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Hitting the High Notes Together



usical is a family- we all just have so much love for each other,” senior Savannah Farrens said. While there’s no denying the bonds musicals have created through the years, this year’s musical, Children of Eden, takes “musical family” to a literal meaning. Three families are taking center stage together and turning Children of Eden into a real family affair. Farrens and her freshman sister, Ciera, are no stranger to musicals. Through middle school until now, the duo has sung their hearts out while strengthening their sisterhood at the same time. From the auditions to the performance night, the sisters have

pushed each other to do their best and worked in harmony. Although auditions were nerve-racking for both girls, having each other made the tryouts a breeze. “Having Ciera there to try out with me was great. I kept telling her that I was there with her and to just have confidence in herself. Telling her that helped her, and it helped me as well,” Savannah said. The transition from middle school musicals to trying out for Marian’s musical was a big transition for Ciera. “It was a lot different than my middle school tryout experiences, but it was a lot easier having Savannah,” the freshman said. See Musical p. 7

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October 2012

Conference Members Connect. From Oct. 4 to Oct. 7, Marian was filled with international students. They met for the International Servite School Network Conference. Marian welcomed students from France, Australia, Canada, and California. Blanche de Castille in Paris sent three students; Servite College in Australia sent eight; Servite High School in California sent 10 students, and College Servite in Canada sent three. In addition, there were five Marian girls who were part of the conference. For Q&A with several of the students and more about the conference, check out Indepth pp. 7 and 8.

Four Freshmen Help Lead the Pack

annamandel & megandennis


hey look down to make sure their toes are behind the starting line; the gun triggers, and they’re off! Four of the freshmen on the cross country team this season have been remarkable. Being a freshman on varsity or the top of junior varsity means a lot, especially to these girls and their coaches. Freshmen Julia Griffin, Sofia Hingorani, Bella Herrera, and Holly Banark have had an excellent season. Since the beginning of August, they have been strong and have shown their tremendous running talents. Even though their talent may come somewhat naturally, each girl had her own

way of making herself better and getting in shape over the summer. While Griffin logged in more than 300 miles, Banark played for her soccer team and Hingorani worked out on her own. “I ran, trained on my own, and did ab workouts,” Hingorani said. Before the season started, they had no idea what Marian cross country would be like. “All I knew was that it was a sport,” Hingorani said. Herrera also didn’t know what it would be like. “I thought it would be like track, but it seemed tougher,” Herrera said. See Freshmen p. 12

A Family Affair. All the siblings involved in musical take a spare moment to pause for a picture at the Omaha Community Playhouse on opening night of Children of Eden. All of the Marian girls were members of the chorus. Ryan Wortmann, center, was the young Abel. Keenan and Maura Baca, far right, were animals in the creation story and for Noah’s ark. photo by savannahfarrens

Inside Look at Servants of Mary p. 6

Marian High School

Run, Freshmen, Run. Freshmen Sofia Hingorani and Julia Griffin run together during the district cross country meet at Papillion-LaVista South High School on Oct. 11. The varsity team competed against the best teams in the state and finished third. The girls advanced to state the following week. photo by emilyjohanek

Teachers and their Babies p. 11

State Golf p. 12

[ 2 ] News

The Network [ October ]

Concert Brings Back Childhood Memories

rachelrensch airytale theme songs filled the hallways as Marian’s instrumentalists played in the Once Upon a Time concert for students and staff on Oct. 3. During both lunches, audiences were transported back into their childhoods as the instrumentalists played songs such as “Under the Sea” and “Beauty and the Beast.” The concert took place in the library, which was cleared out to make room, and chairs were set


up around the perimeter for the audience. As students entered the library, they were encouraged to put their name in a drawing for a poster of the Little Mermaid; the winner was announced at the end of the concert. Students and staff were also allowed to bring in their lunch for this special event to munch on while listening. “We do one performance per quarter, and I like to do it in school because it’s good to expose the stu-

dents to what we do,” instrumental teacher, Mrs. Rachel Misiolek, said. The girls played a variety of instruments including the clarinet, trombone, violin and flute. Students and staff alike were reminded of the songs of their childhood, and were left with a feeling of cheerfulness as the concert came to an end. The Once Upon a Time concert was a truly magical time for all who attended.

Marian Fest 1. Passport to Paris. The Quad is transformed into a Parisian wonderland for the 2012 MarianFEST theme “Passport to Paris.” MarianFEST was held on Oct. 12.


A Magical Performance.

Marian’s instrumentalists perform for students and staff on Oct. 3 during both lunches. photo by sarahreynolds

photos by nicolamccutcheon


2. Order Up! Junior Tridia Tschimanga serves hors d’oeuvres to Assistant to the Principal Michelle Delisi during the silent auction. 3. Parisian Dining. Tables are set for MarianFEST. The event raised $300,000 and had about 400 people in attendence. 4. A Warm Welcome. The Marian cheerleaders greet Marian FEST guests as they arrive in “Paris.” About 100 girls volunteered to work as servers and runners at MarianFEST.




5. A Night at the Caberet.

Juniors Janie Kilgore, Maddie Neppl, and Sydney Wolf perform with Chamber Choir as part of FEST dinner entertainment.

respect life mass

Marian students and staff celebrate life during All School Mass on Oct. 4.

photos by mariacorpuz

Sing Your Heart Out! French exchange student Florian Sorano, from the French Servite School Blanche de Castille, takes a risk and sings a solo for all at the Respect Life Mass.

Coming Together. Marian and its special guests stand together in prayer during the Respect Life Mass. Along with the Mass, posters were hung around the school promoting life, and special speakers were invited to religion classes to teach the importance of respecting life.

Moment of Prayer.

Sophomore Alex Regan lends a helping hand as altar server while Fr. Pat Malone, S.J., presides.

The Network [ October ]

News [ 3 ]

Social Media Meets School’s Networking Needs


sarahtownsend ave you ever wondered who monitors the Marian Facebook page and other social media sources? This job is done by Mr. Scott Peak, Marian’s new electronic communications manager who works with recruitment director Mrs. Molly Woodman. Promoting Marian through social media is an important way for people outside the Marian community and prospective Marian girls to get in touch with what Marian is all about. Current students can also benefit from liking the Marian Facebook page. By doing so, they are given the chance to see pictures of themselves and their classmates. Perhaps if a student didn’t have a camera to capture a moment at school, the Marian Facebook page likely has it. Marian’s Facebook page is a tool that consistently conveys the overall brand of the school and encourages interactions with others. As of right now, the Marian Facebook page has 1,076 likes. By increasing the number of likes, it will give an opportunity for more people to learn about the Marian community. Sometimes students can get caught up in their own world and forget about the environment around them. By liking Marian’s Facebook page, a student can keep in touch with what’s going on at Marian and understand a bit more about what is shown to the public. Having a Marian Facebook page also serves as an effective recruitment device. “With recruiting, it’s really helpful to post things about events so possible future students know what’s going on. Posting pictures of fun things that are happening at Marian is also important so they can see instantly the fun things that happen at Marian,” Woodman said.

In this day and age, many young people are constantly on Facebook. More people check Facebook every day than the Marian website. If a prospective student were to like Marian’s Facebook page, there would be a greater chance of stumbling across the Marian website. “I think it is very important for us to use social media, especially with recruiting, because we have to use what the girls use. We need to make sure anytime anything changes in regards with technology, we are using that technology,” Woodman said. The Facebook page also allows alumni to relive what’s happening at Marian. Seeing pictures and posts of what is going on brings them back to their fond memories at Marian. “By following the Marian Facebook page, it gives me the opportunity to keep updated of what’s going on. I also love seeing the pictures of all the girls,” Amy Miller Dunham 86’ and mother of sophomore Erica Dunham said. Along with the Marian Facebook page, a Marian Twitter account is also available for people to follow. The Twitter account was started last year, but the activity on it has been minimal. Peak is working on increasing the Marian Twitter activity and daily interaction. Following the Marian Twitter account has many of the same

benefits as the Facebook page. The Twitter account will be especially beneficial to current students. Mid-game sports scores and other current events happening at Marian will be tweeted. Although the Twitter account only has 190 followers as of now, Peak hopes this number will increase in the near future. One of the reasons for the low number of followers on the Twitter account is due to a suspicion students have. Students may be hesitant to follow a school organization because the fear of getting in trouble for certain posts/tweets is present. “The reason I don’t follow the Marian Twitter account is because I am worried the school will follow me back,” Junior Maggie Gell said. However, Peak emphasizes how this is not the intent at all. “The intent is to not add or follow students. Instead, the intent is to distribute information to students and parents - not the other way around,” Peak said. Creating a Marian Instagram is also being looked into. Peak is researching how effective this social media outlet would be for the Marian community. Today, social media is becoming a popular way for communication. Marian is adjusting to this trend and is working to create a strong social media presence.

Five Fast Facts on Mr. Scott Peak

photo by sarahtownsend What is your job position at Marian and when did you start? Electronic Communications Manager, Oct. 8 Where and when did you graduate from college? Creighton University, 2011 Where did you grow up? Santa Clarita, California What year did your mom graduate from Marian? Sue Weisbecker Peak, 1972 Where is your favorite place you have worked? Working with the Jesuit Refugee service in Johannesburg, South Africa

Growing Through Example

emilyjohanek ometimes with the hustle and bustle that comes with having busy lives, people forget what is truly important in life: family. As much as one may not like to admit it, mothers and fathers make a difference in the world every day. Father and daughter relationships can be life-changing and help shape the young women of today. On Sunday, Oct. 21, the fathers and daughters of Marian gathered at UNO’s Scott Conference Center for a morning of prayer and breakfast. The theme of the Mass was “Strengthened by your Presence, Growing Through Example.” Kicking off the morning was a speech by senior Theresa Kennelly and her father, Casey. Together, they explained the story of their lives and how their relationship has grown through the years. “Our relationship is nothing out of the ordinary; yes, we have gone through a lot as a family but with every struggle, our relationship has never faltered,” Theresa said. Theresa and her father’s relationship has been strong ever since she was a little girl. “Our road hasn’t always been easy and our journey hasn’t always been smooth. We’ve both certainly had our share of ‘messing things up,’ but we continually go back to letting God guide us. When we do this, things happen as they should. I must say that I’m a very lucky father with an amazing daughter,” Casey said. The Mass and breakfast allowed Theresa and her father to bond further. The Kennelly’s favorite parts of the morning were hearing the stories of the fathers and daughters and hanging with the other fathers and daughters at their table. Junior Kelsey VanOsdel also attended the Mass and breakfast with her dad, Brian. She continues to express her connection with her own dad. “My dad and I are really close, we have the same views on a lot of things. My dad has always encouraged going to church and having a good relationship with God,” Kelsey said.


Habitat Builds Bond Between Dads and Daughters

A Helping Hand. Senior Katie Lang and her dad, Mike Lang, work together to complete the siding on a Habitat for Humanity house at 31st and Fowler street. The project took place on Oct. 6 with four other father-daughter pairs. While the girls had no construction background, they completed the task of siding one complete side of the house...with a little help from dad, of course. The Habitat builds took the place of Pop Hop for the 20122013 school year. The idea was to strengthen the bonds between fathers and daughters, but give a different approach without the dance. The three builds so far this year were a great hit and other dates have been planned as well. Because of the nature of the builds, only five father/daughter duos are allowed per site, and volunteers must be at least 16 years of age. If you’re looking for a way to bond with your dad, the Habitat for Humanity builds really hit the nail on the head. photo by marieroubidoux

Father/Daughter Mass and Breakfast Not only did the Mass give her extra bonding time with her dad, but it also gave her a new appreciation for her own relationship. “After some of the things she [Kennelly] said, it made me value my dad that much more. I think what I’m going to take home from this Mass is keeping a close relationship with my dad and knowing I can trust him,” Kelsey said.

Speaking from the Heart. Senior Theresa Kennelly and her father, Casey, kick off the Father/Daughter Mass on Oct. 21 at UNO’s Scott Conference Center with a speech describing their relationship. The morning consisted of a Mass followed by breakfast between the fathers and daughters. photo by emilyjohanek

[ 4 ] Opinion

The Network [ October ]

To Thrift or Not to Thrift? Finding alternative places to shop


Lex Go


Lex for President: Throwing a punch at politics


love America.” “I love America more than he does.” If you have watched any part of a presidential debate, then this should sound familiar to you. It seems as if each candidate in this election has some very dumb reason that he is better than the other. But before we get into this, let me first introduce the candidates to you. As far as I know, the two main candidates in this election are Governor “Mittens” Romney and President Barak “Ollama”. Mittens and Ollama both have big plans to fix the economy. The only downside is that neither plan will actually fix the economy because nothing will ever change. We can blame Congress for this. This election is a prime example of what is referred to as the ‘clothespin vote’. Hold your nose while you vote for the candidate who stinks the least. If I were running for president, I would just be honest and say: look, the economy is doomed. I probably won’t even try to fix it. However, I will make every Wednesday mandatory pajama day. All Ollama and Mittens do is throw around words like “taxes”, “loophole”, and “growth” hoping that the American people will be stupid enough to overlook the fact that neither is saying anything meaningful. Listening to them speak makes me want to punch both of them in the face. Either that, or hire someone to punch me in the face and knock me out so I don’t have to listen to them anymore. Now that I think about it, the Secret Service will probably knock me out. After all, I did just say that I wanted to punch the President. I find myself getting more annoyed at every commercial, debate, and political phone call that I see or hear from either candidate. They all sound pretty similar. “Pick me. I am way better than my competitor. I heard that my competitor runs over baby birds with his car. Is this who we want in the White House? Paid for by some slimy political group with too much money to throw around.” If I were elected president, I would be sure to outlaw the annoying fringe found on the edge of notebook paper, make Orange Juice Day a national holiday, and abolish frozen yogurt and replace it with its sugary, fattening counterpart: real ice cream. Instead of voting for Governor Mittens or President Ollama, I encourage everyone to vote for me. Lex 2012: Why vote for men who give boring speeches and seem to care about healthcare when you can vote for an 18 year old girl with absolutely no political experience? Clearly I am the best candidate in this election. Watch out Ollama and Mittens, there is a new candidate and she is coming in strong in the polls. I am Alexis Vinton, and I approve this message.


n one of our recent Fridays off of school, I found myself casually shopping at the local mall. I wandered aimlessly from store to store with no real purchase in mind, until I saw it. The most beautiful sweater my eyes had ever seen. It was soft and oversized, and when I put it on, it was comfortable and chic. I was in love. Then, I looked at the price. I thought it was a mistake. My eyes bugged out of my skull a little. I checked for a sale tag. After realizing that the sweater was actually more than $40, I sadly hung it back on the rack and left the store, simply not able to justify spending that much on one item. I left the mall and headed for the only store I knew had non-outrageous prices: Goodwill. I know you just wrinkled your nose a little. Many Marian girls have shopped at their local Goodwill for a crazy Gnimocemoh outfit, but few shop there regularly. Are people put off by the smell or the scary amount of sweaters with shoulder pads? Or is it the interesting people that work and shop there? Whichever it may be, I like to think of those ‘drawbacks’ as quirks that add to the overall experience. Perhaps I can blame my love of thrift stores on my upbringing. For as long as I

can remember, my parents have antiqued. They frequently went to antique malls and came home with cool and unique finds (that is, until they filled up our house). My mom has been shopping at Goodwill for a long time and she would always drag my siblings and me with her. However, my love of thrift stores is not just limited to Goodwill. In addition to places like Goodwill, I also love consignment shops, antique stores, and basically anywhere you can snag a better deal than the mall. One of my other favorites is Plato’s Closet. Girls bring in their gently used clothes and sell them to Plato’s, who in turn sells them at discount prices. Over the summer, I went to their infamous ‘grab bag’ sale and walked away with 16 new tops for $15. Let me repeat myself: 16 tops for $15 dollars. That is less then $1 per shirt. I did have to wait in line to pay for about 45 minutes, but I thought it was worth the deal. When finding deals like that, it can just be difficult for me to shop at places where I have to pay full price for something. My parents buy me the basics for clothing and expect me to cover the rest. I work hard and make my own money, but with my need for gas, food, and other random ex-

penses to go out with friends, I don’t have the resources to spend excessive amounts of money on new clothes. Although some people may feel uncomfortable shopping at places such as Goodwill because they feel like they are taking away from those who really need it, I think it is a cycle. My family has a continuous Goodwill box and we regularly donate our outdated and outgrown things there. Therefore, when I shop, I don’t feel guilty because I know we are still giving back. Also, shopping at places like Goodwill gives them money to support other programs, such as jobs and Internet cafes. If you still aren’t keen on the idea of shopping at Goodwill, but want to find a bargain, check out TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They receive overflow from department stores and mark them down significantly. While at the department store, a Ralph Lauren polo would cost $50, at TJ Maxx it would be discounted to $20. This column won’t make everyone run out and shop at Goodwill. I’m not expecting that. What I am hoping for is for you to realize how much things cost and that you can still find cute clothes for much less.

Life Without Love

Confessions of a pet-free drama queen lauraatherton es, I was one of those kids with a million stuffed animals scattered across my bed. Yes, they all had names, personalities, and I was indeed their mother figure. Even today I find myself talking to, petting, and coddling the cacti that sit beside my bed. (I realize how odd that is to picture, I apologize for the image.) What fate has allowed me to become so psychologically attached to these inanimate objects, you may ask? Allow me to enlighten you with my tale of despair: I, Laura Atherton, for as long as I have lived, have led a petless life.* I realize that may have seemed a bit dramatic, but I don’t expect those of you who have been privileged enough to have a pet to understand. And if you are also a pet-less wonder like myself and still think I’m psycho, then I don’t know what to tell you. Now it’s not that I necessarily blame my parents for depriving me of the right to have a pet. Although it ultimately is my parent’s fault, it’s still their home and they make the decisions. Besides, I’m not sure I was driven enough. True, I made a powerpoint at about the age of 10 stating my argument for a pet, expressing both viewpoints and, if I do say so myself, it was A+ work. However, I could’ve been more persistent. I could’ve tried harder to persuade my parents that I would take full responsibility over the animal. But here’s the problem: how was I supposed to know if I could handle that? I didn’t know anything about taking care of a pet! I still don’t. How should I? I’VE NEVER HAD ONE. So I came to terms with the fact that I was never going to be a kid who had a dog. (And forget about cats. Not only is my dad allergic, but I’m fairly certain they are the devil’s creature.) Now, Reader, don’t think that I had a terrible childhood just because I didn’t


have a pet. I had a lovely childhood and I wasn’t terribly hung up on having a furry friend. Of course it’s something I wish could’ve been a part of my life. And of course I was immensely jealous of my friends who did have dogs. And don’t even get me started on those few kids who would jokingly kick them around and be mean. I found them thoroughly ungrateful. The point I’m ultimately trying to make is that I do think that growing up without a pet has deprived me of some happiness that other kids take for granted. When I’m home on a Friday night with no plans, (not that this happens often or anything...) I want to know that I have a buddy who will be there for me no matter what. Someone that will comfort me without blabbing about their own problems. Someone whose company I can enjoy in peace and quiet, while still being able to feel their love and support. This is the joy of which I feel I’ve been deprived. Now I realize that when I live on my own, I will be able to make these decisions for myself and you can bet your bottom dollar I will opt to get myself at least one dog (A wiener dog who I will wear matching sweaters with, in case you were wondering).

So if you have a pet, do me a favor and show him some love. Give him a bone, scratch him behind the ears. Don’t take your pet for granted because you can never really know how much they mean to you until they’re out of your life. As for those of you who have never had a pet, I highly recommend finding yourself a cactus. *This is a bit of a lie. I had two fish once, Sapphire and Sandy (cute, right?). Sapphire disappeared after about four days and Sandy died the next day, mysteriously overweight.

The Network [ October ]

Opinion [ 5 ]

Tweet Others How You Want to be Tweeted mariacorpuz @corpalapagus ormal people call it “Twitter.” My mom calls it “Twittering”. My 9-year-old sister calls it the “Bird Site.” I call it “The Place Where you Forget About Your Conscience.” Don’t get me wrong, I love tweeting about how I’m feeling (fantastic, thank you) or my fave tune at the moment (“All or Nothing” by O-Town). But the thing that really grinds my gears is the way people take on a whole new personality on Twitter. I completely understand that you wanna get your twitter grind on and rack up as many followers as possible, but tearing people down while doing that is just not the way to go. The brilliant science teacher, Mr. Bruce Esser, once brought this subject up in class. He really got me thinking about my own actions on Twitter. I will fully admit that I am guilty of subtweeting (definition: subliminal tweeting about a certain person without using their @name). And I also fully regret being ever-so- ignorant. For some strange reason, people fail to censor what they say when it comes to Twitter. Some people change the second they get behind a screen, suddenly saying things that they would not be able to say in person. If this applies to you, please, for the love of twittering, stop being a coward, and tweet about something more important, like not drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.


One of the most disturbing things I have seen are countless tweets of people telling other people to KYS (twitter lingo for “kill yourself ”). Well, first off, if I am grammatically correct, which I know I am, the abbreviation should be KY. Yourself is one word, ya fools. Suicide isn’t a joke. It’s not something that you can just throw around to be funny. I know from personal experience that a suicide can devastate a whole community and many people are affected by it. Second, telling someone to kill themselves just because they like Cinderella more than Mulan is kind of uncalled for. Obviously, they are completely wrong, but telling someone to kill themselves over what movie they favor is taking it way too far, even if that person is your BESTEST FRIEND IN DA WHOLE WIDE TWITTER WORLD. Or maybe they got Juice Stop and you didn’t, so all of the sudden you hate them. Woah, what? That’s weird, because I dislike people who kill puppies, not people who buy themselves smoothies instead of buying one for me (Side note: if you happen to stop by Juice Stop on your way to school, I like the Butterfly and my locker number is 120). A group of University of Nebraska Lincoln students has recently set up a site that reposts derogatory tweets by their students. They leave the username of the

person who said it on the post so people know who said it. The point of the website is to get people to stop being so derogatory on Twitter. The site allows anybody and everybody to see tweets that are posted by people even if they do not follow them. Basically, the website makes people look bad for being mean. I applaud the anonymous person who created Just like these UNL students represent UNL, we Marian girls represent Marian. It is crucial that we monitor what we say online. Once you put something online, it is out there for anyone and everything to see. It’s time to wake up and hear the birdies tweeting, people. Just because your profile is set to private or you delete a derogatory or rude tweet, it can still be found by some crazy smart hacker (Mr. Esser for example). It truly pains me to see my followers tweeting about other people. Chances are, you have no idea what they are going through or if they have had a bad day. You never know if just three little letters can send someone over the edge. It is just completely better to be safe rather than sorry. @mariangurlz I challenge you to stop with the subtweeting and derogatory tweets. We are #confident #independent #thinking #leaders

Social Outcast: Life Without Social Media...

bizzyboulay have never had a Facebook account. GASP! Why yes, this is a true fact. I, Elizabeth “Bizzy” Boulay, a SENIOR in high school, have never had a Facebook. Please take a moment to collect yourself. I know this is a difficult concept to grasp. Now, I know that most of the Marian community has a Facebook, but I guess I am just not a follower. That, and I was never allowed to get an account. It all started in seventh grade. Facebook was the new “thing.” AIM and MySpace (oh, the good ‘ole days of Myspace, which, surprise! I never had either) became non-existent as Facebook chat and messaging became more popular. All my friends got an account. My parents thought I should wait until I was more mature to make responsible choices about what was appropriate to post on the Internet. My friends soon began posting pictures, befriending eighth grade boys, and were up to 500 friends. I’m sorry, but there’s no way seventh graders even know 500 people. It’s not possible. Yes, I felt a little left out within my friend group because I couldn’t post awesome pictures of us walking around at Village Pointe on Friday nights. I also occasionally


felt out of the loop. Sometimes my friends would say to me, “Bizzy, did you see the haircut that so-and-so got? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have Facebook. Nevermind.” Burn. I also quickly learned that since I didn’t have Facebook, my friends thought it would be funny to post ridiculously gross pictures of me. They figured I couldn’t see them, therefore I would never know. Then I would hear from some random person in my class, “Hey, nice picture on Facebook. Wow.” I would start to mentally sift through all of the gross selfies I had taken that weekend on my friends’ cameras. Starting junior year, I realized that Facebook had become no more than a means of communication between groups and a place to occasionally post pictures. Other than those awkward moments on Dance Team when I didn’t get the memo to bring white shoes or wear my hair up, I started to feel a little more included. I am now one of the only seniors who does not have a Facebook and that’s OK with me! I save a lot of time by not stalking my cousin’s boyfriend’s brother’s aunt’s daughter’s Facebook profile. I am also not completely cut off from the outside world. I do have a Twitter (which I look at about once every three weeks) and

an Instagram (which I check regularly). I see it as somewhat of an advantage that I never had a Facebook because I won’t have to worry about a future boss or admissions’ counselors finding something on my Facebook page that would hurt my reputation. As a senior in high school, I feel that I now understand what is appropriate to put on Facebook. Even though Facebook is not as popular at Marian as it was two or three years ago, I do plan on getting a Facebook at the end of senior year, only for the reason of keeping in touch with classmates after graduation. I think it’s important to maintain friendships with everyone I’ve met. Except I’m a few years behind so someone might need to teach me how to use Facebook.

The Network


Fall’s Only Downfall


maha’s autumns are truly divine. I look forward to them the entire year: evening walks, changing leaves, the omnipresent faint smell of a bonfire. Everything is perfect. Absolutely per–No. No. No. Apparently in my blissful ignorance, I had forgotten about this magical season’s one and only downfall. Why is it that from the moment the first leaf hits the ground so many teenage girls feel it is instantaneously socially acceptable to talk about their need for a boyfriend? It’s something I just do not understand. Whether it be the tweets gracing my timeline or the occasional comment from a friend, I cannot stand it. Colder weather is no excuse to complain about your lack of a significant other. If you really do believe that fall is “cuddling season,” I highly suggest a cat. And no, you don’t need a boy to keep you warm. You can buy a coat, just like the rest of us. I suppose underneath my annoyance regarding this topic, my real issue is that I feel that a lot of teenagers date somebody just to date somebody. Yes, it is nice to have someone to share long movie nights with and to hold hands with in a haunted house and to sip on pumpkin lattes and hot cocoa while staring deeply into each other’s eyes (do people do that?) and whatever other things couples do in the chillier months. However, it is not necessary to have a boyfriend around to do these things. There is no shame in just having a good time with your friends or even by yourself. Even more importantly, it is silly to date someone just to have them around. A potential love interest should be someone that you genuinely like, not someone you date because you can. After all, we’re talking about a person here, not a seasonal past time.


In the September issue, The Network staff reported that the freshman class has seven sets of twins. It was brought to The Network’s attention that there are actually eight sets of twins. Freshman Maggie Forbes has a twin, John, who attends Creighton Prep. We apologize for this oversight and will do our best in the future to thoroughly check our sources.

The Network is a monthly publication of the journalism students at Marian High School, Nebraska’s only Class A, Catholic, North Central Accredited college preparatory school for girls. The Network is a member of the N.H.S.P.A, N.S.P.A. and the C.S.P.A. It is our goal to provide an accurate and informative news source for the student community. Opinions expressed on the opinion pages do not necessarily represent those of the entire community. Students, faculty, and friends are invited to voice their opinion in Letters to the Editors. All letters must be typed, signed, and sent to: The Network, Marian High School 7400 Military Ave. Omaha, NE 68134 Or e-mailed to us at: Follow us! An electronic version of this paper can be found at: Visit our website: Twitter: @MHSbeat Instagram: @thenetworkstaff

Mizaur Musings

The Network Staff also inaccurately reported in a caption that freshman Taylor Asche was swinging at a pitch in the third inning of the softball game. The Network staff has been informed that the player up to bat is actually freshman Emily Cheloha. We apologize for this mistake and agree that the correct hitter be acknowledged.

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The Network [ October ]

Getting to know the Servants of Mary Healing with their Hearts:

Servants of Mary support cancer sufferers



he patron saint of cancer sufferers was once in a gang. “We always think about saints as being so good, but Peregrine was a very human person,” said Sister Zita Marie Sharrow, who runs the Saint Peregrine Ministry at the Servants of Mary Motherhouse, providing prayers and support to cancer patients and their families. In 1283, when he was 18-years-old, Peregrine rejected church teachings and harassed those who accepted them, including Saint Philip, Prior General of the Friar Servants of Saint Mary. When Saint Philip didn’t fight back against Peregrine’s

Patron Saint of Cancer. The St. Peregrine statue is located in the Servants of Mary Motherhouse. photo by nicolamccutcheon

persecution and instead prayed for the persecutors, Peregrine was intrigued. He came to Saint Philip and apologized for his actions and asked him what he should do. Saint Philip encouraged Peregrine to pray to Mary for guidance. After changing his life around, Peregrine became a member of the Servants of Mary and devoted himself to the poor. Around the age of 60, Peregrine developed cancer on his leg. Because of the lack of proper medical procedures in the 13th century, Peregrine’s doctors decided amputation was the only option. The night before the amputation, Peregrine prayed to God for strength. While he was sleeping, he dreamed that Jesus came down and touched the cancerous ulcer on his leg. When the doctors came to perform the surgery the next morning, Peregrine’s leg was completely healed and he was devoid of any cancer that was previously there. Peregrine went on to live for another 20 years. Sister Zita and the rest of the Servants of Mary have laid claim to his ministries over the years. “We’ve had devotion to him for many years, but in this day and age, people are so aware of cancer, and so much research has been done, and it’s recognized much more quickly. There’s become a strong devotion to Saint Peregrine,” Sister Zita said. The Saint Peregrine Ministry receives names of cancer sufferers and their families and puts them in a prayer book. Sister Zita estimates there are around 12,000 names total that have been collected over the years. The Peregrine Ministry has helped many people deal with their illnesses. “Physically speaking, when people are peaceful, when people are calm, medical treatment is more likely to take effect,” Sister Zita said. People from all over the country are enrolled and find comfort in Sister Zita’s

Peregrine Ministry. She recently received an email from a man who had registered someone in the Ministry who passed away. “This man’s miracle was not a cure, but the peace it gave him as he struggled through his journey,” he wrote to her. In addition to emails, letters, and prayers from all over the country, many people located in Omaha with connections to Marian or the Servants of Mary also feel the comforts of the Saint Peregrine Ministry. The Servants of Mary hold a special Mass for anyone enrolled in with Saint Peregrine on every third Saturday of the month. Mary Wagner, grandmother of junior Mandy Tessmer, became involved with the Ministry when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. “My husband died two and a half years ago, and during his illness we were introduced to St. Peregrine. He has been a wonderful Saint to us in my husband’s illness and since he’s died, and I just feel really close to God here. I would never miss a Saint Peregrine mass because he was so vital in our lives when my husband was sick,” Tessmer said. “The sisters are my sisters.” Junior Emily Hobza introduced her mother, Patty Hobza, to the Saint Peregrine Ministry when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. “It’s meant a lot as I went through all of the treatments to be able to come here to Mass. I’m not in treatment right now, but when I was, it was very nice to be able to go to a Mass where if you didn’t feel good, you didn’t have to stand up, you didn’t have to kneel down, you didn’t have to wear a wig, and you could just be yourself. It made me feel like the Mass was directed to me,” Hobza said. Sister Zita and the Saint Peregrine Ministry are changing the lives of the men and women enrolled in the program. “We recognize this to be one of the biggest benefits of prayer; prayer to Peregrine, prayer in general,” Sister Zita said.

Who is Sr. Zita?

annamandel & nicolamccutcheon

Sister Zita Marie Sharrow manages the Saint Peregrine Ministry at the Servants of Mary Motherhouse. “I can still remember when I was in eighth grade and a Servite priest who was in our parish was giving out report cards, and he gave me mine, and said, ‘You’re going to be a nun, a nurse, or a teacher,’ and I said not a nurse. I got thinking and thought, ‘Yeah, I will be a nun,’ and the idea never left,” Sister Zita said. “I never thought back on the decision,” Sister Zita said. Sister Zita taught music and art from first to eighth grade. She was a principal at Holy Ghost and at Immaculate Conception in Sioux City. photo courtesy of Rose Fallon Roeder ‘66.

The Future of Servites: Associate Program allows options in religious life


an Associate. Those interested can either contact any of the Servants of Mary or a current Associate. They come from many different ages and walks of life. The Associates develop regular connections with the sisters through faith sharing groups, wisdom groups, and volunteer work. "Many Associates, because of where they are in their lives, tend to find their own niche in regard to where they want to do social work and serve," Sister Lisa said. The Associate Program has a very flexible commitment level in order to adhere to the different lives of the people involved. "It gives you a better understanding of who we are as a community, what we do, what our values are, but you're not making a full commitment,” Sister Lisa said. Sister Lisa and Sister Mary have recently been contemplating ways to get Marian girls more aware of and possibly involved in the Associates Program in the future. "You don't see a lot of young sisters, and

in some ways [convent life] doesn't fit the world as it used to; Associate membership does," Sister Lisa said. She plans on getting in contact with Campus Ministry in order to get their ideas and thoughts on the topic. Sister Lisa and Sister Mary have also contemplated forming a student group to get their opinions on Marian student involvement with the Program. "One of the things we know about the world is that people are really hungry to become connected to something. When you think about being at Marian, Marian isn't just about high school, it’s about belonging to something more. That's really what Associate membership is all about: belonging to something that's bigger and carries similar values. It gives people not only a sense of religious life, but also a sense of community,” Sister Lisa said.

“When you think about being at Marian, Marian isn’t just about high school, it’s about belonging to something more.” -Sister Lisa Sheridan photo by nicolamccutcheon

nicolamccutcheon ur charism is what's most important to us, and the more ways we can find to share that with the world, the better," Sister Lisa Sheridan said. One of the most modern ways the Servants of Mary are catering to the contemporary world is through the progressing development of the Associate Program. The Servant of Mary Associate Program started 23 years ago and is currently headed by Sister Lisa. The men and women involved in the program have a special relationship with the Servants of Mary. "We recognize that not everyone is called to religious life, but a lot of people want some way to connect to the spiritual side and also the ministerial side of religious life, and whether that’s for a year, two years, or 23 years, they want to do that. They feel a connection with the Servants of Mary,” Provincial of the Servants of Mary, Sister Mary Gehringer said. There is no specific job description for

The Network [ October ]

Features [ 7 ]

The Magic Behind School Masses Revealed whitneyhayes ho transforms the gym, where Marian girls sweat it out each and every day, to a place of worship? Could it be elves in the middle of the night? No, in fact, it is not elves, but the Ministry Council that diligently set up for Mass each and every month. Without them, Marian girls would be sitting amidst jump ropes, basketballs, and other miscellaneous gym class items. Well, maybe not quite, but their hard work pays off. The Ministry Council program coordinates religious activities that allow the Marian community to grow together in faith and in spirituality. “Ministry Council is divided into two groups, and the two groups are called Faith and Action. The people who are on the Faith Committee plan all of the Masses and prayer services. The people on Action plan all of the in-school drives such as food drives and coat drives, and they


educate the Marian community on justice issues like poverty, hunger, and life,” campus minister Lori Spanbauer said. The students and moderators are passionate about enriching the spiritual lives of the entire Marian community. Ministry Council is the backbone of Marian’s faith life. Altogether, 32 girls make up the Ministry Council. The people involved make students’ faith life prevalent in Marian through morning prayer, meetings in the chapel, liturgies, retreats, and so much more. Being able to celebrate faith in the daily Marian routines is something that many other schools do not get the opportunity to experience. Marian girls get the opportunity to enrich their faith life every day that they attend school. Through morning prayer, chapel gatherings, and other daily activities, Campus Ministry allows faith to be a large part of the Marian community.

Along with enriching spirituality, the Ministry Council helps those in need. Through coat drives, food drives, and more, Marian girls are able to give back through donating their time and talents to those Helping Hands. who are less Sophomores Mary Woodruff, Fiona fortunate. Kennedy and Maddie Mendell help Marian pull out the carpet floor for Mass. girls are well rounded students because of Ministry Council’s planned activities.

photo by mariacorpuz

Children of Eden Musical Takes Center Stage

photos by emilyjohanek & poornaramasubramanian

Curtain Call. The cast of Children of Eden bows for the crowd after their second rehearsal on Thursday, Oct. 26.

Front and Center. Junior Janie Kilgore sings a solo as Mama Noah in Act II of Children of Eden. Behind the Scenes. Senior Claire Koory controls the sound board for the musical for her first time.

Loving Embrace. Senior Kathryn Blaser shares an embrace with her counterpart Creighton Prep junior Danny Fell.

Loud and Proud. Senior Kate Johnson sings one of her many solos as Eve during Thursday’s rehearsal of Children on Eden. Creepy Crawlers. Junior Laura Davis, sophomore Hannah Goebel and junior Maggie Witzenburg slither across the stage as the evil serpent in Children of Eden.

Musical: Families Perform Together Countinued from page 1

While Savannah has reached her final musical year as a senior, Ciera has just received her first taste in the Marian musical world. “Savannah pushed me to do musical. I thought I was going to be too busy, but now I don’t know what I would do without it [musical],” Ciera said. Although she had initial doubts, her positive experience this year has changed her outlook. “I love it [musical]. I’ll most likely try out every year...and hopefully make it!” For junior Rachel Wortmann and sophomore Charlotte Wortmann, singing is truly in the genes. At family functions, someone always has a guitar or a keyboard or another kind of instrument and we sing. It’s tradition,” Rachel said. Not only is this tradition, but high school musicals are known as a family legacy as well. “My Uncle Gene was in Marian musicals when he was in high school. He was in Fiddler on the Roof and My Fair Lady with all his high school friends and his sister, Cher,” she said. Rachel first tried out for musical freshman year in hopes of carrying on the tradition and landed a part in the chorus for Thoroughly Modern Millie. Charlotte, however, had a different experience.

“Freshman While most people year, I tried out would dread spending but didn’t make hours on end with their it- no freshmen siblings, the Wortmanns did,” Charlotte looked at it as a chance to said. But she bond. “We act like we’re didn’t let that at home. We’re honest stop her. with each other and give “I still wanteach other constructive ed to be a part criticism. We want each of musical, so other to do our best,” I did crew inRachel said. stead. It was fun Senior Eileen Baca has because I got to been involved in musical see everything since her freshman year that went into and couldn’t imagine musical and her years at Marian any help out along other way. “I’ve always the way.” done and enjoyed muWith expesical. People in musical rience under become a family,” Baca their belts, said. Sibling Love. the sisters Although she was Junior Rachel Wortmann with her siblings Ryan, an eigth grader at St. auditioned on crew her freshman Columbkille, and sophomore Charfor Children year, Baca still fell in lotte. photo by savannahfarrens of Eden this love with musical. year and Trying out her sophoscored parts more and junior year alongside their younger brother, Ryan was a lot less scary, and she landed a part Wortmann. in the chorus for both shows: Thoroughly

Modern Millie and Footloose. Baca was determined to make senior year something she’d remember. “Senior year, I knew I was going to do musical and I heard there were going to be kids’ parts- I figured it would be great hanging with my brother and sister,” Baca said. Her two younger siblings, Mara, 8, and Keenan, 13, auditioned with her for the Book-of-Genesis-inspired show. “They were nervous for tryouts until I told them I knew they could make it...and they did!” Baca said. Mara, a third grader at Saint Margaret Mary landed two roles in the show, a parrot and dove, and her eigth grade brother, Keenan, joined the show as a monkey. Unfortunately, Eileen fell sick several weeks prior to the show, forcing her to be unable to take part in the musical. Focusing on her health, the big sister supported her younger siblings throughout the practices and performances. Children of Eden was a huge success and while bonding with the other cast members, family ties grew even stronger. Being a part of Marian’s musical gave these siblings a chance to create life-lasting memories.

[ 8 ] InDepth

Q and A with Antoine


Name: Antoine Brouillard School: College Servite Grade: Junior Age: 16 Location: Quebec, Canada (only French province in Canada) How is your school different from Marian? Our school is smaller; we only have 250 students and we graduate at 16. We also have boarders (kids who stay at school overnight). How is the food different? You have a cafeteria and we don’t have a lot of fast food like America does. What’s your favorite word in English? Marian.

Q and A with AJ Name: AJ Carty School: Servite High School Grade: 10th grade Age: 16 Location: Anaheim, California How is your school different from Marian? Our school is different because it’s all guys and our classrooms are inside but we eat outside. What was your favorite thing about Omaha? How quiet it was. What do you do for fun in California? We go to the beach, Disneyland, and we have a lot of bonfires.

First Impressions. The students and teacher from Australia meet Provincial Sr. Mary Gehringer at the dinner banquet on Oct. 3. The Australia group arrived in Omaha the previous night.

photo by nicolamccutcheon

Servite Schoo


ow do you share what it means to be Servite; what does it mean to be sponsored by the Servants of Mary? What is the vision that the Servants of Mary set up for our schools, and how do we abide by that vision?” These were the questions asked by English teacher Ms. Megan Piernicky and other members of the 2012 International Servite School Network (ISSN) Conference. Thirty students and teachers from Marian High School; Servite High School in Anaheim, CA; Servite College in Perth, Australia; College Servite in Quebec, Ontario, Canada; and Blanche de Castille in Paris, France participated in the conference held at Marian from Oct. 4 to Oct. 7. Juniors Lizzie Erftmeier, Jill Salerno, Lauren Tondl, Leah Plofchan and Antonia Franco represented Marian in the conference. The purpose of the ISSN Conference was to discuss the overlap of goals of each school individually in conjunction with the goals of Servite schools as a whole. “We wanted to make sure that the charisms that the Servants of Mary have given to all of our schools are alive and well,” Piernicky said.

Under the Sea. The ISSN students are eager to touch the starfish and sea anenome at the Touch Tank at the Henry Doorly Zoo Scott Aquarium on Oct. 6. photo courtesy of Marilyne Langlois.

Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo. students spend a morning vis attraction: the Henry Doorly Z pressed by the size and the va


ols Connect


Piernicky was the coordinator of the 2012 conference. The ISSN has been trying to get the message of service that the Servants of Mary advocate more widespread and recognized throughout the network of schools. “The demographics of the order are very different throughout the world,” Piernicky said. There are Servite schools all over the world, including many smaller schools located in Africa and India. Many of the smaller schools are not as fortunate as Marian and the larger Servite schools are when it comes to technology and other resources. “The students at the conference came up with the idea of trying to open our arms to other Servite schools in other parts of the world that may need our help,” Piernicky said. They plan on holding uniform and school supply drives in the future. The ISSN plans to have another large conference in Omaha in 2014 to continue to strengthen their relationships with the other Servite schools across the globe. “We want to make sure that every single student knows exactly what it means to be a part of a Servite school,” Piernicky said.

. Marian girls and their ISSN siting Omaha’s most popular Zoo. The students were imarieties of animal species.

InDepth [ 9 ]

Q and A with Florian

Name: Florian Sorano School: Blanche de Castille Grade: Second year of high school Age: 15 Location: Paris, France How is your school different from American schools? Our lockers are much smaller (cubbie sized), we have two breaks in the day, and we usually get out of school at 5 or 6 P.M., differing each day. How is the food different? For lunch we have more options like fish, meat, Oreos, cornflakes, etc. What is your favorite word in English? Nerd.

Q and A with Calina Name: Calina Magee School: Servite College Grade: Year 11 Age: 16 Location: Perth, Australia How is your school different from American schools? We have a recess in the morning after our first two classes. We only have six classes and there are four buildings for different subjects. One of the buildings is a canteen, which is an outside cafeteria. How is the food different? Portions in America are really big! We have more salad places and you guys have more fast food. What is your favorite word in English? Obnoxious and route (Australians pronounce “root”).

Bonfire Bonding. An “American style” bonfire hosted on Oct. 5 by junior Lizzie Erftmeier provides a chance for the ISSN students and their hostesses to get to know each other better and experience their first s’more. photo courtesy of Marilyne Langlois.

Touchdown! ISSN students and their new Marian friends enjoy a Creighton Prep football game on Oct. 4. For some ISSN students, this was their American football game. photo courtesy of Marilyne Langlois.

[ 10 ] Features

The Network [ October ]

Politics 101:

What the candidates say on the issues

Romney’s views on:

Immigration: wants to reform the temporary visa system, secure our borders, and discourage illegal immigration Education: wants students to be educated about alternative options for their schooling and wants to strengthen and simplify financial aid Healthcare: wants to repeal Obamacare and allow the states to develop their own healthcare plans, continuing to allow for a free market and competition Taxes: wants to make across the board 20 per cent cuts and wants to cut the corporate rate to 25 percent

Obama’s views on:

Immigration: wants comprehensive immigration reform and wants to focus enforcement on those who endanger the community Education: wants to cut tuition growth in half and increase the standard for college readiness Healthcare: wants to continue promoting Obamacare, the Affordable Healthcare Act, and wants to end the practice of charging women more than men for the same coverage Taxes: wants to cut taxes for the middle class and ensure that no one making more than $1 million pays a smaller share than the middle class graphics by sydneyrhoades & meganwoodruff

Sources: &

Political Action Makes a Difference erinmcquillan


Worth sisters get involved

said. Maddie added that just because she can’t vote doesn’t mean she can’t be involved. If Marian girls are wondering how they can get involved, Maddie has an answer, “Volunteer! The Young Republicans and Young Democrats always have something for you to do,” Maddie answered. The Young Politicians of Marian is a club of both Republicans and Democrats that tries to get the school involved in politics through activities such as the upcoming schoolwide election. The Worths decided to become involved and got a head start in their political endeavors for the future. Although neither of them want to go into politics when they grow older, they both agree politics are very important. “I really enjoy volunteering because I get to meet some very interesting people,” Maddie said. “In this country, we are allowed to choose who represents us in the government, which is a huge privilege.”


student definitions:

-A preliminary election to appoint delegates to a party conference or to select the candidates for a principal.

“A mini convention before the actual convention.”

-Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

“A person who leans left.”



-A person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in politics.

“A person who leans more to the right side.”


-A meeting of the mem“Something like a bers of a legislative body poll.” who are members of a particular political party, to select candidates or decide policy.

debt ceiling:

-The maximum borrowing “A limit or maximum power of a governmental for powers.” entity.

graphic by annapope

olitics. It’s not exactly something many high schoolers like to talk about. It can often start debates and get tempers flying. Although 84 percent of Marian girls say they are informed about national or local politics, only about 3 percent of Marian girls actually volunteer in some political organization. Among other Marian girls, one pair of sisters has been involved this election. This year, junior Maddie Worth and sophomore Emily Worth got involved with the campaign of Nebraska state senator Bob Krist. The Worths’ father served in the Air Force with Krist and their mother is Krist’s campaign treasurer. These connections helped push the Worth sisters to get involved in the campaign. The sisters help mail campaign letters and volunteer at fundraisers for the campaign. Ever since the girls were little, their family has been involved with politics and elections. “I grew up with an intricate knowledge of politics,” Emily

Political Vocab:

The Network [ October ]

Features [ 11 ]

Bundles of Joy: Marian Teachers Enjoy New Additions bizzyboulay & poornaramasubramanian


he sound of a baby rattle and smell of baby powder are in the air at Marian. As the school year began, four Marian teachers were either eagerly awaiting or enjoying a new addition to their

family. While science teacher Mrs. Kacie Lindeman, psychology teacher Mrs. Amy McLeay, and gym teacher Mrs. Beth Dye were still waiting for their arrivals, history teacher Mrs. Julie LaBerge was at home for the first






Baby Jack McLeay

Answers: A-4 (McLeay), B-3 (Lindamen), C-1 (Dye), D-2 (LaBerge)


Born on Aug. 2, 2012 at 1:47 p.m. Age right now: 3 months old -During the pregnancy, her brother (age 3) started to say that he also had a baby in his tummy.

Born on Sept. 25th at 10:10 p.m. Age right now: 6 weeks -Siblings called him “Bambino” during the pregnancy.

Born on Sept.



Baby Madeline LaBerge

Match each Marian teacher’s baby picture with their baby’s picture!

few weeks of the school year, enjoying the addition of baby Madeline. Congratulations to all the teachers and their husbands/families! Be sure to check out all the adorable babies!

Baby 26 at 10:43 p.m. Callen Age right now: Lindeman 5.5 weeks

-Named after a character on NCIS: LA.

Born on Sept. 20, 2012 at 9:07 a.m. Age right now: 6.5 weeks -born with a full head of hair.

Baby Brooklyn Dye

graphic by poornaramasubramanian

What’s your weird Halloween experience?

“I was trick or treating with my friend and a guy walking down the street asked us if we wanted candy. We said yes and he reached into his pocket and gave each of us a potato. He said ‘Happy Halloween! I love your costumes!’ then walked away. When we looked for him down the street it was like he disappeared into thin air.” -freshman Natalie Ashbrook

“A few years back, this guy made my friends and I sing a song in order to get candy (we were dressed up as the Jonas Brothers). Then he told us we were bad at singing.” -sophomore Sarah Bohnenkamp

“Some years, my mom and I will eat packages of frozen vegetables, then fill them up with candy and reseal them to look like they’ve never been opened. When we hand them out to the kids, the look on their faces is amazing, because they have no idea that there’s candy inside.” -freshman Madison Golden

“When I was in fourth grade I was trick or treating with some friends. We went up to the door but no one answered. When we turned around to leave, these guys dressed in all black jumped out of the tree and started chasing us. I peed my pants and ran home. I have hated halloween ever since.” -junior Sydney O’Shaughnessy

“I walked up to a house with my friends and they gave us hand wrapped candy. I heard later that it gave a bunch of people food poisoning.” -freshman Claire Bidroski

graphic by erinmcquillan & laurentussey

[ 12 ] Sports

The Network [ October ]

Putting Her Way to a State Championship

Senior shares golf team experiences poornaramasubramanian


hen a 9-yearold Sarah Pravecek picked up a golf club for the very first time, little did she know that eight years later, she would win the title of 2012 Girls Class A Golf State Champion. “It was the best feeling ever because I wanted to win ever since my freshman year,” Pravecek said. On Oct. 8, the varsity golf team, consisting of seniors State Golf. Ally Hermanek, Ally Pietrok, Mackenzie Fuss, Sarah Pravecek, Ally Mr. Jim Miller, Michelle Tsatsos, and Sarah Pravecek are Pietrok and Michelle all smiles at the state golf tournament in Norfolk on Oct. Tsatsos and fresh8. Praveck proudly wears her Individual Champion medal men Ally Hermanek after scoring 78 and 82. and Mackenzie Fuss, photo courtesy of Sarah Pravecek traveled to Norfolk to her forever. A particular favorite includes compete in the two-day dancing. “Whenever the song ‘It started state tournament. The team placed eighth with a whisper...’ comes on, Mr. Miller in the tournament with Pravecek taking dances to it, with just his pointer finger the Individual State Champion title with moving. It’s pretty funny,” Pravecek said. scores of 78 and 82. As for future plans, Pravecek will conPravecek, who started playing golf after tinue playing golf in college, but is unsure she picked it up from her older brother, of which college she will attend. has been on the varsity golf team all four With an Individual State Champion years of her Marian career. “It is different from freshman year being the youngest to trophy under her belt, Pravecek will always hold her high school years of Marian’s golf being the captain senior year, but I have team close to her heart. “The most enimproved my golf game a lot,” Pravecek joyable part of golf is the great friendship said. bonds that grew from this season and the The memories of four years filled with good memories of going to tournaments,” numerous golf balls, golf carts, putters, Pravecek said. and Coach Jim Miller’s humor will last

Freshmen: Taking cross country by storm in their first year Continued from page 1 “The first week of practice my mom wanted me to ‘just do it’! She woke me up before that first 6 a.m. practice and off I went,” Banark said. Hingorani and Herrera couldn’t even run the first practice since they didn’t have their sports physical form turned in. That awkward practice would later turn into a strong bond for these two excellent runners. Fast forward to cross country season 2012. Before meets, the girls all stretch and then pray as a team as they line up for the start of the race. “We sometimes listen to music, but we pretty much all get each other pumped up,” Banark said. Although the team consists of 75 girls, a rather large team, the teammates are still close. “Coming into the season, I knew it was gonna be super competitive, so I was surprised at how nice everybody was,” Banark said. Griffin agreed with her. “There has been nothing but support,” Griffin said. The four agreed that the season was fun, but the workouts were certainly not easy. “I actually thought I was going to die the first time I ran the 5-mile workout,” Hingorani said. For Herrera, it was the 6-mile workout. “The 6 miles was the hardest, it was scary,” Herrera. Cross country can be tough not just physically, but mentally as well. These superstar freshmen agreed that keeping a positive attitude is extremely difficult

during a workout or a race. “It may be hard, but I just tell myself: don’t give up, don’t let down. Just keep going forward,” Hingorani said. Banark thinks of things a little lighter, cracking a joke. “I say ‘It’s going to [stink], so just run it. The faster you run it, the faster it’s over’,” Banark said. Herrera reassured herself. “It will be over before you know it,” she said. Whether it is thinking of inspirational quotes, or repeating Spanish vocabulary words in their heads, there is always something mentally getting them through all the running. Some perks come along with the hard work. “Since the season started, we eat like men!” Hingorani and Banark said. “There are also some funny moments, too. I thought the Gensichen twins were the same person for the whole first week of practice. One would be running beside me, and one of them would be behind me. I was so confused how one person could be in two places at once, until I saw them standing next to each other,” Hingorani said. They all agreed that it is sad now that the season is over because they have all gotten so close, and have even made some unlikely friends. “Holly and I probably would not have talked to each other as much because we play on rival soccer teams, so running has really made us close,” Hingorani said.

To Care or Not to Care

Marian athletics in need of dedicated fans

sports columnist emilyjohanek ith 24 hours in a day, 168 hours school (since that is clearly not true). I am only trying to make you realize that one in a week, and 8765 hours in a major way our school spirit and pride is year, how is one to spend this seemingly plentiful number of hours? One shown is through athletics and the fans of suggestion would be to support your hard- our lovely athletes. As with most situations in life, the more working, dedicated classmates and athletes people who attend a game or match, the by attending their sporting events. cooler/more fun and exiting the game will Marian is one of those magical places be. When you are surrounded by your where you are almost required to have friends, you are more rowdy, loud, crazy bundles of school spirit and contagious and generally have more fun. While you craziness. If you have not yet caught the are having the time of your life on the crazy bug, watch out because it will find sidelines, the players will feed off your you and make you just as insane as the rest energy and channel that into their perforof us. The crazier you are, the more people mance. will secretly be jealous of your awesomeThe best example is the gnimocemoh ness. volleyball game, teachers vs. students. The The little green monster named jealousentire student body went insane with exly can sometimes be a very rewarding concitement and school spirit which allowed cept. For example, a couple of years ago at the students to achieve a decisive victory. state volleyball someone dressed up like Being a fan is not only about showing a banana and we sang the Gwen Stefani’s school spirit and going crazy, but also B-A-N-A-N-A-S. You better believe that about supporting the players. Athletes are everyone in the gym was full of jealousy real people too, while we had and they like to the time of our feel appreciated lives dancing and be remindwith a girl ed that we care wearing a about all their banana suit. hard work. The purUpperclasspose of my man have a little anecdote special responsiis to hopebility as the top fully inspire of the school to you to think lead by example. creatively on They must show how to make the underclassother schools The Spirit of Screaming and Dancing. The man what a stujealous of our Class of 2014 shows school spirit during dent section is all school spirit. I the Teacher vs. Student Volleyball game on about at Marian don’t mean to Tuesday, Oct. 16. The entire student body be harsh, but in came together in the West Gym for an after- and how the crazier you are, the some areas of noon full of screaming, dancing, and supmore people will port for their fellow classmates and favorite our athletics, we teachers. respect you(If tend to be lackphoto by poornaramasubramanian you have not ing in spirit. experienced this From type of crazy yet, then you may not fully personal experience, I know certain understand my reasonings. Be patient. sports receive more attention than others Your day will come). even though all athletes work equally to Even if you cannot attend a game, you compete to the best of their ability. This can always ask that volleyball player who is nothing new. It happens in the “real” sits next to you in math class how her world with the NFL, NBA, and all those game was. Showing that you care, even if other superstar athletes overshadowing the you may not, can make all the difference other sports. in an athlete’s performance on the court, What has recently caught my attention field, course, or lane. is the poor attendance to even the most The next time you have too much popular sports. I apologize for comparing homework, only slept two hours the night us to that boys school south on 72nd Ave, before, need to eat, or Twitter is calling but at almost every home game they have your name, think about what you will an overflowing “Bird Cage.” Why can’t the do after you sort through your excuses. Marian Crusaders build their own “CruSpread your love even if you don’t know sader Cage” or maybe even a “Crusader anyone on the team. Supporting Marian Crib” or “Shield Shack?” We need dedicatathletics should hopefully cross your mind ed fans to make these ideas possible. next time you have a few hours to spare. I want to be clear that I am not saying we have less school spirit than that boys


The four freshmen finished the season at the state championship on Oct. 19 in Kearney, Nebraska. As a team, Marian placed sixth. These four athletes are looking forward to striding back into cross country in the years to come.

Fab Freshmen. Freshmen Sofia Hingorani, Julia Griffin, and Bella Herrera warm up for the District race at Papillion-LaVista South High School on Oct. 11. These freshmen held spots on Varstiy all season long. They continued to improve their speed and grow in friendship. photo by emilyjohanek

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Athletic Senior Nights: Recognizing the Final Farewell Volleyball Softball

Payton Horacek Theresa Kennelly

Annie Wolfe

“My five seniors have been amazing leaders with all their own attributes. They were wonderful role models for the young players.” Varsity Volleyball Coach Rochelle Rohfls

Cross Country

Lindsay Bolamparti

Megan Dennis

Emily Ford

Megan Han Anna Hautzinger

Hayley Higgins Emily Johanek Anna Mandel Allison McLeay Erin McQuillan Courtney Neneman Abby Peters Micheala Smith Alexis Vinton “The seniors this year were excellent leaders, both in practice and at meets. They were great examples of how giving 100 percent helps you to achieve your full potential. We will miss them next year, but we know they will represent Marian well wherever they attend college.” Cross Country Coach Roger Wright

photo by mariacorpuz

Maggie Heim

photos by anniecoder

Lexi Elman

Cassidy Gilbride and Nicole Liske with their families “Nicole was great senior leader for us and came through when we needed that big hit at the plate or catch in the outfield. Cassidy improved so much this season and became a dependable, big hitter for us.” Alum Softball Coach Molly Feichtinger


Kristin Nietzel Sydney Pelster Ally Pietrok Sarah Pravacek Michelle Tsatsos “All of the seniors have unique strengths that added something to strengthen the team. The three on Varsity were exceptional leaders. Sarah lead by example of hard work.Ally P. was more vocal in her leadership and Michelle was the one who kept the team loose and confident. Sydney and Kristin made a great impression on the younger golfers by showing determination and team spirit at every practice.” Golf Coach Jim Miller

Dance Team Performance: Kicking Off the New Season Sarah Berger Bizzy Boulay Anna Forbes Hayley Higgins Annie Kaefer Maggie Nebbia

Kyrie Killen Morgan Tooley

Morgan Mathies Annie Skradski

photo by mariacorpuz

“If I had to sum up the leadership skills the senior dance team members are portraying, I would say they take initiative to get the job done, have a positive influence on the team, are always in control, and continue to guide the team to be the best they can be!” Dance Team Coach Michelle Delisi

The Infamous Kickline. Varsity and Junior Varsity members dance at their first public performance of the season at the Burke Stadium during Creighton Prep’s homecoming football game. Senior dance team captains Sarah Berger, Kyrie Killen and Morgan Tooley choreographed the performance on Oct. 4.

Athletic Trainer in Training


with whatever she needs to be accomplished at that time. “We usually get ice for the athletes, wrap the ice bags, and practice wrapping ankles,” Salerno said. Brusnahan said she is extremely grateful for everything the student athletic trainers do. “I couldn’t do what I do well without the assistance of the students,” Brusnahan said. “They help me in every aspect of athletic training.” After partaking in this program, Salerno is happy that she went through with it. “Athletic training has really given me an inside look in sports medicine and has sparked my interest to consider it as a future career,” Salerno said.

photo by haleysynder

haleysnyder ave you ever noticed familiar faces in the training room helping out Marian’s athletic trainer, Melissa Brusnahan, with athletes and injuries? Those dedicated girls are undergoing athletic training at Marian to improve their knowledge in the field of sports medicine. Junior Jill Salerno became interested in student athletic training when she was unable to run cross country this year due to an injury. “It was a chance to get involved in sports without actually participating,” Salerno said. Every Thursday and Friday after school, Salerno assists Brusnahan

Trainer in Training. Athletic Trainer Mrs. Melissa Brusnahan instructs junior Jill Salerno on the proper ankle taping technique for senior Lexi Elman at volleyball practice on Oct. 29. Junior Morgan Sullivan sits in the background heating her back for other physical therapy.

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Fall Family Recipes

sarahreynolds & laurentussey

Slices of the Season

sydneyrhoades & alexisvinton

laurentussey & sarahreynolds The Kellner Family’s

Fall is the perfect season for almost anything- including pie! We sampled some of the best pie in Omaha and put together this little pie guide. Enjoy!

Peanut Butter Popcorn

pumpkin pies

6 cups of popcorn 1/2 cup of sugar 1/2 cup of light corn syrup 1/2 cup of peanut butter 1/2 tsp. of vanilla

Location: Farmhouse Cafe, 3461 S. 84th Street Pros: Had a great blend of spices and a good crust Cons: the pie itself looked unappetizing Price: $3.99

Pop your favorite kind of popcorn and lightly salt. In saucepan, cook sugar and syrup over medium heat just until rolling boil for 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat. Stir in peanut butter and vanilla. Pour over popcorn. Store in airtight container.

Location: Wheatfields, 103rd and Pacific Pros: Strong pumpkin flavor, fluffy Cons: Very dry crust Price: $3.99

*Optional: Add peanuts, M&Ms, or candy corn to enhance this delicious snack!

Recipe courtesy of senior Miranda Kellner Location: Village Inn, 7837 Dodge Street Pros: Moist crust Cons: Very average, nothing special about this pie Price: $2.69

The Keyser Family’s

“German Pancakes” 1/2 c flour 1/2 c milk 1 egg 1 Tbsp sugar Add a few drops of vanilla and a few shakes of cinnamon to batter and mix. Heat a frying pan (to medium heat) on a stove top. Next, pour a Tbsp of vegetable oil into the skillet and ladle some of the batter onto the pan. Cook until golden brown on each side. Roll up pancakes with jam, sour cream, or fruit, and top with syrup, chocolate sauce, or powdered sugar. Each person's serving makes about 2 pancakes.

strawberry rhubarb pies Location: Summer Kitchen Cafe, 12010 Giles Rd Pros: Presentation- pie looked nice Cons: Tart, not enough rhubarb, bland crust Price: $3.73

Recipe courtesy of freshman Megan Keyser

Location: Village Inn, 7837 Dodge Street Pros: Sweet filling and pie crust Cons: Pie fell apart, crust was dry Price: $2.59

Learn the Newest Dance Craze: Gangnam Style with junior Paige Searl



Feet. Alternate stepping with your right and left foot, using the same foot twice on every third step. To help keep track, think: right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, etc.


Holding the reins. With both hands out in front of you, move your arms up and down like you’re holding the reins of a horse. Your legs should be completing step 1 while you do this.


While you’re trying to learn, scan this QR code with your smart phone to watch The Network staff Gangnam Style!

When doing Gangnam Style, envision yourself riding a horse. Be sure to keep your face serious, no matter how giddy this dance may make you. Begin these moves when PSY sings “Opan Gangnam Style!”

Lasso. Continuing the steps, keep your left hand where it is and bring your right arm up and make a circular motion with it. It should look like you’re lassoing something.

“Heyyyy.” During the next part of the song, put your hands on your hips and quickly take tiny sideways steps, moving to the right. Repeat step 2 when you get there. Take the same types of steps to the left to get you back to where you started, and do step 3 when your get there. graphic by annapope & meganwoodruff

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Behind the Scenes of the Marian Moms Frenzy gabbymaenner


graphic by annapope

Hairdo How-To: Sockbun

ll students, faculty, and staff have experienced the meet socially after some of the lunches, too,” Gross said. craze. They’ve both watched and participated in The seven chairs arrive at Marian at 9:45 a.m. on the the mad dash to the cafeteria while teachers yell, lunch days and the rest of the volunteers arrive between “Walk!” from their classrooms. But they’ve also been well- 10 a.m. and lunchtime. “Of course, we are ladies, and we trained. Most people know that in order to get the best love the socializing aspect as much as wanting to help desserts without having to wait in line for 20 minutes, it offer a fun lunch experience for the girls,” Gross said. The is necessary to move quickly. Marian Moms salad lunches last of the moms leave by 1:45 p.m. after cleaning up and are a highly valued tradition that Marian girls look taking inventory for the next lunch. forward to every month. The moms who don’t volunteer to work the lunches Dawn Gross, mother of senior Alexa Gross, is the chair still help by signing up to donate food to keep them of Marian Moms. She became a co-chair last year and running. “The moms can volunteer to bring food and/ learned the ropes in order to become the chair this year. or volunteer to work each lunch by signing up through There are seven chairs in total who work hard to make the It really helps organize the signdelicious Marian Mom salad lunches so anxiously waited up process,” Gross said. Some moms send their donated for. Kathy Sullivan (mother of junior Sarah Sullivan), baked goods and fresh fruit with their daughters the Eva Winkeler (mother of sophomore Anna Marie mornings of the lunches, which are dropped off in the Winkeler), Keery Wolf (mother of juniors Amanda and cafeteria and organized later by other mom volunteers. Sydney Wolf), Kim Neppl (mother of sophomore Maddi “The moms bring desserts, fruit, vegetables, lemonade, Neppl), Dorothy Haywood (mother of sophomore Tara chips, hot dogs, and buns. Looking at the number of Harrington), and Sandi O’Connell (mother of sophomore items brought in each lunch, I would estimate there are Kelsey O’Connell) are the other six co-chairs who help more moms donating food than working each lunch,” Gross. “It is my way of giving to Gross said. However, some moms Marian. Marian has been such a choose to do both! great experience for my daughter, First time volunteer Monica it is the least I can do,” Winkeler London was glad to become a part said. of such an exciting custom at Marian Approximately 20-25 moms when her daughter, freshman Cecilia volunteer to help out at each London, came to Marian this year. lunch, as well as a few dads. “The Marian Moms are a well-oiled “Last year we increased the line machine that solely exists to brighten to accommodate four taco salad the hearts and fill the stomachs of lines in order to move you girls our Marian girls,” London said. through faster and that takes London’s initial experience of as many moms as we can get!” working the busy and crazy salad Gross said. On average, 450-500 lunches was on Oct. 4. “I felt a little Topping Off the Salad. meals are served at each lunch. like I was a wrench thrown into Three volunteer moms prepare At $3 a meal, this coveted Marian the works since I didn’t know the plates and stack them to make tradition brings in about $1,400 routine, but the seasoned veteran more space. Approximately 20-25 each time. “Most of the lunches moms quickly found me a job and moms/dads volunteer to help out are paid for with pre-purchased showed me the ropes!” London said. at each lunch. punch cards, but there are usually She was amazed at how many girls about 125 girls who pay in cash lined up for lunch, and even got to each lunch. I would venture to also say some of the cash witness some Australian students from the International brought in is for extra desserts and breadsticks purchased Servite Student Network program experience their first á la carte!” Gross said. Marian Moms. “I got a kick out of how the exchange “We meet in early August to get ready for the student kids were a little perplexed by the whole taco upcoming school year. We also take the opportunity to salad concept.  One of the Australian girls even came


Begin sockbun with a simple ponytail, either high or low depending on your preference.

How To Study at Marian


Next, cut the toe off the sock and roll it into a doughnutshaped figure.

Smiles All Around. Marian Mom’s Head Chair Dawn Gross prepares meat to go on top of the salad lunches on Thursday, Oct. 4. The lunches bring in about $1,400 each time. back up to get one after trying her friend’s taco salad and deciding she liked it and wanted to get one for herself to eat,” London said. Whether or not you love Marian Moms or prefer your usual peanut butter and jelly, one thing all Marian girls can all agree on is the love and excitement these moms have for their daughters. They put together amazing salads, breadsticks, deserts, and lemonade all for only $3 a meal. They dress up in sombreros, hire mariachi bands for our entertainment, and they dance around all in the hopes of embarrassing their daughters. Marian wouldn’t have such a special experience at lunch without these moms. “My favorite part of volunteering at Marian Mom’s lunch is seeing all your beautiful, happy faces as you come up to receive a little taco salad nirvana and revisiting the cafeteria that has not changed much since I went to school at Marian back in the 80’s. I really enjoyed my first time as a Marian Mom lunch volunteer and meeting and working with all the amazing women who dedicate themselves to bringing a little sunshine and good eats to your day,” London said. “I cannot rave enough about the help the custodians Kevin Adcock and Shane Beck and daily lunch staffer Tim Eoriatti give us. They are great!” Gross said. Some of Marian girls’ favorite memories from school have come out of Marian Moms and many will never forget how exciting these lunches are to Marian girls. photos by gabbymaenner


Take the sock and begin rolling your hair through beginning at the top of your ponytail.

cartoon courtesy of the Marian Anime Club


After rolling completely, tuck loose hairs into ponytail holder. Use bobby pins to stabilize if necessary.

ite ~ Opposites ~ Nerds ~ Fashion Disaster ~ Blue and White ~ Opposites ~ Nerds ~ ABSOLUTELY 80s ~ Fashion Disaster ~ Blue

ster ~ Blue and Wh

and White ~ Opp


osites ~ Nerds ~ ABSOLUTELY 80s ~ Fashion Disaster ~ Blue and White ~ Opposites ~ Nerds ~ ABSOLUTELY 80s ~ Fashion Disa

Fired Up! Members of the senior class show their spirit during the Student vs. Teacher Volleyball game on Oct.16. The students came out with the win against the teachers for the second time in school history. Dancing Queen. Senior Sarah Pravecek celebrates the victory of being crowned Gnimocemoh Neeuq by senior class officer Megan Han on Oct. 20. Senior Royalties Laura Atherton and Abby Lewandowski cheer on Pravecek on her win. Senior class officers and Student Board sponsored Gnimocemoh Week. “When I found out that I was Gnimocemoh Neeuq, I said, ‘Is this real?’ I was so ecstatic and had no words. I just want to thank everyone who voted for me because it means a lot,” Pravecek said. Pravecek was crowned at Marian during the dance.

Royalty Jubilee. Sophomore Mary Hilton runs through the spirit tunnel during the Student vs. Teacher Volleyball game. Hilton was voted by her fellow classmates for Gnimocemoh royalty. Sophomores Tara Harrington and Summer Baldwin were also elected by their classmates for Gnimocemoh Royalty. Freshmen Gnimocemoh royalty included Julia Griffin, Madeline Kirchofer and Tai Woodard. Junior Gnimocemoh royalty included Sloan Nelson, Roni Perez and Maria Mathey. It’s a Nerd’s Life. Freshman Molly Miller tries to stuff freshman Morgan Stessman into a locker (with Stessman’s permission) on Oct. 18 for Nerd Day. Students wore things such as: glasses, suspenders, sweaters, plaid shirts, retainers and sweater vests. Far right: Oink Oink! Juniors Morgan Lubeck and Sydney Ferrara dress up on Oct. 17 for Opposite Day. Lubeck is in a pig costume and Ferrara is dressed as a doctor. Together they are the swine flu. Students dressed up throughout the week leading up to Gnimocemoh. Other pairs were: black and white, Joker and Batman, Harry Potter and Voldemort, and Titanic and the iceberg. photos by mariacorpuz & gabbymaenner The Network [ October ]

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