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Vol. 50

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25th August 2014

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, IMMERSION ASSEMBLY At our last College assembly, students from each of the Immersions presented reflections and photo stories of their time in Cambodia, India and Northern Territory. I believe these experiences are wonderful for the students who take part but also for the College as a whole. It was really heartening to see the College’s response by way of attention and applause. The whole College is uplifted seeing the impact that these students have made on these poor communities. I know that these same communities have also had a great impact on our students. The Immersions each follow a common pattern of preparation, daily reflection and then debriefing following the experience. These processes are key to the richness of the experience for our students. When you listened to the young men describing their Immersion, you could not help but be impressed with the maturity and depth that was evident. Students from each of the Immersions work to build relationships with the people of the communities that they visit. There is great learning gained by our students of the reality of the poverty in the world and how fortunate we are in our daily lives. There is also an appreciation of the happiness that is evident in these communities when there is so little in the way of material wealth. Our next immersions will be undertaken by students from Years 11 and 12 in 2015. The College then intends to offer the Immersion experience to students in Year 11 in 2016. Experiences such as this are very dependent on available staffing and the leadership that is available at any one time. Over the years these experiences have been possible to the generosity and dedication of teachers such as Mr Tony McDonnell, Ms Carolyn O’Brien, Ms Paula Rheinhold and Mr Steve Versteegh. OUTSTANDING COUPLE OF WEEKS There is no doubt that the College has has some proud days recently. In Chess, our Junior Ateam progressed through to the semi-finals for the first time. Marist North Shore Chess has been a very strong performer this year under the leadership of Ms Vicky Drivilis and Mr Luis Dela Paz. Last week the Marist North Shore Public Speaking group won the Marist Oratory for the first time in 24 years. It was wonderful watching our students challenge the best speakers in the Sydney and regional Marist schools. 2

Our success is due to Ms Janette Durand’s organisation and the skills of Daniel Bowers, Samuel Silcock, XXXXXX, Darcy Bowers, Hamish Buchanan and Tom Ingram. When I reflect on these successes there are two common themes. The students involved had self-belief and they worked hard to achieve their success. Whether they were practising their Chess strategy or their speeches for oratory, there is no replacing hard work. STUDENT ATTENDANCE AND EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES This is the title of a recent report by a group from the University of Western Australia on the impact of attendance on student outcomes. It is very clear in its messages: • Children have highly stable attendance throughout the primary years. Attendance rates fall in secondary school. • Disparities in attendance rates are evident from Year 1. They are carried into, and become wider, in secondary school. • Attendance matters for achievement, and every day counts. • Unauthorised absences are more strongly associated with achievement than authorised absences. • Some students are more adversely affected by absences than others. I have read other reports in the past that have made similar judgements. I am alarmed by the figures quoted in this report. Even students categorised as having regular attendance are in the 90% range. This equates to missing twenty school days in a school year. The studies are clear. Every day counts. The Marist North Shore community must rethink its acceptance of students missing school for any reason. I am not suggesting that sick students should attend school. I know that there are many legitimate and non-negotiable reasons for students being away from school. We must look at all of the negotiable reasons for boys staying away from school: felt sick, it was raining, it was Monday, had not done homework, needed a break, it looked like it might rain, it was Friday, they may be going to feel sick. Increasing attendance rates will have an associated improvement in students learning outcomes. I am asking parents to change their view on allowing a ‘sick day’ for a non-sick reason. Every day counts. Tony Duncan Headmaster

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER THE VALUE OF EDUCATION The news of late has been disheartening. I was discussing this very fact with some of our senior students when looking at just one of the current crises the world has faced in the last month, that being the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Put this on top of MH17, the situation in Syria, the issue of asylum seekers on our own doorstep and it is very confusing to fathom such concerns. Therefore, it becomes mind boggling when we begin to reflect on what impact this has on our children. It is hard to see our Christian values of love, compassion and hope being reflected in the media soaked environment of such negativity. Our children look to us for answers. So, how do we respond as teachers and parents? I would like to share a reflection from Br. Michael Green, The National Director Of Australian Marist Schools, on the value and importance of education that forms our young men into being “sowers of hope”, thus allowing our young to see hope, joy and fulfillment.

In his biography of St. Marcellin, Brother JeanBapiste lists “joy” as the first Marist quality that we should imitate from the Founder. - Br. Michael Green

TOUCH TYPING SKILLS At a recent Parent Evening a brief discussion was held on the possible value of students being encouraged to develop their touch typing skills. John Erskine, parent of Alexander (8 Chanel) has kindly done some research and has located a free course that is at: www.typingclub.com It comes recommended as an excellent program, is a simple and fun program which each student can sign-up for individually. It provides great feedback on individual lessons and if a student uses it for as little as ten minutes each day, their touch-typing skills improve dramatically. One tip for students is to use a regular-size keyboard (wireless) for touch-typing lessons rather than the Apple laptop keyboard. BLUE TIES

In naming who we are as Marists and what we are about with young people, the late Brother Charles Howard liked to describe us as “sowers of hope”. It is well for us never to lose our sense of the importance and the centrality of that as a job descriptor. Certainly, the soil in which we do that sowing can be, to use the gospel image, a little rocky at times. If normal adolescent angst and autonomy don’t provide sufficient rockiness on their own, the soil is made all the more unreceptive to our seed-planting by the postmodern, relativist and secularist field in which it finds itself. To that, mix in the harm and betrayal inflicted by big people with tiny consciences, and young people’s capacity for trust and their sense of the world as a good place diminish alarmingly. Our response? It is as it always has been: education. That was Marcellin’s basic intuition. That is our particular contribution to all that conspires to shrink young people’s readiness to grow in faith, hope and love. For us as Marists, it is an education that primarily uses the twin means of presence and good example; we affect young people by who we are in their lives. One essential ingredient of that example must be joy; not a happy-clappy, shallow bounciness, but a deep, inner Marian joy.

Last Wednesday, the College made its final presentation of the year of Blue Ties to our selected Year 12 students. We congratulate the following boys who have received this honour:

Daniel Young Chanel

Alexander Coyle Moore

Joshua Harkin Salta

Zachary Mansfield Salta

David Forrester Deputy Headmaster 3



Congratulations to Year 12 for how they approached their HSC Trials exams recently. It has been very impressive to see so many boys form study groups around the school to help improve their overall results for not only the Trials but for the HSC. This period now before the HSC Exams is very important as it gives students time to work together to improve their overall marks as a cohort. Students who work together to revise and help each other study often improve their marks quite considerably for the HSC exams. A reminder that the Library is available for study particularly of a Wednesday afternoon and that we will continue to run focus seminars on Thursdays as well.

For those students wishing to study in the US, the Embassy has two information sessions coming up. Please refer to the advertisements below. The Embassy has also provided the information below for students wishing to apply to the University of California.

I know that some boys have been disappointed by their HSC Trial results but is important that they try and refocus and do as much as they can between now and the HSC Exams to clarify any problems they have had with their teachers and to continue to improve. I also encourage students to focus on some physical activity in the coming weeks to help deal with the disappointment, frustration and possible anger they may be feeling. Balance is really important for the boys at this time and a brisk walk may be all that is needed to help them cope with things a little better. The school gym is also available for boys to utilise of a morning. There are some more study sessions being offered by the School for Excellence. Feedback from students who have attended these sessions in the past has always been extremely positive. Information can be found at www.tsfx.com.au or on their new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TSFX. The.School.For.Excellence

Students can submit the application between 1st November – 30th November (to begin their undergraduate degree in September 2015). The link will take you to a background article on this from the Los Angeles Times www.latimes.com/local/education/la-me-ucessays-20140817-story.html

University of Pennsylvania Wed 27th August, 2014 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm with Elisabeth O’Connell

Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Pennsylvania

Please join Elisabeth to learn about academic programs, admissions policies, costs, financial aid, and student life. There will be a general question and answer period at the end and a film about campus life will be shown. SCECGS Redlands, The Adams Centre 272 Military Road, Cremorne RSVP to https://key.admissions.upenn.edu register/?id=0ba659ff-a660-45c7-aa63-076d9253d95b


The UC application is available online now at: admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/how-toapply/dates-deadlines/index.html (the one application covers all nine campuses). UC has made the application available three months earlier than last year so students can have a chance to work on the personal essay.

Ann McGovern Director of Teaching and Learning

New York University Tuesday 16th September, 2014 4pm for 4:30pm-5:30pm with Beau Benson

Senior Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, New York University

Please join Beau to learn about applying to New York University which will include a general discussion on higher education in the United States, the application process; how admissions committees select students and financial aid for international students. Cranbrook School, Carter Hall Enter via New South Head Road (cnr. Wolseley Road), Bellevue Hill. RSVP to David Berridge, Careers Counsellor, Cranbrook School: DBerridge@cranbrook.nsw.edu.au



The Sacramental Program commenced once again for 2014 on Wednesday 13th August where three students: Keaton Dal Santo, Joel Mealing and Michal Stefanowski, all from Year 7, attended their first meeting. This year, all three students will receive their Confirmation while Keaton Dal Santo will also receive his first Holy Communion.

As you would be aware, the former Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Edward Clancy, sadly passed away on Sunday 3rd August at the age of 90. Students from Marist College North Shore atttended both a viewing of the Cardinal and also his Funeral Mass, both at St. Mary’s Cathedral, where the wider Catholic community gathered to recognise and give thanks for the life of Cardinal Clancy and his lifetime of dedication and service to the Church.

Mr Tony Duncan and students in attendance

In order to bring stronger ties between Marist College North Shore and St. Mary’s North Sydney, our students will complete the program alongside the Parish’s own Sacramental Program. This means that our students will attend the same ceremony and blessing with those participants completing their confirmation through the Parish. Our students attended a Mass of Blessing on Sunday 10th August to receive a blessing from the Parish community to formally begin their Confirmation journey. For the next month, with the help of Mr John Collins, students will meet weekly to discuss the significance of Confirmation and what exactly the sacrament calls each baptised person to become. With each meeting, it is our hope that our participants recognise their own call and affirm them to live out the core Christian beliefs of faith, charity, humility and joy, and share it with those in our school and wider community. We ask that you keep our students and their families in your thoughts and prayers during this time. Michael Dela Cruz Youth Ministry Coordinator

I would like to commend our students who were fine ambassadors of the College and I would particularly like to thank our Year 11 boys Patrick Bezzi, Joshua Hortinella, Kaspars Walker and Connor Bennett who gave up their Saturday Morning to attend the funeral. Anthony Munro Director of Faith Formation

Pictured: Year 12 student Lachlan Welsh was recognised by the Executive Director of Catholic Schools, Dr Dan White and by Parliamentarian the Hon. Linda Burney as one of forty-five Indigenous students graduating from Sydney schools this year. Congratulations Lachlan on this recognition. 5

HSIE DOWNING CENTRE COURTHOUSE COMPLEX & JUSTICE AND POLICE MUSEUM Year 11 Legal Studies students at Marist College North Shore travelled to the Sydney Central Business District on Wednesday 6th August on a field trip with the aim of increasing their understanding of the preliminary course content and relating it to the real world. The excursion enabled students to reflect on the operation of the legal system and continue their assessment of how effectively the legal system achieves justice for the victim, offender and society.

After lunch, students visited the Justice and Police Museum where they were given a tour of the museum, including the corridor of cells. Students were able to learn about famous criminal cases like the “Pyjama Girl� murder case. The students then participated in a Mock Trial in the court room, performing roles in the criminal case of Police vs. Taylor. There was a major focus on the development of law as a reflection of society, which is one of the syllabus themes and challenges. Successful senior students use a wide range of resources (not only the course textbook, for example) to gain a deep understanding of the course content. At the end of the day students had another resource to help them, based on experiential learning, as they prepare for future Legal Studies assessment tasks and the HSC external Legal Studies examination next year. In addition, the excursion helped students gain more information about possible future careers in the area of law.

Year 11 Legal Studies students enjoying their visit to the Downing Centre

Two venues were visited. The first stop was the Downing Centre Courthouse Complex, a major courthouse complex in Sydney, where students were able to view Local Court and District Court criminal court cases, some with juries. Students were able to increase their understanding of the judicial arm government and witness the law made by parliament being interpreted by judges. Students were able to experience the reality of how courts function and discovered that they are not always as dramatic as American TV programs make them out to be and that no TV cameras are allowed in Australian courts. There are always a few students on an excursion of this nature who are surprised that they can walk into any courtroom and sit down and watch a criminal court case in progress (after bowing to the Coat of Arms located behind the judge in respect for the laws of Australia, which all students did very well). This experience of the open court process enabled students to think about how this helps with the integrity of the judicial process, enabling courts to demonstrate that justice is being administered in an open and transparent manner. 6

The class inside one of the courtrooms at the Police & Justice Museum

Our Year 11 Legal Studies students are to be commended for their respectful behaviour as they interacted with members of the public and the legal profession and for being excellent ambassadors for the College within the wider local community. Thankyou to all the staff at the above venues for contributing to the education of our students on this day. Joe Alvaro Assistant Leader of Learning - HSIE

HSIE COMMONWEALTH BANK FOUNDATION STARTSMART PROGRAM Year 10 Commerce students participated in the Commonwealth Bank Foundation StartSmart Program during this term ( Mr Alvaro’s Commerce class on 23th July and Mr Versteegh’s class Commerce class on 18th August). Students were able to increase their understanding of the Commerce syllabus, in particular the business and investing topics. By making money management interactive, engaging and fun through a series of workshops, the StartSmart program aims to equip students with the confidence and competence to make smart decisions about money. Each year StartSmart reaches over 275,000 students making it the largest program of its kind. Research shows that it is never too early to learn money management skills.

This year, students built on the knowledge and skills gained last year when they participated in the Smart Earning, Smart Spending and Smart Saving workshops. The StartSmart secondary workshops this year were: 1. Smart Investing - This workshop took a practical approach to investing with a focus on the value of investing, shares and superannuation as an investment vehicle. Students learnt that a small effort now can have big benefit when it comes to financially investing in the future.

Students interacted well with the presenters and were engaged during all the workshops as they increased their financial literacy levels. With research showing that young Australians are increasingly relying on their schools as a key source of information on financial literacy, Marist College North Shore is committed to ensuring that students have access to this information through the Commerce course offered to students and incursions such as the StartSmart workshops.

I would like to thank the staff of the Commonwealth Bank Foundation for travelling to the College and contributing to the education of our students. Joe Alvaro Assistant Leader of Learning - HSIE

2. Smart Enterprise – This workshop examined the characteristics of entrepreneurial thinking and how students can apply these insights in their own lives. The focus was on small business in Australia, idea generation, market needs and low-cost steps to starting a small business. 7

2014 Women’s Night of Spirituality

MC Caroline Jones

Presenter ABC TV Australian Story

Guest Speaker Dr Dorothy Hoddinott AO Principal Holroyd High School, Fellow of the University of Sydney Senate

Guest Speaker Lanneke Jones

Musician, Teacher, Musical Director

Guest Speaker Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio Rabbi at Emanuel Synagogue, Sydney

Music Josie and the Emeralds

Tuesday 9th September 7.30pm - 9.30pm St Mary’s Church North Sydney, followed by supper in RDC

Limited parking in Church grounds and under the Ron Dyer Centre


The Parishes of Our Lady of the Way incorporating

St. Mary’s - North Sydney St. Francis Xavier - Lavender Bay Our Lady, Star of the Sea - Kirribilli


CREATIVE ARTS GENEXT YOUTH NEW DIGITAL MEDIA PRIZE Congratulations to Finnian Mullally-Muschinski (11 Kelly) who has been awarded the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Genext Youth New Digital Media Prize for his series of Art entitled ‘Paintings Collected on the Grand Tour Down Under’. In Finnian’s words he drew on elements of Australian history and culture. “I chose each background to be a painting by Albert Namatjira. My pictures also play with the concept that the early settlers had to try and form the country around their traditions and culture rather then trying to fit their lifestyle around the country which they now lived in”. For his efforts, Finnian received a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Well done Finnian!

Lady and Albert

George Rogers and Wife, Namijiar Demse

The Belle of Belgrave Square

The Last Tasman Aboriginals At Devonshire Park

The Warrior Oe

The Great Odalisque Of Hermensburg 9

CAREERS @ Marist UAC Educational Access Schemes Most of UAC’s participating institutions have Educational Access Schemes (EAS) to help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to tertiary study. To be eligible for EAS consideration, student educational performance must have been seriously affected for a period of at least six months during Year 11 and/or 12 or equivalent, due to circumstances beyond their control and choosing.


HSC IN THE HOLIDAYS: SEPTEMBER WORKSHOPS Monday 22nd September to Friday 3rd October Venues: UTS Broadway Macquarie University UOW Wollongong UOW Southern Sydney The September workshop program allows students to work in a small, interactive group with experts to improve their knowledge, skill and confidence in the lead up to the exams. hscintheholidays.com. au/2014_workshops/

UTS, City campus Saturday 30th August 9am - 4pm University of Sydney Saturday 30th August 9am - 4pm Notre Dame University Saturday 30th August 9am - 3pm ANU Saturday 30th August

www.uac.edu.au/eas/ HSC REVISION WORKSHOPS


UTS ENGINEERING BONUS POINTS QUESTIONNAIRE Questionnaire closes Fri 28th November www.uts.edu.au/future-students/ engineering/essential-information/ year-12-bonus-schemequestionnaire UTS JUMBUNNA DIRECT ENTRY Mon 29th September – Wed 1st October www.uts.edu.au/future-students/ indigenous/getting-uts/direct-entryprogram ANU GUARANTEED ATAR CUT-OFFS FOR UAC MAIN ROUND OFFERS 2015 students.anu.edu.au/ applications/GuaranteedCut-OffsUACMainRound2015.pdf UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG FIRST YEAR ACCOMMODATION GUARANTEE www.uow.edu.au/about/ accommodation/guarantee/index. html

ACU, Canberra campus Saturday 30th August ACU, North Sydney campus Saturday 6th September 8:30am – 2:30pm UNSW Saturday 6th September 9am – 4pm UTS, Kuring-gai campus Saturday 6th September 11am - 1pm ACU, Strathfield Campus Saturday 13th September 8:30am – 4pm Macquarie University Saturday 13th September UWS, all campuses Newcastle University TBA

OPEN DAY SEASON HAS ARRIVED Open days at Tertiary institutions allow students to talk to the academic faculties, engage with current students and to explore campus options. We would encourage all Year 12 students to attend the Open Days of Universities, private colleges and TAFE. Refer to the Open Day sections (University & Private Institutions) on these pages for all their scheduled Open Days. 10




SYDNEY DESIGN SCHOOL INFORMATION EVENING Thurs 28th August, 6pm To register and for more information go to sydneydesignschool.com.au/infosessions/

UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS Contact: engineering. scholarships@sydney.edu.au sydney.edu.au/engineering/ scholarships/undergraduate/ future/leadership.shtml

SYDNEY CONSERVATORIUM OF MUSIC OPEN DAY Sat 30th August Macquarie street Contact: 1800 793 864 music.sydney.edu.au/study/openday/

UNSW HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS NOW OPEN Applications close Tue 30th September scholarships.online.unsw.edu. au/scholarship/sc_search.login

NATIONAL ART SCHOOL OPEN DAY Sat 30th August, 10am – 4pm www.openday.nas.edu. au/#!portraits/c199t


AVONDALE COLLEGE OF HIGHER EDUCATION - NURSING CAMPUS OPEN DAY Sun 31st August, 11am – 2pm, Sydney Adventist Hospital 185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga www.nursingopenday.com.au/ ENDEAVOUR COLLEGE OF NATURAL HEALTH OPEN DAY Sat 11th October, 10am – 12.30pm, Level 2, 815 - 825 George St, Sydney www.endeavour.edu.au/events/


RAFFLES COLLEGE OF DESIGN & COMMERCE: SCHOOL HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS Applications are now open Contact: jaimiwalker@raffles.edu.au www.raffles.edu.au/workshops NEW 6-WEEK FILM COURSE - AFTRS Mon 5th January – Fri 13th February www.aftrs.edu.au/short-courses/ the_six_week_film_school/5393

RAFFLES COLLEGE OF DESIGN & COMMERCE Applications close 7th November Contact: jaimiwalker@raffles. edu.au www.raffles.edu.au/applynow/3-scholarships AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL COLLEGE OF BEAUTY www.ancb.edu.au/aboutbeauty-college/scholarships JANSEN NEWMAN INSTITUTE 2014 AMBASSADOR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM www.jni.edu.au/scholarships UTS BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COOPERATIVE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Round 2 Applications Open: Fri 1st August Close: Tue 30th Sept UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY ST. ANDREW SCHOLARSHIP www.standrewscollege.edu.au/ st-andrews-scholars/

GAP YEAR CULTURAL CARE AU PAIR INFORMATION SESSION Sat 6th September, 10am 5 Young Street, Circular Quay culturalcare.com.au/join-infomeeting/ CAMP COUNSELLORS USA 2015 APPLICATION LUNCH & INFO SESSION Wed 10th September, 6.30pm – 7.30pm Suite 811, Level 8, 301 George Street Call 1300 859 040 or email Australia@ccuse.com.au www.facebook.com/ccusa. australia/events AU PAIR IN AMERICA ONLINE INFORMATION SESSION Wed 10th September, 8pm www.facebook.com/ events/234288693448419/?ref=5

INFORMATION EVENINGS / EXPOS NOTRE DAME NURSING INFORMATION EVENING Tues 30th September, 6pm Darlinghurst Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/nursing-info MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL LEAVERS INFORMATION EVENING Wed 10th December mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate APM COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & COMMUNICATION INFORMATION EVENING Tue 9th December, 6pm – 9pm, Level 9, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney Contact: 1300 880 610 or enquiries@apm.edu.au www.apm.edu.au/about-apm/ upcoming-events/parentinformation-evening 11


From Sunday 24 August 2014 www.hearingawarenessweek.org.au

The major preventable cause of hearing loss is noise injury. 37% of hearing loss is due to noise injury, which could have been prevented. Hearing loss is mainly on the increase due to leisure activities such as personal music players and social and recreational noise. Young people and farmers are at great risk. Why farmers? Because they turn up their music player headphones to block out machinery noise, such as tractors. This noise injury also increases their risk of tinnitus. Noise-related hearing loss among young adults is concerning. Their ears are ageing faster than they should be. Hearing is damaged by the loudness of the signal, the amount of time you are exposed, and how often. The type of ear phones people use can have an effect. Some earbuds are poor-fitting, and users may turn up the volume to try to block out background noise, which increases the risk of noise injury. Hearing loss associated with noise exposure can occur at any age and is often characterised by the difficulty in understanding speech and the presence of tinnitus. This form of hearing loss is almost entirely preventable. Deafness is one of the most common disabilities worldwide. One in six Australians has some form of hearing impairment – that’s 3.55 million people. The number of Australians with deafness is expected to increase to 1 in 4 by 2050.

During Hearing Awareness Week, there are opportunities to check your hearing for free and to find out more information ways to protect your hearing and prevent further damage. www.hearingawarenessweek.org.au







On Friday 15th August, Year 12 attended a study skills session titled ‘The HSC Countdown’ with Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services.

This year’s Fathers Day Breakfast will be held on Friday 5th September at the La Valla Hall at Marist College North Shore. Fathers, Grandfathers & Students are all encouraged to attend this event. Doors will be open from 6.40am and guests are asked to be seated by 7.00am.

The aim was to help Year 12 put together a plan of attack for between now and their final exams. The session focused firstly on what students need to do before the end of term. It is essential that study notes are completed, students work through their returned Trial HSC exam papers thoroughly (using the checklist provided), pinpoint areas of weakness and seek help on these, and endeavour to do as much practise of essay writing and past examination papers as they can before the end of term so they can obtain feedback from teachers. These last weeks of school are also the time where some students do not necessarily use their class time as effectively as they could, however after making the plan for the weeks just prior to the HSC exams, students can now see how quickly the time will go and how important it is to use the rest of this term to the full. Year 12 also reviewed the study techniques they are using and looked at ways to improve and avoid common study mistakes using research about the brain. Each year 12 student also filled out a grid with their HSC exam timetable, planning the best way to allocate their study time over the weeks prior and during the HSC exams using the guidelines Prue explained. Having a plan in place can take away a lot of exam anxiety, as students know what they need to do to move forward and can see the steps they need to take to make the most of the last few months of their final year of school. Parents are encouraged to review the handout from the session with students and have students explain their study plan as often discussing these ideas can clarify students’ approach. Parents can also find extra study skills tips on the following website: studyskillstoptipsparents.com Students can download the slides from the session and extra copies of the grid at www. enhanced-learning.net


We are very fortunate to have Mr Shane Richardson, CEO of South Sydney Rabbitohs as our guest speaker this year. Shane joined the Rabbitohs in 2004 when the club was in severe financial difficulties. Shane and his team over the years have rebuilt the Club’s financial viability and the Club now boasts the largest membership in the NRL. Shane is often referred to as the NRL’s most colourful and outspoken figure. The P&F would also like to thank Andy Hills (Year 7 parent) for organizing Shane to speak. All attendees must purchase a ticket – students as well. Tickets are $17.50 per person and can be purchased from the link below. http://www.trybooking.com/96638 Please note ticket numbers are capped at 500. This is always an extremely popular event so please purchase early to avoid disappointment. We also need many volunteers for the following shifts as this is such as big event: Shift 1 – 5.30am - 7.00am (food preparation) Shift 2 – 6.45am - 9.00am (service) Shift 3 – 9.00am - 11.00am (clean up) Please email the P&F with details of your preferred shift if you can help at: pnf@maristns.catholic.edu.au Thank you! P&F Committee



The MCC Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday 21st August. Due to recent poor weather conditions, the some of the Carnival events could not be run on the day and are being held today, Monday 25th August. We hope to share our great results with you in the next High Notes.

The College has received some great news from parent Mr Anthony Aloe regarding some our senior students who play for the North Sydney Brothers Rugby League Club. On Sunday 24th August, the boys won their U/19’s Grand Final at North Sydney Oval, having already claimed the minor premiership. The coaching staff of the team is made up of all ex-Marist North Shore boys Matt Hema (Coach), Brent Banning (Trainer) and James Dixon (Trainer).

The 2014 Premiers!

The players and students who are to be congratulated on this fantastic win are: Morgan Stevens (Captain), Dean Reading, Chris Testa, Pat Bezzi, Heath Garay, Jordan Fedele, Tom Horan, Jake Skrabanich and Jammelow Santerva. Well done boys!

RESEARCH ON INTEREST IN SCIENCE A big thank you to everyone who sent their consent forms in! More information will follow soon regarding when the survey will take place. Dawn Russell College Counsellor


VOLUNTEER ROSTERS CANTEEN 25 Aug: Linda Fung, Debbie Jenkins, Liz McGuire, Izabel Silva-Lindsey, Veronica Valderas 26 Aug: Maria Pagano, Colin Wilson, Cathy Criniti 27 Aug: Sam Adderton, Erica Keri, Robyn Mathôt-Gwozdecky 28 Aug: Lizzy Chant, Leanne O’Grady, Antoniette Raynal, Jenny Winter 29 Aug: Karen Ferguson, Suzanne Fraser, Zarli French-Thompson, Sandra Garratt, Lisa James, Kim Walker 1 Sep: Lisa Brink, Penny Davis, Julie Moriaty, Maureen Knox, Jackie Pickton, Lee Sternberg 2 Sep: Pip Byrne, Nicola Hart, Lyndal Jenney, Theodora Manos, Andrea Morgan, Chris Saunder 3 Sep: Leanne Bishop, Ann Catanzariti, Margie Morgan, Katharine Watts 4 Sep: Julie Gaidzkar, Maureen McKee, Sandra Robinson, Anton Singh, Kasumi Tucker 5 Sep: Dominica Edwards, Melanie Lindquist, Susan Mayall, Joanna Milenkiewicz, Michele Mulligan, Jennifer Vahldieck UNIFORM SHOP 27 Aug: Talin Boghossian, Maria Failla, Kirsten O’Reilly, Meg Neuhaus, Kendra Mckenzie 3 Sep: Donalda Brown, Debbie Jenkins, Taleen Avedissian, Mandy Arnold

LOOKING AHEAD 25>29 Aug: CULTURAL WEEK 25 Aug: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 28 Aug: Winter Sports Photos 29 Aug: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 2 Sep: College Chess Championship 4 Sep: MCC Volleyball 5 Sep: Fathers Day Breakfast 8>17 Sep: YEAR 11 ASSESSMENT WEEK 18 Sep: P&F Mini Book Sale La Valla Foyer, 8am - 9am 19 Sep: LAST DAY OF TERM 3 YEAR 12 GRADUATION 20 Sep>6 Oct: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 22 Sep: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 26 Sep: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 6 Oct: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Chanel) 7 Oct: TERM 4 COMMENCES 8 Oct: Year 8 RE Test 10 Oct: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) 13 Oct>13 Nov: HSC EXAMS 15 Oct: Year 7, 2015 Information Evening La Valla Hall 6pm 17 Oct: Chanel Pink Cupcake Day 20 Oct: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 21 Oct: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations (HPV & Chicken Pox) 22 Oct: Year 11 Prizegiving & HSC Info Evening 24 Oct: Year 11 Social - Hornsby RSL Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 29 Oct: Year 11 RYDA Day 31 Oct: Year 7/2015 Orientation & Testing Day Year 12, 2013 - 1 Year Reunion 3>7 Nov: Year 10 Assessment Week 3 Nov: St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore)





A reminder to Parents that the third and final major Fee Statement has been emailed and posted out.

We ask that students remember that if they would like to purchase our daily specials they MUST submit their lunch order on the day. We only make a limited amount of our specials so you must order so you don’t miss out as we can’t guarantee availablity at lunchtimes.

If you have not received your copy, please contact the College ASAP on 9957 5000 or at: accounts@maristns.catholic.edu.au Mark Brooks Business Manager

This week, the boys can look forward to Lasagne, Pulled Pork Empanada and Middle Eastern Lamb Kebab in addition to our tasty regular menu! Shelley Kemsley Canteen Manager


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High Notes #12 - 25th August 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter

High Notes #12 - 25th August 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter