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Vol. 50

Issue #13

8th September 2014

Father’s Day Breakfast

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, I am writing this on Father’s Day after coming home from breakfast at the local café with my family. I am very proud of my children. They often remind me that they only succeeded because of the hard work of their Mother. I accept this. My Father’s name was Bernie and he passed away too young. He grew up in Crows Nest and married my mother in St. Leonard’s Church, Naremburn. My strong memory of my Father is at the dinner table. Dad had a great love of family and this was shared at every meal. Our dinner table had a lot of laughter and talk. My friends were always welcome at home. Dad was a North Sydney Bears fan and my earliest memory is of attending games with him at North Sydney Oval. Dad also had a second team Manly. Unfortunately, Norths had never won a premiership in his lifetime so he needed a second team that could be competitive. Dad loved sports and people. He was strong in his faith. We were lucky to have such a good man in our lives. Father, I thank you for the gift of my family for whom I now pray and upon whom I now ask you to shower your blessings. With St. Joseph as my guide, may I always be ready to spend my life for them. Bless my children with your life and presence. May the example of your son be the foundation upon which their lives are built, that the Gospel may always be their hope and support. I ask you, Father, to protect and bless my family. Watch over it so that in the strength of your love its members may enjoy prosperity, possess the gift of your peace and, as the Church alive in this home, always bear witness to your glory in the world. Amen.


FATHER’S DAY BREAKFAST This was a great event. Our P&F committee members consisting of Claire Manning, Elizabeth Byrne, Rob Geeves and their great supporters are to be congratulated on having 540 fathers, guardians and sons present. The gathering was efficient, well organised and the breakfast was served via six queues was very enjoyable. Thanks to Mr Andy Hills (Father of Zac, 7 Salta) for organising our guest speaker, Mr Shane Richardson, CEO of the Rabbitohs. Shane joined the Rabbitohs in 2004, when the club was in severe financial difficulties. He and his team over the years have rebuilt the club’s financial viability and the club now boasts the largest membership in the NRL and is one of few clubs to be in profit. Shane spoke to our students and said that it was hard work in life that make the difference. He said that each student will receive a different ATAR at the end of the HSC. The boys will go on to all types of professions from barristers to cleaners. What really matters is how hard they work in their lives. This is the statement that they make with their lives. It is through hard work that they indicate their own self worth and gain the respect of others. ARCHBISHOP’S AWARD The Archbishop of Sydney Awards are for student excellence and is presented to one student from Year 12 from each Catholic school in Sydney. It recognises outstanding young men and women in our Catholic schools and highlights their positive contribution that this young person has made to their school and community. Cian Byrne (12 Salta) received the Award on Friday at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Cian is a young man who has always display a positive and determined attitude towards his studies. He is an active member of the school community being involved in musicals, debating, solidarity and charity events. Cian has been described as man of integrity, character and honesty who lives his life with an open commitment to his faith. We congratulate Cian. Tony Duncan Headmaster


YEAR 12 I would like to commend our current Year 12 students in their attitude as they have and continue to display in completing their HSC assessment tasks and preparation for their upcoming exams. I have had the pleasure over the last few weeks to hear our musicians perform and witness the innovative works of the Design & Technology and Visual Arts students. Combine this with the entertaining performances of the Drama students and the talents of the Industrial Technology students, their abundant skills and talent are clearly evident.

(L-R): Keenan Singh (2014 Captain), Luke Gallen (2015 Captain), Hamish Buchanan (2015 Vice Captain, Mr Tony Duncan

Last Wednesday at our Headmasters Assembly, Mr. Duncan announced to the College that the College Captain for 2015 is Luke Gallen from the Moore House. Furthermore, for the first time the College will have a Vice Captain and that honour has been bestowed to Hamish Buchanan, also from the Moore House. Both Luke and Hamish are focused and motivated young men with a strong sense of what it means to be Marist. They set themselves high standards, and have strong morals. They are well respected by both staff and their peers and I am sure they will work as a team with the Senior Leaders to foster the fine traditions of the College.

HOUSE STRUCTURE 2015 The College as indicated in a recent letter from the Headmaster, Mr. Duncan, that the decision has been made to move to six Houses in 2015. Pastoral Care is central in supporting the wellbeing of each student. A key element of effective Pastoral Care is knowing, understanding and developing a rapport with students. Thus, reducing the number of students in each House from over 200 to approximately 140 will allow the College to be authentic in its approach to the Pastoral Care of all students. As a result, there will be some changes to various elements of College life that the establishing of six Houses will bring. We intend to keep students and parents informed of how these change will occur through High Notes and via email.

Many of the boys have formed study groups at school in the Library and have been wonderful role models in displaying support for each others learning. As Year 12 are now approaching the end of their schooling, they have been reminded of the importance of staying focused. They have normal classes up until Graduation Day which is Friday 19th September. At a recent meeting the point was made that this is a time for reflection and review. Perseverance was a word that was discussed as each student was challenged to achieve their best. WALKATHON, FATHER’S DAY BREAKFAST & THANKS The College recently has enjoyed two of our significant community events. The College Walkathon and the Father’s Day Breakfast were outstanding successes and epitomised the wonderful family spirit that is present at Marist. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many parents who gave so much of their time and effort in assisting in making these events the wonderful occasions they were. FINAL WEEKS OF TERM 3 Below and on the next page is a list of the events for the following year groups that parents and students need to be aware of: WEEK 9 Mon 8th September

Year 11 Preliminary Exams commence Year 11 only need to be at school for their exams 3


Wed 17th September Thurs 18th September Fri 19th September


Year 12 Thank You Lunch with staff Year 12 students dismissed after lunch on this day Year 11 exams conclude Year 11 return to normal classes Year 12 Graduation Day All students dismissed at the end of the Graduation assembly (approx. 1.00pm) Year 7 and Year 11 are to attend the Graduation mass at 5pm at St. Mary’s Church. A note has been sent home with further details.

David Forrester Deputy Headmaster

On Wednesday 3rd September, our Year 9 Religion class celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the Faith Formation room. The event was presided over by Father Michael, with assistance of Mr. Munro and Mrs. Dunne. The celebration started with some words from Father Michael and then readings from students within the class. While music was being played we were asked to reflect on issues relating to our own lives. We were then given the opportunity to participate in the individual Rite of Reconciliation with Father Michael. This whole process was a very relaxing and reflective experience and is part of our current topic we are studying which deals with the concept of healing. Laurence Mealing & Jayin Naran 9 Chanel & 9 Salta


Sydney Harbour North Parish Reconciliation Program 2014 Enrolments close Friday 19th September

OPEN CLASSROOM ANDREW POWER CENTRE (APC) OPENING HOURS MONDAY Morning: 8.00am – 8.35am Lunch: 1.05pm – 1.25pm

TUESDAY Morning: 8.00am – 8.35am Lunch: 1.05pm – 1.25pm

WEDNESDAY Morning: 8.00am – 8.35am Lunch: 1.05pm – 1.25pm

FRIDAY Morning: 8.00am – 8.35am Lunch: 1.05pm – 1.25pm



Enrolment via the Parish website and further information can be found under the ‘Sacraments’ tab. If you have any further enquiries, please contact Suzanne Camilleri at sacraments@shnparish.org.au or 0450 536 339. www.shnparish.org.au

Parenting Programs Child & Adolescent Parenting Tuning into Teens Courses Skills to communicate with your teenagers so that you understanding each other better and are able to build positive relationships. Chatswood 5wks/2.5hrs 6/11 – 4/12, 7.00pm -9.30pm Dealing with Teen’s Backchat Workshop Learn how to restore a respectful and positive relationship, understand what its like being a teenager and learn how to talk to that they listen to you. Chatswood

30/10, 7.00 - 9.30pm

Enquiries: 9887 5830 www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/services/CAP

#ShakespeareSaid Competition Choose your favourite phrase Shakespeare has made famous then take a photo of you acting it out or create a meme! Enter it below, share it on social and hashtag it #ShakespeareSaid You could WIN one of 10 high definition cameras and the MAJOR PRIZE, a creative workshop with Bell Shakespeare streaming live into your classroom! Entries close 19 September.


HSIE YEAR 7 GEOGRAPHY BLUE MOUNTAINS EXCURSION Fieldwork is an important part of the study of Geography and caters for a variety of learning styles. Year 7 Geography students used this geographical tool to increase their understanding of the ‘Investigating the World’ topic they are currently studying by visiting the Blue Mountains (Chanel, Kelly & Salta on 28th July and (Ludovic & Moore on 30th July 2014). An area of one million hectares of vast, ancient and spectacular national park and wilderness, dominated by temperate eucalypt forest, the Blue Mountains was formally inscribed on the World Heritage List on 29th November 2000 marking the formation of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Students went on a guided tour of the area, investigating the physical and human elements of the area. They also took a ride into the valley using the Scenic Railway. At a 52 degree incline, the Scenic Railway is the steepest passenger train in the world. Back in the classroom students were asked to think about the discoveries that they made while out ‘in the field’ and produce a fieldwork report which formed part of their first assessment task.

The day began with a visit to Echo Point Katoomba, where students observed the Blue Mountains’ most spectacular landmark, the Three Sisters and Mount Solitary rising above the Jamison Valley. Students completed a fieldwork activity worksheet, which included drawing a sketch based on what they were seeing. While Geography students do not need to be skilled artists, they do need to know how to draw simple sketches of landscapes and students were able to develop this skill during the excursion. Students were also given a talk about Echo Point and heard an Aboriginal story about the Three Sisters. Students gave a loud “Coo-eee” towards the Three Sisters to hear exactly why it is called Echo Point. After lunch, students visited Scenic World which gave them the opportunity to explore an environment where modern engineering, breathtaking scenery and ancient rainforests merge to create an unforgettable experience. 6

The excursion was a most enjoyable educational experience enabling students to appreciate a wonderful part of God’s creation. Thankyou to the staff at Scenic World for contributing to the education of our young Geographers and to Mr. Taylor, Mr. Kulk, Mr. Moysa and Ms. Cotte who supervised the students on the excursion. Joe Alvaro Assistant Leader of Learning - HSIE

TAS YEAR 9 CAKE BOSS Students in Year 9 Food Technology recently studied a unit titled ‘Food for Special Occasions’. They looked at food choices and preparation techniques and its significance to mark special occasions throughout different cultures and times. As part of their assessment, the young entrepreneurs/chefs were required to plan, prepare, present and evaluate food solutions for specific purposes.

They were introduced to some basic cake decorating techniques where they were then asked to design and create a novelty cake to meet their client needs. The students interpretation to the brief ranged from a whimsical Willy Wonka cake to creating a novelty cake to mark Dante, the avid basketballer’s, 14th birthday. Congratulations on all your efforts Year 9! Sally Kim TAS


CREATIVE ARTS CULTURAL ‘ARTS’ WEEK 2014 Term 3, Week 7 is traditionally a cultural celebration of the creative and performing arts activities at the College. This year there was a focus on the highly successful HSC Visual Arts Body of Works and Music Performances at the Spring Festival and the Visual Arts display on the evening of Wednesday 27th August. The Draw Off and Shout Out Loud Film Competition were held on Monday 25th August and I congratulate the participants, particularly our winners who are: Draw Off Competition: Winners: Hunter Eckford (10 Moore) and Nathan Niguidula (10 Kelly) Runners Up: Max Kershaw (7 Chanel) and Dylan Odenthal (7 Chanel) Shout Out Loud Film Competition: Winners: Maxwell Hoare (8 Kelly) and Fergus Monaghan (8 Chanel) Special mention to all competition participants: George Condon (10 Salta) Jack Rogers (10 Chanel) James Muil (10 Chanel) Calum Danger (8 Kelly) Joshua Hortinela (11 Kelly) William De Laine (9 Salta) Alexander Bernes (10 Salta) Lachlan Kenny (8 Kelly)


Jake Morgan (9 Moore) Lochlan Gaffney (9 Kelly) Thomas Priddle (10 Kelly) William Glass (10 Moore) Louis Sollano-Antonio (8 Chanel) Fergus Monaghan (8 Chanel) Jack Freeman (11 Moore) Finnian Mullally-Muschinski (11 Kelly) Mr. Vafeas organised his Year 11 Drama Class to present surprise Shakespeare Performances to various English classes. The performances caused considerable talk and enthusiasm for Drama and Shakespeare. The Cultural Assembly on Wednesday 27th August provided affirmation to the many students and staff involved in the 2014 Musical “Guys and Dolls” and the College Band Ensembles. Many certificates were presented and the highlight was a film showing all things cultural at the College this year and the Year 12 Music performances. In 2015, there will be a continuation of the Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA) with teachers providing opportunities for all students to embrace the arts. Thank you so much to all of the energetic and highly professional Creative and Performing Arts teachers - Mr Jorge Vafeas, Mr Rod Herbert, Mr Kevin Camrass, Mr Tony McDonnell, Ms Kathleen McGrath and Ms Gabi Nicholson. Carolyn O’Brien Leader of Learning - Creative & Performing Arts



CAREERS @ Marist UAC Educational Access Schemes Most of UAC’s participating institutions have Educational Access Schemes (EAS) to help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to tertiary study. To be eligible for EAS consideration, student educational performance must have been seriously affected for a period of at least six months during Year 11 and/or 12 or equivalent, due to circumstances beyond their control and choosing.


UNI OPEN DAYS ACU, Strathfield Campus Saturday 13th September 8:30am – 4pm Macquarie University Saturday 13th September UWS, all campuses Newcastle University TBA


INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF MAMAGEMENT SYDNEY: GENERAL HSC TUTORING AND EXAM TIPS UTS ENGINEERING BONUS POINTS Mon 22nd September – ACU MORE THAN ONE CAREER – QUESTIONNAIRE Fri 26th September, 4pm – 6pm, Questionnaire closes Fri 28th LAW DISCUSSION PANEL 151 Darley Road, Manly November Wed 17th September, www.icms.edu.au/free-hscwww.uts.edu.au/future-students/ 6pm – 7.30pm tutoring-and-exam-tips#overlayengineering/essential-information/ The Peter Cosgrove Centre, context= year-12-bonus-schemeTenison Woods House, Level 22, questionnaire 8-20 Napier St, North Sydney MUSEUM OF HUMAN DISEASE: www.acu.edu.au/about_acu/ OCTOBER SCHOOL HOLIDAY UTS JUMBUNNA DIRECT ENTRY faculties,_institutes_and_ DISSECTION WORKSHOP Mon 29th September – Wed 1st centres/law_and_business/ Multiple dates between, Tue 23rd October about_the_faculty/news_and_ September – Fri 3rd October, www.uts.edu.au/future-students/ events/news/more_than_one_ Samuels Building (F25), Via Gate indigenous/getting-uts/directcareer_-_law_panel_discussion 11 - Botany St, University Of New entry-program South Wales NOTRE DAME NURSING www.eventbrite.com.au/e/ ANU GUARANTEED ATAR CUT-OFFS INFORMATION EVENING october-school-holidayFOR UAC MAIN ROUND OFFERS Tues 30th September, 6pm dissection-workshop-tickets2015 Darlinghurst Campus 12392651755?aff=es2&rank=17 students.anu.edu.au/ Register: www.nd.edu.au/ applications/GuaranteedCut-Offsevents/sydney/nursing-info RAFFLES COLLEGE OF DESIGN & UACMainRound2015.pdf COMMERCE: SCHOOL HOLIDAY MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY WORKSHOPS SCHOOL LEAVERS INFORMATION UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG Applications are now open FIRST YEAR ACCOMMODATION EVENING Contact: jaimiwalker@raffles.edu.au GUARANTEE Wed 10th December www.raffles.edu.au/workshops www.uow.edu.au/about/ mq.edu.au/future_students/ accommodation/guarantee/ undergraduate SYDNEY DANCE HOLIDAY index.html WORKSHOPS www.sydneydancecompany. TSFX HSC SUBJECT EXAM ADVICE com/classes-andTSFX has released HSC exam tips for a range of courses/holidayworkshops/#.U_1s0MWSy8A specific subjects.






PRIVATE INSTITUTION AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY: INFO SESSION Tue 16th September, 6pm Level 5, 11 York Street, Sydney www.acap.edu.au/futurestudents/info-sessions/ AIE INFORMATION EVENING Wed 17th September, 6pm – 8pm, Sydney and Canberra campuses www.aie.edu.au/announcements/ information-evening-wednesday17th-september-2014 UNITINGCARE IFP OPEN DAY Wed 17th September, 9am – 5pm Level 4, 146 Marsden St, Parramatta www.ifp.nsw.edu.au/about/news/ unitingcare-ifp-open-day-2014

SCHOLARSHIPS MY FUTURE: NEW SCHOLARSHIP LISTINGS During August, myfuture has added 117 new scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate study at university. To view scholarships, visit: www.myfuture.edu.au/toolsand-resources/study-or-trainingoptions/scholarshipsearch UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS Contact: engineering. scholarships@sydney.edu.au sydney.edu.au/engineering/ scholarships/undergraduate/ future/leadership.shtml

UNSW HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS NOW OPEN Applications close Tue 30th CATC DESIGN SCHOOL A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DESIGNER WORKSHOP September scholarships.online.unsw.edu. Sat 20th September au/scholarship/sc_search.login 46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo Contact: 1300 661 111 or AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE enquiries@catc.edu.au www.catc.edu.au/events/day-in- OF NATURAL THERAPHIES the-life-workshops/sydney-events/ SCHOLARSHIPS www.acnt.edu.au/studentsaturday-20th-september-2014centre/scholarships day-in-the-life-of-a-designerworkshop RAFFLES COLLEGE OF DESIGN & ACTORS COLLEGE OF THEATRE AND COMMERCE Applications close 7th November TELEVISION OPEN DAY Contact: jaimiwalker@raffles. Sat 27th September edu.au 41 Holt Street, Surry Hills www.raffles.edu.au/applyContact: 9213 4500 or now/3-scholarships info@actt.edu.au www.actt.edu.au/events/openAUSTRALIAN NATIONAL COLLEGE day-registration-form/ OF BEAUTY ENDEAVOUR COLLEGE OF NATURAL www.ancb.edu.au/aboutbeauty-college/scholarships HEALTH OPEN DAY Sat 11th October, 10am – 12.30pm, JANSEN NEWMAN INSTITUTE 2014 Level 2, 815 - 825 George St, AMBASSADOR SCHOLARSHIP Sydney PROGRAM www.endeavour.edu.au/events/ www.jni.edu.au/scholarships

UTS BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COOPERATIVE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Round 2 Applications Open: Fri 1st August Close: Tue 30th Sept UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY ST. ANDREW SCHOLARSHIP www.standrewscollege.edu.au/ st-andrews-scholars/

GAP YEAR CAMP COUNSELLORS USA 2015 APPLICATION LUNCH & INFO SESSION Wed 10th September, 6.30pm – 7.30pm Suite 811, Level 8, 301 George Street Call 1300 859 040 or email Australia@ccuse.com.au www.facebook.com/ccusa. australia/events AU PAIR IN AMERICA ONLINE INFORMATION SESSION Wed 10th September, 8pm www.facebook.com/ events/234288693448419/?ref=5

TAFE & APPRENTICESHIPS KOMATSU APPRENTICESHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Applications close Thursday 18th September. Komatsu is a global leader in the manufacture of earthmoving machinery with over 40,000 employees worldwide. They are seeking students completing years 10, 11 or 12 to join them as apprentice Mobile Plant Technicians. To apply, search for apprenticeships online: www.komatsu.com.au/ AboutKomatsu/Careers/Pages/ Job-Search.aspx 11

CHESS COLLEGE CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP On Tuesday 2nd September, the annual College Chess Championship took place in the La Valla Hall on campus. Over 100 students took part in what is one of the most competitive events in the College House Cup calendar. Kelly House secured the competition trophy, their second year in a row, with some formidable play by a number of Kelly House students. We congratulate all students who participated for their great sportsmanship and crafty play. We look forward to another impressive Chess competition at the College in 2015. RESULTS: Winning House:


Top Placings: 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

Dominic West (9 Kelly) 6.5/7 Isaac West (11 Kelly) 6.5/7 Jay Swami (11 Salta) 6/7

Age Champions: U/12: Jamie Burgess (7 Chanel) 5/7 U/13: Sean Auer (7 Kelly) 6/7 *4th U/14: Ube Silva-Lindsay (9 Salta) 6/7 *6th U/15: Christopher James (10 Chanel) 6/7 *5th U/16: Matthew Parker (10 Moore) 4/7 U/17+: Oscar Smeath (12 Kelly) 5/7 The following students received medals in recognition of their high scoring achievements: Sebastian Hughes (9 Chanel) 6/7 Gold: *7th Silver: Jack Garay (12 Kelly) 5/7 Runner up U/17+ player Silver: Bradley Anderson (10 Moore) 5/7 Top Moore Player Silver: Peter Ng (9 Moore) 5/7 RU Top Moore Player Bronze: Dylan Odenthal (7 Chanel) 4.5/7 RU U/12 player Bronze: Aron Chanelian (7 Kelly) 4.5/7 RU U/12 player Bronze: Patrick Bezzi (11 Chanel) 4/7 RU U/16 player Bronze: Thomas Priddle (10 Kelly) 4/7 Runner up U/16 Player Bronze: Andrew Bowman (10 Chanel) 4/7 Runner up U/16 player






Thomas Schramko (12 Chanel) recently competed overseas in the World Junior Rowing Championships in Hamburg, Germany and the World Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China across the month of August. Tom came away with solid results in both competitions finishing up in 9th place at the World Championships, thus achieving the 9th ranking in the world in the Junior Men’s Single Sculls. At the Youth Olympics where after an impressive start, where he was just narrowly beaten in the heats by last year’s World Champion, Tom went one better finishing 8th in the Olympic field. We congratulate Tom on his outstanding achievements on the world stage!

On Wednesday 3rd September, all of our MCC Winter sporting teams were recognised at as College assembly. Best & Fairest and Most Improved trophies went to: RUGBY LEAGUE A Grade Best & Fairest

Morgan Stevems

Most Improved

Thomas Horan

B Grade Best & Fairest

Vincent Gazzoli

Most Improved

Luke Shallvey

U/15 Best & Fairest

Jacob Abraham

Most Improved

Keegan Prescott

U/14 Best & Fairest

Lucas Asher

Most Improved

Heath Morgan

U/13A Best & Fairest

Lachlan Don

Most Improved

Georges Sineux


JUNIOR SAILING HOLIDAY PROGRAM Spring Sailing Madness!! Course Highlights Safe, supervised holiday fun on the water! Cruise to Balmoral on the last day for Fish & Chips

Spring Program 2013-14 Tackers 1, 2 & 3 Programs (Ages 7 - 13) Learn to Sail 1 & 2 (Ages 13 - 18) Learn to Sail Race (Ages 13-18)

Course Dates &Times Tackers, Learn to Sail & Learn to Sail Race Holiday Fun Camps 22nd September - 25th September 30th September - 2nd October 9:30am - 3:30pm

Cost for 4-day camps $435 for MHYC Junior Members (includes Tackers Kit) $530 for Non-Members (includes MHYC Junior membership, Yachting Australia fee and Tackers Kit)

Best & Fairest

Mitchell Van Den Berg

Most Improved

Thomas Prescott

SOCCER A Grade Best & Fairest

Angus Chance

Most Improved

Alexander Partridge

B Grade Best & Fairest

Matthew Ferguson

Most Improved

Jay Swami

U/15 Best & Fairest

Nikolas Gavranic

Most Improved

Peter Saragas

U/14 Best & Fairest

Oliver Wheeler

Most Improved

Felix Jenney


Proudly Supported By

R&W Seaforth The Frank Likely Trust

Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Lower Parriwi Road, The Spit, Mosman NSW 2088 Ph: 02 9969 1244 Fax: 02 9969 3326 E: juniorsailing@mhyc.com.au W: www.juniorsailing.com.au.

Best & Fairest

Nicholas Pagano

Most Improved

Elliott Wheeler

U/13B Best & Fairest

Kieran Mercado

Most Improved

Thomas Luck



Outstanding Achievement

Matthew Crowe

SPORT MCC ATHLETICS It only took forty-six years but Marist College North Shore can proudly announce that we are the MCC Athletics Champions for 2014, a feat that could not have been achieved without the hard work of our athletes and staff who put in a significant amount of time and effort. The event had to be run across two days due to poor weather conditions but each day, the students showed up ready to compete in the blue and gold across numerous events. We saw an outstanding amount of individual successes and in addition to securing the aggregrate trophy, our Senior Athletics boys claimed the Senior trophy for the second consecutive year running. We congratuate our students on this inspiring performance; just another great effort that a MCC team has produced this year for Marist College North Shore. Special mention must go to Mr. Robert Taylor, Mr. Jon Watts, Ms. Carolyn O’Brien, Mr. John Boyle, Mr. Daniel Kulk, Mr. Tony McDonnell and Mr. Peter Giles for their dedication to the team.

Outstanding Individual Results: • Kyle Devine (7 Kelly) - 2nd U/12 1500m • Lachlan Don (7 Kelly)- 1st U/13 100m & High Jump, 2nd U/13 200m • Sebastian Herbert (8 Chanel) - 1st U/13 Hurdles, 2nd U/13 200m &100m • Luke Hurley (7 Salta) - 1st U/13 1500m • Callum O’Brien (8 Kelly) - 1st U/13 Discus • Henrique de Mattos (8 Chanel) - 2nd U/14 200m • Austin Hake (9 Kelly)- 1st U/15 400m & U/15 Triple Jump • Alec Thompson (9 Chanel) - 2nd U/15 Discus • Josh Phillips (9 Chanel) - 1st U/15 800m &1500m • Oliver Herbert (10 Chanel) - 2nd U/16 Triple Jump & High Jump • Matt Crowe (12 Kelly)- 1st Opens Hurdles, Long Jump & 400m and 2nd Opens 100m • Simon Cox (12 Chanel) - 2nd Opens 100m & 200m • Jack McPhee (12 Chanel) - 2nd Opens 1500m • Tim Langereis (12 Kelly) - 2nd Opens 800m • Stuart Williams (12 Salta) - 2nd Opens High Jump • U/13 Relay Team - Lachlan Kenny, Lachlan Don, Ratchanon Prekpanarut & Sebastian Herbert - 1st 4x100m • Opens Relay Team - Matthew Crowe, Patrick Bezzi, Simon Cox & Thomas Criniti - 1st 4x100m

Marist College North Shore 2014 MCC Athletics Champions 15

VOLUNTEER ROSTERS CANTEEN 8 Sep: Annette Bradford, Donalda Brown, Rosalind Elliot, Grace Ooi, Andrea Morgan 9 Sep: Louise Frith, Kendra McKenzie, Nina Stowers-Kahui, Nola Xenakis 10 Sep: Joyce Aimond, Dianne Pastuszak, Janet Pereira, Cindy Van Kampen 11 Sep: Lynda Challenger, Sally Engeman, Marg Mitchell, Margaret Weller, Karen Whitehead 12 Sep: Paulette Bendixen-Brown, Brid Bowers, Sue Rennie, Vicki Robinson, Teresa Ukrainetz, Anne Young 15 Sep: Louise Burton, Cathy Kinsella, Jennifer Sheldon, Leonie Siutz, Tara Smith, Christina Young 16 Sep: Katherine Borkowski, Sandra Fitzgerald, Kirsty Hudson, Melanie Sanchez 17 Sep: Amanda Gallen, Meg Neuhaus, Sarah Panozzo, Ruth Scholes, Sue Van Twest 18 Sep: Rosina Aloe, Barbara Doll, Catherine Dovgan, Liz Parr 19 Sep: France Booth, Selena French, Fiona Lucas, Jane O’Shea UNIFORM SHOP 10 Sep: Karen Whitehead, Margie Weller, Margaret Kamma, Grace Ooi 17 Sep: Gemma Metzker,Tracy Pitts, Josie Spano, Katherine Borkowski

LOOKING AHEAD 8>17 Sep: YEAR 11 ASSESSMENT WEEK 18 Sep: P&F Mini Book Sale La Valla Foyer, 8am - 9am 19 Sep: LAST DAY OF TERM 3 YEAR 12 GRADUATION 20 Sep>6 Oct: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 22 Sep: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 26 Sep: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 6 Oct: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Chanel) 7 Oct: TERM 4 COMMENCES 8 Oct: Year 8 RE Test 10 Oct: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) 13 Oct>13 Nov: HSC EXAMS 15 Oct: Year 7, 2015 Information Evening La Valla Hall 6pm 17 Oct: Chanel Pink Cupcake Day 20 Oct: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 21 Oct: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations (HPV & Chicken Pox) 22 Oct: Year 11 Prizegiving & HSC Info Evening 24 Oct: Year 11 Social - Hornsby RSL Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 29 Oct: Year 11 RYDA Day 31 Oct: Year 7/2015 Orientation & Testing Day Year 12, 2013 - 1 Year Reunion 3>7 Nov: Year 10 Assessment Week 3 Nov: St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 7 Nov: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 10>14 Nov: HSC Hospitality Work Placement 17>21 Nov: Year 9 Assessment Week 17 Nov: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 21 Nov: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 24>28 Nov: Year 7 & 8 Assessment Week





A reminder to Parents that the final major Fee Statement is now due for payment.

5 x Junior Blazers(all with no name) Jumpers - Aaron Abonyi, Felix, Mitchell Track tops - Ben Sykes, Thomas Manos, Sizes 20,12, 8,10 &14 (all with no name) Umbrellas - Sam Arellano, Aiden Powter, Blue fold up, no name Sports Bag - with league boots and shorts Sport Shoes - Dunlop Dress Shoes - Mens size 12 Rugby Top - Gordon Club Text Book - Andrew Cipriano

Any families that did not receive a Fee Statement via email or post is to contact Accounts as soon as possible. Mark Brooks Business Manager

Parents please name your sons uniform. As you can see without names, anyone can help themselves to lost property. June Mitchell Uniform Shop Manager 16

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High Notes #13 - 8th September 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter

High Notes #13 - 8th September 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter