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Antica Cantina di Canelli presents a

Master Italian Wine Seminar with

Kevin Zraly Join Kevin Zraly for a spirited journey through Piedmont’s province of Asti and town of Canelli. Sample a stellar selection of still and sparkling wines made from international and indigenous grapes. The rich history of Antica Cantina di Canelli will be highlighted along with production methods, provenance and pairing possibilities!

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Barbera d'Asti Superiore Vigna Tre Termini DOCG 

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About Kevin Zraly Kevin Zraly has been described as an exceptional wine educator, a naturally gifted speaker who is both refreshingly humble and candid despite his international acclaim. His passion for wine and his engaging teaching style that demystifies the world of wine to his students have led him to become one of the world’s leading wine educators and bestselling wine authors. He began his career as a waiter and bartender with master chef John Novi at the famed Depuy Canal House in High Falls, New York. In the years that followed, Kevin journeyed to vineyards near and far learning his trade and developing his expertise as a sommelier that prepared him for his later successes. Upon moving to New York City and having a chance meeting with Barbara Kafka and legendary restaurateur Joe Baum in 1976, Kevin became cellar master and eventually wine director for the renowned Windows on the World restaurant atop One World Trade Center. Windows soon became the country’s top grossing restaurant and, with Kevin at the helm of its highly acclaimed wine menu, sold more wine than any restaurant in the world. It was there that he established his Windows on the World Wine School now in its 36th year and still going strong-boasting more than 20,000 graduates ranging from wine novices and aficionados to top chefs and culinary professionals. Kevin was with the Windows on the World from the day the doors opened to September 11, 2001. With his first book, Windows on the World Complete Wine Course published in 1985, Kevin began translating his classes onto the pages of books where his quick wit and capacity to communicate takes the reader through his worldwide journeys from grape to glass. Each year, Kevin updates the book with additional wine recommendations and lessons, and with its 2012 edition, it remains the world’s best selling wine book with more than 3 million copies sold to date. He is the author of the first book that covers wine in all 50 U.S. states, Kevin Zraly’s American Wine Guide, and The Ultimate Wine Companion, his latest book, which is a compilation of 40 wine writers covering topics that include decanting, tasting, grapes, pairing food and wine, and winemaking. He has been featured in such publications as The New York Times, People magazine, The Wall Street Journal, GQ magazine, Newsweek and USA Today and has co- hosted the Food Network’s Wine A to Z, captivating his audience with his signature charisma and enthusiasm. Kevin has garnered numerous prestigious awards including the most highly regarded recognition in the field of food and beverage, the James Beard Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award given to him in 2011 for the impact that his body of work has had upon the culinary world. He was also the recipient of the 2006 Wine Literary Award, the 1993 James Beard Foundation Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional Award, the Food and Beverage Association’s Man of the Year Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Wine Educators. He is a member of the Culinary Institute of America’s Board of Trustees since 1990 and director of the Sherry-Lehmann/Kevin Zraly Master Wine Classes in New York City.

About Antica Cantina di Canelli Located in the region of Piedmont, Antica Cantina di Canelli is nestled between the Langhe and Monferrato, an area known the world over for its tradition of winemaking. Antica Cantina di Canelli has been producing the classic wines of Piedmont since 1933. Their ample range of products includes the most prestigious appellation wines of the Asti area, including light, fresh and fruity whites, sweet and dry sparkling wines and world class reds made with grapes harvested from mature vines. CANTINA SOCIALE DI CANELLI SCARL Via Luigi Bosca, 30 14053 Canelli (Asti) Tel: +39.0141.823347 Email:

Imported by: Wine Worldwide, Inc. P.O. Box 1161 New Paltz, NY 12561 Tel: 845-255-2000 Email:

About the Italian Trade Commission The Italian Trade Commission is the Italian government agency entrusted with the development, facilitation and promotion of trade between Italy and other countries in the world. Its mission is to support the internationalization of Italian firms and their consolidation in foreign markets. Through a global network of offices, the Italian Trade Commission is the most authoritative ambassador of Made in Italy excellence in the world. ITALIANMADE.COM is the premiere portal to authentic italian products. A virtual crossroad for trade, press, educators and consumers; fosters education, business, dialogue and debate. Tune into the blog on and track the robust discussion on Italian Food and Wine covering a spectrum of topics from trade news to trending product uses and categories. Join in the conversation and follow Italian Trade Commission trade and consumer activities on twitter and facebook.


Kevin Zraly Spac 2012 Seminar  
Kevin Zraly Spac 2012 Seminar  

Kevin Zraly Spac 2012 Seminar Canelli wine