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WePhoto Landcapes Vol. 10 Dear all, I am very proud to present this collection of some of the best works in Landscapes under our banner that is fondly called - The Series. Since 2014, when WePhoto Group was founded, we have come all this long out of our sheer passion for photography. Over the time, thanks to the continuous help and support of our many likeminded colleagues, who the group draws strengths from, that today we have created multiple platforms and thematic pages to represent the various genres in photography. Today WePhoto group has the widest presence across Facebook representing almost every possible genre of photography. As of date there are 12 thematic pages, with picture boards on Pinterest, a dedicated web portal and more than 80 books published on This annual collection called - The Series - is made of eBooks each belonging to a specific photographic genre, and includes the artwork of several great authors from Italy and abroad. The one in your hands is the tenth thematic book dedicated to Landscapes Photography. Apart from the e-version these publications are available in the form of coffee table books as well. Editorial Board Mario BunÄ?uga: Editor & Art Director Germana De Chellis: Chief Graphic Designer Pankaj Anand: Review Associate Priyanka Agrawal: Review Associate Francesco Marinaro: Landscapes Group Leader

June 2018 2

We are very excited and happy to feature these beautiful images and most of all, to be able to share them with a wide span of people of common interests. Please spread a word around by sharing, and recommend to as many as you can to visit these eBooks from our webpages and links given ahead. Do leave your positive feedback on the eStores if you care. This is how you may help us grow and share our passion for photography! In this Book you can also find the links to our Facebook Group - WePhoto. Come and join the group, invite your friends to share their work in there and enjoy some of the best images from around the world


Gratitude Special thanks to Francesco Marinaro, Chief of WePhoto Landscape Page, who helped me select images, contact authors and collect material from them. They are always available coordinating in the back office. Thanks to all the authors who have made this volume such a great collection with their valuable contributions. I also wish to thank Germana De Chellis for her impeccable layout and cover designs and to Pankaj Anand and Priyanka Agrawal, who are responsible for translations to English, proofreading of drafts, and content development. I owe my thanks to our admin colleagues too, who are constantly managing and taking care of the group as well as its 12 thematic pages and online magazines and are ardently bringing forth the best photographers from across the globe. I have no words to express my gratitude to the wonderful work they do every day with great passion and dedication. WePhoto Network the Founder Mario BunÄ?uga


The Authors

Anna Paola Rosaspina

Matteo Pappadopoli

Benedetto Ferlito

Pierluigi Cuna

Bruno Descat

Eric Chatelain

Roberto Pagani


Copyright & Disclaimer All rights are reserved to WePhoto and Mario Bunčuga for this entire eBook and to each author for their individual photographs as included in their related chapters. This book can be downloaded for free and distributed freely only as a whole. The images and text are exclusive property of the authors, the use of which is at their discretion, if being contacted beforehand personally. You may also order a print version coffee table book from our link through Peecho online print service. Any misuse or otherwise will be prosecuted through the prevalent rules on the subject of copyright.

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Landscapes Introduction One may be curious why a 100 people sitting at the edge with cameras in their hands would love clicking the same sunset that occurs almost every next day. Will all their images not look the same once finished? Well, one possible reason could be that nature is as dynamic as it is static. So every day brings new opportunities within the same canvas. There is abundant beauty in nature and you will always feel like belonging to it no matter how long you continue looking at it. But the reason that comes to my mind and I strongly agree with is that it brings about a strong emotion in you. You can pick a part of the spectacle, recreate it your way and you become the owner of your own little universe. You could do the same with a painting with even more freedom and control but in photos you are appreciating the real world that you live in. The pleasure of actually having been there to witness it is as real as the scene before you. The air, the fragrance, the color and the touch is more than the worth of effort that goes into reaching there and taking your photo. Money can buy you acres of land but here the whole planet is yours. You add or avoid elements, shift angles and choose your points of view to make your compositions unique, something more than a record shot, something no words can describe. Such is the collection we present before you that will make you feel as if you actually were there and you will love watching it as much as we did making it.

Mario BunÄ?uga April 2019 viii


The territory of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines between Bologna and Pistoia is particularly evocative, similar to the province of Modena, with its bright and warm colors, especially during the autumn. But sometimes there are urban landscapes that leave you breathless, like the view of the bridges reflecting on the Arno in a clear morning in early October. Photography has always been part of my life, the first camera was given to me by my father when I was 10 years old. It was an analog that I would use in automatic mode. Then I immediately got charmed by Polaroid, and used it for a long time. With the passage of time and the advent of new technologies,

I started using a bridge camera, with which I photographed evolution of my children starting from birth until they started running away from the presence of a lens. However, the real encounter with photography took place in 2010, after having inherited a reflex, with which I began experimenting with the use of manual mode. I followed several basic and advanced courses between Bologna and Porretta, where I currently work as a doctor at a spa. To my credit there are several group exhibitions: La memoria dell'Acqua; Thermal suggestions in photos, permanent exhibition visible in the gallery of the Terme di Porretta; Luzzara Sguardi, on file at the Cesare Zavattini Documentation Center in Luzzara; Looks on the territory, in Porretta Terme; Free Theme, also in Porretta Terme, for the AMFI association and two personal: Cortecce, and Presenti absenze. Registered with the AMFI, Association of Italian Photographic Doctors, in 2016, I contributed to the first AMFI calendar with a photo for the month of October. Living and working in different places allows me to alternate street photography with landscape photos. I love black and white and I often use it because it removes background distraction, and allows you to focus your attention on the story that I'm willing to tell, especially in the street 10












I was born in Acireale in 1974. For the sake of photography I walked across the land, dealing with cliffs and headlands for about 10 years. Trying different photographic techniques had been useful for me to understand the space, the l a n d s ca p e , t h e re p re s e n ta t i o n a n d t h e construction of a photo starting from the elevation, to its colors, composition, and light.

Since 2014 I have collaborated with various photographic studios and alliances, while dealing with the post production and taking landscape photos. I have always cherished in me the passion for the landscape and for everything else that is slow and light inphotography behavior. in the year 2014 with a I started ICanon am a700D. tireless travelerI am and using walker. I crossed Currently a full frame most Sicily,EOS walking alongwith theapaths, formatofCanon 5D Mark2 range sheep of pro tracks localshooting roads, in long orderexposures, to better capture lenses.and I love while and thea natural multiple of with this tryingenhance to maintain lookfaces and feel extraordinary territory with images. colors and luminosity. 22











BRUNO DESCAT Near Bordeaux, France

My name is Bruno DESCAT, I was born in 1962 and am living in the southwest of France.

Above the Arctic Circle: Norway

Photography is my passion since the age of 14, and my specialty is landscape. I have always had a passion for traveling, and the camera, of course, has always been with me wherever I go. I am not keen on representing reality, and I rather prefer to show it my way. I work up each picture according to the way I saw the scene originally through the emotions of the moment. I believe that our aim should be to represent our world by embellishing our image in the best possible form. I have titled the present project as “Above the Arctic Circle: Norway” 34











ERIC CHATELAIN Geneva, Switzerland

I am a 61 year old amateur photographer living in the suburbs of Geneva (Switzerland). I only started to use a "real" camera, which my father lent to me, at the beginning of 2016. (I had previously used a simple smartphone for photography). I later acquired a Canon EOS5D MarkIV to be able to use all the lenses that my father bequeathed to me.

As an architect, I am particularly attracted by buildings or bridges with strong contrasts, colors and interesting details, but I also like to focus on small objects such as a flower or a piece of electrical wire. I created a special tool of my own with PhotoShop to crop and to frame any kind of picture in a pinpoint accurate way. If you are interested to learn about my method, please send me an e-mail to : and I will send you the manual in PDF format. Finally, I would describe myself in three words : passionate, curious and eclectic 46












I am Matteo Pappadopoli, born in Bari in 1968, married and father of two fabulous boys, Giuseppe and Antonella. My passion for photography comes from traveling with my family. In fact my first camera, an analog Canon, was given to me by my wife before getting married, and since then I can't do without it

My photos initially focussed on our family holidays and I needed them to freeze those moments in time; but today it has been transformed and enriched, in addition to blocking time I like to capture our beautiful land that offers us breathtaking scenery. I prefer landscape and street photography with the use of filters. In 2017 I participated in the competition organized by Phest that resulted in my being one of the winners and so I got the honor of exhibiting one of my photos along with the international artists in Monopoli. Further, three of my photos were published in a special edition of the magazine "The Trip". In the last year I collaborated for the photographic magazine Giroinfoto with the drafting of a complete article of photo shoot on the salt marshes of Marsala. My idea of photos starts from the eyes but remains in the heart. 58











PIERLUIGI CUNA Salerno, Italia

I was born in 1968 in a country in Sicily. I have a passion for photography since the age of fourteen when I was given an instant "Polaroid". Since then, I have continued to explore this fantastic world. Continuing with the times, I started photographing with my father's camera, an analog ZEISS, handheld, and then I went on to try the other camera bodies and the processing in a darkroom

Since the advent of digital, things have changed radically. I love living with people, watching communities. It is the desire to photograph that continually pushes me to go to see elsewhere, where I always realize new images. I prefer Street Photography because I like to watch people in gestures and moods, where I a lw a y s t r y t o c a p t u re t h e i r e m o t i o n s . "Photography is for me a journey through which I like telling the mute scenes of life." 70












Roberto Pagani lives in Monza. He is married and father of twins.

He is an expert photographer enthusiast whose favorite subjects are architecture, street photography, travel photography and landscape. He often uses the smartphone to take pictures and to manipulate them using exclusively smartphone applications. Sometimes, he also likes to work up some images using textures. 82











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Landscapes Vol 10 - April 2019


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WePhoto Landscapes Vol 10  

One may be curious why a 100 people sitting at the edge with cameras in their hands would love clicking the same sunset that occurs almost e...

WePhoto Landscapes Vol 10  

One may be curious why a 100 people sitting at the edge with cameras in their hands would love clicking the same sunset that occurs almost e...