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mental health training for teachers, and access to mental health services district-wide… What is the board’s role in seeing that the district retains both new and experienced teachers?

Dawn Tacker, Zone 7 candidate.

Laurie McLaughlin of Zone 3 and Jonathan Edmonds of Zone 6 are running unopposed.

enables us to set a level for reserves that is appropriate and data-informed.

spending. Oregon School Boards Association recommends a 5-8 percent reserve, which we have exceeded consistently. I would like to see reserves capped at 8-9 percent, with the excess spent directly on student instruction. I also recommend multi-year financial forecasting…

Martin: There is a balance to be had. Reserves – appropriated and unappropriated – are important to offset unplanned events and revenue shortfalls. At the same time, we need to evaluate the perceived risk of said events and determine if it is appropriate to use a portion of funds to address current needs… Buchholz: Financial reserves are what any responsible family, business or public institution maintains to weather an unexpected financial setback… You never read about large layoffs in the Silver Falls School District. Why? Because we maintain a healthy reserve fund that we add to when the economy is good and tap into to maintain services when the economy struggles. Tacker: We need healthy reserves to weather unpredictable state education

The district has identified 70 to 90 students as homeless and mental health is an issue at the high school. How can the district help support at-risk populations? Allanach: Students who are homeless or struggling emotionally face real barriers to learning. We need to talk openly about these issues, remove the stigma of asking for help, and partner creatively with the community to address the problem. One idea: A community run student center on campus to provide resources and support. Martin: Mental health and homelessness are huge issues that need to be addressed. One way we can help is by building

genuine relationships. All it takes is one adult to care about a child to help them realize there is hope. We need to make sure we are adequately staffed with trained counselors who are aware of support services in our area. I would love to see a food pantry or similar project implemented in our schools to help our vulnerable population… Buchholz: Everyone struggles at some time in their lives. I know I have. I encourage everyone to make an effort now and then to try and have a meaningful relationship with someone struggling or different than they are. Give them opportunities to better and improve themselves. Challenge them and see if they rise to it. You might learn something about yourself, too. Tacker: The district can expand partnerships with community organizations to help provide essential support. Also I would like to expand the number of Student Success Advocates,

Allanach: Retention improves when teachers are appropriately compensated, are treated fairly and respected, enjoy a positive and supportive work environment, and are encouraged to regularly provide their own insights into needed improvements. For departing teachers and administrators, exit interviews are an essential source of information for the board. Martin: Retention of quality educators is important. …I will be available to work with administrators, however deemed appropriate, to make sure we recruit the best possible candidates as well as provide ample training opportunities and support to current staff. I believe in learning from our past and would encourage us to look at why people move on from Silver Falls School District… Buchholz: The Board keeps an eye on who is hired into the district and who leaves. On balance, we have a very experienced group of teachers that stay here longer than other districts in our state. Tacker: Most large employers have a formal process to explore why staff members leave. This reflection includes thorough exit interviews. When we fully understand why teachers leave, we can make Silver Falls an even greater place to teach.

State Rep. Rick Lewis appointed to national public safety committees Rep. Rick Lewis (R-Silverton) Safety Committee develops was appointed by Speaker the NCSL’s state-federal policy of the House Tina Kotek positions on issues ranging (D-Portland), to serve as from civil and criminal justice a member of both the to election reform, homeland National Conference of State security, and immigration, and Legislatures’ (NCSL) Law, serves as the voice of states in Criminal Justice and Public advocating for those policies Rep. Rick Lewis Safety Committee, as well before the federal government. as the Council of State Government’s CSG West’s Public Safety Committee, in (CSG) western regional Public Safety conjunction with the CSG Justice Center, Committee. provides legislators with a forum to The Law, Criminal Justice and Public engage in policy discussions and share

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best practices on regional issues related to public safety and criminal justice, including justice reinvestment, prisoner reentry, mental illness, and crime victims. “I am honored to receive these appointments,” Lewis said. “I look forward to bringing my experience as a U.S. Army veteran, a retired law enforcement officer with nearly 40 years of service (28 years as a Chief of Police), and my service in Iraq in 2005 training the Iraqi police leadership to contribute

as a member of these committees. I am particularly excited to serve in this capacity as it relates to my work as a member of the House Committee on Judiciary and as Vice Chair of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and Emergency Preparedness.” Rep. Lewis’ appointments are for a term of two years. He serves with five other Oregon Legislators on the NCSL committee and three others on the CSG. He is the sole Republican from Oregon serving on either committee.

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Our Town North: May 01, 2019  

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Our Town North: May 01, 2019  

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