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On the Way to Sainthood Fr. Flanagan’s Canonization

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Fire it Up Crusaders: Recent Fires Ignite Support from the Marian Community naomijones


magine losing the most important things in your life, whether it be personal possessions, a house/apartment, or even more tragically, a loved one. Unfortunately, there is no more imagining as recent fires in the Omaha area have been more than common. Not only are these fires making the news, but they are touching Marian girls and their loved ones. Seniors Jessie Koraleski, Trinity Gleason and the family involved at the convent are dealing with the aftermath of fires that have them asking for prayers from the Marian community. Senior Jessie Koraleski’s mother, Mrs. Michelle Koraleski, was given tragic news of a house fire involving her little sister Doreen Loatkins. Through the Big Sister Big Brother organization, Mrs. Koraleski is the mentor and big sister to a single mother of four children, ages 15, 10, 9, and 2.The family of five were

bedroom and went into the hallway to get a fire extinguisher to put it out. When he returned to the apartment and opened the door, the flames were so bad he suffered second and third degree burns and was unable to get to his wife. While inside, April was trying to find the couple’s oldest cat (they owned multiple animals) and was knocked unconscious by the fire’s fumes. April was rescued with no heartbeat and revived for a short period on her trip to Immanuel Hospital, but passed away after arriving at the Nebraska Medical Center’s burn unit. “I feel so bad for Dave, he lost the love of his life. They were married for 38 years,” Gleason said. A memorial fund has been started at the Great Western Bank to help pay hospital/ medical bills. All leftover donations will go to the Humane Society and Omaha fire fighters.

June Curtis is a housekeeper in the Marian convent whose home was ruined in a fire a couple days before Christmas. Curtis lost her mother in the fire, and was able to escape with her husband, Percy Curtis. Staff members at Marian were asked to donate funds to help the Curtis family rebuild what they lost. Marian staff was asked to donate to help replace necessities and was able to raise $313 through donations. Hearing of these tragedies has hit a nerve in the Marian community. Ideas for donating goods to the families involved in these fires are already under way. Donations of anything from money to kitchen utensils are appreciated. Donations for the Loatkin’s can be given directly to Jessie Koraleski in homeroom 214. Other donations should be taken to the memorial funds set up as stated previously.

Father Flanagan

Freshmen in Wonderland

Field Day 2012 Color Block Results

victims in a house fire that took their house off of 56th and Lake, their possessions, and the family dog. Thankfully the family is doing well, but they are asking for donations from the Marian community of gift cards to Target and Wal-Mart to help replace neccesities and summer clothes. All donations should be given to Jessie Koraleski so she can deliver them to the family. The Grandridge Apartments off of 99th and Fort experienced a rare fire that left a woman trapped behind flames and a husband with second and third degree burns. April and David Baker have been married for 38 years and had lived in the apartments until a bedroom fire turned their lives upside down. The Bakers are the parents of senior Trinity Gleason’s brother’s fiancée. While the couple was in their apartment, David realized there was an electrical fire in their

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n Feb. 27, the administration revealed to students and parents that there will no longer be a book-buying day at Marian come August 2012. According to the letter given in homeroom, Marian “has partnered with Follett Virtual Bookstores to provide textbooks for the 2012-2013 school year.” The letter, signed by Head of School Mrs. Susan M. Toohey, outlined the main reasons for this transition from real to virtual, emphasizing more bookbuying options, a simple book buy back process, fast delivery, and customer service. Rather than order books through school, students will now use the Follett website to purchase books. The change took place for a multitude of reasons. “More and more students were ordering their books online, so we felt it would be a natural progression to move to an online bookstore,” math teacher and bookstore moderator Mrs. Lisa Schmidt said. She mentioned that she has used Follett to order books in the past and it has run smoothly. “Creighton Prep has used Follett’s virtual bookstore for a couple of years and gave them great reviews,” Schmidt added. Follett’s website shows Duchesne and Gross as other Nebraska schools using this system. The change, according to Schmidt, will not be too unfamiliar for girls. “Students will still receive a book list and their schedule in the summer. Students will still have the option of purchasing used books for many titles. However, Follett also offers some conveniences that we were not able to offer previously, like textbook rental and digital textbooks (for some editions). Ordering books should be much easier, too. In July, students can go online, select their courses, view the exact titles and editions that are needed for each class, and select the ones they want to buy. The books will then be shipped right to students’ houses - no more waiting in line the day before school,” Schmidt said. But the change does pose some concerns for girls. Sophomore Megan Stuva questions the reliability of the process. “I think that it will be more complicated. What would we do if the wrong book got sent to us? I also think selling books back will be a much bigger hassle. The system we use works well, so I don’t understand why we have to change it.” Schmidt does say, however, that the Marian bookstore will still sell a few books, like science lab manuals and assignment notebooks. But for now, Marian students must wait until later in the spring for more information on the final changes to the book-buying process. “As with any new adventure, there may be a few bumps along the road, but I expect them to be minimal,” Schmidt said. As long as girls order their books in advance and not the day before school starts, she says, things should run smoothly.


Charitable Omahan on Path to Sainthood

haileywolf & rosalieplofchan oys Town: a local and world-renowned landmark. Citizens of Omaha pass Boys Town nearly every day, but the community is currently abuzz with more than meets the eye. In 1921, Father Edward Flanagan, a Catholic priest who worked among the urban poor, purchased the present campus on Dodge Street after noticing a need for a home for underprivileged boys. Fr. Flanagan, originally from Ballymoe, Ireland, died in Germany in 1948. Fr. Flanagan’s lifetime of social work and compassion for those on the fringe of society drew the attention of many devout Catholics. They formed the Father Flanagan Society of Devotion, a society that has been working diligently for the past 13 years for the canonization of Fr. Flanagan. On Feb. 27, Archbishop George Lucas posted an edict on the front door of St. Cecilia’s Cathedral which proclaimed the opening of Flanagan’s cause. On March 17, his cause for sainthood was opened in the Vatican and he is now considered a Servant of God. A postulator, a person who investigates and collects information on a potential saint, will now further research Flanagans’ life and send it to be reviewed. From there, the investigation’s findings will be sent to the Vatican, where it will be reviewed by the Congregation for the Cause of Saints. If they choose to continue the process by sharing the information with the Pope, Fr. Flanagan will be known as “venerable.” The process can advance with the confirmation of a miracle. The first real miracle would change Flanagan’s title to “Blessed.” A second miracle would complete the process and end with Flanagan’s canonization as a saint. This process usually takes several years, even decades. Every aspect of Fr. Flanagan’s life will be reviewed for “heroic virtue,” a quality all Catholic saints must exemplify. If all goes well, Omaha’s adopted son may very well become a saint in this lifetime.



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Fun With Pop. Freshman Charlotte Wortmann and her sister sophomore Rachel Wortmann enjoy throwing cheesepuffs with their friend sophomore Monica Spence on their fathers Thomas Wortmann and Robert Spence at Pop Hop, “Going Bananas,” on Sunday, March 4. Organized by a team of Marian parents, Pop Hop included dinner from Valentino’s, a banana split bar, games, dancing, and a tacky tourist costume contest.

photo by torinietzel


An Inside Look at Introversion hannahgrace

IDEAS ON RELIGION: A Little Leeway is Okay


Grace Notes


’m setting the record straight: introverts, by definition, aren’t shy. Introverts are also not socially handicapped (well, not necessarily, but they may appear awkward or eccentric to an extrovert). We need to set aside our preconceptions of shyness and strangeness, as most introverts are completely normal people. They just don’t get their kicks out of joining boisterous groups and participating in drawn-out small talk. Don’t think that they wish they could enjoy a long social event; the concept rarely appears pleasing in the first place. Introverts, contrary to being shy, willingly join conversations only to find themselves drained and tired if they remain in the social environment for too long. They may not be antisocial, but rather, all an introvert needs is time to collect his or her thoughts and reflect. Introversion, as well as extroversion, is a disposition, and not something to belittle. If introverts aren’t always shy and weird, then what do they all have in common? People considered as introverts quietly focus on the ideas floating around in their heads. Thoughts and ideas are candy to them, creative endeavors occupy their free time and they often want to think over what they want to say before they verbalize anything. Imagine how irritating it becomes when the subject changes while one is forming thoughts into coherent words. That happens a lot to introverts. Just because they might not have said anything immediately doesn’t mean they have nothing to say on the subject at all. No one strictly behaves like an extrovert or an introvert; we all value having an occasional quiet moment with ourselves and socialization with others. On a spectrum of introversion and extroversion, we all typically fall to one side or another. Some exhibit more traits of one over another. Actually, I want to extend this line of thought even further. Introverts, in a sense, live double lives. At school or work they must try to socialize as well as any extrovert (since this is an extrovert’s society) and only at home or at another isolated surrounding can introverts have more than a few spare minutes to relax and inwardly examine their thoughts. Suppose we see an introvert at a large house party, with loads of strangers and energetic music blaring out of speakers. I’ve never actually attended a party like that, but I can imagine how I (or another introvert) would probably feel. Initially, the sensory overload would knock an introvert out cold. After regaining consciousness and remembering that standing in the entry way is socially unacceptable and uncomfortable, an introvert would seek a connection. Just one familiar face to remind the introvert why she showed up in the first place. Since introverts usually prefer one-on-one conversation, this one might find herself uselessly shouting over the speakers to a face three inches away. Remember, introverts may only have difficulties talking to people when they’re hard of hearing. Eventually, though, since introverts enjoy interacting with people just like everyone else, an introvert at a party might not have minded the whole experience. Humans are social beings, after all. Introverts, just like everyone else these days, are just misunderstood.


rowing up, I was taught to think for myself and discover my own beliefs. I was to become an independent woman who could make my own decisions. While my parents were what many affectionately refer to as “cradle Catholics,” I was not. Religion played an extremely small part in the formation of my beliefs, allowing me to come to my own conclusions about many touchy topics. I discovered where I stood on many social topics with as little religious bias as possible. Even though I’m a “bleeding heart liberal” according to Mr. Baker, I think the Catholic Church and I agree on the basics of our beliefs. Are we not told to love thy brothers and sisters? There is no more basic law than that. Love is the basis of the Church and the basis of my beliefs. My position stems from my belief in others’ rights to choose what they believe is best for them; to make choices of their own free will. How can I tell someone what they should do with their lives and their bodies? I was put on this earth to love and respect others’ decisions and to try to understand them, not condemn them. So what if some of my beliefs differ a bit from the Catholic Church? I’m a teenager, they’re supposed to. But more than that, I’m a modern, independent woman who doesn’t take things at face value. What does that say about me if I always accept what I am told to think and believe? Remember, my parents wanted a thinker (though sometimes even they seem to regret allowing me to think so much). They wanted me to come to things on my own terms and to make my own decisions. I wasn’t a cradle Catholic like my mom and dad; my body barely

spent time in a church for the first 15 years of my life. However, fall of sophomore year, I decided to join the Catholic Church and was baptized and confirmed in one fell swoop on Sept. 20, 2009. I had been exploring different Christian religions for a while, and by that point I felt that it was time to make a decision. While I enjoyed the rambunctious-ness of my Aunt Patty’s Southern Baptist church and the music of my sister April’s Nondenominational Christian church, I had yet to find a place that made me feel comfortable. Then I really started paying attention to Mass at school and realized that I loved the homilies of the priests (95 percent of the time) and the love of everyone for everyone was an overwhelming feeling. In a Catholic church, I feel at home; I feel loved. I’m absolutely positive that not being a Catholic from birth has allowed me to think differently, to see beyond what is given and to look deeper into subjects. I’ve looked at both sides of many issues and while both sides have good arguments, I just tend to lean more liberal than most. My different beliefs don’t make me a bad Catholic. I fail to see the reasoning that one must agree 100 percent with everything in one’s religion; that’s never going to happen, for anyone. I think my differences actually help make the Church more diverse and shows that while I may differ socially speaking, I still love the Church and all it stands for. Ultimately, my personal beliefs shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. They are mine and mine alone. I don’t press them upon others and I certainly don’t enjoy other pressing theirs upon me. When it all boils down to it, the only one who gets the last word is the Big J.C.

Follow The Straight and Narrow faithwilwerding


et me start by saying that I respect anyone and everyone who has strong convictions, whatever they may be. However, as a Catholic, there are certain beliefs that cannot be justified. I admit to frequently questioning my own faith, as is the norm among teens trying to decipher his or her beliefs. I have come to realize that I do not agree with every teaching of the Catholic Church; however, this does not make me any less of a Catholic than someone who follows Church teaching to the letter. But when I hear Catholics defending viewpoints that blatantly disregard the basic tenants of the Church, I cringe. Being a Catholic doesn’t mean picking and choosing the ideas that suit you. Being a Catholic means truly believing in and making an honest effort to follow the teachings of Jesus. There are minute, ‘picky’ Church laws that are not necessarily crucial to being a practicing Catholic. However, when Catholics reject the precepts of the Church, such as the sanctity all human life, can I really respect them as members of the Church? Some beliefs are so completely ‘unCatholic’ that there is no way to twist one’s logic into believing that they are rational. I do not understand how one can call themselves Catholic, yet

ink lasts forever the network

The Network is a monthly publication of the journalism students at Marian High School, Nebraska’s only Class A, Catholic, North Central Accredited college preparatory school for girls. The Network is a member of the N.H.S.P.A, N.S.P.A. and the C.S.P.A. It is our goal to provide an accurate and informative news source for the student community. Opinions expressed on the opinion pages do not necessarily represent those of the entire community. Students, faculty, and friends are invited to voice their opinion in Letters to the Editors. All letters must be typed, signed, and sent to: The Network, Marian High School 7400 Military Ave. Omaha, NE 68134 Or e-mailed to us at: An electronic version of this paper can be found at: Follow us @MHSBeat

completely ignore the basic precepts of the Church. I hardly even know what to blame the blindness on. Maybe it’s ignorance, or maybe it’s just denying oneself the painfully obvious truth. As someone who was raised in a traditional, conservative midwestern family, I define myself as a traditionalist. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against progress and modernization, but some things are sacred. The values of our world are quickly evolving, but seeing members of the Catholic Church follow this trend saddens me. Being Catholic means not always being part of the ‘in’ crowd. A world revolving around instant gratification, pleasure, and material goods makes it difficult to maintain Catholic values. However, devout Catholics will attempt to resist the temptations and hold onto the values that drive Catholicism. I have no right to judge whether or not someone is a true Catholic; I leave that up to the Big Guy. But I do have to wonder how one justifies being a Catholic yet not believing in what the Church was founded on. Some may say I’m a mindless follower of the Catholic Church, that I’ve been brainwashed into thinking this way. Although there is some leeway in Catholicism, many beliefs are fundamental to my faith, and allow no room for sway. I have come to these beliefs on my own accord. I know what I believe, and I cannot be swayed. You might even say I’m a confident, independent, thinking leader.

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To Infinity, and Beyond: Personal Insights on Space and Humankind alexamoore


planet (or 20) out there that really does know the right way to live? Humans assume on a daily basis that they are the end-all-be-all when it comes to making decisions or saying what is moral or immoral. In a way, it is somewhat unfair that we are placed on Earth without any chance of being able to explore the vast unknown, as of now at least. We are without resources, without knowledge, and we seem to be at ease with our ignorance. Some say ignorance is bliss, but to me it’s just another thing itching at my curiosity and anxiety to know what else is out there. Most girls lay in bed at night and create imaginary situations in which they meet their dream man or celeb crush, but I don’t. As I stare at my ceiling, I create numerous theories about why I am here, who we are, and the universe in general. One of my most recent theories is the thought of our universe as just a tiny piece of sand in another planet or that a piece of sand in one of our beaches contains another universe. I’m sure there are scientific theories that could squash mine in a second, but I enjoy using my imagination every once in a while, especially at those average get-togethers on a Saturday night.

Bony or Bootylicious: Nobody’s Perfect


hroughout my years as how quickly do we criticize our petite a fashionista and overall peers for their exposed rib cages? physical-appearance expert, I It’s not their fault that they have a have come to realize that fruit plays fast metabolism, or even just a good a vital role in the world of style and sense of self-control when it comes to fitness. Bellies, butts, and breasts all chocolate. determine whether you resemble I, of course, am not advocating a pear or an apple, and breasts this Skinny Love on behalf of myself, themselves (henceforth referred as my ribs are tucked away under a to as mammary glands or yabbos, good layer of Bosco cheese sticks, as “breasts” is maybe my least but I do feel for the skinny chicks. favorite word I get insecure ever) are about my ample characterized inner thighs, zoeursick in size by but perhaps various other girls are produce embarassed by items: the fact that melons, theirs don’t even apples, touch. grapes, what I wouldn’t have you. I’ve know, obviously, never actually but I’m grasped the concept wondering if Skinny of a “pear-shaped body,” as humans Minnies consider themselves blessed are not pieces of fruit, but it seems or cursed. Granted, most people that people take great pride in their consider Thin to be In, and some body’s vegetation classification. might see a skinny girl’s appreciation From what I’ve gathered, though, of her body as conceited. But then only those blessed with a bodacious again, there are also skinny girls who bod get to reap the benefits of a fruit- probably wish they could just fill out labeled figure. The skinny girls, who I a B-cup. shall refer to as “carrot-shaped” aren’t There are plenty of girls with fine, really known as much more than straight hair who wish they could “carrot-shaped” (© Ursick, 2012). rock a long curly mane, while there While those of us with some junk are girls with ten-pound tresses who in the trunk (or headlights, or front would give anything to spend less passenger seat) are encouraged to than an hour blow-drying. Is body embrace said junk, our carrotlike shape any different? If anything, selffriends are often victims of criticism acceptance should be encouraged, not by the other fruits. seen as a measure of vanity. “Go eat a cheeseburger!” the (As long as it’s not broadcasted apples cry. across a loudspeaker or anything. “Anorexic!” assert the pears. Because hey, everyone hates a I’ll admit that I would have no showoff. I’ll caution you not to be problem being a bit more carrotty That Girl who always gloats about her myself, but I’ve gotta start throwing perfect waist-to-hip ratio, but I would ’em some sympathy, rather than hope that could go without saying.) glower in envy at their flat stomachs In the words of junior Morgan and shapely gams. Harms, whose Network web survey If curvy girls are entitled to love response sparked this column idea, their extra padding, why should “I want everyone to embrace their skinny girls be ashamed of their bony curves, bones, cankles, and knobby frames? It’s a fact of life that calling a knees.” girl “fat” is tantamount to throwing And bellies, butts, and yabbos, her pet into a garbage disposal, but too.

Zo and Tell

4 opinion

cartoon by marylouisewoltemath

veryone knows and loves those “deep talks” that occasionally show up at your average gettogether on a Saturday night. These talks get heated when scientific theories or religious beliefs come up, resulting in yelling, obscenely exaggerated hand gestures, and the occasional throwing of objects. Flashback to a couple of weeks ago. I had just completed a rigorous work out at the gym and was in an unusually good mood. As I was driving, I peered out of my semidirty windshield, and the first thing that caught my eye was the moon. It got me thinking. The first thing that came to my mind was how the moon on Pandora (from the movie Avatar) looked so much bigger than ours. This then got me thinking about our existence and the fact that we, as humans, are not the only living organisms in the universe. Why waste our time on Earth fighting wars and hating each other, for lack of better words, when really we are just a speck in the universe? For all I know, there could be a parallel universe; and if there is, why assume we are superior in everything we do and say? Humans are so conceited and selfish, why do we always assume we are right? What if there is a

The Cat Craze That Is My Life ellemostek


eow. Meow meow meow. Meow meow meow. Meow. Meow. Meowwwww. Meow. It is obvious to those of you who are Remeow-mix friendly (meaning that you sing songs with the lyrics replaced with the word “meow”) that the preceding sentence was my Re-meow-mix rendition of the song “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. To those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, allow me to explain the love that sparks this comical idea. We shall start at the beginning. When I was just a little tyke, around 1 or 2, my family adopted two adult cats from a private breeder into our family; one Siamese and one mixed breed. We called the Siamese Mao, as in Mao Zedong (yes, the Chinese communist ruler), and the mixed breed Caesar (as in Julius Caesar). Do not ask me why my parents named our cats after a couple of history’s most famous dictators, because I do not know. I can assure you, though, that we are not supporters of their twisted ideals and morals. But, alas, I digress. Mao was famous for jumping up to the top of the shower door and watching the water fall. Some may say this was creepy, but I saw him as almost an angel from above. Unfortunately, three years later, someone let him out of the house and our neighbor found him dead on I-80. Rest in peace, Mao. Caesar on the other hand... not so much the charmer. My mother tells me that he would bite and scratch visitors. For this reason, Caesar was sent to a farm at 4 years old and never heard from again. Come 1998, the Mostek household welcomed two of the most exquisite creatures that ever walked the planet: Cleo and Buster. Born of the same litter, the Siamese duo graced our household with tender purrs, soft coats, and snuggling skills that would melt anyone’s heart. By this time, I was 4 years old and truly in love with my cats. Over the next 11 years, Cleo and Buster became true members of our family. I no longer saw them as cats, but as my companions. In 2009, Cleo died because of a tumor that rapidly grew in her chest, Dear Network editors: As much as I can see the point writer Hannah Grace was trying to make in her article “Quitting the Mantra,” I do not think that she found the best example to illustrate her point. I have had innumerable people tell me that they wish they would have stuck with music lessons or that their parents would have made them keep going. I will admit I wished I could quit when I was a teenager. As I got older I realized how lucky I am that my parents saw enough value in the lessons that they encouraged me even when I was insistent that I wanted to quit. I don’t want to say that other activities are less important than the arts that I am promoting, but in reality have you calculated how much TV are you watching or computer games you are playing? Reading and playing music is an invaluable skill that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. There are so many reasons to play an instrument. According to recent studies music students score significantly higher on the SAT than their nonmusician counterparts. Also, a higher percentage of music students receive academic honors and awards than non-music students. I would like to finish by saying that it is never too late to learn how to play an instrument or even learn a new one. Here at Marian we offer Beginning Band to all students. I strongly believe that there is a musician in every one and once a musician, always a musician. Rachel Misiolek Marian instrumental music teacher

crushing her lungs and making it impossible for her to breathe. Watching her die was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life. For many nights after that, Buster would prowl our house meowing so loud that it sounded as if he was crying. Since then, he’s accepted her death and coped as best as possible. Thankfully, after experiencing such a sudden death, we acquired a Tabby kitten from my uncle’s farm in the summer of 2010. My mother and I decided to take her home after hearing that a dog had killed all of her siblings and her mother. Dotty Jo was only five weeks old and surely wouldn’t have lived if we had left her at the farm. I will admit, though, life with Dotty has been a bit rough. She is a biter and scratcher. Over the course of two years, she has maintained a very petite frame, and the orange spot on her head still makes me smile when I see it (unless she is biting my hand like it’s a raw steak). My sister, Anna, and I have dubbed her “El Gato del Diablo,” meaning, “The Devil Cat” in Spanish. If you ever come to the Mostek house, you will hear a wide assortment of voices. Anna and I have been known to talk for our cats, often giving them comical voices that we feel suit their personality. Dotty often gets a high-pitched, brawny voice, and Buster acquires a lower, honky voice. Some call it odd, I call it love. My passion for cats has blossomed into the possession of books about cats, cat calendars, cat pencils, and cat shirts. But, this is not an unhealthy obsession. I just love cats. Don’t misjudge me, though. I have nothing against dogs; I only prefer the delicate purr of a cat to the yappy or harsh bark of a dog. Plus, the cat is small and warm enough to be an effective lap blanket in the dead of winter. Thankfully, Buster is happy to oblige this need. As you can see, reader, my passion for cats is neither shallow, nor is it unsupported. I’ve known many cool cats in my 18 years, and I am proud to say that I am 100 percent a cat person. If I could have one wish, it would be that all the world would loves cats like I do. Dear Students: I recently had the opportunity to read your editorial, “Your Homophobia Makes Us ALL Uncomfortable” (December Issue Editorial). I want to commend you for speaking out against intolerance, bullying, and harassment of individuals based on their sexual orientation. You have demonstrated the courage of convictions and a strong commitment to right a wrong that faces many young people today. As superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District, I am keenly aware of the discrimination that still permeates inside and outside of schools. Sadly, it’s a problem that exists not only in Omaha and San Diego, but in towns and cities across this country. Providing a safe learning environment is critical if we are to achieve the goal of providing ALL students a quality education. I am proud of the way our schools and students have embraced this new policy. Many high schools have established clubs like Gay/Straight Alliance to promote tolerance on campus. This year, elementary, middle, and high schools celebrated “No Name Calling Week.” Like you, our students are taking action to eliminate discrimination and do the right thing. Congratulations again and keep up the good work. I look forward to a day when ALL students can come to school, free from harassment and bullying. Sincerely, William Kowba Superintendent San Diego Unified School District

Both letters were condensed because of space constraints.

Driving Down Etiquette Lane Being a Courteous Driver


Captain Tailgate Blinded By The Light

King Of The Road

Yo man (woman), other people are driving and their car weighs just as much as yours does, so if you cause an accident, you are both going down. This is the thought that everyone has when they have been cut off by a large Cadillac SUV with black-tinted windows. “They’re really annoying; usually sporty cars think that just because their cars are nice they can go faster than everybody else,” senior Rachel Langenfeld said. Yes, your car is expensive. Yes, no one can see you because you have blacked out your own windows, but no, that does not mean that fellow drivers do not matter.

It is 10 minutes until curfew, and you are safely driving home. All of a sudden, you think you are witnessing a miracle because quite possibly the brightest light you have ever seen is emerging across the intersection. Be aware of your lights. There are two settings. “I hate when cars have too bright of lights, it blinds the driver and it makes it harder and makes me personally nervous to drive on the road,” sophomore Amelia Hansen said. Your brightest lights are only for night traveling when there are no street lights around and you are in a country-like setting. If someone uses their brights in the city, the lights become blinding to other drivers.

When you can stick a ruler in between the car in front of you, you’ve self-proclaimed yourself as a “Captain Tailgate.” No one wants to drive in front of a Captain Tailgate, a person who follows too closely behind the car in front of them, putting both cars at risk for an accident. “They can either wait, or pass you, I feel like they might hit me or cause an accident,” junior Katie Warneke said. So make sure that you always give at least two car lengths of space between the car in front of you. If another car brakes suddenly and you hit them, it is your fault for following too closely. Fender benders are the most common accidents when driving in an interstate-type setting.

Left Lane Hogging

You merge onto Dodge. You woke up 15 minutes late, so you are ready to (safely) book it to school. You gracefully cross the two right lanes of Dodge and make it to the big leagues: the left lane. You don’t mess with the left lane. “When I usually look over at the left lane, cars are going faster, I am glad I know now that it’s usually for fast traveling,” freshman Alison Harrahill said. It is commonly known that the far left lane is open for those who need to travel as fast as legally possible to their destination. But today, Grandma Buick is going a trudging 10 miles under the speed limit and you are out of luck. So, beware girls, if you are not fully focused on traveling to your destination in as little time as possible, stay out of that left lane.

Kennel Controversy: zoeursick

Is Omaha Home to Puppy Mill?


staff was really helpful in helping us choose our dog and made magine you are in a 21”x16”x15” cage with six or seven fear that puppy mills may be responsible for supplying the pets, others for up to six hours at a time. You have barely been treating each dog like a piece of merchandise rather than a living the experience very enjoyable,” Marasco said. “My dog is very healthy and happy.” fed, and the room you are in is hot creature. Others Senior Miranda Dineen, however, had and muggy. The level of ammonia in the air may worry about a different response when asked about is incredibly high, but this is the only smell the conditions her family’s experience with the kennel’s you have ever known. This is the crucial afforded to the overnight facilities. “It was horrible. When reality of puppy mills.” animals living the we got back, my dogs were crying and These words come from freshman speech pet store—do they their eyes were filthy. They smelled like student Lucy Findley, who earlier this school get fed properly? poop,” Dineen said. “When we got home, year competed as a novice with an original Do they have my dog Cosmo was so mad at us that he speech on puppy mills. And though novice a chance to get peed on the carpet. We have never taken in title, Findley has become a relative expert exercise and fresh them back.” on the conditions and treatment afforded to air? Other Marian girls have opted to rescue the mills’ residents. Omaha’s own or adopt their pets from organizations By definition, a “puppy mill” is an Tully’s Kennels has such as the Nebraska Humane Society, establishment that breeds dogs solely for been the source of where sophomore Meghan Langdon’s profit, while disregarding the animals’ controversy within family adopted their dog. health and well-being. But while laws have the past years. “Adopting a pet from the Human been put in place to prevent this type of While some pet Society benefits not only you and your breeding, the operation of puppy mills is far owners have had Fergie, adopted from the Humane Charlie, purchased from Tully’s in family, but the dog you are saving,” from over. According to national Humane excellent experience Society in August for $200. May for $650. Langdon said. “The feeling of saving an Societies, Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County at this local shop, photo by zoeursick photo by nicolewojtalewicz animal’s life is such a good feeling.” has the highest concentration of puppy others claim Though animals at rescues and mills in the country, but hundreds of other that the animals shelters are not technically for sale, a fee is mills and breeders heavily populate Midwestern states; Kansas, are purchased from puppy mills or are sometimes imposed upon adoption. At the Humane Society, the Missouri, Arkansas, and even Nebraska have been reported to mistreated in the store. According to a Tully’s representative, cost typically goes toward the shots that the animals may receive, have strong concentrations of these breeding kennels. all puppies in the shop are from “USDA certified breeders… or to ensure that the adopters are serious about caring for a pet. While most Omahans would probably associate this type normally from Nebraska or Iowa.” Though the jury is still out on the morality of purchasing a of activity with the ever-distant Panhandle, the reality is that “When you buy a puppy from us or any other pet shop, you urban cities are also likely to be affected by mills’ operation. For have the health benefits guaranteed, where if you buy a dog from pet from a store, future pet owners are cautioned to research the facilities they will choose to support. As the conclusion of example, many question the integrity of commercial pet shops, a dealer you just get [the dog] and that’s that,” a Tully’s employee Findley’s speech states, “Puppy mills are a form of animal abuse where animals are “sold” rather than “rescued” or “adopted.” said. and need to be put to a stop. If we take action, we can make a The idea of purchasing a pet as a type of business transaction Junior Madi Marasco has nothing but good things to say huge difference.” leads some to wonder where the animals come from. Many about Tully’s, where her family dog was purchased in 2009. “The

This is Not a Myth

An Inside Look at Junior Kinsey Brown


insey Brown. A name which one day may sit alongside the likes of Stephen King, Dan Patterson, and Agatha Christie. A junior at Marian, Brown finds her passion within the pages of books, oftentimes her own. “Yes, technically, I’ve written two books and I have multiple unfinished projects. My books are around 200 pages in an actual book format. A few of my friends have read my books, but no one else other than that,” Brown said. While Brown loves reading books of all kinds, she finds herself especially passionate about one subject: Greek mythology. “I really enjoy Greek mythology. I first got into it when I read the Percy Jackson series. I have books that are strictly dedicated to myths and stuff and I even have a t-shirt that has to do with mythology,” Brown said. While many girls follow new pop culture fads and trends, such as The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, and Harry Potter, Brown’s love for ancient mythology truly sets her apart. “My favorite myth is the one about soulmates. [According to legend,] humans were originally doubled: four arms, four legs, two

heads, etc. The gods were threatened by them, so Zeus split them in half and we became what we are now. So everyone is still trying to find their other half, which is the other person’s soulmate. I’m a romantic, so I think it’s really cool,” Brown said. Brown’s love for mythology has influenced not only what she reads, but also what she writes. One of her stories is a mythic tale with a modern twist. “I thought it was more interesting that way,” Brown said. Similar to Brown, Persephone, Brown’s favorite mythological character, has an interesting story. “Persephone is my favorite and she is the goddess of spring. Hades wanted to make her his wife so he tricked her by creating this field of narcissist flowers. When she picked one, this hole erupted in the earth and then Hades came out and took her down with him into the underworld and forced her to be his wife. “Her mother, Demeter, wanted to get Persephone back so she tried to retrieve her from the underworld. Somehow, however, Persephone was tricked into eating pomegranate seeds and if you eat anything

in the underworld, then you are forced to stay there forever. So, Persephone’s mother, Demeter, caused a drought on earth in which none of the crops grew. Because the drought was so awful, Hades agreed to share Persephone with Demeter. So she stays above ground for half the year and below the ground for the other half. “Persephone is the goddess of spring and because she is underground for half of the year, it is why we have winter, a season where nothing grows. I feel bad for her, so that’s one of the reasons she is my favorite,” Brown said. Brown, who hopes to pursue writing in college and possibly one day be an English teacher, shares her excitement about the new Creative Writing class that will be added to Marian’s curriculum next year. “When I saw that Creative Writing was an option I was so excited. I thought it was perfect for myself,” Brown said. No matter what she does, it is clear that one day the name Kinsey Brown will be known. Perhaps someday, it will be as famous as the legends she reads about in books.

photo of Kinsey Brown ’13 by torinietzel


features 5

Exploring the Boun I am the left brain. A calculator of equations, an analytical mind. I am detailoriented. I strive to maintain order in my life. I excel in my math and science courses. I form strategies, comprehend material, and think critically. Adept. Practical.Strategic. There is joy in playing with numbers and I hope to become a scientist, an engineer, or a doctor. I know who I am and where I’m going. hannahtoohey




& brain left

hen it comes to the lateralization of brain function, no one is solely left-brained or right-brained. Recent research has shown that the brain is not nearly as divided as we once thought.  Abilities in some subjects, such as math, produce the best results when both sides of the brain work together. As reported in the April 2004 issue of Neuropsychology, published by the American Psychological Association (APA), “There really may

be something different about the brains of mathheads. Mathematically gifted teens did better than average-ability teens and college students on tests that required the two halves of the brain to cooperate.” “There can be a difference [in students] but they learn to overcome it by the time they get to high school. I am a mixture.  I started in English and ended in math, and faced difficulties in both.  But I do like the structure [of math],” mathematics teacher Mrs. Mary Baker said.

iftcards. “They are better than anything else.” For junior Sydney Pelster, birthday presents are just one illustration of her left-brained personality. “Giftcards are better because then you can pick out whatever you will really like.” Pelster likes to write. Her favorite assignments emerge in the form of structured fiveparagraph essays. Pelster prefers memorization through writing and re-writing class notes.   Her typical left-brain traits materialize when she processes information piece by piece. “I can’t make a decision quickly, I think about it a lot,” Pelster said. Pelster thrives by staying organized and enjoying her position as a Class Officer. Pelster also plays golf and participates in Polar Plunge.   Pelster utilizes her analytical side while working on her new copy editor position for the Journalism I Junior Network. She enjoys lining up columns and structuring the pages.

photo of Sydney Pelster by hannahtoohey

Which Side of the Brain Dominates Your Life? Take this quiz to find out! katykohlmeyer

t often er... e you do mos n o e th h it would you rath , w g r in th e m Answe o s ing how to do e board 1. When learn rked out on th o w m le b ro p lem a. see the solve the prob en... to w o h ld to o you most oft d b. be , rm o if n u r xt u ing away yo re until the ne e th it e v a le 2. When putt d the floor an a. throw it on wer morning ut it in your dra p d n a y tl a e n b. fold it 6 indepth

3. Right now your desk is... a. a total mess b. neatly organized 4. Do you most often think in... a. pictures b. words 5. Would you ever spontaneously go to an airport and take the first flight out? a. yes b. no

ndaries of the Mind

& Right Brain According to co-author Michael O’Boyle, PhD, “Various expressions of exceptionality, such as giftedness in math, music or art, may be the byproduct of a brain that has functionally organized itself in a qualitatively different way than the usual left/right hemispheric asymmetry.” “I can tell if a student is more right brained or left brained usually by the organization of their notebook. Based on how I conduct my class with discussions you will find that I am more right

brained. Political science is my major,” social studies teacher Mr. Tom Baker said. “Mrs. Baker is very methodical and likes a plan.  Often I’m the one who changes my mind and says ‘No, I don’t want to do that anymore.’” Essentially, everyone picks which side of their brain they let dominate a given situation.  Whether you  associate yourself with one side of the brain or not, know that it takes both halves to complete certain tasks successfully.

I am the right brain. I can recognize faces and verbalize my emotions. Musician. Poet. Artist. My creativity drips from the canvas, my expressions know no bounds. Images flash before my eyes like a constant film playing in my head. I touch, feel and taste.  I will do whatever I can to be who I want to be.      hannahtoohey


iftcards. “I just feel bad giving giftcards.” For junior Laura Atherton, birthday presents are just one illustration of her right-brained personality. “Home-made gifts are my favorite to give. I get excited to see if they will like what I came up with.” After a quick description of what it means to be dominantly rightbrained or leftbrained, Atherton instantly described herself as a rightbrainer. Atherton explained that she likes to look at situations and make a decision, just “go with my gut,” rather than break down the options. When memorizing material for tests, she flips through flashcards and sometimes pretends to be speaking to a roomful of students. “Math and science never came naturally to me,” Atherton said. “I think I have a creative imagination.” Atherton prefers assignments in school that require some sort of artistic element, even in English class.   Atherton also enjoys utilizing her artistic side while working on page designs for Marian’s creative writing magazine Burn. She likes writing opinion pieces in Journalism I about her thoughts where she finds that she can subjectively relate to people.

photo of Laura Atherton by hannahtoohey

6. Do you be lieve there is a right and w complete rong way to a task? a. no b. yes 7. Do you th ink sticking w ith the same is boring? schedule ev ery day a. yes b. no 8. Do you ha ve a list for a nything and a. no everything? b. yes

9. Before deciding your opinion on an issue, do you get all of your facts straight? a. no, I most often just trust my gut b. yes, I do all of the research before forming a conclusion 10. Do you prefer the overall subject matter of geometry or algebra? a. algebra b. geometry

If you answered with mostly A’s you are more right brained. If you answered with mostly B’s you are more left brained. If you answered with a similar number of both A’s and B’s you are left brained and right brained.

graphic by rosalieplofchan

indepth 7

Style Has Sprung The Network’s Guide to Spring Tricks and Trends zoeursick


t’s that time of year again: time to ditch the woolen sweaters and dust the cobwebs off your favorite jorts. But it’s also time to hit up the mall, and give those jorts some dresser-drawer company. From florals and boots to high waists and bold colors, this season is sure to bloom with plenty of fun new styles and trends. So grab those forgotten Christmas gift cards and a few gal pals (or your mom, or your fabulously stylish guy friends) and prepare to invade every boutique in sight. And once you’re armed with a new pair of salmon-pink jeans and some cute flowery flats, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

photos by catelinhotz and alexamoore

Get the Look: Marian Girls Show Off Favorite Fashions

Color Splash

Classic and elegant as it is, the LBD has some competition this spring. Pops of color, like the kelly-green of sophomore Madisen Waters’ blouse, serve as statement pieces in otherwise “eh” outfits.

Leather & Lace This season, conventions are to be challenged in terms of texture. Freshman Audrey Burt models a girly-tough look in a contrasting sweet crocheted top and combat boots.

Bold Patterns

Senior Meg Rogers pairs a brightly striped top with floral-patterned flats. With fun prints stealing the spotlight this spring, mixing and matching is encouraged!

How to Make Four-Eyes Fabulous Finding Lenses That Flatter Your Face


anting to try out the library-chic look? Too lazy to mess with contacts every morning? Never fear: The Network is here to guide you on your way to four-eyed fierceness. Use this handy guide to pick the perfect pair for your face’s shape. graphic and photo by clancynelson


Square, rectangular, and geometric frames add angles to an oval face.

Heart Oval


Bottom-heavy frames add width to the lower face.

Diamond Upswept styles like cat-eye lenses emphasize cheek bones.

Round Diamond


Rectangular, horizontal styles make the face appear longer and thinner.

“I just like whatever [style] looks good. But I can’t do rimless glasses; those freak me out. I like thick frames.” - Shiloh King ’12 8 features

“I love the bright colors and cute blazers that are in style right now. I like shopping at places like American Apparel, and thrifting is cheap and fun!” -Meg Rogers ’12

“My favorite trends for spring are pastels and lace, which are super in right now. I like the look of high-waisted shorts and slouchy sweaters with boots.” -Madisen Waters ’14 “My style is just a mix of everything. I just wear what I want to; I don’t really care what other people think about my outfits.” -Kyrie Killen ’13

Funky Leggings The simple black leggings of fashion seasons past are quickly falling behind in comparison to this year’s sleek printed bottoms. Junior Kyrie Killen models a pair of bleach-dyed leggings with black fringe boots.

“I like to shop at places like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. I just like to wear what’s comfortable.” -Audrey Burt ’15

Do the ’Do On Your Special Night


Pretty and Easy Hairstyles for Prom (or anything!)

ou’ve got the dress, the jewelry, and the brand-new high heels. Now all that’s left is the head-turning hairstyle. Whether you want a sleek updo or loose voluminous curls, look no further: these four pretty looks are simple enough to do at home- no need to break the bank at a salon!

Short Curls

Sleek Bun

If you have short hair but still want a lusciouslooking ’do, use a 1”-2” curling iron to get flirty, bouncy waves. Start at your ends and work upwards- but try not to curl too much on the top or you may end up looking like a puffy poodle. Shake out afterwards or finger-comb to let the curls become loose and natural-looking.

For a chic, polished look that shows off your face, try pulling hair back into a sleek knot at the nape of your neck. The absence of hair right around the face will make your features pop- especially those cheekbones! Experiment with various styles, like a face-elongating topknot or a slick off-center bun right behind your ear.

Classic Waves


For girls with longer locks who want to show off their flowing tresses, loose waves are a triedand-true classic. Use a thinner curling iron for tighter ringlets, or use a wide-barrel iron for extra volume. After your curls are set, pull half of your hair back with a pretty clip, comb it over one shoulder, or just let it all hang loose!

To add some sparkle to your tresses, use fun clips, combs, ribbons, or headbands to accesorize your ’do. Pull your hair back in a big attentiongrabbing clip, or sweep it over one shoulder and secure with a pretty comb. If you want to pull back your bangs without looking too harsh, try a cute braided headband or lacy ribbon.

(from top): Taylor Wyatt ’12, Katie Hickey ’15, Barbara Pereira ’13, Liza Woltemath ’13 photos by marylouisewoltemath

Breaking Clay vs. Field Day colleenfell


Jackie Tvrdik ’11

ay 4, 2012. Arguably the most coveted day for the student body of Marian. Field Day season has officially begun. While many have their minds focused on wall planning, demo, or scrambling to find that last pair of white Keds, there are a select few who have their focus on another passion: trapshooting. Marian’s trapshooting season officially began with practice on Jan. 8, with their first meet on March 17 at Bellevue Rod and Gun Club. The season will wrap up on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5. This year, state trapshooting unfortunately overlaps with Marian Field Day. This year, State Trap Shooting will take place in Doniphan, NE, which is right outside Grand Island. At the competition on Friday, the girls will shoot at 100 singles targets beginning at 7:30 a.m. and will last until 11:00 a.m.. With roughly a two and a half hour drive, attending both state trap shooting and Field Day is virtually impossible. However, this conflict is not out of the norm for the devoted team. In fact, since trap became an official organization at Marian, the only other times that state trap has not conflicted with

Marian shooters are typically quite excellent shooters so there is a chance that if I do join a league of boys they might kick me out because I’m better than they are- just Field Day has kidding,” senior Kelsey Genoways said. been the past two While many members of the trap team will years. not be attending Field Day, they will still take For many trapshooting part in the preparations. “The other seniors and girls, however, this has proved I were thinking of observing the demo during to be only a minor setback to their practice and helping them get into order. Most season. “Although I wish I could do girls will leave early that Thursday, but that both [Field Day and state trap] like last doesn’t mean we can’t help ‘close up shop’, pun year, state is something we work for all intended,” Genoways said. Also, many girls season just like any other sport, so we plan to work on walls during the week to be want to compete,” sophomore Miranda able to share in the experience. Reeder said. Trap coach Mr. Bruce Esser also wishes For senior Mikayla Brohman, that the girls would be able to participate in however, Field Day priority is another both events. “I think it is sad that girls have story. “Right now there are five seniors to choose between representing their school on the trap team, and I think I’m the at a state championship event and Field Day,” only one considering missing state for Esser said. “Personally, I enjoy Field Day a lot. Field Day,” Brohman said. Students emerging as leaders,watching a plan She explained that even though the come together, the teamwork and unity, and girls are committed to trap, they are not required to attend the state trapshooting the creativity and resourcefulness of students are all fun to observe. It is also fun to watch Mr. meet in May. The girls also must attend Baker yell and have the veins on his neck stand five meets during the season if they wish to compete at the state competition. out. Field Day itself is an amazing display of energy and focus,” Esser said. “I understand why the other girls want For the team, competing at state means to miss Field Day, though. We spend so more than any Field Day trophy or bragging much time at trap. It’s about three to four rights. “There is something about shooting hour practices twice a week. Then, meets that is almost freeing. When I “smoke” a can last up to eight hours,” Brohman target (meaning I shoot it and all that remains said. is smoke in the air) it is the best and an However, some girls must indescribable feeling. Trap is very rewarding take into account what a state and just like any other sport, you are working title will do for them in the towards state the entire season. Why would future. “I would love to continue I work so hard to not continue on to state?” trap after college, but there are not many Reeder said. opportunities. Most college students who want As for next year, Esser explained that the to trapshoot just join local leagues where the events will most likely overlap. “State trap has lowest shooter has to sit out every other time. been the first weekend in May for the last 42 years and Field Week is the first full week in May,” Esser said. Since May 1 was a Sunday last year, state trap was moved to a week earlier. However, that is not the case for this year and the next few years. One thing is for sure: on May 4, Marian will be cheering on the trap girls as they Top Shot. Sophomore Alyssa Gebhart fires keep class away as she works to improve her shot. spirit in their photos courtesy of Mr.Bruce Esser hearts.

Fresh Air to End all Despair christinarommelfanger


Reserve Soccer

March 31 @ 11:00 vs. Millard West April 14 @ 11:00 vs. Omaha South April 24 @ 4:30 vs. Duchesne

JV Soccer

April 2 @ 4:30 vs. Omaha Central April 9 @ 4:30 vs. Westside April 16 @ 5:00 vs. Lincoln Southeast

Varsity Soccer

April 5-7 Metro Conference Tournament TBD April 13 @ 4:30 vs. Divine Savior Holy Angels (Milwaukee, WI) April 25 @ 4:30 vs. Omaha Northwest April 25 vs. Omaha North time TBD

Freshman Track April 21 @ Millard West

JV Track

April 10 @ 4:00 vs. Bellevue West April 24 @ Bryan High School

Varsity Track

March 29 @ Bellevue East Senior April 5 @ Kearney High School April 10 @Lewis Central High School April 13 @ Omaha Central April 19 @ Papillion-LaVista April 26 @ Omaha North

JV Tennis

April 10 @ 4:00 vs. Westside April 12 @ 4:00 vs. Millard West April 13 @ 4:00 vs. Lincoln Southeast May 1 @ 4:00 vs. Burke High School May 3 @ 4:00 vs. Benson High School

Varsity Tennis

April 3 @ 4:00 vs. Red Oak (IA) April 4 @ 4:00 vs. Papillion-LaVista April 13 @ 4:00 vs. Lincoln Southeast April 17 @ 4:00 vs. Omaha Central April 24 @ 4:00 vs. Bellevue West Senior High School

Laura Wiggs ’12

9 10 8 7 5 6 4 2 3 1

graphic and photo by nicolewojtalewicz


ou swing open your car door and something is different. The shift has come, and thank goodness. So there’s this moment, just after that final patch of dirty snow turns into a puddle of dirty water, when you feel something. And actually feel something. The body, spirit, and mind-numbing winter has finally come to a close. Now is the time to take this nice weather and use it to your full advantage. “Fresh air is always good for you, and when the sun is out your body gets the necessary vitamin D,” junior Brianna Rakes said. Rakes is looking forward to the nice weather so she can go outside and take her dogs to the park. But even if you don’t feel “the shift to spring” as strongly as some do, hopefully you can still relate. The need for outdoor activity is just one of those things that comes along with spring and this idea of renewal.

With this need, and coming to the conclusion that winter is finally over, memories of whimsical childhood activities are bound to follow. Sophomore Julie Brumbach remembers playing outside when she was younger. “I used to play the usual hideand-seek, tag, and spud. But I was also very imaginative and would pretend that I was a princess in a fort that we used to have or a person on the nature channel, and would follow my dog around the yard with an old video camera,” Brumbach said. Today, she still likes to take the time to get fresh air once in a while. Brumback still plays spud and tag when the weather is nice. “Playing outside keeps you healthy because the games you play outside keep you active,” she said. “Also, the games are fun and get me outside, running around in the fresh air.” Whether it’s swinging, side walk chalking, or jumproping, make sure to take the opportunity and be a child for a moment or two. After the long winter, you owe it to yourself to get some outdoor activity. Next time you feel stressed out from school or whatever it is that stresses you out, feel free to go outside, look at the sky (taking extra care not to look directly at the sun) and spin around until you are dizzy and fall over.


9 active life

Ancient Egypt Lives On at Joslyn Brooklyn Museum Treasure Brought to Omaha haileywolf


can honestly say that I never expected papyrus scrolls are particularly interesting. to find Disneyworld-like lines in an Everything is covered in hieroglyphs, which art museum. And after waiting in made me fervently wish I could understand and decipher the ancient stories. line for over half an hour, the exhibit The freshman and sophomore all-school “To Live Forever” was a slight letdown. I understand what a privilege it is to have read for the 2012-2013 school year is The all the ancient artifacts on loan from the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan, a book that deals with ancient Egyptian mythology. A Brooklyn Museum, but what struck me visit to “Forever” would be a complementary most about “Forever” was how small it experience to the the novel. I have read the was. Just three rooms of the Joslyn display book, and there are artifacts in the exhibit the wealth of ancient Egypt. explicitly mentioned in The Red Pyramid. The first sight to greet my eyes as I FINALLY rounded the corner to enter Overall, I did like the exhibit. I think the wait was due to the fact that I took advantage of the exhibit were two stone sarcophagus the Joslyn’s free admission Saturdays. The line lids, adorned with hieroglyphics and the gets considerably shorter after 1 p.m., so instead eerie smiles of the dead. Although I was of heading straight into the main attraction, disappointed by the quantity, the artifacts themselves were beyond fascinating. explore the Joslyn’s amazing permanent collection. There was a mummy from the Roman So all you history buffs and art enthusiasts, period in Egypt with a hauntingly real To Live Forever. This sarcophagus and other Egyptian artifacts can be viewed at the Joslyn Art grab a buddy for the line and head back to portrait painted on his wrappings. The Museum, 2200 Dodge Street. The exhibit runs until June 3. photo source: Joslyn Art Museum. the time of the pharaohs. Admission is $5 for ancient artist’s skill held my gaze for students under 17, although Saturday mornings more than a few moments. The ancient There are mummies, sarcophagi, ancient board games, Egyptians were obsessed with death, and surrounded by the are free until noon. The exhibit is in town until June 3, so hurry and splendid jewelry to make for a pleasant afterlife. The in before this unique experience has past. evidence of their obsession can be a morbid experience.

Dubstep Drops and Dance

Weekend Boredom Busters nicolewojtalewicz


t’s a Friday night. You and a friend are sitting at home on your couch watching television and wallowing in self-pity. You have absolutely nothing to do with your time except eat potato chips and live your life vicariously through reality show stars. I would love to say this has never happened to me, but that would be a deliberate lie, and I gave up lying for Lent. Nights like these happen to us Omaha folk much too often. You take several pain-staking minutes to get all ready for the night, dressed to the nines in your newest pair of Nike shorts, and for what? To sit at home? I don’t think so. Not this time...

New Music Sweeping Pop Music World michaelamcdonald

Agent 007

Pretend you are a spy that has a special mission to do. Follow every command from headquarters. This mission depends on you.

May I Stage your Order?

Become one with the Earth and go your backyard. The bathroom is a few feet away, and there is a smaller risk of being mauled by a wild animal. Unless, of course, you live in the middle of nowhere.

Paint the night away at a pottery studio. A great studio would be “That Pottery Place” located on 7828 Dodge Street. Prices start at only $12! I recommend making something such as a tea set or coffee mug for a very special significant other. Or if you don’t have one of those, I’m sure your mom would appreciate something.

Safari Adventure

Ever seen a buffalo three feet from your car? How about a wolf or an elk? Well, now you can! Check out the Wildlife Safari right off of I-80 on exit 426. The price is $6.50 per adult and $4.50 for children.

10 entertainment

Ancient Remains Who’s your mummy? Find out at the Joslyn Art Museum "To Live Forever” exhibit. (Information on the exhibit can be found above.) illustrations by nicolewojtalewicz

The Artist

Go to a restaurant, watch people having a conversation, and make up a fake conversation based on their facial expressions and body language.


Wilderness Woman

e all fall victim to it. A raging beat that has every teenager dancing within the first bass drop. We can’t help it, we surrender to the beat. But lately, what else is there? Throughout the year, Top 40 music has begun to consist of the usual rap-heavy beat-mixing jams, but with a catch. Because of the rise in popularity of techno style music at club and dance scenes, Top 40 American music now also includes many “beat dropouts” and “dubstep runs” smack in the middle of a lyrical verse. Marian girls seem to have mixed feelings about the new dubstep craze, “I am partial to it; I think that some dubstep songs are okay and fun to listen to, but some are just ridiculous,” senior Jackie Tondl said. Yes Tyga, your rims do have “10’s on dem 20’s”, and people are cool with that. Most people would rather hear about your night with “Young Money” than David Guetta being overtaken by a computer engineered widget noise. Don’t get the young people of America wrong, a nice dubstep when you are ready to jam the night away in your dance gear can excite almost anyone, but at times the dubstep craze can get a little “cray.” At the past few Marian dances, girls have jammed to the normal pop hits by Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, but lately they have gone crazy for the new hits such as First of the Year by Skrillex and Basshead by Bassnectar. As well as these recent songs there has always been the techno tradition “Sandstorm” by Darude, that debuted in 1999, and is still played frequently at high school dances. “When it comes to Top 40 Hits, I prefer the lyrics, but when it goes to a dubstep beat, it is okay, as long as it does not last too long,” sophomore Emily Rakoczy said. All music evolves with the culture, and due to the increase of interest in techno music with the recent debut of albums from Skrillex, Korn, Super Mash Bros, Foster the People, and Daft Punk, techno and electronic music has become prevalent in most Top 40 hits. Like all trends in entertainment, techno may or may not stick around, in the past decades when electronic music has fallen in and out of style. So if you enjoy a nice beat drop, live it up now, dubstep may not be forever.






he recent buzz and gossip in the hallways of Marian aren’t over weekend plans or Field Day, but rather over the book trilogy The Hunger Games. The trilogy written by Suzanne Collins is captivating the nation as a whole and intriguing audiences all over the world. More than 23.5 million copies of the first book are in print in the U.S. alone. The first book The Hunger Games was released in 2008, followed by Catching Fire in 2009, and finally Mockingjay in 2010.

Games craze, Many are comparing the the major trilogy to the Harry motion Potter series and picture The the Twilight Saga. - The name of the main character, Katniss, is a reference Hunger Junior Allie Games to the character’s archery skills. Smith is a opened on part of the - Four weeks before The Hunger Games’ release, LionsMarch 23. obsession. The main gate began selling advance tickets which broke the one“I like the character, day record originally held by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse books because Katniss, is - Jennifer Lawrence was initially cast as the lead in once you start, played by Jennifer you can’t stop. Savages, but dropped out to do this film instead. Lawrence, I’m in the middle of Peeta is the third book right source: played now,” Smith said. by Josh Along with The Hunger

Hutcherson, and Gale is played by Liam Hemsworth. The movie sold more tickets to the midnight premier than Breaking Dawn at its premiere. Smith, along with many Marian girls, attended the midnight premiere shown in theatres across the city. With the booming success of The Hunger Games trilogy, and the thrilling story it tells, it’s no wonder Marian girls are raving about the books and movies.



am Katniss. I’m running the movie, the book, the suspense, everything. through the forest. I hear the I was a little skeptical about mockingjays all around me, the actress who played Katniss cringe whenever I hear the sound Everdeen at first, (probably because of the cannon, climb whenever I believed dusk falls, I should and know have been even the cast for slightest the role), mistake could but after end my life. the movie For 2 ended I hours and 22 realized minutes, I she did was Katniss better than Everdeen. anyone else Seeing the could’ve world of (even me). Panem come Jennifer to life on the Lawrence screen in wanted to front of me portray forced me Katniss all to focus on the way nothing but down to the The Hunger way she ran. Games. To say I Lawrence image source: was pleased trained and with the movie thehungergames conditioned would be an for six weeks understatement. I was thrilled. in order to move and appear as a From the arena presented natural athlete! to the audience, right down to I know I’m not alone when I say the casting of each character. I that it was nice to see a strong and felt everyone did their part to independent female take the lead make the movie inspiring to fans role of a very popular franchise. everywhere. The soundtrack for It was a change to see a girl who the The Hunger Games suited

wasn’t picked to be the love-struck female or strictly to draw in the male population. I was actually surprised and glad to see that at the movie’s midnight premiere, the audience was not made up of mainly women. There was a decent, if not balanced, amount of men who attended. Whether they were there for their girlfriends or to pick up chicks, I was glad to see them supporting Katniss in her many battles. “I liked the book so much better but the movie was not bad at all,” junior Jackie Tvrdik said. “The movie left out a lot of details and scenes from the book altogether but they probably had to for the PG-13 rating. It’s definitely worth your money!” It was obvious the camera crew used certain angles and alignments to shield the audience from gruesome battle scenes but I understood why once I saw all the little kids exiting the theater. However, if there was one thing I could complain about in the movie, it would be the way it was filmed. At some points, I found myself focusing on how much the camera was shaking rather than on the action taking place. Movies can never put in every single scene from the book it is based off of, and I understand that. There were only a few key details I wished they would’ve added in.

I have to admit though, sitting for stellar $155 million on opening that amount of time was definitely weekend! This was more than making me uncomfortable. So twice what the first Twilight all in all, I think Gary Ross, the movie achieved on its opening director, put the right amount weekend. Critics say that to see of information in for the time this big of a fan base from the allotted. very first movie shows that The “I was interested in the Hunger Games is here to stay. futuristic setting and the way the I walked out of the theater wealthy were dressed,” senior Jenna loving the trilogy even more. If Walter said. “All the outfits were you ever have as lucky a chance very ‘out-there’ but it was still as I did, go see it. You’ll love pretty cool.” it! And if you don’t...the odds It’s no surprise to readers of the obviously weren’t in your favor. book, but moviegoers may be taken back by the obscure and colorful wardrobe of the upper class in Panem. From green skin to Whoville hair, the style of this movie will definitely be remembered. In my book, it could never replace Harry Potter, but it definitely deserves to be a runner-up. It’s obvious that the makers of The Hunger Games worked long and hard to make the sets, scripts, soundtrack, and costumes as close to the book as possible. And they are no doubt reaping the rewards of their hard work. The movie made a image source:

SPEAk OUT colleenfell

“I’m excited to see Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. People call me Peeta because I can hide in a crowded area. We’re a perfect match.” - Roni Perez ’14

“I read all the books over the course of three weeks this summer and now I’m really excited to see the movie. Team Peeta all the way!” - Hannah Manganaro ’12

“I read all the books and I attended the midnight premiere of the movie. I liked the book better, though, because it had a lot more detail.” - Sam Chaney ’15 entertainment 11

Spring Break Adventures Photo Op! French III & IV students Michelle Tsatsos, Kayla Cellelo, Kelsey Genoways, Katy Kohlmeyer, and Faith Wilwerding smile in front of the Moulin Rouge while on their Parisian excursion from March 11-18.

La Tour Eiffel. All 20 students visited the pictureperfect tower in Paris and enjoyed the view from the second and third floors of the iconic structure. Afterward, some of the travelers snacked on crepes.

A Shakespearean Experience. Senior Biz Steinauer concentrates on writing a message to hang among many others on the walls at the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore in Paris by Notre Dame. “There were books everywhere. No organization, just tons of books,” Steinauer said.

Taking a Breather. Mr. Tom and Mrs. Mary Baker take a rest during the busy day. “The trip was absolutely spectacular. The weather was great and the students were fantastic; it was one of the best times ever. My favorite part, besides walking the streets and giving my touring tidbits, was going to Jesus Christ Superstar. It was very good,” Mr. Tom Baker said. Empire State of Mind. The group got a chance to tour a majority of New York City, including the 9/11 Memorial and the Wax Museum. They also enjoyed a variety of Broadway musicals.

photo essay by alexamoore & clancynelson photos courtesy of gabriellamartinez-garro & emilyfischer

12 photo essay

Above: All Smiles with the Seniors. Mr. Tom Baker smiles big with a group of senior girls that went to New York for four days over Spring Break. The group consisted of 57 girls plus eight chaperones. Left: The City That Never Sleeps. Senior Taylor Gillogly smiles for the camera in the middle of Times Square. “I loved New York City. In 1st grade, I said it was the one place I wanted to go visit, and I finally got to go. Times Square was fantastic, all the lights lit up the city. My favorite part of the trip was going to the top of the Emipre State Building. It literally took our breath away, it was so cool,” Gillogly said.

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