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WINTER 1986-87

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REPLICA OF DRAKE'S GOLDEN HINDE TO VISIT ASTORIA The famous privateer Francis Drake sailed from England in 1577 on a voyage of plunder against the Spanish colonies on the Pacific Coast of the Americas. When his ship, the Golden Hinde, returned home in 1580, she became the first English vessel to circumnavigate the globe. She bore a fabulous treasure, worth 20 million pounds sterling at present value, and Drake was knighted for his exploit by Queen Elizabeth I. He later became a vice admiral in the English Navy and played

a distinguished part in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The Golden Hinde was preserved for nearly a century as a memorial (probably the world's first museum ship) in a special dock at Deptford, but eventually decayed. Originally called the Pelican, the ship was renamed Golden Hinde by Drake as a compliment to his patron, Sir Christopher Hatton, whose family crest was a golden hinde (a female red deer). (continued on page 4}





FROM THE QUARTERDECK It is a great pleasure to come aboard as the new Director of the Columbia River Maritime Museum. As all of our members and friends know, the Museum has earned a distinguished reputation among other maritime institutions and the general public. The quality of the exhibits and the attractive facilities have set an enviable standard in the world of museums. Much of what we are today is due to the vision of our founder and first director, Rolf Klep, and my predecessor, Michael Naab. I am committed to maintaining the standards they established. Along with a tradition of vigorous leadership, our museum has benefited from a dedicated membership. We enjoy the loyalty of about 1,800 members-people who support our activities and share a keen interest in maritime history. To insure our continued health, however, we need to expand our base of membership. I encourage everyone who shares our interest to join the Maritime Museum crew and spread the word about our organization. Another essential ingredient to our future is a committed group of volunteers-men and women who give their time freely for the betterment of the Museum. Our volunteers guide tours, assist the curatorial staff, help in the office, and clerk in the Museum store. Equally important, volunteers help organize our special events. Long-time Astoria resident Mary Steinbock has agreed to be our Volunteer Coordinator. In the years to come, volunteers will form the energy and spirit of the Museum. The Columbia River Maritime Museum has a marvelous tradition of growth and achievement. I am pleased and honored to be part of this tradition, and I look forward to years of accomplishment. Stephen L. Recken Director

CATALOGING GRANT RECEIVED The William Randolph Hearst Foundation of San Francisco has awarded a grant of $10,000 to the Museum to support the cost of cataloging documents from the archives of Bumble Bee Seafoods (formerly the Columbia River Packers Association) . The records were donated by Bumble Bee in August of 1985, as reported in the fall 1985 Quarterdeck Review. A temporary archivist will be paid from grant funds to sort and inventory the mass of material, in order to make the historic documents accessible to researchers. A small portion of the funds will be used to purchase archival quality file folders and other storage and processing materials.

The acoustic ensemble Ancient Future will appear at the Museum in a joint fundraising event sponsored by the Museum and KMUN Community Radio. The concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 15th. Tickets will be $4.00 per person for members of either organization or $5.00 for nonmembers, and may be purchased in advance through the Museum office or at the door. Ancient Future's members have studied under master musicians from many countries and blend together a variety of musical techniques and instruments from diverse geographic areas to form a new, cross-cultural style termed "world fusion." Their numerous performances have included an appearance at the Carnegie Recital Hall, and the ensemble has produced two LP albums entitled ''Visions of a Peaceful Planet" and "Natural Rhythms."

PITCAIRN ISLAND PROGRAM The most famous mutiny in history took place in 1789 aboard the Bounty, a British Royal Navy armed transport. That event led to the settlement of remote Pitcairn Island. At 2:00 p .m . on Sunday, February 22nd, the Museum will present Pitcairn Island: Jewel of the South Pacific, a slide/tape program produced by Mr. Jerry Miller of Hillsboro, Oregon. Miller will be on hand to display and discuss several objects that he acquired during his visit to the island. This program will be included in the price of admission to the Museum (which is, of course, free for members) . The Bounty had been sent to Tahiti to gather breadfruit seedlings for planting in Britain's West Indian colonies. (It was hoped that breadfruit would prove a cheap food for slaves on the sugar plantations.) Lt. William Bligh, the commanding officer, was a stern, tactless disciplinarian, and resentment against him festered during the Bounty's long, hard voyage to Tahiti. Soon after leaving Tahiti, Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian, the executive officer, seized command. Contrary to most popular novels and movies, the actual reason for the mutiny remains in doubt. The allure of life in the South Seas may have been a more important cause than real or fancied disciplinary injustices. Bligh and eighteen loyal men were cast adrift in the Bounty's launch, but survived a 3,600 mile voyage to Timar. Bligh was court-martialled, but acquitted for losing his ship. He went on to become a vice admiral, surviving two major battles and two more mutinies. The Bounty returned to Tahiti, where most of her crew left her (these men were later captured and taken to England for trial) . Fletcher Christian and eight others took the ship and several Tahitian men and women on a quest for a new home, safe from the vengeance of the Royal Navy. They finally found and settled remote, uncharted Pitcairn Island. The Bounty was burned to prevent their discovery. When the outside world discovered Pitcairn two decades later, only one of the original mutineers was still living there, but the island had been peopled with the descendants of the Bounty's crew and their Tahitian women.

CAPTAIN J.H.D. GRAY Pioneer m1ss10nary William H. Gray's eldest son, John Henry Dix Gray, was born at Lapwai, Idaho on March 20, 1839. He was the second Caucasian born in the Pacific Northwest, if Marcus and Narcissa Whitman's daughter was first, as believed. As a youth, Gray shot a ramrod through his hand in a hunting accident. The surgeon who subsequently attended him was drunk and amputated the whole hand, instead of just one finger, as required. We have on display in the Museum a combined knife and fork that was presented to Gray, because of his handicap, about 1878 by General 0 .0 . Howard. General Howard had it because he had lost an arm in battle himself. Displayed with the knife-fork combination is a gold watch that Gray received from friends in 1892 on the occasion of the centennial of the Columbia River's discovery. The Gray family moved to Clatsop Plains in 1846. It became one of the most important maritime families in the history of the Columbia River. J.H.D. Gray and his younger brothers, William Polk Gray, Albert Williams Gray, and James T. Gray, all pursued distinguished careers in riverboating. Jacob Kamm, noted builder of Columbia River steamers, was their brother-in-law. And their father, William H. Gray, operated the little steamboat Cascadilla for a couple of years on the Snake and Clearwater Rivers, beginning in 1862. When J.H.D. Gray reached manhood, he went north to the Fraser River, where a mining boom was in progress, to become a mate and pilot aboard the British Columbia Navigation Company's sternwheeler Colonel Moody in 1860. Launched in 1859, she was the second riverboat built for the Fraser and only the eighth steamer to ply its waters. Afterwards, Gray worked for a short time on the Maria, then running on Harrison Lake. In 1862 he moved to the upper Columbia to become mate of the sternwheeler Tenino, later becoming her captain. This was the gold rush era in the Pacific Northwest, and the Tenino once took in $18,000 in fares, freight bills, and incidentals on a single run. Captain Gray commanded several steamboats operated by the monopolistic Oregon Steam Navigation Company on the upper Columbia and Snake Rivers until 1868. In that year he married Laura Bell, who bore him nine children, and moved to Astoria. There he purchased the little propeller steamer U.S. Grant and obtained a contract to ferry troops and supplies from Astoria to Fort Stevens and Fort Canby (located at Point Adams, Oregon and on Cape Disappointment, Washington) . Gray also got a contract to carry mail, bound for communities around Willapa Bay, across the Columbia. The U.S. Grant was the first steamer to provide regular service between Astoria and Ilwaco, Washington. She was commanded by J.H .D. Gray or his brother, William Polk Gray. James T. Gray, the youngest brother, began his career as a riverman at age seventeen, in 1869, working aboard the U.S. Grant for J.H.D., who he recalled as a strict disciplinarian. James had to get up at 3:00 in the morning to provide the boat with fuel, but he eventually was entrusted with command of the Varuna, a seventy-foot steamer that J.H.D. Gray purchased in partnership with George Warren for the Fort Canby service about the year 1870.

The U.S. Grant was lying at the Fort Canby wharf on December 19, 1871, with a heavy gale blowing. Her mooring lines snapped under the strain. Anchors failed to hold her, and, before steam could be raised, the vessel was driven aground and broke up. J.H.D. and Albert W . Gray escaped in a small boat, but the tremendous waves delayed them from getting ashore until they were nearly frozen. The Varuna continued in service until about 1880, although ownership technically passed in 1876 to the Ilwaco Navigation Company, in which Gray held an interest. Another small propeller steamer, the General Miles, was launched for the company in 1882. She was sometimes used for towing on the Columbia River bar and figured prominently in the salvage of the coastal passenger liner Queen of the Pacific, which stranded on Clatsop Spit, while enveloped in a combination of fog and smoke from a forest fire, on September 5, 1883. The Queen of the Pacific, which belonged to the Pacific Coast Steamship Company, was bearing a party of notables on their way to witness driving the last spike in the Northern Pacific Railroad. Captain Gray took the General Miles and a lighter to the scene and had the Queen of the Pacific's anchor, with a stout cable attached, placed on the lighter. He then towed the lighter out to deep water and dropped the anchor . When the Queen's capstan put a strain on the anchor cable, it prevented the liner from being driven further on the beach. The tugs Pioneer, Brenham, Astoria, and Columbia teamed up with the General Miles and succeeded in pulling the 330-foot Queen of the Pacific free . J.H.D. Gray got $5,000 (out of total salvage awards of $64,000) for his part in the rescue . In 1886 Captain Gray was elected on the Republican ticket as a state senator representing Clatsop and Tillamook Counties. The General Miles was sold in 1889, and Gray retired from the water. In 1898 Gray was elected Judge of Clatsop County, as which he achieved noteworthy success in his efforts at improving roads. Captain John Henry Dix Gray died October 27, 1902 at his fine home in Astoria, which still stands today at 1687 Grand Avenue .



The staff has arranged for the Museum to host a replica of the Golden Hinde as part of our celebration of the Museum's 25th anniversary year. She is tentatively scheduled, weather permitting, to arrive April 15th and to be open to the public from the 16th through the 22nd of April. Separate admission fees to the ship will be charged, but will probably be waived for members of the Museum. Guided tours at special rates will be available for school groups. Since no original drawings of the Golden Hinde are known to have survived, the replica is a carefully researched, hypothetical reconstruction of a small galleon from the mid-1500' s. Launched in England in 1973, she mounts 18 cannon and measures 102 feet in overall length. This replica Golden Hinde completed her own circumnavigation of the globe in 1980. She is currently visiting Puget Sound, after having spent several months in Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. for Expo '86. Drake's was the first European voyage known with certainty to have reached as far north as Oregon, so the story of the Golden Hinde holds more than passing interest for the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest. After plundering the Spanish from Chile to Mexico, Drake sailed far to the north, at least up to the vicinity of Bandon and Cape Arago, Oregon, possibly almost up to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. He was apparently seeking to return home by way of the mythical Northwest Passage, but encountered bitter cold and foul winds. After anchoring without making a landing, Drake turned back to the south, rightly convinced that there probably was no passage or that if there was, that it was not navigable . The Golden Hinde coasted down to a harbor on the California coast (probably Drake's Estero at Point Reyes) where she was refitted before sailing west across the Pacific and home via the Cape of Good Hope.

Mary Steinbock of Astoria has agreed to serve as the Museum's first volunteer coordinator, which is itself a volunteer position. She will coordinate the scheduling of her fellow volunteers' activities and assist in the recruitment of new volunteers. Persons interested in assisting the Museum should contact Mary at 325-1837 or call the Museum office at 325-2323. Mrs. Steinbock, who has long been active at the Museum, is involved in service to several other civic organizations as well. Her activities were recognized in 1986 by a George Award from the Astoria Area Chamber of Commerce.

SEATTLE MAN BEQUEATHES $30,000 In December, the Museum received an unrestricted bequest of $30,000 from the estate of the late Rolland M . Payne, who passed away in 1985. Mr. Payne was an exhibit designer from Seattle who previously donated his collection of U .S. Navy material (mostly books, crockery, and tableware) to the Museum, just prior to his death. It consisted of more than 1,400 separate items. The bequest represents a wonderful boost to the Museum's fundraising efforts, and we hope that it will serve as an inspiration to others.

LITTLE USED MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT The Museum's affiliation with the Oregon Historical Society entitles our members to join O .H .S. as affiliate members for $10 (instead of the usual $15 for an annual membership) . Few of our members are now taking advantage of this opportunity. Benefits include four issues of the Oregon Historical Quarterly, six issues of the O.H.S. newsletter, invitations to exhibitions and special events, and a 10% discount on purchases in the O.H.S. book shop. To join, pick up an application here or contact the Oregon Historical Society at 1230 S.W. Park Avenue, Portland, OR 97205; telephone (503) 222-1741.

SPECIAL GIFTS OCTOBER 1 - DECEMBER 31, 1986 Anchor Graphics Mr. Thomas Autzen Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Brown Ms. Julie R. Elder Mr. & Mrs. Hermann Haggren Mr. Michael A. Heltborg Mrs. Wenona Dyer Martin Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin Pacific Northwest Bell Estate of Rolland Payne Mrs. Leona A. Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Frank Prince Wheeler Foundation Wm . Randolph Hearst Foundation

HONEYMAN FAMILY MEMORIAL Mrs. Catherine Engmark Mrs. A.A. Honeyman Mr . & Mrs. Stuart A. Honeyman Mrs. Frederick Roll


Mrs. Viola Kononen Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin Mr. & Mrs. Carl Paronen Mr. & Mrs . Bob Phillips Mr. & Mrs. F.E . Ross

CHRISTIE BETH BRIDGES Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Honeyman

ALICE CORLISON Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Honeyman

CAPT. PETER F. BUTLER Mrs. Dorothy G. Butler

LESLIE D. DANA Mr. Thomas J. White

LOUISE D. COE Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boyle Mr. & Mrs . Donald Budde Clatsop County Health Dept. Staff Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Forrester, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mrs. Edith Henningsgaard

ROBERT ENGBLOM Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bondietti Mr. & Mrs . James Henderson Mrs. Gertrude M . Johnson Mr. & Mrs . Ed Lundholm Ms. Margaret Ann Swindler


Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Larson Capt. & Mrs. Mike Leback Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lovell Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lowe Mr. & Mrs. John Lum Mr. & Mrs. Bob MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. W.F. McGregor Mr. & Mrs. Don Mitchell Dr. & Mrs. Robert Neikes Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Ross Ms. Hannah Seeborg Mr. & Mrs . Kenneth Seeborg Mr. & Mrs . Hugh Seppa Mr. & Mrs. L.F. Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs. Sion Wentworth Mr. & Mrs. Wendall Wyatt

CAPT. FRANK GILLARD Mr. & Mrs . Kenneth Alexander Mrs. Ruth Alexander Mr. & Mrs . Graham Barbey Mrs. Nancy T. Carruthers Mr. & Mrs. Allen V. Cellars Capt. & Mrs. Dale Dickinson Ms . Marjorie Dougan & Family Mrs. George Erbe Ms . Dorothy Feher Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Forrester, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Fossati Ms. Nellie M. Gillard Mr . & Mrs. John Gizdavich Capt. & Mrs. A.P. Hammon Mrs. Edith Henningsgaard Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hobbs Mrs . Mary B. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jack Keeler Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kessler Mrs. Ford Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. H.R. Kuratli & Family Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lundell, Sr. Capt. & Mrs . Kenneth McAlpin Mr. & Mrs. John S. McGowan Mr. & Mrs. W.F. McGregor Mrs. Vern Mogenson Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Neikes Mr. & Mrs. Richard Paulsen Cdr. & Mrs. Paul Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Mike Poell Ms. Catherine Rohmer Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Ross Mrs. Tom Sandoz Capt. & Mrs. Stanley Sayer Mr. C. Richard Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. L.F. Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs. Sion Wentworth Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wrenn Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Zafiratos

CLARENCE HELMERSEN Mr. Allan J. Bernhoff Mr. & Mrs. Don Brunner Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bue Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Dreyer Mr. & Mrs. Don R. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hendriksen Buddy Hoell/Rae Goforth Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hoyer Mrs. Clara B. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lovvold Mr. & Mrs. Armas Niskanen Scandinavian Midsummer Festival Assn. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stangeland Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wolfgram

RACHEL GWINN Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Honeyman

HERMINA M. HERTIG Mr. & Mrs. Carl Labiske

BARBARA HALDERMAN Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bakkensen Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bechtolt Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Brown Mrs. Nora S. Bue Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bugas Mr. & Mrs. Allen V. Cellars Ms. Judith A. Dean Mr. & Mrs. Don Edy Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. John Gizdavich Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gustafson Mrs. Edith Henningsgaard Mrs. Ila Rae J uola Mr. & Mrs. Rollin Killoran

LEMPI E. HILL Mr. Arne Askinen Mr. & Mrs. Bill Benjamin Mr. & Mrs. Lester Brager Mr. & Mrs. Francis Connolly Mrs. Vera Craig Mr. & Mrs. Arnold B. Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. Fritz Fremsted Mr. & Mrs. Richard Grotting Mr. & Mrs. Jon Hayrynen Mr. & Mrs. David Hearn Maj. & Mrs. David Hearn Mr. & Mrs. Hemes Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hendriksen

ELSA E. HARTILL Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen Mr. & Mrs. John Warila FREDERICK S. HARTSTROM Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Abrahamsen Mrs. Mabel Herold HOLDEN HAUKE Mr. & Mrs. Don Brunner Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Ms. Rosemary L. Malen Mr. & Mrs. Wm. J. Merzke Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Ross

Buddy Hoell/Rae Goforth Ms. Hilda M. Houseman Ms. Gertrude M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs . Van Johnson Mrs . Ila Rae Juola Mr. & Mrs. Oiva Kallio Mrs. Anita Kankkonen Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Koskela Ms. Helen E. Koski Ms . Irene Koski Mr. & Mrs. Roy Kinnunen Ms. Elizabeth Kujala Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L' Amie Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Larson Mr. & Mrs. Wm . Larson Mr. & Mrs. Einar Lovvold Mr. & Mrs. Albert Luukinen Ms. Celia Mackie Mrs. Ika Mackie Mr. & Mrs. Van Mackie Mrs. Rosemary Malen Mr. & Mrs. William Malmberg Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mattila Mr. & Mrs. Eino Mattson Ms. Dorothy Mickelson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Nimmo Mr. & Mrs. Bill Nims Mr. & Mrs. Armas Niskanen Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Ostrom Ms. Althea Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Valio Rautio Mr. & Mrs . William Richburg Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Rinell Mr. & Mrs. Mike Riva Ms. Sylvia Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Jim Robinson Gusti Saxberg Mr . & Mrs. Dick Seppa Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Seppa Ms. Vera Seppa Mrs. Bessie Siltamaki Mr. & Mrs . Bob Siltamaki Mr. & Mrs. George Sjolund Mr. Albert Sorkki Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Switzer Mr. & Mrs. J.A . Temple Mr. & Mrs. Dan Thiel Mr. & Mrs. Denny Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Tolonen Mr. & Mrs. Ray Tynhila Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Vasey Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Weimer Mr. & Mrs. Edward White Mr. & Mrs. Eino Williams Mr. & Mrs. Fleming Wilson Mr. & Mrs. A. Wuonola ANDREW HONEYMAN Mr. & Mrs . Ronald C. Honeyman WALTER G. HAUGLAND, III Ms . Susan H. O'Neal HILDA MARIE HOUSEMAN Andrew E. Young & Family DONALD JENSEN Mrs. Donald Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Rosenberger

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS (CONTINUED) KENNETH M. KLEIN Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stangeland M. EVELYN KOLKOSKI Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Moberg ROSE MARIE LAVIGNE Mr. & Mrs. Arnold B. Curtis Mrs. Gladys H. Duncan Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Gene Hill Mrs. Clara B. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Carl Labiske MARY LERBACK Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Ross Mrs. Ethel Mae Winters ROBERT LINDSTROM Columbia River Fishermen's Protective Union Mr. & Mrs. James Hope Ocean Foods of Astoria Mr. Donald Riswick Mr. & Mrs. George Siverson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Telen Mr. & Mrs. Bill Whitten GEORGE J. LOVATT Mr. & Mrs. Don Brunner Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mrs. Ford Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. A.J . L'Amie Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Smith BRADLEY F. MILLARD Mrs . Nancy Millard DICK MUHLE Buddy Hoell/Rae Goforth JOE MUNSON Mr. & Mrs . Carl Bondietti EDMA MAE McCOURY Mr. & Mrs . Warren Bechtolt Mr. & Mrs . Vincent Tadei JENNIE E. NIELSON Mr. & Mrs . John Lum WAYNE A. NIKKA Buddy Hoell/Rae Goforth Mrs. Anita Kankkonen Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lundholm Mr . Melvin Olson ANNE S. OSTROM Friends at Jeffers Gardens Inn Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Ostrom Mr. George Ostrom Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen SENJA PENTILLA Mr. & Mrs . A.W. Ostrom LENA MARIE PETERSEN Astoria IL WU Pensioners Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Backanen

Mr. & Mrs . Harold Jacob Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Albert Luukinen Mrs . Carol L. Nygaard Mr . & Mrs. Bob Phillips CELESTE E. PETERSON Ms. Wilma A. Berg Mr. & Mrs. Randy Hartill Mr. & Mrs. William Maki Mr. & Mrs. Mike Riva WILLIAM BERT POHL Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Ms. Sylvia E. Roberts EINO POTER! Mr. Fred Antilla Mr. Fritz Fremsted Mr. & Mrs. Roland Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs . Harold Hendriksen Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Hill Mr. & Mrs. Gene Hill Mr. & Mrs. John Hill Buddy Hoell/Rae Goforth Mr. W.I. Loomis, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Einar Lovvold Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lundholm Mr. & Mrs. William Malmberg Mr. Henry M. Niemi Mr. Robert Nikka Mr. & Mrs. Armas Niskanen Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Ostrom Mr. & Mrs. Ed Polkey Mr. & Mrs . Seth Potreck Mr. & Mrs. Ed Rogers Ms . Thelma Crussell Rose Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen LEONARD POYSKY Mr. & Mrs. George Siverson Mr. & Mrs. James Tennyson FERNE MORSE REYNOLDS Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bakkensen Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bellingham Mr. & Mrs. Tony Bubnick Ms. Judith A. Dean Ms. Gertrude Houk Fariss Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Forrester, Jr. Capt. & Mrs. Frank Gillard Ms. Thelma Gribbin Mr. & Mrs . Charles Gustafson Ms . Rachel M. Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harper Mrs. Edith Henningsgaard Mr. & Mrs. Jack Keeler Mr. Jim H . Kelly Mrs. K.A. Kessler Mr. & Mrs. Ross Kincaid Mr. & Mrs . Del Kleen Mr. & Mrs . H .R. Kuratli Mrs. Ford Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lowe Mr. & Mrs . Robert Lovell Mr. & Mrs. Sven Lund Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Magnuson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Maize Mr. & Mrs . Clarke P. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Walt McClure Mr. & Mrs. John S. McGowan Mr. & Mrs. W.F. McGregor Col. & Mrs. V.L. Nunenkamp Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Ross Mrs. Tom Sandoz Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Seppa Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Slettedahl Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stemper Mr. & Mrs. Denny Thompson Mr. & Mrs. L.F. Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs. Sion Wentworth Mr. & Mrs. Edward White Women of Astoria Golf & Country Club Mr. & Mrs. Nick Zafiratos HAROLD J. RICKERT Mr. & Mrs. Armas Niskanen EVA RITCHIE Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fastabend DONALD H. RUNDEL Mrs. Berenice I. Baker Boise Cascade Corporation Mr. A.J. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Donoghue Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Dreyer Mr . & Mrs. Wm . C. Elder Gage Industries, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. Geist Mr. Mark M. Gill, Sr. Ms. Ellen Hansen Mr. & Mrs. James Henderson Kohkoku USA, Inc. Ms. Helen Koski Mr. Henry Koski Ms. Marguerite Moyer Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Olsen Ms. Dorothy Palmrose Ms. Mary Palmrose Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Rinell Mrs. Thelma Rundel Ms. Patricia Simonsen Ms. Vicki L. Westerman Mr. & Mrs . Gordon Wolfgram EUGENE RYON Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Johnson WILLIAM RYON Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Klenz Ms. Joyce Schoonmaker SIGURD SALMONSEN Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Abrahamson Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L' Amie Mr. & Mrs. William C. Perkins THOMAS F. SANDOZ Bumble Bee Seafoods, Inc . MRS . GUSTI SAXBERG Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Hill Mr . & Mrs. Gene Hill Mr. & Mrs . John Hill ARTHUR A. SCHLAPPI Mr. & Mrs. Clyde McIntyre

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS (CONTINUED) ARVI SEVERSON Mrs. E.L. Anderson Mr. Fred Antilla Ms. Marie Backa Mr. & Mrs. Evan T. Bash Mr. & Mrs . Don Brunner Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bechtolt Mr. & Mrs. Larry Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Clark Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Englund Marine Supply Mr. & Mrs. H.J. Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Dana Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Wm. L. Fornas Mr. Albert Fransen Mr. & Mrs. Ray Freeman Mr. Leonard Haga Mr. & Mrs. Herman Haggren Mr. & Mrs. Roland Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. M .C. Hitchman Buddy Hoell/Rae Goforth Mr. & Mrs. Albin !hander Mr. & Mrs. E. Jerijarvi Mr. & Mrs . Earl Johnson Mrs. Anita Kankkonen Mr. & Mrs. Kaarlo Karna Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Korpela Mr. & Mrs. Suoma Koskela

Mr . & Mrs. Toivo Kuivala Mr. & Mrs . Frank LaPay Ms. Eleanor Leppinen Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lundholm Mr. & Mrs. James McGuire Mrs. George A. Niemi Mr. Robert Nikka Mr. & Mrs. Armas Niskanen Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Ostrom Ms. Edna Peterson Mr . & Mrs. Gilbert Pitkanen Mr. & Mrs. Edwin W. Polkey Mr . & Mrs. Fred Riva Mrs. Sylvia E. Roberts Mrs . Marie Sarampaa Mrs. Dorothy Soderberg Mr. & Mrs. Thorburn Stacey Mr. George Strom Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen Ms. Margaret Waisanen Ms. Martha Wikman Mr. Dave Wullger

BRYAN TAYLOR Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Brown

KAY & JOE STEPHANY Mr. & Mrs. Warren Skaggs

WAYNE 'LUCKY' WHEELER Buddy Hoell/Rae Goforth

ERNEST G. SWIGERT Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gadsby, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David C. Meyer

WOODROW C. WILLSON Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Rosenberger Mr. & Mrs. Dan Thiel

PAUL DENNIS 'CASEY' THOMPSON, III Mrs. Dorothy J. Swensen REIDER TYSKO Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fastabend AUGUST VERDURMEN Ms. Anna Mae Baker Mr. & Mrs . Paul Branham Mr. Gordon Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Herb Hansen Mr. & Mrs . Jon Hayrynen Mr. & Mrs. Fred Leslie H.G. Palmberg Mr. & Mrs. James Pilgreen Women of the Moose #422 ED WESTERLUND Mr. & Mrs. Larry Carlson

NEW MEMBERS, INCREASED SUPPORT(*), OCTOBER 1 - DECEMBER 31, 1986 LIFE Mrs. Dorothy Braun, Nehalem* Capt. & Mrs. Joseph L. Bruneau* Mrs. Wilbur J. Smith, Depoe Bay, OR

Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Steele* Mrs. Helen Malarkey Thompson, Portland* Mr. Stephen Eberly Thompson, Portland•

SPONSOR Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Georges, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Warren, Portland* Miss Ethel M. Wicks*

CONTRIBUTING Mr. & Mrs. Russell Alborn• Mr. & Mrs. Pete Antoniou Mr. L. Paul Barkman* Mr. Dave Benoit, San Anselmo, CA Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Blake, Seattle, WA Mr. & Mrs. R. Dale Collins* Comforts of Home Sewing Center* Mr. C. Gordon Childs Mrs. Helen Copeland, Portland• Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Curtis, Jr., Portland The Dutch Cup* Capt. Dexter G. Flint, Oakland, CA* Mr. John Karamanos, Lake Oswego* Mr. & Mrs. Fred Keeble, Carmel, CA Mr. George A.D. Kerr, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Charles Laird• Mr. & Mrs. Donald Leslie, Salem* Dr. & Mrs. Dale McGinty, Shreveport, LA• Dr. & Mrs. Don Pachal, Seaside* Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Robertson, San Diego, CA• Mr. & Mrs. Larry Scott* Barry Sears & Ann Goldeen * Mr. & Mrs. Gary Seeborg* Mr. William S. Stocking, Portland Mr. James Seeley White, Portland Mr. Peter Aiau, Milwaukie

PILOT Mr. Robert L. Weiss, Portland SUSTAINING Mr. Freddryck M. Barfuet, Manzanita Mr. Jerome D . Davis, Nehalem* Mr. & Mrs . Wm. C. Farrens, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Glein * Mr. & Mrs. D.P. Hemingway, Portland* Jessie's Ilwaco Fish Co., Ilwaco, WA* Mr. & Mrs. W . Dean Kendall, Portland* Mr. Morris G. Lillich, Clatskanie Mr. R.L. Mangold, Gearhart Mr. James S. Stacy, Tigard Mr. Raymond L. Yost* SUPPORTING Mr. Horace Harrison, Jr., Portland* CDR & Mrs. Peter Hoffman, Woodbridge, VA* Mr. & Mrs. Martin Nygaard* Capt. & Mrs. J.W. Plumlee* Mrs. Benjamin M. Reed, Nehalem*

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STEPHEN RECKEN TAKES THE HELM Dr. Stephen L. Recken assumed his duties as the Museum's new director on January 1st. He comes to us from the Clatsop County Historical Society, where he served as director since the spring of 1983. The Maritime Museum has worked closely with the County Historical Society over the years on a number of projects. Dr. Recken is 39 and a third-generation native of Portland, where he grew up. He was educated at Portland State University, from which he holds a B.A. and an M.A. in history, and at Washington State University, where he completed a Ph.D. in




ISSN 0891-2661

American Studies in 1980. Pacific Northwest history was Recken's specialty in graduate school. While at Washington State, he worked in the University Art Museum and for the University's development program. Activity in civic affairs is one of Recken' s interests. He has previously served as a volunteer for several of this museum's projects. Currently, he is a member of the Oregon Committee for the Humanities and serves on the Board of the Historic Preservation League of Oregon. Recken is also an enthusiastic sailor and finds the lower Columbia a great place to live.

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