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With seasons passing and our country embarking upon yet another anticipated historical event, we share stories that highlight individuals that are focused in the pursuit of purpose. With hopes to inspire beyond the moments of entertainment, the underlying message in all of the work presented is to define, develop, and devote to a greater work in you. In this issue of Love, Marriage & Partnership – The Review, be inspired to focus intimately on the gifts and service that are unique to you. Here’s a list of features to be highlighted for August, and set the expectation of things to come. COUPLES IN PARTNERSHIP: This feature is the heart of the publication, so become acquainted with phenomenal couples from all over that are building businesses and serving their communities through a loving partnership. EVOLVE: Be pushed to a new and exciting dimension as a widowed mother of three shares the mindset and tools that developed her into a successful business woman thriving in many areas, and an increasing desire to help others. DATE NIGHT IDEAS: Do more than flirt with the idea of Date Nights, make a commitment. These sweet notions will spark dedication for that much desired QT whether you’re single, just having fun, or in a committed relationship.

COUPONING LIKE A QUEEN: Get tips on how to keep your coins as an enthusiastic mom shares how she turned a need into a hobby by couponing. Even if couponing isn’t your thing, her fun personality and desire to help will surely have you tuned in. HEALING ONE: Find inspiration and accountability as author, speaker, and multi-faceted career professional shares her views on how she helps others get to their greatest good. THE INSIDE RECRUITER: If you have experienced difficulty in locking in a great position in a competitive job market, consider yourself fortunate. The Inside recruiter has track record for taking individuals from being the job seeker to the sought after. AND MUCH MORE...



A WINNING TEAM: Glean insight on what true “squad goals” are from relationship experts as they share 10 tips for being triumphant in your marriage. LIVE BEYOND IT: Tune in to recovery coach and bereavement professional for assistance in moving past life’s circumstances. CELEBRATE OUR SENIORS: National Senior Citizens Day is August 21. Join us in not only celebrating them, but honoring them with service and quality time. SHOW YOUR SUCCESS: Everyone wants success in life, but many require a refined vision to let it show. Invest time in learning from a business building powerhouse that specializes in showing entrepreneurs how to produce multiple streams of income from their current business.

Love, Marriage & Partnership - The Review is a monthly publication sponsored by M & M R Marketing, LLC that focuses on married couples that are in partnership with each other through service and/or business to their communities and abroad. The goal of the Love, Marriage & Partnership – the Review is to inspire readers to look at the essence of partnership in marriage as shared by exemplary couples, ultimately moving readers to actively define, develop, and devote to their purpose as a couple.




Carl Burnside is the “His” in “His Point Her View.” Carl is an ordained minister, mental health professional, and educator. Carl graduated from Valparaiso University with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. For the last 10 years, he has worked throughout the Mental Health continuum of care. During this time, Carl gained a deeper understanding of the mind and emotional stability. It has been Carl’s goal to inspire and minister to support a positive mental well- being. Currently, Carl teaches at Del Valle High School. Rachel Burnside is the “Her” in “His Point, Her View.” Rachel is a Chicago native that attended the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign where she began her career in the food industry. To date, Rachel’s hospitality experience ranges from hotel renovation and brand management, to menu and event planning. Rachel has traveled throughout the U.S. working with the best restaurants, caterers, and chefs. Currently, Rachel works for a major specialty food import and distribution company where she consults and sells to some of the areas top chefs’. Carl and Rachel Burnside founded the popular website and ministry movement His Point, Her View in 2014. Having both gone through the relationship ringer in their single years, Carl and Rachel chose to use their past to help others along their journey. The Burnsides are very open about their individual and collective experiences and Christian walk in hopes of assisting others with their relationships and choices. Their desire for pure ministry and love for their community has led them to their newest commitment as founders and pastors of The Growing G.R.A.C.E. Church of Austin.

WHO ARE YOU AS A COUPLE? We believe that we have been called to be relationship renovators and marriage motivators. We have identified that relationships are extremely valuable and created by God as an example of His love for us here on earth; we aim to encourage individuals to nurture, appreciate, and recognize Christ-centered relationships. WHAT THINGS DO YOU ADMIRE ABOUT YOUR SPOUSE? Rachel: I admire my husband’s resiliency and desire to never settle or become complacent in any circumstance. My husband’s consideration, drive, strength, desire to protect, eagerness to grow, openness to learn, and commitment to teach makes me proud to be his wife daily. Carl: I admire Rachel’s zeal for Christ. I have never met a women so in love with Christ and so persistent in being obedient to the will of God and he purpose on her life. Watching my wife worship and honor God is so moving and spiritually fulfilling. I admire Rachel for always being so honest, compassionate, and loving. HOW DO YOU PREPARE YOURSELF TO FUNCTION AS YOUR BEST SELF IN YOUR ROLE AS A SPOUSE? Rachel: I spend time filling myself up by communing with my Savior. Prayer is truly my weapon and I use it to not only intercede for my husband and our home but also to find strength, grace, and peace of mind. I have learned that in order to be the best spouse you must first be your best self, for me prayer is the best preparation. Carl: I prepare myself through prayer and meditation. I believe in seeking counsel from married elders and borrow the wisdom they share with me. I study The Scripture to remind myself what kind of husband God wants me to be.

The REVIEW HOW DO YOU UTILIZE YOUR DIFFERENCES INDIVIDUALLY AS ASSETS TO YOU AS A COUPLE? Marriage taught us how to be transparent about our strengths and weaknesses. In order to be a strong united front we use our strengths to develop roles and tasks in our home, businesses, and ministries. This has allowed us to be more consistent, thorough, and overall effective as a unit. WHAT DOES PARTNERSHIP IN MARRIAGE MEAN TO YOU? A partnership reflects checks and balances. In our partnership we hold one another accountable and cover each other, no matter what. Being able to share in responsibilities, wins, and losses with one another is an invaluable and rewarding experience. AS PARTNERS IN MARRIAGE, WHAT IS YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL? WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFICE TO OBTAIN IT? Our ultimate goal is Heaven. We both want to be with the Lord in eternal glory. In doing that, we desire to touch and help as many souls as possible, join us there. We want to help the world understand Christ, love and accept Christ, and allow Him to change their lives unlike anything or anyone else possibly could. Because it is our calling, our purpose, we are willing to do whatever is necessary in the will of God. WHO IS THE MR AND MRS THAT PEOPLE DON’T GET TO SEE? We really enjoy one another. We are best friends and really dislike being away from each other for long periods of time. We laugh, we play, and we worship together even when no one is looking. Carl: and my wife is an amazing cook. That needs to be known!

WHAT IS A SCRIPTURE THAT YOU BOTH USE AS YOU FUNCTION IN A PARTNERSHIP? Our quote is pretty simple; “Divorce is not an option and never a topic we will allow to be a part of our conversation.” We pray and ask God for wisdom, knowledge, and an understanding of the two. We understand that wisdom is critically important in marriage. Too often people speak unproductive, vile, debilitating words in relationships, that sow seeds of discord. It is our desire to speak words of love and support. So a scripture that we use to remind us of that is Proverbs 12:18 “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” We are about building one another. It is better to heal a heart that’s broken, than destroy it because of selfishness and ones desire to make a vain point.

MaryF. NED

Mary F. Ned, is a widow and single parent of three daughters (Courtney, Morgan, and Camryn) who is winning against the odds. Her entrepreneurial journey begin when her 20+ years as a business professional wasn’t enough to financially sustain the lifestyle she created with her late husband, Caldwell J. Ned. His untimely death birthed a burning desire in Mary Ned’s soul to succeed no matter the cost. Instead of feeling sorrow that her plans to have a 50 year marriage ended at 21 years, she focused on rewriting her future. She started with adding a new title to her name as a Realtor. The experiences and knowledge she gained during her process assisted her in finding her purpose. Mary quickly realized multiple streams of income were the only way to conquer financial woes. The old cliché’ “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” holds a lot of truth most individuals find out the hard way. In 2010 Mary Ned, joined her first MLM online company that taught principles which changed her way of thinking forever. She now serves as a leader in the company and her accomplishments also include becoming a Speaker and Author. Her book “Evolve” was written to share her philosophy on how to make the impossible possible. The motto Change your mindset, Change your situation, Make your Dreams Reality is the platform Mary F. Ned is presenting to the world.

Don’t Hesitate.

EVOLVE now! The Book “Evolve” can be purchase on

Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Contact Information:

832-257-9502 or Facebook: Ned Entrepreneur Development Instagram: nedmary


Kenya Parks spent most of her life in darkness, angry, bitter, and filled with resentment. She shares her testimony of being sexually assaulted at the age of only eight years old unashamed and with such conviction. Her natural ability to be real showing her audience that she is a normal everyday woman, thriving to walk in excellence within the authority of God allows her to connect with women of all ages. Kenya is the founder of Kenya’s Korner a ministry created to Minister to the soul, mind and body of ladies across the globe. Kenya’s Korner first event is August13,2016 in Marks, Ms. She is spear-heading a rally with the hopes of reaching 100 if not more young ladies in Quitman County. She chose this area to start her ministry because this is where she got her start. Kenya is a Speaker, Mentor, and a Service Coach, but most importantly she is a mother first. This young lady is allowing her mess to become her message to minister to women around the world.


S e n d In q u i r i e s t o :



Ayannah Williams, a native of McComb, Ms, is an ordained minister of the Gospel, an inspirational speaker, gospel song writer and an aspiring book writer. Her ministry began in 2011 after she preached her 1st sermon in a small church in Greensburg, La. ‘Ayannah Williams Ministries’ focuses on the power of GOD to heal, deliver and set free through the preached Word of GOD and prayer. In March of 2016, after receiving two profound prophetic words from her Pastor concerning writing a book, Ayannah penned her 1st book entitled “One Day at a Time”. “One Day at a Time” is a Godinspired 30-Day Christian Devotional infused with biblical scripture references, prophetic declarations and personal prayers. This book offers biblical wisdom to help individuals triumph over the enemy by using the Word of God and trusting in the power of God. While her love for God is expressed in many forms, Ayannah has found great enjoyment in writing gospel songs from her heart unto God. 10 | LOVE MARRIAGE & PARTNERSHIP | THE REVIEW


In 2011, she wrote “Use Me” for gospel recording artists “The Williams Brothers” which featured gospel greats such as Lisa Knowles and Pastor Tim Rogers. “Use Me” appeared on BET and was played on radio stations across the world. Her latest music endeavor entitled “Always There” is a single featured on Doug Williams’ latest CD titled “Crossover”. “Always There” is a testament of God’s unfailing ability to remain faithful and true to His Word by never leaving nor forsaking His people. It is Ayannah’s desire that people are encouraged, motivated and compelled to receive Christ into their hearts as their personal Savior. CONTACT INFO: - (E-mail) - (Website) - ayannah.williams.1 (Facebook) - @MinisterAyannah (Twitter)



for Mississippi PATRICIA NEELY-DORSEY Have you ever had one of those phone conversations with a good friend as you drive around in late afternoon traffic? Thankfully your vehicle seems to be on autopilot because you’re so engaged in the conversation – telling stories, laughing, and sharing visions with each other. Our first formal conversation with this Mississippi Magnolia was just that. In a search for anything related to “positive Mississippi,” PATRICIA NEELY-DORSEY’S name seemed to come up quite often. When we reached out to her, she was more than excited about having an opportunity to promote a positive perspective for this southern jewel of a state. Dorsey is a 1982 graduate of Tupelo High School in Tupelo, Mississippi... located in the beautiful red clay "Hills" of Mississippi..and yes, the birthplace of Elvis Presley. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. After living for almost 20 years in Memphis, Tennessee, working in the mental health field, she returned to her hometown in August 2007. Dorsey’s first book of poetry, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia- A Life In Poems was published in February, 2008 (Grant House Publishers). Her second book , My Magnolia Memories and Musings -In Poems was published in February 2012. Always considering herself as a "Goodwill Ambassador" for Mississippi and the south, Dorsey was given the nicknames Tupelo and Mississippi while in college. Whenever her friends saw her coming, they knew that there would be some type of discourse about Mississippi and the south soon to follow...with hopes to clear up their many misconceptions and preconceived notions. With laughter Dorsey exclaims, “Yes, we DO have shoes in Mississippi. We might not wear them all of the time...but we do have them!” Perhaps one of her most profound statements was expressing that she believes that we can bridge many gaps of misunderstanding across regional, racial, cutural, generational and economic lines by simply telling/sharing our stories. Dorsey quotes Miguel Algarin in saying, "When I see what you see, the distance between us disappears." In February 2015 the governor signed a proclamation naming her as an official Goodwill Ambassador for the state. Dorsey travels all around the state speaking at schools, churches, libraries and various civic organizations, delivering the message of a positive Mississippi and a positive southern experience....According to her, one of the best places to live in ALL of the world is POSITIVELY MISSISSIPPI !!! Smile Yall.


DATING IDEAS By: Mr & MRS ROACH Dismiss every misconception that you have about Dating, be open-minded, and expect to have fun! Who says that Dating has to be anything other than what you want it to be? No one- it’s up to you how creative you want your predetermined moment of eminence to be! It is also important to note that Dating is for anyone: married, engaged, and yes, SINGLE.



IDEAS of the MONTH • • • • • •

• •

Agree to set this time aside together. Determine frequency and be consis tent (once a month or every week). Decide who gets to choose the date (deciding together is best). Anticipate it. Be THERE while you’re on the date. Have FUN.

Avoid making independent plans and expect the other to be as excited as you are. Steer clear of allowing your Date Night to take the back seat of things that appear to be more pressing.

TAKE A COOKING CLASS Cooking is always a great alternative to going out, but it can feel a bit awkward going to a stranger’s home on the first date. Instead, get your hands dirty at a local cooking class. HAVE AN ICE CREAM SOCIAL And by ice cream social, we mean meet up at a selfserve ice cream or frozen yogurt shop. (That’s being social, right?) Aside from the awesome treat, it’s also pretty incredible how much you can learn about someone based on his or her topping choices. WATCH THE SUNSET Or sunrise, if you’re feeling super ambitious. A beautiful setting makes everything more enjoyable, and it’s the perfect time (and place) to bring along your favorite snacks and drink of choice. ZOO IT The zoo is an awesome place to explore and get to know someone on a new level—and it’s a great excuse to relive one of the best childhood activities. The abundance of animals also means there’s no shortage of conversation!

Ten Tips to Turning Your Marriage into a


- COMMUNICATION You cannot be on a team with someone who does not know what you expect. Unspoken expectations are a major downfall in some marriages. Communication is key. - SIT DOWN TOGETHER DAILY Simply sitting down and looking each other in the eyes on a daily basis draws you closer. - MAKE YOUR SPOUSE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY Something will always happen to cause you to change your plans. However, the plans you make with your spouse should be your first priority. - DON’T BE AFRAID TO APOLOGIZE We are not perfect. You are going to make mistakes. The key is don’t be afraid to say, “I’m Sorry.”

- DEAL WITH OFFENSES IMMEDIATELY. As soon as you feel the walls coming up, knock them down. Hidden offenses are a silent killer of many marriages. Be open with your spouse. Let your spouse know when you have been hurt big or small. - REMAIN LOYAL Never allow anyone to speak negatively about your spouse. When you allow this to happen, seeds of doubt and suspicion are planted into your mind. Remember you are ONE. - IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES Opposites do attract! Where you are weak your spouse may be strong and vice versus. Talk about it and work as a team. - PRAY FOR EACH OTHER DAILY This is more for you than it is for your spouse. By praying for your spouse, you are unselfishly doing something for him/her every day. - DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP Being vulnerable shows that you TRUST your spouse. - INTENTIONALLY MAKE TIME FOR EACH OTHER The more time you spend with each other, the more you learn each other. You should learn new things about your spouse daily.

LiveBeyondit with LALITA DIXON

As a recovery coach, consultant, bereavement professional, speaker and radio host, Lalita Dixon offers compassionate consulting and coaching to individuals who have experienced tragic or unexpected loss through her consulting firm. With over eight (8) years of funeral and bereavement preparation, Lalita's mission is to guide individuals, families, and organizations with tools to identify their struggles to heal from a traumatic loss and begin the path to recovery. Lalita uses her radio platform to encourage educate and equip the community. She believes everyone will face a circumstance that may be used to push them to their next level. Once that obstacle is identified as a strong foundation to build upon, you can Live Beyond It! Lalita is a mother of three and a grandmother to one grandson. She is also a licensed minister in Houston, Texas, a Certified Peer Mentor and Recovery Coach, with Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals. To connect with Lalita regarding guest appearance or show information email:


Our Celebrate A Visit


It is early in the afternoon, you’re sitting in the coffee shop, and you lift your head away from your laptop. As you wait for your next burst of energy or creativity, you see an elderly man assist his wife to a table just before he takes a seat himself, crossing his legs. You see the light shift as the door opens and in walks a seasoned woman with her purse cuffed under her arm, and pulls her sunglasses down as she squints up at the menu. A sense of wonder comes to mind as you assume how simple their lives must be. Surely on one extreme is keeping up with prescriptions and doctor’s visits, the other consisting of travel and leisure events. Regardless of how sweet, hospitable, opinionated, or spirited they may be, most seniors cherish companionship. Consider yourself fortunate if you have grandparents or older relatives that you can still enjoy seeing at family gatherings, speaking with them over the phone, or caring for on a regular basis. Their sixty plus years of life experiences serve as pillars of wisdom for not only us, but our communities. This month, we would like to urge you to look beyond your beloved elders’ independence of driving themselves, or the effortless way they find themselves into your personal business. Instead, seek ways that you can positively impact their day. Because we are certain that after your day has been spent there will be an unbalanced portion of blessings in your favor, we challenge you to one or more of the following:

***Please note that this challenge does not have to consist of family members only. Seek those in your community as well. Also be sure to consult with their family or those that normally provide care and assistance before making plans. Happy Seasoning!

- VOTERS’ CARPOOL: Determine how many passengers can comfortably fit in your vehicle, and assist that number of seniors in assuring that they are properly registered to vote, and commit to providing them transportation for the upcoming Presidential Election. (Note: this is a great time to listen to their opinions, insight, and needs as elderly voters.) - DO LUNCH: Whether you go out or visit them at their home, enjoy looking through old pictures, talking, or simply watching their favorite television show with them. - FITNESS FRIEND: Accompany them during one of their usual exercise routines. If one doesn’t exist, offer to help starting one based on doctor’s recommendation. - CLEAN UP CREW: Offer to help them clean an area that they may have some difficulty cleaning on their own. - YOU’VE GOT MAIL: Send a post card, pictures or a letter just because. Follow up with a phone call to ensure that they received it.




ALTERNATIVE!! Teach the Children Academy is a not-for-profit organization created to provide homeschooling to students who have problems in conventional classrooms due to hyperactivity, limited attention spans, and other often medically treated illnesses. These students and their families are provided an opportunity to receive comparable teaching in a smaller and more personable setting offering them a standard quality education at rates affordable to their own personal budgets. The purposes for which the organization is established are educational, spiritual, and charitable within the meaning of Section 501©3 of the Internal Revenue Code.







Please call for more information! VIRGINIA JAMISON, DIRECTOR



1104 E. Northside Drive Ste. D Clinton, MS 39056

MeetTaurea V I S I O N AVA N T

VISIONTips Author, Business Accelerator and International Speaker Impacting the lives of business owners independent distributors in mind body and soul. Taurea has an extensive amount of history with being an entrepreneur. More than 15+ years with 10 of those being very unsuccessful. Taurea went from Foreclosure in 2009 to producing millions in sales in the home based business industry. Her true testament to how she was able to get to the other side of success she believes comes from the amount of personal growth that she went through in the year of 2009 and up to today. She is the creator of The System Mastery and Show Your Success Workshops, and 9 Time Author of books on personal self-development, education and more. Her major focus is to show entrepreneurs how to build multiple streams of income in their current businesses. She has been seen on ABC News, Sheen Magazine, Successful Women Radio Show, IHeartRadio and more! Today, Taurea’s focus is on helping small-based business owners & independent distributors to develop, master, and remain committed to growing their businesses by providing valuable leadership and interpersonal skills. She offers timeless tips that support in real world interactions and discoveries on what it takes to be successful in today’s entrepreneurial world. She is a living example of creating a lifetime career and wants to help you get prepared for the journey. She knows what it takes to break through a multitude of challenges and focus on the future.

When it comes to success in being an entrepreneur there are a few tips that I personally recommend.

First you must understand 3 areas in your life that will directly affect your success. 1. YOUR ENVIRONMENT: where you spend most of your time will affect your beliefs and actions 2. YOUR CIRCLE: The saying that if you take the average incomes of the 5 people that you spend the most time with and compare it to yours, you will come within $10,000 of theirs still holds true today. Your circle will always affect your income because just like your environment, it does affect your beliefs. 3. Your Words: The most crucial weapon against “unsuccess” starts with the words that you are speaking. Your words control your beliefs which control your actions. Pay attention to how successful people speak about life and pay attention to how unsuccessful people (whatever you determine success) and pay attention to how they speak. You will notice conversations are totally different.

Here are also four things that I have done to help with these 3 areas in my life. 1. Hang out where people I aspire to be like. 2. I read books everyday on personal development. One I would recommend would be my book of course, “A Vision to Freedom”, to start with. 3. Take awareness to the conversations that people you spend the most time with have. If you notice a lot of negativity, I would encourage you to reduce your time with them. 4. Hire a coach/mentor. One of the best things I could have ever purchased was the time of a mentor. To learn more about these steps you can visit my site and I’ll give you the full break-down of how to get these things done.

Bender MART b y




TIPS FOR COUPONERS My name is Anitra Bender and I supervise a Call Center during the day, however, after 5:00, I am an addicted “couponer”. I picked up on this addiction in October 2013 while my dad was visiting. He asked to wash his clothing before traveling back home and I had a “corner” of laundry detergent available for use. Very ashamed, I vowed to never get low on it, ever again. At that time, couponers, as we call ourselves, were beginning to soar within social media. Everyone would gather their items, set up a display and post it to Facebook. Seeing these photos would make anyone want to get involved, not only to save money, but, also have a “stockpile”. A stockpile is an accumulation of all items obtained through couponing. So, I reached out to a person that I would always see getting household items, Stephanie. She gave me my first coupons and tips on “how” to coupon, while maximizing my savings. That was all I needed, and from that point to this, I have been changing lives of many that I know and come in contact with.

Subscribe to the Sunday’s paper Utilize a coupon clipping service to purchase coupons, online) Always apply a sale with your coupon (look for items already on sale) Never throw away coupons, even after expiration (some stores take expired coupons) Familiarize yourself with store coupon policies Join store loyalty programs Know what’s a good deal and what’s not Make multiple transactions Use overage to get FREE ITEMS! Look for unadvertised deals ALWAYS take coupons with you, even when traveling Price-Match, if applicable

Many benefit from my addiction, especially, my family and close friends. I share items and coupons with them and even, at times, teach coupon classes. My first coupon class was held in January, 2014. It was held at a facility that could accommodate at least 300 individuals. It completely SOLD OUT! This event was so big that news reporters visited to cover the event!

Pay attention at the register, especially when using multiple coupons

My best friend, Renetta, named my pile “Bender Mart”!! This is by far the best addiction I have ever heard of! I think it is simply amazing, therefore, just like Stephanie gave me those tips, I give them, here and there because we all love saving our coins!

Keep your coupons organized

Request a raincheck for out of stock items Review your strategy Stick to your same cashiers Leave your kids at home Utilize social media to see deals and RUN Practice makes perfect



HealingOne! That sums it up for Ms. Balom, who/what she is and how she interacts with others. HealingOne, a nickname given to Jasmine by her clients back in 2004, has carried forward with her into everything she is and does. Jasmine is an Author, Speaker, Life Strategist with a background of 16+ years in Health & Wellness. Her professional experience includes in-home rehab, fitness training, massage therapy, life coaching, spiritual coaching & counseling. In 2014, Jasmine published her book “Hello My Name Is… Forgiven”, recently added even more goodies and re-released it in June 2016. She re-launched her Coaching/ Mentoring business HealingOne, LLC in 2016 with a renewed focus to change and save lives and has launched, HealingOne T-shirt Line, focused on empowerment and inspiration through clothing. With the wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained through higher education, personal and professional experience, Jasmine focuses her energy as a Life Strategist to help her clients clearly identify specific issues causing roadblocks in their lives and then creating quick and relevant changes that support better communication and relationships, better sleep, more peace, and of course, more happiness! Though Jasmine has a Masters in psychology and is currently completing her PhD, she readily sets the record straight that her greatest asset for her clients is her faith and her personal experience living life. Her business, HealingOne, LLC is built on the premise that we all deserve healing in every aspect of our lives, mentally/emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. Sometimes we need a little inspiration and accountability to help us operate in our highest good and that’s how she partners with her clients, being a voice of reason, sharing her journey of healing and empowering people through transparency and honesty. CONTACT INFO | 205-419-7079 | | TWITTER: | FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE:


Best of



LaTanya “Mrs Coach” DeLoach is a Basketball Athletic Performance and Skills Enhancement trainer who currently helps female basketball players make the transition from average to achieving high academic and athletic performance success. It was during her double championship year at wellknown Academic and Performing Arts school, that she realized the stigma that athletes could not highly perform both academically and athletically. Therefore, in 2012 she began to implement a game plan to enhance athletes in both areas, and as a result Mississippi Monarchs Basketball Academy was born. Her training business focuses on the Body, Mind, and Sport. This T3 concept assists athletes who possess the basketball skills to obtain a Division-1 university scholarship, but may fall short academically; specific academic shortcomings were qualifying ACT score, passing state test(s), or overall GPA. On the other hand, some athletes qualify academically, but athletically needed basketball specific athletic and enhancement personalized skill development. Coach DeLoach has been married to her loving husband, Shun since 2001. They reside in the State of Mississippi and have one child together (LaKayla) and daughter (Jay), special niece (Tytiana) and God Daughter (Valencia) who all play and love the game of basketball, in which two have obtained basketball scholarships at D-1 Universities. The DeLoach’s also have a love for God, hard work ethic, and other business ventures. Some of Coach DeLoach’s hobbies include reading, church ministry, teaching finance empowerment education, and spending time with family. Mrs Coach DeLoach spent over ten years as a teacher in the public schools, is the only Nationally Certified Performance Enhancement Specially in the state of Mississippi and 3X basketball, volleyball, and tennis championship coach. Today “Mrs Coach DeLoach” offers a wide range of programs and services - from individual training to ACT Prep, and academic tutorial services for Mississippi state tests and future math and English tutorial services. To contact Mrs Coach DeLoach, please visit her on Facebook or via email

“We believe that we can impact the lives of thousands of players in Mississippi and give them both hope and a realistic plan to achieve what some may label unrealistic goals. We are doing that by equipping, educating, enabling, and empowering our participants to rise to their full potential.”


Since school has started, fall sports are in full swing and the group projects are starting, you can’t help but wonder about the extra groceries you’ll need to buy for your children and their friends as your home becomes the popular afterschool hangout. ‘ Your child may be coming home from school famished and wanting to eat everything you have in the house. Keep nutrition in mind and try to release the old adage of spoiling dinner. Instead, think of an afterschool or before dinner snack as an extension of the meal. If your child will not make it to dinner, provide the salad you had planned to go along with the dinner to your child beforehand. Keep in mind that you want to have something that is easy to prepare as well. For example, lean-cut deli meats allow children to easily put together a sandwich, pita or wrap, using meat, veggies, cheese and various other condiments. Fresh fruit and veggies should also be on hand for children to consume. Grilled cheeses, Paninis and salads are also great choices for teens. Remember to have snacks available that cover all of the food groups. Depending on allergies, nuts, cheese sticks, and dried fruits are also some healthy snacks that children might enjoy. If you have a blender, some teens may be interested in throwing together fruits, veggies and yogurt together to create a smoothie they can drink. A good rule of thumb is to have snacks ready, accessible and in pre-portioned sizes for your child to eat. If this is done in advance, children will not have a problem trying to decide what to eat or how much is enough. Ms. Haynes can be reached at 601-825-1462 | email The Rankin County Extension Office | 601 Marquette Road, Brandon, MS 39042. Don’t forget to follow her on social media:



Have you prepared yourself for a number of job interviews, only to be followed by a correspondence that was not in your favor? Orlando Haynes, founder of The Inside Recruiter LLC and co-creator of Your Inside Career Call, suggests that now is the time to invest in yourself and prepare for the next level in your career. A speaker and veteran with over 13 years of corporate and agency recruiting experience, Haynes has successfully coached hundreds of professionals towards interview success. He understands what hiring managers are looking for and knows how recruiters think. Author of “Inside 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Hired”, Haynes provides the tools, tips, and techniques that will position you for career success. With a job market that is constantly changing, he poses the question, “Are you?” Poised with confidence and compassion, he says taking you from the job seeker to the sought after is not just some catchy slogan. It’s about transforming you, the job seeker, into a well-rounded Career Achiever. Those seeking Haynes’ expertise will find services that include resume writing, job search assistance, interview coaching, LinkedIn profile, and small business hiring consultant. “Our thoughts can be the highlight of our day, but our actions will shine the spotlight on them.” #growthisdeterminedbyyourgrind t h e i n s i d e r e c r u i t e r. c o m

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Who is Styles by Stella of Shoppers Solutions? First and foremost Stella R. Henderson is a Woman of God that has a passion to see people, especially women, feel and present themselves in a positive manner. Being the youngest of five beautiful fashion-forward sisters and one phenomenal mother, as she describes them, Stella was raised in Detroit, MI for most of her youth. She humorously recalled that she was a “straight up tomboy, the boy my Mom always wanted and never had.” Track, basketball, softball, volleyball, anything a boy was supposed to be able to do, Stella was determined to do better. In her late teens, Stella and her family transitioned to the small town of Alexander City, Alabama which she depicted as a traumatic experience. After graduating high school, she took on a part-time job at a small retail clothing store where her journey began. Shortly after getting married at a young age, and having her only daughter, Stella left her retail position and took another job at a textile manufacturer. Recalling the day she sat in her living room, attending to her newborn, Stella received a knock at her door. It was the manager from her old retail position that had tracked her down, saying that she needed Stella back! Amazing right!!! Looking back, that's how it all began. Some 20 odd years later after many positions, opening many locations and achieving many accomplishments, she is still there. Stella experienced divorce and hard times but fashion and serving always gave her a source of joy. Through the years she always heard the questions “Why don't you have your own store, Why are you not modeling, Why are you not doing your own thing, you’re so good at what you do?” It was not until Stella heard a preacher ask the questions “What is your ministry, What is it you have a passion for, and What is it you have in your hands?” that she did a lot of praying and a lot of selfevaluation. Hence, Shoppers Solutions - Styles by Stella was born in 2013. Now when asked, “What is your business?” she gracefully replies, “I am a personal shopper and stylist serving all aspects of shopping. From clothes, to home décor, to weddings - any occasion. If it involves spending money, it involves Shoppers Solutions Styles by Stella. Last and most importantly, it's a way to Teach, Encourage, Show Love, Re-instill Self Worth and MOST OF ALL GIVE BACK.”

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LeCourtney Harness is a wife, professional actress, motivational speaker, philanthropist, owner/director of a performing arts company and private tutoring company who stumbled upon what she calls a little blessing, and that blessing is Rodan+Fields Skincare. In 2014, after years of trying many different brands of products to correct her personal skin issues and concerns, she was introduced to Rodan+Fields. She discovered that not only were the products created by the same Doctors who developed ProActiv; but, that they also offer men and women the opportunity to invest in the company to operate their own skincare business using the prescription based products the Doctors formulated. Two years later, LeCourtney has successfully managed to grow her own R+F Skincare Business by helping other men and women have healthy flawless skin and helping others to successfully operate their own skincare business. LeCourtney operates her business under Christian values and principles seeing her business as a vessel to bless others as R+F has blessed her. She doesn't see herself as someone who sells products but one who help others have their best skin and their best life ever. Her desire is to continue to share with others that R+F exists and truly does what it says it will do. Whether you are one who wants to maintain great skin or get great skin the products are for men, women, boys and girls. For questions and skin consultations LeCourtney can be emailed at To stay updated on skincare tips, information, discounts, giveaways and more follow her business pages: LeCourtney the R+F Skincare Guru on Facebook and @theskincareguru on Instagram To purchase products visit www.lharness.myrandf. com To learn more about the business venture visit

Focus – What is it? “Paying attention, right?” As amusing and conventional as this answer is, it is also void of thought. Anything, good or bad, can hold our attention, but the length and depth of that focus can vary tremendously. For this reason, let us consider another term – intimate focus. We don’t intend to give you dusty rose-colored, romantic images, but a greater understanding of what it is to truly be focused, where it comes from, and what fruits can come from it. For many people, their environments are filled with clamorous embellishments - distractions that they allow to encamp around them. From responding to the details of the day, to unproductive conversations, or the programming of media and entertainment, focus can be swayed. Intimate focus is much different. Consider an Olympic runner, the tens of thousands of spectators, the competitors, the cracking sound of the starting pistol, and the 400 meters of hurdles ahead. Positioned between two solid white lines, movement that is fully engaged, and a gaze fixed on each hurdle, setting an instinctive pace where speed and agility birth and intensive push of not the runner’s best capabilities, but what is necessary to win. Like the runner, we have our own race with a clearly defined path, benchmarks along the way, and everything within us that is necessary to win. Imagine the outcome if the runner took note of the spectators and the other competitors. Should not our focus be just as intense, just as intimate? Yes, our focus should be intimate; not in an amorous fashion but in a manner that fosters enlightenment and growth. This intimate focus is where there is increasing clarity of who we are, what we are capable of, what our work is, and how we are to serve. Perhaps the question then becomes, “So how do get to a point where I have intimate focus?” Similar to the intense push that comes from the combination of speed and agility of a runner, our intimate focus will come from the point when joy and peace meet. The two are so synonymous, so interrelated with each other. To have God’s joy is to have His peace, and vice versa. This union of joy and peace is given when we cultivate a harmonious relationship with God that is based on our submission, sacrifice, selflessness, and service. Again, a set of words that is hard to set apart from the other. How many of us can say, “God I submit to You and your will for my life; I sacrifice all of my personal comforts; I am willing to look beyond self-interest and personal desires; I want to serve in love as You command.” These are the very statements that allow God to show His truth in our lives. The place where joy and peace meet is the intimate focus we need, the light that gives clarity to our individual paths of purpose and fulfillment. Our deepest, most genuine desire is fulfillment in life. That fulfillment is the fruit that comes from…You guessed itintimate focus! The lives that we impact, inspire, and initiate purpose are the substance that we really look for. All of the material things that we acquire have their place for a specific moment of enjoyment. Knowing that we have the ability to create, and that all of God’s resources are available to us when we need them is a compelling awareness that forces us into a wonderful place of abundance. So remember, find God’s joy, find His peace, and you will have an intimate focus that will richly bless you.




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