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RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY INSURANCE PROGRAM Welcome to Arcana Insurance Services, LP; the preferred Property & Casualty Insurance provider for National REIA. Our programs are designed to provide you with a substantial advantage over your competitors, keep you in compliance with regulators and enhance your profitability via an innovative delivery system that allows you to be in control! Get full details at

KEEP YOUR CASH UP FRONT Keep more cash in your pocket and take advantage of monthly premium payment plans for no additional fee! So, instead of paying a bulk annual amount up front, you can budget your cash in a manner that makes sense for your business. Monthly Premium Payment Plans





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RE Investment News Grow Your Business



Mailing Address: 6709 W 119th #332 Overland Park, KS 66209 Phone: 913-815-0111 Web: Web: Email: Views and advertising expressed in the RE Investment News are not necessarily endorsed by Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors.

The information contained within

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Business Member Options BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP

 Phone (this is the main one that shows)

Business Memberships are $499 Annually or $135 Quarterly and include a listing in our Business Directory at and, a listing in our Friday digital newsletter and a listing in our Monthly Print Newsletter. Here are other options to help grow your business.

 Cell Phone (this one only shows if they click)

There are many ways that the Business Associate can get their business in front of all the MAREI members and this article will take a look at a few of the options.

 LinkedIn

BUSINESS LISTING Be sure to visit and click on Business Directory. Look up the listing for your company and double check some items: 1. Is everything correct. 2. Is the listing in the right category (ies) 3. Do we have the right logos or photos We have several sections on business listings that we can fill in.

 Fax  Email  Twitter  Facebook  Excerpt: Short Blurb About You  Logo or a photo—Ideally square.

PRINTED NEWSLETTER We print one newsletter a month that goes out to our entire email list and on social media several times. We are working hard to build views by sending a couple of times and posting feature articles that link back to the newsletter. At the back of this newsletter is a business directory where we list our business associates. Each entry includes the following: 

Category to List

Company Name to Use


 Main Contact

Phone Number

 Website

Advertising in Printed Newsletter

 Company Name  A Text Section for your ad or video or nothing . . Some want info here some do not.

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Grow Your Business

We also feature advertisements in the newsletter. The entire newsletter is color in its digital form and in the printed version, only the outside cover is color. Costs for Business Associates to place an advertisement are as follows.  Full Page Inside Cover (Color): $150  Full Page Inside Back Cover (Color): $125  Full Page Interior (Black & White): $100  Half Page Ad Interior: $75

MEMBER BENEFIT MAGAZINE We also send out a digital copy of the Member Benefits Magazine to every new and renewing member. We update the business directory in this annual document every few months. It is also available for download in the member library and in For Business Members that offer a discount for members, we would love to include a full or 1/2 page ad about your company and the discount and details on how to obtain the discount as a member.

Media featuring a different business associate. We would love for our Business Associates to share with us, what they would like included.  Services & Member Discounts  A Give Away item that is featured on the Business Associate Website: for example has a e-book that they offer as a way to capture contact information.  An action shot of the Business Associate doing something in the industry or a professional photo, which ever works best..  Business Logo and link to the Business Associates website that may be the main page or possibly a landing page just for MAREI members. Share Your Knowledge For our members that have a lot of knowledge to share in our industry we would love to feature educational articles on the MAREI Blog and to flow through to the MAREI Social Media.

Please get with to share details of your discount.

We are looking for well thought out, information articles, quick tip videos, how to videos, case studies, or other real estate investing or small business education.



We have several opportunities for Business Members to showcase their knowledge and expertise as well as for us to showcase what they have to offer.

This is our digital newsletter that comes out once a week on Fridays. In it we feature up coming events, member properties posted on the website, MAREI blog posts and articles, stories, videos from the industry. We are looking for local experts that host their own blog or You Tube or other online digest that has a post we can feature in our weekly e-update as well as our social media.

Every blog post shows up on the website, and is also shared to our Facebook Page, our LinkedIn Page, our Twitter Feed and our Google Plus Page.

Business Associate Spotlight: We are

working to create a series of posts that come out once per week on the MAREI Blog and Social

VENDOR TABLES We host our Business Associates at each and every meeting from 6 pm to 7 pm. This is an opportunity for our business members to talk to people and share their products and services. There is a fee for this and Business Members can prepay $150 for 3 months of premeeting tables. This past year we tested out a back door entry into the meeting room with vendors down the hallway, that didn’t work so well, people by passed the vendors. So we are going back to the main entry and limiting our Vendor Tables to 10 tables. We will send out an email to all Business Members the Tuesday a week prior to the meeting and reserve tables first come first served and if you can’t get a table for that month, you get the first table the following

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month. There are a lot of opportunities for you to connect with people as a Vendor: 

Hosting the table, so be sure to come prepared with business cards and brochures.

A large Stand Up Banner behind your table or a smaller one on your table is always helpful. You might check with our Office Depot Max Discounts and our Build a Sign Discounts to find the best price.

Social Media: Take a photo of your booth or people at your booth or the booths around you and post to social media and tag the people and the businesses in the photo as well as MAREI. This is a great way to get your business in front of others via social media.

Give Away: Have some item that you might be offering as a give away. Collect business cards and draw the next morning. Take a photo of the item and announce the winner on social media, tagging the winner and MAREI and getting your business and photo in front of the 3800 followers MAREI has on Facebook.

GUEST HOST We are doing away with having all the vendors speak 1 minute at the beginning of the meeting to give us more time to feature a bit more education. So rather than 10 to 15 one minute pitches, we hope to offer an educational piece from one person that is about 10 to 15 minutes long.

Looking for topics and education such as a case study on how a recent investor deal you assisted with worked, great for our lenders. For our contractors we would love to teach members what they are looking for when deciding a roof is bad, or a window needs replaced or if a furnace or air may need replaced or repaired. We would love some tenant screening or other tips from our property managers and market updates or negotiation tips from our real estate agents. Wholesalers, we would love case studies or marketing ideas. Marketing or Networking Tips. You get the idea, something educational that the guest host could cover in about 10 to 15 minutes. Right now this is a FREE feature for our business members and invited hosts, but it may grow to have a fee.

ALL STAR MEETING At the July MAREI meeting we partner with our Vendor Members to raise money for Harvesters Community Food Network through vendor booth fees, door fees at our Annual Trade Show. Please mark your calendar for Tuesday July 9th this year and we would like to form a committee of Vendor Members to coordinate and make this the biggest and best All Star Trade Show Ever. We see a lot of one time guests at this event who come to meet all the vendors.

SPEED NETWORKING At the December MAREI meeting, all vendors have the chance to help MAREI collect Toys for Tots, get their photo posted, liked and tagged across social media and to talk to a ton of people We suggest getting creative with your Speed Networking to make yourself and your pitch memorable.

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Grow Your Business

Speed Networking 2017

SPEED NETWORKING Because its all about who knows you! Speed networking is a fast-paced and structured event facilitating participants connecting with others. Typical connections are a series of brief one-on-one information exchanges. Taking its cue from speed dating, speed networking is an event where individuals are allowed a very brief amount of time to meet a number of prospective dates, one at a time and then choose who they would like to share their contact information and potentially lead to a date. Speed networking is the business version of speed dating. However, in the business version, the participants readily share contact information with each other and decide themselves who they will follow up with. Providing a lot of exposure to a lot of people in a short amount of time, speed networking is a way

to let others know who you are and what you are seeking: for example new customers, potential buyers for your list, potential private lenders, a contractor or a mentor. Real Estate Investor groups often offer events where buyers and sellers, borrowers and lenders, customers and service providers, and even folks looking for mentors or jobs in the industry can meet each other. Here at Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors, the Speed Networking event is in December and is a part of our annual toy collection for Toys for Tots.

Format Moves Briskly The typical format for speed networking is called a round robin. The timekeeper will usually blow a whistle to indicate the beginning and end of each round. In each round, one person will introduce themselves and their

purpose for being there, share their business card or brochure. Often there might be a question or two and then at the halfway point, the other person takes over, introducing themselves and repeating the process. After both people in the pair have their turn, the whistle will sound and you will move to the next pairing. Over the course of about 90 minutes, the group continues to change partners and meet individuals one at a time. Then at the end of the speed networking rounds, the open networking begins giving those who want to connect more with one or two people to connect right then and there or talk to individuals that may not have crossed paths And some head home right after the speed rounds and follow up later in the week. Just remember that follow up is the

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key. Some variations of speed networking include meeting with a succession of small groups of individuals throughout the event. Upon arrival, pre-registered participants are assigned a sequence of groups or tables to follow during the event, ensuring that they are always meeting new people in each group. Another variation matches people up ahead of time based on their purpose for attending the speed networking event. However, at Speed Networking 2018, MAREI will just be doing a standard rotation.

Preparation for Speed Networking

Time is short, so having a 60second statement that you have practiced is key. Be sure to include your name, title or occupation, and what you are looking for, such as information, leads, a job or mentoring. Some people like speed networking because you get right to the point and there is no time for small talk. Not prepared or new, then just learn about the other person.

Be sure to bring about 50 business cards and a way to keep them organized. If you don’t have business cards, you can get a few for free from or print up a few just for the event.

Assemble brochures, lender packages, case studies or other types of handout, if applicable.

Bring a pen, notepad, and your appointment calendar with you.

Usually, the attire is either business or business casual. At MAREI it is that or Christmas casual.

Remember that you have a few seconds to make a positive first impression.

First of all, have fun. The fast pace of this kind of event contributes to a high level of energy in the room. Usually, 2-3 minutes are allowed for each round; the leader will inform the group about the time frame. As you meet each person, shake hands and exchange names and business cards. A good practice to keep organized is to have a shirt or jacket with a pocket and have one pocket for your cards and the other pocket for cards you receive. And often a small bag that might go over your shoulder is helpful for brochures and flyers you might give or receive. Be extremely aware of the time factor so the second person doesn’t get their time cut short. Talking too long in a situation like this is highly insensitive and damages your first impression. Take notes on the back of your partner’s business card. This may include notes on how they look or what they are wearing to help you

remember them.

Suggest a next step, if appropriate. Talking more at the meeting after the meeting or planning how to follow up the next day can be helpful.

Above all, respect the process. At the signal, end your conversation immediately and move, or allow the other person to move, to the next person. You can always continue conversations later.

Items You Might Not Think About

Seats are changed every 2 or 3 minutes so having a lot of stuff to carry can be difficult. So be sure to hang up your coat and leave any purses or computer bags at home or in the car.

This is thirsty work. You will be talking, A LOT, and talking over 50 to 60 other people. And keeping track of a little glass of water the hotel provides can be tough. We suggest bringing a refillable water bottle with you with room temperature water and pos-

During the Event

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Grow Your Business

sibly a bit of citrus or honey to help sooth.

your business in 2019.

We tell you to have business cards, brochures, a pen, and a notepad, to collect business cards and brochures from others and also a bottle of water. That’s a lot to keep in place. We suggest a small over the shoulder bag or basket

Certainly, one of the goals of speed networking is to meet new individuals who can directly be of help to you. But your goal shouldn’t stop there. Each person you meet has a network of individuals they know, and it may be one of those persons who will be a good match for you. By meeting individuals during the course of a speed networking event, you potentially “plug in” to the people they know, greatly extending your ability to connect with individuals related to your goals.

After the Event After the speed networking event, review the business cards of the individuals you met and scan or enter the information into the contact database software you may use. We suggest sending a follow-up email within 24 to 48 hours to everyone you want to follow up with. And as it takes 8 to 10 contacts to remember someone, you might further follow up with a friending on social media, a phone call to ask a question or refer business, and possibly coming to the next MAREI meeting to connect again. Remember not everyone has what you need or needs what you have right at the time of the event. Its all about building relationships to grow


By sharing what you need with everyone or potentially what you offer with everyone, there are 40 to 50 more people who might know someone who has what you need or wants what you have to offer. By connecting with these people, you may be able to refer business to each other if you don’t do business directly. To be effective at your business, manage your company and find new opportunities, it’s not just what you know and what you can do, but also as Jerry Ratway from Weber Flooring &

Joe’s Carpet tells us at every meeting, who you know and who knows you. Speed networking can be another tool in your professional toolkit to contribute to your success.

I Can’t Do That Every year we have 2 or 3 people who show up expecting a meeting with a presenter and are horrified that we are asking them to talk to people. They often decide they will partner with their spouse and let the spouse do all the talking while they keep all the stuff organized. Ten times out of ten our shy person pushes the spouse out of the way by about the 3rd round as they are not doing it right and saying the right thing.

I Might be Late or Leave Early Every effort is taken to rotate our latecomers into the networking. We have never had to have anyone sit out for more than 5 minutes, so join us even if you might be a few minutes late.

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Grow Your Business

For Members of MAREI

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The Ar t of the Deal What Successful Investors Master! Do you ever wonder why some investors do a lot of deals and other investors can’t seem to find even one deal? I have wondered this for a few years. So I started looking for the key differences in what makes a successful investor. What I observed came down to one thing. Communication!!! Twenty years ago, I became a real estate investor. I had a job, a wife and a baby on the way. I had a decision to make. Work for the rest of my life or do something to change it. I made a commitment then and there that I was going to become a real estate investor. I was going to take action and I wasn’t going to let anyone or anything stop me. Twenty years later, I have a life I would never have dreamed of and you can too!! Did you know that 90% of the worlds millionaires made most of their money in real estate? So you want to live the life of a millionaire, you have to invest in real estate. But, you have to invest

Page 12

the right way in real estate. The buy and hold way!!! In the beginning years of my investing, I did it all. Rehabs, short-sales, apartments, houses, wholesaling. Here is what I quickly realized. The only way I was going to get out of a job, was to hold onto the properties that I was buying. When I was doing rehabs and wholesales, I realized that this type of investing was really just creating another job. Once I sold the house, I had to do it all over again to get paid again. I didn’t want another job. I wanted free time. You see we all say we want to be millionaires, but the reality of it is we just want the free time that a million dollars can provide. This business is not about money, it’s about time freedom. Over the years, I began to see what worked and what didn’t. That’s when I figured out there were really only 4 important action items. Forget everything else. If you master these 4 things, you will be successful.

Leads - Not just any lead, a focused lead. That means a lead that is consistent with your investment goals. A lead that is specifically aligned with your investment strategy. Analyze - Know your numbers inside and out. You have to also realize who is in control of your deal. If you are borrowing money from banks, they are in control of your deal. Do deals creatively and you can take back control. Offers - You have to write offers. You won’t be successful without writing offers. Remember though, words have meaning and can determine whether a seller says yes or no. Negotiate - Language controls everything. If there is one area I would suggest new investors study the most, it is the use of language and how that affects negotiations. These are the four things that all investors need to do on a consistent basis to be successful. In addition to studying the different

Grow Your Business

types of investors, I began to watch closely at the education events they were attending and the subject matter of what the educations were teaching. It was very interesting to me that almost all of the educators taught three (3) of the four (4) items above. Their strategies all had the same three (3) items packaged up. They taught you how to generate leads, how to analyze the deal and how to write up the offers. Curiously, I don’t recall any of them that taught or sold on how to negotiate. As I finalized my observations, it came to me. Everyone focuses on Leads, Analysis and Offers, but only the successful investors focus on Negotiation. It is well documented that the extent of your wealth is in direct correlation to your ability to communicate. It’s why public speaking is the highest paid profession on the planet. What the successful real estate investors realize is that the entire process is negotiation and how they communicate directly relates and reflects on the success of getting deals done. So here are some tips on how to be a Master Communicator:

A) Successful Investors realize that Communication equals Negotiation and this starts from the very beginning. From the time a lead is generated, a relationship is started by taking that initial phone call. The words and phrases that are used in the very beginning establish the relationship and greatly affect the outcome. B) Successful Investors develop a real relationship with Sellers and Real Estate Agents. I call this the 7 Touch Approach. In order to develop a relationship or have a rapport with someone, it will take at least 7 touches of communication with them. The more touches you have, the more of a relationship you have, the more deals get done. C) Successful Investors realize their offer begins the negotiation process. Have you ever heard the phrase “make a good first impression”? The successful investors know that their offer is the first impression. One of the things I teach is how to write your offer from a “giving” perspective and not from a “taking” perspective. When writing offers, most investors tell the seller what they want

from them. If your offer uses words and phrases that “take” from the seller, you are starting the negotiation off on the defensive. When someone is taking something from you, your defense mechanisms go up. We write offers from a “giving” perspective. People are much more receptive when you give them something. Hence the negotiation gets off to a better start. If you are not doing deals or as many as you would like, start focusing on your communication skills. Anyone can implement a Leads, Analysis and Offer strategy. However, if you want to separate yourself from the rest of investors, you need to PRACTICE and MASTER the Art of Communication. Join me, Chris McClatchey to learn more about communication, just one part of my LOAN program at my Power of Zero Presentation at the January 8th MAREI Meeting. And if you really want to learn how to structure deals using little to no money down from your Self Directed IRA or Private Lender and Zero Percent Financing from your seller to grow your portfolio, then join me at my all Day Creative Financing Workshop at MAREI on the January 12th.

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Generating Seller Leads Have Several Working Strategies Real Estate Seller Leads are the one item that every real estate investor must master. They are the first step in any real estate investing strategy that requires one to acquire a property. The better the leads the investor generates and the more consistent they are at keeping fresh leads coming in, the better the success the real estate investor will have. For the past year or so, the average home seller could push their property out on a website or list it with a Realtor and have multiple offers in short order. So, having a way to generate not only people who wanted to sell their home but that also had a motivating factor that required them to sell their home quickly was vital to the real estate investor in 2018. The experts tell us that the market is not going to be quite as hot in 2019, which we hope means will make generating seller leads a bit easier. But even if they easier

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to acquire, these leads are not something to waste, you need to know how to negotiate with them to get the deal, and we will be talking about those negotiations at the MAREI events in January with Chris McClatchey. HOW DO WE GET THE SELLER TO CONTACT US? We know that generating the leads are vital, but what are some of the better ways to generate those leads? Do you have three or four good strategies for generating seller leads? If not, take a look at the list below and pick one, implement it and then add a second, or a third. And it is important to note that taking steps to generate the leads rather than hunting the leads can not only be more profitable, it can often be outsourced so someone else does the work day in and day out, so the lead generate gets done despite your potential procrastination and busy schedule.

• Have a Good Converting Website: A good website that is easy for the search engines to find and list in searches is vital in today's real estate. By taking the next step of having great content on that website helps to build your credibility with visitors. And having a good website that entices those leads to leave their contact information, could change your business in 2019. Learn more about good converting websites at where we have several resources as well as discounted pricing on Investor Carrot. (Do a quick search on google to find that out of 10 Investor Buyer Websites on the first page are from Investor Carrot.) • Direct Mail Campaign: A good direct mail campaign will have a good message via postcard or letter to a very specific targeted list. There are quite a few resources for direct mail, but a new one to MAREI, is

Grow Your Business

showing great promise as it provides a way to generate the seller lead list. It also has a tool to clean that list or any list you may have created to make sure you have the most correct mailing address for your lead by checking a forward address and vacant property database. It also has mail pieces you can send right from the system and a way to remove a lead from all lists should they wish to be removed. Take a look at to learn more about the tools they offer and to get MAREI’s discount code.

• Hand Addressed Envelopes: Part of a good direct mail campaign is going to be sending letters and part will be sending postcards. If you are sending letters, having those letters Hand Addressed is key to getting them opened. A good resource for getting your letters hand addressed for you is A3 Marketing. Learn more about them and get a discount code at • Driving For Dollars: This entails driving in an area where you want to purchase looking for rundown properties. When you find one, stop and leave a business card, flyer or letter on the door

and add the address to list. Once you get home, look up the owner of the property and send them a letter, possibly with a photo of their run-down property in case they don’t’ know what it looks like. There is an app in the app store called Deal Machine that is supposed to let you send a postcard from your phone while you are sitting in the driveway.

• Facebooking for Dollars: There are a few courses on how to use Facebook to generate seller leads. One of the easiest is to share blog posts from your website talked about earlier and posting from time to time that you buy houses. But we find really interesting is those houses that we are very much interested in, but our attempts at sending mail to the owner fails. This is where a little online research in finding the right person who is the owner or who might be an heir or family member to the owner and contact them through Facebook or LinkedIn might generate one extra deal a year. • Bandit Signs: You’ve seen them at the side of the road. Little cardboard signs that say I buy houses and includes a phone num-

ber. You can make them out of old cardboard or you can buy them . . . but do be aware, many cities in the metro frown on bandit signs and have huge fines. So rather than the traditional bandit sign, go for a bitter one in the form of a large sign on your car, in the yard of your own home and in the yards of all your properties you purchase. Or go even bigger with billboards.

• Advertising and Reverse Advertising: There are several great places to post ads, the local paper, the penny savers and Craigslist come to mind. You can also take a look at all the for sale by owner ads and for rent by owner ads in these publications, look up the owner and send them an email, a text or a letter with a short message geared to where the lead was found to see if they might have a property to sell you. Other items to consider: estate sales and garage sales. In legal publications look at the ads for probate, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and divorce. Do you have a strategy that is really working for you, we would love to see what’s working for you.

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With MAREI Business Members Save time and money by starting with service providers who already know your business. Who can solve problems as they arise to help you get the deal completed on time and for maximum profit. Accountant

Auction Company


Coleman Accounting Service Bob Coleman 913-787-0308 Rachel Bailey 816-797-6875 Monthly Auction 101 Workshop

Above & Beyond Building Services James Carollo 816-674-6132

Building Supplier

Hearth Masters Fireplace / Masonry Gene Padgitt 816-461-3665

Mid America Tax Planners Ahmad Malik 913-210-4765

Appraisal Ladys Appraisal Service Kathy Allen-Grey 816-678-2794

DeMayo Enterprises Wholesale Cabinets Mark Yanda 913-980-4260


Joe’s Carpet / Weber Flooring Jerry Ratway 913-236-3680

Anderson & Associates Evictions / Collections Julie Anderson 816-931-2207

The Home Depot George Neal 816-461-9583 2% Rebate / 20% Off Paint Details in Member Benefits

Rick Davis Legal Real Estate Law Rick Davis 913-283-8300

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Genesis Home Restorations Mold Remediation Terry Amerine 913-270-0812 HCS Restoration KC, LLC Mike Peace 913-731-6537 NuLook Custom Finishes Cabinet Refinishing Carol Baldwin 913-385-2574

Grow Your Business

Under Pressure Property Services Rehab, Maintenance, & Staging Dallas Kidd 913-274-9555

Insurance Agema Insurance Fred Dickinson 913-543-8116 Arcana Insurance Insurance for Investors NREIA.ArcanaInsurance 877.744.3660

Self Directed IRA Equity Trust Company FREE Training 844-732-9404

Lending Crossroads Investment Lending Hard Money Britton Asbell / Doug Harris 913-800-8226 House Traders Monthly Meeting Flat Branch Home Loans Morgtgage Banker Beth Langston 816-479-5841 x 1148 Geneva Financial Mortgage Loans Charlie Fitzgerald (800) 843-8650

Merchants Mortgage Mushy Money Susan Aubin 303-514-0815 North Oak Investments Hard Money Tommy Nigro 816-249-1001 Revolver Finance Hard Money Jeremy Hanna 316-880-1611 Worcester Financial' Hard Money Taryn Kendrick 816-291-4146

Marketing A3 Marketing Hand Addressed Mail Discount Code KTUCKER18 Constant Contact Email & Social Media Marketing FREE Trial Investor Carrot Investor Websites Free Training & Discounts Pat Live Answering Service Discounts

Investors Choice Funding Hard Money Scott Ficinus 816-668-7223

REIPro Investor Marketing Platform Discount Code 66209PRO

Longhorn Investments Hard Money Mike Minor 913-209-8630

Zoom Video Conferencing

Office Supply Office Depot / Office Max Discount Link & Card in Member Benefits Package Pest Control Stop Bed Bugs Discounts for Members Properties Bridge Turn Key Investments Nathan Brooks 913-276-4114 McKinnis Real Estate Turn Key Provider Nick McKinnis 816-914-2614 KCInvest Investment Properties Scott & Kim & Don Tucker www.KCInvest 913-735-0018 Pride Properties Wholesale Marcus Bray & Matt Bray 913-213-5370 Deal Makers Monthly Meeting Property Manager Home Rental Services Paul Branton 913-627-9543 Lotus Key Homes Loni Louis Bernard 816-838-7368 (Continued on page 18)

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M & M Property Pros Michael & Michele Bellman 816-490-6745

Get Connected:


Visit our website for events, recent newsletters, member properties and our business directory.

Crown Realty Rich Melton 913-215-9004 Visit our Member’s Only site to join, register for events, access benefits and discounts and to post properties.

Realty Resource Scott Tucker 816-284-7844 Show-Me Real Estate Dan Hartman 816-532-6101 Rent Collection National Credit Systems Specializing in Collections Screening Rent Perfect Tenant Screening Plus Heather Johnson 877-922-2547 Discounts Join the online discussion. Post a property, ask a question, share knowledge and expertise. Trash Out 1-800-Got- Junk Trash Pick Up Discounts in Member Benefits 1-800-JunkPro Trash Pick Up & Dumpsters Clint Pringle 816-935-7078

Junk Luggers Eco Friendly Junk Removal Olivia Jones 816-905-2204 Get Listed For as little as $135 a Quarter or $499 annually, join MAREI as a business member. Details at

Servicing Escrow Services Inc. Loan Servicing Nationwide Title Company Accurate Title Company Dave Green 913-338-0100 Alpha Title Mary Kellogg 913-498-8999

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The RE Investment News: December 2018