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13th October 2014

Farewell Year 12

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, GOALS We ask you to keep our HSC students in your prayers over the next month. This is a difficult time for all Year 12 students as they face what can in many ways be the most challenging exam of their lives. Napoleon Hill said that: “A goal is a dream with a deadline”. I also like the statement by Waitley and Witt that your goal should be “just out of reach, but not out of sight”. Last Friday afternoon, we met all students who have just completed Year 11 Prelimnary HSC studies and their parents. This had been the first week of Year 12 for these students. This was a good opportunity for the students, teachers and their families to reflect on the students’ achievements of the Preliminary HSC Course and to set some personal goals for their HSC year. We will utilise a similar process of goal setting with the younger students in February 2015. Students will be asked to bring their Semester 2, 2014 report to a meeting to review this report and to set up personal goals for each subject. This interview day will replace the current end of year optional parent teacher meetings that have taken place in previous years. NEW HOUSES AT MARIST NORTH SHORE As indicated earlier in the year, Marist North Shore will expand to six houses in 2015. This morning, I informed the staff and students of the outcome of our decision-making process. We have had the wider community input into this decision; the input has come from the Marist Brothers, teachers, students, parents and ex-students. From this, it has been decided that the new Houses will be named Mackillop and Montagne. Mackillop is named after St. Mary of the Cross Mackillop who spent her later years in North Sydney and is Australia’s first Saint. By naming one of our Houses after Mackillop, it introduces a female patron to our list. The Mackillop House will have the colour of Orange.


Montagne’s name sake is after the young boy who St. Marcellin Champagnat came to the aid of on his deathbed. At the end of October, 1816 St. Marcellin, the founder of the Marist Brothers, was called to the bedside of Jean Baptiste Montagne, who at the age of seventeen was about to die without ever having heard much about God. In the eyes of this adolescent, St. Marcellin saw the calls for help of thousands of other young people, who like him, were victims of tragic human and spiritual poverty. As a result of this event, St. Marcellin four months later went onto begin forming the Marist Brothers. The Montagne House will have the colour of Purple. This will then complete our suite of Houses:

Chanel (Red) The first Saint of Oceania and a Marist Father

Kelly (Green) The parish Priest who asked for the school to be built

Moore (Blue) The first Headmaster (Marist Brothers North Sydney)

Salta (Gold) Ex-student, longest serving teacher and Marist Brother


Montagne (Purple) The inspiration for St. Marcellin forming the Marist Brotherhood

Importantly, with the additional Houses, the number of students per House will reduce to approximately 140 from 210. Hopefully, this ensures the ongoing quality of care that has become synonymous with Marist North Shore. We ask for your prayers as we develop this important aspect of our College. NATIONAL TERRORISM PUBLIC ALERT

Mackillop (Orange) First Australian Saint, a woman, with ties to North Sydney

We have spoken to the students about these changes and, following their suggestion, will look to move whole Tutor Groups to form the new Houses. In this way we will maintain the important Tutor Group relationships while allowing us to populate the new Houses.

On 12th September 2014, on advice from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Australian Government raised the National Terrorism Public Alert level from ‘Medium’ to ‘High’. With the safety and wellbeing of all members of our community being our highest priority, and in light of this revised rating, the Catholic Education Office has asked that each school review its normal safety procedures to reflect this revised rating. This direction is precautionary only and in most cases, you will not notice anything different. Everyone who enters the school will be required to sign in and out. Office staff will be carefully checking the identification of all visitors. We will be reviewing our critical incident response plan and conducting our normal emergency evacuation practice drills. In the main, it will simply be about being careful and vigilant. If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please contact the College. Tony Duncan Headmaster

The Chatswood Youth Centre, located at 64 Albert Avenue is open for drop in 7 days a week between 3pm - 6pm. Activities that will be running for the remainder of the year include: Active Street Heat 3-on-3 Basketball Every Saturday, 1pm - 3pm, 11 Oct - 6 Dec Run The Streets Rooftop Soccer Every Friday 5pm - 7pm, 10 Oct - 12 Dec Wednesday Night Dance (Popping & Breakdancing) Every Wednesday, 6pm - 8pm Chatswood Creative Music Sessions Free weekly structured music workshops to equip young musicians with the skills and knowledge to chase their musical goals. Chatswood Youth Centre 64 Albert Avenue, Chatswood

Ph: 02 9777 7958 www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au 3

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER A POSTITIVE DISCIPLINE Lateness Towards the end of Term 3, I was concerned with the number of students who were constantly coming to school late. Punctuality is a habit and represents good organisation and a positive discipline. While it is understandable that there will be the occasional reason for being late, it is not acceptable for students to be late more than three times a term. I have explained to all students that they need to be responsible for ensuring that they are at school before 8:35am. The boys need to find a suitable routine and be independent enough to ensure they are at school on time. Being a school located near the city, traffic will always be an issue, thus this cannot be accepted as a constant excuse. Let it be known that students who are late three times a term will receive a Friday detention. Uniform All students should now be in their summer uniform. As we approach the hottest time of the year, it becomes even more important that the students show the right attitude and discipline in ensuring that their top buttons are closed up, shirts are tucked in and socks are pulled up. I would ask that parents support the College in these matters when their sons leave from and arrive at home. Potential Group The library will again be open in Term 4 from 3:30pm - 5:00pm each Wednesday afternoon for students to receive assistance from teachers, senior students or fellow classmates. Our current Year 12 group were and continue to be a fine example of collaboration in order to build their knowledge and prepare for assessments. YEAR 11 Year 11 have officially begun their HSC studies and should be working closely with their teachers to continue to develop a positive routine towards their studies. It is hoped that the goals that were set last week with their teachers provide clarity, focus and direction in ensuring they reach their potential.


Year 11 have been permitted to sign out at the end of the day if they have a study period in Period 6. They also have been allowed the privilege, being senior students, to leave the College premises at lunch. It has been clearly explained that in having such privileges there comes responsibilities. These responsibilities relate to wearing uniform correctly, displaying mature behaviour and returning to the College on time for Period 5. Furthermore, this Wednesday 22nd October is the Year 11 Prizegiving and HSC Information evening. A note with all relevant details was issued last week providing further detail. This is a compulsory event for all students and a parent representative is required. David Forrester Deputy Headmaster



At the end of last term, I was privileged to experience my first Year 12 Graduation Day at Marist College North Shore. Although having known the boys for only a relatively short time, I had an immense sense of pride in recognising their achievements throughout the day.

On Wednesday 8th October, students from Years 8 and 10 participated in the annual RE Test. The test, conducted by the Catholic Education Office Sydney, is designed to help all stakeholders in Catholic education gauge the level of religious literacy of our students at the end of Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) and Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10).

The Graduation Mass had a wonderful, reverend feel to it as we celebrated in a liturgical way the end of Year 12m students time here at the College. Robbie Stevenson and Ethan Grenot’s Ben Macintosh playing and singing of ‘Lord, I Need You’ was so inspiring and beautiful, as was Ben Macintosh’s playing of his own piano composition during Communion. I sincerely hope that Year 12 take on board Fr. Andy’s inspiring and wise words from his Homily and that their Crucifix gift is in pride of place somewhere in their home as a focal point for prayer. Graduation Days are always filled with mixed emotions for students. There is the excitement of ‘making it to the end’, the celebrations with family and friends but also a sense of sadness with the realisation that they are leaving a caring school community that they have been an integral part Mario Vay receiving his of for the past six years. Crucific from Mr Munro It is also a day of mixed emotions for us teachers too! We celebrate the boys’ successes, having travelled with them on the long road to Year 12 since 2009. We too feel a sense of loss as they finish their time with us. Although the Year 12 boys have graduated, their names will remain in our Marist Heart as a symbol of them always being a part of our community. I wish the boys every success in the HSC and assure them that they will always be in our prayers.

Year 8 students sit the RE Test

Here at Marist College North Shore, we will use the data from these tests to help in a number of ways to: • Determine if our Year 7 RE Program is meeting the needs of students in terms of transitioning from Year 6 to 7 • Evaluate current teaching programs in all units to see if any areas require modification • Assist in the College’s ongoing professional development of staff The Archdiocese of Sydney and the Catholic Education Office use the RE Test data to help direct the ongoing review of the RE Curriculum to ensure that it is meeting the needs of all students and to also help in the provisioning of resources for schools. Certificates will be issued to recognise achievement and participation. Whilst the exam is marked, the final result should never be the focus of any feedback. I would encourage you to sit with your son and discuss his results when they are returned later this term to see where he could improve.


FAITH FORMATION WHAT IS YOUR SON LEARNING THIS TERM IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION? As we commence Term 4, most Year Groups will begin new units in their Religious Education classes. I have listed below the units being commenced this term and any assessments that will occur. Year/Course


Unit Stewardship – A Way of Life (finishing end Week 3) and then Affirming Human Dignity


The Influence of Jesus




11 HSC SOR 1

11 HSC SOR 2 11 Catholic Studies

Major Christian Denominations (Finishing end of Week 2) and then Personal Moral Responsibility Religion and Belief Systems in Australia Post 1945 Religion and Belief Systems in Australia Post 1945


App Task - Week 3

End of Year Exam – Week 8 End of Year Exam – Week 7

Anthony Munro Director of Faith Formation

The First Spiritual Exercises at Our Lady of the Way Weekly Prayer towards Advent: 21 October – 20 November 2014

End of Year Exam – Week 5

Research Task – Week 9 Research Task – Week 7

Christian Prayer Next Year

I wrote to you at the beginning of the year concerning the importance of Religious Education as an academic subject here at Marist College North Shore. We have a very strong curriculum which is academically rigorous and well-resourced. I would encourage you as parents to have discussions with your son about what he is learning in his Religious Education class and to help ensure that he puts effort into his assessment tasks. If we lay strong foundations in the junior years, it will lead to academic success in the HSC.


I thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring that your son is committed to achieving his best in Religious Education and if you ever have any questions regarding our curriculum, I would strongly encourage you to contact me at the College.

Inner Peace in Divine Love Inner Peace in Friendship with Jesus as given by St Ignatius Loyola SJ adapted by Michael Hansen SJ This year we are delighted to offer concurrently two First Spiritual Exercises Retreats in the Parishes of Our Lady of the Way: Inner Peace in Divine Love and Inner Peace in Friendship with Jesus. Contact: Frances Tilly, 02 8918 4104 francest@sjparishnsw.org.au Full details and registration form on parish website: www.ourladyoftheway.com Registrations Close 19 October 2014.



Congratulations to the graduating class of 2014 and best of luck with your upcoming HSC Exams that commence Monday 13th October. The College community will be thinking of you all during this final stage of your schooling. Remember to stick to your study plan over the next month and be sure to include some breaks and down time into your routine.

The Year 11 Prize-giving and HSC Information Evening will be taking place on Wednesday 22nd October at 7pm in the La Valla Hall. HSC Assessment Booklets and other information will be distributed on the night as we prepare our HSC Class of 2015 for the year ahead and outline the College and Board of Studies expectations. Thank you for your positive engagement in our first Parent/Student/Teacher goal setting session last Friday, 10th October.

A special congratulations to the First In Course and Commitment Award winners who were acknowledged at the end of the Graduating Mass last term. Below is a selection of our awardees being presented their prizes by Mr Duncan at the Graduation Mass.

YEAR 8 & 10 All Year 8 and 10 students continuing their studies at the College have been given a printout of the subjects they have been allocated for 2015. Students who were impacted by any timetabling constraints were informed of any issues last term, but this will now give all students and their parents an opportunity to discuss any concerns with me regarding their son’s choices. Any concerned student and/or parent can either book a ten minute face-to-face interview with me or reserve a time for a ten minute phone call by phoning Mrs Joyce Kelly at the College. Please be aware that I will not be available for the interviews until Week 3 of this term. ONLINE TEXTBOOKS The College is moving towards using online textbooks through Learning Field in 2015 to address a number of issues raised by parents and students. Please see the flyer below and follow the link http://learningfield.com.au to explore what the boys will be able to access through this non-for-profit company. Of great advantage is the fact that students and teachers will have access to multiple texts rather than just one text book to help maximise their work both in the classroom and at home. Ann McGovern Director of Teaching & Learning


Unrivalled choice and access to digital texts With LearningField teachers can choose chapters from every digital textbook available from Australia’s leading publishers and use them to individualise your child’s learning. As part of the annual subscription fee, students can also access this huge online library for extra reading and revision, eliminating the need to carry heavy books.

Using LearningField

LearningField allows students to:

This world-first Australian innovation delivers curriculum-linked digital textbooks directly to students. Once selected, these resources are delivered automatically to students’ devices, whether they are using iPads, Macs, PCs, Android tablets or Chromebooks.

3 3 3 3 3

access their textbooks on up to six devices read textbooks whether online or offline make study notes and highlight key content share ideas with their teachers or classmates access the catalogue for extra reading

For more information, visit www.learningfield.com.au 8





On the evening of Sunday 21st September, Joel Mealing and Michal Stefanowski finally received their Confirmation after a term of learning about the significance of the Sacrament. Joel and Michal joined other candidates from St. Mary’s North Sydney to celebrate the occasion with Most Reverend Auxiliary Bishop Commonsoli who encouraged all members of the community to live out their confirmed faith.

On Monday 15th September, Marist North Shore Debating and Oratory students from Years 7 - 9 had the opportunity to visit the Australian Catholic University as guests at the Debating and Oratory Grand Finals for 2014.

Joel and Michal, from Year 7, have been working with Mr. Michael Dela Cruz, with the help of Mr. John Collins in Term 3, in preparation for the Sacrament in which they were asked to research a Saint that reminded them of their own journey in faith. Joel selected St. Thomas while Michal select St. Michael in which both Saints remind us of how to live out our faith in service, humility and respect. Thank you to Mr. Edwin Galea and the Parish community at St. Mary’s North Sydney for accommodating our students in the program and ceremony, and to Mr. John Collins who provided support in facilitating the running of the meetings each week. If you are interested in son participating in next year’s Sacramental Program, please contact Mr. Dela Cruz to find out more information.

The students experienced a fierce debate between the Melbourne and Strathfield Campuses on the topic, ‘That University Education should be Free’. The Oratory topic was ‘Destination or the Journey?’, which had the students captivated. The students were very welcome guests and were engaged throughout. They were a credit to the College and the feedback that we received was equally commending of the boys’ behaviour. They actively participated when required and were observant and respectful of the expected behaviour. At the conclusion of the competition the students had the opportunity to speak with the contestants, particularly the Oratory winner, Mr. Graham Schrader from the Canberra campus, who gave the boys some solid tips on Debating and Public Speaking. Overall, the visit to ACU was a wonderful learning experience for all of the students. I would like to extend my thanks to Mrs Carmel Cullen who accompanied the students to the event. Janette Durand Leader of Learning - English

Michael Dela Cruz Youth Ministry Coordinator

P&F FATHER’S DAY BREAKFAST This year’s breakfast was held on Friday 5th September. It was a great success again this year with over 500 Fathers, Carers, Relatives, Staff and Students in attendance. We were very fortunate to have Shane Richardson, CEO of South Sydney Rabbitohs as our guest speaker. He was an inspiration. I am sure Shane’s words had even more meaning following the Rabbitohs long awaited premiership win! I would like to thank Andy Hills (Year 7 Parent) for organizing Shane to speak. I would also like to

send a special thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers that helped set up on Thursday and on the day of the event. Thank you for being so generous with your time as always. Our final event for the year is the Christmas Function on Friday evening, November 28th. We will advise further details soon, but please lock away the date. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get together with the College Staff in attendance, meet other parents and we look forward to seeing you there. Claire Manning P&F Secretary 9







bare creek trail run

Congratulations to Dominic West (9 Kelly) who was awarded First Prize in the Forestville Art Exhibition for his ‘Still Life with Sword’ painting on Friday 5th September. Dominic was presented his prize by the Mayor, Mr. Michael Regan.

Garigal National Park, St Ives

Sunday 2nd November 2014

www.barecreektrailrun.com Supporting St Ives Park Primary School and the SES

10km trail run A challenging trail run, suitable for those who want to try their first trail run and tough enough for experienced trail runners. 6km trail run/walk Fun for families, runners or walkers from ages 6 and up

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Dominic with Mayor, Mr. Michael Regan in front of his award winning painting, ‘Still Life with Sword’

The competition was open to all ages, so it was quite a shock to those in attendance when 15 year old Dominic came up to collect his prize.

zes t pri a e r G spot and on s prize ay e th d BCTR A3 poster with sponsors 2014.indd 1

9/09/14 11:14 AM

Dominic received more good news after the evening’s presentation when another of his paintings, ‘Lucretius, Ancient Roman Philsopher’, took out the People’s Choice Award. We applaud Dominic on his outstanding achievement. JUNIOR SAILING HOLIDAY PROGRAM Spring Sailing Madness!! Course Highlights Safe, supervised holiday fun on the water! Cruise to Balmoral on the last day for Fish & Chips

Spring Program 2013-14 Tackers 1, 2 & 3 Programs (Ages 7 - 13) Learn to Sail 1 & 2 (Ages 13 - 18) Learn to Sail Race (Ages 13-18)

Course Dates &Times Tackers, Learn to Sail & Learn to Sail Race Holiday Fun Camps 22nd September - 25th September 30th September - 2nd October 9:30am - 3:30pm

Cost for 4-day camps $435 for MHYC Junior Members (includes Tackers Kit) $530 for Non-Members (includes MHYC Junior membership, Yachting Australia fee and Tackers Kit) Proudly Supported By

‘Lucretius, Ancient Roman Philsopher’

Carolyn O’Brien Leader of Learning - Creative & Performing Arts

R&W Seaforth The Frank Likely Trust

Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Lower Parriwi Road, The Spit, Mosman NSW 2088 Ph: 02 9969 1244 Fax: 02 9969 3326 E: juniorsailing@mhyc.com.au W: www.juniorsailing.com.au.




Across the 5th - 12th September, eleven students from Marist North Shore were selected to compete for the MCC at the NSW Combined Catholic Schools Athletic Carnival.

This year we had two strong Under 15s and Opens teams representing the College at the MCC Volleyball one-day event at Homebush on Thursday 4th September. It was a highly successful day with the Under 15s finishing 2nd and the Opens finishing 3rd.

All boys competed with enthusiasm and great spirit in all of their events with several students ensuring their selection to compete at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championship representing NSWCCC. Our U/13 and U/16 relay teams represented the MCC exceptionally well with both coming first and second respectively. The teams were represented by: 1st U/13 4 x 100m Relay: Aldwin Arambulo (7 Salta), Lachlan Don (7 Kelly), Sebastian Herbert (8 Chanel) & Lachlan Kenny (8 Kelly)

The Under 15s, coached by Mrs Cotte and Miss Bucknole, banded together and were well led by captain Zac Feaunati. Special mention also to Tim Ferrero’s serves and presence that intimidated opposing teams. The Opens team, coached by Mr. Brown, were led by captain Tom Johnston and pushed hard right up to the last point. A team full of height and strong ability, the Opens fought very well in their pool and semi-final matches.

2nd U/16 4 x 100m Relay: Patrick Bezzi (11 Chanel), Simon Cox (12 Chanel), Matthew Crowe (12 Kelly) & Thomas Criniti (11 Kelly) Some notable individual results were also achieved at the Championships: Joe Burgess (12 Chanel) • 1st U/18 1500m (4:07.21, Champ. record) Matthew Crowe (12 Kelly) • 1st U/18 110m hurdles (15.53) • 1st U/18 400m dash (49.40, Champ. record) Austin Hake (9 Kelly) • 1st U/15 400m dash (52.41) • 2nd U/15 200m dash (23.75) Joshua Phillips (9 Chanel) • 1st U/15 800m run (2:04.46) • 1st U/15 1500m run (4:17.29) We congratulate all of these students and wish those selected the very best of luck at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships. Peter Giles Sportsmaster


The U/15s in action on court

The spirit of the day was positive and enthusiastic with our boys practising shots and having fun with competing schools in between matches. A commendable mention must go to those boys that tried out for the teams and did not make it this year - come back next year and try again! Congratulations again to both teams who were asked to do their best and certainly delivered that on the day. Daniel Brown, Karen Cotte & Katherine Bucknole MCC Volleyball Coaches

VOLUNTEER ROSTERS CANTEEN 13 Oct: Linda Fung, Debbie Jenkins, Liz McGuire, Izabel Silva-Lindsey, Veronica Valderas 14 Oct: Maria Pagano, Colin Wilson, Cathy Criniti 15 Oct: Sam Adderton, Erica Keri, Robyn Mathôt-Gwozdecky 16 Oct: Lizzy Chant, Leanne O’Grady, Antoniette Raynal, Jenny Winter 17 Oct: Karen Ferguson, Suzanne Fraser, Zarli French-Thompson, Sandra Garratt, Lisa James, Kim Walker 20 Oct: Lisa Brink, Penny Davis, Julie Moriaty, Maureen Knox, Jackie Pickton, Lee Sternberg 21 Oct: Pip Byrne, Nicola Hart, Lyndal Jenney, Theodora Manos, Andrea Morgan, Chris Saunder 22 Oct: Leanne Bishop, Ann Catanzariti, Margie Morgan, Katharine Watts 23 Oct: Julie Gaidzkar, Maureen McKee, Sandra Robinson, Anton Singh, Kasumi Tucker 24 Oct: Dominica Edwards, Melanie Lindquist, Susan Mayall, Joanna Milenkiewicz, Michele Mulligan, Jennifer Vahldieck UNIFORM SHOP 15 Oct: Megan Sturrock, Cheree Fullwood, Natalie Chanelian, Lizzy Chant 22 Oct: Maureen McKee, Julie Gaidzkar, Dimi Hills, Jenny Winters

LOOKING AHEAD 13 Oct>13 Nov: HSC EXAMS 15 Oct: Year 7, 2015 Information Evening La Valla Hall 6pm 17 Oct: Chanel Pink Cupcake Day 20 Oct: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 21 Oct: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations (HPV & Chicken Pox) 22 Oct: Year 11 Prizegiving & HSC Info Evening 24 Oct: Year 11 Social - Hornsby RSL Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 29 Oct: Year 11 RYDA Day 31 Oct: Year 7/2015 Orientation & Testing Day Year 12, 2013 - 1 Year Reunion 3>7 Nov: Year 10 Assessment Week 3 Nov: St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 7 Nov: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 10>14 Nov: HSC Hospitality Work Placement 17>21 Nov: Year 9 Assessment Week 17 Nov: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 21 Nov: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 24>28 Nov: Year 7 & 8 Assessment Week 4 Dec: Year 10 & 11 Champagnat Gold 5 Dec: TERM 4 CONCLUDES FOR YEAR 10 & 11 Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) 10 Dec: Year 7, 8 & 9 Chamagnat Gold 11 Dec: TERM 4 CONCLUDES FOR YEARS 7, 8 & 9 15 Dec: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 18 Dec: COLLEGE CLOSES FOR 2014 19 Dec: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 19 Jan: COLLEGE OPENS FOR 2015 28 Jan: Year 7 Orientation Day Uniform Shop open 29 Jan: ALL STUDENTS RETURN FOR 2015 30 Jan: SWIMMING CARNIVAL





Here are the specials for the next fortnight at the Canteen:

A reminder to parents/guardians that school fees are all now overdue for payment.

Mon 13th: Wed 15th: Mon 20th: Tues 21st: Wed 22nd:

Reminders were sent out during the holidays to those who still had statements outstanding. It would be appreciated if those payments could be made promptly.

San Choy Bow Noodle Box Doner Kebab & Sushi Pulled Pork BBQ Roll Sushi Doner Kebab

To ensure that they don’t miss out, students are advise to make their lunch order first thing in the morning when they arrive at school. Shelley Kemsley Canteen Manager

If you have any queries, please contact Accounts on 9957 5000 or accounts@maristns. catholic.edu.au Mark Brooks Business Manager


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High Notes #14 - 13th October 2014  

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