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The Promise The Offer Our Pledge

We will provide you with an education filled with experiences to last a lifetime. On field trips and through environmental education you will see, smell, and taste things that you never dreamed existed. You will learn skills that will land you jobs and some that will become hobbies. You will play sports, dance, sing and laugh. You will be safe in our home, because it was built to be your home, too. You will learn about other cultures and about your own rich culture, knowledge you can pass on to your children one day when you are grown up and ready to have them. You will attend a private school where you will stay until you are eighteen years old. We will provide tutors and academic assistance along the way. If you are committed to going to college we will help you to get there. You will learn languages to enable you to communicate with people from around the world. You will serve your community and communities with people you do not know. You will march for peace, for change, and for justice for all. You will be a leader who commands respect. We understand that if your teeth ache or your mother is ill or your siblings are hungry you may not be present, and you need to be present, both physically and mentally. Therefore we will make sure you receive health care and learn to advocate for your health and wellness. If your family needs assistance, financial or emotional, we promise we will look for resources to help them, so that they will also remain determined to help you break the cycle of poverty by receiving a quality education that was not offered to them. We recognize that you cannot do it alone, none of us ever have. Our wings are fashioned by many hands.

The Understanding

The ask

You began your life many miles behind the starting line, and that was not fair. But this has given you a better understanding of how to be compassionate and patient and we trust you will use this compassion and patience to help others who may stumble or need the wisdom of someone who has had to overcome so many obstacles. You will remain committed and will not give up. You may get used to hearing no, but you will never accept it when it is about your well-being or your own dreams or the wellbeing and dreams of your community, since we don’t belong to ourselves alone.

To achieve these goals, you must show up. You must contribute your time and devotion. Dream big, work hard. You must never forget your cradle, where you came from and that you will share your knowledge and love with all that you come into contact with. You will care for your mother earth and for your mother who birthed you as well as the many mothers and fathers who helped raise you. You will be proud and remain a reader, a problem solver, and a good communicator. You will never stop trying. You will not condone violence or discrimination in any form or intentionally hurt others. You will not judge others as we did not raise you to be judges but to be peacemakers. You will teach others to love the earth and the sea and the air. You are a Mariposa. Your wings were fashioned by many hands. But only you can put them on and soar for as long as you are on Earth.





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421 N. Aurora St. Ithaca, NY 14850 US Phone: (718) 303 2735 Calle Principal Cabarete, Dominican Republic DR Phone: (809) 571 0610 info@



Educate and empower girls to create sustainable solutions to end generational poverty.

VISION To create the model that can be adapted around the world for a holistic girls’ education and empowerment program to end generational poverty.


Leadership Executive Board of Directors Julia Alvarez Honorary Chairwoman Aislinn Doyle President Jessica Mitchell Treasurer

Leadership Patricia Thorndike Suriel, Executive Director and Founder Jessica Lawson, Co-Founder and Consultant Krista Acosta, Volunteer Coordinator & Academic Director Sarah Andersen, Volunteer Coordinator & Service Trip Leader Amanda Bucci, Program Coordinator & Director of Art and Culture Pamela Cuadros, Graphic Designer Beti Eugene, Housekeeper Sarah Fisher, Administrative Director Fernanda García, Program Assistant Mary Jane García, Literacy Teacher Orquidea García, Program Assistant Roberto Gomez, Groundskeeper Yahaira López, Office Manager Jessica Mace, Consultant Alexandra Milián, Psychologist INTERNS Ana Iris Araujo Rose Lourdes Macce Yanaira Rodriguez photographer Amy Martin & Others 6 | MARIPOSA DR FOUNDATION 2015 ANNUAL REPORT

Raymond Jay Dunn Jennifer Furigay Patricia Thorndike Suriel Bessie Speers Advisory Board Deborah Bouknight Bill Eichner Emmanuel Franjul Renee Grant-Mitchell Judy Greenberg Richard Hansen Nell Newman Caitlin O’Shea Yaneris M. Rosa Elizabeth Thorndike James C. White Michelle Wucker Joelle Wyser-Pratte Dominican Board María Elena Grateraux Claudia Schwarz Francia Soranyi Lugo Patricia Thorndike Suriel

Dear Friends, 2015 was a year of inspiration: through various art forms and events we celebrated Dominican, Haitian, and American women role models from past and present, while looking towards the future and building the foundations to reach new heights as an organization. Every year we are blown away by what the Mariposa girls can accomplish given the right resources and opportunities. This year was no exception, and included jaw-dropping performances, academic achievements and creativity. Mariposa Executive Board

letter from executive director

Our mission continues to inspire outstanding staff, volunteers, donors, and local partners to join the international girl movement by supporting girls’ education and empowerment to end the generational cycle of poverty. In our community, adolescent girls are no longer ignored. As we continue to spread the word about the world’s most powerful force for change and perfect our programs, we reach towards our vision of this model spreading around the world. We could not have come this far without your support, and cannot wait to see all that we will achieve together. Thank you for helping us cultivate lasting change. Sincerely,

Patricia Suriel Executive Director


international awareness and global partnerships International awareness is a fundamental pillar of our vision at the Mariposa DR Foundation. It is a two-way street: while we educate Dominican and Haitian girls about the wider world, we also educate hundreds of international visitors each year about impoverished girls’ power to change the world. We are nurturing global citizenship in youth from around the world, and working towards a world without generational poverty.

Service Learning In 2015 we hosted over 350 volunteers from more than 10 different countries through our service learning programs. These volunteers engaged in meaningful service projects at the Mariposa Center for Girls and at our partner organizations, and were fully immersed in the rich culture of this small island nation. Projects included building, beautifying and repairing spaces at Mariposa and local schools, working in the classroom with Mariposa girls and local school children, and creating educational materials. For decades our founder and executive director has been using her experience in eco-tourism, education and non-profits to develop what we believe are the best service trips available anywhere.


In 2015 we continued to develop long-term relationships with schools and organizations that plan on bringing service learning groups to Mariposa every year. We also developed the curriculum for a place-based learning semester abroad and an all-girls summer program to design the world’s first Girl Museum!

our 2015 volunteers Summer

Long term

Noelia Loiz

Mikaela Perry

Katie Lotane

Sophia Harrington

Carter Hussey

Carlos Jambrina

Rylee Sheperd

Johannil Napoleon

Jack Templeton

Jennifer Wilbanks

Asia Winslow

Sherry Herdman

Caroline Bennett

Manon Lauziere

Rachel Silverman

Elena Muñoz

Christie St Pierre

Janilka Romero

Alex Guras

Susan Feisenmaier

Lily Norton

Anna Cait Wade

Chris Perry

Elodie Burtin

Laura Mendoza

Kate Corcoran

Tiana Tutt

Jann Julius

Sarah Andersen

Elisenda Bassas Synne Sorenes Leon Muñoz Marie-Eve Ouellet


border of lights For the 4th year in a row we partnered with Border of Lights in commemoration of the Parsley Massacre, the 1937 genocide of thousands of Haitians living in the DR, and in overcoming the continued tensions between the Haitian and Dominican communities in Hispaniola.

Then all of our girls, staff and volunteers lined up on the beach holding hands in solidarity with border struggles around the world. It was a powerful image as Dominicans, Haitians, Haitian-Dominicans and foreigners formed a long line of powerful girls and women united in a sisterhood that knows no borders.

We participated in the Border of Lights virtual vigil by holding our own candlelight vigil at the Mariposa Center for Girls. The girls who had been to the border in the past presented their experience to the rest of the girls and the history between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

international day of the girl

International Day of the Girl is our favorite holiday at the Mariposa Center for Girls! This year we participated in the Girls Not Bride’s #MyLifeAt15 social media campaign to end child marriage, and held a variety of girl empowerment activities at the Center.


Girls Not Brides The Mariposa DR Foundation was one of only 30 organizations (and the only organization from Latin America and the Caribbean) invited from Girls Not Bride’s (GNB) global membership of over 400 organizations to participate in their two-day Theory of Change and Measuring Impact workshop in London in January 2015.

Workshop sessions focused on exploring how GNB members address different elements of the Theory of Change, developing members’ understanding of and capacity to use the Theory of Change, and refining the list of indicators and using them to monitor and evaluate program impact. This event led us to develop our own Theory of Change (see next page) and monitoring and evaluating strategy. Mariposa also participated in GNB’s first Global Member Meeting in Casablanca, Morocco in May 2015, represented by our Program Coordinator Amanda Bucci. The regional meetings held with other Latin American countries were crucial in understanding the situation for girls in our region, and how they face unique challenges. In the breakout sessions, the Latin America region reflected on some of the roots of the problems within our communities that have contributed to making the Dominican Republic one of the countries with the highest incidences of child marriage in the world. The most important takeaway from these meetings was celebrating the meaningful work that we do at The Mariposa Center for Girls while reminding us that we are not alone in the global movement of girl champions!


problem: Major contributors to the cycle of poverty in the Dominican Republic are adolescent pregnancy and child marriage; over 40% of girls become mothers as teens and 41% of girls marry by age 18; 28% of girls aged 11 – 15 have had at least one unwanted pregnancy. The Dominican Republic also ranks third in the region for the prevalance of femicides Social and cultural norms, beliefs and practices are the root causes of these issues, with women themselves reinforcing these norms and behaviors, perpetuating the cycle of generational poverty. Girls are expected to perform housework, 12 | MARIPOSA DR FOUNDATION 2015 care ANNUAL for siblingsREPORT and other family members and a low value is placed on their

formal education. The imbalance of power between men and women, and the passivity and acceptance by girls that decisions that affect them are made by others, creates an environment of gender based and sexual violence, as well as objectification and hypersexualization that permeates society. Sexual and reproductive health information, products and services are not made easily accessible for girls and the combination of poor quality public health services and low quality education that fails to educate the public is what is keeping communities poor. Corruption, widespread inefficiency, wasted resources, sex tourism, statelessness and discrimination experienced by Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent, combined with the stress of poverty and absence of knowledge and choices, lead to a lack of agency and a sense of hopelessness.


Aritza representing the Doyle Family, who sponsored the Julia Alvarez Children’s Library.

Inauguration of the Julia Alvarez Children’s Library & the Minou Tavarez Mirabal Teaching Kitchen

In April we celebrated the inauguration of the Julia Alvarez Children’s Library and the Minou Tavarez Mirabal Teaching Kitchen. This unforgettable evening event included acrobatic performances by Mariposa girls that have been training with the local Kaiceitos Circus, and musical performances by the Mariposa musical group with nationally renowned artist Edgar Molina and our own music program instructor, Tadeu de Marco. All of the girls showed off their incredible talents in a dramatic theater piece incorporating English, art, dance, and swimming! This amazing performance was made possible by funding from the US Embassy Santo Domingo, which allowed us to bring theater and dance teachers through ASTEP (Artists Striving to End Poverty) to work with our girls throughout the year.


Julia Alvarez with Jacqueline Guzman Mirabal, Irene Gonzalez from the US Embassy, and Minou Tavarez Mirabal.

The Garretson Family with their sponsorship plaque for the Minou Tavarez Mirabal Teaching Kitchen.

The girls performed their own bilingual version of Julia Alvarez’s “The Secret Footprints” in and around the pool.

The Mariposa girls that are in our hospitality program hosted the evening and served our guests homemade pizzas from the wood-fired oven in the new teaching kitchen. The following morning we inaugurated both the library and teaching kitchen with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where representatives of the sponsoring families were present.

Special thank you to the Doyle Family for sponsoring the Julia Alvarez Children’s Library and to the Garretson Family for sponsoring the Minou Tavarez Mirabal Teaching Kitchen! MARIPOSA DR FOUNDATION 2015 ANNUAL REPORT | 15

Girl Workshop Series:

Female Icons of the United States, Dominican Republic And Haiti

Native American activists Radmilla Cody, of African-American and Navajo descent, and Mary Kim Titla, of the San Carlos Apache, joined the Mariposa girls for a week of learning about indigenous cultures.

With generous funding from the US Embassy Santo Domingo, we engaged both local and international educators, artists and volunteers to create a unique experiential learning course focused on female icons in the United States, Dominican Republic and Haiti. The oldest group of Mariposa girls learned about the shared history between the countries through the lens of women’s involvement in various human rights struggles: slavery, labor rights, women’s rights, civil rights, immigration rights, LBGT rights, and more. Some of the women highlighted are historic figures and some are local heroes with inspiring, relatable stories. From authors to suffragists, artists, activists, teachers and farmers, the stories of these women allowed these girls to recognize the power within themselves to better their community and the world. Their in-depth research included interviews, field trips, film screenings and special guests that brought the stories of these amazing women to life. Subjects included Dominican-American author Julia Alvarez, activists Mamá Tingó, Minerva Mirabal and Aniana Vargas, poet Salomé Ureña, Taino chieftain Anacaona, local educator Paulina Pérez, farmwoman Margo Suriel, Haitian women’s rights activist


American artist Annemarie Zwack worked with the Mariposa girls to create mosaic portraits of Mamá Tingó and Harriet Tubman.

Myriam Merlet, Haitian labor rights activist Solange Pierre, US suffragists Lucy Burns and Alice Paul, author Maya Angelou, freedom fighter Harriet Tubman and Native American activists Mary Kim Titla and Radmilla Cody. Local and international artists were commissioned to depict selected female icons in small-scale murals throughout the property at The Mariposa Center for Girls, to educate us all on these important women for many years to come.

The Girl Workshop Series has been an amazing opportunity for cross-cultural exchange, education, and empowerment. We look forward to the culmination of this project in Spring 2016 and the continued activism of the inspired Mariposa girls!


experiential learning

Love your Mother!

Hands-on, experiential learning keeps adolescent girls engaged in a wide variety of important subjects. One of the core focus areas of Mariposa programs is environmental education—the best kind of education for getting outside and getting your hands dirty. We believe that if the Mariposa girls learn to love Mother Earth, they will do everything in their power to take care of it. This year for Earth Day the Mariposa girls created original theatrical and dance performances based on environmental themes, using recycled materials to create the costumes and scenery. Each girl got to participate in a tree planting ceremony and decorated a pot to take home her own plant in. We continued our tradition of participating in the International Coastal Cleanup Day and the girls learned about the water cycle. Throughout the summer, the 60 younger Mariposa girls got to participate in weekly field trips to get out and enjoy the local environment, including hiking, kayaking, and swimming excursions.

Mariposas Volando Mariposas Volando, “Flying Butterflies” in Spanish, is the name of our internship program. Mariposa graduates and high school seniors are eligible to apply for an internship working at Mariposa to gain essential job skills and firsthand work experience. In 2015 we had three full-time interns occupying our secretary, literacy assistant and kitchen manager positions. We anticipate this program will continue to grow as more Mariposa girls graduate from high school and need additional support before flying solo.


health & wellness

2015 Health Fair

The physical, mental and emotional health of the Mariposa girls is always a priority. This year we held our annual health, dental and vision check-ups in October. • •

50 smiles fixed! And 80 healthy mouths means our dental hygiene program is working! Thank you Monkey Jungle!

All 130 girls got a physical check-up, 40 were referred to specialists for further treatment. Thank you to Dr. Gideon Plaut and Dr. Naurio Vargas!

15 Mariposa girls got glasses! Thank you Dr Burgos Optica!

Though we bring the resources to our Center for the health fair, a critical component of the program is ensuring that the girls know where the available resources are in their community and how to access them. The older Mariposa girls took field trips to Puerto Plata, the nearest city, to visit important places such as the public hospital, local HIV/AIDS centers, the center for domestic violence, and many others. The girls not only visited these places, but also participated in workshops and discussions on relevant topics to prevent health issues before they happen. Even when their physical health is taken care of, living in poverty is extremely stressful. In 2015 we began implementing mindfulness and yoga practices into our everyday programming to help the girls of all ages handle their stress in a healthy way.


summer program

Some of the highlights included the Mariposa girls putting their artistic talents to work to use in urban art workshops to deck out the center! Working with four local graffiti artists, the girls learned techniques in spray-painting, brush painting and stenciling.

Mariposa was able to offer over 20 different activities during our 8-week summer program.

Together, they created a 50-foot mural featuring Anacaona, a female Taino chief who fought against colonizers for her people’s rights, with a modern twist. They finished off the scene with the quote to honor her legacy: “Anacaona lives within us, because they didn’t kill her, they multiplied her.” The girls did research on Anacaona and then created this masterpiece to bring her story to life! Art is just one of the many ways we empower our girls by giving them outlets to express themselves and physical space to claim as their own. It is important to us to foster the creative process in our girls as this can help them self-manage behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.


Sports programs are another effective strategy for empowerment, as countless studies have shown that participation in sports improves self-esteem, leadership skills, teamwork and health. One hundred girls were enrolled in swimming classes and our stronger swimmers participated in various water sports including surfing, kitesurfing, kayaking and stand up paddling.

Since we began our swim program in 2010 we have taught over 300 girls to swim in Cabarete!

This summer we held our 2nd annual Mariposa Surf Competition and it was a great success! The girls got to enjoy the beach and cheer on their fellow Mariposa girls as they caught the waves. After several intense heats the Mariposa surfers were ranked and received prizes. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, there were virtually no Dominican or Haitian girls that even knew how to swim, let alone compete in water sports. Now, we’re hosting our very own girls’ water sport event!


ACademic enrichment

UNESCO ranked the Dominican Republic’s education system worst in the region for reading, math, and science. School is only in session for half of the day, meaning that students only receive about 15 hours of education per week. Faced with an under-resourced school system and social pressure to drop out and start a family, Dominican and Haitian girls need academic enrichment to cultivate a love of learning to last them a lifetime.

In 2015 we provided 65 scholarships to private schools. That means that we paid for the tuition for 65 Mariposa girls to attend quality pre-school, elementary, high school and college level educational centers. In a town that does not even have a public high school, we have 25 girls enrolled in high school programs and a 100% graduation rate!

We provided 130 girls with school uniforms, text books, school supplies, and daily transportation to and from school and Mariposa programs.

The costs of these essential resources and services are often prohibitive for families living in poverty. By providing them free of charge and working with the community to create awareness about girls’ potential, we remove all barriers for girls to continue their studies. At the Mariposa Center for Girls we also provide much-needed academic support each week in the form of literacy classes, educational games, English classes, test prep, tutoring, and homework help.

All 130 Mariposa girls have year-round access to these services, setting them up for academic success!


community engagement The Mariposa DR Foundation is a grassroots organization with deep connections in our community. Parents and families are some of our most important stakeholders. This year we continued to focus on strengthening these important relationships by creating an intimate Mariposa Mothers Group facilitated by Mariposa’s psychologist, Alexandra Milian Martinez. The group of 5 mothers meets monthly to discuss topics chosen by the mothers, such as adolescent nutrition, domestic violence, STIs, and mother-daughter relationships. As single mothers lead the majority of Mariposa families, this is an important method of community outreach and education. Alexandra also participated in meetings with local government agencies to open a local branch of the National Counsel For Childhood and Adolescence (CONANI), an entity designed to protect children’s rights, promote their holistic development, and provide resources for children and adolescents. Although we work specifically with girls, we advocate for the rights of all youth in the Cabarete community. In 2015 we relied on many members of the local community to carry out programs, including volunteers, artisans, and part-time staff members. We are always thrilled when Cabarete residents and visitors are willing to invest their time in the world’s most powerful force for change—girls!

The Mariposa Mothers Group with psychologist Alexandra and program assistant and mother Orquidea.

2015 Cabarete Responsible Tourism & Investment Guide The 2015 Cabarete Responsible Tourism & Investment Guide was the 5th successful edition of the magazine produced by the Mariposa DR Foundation to support our community partners through advertising and to spread the word about Mariposa’s work to the thousands of tourists that visit Cabarete every year. This latest edition had even more advertisers and circulation than ever before with 35 advertisers and 9,000 copies distributed to businesses throughout the area.

read online at 6

Local business owners during the release party of the 2015 Cabarete Guide at Millennium Resort & Spa.



$100 - $499

$25,000 +

Cristina and Seth Alexander

Education First Global Giving US Embassy Santo Domingo

Charles and Jo Ellen Ames

$10,000 – $24,999

Rachel and Dwight Brown

Lon and Deborah Bouknight Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Dunn Family Charitable Foundation Global Fund for Children Lin-Manuel Miranda via Hispanic Federation Inc Red Robin International Edward and Elizabeth Thorndike

Christen Clougherty

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$1,000 - $4,999 Edward and Janet Ahlstrand Family Fund Julia Alvarez & Bill Eichner Barry and Jennifer Crosthwaite Francis Parker School Lisa Gosselin Sherry Herdman The Links – Hoffman Estates Chapter Pablo and Adelfi Molina Karen Silverman Elizabeth and Thomas Speers

Barbara Beck Peter and Janice Bella

Geri Cocco de Moya Brian Coleman and Jane Curry Columbus Jewish Foundation – gift from Hope Louis B’nai Tzedek Fund Alison and Joseph Corkery Grace and Joseph Corkery, MD Brent and Jill Coull

David Humphrey and Markella Zanni Shawn and Meghan Hurley Judith Jones John Lewis and Suzanne Sheirr Michael and Kris McKeigue Joshua Mitchell Matthew Perkins Douglas Rose Dr. Miko Rose Vicki Taylor

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Tyco Inc Charity Trust Account– employee donation from Eileen O’Shea

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Frontier Capital Management Donna Heskett Anne Lagan Merck Foundation Minerva Educational Foundation

$1 - $99 G Todd Astor Amy Beard Catherine and Alfred Browne III Susan Cable and Benjamin Gomez


Kim Carson CNA Matching Gift Program - Crystal Brown match Jeffrey Eisen and Melanie Henriques Colleen Ellse James and Hathaway Farrow Tina Fisella Sachin Gangaputra Janna Greenberg Erik and Theresa Hajer Peter Hamel and Sarah Link Honeywell International Corp. Amy Hunter Gabriel Imbert-Boyd Mary Beth Keiller Mahmood Khwaja and Leslie-Ann DeFilippis-Khwaja Kristie and Alex Koppenheffer Lars Liebisch John and Shana Maldonado L. Celia Malmad– in honor of Jim Ritter John Maypole and Anupa Bir Prem and Saritha Menon Todd and Elizabeth Miller William and Susan Miracle John Mitchell Kenneth and Dorothy Mohr Mountain Mike Pizza Christine Murphy Michael and Colleen Nolan Gwen Parry Norris Abigael Orlan and Roman Yelensky Caroline Pandorf Judith Quinlan Denise Robinson Pam Rosenthal Meredith Ross and Ron Sheklin Marlene and John Ruby Geri Russillo John Ryan Susan and Curtis Sayers Yang Shen and Ying Xu Monica Stamper William and Ilana Steel Hal and Alison Husid Strausberg Rajeev Tipnis and Monica Kachru Justin Traxler and Regina Wu Truist Marianela Urena Col Duane and Linda Williams


Crowdfunding is an important part of our fundraising strategy in the social media age. We are proud to be recognized as a Superstar, Top-Ranked, and Vetted organization working with Global Giving. Thank you to all of you who made online contributions big and small!

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community Cabarete, there’s no place quite like it in the world. In our community, small acts of kindness go a long way.Thank you to all of the local businesses that support our work and the girls of Cabarete by contributing funds, food, supplies, space, time and talent. None of this would be possible without you! 3 Mariposas Montessori 321 Take Off Surf School Andari SPA Beach Club Bliss Blue Moon Cabarete Beach Houses Cabarete Coffee Company Cabarete Language Institute CADIN CEMEDIN Centro de Enseñanza Coral Chez Arsenio CPS Dominican Fisherman El Magnifico Hotel

Encargo PAQ EPS Food Lover’s Pizza & Spaghetti Fresh Fresh Cafe Gordito’s Fresh Mex Haciendas El Choco Iguana Mama Jiu Jitsu de la Costa Kaiceitos Circus School Kaya Energy Group Kayak River Adventure L’Agence Real Estate Las Cañas Aparta-Hotel La Casita de Papi LEK Kiteboarding School Millennium Resort & Spa

Monkey Jungle Natura Cabana Otra Cosa Restaurant Puerto Cabarete Public School Punta Cabarete Public School Rogue Fitness Seguros Universal Solar Wave Ultravioleta Velero Beach Resort Villa Taina Yalla Yamazato


Edward & Elizabeth Thorndike The parents of the Founder and Executive Director, Edward and Elizabeth Thorndike, helped the Mariposa DR Foundation become a reality. They have supported children in the Dominican Republic for over 20 years with more than $100,000 in financial contributions and countless hours of volunteer counsel and support. As an environmental activist and non-profit consultant, Elizabeth has served on Mariposa’s Advisory Board from the beginning. In honor of their generosity, in 2015 we dedicated the Environmental Room at the Mariposa Center for Girls to Edward & Elizabeth Thorndike.

profiles The Crosthwaite Family Julia Crosthwaite joined Mariposa on a school service-learning trip and was so inspired by her experience that she got her whole family involved! In 2015 we developed a new “support a graduating class” sponsorship program to provide assistance to all of our girls that are pursuing a high school education.

Mariposa Class of 2021


The Crosthwaite family stepped up as Mariposa’s inaugural donors in the program, sponsoring the class of 2021 by providing tuition, uniforms, books and transportation. Thank you for believing in girls’ education!

lin-manuel miranda & vanessa nadal Lin-Manuel Miranda, American composer, lyricist, librettist, rapper, and actor, best known for creating and starring in the Broadway musicals In The Heights and Hamilton, and his wife, Vanessa Nadal, have shown their support and invested in the girls at Mariposa for the past several years. Their family has made several visits to the center, assisted with securing volunteers for our theater program and have been generous in their financial support. Upon winning the prestigious MacArthur “Genius Grant” this year, Lin-Manuel was quoted in the New York Times saying that some of his prize money would go to “some of the places that have fed my soul”, including the Mariposa Center in the Dominican Republic.

in generosity

Lin-Manuel, we thank you and your family for your continued support and championing for the girls of Cabarete and all over the world!

Lon & Deborah Bouknight Lon and Deborah Bouknight have invested over $65,000 in the Mariposa DR Foundation since its inception. Deborah was one of Mariposa’s founding board members and she and Lon have stood behind and our mission since the very beginning. In recognition of their unwavering support, in 2015 we dedicated the Art Room at the Mariposa Center for Girls to their family.


financial overview FUNDS RAISED IN THE DR







$470,000 TOTAL:


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Mariposa DR Foundation 2015 Annual Report  
Mariposa DR Foundation 2015 Annual Report