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Former legislator takes over key role as OHBA’s chief lobbyist In the fight to improve housing and development conditions in the state. Jodi Hack, formerly the state representative for House District 19, has taken over as chief executive of the Oregon Home Builders Association. Hack, who assumed the new position Jan. 2, will have to “stand down” for the short session that started Feb. 5 because of state rules involving legislators who move into lobbying positions. Hack is replacing Jon Chandler, who is retiring, although he will stay in the CEO role for this year’s 35-day short session. “I believe the association has a unique opportunity in front of them to become ‘change leaders’ in how our state views all housing issues,” Hack said, adding that the goal of the OHBA is to increase “housing production in all price ranges while at the same time taking meaningful steps to increase housing access, affordability and reducing homelessness.” Housing issues were a recurring theme during Hack’s three years in the legislature after her 2014 election. She noted that “there was never one committee (she worked on in which) housing issues were not on the forefront at one time or another. “I value my time in the Legislature, the many lessons I have learned and the relationships I have made. Understanding the process and ‘the playbook’ will be extremely helpful. I do believe all of those things combined will be an asset in my new role at the OHBA.” Hack cited statewide polls that show the issues of housing, jobs and the economy are all linked at the top of Oregonians’ concerns. Continued on page 9

OHBA Chief Executive Jodi Hack

It’s time to act,change doesn’t happen when it’s comfortable – it happens when it’s uncomfortable – and housing issues and homelessness across our state are uncomfortable issues right now. (These are) challenges and opportunities I take with great honor and determination. Many Ways to Get Involved����������������������������������������������� 4 Politcal Decisions on 2018 Ballot�������������������������������������� 6 Join In on April Trade Show Night����������������������������������� 8


2018 Board of Directors



Matt Holstege,MC Northwest VICE PRESIDENT

Mike Riddle, Mike Riddle Construction, LLC SECRETARY/TREASURER

Brett Tallan, M.J. Tallan Construction ASSOCIATE VICE-PRESIDENT

Phil Fitzner, Power Auto Group IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT

Kent Kaufman, Kaufman Homes, Inc. FORMER PAST PRESIDENT

Chuck Foster, Chuck Foster Homes & Remodeling

BOARD MEMBERS Jeff Boles, Parr Lumber Brent DeHart, Northwestern Mutual Jason Dudley, J. Forrest Construction Nolan Fridley, Nolan Fridley Construction Tim Mametieff, New Crossing Homes, LLC Brent Pence, Pence Northwest Construction, LLC

The Spike Club is an exclusive group of members who contribute to the growth of the association by recruiting and retaining members. Spikes maintain a special status, have the respect of their peers as valued members of the HBA and are recognized for their efforts locally and nationally. To become a Spike, bring in six members to the HBA. Applications for prospective members may be obtained from the HBA office, or call to have one sent to the prospective member.

Nate Scharer, Northside Electric Trever Pfeifer, Pfeifer Roofing Alan Sorem, Saalfeld Griggs, PC Kelli Terjeson, Fidelity National Title

Association Staff Mike Erdmann, Chief Executive Officer mike@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Jeni Huntington, Director of Events jhuntington@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Carrie Daye, Director of Member Services carrie@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Shannon Baughman, Administrative Assistant shannon@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

David Davidson, Safety Management Consultant david@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Tracy Mitchell, Contract Accountant accounting@HomeBuildersAssociation.org

Home Builders Association of Marion & Polk Counties 2075 Madrona Ave SE Suite 100, Salem, OR 97302 tel 503-399-1500 | fax 503-399-0651 www.HomeBuildersAssociation.org

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OHBA News Jodi Hack New OHBA CEO������������������������ 9

HBA News Oregon OSHA’s New Silica Rules�������������10 New OSHA Rules��������������������������������������� 12 Vital Statistics����������������������������������������������� 13

ALL TIME BIG SPIKE 1500+ John Gooley 2240

STATESMAN SPIKE 500+ Ric McNall 795

SUPER SPIKE 250–499 Mike Smith 438 Tim Mametieff 420 Rick Massey 419 John Mills 383 Mike Meaghers 366

Dan Dorn 355 Dean Kaufman 312 Jeffrey Green 309 Chuck Foster 260

ROYAL SPIKE 150–249 Jubal Frost 247 Steve Johnson 228 Don Druliner 200

Jason Sawyers, Randy Fultz Custom Homes, LLC Rich Tovar, Wind River Homes

President’s Message���������������������������������������� 4 HBA Endorses School Bond Measure������������� 6 HBA Endo Voters Decide Key Races in May��11

Tom Wheeler 180 Rick Ziebell 159 Ken Hannegan 156 Randy Fultz 154

RED SPIKE 100–149

Kelvin Dettwyler 141 Rob Rardin 119

Mike Riddle 104


Jerry Page 97 John Hammer 93 Rich Kansky 81 Larry Bilyeu 75 Bob Cavell 67 Matt Endler 60

Eric Olsen 60 Kent Kaufman 59 Mike Smith 56 Kerry Kuenzi 50 Brad Moore 50

LIFE SPIKE 25–49 Don Sturgeon 48 Steve Herr 46 Patrick Jackson 46 Serge Serdsev 45 Chris Pfeifer 44 Jim Hobbs 43 Randy Melton 42

Ryan Bloedel 40 Eric Templeton 35 Tim Youngkin 34 Tim Kelsh 34 Matt Holstege 39 David Hafner 28 Rich Fry 26

BLUE SPIKE 6–24 Rich Clausen 24 Mark Shipman 24 Kimberly Hosmer 23 Laura Dorn 23 Kevin Stone 22 Kraig Kelly 21 Jason Robertson 20 Randy Reeves 20 Robert Kleinke 18 Hunter Emerick 18 Rod Ashford 18 Caleb Remington 17 Don Lulay 12 Brent Pence 11

Ricky Fast 10 Steve Hurley 10 Michael Devlin 9 Jim Sparkman 9 Jason Sawyers 9 Brett Tallan 9 Mark Wulf 9 Mike Giles 9 Tim Roth 8 Gary Epping 8 Alan Wilding 8 Nigel Guisinger 7 Chris Rasmussen 7 Bonique Hollinrake 6

New & Reinstated Members American Ag Systems Andrew Burleigh (503) 602-4114 Spike: Mark Shipman Butler’s Custom Sheet Metal Russell Butler (503) 749-6109 Spike: Don Sturgeon Brandt’s Construction, LLC Russ Brandt (503) 407-1761 Spike: Rich Clausen Construction Accounting Professionals, LLC Jan Willetts (503) 621-2284 Spike: Travis Jones G.C. Loney Construction, LLC Greg Loney (503) 508-4325 Spike: Rod Ashford Natt McDougall Company Maryanne Krumm (503) 783-0620 Spike: Don Sturgeon Nevic Construction Brandon Sofge (503) 210-2097 Spike: John Millse ....continued on page 14

Dropped Members Do you know or do business with any former members of the association? If so, give them a call and encourage them to maintain their HBA membership. You’ll get a Spike Credit, plus help keep the association strong.

HomeSmart Realty Group Daniel Shepherd (971) 599-3767 Oregon Five Star Enterprises Alex Polkhovskiy (971) 273-7323 Pacific Interiors Bill Reutor (503) 989-1122

We are an association of building industry professionals committed to supporting our members. We advocate for balanced, efficient, and responsible development while promoting the social and economic values of homeownership in our community. Spring 2018 | The Chalkline | 3


Many Ways to Get Involved

President’s Message

by HBA President Matt Holstege

As I sit down to write the first President’s message of 2018, I want to convey my excitement to be serving our great organization as president. The team that has been put together at our HBA is incredible. The staff and members who serve on our board and committees are talented and dedicated. With busy schedules in this revived economy it can be tough to commit time to serving. Time has become a valuable commodity and we do not take that lightly. I firmly believe in Louis Pasteur’s famous quote that says, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” That being said, I want to ask for some of your valuable time to help us all prepare our industry and community. As an industry, we have some very big issues and opportunities ahead of us. We would love for all of you to find a niche and get involved. We have many avenues for involvement through our HBA. I would like to encourage you to call or email the staff and find a committee or project to get involved in. Below are a just three of the many ways that our members can contribute to our community and industry. I cannot list everything that the HBA does and that you as members are responsible for. Mike Erdmann has given me a word limit.

1. CTEC (Career Technical Education Center) – Many of us feel the pressure of the labor shortage in our daily work lives. The Salem-Keizer School District has partnered with private partners to create a highly effective vocational school for our youth. CTEC could be a long-term player in helping to alleviate some of our problem. Many of us may not know exactly what it is or how we can be involved. The private side of the partnership is called ACE. Currently Mike Riddle chairs the Board of Directors for ACE. He would love to hear from you if you feel like you could contribute time to helping teach valuable skills. Not only does it benefit our industry, it benefits the community that we live in. It gives kids a sense of accomplishment, pride and work ethic. These are all traits that can make our area a better place to live. Visit the Facebook page at facebook.com/InstructionConstruction/

Proud Sponsor of the Home, Garden, & Yard Show greenacreslandscapeinc.com Home Builders Association

ccb #198925 lcb #7389


4 | The Chalkline | Spring 2018


2. Elections – I know…. you may dislike politics, politicians, government, or anything to do with them. The unfortunate truth is that we are all effected by them. Mike Erdmann and members volunteering on the government affairs committee have done a great job of educating our local politicians and city and county employees on practicing and implementing better policies that make our jobs easier. We have some very big local elections coming up this year that could have some serious implications on our business. We will have many opportunities to volunteer some time to assist with candidate campaigns and help them to let the voting public know that our desire is not only to prosper as an industry, but to be able to provide the community with affordable housing that is built with the quality craftsmanship and energy efficiency that will stand the test of time. 3. New product home – Every year, we build a home in order to raise funds for our PAC. These funds are a crucial tool for us to get our message out about what we do. We want our community to know that iour goal is to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all. We are looking for help from our membership to build this year’s new product home in order to continue our good work. If you have time, products, labor or are able to talk to your vendors about helping out with this year’s home,

please contact the HBA office. We would love to see as many of you as possible participate. As I stated before, these are just a few of the many ways that our members can get involved in the community and show the people of Marion and Polk Counties exactly what we, as an association, are made of. The staff at the HBA would love to hear from you and get you plugged in to something that fits your passion and skills. I truly believe there is something for all of us to do and do very well. I guess this message is a very long way of saying that we are a member-driven organization. Fortunately, the Homebuilders Association of Marion and Polk Counties is a strong organization. We have a great base of members who are already involved. What I would love to see is even more participation this year. I can assure you that the more we as members put into our association, the more that we as an industry will get out of it. We have a chance to take some initiative right now and extend this time of prosperity. To do that, we need to be proactive. We need to have the “Chance favors the prepared mind.” mentality. We need to be prepared to improve our own lives, families, and community. I am looking forward to what we will all bring to 2018, not what 2018 will bring to us.

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Phil Fitzner HBA Board Member

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Spring 2018 | The Chalkline | 5

HBA Endorses School Bond Measure

The Home Builders Association’s Board of Directors and Government Affairs Committee have both voted unanimously to endorse the SalemKeizer School District’s $619 million bond measure that will also be before voters on this May’s primary election ballot. The measure

would help alleviate overcrowded schools and classrooms by adding additional capacity to existing schools throughout the district, provide new vocational and technical classrooms to expand the district’s existing career/technical programs, and allow for upgrades of technology, safety & security and seismic issues. School district Superintendent Christy Perry and COO Michael Wolf met with the HBA’s Government Affairs Committee in late January to answer questions about the bond measure and the need for as big of a bond as is being

requested. After careful consideration, the Government Affairs Committee recommended the HBA endorse the measure due to the importance of adequate school capacity on our industry’s ability to sell new homes. As builders and real estate agents know, one of the primary concerns for any home buyer is the quality of the local school system. If the SalemKeizer School District fails to keep up with capacity needs, the Salem community becomes less attractive to potential home purchasers. For this reason, the HBA endorses the bond measure and encourages voter support.

Since 1978

Angie Stanley

Mortgage/Construction Loan Originator 2017 Legends of Possible Recipient NMLS# 502207

O: 503.316.3724 C: 503.871.7629 F: 503.399.4116

angie.stanley@usbank.com U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 302 State Street Salem, OR 97301

Residential 503.393.3185

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4835 Ridge Dr NE • Salem, OR 97301

HBA Member Since 1983

CCB# 119214


C: 503.983.4502 F: 503.363.1222 3995 CHERRY AVE NE | SALEM OR 97303 CCB# 182498







J O U R N A L . CO


2017 of the





Voters Decide Key Races in May Bennett Seeks Re-Election as Salem Mayor; Lewis, McCoid Want to Retain Council Seats Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett, along with City Councilors Jim Lewis and Steve McCoid will be seeking re-election to their respective offices in this May’s primary election. All three have been previously endorsed by the Home Builders Association and continue to be endorsed for this year’s election due to their supportive stances on small business and housing related issues during their time in office. Bennett, who has been Mayor since January of 2017, served previously as the City Councilor for Ward 1. A former State Representative, he currently works as a lobbyist for the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators.

City Councilor Jim Lewis

Mayor Chuck Bennet

Lewis, formerly the Executive Director of the Salem Association of Realtors until his retirement in 2015, represents Ward 8 covering the majority of West Salem. His priorities for the upcoming election include building a new bridge across the Willamette River into West Salem, working to address Salem’s growing homeless population, improving the community’s road system, and helping to bring additional jobs to Salem that will further bolster the local economy. McCoid represents Ward 4 on the Salem City Council, which generally covers south of Keubler Blvd and east of Liberty Rd. As the former CEO of the Oregon Restaurant

City Councilor Steve McCoid

Association, McCoid is especially aware of small business concerns and the challenges they face. He has been a consistent supporter of housing issues during his time on the City Council. McCoid has served as City Council President for 3 ½ of his first four years on the Council, earning the respect of fellow Council members. For those wishing to donate to Bennett, Lewis or McCoid, checks can be made out to “Chuck Bennett for Mayor”, “Jim Lewis for Salem City Council” or “Friends of Steve McCoid” and send to the Home Builders Association office where we will deliver them to the candidates.

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Promote Your Business at Trade Show Night If your business depends on selling what you do to others in the home building industry, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the HBA’s Trade Show Night at the Salem Convention Center on Tuesday evening, April 10th. This event, which runs from 5:00 to 7:30pm that evening is designed to bring in 150 or more HBA members to enjoy food, beverages and networking while they visit with a select group of suppliers, trade contractors and vendors who have table space to market their businesses. For only $195.00 you can reserve a 6-foot table (10-foot space also available for $249) to display your products and/ or services. Each reservation includes one dinner ticket. Each exhibitor is asked to provide at least a $50 in value door prize to be raffled off during the evening. When your prize is raffled, you will have a moment to introduce you and your business and select the winning entry. Each attendee will be given a passport card with all the exhibitor’s logos. If they visit every booth and receive a stamp they will be able to enter for the $500 cash giveaway at the end of the evening. This contest encourages attendees to visit with you, as an exhibitor, to learn more about your company and they must stay until the end of the evening to win the grand prize. Don’t miss out on this targeted, low-cost marketing opportunity. Space is limited and expected to sell out very quickly. If you would like to participate as a vendor, please contact the HBA’s Jeni Huntington at 503-399-1500 or by email at: jhuntington@ homebuildersassociation.org.


Plans are already underway for this year’s Tour of Homes. Contracts were sent to builders and real estate agent members in early February, and a PDF entry application can be downloaded at www.homebuildersassociation.org. The Tour of Homes magazine is due for a significant upgrade this year. The magazine will now be a full-color, glossy magazine produced by E&M Consulting, and available at Tour homes and other distribution points throughout the community. Participation in the Tour of Homes continues to be the best, most cost-effective, marketing opportunity available to local builders. Thousands of potential home buyers visit the Tour each year, generating a large number of sales and build jobs for the builders that take part. Whether you’re building a custom or spec specifically for the Tour, or have inventory already on the market, you can’t afford not to be part of this year’s Tour. The Tour of Homes provides you with an excellent opportunity to enhance and focus your marketing efforts. The cost for entering the 2018 Tour of Homes is very affordable, and on a sliding scale depending on when the entry is received. Submit your entry by March 16th to receive the lowest entry fee. For more information, please contact Jeni Huntington at 503-399-1500 or by email at jhuntington@homebuildersassociation.org.

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8 | The Chalkline | Spring 2018

The HBA is pleased to announce that NW Natural will be the exclusive Presenting Sponsor of the 2018 Tour of Homes, to be held June 16th – 24th. NW Natural’s support of the Home Builders Association, and of the building industry in general, goes back decades and we are excited to be working with the gas company on this year’s event.

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HBA Welcomes NW Natural as Tour Presenting Sponsor

Up to






4050 Salem Ind. Dr. NE 503.390.9193 Mon-Fri 7AM - 5PM Sat 8AM - 4PM PARR.COM


Jodi Hack New OHBA CEO

Continued from cover

Although Hack could not talk about legislation that might come Chandler said that he is impressed by “the skill set and energy up in the short session she noted that in future sessions she she will bring to our association. I couldn’t be happier about hopes to work on land use systems changes and address leaving things in such capable hands.” the issue of systems development Chandler also noted that “her professional Hometown: Salem charges (SDCs), the fees that background is a good fit also. She’s a good Grew up and graduated HS in Pendleton developers are charged for the public speaker and she has extensive impact that new development has Former positions: experience with board development, on public infrastructure and parks. Communications and strategic planning, volunteer grant writing grant writing for “I believe there are partnerships that and fundraising … all things that will help North Santiam can be formed,” she said. her advance the business side of the School District; 3 years in the state OHBA. Hack’s appointment sparked enthusiastic comments from OHBA leadership.


“And that’s vitally important because the business of the association is what allow us to pay for the advocacy and lobbying “We are very fortunate to be moving that forms our core mission.” forward with Jodi Hack,” said Mike Family: “Jon has been an incredible leader and will Goodrich, OHBA board president. Steve, husband of 28 years, and 2 children be a great mentor to me in the future,” Hack “She is a proven leader and commusaid. “I am looking forward to Jon’s ongoing nicator who shares our vision to be guidance and historical perspective. change leaders in today’s tough conversations around home “While I know there will be challenging times, I am confident ownership and affordability. our best years lie ahead of us and that together we will “We are excited to welcome her to our team, to continue Jon’s continue to make OHBA an even greater force to follow.” good work and most importantly, to advance affordable home ownership in Oregon.” – James Day Education: Chemeketa CC Marylhurst University

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Spring 2018 | The Chalkline | 9


safety David Davidson HBA Safety Management Consultant

An Overview of Oregon OSHA’s New Silica Rules As many of you know, federal OSHA adopted its final rules for respirable crystalline silica last March. On Sept. 23, 2016, Oregon OSHA adopted its own set of silica rules – 437-0021053 through 437-002-1065 – that apply to general industry and construction employers. Oregon OSHA’s silica rules become effective July 1, 2018. The medical surveillance requirements for general industry employers become effective July 1, 2020. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about the new silica rules. What’s the purpose of the rules? Employees exposed to respirable crystalline silica dust are at increased risk of developing silicosis

and other nonmalignant respiratory diseases, lung cancer, and kidney disease. The silica rules were written to protect them. What industries are affected? The rules apply to general industry and construction industry employers whose employees may be exposed to crystalline silica dust. The rules do not apply to agriculture and forest activities employers.

foundries and the glass, pottery, and concrete products industries. Many construction tasks are also sources of exposure, including those that require masonry saws, grinders, drills, jackhammers, hand-held powered chipping tools, vehicle-mounted drilling rigs, milling machines, and demolition work.

What activities put employees at risk? Employees can be exposed to silica dust when they cut, saw, drill, and crush concrete, brick, ceramic tiles, rock, and stone products. Exposures are also possible in operations that process or use large quantities of sand – such as


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What do the rules require employers to do? Key parts of the rules require employers to: Prepare a written exposure control plan: The plan must describe the tasks that expose employees to respirable crystalline silica, work practices necessary to control exposures, the respiratory protection used for each task, and the housekeeping measures used.

these areas and a competent person must ensure the procedures are followed.

the compressed air is used with a ventilation system that captures the dust.

Use engineering and work practice controls: Use engineering and work practice controls to keep employees’ exposure to respirable crystalline silica at or below the permissible exposure limit.

Provide medical surveillance: Offer medical exams, including chest X-rays and lung function tests. Make them available every three years for general industry employees exposed for 30 or more days per year at or above the action level, and every 3 years for construction employees who are required to wear a respirator for 30 or more days per year.

Use “Table 1” for construction activities: Table 1 – in rule 437-002-1057 – matches common construction activities with dust control methods to help employers know what they need to do to limit employees’ exposures. Construction employers can use these exposure control methods instead of doing a workplace exposure assessment.

Do a workplace exposure assessment: Assess the exposure of each employee who is exposed to respirable crystalline silica at or above the action level of 25 micrograms of silica per cubic meter of air (25ug/m3), averaged over an eight-hour day. This does not apply to construction-industry employers if they follow the requirements in 437-002-1057, Specified exposure control methods. Keep exposures below the permissible exposure limit: Ensure that no employee is exposed to an airborne concentration of respirable crystalline silica that exceeds the permissible exposure limit of 50 μg/ m3 (calculated as an eight-hour time-weighted average).

Provide respirators to employees when silica dust controls are inadequate: Provide respirators to employees when silica dust controls cannot keep their exposures at or below the permissible exposure limit. Respirators must meet the requirements in 437-002-1060 and the requirements in 1910.134, Respiratory protection. Construction employers who follow Table 1 in rule 437-002-1057 may determine when respiratory protection is required according to the table.

Establish restricted areas: Restrict employees’ access to areas where they could be exposed above the permissible exposure limit. Construction activities require written procedures that restrict access to

Follow appropriate housekeeping practices: Prohibit dry sweeping and brushing when wet sweeping or HEPA-filtered vacuuming is feasible. Prohibit the use of compressed air to clean clothing or surfaces unless

Make sure that employees are informed and trained: Ensure that each employee has access to the labels on crystalline silica containers and safety data sheets. Employees must understand the requirements in 1910.1200, Hazard Communication and must know the activities and health hazards associated with respirable crystalline silica and how they can protect themselves. Keep accurate records: Keep records of all exposure measurements and objective data used to assess employees’ exposures to respirable crystalline silica. Keep records of employees’ medical exams if they are under medical surveillance. If you have any questions on this or other safety topics please contact David at the HBA Offices, 503.399.1500 or david@homebuildersassociation.org.

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Codes Update Howard Asch

Ceiling Height Changes Requirements in the 2017 residential code for ceiling heights have changed. There is now more flexibility allowed that will may make it easier to comply with the energy code. While ceilings in living and sleeping areas and hallways must still be 7’ high, bathrooms, toilet rooms and laundry rooms are now allowed ceiling heights of 6’-8”. Beams and girders which are a least 4’ apart are allowed to project as much as 6” below the required ceiling height. A bathroom is permitted to have a ceiling that slopes over a fixture when at least 6’-4” of clearance is provided in a 21” by 24” space where one would stand to use a toilet or lavatory and a space of 24” by 30” at the tub or shower where one would stand when using a shower. Basement ceilings can be a minimum of 6’-8” high when they do not contain habitable space (rooms used for living or sleeping.) Beams, girders, ductwork and other obstructions are allowed to be within 6’-4” from the floor. An existing nonhabitable space such as an attic or basement converted to a habitable space may have a ceiling height of 6’-8”. Clearly this allows more existing spaces to be remodeled. It allows bathrooms to be tucked into areas with a sloping ceiling to allow more efficient use of space. Lower ceiling in bathrooms and utility rooms will also allow additional spaces where ductwork can be run when using energy code options 5 or B, keeping ductwork within the conditioned space.

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Vital Statistics

Information Courtesy of Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service NEW RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION































Average Square Footage











Average Cost per Square Foot











Average Days on the Market











Currently Active Listings











Units Sold 12 Months to Date Average Sales Price

Sold Units-12 Months to Date 600 400 200

-18 Jan

Oc t -17

July -17

-17 Apr il




Months of Inventory on Market 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 .5




r Ap


1 il-










Top Area Builders RANK




DR Horton Inc.



Chad E. Davis Construction, LLC



Fowler Homes



MC Northwest


5. (tie)

Comfort Homes


Don Lulay Homes, Inc.


Banner Homes


Wind River Homes



Boylan Construction, Inc


10. (tie)

Pacific National Development, Inc.


Pacific Trade & Dev., Inc. / HiLine Homes


David Kerns Construction, Inc.


7. (tie)

Data for all areas of Marion and Polk Counties. December 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017. Data compiled from building permits applied for through Salem, Marion County, Polk County, Dallas and Independence building departments.

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March 1st

Lead Paint Certified Renovator Training

8:30am - 5:00pm

HBA Conference Room

March 13th

HBA All Member Dinner

5:00pm - 7:30pm

Salem Convention Center

March 16th - 18th 2018 Mid-Valley Yard, Garden & Home Show

Oregon State Fairgrounds

March 21st

Lead Paint Certified Renovator Training

8:30am - 5:00pm

HBA Conference Room

March 22nd

Forklift Safety Training

8:30am - 10:30am

HBA Conference Room

April 3rd

Lead Paint Certified Renovator Refresher Training

8:30am - 12:30pm

HBA Conference Room

April 10th

HBA All Member Dinner & Trade Show Night

5:00pm - 7:30pm

Salem Convention Center

April 12th

Lead Paint Certified Renovator Training

8:30am - 5:00pm

HBA Conference Room

April 26th

Electrical Safety Training for Non-Electricians

8:30am - 9:30am

HBA Conference Room

New Energy Code Options Table Increases The new residential energy code has an entirely new options table. That means you need to review each option to evaluate which is the most practical for you. The first five choices specify specific practices or combination of practices that reduce energy use by about 8%. Option 6 allows one to use any combination of building envelope materials or methods as long as it produces the same 8% increase in efficiency. Design your own option. Some have been reluctant to choose this option because it requires some calculation. That is no longer the case: Building Codes Division has a tool on their website that makes the option much easier to use. This tool will do all

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Green Building Howard Asch

the multiplication and division for you and even has many types of construction loaded onto pull-down menus to make finding the U-factor of your proposed method even easier. The tool is an Excel spreadsheet that only needs you to input the areas for each exterior building element and choose the kind of construction you wish to use from the pull-down menu. It will quickly tell you if you pass or fail, and by how much. This feature allows you to easily change a detail and instantly see the result, such as what

would be gained by improving window U-factors from U-0.30 to U-0.28. When you find the combination that shows compliance and works for you, print the spreadsheet and include it with your permit application. Your HVAC contractor will find the results useful so they can properly size the heating and cooling equipment, perhaps allowing smaller equipment than might have been chosen. Before choosing one of the other options one should check out this tool. There is a good chance it can save money and/or make compliance easier. Here is a link to the tool: 2017 ORSC Residential thermal performance calculator.


Like a good roof, good insurance protects you from the storm.

But we go beyond just selling insurance. We take great care in reviewing risks, and helping our clients manage those exposures. Such as monitoring the insurance from your subcontractors, assisting your safety committees with safety and loss prevention issues, or reviewing leases and contracts to ensure compliance with the insurance provisions. Working with you to make sure your


business is protected. Make Bryan a part of your team. Call him today for a review and a free quote.


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Chalkline Spring 2018  

The official publication of the Home Builders Association of Marion and Polk Counties.

Chalkline Spring 2018  

The official publication of the Home Builders Association of Marion and Polk Counties.

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