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f you prefer a consciously green lifestyle, you probably want to tackle holiday clean up in a way that’s not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly. One major step you can take is to avoid putting harsh chemicals down the drain during a season when more dishes are cleaned than any other time of the year, as they can adversely impact our rivers, lakes, and streams. So how can you effectively clean that mountain of holiday dishes, pots and pans in clear conscience? If You Care has the solution for those of us who sincerely care about the earth—during the holidays and every day. Pure, plant-based cleaning ingredients make If You Care Dish Liquid the natural choice for your dishes, your skin and the environment. With concentrated cleaning power, it’s extra tough on grease and dried food while also being non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and free of chlorine and unhealthy phosphates.


If You Care Automatic Dishwasher Tablets are super concentrated with a potent blend of mineral and plant-derived cleaning ingredients including powerful enzymes to get your dishes sparkling clean. These dish tabs may look small, but they pack a mighty punch! Yet they’re biodegradable, non-toxic, and contain neither chlorine nor phosphates, so they won’t endanger precious aquatic life. You’ll also appreciate If You Care Laundry Detergent—eco-friendly and highly effective. You’ll find If You Care Dishwasher Tabs, Dish Liquid, and Laundry Detergent at your local Whole Foods Market. So remember, clean with green care. The earth will thank you! Visit

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oSalt is the all natural, great tasting reduced sodium salt from Scotland, UK that can be found in natural food and grocery stores across the US. Containing 66% less sodium than regular, sea and rock salts, it has all the flavor of salt you love but fits in perfectly with a healthier lifestyle. But why should we be concerned about salt anyway? Throughout history, the story of salt and humans has been continually linked. In ancient times, it was a valuable commodity. Wars were fought over it, soldiers were paid in it and it was vital in the preservation of food. And these links have led to dependence, or even an addiction, to salt. We feel we need it to flavor our food and liberally sprinkle it on our meals, often with little thought to the potential risks of too much sodium chloride! Sodium chloride is the technical name for salt and it is the intake of the sodium part that has been strongly linked with increased blood pressure—a major concern with around one third of Americans having high blood pressure—and its association with cardiovascular disease and stroke. With Americans on average consuming 3,436mg of sodium a day—which is 150% more than the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended daily allowance—there is a real need to find a solution which will give us the same great taste of salt we love, but at the same time allow us to significantly cut down on our salt intake.


LoSalt provides this solution. It contains only one third the sodium of regular, sea and rock salts, but can be used in exactly the same way—making it ideal for all your home cooking and as a seasoning on the table. What’s more, it is a natural product—a blend of two natural minerals, sodium chloride (33%) and potassium chloride (66%). Potassium is a natural mineral that our body needs to function properly, including helping your kidneys work more efficiently. Americans consume 2,790mg of it each day, which is only 60% of the CDC’s recommended daily allowance of 4,700mg. Using LoSalt is therefore a great way to help you top up your potassium intake. LoSalt is available in Original and Iodized variants and is Kosher (Parev/Passover) certified, Halal certified and gluten and allergen free—so it appeals widely. What about sea salt though many of you might say, isn’t that the healthy salt? Well actually no. Sea salt may have this reputation but in truth it is almost 100% sodium chloride, the same as table and rock salts. So sprinkling it on your favorite recipes has the same effect. And those extra minerals a sea salt brings that you hear so much about are in fact only traces of them, so they have negligible impact on your health. So when you are looking for a real solution to sodium reduction and maintaining a healthier blood pressure, try LoSalt. It not only tastes like regular salts but you can use it in the same way—if you use one teaspoon of regular salt, use one teaspoon of LoSalt instead. Find it in stores nationwide—either in the main spices aisle or the natural foods section.

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re you a pasta lover? Join the crowd! The trick for many, however, is finding nutritious brands that also include gluten-free choices. Happily, DeBoles® prides itself on providing only the best organic, all natural and gluten-free pastas to wellness-conscious consumers. For over 80 years DeBoles’ extensive line has offered great variety of shapes, sizes and flavors to please every palate, plus superior nutrition in every bite. Nutrient rich, with whole grain and gluten-free options—what’s not to love? Don’t miss DeBoles Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Pastas, Gluten Free Quinoa and Golden Flax Spaghetti, and Gluten Free Rice Penne. These high quality pastas are sure to be a family favorite. Liven up every pasta night with a delicious pasta from DeBoles. Ah, la bella vita! Visit

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y now we know that people in Mediterranean regions tend to live longer, healthier lives than many Americans, largely due to an active lifestyle, weight control, and a diet low in red meat, sugar, and saturated fat and high in vegetables, nuts, beans, legumes. One way we can emulate this enlightened eating lifestyle is to incorporate healthier snacks, especially baked snacks, not fried. Mediterranean Snacks® brings ancient diet wisdom to their innovative, tasty snacks. Their Lentil Crackers are baked with protein-rich lentils and other natural ingredients. They’re the only bean based non-GMO project verified, gluten-free certified cracker, offering 5 gr protein in a 14 piece-serving in four delicious varieties. Mediterranean Snacks Baked Lentil Chips® are also gluten-free certified, with a satiating 22 chips per fiber-rich serving, in 7 savory Mediterranean-inspired flavors. Each legume-based product has a sterling nutritional profile: naturally protein-rich, baked, trans-fat free, vegetarian, and calorically smart. From fiber, to protein, to great taste and sturdy crunch, few healthy chip alternatives match the nutritional benefits of these Mediterranean Snacks, which are certified through Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), vegetarian, and most are non-GMO too! Their newest innovation, tapaz2go™, is a convenient, gluten-free certified, mini-meal solution combining a single serving of protein-packed Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Crackers with a generous portion of hummus, in three yummy flavors: Roasted Garlic, Red Pepper and Classic. With 250 calories or less per serving, 7 grams of protein, and portable convenience, these shelf stable nourishing snacks are the ultimate solution for busy, health-conscious people. Live Snactive! Visit

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t Van’s, they believe that nutritious is delicious. Their breakfast and snack items contain no artificial ingredients, no hydrogenated or GMO oils and no high fructose corn syrup, so it’s a treat the whole family can feel good about. You may not know it, but Van’s has been cooking up tasty, good-for-you waffles for almost a half century. It all started back in the 1970’s at the original Van’s restaurant. It was there, inspired by their California beachside roots, that Van’s first dished up whole grain and gluten free hot ’n toasty waffles. That same passion for nutritious food lives on at Van’s today. They value artisanal quality and they cook their products in small, minimally processed batches with always-fresh ingredients. And since they want everyone to be able to enjoy their waffles, they offer gluten free waffles along with organic, mini and our signature 8 Whole Grain varieties. So, start your mornings off healthy and try breakfast done better with Van’s! The original Van’s restaurant may no longer be dishing out waffles on the beach, but Van’s still adds the same sunny Southern California spirit and whole grain goodness into every product they make, including their new gluten free, whole grain cereals, snack bars and crackers. Their only hope is that you’ll enjoy Van’s foods as much as they enjoy creating it. Visit Van’s website,, to learn more about their delicious products.



id you know that 97% of American Farms are family owned? This fall, as you enjoy your favorite fruits and veggies, why not give thanks to the people that produced them? It’s good for the soul to join hands with those you love and acknowledge the dedicated farmers who work tirelessly day in and day out, cultivating the wonderful produce that we enjoy every day. Let’s show our appreciation and Help Save a Family Farm to ensure next year’s Thanksgiving dinner is just as plentiful. That idea certainly hits the mark for Woodstock, a company that began selling natural and organic foods over 25 years ago with the belief that good food comes from simple ingredients, farmed from sources you can trust. Today, Woodstock offers over 250 products in 10+ categories. Over 70% of their products are domestically sourced, and 75% are USDA Organic. And they have almost over 150 products Verified with the Non-GMO Project! Woodstock teamed up with non-profit American Farmland Trust (AFT) to raise awareness about the importance of preserving land for sustainable farming. As an official sponsor, Woodstock donates funds and raises awareness to support this valuable non-profit organization which is dedicated to Saving the Land that Sustains Us. For every coupon redeemed, Woodstock will donate $1 to American Farmland Trust. Enjoy delicious Woodstock sautéed broccoli rabe, organic golden corn, and sweet organic cranberry sauce, among numerous other scrumptious items, and help family farms too. Now that’s a sustainable feast! Visit

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o you know how much sugar you drink on a daily basis? Many Americans realize ice cream and donuts promote obesity, but they may not factor in what they sip throughout the day. Since sweetened drinks fill you out without filling you up, it’s easy for some people to remain unaware of how much they actually consume. Despite the obvious health hazards of sugar-laced beverages, a Gallup poll revealed that 48 percent of surveyed Americans—nearly half—drink them on a daily basis. What’s more, among those who do, the average daily intake is 2.6 glasses per day! Is this because many people don’t realize that deliciously healthy alternatives exist? Well, they do! Zevia is a team of soda-loving people with a passion for making smarter choices a little easier. They believe in better alternatives, both for the well-being of ourselves and our next generation. Sweet treats will always beckon, including beverages, and they’re ok periodically, but it makes sense to focus on fluids that hydrate, delight, and satisfy without compromising our wellness. It’s time for smarter choices. To that end, Zevia has created a compelling video called 12 Million Reasons for Smarter Choices: If you’re new to these enlightened, stevia-sweetened sodas, prepare to be enchanted by both familiar and innovative new flavors including Cola, Lemon Lime Twist, Orange, Ginger Root Beer, Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, Grapefruit Citrus, Caffeine Free Cola, Grape, Cherry Cola, Strawberry, Lime Cola and Mountain Zevia. Join the Smarter Soda Revolution! Visit

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ith Thanksgiving approaching, many of us are anticipating favorite holiday dishes, some that we enjoy only once or twice a year. Turkey, potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, and delectable stuffing often top the list—unless you’re avoiding gluten of course. If so, you might be thinking, “Oh, not another holiday missing out on that mouth-watering stuffing.” How about a new holiday tradition this year? One where you can enjoy as much of the feast as everyone else, including stuffing, even if you’re gluten-free! Thanks to the folks at Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery, the first-ever gluten-free Savory Herb Stuffing is here just in time for the holidays. It’s made from Rudi’s GlutenFree Original and Multigrain breads, which are carefully seasoned with savory herbs and spices to create a flavor so festive, a taste so tantalizing, and a texture so tempting that no one will ever miss the gluten. With so much gluten-free goodness and satisfying flavor packed into Rudi’s new Gluten-Free Stuffing, there’s just no room for junk like preservatives, GMOs, or extra sodium. Plus, it’s ready to eat in just 5 minutes. Now that’s something to celebrate! A holiday table simply isn’t complete without the stuffing, and now everyone can enjoy this time honored favorite. You can find this delicious side dish at your local natural foods store, select grocers and select Costco locations. Make a splash at the holiday dinner table with this über gourmet twist—Rudi’s Gluten-Free Pear Toasted Walnut and Blue Cheese Stuffing recipe.

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s there anything like a great stir fry? But you don’t always have the time to chop, mix and cook. Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods has the solution for you!

Adding to their line of delicious, all natural frozen foods, Dr. Praeger’s has recently launched a tasty NEW Asian Veggie Burger, loaded with the finest, recognizable ingredients and globally inspired flavors. Bursting with water chestnuts, carrots, peas, red peppers, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil, Dr. Praeger’s NEW Asian Veggie Burger is made for the consumer looking to create flavorful, Asian-inspired meals. As consumers spend more time examining ingredient lists, Dr. Praeger’s has been leading the way by making the cleanest prepared frozen products since 1994. Their products do not contain artificial preservatives or flavors and they are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Dr. Praeger’s offers a broad assortment of veggie burgers, veggie pancakes, fish products, and an entire line-up just for kids. Their products meet several dietary needs—including vegan, vegetarian, GMO free and gluten free. And all of their products are Kosher and most are dairy free. Dr. Praeger’s NEW Asian Style Veggie Burger only has 140 calories per patty. They contain no artificial preservatives or flavorings, no cholesterol, and are low in saturated fat. The burgers have a suggested retail price of $4.99 per box of four, individually wrapped patties, and can be found in some of your favorite natural retailers! Visit


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his year, the first day of Hanukkah coincides with Thanksgiving—the first and only time this will happen. This rare occurrence has inspired Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods to celebrate with the launch of three new seasonally inspired veggie pancakes: Roasted Corn, Root Vegetable and Zucchini & Carrot. You could spend hours in your kitchen shredding, chopping and boiling. Or, you could open your freezer, grab a holiday pancake and enjoy the same great tasting, all-natural food in a fraction of the time. These pancakes taste like you spent hours preparing them from scratch: • Root Vegetable: Like a “better-for-you” cranberry stuffing in the shape of a pancake, this variety features a mix of beets, cranberries, sweet potatoes, celery, and quinoa. (vegan/gluten free) • Roasted Corn: By combining roasted corn with leeks, roasted garlic, and cilantro, these cakes add a delicious zing to a traditional holiday vegetable side. (vegetarian) • Zucchini & Carrot: Featuring two harvest favorites, this variety delivers the ultimate taste of fall in an easy to prepare pancake! (vegetarian/gluten free) Dr. Praeger’s offers a broad assortment of vegetarian items, fish products, and an entire line just for kids. Their products meet several dietary needs—vegan, vegetarian, GMO free and gluten free. And all of their products are Kosher and most are dairy free. These Thanksgivukkah pancakes have a suggested retail price of $4.99 per box of six, individually wrapped patties. These seasonal varieties will be available starting November, only at Whole Foods Market® stores. Visit


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mmm, chocolate. The very word can lift our spirits. We’re sure you would agree that chocolate is one of the richest, most distinctive flavors in the world! Nonetheless, it can vary in quality, which is why many chocolate lovers seek out the finest organic options they can find. Some take it even further, like Craig Sams and his wife Josephine Fairley, who founded an organic chocolate company based on their first taste of a 70% dark chocolate sample bar made from 100% organic cocoa beans. They named their unique company Green & Black’s—Green for adherence to organic, Fairtrade principles and Black to symbolize the intense, decadent flavors of this premium chocolate. Launched in the UK in 1991, Green & Black’s entered the U.S. market in 2007 and it quickly became a hit. All Green & Black’s Organic Chocolates are both organic and Fairtrade certified. They source fine organic cocoa beans grown under the shade of indigenous rainforest trees, and all their products meet the organic standards set by the USDA. Green & Black’s helped pioneer organic, Fairtrade, supremely high-quality chocolate, and this integrity makes a scrumptious bar of natural, organic chocolate taste all the sweeter. Whether you’re in the mood for something distinctively spicy, sweet and decadent, or uniquely refined and balanced, there’s a Green & Black’s bar for your perfect chocolate moment. From Maya Gold to Almond, Dark 70% to Hazelnut & Currant, your global chocolate adventure starts now. That’s chocolate perfection! Learn more at or visit them on facebook:



ver wonder why no matter how health-conscious we become, we still crave certain childhood treats? For many of us, this includes soda. From baseball games, to parties, to school dances, sodas have been a familiar feature in our lives, even though we knew they were loaded with sugar and some questionable ingredients. What if we could still enjoy a refreshing, fizzy soda but know it was made with the best ingredients, had dramatically fewer calories than regular soda and was organic? Veri Soda is a line of delicious, certified organic sodas that are low in calories—Veri contains only 60 calories per can compared to 150 calories in typical sodas. Unimaginable given sodas have received so much bad press for being loaded with sugar and calories. Veri Soda is naturally sweetened with organic fruit juices, pure cane sugar, and calorie-free stevia leaf extract. Veri is also caffeine free, with none of the bitter, artificial aftertaste associated with many zero calorie sodas. Veri comes from the Latin veritas, meaning truth. Veri is true flavor over syrupy, artificial sweetness and gentle effervescence over harsh carbonation. Best of all, Veri has targeted the most beloved flavors from our childhood, then and now, including Cola, Orange, Lemon/Lime and, of course, Ginger Ale. Veri Soda. Truli Different. Visit

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2 s t u nd Ann o r p S o b m ual Ma Just in Time for the Holidays Giveaway Head to our facebook page! If you’re not already a fan you have to like us first and enter to win one of 4 great themed gift boxes filled with your favorite organic and natural products just in time for the Holidays. Each week we will be giving away a different box─Baking, Relaxation, Cleaning, & Indulgence─so don't forget to come back weekly to check out what inside the box. *Contest Ends December 30. One entry per person, submitting this form multiple times will not improve your chances! Winners selected at random.

Mambo Sprouts Messenger - 2014 Holiday Edition  

Inside you will find great info and savings on some of your favorite, healthy products.

Mambo Sprouts Messenger - 2014 Holiday Edition  

Inside you will find great info and savings on some of your favorite, healthy products.