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2 • February 2017

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March an exercise in democracy...........4 SHS students attend inauguration........6

The Women’s March on Washington Jan. 21 was ... amazing. Forgive me. It’s an overused word. But I was wide-eyed, open-mouthed, stunned.

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Locals journeyed to Washington D.C. to see President Donald Trump’s inauguration as well as to participate in the Women’s March on the following day. Others marched in Salem and Portland. SUBMITTED PHOTOS; FLAG – SSILVER © 123RF.COM

Oh my, and the faces. Many far older, wiser -- in the midst of that sea -- with walkers, wheelchairs and canes. How brave. How committed! Here a grayhaired daughter next to frail, sharp-eyed octogenarian. There a painfully thin gentleman, a steadying hand on his arm. How could they possibly manage in the swirl? But they were there to be counted. There where strollers and babes. Tykes and preteens hoisted on the shoulders of papas or siblings or... friends. Friendship permeated the day. Women with friends of a lifetime. Streams of people linked hand-in-hand with those they loved -- or those they knew. Strangers sharing kindness and concern.

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Our Town Monthly

There’s a new way of seeing and thinking about issues. More learning to be done. And action, action, too. WE are responsible for creating the America we believe in. – Paula Mabry

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The call and response as we marched went like this: Tell me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like!

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Intersectional? Over the next few hours intersectional took on meaning. From the Women’s March policy platform: Gender justice is racial justice is economic justice. The march was not about one thing OR another. It was about all these things together. The impact of injustice on any individual is magnified or minimized according to their gender, race, and economic security. Of course! And yet for most of my life I’ve seen these as singular issues, to be challenged at different times.

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Our Town

Paula Mabry

One sign, just as we were headed in, gave me pause: If my feminism is not intersectional it is bull- - - -!

I’ve never seen so many people – so many positive and resolute people. So many pink hats. So many pointed, poignant, funny, inspirational, heartfelt, fierce signs.

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What I learned . . .

Thank you for spending time with Our Town. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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February 2017 • 3

Something To Talk About

A display of democracy

Women’s March participants share stories

By Kristine Thomas

human and equal rights.

Christine Chorazy joined the Women’s March in Portland to show her daughters and son that sometimes it is necessary to “go outside your comfort zone to stand up, and try and change something you cannot tolerate.”

“We don’t think that turning the clocks back will ‘Make America Great Again.’ This is why I marched,” she said. Although the weather was rainy and cold in Portland, it didn’t dampen the spirits of several participants who shared they were inspired by the colorful signs, the pink hats, the kindness of fellow marchers and the songs.

Ann Altman traveled to the Women’s March in Washington D.C. to vocalize with others to the new president and his administration that an atmosphere of fear and hatred is not acceptable.

Altman said the most emotional time for her was walking on the street heading to the National Mall where she joined thousands of people of “all descriptions.”

Randi Embree marched in Salem with a friend, and ran into several other friends along the way. She marched because she has a 1-year-old granddaughter. “The words I’ve heard the new president speak and his actions make me afraid for her future,” Embree said. “I grabbed a pink hat and marched because it was the joyful, patriotic thing to do.” On Saturday, Jan. 21, the three Silverton women joined with an estimated 3 million people who marched in 500 U.S. cities and more than 100 cities worldwide. The participants marched to oppose or voice concerns about President Donald Trump’s agenda. Laura Majuri marched in Portland with her 33-year-old daughter. She has friends from Silverton who marched in Washington D.C., Honolulu, Atlanta, Seattle, Tucson,

Silverton resident Ann Altman and her sister, Eileen, attended the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

Salem and San Pacho, Mexico. “To know that we were all part of this historical moment at the same time in different cities was a truly exhilarating feeling of solidarity,” Majuri said. People marched, she said, because they feel an urgency to protect and preserve the accomplishments made in

“It made me both happy and sad,” Altman said of seeing all the participants. “Happy to be among a group of passionate people willing to put themselves out there for their views and sad that this country has gotten to such a place where so many felt that was necessary.” Altman said the march was mostly billed as a stand for women’s rights, but she was there for more than that. Her sign read “Prove us wrong: show respect, tell the truth, lead by example.” “People across the board have been insulted, women particularly, I guess, but certainly immigrants and Muslims also, threatened and lied to,” Altman said. “I think that the marches here, across the country and all over the world made a strong statement that the


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Our Town Monthly

atmosphere of fear and hatred is not acceptable.”

Aylene Geringer said she was enthralled with the diversity of the crowd, their imaginative signs, their civility and “their conviction to be heard and to express their fear of what may happen if people remain silent.”

Dave Duncan of Mount Angel had planned to march until he got bronchitis. He wanted to participate to protect the future of his three young granddaughters. “It has been exciting and enlightening to watch these young ones grow physically and mentally,” Duncan said. “Hopefully, they will become adults in a society of equal rights, equal protection, equal pay, freedom of speech and freedom of choice. They are very bright kids, kids that could really contribute. So I will be taking steps to secure a just society where they can achieve their full potential.” Chorazy marched with her husband to show together they have strength to defend what they believe. She marched for people whose ethnicity is different than hers to let them know she stands with them and wants them to enjoy a good life for their families. She marched for the environment and because she is concerned the current president is “bent on destroying pieces of it.” Marching is one of the many rights Chorazy has and respects as an American, including to “use my voice to demonstrate against a president that doesn’t represent me. I march with hope, that together, as like minded people, the movement will only continue to build momentum.”

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Jennifer Hill of Mount Angel attended the march with her 10-year-old daughter, Sailor. “I went to show my daughter that silence is not an option. That respect is a human right and peaceful marching together gives us unity and a platform to make change happen,” Hill said.

Silverton resident Frances McCarty, 63, crammed into a car with five other women to spend hours in the cold and rain in downtown Portland. She and her friends are concerned about the direction the country is moving.

“Our democracy allows us to stand up for what we feel is important. The basic belief that equality is a right for all citizens despite race, religion, or gender association is not a presidential protest but a fight for fellow citizens,” Hill added. “What an amazing, unforgettable experience for us both.”

“It is not about Democrat versus Republican or whining about losing the election,” McCarty said. “It goes to the question about what we value in our country. I value children, protecting the disabled and elderly, our government providing for our health and safety, all the things that are part of a civilized society.”

Elyse McGowan-Kidd said she felt it was a privilege to march and was thankful to be surrounded by like minded people. Before she even started the march in Salem, she was crying and did so on and off the entire walk.

What brought many of the participants joy and hope was how despite the large crowd size – an estimated 100,000 people in Portland – each march was peaceful. Sharing the participants in Portland’s march were jubilant to be able to express their concerns, McCarty said a functional democracy has opposing views that debate issues and develop different ideas and policies. “However, they start by agreeing on information, data and facts,” she said. “If facts themselves are disputed because they are somehow viewed as liberal or biased, that concerns me.”

The City will provide information here each month on important topics. Upcoming agenda items are subject to change.

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“But the preparation for the march and the continued civil awareness is the real key to what the march means to me. I have learned more, heard more, been corrected more and checked my privilege more than I ever have. I hope it continues.”

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“We cannot gloss over the fact that we had optimal conditions. We were allowed to march peacefully. Without the police in our faces or showing any sort of aggression. Nobody was shouting, nobody was shooting and nobody was arrested,” she said.

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Be Informed, complete details on these topics are located on the City’s website: Have a Voice, attend City meetings: For times

Our Town Monthly


February 2017 • 5

Something To Talk About

United in respect By Kristine Thomas They could easily have been divided by political parties, or political preferences, or by peer groups are at school. Instead the 15 Silverton High School students who spent a week in Washington D.C. touring historical sights and attending the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump were united in celebrating “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and seeing firsthand the history of their country. For many of the students it was their first visit to Washington D.C. While there they met U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon and U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch from Utah; attended a symphony at the Kennedy Center; and visited the Smithsonian American History Museum, Ford’s Theater, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Library of Congress, U.S. Holocaust Museum, and other sights. The highlight of the trip was attending the inauguration. “We didn’t want this trip to be a political trip,” said teacher Kirsten Barnes who teaches history and organized the trip. “Our focus was on the history and celebrating the peaceful transition of power.” A Trump supporter, Jared Johnson agrees the trip was about celebrating the country’s history. He encourages

Silverton High students visit D.C., attend inauguration

those who didn’t support Trump to stop expecting he is going to do “bad things for the country.” Too many people, he added, are focused on the negative. “Nothing good can come out of expecting the new leader to do bad,” he said. Several of the students said it was amazing to see the places they have studied about in U.S. History class and to witness the peaceful changing of power. A fan of the musical Hamilton, Natalie Muller appreciated visiting a city “full of history.” She said she didn’t support Trump for president, however Jessica Lundquist did. “Spending time there helped broaden our views,” Muller said. “During the inauguration, I started crying and Jessica was standing behind me and put her hard on my arm and told me “it’s OK.” I will remember that forever. It proves it doesn’t matter what you believe in, that people will still support you.” What surprised Rosie Riley was when people booed or yelled negative words when Democrat leaders were announced such as Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York. She and her classmates thought regardless of political ideology everyone should be treated respectful at the historical ceremony.

“I was taught that even though you disagree with someone that you should respect their views and what they stand for,” Riley said. Barnes shared how when people in their section at the inauguration started booing, others started clapping louder to drown them out. She noticed how the students paid attention to what was happening and what was being said at the inauguration. A highlight for Taylor Jones was meeting Sen. Wyden. “He shared with us that his goal was to play for the NBA and that didn’t work out,” Jones said. “He said he set out for one thing and ended up in the opposite direction. He told us when one plan fails, that Plan B could be better than the first one.” Barnes said the students enjoyed the jovial exchange between Wyden, a Democrat, and Hatch, a Republican, who were both delighted to see the students and talked with them for about 30 minutes. Lundquist said the inauguration was not what she expected. “The transfer of power in our country is more complex and has more steps than I thought,” she said. “We got to see the origins of our country.” Adam Bischoff added he wasn’t expecting different religious leaders to speak at the inauguration.


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Teacher Kirsten Barnes organized a trip to Washington D.C. for Silverton High students. They were able to attend the inauguration and visit historical sights. The students are standing before the inaugural stage in front of the U.S. Capitol.

“We learn about wars and the numbers of people who died in books, but seeing all those graves leaves you with a deeper meaning,” Snook said. When they were leaving to return to Oregon, Jocelyn Brown said they saw the people who would be participating in the Women’s March in Washington D.C. She said attending the inauguration and seeing the marchers was a representation of what democracy is, people coming together to support what they believe in.

Riley said other people could learn a great deal from their group. “People could learn to come together and respect each other and be friends,” she said.

  

Ashley Kuenzi added regardless if a person is Democrat or Republican, it’s possible to find common ground. “We got to see what we learned in history and we all had an appreciation for the history,” she said.


Kiara Snook said knowing that Barnes has taken students on the trip before made it enjoyable because she knew what to do and where to go. Visiting Arlington National Cemetery was eyeopening, she added.

   Member SIPC

Other students who visited D.C. included Julia Kuenzi, Jacob Metzger, Jennifer Rooper, Emma Roth, Brice Shippen and Zach Zenchenko. The chaperons were Robert Barnes, Michelle Kuenzi, Kurt Metzger and Kevin Zenchenko.

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Love life?

Protect your heart

By Kristine Thomas Lisa Lyver and Jessica Keudell have heard too many stories of women who ignored the warning signs of a heart attack.

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Schedule a visit with your doctor to talk about heart health. Add exercise to your daily routine. Start off the month by walking 15 minutes, 3 times each week. By midmonth, increase your time to 30 minutes, 3 times each week. Increase healthy eating. Cook heart-healthy meals at home at least three times each week. Take steps to quit smoking. Quitting can cut your risk for heart disease and stroke. For more from the CDC, visit For both men and women, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the Center for Disease Control. The five heart attack risk factors are: hypertension or high blood pressure; pre-diabetic or diabetic; smoking; high cholesterol; and, a family history of heart disease. The risk factors for men having a heart attack increases after a man reaches 50. For women, it’s 60 years of age, Lyver and Keudell said. Since men and women generally experience pain differently, it’s more common for a man to have noticeable signs of a heart attack, including chest discomfort, discomfort in other areas of the upper body and shortness of

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Healthy heart tips

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breath, according to the American Heart Association. The most common symptom for women having a heart attack is chest pain and discomfort, but women are more likely than men to experience other symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea/ vomiting and back or jaw pain, according to the American Heart Association. Lyver said it’s important to note that the symptoms depend on the person and if in doubt, it’s best to seek help. It’s even more important to take preventative measures, both women said. Eight percent of deaths caused by heart disease can be prevented with education and action. That’s where Lyver and Keudell step in with advice on healthy eating, quitting smoking, exercising and finding ways to relieve stress. It begins, they both said, with making a commitment to having a healthy lifestyle and making small changes. Sleep is something both women and men tend to get too little of, Keudell said. “It’s recommended you sleep seven to eight hours a night,” Keudell said, adding she knows women who function on four hours of sleep. Lyver recommends people schedule time to exercise just as they schedule their work meetings and other events. “It starts with putting yourself and your health first,” Lyver said. “It needs to be a priority.” Lyver said it is important when making lifestyle changes to make the goals reachable. Keudell has worked with patients who

couldn’t walk more than a few minutes before breathing heavily. She suggests to people who haven’t exercised to start slow by walking five minutes, then gradually adding more time. Nancy Campbell, MPAS, PA-C, emphasized the importance of people talking to their primary care provider about any of their health concerns. “Don’t be afraid to talk to your provider or be embarrassed to share your concerns,” Campbell said. “The more information your provider has the more she can help.” Campbell said each of us has a personal responsibility for our body and its care. By people visiting their care provider, they can have test taken for their cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index (BMI). Knowing these numbers can help women and their healthcare provider determine their risk for developing cardiovascular disease. Lyver said stress can play a factor in heart health. “We all have stress but we often don’t have healthy ways of handling it,” she said. Keudell added people often deal with stress by drinking alcohol, smoking or unhealthy eating habits. Acknowledging even thinking about all the steps to be healthy can be overwhelming, Keudell recommends starting with just one thing and setting a reachable goal. And if you have a bad day, Lyver said, start again the next day. “Think about the things in life that are really important to you and that you are passionate about,” Lyver said. “If you want to continue to do those things, then you need to take care of yourself.”


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Dance camp opens The members of the Silverton High School dance team invite kindergarten through sixth-grade students to dance camp. Practices are 3:30 to 5:15 p.m. Feb. 14, 15 and 16 in the high school commons. Dancers will perform at halftime at the Feb. 17 basketball game at the high school. Cost is $30 for one/$50 for two dancers. Registration forms can be picked up at the Silverton Ballet Studio. Contact Brittany Zurcher, 503-931-5954 for information.

Chili feed for ASAP Bring your appetite and your enthusiasm to the third annual Chili Cook-Off Feb. 28, 5-7 p.m. at Silverton United Methodist Church, 203 W. Main St. There will be supper, Bingo, chili tasting and a vote for Best of Show chili provided by four organizations. The suggested minimum donation is $10 per meal. Proceeds benefit the After School Activities Program (ASAP).

Silverton Chamber First Citizen tickets on sale It’s a celebration of people who lend a hand whenever needed, who care about the future of their community and who are examples of the importance of volunteering. The community is invited to attend the 46th annual Silverton First Citizen banquet Saturday, Feb. 4, 6 p.m. at the Mount Angel Festhalle, 500 Wilco Hwy. Honorees include 2016 First Citizen Cindy Jones, Business of the Year

Harcourts NW Realty Group, Distinguished Service winner Norm English, Lifetime Achievement winner Mason Branstetter, Future First Citizen Megan Mannion, plus award winners from civic groups and the school district. The tickets are $35 in advance and must be purchased by Feb. 3, 5 p.m. at the Silverton Chamber of Commerce 426 S. Water St., or call 503-873-5615. No tickets are sold at door.

MICHAEL KIM DDS “Your friendly local dentist” Congratulations to Theresa: winner of a Kindle Fire! Visit our website for more info and to schedule an appointment

Cosmetic/Implant Bridges/Partials Extractions/Crowns Filling/Root Canals

We accept most insurance

New Patients & Emergencies welcome

410 Oak St, Silverton OR 97381• 503.873.3530 • For more info: 16 • February 2017

Our Town Monthly

May 2016 be a happy and healthy year for all of us!

s e s o R

Alan G. Carter, DMD

d e r are

General & Family Dentistry

Thirty-seven years ago my wife and I fell in love with Silverton, and I am grateful that the community welcomed us. I hope to continue providing honest, quality dentistry for years to come.


w s e b y a m as y h d y n s a c m i d h s W an t t f i u b G e n e i b t t n ’ n e l a c a t V tha t!


Open 7 days a Week

106 McClaine St., Silverton

10am – 6pm 301 E. Main Street Silverton 503-874-4401

(503) 873-8335

Call today for your appointment! Accepting new patients. Visit our website!

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We love real estate and our customers. It shows in our service and in our results. Let’s have a heart to heart regarding your real estate needs!

Brokers licensed in the state of Oregon.

Something to know about Sheldon: I’m a realtor, teacher, and business owner. What these have in common is a belief in the power of hospitality. My family and I have a deep love for the beautiful community of Silverton. I’d love to help you find a place where you can build your own ties and make lasting memories with friends and neighbors.

Active Under Contract 2120 Lansing Ave. NE $199,900 WVMLS #711674 Adorable 3 bd/2bth on quiet street. Beautifully updated. Stainless steel kitchen appliances as well as a nice wash/dry set included.

Active Under Contract 4020 Gary St NE Salem $199,900 WVMLS #712051 Completely remodeled, new kitchen and bath, stainless steel appliances, granite counters, large fenced backyard with shed. Jenna Robles, Broker, 503951-1700.

Active Under Contract 456 18th St. Salem $149,900 WVMLS #712561 Single home used as duplex 3bd/2bth, Great project.

Price Reduced 120 5th St. Silverton $469,000 WVMLS# 711862, Beautiful custom with nearly 2800 s.f., 4 bdrm/3bth on almost a quarter of an acre. Amazing updates. Nice view. Private. Close to town. Jenna Robles, Broker, 503-951-1700

1772 Marigold Street, Keizer, $247,500 WVMLS# 713913 Cute ranch with 1529 s.f., 3 bdrm/2bth, huge .28 ac. fenced yard. Nice floorplan in quiet Keizer neighborhood. Lisa Santana/Dixon Bledsoe 503-602-4320

206 Oak Street • S i l ve r to n Call us today: 503-874-4666 LISA SANTANA


Principal Broker/

Principal Broker/



Our Town Monthly








FERSCHWEILE BROKER February 2017 • 11

datebook Frequent Addresses JFK High, 890 E Marquam St., Mt. Angel Mount Angel Library, 290 Charles St. Silver Falls Library, 410 S Water St., Silverton, 503-873-7633 Silverton Community Center, 421 S Water St. Silverton High, 1456 Pine St. Silverton Hospital, 342 Fairview St.

Silverton Senior Center, 115 Westfield. The Oregon Garden, 879 W Main, Silverton




Silverton Business Group

8 a.m., Silverton Inn & Suites, 310 N Water St. Sponsored by Silverton Chamber of Commerce. Network, hear speaker. Free. 503-873-5615

Mount Angel Library Activities

10:30 a.m., Mt. Angel Library. Toddler Storytime, age 0 - 3. 11:30 a.m., Indoor Playtime. Free. 503-845-6401

Chickadees Storytime

9:30 a.m., Silverton Senior Center. Yoga or Sit & Be Fit classes for seniors 60 and older. Repeats Wednesday, Friday. Discount for members. 503-873-3093

12:30 - 1:30 p.m., Silver Falls Library. Ages 3 - 5. Free. 503-873-7633 Silverchips Woodcarving Sessions 1 – 4 p.m., Silverton Arts Association, 303 Coolidge St. Sessions for $2/week. All skill levels. 503-873-2480

Recovery at Noon

Homework Help

Senior Exercise Classes

Noon – 1 p.m., Third and High streets, Silverton. Every day except Sunday. John, 503-399-0599

Gordon House Tours

Noon, 1, 2 p.m. Every day. Frank Lloyd Wright Gordon House, 869 W Main St., Silverton. Reservations: thegordonhouse. org, 503-874-6006

Evening Yoga

5:45 p.m., Silverton Grange Hall, 201 Division St. All levels welcome. $5. Repeats Wednesdays. 503-930-1896

AA Meetings

8 p.m., Scotts Mills Community Center, 298 Fourth St. Repeats Thursdays, Saturdays. David, 503-383-8327

Tuesday Senior Center Exercise

8 a.m., Silverton Senior Center. Zumba. 9 a.m. Tai Chi. Seniors 60 and older. Repeats Thursday. Discount for members. 503-873-3093

Crafty Kids

3 - 9 p.m., Silver Falls Library. Create arts, crafts projects. Supplies provide. Age 5 - 11. Free; caregivers must attend with children age 0 - 5. 503-873-7633

Storytime Artists!

3:30 p.m., Mt. Angel Public Library. All ages storytime with song, games, books, dancing crafts, more. Free. 503-845-6401

Lego Club

4:45 p.m., Mt. Angel Library. Lego Club for ages 5 and up. Free. 503-845-6401

Serenity Al-Anon Meeting

5:30 p.m., Silverton Assembly of God Church, 437 N James St. 503-269-0952

12 • February 2017

3:30 - 5 p.m., Mount Angel Library. Volunteer Diane Strutz, trained teacher and certified tutor, helps students with variety of subjects. 503-845-6401


3:30 - 4:30 p.m., Silver Falls Library. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math: Learning and Building. Supplies provided. Free. Ages 5 - 11. Free; caregivers must attend with children 0 - 5. 503-873-7633

Free Dinner

5 - 7 p.m., First Christian Church, 402 N First St., Silverton. All ages. Free; donations accepted. Volunteers needed. 503-873-6620


7:30 a.m., Seventh Day Adventist Church, 1159 Oak St. Ann, 503-873-4198

Take Off Pounds Sensibly

9 a.m., First Baptist Church, 229 Westfield St. All welcome. Sandy, 503-871-3729

Silvertones Community Chorus

10 - 11:30 a.m., United Methodist Church, 203 W Main St., Silverton. Love to sing? Join Silvertones, four-part harmony of old, new favorites, seasonal and patriotic pieces. Tomi, 503-873-2033

Duplo Day

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Silver Falls Library. Build with Mega Bloks, Duplo blocks. Ages 0 - 5. Free. Caregiver must attend with children 0 - 5. 503-873-7633

Saturday AARP Tax Services

10 a.m. - 3 p.m., Silverton Senior Center. Free AARP Tax Services for seniors. Walkins only; first come, first served. Every Saturday through April 15. 503-873-3093

Late Season Saturday Market

10 a.m. - noon, Silver Falls Bread Co., 432 McClaine St., Silverton. 503-779-7206

Family Game Day

11 a.m. - 5 p.m., Silver Falls Library. Family game day for families with children of all ages. Free; caregiver must attend with children 0 - 5. 503-873-7633

Serenity Al-Anon Meeting

10 a.m., Silverton Assembly of God Church, 437 N James St. 503-269-0952

Baby Birds Storytime

11 a.m. - noon, Silver Falls Library. Ages 0 - 36 months. Free. Repeats Fridays. 503-873-7633

Take Off Pounds Sensibly

6 p.m., Silverton United Methodist Church, 203 W Main St., Silverton. 503501-9824

Compassionate Presence Sangha

7 – 8:30 p.m., Borland Gallery, 303 Coolidge St., Silverton. Mindful meditation, shared dialog. All spiritual traditions welcome. Free. Newcomers arrive 20 minutes early. 971-218-6641

Overeaters Anonymous

Silverton Toastmasters

7 – 8 p.m., St. Edward’s Episcopal Church, 211 W Center St., Silverton. Group meets weekly to discuss tips, support those with eating problems. All welcome. 503-910-6862

Saturday Lunch

Noon - 1:30 p.m., Trinity Lutheran Church, 500 N Second St. Free. 503-873-2635

Sunday Silverton Spiritual Life Community

10:30 a.m., Silverton Grange, 201 Division St. New thought services. 503-873-8026.

FUTSAL Indoor Soccer

3 - 5 p.m., Robert Frost School, 201 Westfield, Silverton. Co-ed, pick-up games. Ages 14 -18. Free. Begins Sept. 11. Brian, 503-508-2772,

Notices Silver Falls Soccer Club

Registration for Silver Falls Soccer Club opens Jan. 12 for boys and girls age 5 - 14. Registration deadline is Feb. 19.

Artists & Studios Tour

Silverton Art Association is hosting an Artists & Studios Tour June 3 - 4. Artists and studios wishing to be a part of the event need to apply by March 15. Cost is $25 for artists, $75 for businesses. Limited to Silverton area. To request an application, contact Silverton Art Association, 303 Coolidge St., 503-8732480; or White Oak Gallery, 216 E Main St., Silverton, 503-931-4517.

Wednesday, Feb. 1 Actors/Improv Group

7 - 8:30 p.m., Silver Falls Library. Variety of improvisational games. No experience required. Open to adults, high school students. Repeats Feb 15. Ron, 503-873-8796

Thursday, Feb. 2 Groundhog Day Introduction to Meditation

6 p.m., Borland Gallery, 303 Coolidge St., Silverton. Learn about meditation. Free. David, 971-218-6641

Scotts Mills City Council

7 p.m., Scotts Mills City Hall, 265 Fourth St. Open to public. 503-873-5435

Silverton Scribes

7 - 8:30 p.m., Silver Falls Library. Informal writer’s group to share, critique writing projects. Repeats Feb. 16. 503-873-8796

Friday, Feb. 3 Kids’ Art Show

6 - 8 p.m., Borland Art Gallery, 303 Coolidge St., Silverton. Open artists’ reception for “Kids’ Show,” featuring artwork by Silver Falls School District students. Artwork continues on display 9 a.m. - noon Monday - Friday, noon - 4 p.m. Saturday - Sunday through Feb. 26. Megan, 503-779-3606

‘Love is in the Air’

7 - 9 p.m., Lunaria Gallery, 113 N Water St., Silverton. Artists’ reception for February showcase of locally-made artwork, including new, oneof-a-kind pieces by members. Loft show, “Fire and Ice.” Free. Open to public. 503-873-7734

First Friday in Silverton

7 – 9 p.m. Explore the historic downtown, have dinner, shop, browse through galleries and boutiques. 503-873-5615

Our Town Monthly

Saturday, Feb. 4

Thursday, Feb. 9

Community Volunteer Fair

Singles Dine Out Club

9 a.m. - 2 p.m., Silverton Senior Center. Free community volunteer fair for those who want to give back to the community. Volunteer, non-profit organizations, service clubs on hand. Door prizes, giveaways, bake sale. 503-873-3093

Pop-up Co-op

10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Live Local Marketplace, 107 E Main St., Silverton. Grand opening celebration of Silverton Food Co-ops Live Local. Shop more than 25 local farmers, producers. Become an owner, enjoy samples, door prizes. Repeats Feb. 5. 503-701-2206

Brush Creek Playhouse Auditions

2 p.m., Brush Creek Playhouse, 11535 SE Silverton Road, Silverton. Open auditions for the production of “The Hallelujah Girls. Six women roles playing age 50-65; two roles playing men in their 50s. Performance in April. Arrive 15 minutes early for paperwork. Repeats Feb. 5.

Silverton First Citizen Banquet

6 - 9 p.m., Mt. Angel Festhalle, 500 NE Wilco Hwy. 46th annual Silverton First Citizens Banquet, “Winter Wonderland,” hosted by Silverton Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are $35 each. RSVP: 503-873-5615

Monday, Feb. 6 Silverton City Council

7 p.m., Silverton Community Center. Open to public. Agenda available. 503-873-5321

Mount Angel City Council

7 p.m., Mt. Angel Library. Open to public. Agenda available. 503-845-9291

Tuesday, Feb. 7 Adult Coloring Night

6 - 7:30 p.m., Silver Falls Library. All materials provided. Free. 503-873-8796

The Compassionate Friends

6:30 p.m., Silverton Senior Center. The Compassionate Friends provides comfort, hope, support to families experiencing death of family members. First Tuesday of month. Carol Williams, 503-873-6944

Silverton Garden Club

7 p.m., Silver Creek Fellowship, 822 NE Industrial Way, Silverton. Fessler Nursery presents “What is New in Houseplants.” Guest welcome. Sandi, 503-873-5690

Our Town Monthly

Silver Falls School District

6 p.m., Seven Brides Brewing, 990 N First St., Silverton. For singles 40+ and seniors 60+. Order off menu, dutch treat. 503-873-3093

Silverton Mural Society

7 p.m., Silverton Mobile Estates Clubhouse, 1307 S Water St. Open to public. Dues $15/year. Norm, 503-874-8101

Concert @ Library

7 p.m., Silver Falls Library. Terra Nova Trio, featuring players from Eugene Symphony and Oregon Bach Festival, perform on traditional classical instruments. Free. Open to public. 503-8738796

Silverton Zenith

7 p.m., location varies. Members discuss ways to fund, implement program benefiting Silverton community. For more information, meeting place, call Barbara, 801-414-3875.

Sunday, Feb. 12 Sweetheart Dance

2 - 4 p.m., Silverton Senior Center. Music by Vintage Boys. Refreshments provided. All ages. $5 person, $7 couple. 503-873-3093

Benefit Concert

3 p.m., St. Mary Catholic Church, 575 E College St., Mt. Angel. Local baritone Tony Beyer, Mt. Angel Seminary quartet, “Mount Angel Polyphony,” perform concert benefitting Mt. Angel Senior Center’s craft store, food bank, Meals-on-Wheels. $15 adults, $10 seniors, $35 families. Tickets available at Mt. Angel Community Center, Bochsler Hardware, at door. Kathy Valdez, 503-845-2573

Islam Seminar

6 p.m., Grace Lutheran Church, 510 May St., Molalla. Dr. Scott Yakimow discusses history, theology, contemporary issues of Islam. Free-will offering. Repeats Feb. 19, 26. 503-829-2250,

Monday, Feb. 13 Mount Angel School District

7 p.m., Silverton Community Center. Open to public. 503-873-5303

Tuesday, Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, Feb. 21 Silver Falls Library Book Club

Oregon’s 158th Birthday

7 - 8:30 p.m., Silver Falls Library. The selection is The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. Refreshments. Visitors welcome. Spring, 503-897-8796

Ancestry Detectives

Friday, Feb. 24

10 a.m. - noon, Silver Falls Library. This month is about mutual assistance. Bring laptops, questions; help others.

Wednesday, Feb. 15 Pints & Purls

6 - 8 p.m., Seven Brides Brewing, 990 N First, Silverton. Meet other knitters, crocheters for an evening of pints and some purls. Everyone welcome. Contact Kisdesigns on Facebook for information.

Thursday, Feb. 16 A Whimsy Fashion Show

Noon, First Baptist Church, 229 Westfield St., Silverton. Whimsy Etc. Boutique presents fashion clothing, accessories fashion show. Speaker is Niki Davis. Light luncheon, $6.50. Reservations necessary by calling Cathy, 503-999-2291. Presented by Mt. Angel-Silverton Women’s Connection & Stonecroft Ministries.

Friday, Feb. 17 Winter Wonderland Bazaar

5 - 8 p.m., Silverton Friends Church, 229 Eureka Ave., Silverton. Quarterly bazaar series featuring fun themes, local distributors, crafters, food, prizes. Repeats 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Feb 18. 503-873-5131

Vigil for Peace

5:30 - 7:30 p.m., Towne Square Park, Silverton. 503-873-5307

Brush Creek Performance

7 p.m., Brush Creek Playhouse, 11535 NE Silverton Road, Silverton. “The Further MISadventures of the Seven Dwarfs,” the annual children and youth production. Repeats 7 p.m. Feb. 18, 23 - 25, March 2 - 4; 2 p.m. Feb. 19, 26, March 5. Tickets available at Books-N-Time, 210 N Water St., Silverton. Michael, 503-508-3682

Sunday, Feb. 19 Taizé Prayer

6:30 p.m., District Office, 730 E Marquam St. Open to public. 503-845-2345

Monday, Feb. 20 President’s Day

7 - 8 p.m., Benedictine Sisters’ Queen of Angels Chapel, 840 S Main St., Mt. Angel. Open to public. 503-845-6773

Mount Angel Wurstfest

10 am. - 10 p.m., Festhalle, 500 Wilco Hwy. $5 adults; $10 with specialty stein. Under 21 free with adult. Repeats Feb. 25.

Chamber Forum Lunch

11:45 a.m., Silverton Hospital. Networking, educational program. $12 members with reservation. $15 prospective members or no reservation. 503-873-5615,

Saturday, Feb. 25 Community Pancake Breakfast

8 - 11 a.m., Silverton Senior Center. Adults $5, children under 12 $3. Children under 4 eat free. 503-8733093

Wurstfest Run

9:30 a.m., Festhalle, 500 Wilco Hwy., Mount Angel. Wurst Run features 5K run/walk and 10K run. Preregister,, $26. Day of registration $30. Registration includes race and festival entry, stein, complimentary beverage.

Sunday, Feb. 26 Scotts Mills Pancake Breakfast

7 a.m. - noon, Scotts Mills Community Center, 298 Fourth St. $5 per person. 503-874-9575

Piano Recital

9:30 a.m., First Christian Church, 402 N First St., Silverton. Gil Wittman performs French works by Pavane and Piece Heroique. Free. 503-873-6620

Tuesday, Feb. 28 Chili Cook-off

5 - 7 p.m., Silverton United Methodist Church, 203 W Main St. Third annual fundraiser for After School Activities Program. Bingo, taste and vote for favorite chili, provided by four local organizations. Suggested minimum donation of $10.

February 2017 • 13

Brokers licensed in Oregon. Each office is independently owned.



4 Bedroom 2 Bath Nice ranch style 60’s home with original hardwood floors and woodburning fireplace. Fully fenced private backyard with shed. Trudi Schmidt WVMLS#711520



$176,000 2 Bedroom +Office 1 Bath

Great investment or starter home! Sits on a .25 acre corner lot with a fenced backyard. Updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances & Bamboo floors. WVMLS#713773

50-MINUTE HOT STONE COUPLES MASSAGE $190 Enjoy a side-by-side treatment in our dedicated couples suite by two highly skilled therapists CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRY BLISS MANI ($45) PEDI ($55) A sweet cream sea salt exfoliation smooths all the rough spots before a warm dark chocolate softening mask is painted over every inch.


3 Bedroom 2 Bath Great home in desirable neighborhood. Close proximity to historical downtown Silverton. New Furnace/ A/C. RV pad with full hook up. Trudi Schmidt WVMLS#713481


• Ultimate Oxygen Infusion Facial • Airbrush Tan • Garden Manicure $185 (Savings of $40)

G e t Yo u r F r e e H o m e Va l u e R e p o r t W W W. S I LV E R T O N H O M E VA L U E S . C O M

Silverton & Mt. Angel residents receive 20% off all services. TRUDI SCHMIDT Broker/Owner 503-884-5050

TAMMIE ANDERSON Broker 503-602-9999






Broker 503-319-0070

Broker 971-273-8219

Broker 503-269-5473

Broker/Owner 503-781-6417

Business Manager/Owner

Call now to book your appointment. 895 West Main St. Silverton, OR 97381 • 503•874•2503

210 Oak Street, Suite 3 Silverton • 503-874-1300 •

Overhead Door Company of Salem Commercial

• Loading Dock Equipment • Rolling/Sectional Doors • Fire Doors • Truck Doors and More!


PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL 6175 Aviation Way • Silverton

503.873.2810 14 • February 2017

CCB# 14008

• Furnish, Install, and repair all makes and models • Broken springs • 24 Hour Service Guaranteed

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Our customers have come to expect excellence

4723 Portland Road NE Salem, Oregon 97305 (503) 393-1236

CCB #12078

Our Town Monthly


Live Local By Melissa Wagoner When asked where they are from, Josh and Elisha Nightingale look at each other and laugh. The couple has lived in many different places over the years but they agree that Silverton is finally home. Owners of Silver Creek Coffee House in downtown Silverton, Josh recently left his full-time career as a manager for Safeway to open another venture, Live Local Marketplace, in the empty retail space right next door to the coffee house. The Nightingales had recently joined the Silverton Food Co-op and that got them to thinking. “How can we bring everything together and at the same time get something here locally,” Josh said. What emerged was the idea of a launchpad for the co-op, which has been working toward a brick and mortar location, but also a low cost way for artisans in the area to market their goods.

Marketplace to feature locally made food, items in downtown location Live Local Marketplace Opening Friday, Feb. 3, 6 - 9 p.m. 107 N. Water St., Silverton Featuring food from Chef Paul Lieggi of the Mount Angel Abbey and Bon Apetite, fresh bread from Silver Falls Bread Co., and wine tasting from Abiqua Wind Vineyard. “The Live Local Marketplace will offer locally made products from a variety of vendors, including wine and beer, handmade furniture and clothing, and a variety of other hand-crafted products from Silverton, Mount Angel, and Scotts Mills,” co-op representative Hilary Dumitrescu said. “If every owner commits to spending just $20 a month at the co-op, we will pay our rent and have money left over to invest in

growing the co-op.” Although the co-op is currently the main partnership in the Live Local Marketplace and will be renting half of the space, with Josh as manager, both Josh and the co-op agree this is just a stepping stone. “Our hope is that having that daily downtown exposure will help to grow our ownership base, and grow us right out of Live Local and into our own store, very soon,” Dumitrescu said. This forward momentum is what Josh hopes for all of his vendors and future partners. “My overall mission is really to start a whole bunch of businesses in Silverton, one of them is the co-op. My dream is to have four or five other business owners in downtown that started here.” The Live Local Marketplace is currently hosting 15 vendors but plans to continually receive new ideas.

“Anything that you would be proud to make and sell,” Josh said. Vendors will be selling on commission, but the store will not be set up in stalls as is common with other commissionbased sales models. Instead it will cross merchandize. “We want things to kind of fit the building and fit with the flow of the store,” Josh said. Although the products sold at Live Local Marketplace may be a higher price point than at other stores, most of the money will go straight to the producers, cutting out the middle man. Displays will feature creator biographies, letting buyers know a little bit about where the products originate. “You’ll know exactly where your food comes from – any product – comes from,” Josh said. “It’s a friendly, personal, local shopping experience,” Elisha added.

Quality Dental Care in a Friendly Environment

Open for breakfast, lunch &


Certified Angus Prime Rib Every Friday & Saturday Night

Compl ete D e n t a l S e rvice s

Fil l i n g s • C r ow ns • R oot Canal s I m p la n t s • E xtr acti ons • Dentu r es

New patients welcome

Family Friendly • Kids Menu Nice Selection of Wine & Beer

Matthew B. Chase, D.M.D. Mark A. Haskell, D.D.S.

Hours: Sun - Thur, 8am – 8pm • Fri & Sat, 8am – 10 pm

303 N. First • Silverton 503-873-8614 Our Town Monthly

310 N. Water Street, Silverton

503-873-9303 www. 3tenwater. com February 2017 • 15

Something to celebrate

Give your best

SHS senior Megan Mannion selected Future First Citizen

By Kristine Thomas

given a task, she shows she cares about the students who are working with her and the task, both keys to getting something done.”

Silverton High School senior Megan Mannion clearly followed the advice given to her by her parents, John and Inga Mannion.

SHS School Counselor Stacy White describes Megan as a “valued and compassionate leader.”

Whether it’s competing on the volleyball court or softball field, organizing an event for the Associated Student Body, studying to keep a 4.0 grade point average or working at Roth’s Grocery Store, Megan said her parents taught her that she is a reflection of everything she does. “They told all four of us kids that whatever we do, we need to do to the best of our ability. I pride myself on giving my best to everything I do,” Megan said. For doing just that, Megan is the Silverton Chamber of Commerce 2016 Future First Citizen. Genuinely surprised by the honor, Megan credits her family and ASB teachers Johnie Ferro and Heather Bashor for their support. She considers Ferro and Bashor as role models. “They put in so much extra time and do

“Megan can often be seen connecting with students from all social, academic and interest groups,” White wrote in a letter.

so much behind the scenes that when I see them working so hard, it makes me want to help out even more,” Megan said. A quote by H. Jackson Brown on the white board of Bashor’s classroom reads, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” That quote, Bashor said, applies to Megan. “She is an intelligent, motivated young lady who works hards and is kind to everyone,” Bashor said. “When Megan is

“She has continued to build a positive school culture through her commitment and action to promote values like acceptance, tolerance and compassion toward others.” SHS English Teacher Grant Piros said Megan is a leader on and off the field. “It is evident in seeing her around her teammates that they trust and lean on her when things get tough,” Piros wrote. “In each of these roles, she is ‘all-in,’ involved with passion and focus that is impressive for a student with such a full slate of activities.”

Silverton Rotarian Janet Dalisky has worked with Megan on several projects, including the Daddy Daughter Dance, Silverton Strawberry Festival and Homer Davenport Days. “I have the privilege of working with Megan through the Interact Club. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does,” Dalisky said. “Megan is motivated, hard working, responsible, committed and most of all thoughtful. She has gained the respect and trust of her peers. Megan is an impressive individual and very deserving of this award.” SHS math teacher Tom Steers said Megan is a highly motivated and goal oriented person who strives to do her best. “I believe Megan is going to do something extraordinary with her life,” Steers wrote. “She doesn’t know what it is yet, but it will involve working with people in some way and I have no doubt that she will excel and that our society will be improved by it. She is both a reflection of her family’s values and of her unique personality.”

Presented by Mt. Angel Chamber of Commerce Builder of Unique

Custom Homes

Remodels, Additions & Commercial Projects Since 1975

Specializing in Residential, Refinishing & New or Remodeled Hardwood Floors. Over 30 Years Experience.


February 24 & 25 Friday 10 am to 10 pm Saturday 10 am to 10 pm Mount Angel Festhalle 500 S. Wilco Hwy, Mt. Angel

Chris Lander • Owner/Operator

Non-Stop Music


World Famous German & Local Beers

Select German & Regional Wines

CCB#200766 • Bonded • Insured

$10 with Mug / Glass Like Us On Facebook

Arts, Crafts and Specialty Foods Fun Children’s Activities

SILVERTON - 3BR, 1BA home just a couple

Senior Specials Young Folk (under 21) accompanied by an adult admitted FREE!

10 am – 3 pm


5/10K Walk/Run at 9:30 am by Race Northwest

10 • February 2017


Hand-Crafted Local Sausages


Adult $5

(503) 873-5294 CCB# 11403

111 S. First Street Silverton, OR

Vivian Caldwell

miles from Silverton! New flooring throughout, fresh interior paint, additional office/studio with full bath. Storage shed, fenced yard. Woodstove plus electric heat, propane range & water heater. No pets, no smoking $1400/mo, $1500 deposit

503-873-7069 Property Manager

Our Town Monthly


$574,900 Quiet Cul-de-sac! 5bd/2.5ba ~ 3999 SF ~ .54 ac Robin Kuhn • 503-930-1896 • MLS#705306

$449,000 Dual Living! 4bd/3ba ~ 3545 SF ~ .26 ac Connie Hinsdale • 503-881-8687• MLS#712393

SILVERTON RESIDENCES W/ ACREAGE $875,000 Room to Roam! 3bd/2ba ~ 1512 SF ~ 80.06 Acres Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503931-7824 • MLS#709133 $610,000 Beautiful Versatility! 3bd/3ba ~ 3080 SF ~ 53.79 Acres Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#702246 $439,900 Country Living! 3bd/3ba ~ 2861 SF ~ 2.85 Acres Connie Hinsdale • 503-881-8687 • MLS#710245 $335,000 Silver Crest Homestead! 3bd/2ba ~ 2256 SF ~ 34.37 Acres Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#711937 $329,900 Close to Town! 3bd/2ba ~ 1222 SF ~ 1.89 Acres Robin Kuhn • 503-930-1896 • MLS#712185

SCOTTS MILLS • MT ANGEL & WOODBURN $549,000 NEW LISTING! 3bd/1ba ~ 1678 SF ~ 22.03 Acre Horse Property ~ Scotts Mills Donna Paradis • 503-851-0998 • MLS#713836

$389,900 NEW LISTING! 3bd/1ba ~ 1516 SF ~ 4 Acres Donna Paradis • 503-851-0998 • MLS#713796

$1,150,000 Ready for Livestock! 3bd/2ba ~ 2362 SF ~ 110 Acres ~ Salem Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#697642

$825,000 A Bit of Everything! 3bd/2ba ~ 1440 SF ~ 200 Acres Scotts Mills Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#706406

$559,900 Expansive Open Design! 4bd/3ba ~ 3567 SF ~ 7.03 Acres Salem Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#710755

$670,000 Fatastic Farmland! 3bd/1.5ba ~ 1442 SF ~ 40.05 Acres Woodburn Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#701764

$525,000 Rural Acreage! 1bd/1ba ~ 1496 SF ~ 19.55 Acres Molalla Donna Rash • 503-871-0490 • MLS#709595

$489,900 Recreation Abounds! 3bd/2ba ~ 1296 SF ~ 47.36 Acres Scotts Mills Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#706140

$389,000 Two Homes! 3bd/2ba and 2bd/2ba ~ 3 Acres ~ Molalla Donna Rash • 503871-0490 • MLS#711334

$379,900 Everything In Place! 3bd/2ba ~ 3534 SF ~ .23 ac Mt Angel Valerie Boen • 503-871-1667 • MLS#712413 $333,000 Nicely Updated! 2bd/2.5ba ~ 1838 SF ~ .61 ac ~ Woodburn Dean Oster 503-932-5708 -or- Rosie Wilgus 503-409-8779 • MLS#711058

SALEM • KEIZER • OTHER AREAS $1,275,000 Rolling Fields! 3bd/2ba ~ 2215 SF ~ 156 Acres ~ Sheridan Donna Paradis • 503-851-0998 • MLS#709953 $1,200,000 Organic Farmstead! 2bd/1ba ~ 960 SF ~ 93.16 Acres ~ Lebanon Mike Gerig • 503-510-5041 • MLS#711843

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INVESTMENTS $695,000 Creekside Commercial! Zoned C3 ~ .65 ac ~ Downtown Silverton ~ Retail/Res. plans available! Connie Hinsdale • 503-881-8687 • MLS#707894 $675,000 Build Your Business Here! 2.89 Comm Acres ~ Hwy Location ~ City Limits! Mike Day • 503-931-7327 or Robin Kuhn 503-930-1896 • MLS#702436

LAND & LOTS $64,900 NEW LISTING! .19 acre lot in Pioneer Village! ~ Silverton Cynthia Johnson • 503-551-0145 • MLS#713646 $540,000 Lovely Location! 5.15 Acres next the Oregon Garden ~ Silverton Robin Kuhn • 503-930-1896 • MLS#702740 $475,000 Great Outdoors! 270.34 Unique Recreation Acres ~ Scio Donna Paradis • 503-851-0998 • MLS#711331



to the Harcourts NWORG Family!

$445,000 Farm Land! 40 farmable acres ~ Silverton Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#709125 $325,000 “Silverton Acres” 17.01 Buildable & Dividable Acres ~ Silverton Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#705716 $325,000 “Silverton Acres” 15.94 Buildable & Dividable Acres ~ Silverton Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#705721 $285,000 “Silverton Acres” 12 Buildable & Dividable Acres ~ Silverton Joe & Dana Giegerich • 503-931-7824 • MLS#705722 $282,000 Top of the Hill! Pick your build site! ~ 9.8 Acres ~ Scotts Mills Ginni Stensland • 503-510-4652 • MLS#708766 $140,000 Design Your Dream! 1.7 Acres just outside of town ~ Silverton Ginni Stensland • 503-510-4652 • MLS#707421 $83,000/ea Duplex Lots! .19 ac to .20 ac lots in new subdivision ~ Silverton Dean Oster • 503-932-5708 • MLS#711112, MLS#709857 $68,000 New Subdivision! .16 ac lot ~ Silverton Dean Oster • 503-932-5708 • MLS#709858

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February 2017 • 17

Geeky-Kon-Tiki February 25th

2-5 pm all ages

5-9 pm 21 & over

Creekside Grill hosts the first ever Geeky-Kon-Tiki, an all out geek fest celebrating all kinds of gaming, pop culture, collectibles, sci-fi, science and fiction, gadgets, cosplay and art. Put together your costume and join us in a tropical setting for a tiki party. No cover fee. Photo opportunities and activities for kids under 21 until 5 pm. After 5 pm, photo ID required. 21 and over only, will be permitted beyond the waiting area and dining room.


Lower Level of the Hartman Building 242 S. Water Street • Silverton • 503-873-9700

valentine ’s da y f e b. 1 4 ering t a C Beer • Spirits • Wine

eer b t f a Dr n! o o s g comin

Local, Seasonal Menu

Serving Breakfast & Lunch • Seven Days a Week • 8am – 3pm 18 • February 2017


200 E. Main St. Silverton


Our Town Monthly

Arts & Entertainment

Show time

Brush Creek presents MISadventures

By Nancy Jennings The spotlight will be shining and the popcorn will be popping again soon at the Brush Creek Playhouse. The 2017 season kicks off on Feb. 17, with a children’s play, The MISAdventures of the Seven Dwarfs, directed by Linda Zellner. She said she double casts for the children’s plays to ensure each child who auditions will get a part. “My feeling is at that young age I want to give them a good experience. I don’t want them to come out to audition and not get a part,” she said. Zellner, 56, has been involved with the theater for 25 years. This play is as her 21st as the director. Kimberly Strong, director of the upcoming comedy The Hallelujah Girls, is looking forward to the sounds of laughter when it opens April 14. Strong, 54, said she likens the play to The Golden Girls meets Steel Magnolias. “It has so many funny lines for women of a certain age,” she said. The cast requires six women and two men. Auditions are the weekend of Feb. 4 and 5. Set in the South, Strong said there’s an opportunity for the actors to try out their Southern accents.

Our Town Monthly

“We take a look at the lives of these six women over the course of one year and we see what it’s like to be a woman in her fifties.” A hodgepodge of “50-something” issues are woven into the play such as various romantic interests and adultchild drama. Strong said she loves introducing new people to the theater and encourages everyone to try out. “There is magic that only happens in the theater, whether you’re onstage or backstage.” She relies on her gut instincts as she focuses on the casting process. “I have a vision of each character and what I want to see in the play.” Because it is a community theater, amateurs to experienced actors are encouraged to audition. Other upcoming plays include Christmas at the Blizzard: A Murder Mystery, The Kitchen Witches, The Golden Harp that Saved Silverton and All in the Timing. To review the entire list of dates for the 2017 season and auditions, visit or The Brush Creek Playhouse, 11535 Silverton Road, Silverton. Call 503-508-3682 for information.

February 2017 • 19

Sports & Recreation

Tournament standouts The Silverton High wrestling team turned in a strong performance Jan. 21 at the Colton Holly Memorial Tournament in Wilsonville. The Foxes finished with a 4-1 record and took third place. The win total includes victories against two Class 6A schools, No. 11 Cleveland and Beaverton. “The wrestlers are really starting to come together as a team,” Coach Keegan Davis said. “Although we are giving up a few forfeits at the upper weights, our strength in the lower weights and through the tenacity of the guys stepping on the mat we have been able to compete.” Three Silverton wrestlers finished the day undefeated, Kaden Kuenzi (No. 2 in Class 5A at 106 pounds), Jacob Whitehead (No. 4 in Class 5A at 113), and freshman Matthew Guenther (120). Davis also singled out Tristan Lanier for “leading by example.” Lanier, a senior at 132 pounds, improved to 25-4 at the tournament. His pin in the final dual meet of the tournament gave the Foxes a 37-36 win against Beaverton.

Coming up for the Foxes are the MidWillamette Conference district meet Feb. 10-11, with the state meet two weeks later Feb. 24-25. Girls basketball: Silverton is 12-2 overall and 6-0 in league and has risen to No. 2 in Class 5A. The Foxes continue to shine on defense, giving up just 32.2 points per game and just one team, South Albany, has managed to score more than 50 points. “We have played pretty well defensively,” Coach Tal Wold said. “The girls really believe in what we do and love who they are doing it with.” Wold noted senior Kayce McLaughlin took four charges in one game and that senior Hailey Smisek and junior Brooke

Fox wrestlers go 4-1 in event McCarty “really do a great job of setting the tone on the defensive end pressuring the opponents’ guards.”

Town went to press. The Trojans are 6-1 in league, 10-7 overall and ranked No. 6 in Class 2A.

Junior Maggie Roth, Wold said “just gets it. She is all over the floor and anticipates so well.”

Boys basketball: The Foxes are 3-3 in the balanced Mid-Willamette and 7-9 overall. Six of the eight teams will advance to the 5A playoffs and Silverton Coach Steve Roth said, “there is more parity in our league this year than any year I can remember. Each game will matter to postseason prospects. I don’t see any team in our league running away from all the others.”

Through their first 13 games the Foxes had seven different leading scorers as they faced the challenge of replacing top scorer Alia Parsons, who is now in college. “I am really pleased with where we are at offensively,” Wold said. “We have had to play against a variety of teams, and the girls have found ways to be successful.” Freshman Paige Alexander “has really provided a spark for us,” Wold said. “She brings a different level of athleticism to us off the bench and competitive spirit.” The Foxes faced a key test Jan. 27 against No. 3 Corvallis after Our Town’s presstime, with a second meeting between the two schools set for Feb. 24. Kennedy, meanwhile, was clinging to a one-game lead in the Tri-River as Our

Junior sharp-shooter Cade Roth continues to lead offensively, but Coach Roth said he is getting scoring help from sophomore Levi Nielsen and junior Easton Ashwell. “Defensively, we are very good for stretches, but lapses have cost us games,” Roth said. “As we mature and extend our focus for full games we will give ourselves the chance to contend with anybody in our league.” Kennedy, meanwhile, is staying in the hunt in the Tri-River. As Our Town went to press the Trojans were 5-2 in league, tied with Western Mennonite for second place





HOURS Tues-Fri 8am-5pm

BG 50 HANDHELD BLOWER The lightest gasoline-powered blower in the STIHL lineup.

ARE YOU READY FOR A 20 • February 2017


Saturday 8am-2pm Our Town Monthly

behind 6-1 Santiam. The league has just two automatic playoff berths, but the Tri-River is well-positioned for the two at-large slots because four squads, including No. 9 Kennedy, are ranked in the top 10. Swimming: The Foxes’ boys and girls squads are both 9-1 in dual meets and both teams finished first in an eight-team invitational hosted by Blanchet Catholic.

Wrestler Tristan Lanier, right, gets up after pinning his opponent. The victory helped lead the Foxes to a 37-36 win against Beaverton in the Colton Holly Memorial Tournament.

“Things are going very well,” Foxes Coach Lucky Rogers said. “The swimmers are working hard and improving and we’re trying to get everyone healthy and ready for the (Feb 10-11) district meet. It could be an awesome meet for us.” The deep Foxes are especially strong in the relays, with all six relay teams in the hunt for top three times in the district.

Bill & Susan (DeSantis)



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106 S. 1 ST ST.

Family Owned & Operated Expert Collision Repair



255 E. Marquam Rd., Mt. Angel



BUTTECREEKCOMPUTER.COM ShilohWater-HydrationAd-5x3.625-17jan-v6.pdf 1 1/18/17 11:29 AM

Healthy Hydration Boosts Performance Is your water healthy? Find out – it’s Free

READY TO GO Lab/Poodle Mix, first shots and wormed. Call for details 503-559-3033 or 503-559-0945


POOL TABLE and supplies. Great condition. With cover. $300. 503-873-6392 FIREWOOD: Two years season, stored inside barn. Fir $180/cord, Oak $260/cord, Mixed Oak, Fir and Pine $190/cord. Jerry Klein, 503-769-5108, 10477 Triumph Rd., Sublimity. FOR SALE: DINING ROOM TABLE. Formica top, 60x40 approx, four covered chairs. $80 obo. 503-8976022. FOR SALE: USED TRUMPET $175 obo, lower price for young person. Snow Plow Blade for Honda 300 ATV, $200 obo. Table Saw, New  Carbide Blade, make reasonable offer. Call Don 503.767.2918.



Mt. Angel Auto Body


DRIVERS: LOCAL, HOME NIGHTLY! Portland Reefer & Hillsboro Flatbed.Great Pay, Benefits! CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Req. Estenson Logistics Apply www. 1-855-420-1374 WANTED: EXPERIENCED SHORT ORDER COOK. Up to 30+ hours per week. Competitive hourly wage B.O.E. Apply in person, Poppa Al’s 198 NE Santiam Blvd., Mill City. WANTED: HOUSEKEEPER - Pay Negotiable. Handyman - Pay negotiable. Able to follow instructions. Call Don 503-767-2918.


THE MOUNT ANGEL COMMUNITY CENTER is in need of volunteers to man the crafter store in the afternoons, and to fill in when needed. We also need one person to help put food away twice a month on Wednesday mornings.  Anyone interested please call Robin Bochsler at 503569-2555, for more details.  Any help we can get is truly appreciated.

Authorized Independent Dealer

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THE LEGACY SILVERTON HEALTH Auxiliary will once again award scholarships to students pursuing a medical career. High school seniors and college students from the surrounding area are encouraged to apply.  Applications can be picked up at the Silverton Hospital Admitting Desk.  Applications are also available online at, click on In the Community and then under Volunteers click on Medical Career Scholarship Application.  Applications are due February 24, 2017.  Any questions can be directed to Barbara Guenther 503-873-7241 CRIBBAGE TOURNAMENT!! THE GLOCKENSPIEL RESTAURANT INVITES YOU to our Cribbage Tournament on January 17 at 4 p.m. Here’s a great way to beat the winter “blahs” and join your friends with a game of Cribbage!  Seating is limited so the first sixteen people to sign up are guaranteed a spot in the tournament.  Cash prizes! $5.00 buy in per game.  Beginners are welcome.  For more information and to reserve your spot, contact Maureen Ernst at 503.910.5417 or email at


IS SPACE A PROBLEM: We may have your answer. Businesses,need a larger Board room? Place for a training? Somewhere to host a Hiring Fair? Maybe a professional person looking to have an office  or place to meet clients away From your own home?  Moms, Grandmas Parents and other groups, need somewhere to fit 25 to 80 people or more for a Baby Shower Birthday party etc?? We at St Edward’s want to share our space with the community, yes on Sunday it is our church.. But it could be almost anything you need.  We have an amazing kitchen with 4 ovens, 8 burners.. NO it is not a certified space. But Yes it is rentable for canning or baking or to host an extended family dinner or family reunion.  Think holiday parties, etc. Currently space is available with hourly, daily, weekly or Monthly rates depending on your needs. Please contact Heather at 503-5699874 for future information and to reserve your space.

ROOM TO RENT: Newer Mt. Angel home. Roommate wanted to share with two Christian women. 4BD, 2BA. Includes utilities, DirectTV, AC, $550/mo. 503-330-7563. OFFICE SPACE 103 S. First St in Silverton. 2nd floor suites, includes utility and parking 503-874-8111  


RDR HANDYMAN & HOME REPAIR Service installation and repair of fencing, decks,doors, windows, gutter cleaner  CCB 206637 licenced, bonded and insured.  Call Ryan  503-881-3802   CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS Residential, light commercial, new buildings, additions, remodeling. Reasonable rates. Michael Finkelstein Design, 503-873-8215. CASCADE CONCEALED CARRY INSTRUCTIONS INC. is teaching Oregon concealed hand gun classes on the 1st and multi state on the 3rd Saturday. Call for location. Visit our website at or Call 503-580-0753


FOR SALE 39ft 5th wheel.  2015 “Cougar” ike new, fireplace, island kitchen, air, 3 slide outs. Lots of extras.  $38,500.  Tow vehicle with hitch available. Silverton  503-8744275  TFN 1995 TOYOTA CAMRY - 211K miles, $1,000. 503-873-6392   Got something to sell?

Are you starting your spring cleaning? Sell unwanted items in Marketplace TO ADVERTISE CALL 503-845-9499

February 2017 • 21

A Grin at the End

Body maintenance

My car gets a checkup, so why shouldn’t I?

I try to take good care of my car. Every 3,000 miles or so I have the oil changed. I used to do it myself, but I find crawling under a car is less inviting as a I slip past the cool side of 60-something. So I take the car and my wife’s to the dealer, whose experts change the oil and scout other oddities that need fixing. Taking good care of our cars has paid off in a big way. Nearly every car we’ve owned since we got married has lasted 200,000 or more miles. A couple lasted more than 300,000 miles and are still rolling. Recently, the starter in my car began making a funny noise. I described it over the phone to the service representative. “It does this,” I said. “Rrr, rrr, rrr — then it goes ah, naa, naa, naa.” With that expert description, she asked me to bring the car in. They fixed it and I was on my way. As I did that, it occurred to me that I take a certain amount of pride in keeping up our cars, but I totally ignore my most important “vehicle” — my body. The last physical I had was 12 years ago, even though under Obamacare and my insurance plan an annual check-up is already paid for. It occurred to me that this was crazy. I’ll admit I’m prone to doing crazy stuff, like the time I decided to become a stockbroker and worked for the most evil company ever. I

According to the American Optometric Association children should have their eyes examined at ages:



In the old days, doctors did some pretty weird stuff to patients. I won’t go into detail but it involved rubber gloves. I found that’s not the case anymore, thank goodness. A major part of the check-up was getting my blood tested for cholesterol — good and bad — triglycerides — bad — and testosterone — good — and a few other things that I don’t know what the hell they are.

think the CEO was Darth Vader. I mean, this company actually rented its employees the computers they needed to do their work, an inspired but totally bonkers way to do business. I survived that, but I learned my lesson: minimize the crazy in my life. I decided to get a check-up, this time for me, not my car. I sorted through the list of doctors that I found affiliated with the local hospital and made an appointment. On my way there, I made a mental list of what I figured he would tell me including lose weight, stop eating like a 12-year-old boy at a baseball game and get more exercise. I also had some questions about some other things that had been bugging me.



22 • February 2017

So as I get ready to tackle what remains of the new year, I have a certain level of confidence that it’s going to be a good one health wise. I’m hitting on all cylinders, and even though I don’t go as fast as I used to, I’m on track to keep rolling for a long time. And I won’t have to call the doctor in a panic some day and tell him, “It does this: Rrr, rrr, rrr — then it goes ah, naa, naa, naa.”

August 24, 1936 — Dec 22, 2016 November 2, 1929 — Dec 30, 2016 September 23, 1954 — Dec 30, 2016 March 14, 1933 — Dec 31, 2016 June 4, 1947 — Jan 3, 2017 August 29, 1927 — Jan 6, 2017 July 8, 1964 — Jan 7, 2017 October 7, 1930 — Jan 7, 2017 April 11, 1926 — Jan 11, 2017 January 6, 1925 — Jan 11, 2017 March 21, 1918 — Jan 12, 2017

Traditional & Cremation Services Always available at your time of need

503-873-8619 • Allecia Shoemaker O.D.

I even agreed to get one of those colonoscopies, just to make sure everything was OK in the pumping department. It should be noted that health plans also pay for that, so there’s really no reason to chicken out.

Wallace Wagner Cecilia Schiedler Larry Carver Wilburn Lowery Douglas Rich Allan Gray Richard Miller Jackie Freeman Mary Elizabeth Littrell Jean Phelps Jessie Almquist

600 N. First Street, Silverton Matthew Lampa, O.D., F.A.A.O.

But along with that, he offered a way to do that, and was encouraging. He also helped resolve the other stuff.

In Memory Of …

We love kids! Terri Vasché, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

I went back to the doctor and we went over the results and talked about what to do about it. In layman’s terms, they were lose weight, stop eating like a 12-year-old boy at a baseball game and get more exercise.

190 Railroad Ave. • Mt. Angel 503-845-2592

229 Mill St. • Silverton 503-873-5141 Our Town Monthly


Marcia Branstetter Broker, GRI 873-3545 ext. 318

Mary Cam Broker 873-3545 ext. 320

Micha Christman Office Manager 873-1425

Becky Craig Broker 873-3545 ext. 313

Angela Halbirt-Lopez Broker 503-999-0245

Desaree Parks Broker 873-3545 ext. 326

Michael Schmidt Broker, GRI 873-3545 ext. 314


Meredith Wertz Broker, GRI 873-3545 ext. 324

Ryan Wertz Broker 873-3545 ext. 322

Chuck White Broker 873-3545 ext. 325

Christina Williamson Broker 873-3545 ext. 315

Mason Branstetter Principal Broker, GRI 873-3545 ext. 303





TOWN COUNTRY #T2369 GREAT LOCATION $249,900 Great location, newer home with 4 bedrooms, formal living area and family room. Open layout with vaulted ceilings. Fenced backyard with patio area for entertaining. Call Meredith at ext. 324 or Ryan at ext. 322 (WVMLS# 713414)

#T2359 CRAFTSMAN STYLE HOME $349,900 Craftsman Style home w/Open Floor Plan & High Ceilings! New tile floors on main level, Granite Counter in Kitchen, A/C, Large Bonus Room over garage (could be 4th bedroom), Gas Fireplace in living room, Oversized 3 Car Garage includes space for a shop/storage. Extra Office/Den area on main level. BBQ year round under the Covered Patio off the dining area! SS appliances. Call Angela at ext. 312. (WVMLS#711861)

#T2365 BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SETTING $330,000 #T2356 WONDERFUL LOCATION $199,500 Beautiful Backyard Country Setting. Beautiful view of Ready to move in. Some fresh paint!! Unfinished the Mt. Angel Abby. Nice cement pad, and full R.V. basement may be additional living NEW space. Close in lo-CONSTRUCTION IN TOWN HOME hook-up. Open floor plan. Inside UGB. Buyer to do cation for access to downtown and shopping. Garage own due diligence. 3rd bedroom/office does not have recently had electrical installed. Call Marcia at ext. a closet. Call Mary at ext. 320. (WVMLS# 712560) 318. (WVMLS# 711736)





#T2333 LARGE CITY LOT .510 Acres Call Michael at ext. 314 $99,000 (WVMLS#709098)


#T2338 SILVERTON PARCEL Buildable 6,365 sqft Lot Call Chuck at ext. 325 $74,900 (WVMLS#709283)


Pending- #T2349 VINTAGE 1947 HOME 3 BR, 2.5BA 2706 sqft.Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $398,400 (WVMLS#710523)


#T2356 WONDERFUL SILVERTON LOCATION 2 BR, 1.5 BA 1116 sqft Call Marcia at ext. 318 $199,500 (WVMLS#711736)


#T2354 3 HOME INVESTMENT PROPERTY 4 BR, 3 BA 1776 sqft Call Marcia at ext. 318 $449,000 (WVMLS#711358)


$549,900 (WVMLS#709561) #T2354 3 HOME INVESTMENT PROPERTY 4 BR, 3 BA 1776 sqft Call Marcia at ext. 318 $449,000 (WVMLS#711358) #T2365 BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SETTING 2 BR, 2 BA 1742 sqft. 1 Acre Call Mary at ext. 320 $330,000 (WVMLS#712560)

325 $189,500 (WVMLS#693008) BARELAND/LOTS






#T2311 HOWELL PRAIRIE FARM 3 BR, 2 BA #T2344 BUILDABLE LAND – SALEM 18.930 Acres Call Mary at ext. 320 1170 sqft 26.77 Acres Call Chuck at ext. 325 COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL $705,000 (WVMLS#709699) $549,900 (WVMLS#706154) #T2233 2 ACRE LOT 2 acres Call Chuck at ext. #T2341 2 HOMES ON 2 ACRES 3 BR, 2 BALEASE/COMMERCIAL FOR 325 $189,500 (WVMLS#693008) 1367 sqft. 2.630 Acres Call Chuck at ext. 325






#T2313 LARGE CORNER LOT 4BR, 2.5BA 1805 IN TOWNFOR NEW sqft Call Becky at ext. 313 STAY COUNTRY/ACREAGE $259,000 (WVMLS#712565)








F 3 BR, 1 BA 1086 sqft. Call Michael at ext. 314 #T2334 GREAT MT. ANGEL HOME 3 BR, 1 BA COUNTRY/ACREAGE $172,900 (WVMLS#713282) 1179 sqft.Call Michael at ext. 314, Becky at ext. COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL BARELA 313 $235,000 (WVMLS#709096) #T2357 COMPLETELY REMODELED




3 BR, 1 BA 1012 sqft. Call LEASE/COMMERCIAL AngelaFOR at ext. 312 RENT FOR $174,900 (WVMLS# 711865)


1436 sqft Call Meredith at ext. 324, Ryan at ext. 322 $249,900 (WVMLS#713414)





WOODBURN #T2344 BUILDABLE LAND 18.930 Acres Call BARELAND/LOTS COUNTRY/ACREAGE Mary at ext. 320 $705,000 (WVMLS#709699) TOWN

#T2265 2.13 UNDEVELOPED 2.13 acre IN TOWN NEW HOMEACRES CONSTRUCTION OTHER COMMUNITIES AUMSVILLE/TU lot. Zoned ID Call Chuck at ext. 325 #T2265 2.13 UNDEVELOPED ACRES 2.13 acre WOODBURN $299,000 (WVMLS#698462) STAYTON/SUBLIMITY lot. Zoned ID Call Chuck at ext. 325 $299,000 COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL #T2333 LARGE CITY LOT .510 Acres Call Mi(WVMLS#698462) LAND/ACREAGE chael at ext. 314 $99,000 (WVMLS#709098) #T2311 HOWELL PRAIRIE FARM 3 BR, 2 BA FOR LEASE/COMMERCIAL #T2331 BUILDABLE 2 ACRES 2.00 Acres Call 1170 sqft 26.77 Acres Call Chuck at ext. 325 OTHER COMMUNITI Mary at ext. 320 $175,000 (WVMLS#709040) COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL $549,900 (WVMLS#706154) #T2330 PERFECT TO BUILD 14.930 Acres Call #T2331 BUILDABLE 2 ACRES 2.00 Acres Call FOR LEASE/COMMERCIAL Mary at ext. 320 $375,000 (WVMLS#709044) Mary at ext. 320 $175,000 (WVMLS#709040)


#T2360 NICE SILVERTON SUBDIVISION 3 BR, 2 BA 1404 sqft.Call Michael at ext. 314 $265,000 (WVMLS#712045)

#T2359 CRAFTSMAN STYLE HOME 3 BR, 2.5 BA 2381 sqft Angela at ext. 312 $349,900




#T2365 BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SETTING 2 BR, 2 BA 1742 sqft. 1 Acre Call Mary at ext. 320 $330,000 (WVMLS#712560)

#T2338 SILVERTON PARCEL Buildable 6,365 sqft Lot Call Chuck at ext. 325 $74,900 (WVMLS#709283)


#T2366 DESIRABLE AREA 3 BR, 2BA 1859 sqft. Call Desaree at ext. 326 $335,000 (WVMLS#712581)



Call for more information




WOODBURN BARELAND/LOTS (WVMLS#712606) #T2316 PRIVATE & SECLUDED 4 BR, 4 BA 82.000 Acres Call Marcia at ext. 318 $849,000 (WVMLS#706727)

FOR RENT TOWN KEIZER #T2330 PERFECT TO BUILD 14.930 Acres Call WOODBURN BARELAND/LOTS AUMSVILLE/TURNER Mary at ext. 320 $375,000 (WVMLS#709044) Commercial Spaces WOODBURN High Visibility TOWN WOODBURN

#T2368 CUTE CRAFTSMAN 3 BR, 1 BA 1318 sqft. Call Michael at ext. 314 $249,900






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February 2017 • 23

Getting a daily dose of independence How our nurses are helping kids in school Gavin Wernette, 10, is an active boy, an avid reader and a car buff. He is also a kid with Type 1 diabetes, testing his blood sugars and injecting himself several times a day. “It’s not easy,” Gavin says. However, he receives daily help from a Legacy Silverton Medical Center nurse who works at local schools, giving students the tools for a healthy life. “She makes me feel happy and welcome,” Gavin says. “She has helped me become more independent.” Placing nurses in schools is just one of the ways we partner with others to build a stronger, healthier community for all. To learn about others:

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In a contract with schools, nurses from Legacy Silverton Medical Center oversee the health of some 4,700 students, providing routine care and working with students who have conditions ranging from asthma to spina bifida to epilepsy.

24 • February 2017

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