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Vol. 50

Issue #18

8th December 2014

The year that was..

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, PRAYING ADVENT AS PARENTS There are so many challenges for families in preparing for Christmas. It is good to take a moment or two to reflect on our spiritual preparation. It is not easy preparing. One of my son’s tells the story of the Christmas where we gave him a brand new bike helmet. This was only a few weeks after his pushbike had been stolen! He still enjoys telling the story. I am still amazed at how much work my wife and I did in preparing for Christmas independent of how successfully my children saw this work. I found the following thoughts on parents preparing their children for Christmas through Advent prayer. Advent gives us this opportunity to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. It is a special privilege and a tremendous challenge being a parent and Advent is a wonderful season to reflect upon this mystery. Because it is a season of hope, we can bring our children into our Advent prayer, holding them up to the Lord in love and in trust – in the loving hope that only faith can give. Reflecting on our hopes. One powerful Advent exercise which we can enter into as parents is to reflect, with our Lord, what it is we hope for in our deep love for our children. Sometimes, it helps to get out a piece of paper and put words down on paper which help express our hopes and desires. What is it legitimate to hope for? If we do it before the Lord, and with the Lord , we’ll get in touch with our deep desire that our children be well and be protected from harm. We will look upon each child, there in the presence of the Lord, and wish that they grow spiritually, having a relationship with God that sustains them. Creighton University OnLine Ministries

RESPECT One of the goals on our Annual Plan this year was Respect and Respect for Women in particular. Our approach to this has been very strong. It would be true to say that everyone of us in this community has been given a new insight into some of the issues regarding violence, abuse, and disregard towards women. The money raised on White Ribbon Day will go in part to the White Ribbon Appeal. We are pleased to also 2

be donating $500 to the women’s refuge in Melbourne called the Good Samaritan Inn. This refuge gives emergency accommodation to women and children who are the victims of domestic violence. The Inn is run by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan who are coincidently the founding order of Mt. St Benedict’s College who have been our partner school for both the Year 10 and 11 socials. VOLUNTEERS LUNCHEON Last Thursday we enjoyed the company of eighty of our volunteers who joined us for our annual Volunteers’ Luncheon in the La Valla Hall. Mrs Elizabeth Byrne organised an appetising meal. This was a good opportunity for the College to recognise the support that it receives from parents in the canteen, uniform shop and in the reading program. Our volunteers bring a real depth to the MCNS Community. We recognise the work done by Mrs Shelley Kemsley, Mrs June Mitchell and Mrs Tracey Dunne in enabling volunteers to take part in the life of the College. MOVEMENT IN HOUSES Last Thursday, the four Houses gathered for the last time. From next year each of the Houses will be different and there will be two additional Houses. I enjoyed seeing the House Coordinators farewelling those Tutors and Tutor Groups that will be moving to become MacKillop and Montagne. Ms Kathleen McGrath organised with Ms Georgia Moloney to distribute to each student a cupcake iced in their House colour to celebrate the occasion. Nothing like celebrating life with a cupcake! END OF THE YEAR At our last assembly this year, I encouraged each boy to find a book to read over the summer break. There is no better way of keeping the mind growing than by reading. I believe that boys need to be encouraged and rewarded for reading. If reading is a challenge then we need to look especially hard for a book about our favourite sportsperson or book that picks up adventure or challenge. I encourage the boys to read a little each day. As this is the last High Notes for 2014 I wish to thank everyone in our MCNS Community for their work and participation this year. This year has some success and has built a platform for future gains in academic standards. Tony Duncan Headmaster

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER DIGNITY & RESPECT FOR WOMEN Over the last five weeks the focus of ‘Dignity and Respect for Women’ has been been at the forefront of the minds in our community. I have been extremely moved by the the way this theme has touched the hearts of our young men. Watching how our leaders have risen to the challenge of promoting such an important theme and how this has radiated throughout the College has been a real highlight and moving experience for myself as an educator. From our pastoral assembly, to raising awareness of the reason for White Ribbon Day, to the creative talents shared from the competition and then finally the way the young men of Year 10 conducted themselves at their social with the young ladies from Mount St. Benedict’s, I am proud and confident that the messages delivered will be fixed in the minds of our young men. A YEAR OF SERVICE

others. This is true, but taking it further, leadership is developing in others a deep and committed sense of being at the service of others. 2014 has been our year of service and our responsibility to build an appreciation of the value and meaning of being at the service of others. When reflecting on the many activities and opportunities that have existed the year, I sincerely hope that this noble Christian value has been ignited, grown, sustained and allowed to flourish. My final message to the boys as we finish for the year will be that the greatest element within service is to be truly present to each other. By being present we listen, feel and have empathy for the people in our lives, primarily our families. CHRISTMAS BLESSING I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Marist community for the 2014 year. I wish all families an enjoyable and spirit filled Christmas, a relaxing break and I look forward to continuing our journey in education in 2015.

Christmas is the time to celebrate the love of God. It is the time to share the blessings of God. May all your dreams come true, May love work its magic into your life, May your heart be filled with hope and joy, And may you touch every life you meet. Merry Christmas. Of recent times I have been discussing and assisting one of my daughters in preparation for a speech as she looks to be involved in leadership within her school. We discussed the true importance of leadership being at the service of

David Forrester Deputy Headmaster




This coming year, the Blue Tie has added significance due to the restructure of our student leadership team. Each student who is issued a Blue Tie now serves as part of their House’s leadership, assisting the House Captain. We congratulate the following students who have been issued a Blue Tie:

At the Year 10 Farewell Assembly on Friday 5th December, we announced our major award winners of Year 10 in a number of categories. We congratulate the following students on their achievement:

Andrew Barker Moore

Brian Chau Moore

Back Row: Timothy Ferrero, Jordan Stevens, WIlliam Coyle, Jacob Rizk Front Row: Thomas McGowan, Alec Morgan, George Condon

The Academic Excellence Award Jacob Rizk The Herimtage Award for Marist Spirit Alec Morgan The College Sports Award Timothy Ferrero The College Cultural Award Jordan Stevens Luke Kinsella Moore

Benjamin Luck MacKillop

The Reuben F. Scarf Award Thomas McGowan The Michael Maher Achievement Award William Coyle The North Shore Historical Society History Prize Jacob Rizk The ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award George Condon

Benjamin Hough MacKillop


Jay Swami MacKillop


Jacob Dovgan


Congratulations to Year 10 on completing Stage 5 of their education. As always, it was lovely to see so many students being recognised for academic achievement and commitment at the final assembly for Year 10. To those students who are leaving us here at Marist, I wish you all the best in your future and hope that you will always remember your time here at Marist College North Shore fondly.

Karl Ervan

Industrial Technology Timber

Giani Fenech


Morgan Hanan


Below are our Year 10 Excellence Commitment Award recipients:

Oliver Herbert




Joshua Burn


Matthew Chhoeu

Preliminary HSC Mathematics

William Coyle Hunter Eckford Robert Fitzgerald

Drama Dominic Harkin

Alec Haroyan

Photographic & Digital Media Graphics Mathematics Geography PDHPE

Samuel Hodson

Religious Education

Christopher James

Science Food Technology

Thomas Kay

History Mathematics


Bill Koukounaris


Physical & Sports Studies

Eric Manolev

Science Commerce

Mathematics 5.3 Photographic & Digital Media Information Software Technology

Thomas McGowan

PDHPE Religious Education Science

Harry Liu

Food Technology

Matthew McQueen English

Dean Marinucci

Mathematics 5.2

Justin Moon

Food Technology

Alec Morgan


Bill Nelson


Nathan Niguidula


Alexander Paine


Lukas Powling

Elective History = 1st

Matthew Parker

Maximillian Reyes


Alexander Partridge Music


Lukas Powling

Jacob Rizk

Geography Religious Education

Clayton Ng

Jacob Rizk

Elective History = 1st

Commerce Elective History Science Religious Education English Mathematics English

James Tai


Trenton Van Loon

Industrial Technology - Timber

Religious Education

Jason Wolf

Mathematics 5.1


COMMITMENT Karun Bhandari


Matthew Chhoeu

Information Software Technology

George Condon


Aiden Cox


Jack Devonshire

Geography Physical & Sports Studies

Joshua Rizk

Jack Rogers


Preliminary HSC Mathematics Religious Education Science

Ryan Thompson


Callum Tkachenko


Trenton Van Loon


Carlos Vega Vallejo

Physical & Sports Studies




A reminder that we are not using single text books at the College in 2015. Our aim is to improve academic results by giving students and teachers access to multiple texts and study guides through the non-for-profit online company Learning Fields. Year 11 began using the online texts this term and are averaging over 400 downloads a week, which is extremely positive. As no single text book will be used in a course, no text books list will be issued. I have emailed parents the texts available through the company and will do so again at the end of this year and beginning of next year.

The last of the Semester 2 reports are being finalised and will be posted home before the Christmas holidays. I have also enabled the reports to be accessed by parents and students via the portal in Sentral. Please contact our IT Department if you have lost your parent login details.

Payment for Learning Field is made directly to the company and will not appear on School Fees. The cost to senior students is $400 annually, and for Year 7 – 10 students $260 annually. These fees are cheaper than what parents were required to pay to purchase single texts per subject, so it really is value for money. Parents of students in Years 7 - 11 2015 will not have to pay until thirty days of free access have expired after the commencement of the 2015 school year. Parents of current Year 11 2014 students are required to pay the company directly by the 31st December 2014. Please see the next page regarding payment procedures.

STUDY DURING THE HOLIDAYS The School for Excellence is running a number of programmes during the holidays including Summer school for Years 11 and 12. Click here to view their programs. These course come highly recommended by past students and may just give some of you that extra “boost” going in to 2015. Click here to go to their homepage to see all that is on offer over the break. STUDY IN THE USA There are a number of upcoming information sessions regarding studying in the USA. Please refer to the flyers in this edition of High Notes. Ann McGovern Director of Teaching and Learning

SAVE THE DATE! U.S. College SAVE and THEUniversity DATE! Fair 16, 2015 Fair U.S.Monday, CollegeFebruary and University 6:00 - 8:00 pm Monday, February 16, 2015 Location: Redlands 6:00 - 8:00Road pm 272 Military Cremorne 2090 Location: NSW Redlands 272 Military Road Cremorne NSW 2090



U.S. College and University Fair

Come meet with admissions officers from a variety of different US institutions. Find out about admissions policies, types ofadmissions programs available, the application Come meet with officers from a variety of process, and how are made. different UStesting institutions. Finddecisions out about admissions policies, types of programs available, application For more information: Simone the Salier process, testing and how decisions are made. ssalier@redlands.nsw.edu.au

U.S. College and University Fair

Monday, February 16, 2015 6:00 - 8:00 pm Location: Redlands 272 Military Road Cremorne NSW 2090

For more information: Simone Salier ssalier@redlands.nsw.edu.au

Monday, February 16, 2015 6:00 - 8:00 pm






Location: Redlands 272 Military Road

Come meet with admissions officers from a variety of different US institutions. Find out about admissions policies, types of programs available, the application process, testing and how decisions are made.

Payment information What is LearningField?

Your child’s LearningField subscription

LearningField is a world-first Australian innovation that delivers curriculum-linked digital textbooks directly to teachers and students. With LearningField, teachers and students can select from a huge online library of textbooks from Australia’s leading educational publishers. They can access these anywhere, anytime on a range of devices – iPads, Macs, PCs or Android tablets.

From Term 4 2014, your child will be using LearningField to access digital textbooks. LearningField is available as an annual subscription for $400 per student, which allows unlimited access to textbooks from Term 4 2014 and the 2015 school year. Subscriptions can be paid online at www.learningfield.com.au. Your school will provide you with the password required to access LearningField.

Payment can only be made from now and is due by 31 December 2014 Note: You will need your child’s school email address to make payment.

How to pay The school will advise you of your child’s school email address. Once you receive this information: 1. Go to www.learningfield.com.au 2. Click on the “parent payments” link in the top navigation bar 3. Choose your preferred payment option 4. Enter your child’s school email address 5. Review your order 6. Select payment type 7. Enter payment details 8. Submit order 9. Receipt will be emailed to you Credit Card

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If you have any questions related to this online payment process, please contact LearningField at support@learningfield.com.au. 7

EducationUSA U.S. Consulate General Sydney

Level 10, MLC Centre, 19-29 Martin Place NSW 2000

sydney@educationusa.info 9373-9230 April 2012 |Information sessions 2015 | January Information Sessions    

Following are the details on the information session Education USA will be holding during the January 2015 school holidays. RSVP is essential at Trybooking. Details are as follows: 1. US Undergraduate Information Session + Sport Scholarship Information Session

2. US Undergraduate Information Session + Sport Scholarship Information Session


Wednesday 7 January, 2015 or Monday 12 January 2015


Friday 16 January, 2015 or Wednesday 21 January, 2015


1:30 for 2:00-4:00pm


1:30 for 2:00-4:00pm

Location: EducationUSA, US Consulate General, Level 10, MLC Center, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney

Location: EducationUSA, US Consulate General, Level 10, MLC Center, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney

Intended Audience: High school students aiming to compete in NCAA college sport + parents and students interested in learning about the US undergraduate application process.

Intended Audience: High school students aiming to compete in NCAA college sport + parents and students interested in learning about the US undergraduate application process.

Other Information: A free general information session on the US undergraduate application process and NCAA eligibility process. RSVP is essential by Monday 29th December (places may be filled before the RSVP deadline).

Other Information: A free general information session on the US undergraduate application process and NCAA eligibility process. RSVP is essential by Friday 16th January (places may be filled before the RSVP deadline).

NCAA sponsored sports are listed under the sports tab at NCAA. com. Photo ID is required for entry to the Consulate.

NCAA sponsored sports are listed under the sports tab at NCAA.com. Photo ID is required for entry to the Consulate.

2. US Undergraduate Information Session Date:

Wednesday 14 January, 2015


1:30 for 2:00-4:00pm

Location: EducationUSA, US Consulate General, Level 10, MLC Center, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney Intended Audience: High school students and parents interested in learning about the US undergraduate application process. Other Information: A free general information session on the US undergraduate application process. RSVP is essential by Friday 9th January (places may be filled before the RSVP deadline). Photo ID is required for entry to the Consulate.


LANGUAGES YEAR 8 FRENCH Continuning on from last edition, atudents from 8 Moore, Chanel and Ludovic have also engaged with an activity that observed the cultural importance and value of celebratory meals in France and Australia and here are their ‘opinion pieces': The Battle The crowd goes wild as the competitors enter the arena. On the left hand side, weighing in at 200 lamb chops…… The Australian BBQ!!! The crowd goes wild. In the front row, Thanksgiving from America can be seen, sitting next to Moon Cakes from China. And from the right hand side, weighing in at 190 garlic snails…… The French Gastronomic meal. The crowd are out of their seats. And now we pass over to our commentators, Haggis from Scotland, and Dumplings from Hong Kong! “Good Day wee lad. Tis going a be a great fight!” “Oh yes, I agree. The two fighters are very strong, but only one can come out on top!” “Well here we go, ring that bell maestro!” DING DING And they are off. The two meals circle each other, before the BBQ swings. The Australian BBQ swings a right hook, with a handful of beef sausages, and connects hard with the jaw of the Gastronomic meal. The meal looks dazed, this could be it! But oh! The Gastronomic meal swings back with a vicious uppercut of camembert cheese! Oh no, the BBQ looks out of it. “Oh no, it can’t end like this!” says Haggis But the BBQ isn’t out yet. He musters all his strength, and smacks the Meal into the stands, with a left hook made of burger patties and VB beers. The Gastronomic Meal goes soaring into the front row. He takes out Thanksgiving, and knocks over Mince Pies from GB! “And that’s it! It’s over!” says Dumplings. “Aye, it is! He’s outta here!” shouts Haggis. And the winner of the World Heavyweight Food Celebration Title is... The Australian BBQ! The crowd goes ballistic, with cheers going up, and a Mexican wave making its way across the arena. The BBQ takes the microphone. “I’d like to thank

my parents, my Toyota Hilux, and VB beer for this award!” And so, the BBQ has won. He retained his title for years, until a new face on the block took it away from him. The name of this new contender was…. Oktoberfest from Germany! Felix Jenney 8 Ludovic On special occasions in France, the whole family comes together in a nicely set out house and has an orderly gastronomic meal. While in Australia, we all go outside into the sunny weather, jump into a pool and have a hot sizzling barbecue! These two cultures have very different ways of celebrating when it comes to food. Dave from Coogee says, “The gastronomic meal is just for wusses who are afraid of getting their feet wet or a drop of tomato sauce splatting onto their top”. Phillipe from Paris commented, “Barbecues are just for boofhead bogans. The gastronomic meal follows a certain procedure and set of rules while the Aussie barbeque is just slapping a piece of meat onto the grill”. Russell from Maroubra added, “The French people cook meat in an oven... WHO COOKS MEAT IN AN OVEN?!?!”. The French culture is obviously different from the Australian culture, but their desserts are hard to beat. Many countries all over the world, including Australia, love eating French pastries and crème brûlées for a treat. These two ways of celebrating have many different views and opinions, but I think that there is nothing better to look forward to than a nice hot barbeque. Leo Metzker 8 Moore Comparing The French Gastronomic Meal with The Great Aussie BBQ I believe that The French Gastronomic Meal is, in my opinion, a much better representation of culture in food than the Great Aussie BBQ because there’s a lot of culture behind it and 99% of French people are trying to preserve this culture, whereas with the Great Aussie BBQ, it is a social gathering of maybe a small family but the French Gastronomic meal is a gathering of the entire family and friends. 9

LANGUAGES The Great Australian BBQ only contains meats and a couple of vegetables but the French Gastronomic Meal explores food of all cultures, and the people celebrating this event collect different vegetables, spices and sometimes meat of all the different cuisines.

In groups, using native speakers where possible, the students devised ‘mini-lessons’ to teach their classmates German, Italian, Thai, Spanish and Croatian. They had to include an ‘ice-breaker’ introduction game, a handout with vocabulary, and source an online activity to consolidate what each student had just learned.

Matt from Bondi has an Australian BBQ every fortnight on Sunday with his family. He cooks the food on his own and eats it with his family outside and after they watch a movie together. Gaston from Paris celebrates the French Gastronomic meal with his family. He cooks with his entire family and passes different cooking techniques to the younger members of his family. Along with cooking and eating with his entire family after they stay together and trade conversations between the members of the family. Finally I believe that the the French Gastronomic meal should win the battle against The Great Aussie BBQ because there is a lot more culture behind it than the Great Aussie BBQ. Claudio Canepa 8 Chanel YEAR 10 ELECTIVE FRENCH The Year 10 Elective French class have gained a true appreciation for languages over the last three years of their study of French. They asked all year about learning some basics in different languages from each other so in their last few lessons, they took part in "Year 10 are multilingual!".

The German teachers demonstrated some of the longest words in German (including one at sixty-three letters!), the Thai teachers shared some authentic Thai food including Som Tum (green papaya salad) and the Croatian, Italian and Spanish teachers played some authentic music while assisting their ‘students’ with their activity. Year 10 engaged with this task superbly and it was enjoyed by all.

THIS WEEK IN THE TWITTERSPHERE Multilingual Mania @thepolyglot · Dec 1 The 2014 International Recipe Advent Calendar bit.ly/12d8Job Alliance Française @AFdeSydney· Nov 30 Discover here 8 French idioms every traveller should know! http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/8french-idioms-every-traveler-know/ … naz @NaboudNaz· Nov 26 RT @fluentujapanese: The Ultimate Japanese Vocabulary List For Soccer / Football http://bit.ly/1ni5YZa ”#jteacher Katie Bucknole French


CREATIVE & PERFORMING ARTS ARTEXPRESS We are proud to announce that HSC student Peter Boyer has had his major work selected for ARTEXPRESS 2015. ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination. Peter’s Body of Work was an interactive piece entitled ‘Assemblage of Memories Past’. We are very proud of Peter and all of our HSC Visual Arts student who worked very hard to achieve such a high standard.

Peter Boyer’s ‘Assemblage of Memories Past’


MUSIC TUITION GUITAR STUDENTS On Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th November, nine Guitar Music Tuition students attempted their AMEB Guitar Advancing Examination under the mentorship of their music tutor Sam Pellegrino. It is a fantastic initiative Sam has developed for the students in his Guitar tuition lessons as they work towards a syllabus and develop their musicianship skills. Some students have progressed a step each year which will assist them with their academic progress in Music or for their enjoyment of playing and performing the guitar. Congratulations to: • • • • • • • • •

Benjamin Challenger (8 Kelly) Jesse Langford (8 Salta) James Miller (8 Chanel) Sebastian Hughes (9 Chanel) Lachlan Keen (10 Salta) James Parker (10 Chanel) Liam Sanby (10 Moore) David Arnold (11 Salta) Mark Overstead (11 Kelly)

It is hoped that more students take on the challenge of the AMEB Exams as to maximise their music experience. If any student wishes to participate in the Music Tuition Program for 2015 please contact Carolyn O'Brien at the College via email for an enrolment form. Carolyn O’Brien Leader of Learning - Creative & Performing Arts

THIS YEAR’S WRAP UP What an amazing year we have had in the library. I can honestly say that Mrs Pam Lewis and I were stretched to the limit this year making valuable changes and improvements, including remodelling the non-fiction area to maximise space, weeding the collection, re-barcoding most books, and building the Reading Spheres collection, on top of our regular daily duties. We have removed the three central shelves from the non-fiction collection, creating an area for study that the boys are responding to well and find it more conducive to effective study because there are less distractions. The remaining books have been efficiently distributed around the outer walls of the library, and after being weeded, we have the best and most current collection to date which we hope to build upon in the coming years. Our Headmaster, Mr Tony Duncan and the Director of Teaching & Learning Miss Ann McGovern have offered much advice for which we are grateful and with a spirit of collaboration we have implemented the best of those ideas. Many thanks also to Pam who put in an amazing effort this year, doing most of the ground work. And to all of you, use the holidays as a chance to catch up on your reading. Find that quiet space, get a cuppa ready and… Happy Reading. Simon Kaddissi Teacher Librarian 11

DIGNITY & RESPECT FOR WOMEN On the afternoon of 6 December 1989, a man walked into the École Polytechnique University in Montreal and massacred fourteen of his female classmates. His actions traumatised a nation and brought the issue of violence against women to the forefront of our collective consciousness. Two years later, a handful of men in Toronto decided they had the responsibility to take action for all men, to speak out about, and work to stop men’s violence against women. As a result, the initial idea of the ‘White Ribbon Campaign’ became a growing concept that would soon shape the way in which men around the world look to treat women. Dignity & Respect for Women has been a continuing theme at Marist this term. Following a very powerful pastoral assembly a few weeks ago, the College ran a competition to raise awareness of the need to increase respect and dignity for women. Students were encouraged to create a poster or video for the competition. Thank you to all the boys who participated and congratulations to the following boys who won prizes:

• Samuel How (11 Chanel) • James Muil (10 Chanel) • Nicholas Wood (10 Salta)

Tuesday 25th November was White Ribbon Day. On this day students raised $1025.00 which will support the White Ribbon organisation and a women’s shelter in Melbourne run by Sr. Michelle, a Good Samaritan sister. The College also took the opportunity to extend and promote our thoughts and beliefs about Respect when Year 10 were joined by girls from Mount St. Benedict College. The Year 10 students undertook dance instruction and then held a ‘mini social’ with the girls visiting. Later the students presented speeches on respect for the women. Jake Pepper and James Parker spoke with confidence, honesty and were truthful and positive in their presentation on the need to treat women and girls as equals. It was a remarkable day and we received exceptional feedback from the girls and staff from Mount St. Benedict. Please read the extracts from Jake and James’ speeches that follow. Kathleen McGrath Chanel House Coordinator 12

By 1999, the realisation of this cause and the need for change became enough for the United Nations General Assembly to declared the 25th November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with a white ribbon as its iconic symbol for equality and respect. White Ribbon Day is Australia’s only nation wide male led Campaign to end men’s violence against women. The campaign is unique in that it aims to raise awareness among Australian men and boys about the roles they can play to prevent violence against women. It looks to promote a greater education about the issue and calls for men across Australia to speak out and take an oath, an oath in which they swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. In swearing and wearing a white ribbon, men and boys alike can look to act as positive role models and advocated for change in their communities. They can challenge the behaviour and attitudes of all males that have allowed the horror of violence against women to occur. The White Ribbon Campaign is about recognising the positive role that men play in preventing violence against women. They look to foster and encourage male leadership in the prevention of violence against women. It takes one man to not be violent, but takes many to create the change we want to see in society. Separated as individuals there is little we can do, but as a community with a common focus, to see the bigger picture of what is happening behind closed doors, we are able to break down and confront the ever expanding issue of violence against women. Over the past weeks we, as a Marist community, have shown great determination in highlighting the importance for the respect and dignity of women.

DIGNITY & RESPECT FOR WOMEN Through events over the weeks, our school community was able to gain a knowledgeable insight into how women are being treated in modern society, and in turn how we as young men should look to treat women with equality and show them the respect in which they deserve. I, as a Marist student, believe that we all have the capacity of ourselves as individual to change and to encourage change in one another. Our generation can and must work towards stopping violence against women so that all women can live safety, free from violence and abuse. The prevention of violence against women will not only change the lives of individuals, but in turn, change modern society for the better.

and into the real world, women are still not given the respect and dignity they deserve. If we can overcome this issue within a school environment why can’t we abolish or even manage this problem that has increasingly becoming the norm in our culture? Respect of women extends to all aspects of life, at this College, as I previously stated we have many great and strong female teachers who command, deserve and earn our respect all day and everyday. We can’t just switch our morals and values on and off with different females in different situations and circumstances. All women deserve our complete and utter respect one hundred percent of the time.

Jake Pepper 10 Salta

How many of you sitting here today have actually come to terms with a situation at hand, just stopped momentarily and thought about the impact you are having on a young woman’s life by objectifying and discriminating against her? Have you ever played the bystander watching your friends objectify a young woman, but failed to protect her moral dignity? Perhaps you yourself have taken part in this ongoing issue? I know I have, Infact I know nearly every young man sitting in this room today has. Taking that into consideration, how would you feel about saying the comments and remarks that you said about your mates girlfriend to your mother, grandmother or even your sister? Why is it that we respect women only who are close to us instead of treating each and every woman with respect.

For a man to call himself superior over a woman defies the lessons of respect and values for others that have been taught to me here at Marist North Shore. One of our signature values here at the College is the idea of respect for others which informs our daily interactions with one another. Respect is a key aspect of what makes Marist, Marist. From a simple G’day to a staff member, to guiding a younger student in the right direction, everyone within our College is shown the dignity and self worth that they deserve. This has been established throughout the years that this College has been present, reinforced through our College’s motto ‘Virtus, Ubique, Vincit’, ‘Courage Conquers All’. Within our small community, we have built such a strong sense of comradeship and respect for one another meaning that issues such as inequality simply don’t occur. That is why it is overwhelming to me that outside our school environment

I truly believe every woman deserves the same amount of respect and dignity as any male. However, we as a community need to make a change to the way we relate and interact with women. This has to start with you. Next time you witness your friends objectifying women on social media do you choose turn a blind eye or stand up as a young and proud Marist man and put a stop to it? Little things like this leads to a change in our society when it comes to men and their mentality towards women. As growing young Marist men, it is our responsibility to make sure that we guide each other into making the right decisions and ensuring that all women feel the same amount of respect and dignity as us men. This change in perspective starts with us. It starts with you, me and Marist. James Parker 10 Chanel 13





On Friday 28th November, presenters from the Reach Foundation gave workshops on Self Esteem, Confidence, and Positive Peer Dynamics.

On Friday 14th November, Benjamin Davy and I were given the unique opportunity to participate in the Armonia 2014 Young Chefs International Olive Oil Cooking Competition, hosted by William Blue College of Hospitality just down the road from our school in North Sydney. When Miss Kim, our Hospitality teacher, told us that the main ingredients of the challenge would be rice and olive oil, both Ben and I painstakingly searched the Internet for recipes that we thought celebrated the true flavours, aromas and textures of the main ingredients. Miss Kim encouraged us to stay true to what we knew ensuring us not to feel too overwhelmed or stressed by the whole experience but to treat it as a learning opportunity. Overall, we both had an amazing day, absorbing all the talent. We were in awe by our surroundings and the calibre of skill and passion demonstrated by the much older and more experienced TAFE students competing in the competition.

Students were asked to step outside their comfort zone and be more positive in their interactions with other students. The Reach Foundation offers ongoing leadership opportunities for young people. Details can be found on their website at reach.org.au. YEAR 8 On Tuesday 9th December Year 8 students will be involved in workshops from the Ku-ring-gai Youth Development Service (KYDS). Topics will be targeted at a Year 8 audience and include Gender Roles, Anger, Bullying and Cyber-Safety, Relationships, and Alcohol and Other Drugs. For more information on other services KYDS offers, this can be found at kyds.org.au. Dawn Russell College Counsellor


Our eyes were constantly overlooking the shoulders of others, learning new tricks rather than focusing on the winner’s prize. I guess you could say that we both took this opportunity as a steep learning curve rather than it being a fierce competition. However, with that said, a part of me believes that our finished dishes were of a very high standard and deserved to win. Participating in the competition allowed us to learn new things and realise the very realistic and possible future in Hospitality. With Ben already sinking his claws into a career as a Chef, it was definitely a nice taste tester for us both in terms of learning about industry and life beyond the four walls here at school. Yahn Monaghan 11 Chanel





The Scots College Chess Tournament was a memorable edition to my participation in Chess. It was a pleasure to represent the College in this tournament as the class of the premises and organisation created an authentic atmosphere that generated enthusiasm in all those who participated. We were determined to do our school proud and showed it through a positive attitude that maintained throughout the day, regardless whether we won or not. The tournament provided a mental challenge for all boys and tested our Chess skills sufficiently. The College receive some incredible news from the weekend from three of our students who were competing in the All Schools Australian Athletics Championships in Adelaide. Across the 5th - 7th December, Austin Hake (9 Kelly), Joshua Phillips (9 Chanel) and Matthew Crowe (Class of 2014) represented NSW at the Championships. Each boy displayed exceptional talent and we are proud to announce the following results: Joshua Phillips U/16 3000m run **All Schools Australian Champion** U/16 2000m steeplechase **All Schools Australian Champion** Joshua now has back-to-back titles in the Steeplechase and won this year’s title almost twenty seconds ahead of second place.

Each win was an encouragement, and each loss was an incentive to do better and enhanced our determination. In this way, Chess builds a positive character to all. The more we play, the better we become and the more positive traits we gain. On behalf of myself and all the boys participating in Chess, it would be an honour to represent the College in further tournaments. Matthew Failla 9 Salta

Matthew Crowe U/18 400m hurdles **All Schools Australian Champion** Matthew was our Year 12 Sportsman of the Year recipient in 2014 and has certainly lived up to the title with this achievement. We also congratulate Austin Hake on a great Championships. Austin was a part of a strong field in the U/16 400m race, and placed 11th overall in Australia. Well done Austin. This was an outstanding meet for these students and we are very proud of their success!


VOLUNTEER ROSTERS CANTEEN 8 Dec: Lisa Brink, Julie Moriaty, Janelle Jones, Maureen Knox, Jackie Pickton, Lee Sternberg 9 Dec: Pip Byrne, Lyndal Jenney, Theodora Manos, Andrea Morgan, Chris Saunders 10 Dec: Leanne Bishop, Ann Catanzariti, Margie Morgan, Katharine Watts 11 Dec: Julie Gaidzkar, Maureen McKee, Sandra Robinson, Anton Singh, Kasumi Tucker 12 Dec: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS UNIFORM SHOP 10 Dec: UNIFORM SHOP CLOSED 17 Dec: STOCKTAKE CANCELLED

MHYC YOUTH SAILING SCHOOL HOLIDAY CAMPS Course Highlights Safe, supervised holiday fun on the water! Cruise to Balmoral on the last day for Fish & Chips

Summer Holiday Program 2014-2015 Tackers 1, 2 & 3 Programs (Ages 7 - 13) Learn to Sail Teenagers: Beginners, Intermediate & Race (Ages 13 - 18) Adventure / Development Squad (Passed Tackers 3)

Course Dates &Times Week1 December: 9th -12th Week 2 December: 17th -19th Week 1 January: 5th - 8th Week 2 January: 12th -15th Week 3 January: 19th -22nd Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm Cost for 4-day camps Tackers: $435 for MHYC Youth Members (includes Tackers Kit) Teenagers: $435 for MHYC Youth Members (includes Learn to Sail Kit) Adventure Development Squad: $435 for MHYC Youth Members For non members an extra fee of $95 is incurred

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The Frank Likely Trust Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Lower Parriwi Road, The Spit, Mosman NSW 2088 Ph: 02 9969 1244 Fax: 02 9969 3326 E: juniorsailing@mhyc.com.au W: www.juniorsailing.com.au

LOOKING AHEAD 10 Dec: Year 7, 8 & 9 Chamagnat Gold 11 Dec: TERM 4 CONCLUDES FOR YEARS 7, 8 & 9 15 Dec: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 18 Dec: COLLEGE CLOSES FOR 2014 19 Dec: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 29 Dec: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 2 Jan: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 12 Jan: Solidairty - Night Patrol (Salta) 16 Jan: Solidarity - Surry Hilla (Kelly) 19 Jan: COLLEGE OPENS FOR 2015 26 Jan: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Chanel) 28 Jan: Year 7 Orientation Day Uniform Shop open 29 Jan: ALL STUDENTS RETURN FOR 2015 30 Jan: SWIMMING CARNIVAL Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) 9>11 Feb: YEAR 7 CAMP 9 Feb: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 13 Feb: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 18 Feb: Ash Wednesday 20 Feb: COMMENCEMENT MASS Year 7 Marist Induction & Laptop Rollout P&F Welcome Drinks 23 Feb: Kelly House Mass, 6pm Chanel House Mass, 7.15pm Solidarity - Night Patrol (MacKillop) 24 Feb: Salta House Mass, 6pm Moore House Mass, 7.15pm 25 Feb: Vaccinations - Year 7 HPV & Year 8 HPV Catch up Montagne House Mass, 6pm MacKillop House Mass, 7.15pm 27 Feb: CSDA Public Speaking (Round 1) Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 6 Mar: CSDA Public Speaking (Round 2) 7 Mar: COLLEGE EXPO DAY 9 Mar: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Montagne) 10 Mar: Year 9 Reflection Day 11>19 Mar: YEAR 12 HALF-YEARLY ASSESSMENT WEEK 12 Mar: MCC Tennis MCC Golf 13 Mar: CSDA Public Speaking (Final) Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 16>20 Mar: YEAR 9 CAMP 19 Mar: MCC Swimming

We wish you a Holy & blessed Christmas and a we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year! 16

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High Notes #18 - 8th December 2014  

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