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we celebrated our th 5 birthday in 2014!


It’s hard to believe that we started just five years ago. What began with one girl and a symbolic $1 deposit into a bank account has grown into a thriving organization, working to address one of the most important causes of our time, girls. We’ve grown from 1 to 150 and we are seeing change. Attitudes are changing and families are seeing that young girls are not merely domestic laborers and burdens that consume resources, but powerful forces for change that will lift their entire family out of generational poverty. We have a lot to celebrate and a lot of work to do. Thank you for being a part of our success! MARIPOSA DR FOUNDATION 2014 ANNUAL REPORT | 3








Service Learning and Global Partnerships


Special Events








Financial Overview

421 N. Aurora St. Ithaca, NY 14850 US Phone: (718) 303 2735 Calle Principal Cabarete, Dominican Republic DR Phone: (809) 571 0610 info@




Executive Board of Directors Julia Alvarez Honorary Chairwoman Jacqueline Gúzman Mirabal Honorary Chairwoman Aislinn Doyle President Jessica Mitchell Treasurer Raymond Jay Dunn Jennifer Furigay Patricia Thorndike Suriel Advisory Board Deborah Bouknight Bill Eichner Emmanuel Franjul Renee Grant-Mitchell Judy Greenberg Richard Hansen Nell Newman Caitlin O’Shea Yaneris M. Rosa Elizabeth Thorndike James C. White Michelle Wucker Joelle Wyser-Pratte Dominican Board María Elena Grateraux Claudia Schwarz Francia Soranyi Lugo Patricia Thorndike Suriel

Leadership Patricia Thorndike Suriel, Executive Director and Founder Jessica Lawson, Associate Director and Co-Founder Krista Acosta, Volunteer Coordinator/ Academic Director Beto Almonte, English Teacher Amanda Bucci, Arts and Culture Program Director Pamela Cuadros, Graphic Designer Fernanda García, Program Assistant Mary Jane García, Literacy Teacher Orquidea García, Program Assistant Alvaro Jimenez, Director of Transportation Yahaira López, Office Manager Jessica Mace, Associate Director Alexandra Milián, Psychologist INTERNS Ana Iris Araujo Edileisa García photographers Nicole Bleck Amy Martin



letter from executive director Dear Friends, In 2014 we celebrated our five year anniversary and the inauguration of The Mariposa Center for Girls, the first facility of its kind on the island of Hispaniola. The year began with an incredible three day celebration and gala at our new center with more than 500 local and international guests, and ended with the town’s largest holiday celebration at the annual Mariposa Christmas Fair. These celebrations bring the community together and give our girls a chance to show off all of their talent and hard work. We celebrate often - birthdays, International Day of the Girl, International Women’s Day, Earth Day, graduations and more. We have much to be proud of and to celebrate. It was just five years ago that there were no opportunities for girls in our town to play sports, no ways for girls to express themselves through visual and performing arts, no one to advocate for their rights. In fact, five years ago, most 14 and 15 year old girls in Cabarete were dropping out of school. Today, things have changed and girls are leading the charge in lifting their entire families out of generational poverty. We remain forever grateful for your support and confidence in our work. As we look back on all we have accomplished together, we can only imagine the incredible things that lie ahead. Thank you for believing in us.

Patricia Suriel Executive Director

MISSION Educate and empower girls to create sustainable solutions to end generational poverty.

VISION To create the model that can be adopted around the world for a holistic girls’ education and empowerment program to end generational poverty.


our volunteers

Summer volunteers

Long term volunteers

Tori Dunn Janire Ere帽o Vilaboa Aitana Goiricelaya Mateo Carlos Jambrina Stephanie Lachenauer Jose Luis Lopez Taylor Luckadue Amy Martin Chris Perry Gonzalo Tobes Anna Cait Wade

Lauren Chin Victor Colon Genevieve Corrin Charlie Durrant Sarah Fisher Elena Forchielli Joseph Heller Sherry Herdman Colleen Kavanagh Amy Martin Johannil Napole贸n Mikaela Perry Ada Smith Julia Swijters Elyse Transon Jessica Valles Olivia Wagner


In 2014 we began our partnership with Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP), a program that connects performing and visual artists with underserved youth around the world. ASTEP volunteers bring the joy, hard work and discipline of theater and dance classes to the Mariposa girls, empowering them to produce spectacular performances and enriching our Arts and Culture program.


Service learning and global partnerships

2014 was a year of tremendous growth for the service trip and experiential learning programs at our Volunteer Institute. We welcomed more than 500 students from all over the United States and Canada to help us make important improvements to the Mariposa Center for Girls, local schools, family homes and other community spaces. Students and program participants experienced a rich cultural exchange and formed life-long bonds. Together with our partners at Education First and other various educational institutions, we were able to create countless meaningful connections, learning opportunities and invested more than $150,000 directly into the infrastructure of our local community.


Ethel Walker School improves local baseball field

To find out more about service learning trips with The Mariposa DR Foundation, visit:


Armstrong Atlantic State


Education First


Ethel Walker School


Lawrence Academy


Middlebury College


Minerva Educational Foundation


Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School (ECS)


Nobis Project


University of Alabama


Special Events

the MARIPOSA CENTER FOR GIRLS INAUGURATION GALA In February 2014 we officially celebrated the inauguration of The Mariposa Center for Girls in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Liuh-Wen Ting performing with Mariposa girl.

After acquiring the land for The Mariposa Center for Girls in late 2012, board members, staff, volunteers and community partners worked extremely hard for 18 months to transform an abandoned school into a stunning facility to educate and empower girls. After three years of not having our own space, we celebrated our new phase of growth with a spectacular event, welcoming families, local and international guests for a three day extravaganza. Activities included whale watching, community tours and a private screening of acclaimed documentary Girl Rising and Q&A with Executive Producer, Holly Gordon. At the grand opening gala, guests were wowed by spectacular performances from the Mariposa Girls who worked hard with choreographer Jose-Luis Lopez to prepare three numbers specially written for them by Lin-Manuel Miranda, girls that performed with our local partner organization, Kaiceitos Circus, and girls that participate in our music program.

Choreographer Jose-Luis Lopez with Mariposas after a succesful rehearsal.

Holly Gordon and daughter.


Mariposa Honorary Chairwoman, Julia Alvarez and former Mariposa President, Jim White.

Youngest Mariposas performance.

Special performances also included classical musicians Liuh-Wen Ting and David Gardos, opera singer Sergio Laccone, and a very special rap by Lin-Manuel Miranda. After multiple days of fabulous events, the Gala was a spectacular evening of celebration. We not only commemorated all the hard work that had gotten the Mariposa Center and Mariposa girls to where they were, but rejoiced in all the greatness that is to come. A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors for a wonderful weekend, Bliss Restaurant, Cabarete Coffee Company, Electra, Infiniti Blu, Kaiceitos Circus, Millennium Resort & Spa, Otra Cosa, SnapFiesta, Yamazato.

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA Lin-Manuel Miranda is a Tony and Grammy Award-winning composer, actor, rapper and lyricist. His first Broadway musical In the Heights depicts life in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, an area largely populated by Dominican immigrants and Dominican-Americans. Miranda created a hip-hop album based on the life of Alexander Hamilton and was invited to perform one of the songs at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music and the Spoken Word in 2009. He has created a new Broadway musical based on this album, debuting in 2015. In 2014 Lin-Manuel Miranda lent his magnificent talents to the Mariposa DR Foundation to help inaugurate the Mariposa Center for Girls. Miranda and his wife Vanessa Nadal attended the inauguration activities as our special guests, and contributed greatly to a successful event. Thank you!

Lin-Manuel Miranda with Mariposa girls during the opening gala of the Mariposa Center for Girls.


border of lights was a great success this year! Border of Lights is an annual event in October that lights the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti in remembrance of the massacre of thousands of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent under the brutal dictatorship of Trujillo. Unfortunately the discrimination against Haitians has prevailed all these years. It is for that reason we have worked tenaciously to unite the Dominican and Haitian Mariposa girls at our Center. All of the Mariposa girls made the trip to the border city of Dajab贸n, which was the epicenter of the government-sponsored genocide over 75 years ago. In preparation for the trip all of the girls learned about the history of the tension between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and the current problems of racism and discrimination facing Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent in the DR. This year the Mariposa Foundation did a special project to create a mural out of recycled materials depicting harmony between the two nations on this small island. 12 | MARIPOSA DR FOUNDATION 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

Part of the success of this mural was the full integration of all the Mariposa girls in the development of the project. Although the trip was designed for the older girls, the younger Maripositas scoured their communities to help collect bottle caps for the mural project. The design of the mural was developed by the Mariposa girls alongside Johannil, our amazing art therapy volunteer. Leading up to the trip the girls’ attendance and enthusiasm was high as they worked diligently on the preparation of materials for the trip (bottle caps, bracelets, and music rehearsals). The camaraderie and enthusiasm for the project shined through as the girls led a number of activities (mural making, friendship bracelets, zumba classes, juggling and a musical performance), all of which successfully integrated community members in the park in Dajabón. At the end of the activities, the girls enjoyed dinner and conversation with Julia Alvarez and a moving candle light vigil in honor of the massacre. After a long day full of activities, we stayed the night in Monte Cristi, which was for many of our girls their first time staying in a hotel. The following morning we did several reflection activities on the beach and enjoyed a beautiful day. The girls (as well as staff members and volunteers) grew tremendously on this trip, both individually and as a group. We look forward to seeing the manifestations of this experience surface throughout the year!

Mariposa Honorary Chairwoman, Julia Alvarez.


loving our environment At the Mariposa Center for Girls environmental education is included in every aspect of programming. Our girls learn to love the Earth, and how to take good care of it. We not only teach our girls about the importance of taking care of the environment, but we are educating the next generation of environmental activists. At the 3rd Annual Earth Day Celebration the girls participated in a tree planting ceremony, created recycled art projects and put on a spectacular performance for local community partners and guests. The girls performed a series of skits, highlighting the differences between organic and inorganic materials and how we can preserve the earth by reducing our use of inorganic material. All of the girls painted ceramic pots filled with dirt and seeds to bring home to their families so that they will all have a plant growing in their home to reflect on and be proud of what they learned. Later in the year, the Mariposa girls joined in the protest in Loma Miranda against a mining project that is putting the most important watershed in the Cibao region at risk. They were invited to perform on the opening night of seven days of musical protest, participated in workshops and spent time exploring the natural beauty of the area they became so passionate about protecting. Thanks to the efforts they were a part of, this potentially harmful mining project has been put on hold. We love Mother Earth!

SunEdison and Soluz, two leading providers of solar energy solutions and services in the US and Dominican Republic donated an entire 9.9kW solar energy system to power The Mariposa Center for Girls! Our center is now one of the largest educational facilities in the Dominican Republic that is completely powered by renewable energy. We would like to extend a special thank you to SunEdison, and to Advisory Board member Richard Hansen, Founder and CEO of Soluz, for making this happen, and to SolarWave for providing additional training and support on this important project.





In 2014 we expanded our scholarship program to enroll 65 girls in private pre-school, elementary and high schools. We also sent our first Mariposa to college on a full scholarship!


older mariposas participate in workshop with beat making lab For two weeks in July 2014, a small group of our oldest girls participated in a Beat Making Lab with Pierce Freelon and Stephen Levitin (

The Beat Making Lab helps to unleash the creativity in adolescents through intensive training in an electronic music studio small enought to fit in a backpack. Equipped with a laptop, microphone and some software, the Mariposa girls set out to write their own songs, make some beats and film their very own music video.



mariposa annual health fair In October we hosted a three-day health fair with the help of volunteer physicians, nurses, dentists and community organizations. Every girl in our program received their yearly physical and charts were updated. Vision checks and dental exams with x-rays, and treatments were also included.

Dr. Paul Furigay Jennifer Furigay, R.N. Dr. Gideon Plaut Judy Greenberg Health Horizons International CEPROSH Monkey Jungle Dr. Beckie Anderson, D.D.S.

Many family members accompanied the girls as we were well staffed and able to extend services to community members as well. We had experts on site to conduct free HIV testing, Pap smears and blood pressure checks. Counselors were on site to provide family planning services, mental health assessments and trauma therapy. The health fair continues to be a great success and we are grateful for our partners that help keep our girls and their families healthy.



This past summer we had some special new additions to our normal swim and surf programs. Throughout the summer twenty Mariposa girls aged 7-17 surfed for three hours a day, five days a week, to learn how to surf for the first time or improve their skills. Seventeen of the oldest Mariposa girls participated in an intensive lifesaving program provided by ISLA, the International Surf Lifesaving Association.

Water safety is a core part of all of our water sports programs

Surf on Mariposa girls! The summer culminated in the first ever Mariposa Surf Competition, in which all the Mariposa girls got to go to the beach and support the Mariposas that have been learning to surf. It was a morning of enthusiasm and excitement as different heats of Mariposa girls surfed in front of the judges and the winners were awarded prizes.




arts with a heart On February 8, the same night as the inauguration gala, there was another event going on thousands of miles away to benefit the Mariposa Center for Girls. The Castilleja School is an independent school for girls in grades 6-12 in Palo Alto, California. In 2014 they held an event called “Arts with a Heart� in which students performed a dance they created in collaboration with the Mariposa girls through Skype sessions. While they performed the choreography inspired by the Mariposa girls, pictures of our girls and our work were projected on a large backdrop. Those that attended the event were able to make donations in support of the Mariposa DR Foundation. The event was a great success, raising more than $25,000 to sponsor the performing arts room at The Mariposa Center for Girls, allowing our girls to continue exploring their passion for the arts in a new, beautiful space.


harry potter QUIDDITCH GAME fundraiser Katie and Annie Garretson organized a Quidditch match at their school, Indian Hill High School, to fundraise for the Mariposa girls. Now that’s creative fundraising!

Harry Potter Quidditch Game Fundraiser by Katie and Annie Garretson.

CHICOS FUERTE! Jake Furigay, Michael Harvey, Christopher Peters and Brice Ferg raised $4,000 and traveled down to Cabarete to fix up the home of one of our families most in need. Special thank you to Dartmouth volunteer, Taylor Luckadue for kicking off the fundraising campaign to help this family.

Jake Furigay, Michael Harvey, Christopher Peters and Brice Ferg.

Chris Perry Chris Perry, our summer swim coach, donated 95 Speedo swimsuits, 21 swim goggles, 2 posters and swim caps through Dolfin Swimwear. Thanks for this generous donation to keep our girls swimming!

Chris Perry, our swimming instructor.

the sports bra challenge by lizz Lizz Kiss organized a sports bra challenge and brought over 145 sports bras from Canada to the DR to help keep our Mariposa girls active!

The Sports Bra Challenge by Lizz Kiss.




$50,000 +

First Giving

The Dunn Family Charitable Foundation

Geri Cocco de Moya

Global Giving

Girl Scout Troop 363

$25,000 - $49,999 Castilleja School-Arts with a Heart Dining for Women Matthew and Jillian Garretson Family Fund

$10,000 – $24,999

Deborah and Lon Bouknight Catapult Dale and Betty Ann Frey Family Foundation (Susan Frey) Global Fund for Children Edward and Elizabeth Thorndike Silicon Valley Community Foundation in honor of Carl Eschenbach’s 12 years of service to VMware

$5,000 - $9,999

Donna Heskett Hood Canal Kiwanis Foundation M. Christina Long

$100 - $499 Candace Alexander Armstrong Atlantic State Todd and Robin Astor Dick and Susan Balkite Beverly-Hanks & Associates, Inc. Louise Bucheit John Chapman Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Erika Chin Columbus Jewish Foundation

Mason Hirst Foundation

Annabelle Bullard Davies

Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation

Scott and Melanie Edwards

Paul O’Reilly-Hyland

Spagni Emely

$1,000 - $4,999

Emmanuel Franjul

Edward and Janet Ahlstrand Family Fund Julia Alvarez and Bill Eichner Corinne Bruzzone The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Allison Lockwood Taylor Luckadue Jessica Mitchell Adelfi and Pablo Molina Network for Good (Samanta Quetzada) Steven Nightingale Karen Silverman St. Mary Academy – Bay View

$500 - $999 Janet Bull, Robbins Richardson Border of Lights


dining for women In April, The Mariposa DR Foundation was the featured organization for Dining for Women, a national giving circle dedicated to empowering women and promoting gender equality in the developing world. For the entire month, chapter leaders of Dining for Women all across America held small, private events to learn more about Mariposa and support our work!

Edna Furigay Duncan and Catherine Haggart R.L. Furigay Karen Hargot Matthew Gryder, Tamara Orr-Gryder

Jack and Carolyn Hemby

William and Gale Ketcham

Holly Hitchcock/Robert Biaggi

Susan Lacy Eugene and Judith Jones Rodney and Diana Lamm

Just Give

Christopher and Jana Lechner

Rosalind Lewis

John Leddy Jonathan and Anne Marie Macrae Nancy Lotane Brenne and Sheila McElhaney Anne McBryde Family Foundation

Christine Messino

W Mark and Robin McCollough

Minerva Educational Foundation

Anne McKenzie/Pod Robert Harvey

Beth and Rex Morgan

Sam and Vera McLafferty

Bradford Northrup

Mary Meagher

PayPal Giving Fund

Robinson Moore

Christopher Perry

Diemut Nadal Dorothy Rosales John Peters Sue Sanborn Restaurant Equipment Galaxy

Sea Girt Elementary School

Dennis and Mayra Sacco

Signature Technologies of Asheville

Savannah State University Students

Anne Stidham

George Skendi & Elena Peters

Georgia Tasho

Vivien and Thomas Snyder

Mohan and Mridu Chand Thakuri

Elizabeth Speers

Stephen and Lillie Vangel

Truist Anna Cait Wade Tyco Inc. Charity Trust

Mildred and Richard White

Richard and Helen Walsh

Nancy Young

Tim Webb Ann Williams Nicholas Zinzi

$1 - $99 Susan Bodie Jim and Dawn Clayton Linda Cypres Jonathan Draxton Kristen Engle Naomi Eskenazi Clairan Ferrono Kevin Franks Celestina Furigay Judy Greenberg

$1,000 + Anonymous (1) Claudia Troncoso Elinor Newman Global Giving Kimberly Macinnis Molly Lewis Robert Macinnis Sara C.

$500 – 999 Colleen Valerio Diemut Nadal Eileen Kavanagh Eric Myers Jessica Mitchell Julia Coronado Microsoft Matching Gifts Paul Dongieux Renee Mitchell

$100 – 499 Abran Lopez Adelfi Molina Alan Baseman Alexis Cain Alison Lockwood Amol Dixit Andrew A. MacGregor Ann Begin Anne Lagan Anonymous (10) Barbara Prysock Bonnie Norman Bradley Mott Brenda Boon Caitlin O’Reilly Candace Alexander Carol Nugent Caroline McRae Caroline Miller Chii Wang Christine Pelkin Christopher Perry

Dana Whicker Daniel Clement Daniel Fremouw David Smith David Stainton Elissa Kates Eliza Parkinson Elizabeth Jones Erika Lea Erin Liszewski Ernest Peterek Fabricville Fabricville Frances Perkins Garner Bornstein Gary Wechsler Giuseppina Mancuso Heidi Scharfman Henry Karp Ilya Bass J Peter Sidgwick James ODonnell Jason Carr Jason Miller Jayne Cohen Jeniene Birks Jennifer Dines Joanne Glazer John and Kim Garlock John Leddy Josefina Dieguez Julia Kielanowska Julie Coronado Karen Rosario Karl Magnus Westerberg Kate Berseth Kathy Stilwell Ken Brown L. Brazda Laura Taylor Lauren MacLean Lenora Suki Lewis Gray Lisa Aleman Lisa Maree Stuart Lori Dryer

Lynn Chasson Margarita Prieto Marjorie Nickles Mark Waldron Marlene Lippmann Mary Berens Mary Parks Michael Goldberg Mirya Holman Molly Rydzynski Mona Kelly Nashelly Messina Patricia Suriel Paul Waxlax Peter Taylor Phyllis Lawson Ramon Abud Collado Renee Ricki Carr Robert Plankenhorn Robin Becker Robinson Moore Sangeeta Bisnath Sara-Leila Braiotta Sonja Trask Stavroula Vorias Steven McLaughlin Suzanne Costom Terrance Carroll Terri-Anne Segovia Tessa Hankins-Hill Tiffany Drees Tim Meyer Todd Brazda Todd Dailey Victoria Ruff Will Hull

$10 – 99 Ada Smith Aden Miller Adrian Kavanagh Aidan Butler Aislinn Doyle Alexandra Milan Martinez Alexandra Robbins


Alexia Petrou Aleyda Soto Allison Black Allison Kolstad Alon Orstein Alvaro Jimenez Alyssa MacMeekin Amanda Bouknight Amanda Alvarez Amanda Bucci Amber Blair Amber Thompson Amy Bordoni Amy Paysnick Amy Pond Amy Ramsager Amy Suggs Ana Williams Anastasia Heilmann Andrea Gurney Andrea Pullen Andrea Wells Andrew Healy Andrew Hyland Angela Marcum Angela May Anita Laipnieks Ann Conkle Annabelle Radford Anne Covert Anne Kool Anne Stidham Annette Nugent Anonymous (103) Anthony Cavalier Arthur Wechsler Arvid Jansson Ashley Dos Santos Ashley Toni Audrey Meyer Aymara Garcia Barbara Smith Barbara Steinstover Becca Blaustein Becky Santos

Beth Kaleta Bettina Gastineau Bill Gately Bill Glader Blanche Johnson Bob Ward Bradford Northrup Bram VanderTuin Brian Acord Brian Doyle Brogiin Keeton Burnette Nguyen Caitlin Lagan Caitlin O’Shea Candace Panchyshyn Carla Pantuosco Carol Bowen Carol Malnati Caroline Stauffer Carolyn Cuppernull Carrie Stockburn Carter Wheeler Catherine Sweetser Catherine Yates Charles Merritt Chelesea Lewellen Chris De Angelis Chris James Chris Peters Christian Reber Christina Mazzola Christine Antonellis Christine Crabb Christine Doyle Christy Jones Cindy Ridgway Claire Halverson Clara Boughanmi Claudine Mordeno Colleen Kavanagh Courteney Heft Craig Carlson Cristina Garcia Crystal Brown Cynthia Carrion

Cynthia Merrill Dana Thompson Daneris Peguero-Neris Daniel Ross Danielle Fournier Danielle Stewart Darien Brown David Cameron David Dines David Menefee Deborah Bouknight Deirdre Law Deirdre McCartney Delbert L. Zeiger Dennis Shaw Derek Luzim Devon Roche Deyano Manco Diana Lynn Dillon Kavanagh Donna Westervelt Donna Todd Donyan Shadions Edward Thorndike Eileen O’Shea El Be Eleanor Maguire Elena Forchielli Eliza Woloson Elizabeth Acord Elizabeth Hurd Elizabeth Bakacs Elizabeth Barker Elizabeth Elie Elizabeth Emody Elizabeth Litowchak Elizabeth O’Brien Elizabeth Stvan Elizabeth Thorndike Ellen M. Fish Elyse Transon Emily Bickford Emily Morgan Emily Piff Emmanuel Franjul

Eric Schreiber Erica Brown Erik Thingvoll Erika Chin Erika Godwin Erika Jones Erin Murphy Ernesto Dominguez Eva Knof Eva Spitka Eveline van der Hek Fernanda Garcia Fran Holler Freddy Suriel Gabriel Lopez Liz Gabrielle Reed Gail Gormally Gardi Hauck Genevieve Brandenburg Gina Dyer Gordon Swenson Grace Suriel Gregory Pesce Guenther Thallinger Hannele Valtiala Harry Richardson Hayden Goldberg Hedish Connor Henry Ricard Hilde Marita Haraldsvik Hillary Campbell Howard Carpenter Irene Estefania Gonzalez Isabelle Corbeil-Rabbat Iyad Al Moosa James Guerette James White Jamyn Sheff Jan Reynolds Janet Welz-Kavanagh Janice Jorgensen Janice Sprow Jeffrey Boyd Jeffrey Camilo Jennifer Bandekow

Jennifer Chen Jennifer Furigay Jennifer Janes Jennifer McGovern Jennifer Morgret Jennifer Self Jennifer Ulicky Jenny Martin Jens Baur Jeremy Palmer Jessica Benson Jessica Knof Jessica Lawson Jessica Mace Jill Drummond Jill Galanter Jill Gutherz Joan Arches Joan Szczepanik Jodi Flickinger Joel Massie Joelle O’Reilly-Hyland John Barth John Giannantonio John Ungerleider Jon Hickey Jonathan Cambry Jordonna Dores Jose Ramos Joy Tanner Juan Perdomo Julia Krane Julia Swijters Julie Ebersole Juliet Adetunji Julissa Paulino Kaitlin Zack Kanchna Ramchandran Kare Anderson Karen Welz Karen Parsons Karen Silverman Karen Taillon Karin Goodson Katharine Dougherty


Katherine Connolly Katherine Hackett Katherine Schlemann Kathleen Massey Kathy Ann Acord Keith Cameron Kelsey Cristiano Kevin Kareckas Kevin Yochim Khalid Bashir Kimberly Bohlin Kimberly James Kimmy James Krista Kasper Krista Rider Kristen Tsapis Kristin Bieberly Kristina Paider Kyra Gould Lacey Schroeder Larry J. Martin Laura Diehl Laura Flynn Laura Hankin Laura Jones Laura Kemp Laura Selin Laurel Eastman Lauren Muscarella Leah Somerville Leanne Terry Leigh Ganzar Lillian Zhou Lily Hou Linda A. Mihel Linda Axenroth Linda Guthrie Linda Jacobson Lindsay Luna Lindsay Nelson Lisa Breitmayer Lisa Li Lisa Swayze Lisa Vandervalk Louise Morgan

Luci Miller Mando Marin Manuel Freissle Marc Czadzeck Marcella Reynolds Maria Carlos Maria Padilla Marie Donoso Marie Vida Marilu Diaz Marissa Williams Mark Smith Marlo Marrero Fernandez Mary McQuiston Mary Ann O’Meara Mary Jane Garcia Mary Jenny Mary Reed Maryann Webb Maura Heffernan Mckenzie Bakke Megan Curtis Megan Olsen Melani Alexander Fuchs Michael Chazen Michael Doyle Michael Gale Michael K. Moran Michael Oberg Michael Scates Jichaela Johnson Michelle Guzman Michelle Rahn Michelle Ruby Mikaela Perry Mike Roy Mikko Vaisanen Miriam Kerman Miriam Pena Myriam Dahan Mzwakithi Shongwe Nancy Evans Natalie Miller Neil Adair Nia Foney

Nicolas Suriel Nicolle Quintero Nur-E Rahman Olive Thompson Olivia Jung Olivia Kugiya Orquidea Garcia Pamela Cuadros Pamela Derringer Paola Dominguez Patricia Erickson Patricia Hinckley Patricia Perry Patricia Sulewski Patrick Kavanagh Paul Furigay Paul Timm Perri Preimesberger Philip Hoey Phyllis Coley Poldi Gerard Qi Zhu Rachael Pollard Rachel Andrew Rachel Feichter Rachel Norton Rachel Silverman Randy Rotchin Randy Sinisi Rebecca Yeager Renee Ward Rich Tenace Richard Hansen Richard Hart Robert Baca Robert Prato Robert Thurston Robinson Perez Rodrigo Dominguez Ronald Townley Rosanne DelTorto Rosanne Kozloff Ross Harte Roxanne Evans Ryan Goeden


Sakura Sugawara Sally Rickell Sandra Castor Sandra Knof Santiago Grull Sara Rember Sara Cegelski Sarah Barker Sarah Fisher Sarah Morgan Sarah Neils Saskia Schoukens Sean Kaeding Sepehrdad Sadeghi Shailesh Urhekar Shane Kavanagh Shane Steffens Shannon Johnston Sharmaine Moody Sharon Allworth Sharon Hauser Sharon Rouls Shawn Aebi Shelvin Hall Sherrie-Lynn Gonta Shu-Mei Cheng Sienna Martin Silvia Bini Sofia Pablo-Hoshino Stephanie Davenport Stephanie Piacentine Stephen Dillon Steve Anderson Susan Bonnet Susan Lacy Susan Marett Susan Paider Susan Rohrback Susyn Vanshura Suzanne Hauck Suzie Dajani Svetoslav Kirilov Sydney Lawson Taki Oldham Tamara Fox

Tamara Missick Tammy Bailey-Frecon Tatianna Suriel Tehka Bowen Thomas Abbate Thomas Ging Thomas Harrigan Thomas Reyer Timothy Hyland Tina England Toni Alongi Tricia Waibel Ugo Derouard Valeria Henderson Valerie Templeton Vanessa Shah Vicki Taylor Victoria Gandy Victoria Jones Virginia Schuler Virginia Valenzuela Vonetta Kerr Wade Gilpin Wellington Management Wendy McLeish William Adams William Alexander William Gerald McElroy William Gerstein William Towner Willow Schlachter Yahaira Lopez Yu Tung Yvonne Williams Zachary Nelson Zane Clausen Zara Huseynova



in kind Shannon C. Almonte Steve & Orchid Bowcutt Cabarete Language Institute Cabarete Lifestyle Lauren Chin Chocolate Bar Magdalena Ciesielska Dive Cabarete Desiree Dobbin Julio Bettine Doed Education First Feb group Rebecca Ellis Elena Fiorcelli Fresh Fresh Café Friends Iguana Mama Jiu Jitsu de la Costa Kayak River Adventures Elizabeth Kiss Lax LensCrafters Biltmore Park, Dr Lisa Greene Maynard’s Ayanna Miller Kelly Mueller My Dream’s Beauty Salon Molly O’Meara Christopher Z. Perry Productos Gaia Quality Logo Products Relectra Rogue Fitness Salty’s Surf Shop Robert & Linda Schritter Solar Wave DR Soluz USA Stirling Smith & Northern Arizona Swim Team Patricia Suriel Vela Villa Taina Voodoo Lounge 321 Take off

pro bono Krista Acosta Raquel Blair Darrin Brown Massiel Castillo Gomez Andrea Catalano CEPROSH Lauren Chin Samantha Ciotto Victor Colon Genevieve Corrin Romane Dardelet Dept. Violencia Intrafamiliar Charlie Durrant Roxanne Evans Sarah Fisher Elena Forchielli Jen Furigay Paul Furigay Elizabeth Geier Holly Gordon Judy Greenburg Richard Hansen Health Horizons International Joseph Heller Sherry Herdman Ben Houghton ISLA Lifeguard Association Island Impact Kaiceitos Circus Stephanie Lauchenaeur Taylor Luckadue Lin-Manuel Miranda Amy Martin Ministerio de Mujer Jessica Mitchell Elena Munoz Museo Gregorio Luperon Tour Mary Page Nance Johannil Napoleon Mikaela Perry Gideon Plaut Recursos de Embarazada Kathy Santos Salya Schnatz Ada Smith Student Groups Sun Edison Julia Switjers Elyse Transon Jessica Valles Anna Cait Wade Olivia Wagner 3 Mariposas Montessori


community Cabarete, there’s no place quite like it in the world. In our community, small acts of kindness go a long way. Thank you to all of the local businesses that support our work and the girls of Cabarete by contributing funds, food, supplies, space, time and talent. None of this would be possible without you!

321 Takeoff Andari Spa Beach Club Bead It Bliss Restaurant Blue Moon Cabarete Beach Houses Cabarete Coffee Company Cabarete Language Institute Century 21 Juan Perdomo Chez Arsenio Restaurant Chocolate Bar CPS Dive Cabarete Dominican Fisherman EPS Fresh Fresh Café Friend’s Bakery Food Lovers Pizza & Spaghetti House Gordito’s Fresh Mex Gratereaux Delva & Asociados Guzman Ariza Haciendas El Choco Iguana Mama Infiniti Blu Cafe & Pastries Ju Jitsu de la Costa Jungle River Tours Kayak River Adventures Kaiceitos Circus L’Agence Real Estate Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding Lax Maynard’s Fashion Millennium Hotel Molly’s Yoga Monkey Jungle

My Dream’s Beauty Salon Natura Cabana Northern Coast Diving Otra Cosa Restaurant Pomodoro Productos Gaia Quality Logo Products Relectra Remax Rogue Fitness Cabarete Salty’s Surf Shop Sea Horse Ranch Seguros Universal Soluz Dominicana Supermarcado La Rosa Ultravioleta Vela Villa Taina Voodoo Lounge Yamazato

People we lost in 2014

Doña Dedé Mirabal, was the last surviving Mirabal sister. She has inspired the next generation to carry on the fight for social justice. Her legacy will live on. Nino Martinez., beloved father and Mariposa employee, Nino was a true champion for his two daughters in our program.


financial overview





Mariposa DR Foundation 2014 Annual Report  
Mariposa DR Foundation 2014 Annual Report