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Happy New Year! New Year, New Mambo Sprouts. 2013 is going to be an exciting year at Mambo Sprouts. With new looks on our website, Messenger and Sprout Outs and much more savings‌it is bound to be a great year. We hope you and your family had a fantastic holiday season and we look forward to sharing 2013 with you.

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re you ready to start the New Year right? That might be as easy as a wholesome breakfast, especially since what you eat in the morning can impact your entire day. Starting out with a nutritious meal fuels your body and mind, and helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels, increasing your energy naturally for hours. Barbara’s High Fiber Medley's are a case in point.This innovative breakfast array is no mere cereal. Rather, it’s a symphony of tasty whole grain goodness that fills you and your kids up deliciously to launch an A+ day. When it comes to a healthy morning menu, nutrient-dense, high fiber choices make the grade, especially when they’re also quick and easy. Busy school days may not allow for elaborate morning entrées, but that doesn’t mean you or your kids have to get short changed on the most important meal of the day! Even a light breakfast serves to kick your metabolism into gear, helping you burn calories more efficiently. That’s a major benefit for people who tend to overindulge during the holidays, and want to get back to fighting weight as soon as possible. A nourishing morning meal puts you on track to make better choices all day. In fact, research suggests that individuals who eat breakfast regularly tend to have a more nutritious diet overall. This is especially important for kids, who are developing eating habits for life. Not only do refined,

sugar-based morning foods promote childhood obesity, they also fail to provide children with the fuel and important nutrients they need to operate at peak levels throughout the day, both academically and socially. Did you know that people of all ages who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to have greater concentration, better problemsolving skills, and more effective hand-eye coordination? Barbara’s High Fiber Cereals are nature’s ultimate recipe for a smart, fiber-rich breakfast offering a sweet blend of multigrain, crunchy goodness. Packed with irresistibly nutty whole grain flakes and satiating bran, each variety has its own unique blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients. Enjoy Barbara’s Original, Cranberry and Flax & Granola Medleys. Or try all three, there’s a favorite for every member of your family. Some cereal lovers prefer to combine them all when they serve up the morning meal. Add some sliced banana or fresh berries if you like! Want more good news? Barbara’s High Fiber Medley covers over 50% of your daily fiber needs! Most Americans don’t get enough fiber in their diets, which may impair proper digestive function. The recommended intake is between 20 and 38 grams of total fiber per day, depending on your age and gender, with 25 grams being a realistic goal for most people. Unfortunately, the average American consumes a mere 14 grams—and many eat even less. Not only are Barbara’s High Fiber Medley whole grain cereals a yummy way to meet your daily fiber quota, they’re also low in fat, sugar, and sodium, Kosher, vegetarian and cholesterol-free. Great breakfast, great day! Visit

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hen you combine busy lives with winter chills, wellness can suffer. Can we outsmart the flu and other preventable ailments this time around? The key is fighting symptoms before they escalate. Between proactive steps like frequent hand-washing and taking a multi-vitamin, and waiting until you’re “sick enough” to address symptoms with heavier medications, there’s Oscillo®. Oscillococcinum®, a.k.a. Oscillo, is a homeopathic medicine that has been clinically shown to reduce the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, headache, body aches, chills and fever. Oscillo doesn’t interact with other medications, herbs or supplements, nor is it contraindicated with pre-existing conditions. That’s why doctors and pharmacists recommend it in more than 50 countries around the world! Not only does Oscillo work naturally with your body, it’s safe whether you’re 2 or 102! Best of all, it works. A recent study in a British scientific journal found that when patients took Oscillo within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms, nearly 63% showed “clear improvement” or “complete resolution” within 48 hours. In France, where Oscillo has been used successfully for over 65 years, it’s the best-selling over-the-counter product in the cough/cold/flu category. Oscillo should be taken at the first sign of symptoms: fatigue, headache, body aches, chills and fever. Its sweet-tasting pellets dissolve quickly under the tongue, so no pill swallowing or chewing is required. Oscillo is widely available in drug stores, supermarkets, health food stores, and mass merchandisers in the cough, cold and flu section. Yes to wellness!

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re you familiar with the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Pyramids of Giza, to the Temple of Artemis, these amazing creations have enriched our lives immeasurably. Like these global treasures, the 7 ancient grains also have a long and venerable history, nourishing cultures around the world since early human evolution. And we continue to benefit from them today. Crunchmaster® makes it easy by combining all 7 ancient grains into a perfectly irresistible cracker. It is believed that rice was first cultivated over 6,500 years ago. Sorghum and millet have been important staples in the semi-arid tropics of Asia and Africa for centuries. Quinoa and amaranth, originating from South America, are complete proteins—which means that they contain all of the 8 essential amino acids our bodies can’t make on their own. Flax, thought to originate from ancient Egypt, is rich in valuable Omega 3 fatty acids. And among edible oil plants, sesame contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants. That’s a lot of collective nutrition in one delectable cracker! Delicious straight from the package, they also make the ideal base for your favorite gourmet spreads and toppings, or beautifully accompany your favorite dips. Ancient wisdom, powerful nutrition.

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s winter envelopes us, we may be busy dreaming of inviting tropical destinations. Indeed, many of us could use a dose of healthy sunshine right now! So, why not get a luscious taste of the exotic at home, in spite of seasonal chills? Simply head to the islands, bag-free, with Almond Breeze Almondmilk Coconutmilk Blends. These creamy alternatives to soymilk are available in Almond Coconut, Unsweetened Almond Coconut, Vanilla and Unsweetened Vanilla flavors and are made from real almonds and coconuts, for a hint of tropical flavor. Because they are free of lactose, cholesterol, and gluten—with an abundance of calcium and vitamins D and E—we can all enjoy them in good health. Delicious over cereal, by the glass, or in smoothies, they are a tantalizing escape from the everyday. Bon voyage, winter blues! Visit

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any of us vow to eat healthier in the New Year, but resolutions fail when we don’t enjoy our daily menu. How about the best of both worlds? At Alexia, they love food as much as you do. That’s why they make it exactly as you would: all-natural, gourmet-inspired, and absolutely delicious. In addition to their scrumptious product lineup—from baked appetizers, to artisan breads, to crispy roasted potatoes—Alexia is adding even more delectable options you’re sure to appreciate. These tantalizing innovations will be rolling into your grocer’s freezer in January, so prepare to be inspired. Alexia’s new Crispy Seasoned Potato Puffs with Roasted Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper, and the 2011 consumer-picked “Reinvent A Classic” winner Bruschetta Waffle Fries join their artisan Sweet Potato Rolls and Ancient Grains Rolls with Teff as the newest delicacies to tempt palates of all ages nationwide. And if that weren’t enough to delight your inner chef, Alexia’s artisan breads now have more whole grains to boot! Each individual roll contains at least 8 grams of whole grains, yet still maintains its authentic, gourmet appeal. And since they bake up in your home oven in about 15 minutes, you’re all set for casual meals or elegant dinner parties. Naturally delicious—in a snap! Visit

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e all know the New Year is an ideal time for healthy changes. Well, that can actually be fun when you swap the old for something better. Traditional soft drinks are a great place to start, as these sweetened beverages offer empty calories, and may promote obesity in kids and adults alike. Are you ready for a deliciously intelligent alternative? Happily, it’s here! Zevia is The Smarter Soda—an all-natural, zero calorie soda with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or sugar. What’s the Smart Soda story? Well, the founders of Zevia loved the taste of soda but disliked the calories in natural options and the artificial sweeteners in the diet options. They knew there had to be a smarter soda alternative, and sure enough, once they created it, there was! Zevia was born and they haven’t been thirsty—or guilty—ever since. Zevia provides all of the enjoyment of the classic sodas you grew up with, but none of the sugar or artificial ingredients. This guilt-free soft drink—available in 15 irresistible flavors—is sweetened naturally with stevia, a green plant with 300 times the sweetness of sugar, but no caloric value or effect on blood glucose levels. It’s a delicious alternative to both sweetened and diet sodas that your entire family will enjoy. Zevia was made by soda loving people for soda loving people because it’s time to feel good about what you drink. This refreshing innovation is available at leading supermarkets and natural food stores in your area. Sparkle smart! Visit

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Honey Apple Oat B iscu i ts Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes

• 2 1/2 cups heart-healthy baking mix (such as Heart-Smart Bisquick) • 3/4 cup chopped dried apples • 1/2 cup chopped Blue Diamond Honey • • • •

Roasted Almonds, divided 1/2 cup rolled oats 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup Blue Diamond Almonds Vanilla Almond Breeze 1/4 cup honey

Preheat oven to 375°F and lightly grease or line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Stir together baking mix, apples, 3/4 of the almonds, oats and brown sugar in a medium bowl. Stir in Almond Breeze and honey with a fork, then mix with your hands to make a soft dough. Knead several times on a lightly floured board then pat into a 3/4-inch thick circle; cut into 8 wedges. Place on baking sheet and brush with additional honey (optional); press remaining almonds into the surface. Bake for 10 minutes or until biscuits are lightly browned and cooked through.

Nutritional analysis per serving: Calories: 300, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 0g, Trans Fat: 0g, Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 430mg, Potassium: 178mg, Carbohydrates: 56g, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 25g, Protein: 6g, Vitamin A: 0%, Vitamin C: 2%, Calcium: 20%, Iron: 10%


New Year, New You! It’s a new year. It’s a time when we can make big changes in our lives…from something small to something major. Here at Mambo Sprouts we are already starting our New Year Resolutions and we want to hear all about yours. Tell us your resolution and be entered to win a bundle of organic and natural products …just for you. Click the link below to enter. Cheers to you in 2013!

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Messenger | January 2012  

Inside you will find great savings and information on some of your favorite healthy products.

Messenger | January 2012  

Inside you will find great savings and information on some of your favorite healthy products.