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Let’s see... supplies bought, hair combed and lunches packed! Looks like Mambo is ready for school—are you?! Join Mambo for Back to School month as we help prepare you and your kids for school. From August 12 to September 13 Mambo Sprouts will offer insights on how to make healthier lunches, great coupon savings on your favorite Back to School products, tips and tricks to get kids ready, and even reminders of must have school supplies! So be sure to stay in the loop this year and send your kids back to school prepared!

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righter smiles just got easier, gentler and all natural! Britenz®, the #1-selling all-natural teeth whitening pen is now available at Whole Foods Market. Simply brush on the all-natural minty-fresh gel and let sit for 1-3 minutes—no need to rinse or spit. You can have confidence using Britenz®; it is gentle, effective and is ideal for sensitive teeth. It’s superconvenient, too—it’s great for people on the go.

Britenz® is simple and easy to use—no need to apply awkward strips or use messy trays. Britenz® is dentist-formulated and uses natural Hydrogen Peroxide, the same whitening ingredient found in most dental office whiteners. What makes Britenz® effective is its unique applicator that allows you to brush the all-natural minty-fresh gel right onto your teeth. You’ll know it’s working—you’ll see a gentle foaming action as the hydrogen peroxide gently removes stains and brightens your smile. Britenz® goes anywhere you do—keep Britenz® in your handbag, gym bag, jacket pocket or office drawer. You can apply Britenz® in minutes; you’ll appreciate how clean and minty-fresh your mouth feels. If you use Britenz® every day for a week, you’ll notice a gentle, gradual and safe whitening.

Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Britenz® Whitening Pen


5 Reasons a Britenz® healthy smile is good for you! 1) You look better, so you smile more. Studies confirm that those who smile more are deemed more energetic, happier and as result, more attractive and easy to approach. 2) You feel better—it seems that when we smile, we feel happier.. which helps us smile even more! 3) You help make other happier— studies confirm a healthy smile helps others around us feel better about themselves. 4) Stress less—smiles are proven to help you de-stress.. and that’s a good thing. 5) Laugh more—smiles leads to laughter and laughter leads to good times and good friends! So, if you’ve been holding back your smile because your teeth aren’t as white as you’d like them to be, pick up Britenz® now and add it to your daily routine—enjoy the benefits that come with a brighter, healthier smile. Britenz® is available at Whole Foods Markets, and can be purchased for under $10.00 with use of a coupon; Britenz® is also available on Amazon. For more information, visit us at or like us on Facebook:



re you part of the Green Renaissance? If so, you realize that our  daily choices collectively impact the environment—for better or worse. That means we’re ideally investing in solutions that benefit us and the planet. A big part of living green is removing toxic chemicals from our living spaces. According to the EPA, indoor pollution levels can range from 2 to more than 100 times higher than outdoors, due to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) evaporating from chemical-laden home cleaning products. That’s rather a high price to pay for a clean house! Happily, there are safe, effective alternatives. Something as simple as switching your dishwasher detergent can significantly reduce the level of pollutants that you introduce into the environment. If You Care hits a green home run with their super


concentrated Automatic Dishwasher Tablets, which combine a potent blend of mineral and plant-derived cleaning ingredients with powerful enzymes for pristinely clean dishes. These little powerhouses are biodegradable, septic tank and grey water safe, free of toxins, chlorine and phosphates, and never tested on animals! They also vastly reduce emissions/ energy consumption related to transport and handling, due to a 45% to 55% reduced product weight compared to other brands. All this, plus your dishes will glisten! How cool is that? Eco-friendly If You Care Automatic Dishwasher Tablets, Dish Liquid and Laundry Detergents are sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market. And from August 14 thru August 27, Laundry Detergents are $2.50 off and Dishwasher Tablets $1.00 off at the register. Green home, healthy planet! Visit

From 8-14 thru 8-27 – Detergents are $2.50 off and Automatic Dishwasher Tablets $1.00 off at the register exclusively sold at Whole Foods Markets.

Check out If You Care’s Clean & Simple Sweepstakes, you could win a $1,000 shopping spree at Whole Foods Market—or one of 10 Second Prizes, an If You Care basket of products worth over $100. Click here to enter. Sweepstakes runs from Aug 1 through Sept 30.



re you especially social in the summertime? That’s when many people thrive on gathering outdoors with friends, entertaining in the garden, hitting the beach, and hosting BBQs, parties, picnics—even neighborhood “happy hours” in local parks! So what should you serve? Along with traditional summer favorites like grilled meats and seafood, coleslaw, colorful veggie salads, and fresh fruit platters, most people greatly appreciate a range of delicious, hydrating beverages. Clever hostesses usually make sure to offer non-alcoholic options in addition to wine, beer or cocktails. That’s in part because kids are often in the mix, but also because not everyone drinks liquor, and even those that do partake enjoy refreshing thirst quenchers too, especially in the daytime. It’s also smart to alternate cocktails with non-alcoholic beverages, both for wellness and safety. It’s a crowd-pleasing move to incorporate iced tea, lemonade and sodas along with the adult beverages. And yet, many of us are no longer comfortable serving traditional sodas, as they’re invariably laced with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and/or artificial additives. Healthconscious people are scaling back on HFCS, for a few reasons. While commercials claim that it’s fine in moderation, that may not be accurate. Some research suggests that this cheap, heavily processed sweetener

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on any TWO (2) Zevia Zero Calorie Soda 6-pks of cans or 4-pks of glass bottles, any flavors


interferes with your body’s metabolism, making it difficult to moderate consumption. That may be because HFCS is thought to slow down the secretion of leptin in the body—a crucial hormone that informs you when you’re full, so you can refrain from overeating. If this is accurate, it might help explain our American obesity epidemic. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the consumption of HFCS increased 1000% between 1970 and 1990, far exceeding the changes in intake of any other food or food group. HFCS now represents 40% of caloric sweeteners added to foods and beverages, and it’s the sole caloric sweetener in conventional soft drinks in the United States! For decades there were no healthy alternatives to these sodas for people who love tasty, cold, bubbly drinks, but want to avoid sugar-dense, processed soft drinks for various reasons. Thanks to Zevia, however, it’s a brave new world! With zero calories, and no artificial sweeteners or sugar, all natural Zevia sodas are the perfect alternative to both sweetened and diet commercial sodas. Zevia has created a sparkling, delicious array of beloved flavors like Lemon Lime Twist, Cola, Ginger Ale, Orange, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Caffeine-Free Cola, Grape, Cherry Cola and more. So now when it comes to birthday parties, Monday Night Football, pizza night, potlucks, holidays and other festivities, you have the ultimate soda solution! As to life on a daily basis, who doesn’t love a tasty, guilt-free quencher between meals, after a workout, relaxing in the evening, or on the go? Best of all, you can feel good about enjoying Zevia when it comes to your waistline, as well as the health of your family! You’ll also be delighted to know that all Zevia sodas are 100% GMO-free. Now that’s soda perfection! Visit



re your bones strong and healthy? Our bodies reach peak bone mass as early as age 30. The good news is that you can support the health of your bones at virtually any age. While supplementing with calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients is important, a recent discovery called MBP® offers new benefits. One small daily capsule of MBP® Bone Renew™ can make your calcium work harder, helping your bones stay strong and healthy. MBP® is the active ingredient in MBP® Bone Renew. In four clinical studies MBP® showed healthy net bone formation for women of all ages after only 6 months of use.* Stay strong! For the science and an informative video, visit: MBP® is a U.S. registered trademark of MEGMILK SNOW BRAND CO., Ltd and is protected under multiple U.S. patents. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Save $2.50 on any ONE (1) MBP® Bone Renew™ bottle, 30 count



ooking for delicious, nutrient-dense snacks for your children? No need to rely on junk food, even in busy times. Crunchmaster Crisps deliver your kids’ favorite flavors—without processed wheat, peanuts, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Instead, Crunchmaster Crisps consist of nourishing whole grains like brown rice, corn, and sorghum, topped with delicious, all natural seasonings. All Crunchmaster products are made in a certified gluten and peanut free facility, so they’re safe to bring to schools, day cares and other peanut-free zones. Varieties include Cheddar Cheezy Crisps—made with real cheese—and Cinnamon Grammy Crisps. Mmmm, yummy graham taste without the wheat/gluten! Best of all, they’re a nutritious choice—100% whole grain, cholesterol free, low in saturated fat, and 0 grams of trans fat. Kids will love them in their lunches, or for afternoon and evening nibbles. Hey, why not sneak a few yourself? Snack it up! Visit

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on any TWO (2) bags or boxes of Crunchmaster Crackers



o you dream of the perfect milk alternative? Some people are allergic to dairy protein, while others avoid it because they lack the enzyme lactase. According to The National Institute of Health’s clearinghouse on digestive diseases, between 30 and 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant. Then, there are those who prefer plantbased foods for nutritional and/or environmental reasons. Whatever your position, if you want to nix the dairy, you now have numerous choices. Bring on the DREAM™! This array of good for you dairy alternatives, made with natural, wholesome ingredients, is nutrient-dense and 100% delicious. RICE DREAM® Rice drink is 99% fat free, easy to digest and great for those with allergies or food sensitivities. SOY DREAM® Soymilk is heart-healthy and a good source of protein, while ALMOND DREAM® Almond Drink is creamy and antioxidant-rich. COCONUT DREAM® Coconut Drink serves up MCFAs—fats that are more readily metabolized than long chain fatty acids, supporting metabolism. Additionally, folic-acid-rich SUNFLOWER DREAM™ Sunflower Drink offers waistfriendly, nutty goodness. And for those who appreciate a blend of nuts and grains, nourishing DREAM Blends™ make the grade with blends like Coconut, Almond & Chia or Rice & Quinoa. All DREAM™ non-dairy beverages are great chilled in a glass, over cereal, in smoothies or your favorite recipe! Many households stock a few different DREAM™ options to cater to varying family preferences. As for dessert, if you’ve not tried Rice Dream®, Almond Dream® or Soy Dream® non-dairy frozen desserts, prepare for delicious decadence. Imagine no, lactose, cholesterol or GMOs! Why put boundaries on delicious? Visit



o you enjoy grilling during sunny months? If so, you’re set with the entrée, but what about side dishes? Along with a green salad, most people love a tasty starch. Thanks to Alexia, that can be delicious and healthy. All of Alexia’s Sweet potato products are made with all natural ingredients, and each sweet potato side is perfectly seasoned with the right herbs and spices to bring out chef-inspired flavors. Try the subtle heat of the Spicy Sweet Potato Fry with Chipotle seasoning or the savory taste of the Sweet Potato Crinkle Cut Fry with Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper. These scrumptious, hearty sides are also perfect for lighter meals when accompanied by soup or salad. Kid-friendly too. Mmmm, forks up! Visit



Summer is all about having fun, being adventurous and experiencing the great outdoors! Our Intern will be giving one lucky winner a chance to win their favorite summer activity through “Mambo’s Intern Summer Giveaway!” Join in on the fun as he orchestrates the best giveaway we’ve had to date! Follow Mambo Sprouts Facebook page this summer for your chance at winning great weekly prizes and to be entered to win our Grand Prize! Be sure to Like! Us today to enter!! Good luck and remember, go easy on the Intern, we like him!

ere H k c i Cl ter! n E to

*Winners selected at random. Contest ends 08/16/13

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