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H Lab Cocktail Bar The H-lab cocktail bar in the Howtan Space Art Gallery is a lounge bar and convivial place to meet in the creative atmosphere of the gallery. A parlour in the heart of Rome, but far from its frantic pace, in an environment where even design can be daring. A versatile and unusual lounge bar that interacts with its surroundings in a completely new way. HLab stems from the idea of receiving friends, inquisitive onlookers, artists and patrons and taking them on a sensory journey, a sort of long walk ‘with a glass in your hand’, between artworks, scents, sounds and screenings. An Art Tasting session. An exclusive lounge for select clients who share a passion or simply their curiosity for art in all its forms. A not-to-be-missed meeting place for artists and creative personalities passing through the eternal city.



A fun and slightly spicy

A golden "Piña colada",

"twist" to the Mexican

sparkling and fluorescent:

Margarita: mezcal, passion

first class Vodka and

fruit, vanilla, lime and two

Prosecco are the protago-

drops of tabasco.




Lime and sugar balance

A different kind of Mojito,

the sweetness of this drink,

enriched by passion fruit,

made strong by orange

which preserves the

liqueur and Vodka, made

exotic identity of the

“Black” by blackberries.




A Negroni suited for

Generous in flavour: our

palates looking for a softer

Whiskey Sour is made

flavour, but intense at the

with plum, ginseng and

same time, given by the

fresh Italian basil, making

blend of Gin, Vermouth

the elements the lead

and Chocolate.

characters of this drink.

H-lab Cocktails SPANISH CHERRY


Orange juice with lemon

A sweet cocktail, sweete-

and ice, Gin and

ned by raspberries and

maraschino cherry

sugar, with a slightly

liqueur: sweet, with a

bitter note furnished by

tone of citrus.

lemon. Vodka concludes this savoury harmony.



Miami is warm 12 months

Gin & Tonic served

a year, this is why everyo-

neat flavoured with

ne is always looking for

celery and fresh dill:

something refreshing like

bitter, refreshing and

Gin, lime, Ginger Beer,

easy to drink.

cucumber and angostura.



Raspberries, lychees,

Sicilian oranges, vanilla

rose sparkling with

syrup and Caribbean

first-class Prosecco. A

Rum present our Daiquiri,

very pretty missy.

served without ice but still fresh and fruity.

A 3 Dimensional Wine Tasting A voyage through Italy accompanied by three flutes of Italian sparkling wine, illustrated by our bartenders. Complemented by a charcuterie board of selected Italian cured meat and cheese with an assortment of different chutney.

• Berlucchi Franciacorta • Italian Classic Method Rosé • Moscato d’Asti

HOWTAN SPACE Art Gallery A dynamic - and never virtual – Space, going beyond the confines of an Art Gallery in the traditional sense, and being rather a location which is not a point of arrival for the artworks that are on exhibit, but a point of departure. In Howtan’s parlour, the concept of art is interlocked with social interaction. The widespread attitude of looking without seeing, and hearing without listening, is left outside. It has no access to this space. The quality of relations between individuals takes center stage. Getting into this space means rising up to the challenge. It means that you genuinely want to look and listen.

00186 Roma Via dell’Arco de’ Ginnasi, 5 tel. +39.06.69941673

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Brochure Howtan Space

Brochure Howtan Space  

Brochure Howtan Space