lowe SVEN R. JONSSON Mr. & Mrs. I. John Estoos Joy Hills Gubser Social Committee Mr. & Mrs . A. W . Leslie Mr. & Mrs . Ralph]. Leslie A VIS JOSEPHSON Mr. Henry E. Ramvick

GREGORY DEAN Mr. & Mrs . George Fulton

EDNA JOSEPHSON Bumble Bee Seafoods - Alaska Dept . Mr. & Mrs . A. J. L'Amie

STEPHEN T . EIDE Mrs. Aili Kary Mr. & Mrs. A . J. L'Amie Mr. & Mrs. Ferris Saunders

MARTHA KEARNEY Mr. & Mrs . Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. Axel Ramvick Ms . Hannah Seeborg

MEMORIALS, CONTINUED EDWARD 0. LEE Mrs . Violet Brown Mrs . Anna Mattila Mrs . Evelyn Palmrose Mr. Terry Salo Mr. & Mrs . Wayne Salo MRS . MYRON LEE Mrs. Ragna M. Brown CAMILLE LIEDER Mr. & Mrs. Travis M . Tyrrell JAMES MACKEY Mr. Robert Nikka MILDRED MOORE Mr. & Mrs. Alf E. Dahl KARL F . NEUPERT Mr. & Mrs. Robert T . Catlin Mr. & Mrs . Charles H. Davis AXEL 0 . RAMVICK Wendell &Joan Adams Astoria Business & Professional Women Mrs. H. Edmond Baker Mr. Ole Berge Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bryant Mrs. Nora S. Bue The George Carlson Family Mrs. Vera Craig Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mrs. Helen Fowler Mrs. Elsie Gjovik Mr. & Mrs. Walter Grove Ms. Sylvia Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hauke Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hauke Mr. & Mrs. Skip Hauke Mr. & Mrs. Toivo Hokkanen Mr. & Mrs. Al Iverson Miss Eleanor Iverson

V.S.S. Knapp (DD-653), whose bridge and pilothouse will be the central exhibit of the Navy Room in the new Museum building.

Mrs. Esther Jensen Alfred & Ellen Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Earl Keck Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep Lee & Stuart Lahti Mr. & Mrs. William Latiner Mrs . Margaret Lervick Mr. & Mrs . Howard Lovvold Mrs. Georgia Maki Mrs . Lenette 0. Malone Mrs. Blanche Mjelde Mr. & Mrs. Bill Olsen Miss Eleanor Rasmussen John & Mary Rippet The Upham Family CHARLES LAWRENCE ROGERS Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr . & Mrs. Rolf Klep Mrs . Lenette 0. Malone JASON EDWARD ROGERS Mr. Edward Aho Linda & Tim Aho Mr. & Mrs. Allan Bue Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hauke The Bud Hendricksons Mr. & Mrs. Roy Kinnunen Mr. & Mrs. Michael Naab Mr. & Mrs. Armas Niskanen The McSwains



Dr. & Mrs. Frank Rafferty Mr . Bill Seeborg MARIAN SOMMERSET Mrs. Blanche Mjelde FRED C. SMITH Mr. & Mrs. Robert E . Cox McKEE A . SMITH Mr. Maurie Clark Ms. Jean Dresler Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. David C. Meyer Art & Edith Randall DORIS DETHAMN STRASSER Mr. & Mrs. Ruben A. Mund Mr. Steve Mund OLAF "BOZO" WAISANEN Mr. & Mrs. A . J. L'Amie T. R. "TOMMY" WILLIAMS Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Bakkensen Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep Mr. Neil Morfitt ANNA WIRKKALA Mr. & Mrs . K. R. Fellman

Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE

PA ID Astoria, Oregon Permit No. 209

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