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Keep the flu away

Fall is the right time to get a flu shot

Early flu shot recommended

We’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed some of the best summer weather on record. But these beautiful, warm days are fading as we enter the cool, crisp weather of fall. And who knows what this winter will bring? One thing we do know is that we want to stay healthy during the winter months. And one of the best ways to do just that is to get your annual flu shot. It’s the single best way to prevent the flu. You can get your flu shot at one of the public flu clinics held at convenient locations in communities throughout Rutland County and in Dorset and Rupert. Rutland Area Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice (RAVNAH) has scheduled a number of community flu clinics for peoples age 18 and older, through Oct. 25. RAVNAH offers regular strength flu and pneumonia vaccines and a high dose flu vaccine especially developed for people age 65 and older. Ask your doctor if the high dose vaccine is right for you. RAVNAH is also working with the Vermont Department of Health to provide adults the tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough/pertussis (Tdap) vaccine at no cost.

When should I get a flu shot? Here in Vermont flu activity most commonly peaks in January or February. Getting vaccinated any time between September and November can ensure you have immunity to protect yourself through the flu season.

Who should get a flu shot? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends flu shots for: n Anyone 6 months of age and older.

See SHOT, pg. 2

Experts say prevention, including a flu shot, is best at fighting the flu

Vermonters with chronic conditions particularly vulnerable It’s not too early to get a flu shot, and vaccine is now widely available around the state in health care provider offices, pharmacies and public clinics. Go to to find a flu vaccine clinic. The Vermont Department of Health recommends that nearly everyone age 6 months and older protect themselves against the highly contagious influenza virus – especially people who have chronic conditions such as asthma that put them at risk of serious consequences. Forty-two percent of adult Vermonters had a chronic condition in 2010, and only half of them received an annual flu vaccine. Nearly half (48 percent) of adult Vermonters with a chronic condition did not receive their recommended flu vaccine in 2010. “Infection with influenza can have serious consequences for anyone with the virus, but especially those with chronic disease,” said Chris Finley, immunization program chief for the Health Department. “Because flu is unpredictable and we never know when it will arrive each season – and how severe it will be – a flu shot is the best protection.” Vermont’s asthma prevalence in 2010 was one of the highest in the nation. One in 10 Vermont children had asthma, and approximately 11 percent of the adult population. Of those Vermonters with asthma in 2010, 46 percent adults and 27 percent of children did not get their annual flu shot in 2010, according to survey data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. “Immunization helps protect everyone who is close to you and prevents exposure to the virus, for example grandparents who are immunized

See EARLY, pg. 2

Chiropractic treatments can help relieve pain Anyone who has ever suffered back pain, whether that pain is mild, moderate or severe, understands just how unpleasant it can be. Back pain can make life extremely difficult, affecting everything a person does, including performance at work, time spent with the kids or even sleeping at night. For those with back pain, chiropractic care might be the best way to relieve that pain. A nonsurgical treatment of the disorders of the nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system, chiropractic medicine focuses on spinal manipulation and the treatment of the structures surrounding the spine. Understanding chiropractic care can

help men and women dealing with pain better determine if it’s for them.

What conditions do chiropractors treat? A chiropractor can treat a number of conditions, but most treatments focus on a handful of common and often painful conditions. Those conditions include: n joint pain in the arms and legs n mid- and lower back pain n neck pain n headaches

What do chiropractic treatments entail? Many people with lower back pain

find such pain so unbearable that they seek the help of a chiropractor. Despite that, many more people remain wary of visiting a chiropractor for myriad reasons. But chiropractors can effectively treat pain in a number of ways. A chiropractic treatment is commonly referred to as a spinal manipulation. During a treatment, the chiropractor will move a joint beyond its usual range of motion. The joint might be moved through twisting, pulling or pushing, but it won’t be moved beyond the range of motion it’s designed to move. Those being treated for the first time should expect to hear some popping or cracking during the treatment. The goal of a spinal manip-

ulation is to improve functionality while reducing nerve irritability and restoring range of motion in the back. In addition to spinal manipulation, a chiropractor might try other types of treatments, including: n ultrasound n the application of heat or ice n certain strength and conditioning exercises n relaxation therapy

Are there side effects to chiropractic treatments? Perhaps the reason some people are

See CHIRO, pg. 7

Did you know that n The flu is the sixth leading cause of death in the US, killing 49,000 Americans annually? n The flu kills as many or more people than breast cancer and three times as many as HIV/AIDS? n The flu results in an average of 200,000 otherwise unnecessary hospitalizations annually? n Fewer than 50 percent of healthcare workers receive flu shots annually? n The flu vaccine has been shown to be most effective in younger, healthier individuals. People at highest risk for the flu including the elderly and the immune-compromised are least likely to develop an adequate response to the vaccine. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, healthy working adults who receive the flu vaccine have: n 25 percent fewer respiratory infections n 44 percent fewer doctor visits n 42 percent fewer sick days off n 57 percent reduction in pneumonia related hospitalizations The Centers for Disease Control recommends that all healthcare workers be vaccinated against the flu.

People who hate needles may find a flu mist in the nasal passage is easier to cope with than the regular flu shot.

Early Continued from front page help protect newborns in their family,” Finley said. For more information regarding

influenza and chronic diseases visit high_risk.htm. Visit the Health Department’s website at, follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook for health information and alerts. Come see our full line of



Shot Continued from front page n People with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease or asthma. n People with weakened immune systems. n People who live with, or provide care for, children and adults. n Women who will be pregnant during the flu season.

Who should get a pneumonia vaccine? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend pneumonia vaccinations for: n All adults 65 years of age and older n Anyone 2 through 64 years of age with chronic illness n Anyone 19 through 64 years of age who is a smoker or has asthma n Women who smoke or have asthma, have a chronic illness or compromised immune system should be immunized before becoming pregnant.

Preventing the flu The first and most important step is to get a flu shot, but practicing good health habits can also help. Here are some tips to keep the aches, pains,

sneezes and sniffles at bay: n Wash your hands well and often throughout the day or use sanitizing hand rub. n Avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose. n Avoid close contact with those who are ill and stay home if you are sick. n Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, not your hands. n Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of fluids and eat nutritious foods, stay physically active and manage your stress.

If you get sick with the flu Unlike the common cold, flu symptoms are usually more severe and can come on suddenly. Call your health care provider if your flu symptoms are very serious or if you have chronic health conditions. Common flu symptoms include: n fever (usually high) n headache, muscle aches, chills n runny or stuffy nose, sore throat , dry cough n extreme tiredness n vomiting and sometimes diarrhea (more often in children) For a full listing of RAVNAH’s public flu clinics, visit www.ravnah. org or call RAVNAH’s flu hotline at 770-1574.

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Telephone scam alert In early October, the Fair Haven Police were called to reports of possible fraud/phone scams. Police learned the caller telephoned a resident in Fair Haven reporting to be a relative who had been in an accident. The caller advised the resident they had been in an accident with a diplomat of another country and needed them to send money as they were in jail. In this case the resident did wire a sum of money to the caller which turned out to be fraudu-

lent. A short time later a second resident reported the same type of incident and was able to stop the transfer of funds. The Fair Haven Police would like to advise people to verify all information before sending money. In most cases these types of incidents have turned out to be scams. Do not provide any personal information or agreed to wire funds without confirming the accuracy of the information given to you.

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What will physical therapy do for YOU?

Marlene Sanders holds one of several dresses she has been sewing for girls in Africa. Along with other women from the Mettowee Valley Senior Citizens, Sanders has been putting in time to make dresses for Little Dresses for Africa, a nonprofit organization. Between this week and next, the women aim to make 50 dresses. The seniors will ship their dresses to Michigan, from where they will be distributed to Africa. So far they have 14 dresses done. The group meets every Tuesday to create assorted crafts, which they usually donate to various causes.



Physical Therapy PC Physical Therapists provide a non-invasive approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions and injuries. Our mission is to support your goals that allow you to return to your activities at home, at work and in recreation. We provide you with the information and tools to help prevent re-injury & improve your well-being. Celebrating Over 20 Years Serving Your Community 5 Madison Street Granville, NY (518) 642-9519

28 Fourth Street Fair Haven, VT (802) 265-4055

Cremations and Traditional Services

Family-Owned • Quality Services • Reasonable Prices Pre-planning Services for your Peace of Mind Pre-planning eases the burden on loved ones and locks in today’s costs.

We are proud to care for your loved ones throughout the cremation process located at our Middlebury,VT facility. Peace of mind knowing your loved ones never leave our care.

Life Celebration Services We give you options to create what is meaningful to you! Your a reasonable price!

Locally Owned and Operated by Walter Ducharme

Sanderson-Ducharme Ducharme Roberts-Aubin Funeral Home Funeral Home Funeral Home 117 S. Main Street Middlebury, VT 05753 (802) 388-2311 Toll Free (800) 479-2312

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Therapy close to home A trusted, local resource for physical therapy serving the Granville and Fair Haven communities for over 20 years Donna P. Johnson Physical Therapy, P.C., has two office locations, one in Granville, N.Y., and one in Fair Haven. Both offices provide licensed, professional and skilled physical therapy in a private, physical therapist-owned practice. For over 20 years we have been a local, trusted resource for nonsurgical and postsurgical rehabilitation, as well as for the rehabilitation of workers’ compensation injuries. This is our 22st year in Granville and our 11th year in Fair Haven. We want to express gratitude to all of our patients and the communities around us for making us the “go to” clinic for physical therapy services. The quality of the care we provide to our patients is highlighted whenever a patient asks for us specifically when their doctor refers them for physical therapy. Our entire staff is committed to staying current with the latest concepts, treatment techniques and tools in their field via continuing education courses and seminars. Our clinical staff includes four physical therapists. We offer experience and competence in the following areas: general orthopedics, over-use injuries, sports related injuries, work conditioning, spinal care, neurological conditions, pediatric conditions and lymphatic drainage. Physical therapist Donna Brown states, “Physical therapy addresses a broad range of conditions. If you, or a family member, are not sure if physical therapy is appropriate, feel free to

Your Care, Your Way.

contact either one of our two offices at any time.” New this year is our computerbased balance program which allows the patient to obtain objective data about their balance and to know what their risk of falling could be. This then allows our clinicians to design a program for them to reduce the risk of falls and injury! Our focus is to provide our community and patients with innovative and up-to-date, hands-on treatment. Our mission is to reach out with patient education to empower people to return to their everyday home, work and play activities with home exercise programs, in-house educational bulletin boards, and educational newspaper articles geared towards improved wellness and injury prevention. Physical therapy offers individuals a conservative noninvasive approach to the treatment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions and injuries. However, if you need surgery we are committed to being part of the team of health professionals that safely and effectively guides you back to your activities in home, work and play. Donna P. Johnson Physical Therapy, P.C., is available to you in Granville, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Contact the Granville office at (518) 642-9519. In Fair Haven, the office is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. The phone number is (802) 265-4055.





Lovely Historic Building, Wonderful Atmosphere! ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED!

Laundry Facility, Large Community Room, Trash and Snow Removal. Bus Service to and from Manchester and Rutland.

Rent is based upon 30% of your Monthly Adjusted Income.

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Providing dependable, professional, non-medical private care for seniors in the comfort of their own home with dignity, respect and compassion.

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Oct. is physical therapy month October is “National Physical Therapy” month and the perfect time to test your physical therapy IQ. Most people have heard about physical therapy, know someone who has received therapy, or have even seen a PT themselves. But many people may not know that: Physical therapy is a covered benefit under Medicare, workers compensation and most commercial insurance plans. Physical therapists are highly trained clinicians and over 75 percent have a doctor of physical therapy degree. Physical therapists can help in the management of diabetes. Physical therapy can trace its roots back to Hippocrates, father of western medicine, who advocated “hands on” treatment including massage, manual therapy and hydrotherapy for the ancient Greeks. “Most people only think about physical therapy for help with orthopedic issues such as a bad knee or shoulder or in relation to sports injuries. But physical therapy is much more than that -- it is a key component in the treatment of the full range of neuromuscular diseases and conditions,” said Matthew R. Hyland, PT, DPT, and president of the New York Physical Therapy Association. “Physical therapy can help

people walk after suffering a stroke, help people with rheumatoid arthritis complete everyday tasks such as cooking or writing and help people regain their stamina after a heart attack.” Physical therapy is a cornerstone in the treatment of many musc u l o s ke l e t a l and neurological conditions from arthritis to vertigo and from sprains, strains and fractures to stroke. It utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques including manual therapy, exercise, balance training and patient education to relax, strengthen and heal muscles. Its primary goal is to help maintain, restore or improve motion and mobility that has been impaired by disability, injury, or disease. It can also help eliminate pain in a wide range of conditions such as low back pain, tendinitis/bursitis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, offering an alternative to costly medications and injections. In addition, by eliminating pain and restoring mobility it can help avoid the need for surgery. And, physical therapy can play a key role in any wellness program, helping to avoid future problems. For more infor mation about physical therapy and how it can help restore motion and mobility and enhance quality of life, go to www.

Physical therapists are highly trained clinicians and over 75 percent have a doctor of physical therapy degree.

Craft Fair needs vendors The Castleton Community Center Holiday Craft Fair will be held on Saturday Nov. 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Proceeds from this event help support the programs at the Center. Vendor spaces are available for $15 (plus one item for the Community Center

raffle table). This fair is for crafters only, no commercial products please. For more information and a vendor application, contact the Castleton Community Center, 2108 Main St., Castleton (4683093) or Lori Barker (2732241).

Skene Manor 8 Potters Terrace, Whitehall, NY Take Rte 4 to Whitehall, & watch for the sign when entering town.

Offering free tours of the castle. Available for private functions and celebrations. Special events arranged. Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday noon to 4pm April through December For information, call Skene Manor during open hours at 518-499-1906 or after hours at 518-499-2053

A chiropractor can help treat a host of ailments, including joint pain in the arms and legs and midand lower back pain.

Chiro Continued from front page

hesitant to visit a chiropractor is the fear that, should something go awry, the back could be irreparably damaged. Those fears were common during the early years of chiropractic treatments, but now many medical doctors will work in tandem with a chiropractor to ensure patients are getting the correct and most effective treatments. That said, there are some potential side effects to chiropractic treatments. Once the spine has been adjusted, some people might feel minor pain or discomfort, and headaches and

fatigue are possible as well. However, such side effects typically subside within a day of receiving treatment. In some instances, a herniated disc might result after an adjustment is used to treat neck or back pain. Should that occur, a patient will likely experience pain, weakness and numbness in the buttocks and down the legs. Bladder and bowel control might be affected as well. However, such instances are rare.

Will an adjustment be painful? Despite the cracking and popping sounds it causes, a spinal adjustment is typically not painful. Of course, men and

Care, kindness are event themes There will be a Care and Kindness Conference held at the Federated Church of Castleton on the weekend of Oct. 19-20. The keynote speaker will be James Kok. He is the author of six books and the minister of the care and kindness ministries at the Crystal Cathedral in California. The conference will be taking place Friday, Oct. 19th and 20 and will include a visit from Trillium, the RAVNAH Hospice Chorus on Friday evening. The conference is free.


SERVING BREAKFAST & LUNCH Monday to Saturday: 5:30AM-2:00PM Sunday: 6AM TO NOON





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women who visit a chiropractor are often experiencing significant pain already, and the movement necessary during the treatment might prove painful. However, chiropractors can take steps to make the treatment easier on the patient if he or she is struggling with severe back pain. For instance, a chiropractor might use a drop table during treatment. Parts of the drop table will drop slightly when the chiropractor presses down on the patient’s back. This makes the adjustments more gentle. Another tool used to make adjustments more comfortable is a hand-held tool called an activator. Many patients, however, do not need either option.

Tea cup auction The Green Mountain Seniors in Wells will be hosting a tea cup auction on Friday, Oct. 19. This will be held at the Modern Woodman Annex Building on Route 30 (Main Street) in Wells. Doors will open at 5:45 and the drawing will start at 6:45. The price is $1 per envelope (which holds 10 tickets). Free refreshments will be available. A large selection of items including holiday items, crafts, jewelry, household items, home baked goodies, books and puzzles.



This property is federally funded and offers affordable housing for senior or handicapped households. Must meet Section 8 requirements.

802-863-8376 For Application

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