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MARIANAPOLIS FUND The Marianapolis Fund (MFund) enriches all areas of school life. Marianapolis relies on MFund contributions from alumni, parents, and the entire School community to help advance the mission of providing a transformative educational experience for the students. Without your continued support, providing the programs and opportunities that help make Marianapolis a special place would not be possible. Every gift is an important contribution to the life of MPrep and directly impacts the students.

“My team created a product, supported it with a business plan, and then conducted a sales presentation to pitch the product to our teachers. Through the Centers Of Excellence, I’ve learned about the logistics behind taking an idea and moving it through various stages of development - from production through marketing and sales strategies.” - Michael Acquaah-Harrison ‘20

“Campus Ministry at MPrep fostered my passion for helping those in need. I have assisted in leading similar community service groups at Providence College because of my preparation and experiences at Marianapolis.” - Emily Teixeira ‘14

“I’ve always had a love for taking things apart and putting them back together, and really making something out of nothing. Robotics gives me the opportunity to create a robot out of a bunch of pieces. I’ve also learned how to use coding in order to tell the robot what we want it to do.” - Alyssa Harvey ‘18

“Swimming at Marianapolis has strengthened me physically and mentally. I’ve learned that mind and body need to be in sync to win races. Another plus is that my biggest time competitor on the team has also become one of my best friends. We push each other to swim harder.” - Myles Wagner ‘18


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Marianapolis Fund  
Marianapolis Fund