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We’re going ALL IN “We’re ALL IN” - A well-known phrase for first responders, military leaders, and those called to serve their neighbors, community and country… For nearly 150 years, Valleywise Health (formerly Maricopa Integrated Health System) has been ALL IN – consistently stepping up and stepping in to address the most critical health needs for the people of Arizona.


Valleywise Health plays a critical role in the Valley serving as a safety net hospital and providing compassionate, patient-centered care, often to our community’s most vulnerable populations.

Valleywise Health shares a mutual commitment to innovation in healthcare, demonstrated through our longstanding education and research partnership centered on training health care professionals to improve health care outcomes and develop solutions to issues facing Valleywise Health’s unique population of patients. We are proud to call Valleywise Health our partner and support their efforts to continuously strive for excellence in enhancing the wellness and overall quality of life for all patients served. MICHAEL CROW President, Arizona State University


Every great city has a strong public health care system with exceptional teaching faculty and modern facilities. Valleywise Health is that system for Maricopa County. I am proud to support Valleywise Health and its Foundation as they transform health care for Arizona’s future. BILL POST

Retired Chairman and CEO, Pinnacle West and APS



Resilience; it’s in our DNA. We can trace our roots back to a "pest house" taming contagious diseases in the wild, wild west that was Arizona in 1877. It’s been a long time since those early days before statehood – to the Valleywise Health of today – a nationally recognized teaching hospital with world-renowned burn and trauma centers, and the designated community health provider for our most vulnerable neighbors.

We didn’t get here alone, and resilience didn’t come without responsibility. 1877 5

A “pest house” was established to quarantine the very sick


The hospital’s first Physician training program was founded


The Arizona Burn Center was founded Opening of the state’s first Trauma Center


Today ’s Maricopa Medical Center opened at 24th Street & Roosevelt


Proposition 480 Pas funding to renovate modernize our Nixon

sed – providing , rebuild and n-era facilities

2018 The Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance was formed

TO DAY Our ALL IN campaign bridges the gap between Proposition 480 and our vision to transform care, improving community health. 6

I pay taxes that support the public health system. Why do you need philanthropy? Our vision to be a nationally recognized public teaching health system – with world-class facilities and compassionate care for all – is made possible when the Valley ’s business and community leaders unite and invest... When you invest in the people and future of Valleywise Health... you save lives, you build futures – you indelibly change the landscape of tomorrow’s Arizona. STEVE PURVES President and CEO, Valleywise Health


Unlike other health systems, more than 65% of Valleywise Health patients are financially vulnerable. Public dollars cover just a portion of the care we provide.

Fastest growing county in the nation Today, Maricopa County has 4.4 million residents in 9,200 square miles and is growing by 200 people per day. 8


We’ve come a long way and our future is brighter than ever. At Valleywise Health, we are passionate visionaries purposefully driven to go ALL IN for a healthier, safer and stronger Arizona. The catalyst to Valleywise Health leading the nation in transforming community health, is you.


Staying true to the Valleywise Health mission –

Exceptional Care, Without Exception, Every Patient, Every Time... 11

We innovated

bold new ways

to serve the health care needs of our growing and changing Valley.

We found

solutions to address Arizona’s growing physician shortage,

partnering with public and private health systems across our Valley, state and nation.

We designed


medical homes with a comprehensive care approach for both body and mind, as well as a bridge to resources for those most in need.

We created

a roadmap to grow our nationally-recognized programs and to maximize care for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Join us – Be ALL IN 12

Our Vision is to be

Nationally Recognized for Transforming Care to Improve Community Health…. Launching in 2020, our $25 million ALL-In Campaign is our first major fundraising effort, focusing on areas of distinct responsibility for Arizona’s only public teaching hospital and the Valley ’s health system for ALL.



Burn Survivorship Care ALL-IN: $10M


Caring for Mind and Body ALL-IN: $7M


Education / Endowing the Future ALL-IN: $8M




Burn Survivorship Care 15

ALL-IN: $10M

The Arizona Burn Center - Valleywise Health is among the largest academic burn centers in the nation and Arizona’s nationally verified adult and pediatric burn center serving the entire Southwest.

Emergency Care and Innovation One of the nation's premier burn centers, The Arizona Burn Center – Valleywise Health provides a true patient and family-centered approach to this very specialized care. As a founding member of the American Burn Association Multicenter Trials Group and a participant in nearly every major clinical trial of burn products, our patients benefit from the most advanced innovations and applied research treatments available in the world.

Mental, Psychosocial, and Wellness Support Burn survivorship is more than successful skin grafts and expert wound care – it’s an ALL IN commitment – caring for the whole person, both physically and emotionally. The difficult journey for survivors of traumatic burn injury and their families will not be walked alone.


Survivorship and Wellness – What happens next? Just as burn injuries need specialized treatments and expertise, burn survivors have unique challenges and needs. Despite best efforts offered through support groups and care plans, the crucial physical and mental support needed by burn and wound survivors often dissolves after discharge from our care.

Long-term studies show

the life satisfaction, ability to adjust to “normal” life, and job opportunities for post-treatment burn victims are directly tied to the ongoing physical, social and mental support of other burn survivors and skilled burn care staff.


Burn survivor, Isabella McCune, and her family meet Taylor Swift at The Arizona Burn Center Valleywise Health.



Treating over 5,000 patients annually, the Arizona Burn Center - Valleywise Health has existed and excelled in confined, disjointed space. Our new facility space is planned, but our vision for world-class excellence calls for more...

Burn survivor, Jason Schechterle

With your support, our patients and staff will have world-class technology and equipment to enhance their exceptional care. 20


Our vision of a new model for Burn Survivorship Care includes new: • Family Support Programs • Hydrotherapy & Hyperbaric Therapy • Physical & Occupational Wellness Programs • Expanded Burn Research Support • Emergency & Crisis Programs • All Services in One Space



Caring for Mind and Body 23


Valleywise Health is more than a teaching hospital, a burn center and a Level 1 Trauma Center. We’re a place of healing and comfort for all who walk through our doors.

We’re ALL IN to improve the health and future of our neighbors who need us most.


Healing and comfort for all who walk through our doors Mental Health We are the largest provider of inpatient psychiatric care in Arizona with more than 3,500 admissions each year. In fact, we provide 100% of the court ordered mental health evaluations in Maricopa County. Valleywise Behavioral Health Centers in Mesa and Phoenix have 241 licensed beds and the new Valleywise Behavioral Health – Maryvale, will increase inpatient psychiatric capacity to more than 430 beds.

Our mental health experts designed an innovative, successful, behavioral health program called the First Episode Center.


First Episode Center The Valleywise Health First Episode Center is a pioneering treatment and support program serving adolescents and young adults experiencing psychosis. The Valleywise Health First Episode Center offers individual and family-driven “wrap around” services, including recovery coaching, counseling, family education and support, supported education and employment, peer support, and medication management in an outpatient clinic that’s bright and welcoming, far from the stigmatized environment of traditional mental health clinics. Early treatment can reduce disruptions to work or school, decrease hospitalizations, reduce legal interactions and lead to better overall physical and mental health... for a lifetime. When treated early, most young people are working or back in school, they are engaged in meaningful relationships and activities in their community and they maintain their family connections.

Based on current needs and Maricopa County’s standing as the fastest growing county in the nation, we’re working to expand the number of First Episode Centers across the Valley.




Valleywise Community Health Centers Our 11 Patient-Centered Medical Homes throughout the Valley provide more than check-ups and urgent care, they offer wrap-around care through a variety of services (based on each neighborhood’s needs) ranging from dental care and dialysis, to parenting and family health literacy classes. They offer personalized support through social workers, dietitians and psychologists and provide resources and referrals to community resources and programs.

Family Learning Centers Our Phoenix, South Central Phoenix, Maryvale and Chandler Community Health Centers (and soon in Peoria) offer families a place to go for guidance on parenting, nutrition, safety, early literacy and child development. Family Learning Centers offer free early childhood classes and information on topics like car seats, local shelters and health insurance. The centers provide guidance on other community agencies that provide transportation, food and education resources.


Integrated Behavioral Health Healing the mind is just as important as healing the body. We are ALL IN to make behavioral health services available and accessible to all. Our renovated and new hospitals and Community Health Centers are designed to offer behavioral health resources to everyone through additional on-site experts and telehealth technology. Services in the expanded Valleywise Integrated Behavioral Health program will include screening and assessments for issues like anxiety and depression, brief interventions, skill building and individual and family therapy.

Refugee Health – At-Risk Families & Children Imagine a mother fleeing a war-torn country – with her frightened children – and nothing but the clothes on their backs. Now, imagine working to build a better life for your children in a new city that’s a sea of strange faces, new customs and in a language that’s foreign from your own. Our Refugee Health Services provide a caring community for these families, helping them navigate the often overwhelming and confusing American healthcare system. Cultural Health Navigators from refugee communities serve as interpreters and educators for families from 58 different countries. In addition to health services, specialty education courses on topics like breast cancer awareness and prevention, physical activity and nutrition, reproductive health education and childbirth and newborn care are hosted each month.

The roadmap is clear – we need your help to do more. 29

Our vision for expanded excellence includes: • Funding a First Episode Center in the East Valley • First Episode Center Program Scholarships • Adding more Family Learning Centers • Expanding Integrated Behavioral Health Programs • Expanding Prevention & Health Services for Refugee Families



Education ⁄ Endowing the Future 31


Teaching and Training Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders Valleywise Health is a public teaching hospital and one of Arizona’s largest and longest running physician training programs. More than 400 full-time Graduate Medical Education Residents (affiliated with more than 60 medical schools nationwide) train here each year. Valleywise also hosts approximately 875 medical students, more than 260 rotating medical residents and nearly 2,000 nursing and allied health students.

In 2018, Valleywise Health joined the Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance.

Teaching is at our core. Academic medical centers see the most challenging cases. Valleywise Health offers 13 high-demand physician residency programs – ranging from emergency medicine to adult and child psychiatry. In 2019, more than 1,400 medical school graduates applied for just 16 residency spots in our Emergency Medicine program – nationally known and the only Emergency Medicine residency program in the Valley.



Arizona is the 4th fastest growing state... but ranks 44th in the country in total active primary care physicians; meeting just 41.7% of its need.

We’re ALL IN and the time is now. Help us prepare our future health care professionals for the challenges of practicing in the 21st Century, with a strong commitment to compassionate, patient centered care, teaching and academic excellence.




75% of physicians who train in Arizona, stay in Arizona to establish their medical careers. Future doctors trained at Valleywise Health benefit Arizona patients – today and tomorrow.

Advanced Medical Education After earning undergraduate diplomas and medical school degrees, most medical residents have significant student debt and limited financial resources. This high intensity, high-stakes training with our experienced faculty takes dedicated energy, time and attention. Your funds will assist Valleywise Health Medical Residents with the support needed to complete the final phase of their post-graduate medical education.

Continuing Education for Health Professionals We will enhance our nurses’ and health professionals’ skills with more specialized certifications and advanced degree programs beyond those expected or mandated. This is key to achieving better patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction.

Their success at Valleywise Health can be significantly enhanced with support from you. 36

State-of-the-Art Simulation Training After attracting new learners from around the country and the world, it’s critical to provide the training tools needed to succeed, and opportunities to exercise clinical decision-making skills and instruction in a fast-paced, increasingly complex 21st Century health care setting. Simulation training is a powerful learning tool that’s both immersive and experiential, allowing students to learn in a realistic ALL IN environment. Advancements in simulation technology and instruction provide a customized learning experience designed to replicate triage areas, surgical suites, trauma bays, clinic rooms, and more. It blends technology and communication skills with human and technology-based training. Simulation technology enables students to hone their skills before treating “real” patients and allows seasoned professionals to train for rare, challenging and high-risk procedures.

World-class learners deserve world-class tools.


Our vision for expanded training includes: • High Fidelity Patient Simulators • Enhanced Team Based Training • Virtual and Transformable Clinical Settings • Teaching Technology for Recording, Instructing, Coaching and Debriefing • Advanced Medical Education Support • Continuing Education for Medical Professionals • Training and Advanced Degrees



Fueling the Foundation of Valleywise Health Our ALL IN Campaign is comprehensive. During the Campaign, all gifts will count toward the $25 million goal, be they for facilities, for programs, or funds functioning as endowment. Your funds will support the continued expansion of Valleywise Health Foundation, the nonprofit partner of Valleywise Health, delivering capital gifts for facilities and mission-essential operations far into the future.

Investment in our growth and unrivaled mission to teach, train and serve the underserved, will leave a lasting and everlasting mark on the Valley. N AT E L O W R I E CEO, Valleywise Health Foundation



We are ALL IN this together.

Put the “i” in impact.