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THE DALLES FERRY NEW WESTERN QUEEN MAKING A CROSSING We are accustomed, in the context of a maritime museum, to thinking of the Columbia River primarily as a great artery of transportation. But it is also, of course, an obstacle to travel by land. Our modern highway bridges are a comparatively recent development; before their advent, the river was crossed by privately operated ferries in a wide range of sizes and types. The ferry on an important route could be quite a lucrative business and there was often intense rivalry among competing ferrymen. J.B. Condon and R.F. Gibbons organized The Dalles Ferry Company, licensed by Wasco County, Oregon, after they learned that a railroad along the Columbia's Oregon bank (the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company's line between

Portland and the Union Pacific's tracks) would soon reach The Dalles. They rightly expected to attract a large volume of freight and passengers bound for the Yakima country and other northern points. Their ferry, the Western Queen, was built at The Dalles in 1879. She was a side-wheel, wood-burning steamer of 95 gross tons, 71 feet long and 25 feet broad. The need for a helmsman was eliminated by picking up an underwater cable over a drum to hold her on course. This arrangement did not present an obstacle to other river vessels, as an overhead cable would. George Roland and James Foster were already operating a ferry between The Dalles and Rockland, Washington, under (continued on page 2/





FROM THE QUARTERDECK "Welcome aboard!" That time-honored expression of nautical hospitality greets everyone who signs on as a new member of the Museum. I write the words, sometimes barely legibly, on the new members' cards, but I write them on behalf of all of us- staff, Trustees, and other members- who believe in and support the Museum. No matter how often I write them, the words are sincere. It truly is a pleasure to welcome new interest and participation in the Museum's endeavors. During September, nearly three hundred individuals and businesses signed on as members, most in response to a oneday local drive. With their numbers, the Museum's roster of active members now exceeds two thousand names. In the coming months and years there will be continued membership gains, as indeed there must be if the Museum is to grow and improve. Inevitably, a point will be reached at which it becomes impossible for the director to personally review every new membership and membership renewal. But, automation and computers notwithstanding, we'll go on saying, "Thanks," and, "Welcome aboard!" And we'll mean it. Michael Naab, Director

MUSEUM RECEIVES FRED MEYER GRANT A grant of $55,000 from the Fred Meyer Charitable Trust, to be used to construct and equip an 1,800-square-foot workshop building adjacent to the Museum, was announced by Museum President John McGowan at the annual meeting on October 6th. Work on the new structure, which will be sided with cedar shingles and landscaped to complement the Museum building, will begin this winter. The completed project will provide more space for exhibit preparation and production, etc.; remove dirty and potentially hazardous activities from the Museum building; and increase available space in the Museum for artifact storage and conservation.

The New Western Queen at The Dalles landing

license from Klickitat County, Washington, but many of the Western Queen's investors lived in that county and they pressured the County Commission into granting their own vessel a license and depriving Roland of his. Under Washington law, owners of land adjacent to ferry crossings were to receive preference in licensing, so Roland regained his after demonstrating to the County Commission, on November 13, 1882, that he owned the Rockland landing. His opponents were determined, however, and Roland's license was permanently revoked when they advanced evidence that he had "failed to keep sufficient number of skillful and discreet ferrymen." Henceforth, the Western Queen would provide the only ferry service al The Dalles. Meauwhile, Lhe cuuflicl uver ferry rights had, on some occasions, erupted into fistfights . In 1898 the original vessel was replaced by the larger New Western Queen, a side-wheeler of 120 gross tons, 75½ feet long and 38 feet broad. Ferry rates approved by the Klickitat County Commission in 1907 ranged from 25¢ (one way) for a person on foot to 75¢ for a horse and vehicle or a ton of freight . Ferry traffic at The Dalles decreased after James J. Hill's Great Northern and Northern Pacific Railroads completed the "North Bank Road" along the Washington side of the Columbia in 1908. The New Western Queen was sold that same year for $8,000.00. She continued to operate, but changed hands frequently until finally acquired by Charley T. Smith, a well known veteran ferryman. She was stripped of her boilers and metal fittings and then discarded (sometime after 1920) after her replacement by a tug and scow. The engine room bell is now in this museum's collection. Other ferries provided service at The Dalles until the highway bridge opened on December 18, 1953.

"FRONTIERS IN OCEANOGRAPHY" Recent discoveries during oceanographic research conducted off the Northwest coast will be the subject of a series of slide lectures presented in the Museum's Kern Room, January 21-24 (Monday through Thursday) from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. each evening. The lectures will be open to the general public and no registration is required. Each session will feature a different speaker and there will be question and answer periods. The lectures are jointly sponsored by the Oregon State University Extension Office, the Museum, Clatsop Community College, and the Astoria Chamber of Commerce. The co-ordinator is Jim Bergeron (503) 325-8625.

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The New Western Queen frozen in ice

NEW MEMBERSHIPS, CONTINUED Capt. Ronald B. Johnston, Warrenton Dr. & Mrs. Walter Johnson, Seaside Mr. & Mrs . Mike Johnstun, Rainier Mr. Perry W. Jones, Nehalem Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Josephson Mr. W.I. Josephson Mr. & Mrs. Jon Jylha K-Manufacturing Mr. & Mrs. Ron Kaino, Seaside Ms. Nancy Kem Karen Kenyon & Ernest Davis Ms . Myra A. Kero, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Keto Mr. Jeff Killion, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. John Klindt Ms. Charlene Knispel, Warrenton Mr. Chester Kolonen Mr. Charles Kraus Mr. & Mrs. DeWaine Kuehl Mr. & Mrs . Clarence Kulland Mr. & Mrs. Bernard LeCasse, Cannon Beach Mr. & Mrs . Robert Lamendola, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Wade Larson Mr. Robert M. Law Mr. & Mrs. Robert Legg, Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. Donald Leslie, Salem Mr. Garry D . Lienhard Link's Sports, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lobe, Warrenton Mrs. Irma Lopakka Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lovvold Mr. Bruce Lower Mr. Eugene Lukoszyk Mr. & Mrs. David Lum Mr. & Mrs. John Lum Mr. & Mrs. Albert Luukinen Mr. & Mrs . George Mack, Lake Oswego Mr. & Mrs. Richard Maize, Warrenton Mr. Robert P. Maley Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Marconeri Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Matthews Ms. Kathie Meyers Mr. John S. Miller, Seattle, WA Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Miller Ms. Robin D. Misch, Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. Mike Moore, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. John Morris, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Jerry McCallister Mr. & Mrs . Donald L. McCoy, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCulloch, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Evert McNeeley Mr. & Mrs. Ted Nance Ms. Janis O'Brien

Dr. William O'Connell Ms. Linda Oldenkamp Mr. & Mrs. Eldred Olson Mr. & Mrs. Dale Osborn Mr. & Mrs. B. Osterholm Dr. & Mrs . Don Pachal, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Michael Palmer, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Bill Parrish Mr. & Mrs. James Patching Mrs. S.A. Pearson Mr . & Mrs. Cliff Pedersen Mr . Dale Perkins Ms. Elizabeth Person CDR & Mrs. Paul Peterson, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Randall Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Philip Pitts Mr. David Pollard Ms. Colleen T. Powell, Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. John Raterman, Seaside Dr. & Mrs. John Rehorst, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Reith Mr. & Mrs. Ervine Rinell Mr. John Riutta* Ms. Gloria Roberts Mrs. Sylvia Roberts Mr . & Mrs. Francis Rook, Warrenton Mrs. Helen Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sarff Mr. & Mrs . Frank Satterwhite Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Sayce, Ocean Park, WA Mr. Todd Schmechel & Maureen Lynstyak, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Steve Schmitz Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Scott, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Seabold, Warrenton Seacoast Nursery Construction, Warrenton Sunrise Chiropractic Center Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shaffer, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Wes Shaner Mr. Truman Slotte Mr. & Mrs. Fred Smith, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith Mr. & Mrs. John W. Snider, Medford Mr. & Mrs. Soloman Solonsky Sopko Portable Welding, Seaside Ms. Shirley Sopko, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. John Sporseen Mr. & Mrs. Rick Staeb Mr. & Mrs. D. Allan Staley Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stanton Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Steward Still Images

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Storts, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Sam Storts Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Strange Mr . & Mrs. Norman Street Ms. Maureen Sundstrom Dr. & Mrs. Juan Swain Mr. & Mrs. Carl Swensen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Swenson Mr. James Taylor, Cornelius Mr. & Mrs . William Thomas Mr. & Mrs. David Thompson, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Thompson Mr. Paul D. Thompson, Jr., Warrenton Ms. Colleen Tilley Mr. & Mrs. James Trofitter Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tuveng Ms. Debbie Twombly & Mr. Gary Ordway Mrs. Janeice Uhl Mr. & Mrs. Dan Van Thiel, Hammond Video Unlimited, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. John Waisanen Mr. William L. Walter, Naselle, WA Mr. & Mrs. Ron Walther Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wanlass Mr. & Mrs. James Warjone, Seattle, WA Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Waters The Weary Fox Art Gallery, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Edward Weber Mr. & Mrs. Craig Weston, Warrenton Mr. John Whipdon, Warrenton Ms. Carol Whitaker Mr. & Mrs. Stephen White Ms . Elsie M. Whitney Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Whitten, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Whittlesey, Warrenton Mr. Robert Wilkerson, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. D. Lee Williams, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs . Robert Williams Mr. & Mrs. Lanny Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Tim Winn Mrs. Ethel Mae Winters, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Wolfe, Lake Forest, IL Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Wolfe, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wood Mr. & Mrs. K.E. Wrenn, Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Wright, Longview, WA Ms. Lynn Wright Ms . Aleta M. Zak, Pittsburgh, PA

SPECIAL GIFTS, JULY 1 - SEPTEMBER 30, 1984 GENERAL FUND Columbia River Maritime Museum Auxiliary The Wheeler Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William E. Young

HONEYMAN MEMORIAL FUND Mrs. A. Alan Honeyman Mrs. Barbara Honeyman Roll

LIBRARY FUND Mrs. Jane Youell, The Westland Foundation

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS, JULY 1 - SEPTEMBER 30, 1984 KARL AKESON Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Cameron JOHN ANDERSON Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Palmer Henningsen LILLIAN S. ANDERSON Mrs. Shirley L. Cole Mrs. Evelyn H. Lazarus Mrs. Hilda Paulsen RICHARD E. BJORK Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton WILLIE BOZANICH Astoria Marine Construction Co. LESTER JACK CARDWELL Mr. & Mrs. Irving B. Iverson OLGA B. CARLSON Miss Katherine Thorne EBEN H. CARRUTHERS Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Knutsen WESLEY ALLEN COOK Mrs. James A. Fenwick Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hervin JOHN C. DANT Mr. & Mrs. W. Calder McCall EDWIN W. DEKONING Mr. & Mrs. Dean Vincent CATHERINE HALLAUX Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Berney Ms. Margaret Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Brown Mrs. Shirley L. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Dreyer Mr. & Mrs. George Ducich Mrs. John Ducich Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fearey Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gustafson Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie Mr. & Mrs. Robert Macdonald Mrs. Helmi Mellin Mr. David T. McClean Mr. & Mrs. Ed Nitkowski Mr. Emil J. Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Mike Ramsdell Dr. Harvey C. Rones Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen Mrs. Estelle Woods Van Winkle Yergen & Meyer Mrs. H. Zatterlow ROBERT HERLIN Mr. & Mrs. James F. Kindred Mr. & Mrs. Henry Niemi Mr. & Mrs. Donald Riswick

CASSIUS HILLARD Astoria Marine Construction Co. Mr. & Mrs. James E. O'Connor SOLVEIG JACKSON Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos FREDERICK JERMANN Mr. & Mrs. Willis Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fearey Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie Mr. & Mrs. Sven Lund Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen MERWYN JOHNSON Mr. & Mrs. Max Bigby Mr. A. Paquet SUE DARLENE JOHNSON BRANDON JOHNSON Mr. & Mrs. Irving B. Iverson GRACE KERN Mrs. Ross McIntyre JOHN KUIVALA Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Milton Herold Mrs. Anita Kankkonen Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lundholm Mrs. Randi Salo Mr. & Mrs. Terry Salo Mrs. Jordis Tetli Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Thompson Miss Katherine Thorne Mr. & Mrs. Fleming Wilson NICHOLAS KUSSMAN Ms. Gladys Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Toivo Kuivala Mr. & Mrs. Carl Labiske Mr. & Mrs. Sam H. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Burt Mattson Mr. & Mrs. Alan Takalo Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Thompson Yergen & Meyer EDYTH W. LEE Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie Dr. Harvey C. Rones

Mr. Mr. Mr. Ms .

& Mrs. Henry Herlin & Mrs. Steve Johnson & Mrs. Ed Lundholm

Linda K. Niemelin

GERTRUDE MATTSON Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Nielsen HELEN B. MURRAY Mr. Walter Gadsby, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hedrick Mr. & Mrs. Robert MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Ross WALTER PALMROSE Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Abrahamson Astoria Plywood Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Ken Degernas Mr. & Mrs. Milton Herold Mr. Hjalmer Leino Mr. John D. Palmrose Mr. & Mrs. Carl Paronen Mr. & Mrs. Alan Takalo Mr. & Mrs. Warren Skaggs, Sr. MARGARET PARKER Mrs. Margaret Irene Hinz Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L' Amie Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lundholm Mr. & Mrs. Fleming Wilson Ms. Theresa Wilson WYLIE PHILIPS Mrs. Ellen K. Sanford LAURA ANN RICHARDS Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gustafson LESLIE LEE RICHARDSON Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harvey Mr. & Mrs. W.F. McGregor FERRIS L. SAUNDERS Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Collman CAPTAIN JOHN SIGFRIDSON Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cameron Mr. & Mrs. Bill Heiner Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin PHILLIP SPEXARTH Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Johanson

WALTER LEMPEA Ms. Bertha Lempea Mrs. Gene P. Rexrode Mr. & Mrs. Mike Tarabochia

WILFORD STEELE Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Ostrom Mr. & Mrs. William Welch

WILEY E. LUMSDEN Mr. & Mrs. Herb Hansen

ROY TAKALO Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bridgens

ANTHA MANELLA Judge & Mrs . Thomas E. Edison

JOHN TARABOCHIA Mr. & Mrs. Allan Bue Ms. Clara E. Miles

HERBERT A. MARKS Mr. & Mrs. Irving B. Iverson CARL B. MATTSON Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Brown Mr. & Mrs. Howard Graham


NEW MEMBERS, INCREASED SUPPORT(*), JULY 1 - SEPTEMBER 30, 1984 LIFE Mr. & Mrs. Ward V. Cook Mr. & Mrs . J.R. Dant* Mr. & Mrs. John McGowan* SUSTAINING Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bechtolt* Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gearin, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Georges, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Jubitz, Portland* Capt. & Mrs. Eugene Nemecek Sunburst Realty Inc. UFCW Local 143A * Mr. Tom Utti Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Webster, Lincoln City* Weston & Everette Real Estate, Gearhart Young's Bay Restaurant, Warrenton SUPPORTING Pete Anderson Realty, Seaside Capt. James T . Clune, Warrenton* Mr. & Mrs. William Elder* Mrs. Aneta Englund* Mr. John R. Gatewood* CDR & Mrs. Peter Hoffman* Mr. & Mrs. Brian Johnson* Mr. David T . McClean* Mrs. Carlotta Honeyman Sinkey, Springfield* Mr. & Mrs . James L. Welch* CONTRIBUTING Mr. & Mrs. John F. Allen, Florence* Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Aya, Jr., San Francisco* Mr. & Mrs. Max Bigby, Sr.* Mr. & Mrs. Ken Bracken, Seaside* Mr. & Mrs. F. Clair Brown, Portland Mr. & Mrs. Donald Butler, Yuba City, CA* Dr. & Mrs. Yong G. Cheong* Mr. & Mrs. John Christie, Jr.* Mr. Gene C. Cope, Warrenton Mr. C. Lyle Cummins, Jr., Lake Oswego* Dr. John P. Dickson, Eugene Mr. Robert Drucker* Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dymond Mr. Joe Easley* Mr. & Mrs. Robert Erickson* Capt. W.W. Faulkner* Mr. Richard A. Fisher* Mr. Gerald W. Frank, Salem* Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Goin* Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Graham, Arcata, CA* Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hertig, Seaside* Ms. Helyn V. Hoskins, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Robert P . Jenkins, Palo Alto, CA* Mr. & Mrs . Dale R. Johnson* Mr. & Mrs. Robert E . Kelly, Renton, WA* Dr. & Mrs. R. Kettlekamp Lamplighter Motel* Mr. William F. Linton* Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Lyngstad Mr. Harry E. Mangan, Portland Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Maxson* Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Merritt, Warrenton Dr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Meyer*

Mr. Don Miller, Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. Michael H . Mills, Warrenton* Capt. & Mrs. D.S. Moir, Newport* Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Olmsheid Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Olson, Rockaway Mr. Edwin K. Parker* Mr. & Mrs. Walter Pendergrass, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Larry Perkins* Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Riddervold, Walnut Creek, CA* Mr. & Mrs. Franz Ridgeway, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Riutta * CDR & Mrs. Donald T. Rohde, Lincoln City Mr. & Mrs. Charles Savage Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scheve Mr. & Mrs. Doug Schlieski * Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sharp* Mr. & Mrs. Albert Sorkki Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stemper Mr. & Mrs. Omar Susewind, Aberdeen, WA* Mrs. J ordis Tetli * Mrs. Helen Malarkey Thompson, Portland Mr. Stephen Eberly Thompson, Portland Mr. & Mrs. Carvel Tinner* Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen * Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ward, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. C.F. Westersund, Pendleton ANNUAL Mr. Scott Adam, North Hollywood, CA Mr. & Mrs. Ross Adams Mr. & Mrs. William Aiken Mr. & Mrs. Russell Alborn Mr. & Mrs. Tom Alfonse Mr. & Mrs. Lee Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Doug Arnall Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Arnold, Jr., Portland B & G Sales & Service Ms. Carol Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baltimore, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Todd Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Barry Baxter, Tigard Mr. & Mrs. Don Baxter Mr. & Mrs. Ike Bay Mr. Stewart J. Bell Bell's Office Machines Mr. Bruce Bemisdarfer, Warrenton Mr. William J. Berg Mr. & Mrs. Greg Birdeno Mr. Herbert Blanchard Mr. Vern Blomquist Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blue Mr. & Mrs. William Bollinger, Hillsboro Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Bowdish Mr. & Mrs. Randy Bowe, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Bowler Mr. & Mrs. Henry Boyd Mr. Michael C. Brands, Kent, WA Mr. & Mrs. Miles Brendon, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bridgens, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Ron Calhoun Mrs. Kathryn J. Capper, Cannon Beach Ms . Carol Carlson Ms. Patti A. Carlson Mr. & Mrs. John Carter, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs . Carl E. Cash, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Chapman

Mr. John Chatalas, Gearhart Ms. Elizabeth Chisholm Mr. & Mrs. Roy Christensen, Warrenton Circle Creek Trail Rides, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cole, Warrenton Mr. S. Bruce Conner, Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. Kent Cruzan Mr. John Dahlsten The Desdemona Club Ms. Faith Deuprey Capt. & Mrs. William Donnell Dooger' s Seafood & Grill, Seaside Ms. Barbara S. Doyle Mrs. Cleo Dozier Ms. Marilyn J. Dunn, Warrenton Mr. Jon Englund Mr. & Mrs. Pat Ettro Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Everton Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Faber, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Fairchild, Seaside Mrs. Jeanne Maddox Fastabend Mr. & Mrs. Al Fenton, Warrenton Mrs. Ann C. Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Filori Mr. & Mrs. Robert Finch, Tolovana Park Mr. & Mrs. James Flint Mr. & Mrs. Martin Frank Mr. Edward W. Franklin, Longview, WA CDR & Mrs. Dennis Freezer, Seaside Mr. Dale Friedeman Mr. Fultano's Pizza Gannaway Bros. Jewelers, Inc ., Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Bill German, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Jan Glarum, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Bill Goehner, Seaside Ms. Rae Goforth Mr. & Mrs. W. Goodman, Bellingham, WA Dr. Paul Gorman & Jan Guziac Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Gramson, Warrenton Mr. Robert Graves Mrs. Margaret Green Mrs. Irene Gunderson Hair Design By Sue, Seaside Mr. Joseph Haircutter, Portland Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Rodney D. Harris Mrs. Dyan Hartill Mrs. Alice M . Harvey, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Larry Haskell Mr. & Mrs. Don Hawley The Head Shed Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hediger Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hellberg Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Helmersen Mr. & Mrs. James Henderson Ms. Ellen Y. Herrmann, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Hertig, Warrenton Mr. Douglas Hill Hilltop Hair Company Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Holthusen Mr. & Mrs. M .J. Hughes Mr. Dennis Jackson Mrs. Lora Lou Jackson, Seaside Mr. & Mrs. Gary Jacobsen Mr. & Mrs. Ted Jacobson Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Johnson, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Johnson Mrs. Nannie A. Johnson


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OFFICERS, TRUSTEES ELECTED John S. McGowan, grandson of a pioneer Columbia River cannery operator, was elected to a second, one-year term as President of the Museum by the Trustees following the annual meeting on October 6th. A resident of Warrenton since his retirement a few years ago as President of Bumble Bee Seafoods, he serves on several boards and commissions in business and government in addition to the Museum's board. Re-elected Vice President of the Museum was Roland T. Fisher, of Lake Oswego. He is President of Waterway Terminals Company, Inc ., a Portland-based warehousing and freight-forwarding firm. Edith Henningsgaard, who also serves as Mayor of the City of Astoria, was re-elected as Treasurer of the Museum, and Eugene Lowe, a retired Gearhart resident, was elected as Secretary. Trustees newly elected to four-year terms by the Museum membership are Allen V. Cellars, a retired seafoods executive residing in Warrenton; Thomas R. Dyer, a Seattle naval architect and consultant; Evelyn Georges, Portland, who owns and operates the White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach; and

Thomas J. White, semi-retired Portland attorney and maritime specialist. Re-elected to the Board were Maurie D. Clark of Portland and Cannon Beach; Ronald Collman, Warrenton, Associate Dean at Clatsop Community College; and Joanne M. Lilley, a Portland civic leader. Mary Stickney, new President of the Museum Auxiliary, joins the Board as an ex-officio member. Trustees retiring from the Board after completing their terms of service were Thomas E. Autzen of Portland; Ebba Brown and Fred Lindstrom, both of Astoria; Mark D . Nichols, Portland; and George Stadelman, The Dalles. In his remarks to Museum members attending the annual meeting, President John McGowan saluted the retiring Trustees, assuring them that the Museum would continue to count on their advice, counsel, and support, He expressed particular thanks to Mr. Autzen, whose outstanding generosity and interest in the Museum have been of inestimable value; and to Mr. Lindstrom, who served as Secretary of the Museum for the past seven years.




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