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The difference you make IN THIS ISSUE Donation to MCBC launches new boat The Grenader Family Prize Mansfield calling – College telethons in 2017/18 Thank you 2018 leavers Where your support has been directed Donors to Mansfield 2017/18

Development Office Mansfield College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 3TF E development@mansfield.ox.ac.uk T +44 (0)1865 270825 W www.mansfield.ox.ac.uk Mansfield College Charity Number: 1143860

Every year, we welcome back an increasing number of alumni to Mansfield. It is wonderful to hear their favourite memories of College, about the friendships forged here and the friendly, close-knit community which they were part of. In return, our alumni are reassured to discover how Mansfield’s community is still as strong as ever today. The feeling of togetherness, openness and inclusion remains at the heart of College – for undergraduates, graduate students, and for Visiting Students. Something that has certainly changed in recent years is what we are able to offer our students, in terms of better facilities and improvements to the College environment. Alumni visitors show much pride and even surprise when they see how Mansfield has been transformed physically – and they especially enjoy hearing some of the wonderful stories from behind the scenes. Such improvements are a direct result of the generosity of everyone who has supported Mansfield in so many ways; this edition of Donor News celebrates the impact of that support over the past year. We are extremely grateful to our donors and would like to say a huge thank you to all who have lent their support to College. Mansfield continues to lead the way among Oxford colleges when it comes to attracting students from under-represented schools and communities. Your donations to the Access and Outreach Fund help to cover travel expenses for students visiting Mansfield for access and

open days, or to send an access team member to schools in our target regions. When students come to Mansfield, it is important that we can then offer the teaching, support and facilities to help them thrive. Your donations to the Student Support Fund benefit a range of areas, such as hardship grants, counselling and peer support, and your donations to Buildings and Environment help create new College spaces and improve and refurbish existing facilities at Mansfield. Another project you have kindly supported this year is the Chapel’s Organ Appeal. We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the many generous donations from alumni and friends of the College, the organ is being restored to bring it into full working order once again. As many readers will have seen from previous editions of Donor News and the Mansfield Magazine, the Chapel has benefitted from various repairs and restoration projects in recent years to keep it at the heart of the Mansfield community. Alumni may remember the ‘True Vine’, the historic textile that hangs at the rear of the Chapel. This is currently being restored to help protect it for the future. The Mansfield College telethons, the Leavers’ Gift and MCBC all enjoyed another successful year in 2017/18. We hope that you enjoy reading more about these stories in the following pages of Donor News.

Mansfield donor news 2017/18

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Donation to MCBC launches new boat

We would like to thank the many donors who have helped Mansfield College Boat Club over the years, as well as those who have shown support in other ways, including cheering our rowers from the riverside. The Club has been going from strength to strength thanks to your support – as well as to the many hours of training undertaken by our dedicated rowers. In summer 2018, there was much excitement as MCBC’s new Women’s VIII boat took to the water for the first time.

The purchase of the new boat was made possible thanks to the kind support of Rhys and Jillian Hedges, who had the opportunity to see the Mel Hedges participate in Eights Week. MCBC President, Henry Williams, commented: ‘The incredibly generous donation of a new boat gives MCBC the opportunity to continue to grow and develop as a club. It also shows our desire to compete at a high level whilst improving the quality of our rowing. We are extremely grateful to them for their support.’

The Grenader Family Prize In recent years, the College has received some wonderful donations to establish new student prizes. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to support Mansfield students in this way. One of the latest additions is ‘The Grenader Family Prize’, which was established by Emmanuel Grenader (VSP, 2002) and is awarded to Visiting Students at Mansfield. Mr Grenader comments: ‘Mansfield holds a very special place for me and my family. My parents sacrificed everything to bring my brother and me to the United States from the former Soviet Union and give us the best education possible. When the opportunity arose for me to study at Mansfield for my Junior Year Abroad, my parents once again scraped up every penny they had to send me there. ‘My year at Mansfield was one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life. It was my first time outside of the US and allowed me to travel and see places I’d never been to before. It made me fall in love with Oxford and its

Mansfield donor news 2017/18

superb education, which eventually led me to pursue my Master’s there. More importantly, it was at Mansfield that I formed some of the strongest friendships that continue to this day. ‘Years later, when I was able to bring my parents to Mansfield and show them this magical place, they immediately fell in love with it and contended that they made the right decision by sending me there to study. I am very happy that I am able to establish “The Grenader Family Prize” as a way to thank and honour my parents, without whose continued support and belief in me none of this would be possible, as well as a way to show gratitude to Mansfield and give back to the community.’ Emmanuel Grenader (Visiting Student, 2002) ‘The Grenader Family Prize’ for Visiting Students is awarded each term for the best academic performance. A further prize is awarded at the end of every academic year for the best overall academic performance during the year.

Mansfield calling – College telethons in 2017/18 In 2017/18, teams of Mansfield students reached out to alumni around the world as part of the College telethons. The telethon is an opportunity to keep in touch with alumni, raise charitable donations for College priorities, as well as to say a very special thank you to our many regular supporters. Eleanor Crawford, from the Development Office, caught up with Serena Arthur (English Language and Literature, 2016) to ask what she had learnt from working on the telethon. Is there one particular story you heard that sticks in your mind from the telethon? One alum asked me if we still have ‘the black bottle’ behind the bar. Apparently it was an opaque bottle that was kept visible behind the bar. If you ordered from the bottle and there was enough to fill up a whole glass, you didn’t have to pay anything. However, if you drew the short straw and it couldn’t fill your glass, you would have to pay for a whole new bottle to replace the old one. As to whether the black bottle could ever return to Mansfield, the JCR committee might read this article and decide it was worth bringing back this College tradition! What kind of useful advice did you receive from alumni? It was the perfect opportunity to ask alumni for advice on my third year. They had survived their finals and worked out what they wanted to do as a career, but how they got to that point varied extremely widely. Some suggested not to worry but to enjoy my time here and get as much out of Oxford as I could. Others advised me to focus purely on my degree and get the best grade I could without compromise. But both groups agreed when it came to planning for the future. Their faith in my ability to find a job that I’d enjoy post-degree, without looking into it too much right now, has ultimately helped me to stress a lot less about where I’ll be after this year. Instead, I can do what all the alumni I spoke to suggested and concentrate on making this last year here at Mansfield the best that it can possibly be.

The September 2018 Telethon Team

Is there anything new you’ve learnt about yourself? I was already aware of how grateful I am to be here at Mansfield and to have chosen and ended up at the right college for me. However, I learnt how much more I love the College, how proud I am of all its achievements and how much support is provided to its students. Not only did the many wonderful conversations help me to learn more about the College’s past and the people on the other side of the phone, they also allowed me to share what I had been up to – and I realised that there was a lot for me to be proud of too. Whether it was helping access work in Mansfield and across the wider University, encouraging prospective students to see that Oxford could be the place for them, or being Deputy Editor of Onyx, a new magazine full of art, articles and poetry from students of African and Caribbean descent, the praise and encouragement of the alumni helped me to appreciate the fact that I really am helping to make a difference here in Oxford. I am so grateful to everyone I spoke to.

Thank you, 2018 leavers! In 2018, an impressive 75% of leavers took part in the Leavers’ Gift – the highest percentage yet. Thank you to everyone who donated £20.18 for this year’s project, as chosen by our leavers, the Reach Scholarships. Reach Scholarships were established to enable students from lowincome countries to study at Oxford. The project involves collaboration between the University, colleges and JCRs

to support the fees and living expenses of the scholars. Applicants must be offered a place by the University; they are then assessed by a panel comprising representatives of all three bodies, with shortlisted candidates being forwarded to participating colleges for consideration. Following fantastic support from its students, fellows and alumni, Mansfield welcomed its first Reach Scholar in 2016.

Mansfield donor news 2014/15

Where your support has been directed

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During 2017/18, £3,331,120 was received. You chose to support the following important College campaigns:

Mansfield has undergone a transformation in recent years. In 2017/18, our students were able to move into the new Hands Building, as well as benefit from lectures and events held in the building’s Sir Joseph Hotung Auditorium. Recent visitors will have seen Penny Jencks’ sculpture of Eleanor Roosevelt, outside the building’s Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. The sculpture was funded by donations made specifically for that purpose, and was unveiled this year by Secretary Hillary Clinton. Other areas that have benefitted from the fund include the Chapel’s organ restoration project and student accommodation.

peer support, prizes and bursaries, as well as access and outreach activities in Oxford and regions across the UK.

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Buildings and Environment: £3,067,981

Teaching and Research: £9,556

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Donations made to Fellowships have been helping us work towards our goal of endowing our academic posts. These funds are used to help attract and retain academics who are leaders in the field – those who inspire and encourage thinking that will stay with students throughout their studies and remain with them throughout their future careers. This is vital in preserving the tutorial system; donations to Teaching and Research are the lifeblood of the College.

Student Support and Access: £168,578 We want to enable all students, no matter what their background, to have the opportunities and the support needed to gain maximum benefit from their time here. That’s why gifts to the Student Support Fund are so important, as they help us to target funding towards activities that directly help students. This year, your support has assisted with student welfare, including counselling and

Mansfield donor news 2017/18

Unrestricted: £85,005 In the past year, your unrestricted donations to the Mansfield Matters Fund have had a huge positive impact on students, such as helping College to refurbish bedrooms, installing new windows in off-site accommodation and providing students with a comfortable home-from-home. This is such an important fund as it allows College to direct money to areas of greatest need.

Donors to Mansfield 2017/18 Thank you to all donors who have supported the College during the last financial year (August 1st 2017 – July 31st 2018), including the 329 donors who chose to remain anonymous. 1949 Revd David Stapleton

Revd John Stephenson Prof Ian Woodward

1956 Mr Michael Edwards Revd Dr Robert McKelvey

1968 Mr Geoffrey Bott Dr Charles Conti Mr Michael Harris Dr Dabney Townsend

1957 Revd Robert Scribbins 1958 Mr Nicholas Mason 1959 Prof Robert Adams Revd Clabon Allen Revd John Muir Mr Victor O’Connell Revd Dr Harold Tonks 1960 Revd Peter Moth 1961 Revd Robert Blows Mr George Carcagno Revd Anthony Coates Prof John Creaser Prof Mason Lowance 1962 Mr John Dodwell Mr Antony Payn Revd Donald Rudalevige 1963 Revd George Agar Mr Chris Horrocks Revd Victor Matthews Dr Kenneth Parker Mr Robert Porrer Mr David Reston Revd Dr William Rusch Mr Robert Smith Mr James Thompson Mr John Thorndyke 1964 Mr Roy Foster Mr Adrian Hall Mr Anthony Lunch 1965 Revd Dr Thomas Best Revd William Boyd Revd Dr Noel Davies Dr Fisher Humphreys Mr Keith Lock Revd Julian Macro Mr Bob Skelly 1966 Mr John Cooper Prof David Fell Mr Peter Froebel Mr Keith Gittins Mr Graeme Hartley Mr Ralph Holmes Revd Richard McLaren The Hon Paul Worsley QC 1967 Mr Sidney Blankenship Mr Gregory Bowden Mr Paul Jay Mr Peter Johnson Revd Dr Roy Long Revd Arthur Pedersen Mr William Sessions

1969 Mr John Inglis 1970 Dr Philip Aylett Mr John Bell Revd David Ivorson Mr Roger Jackson Revd Dr Arnold Klukas Revd John Landon Dr Robert Lively Mr Charles Long Mr Scott Milligan Mr Christopher Rivington Mr Jonathan Rooper Mr Stephen Sheedy 1971 Dr Douglas Connor Mr John Higgs Mr Stewart Rutter Dr Douglas Stange 1972 Prof Eric Lund Mr Craig Nelson Mr James Roe Dr Homer Rogers 1973 Mr Jonathan Arkush Mr Martin Stott 1974 Mr William Annandale Mr David Collins Mr Ian Howard Mr Stephen Maguire Mr Steven Paull Mr James Simpson 1975 Dr David Bailey Mr Chris Frewer Mr Simon Gregory Mr Charles Linaker Mr Simon Morrow Mr Martyn Scrivens Mr Stephen Thorpe Mr Gordon Woods 1976 Mr Crispin Barker Mr Sean Crane Mr James Dean Mr Stephen Gaskell Mr Hugh Purkiss Mr Robert Wakely Mr Chad Whitton 1977 Mr Christopher Jenkins Mr Geoffrey Lenox-Smith Mr Nicholas Weeden Mr Jonathan Wells 1978 Mr Timothy Booth Revd Richard Church Mr Antony Cook

Mansfield donor news 2017/18

Mr Guy Hands Mr Philip Jemielita Ambassador George Krol Revd Stephen Ng Tin On Mr Noel Reilly Mr Colin Sedgewick Mr Jeremy Tomlinson

Revd Dr David Hilborn Mr Michael Holyoake Mr Douglas Jeffery Mr Stephen Pollard Mrs Jane Roberts Ms Jaee Samant Mrs Veronica Williams

1979 Mr Mark Beardwood Mr Andrew Cannons Mr Martin Christensen Mr Martin Clemmey Mrs Patricia Dean Prof Glenn Holland Mr Michael Ingledow Mr John Lysons Mr Gavin Prosser Mr Martin Riley Ms Sue Unerman

1986 Mr Giles Atkinson Ms Alexandra Clark Mr Jon Fish Mr Christopher Huntington Mr Edward Lawrence Miss Sally Mason Mr Daniel Nestel Mr Gerard O’Connor Dr Matthew Scott Mr Timothy Storrie Mr Rik Tozzi Mr Andrew Willman

1980 Mr Richard Baker Mr Geoffrey Fuller Mrs Sarah Harkness Mr Mark Jones Mr Henry Kopel Mr Paul Palmarozza Mr Ric Sims 1981 Mr Nigel Clarke Mrs Melanie Clemmey Miss Jane Coughlin Mrs Melinda Cripps Revd Jeremy James Mr John Jansen Rabbi Michael Marmur Mr Geraint Rees Mr Paul Vine 1982 Mrs Jill Barnett Ms Sharon Flaxbeard Mr Adrian Flook Mr Rolf Howarth Mr Richard Klein Mr Sean Moriarty Mr Ian Simpson Mr David Testa Mr John Weston 1983 Mr Yogesh Bhagat Mrs Lisa De Silva Sir James Dingemans QC Miss Gillian Duddy Mr Mark Jones Mr Saul Jones Mr Daniel Pollick Mr Steven Ruth Mr Matthew Tipper 1984 Mr David Bailey Mr Andrew Davies Revd Peter Elliott Mr Robert Gibson Mr Timothy Harris Mr Robin Ketteridge Ms Elyse Kunz Mr Donald Macdonald Revd William MacKinnon Mr Robert Mison Ms Susan Pemberton 1985 Mrs Judy Gibson Prof Stephen Gourley

1987 Mrs Debbie Chism Mr Nick Chism Mr Richard Darby Mr Lawrence Edwards Mr Alexander Manisty Mr Brian Millar Dr Barbara Mittler Mr Richard Morrison Ms Abigail Olson Mrs Nina Porter Mr Ross Singleton Ms Carol Whitaker 1988 Mr Ben Auslander Mrs Emma Azuela Ms Lisa Baglin Mr Timothy Burroughs Dr James DeCarli Mr Timothy Eddis Ms Catherine McClen Mr Jonathan Steinberg Dr Richard Underhill Mr Michael Walls Revd George Watt Mr Stewart Wilkinson 1989 Mr Neil Elton Mr Jan Fischer Mr Toby Gosnall Mrs Frances Henry Mr Matthew Keats Dr Toby Purser Mr Robert Snow Ms Georgina Spary 1990 Mr Angelo Basu Mrs Nicola Cathery Mr Steven Keane Mrs Kathryn Newsome Mr Joseph Nuttall Mr Duncan Ruckledge Dr Helge-Torsten Woehlert 1991 Dr Paul Deslandes Mrs Kathryn Flanders Mrs Shevaun Haviland Mr Alexander Johnson Mr Tom Joyce Miss Gill Kirk Mr Thomas Lacy Mr Daneree Lambeth Prof Markus Mobius

Mr Keith Powell Ms Shawn Zovod 1992 Mr Brian Arnold Mr Simon Carmichael Dr Thomas Cattoi Mr Andrew Croxson Mr Simon Hards Mr Paul Jackson Ms Stephanie Reents Mr Benjamin Shaw 1993 Mr Richard Apps Miss Elizabeth Badger Mrs Barbara Carmichael Mr Stuart Ferguson Mr John Glen MP Mr Stephen Gough Mrs Alexandra Harle Mrs Elizabeth Hodgetts Mr James Pearson Mr Zachary Schlappi Ms Elizabeth Taylor Carson Mr John Zolidis 1994 Mr Tom Bray Mrs Kumiko Brocklebank Mr Finbar Clenaghan Mr Richard Davies Revd Tiffany-Alice Ewins Mr Zachary Finley Revd Derek Hopkins Mr Simon Kennedy Revd Iain McDonald Mr Jonathan Parry Mr Carl Vine Miss Brigitte Worth Mr Andrew Young 1995 Mrs Catrin Bennett Mr Edward Bryce Morris Mr Simon Calhaem Ms Margaret Collins Ms Elizabeth Fastiggi Ms Olwen Greany Mr Michael Margolis Mrs Gina Pattisson Brusik Mr Luke Purser Mr Stephen Tall Mr Nathaniel Tapley Mr Brian Tockman Miss Susan Whitworth Mr Marcus Williamson 1996 Ms Laura Baggaley Mr Timothy Berry Mr Charles Classen Mr Rishi Dastidar Mr Aaron Fortt Dr Jane Hamlett Mr Marcus Haywood Miss Anna Jenkins Mrs Anna McLamb Ms Munira Mirza Mr Cillian Ó Donnabháin Mr Ernestos Panayiotou Mr James Selby Mr Rhys Watkin Ms Amber Wheeler 1997 Mr Philip Avery Mr David Clyde Revd June Colley

Revd Patricia Davis Mr John Doy Mrs Deborah Edwards Mr David Falkner Mr Christopher Foster Ms Iram Kiani Revd John-Daniel Laurence Miss Louise Mann Mr Assad Maqbool Prof Graham Martin Ms Hayley McRae-White Dr Jayne Nicholson Mr Matthew Reed Mrs Sarah Thomas Mr James Uffindell Mr Marc Zao-Sanders 1998 Ms Helen Bray Mr Richard Colebourn Mrs Rebecca Collison Ms Sara Cross Dr Kate Flynn Mr Martin Hall Ms Chantal Hughes Mr Damian King Dr Rebecca Lodwick Mrs Emma Pell Mrs Mary Pert Dr Peter Sidgwick 1999 Mrs Marie-Anne Barnes Mr Kevin Bates Ms Cheryl Law Dr Christine Susan McCulloch Mr Simon Wicks Mrs Catherine Wright Mr Alexander Wright 2000 Mr Adrian Barlow Ms Katherine Bilsborrow Mr Robert Cumberland Mr Marcus Edwards Mr Niall McCarthy Ms Lindsey Mepham Mr Wichanun Niwatjinda Mrs Elizabeth Nunnery Norheim Mr David Robson Mrs Rebecca Smith 2001 Mr Sean Beck Mr William Bonner Mr Tom Buttle Dr Richard Day Mr Simon Hale Mr Timothy Hirst Mr Arvi Antti Ilmari Luoma Mr Robert McGhee Mrs Laura Musgrave Mr Cyprian Njamma Mr Nigel Simkin Ms Marilyn Thompson Mr Jonas Twitchen Mr Andrew Walker Mr Kevin Whibley 2002 Mr Ryan Amesbury Mr Richard Bazzaz Mr Leighton Cardwell Mr Anthony Dewell Ms Alexis Eloise Faulkner Dr Mitch Fraas Mr Aled George Mr Emmanuel Grenader Ms Clare Knight Mr Jonathan Lord Mr Charles-Maxime Panaccio Mr Matthew Smith

Mr Gregory Peter Smye- Rumsby Mr Georg Von Kalckreuth 2003 Mr Cyrus Azima Mr Alastair Brown Mr Matthew Castle Revd Dr Chigor Chike Mr Matthijs Kronemeijer Mrs Sarah Lake Mr Edward Mayne Mr John McCarthy Mr Andrew Mitchell Dr Katie Moore Mr Christopher Opie Mr Peter Ringlee Mr Henry Rushton Ms Catriona Rutherford Mr Jonathan Wakely Mr David Wall Mrs Elizabeth Wheater 2004 Mr William Brewster Mrs Rebecca Campbell Mr Giacomo Fassina Dr Valentin Iotchkova Miss Alexandra Jezeph Mr Benjamin Jones Miss Rebecca Linnett Mr Matthew Mackarevich Ms Helen McKenzie Mr Flavius Mihaies Mr Thoma Oliphant Ms Rachel Orth Mr Richard Saynor Revd Timothy Searle Miss Carina Watney Mr Joseph Zhou 2005 Mr Horatio Boedihardjo Mr Roy Cooper Dr James Dray Mr Richard Dyble Mrs Emma Gerrard-Jones Mr Daniel Harvey Miss Amy Icke Mr Charles Joseph Miss Melissa Julian-Jones Miss Alexandra Kritchevsky Miss Julia Lerch Revd Iain McLaren Mr Anthony Morash Miss Caroline Roberts Mr David Sims 2006 Ms Ruth Cook Mr Vikram Dhindsa Mrs Lucy Harvey Ms Felicity Hawksley Mr Reuben Holt Mr Giorgi Lebanidze Miss Lauren O’Donnell Mr David Putnins Mr Michael Shaw Mr Helbert Tsang 2007 Ms Dorian Adams Ms Devon Andersen Ms Sara Bainbridge Mr David Bruce Mr Luke Bullock Mr Daniel Cowley Mr Michael Enright Mr Nicholas Gomes Mr Chirag Goyate Mr John Kerr Mr Nicholas Mazuroski Mr Christopher Mertlitz Mr Giles Rabbitts Miss Huda Salih Dr Banu Turnaoglu

Although we take care to ensure these details are correct, we apologise for any errors or omissions in the listings. Please do let us know if you are aware of any inaccuracies.

Miss Marianne Turner Mrs Joanna Wood 2008 Mr Andrew Campbell Mr Benjamin Clark Mr Christopher Du Boulay Mr Benjamin Featherstone Mr Stanley Hale Mr Edward Lee Mr Ewan Miller Mr James Nettleton Miss Eilise Norris Dr James Patrick Ms Margaret Schierberl Miss Adina Wass Mr Matthew Williams Mr Simon Williamson Mr Chun Yuen Wong 2009 Mr Benjamin Ball Dr Cheng Cheng Miss Laura Christianson Mr Alexander Ford Miss Rachel Freeman Mr Joshua Gaskell Miss Jennifer Goodchild Mr Samuel Hilton Miss Lucy Hutchinson Mr Matt Jones Mr Christopher Major Mr Andrew McCormack Miss Margaret Molloy Mr Frederick Overton Mr Daniel Rey Miss Claire Ward Mr Nathan Webster Miss Amy Wilson Miss Sarah Wride Ms Sarah Zaidi 2010 Miss Sarah Sami Alsaif Mr Oliver Cohen Mr Matthew Cowin Mr Christopher Crompton Mr Matthew Dodd Miss Ashley Fry Mr George Hasell-McCosh Miss Rosemar Kanuritch Mr Christopher Lee Evans Mr David Lukic Miss Neha Sinha Mr Amir Sokolowski Mr Connell Stewart Ms Rachel Wears Mr Oliver Wood 2011 Mr Kevin Ashby Miss Jennifer Joy Atwood Mr Matthew Bradbury Mx James Burnett Ms Priyanaz Chatterji Miss Bethany Collett Miss Selina Denton Mr Laurens Dokter Mr Tane Dunlop Mr James Fisher Mr Jan Greenshaw Mr Thomas Jollans Mr Karl Laird Mr Craig McCue Mr Carl Merrigan Mr Joseph Morris Mr Daniel Orford Mr Martin Reeves Mr Benjamin Snyder Ms Ina Sorensen Mr Alex Starr Mr Daniel Tarry Miss Colette Wojewodka

2012 Dr Peter Bergamin Mr Alexander Botham Mr Daniel Burridge Mr Adam Deane Miss Rebecca Dellar Miss Nastassia Dhanraj Miss Amy Francis Miss Joanna Hawkins Miss Victoria Hawley Miss Rebecca Hird Ms Alexandra Jennings Miss Rebecca Lee Mr Eric Lewis Ms Jessica McNally Ms Ariane Moshiri Mr Kirtan Patel Mr Julian Sartorius Mr Thomas Windsor Miss Margaret Woods Mr Jonathan Woodward 2013 Mr Yining Cai Mr Luke Charters-Reid Mr Ruairi Cullinane Mr Jordan Dilworth Mr William Ferris Ms Emily Kempson Mr Robert Lazo Miss Grace McNamee Miss Jehanara Mehta- Jamooji Miss Lisa Robertson Miss Emmeline Skinner Cassidy Miss Miranda Stock Mr Brandon Tensley 2014 Mr Owen Clarridge Miss Jessica Finn Miss Claire Gibson Mr Maximilian Grodecki Mr Steven Philp Mr Joshua Vaughan 2015 Ms Jacqueline Bashaw Mr Massimiliano Di Tommaso Mr Dylan Macfarlane Mr Michael Railton Mr Joseph Ssentongo Mr Muhammed Emin Torunoglu Miss Tania Warren 2016 Ms Adrienne Mortimer Mr Ashwin Nair Miss Hanan Natour Miss Eunhyea Oh Mr Jimmy Wang Miss Benedetta Zocchi

Mrs Carol Greatorex Mrs Julia Hands MBE Mr Peter Harkness Dr Eldrid Herrington Ms A.M. Homes Mrs Jill Iscol Mr William Jackson Mr Pierre Michel Jacquelin Ms Jane Johnston Ms Rosalind Kaye Mr Alistair Kennedy Mr Harry Leventis Mr Michael McGuirk Mrs Priscilla Moir Sharp Ms Lissa Muscatine Ms Beth Newburger Dr Lindsay Newman Ms Louise Penny Mr David Perry Ms Jan W Pitchford Dr Colin Podmore Ms Amy Rao Dr Tony Salmon Dr T.M. N. Salvesen and Mrs Ann Salvesen Mr Robert Sandell Mr Jonathan Scheele Mrs Gretchen Seiffert Mr Leo Sioris Ms Colette Stein Mr Alexander Thomas Mr Richard Thomas Mr Hugh Turners Ms Anne Watson Mr John White Mrs Margaret Wilmot Ms Catherine Zennstrom Legacy Gift Dr Elaine Kaye Organisations Barclays Plc Matching Gifts Figgess Charitable Settlement Trust Goldman Sachs Matching Gifts Google Matching Gifts Microsoft Matching Gifts Oxford Pegasus Grange Residents Association Pensky Family Foundation Reverend W N Monteith Charitable Trust Ruddock Foundation for the Arts Sir Joseph Hotung Charitable Settlement State Street Matching Gifts Wolfson Foundation

College Members Prof Ros Ballaster Prof Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell Dr Anthony Lemon Ms Peggy Morgan Friends Mr Larry Aerni Mr John Bach Ms Theresa Bentley Mr Mark Bergman Ms Allida Black Mrs Dorothy Bradbury Mr Michael Corbett Mr David Cox Lady Marion Dodds Mrs Jacquie Featherstone Ms Susan Gibson Mr Peter Gomes

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Donor News Issue Six