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24th February 2014


FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, The Gospel this Sunday contained the Beatitudes. Blessed are the merciful: they shall have mercy shown them. Blessed are the pure in heart: they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers: they shall be recognised as children of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted in the cause of uprightness: the kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

PRIDE IN OUR UNIFORM I spoke during week to the parents, students and teachers about my expectations of the way the students are to wear the uniform. I have already a great pride in our College and I believe that small things like our pride in the College uniform can contribute to the strong culture of learning that we are developing at Marist North Shore.

(Matthew 5:7-10)

At the heart of the Beatitudes and indeed the Gospel, is the call to be ‘other centred’. To be a Christian means to see the face of Christ in others. It is impossible to be a Christian and not show love to others. “For if you love those who love you, what right have you to claim any credit? Even the tax collectors do as much, do they not?” At the end of last year the student leaders designed the College banner for this year. This banner highlights our priority for students to of service to others. The banner also highlights the important words: Courage, Respect, Presence. Our students are actively encouraged through the experiences available at MCNS to be ‘other centred’. I am very pleased with this strength in our education at Marist.

PARENT WELCOME We had a wonderful Welcome function on last Friday evening. A large group of parents and teachers enjoyed the particularly impressive catering supplied by the Parents and Friends. We are indebted to Elizabeth and Conor Byrne and the P&F Committee for their organisation and hospitality.


An example of what’s expected of our students

I am asking that students wear their shirt with their top button done up, tie up and shirt tucked in each and everyday. I ask Parents that they check to see that your son can do up his top button. If it is not possible, I ask that you please purchase a larger shirt for him so that he can fully take on the efforts we are making to build the culture at Marist North Shore. Tony Duncan Headmaster


Paul Dillon, Director of Drug & Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA), will present on the topic of ‘Drugs, Alcohol and Young People’ Tuesday 8th April, 7pm MacKillop Library & Resource Centre Marist College North Shore

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER PASTORAL CARE LESSONS Our first Pastoral Care lesson for the year took place last Wednesday for all students. For the benefit of our new parents, these lessons look to examine relevant issues in our students’ lives. It gives them an opportunity to listen, learn, reflect and discuss with their teachers and peers some ideas around a specific issue. I encourage parents to discuss with their son(s) these ideas that were explored on the day to gain an insight on what was discovered. The Year Groups examined the following topics with their teachers and guest speakers: Year 7 Year 7 participated in an orientation session that looked at our the College theme ‘Service’. They explored what it means to be Marist, to have courage, be respectful and to be present. They are to be congratulated in making a fine start to their secondary education. Year 8 Year 8 in their pastoral lesson examined the issue of bullying. A bullying survey was completed to assist the College in evaluating and reviewing our approaches to bullying. The students viewed a video examining the facts and myths of bullying. Topics explored included: • If you ignore bullying, will it stop? • What is bullying • Discuss the effects of bullying both short and long term • Outline strategies to stop bullying • Problems with the clever comeback • What assertive behaviour can you take if you are being bullied • Why is it important to stand up for someone who is being bullied Year 9 Our Year 9 students spent time in preparation for their upcoming camp. These details and information were forwarded onto parents last week. Year 10 Year 10 students were engaged in a lesson that centred upon ‘Making a Difference’ linked to ‘Service’. They viewed the inspirational story of the Panyee Football Club. Upon viewing this, they focused on the qualities and characteristics displayed by this team and community. A simple conclusion from this story and message is that everyone counts,

everything little thing matters and to make a difference we cannot ignore these facts. Year 11 Study Skills was the focus for our Year 11 students. Students completed an online survey to discover their preferred learning style. Strategies to enhance their learning and study were equated to this learning style. The boys focused on the goals they set at the end of last year and were given study planners to assist with techniques for study and life balance. Year 12 Year 12 students focused on the theme of ‘Service’. A stimulus video where students listened to ex-Marist student and Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden discuss what his Faith meant to him and what it means to be Marist. The students discussed in groups their responses to this question and how they will lead the College, displaying ‘Service”, in 2014. A reminder about House Masses: •

Mon 24th Feb - House Mass Moore (6pm) and Salta (7:15pm)

Tues 25th Feb - House Mass Chanel (6pm) and Kelly (7:15pm)

David Forrester Deputy Headmaster






Recently I had the pleasure of accompanying two of our student leaders, who were tremendous ambassadors, to a Blessing Ceremony at the Catholic Education Office, Leichhardt. Here is their reflections on this significant occasion:

Last week I emailed all parents to inform you that the Year 7 - 12 Assessment Booklets were now all available on the College website. This electronic copy will always contain the most up-to-date version of the assessment schedule if there is ever a need to change any dates for tasks after the print run has been completed. Last week hard copies of the Year 7 - 11 booklets have been distributed to all students and Year 12 also received an updated calendar section of their booklet in a handy A4 booklet style which can easily be pinned to a fridge or bedroom wall.

On Friday 14th February, the Catholic Education Office in Leichhardt held a blessing for the new St. Marcellin Champagnat Icon, a fundamental new feature of the Champagnat Boardroom. Representative students and staff of Marist Colleges across the Archdiocese of Sydney gathered in the CEO’s chapel. The Iconographer was present, alongside Bishop Peter Comensoli, where the icon was unveiled and blessed. Dr. Dan White, Executive Director of Catholic Schools, described to the congregation the spiritual significance behind such an icon, and explained how they were ‘written’ - not painted, as well as the religious significance such a piece holds. As two of the student leaders, we were selected to be present at the event, gaining a significant insight into the purpose of such an icon. We also were able to assist in the unveiling and transportation of the icon to the Boardroom itself. We were lucky enough to be two of the first students ever to walk inside the Boardroom. It was a truly great experience to see such an iconic figure in our lives at Marist (St. Marcellin) be so appreciated by the greater Catholic community of the Catholic Education Office. Dr. Dan White expressed that the decisions made by the SACS Board and all those who will meet in the Champagnat Boardroom would be guided by St. Marcellin and it was an honour to not only Marcellin himself, but also to the Marist family he created and the traditions encompassed by the brothers and sisters of the Marist community. - Keenan Singh and Jack Garay I look forward to meeting you all at the upcoming House Masses and reflecting on these significant occasions in the next edition of High Notes. Anthony Munro Director of Faith Formation 4

Our College assessment procedures are in-line with the guidelines set out by the NSW Board of Studies with the intention of being fair to all students. It is of the utmost importance that students and parents familiarise themselves with the expectations surrounding such things as absenteeism during assessment tasks, what documentation is required upon a student’s return to school and who to contact if an assessment task has been missed. There is also an easy to follow schedule of tasks at the front of each booklet to help map preparation for the whole year. As stated in previous editions of High Notes, one point for all parents and student of Years 9 - 12 to note is that if a student is away the day before an assessment task, a doctor’s certificate is required to avoid students gaining an unfair advantage over other students. If a student in Year 9 - 12 is absent for an assessment task and has not sought official leave, a phone call must be made to the Director of Teaching and Learning on the morning of the task. I am happy for a voice message to be left if I am not in my office at the time of the call. If there are any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 9957 5000. Ann McGovern Director of Teaching and Learning

Sisters of Charity Outreach The Sisters of Charity Outreach needs volunteers for our Services. These include visiting the socially isolated or collecting country people coming to Sydney and driving them to medical appointments. For further information please contact Maria McNuff on 8382 6437, 0404 861 523 or mmcnuff@stvincents.com.au

DEBATING DEBATING TEAM NOMINATIONS FOR CSDA The response for the Debating nominations from the Marist North Shore students has been positive. We now have forty students, as listed below. We require a few more for the Year 8 and Year 10 teams. We are keen to nominate two teams for each Year level so this way students will have plenty of debates. We do strive for a no forfeit policy, which means we are asking debaters to be committed to their teams. There will be two rounds of debating before the Easter break and four more rounds during Term 2. DEBATING TEAMS 2014 Year Team 1 Team 2 Sean Auer Dorian Duschlbauer Isaac Irvine 7 William Byrne Varun Mehrotra Brendan Meers Zizo Ayoub Ryan Mirabelli Calum Danger 8 Samuel Silcock Thomas Pitts Michael Gribben Christopher Magee Lachlan Ford Jay Ong Lucas Mayer Hugo Douglas Benjamin Watts 9 Joshua Kinsella Ube Silva-Lindsey Nicolas Castro Lukas Powling Christopher James Matthew Parker 10 Riley Taylor Henry Lynn Austin Beins Samuel How Luke Gallen Nitish Wanzare 11 Hamish Buchanan Jay Swami Abhishek Raju Joshua Hortinela Dominique Ratcliffe David Smith 12 Thomas Ingram Peter Boyer Cian Byrne Jonathan Cheng The Captain of the Debating team this year will be Cian Byrne (12 Salta) and there is no doubt he will be supported by seniors Dominique Ratcliffe (12 Moore) and Tom Ingram (12 Moore). All three of these debaters travelled to St. Joseph’s College, Brisbane Cian Byrne in January for a two-day debating workshop and returned with high praise from the organizers and the “Terrace” debaters.

In Week Four, the best of our Year 11 debaters took part in a one-day debating competition organized by the Macquarie University Debating Society. These students were Sam How, Luke Gallen, Hamish Buchanan and Josh Hortinela. We are grateful to Mr. Jose Hortinela who was the team’s support person for the day. Here is a recap of how the day went:

(L-R): Hamish Buchanan, Luke Gallen, Joshua Hortinela and Samuel How

On Tuesday 18th February, the Year 11 Debating team consisting of Samuel How, Joshua Hortinela, Hamish Buchanan and Luke Gallen, took part in the Macquarie University Debating Society competition. The team partook in a three rounds of debates against St. Pius X, James Ruse Agricultural College and Knox Grammar, achieving an excellent result with winning two out the three debates. The debates proved to be challenging, and with five minutes preparation, Marist North Shore proved successful, putting all their skills to the test. It was an incredibly valuable learning experience losing our final debate by a narrow set of points. Ultimately we left the day enriched with stronger debating skills and a greater sense of teamwork. - Samuel How and Joshua Hortinela As mentioned previously, the best website for students to read and learn more about debating is www.learndebating.com. Any parents who wishes to assist on the debating evenings or be part of the coaching team are more than welcome to contact me by email: gregory.quinn@syd.catholic.edu.au Gregory Quinn Debating Coordinator 5


CREATIVE ARTS TUITION PROGRAM 2014 There is continued interest and participation in the Tuition Program in 2014. Currently there are 89 students involved in learning a diverse range of instruments: Guitar, drums, woodwind, piano and trombone. The Music Tutors are highly professional and organize a structured program in the mentorship of their students. A Tuition Booklet is issued to each student and alike the College Diary, it is a means of communicating rehearsal times and a home practice routine. The tutors at Marist North Shore for 2014: Sam Pellegrino – Guitar Mark Roulston – Bass Guitar, Fiona Keating – Piano/Keyboard Dave T. Smith – Drums/Percussion Penny Coucill & Alan Paardekooper – Woodwind Alex Silver – Lower Brass Lynda Bacon – Trumpet Daniel Tambasco – Vocal Tony Gardner – Improvisation, Woodwind and Piano The tutors are encouraged to communicate with parents on the curriculum, each student’s progress and to establish goals such as the AMEB Exam, eisteddfods and involvement in the College’s Band and Ensemble Program. Students involved in the Tuition Program are reminded to be responsible for recording their time and day of their tuition lesson from the email (College Gmail) sent each Friday before the week of their lesson or the Tuition Notice Board. Students must remember to be punctual to their lesson. If a student is absent from school on the day of his tuition lesson, please contact the music tutor and the College as early as possible. Tutors can not contact the students to remind them of their scheduled tuition lesson, so it is important that all students record their day and time in their College Diary and use an effective strategy to remember their lesson time.

A majority of the students are removed from class time and as a result need to communicate with their teacher about the work to be completed and homework obligations, and finally, to reap the most from their lesson, appropriate instrumental performance practice is required. Students should be reminded that class tests, assessment tasks and excursions/incursions take priority, thus they need to communicate early with their tutor and Ms O’Brien of any alterations that need to be made to the time and day. The students can store their instruments in the Music Instrument Store Room near Music Room 2. There are still opportunities for involvement in the Music Tuition Program. Please consult your Music teacher – Mr Herbert, Mr Camrass or Ms O’Brien for a form comprising details and enrolment. Carolyn O’Brien Head of Creative and Performing Arts

Taking enrolments for Term 1, 2014! Is your child a triple threat who loves to sing, act and dance? In our weekly classes, the students are engaged in varied vocal warm-ups, drama activities and games. They are also taught choreography and music so that they can perform songs from traditional as well as modern musicals. ! Two convenient locations: Roseville College – 27 Bancroft Avenue, Roseville Classes offered on Wednesday: K – 2: 3.30pm – 4.15pm Years 3 – 6: 4.30pm – 5.30pm Year 7+: 5.30pm – 7.00pm ! North Shore Temple Emanuel – 28 Chatswood Avenue, Chatswood


Classes offered on Sunday: Years 3 – 6: 2.00pm – 3.00pm K – 2: 3.15pm – 4.00pm !

Also taking expressions of interest for classes at Chatswood On Sunday for: Year 7+: 12.30pm – 2.00pm (or 4pm start subject to demand) ! !

Classes commence on February 5, 2014. Call Julie Painter on 0409 989 910 or Ingrid Bass on 0405 495 099. Email: applausemta@hotmail.com




Facebook: www.facebook.com/ApplauseMusicalTheatreAcademy






Welcome to students in the Marist College North Shore Performing Ensembles for 2014. I look forward to a highly successful musical year and welcome all the new members to our ensemble. We have some upcoming scheduled performances that we need to be ready: Expo Day, Anzac Day and the Easter Show.

Thankyou to all the parents and staff who attended our Welcome Function on Friday 21st February. It was a great opportunity to introduce our Headmaster, Tony Duncan. It was wonderful to meet so many new and current parents. Thankyou also to all the volunteers and helpers that assisted with the event, we couldn’t do it without your support.

I will contact new Year 7 musicians soon and will organise to hear each student perform a piece of music of their own choice for myself to allocate band positions and groups. Please note, I will not need to hear any scales. Senior Concert Band Senior Concert Band practice has commenced and is every Wednesday and Friday morning starting at 7.50am - 8.30am. We will be preparing for our up coming performances for Expo Day on Saturday 8th March in Week 6, Anzac Day and Royal Sydney Easter Show during the last week of Term 1. Expo Marching Performance time will be at 12.00 pm in the Basketball Courts. Students are to please meet in Music Room 1 at 11.40am to warm up. The Country Tour will take place early Term 4. Senior Jazz Ensemble Senior Jazz Ensemble will commence every Tuesday morning starting Tuesday 25th February at 7.45am - 8.30am. We will be preparing for our performance at Expo. I will confirm details with all members via email. After the school musical, the Jazz Band will rehearse on a Wednesday afternoon from Term 3 onwards. At the conclusion of Term 4 2013, our Jazz Band did a wonderful performance at P&F Christmas Party. I would like to thank all musicians involved in this event. It was a great gig! Percussion Ensemble Percussion Ensemble will rehearse Thursday Mornings at 7.30am with Drum Teacher/ Conductor Mr. Dave Smith. We will be preparing for our up coming performances for Expo Day. Expo Percussion Ensemble Performance time is 11.00am in Music Room 2. Please meet in Music Room 2 at 10.30am to set up. If you have any questions please contact Mr Herbert. Rod Herbert Band Conductor 8

COLLEGE EXPO Plans are well underway for this year’s Expo on Saturday 8th March, 10.00am – 2.00pm. The P&F do need support from our Marist parents on the day. We run a BBQ, Cake Stall and Raffle to raise funds and create a fun and inviting atmosphere for potential new students and parents. How can you help?: Cake Stall Donations of food items to sell at the Cake Stall are needed. If you are able to, please include a list of ingredients as this helps those with food allergies. Please bring these to Hospitality Rooms on Expo Day prior to 11am. Please do not send Cake Stall donations to the office on Friday as we are unable to refrigerate and store them overnight. Volunteering Thankyou to the many parents who have offered to help, we have had a wonderful response so far. We do need more volunteers for the afternoon from 12.00pm - 3.00pm. If you are able to help us out for at least 2 hours during this time, please email pnf@maristns.catholic. edu.au and we can include you on the roster. Raffle We are not sending books home with students this year and will run the raffle on Expo Day instead. Please support the College by buying some tickets or a book on the day. Claire Manning P&F Secretary

CAREERS @ Marist OPEN DAYS Macquarie University Business & Economics Wednesday 14 May Law Wednesday 21 May

YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE All Student Workplace Learning Records must be completed and returned to the College by Monday 16th June (Term 2, Week 8). The Work Experience program will take place from Monday 28th July - Friday 1st August (Term 3, Week 3). All boys will be receiving the relevant paperwork for Work Experience during Weeks 4 and 5, Term 1. If any boy has not received their package of documents they will need to see Mrs Brown to collect these. It is highly advisable to start the process of gaining a placement early in Term 1. There is increasing competition for placements and boys are encouraged to be proactive in seeking out suitable and engaging host employers. A copy of the Workplace Learning Record can be found in the bottom right corner.

TAX FILE NUMBERS Secondary School TFN Program The easiest way for secondary students (over the age of 13) to get their Tax File Number (TFN) is through the ATO School’s TFN program, which Marist College North Shore participates in. When a student applies for a TFN through Marist, the process is simplified dramatically! The boys will need to collect the twopage application form from the Careers Resource Area and complete it using a black pen. Once it is accurately completed, they must return it to Mrs Brown. There is no need to provide any documentation, as we check the details against the College records. The TFN application will then be processed and sent to the Tax Office. The TFN will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be mailed out to your home address. If students do not receive their TFN in that time, they should direct their inquiries to the Australian Tax Office on 13 28 61 or visit www.ato.gov.au/students.

UTS, City campus Saturday 30 August 9am - 4pm University of Sydney Saturday 30 August 9am - 4pm ACU, North Sydney Campus Saturday 6 September 8:30am – 2:30pm UNSW Saturday 6 September 9am – 4pm UTS, Kuring-gai campus Saturday 6 September 11am - 1pm ACU, Strathfield Campus Saturday 13 September 8:30am – 4:00pm Notre Dame University TBA UWS, all campuses TBA Wollongong University TBA Newcastle University TBA







MCC SPORT On Thursday 13th February, nine of the College’s MCC teams competed in their semi-final matches across an array of sports. Five of these teams enjoyed success and now progress through the finals. Unfortunately, these were due to be played Thursday 20th February but, due to poor weather, these finals have been postponed until Thursday 27th February.

Dominique Ratcliffe

Dominique Ratcliffe (12 Moore) won the Thornleigh Open Men’s A Grade Squash Tournament on Sunday 9th February. This is the highest level that Dominique can compete in other than the Opens and Junior Events. Dominique will now move forward to compete in the Opens, which is classed as professional. This means that this will enable him to have a World Ranking when he next competes in an Open event. We congratulate Dominique on this excellent result, particularly after a nasty collarbone fracture last September. This unfortunately caused Dominique to miss Nationals but he has rebounded back nicely in his first tournament. Good on you Dominique!

North Sydney Brothers Junior Rugby League Football Club We are looking for players from 5 years old to Seniors Ages. We have great coaches & provide excellent training skills. It only cost $100.00 per player which includes socks, shorts, jersey, 2014 NRL Season Pass & player insurance. If you would like to join a great family orientated club & have lots of fun, please register by calling Annette Hema on: 0404 610 048 or email: nsbros@hotmail.com or visit our website: www.nsbrothers.com.au 12

Basketball A truly successful campaign this season for the Basketball, seeing all their teams through the semi-finals. U/15 were unlucky this time, failing in their quest for a finals berth. A Grade, B Grade and U/14’s will compete for their MCC crown next week after great results all-round. Touch Football The A Grade tried their in hardest in their semifinal but lost to a better side on the day. Better luck to those boys who continue on next season! Squash Marist North Shore thrashed Holy Cross, Ryde 1179 - 284. This will see the team progress through to the grand final and attempt to secure their 14th MCC Squash title in 15 years. Well done boys! Cricket All three teams - A Grade, U/16 and U/14 competed in tough contests, which unfortunately saw A Grade and U/14 bow out of the competition for the year. U/14’s lost grip on a better Kogarah side with the day finishing 10/78 to Kogarah’s 10/115. A Grade finished up with 10/98 to Kogarah’s 5/99. George Condon (10 Salta) had a remarkable game sitting on 41 not out and capturing 3/17 on the pitch. U/16 progressed nicely onto their grand final with a great win with 5/86 over Lewisham’s 7/85. Notable efforts include Jason Manoharan’s (10 Chanel) 3/15 and Daniel Gribben’s (11 Kelly) 2/15. Bradley Ford (10 Chanel) also shone in front of the wicket with 41 not out. We congratulate all our teams on these fantastic results this summer seaosn and wish the finalists all the best for next Thursday!



CANTEEN 24 Feb: Annette Bradford, Donalda Brown, Rosalind Elliot, Grace Ooi, Andrea Morgan 25 Feb: Julie Bourgeat, Louise Frith, Nina Stowers-Kahui, Nola Xenakis 26 Feb: Joyce Aimond, Elizabeth Byrne, Dianne Pastuszak, Janet Pereira, Cindy Van Kampen 27 Feb: Lynda Challenger, Sally Engeman, Marg Mitchell, Margaret Weller, Karen Whitehead 28 Feb: Paulette Bendixen-Brown, Brid Bowers, Sue Rennie, Vicki Robinson, Teresa Ukrainetz, Anne Young 3 Mar: Louise Burton, Cathy Kinsella, Jennifer Sheldon, Leonie Siutz, Tara Smith, Christina Young 4 Mar: Natalie Bollard, Katherine Borkowski, Sandra Fitzgerald, Melanie Sanchez 5 Mar: Amanda Gallen, Meg Neuhaus, Sarah Panozzo, Ruth Scholes, Sue Van Twest 6 Mar: Rosina Aloe, Barbara Doll, Catherine Dovgan, Liz Parr 7 Mar: France Booth, Selena French, Fiona Lucas, Jane O’Shea, Irene Tan

24 Feb: Moore House Mass (6.00pm - 7.00pm) Salta House Mass (7.15pm - 8.15pm) Solidarity - Night Patrol (Chanel) 25 Feb: Chanel House Mass (6.00pm - 7.00pm) Kelly House Mass (7.15pm - 8.15pm) 28 Feb: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) 4 Mar: MCNS Invitational Swimming Carnival 5 Mar: Ash Wednesday 8 Mar: College Expo Day, 10.00am - 2.00pm 10 Mar: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 11 Mar: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations 12>21 Mar: Year 12 Assessment Week 13 Mar: MCC Tennis MCC Golf 14 Mar: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 17>21 Mar: Year 9 Camp 20 Mar: MCC Swimming Carnival 24 Mar: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 28 Mar: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) CDSA Debating - Round 1 31 Mar: PUPIL FREE DAY (Staff Day) 1 Apr: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations (HPV & Year 8 Catch Up) 3 Apr: MCC Cross Country 4 Apri: CDSA Debating - Round 2 7 Apr: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 8 Apr: Paul Dillion (DARTA) - Parent Presenation MacKillop Library 9 Apr: Year 10 Reflection Day 11 Apr: COLLEGE ATHLETICS CARNIVAL LAST DAY OF TERM 1 Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 28 Apr: Term 2 Commences

UNIFORM SHOP 12 Feb: Karen Whitehead, Margie Weller, Margaret Kamma, Grace Ooi 19 Feb: Gemma Metzker,Tracy Pitts, Josie Spano, Katherine Borkowski

Parenting Programs Child & Adolescent Parenting


Tuning into Teens Courses Skills to communicate with your teenagers so that you understanding each other better and are able to build positive relationships. Chatswood 5wks/2.5hrs 5/3-2/4, 7.00-9.30pm

A notice to all parents that Fee Statement went out two weeks ago by mail and post. If families did not receive their to contact accounts ASAP via accounts@maristns.catholic.edu.au

Dealing with Teen’s Backchat Workshop Learn how to restore a respectful and positive relationship, understand what its like being a teenager and learn how to talk to that they listen to you. Chatswood 26/2, 7.00-9.30pm


Mark Brooks Business Manager

Other courses: Tuning into Kids Courses - Chatswood 25/2-25/3 Positive Parenting Program - Chatswood 17/2-31/3 Communicating with Kids Wkshp - Chatswood 1/4 Enquiries: 9887 5830 www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/services/CAP


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High Notes #2 - 24th February 2014  

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High Notes #2 - 24th February 2014  

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