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Association Gears Up for 2019 Legislative Session

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2018 Board of Directors



Matt Holstege,MC Northwest VICE PRESIDENT

Mike Riddle, Mike Riddle Construction, LLC SECRETARY/TREASURER

Brett Tallan, M.J. Tallan Construction ASSOCIATE VICE-PRESIDENT

Phil Fitzner, Power Auto Group IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT

Kent Kaufman, Kaufman Homes, Inc. FORMER PAST PRESIDENT

Chuck Foster, Chuck Foster Homes & Remodeling

BOARD MEMBERS Jeff Boles, Parr Lumber Brent DeHart, Northwestern Mutual Jason Dudley, J. Forrest Construction Nolan Fridley, Nolan Fridley Construction Tim Mametieff, New Crossing Homes, LLC

President’s Message���������������������������������������� 4 The Spike Club is an exclusive group of members who contribute to the growth of the association by recruiting and retaining members. Spikes maintain a special status, have the respect of their peers as valued members of the HBA and are recognized for their efforts locally and nationally. To become a Spike, bring in six members to the HBA. Applications for prospective members may be obtained from the HBA office, or call to have one sent to the prospective member.


Rich Tovar, Wind River Homes Nate Scharer, Northside Electric Trever Pfeifer, Pfeifer Roofing Alan Sorem, Saalfeld Griggs, PC Kelli Terjeson, Fidelity National Title

Association Staff Mike Erdmann, Chief Executive Officer mike@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Jeni Huntington, Director of Events jhuntington@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Carrie Daye, Director of Member Services carrie@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Shannon Baughman, Administrative Assistant shannon@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Brad Nanke, Safety Management Consultant brad@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Tracy Mitchell, Contract Accountant accounting@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Home Builders Association of Marion & Polk Counties 2075 Madrona Ave SE Suite 100, Salem, OR 97302 tel 503-399-1500 | fax 503-399-0651 www.HomeBuildersAssociation.org

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Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention���������������� 8 2019 Home Show, Yard and Garden Show���� 9 12 Reasons To Go To Las Vegas����������������������� 12 Vital Statistics�������������������������������������������������� 14

OHBA News Preparing for the 2019 Session�����������������10

John Gooley 2339

STATESMAN SPIKE 500+ Ric McNall 797

SUPER SPIKE 250–499 Mike Smith 444 Tim Mametieff 435 Rick Massey 421 John Mills 390 Mike Meaghers 368

Dan Dorn 357 Dean Kaufman 318 Jeffrey Green 316 Chuck Foster 283 Jubal Frost 254

ROYAL SPIKE 150–249 Steve Johnson 231 Don Druliner 200 Tom Wheeler 184

Rick Ziebell 161 Ken Hannegan 158 Randy Fultz 157

Brent Pence, Pence Northwest Construction, LLC Jason Sawyers, Randy Fultz Custom Homes, LLC

Interview with Jodi Hack��������������������������������� 6

RED SPIKE 100–149 Kelvin Dettwyler 143 Mike Riddle 131

Rob Rardin 120

GREEN SPIKE 50–99 Jerry Page 98 John Hammer 94 Rich Kansky 82 Larry Bilyeu 75 Bob Cavell 69 Kent Kaufman 67 Kathy Temple 65 Eric Olsen 62

Matt Endler 60 Mike Smith 56 Matt Holstege 55 Brad Moore 53 Don Sturgeon 51 Kerry Kuenzi 50

LIFE SPIKE 25–49 Patrick Jackson 48 Serge Serdsev 48 Eric Jensen 47 Steve Herr 46 Chris Pfeifer 45 Randy Melton 44 Jim Hobbs 43 Ryan Bloedel 41 Eric Templeton 38

Tim Youngkin 34 Tim Kelsh 34 Rich Tovar 34 David Hafner 29 Rich Fry 26 Kimberly Hosmer 25 Rich Clausen 25 Laura Dorn 25

BLUE SPIKE 6–24 Mark Shipman 24 Kevin Stone 23 Kraig Kelly 22 Randy Reeves 21 Rod Ashford 21 Jason Robertson 20 Hunter Emerick 20 Robert Kleinke 20 Peter Strauhal 20 Michael Devlin 18 Caleb Remington 17 Don Lulay 12 Jason Sawyers 12 Brent Pence 11

Steve Hurley 11 Ricky Fast 10 Jim Sparkman 9 Brett Tallan 9 Mike Giles 9 Alan Wilding 9 Chad Montgomery 9 Tim Roth 8 Gary Epping 8 Nigel Guisinger 8 Chris Rasmussen 8 Bonique Hollinrake 6 Becky O’Brien 6 Leslie Savage 6

New & Reinstated Members 3 R’s Concrete, Inc. Buzz Ready (503) 537-8641 Spike: Nolan Fridley Abate Right Duane Fout (503) 409-9089 Spike: Mike Riddle AFC Windows & Roofing, Inc. Jose Anguiano (503) 932-7686 Spike: Nolan Fridley All Electric Monte Baker (503) 851-1704 Spike: Jeff Green All Oregon Excavating, LLC Nick Chapman (503)550-1111 AmeriTitle Jessica Wallen (503) 581-1431 Spike: Eric Templeton AmeriTitle Donna Mills (503) 581-1431 Spike: Eric Templeton AmeriTitle Bart Cedillo (503) 581-1431 Spike: Eric Templeton Benson Plumbing Dan Benson (503) 932-4975 Spike: Nolan Fridley

Dropped Members Do you know or do business with any former members of the association? If so, give them a call and encourage them to maintain their HBA membership. You’ll get a Spike Credit, plus help keep the association strong.

3Rs Construction Duane West (503) 363-1059 All Power Electric Kevin Wood (503) 551-8378 Endura Products Robert Pass (503) 983-0205

We are an association of building industry professionals committed to supporting our members. We advocate for balanced, efficient, and responsible development while promoting the social and economic values of homeownership in our community. Winter 2018 | The Chalkline | 3


Answer the Call . . . As 2018 comes to an end, I President’s want to thank Message everyone for by Matt Holstege allowing me to serve the HBA of Marion and Polk Counties as President. I also want to acknowledge and thank the staff that works so hard and passionately for us. They are truly dedicated to all of us members and this amazing association. Mike Erdmann has created an incredible working environment at the office and it shows in the attitude and quality of work that comes out of that office. Next time you see them, please be sure to thank them and tell them what a great job they are doing. This has been another busy year for everyone and I wanted to close out my time as President by

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Phil Fitzner HBA Board Member

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congratulating everyone on a great year. I also wanted to briefly jump up on a soap box and encourage every one of us on a personal level. While “busy” is great (it pays the bills), we need to hold fast to that anchor that keeps us from getting swept out to the ocean by that current we call “busy”. The anchor is what makes us happy as people. Whether that anchor is - your loved ones, religion, community service, or just your quiet times doing what you love to do most - don’t forget to hold tight to those things and keep them a priority. Those are the things that are lasting and will be around when we are not as busy as we are now or as busy as we want to be. Looking forward to 2019… I suspect that we will all have the opportunity for a great 2019. As we head into a new year, I hope we can all look for ways that we can contribute or help the HBA of Marion and Polk Counties and our home builder’s community as a whole. I know that there will be some very important issues that could affect us directly coming up in the next legislative session and in our communities. This coming year you can expect a call for help at some point. Whether that is monetary or volunteering time, it will all be very important. I can’t wait to see who steps up and answers the call! Thank you again for the chance to serve and I look forward to working alongside everyone in our membership in the coming year to ensure that we are able to do what we do best. Building great homes for the people of our community that are not only affordable but a place to live in and create memories.



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Angie Stanley

Mortgage/Construction Loan Originator 2017 President’s Circle Recipient NMLS# 502207

O: 503.316.3724 C: 503.871.7629 F: 503.399.4116

angie.stanley@usbank.com U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 302 State Street Salem, OR 97301

Winter 2018 | The Chalkline | 5

Ready For The Session OHBA chief Hack works to promote housing issues By James Day

The Oregon Legislature has been busy focusing extraordinary attention to housing issues in recent years, In the 2016 short session the Legislature passed measures that allowed cities and counties to impose a construction excise tax and use inclusionary zoning (which seeks to mandate affordable units in developments) and sought to limit voter-approved annexations of land. The big bill in the 2017 session was SB 1051, which: • Restricts the ability of local government to reduce the density or building height of a housing project below that which the developer applied for. • Requires clear and objective approval standards for all housing zones and requires that developments be approved if they meet those standards. • Limits the use of design and other discretionary approval standards. • Requires cities to allow accessory dwelling units in all single-family zones. Jodi Hack, chief executive officer of the Oregon Home Builders Association, is hoping for more activity in the long session that begins in January.

6 | The Chalkline | Winter 2018

“The goal is to support and pass legislation that incites action to affect change that provides opportunities for homeownership,” Hack told Chalkline. “We advocate to shape housing policy with builder perspective and work toward solutions on emerging issues. We all know we have a shortage of homes across Oregon, and without pro-housing legislation we will never move the dial.” Hack said the package of housing measures she has been working on with House Speaker Tina Kotek includes addressing local barriers to affordable housing, Goal 10 accountability, a regional housing needs analysis and local jurisdiction accountability. Goal 10, one of 19 statewide goals, asks that cities inventory their “buildable lands” or land that is inside an urban growth boundary that is suitable and available for residential use. Hack, who previously represented District 19 in the Oregon House, took over as CEO of the OHBA in December, 2017. Because of her legislative ties she was not able to participate in the 2018 session. “My ‘stand down’ period, which was only for the short session, ended (in March),” she said. “I had no challenges in terms of being inactive. Honestly, it gave me time to travel across the state to meet with local members and


gain much-needed perspective. I took that time to better understand and to get to know the ins and outs of the association. Even though I had to stand down, the timeline was short enough that I really never felt like I left the ‘arena,’ so getting back into the swing of things was not difficult.” Hack has set up a pair of information-gathering legislative roundtables. The first was held Oct. 25. The second is Dec. 20 at noon via Zoom video conferencing (to participate reach out to Mary Richards at mrichards@oregonhba.com).

“The purpose of the roundtables is to engage members on legislative issues we are facing and how we are working on their behalf.”

“The legislative roundtables are open to ALL members across the state,” Hack said. “We have participants from as far east as Hermiston to Medford and Klamath Falls. The purpose of the roundtables is to engage members on legislative issues we are facing and how we are working on their behalf. It’s important that they have a platform on which they can be updated on issues and ask questions and give feedback.” Hack noted that she also wants to work on issues such as tax reform, family leave, cap and trade and overtime. “Our association members are business owners – tax reform, cap and trade, and issues relating to human resources like paid family leave and overtime affect their bottom line,” she said. “All of these issues are important to them, so they are important to us and guide the work we do.” Hack also said that her background in the Legislature will help her represent the building industry. “I think my role as a legislator gave me a perspective I would not otherwise have,” she said. “I will now have been on both sides of the door. I built very strong relationships with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle. I feel those relationships will be a positive asset moving forward.”

Keith Owen Excavation | Sitework | Utilities CCB# 165861 P.O. Box 21150 Keizer, Oregon 97307 cell. 503.932.4176 office. 503.390.6936 fax. 503.390.6938 keith@owenconstructioninc.com


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safety Brad Nanke HBA Director of Safety and Training

Noise And Hearing Loss Prevention Noise Controls Occupational safety and health professionals use the Hierarchy of Control to determine how to implement feasible and effective controls. This approach groups actions by their likely effectiveness in reducing or removing the noise hazard.

Hierarchy of Controls Most Effective

But Quiet Equipment and tools

Elimination Or Substitution In most cases, the preferred approach is to eliminate the source of hazardous noise. When elimination is not possible, substitution of the loud equipment for quieter equipment may be the next best alternative to protect workers from hazardous noise.

Engineering and Administrative Controls To the extent feasible, engineering controls, administrative controls, and work practices shall be used to ensure that workers are not exposed to noise at or above 85 dBA as an 8-hour TWA. Engineering controls require physical changes to the workplace such as redesigning equipment to eliminate noise sources and constructing barriers that prevent noise from reaching a worker. If engineering controls are not feasible, employers an explore potential administrative controls, such as scheduling that will minimize exposure, providing quiet and convenient lunch and break areas.

Physically remove the hazard

Eliminate the Noise

Replace the hazard

Control the Noise Hazard

Isolate people from the hazard

Exposure Time Limits Least Effective


Change the way people work

Protect the worker with Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) When all options for eliminating or reducing the noise at the source are exhausted, hearing protection devices such as earplugs or earmuffs should be made available to workers, at no cost, to sufficiently attenuate noise so that their “real-world” exposure is below 85 dBA as an 8-hour TWA. To access info and additional resources on controlling noise exposure, engineering controls, and preventing hearing loss, visit: www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/noise/reducenoiseexposure/noisecontrols.html. Content source: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

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Winter 2018 | The Chalkline | 9


Preparation Underway for 2019 Legislative Session As we look toward the 2019 legislative session there are several issues we will be watching and working on your behalf. On the forefront will be the package of housing legislation proposed with the help of our members and Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek.


Our leaders roundtable group and myself met with the Speaker Kotek and her housing staff member ealier this summer. We were able to articulate housing concerns directly to her. Stemming partly from that meeting, a package of housing legislation is slated for the 2019 session. Highlights include: addressing local barriers to affordable housing, Goal 10 accountability, regional housing needs analysis, local jurisdiction accountability and more. We will continue to work on the legislative concepts throughout the next couple of months fine tuning and preparing them for primetime. I will be holding a couple of legislative roundtable updates in the next couple of months. The first legislative roundtable update was held on Oct. 25 and the second will be on Dec. 20 at noon via Zoom video conferencing. If you’d like to participate , please reach out to Mary Richards at mrichards@oregonhba.com. Other legislative agendas moving forward into the 2019 session include: Tax Reform, Paid Family Leave, Wage Theft, Carbon (aka Cap and Trade), revisions to Pay Equity and Allowable Overtime. We are at the table working on your behalf in all of these areas. Thank you for your continued support and thank you for the opportunity we each have been given here at the OHBA!

10 | The Chalkline | Winter 2018

Codes/Legislative/Regulatory Issues Wetlands Urban Interface Code Change/Fire Mitigation Appendix W Update

The Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) has asked that OHBA analyze the new building code elements that the Appendix W includes with a focus on product availability, conflicts with current code and cost for the following areas: roof, walls, venting limitations and/or requirements (attic/eaves), Metal doors and windows, decks, others as identified. BCD asked the Oregon State Fire Marshall to work with local fire officials to address the in-fill matter so that if Appendix W moves forward in a modified manner it is not applicable to in-fill lots. BCD is also looking at language that would help clarify the in-fill concern focusing on the up-front planning and subdivision approval stage so that we avoid application of the new code for in-fill homes. The adoption would then only apply to new construction.

Third Party Inspectors

Due to a recent Oregon Department of Justice opinion, building permits issued by smaller cities and counties that use private Third-Party Building Officials/Inspectors may not be constitutional, throwing the validity of countless building permits into question. Along with other trade organizations we have sought legal advice and are now awaiting the state Attorney General’s formal legal opinion. We are working toward a remedy as we await the opinion.

A Voice at the Capitol

Workgroups, taskforces, coalitions and rulemaking are in full swing, and we are at the table working on behalf of our members.



Rural ADUs The Rural Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) workgroup has met and is in discussion regarding potential legislative sideboards on the authorization to allow ADUs in areas zoned rural residential with authority for counties to further condition the ADUs. A Legislative Counsel draft for legislation has been proposed with changes pending. Areas that have been heavily debated include: short-term rentals, owner occupancy, siting ADUs in wildfire risk areas, 2-acre minimums, sq. ft. limits, septic issues and cumulative impacts, and balancing statewide standards vs. discretionary authority for counties to set standards.

Workforce & Education: The Joint Committee on Student Success has completed a majority of their legislative listening tours. The committee provided a public forum to focus on needed services and desired outcomes in our K-12 education system which will result in a push for more revenue. The committee has formed three work groups for policy discussions on: Students Ready and Able to Learn; College and Career Ready; and High Quality Classrooms.

Business interests and union groups were asked for four options. Work begins now on comparisons of the proposals.

Energy & Environment A Joint Interim Committee on Carbon Reduction – This issue continues to be a hot topic. We are at the table and continue to be engaged. The Governor’s Carbon Policy Office released a request for proposal for the macroeconomic study (Carbon Policy Economics Study) on the impact of a carbon policy in Oregon. More to come on this.. Wetland Mitigation Rulemaking is underway. Four of the five work sessions have been completed. Draft rules are in the works. We are at the table to work to ensure the rulemaking reflects what’s best for our members. The Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO) Rulemaking Advisory Committee met in May - focusing on rules and fiscal issues. Comments were submitted in August and business has made incremental gains, we hope to gain additional improvements in the final rule which the DEQ presents to Environmental Quality Commission in November.

Each workgroup has specific goals and deadlines. Final recommendations were scheduled for presentation Nov. 8. The Education and Workforce Development Steering Committee is running, meetings July 12 and Sept. 11.

Business & Labor

Tabitha L. Solberg

Rulemaking for pay equity began in June. We are awaiting the posting of the proposed rules and notice. Rulemaking is in process with the Workers’ Compensation Division regarding workers who are injured on the job but have multiple jobs. More to come on this issue. The Paid Family Leave workgroup continues to gather information relating to legislation for the 2019 session.

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J O U R N A L . CO


2017 of the




Winter 2018 | The Chalkline | 11


12 Business-Building to Attend the International Builders Show in Las Vegas NAHB’s International Builders Show (IBS) comes to Las Vegas Feb. 19 – 21, with more than 100 HBA members from Salem expected to attend. There are hundreds of reasons why attending is one of the best investments you can make for your business and career. Here are a few fantastic reasons to make IBS 2019 a high priority. 1. IBS Education covers the hottest, most relevant industry trends and topics all in one place. With over 130 sessions, industry pros learn the newest techniques to apply forward-thinking strategies to their businesses. 2. The exhibits span more than 600,000 sq. ft., and more than 1,500 top manufacturers and suppliers showcase the latest and most in-demand products and services.

3. Two show homes, The New American Home® and The New American Remodel™ give a free look at high performance innovations that can be applied to your projects.

9. Take a break and step outside to explore the unique Outdoor Exhibits, and network with fellow industry pros. 10. At the High Performance Building Zone (HPBZ), discover best practices for improving efficiency in all areas of the home, and at the Building Performance Lab, see high performance building techniques and practices in action through a small, finished model home.

4. The CEDIA Technology Solutions Pavilion is designated to showcase home technology solutions. 5. See new products in action, talk to reps, and learn about state-of-the-art solutions to build a more efficient and profitable business.

11. See the finest collection of outdoor living products, including hardscapes, decking, lighting, outdoor kitchens at the DCW Outdoor Living Pavilion.

6. Tech Bytes sessions offer an opportunity to discover the latest tech products and applications through hands-on experiences. Each Tech Byte session is interactive

12. Part education, part entertainment, IBS Live offers eye-opening presentations and conversations that cover the future of housing and products, people and processes that disrupt the industry.

7. Explore niche-specific ideas in a more informal setting. Refine skills and gain business information about your specific niche.

You can register for the show online at www.BuildersShow.com. Oregon room block hotels are located at The Linq, Harrah’s and Bally’s, all of which can be booked when registering for the show.

8. Discover cutting edge new home technology and automation at nextBUILD on the show floor.

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Units Sold 12 Months to Date Average Sales Price

Information Courtesy of Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service











Average Square Footage











Average Cost per Square Foot











Average Days on the Market











Currently Active Listings











Sold Units-12 Months to Date 600

Top Area Builders RANK


DR Horton Inc

1. 400


Chad E Davis Construction LLC

2. (tie)

Comfort Homes


4. (tie) 0


7 c1

1 pt



8 r1

a M

n Ju


8 t1

p Se

Months of Inventory on Market 5.0 4.0 3.0

Banner Homes Fowler Homes


Tassy L. Davis Builders


Stafford Homes & Land


Scott Martin Construction


West Coast Home Solutions

10. (tie)

Wind River Homes Forrest Ridge Homes, Inc.

2.0 1.0 0.0



p Se

c De


ar M


n Ju




p Se

129 51 51 43 43 42 41 32 27 25 25

Data for all areas of Marion and Polk Counties. Oct. 1, 2017 - Sept. 30, 2018. Data compiled from building permits applied for through Salem, Marion County, Polk County, Dallas and Independence building departments.

HBA Events Calendar DATE




December 11th

HBA Holiday & Installation Banquet

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Illahe Hills Country Club

December 14th

Lead Paint Certified Renovator Training

8:30am - 5:00pm

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January 17th

Lead Paint Certified Renovator Training

8:30am - 5:00pm

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January 18th – 20th

Mid-Valley Home Show

Oregon State Fairgrounds

February 19th – 21st

NAHB International Builders Show

Las Vegas, NV

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Chalkline Winter 2018  

The official publication of the Home Builders Association of Marion and Polk Counties.

Chalkline Winter 2018  

The official publication of the Home Builders Association of Marion and Polk Counties.