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Prosit \proh-sit, -zit\ A Latin word praising God that means: “May it be for your benefit.” Traditionally used as a closing prayer during retreats at Malvern Retreat House.

May it be for your benefit Summer 2013

A New Rector for Malvern Retreat House: We Welcome Monsignor Joseph T. Marino


rchbishop Charles Chaput, OFM, Cap, has appointed a new Rector for Malvern Retreat House. We welcome Reverend Monsignor Joseph T. Marino, MA, MDiv, who comes to Malvern after serving as Pastor of Our Lady of the Assumption in Strafford, Pennsylvania. “I enjoyed my work as a parish priest very much, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve those who attend retreats at Malvern Retreat House,” said Monsignor Marino upon learning of his appointment as Rector of Malvern. Monsignor Marino, who began his new assignment on July 1, 2013, previously served as regional Vicar for Chester County for five years. He said, “A priest’s first mission is to assist people on their faith journey, and I am very much looking forward to doing that as rector at Malvern Retreat House.”

Background Monsignor Marino attended first and second grade at St. Matthew Parish Elementary School

in Philadelphia, and graduated in 1962 from St. Pius X Parish Elementary School in Broomall. He attended Monsignor Bonner High School, Drexel Hill, in ninth grade, and in 1966 was a member of the first graduating class of Cardinal O’Hara Catholic High School, Springfield, Delaware County. Monsignor entered St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in 1966 and graduated with a Masters of Divinity Degree; he was ordained a priest by John Cardinal Krol at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul on May 17, 1975. He also attended St. Joseph’s University for undergraduate studies in Sociology, and received a Masters Degree in Sociology from Temple University in 1975. From 1975 to 1979, Monsignor Marino served as assistant pastor at St. Monica Parish, South Philadelphia, and as a Regional Coordinator for the Cardinal’s Commission on Human Relations. As regional coordinator, he founded a neighbor corporation, The Institute for Community Issues, which had as its primary program the South Philadelphia Employment Project. He was a faculty member of Lansdale Catholic High School from 1979-1988, where he taught theology and social studies, and from 1984-1988 he also served as Director of Guidance. He served as principal of Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls from 1988-1990.

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After 11 years of service to the secondary school system of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Monsignor was appointed in 1990 as the first Director of the newly-created Office for the Renewal of Pastoral Life, where he served until 1992. His primary responsibility in this position was the coordination of the nine-year Spiritual Renewal efforts Catholic Faith & Life 2000 of Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua. From 1992 to 1997 he served as the Director of the Archdiocesan Family Life Office, and in 1996 also acted as Administrator of St. Joseph Parish in Ambler. In 1997, Monsignor Marino was appointed as Pastor of St. Denis Parish in

Havertown, the first diocesan priest to replace the Augustinian priests who served Saint Denis Parish for 145 years. In 2006, Monsignor Marino was appointed as Pastor of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Strafford, and served as Regional Vicar for Chester County from 2006 to 2011. After serving for 10 years as a member of the Archdiocesan School Board, Monsignor now serves as a member of the Archdiocesan Executive Board for Elementary Education. He is also the current president for The Foundation for Catholic Education in Chester County.

Spiritual Direction: Chief among the things that bring Monsignor Marino great fulfillment is the privilege of providing spiritual direction to those seeking to strengthen and deepen their relationship with the Lord. Following are Monsignor’s reflections on spiritual direction, what it is and how it can be helpful for those on their faith journey.

Who Seeks Spiritual Direction? Common Characteristics: People often wonder what spiritual direction entails, and whether they should seek it out. When I think of those seeking spiritual direction, I envision the Magi—they are seekers, just as the three wise men were seekers of Jesus. They are inquisitive, searching not only for the answers to life, but also for understanding the relationship between the human condition and God in the spiritual realm.

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President’s Letter Dear Retreatants: Elizabeth Kubler Ross once wrote: “People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.” We are fortunate at Malvern to have many persons whose true beauty is revealed daily, both day and night, through their annual visits to our sacred grounds. Many retreatants have celebrated 50 and 60 years with us and several are in the 70+ retreat range. Whether there is longevity in one’s faith journey or it is just beginning with a single step, we are constantly gratified by the genuine and deep sincerity of those who visit this ministry. We are truly blessed by our retreatants and humbled by the faith they exhibit and enthusiastically take back to their parishes, homes and workplaces. We strive to reenergize our guests, so they become true Disciples of Christ to serve the local and universal Church. It was just 10 years ago that we constructed the McShain-Horstmann Family Life Center. This has been a great success for us and hosts over 6,000 retreatants every year. More importantly, it has created a renaissance in our ministry that provides new opportunities to evangelize women, couples, families and young adults. Happy 10th Anniversary, and many thanks to Sr. Pauline McShain for her generosity in supporting this concept and continually being present with us throughout the years. We are also fortunate to announce that we have our 10th Rector on board: Rev. Msgr. Joseph T. Marino arrived at Malvern on July 1st, with his loyal canine companion Denis T. Dog, to begin his tenure here at Malvern. Msgr. Marino is a good friend and classmate from our seminary days. Along with his great enthusiasm, he brings a wonderful

approach to spiritual development, a focused approach to his homilies and conferences, and a good sense of humor that helps us all deal with the reality of day-to-day challenges. Please welcome him when you arrive on our grounds. In July, we also welcomed Patrick Benner as our Recruitment Manager. We have redefined the Assistant to the President position to focus on the recruitment of Men and Women of Malvern. Patrick will often be out on the road visiting parishes, prayer groups, religious organizations, etc., to speak about the value of a retreat and the wonderful facility we have. Remember, we are the oldest and largest retreat facility in the country and the first to be owned and operated by the Laity. What an accomplishment. Please give Patrick a call if you have any ideas (484-321-2521). Congratulations to the Our Lady of Confidence retreat group, started 50 years ago by Chuck McCann, which ser ves individuals with intellectual and emotional challenges. On Oct 8th10th, we w ill celebrate t h e i r a n n i v e r s a r y. Volunteers are needed to assist these retreatants; if you can help us and support our professional staff for this weekday retreat, please call me to volunteer for a portion, or all, of the retreat (484-321-2525). Our Communion Mass and Luncheon will be held Sunday, November 10th at St. Charles Seminary. This year’s honorees will be Msgr. Richard T. Bolger, Chaplain to Our Lady of Confidence group, Dr. Rosalie Mirenda, President of Neumann University, and Joseph F. O’Donnell, former Chairman of Malvern and 76-consecutive-year retreatant. Please join us to honor these friends of Malvern at our Archdiocesan Seminary where Malvern first began our retreats.

2 Prosit | Summer 2013 |

Our Annual Remembrance Mass is September 15th at 1:00 pm. All are invited to join with us as we celebrate the lives of our deceased retreatants and family members. There is no cost to attend. Please call the office to register ( 484-321-2514). Have a blessed Fall, and may Saint Joseph, our patron, continue to bless you and your family.


James A. Fitzsimmons President

Prosit Published three times a year Francis J. Marx Sr., Chairman James A. Fitzsimmons, President Beth Racine, Editor 315 S. Warren Avenue P.O. Box 315 l Malvern, PA 19355 610-644-0400 Vol 74, No. 2, Summer 2013 Malvern Retreat House is owned and operated by Catholic Lay Leadership since 1912, and is the oldest and largest Catholic retreat house in the country. We host 20,000 people annually at 250 retreats on 125 acres in beautiful Chester County. We invite you to find a spiritual retreat that’s right for you.

Reflect, Refresh and Rejoice

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Monsignor Marino! Monsignor Joseph T. Marino Rector


riests and religious are expected, and in some cases mandated, to participate in a retreat on an annual basis. I have never considered this a burden. In fact, I look forward to my retreat experience as a real opportunity to be alone with God and His Sacred Word. This past January, I did what some might consider extravagant--I went on a 30-day retreat at a Trappist monastery in Berryville, Virginia – Holy Cross Abbey. It was something that I had been hoping to do for a long time, and I found the experience to be spiritually refreshing, exciting and incredibly beneficial. Now, I realize that the average person would not have that kind of time to pull away from family, work, and other responsibilities. Yet, person after person that I meet identifies a common desire that they have: namely to pray more, to get in better contact with God, and to grow spiritually. I have been blessed over the years to be involved in providing spiritual direction to clergy, religious and laity. It is a humbling experience and a beautiful privilege to be welcomed into another’s life on such a deep level. And again, I hear from very sincere people that they feel the pull for more time for and with God, but have a challenge in having enough time to pray and meditate more. Being men and women of Malvern, you know the treasure we have in our retreat facilities at St. Joseph’s in-the-Hills and the beautiful grounds that afford us a quiet, peaceful piece of heaven. And, we know by experience that a spiritual retreat cannot be replaced by anything else – for it is time and space reserved and dedicated to God alone. We have grown to appreciate that in order to grow in the spiritual life, in order to truly experience the companionship of God, we need to step away, pull back from the fast-paced world and retreat into God. We know this to be true by experience. Therefore, we have to commit ourselves to our yearly retreat, or more often if we can. And bring a friend!

Bring a friend! Yes, bring a friend! The Gospel clearly gives testimony to the fact that we ought to make our life-long spiritual journey in two’s –that is, with others. The calling of the Apostles witnesses to the fact that Jesus called brothers and friends along with others and then in turn sent them out in two’s. Like Christ has invited us through friends and family to seek him more earnestly, so we, in our turn, must invite and encourage others to accompany us on the Journey of Faith. Be the voice of God by inviting another; be the hand of Christ by taking someone with you on retreat; be the gift of the Holy Spirit by guiding anther along The Way. I am the newly appointed Rector of Malvern, and I am very excited, delighted, and grateful for this opportunity to serve you, the men and women of Malvern, and all who come to this beautiful sacred place. I come after serving for 17 years as a pastor, five of which I was also the Regional Vicar for Chester County. I spent eleven years in Catholic Education, in high school work as a teacher, director of guidance, and as a principal. I have served for seven years in Archdiocesan offices as the first director for the Office for Pastoral Renewal and the director for the Family Life Office. I enjoy studying the scriptures and meditating on them daily, because they are the true doorway into discovering and experiencing Jesus Christ, and in turn, I enjoy sharing my discoveries with others. As adults we can never stop learning about our faith; it is the way we grow. Brothers and Sisters, I pray that together we may become more open to God’s Holy Spirit that enjoys guiding us in the ways of Christ. Together, through retreat experiences enriched by the companionship of others who we invite, and through other spiritual opportunities that Malvern provides, may the God Lord never tire of making us his Holy People.

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The desire to discern sets these spiritual seekers apart. Just as the Magi attempted to discern where God was leading them by looking to the stars, those seeking spiritual direction attempt to discern God’s movement in their lives. They want to know the answers to such questions as, “Is God really interested in me?” “What is my relationship with Him?” Oftentimes, once they seek spiritual direction, they are already very engaged with God, but perhaps may not be familiar with the way God talks. God is an expert in non-verbal communication. When He does speak verbally, He speaks through his Word—ie, His Son. The language God uses to speak to us is the Scriptures. Those who seek spiritual direction find that when they are in prayer, oftentimes the words they used as children have run out of steam; they may now find themselves in a different place wanting more—they want to know more. Or they may sense an absence of something in themselves that they are seeking to fill. They seek meaning, they sense there is more to life, and they want that something more. One way God speaks to us is by accenting within us this craving for something more. God creates this internal desire even when He seems absent. St. Theresa of Avila teaches us that God will not give us a desire that He does not desire to fulfill. The feeling of desiring more is, in fact, His invitation.

The Role of the Spiritual Director

Individuals receive insights and thoughts in their prayer life. Essentially, the spiritual director’s role is to play these back to them, and to help them discern what they are understanding, but also to validate their understanding through scriptural connections. This validation is consoling, because it helps people to see the similarity between our communications with God. It is very affirming to see that there are others who are on the journey of faith, from whom we can gain insight.

The Reward

This faith journey does not just affect the one person seeking spiritual direction, but their whole network—so the work they put into their spiritual lives helps not only themselves, but also their families and friends, and the larger community as well. In a sense, it is like the difference between a computer that is operating solely on its own, versus a computer that is connected to a network. When we are divinely engaged with God, we are connected to a divine network, the Communion of Saints, which greatly increases our effectiveness. To contact Monsignor Marino, please email him at or call 484-321-2545. | Summer 2013 | Prosit 3

Development News Michael Norton Director of Development

100 Years. 100 Members A Legacy of Faith

Malvern Retreat House has kicked off the 100 Years. 100 All Legacy of Faith campaign. For over 100 years, Malvern Retreat House has served as a spiritual sanctuary, where generations of individuals, couples and families have experienced the Holy Spirit move through their hearts, minds and souls. Good Shepherd Club members ensure the sustenance of Malvern, bring future generations closer to God and leave a Legacy of Faith. Our goal is to inspire 100 new members. Join the Good Shepherd Club by:

us know. If not, we ask that you prayerfully consider becoming a good Shepherd Club member. By informing us of your intention, we can recognize your generosity and ensure that your Malvern legacy is implemented according to your wishes. For more information contact: Michael Norton at 484-321-2539 or email Malvern Retreat House – Tax ID: 213365371

Honoring a Loved One

Malvern offers several opportunities to honor a loved one. From Tree of Life leaves to Bricks in our Founders Walk to our new Stations of the Cross located in the Chapel of the McShain-Horstmann Family Life Center, our staff will work with you to find the perfect memorial for your loved one.

Looking for a Memorial Location?

• I ncluding Malvern in your will or estate plan

If you have purchased a memorial for a loved one, we can look up the location of any memorial, brick or shrine to see where they are located.

• N  aming Malvern as a beneficiary of your retirement plan of life insurance, or

For more information about memorials, please contact Edie Petillo at (484) 321-2544 or at

• Making a life-income gift Membership in the Good Shepherd Club is voluntary and without obligation. It is our way to honor the profoundly personal and meaningful commitments of faithful retreatants. You can make your gift intentions known and retain control of your assets during your lifetime. Sharing your intention is easy and places you under no obligation. If your plans include a gift that will help Malvern’s future, please let

Malvern Wish List

If you are interested in donating any of the following items, please contact Michael Norton at 484-321-2539 or

Cargo Van Passenger Van Signs for the Gates P.A. System

Volunteers Needed for 50th Anniversary of Our Lady of Confidence Retreat:


e are currently planning for the 50th Anniversary of the Our Lady of Confidence retreat on October 8-9-10. This retreat allows us to host individuals with intellectual disabilities for a full Malvern retreat. Fifty years later we are stronger than ever with over 125 retreatants and buddies attending. We will also be collecting clothing for men and women, any size, any season. If you would like to support this retreat by sponsoring an individual, joining us as a Buddy for part or all of the retreat, or donating clothing, please contact CA Captain Pete Shumaker at 215-412-4382.

4 Prosit | Summer 2013 |

Photos top to bottom: Tree of Life leaves; Bricks in our Founders Walk; Stations of the Cross

Malvern Mass Cards

Enrollment in the Malvern Retreat House Remembrance Association is a thoughtful way to remember your loved ones, enabling them to share in the Masses and prayers offered at Malvern Retreat House. Cards are available in our main office.

To place your order, please contact Marie Liebsch at 484-321-2513, or email her at

In the News Young Adult Retreat

Retreat for Men in Transition

Attendees and staff of the 3rd Annual Retreat for Men in Transition enjoy the scenic overlook during quiet time during the retreat, held June 6-7. This year’s theme was “Homecoming: Home in God; Home in Our Own Skin.” Thanks to the efforts of the Bethesda Project, Neumann University, St. John’s Hospice and our staff here at Malvern, attendees enjoyed a pleasant, spiritually enriching opportunity to draw closer to God. Young adults relax on the porch of St. Joseph’s Hall, and later enjoy learning about their spiritual gifts using the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory at the Young Adults Retreat in May.

Catholic Business Leaders’ Retreat Fr. William Byron encouraged attendees of the Catholic Business Leaders’ Retreat to listen with both their hearts and their heads. “If we conduct our lives in accordance with the words of our Lord, we will not have any problem making the correct decisions. Your gut will tell you when you are right and wrong.” The time spent in quiet reflection with our Lord helped to renew participants’ faith and recharge them spiritually.

Mothers of Children with Disabilities

Sr. Kathleen Schipani reads a beautiful prayer of blessing for the mothers, specifically blessing their hands during the closing of the Mothers of Children with Disabilities Retreat, held on Tuesday, May 7th at the Family Life Center.

7th Annual Women of Grace Retreat & Benedicta Leadership Institute In a powerful weekend program, Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Philip Scott, FJ, shared how God manifests His love in so many ways, and attendees witnessed firsthand how God heals the wounds in their hearts, and the pain of their memories. Preceding the retreat was the Benedicta Leadership Institute, featuring Dr. Margaret “Peggy” Hartshorn, president of Heartbeat International, who taught participants The L.O.V.E. Approach, a powerful leadership model which helps build trust and communication. Large Photo: Johnnette joins in a lighter moment with some of the attendees the weekend of July 12-14. Inset photo, right: Fr. Philip Scott during one of his deeply spiritual talks. Inset photo, left: Dr. Margaret “Peggy” Hartshorn teaches The L.O.V.E. Approach at the Benedicta Leadership Institute.

Malvern Retreat House Hosts The Michael J. Strange Foundation’s First Retreat for Families of Fallen Service Members “Healing the Family—Moving Beyond Loss”


he Michael J. Strange Foundation ( chose Malvern Retreat House as the site for the first of its series of weekend retreats offering a healing environment to the parents and siblings of fallen military heroes through support and grief counseling. Founded by Charles Strange, father of Petty Officer 1st Class Michael J. Strange, the Foundation is named for his son, who was one of the Fallen Heroes of Navy Seal Team Six, whose Chinook Helicopter was shot down after completion of their mission to support an Army Ranger Unit pinned down by hostile enemy fire on August 11, 2011.

Because Mr. Strange and a number of the Foundation’s Board Members had first-hand experience attending retreats at Malvern Retreat House, they felt its serenity and welcoming hospitality would be the perfect place to help families begin this healing process. Following his son’s death, Charles and his family had difficulty finding counseling that helped them deal with the death of a loved one in military service. “No one understands our loss; you cannot begin to understand what it is like unless you have been through it,” said Charles. He kept searching, and when he found a program which helped him begin to heal, “Vets Journey Home,” he used their program as a model for his

new program for fami lies, “Healing the Fami ly— Moving Beyond Loss.” The retreats, which feature experienced grief counselors to help family members begin healing in a private, comfortable setting, are provided at no cost to families. Transportation, food, and housing are covered by the Foundation and its generous donors. “We look forward to helping many families from across the country with this project,” said Charles Strange. “This is our mission: to give comfort and grief counseling to families of our fallen service members.” | Summer 2013 | Prosit 5

Behind the Scenes An Interview with Catherine “Cat” Cosgrove What is your job title, and how long have you worked at Malvern Retreat House? Administrative Assistant II, for 11/2 years. What are your job responsibilities? Support to Assistant Director of Hospitality and Director of Hospitality. What do you like most about your current job at MRH? The feeling that I am helping people connect to God. You have lived in many different locations worldwide. Which place was your favorite? Greece – it’s always warm there, and I love eating Gyros at the harbor watching the water sparkle like diamonds. What is your favorite movie? Labyrinth (I’m a David Bowie fan, and it features a young Jennifer Connelly before she won her Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind). What is your favorite book? The Bible, because it has

everything – mystery, intrigue, encouragement, and most of all – the Truth. Who is your favorite singer or band? Gordon Lightfoot. He sings terrific folk songs with great acoustic guitar. What activities do you like to do when you’re away from work? Exercise; Crossword Puzzles Though you’ve been quite the world traveler, is there a new place you would like to visit one day? I would like to ride in a hot air balloon over Kenya. What is your favorite quote? “I want to laugh while the laughing is easy, I want to cry if it makes it worthwhile, I may never pass this way again.” – Seals and Crofts. It was my senior quote, and I still feel the same way today. What advice would you give to someone who is considering attending a retreat at MRH for the first time? “Absolutely do it – spend a weekend reconnecting with our Maker and recharging yourself. How can you get through life without doing it?”

A Warm Welcome to... David Pokorny Director of Fiscal Affairs – Controller

D a v e Po k o r n y brings with him a wealth of ex perience in non-profit work and in the private sector. As a CPA and Controller, he possesses a strong background in financial analysis, budget development and strategic planning. Dave earned his BS in Accounting from Villanova University, with membership in Gamma Phi, the Accounting Honor Society. He worked for 25+ years in public accounting at Margolis Becker, rising from staff accountant to partner. He left public accounting to work in industry where, for four years, he worked as Controller/CFO. A resident of Havertown, David has been married for 24 years, and is the father of three sons. He is active in his community, and serves as a baseball coach, is active on the board of directors for several organizations, and is a committed member of his church ministry. “I

look forward to helping Malvern continue its mission of bringing people closer to Christ.”

Patrick Benner Recruitment Manager

Patrick Benner, with his strong bac k g rou nd i n Catholic leadership positions, is an effective communicator who will work closely with our Senior Staff, C.A. Captains, Recruiters, the Rector, Parish Representatives and other lay apostolates in the recruiting of individuals and groups to come on retreat at Malvern Retreat House. Most recently, he was Chief Operation Officer of Children of the Father Foundation, where he organized and directed distribution of Catholic literature nationally and internationally to bring people closer to Jesus’ Word. A resident of Drexel Hill, Patrick is married with two children. He is active in his parish community as a board member of Saint Andrew’s Parish Pastoral Council, and a member of MidAtlantic Knights of the Immaculate.

Dave White Retires


ave W hite, Assistant to the President at Malvern Retreat House, retired as of May 31, 2013, but still plans to continue his affiliation with Malvern as a retreatant and as a volunteer. “I w il l miss the day-to-day association with the hundreds and thousands of captains, recruiters, staff and retreatants that make up this special ministry,” said Dave. “It’s been a great blessing to have met and worked with so many good men and women of Malvern.” Dave, a 53-year retreatant, began his legacy at Malvern when he was recruited to make his first retreat by

Dan Corry, VP of the League at the time. “It’s been a tremendous blessing to be associated with Malvern all these years,” said Dave. Soon after his first retreat, Dave began volunteering on the retreat committee, which he did for most of his years here, and also served on the board of directors for nine years. He became an employee of Malvern Retreat House in 1994, after his retirement from his position as Logistics Manager at Sears. Malvern’s then-president, Jim Foley, asked him to join Malvern as Director of Development. Then, when Malvern’s Director of PR retired, Dave took on that role as well, and also began chairing the retreat committee, a position he held for 15 years. He has served as Assistant to the President

6 Prosit | Summer 2013 |

for the past eight years. Says James A. Fitzsimmons, President of Malvern Retreat House, “We are grateful for Dave White’s many contributions during his long tenure at Malvern. The Men and Women of Malvern have been enriched due to his passion for this ministry and his dedication to the Retreat Committee.” He will not be lacking for activities to keep him busy during his retirement. In addition to volunteering at Malvern, his plans include spending time with his grandchildren, tutoring at the DePaul School in Germantown, and teaching Bible study and serving on his parish Pastoral Council at St. Alphonsus in Maple Glen. He hopes to find the time to travel, spend time at the track, play some golf, and watch the Phillies.

“I want to thank all the great people I’ve come to know all these years, for all they have done to grow our mission,” said Dave. “I have enjoyed being a part of Malvern’s past, and I look forward to being a part of our future as well. I am hopeful and optimistic that Malvern will continue to grow; I believe that the retreat experience we offer is more needed today than ever before.” We offer heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Dave on his retirement. His care and concern, and his commitment to Malvern Retreat House are without parallel. We are sorry to lose him as a co-worker, but we are delighted that he plans to continue volunteering with Malvern on an ongoing basis.

Farewells & Honors A Fond Farewell to... Fr. Charles Zlock Rector

Fr. Charles Zlock was appointed Pastor of Saint Monica Parish i n B er w y n, PA by Archbishop Chaput, effective July 1. At Malvern Retreat House, he brought more attention to the “New Evangelization” with its need for credible witnesses, especially lay people enlightened in mind and heart by the Word of the Lord. He strengthened and inspired spiritual connections with Catholics of all ages through traditional and

social media outreach, such as Malvern’s website, Facebook, and Twitter. “My experience as Rector at Malvern Retreat House has been extremely positive,” said Fr. Zlock. “My interaction with the retreatants and the greater Malvern family has been incredibly rewarding.” James A. Fitzsimmons, President of Malvern Retreat House, said, “We are grateful to Fr. Zlock for all he has accomplished in the past year. We thank him for all his work with the Spiritual Programs Committee and for his outreach to Women and

Young Adults. We wish him well in his new assignment and hope he will

continue to be available to direct retreats for us here as well.”

Mickie McParland Housekeeping Manager

Vinnie Silveri Maintenance

Mickie has worked at Malvern Retreat House for 21 years making sure that all of the buildings and rooms are ready for every retreat experience. Her warm smile and friendly personality highlight how positive she has been among everyone. We appreciate her years of dedication, and wish her the best as she enjoys retired life.

Vinnie has worked at Malvern Retreat House for 12 years helping to make sure that the retreat house runs smoothly from an operational standpoint. He was always available to help with the grounds upkeep, even through rough weather, such as Hurricane Sandy. We appreciate his many years of dedication, and wish him the best in his retirement.

Malvern Retreat House Honors Retreatants at Annual Awards Dinner


Joseph F. O’Donnell C.A. Captains Hall of Fame Award; Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. and Mary Ford—John J. Ferreck Award; The Petrongolo Family —William M. Lennox Award.

t was a full house on Wednesday, April 24, as more than 200 people gathered for Malvern Retreat House’s 22nd Annual Night of Awards. Held in the Retreat House’s Memorial Hall Dining Room, the Awards Dinner provided an opportunity for Malvern Retreat House to show its gratitude by recognizing those who have displayed significant commitment towards its mission. Malvern Retreat House is grateful for their dedication and continued support as it marks 101 years of ministering to the spiritual needs of its retreatants. Seventeen awards were bestowed on individuals or families for their contributions, leadership and service for the advancement of Malvern’s retreat apostolate: Joseph R. Ferdinand, Esq.—Retiring Board Member; John F. Givnish—

Chairman’s Award; Patrick H. McKay—Chairman’s Award; Anne C. Sabol—Chairman’s Award; Maureen Sullivan—Kathleen M. Perri Award; Dominick F. Bucciarelli—John J. Sullivan Award; Frank M. Lario, Jr.— John J. Sullivan Award; John T. Maxwell—John J. Sullivan

Award; Gary J. Valentine— John J. Sullivan Award; Sr. Mary Ann Bigos—Outstanding Service Award; Joseph V. DiGiandomenico—Outstanding Service Award; Michael A. Hinton, Sr.—Outstanding Service Award; Frank R. Onesti—Outstanding Service Award; John J. Bowes, Jr. —

In addition, 18 Men of Malvern accepted their award for their 50-year milestone in retreat attendance. They are to be commended for their outstanding loyalty to Malvern Retreat House: Carmen S. Campanicki, Paul L. Coppa, Ray Damiani, Daniel L. Downey, Jr., Frank K. Gabriel, Gerald D. Gardner, William J. Gormley, Sr., Joseph J. Leusner, Sr., Joseph R. Maggitti, Sr., Gerald V. McDevitt, Joseph W. O’Brien, Francis G. Pileggi, Esq., Robert J. Pomante, Albert A. Rauch, Jr., Thomas G. Roberts, Jr., Gerald C. Strouse, John W. Vuotto, and Peter F. Zippel, Jr.

Awards Photos: Above: Anne C. Sabol received the Chariman’s Award for being the first woman to reach 25 years of retreats at Malvern, along with her dedicated recruiting and leadership in the Our Lady of Peace Group. Left to Right: James A. Fitzsimmons, President; Paul Peterson, Past Chairman; Rev. Charles Zlock, Former Rector, and Francis J. Marx, Chairman. Left: Some of the award winners are pictured in the photo at left. Seated Left to Right: Dominick F. Bucciarelli; Patrick H. McKay; Joseph V. DiGiandomenico; Peter F. Zippel, Jr.; Daniel L. Downey, Jr.; Robert J. Pomante; and Joseph Petrongolo. Standing Left to Right: S. Mary Ann Bigos; John F. Givnish; John Bowes; Frank M. Lario, Jr.; John Petrongolo; Anthony Petrongolo; Joseph Petrongolo; and William J. Gormley, Sr. | Summer 2013 | Prosit 7

Upcoming Retreats Women’s Evening of Reflection

Sept. 12 Director: Msgr. Joseph Marino Women’s Evening of Reflection with dinner, talk, and Mass. T heme: “ Ma r y Magd a lene: Strength and Determination.”

Cana Retreat for Married Couples

Sept. 13-15 Director: Msgr. Joseph Marino A retreat for married couples.

Matt Talbot #34

Sept. 27-29 Director: Fr. John Large This weekend retreat serves men who are recovering alcoholics.

Our Lady of Confidence

Oct. 8-10 Director: Msgr. Richard Bolger This annual 3-day retreat is for all people with disabilities.

Matt Talbot #8

Oct. 11-13 Director: Rev. John Lyons This weekend retreat serves men who are recovering alcoholics.

Matt Talbot #19

Oct. 18-20 Director: Fr. Thomas McCluskey This weekend retreat serves men who are recovering alcoholics.

Our Lady of the Rosary Family Retreat

Oct. 18-20 Director: TBD Hosted at the McShain-Horstmann Family Life Center. Experience fun, great food, games, inspirational teaching and music, among other retreat features.

Legion of Mary (silent retreat)

Nov. 1-3 Director: Fr. Ronald Check & Fr. William Schierer A silent retreat for Legion of Mary Members only.

Matt Talbot #48

Nov. 8-10 Director: TBD This weekend retreat serves men who are recovering alcoholics.

Eileen George Healing Retreat

Nov. 18-22 Director: Eileen George Join Eileen George for this powerful five-day healing retreat which will include conferences, private Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, meals, prayers and quiet time. A Healing Service is open to the public on Thursday evening of the retreat, scheduled at 7:30 p.m. The retreat starts on Monday evening with registration beginning at 4 p.m. and ends on Friday after breakfast.

Matt Talbot #66

Nov. 15-17 Director: TBD This weekend retreat serves men who are recovering alcoholics.

Blessing Tree Ceremony

Dec. 1 Director: TBD Remember your loved one. A celebration of all those who have blessed our lives.

Advent Day of Recollection

Dec. 4 Director: Msgr. Joseph Marino One-day retreat for Men & Women in Our Lady’s Chapel. Arrival is 9:00 AM - Departure is 3:00 PM.

Spirit Power

Dec. 9 Directors: Mary Rotella, Anna Iatesta, & Anne McGlone One-day retreat filled w ith inspirat iona l teac hing a nd preaching, joyous music, healing prayer, and closing Mass.

**Men’s and Women’s Traditional Retreats can be found on page 11 listed under “Men of Malvern” and “Women of Malvern.”

Interested in joining a retreat? For more information, visit, email, or call (610) 644-0400

View the 2013 Full Retreats Schedule at

8 Prosit | Summer 2013 |

A Legacy in Time The Laymen’s Retreat League congratulates the following Men of Malvern on having achieved these anniversary milestones. Our prayer is that they return year after year to St. Joseph-in-the-Hills. 60-Year Retreatants Mr. Richard P. Geppert Mr. Paul F. Nestel Mr. F. Tucker Mulrooney Mr. Francis J. Rice Mr. Richard A. Tate, Sr. Mr. Joseph D. Kane, Sr.

50-Year Retreatants

Mr. Joseph W. O'Brien Mr. Joseph R. Maggitti, Sr. Mr. Ray Damiani Mr. William J. Gormley, Sr. Mr. Gerald D. Gardner Mr. Nicholas Forgione Mr. Edward F. Mooney Mr. John C. Cavallaro, Sr. Mr. William J. Berna Mr. William J. Daley Mr. Rocco V. Lubrano Mr. Gaetano N. Iaquinto Mr. Nicholas J. St Mary

25-Year Retreatants

Mr. Thomas A. Ryan, Jr. Mr. Richard L. Stiles Mr. Thomas G. Harkins Mr. Donato Matarrese II Mr. Jonathan Spiritoso Mr. Edward A. Gallagher, Jr. Mr. Frank M. Hudock Mr. Thomas J. O'Brien Hon. James M. Lynn Mr. Brett E. Malick Mr. Edward L. Bacerra, Sr. Mr. Redentor C. Juntereal Mr. James L. Kolen Mr. Michael J. McCarthy Mr. Robert V. Bresnahan Mr. Joseph C. McGowan Mr. Tommaso Salerno Mr. Peter J. Skopowski Mr. Francis J. Urick Mr. John C. Zimmerman Mr. Harry C. Boyer IV Mr. John H. Magee, Jr. Mr. Anthony Alberti Mr. Anthony J. Daddario Mr. Patrick J. McNulty Mr. Stephen J. Sykes Mr. Louis C. Foss Mr. Albert M. Horn Mr. Albert A. Rauch III Mr. Mike G. Swider Mr. Alfred Cordasco Mr. John J. McCann Mr. Robert M. Colleluori Mr. Joseph J. Albano Mr. Scott T. Holmes Mr. Ronald J. Meleski Mr. Joseph H. Price Dr. Joseph A. McCahon

March March April May May June

Holy Family Celebration of Christ’s Holy Passion Archbishop Fitzmaurice St. Pius X St. Pius X Our Lady of Sacred Heart

March March March March March April April April May May May June July

Holy Family Caenaculum Palm Sunday Palm Sunday Celebration of Christ’s Holy Passion Most Blessed Sacrament Most Blessed Sacrament Archbishop Fitzmaurice League of Sacred Heart League of Sacred Heart Mid-May Our Lady of Lourdes L. J. Ferdinand-Hazleton

March March March March March March March March March April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May June June June June June June June July July July July August

Pius XII Pius XII Caenaculum Caenaculum Caenaculum Palm Sunday Palm Sunday Palm Sunday Celebration of Christ’s Holy Passion Matt Talbot #57 Most Blessed Sacrament Most Blessed Sacrament Most Blessed Sacrament Most Blessed Sacrament Archbishop Fitzmaurice Archbishop Fitzmaurice Archbishop Fitzmaurice Archbishop Fitzmaurice Archbishop Fitzmaurice Archbishop Fitzmaurice League of Sacred Heart Mid-May St. Pius X St. Pius X St. Pius X St. Pius X Our Lady of Sacred Heart Our Lady of Sacred Heart Our Lady of Sacred Heart Our Lady of Sacred Heart Six-Three Six-Three Six-Three L. J. Ferdinand-Hazleton Our Lady Queen of Peace L. J. Ferdinand-Hazleton Our Lady Queen of Peace Chester County

New Evangelization A Family Legacy of Faith

Captains’ Conclave:

A Malvern Tradition

“The New Evangelization is What We Do”


he focus of the June 4th Captains’ Conclave was on the Pope’s call for a “New Evangelization” and how as Malvern recruiters we can play a small but significant role in that effort in our part of the world.

documents point a lot closer to home, asking us to reach out to fallenaway Catholics, to family members, to friends and co-workers—to people who may only need someone to invite them to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. This is right in our wheelhouse, it is what we do at Malvern.”

Retreat Committee Chairman Dave White told the ur job is to invite gathered Captains Dave White retired of a meeting people here, to from Malvern a week between the senior provide the setting and prior to the Conclave, staff and Meghan the conditions where but he will continue Cokeley, Director people can experience to be a part of the of the Archdiocese that close encounter with Retreat Committee. of Philadelphia’s Said Dave, “After 20 Jesus Christ; the Holy Office for the New years on the staff Ev a nge l i z at ion. Spirit will do the rest.” at Malvern and 40 Said Dave, “We met –Dave White years on the Retreat with Meghan to see Committee, I am how Malvern can be a part of the more convinced than ever that what Pope’s New Evangelization plan. we do – inviting people to come on In reading some of the documents retreat at Malvern – is one of the from the Synod of the Bishops, it most personally fulfilling missions became clear that a lot of what the in life. Our job is to invite people Pope is asking Catholics to do in this here, to provide the setting and New Evangelization is what we have been doing at Malvern for the past the conditions where people can 100 years. When most Catholics experience that close encounter with think of evangelization, we think of Jesus Christ; the Holy Spirit will knocking on the doors of strangers do the rest. As for me, I hope I can and trying to get them to join the continue to be a part of the Malvern Catholic faith. While that certainly mission with my friends in the can be part of our calling, the Papal Malvern family for years to come.”


Members of the Boston Family attended their retreat with the Holy Spirit Group in January 2013. Pictured are: Back Row: CA Captain Jerry Tadley; Brien Boston; Rodman Boston, Jr.; Mark Boston; and James A. Fitzsimmons, President of Malvern Retreat House. Front Row: John Boston; Paul Boston; Harold Boston; Rodman Boston, Sr.; David Boston; and Rodman Boston III.

Francis (Frank) Rice attended his 60th Retreat at Malvern Retreat House with the St. Pius X Group. He attended with his son, Francis (Fran) on Memorial Day weekend. Frank, the youngest of nine children, grew up in a tough Irish neighborhood in South Philly, and was one of five boys that his mother sent to World War II; all returned home. We are grateful to Frank for his dedication as a retreatant, and we congratulate him on this milestone.

2013 Jubilarian Luncheon Retreatants with at least fifty years of retreat attendance were honored at Malvern’s Jubilarian Luncheon on June 5, 2013. We thank you for your loyalty to our mission, and for your legacy of bringing people closer to Christ. | Summer 2013 | Prosit 9

In Memoriam In remembrance of the lives of our beloved members of the Malvern Retreat House community who passed away this past year. Please remember them and their families in your prayers. Mr. John R Bothell Mr. Arthur V Episcopo Mr. Alexander R Siegel Mr. Gerald R Foschini Mr. Martin P Madden Mr. Joseph E McGrath Mr. Henry E Tyner Mr. Joseph A DiMascio Joseph Murphy Mr. Raymond Hall Mr. Michael Iacono, Sr. Mr. Joseph R Maggitti, Sr. Mr. Domenic A DiGregorio Mr. Daniel J Fitzgerald Mr. Charles F Knapp Mr. William J Oehler Mr. Frank Lasak Mr. Anthony N Basilio Mr. Alfred D Roberts Mr. William J Noone Mr. Pasquale Colletti Mr. Clinton R Connell Mr. Richard Cosgrove, Sr. Mr. Frederick W Brown Mr. Casimir Malys Mr. Donald S Beilman Mr. Salvatore A Celluci Mr. James J Creaturo Mr. Leonard A Fox Mr. Joseph C Messa Mr. John J McLaughlin Mr. Harry J Beiseigel Mr. Joseph S Matz Mr. Michael J Cassano Mr. Albert G Albert Mr. Leonard F Marzen, Sr. Mr. Robert P Logan Mr. John J Sharkey Mr. R Lawrence Barbuto Mr. Joseph Spatea Mr. Rick Curilino Mr. Warren C Mernone Mr. Frederick Gietmann Mr. Gerald A Wertman, Sr. Mr. Charles C Stroble

Archbishop Fitzmaurice Archbishop Fitzmaurice Archbishop Fitzmaurice Atlantic City K of C Auto Club Atlantic City K of C Auto Club Atlantic City K of C Auto Club Atlantic City K of C Auto Club Atlantic City K of C Auto Club Ave Maria Ave Maria Caenaculum Caenaculum Caenaculum Celebration of Christ’s Holy Passion Celebration of Christ’s Holy Passion Celebration of Christ’s Holy Passion Chester County Chester County Chester County Chester County Chester County Chester County Chester County Chester County Christus Rex Divine Mercy Epiphany Furey Memorial - St. Gabriel Holy Family Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Holy Spirit L. J. Ferdinand-Hazleton L. J. Ferdinand-Hazleton L. J. Ferdinand-Hazleton L. J. Ferdinand-Hazleton League of Sacred Heart League of Sacred Heart Legion of Mary Matt Talbot #34 Matt Talbot #34 Matt Talbot #57 Matt Talbot #57 Mid-May Mid-May

Mr. James P Johnson Mr. Timothy D McCarthy, Sr. Mr. Thaddeus J Przybylowski Mr. Robert E Kelley Mr. Dominick Cipollini Mr. Michael J Brennan Mr. Daniel Reader Mr. Thomas J Stanley Mr. Peter C Abate Mr. Michael C Brindisi Mr. Joseph Perri Mr. William VanVelson Mr. Thomas J DiCola Mrs. Elizabeth Laber Mrs. Dorothy M Rapp Thomas P Gorman Mr. Frank J Snyder Mr. Leon F Fink, Jr. Mr. Ernest J Huber Mr. John W Kelly Mr. Albert B Horn Mr. Frank Barone Mr. Clifford G Embley Mr. Richard J Havyer Dr. John J Husic, Jr. Mr. John H Buchanan Mr. Frank R Solis Mr. Anthony Arcomone Mr. Timothy P McCarrick Mr. William J Dooner Mr. Philip E DiGiorgio Mr. Enrico A Sammartino Mr. Henry P Matteo, Sr. Mr. Remo V Mancini Mr. Jules Cipollone Mr. Phil Farren Mr. Thomas J Murphy Mr. Loniel C Strang Mr. Harry M Rutherford Mr. Raymond T Kase Mr. Albert Moretti Mr. Paul Y McCormick Mr. Daniel Forbes Mr. Paul J Phillips Mr. John E Brady, Sr.

Mid-May Most Blessed Sacrament Nativity B.V.M. Nativity B.V.M. Nativity B.V.M. Our Lady of Fatima Our Lady of Fatima Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Peace Our Lady of Peace Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Sacred Heart Our Lady of Sacred Heart Our Lady of Sacred Heart Our Lady Queen of Peace Palm Sunday Palm Sunday PECO/Good Shepherd Pius XII Pius XII Prosit Saint Padre Pio Six-Three Six-Three Sons of Italy Sons of Italy SS Peter & Paul SS Peter & Paul SS Peter & Paul SS Peter & Paul SS Peter & Paul St. Blaise-Curran Memorial St. Joseph Group St. John N. Neumann St. John N. Neumann St. John N. Neumann

The Annual Mass of Remembrance All are invited to attend our Annual Mass of Remembrance honoring the deceased members of Malvern Retreat House and their loved ones:

Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 1:30 pm at the Family Life Center Let us remember to keep our deceased members in our daily prayers as we all strive to bring others to Christ. If you plan to attend, kindly RSVP to Edie Petillo at 484-321-2544 or

10 Prosit | Summer 2013 |

The Malvern

Anniversary Book Don’t miss your chance to own this limited-edition keepsake! Orders are now being taken; books will be printed soon. Captures Malvern Retreat House's entire 100-year history Archival photographs, personal accounts, timeline of events, and more. “Malvern is a place of Miracles!” - Rev. Gregory J. Hickey Former Rector

-----------------“Everything we do on our retreat sets me up for success, for that one moment when I let go of earth and glimpse heaven, and hear the God I worship speaking in my soul. ” -Beth Allen Former CA Captain, Our Lady of Peace Group

-----------------“For me, Malvern is a place where I could come and get my head unscrambled. I could bring my baggage—all of my worries about finances, my job, my kids, and just leave them here. I would leave so much stronger and with more courage.” - Dave White

Soft cover

Retreat Committee Chairman

$30 Softcover $45 Hardcover To order, please contact Edie Petillo at 484-321-2544 or

Hard cover

Men & Women of Malvern

Upcoming Traditional Retreats Schedule

Returning retreatants and newcomers are invited to attend any of the retreats below. Call 610-644-0400 or visit Date 9/13-15

Retreats for Men Group

St. Joseph

10/1-3 10/11-13

Pope John XXIII Prosit Atlantic City Knights 10/18-20 of Columbus Auto Club 10/25-27

Christus Rex

Retreat Director(s)

Fr. Richard A. Boever, CSsR & Fr. Dennis O’Donnell Msgr. Joseph Marino Fr. Richard A. Boever, CSsR Fr. Dennis O’Donnell Msgr. Joseph Marino & Fr. Joseph Breighner



Retreat Director(s)

11/8-10 11/15-17

Ave Maria Dr. Furey Memorial

Fr. Raphael Bonanno Fr. Michael Shea, C.M.


Knights of Immaculata

Fr. James McCurry, OFM

Retreats for Women Date


Retreat Director(s)


Our Lady of Peace November Women’s Retreat

Fr. Raphael Bonanno


Fr. Dennis O’Donnell | Summer 2013 | Prosit 11

25th Annual

Don Gallagher Memorial

Golf Outing

Monday, Oct. 7, 2013 Sandy Run CC

Malvern Retreat House

Communion Mass and Luncheon Sunday, November 10, 2013

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

11:00 AM Registration 12:30 PM Tee-Off

Sandy Run Country Club 200 East Valley Greene Road Oreland, PA 19075

Individual & Corporate Sponsorships Available

New this year – Sponsor a priest or religious to show your appreciation! For more information about sponsorships or to register, please visit or contact Edie Petillo at 484-321-2544 or email

Immaculate Conception Chapel

11:30 a.m. St. Joseph the Worker Medal Honorees:

Msgr. Richard T. Bolger, MA, MDiv Pastor, St. David Church, Willow Grove Retreat Director, Our Lady of Confidence Retreat

Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda President, Neumann University

Mark Your Calendars!

Joseph F. O’Donnell Past Chairman, Malvern Retreat House 76-Consecutive-Year Retreatant

Tickets $50 For sponsorship information or reservations, contact Edie Petillo at 484-321-2544 or

Wed., Jan 29, 2014 - Sun., Feb. 2, 2014 100 Professional Artists Complimentary Wine & Cheese Social, Jan. 31, 5-8 pm

You’re Invited to Attend Malvern Retreat House’s ArtShow2014! Enjoy the showcase and sale of many juried artists’ fine art pieces from Wednesday, January 29 to Sunday, February 2. Various media include painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, glasswork, and ceramics. A portion of the sales benefits Malvern Retreat House. You do not want to miss this popular five-day annual event!

Malvern Retreat House's Summer 2013 Issue of Prosit  
Malvern Retreat House's Summer 2013 Issue of Prosit