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Malvern Retreat House Annual Report 2012

“We want this Year to arouse in every believer the aspiration to profess the faith in fullness and with renewed conviction, with confidence and hope...� Pope Benedict XVI, Porta Fidei, 9 Declaration of the Year of Faith

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Malvern Retreat House’s Anniversary was announced via the PECO Building’s Crown Lights display in mid-July 2012: “PECO Congratulates Malvern Retreat House On 100 Years.”

Executive Committee & Board of Directors....................... 1

Gifts of Stock........................................................................... 8

Letter from the Chairman..................................................... 1

Bequests................................................................................... 8

Letter from the President..................................................... 2

Communion Luncheon Sponsors...........................................8

Annual Fund Gifts.................................................................. 3

Memorials and Naming Opportunities................................ 8

Letter from the Rector........................................................... 6

In Lieu of Flowers.................................................................... 8

In-Kind Gifts.......................................................................... 7

Letter from the Development Director................................ 9

The Good Shepherd Club....................................................... 7

Malvern Art Show 2012 ...................................................... 10

Lifetime Gold Members......................................................... 7

Financial Information.......................................................... 14

Matching Gifts......................................................................... 7

A Snapshot of Accomplishments: The Year in Review.... 20

Mission Statement The Malvern Retreat House, owned and operated by Catholic laity since 1912, serves the spiritual needs of lay men and women of all ages, as well as clergy and religious of many denominations through the retreat experience. Rooted in the Gospel truths of Jesus Christ, we provide a place of hospitality in a unique and peaceful environment.

The Annual Report recognizes those individuals, families, corporations, foundations and organizations who have made gifts to St. Joseph’s-in-the-Hills, Malvern Retreat House in the 2012 calendar year. In compiling this Annual Report, Malvern Retreat House has made every effort to ensure accuracy. Malvern Retreat House has also produced this publication as economically as possible. Malvern Retreat House regrets any errors and invites the reader to contact the retreat house so our records may be corrected. Please write to the Office of Development, Malvern Retreat House, P.O. Box 315, Malvern, PA 19355 or call 610-644-0400. Visit us online at

Executive Committee Francis J. Marx, Sr. Chairman John J. Kozakowski Vice-Chairman Michael T. McGinn Treasurer Thomas R. Keiser Assistant Treasurer Francis S. Barrett, Jr Secretary Duane C. McCarthy At-Large Member

Board of Directors Kevin Brady, Ph.D. Joseph J. Capista Sr. John E. Cattie Dominick X. Centurioni Jacqueline J. Delaney Joseph R. Ferdinand Pat Ciarrocchi Fineman Frank W. Houder Stephen L. MacNamee Jr. James M. McMonagle Joseph M. Nardi III Donald W. Nicholson Michael O’Mara Michael T. Rigolizzo Albert W. Tegler

Past Chairmen Raymond K. Walheim Stephen A. Tulli Paul C. Peterson James M. Foley, Sr. C. Dale McClain, Esq. Joseph F. O’Donnell

From the Chairman Dear Fellow Retreatants: What a year of excitement and celebration we experienced in 2012! Malvern Retreat House’s 100th Anniversary was everything we could have hoped for, with exciting events taking place in every month of 2012. Personally, as a long-time retreatant, this Centennial Celebration meant a great deal to me, and counts among the great highlights of my term as Chairman of the Board. We owe a debt of gratitude to you, our loyal retreatants and supporters, members of our Board, dedicated staff, and countless volunteers, who ensured that all aspects of Malvern’s Centennial Celebration were befitting the occasion. Even in the midst of our Celebration, we did not choose to rest on our laurels, but set our sights firmly on what needs to be done to ensure that Malvern is around for the next 100 years. We want our beloved Malvern Retreat House, this Oasis of Peace, to be here for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations to enjoy. Plans include installation of elevators, air conditioning, and other necessary improvements, using funds from our Capital Campaign, which is currently underway. These improvements will ensure that our Malvern retreatants will be more comfortable and not be hindered in their ability to attend their retreats. This Capital Campaign highlights the tremendous Legacy of Faith which many of our Malvern families will leave behind as a testament to God’s goodness in their lives. Though all retreatants arrive on different paths, all are united in their desire to pass on the faith to the next generation. In order to do this, we recognize the need to keep our finger on the pulse of those who seek to be spiritually fed, in order to offer meaningful retreats to those who come here to reflect, refresh and rejoice in their faith. In order to assess the needs of Malvern’s constituents and potential constituents, we hosted several “Listening Sessions,” which brought together interested parties from three groups of people in the Fall of 2012: Women, Young Adults, and a General Session (comprised of men and women of all ages). Their valuable feedback and insights will help Malvern to better address the spiritual needs of each of these groups. I am delighted to see that already in place are new retreat offerings for Women and Young Adults, along with an increased number of recovery retreats, geared towards people working 12-Step Programs. Please visit the Malvern website for more of these exciting details. These initiatives leave me optimistic and encouraged about the direction in which Malvern is headed. In this day and age, despite our society’s “busy-ness,” one fact still remains: people are still hungry for the Word, the one constant that will never change. Thanks to you, Malvern is here to feed them, regardless of their state in life or ability to pay. People will always journey to this place of peace to restore balance in their lives and renew their relationship with the Lord. Through your generosity and vision, you are helping in this great work of reaching out to all members of the body of Christ, and, with your help, we are working to make the retreat experience available, relevant, and accessible to all. Thank you! Prosit!

Francis J. Marx Chairman

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From the President Dear Retreatants: Thank you for your support of our celebration of our 100th Anniversary in 2012. Your presence at one or several of the events was much appreciated and helped us get the word out about this wonderful legacy of faith that has served the Church so well for over a century. Shortly, you will be able to purchase Malvern Retreat House’s 100th Anniversary Yearbook, which chronicles a thorough history of our ministry and a special section for the 100th Anniversary activities. Watch out for the notice; it will be a collector’s item. During the last 18 months, we have been conducting a quiet phase for our capital campaign. During that time we have raised over $1.7 million to help support the complete renovation of Saint Joseph’s Hall to accommodate our aging men and women as well as provide an upgraded electric system, elevator and air conditioning. I appreciate the generosity of our many contributors to date and look forward to reaching out to many more retreatants to put us over the top in this effort to sustain our ministry. Please be responsive when you are called, and we ask you to prayerfully consider providing a sacrificial gift to your retreat house. While our annual retreatant count is 20,000, we need to keep reenergizing our base with new and energetic retreatants who will help us recruit an ever-larger base of individuals and groups who, like us, seek the structure and surroundings of Malvern to help them in their personal faith journey with the Lord. Please recruit year-round to ensure our ministry will be of service to the Church. If someone missed their retreat this year, contact them and let them know they were missed, and encourage them to join another retreat group this year. Coming to Malvern is a good habit we want to maintain.

Malvern friends and family march with pride at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Philadelphia on March 11, 2012

Finally, I would like to thank the Board of Directors, our Associates who help manage our ministry, the many CA Captains, Associate CA Captains and Recruiters who help recruit and retain our retreatants. These individuals are the lifeblood of our ministry, and their contributions are greatly appreciated. Please review our many accomplishments displayed in this report and know that we are all doing the Lord’s work. Thank you for your prayers, volunteer efforts and generosity that sustain our ministry.


James A. Fitzsimmons President Page 2 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Guests at Malvern’s 100th Anniversary Communion Mass from Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter & Paul reflected upon the Retreat House’s history and future on October 28, 2012.

Annual Fund Gifts In 2012, $273,474 was raised for the Annual Fund through the donors listed below. The generosity of our donors allows us to off-set our fiscal budget and make capital improvements. Through this partnership with our donors, the League continues to fulfill its mission of serving the spiritual needs of lay men and women of all ages, the clergy and religious through the retreat experience.


($10,000 & above) Mr. Samuel W. Chairs Mr. Raymond K. Walheim


($5,000 to $9,999) Mr. Stephen D. Ford Mr. Edward C. Gannon Mr. John P. Moran Mrs. Mari F. Linder


($2,500 to $4,999) Anonymous Anonymous Mrs. Jacqueline J. Delaney Mr. Joseph Hobaugh Mr. Don L. Slavin, Jr. Ronald J. Stramitis

John Paul II Millennium ($1,000 to $2,499)

Mr. Francis S. Barrett, Jr. Dr. Kevin T. Brady Mr. Joseph V. Canosa Mr. F. Anthony Canuso Mr. Joseph J. Capista, Jr. Mr. Dominick X. Centurioni Mr. Richard M. Connolly, Sr. Mr. Bruce Cumby Mr. John J. Cunningham, Jr. Mr. Frank P. Difonzo Mr. Thomas B. DiPaolo Mr. Gerald Dowling Mr. Charles Eimer Mr. James A. Fitzsimmons Mr. James J. Fronheiser Mr. Philip Grasso Mr. Frank W. Houder Mr. Henry P. Jacquelin Mr. Thomas R. Keiser Mr. John J. Kozakowski Mr. Gregory C. Kurlander Mr. Tom Leaver Mr. Matthew T. Lutek Malvern Prosit Group Mr. Francis J. Marx, Sr. Mr. Paul Y. McCormick Mr. Michael T. McGinn Mr. James M. McMonagle

Mr. Thomas J. McParland Mr. Dan A. Melnyk Mr. Bertram F. Molz Miss Mary A. Morelli Mr. Michael Mulhern Mr. F. Tucker Mulrooney Mr. Joseph M. Nardi III Mr. Donald W. Nicholson, Sr. Mr. Michael Norton Mr. Michael D. O’Mara Mr. Daniel H. Polette Mr. Louis J. Rombach Mr. Carman L. Scotti Mr. John W. Smithson Mr. Frank J. Sobieski Mr. Philip A. Taddeo Mr. Al Tegler Mr. William J. Walters Mr. Timothy Yessman


($750 to $999) Mr. Salvatore F. Apa Mr. J. William Cotter Mr. Francis T. Foti, Sr. Mr. Richard S. Guyer Mr. William O’Shea Mr. Leo Parsons Mr. Joseph J. Santoleri, Sr.

President ($500 to $749)

Mr. Joseph A. Barone Mr. Frank S. Barrett, Sr. Mr. William P. Brady Mr. William J. Bryson Mr. Francis J. Catania Deacon Joseph B. Chandler, Jr. Ms. Janet Suzanne Curtin Mr. Joe P. Denny Mr. Fal Desaint-Phalle Mrs. Gloria Dimino Mr. Ronald A. Dinnocenti Mrs. Cecilia M. Duke Mr. John P. Duke Mr. George F.J. Estock Mr. Philip J. Giangiulio Mater Christi Council Knights of Columbus Mr. Joseph E. Kovach Mr. Robert L. Kozul Mr. Joseph P. Kurpiewski Mr. Duane C. McCarthy Mr. Mark Moran Mr. Donald H. Nikolaus Mr. Armond A. Novelli G Russell Reiss, Jr., Mr. Frank J. Rocco Mr. Gerald E. Ryan, Jr. Continued on page 5

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Malvern Introduces St. Joseph the Worker Medal

From left to right - James A. Fitzsimmons, President; Malvern’s two St. Joseph the Worker Medal recipients, George Weigel and John Smithson; Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap.; Bishop Louis A. DeSimone; Bishop Daniel E. Thomas; Francis J. Marx, Sr., Chairman; and Rev. Charles Zlock, Rector.


n honor of our centennial, Malvern Retreat House established the St. Joseph the Worker Medal to recognize individuals committed to the highest professional standards who have reached significant achievements and have the strongest moral compass that reflects their Catholic faith.

Our inaugural 2012 St. Joseph the Worker Medal recipients were: George Weigel, Catholic theologian, author and ethicist, and John W. Smithson, Sr. Vice President, St. Joseph’s University. The awards were presented as part of our 100th Anniversary Communion Mass and Luncheon celebration, which was held Sunday, October 28, 2012. Over 500 retreatants and friends of Malvern attended the celebration, which began with 11:00 a.m. Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul, celebrated by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia. It began

with an entrance procession of representatives from all the retreat groups bearing banners with their retreat insignias, and an honor guard provided by the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Malta and the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. The Mass was followed by a luncheon at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel. Thank you to our Board members: Thomas R. Keiser and Michael T. McGinn, who served as event co-chairs, and Pat Ciarrocchi, who served as mistress of ceremonies for the luncheon. We were left with much to think about as we heard addresses by our Archbishop and award winners, culminating in the keynote address by George Weigel, who encouraged us to bear witness to our Catholic Faith in the culture of today, emphasizing that, as we begin this Year of Faith, the future of the Catholic Church lies with us, the lay faithful.

Page 4 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Board Me m Delaney, p ber, Jacqueline J. r at the Com oclaims a reading munion M a s s.

This reinforces the visionary leadership of Malvern’s founders 100 years ago in forming the Layman’s Retreat League. Archbishop Chaput referred to the founders’ emphasis on lay leadership as “a great model for today, ” adding that, “It is important that the [lay] faithful in the Church use their creativity out of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that will evangelize the world of the 21st Century.”

Annual Fund Gifts Mr. Joseph Stimmler Regina Nursing Center Mr. William V. Taylor Mr. William J. Walker, Sr. Mr. William T. Walsh Mr. David P. White Mr. Joseph H. Wilkens Mr. Leonard J. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Marianne Zulli

Corrigan ($250 to $499)

Anonymous Mr. Bernard M. Anthony Mr. Richard H. Bapst Mr. Paul R. Barbin Mr. Robert J. Barrett Mr. Dennis J. Berent Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Carroll Mr. Francis W. Castiglione Dr. Anthony J. Cincotta Mr. Anthony J. Colangelo, Sr. Mr. W. Scott Cryder Mr. Mario D’Agostino Mr. John A. Dawson, Jr. Mr. Robert Dix Mr. Edward Drozdoski Ms. Carol G. Einhorn Erik T. Hostvedet Foundation Dr. Chris W. Fellin Joseph R. Ferdinand, Esq. Mr. William Fullerton Mr. Nino A. Gargiulo Mr. John M. Gasper, Jr. Mr. Edmund M. Glabus Mr. Salvatore A. Granese Mr. Michael F. Hamel Mr. Walter R. Hauck Mr. John P. Kallelis Mr. James P. Kenney Mr. G. Thomas Kiernan Mr. Harold Lamb Mr. James LaRock Mr. Patrick J. Lippincott Mr. Anthony J. Mangano Mr. John J. Markus Mr. Charles J. McGovern Mr. Glenn McMinn Mr. Sean Mooney Mr. Thomas M. Moore Mr. William Moran, Jr. Mr. Vincent J. Murphy Mr. Grant C. Nangle Knights of Columbus St. Maximilian Kolbe Council #11319 Mr. Daniel J. O’Neill Our Lady of Lourdes Retreat Group Mr. Joseph C. Pagliaro

Mr. Leonard P. Petrille Mr. Louis J. Picciano Mr. Edward M. Poli Mr. Thomas A. Porter Mr. Charles F. Robertson II Mr. Michael J. Rzucidlo Mr. Richard A. Schappell Mr. Philip Schneyman Mr. Stephen G. Schoener Mr. Dennis T. Shannon Mr. Frank R. Solis Mr. Nicholas C. Tacconelli Mr. Stephen Taraschi Mr. Vincent Termini Mr. Stephen A. Tulli Mr. James A. Veraldi Mr. Ronald F. Virostek Mr. Gerald A. Wertman, Sr. Mr. Joseph M. Willey

Centennial ($100 to $249)

Mr. Joseph E. Abbott Mr. & Mrs. W. Shepherdson Abell Mr. Pasquale J. Abruzzese Mr. Alfonso C. Abruzzi Mr. Joseph F. Ackerman Ms. Patricia Adams Mr. Frank J. Albergo Mr. Paul L Albert Mr. Daniel J. Algeo Miss Beth Allen Mr. Alfred T. Altopiedi Mr. Thomas Anastasia Mr. Joseph P. Andrew Mr. William J. Angelo Mr. Paul Arabas Mr. Vinnie Arcana Our Lady of The Assumpton Mr. Albert Avello Dr. Stephen J. Bacino Mr. Edward F. Baker Mr. Herman T. Banks Mr. Melville L. Barnes, Jr. Mr. Daniel M. Bateman Mr. Michael F. Bavuso Mr. Walter S. Beattie Mr. Kevin Beck Mrs. Stephanie W. Beilman Mr. Victor P. Beiriger, Jr. Mr. Thomas M. Bell Joseph Bering, MD Mr. Gerard G. Bernhardt Mr. William P. Berry Mr. Arthur L. Best II Mr. Joseph A. Bevilacqua Mr. David J. Bielen Mr. David Binder

President, Jim Fitzsimmons, and Board Member, Pat Ciarrocchi Fineman, reflect on the wise words spoken at the Centennial Gala Dinner Dance May 12, 2012. Mr. Anthony C. Boccella Mr. David F. Bohn Mr. James A. Boland Msgr. Richard Bolger Mr. Edward L. Borneman Mrs. Renee Bosich Mr. Harold J. Boston Mr. Rodman A. Boston, Sr. Mr. John S. Bowen Mr. Michael J. Boyce, Jr. Mr. Don Boyle Mr. Michael J. Breen Dr. Joseph A. Breslin, Jr. Mr. Gerard J. Brinkman Mr. Bernard J. Brunner, Sr. Mr. Nicholas Buffardi, Sr. Mr. Anthony P. Cammaroto Mr. John J. Campbell III Mr. Arthur G. Cantrell, Jr. Mr. Ronald V. Caputo Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Linda Carl Mr. Joseph P. Carle Mr. John C. Carney, Sr. Mr. Chris Carney Mr. George T. Carr Mr. John A. Carroll Mr. Richard Catagnus Mr. Vincent A. Catrambone Mr. Joseph Cervini Mr. James A. Chandler Mr. Vincent Ciarlante Mr. Philip C. Ciaverelli Mr. Peter A. Ciliberto, Sr. Mr. Michael G. Ciocco, Sr. Mr. Daniel J. Cipolla, Sr.

Mr. John D. Cipollone, Jr. Mr. John C. Clinkscale Clorox Company Foundation Mr. Marshall Coakley Mr. Thomas S. Coffey Mr. John R. Colacci Deacon John D. Colanero Ms. Jane Collins Deacon Thomas Concitis Mr. Dennis C. Connelly Mr. Gary R. Conover Mr. Richard J. Conte Rev. Christopher R. Cooke Mr. Ben J. Cornacchio Mr. William Corrado Mr. Charles M. Coyne Mr. James R. Cranney, Sr. Mr. David P. Crawford Mr. David B. Crouse Mrs. Susan A. Cryder Mr. Bernard M. Cunningham Mr. Joseph Deal Ms. Jacquelyn Delaporte Mr. Michael DelGiorno Mr. Charles Denny Mr. Mark J. DesMarais Mr. Arthur M. DiArcangelo Mr. Robert A. DiBruno Mr. Paul J. Diesenbruch Mr. Robert Dietrich Mr. Rudolph A. DiGiacomo Mr. Dominick DiJulia Ms. Marguerite D. DiLolle Mr. Joseph DiLolle, Jr. Mr. Raymond F. DiPalma

Annual Report 2012 | Malvern Retreat House | Page 5

Letter from the Rector

Annual Fund Gifts

Dear Friends, Last year Malvern Retreat House celebrated its 100th year jubilee. In ancient times, the “Jubilee” was announced by a blast on a “shofar,” an instrument made from a ram’s horn. Last year the Malvern family took several occasions to “shout for joy” as we gathered for spiritual, liturgical and social events looking back with pride and humility on a century of spiritual and sacramental nourishment provided by these hollowed grounds. But the jubilee location was never static. The Jewish people were on a journey to get to a better place, the “Promised Land.” We are also a pilgrim people on our way ultimately to a Beatific Vision but to also help further the Kingdom here on earth. With all of the complex situations facing the Catholic Church, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Malvern, solid leadership will certainly be a valuable and needed asset if we’re going to move forward. I’ve always been a big proponent of Proverbs 29:18 - “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I’ve been in situations where a lack of vision, direction and leadership did have serious negative consequences. I have also been very fortunate to be involved in some projects and endeavors where there was a tremendous vision and excellent leadership. The atmosphere and the experience was intoxicating! Nevertheless, there is certainly a danger that we might lean too heavily on “worldly” wisdom at the expense of the spiritual. This is certainly germane as we find ourselves in the midst of the “Year of Faith” and try and build up the faith within the Church of Jesus Christ. Psalm 127 reminds us: “If the LORD does not build the house, it is useless for the builders to work on it.” Pope Benedict XVI once said that “Solving pastoral problems must never limit itself to organizational questions, however important these may be. This risks placing an emphasis on seeking efficiency through a sort of ‘bureaucratization of pastoral care.’ Instead, evangelization requires starting from the encounter with the Lord, within a dialogue rooted in prayer, which then concentrates on the witness of giving itself toward the end of helping the people of our time to recognize and discover anew the signs of the presence of God.” Malvern faces new challenges yet exciting opportunities as we look towards the next 100 years. In trying to strike the right balance of using the SUPERnatural gifts while integrating the natural gifts and talents that the Lord has provided, we journey on towards the Kingdom.

Fr. Charles Zlock Rector

Page 6 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Mr. Antonio DiProspero Mr. Francis W. Doherty Mr. Edwin J. Donegan Ms. Kathryn A. Donnelly Mr. D. Anthony Donofrio Mr. Paul L. Donohue, Sr. Mr. Michael G. Dooley Mr. John V. Dougherty Mr. Stephen Dougherty Mr. Thomas Druckenmiller Mr. Kenny D’Silva Mr. Joseph Duffy, Sr. Mr. Bernard J. Dugan Ms. Mary DuPont Mr. Martin L. Durlacher Dr. Joseph L. Eckenrode Mr. Arthur V. Episcopo Mr. Michael J. Ercole Mr. Michael Errington Mr. Thomas D. Erwin Mr. Edward Fafara Dr. John M. Falker Mr. Thomas Fanelle Mr. Lou Farina Mr. Vincent Favorito Mr. Eugene J. Ferry Mr. Joseph A. Finisdore Mr. James M. Fitzpatrick Mr. Eugene P. Flanagan Mr. Louis S. Flocco Mr. J. B. Flora Mr. William C. Foster Mr. Paul T. Fraatz, Jr. Mr. David L. Frantz H. Nelson Freidly, Jr, Mr. Allan D. Fronheiser Mr. J. Joseph Gable Mr. James G’angeli Mr. George Gentile Anthony Giampetro, MD Mr. Edward F. Glowacki Mr. E. Russell Gombos Hon. Levan Gordon Mr. Ralph M. Gotshall Mr. John S. Grady Mr. John L. Graham, Jr. Mr. Thomas F. Granahan Mr. Fred Graziano Mr. Vincent J. Green, Jr. Mr. William F. Green, III Mr. Carl F. Gregory Mr. John M. Greim Dr. Lawrence J. Gribb Mr. Richard B. Grillo, Jr. Mr. Frank S. Guarrieri, Jr. Mr. Jerauld A. Gunzelman Mr. Peter Guzzetti Mrs. Babara Evans Hadnagy Mr. Thomas P. Haines Mr. Morgan F. Haley Mr. Jack W. Hallam

Mr. Robert Hamilton Mr. Adam J. Haraburda Mr. William J. Hardnock Mr. Edward J. Harkins Mr. Joseph Harkins Deacon Michael J. Harkins Dr. William V. Harrer III Mr. Edward J. Hauer, Jr. Ms. Frances Hay Mrs. Brenda T. Hayes Mr. Joseph Healey Mr. Joseph N. Hebert III Mr. Richard A. Heffernan Mr. & Mrs. Louis Heidrick Mr. Joseph Heinig Mr. Joseph N. Henderson Mr. Gary S. Henneberry Mr. James C. Hennessy Mr. Donald R. Hertkorn Rev. Gregory J. Hickey Mr. John J. Hickey, Jr. Mr. Thomas J. Hickey, Sr. Mr. Eric J. Hoffmann Mr. Don Hopkins Mr. Paul J. Hottinger, Jr. Mr. Craig B. Houston Dr. Joseph Howe Mr. Shawn Huber Mr. David Hugenbruch Mr. James J. Hughes Mr. Paul Humm Mr. Francis J. Hunt, Jr. Mr. Joseph F. Hunt Mr. Robert S. Hurst Mr. Leon Hutton, Sr Mr. Leon Hutton, Jr. Mr. Leonard J. Hvizdos Mr. Joseph P. Ianni Mr. Guido Ingegneri Mr. David L. Ingram Mr. Raymond R. Innaurato Mr. George H. Johnson III Mr. Brian W. Jones Mr. James W. Jones Mr. Thomas J. Judge, Sr. Mr. Jose Juico Mr. John L. Kain, Jr. Mr. Paul E. Kalejta Mr. & Mrs. William Kane Mr. Dennis P. Kelly Mr. Lawrence J. Kelly Ms. Theresa K. Kelly Mr. Robert J. Kensil, Sr. Mr. James Kilcoyne Mr. Lew B. Killmer, Jr. Mr. Charles E. King Joseph A. Kinney, Ph.D. Mr. Edward J. Kinslow Mr. William P. Kirby Mr. Jonathan Kissel Arnold C. Klein, CLU

In-Kind Gifts

An in-kind gift is a donation of goods and services which Malvern Retreat House would otherwise purchase. These gifts help defray our expenses and are often donated as a direct result of the Wish List published in PROSIT newsletter during the year.

Giving Level $1 - $999 Alfred Altopiedi William Crossland Elaine Donald Covance, Inc Ann Friel Gamesa Technology Corporation Gary Greco Albert Hall ICON Development Solutions Andrew Kavulich Mr. and Mrs. Lenny McFillin Conrad O’Brien PA Lumbermens Mutual insurance Co. Nick Tacconelli Gatherers come together for the St. Joseph the Worker Statue Brian Welsh Dedication on September 16, 2012.

Giving Level $1,000 - $4,999 Dan Bubnis Carr and Duff Isgro Pasticceria Life Celebrations Gary Molz Walmart Nicholas C. Santoleri

Giving Level $5,000 through $10,000 Andrew Berenty Pat Ciarrocchi Fineman Ronald J. Gantz John F. Givnish

The Good Shepherd Club

The Good Shepherd Club is a unique opportunity for retreatants to participate in the future of Malvern Retreat House. By naming Malvern Retreat House as a beneficiary in your estate, we will be aided in bringing more souls to Christ. “To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it,” according to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. The Good Shepherd Club is truly a form of placing oil in the lamp of Malvern Retreat House. For 2011, new members of the Good Shepherd Club include: Pasqualo M. Diodato William E. Ryan John L. Venuti

Matching Gifts

If your company has a Matching Gift program, we encourage you to secure a matching gift. Send a company donation form to the Development Office and we, in turn, will apply directly for the matching gift. In 2011, the following company participated: Clorox Company Foundation

Lifetime Gold Members

With a contribution of $3,000 or more, a person is entitled to become a Lifetime Gold member. This entitles the member to one retreat per year at no charge for his or her lifetime. This membership is recognized with an embossed brass membership card. Steven P. Cugine Charles A. Frey Paul R. Hirlinger Michael Mulhern

Gifts of Stock

A brokerage firm is available to facilitate the efficient transfer of stock gifts from our retreatants and friends. Donations of appreciated securities assist us in supporting our work. For more information, contact Michael Norton at 484-321-2539 or Peter Gelinas

Annual Report 2012 | Malvern Retreat House | Page 7

Memorials and Naming Opportunities Since our earliest days, retreatants, family members and friends have chosen to honor or memorialize loved ones with a donation to the retreat house. Throughout our grounds and buildings are plaques and markers reminding us of these special gifts made to Malvern Retreat House. The League is grateful for your support and thanks you for continuing this timeless tradition.

Benches & Kneelers Grotto Adrienne Gallo Kathleen Mullin Geraldine Schnitzel

Ms. Janet Suzanne Curtin

Founders Walk

Pieta Shrine

Mr. James M. Fitzpatrick Mr. Joseph Pagliano

Tree of Life

David Campbell CANA Married Couples Retreat Group Sue Ennis Barbara Gilbert Roy Gorson Robert Irving March 2012, Women of Malvern “Domenica” Group Debra Peters Maryann Reid Gerald Ryan and Family Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sabatino The Trenton Men of Malvern

Thomas F. Flynn Robert C. Zunino

Holy Family Shrine Edward Duff Jr. Edward Duff Sr. Richard P. Geppert Raymond K. Walheim

Blessing Tree Ornaments

Mr. Robert Bellwoar Eleanor Craig Eileen Durkan Helen Finan Janice Kelley Rose Leggiero Vincent Lowry Raymond McCabe Anthony Mendile Henry Parker Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Piekarski Mary Pike Barbara Shoemaker

Bequests In 2011, Malvern Retreat House received more than $14,000 from the estates of retreatants listed below: James P. Connor Thomas R. D’Aurizio William E. Ryan

Page 8 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Guards from the Knights of Columbus group led a procession out of the Communion Mass at Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul in Philadelphia on October 28, 2012.

Communion Luncheon Sponsors Title Sponsor: Independence Blue Cross Mr. Joseph V. Canosa Mr. Dominick Centurioni Knights of Columbus #3352 Williamstown, NJ Mr. Michael T. McGinn Most Blessed Sacrament Retreat Group Mr. Donald W. Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. O’Donnell Our Lady of Perpetual Help Retreat Group SS Peter and Paul Retreat Group The Santoleri Families Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Tulli

In Lieu of Flowers

In memory of a deceased loved one, families have requested that donations be sent to Malvern Retreat House. Donations were received in remembrance of: William J. Accetta Stephen Breen Richard Cosgrove Sr. Harry J. Cunningham Domenic F. DeCesaris Elfie DelGrosso Rose M. DeMarco John F. Gallagher Sr. John Ganzelli Sr. Frederick Hand Edwin S. Ksensik Edward Kuczynski Joseph Messa

From Director of Development The year 2012 was an exciting and busy time for Malvern Retreat House as we celebrated our 100th Anniversary throughout the year.. Our Founders would be very proud of what Malvern has achieved in its first 100 years. I am sure that in their wildest dreams, they never imagined that over 1.2 million people would journey to Malvern to reflect, refresh and renew with our Lord. On behalf of our Founders, Board, associates and retreatants, I wish to thank you for your efforts in the success of your beloved retreat house. Be it your time, talent or treasure, without your support we could not continue our mission of ‘Bringing More People to Christ.” Photo, top left: Joe O’Donnell, 75-year retreatant, was honored at Malvern’s Centennial Gala Dinner Dance on May 12, 2012.

Our history shows us that Malvern serves a vital role in our Catholic Community. Our goal in 2013 is to build on our rich legacy by increasing the number of retreatants we serve. Today we are strong, and, with your continued support, our tomorrows will be stronger.

Photo, top right: Malvern’s Holy Family Shrine was dedicated on March 9, 2013, during the Holy Family Retreat Weekend.

May God continue to bless you.

Photo, Bottom left: This golfer swings like a pro at Malvern’s Spring Golf Classic at Talamore Country Club on May 7, 2012.


Michael T. Norton Director of Development

Annual Report 2012| Malvern Retreat House | Page 9

Annual Fund Gifts Mr. Jerome A. Kleponis Mr. William L. Kochler, Jr. Mr. Eugene E. Koncz Mr. Robert A. Kovick Mr. Larry R. Kramer Mr. Michael Kret Mr. Joseph P. Krisciunas Mr. Donald L. Krushinski Mr. Frank Kulakowski Mr. Raymond L. Kunkel Dr. Robert J. Labaczewski Dr. Joseph LaBricciosa Hon. Joseph T. Labrum, Jr. Mr. Thomas J. LaCorte Mr. Armando Lagrutta Mr. Christopher S. Lam Mr. Al A. Lamonaca, Jr. Mr. Edgar J. Langdon Mr. Patrick R. Laphen Mr. Michael J. Lauff Mr. David Leary Dr. Patrick J. Lenahen Mr. Walter J. Lenard Mr. Michael M. Lencsak Mr. David G. Leonetti

Mr. Joseph R. Levin Mr. John M. Limongelli Mr. Benjamin J. Linowski, Jr. Mr. James J. Logue Mr. Vincent Lowry Mr. Robert H. Lutz Mr. Thomas Lynch Mr. James F. Lynch Mr. William J. Lyons Mr. John J. Magee Mr. Michael J. Maher Mr. Michael Maio Mr. Joseph S. Malen Mr. Timothy Malloy Mr. Fred J. Marenco, Jr. Mr. John F. Markel Mr. Matthew Markey Mr. John P. Martin Mr. Andrew A. Marvin Mr. Charles Marzen, Jr. Mr. Edward T. Marzen Mr. Paul R. Mathis Mr. Joseph W. Matthews Mr. John T. Maxwell Mr. Lewis A. Maylath

Mr. Michael A. Mazza Mr. Joseph McAfee Mr. John W. McAleer, Jr. Mr. Donald F. McAvoy, Jr. Mrs. Anita M. McBride Mr. Raymond J. McCabe Mr. Edmond McCarthy Deacon Martin P. McCarthy Mr. David C. McClatchy Mr. Thomas J. McCuch Mr. Gerald V. McDevitt Mr. Robert McDonnell Rev. Msgr. James T McDonough Mr. Daniel J. McGonigle Mr. Kevin B. McGowan Mr. James A. McGrath Mr. Charles E. McKee Mr. Joseph J. McKeown Mr. Bernard J. McLafferty Mr. Terence J. McLaughlin Mr. Michael J. McLaughlin Mr. James McMenamin Mr. Edward A. McMerty Deacon Robert E. McMullen

Malvern’s Rector, Fr. Charles Zlock (left), and his parents enjoy a Phillies Game in July 2012 when he joined the Malvern Retreat House staff.

Malvern’s Inaugural ArtShow 2012


n January 2012, approximately 700 people from surrounding communities enjoyed Malvern Retreat House’s Inaugural ArtShow 2012, which featured an extraordinary showcase of juried, original artwork by approximately 80 professional artists in various media: painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry, and glasswork. The Family Life Center provided an elegant backdrop for the show, which ran for five days and featured free admission for the show. The complimentary Friday evening wine and cheese reception afforded attendees the opportunity to mingle with the artists and other event-goers. Also featured were artist demonstrations in several media, which proved popular. Sales of artwork provided a source of revenue for Malvern Retreat House, which received 35% of all sales. The show also provided an opportunity to showcase our Retreat House for an audience that may not be familiar with Malvern. We are grateful to the Art Show Committee, headed up by Lynn Del Porte; their tireless efforts ensured a top-notch experience for all who participated. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

Page 10 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Mr. Gerard J. McPhillips Mr. Dennis C. McSherry Mr. Richard T. Meagher Mr. Leon G. Melair Dr. James A. Mezick Mr. Louis R. Miccio Rev. Engelbert G. Michel Mr. Aldo S. Mignone Mr. Robert J. Miller Mr. William J. Miller Edward C. Mintzer, Esq. Mr. Jerome S. Miranda Mr. Daniel I. Misko Mr. John C. Mitkus Mr. Robert J. Moisey Mr. Frank Molinaro, IV Mr. John A. Monzo Mr. Patrick H. Mooney Mr. William R. Mooney, Sr. Mr. Robert J. Moore Mr. Edward F. Moran Mr. William T. Morris Mr. Robert J. Morrison Mr. Roderick A. Morrison Mr. William F. Moser Mr. John G. Mueller Mr. William A. Muller Mr. William P. Murray, Jr. Mr. Fran Murray Mr. Frank A. Mutter, Sr. Mr. Edmond J. Nader, Jr. Mr. Frank J. Nessel Mr. Matthew F. Nessel Ms. Kathryn Newell Mr. Joseph Nichols Mr. Ronald S. Nighswander Mr. Charles S. Nolan Mr. Dennis E. Nolen Mr. Frank J. Noonan Mr. Francis E. Novak Mr. Peter Obi Mr. Joseph W. O’Brien Mr. Joseph W. O’Brien Mr. Bernard A. O’Connor Mr. James F. O’Connor, Jr. Mr. Chuck Odgers Mr. Joseph F. O’Donnell Mr. John A. Olimpo Mr. Rocco Olivieri Mr. Joseph C. Osborne, Jr. Mr. Joseph F. Pajak Mr. Charles F. Palladino Mr. Dominic J. Panacio Mr. Samuel A. Paolella, Sr. Mr. Samuel A. Paranzino Mr. Chris Parker Mr. Gary R. Parosky Mr. Wayne C. Parsil Mr. Joseph M. Pawluczyk Mr. Harry Pearce Mr. Chuck Pellegrini, Jr.

Mr. Nicholas J. Pepe Mr. Paul J. Peterson Ms. Pamela Petrell Mrs. Carole Petrokubi Mr. Christian Petrucci Mr. Paul J. Phillips Rev. Mr. Joseph R. Pierce Mr. Edward Pieslak Mr. Eric Pilacik Mr. Emil Pilacik Mr. John J. Piligno Mr. Clifford T. Piontkowski Mr. Robert S. Piznar Mr. George S. Ponzo Mr. Robert P. Ponzo Mr. John J. Prendergast, Jr.

Mr. James M. Revel Mr. Pasquale S. Riccobono Mr. John F. Rigby Mr. Paul J. Rigby Mr. William Rinaldi, Jr. Mr. David B. Ripsom Mr. Donald Risica Mr. Joseph R. Rizzo Mr. Richard M. Rodney Mr. Ismael J. Rodriguez Deacon Donald Rogozenski Mr. William J. Romanow Mr. Timothy J. Rooney Mr. Charles J. Roy Mr. Jack Ruffenach Mr. Joseph Ruggieri

Mr. Clarence C. Seifen Mr. Joseph R. Serianni Mr. James Serock Deacon Joseph Sexton Albert L. Shaub Mr. Joseph A. Shelcusky Mr. Timothy A. Siegrist Mr. William A. Simon Mr. Brian J. Skorup Fr. Phillip Sladicka Mr. John F. Slanga Mr. Thomas Smedile Mrs. Frances M. Smith Rev. Gerald S. Smith Mr. James W. Smith Mr. James L. Smith

Members of the Ave Maria retreat group were honored to stand with members of our military at Malvern’s Veterans Ceremony on November 11, 2012. Mr. Joseph Puleio Mr. Joseph Purcell William M. Purner, Jr., D.O. Mr. James S. Quick Mr. Kevin Quinn Mr. Thomas F. Quinn Mr. Richard N. Racioppi, Jr. Mr. Victor E. Rainsford Mr. Joseph F. Ranaudo Mr. Kenneth Ron Rapchick Mr. Philip R. Rapone, Jr. Mr. Denys Rawson Mr. J. P. Raynock Mr. Joseph Renk Mr. Ernest L. Repice

Fr. Stanley J. Russell Mr. Joseph Salvo Mr. Nicholas C. Santoleri Mr. Thomas Savage Mr. Raymond M. Scannapieco Mr. Dennis Schaeffer Mr. Frank Schlogl Mr. Robert Schoch Mr. James Schoeplein Mr. Henry J. Scholz Mr. James P. Scholz Mr. James J. Schwartz Mr. Francis J. Schweitzer Mr. Robert Scott

Mr. Paul Smith, Jr. Mr. Wassil Snitzer Mr. Henry J. Sobieski Mr. Thomas S. Sobieszczyk Mr. Dennis S. Sommer Mr. Salvatore Sori Mr. Joseph Sowa Mr. Alan S. Speaker Mr. Robert A. Spencer Mr. Don Spica Mr. Robert W. Spielberger Mr. Christopher Stafy Mr. Greg Stefankiewicz Mr. Daniel F. Steinmetz, Jr. Dr. Kenneth W. Stout, Jr.

Mr. William I. Stubits Mr. Robert D. Sullivan Mr. James R. Sulpizi Mr. Joseph P. Swatski Mr. Donald J. Sweeney Mr. John J. Sweeney Dr. David Szymanski Rev. Carmen F. Taraborelli Mr. Paul J. Taraschi, Jr. Mr. Vincent A. Tarducci Mr. Nicholas J. Tascione, Jr. Mr. Kevin Theissen Mr. Melvin D. Thornton Mr. Michael N. Tillger Mr. Roderick L. Tondreau, Jr. Mr. Gary Toothman Mr. Robert J. Toscani Mr. Anthony Totarella Mrs. Marie D. Travaline Mr. William Truhe Mr. Peter Tulli Mr. John P. Turnick Mr. Francis J. Urick Mr. Larry Vaccari Mr. Gregg K. Valentine Mr. Michael G Valosky Mr. Franklin T Varone Mr. Robert J Verna Mr. Don Vines Mr. John S Volpe Frank Waldraff Mr. Joseph A Walheim Mr. William J Wall Mr. Thomas E Walls, Jr. Mr. Daniel J. Walsh Mr. Richard F. Walton Ms. Anne Ward Mr. Jack J. Warnock, Jr. Mr. David E. Watson Mr. Tony Watson Mr. Robert C. Weirman Mr. Charles P. Welde, Jr. Mr. Charles Welde Mr. John E. Welsh III Mr. Matthew W. Welsh Mr. Anthony J. Wenner Mr. Michael J. Wetzel Mr. Raymond J. Whalen Mr. James J. Whelan Mr. Kevin White Mr. W. Robert Wickard Mr. William F. Winchester Mr. William J. Wingel Mr. Joseph M. Wollyung Mr. George F. Wood Mr. Joseph V. Yandoli Mr. David A. Yannarell Mr. Robert C. York Mr. Donald A. Zamborsky Mr. Edward Zaucha Mr. Raymond R. Zdebski, Sr. Mr. Dave Zelis

Annual Report 2012 | Malvern Retreat House | Page 11

Annual Fund Gifts Dr. Charles L. Zimliki, Sr. Mr. Raymond R. Zolandz, Sr.

Benefactor ($50 to $99)

Anonymous Mr. John R. Adams Mr. Mark D. Agen Mr. Thomas A. Aglira Mr. Roy Agostinelli Mr. Brandt Aiello Mr. Joseph A. Alban Mr. Michael J. Altemus Mr. Paul M. Amalfitano Mr. Thomas J. Andrew Mr. Matthew J. Anthony Dr. Patrick T. Antonelli Mr. Vincent A. Ardovino, Sr. Mr. Jody Arena Mr. Ryan J. Arnold Ms. Ann Arnold Mr. Richard J. Aurite, Sr. Mr. Thomas J. Aylward III Mr. Raymond S. Babiarz, Sr. Mrs. Mary Babiarz Mr. Edward R. Badyna Mr. John T. Baffa, Jr. Mr. Claude J. Baldino Mr. Whitney Baldwin Mr. Vincent Barbati Dr. Richard G. Barr Mr. Joseph F. Barrese Mr. Connor A. Barrett Mr. John P. Barron Mr. Anthony N. Basilio, Jr. Mr. Michael J. Basquill Mr. Joseph Baum Mr. Timothy Beck Mr. David E. Becker Mr. John E. Behen, Jr. Mr. George C. Bell Mr. Raymond J. Bencivengo Mr. Larry L. Benecke Mr. Mario C. Bernazzoli Mr. Louis R. Bianco Mr. Willard M. Bickel Mr. Lawrence W. Bily Mr. Robert W. Blaisse Mr. Edward Boardman Mr. Joseph L. Bondi Mr. James M. Bondi Dr. Joseph V. Bondi Mr. Louis D. Bondi Mr. Edward Bongard, Jr. Mr. John T. Borden Mr. Robert Borowski

Board Member and CBS3 Eyewitness News Anchor, Pat Ciarrocchi Fineman (left), and Philadelphia’s Archbishop Chaput (right) enjoying Malvern’s Communion Luncheon on October 28, 2012. Mr. Albert Borzillo Mr. David C. Bozorth Mr. Joseph R. Bradley Mr. E.T. Bradunas Mr. Francis P. Brennan Mr. Robert V. Bresnahan Mr. Bart F. Brigidi Mr. Joseph F. Broderick Mr. Theodore Brodzinski Mr. Russell R. Brooks, Jr. Mr. Brad Bryan Ms. Patricia E. Bubnis Mr. Dominick F. Bucciarelli Mr. David B. Buck III Mr. Thomas J. Burke Mr. Edward Burns Mr. James Burns Maj. Gen. William F Burns Mr. Michael Butler Mr. Kevin G. Byrnes Joseph R. Cairone Mr. Anthony J. Calise Mr. Joseph W. Callahan Mr. John Calnan Mr. Carmen S. Campanicki Mr. Mark L. Candidi Rev. John A. Cannon Mr. Joseph A. Capaci Mr. Emil R. Capetola Mr. Charles Caprara Mr. Nicholas Caramanico Mr. Charles Carbo, Jr. Mr. Robert Carey Mr. Robert S. Carl Dr. Guy J. Carnabuci Ms. Lucy Carter Mr. Ralph J. Cartwright, Jr. Mr. Damien P. Caruso Mr. Edwin J. Chelius Mrs. Luzia Chiang

Mr. Robert R. Chickelero Mr. Gregory M. Christensen Mr. Carmen A. Christopher, Jr. Mr. Carmen Christopher, III Mr. Nicholas F. Ciabattoni Mr. Henry J. Ciarrocchi Mr. Mike Ciarroccki Mr. Joseph M. Cincotta Mr. Ralph J. Citrino Mr. Thomas J. Civic Mr. Roy Clare Ms. Noreen Clark Mr. Robert Climaldi Mr. Maurice P. Close Mr. Shane P. Coady Mr. Norman V. Cochran, Sr. Mr. John J. Coen Mr. John E. Colarusso Mr. Robert M. Colleluori Mr. Robert Collom, Sr. Mr. Walter L. Colman James L. Colombo, MD Mr. Randy J. Colone Mr. Vincent F. Colonna Mr. John M. Connelly Mr. Carlo P. Coppola Mr. Triomfo Corbo Mr. Alfred Cordasco Mr. Robert W. Cordero, Jr. Mr. Nicholas F. Corea Mr. Anthony Corica Mr. Salvatore J. Correnti Mr. Ernest C. Cotilus, Jr. Mr. Frank A. Cresta, Sr. Mr. Donald A. Crews Mr. Frank Crocco Mr. Richard G. Crofton Mr. Caesar C. Crognale Mr. Joseph A. Cunningham, Jr. Mr. Thomas A. Cusano, Jr.

Page 12 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Mr. Louis C. Damiani Mr. Joseph De Rita Ms. Margaret K. DeAngelis Mr. James R. Deaven Mr. and Mrs. Andrew & Carole DeBernardi Mr. Paul J. DeCoursey, Jr. Mr. Benjamin J. DeFrancesco Mr. John F. Dempsey Mr. Joseph Denisi Mr. James S. Denny Mr. Blase(Bill) A. DeSanto Mr. Pasquale G. D’Esposito Mr. Cornelius F. Dever, Jr. Mr. Gerald J. DiBerardinis Mr. Ennio DiBucci Mr. George L. Dicugno Mr. Anthony J. DiDomenico Mr. John A. DiFava Mr. Panfilo Difonzo Alphonse J. DiGiovanni, MD Rick DiLiberto, Esq. Mr. Richard A. Diliberto, Jr. Mr. Michael Dillard Mr. Mario Dinolfo Mr. Alfred J. DiNorscia, Sr. Mrs. Carmen M. DiPasquale Mr. Emil B Dix Mr. Joseph E. Dolack Mr. Harry J. Donahue Mr. Richard Dooley, III Mr. John C. Dooley Mr. Len Dornberger Mr. Christopher Dougherty Mr. Donald A. Dougherty, Sr. Mr. Gerald P. Dougherty Mr. Thomas W. Dougherty Mr. Michael F. Doyle Mr. Richard B. Drazich Mr. Joseph F. Driscoll Mr. George H. Duane Mr. John P. Duff, Jr.

Mr. John P. Duff Rev. Thomas Duffy Mr. Kenneth G. Dugan, Jr. Mr. Vincent P. Durso Mr. Walter G. Dusablon, Jr. Mr. George Edel Mr. Walter A. Egner Rev. Mr. William F. Eliason, Sr. Ms. Dorothy Erario Mr. Joseph M. Falcone Mr. John C. Falcone Mr. William J. Farrell III Mr. Daniel P. Faust Rev. Mr. Eugene Favinger Mr. James P. Fawcett Mr. William J. Fehrman Mr. Jonathan D. Fellin Mr. John Finan Mr. William A. Fitzgerald Mr. Daniel Flach Mrs. Helen M. Flanders Mr. John J. Flannery, Jr. Mr. John A. Flora III Mr. George V. Foos Mr. Joseph L. Fox Mr. Geza Fozo Mr. Leonard E. Frank, Jr. Mr. John J. French Mr. Dennis J. Friel Mr. Donald Fry, Jr. Mr. Anthony S. Fuschetto, Sr. Mr. Michael F. Gallagher, Sr. Mr. Patrick E. Gallagher Ms. Dot Gallagher Mr. Rick Gallagher Mr. Robert Gallop, Sr. Mr. Michael Gallucci Mr. Denis Gambescia Mr. Frank J. Gappa, Sr. Mr. Edward L. Garbacz Mr. Florian J. Gargula Mr. Thomas C. Gates

Director of Hospitality, John Cannon, shows his Irish festivity driving a convertible in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Mr. Louis Gatto Mr. Anthony W. Gentile Mr. David C. Gentile Mr. Michael A. Gentile Mr. Ronald J. George, Sr. Mr. James F. Gillespie Ms. Gerri Ginter Mr. Alexander J. Giovannone Mr. Arthur N. Giuliano Mr. Gene Glass Mr. William P. Goerig Ms. Maria Theresa Gonnella Mr. Thomas P. Gorman Mr. William J. Gormley, Sr. Mr. Roy B. Gorson Mr. Ernest D. Granese Ms. Ann Marie Grayeski Mr. Al Graziano Mr. Frank D. Greco Mr. Robert J. Greco Mr. Mario Gregorio Mr. Donald R. Greig Mr. Joseph A. Grosso Mr. Anthony J. Guarino Mr. Thomas H. Gudowicz Mr. Michael J. Guest Mr. Harry T. Guest Mr. Stephen T. Guinan Dr. Robert L. Gunderson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Guthridge, Jr. Mr. Edward F. Guza Mr. Robert D. Guzzon Mr. Frank Hadden Mr. Thomas P. Haines Mr. William G. Hansen Mrs. Mary Harbison Mr. John Harkins, Jr. Mr. David J. Harkins Mr. Quill Harper Dr. William V. Harrer Mr. Nelson E. Harris Mr. Frank J. Harvatine Dr. Nathan D. Harvey Mr. Thomas F. Harwood Mr. Robert L. Hauer Mr. Frank K. Hawley Ms. Elizabeth Healey Mr. George H. Hee, Jr. Mr. William G. Hennegan Mr. Thomas F. Hennigan, Jr. Mr. Graham Hetrick Mr. Robert G. Hewitt Mr. Harry F. Hight Mr. James E. Hill, Sr. Mr. Robert J. Hinkle Mr. Nick Hiriak Mr. Patrick Hockenberry Mr. Leo W. Hoerdemann, Sr. Mr. Hugh Hogan Mr. James Hooley Mr. William J. Horan Capt. Edward W. Hosken, Jr.

Mr. Joseph T. Hudock Fr. James F. Hughes Mr. Paul Innes Mrs. Donna Ireland Mr. George F. Jahn, Jr. Mr. Edward F. Jefferis Mr. James P. Johnson Mr. Michael Jones Mr. Norbert W. Josten Mr. Martin J. Joyce Mr. Francis J. Joyce, Sr. Mr. Ralph Julia Mr. Paul E. Kane Mr. Terence E. Kane Mr. Robert Karpin Mr. Edward G. Kashmere Mrs. Angela Kauffman Mr. Joseph J. Keating Mr. Thomas C. Keiser Mr. Joseph M. Keleher Mr. Edward H. Kelleher Mr. Michael L. Keller Mr. John T. Kelley Mr. Frank P. Kelly, Sr. Mr. Kevin Kelly Mr. Michael Kelly Mr. Thomas K. Kelly, Jr. Mr. James J. Kenny, Jr. Mrs. Ruth Ann Kepler Ms. Brigid Kernan Mr. William Kilner Mr. Robert M. Kinslow Mr. Louis J. Klement Mr. Edward Klenk Mr. Ralph E. Kline Mr. Paul P. Koester Mr. Joseph S. Kolen, Jr. Mr. Paul Kolodchak Mr. John J. Kopko Rev. Mr. Eugene J. Kovatch Mr. Michael F. Kozempel, Jr. Mr. Richard S. Kozieja Mr. James T. Krause Mr. John W. Kreider Ms. Mary Beth Krizmanich Mr. Charles E. Kropp Mrs. Maryanna P. Kropp Mr. Peter J. Kudless Mr. David Kumor Mr. Harold J. Kyne Mr. Richard J. LaFashia Mr. Brendan Lake Mr. Leo M. Lamb Mr. James Land Mr. William M. Lane Mr. Robert W. Lang, Sr. Mr. John N. Larcinese Hon. Frank M. Lario, Jr. Mr. Anthony LaSpada Mrs. Josephine Launi Mr. Mark LeChevallier Mr. Edward J. Leemon

Mr. Joseph W. Legenstein Mr. David Legg Mr. Kevin M. Lenny Mr. Michael G. Lese Deacon Charles G. Lewis Mr. John Lieb Mr. Keith S. Liggett Mr. Robert T. Ligowski Mr. Victor J. Limongelli Mr. John M. Linge Mr. Daniel Locicero Mr. John H. Loeper Mr. James J. Logan Mr. Paul Logan Mr. John J. Longino Mr. James A. Lovett Mr. Richard Lunardi Mr. Michael Luppino Dr. John J. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. James J Lynn Mr. David MacDonald Mr. W. Thomas MacPherson Mrs. Lorraine Maetzold Mr. Thomas E. Maher Rev. Shaun L. Mahoney Mr. P. Douglas Maier Mr. Greg Makowski Mr. Frank N. Malkoch Mr. Arthur A. Mami, Sr. Mr. William R. Mancini Mr. Steven Mancini, Sr. Mr. John A. Mancino, Jr. Mr. Frank A. Manetta Mrs. Rose Ann Manetta Mr. Joseph Mangino Mr. William M. Marella Mr. John A. Marianelli Mr. John A. Mariano Mr. Adriano J. Marinelli Mr. Walter A. Markowski Mr. Anthony S. Marotta Mr. William J. Marrone Mr. Matthew R. Martelli Mr. Dominic Marucci Mr. Silvio P. Marucci Mr. John G. Maruscak Mr. Bruce Marziani, Jr. Mr. Rocco J. Mastrocola Mr. Thomas J. Mastroni, Jr. Mrs. Mary L. Mattioni Mr. Salvatore V. Mattoccia Mr. Thomas A. McAvoy, Jr. Mr. Daniel J. McBride Mr. Mark McBryan Mr. Brian F. McCaffrey Mr. Robert T. McCardle Mr. James W. McCarry C. Dale McClain, Esq. Mr. Michael M. McClain, Sr. Mr. Kevin B. McClatchy Mr. Thomas J. McCormick Mr. Gerald E. McDermott

Director of Development, Michael Norton, and Development Assistant, Michele O’Neill, admire Malvern’s Concert on the Lawn performers from afar on June 13, 2012. Mr. John J. McDonnell Mr. John M. McDonough Mr. Glen McElravy Mr. Joseph P. McElroy Dr. John M. McFadden Mr. James P. McFadden, Sr. Mr. James J. McGann Mr. James F. McGinley Mr. Jack T. McGinn Mr. James McGinty III Mr. Francis A. McGowan Mr. Charles J. McHugh Mr. John L. McIntyre Mr. Patrick H. McKay Mr. Thomas S. McKeon Mr. James F. McLaughlin Mr. Robert R. McLaughlin III Mr. John P. McMahon, Jr. Mr. Michael J. McMenamin Mr. Daniel Meenan Mr. John T. Mellinger Mr. Joseph P. Menta Mr. Kenneth Mertz Mr. Rudolph J. Micsko, Jr. Mr. Eugene E. Miklasiewicz Mr. James J. Miller Mr. Robert Miller Mr. David E. Minnick

Mr. Charles G. Miriello Mr. Matthew L. Mondo Ms. Marietta Moody Mr. Og Moore Mr. Armando E. Moral Mr. Jack F. Moran Mr. Robert J. Morlino Mr. Robert J. Motley Mr. Charles P. Mungan, Sr. Mr. John J. Muntz Mr. John J. Nardini Mr. Thomas Natarian Mr. Geronimo P. Noblejas Mr. Mark J. Noonan Mr. Malachy M. Noone Mr. Paul P. Norkas Ms. Maureen Notebaert Mr. Joseph L. Novak Mr. Daniel F. O’Brien, Sr. Mr. W.P. O’Connell Mr. Tim O’Donnell Michael J. O’Donnell, Esq. Mr. Anthony Odorisio Mr. Gerald P. O’Hara Mr. Paul R. O’Laughlin Mr. William J. O’Leary Mr. Stephen Olivieri Mr. John J. Olley

Annual Report 2012 | Malvern Retreat House | Page 13

Financial Information for 2012 Operations Revenue


Retreats Development Other Income

3,011,516 666,675 29,578

2,777,129 402,036 755,967

Retreats Development Administration Total Expense Less Asset Depreciation

Total Operating Revenue $3,707,769

3,935,132 296,503

Total Operating Expense


Other Income 1%

Development 18%

Revenue Retreats 81%

Administration 19%

Development 11%

Uses Retreats 70%

Page 14 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Sources of Funds

Uses of Funds

Annual Fund Major Gifts Membership Remembrance Deferred Gifts Special Events Memorial Fund

Fundraising Administration Allocated Expenses Printing & Postage Memorials Remembrance Funds Allocated for Projects

251,026 58,820 111,713 47,840 75,837 65,339 56,100

Total Revenue


Total Expense

178,176 82,185 75,679 29,665 17,431 18,900 264,639


Memorial Fund 8% Deferred Gifts 11% Membership 17%

Remembrance 7%

Special Events 10%


Major Gifts 9% Funds Allocated for Projects 40% Allocated Expenses 12%

Annual Fund 38%

Memorials 2% Remembrance 3% Printing & Postage 4%

Uses Administration 12% Fundraising 27%

Annual Report 2012 | Malvern Retreat House | Page 15

Annual Fund Gifts

Lou Tilley (second from right) was the champion at our “Beat the Celebrity” drive contest from Malvern’s Talamore Country Club Golf Outing on May 7, 2012. Mr. Barry O’Malley Mr. Michael J. O’Mara Mr. J. Robert O’Neill Ms. Elizabeth Onofrey Ms. Fran Ostien Mr. Thomas Oswald Mr. Pasquale Pace Mr. Paul E. Pallas Mr. Pacifico Palmarini Mr. Denis R. Pancoast Mr. Anthony S. Panepinto Mr. Frank Panna, III Mr. Frank Pannone Ms. Rose M. Parham Mr. Alexander M. Parisella Mr. Joseph Passalacqua Ms. Denise Patterson Mr. Ralph F. Pavese Mr. Andrew Pedlow Mr. Dominic A. Pennestri Julio Perez, Jr. Ed.D Mr. Joseph M. Petrongolo, Sr. Dr. Steve Peyton Mr. Paul Pierangeli Dr. Joseph G. Pigeon Mr. Alex B Pilecki Mrs. Helen C. Pilecki Father Anthony M. Pileggi Mr. Charles A. Pinnelli Mr. Charles J. Pinnelli Mr. Steven A. Pinnelli Mr. Paul M. Pinto Mr. William L. Pinto Mr. John E. Plower Mr. Charles Podlesny Mr. Francis Polkowski, Or

Mr. Salvatore P. Polo Mr. Booker T. Poole, Jr. Mr. Harry Powell Mr. Paul G. Prendergast Mr. Thaddeus J. Przybylowski Mr. George I. Puhak Mr. Patrick J. Purcell Mr. William T. Purcell Mr. Nicholas F. Quercetti Mr. Stephen J. Quigley Mr. Alvin M. Raber Mr. Norm Racine Mr. Richard M. Rader, Sr. Mr. James Radicioni Mr. Robert F. Rafinski Mr. Andrew C. Ragusa Mr. Anthony F. Rango Mr. Joseph F. Rapone Mr. Stephen Rapone Mr. Andrew T. Rasp Mr. Francis Rauch Ms. Mary Beth Rea Ms. Maryann Regan Mr. James Reif, Jr. Mr. Robert T. Repko Mr. Gary Riccio Mr. Nicholas J. Ricciuti Mr. Francis J. Rice Mr. Francis A. Rice Mr. Nevin Rider Mr. James T. Rieker Mr. Anthony N. Ritona Mr. William J. Robb, Jr. Mr. Charles F. Robinson Mr. John M. Rodden, Sr. Mr. Arthur H. Rodriguez

Mr. Louis H. Rombach Mr. Tony Rosowski Mr. Edward P. Roznowski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Leona Russell Mr. Dennis J. Saake Mr. Stephen H. Saboe, Sr. Mr. Nicholas A. Sacchetti Mr. Jason Santini Mr. Tom Sarosky Mr. Anthony J. Scarcelli Mr. Christopher M. Scheiblein Mr. Fred Schilling Mr. Edward A. Schlaner, Jr. Mr. Richard Schlottenmeier Mr. John Schmidt Mr. James W. Schultz, Jr. Mr. Edward J. Schwarz Mr. John Selinsky Mr. Michael J. Semach Mr. Bruno A. Sestito Mrs. Nancy D. Sheehan-Becker Mr. Vincent P. Shickora Mr. William A. Shimp, Jr. Mr. Paul F. Sides, III Mr. Mark T. Simmons Mr. Richard Sisca Mr. William Slade Mr. John N. Sloan Mrs. Ann M. Smith Mr. George J. Smith Mr. James D. Smith, Jr. Mr. Michael C. Smith, Sr. Mr. James E. Smith Mr. James C. Snaith Mr. Mark S. Snyder

Page 16 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Mr. Thomas J. Sopko Mr. Dave C. Spangler Mr. Michael C. Sperger Mr. Michael Spica Mr. Eugene D. Spratt Mr. Michael F. Stankiewicz, Sr. Mr. George J. Stanley Mr. Patrick J. Stanton Mr. Dennis M. Stape Mr. George Steinrock, Jr. Mr. Joseph A. Stephano Mrs. Cara Stolarczyk Mr. Loniel C. Strang Mr. Gerald C. Strouse Mr. Ralph Suarez Mr. Barry Suszynski, Sr. Mr. Matthew A. Swierzewski Mr. John Szczech Mr. Carmine J. Taglieri Ms. Evelyn Tan Mr. Anthony Tassone, Jr. Mr. Richard A. Tate, Sr. Mr. Joseph A. Testa Ms. Lisa Thomer Elizabeth Tomalis Mr. Christopher Tomlinson Mr. Clark Tomlinson Mr. Joseph W. Tompkins Mr. William E. Towlson Mr. John Traboscia Mr. Joseph M. Trama Dr. John M. Travaline, Jr. Mr. William D. Tresca Mr. Mario J. Triboletti Mr. Charles Trinkle Mr. Daniel F. Trost, Jr. Mr. Richard M. Trudell Mr. Stanley M. Trzaska Mr. Edward D. Ulrich Mr. Norman T. Urian Mr. Thomas F. Valent Mr. Ben A. Valocchi Mr. Robert Varela Mr. Samuel A. Veneziale Mr. Dante A. Vergulti Mr. Thomas L. Verrastro, Sr. Mr. Paul M. Versaggi Mr. Tito A. Vespasiani Mr. Andrew J. Viscuso Mr. Archie A. Vitale Mr. Anthony J. Voci, Sr. Mr. Blaine R. Vogel Mr. Joseph M. Wagner Mr. Robert J. Wakeley Mr. Thomas Walker, Jr. Mrs. Irene H. Wallin Mr. Thomas E. Walsh Mr. John P. Walsh Mr. Michael F. Walsh Mr. Vince Walsh Mr. Paul F. Waltrich Mr. Charles J. Ward, Jr.

Mr. Robert W. Watson Mr. Stephen K. Weaver Col. Joseph D. Weiss Mr. Alvin Welk Mr. James T. Wentzel Mr. Michael R. Wetherhold Mr. Richard J. Wieda Mr. William B. Wiegand Mr. Gary T. Williams, Sr. Mr. John H. Williams Mr. James J. Williams Ms. Joann V. Williams Mr. Mark W. Wingel Ms. Cornelia N. Winner Mr. Peter Wlodek Mr. Joseph Wolk Mr. Anthony J. Wysocki Mr. George T. Yanchik Mr. Cyprian R. Yost, Sr. Mr. Thomas Yurkanin Mr. Paul L. Zamberlan Mr. John N. Zdebski Mr. Robert J. Zebrowski Mr. John C. Zimmerman Deacon Raymond R. Zolandz, Jr. Edward J. Zyskowski, O.F.S.


($1 to $49) Mr. Gerald Abenshon Mr. Paul L. Ackerman Mr. Adrian M. Aikman, III Mr. Robert Alban Mr. Charles T. Albright Mr. Mark Alexander Mr. Austin Alexander Mr. Nicholas J. Amato, Sr. Mr. Vernon S. Anastasio Mr. Robert Anconetani Mr. Peter M. Anderson Mr. Jack J. Angelo Mr. Mark Angelo Ms. Rachel D. Arena Mr. Howard H. Arnold, Jr. Mr. John F. Arnold Mr. Thomas E. Arnold, Sr. Mr. Thomas Aschenbrenner Mr. Michael Aschendorf Mr. Albert J. Augustine Lt. Col. James J. Avitabile Mrs. Maria E. Avitabile Mr. Angelo Baiada Mr. Robert A. Baiocco Mr. Michael F. Baker, Jr. Mr. Roman J. Baran Mr. Edward F. Barbano Mr. Jon C. Barber Mr. Frank P. Barsamella

Ms. Joanne M. Bauer Mr. Larry Beat Mrs. Stella Beat Mr. James J. Beehler Miss Ann M. Bell Mr. John C. Bellantoni Mr. Adam Benton Mr. John J. Bertz Mrs. Geraldine Bilinski Mrs. Geri M. Biskowski Mr. Francis J. Bizon Mr. James J. Black, Sr. Deacon Darrell Blackwell Mr. Joseph E. Blair Mr. Raymond P. Bodnar Mr. Frank Bodner Mrs. Sandra Bohn Mr. Edward J. Bonett, Jr. Mr. Michael Bonetti Mr. Joseph M. Bonfiglio Mr. James R. Bonner Mr. Richard Bourcier Mr. David T. Bove Mr. Harry C. Boyer, III Mr. Brian P. Boyle Mr. Timothy J. Boyle Mr. Thomas J. Boyle Mr. Joseph P. Brennan Mr. John J. Brennan Mr. John M. Brenner Mr. Joseph Brophy Mrs. Ellen M. Brown Mr. Robert J. Brown Mr. Pasquale Bruccoleri Mr. Dan F. Bubnis Mr. Michael T. Buckley Mr. Ben Buella Mr. Raymond B. Bunch Mr. Robert P. Burns Mr. Michael A. Burns Mr. John Robert Bursley Mr. Frank Buscaglia Mr. Sylvester T. Buszta Mr. Roger W. Butler, Sr. Mr. Thomas Butler Mr. Thomas H. Butler Mr. Jeremiah M. Butler Mr. Marshall Cabe, Jr. Dr. Kevin J. Cahill Mr. Vincent R. Cancila Mr. John L. Capelli Ms. Maria C. Capone-Greco Ms. Margaret Caponigro Mr Francis A. Capparuccini Mr. John C. Caramanico Mr. Bernard J. Carlin, Jr. Mr. Anthony V. Carlini Mr. John Carlucci Rosa Carmichael, OSF Mr. John M. Casamento Mr. Joseph J. Casey Mr. Vic Castellano

Mr. John J. Cawley Mr. Anthony T. Cerino Mr. Matthew S. Cerino Mr. Robert Cerulli Mr. Frank R. Chiappetta Mr. Anthony P. Cianci Mr. Ralph Ciaudelli Mr. Robert E. Clark Mr. Anthony J. Clark Ms. Dorothy Claudy Mr. Domenico Coceano Mr. Anthony B. Coco Mr. James V. Coffey Ms. Catherine Coffey Barton Mr. Stephen N. Colbert Mr. Michael A. Colombo Mr. Gene Concordia Mr. H. Robert Conn, Jr. Mr. Charles A. Connell, Jr. Ms. Jeanne Connell Rev. Richard P. Connors Mr. Philip Conte Mr. Richard B. Conville Mr. Robert N. Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Corcoran Mr. Ted Corcoran Mr. Albert G. Cordero Mr. Thomas Cotter Mrs. Marielise G. Cox Mrs. Mary Crawford Mr. James B. Cressman Mr. William J. Crossland Mr. Robert W. Curzi Mr. Richard A. Cuth, Sr. Mr. Richard Cuth, Jr. Mr. Casimir M. Czerpak Mr. Nick D’Achille Mr. Theodore J. Daddario Mr. Dominic J. Dalessandro Mr. Joseph M. Daley Mr. Joseph G. D’ambrosio Dr. Bret A. Daniels Mr. John R. Darby Mr. Kevin H. Dark Mrs. Genny Davis Mr. Donn R. Deboard Mr. William Degnan Mr. Philip A. DeHennis Mr. Joseph DeLacy Mr. Michael A. D’Elia Mr. Pat DeLorenzo Mr. John Demas Mr. Ronald L. Dembinski Ms. Mary Dennin Mr. Tim Denny Mr. Louis J. DePaul, Jr. Mr. Fred J. DeRose Mrs. Anne DeSantis Mr. Patrick J. DesMarais Mr. Robert Deutsch Mr. Mario D. Dianora Mr. Anthony Dicicco

Mr. Nicholas P. Dienna Mr. William P. Dierkes, Sr. Mr. Albert J. DiFilippo Mr. Anthony DiFlorio III Mr. Hector L. DiGiacomo Mr. Ralph G. DiGiovanni Mr. Frank A. Digiovanni Mr. Peter DiGiuseppe Mr. Larry Dillon Mr. George R. DiMarcantonio Mr. Joseph DiMarcantonio Ms. Sue DiMarco Mr. Richard Dina Mr. Joseph D. DiNoto, Jr. Mr. Anthony R. DiPietro Mr. Domenic Diubaldo Mr. Leonard J. Dolce, Sr. Mr. Allan W. Dombrowski Mr. Andrew Domino Mr. John J. Donahue Mr. Charles J. Donnelly Mr. Kevin J. Dooner Mr. William S. Doorley Mr. John J. Dougherty, Jr. Mr. John J. Dougherty, Jr. Mr. Gerald J. Dougherty, Jr. Mr. James P. Drew Mr. Angus J. Drummond Mr. Daniel DuBois Mr. F. Richard Dunn Mr. Joseph Dunn Mr. William A. Dunne, Sr. Mr. John J. Egan, Jr. Mr. David Eichenberg

Mr. Robert J. Ellow Ms. Ginny Emery Mr. Kamm Engel Mr. Salvatore T. Enos Mr. Fred M. Erbicella Mr. Richard M. Evans Mr. Barry W. Fallon Mr. James P. Farrell Mr. Mario L. Favacchia, Jr. Mr. Robert L. Fedroff Mr. Thomas J. Feeney Mr. William G. Fellin Mr. Bud Fenerty Mr. Elrod S. Ferreira Mrs. Anna Marie Fink Mr. John P. Finnegan, Sr. Mr. Anthony J. Fiorenza Mr. William V. Fisher Mr. Charles P. Fitzgerald Mr. Roland J. Flacco Mr. Herbert A. Fleck Mr. Edward Flood Mr. Lawrence J. Flynn, Jr. Mr. Francis C. Flynn Mr. Kurt A. Fogelberg Mr. Daniel R. Foglio Mr. Rodion M. Folis Mr. Vince Ford, IV Mr. Nicholas Forgione Mr. Sidney A. Forrester, Jr. Mr. John M. Forte Mr. Leonard G. Foti Mr. John Foulke Mr. John Fratinardo

Mr. Kevin M. Fries Deacon Lawrence P. Froio Mr. Chris W. Fry Ms. Liz Gallagher Mr. Gerald Gallagher Mr. Bob F. Galvin CWO. Mr. Robert Gambert Mr. Libero A. Gardella Mr. Kenneth R. Gardner Mr. Bruno F. Gargiulo Ms. Elaine Gartland Mrs. Ann G. Garvin Mr. Martin W. Gaynor Mr. Ralph E. Geary Mr. Arthur E. Geist, Jr. Mr. George K. Gesmundo Mrs. Lucy R. Giancristoforo Mr. Robert T. Giannone Mr. John P. Gibbons Mr. Ron Giffin Mr. Dante Giglio Mr. Eugene V. Gildea Mr. Robert J. Gilkin, Jr. Mrs. Donna Gillen Mr. William H. Gilmore, Jr. Mr. Herman M. Girock Mr. Frank J. Giunta, Jr. Mr. Philip H. Glatfelter, II Mr. Robert A. Godbey Mr. Michael Gore Mr. Joseph J. Gorka Mr. Vincent R. Gorski, Sr. Mr. Stanley Grabish Mr. John J. Grady

President Jim Fitzsimmons (left), Rector Fr. Charles Zlock (second from left), along with Bill & Jackie McCormick (right), who donated the St. Joseph the Worker Statue at the Dedication on September 16, 2012.

Annual Report 2012 | Malvern Retreat House | Page 17

Annual Fund Gifts

St. Joseph the Worker Medal recipient, George Weigel (left), President Jim Fitzsimmons (center) and Sister Pauline McShain (right) pray for Malvern and listen to Archbishop Chaput at the Communion Mass on October 28, 2012. Mr. Joseph F. Granieri Mr. Joseph A. Greco Mr. Louis M. Greco Mr. Donald E. Green Ms. Elaine M. Greene Mr. John Griffin Mr. James Grosso Mr. Donald Guy, Jr. Mr. Timothy Hagarty Mr. James D. Hagelgans Mr. Matthew M. Hahn Mr. Dennis M. Hallisey Mr. Thomas Harmon Mrs. Marie D. Harvin Mr. Kenneth Hauck Mr. James P. Hausmann, Jr. Mr. John E. Hayde Mr. John J. Hayes Mr. Patrick G. Heasley Mr. Francis A. Heery Mr. James H. Heffernan Mr. Edward J. Hegarty Mr. Robert E. Hellmuth, III Mr. Fred Hellwig Mr. Thomas M. Henderson, Sr. Mr. Charles L. Hennings Mr. John P. Henry Mr. Earleston E. Hill Mr. James J. Hillig Mr. John A. Hoefling Mr. Charles Hoeger Mr. John Hofflinger Mr. Keith D. Hoffman Mater Christi Home Association

Mr. Albert M. Horn Mr. James F. Hostutler Mr. Richard F. Howell Mr. Michael A. Howitz Rev James D. Hreha Pastor Mr. Donald W. Hreha Mr. Frank M. Hudock Mr. Paul Huffman Mr. James J. Hughes Ms. Marie Huller Mr. Scott Hume Mr. Donald Hummel Mr. Fred J. Hurban Mr. Tom Ignudo Mr. Giuseppe Innamorato Mrs. Marilyn J. Iseminger Mr. Lucian S. Jablonski Mr. Bruce O. Jackson Mr. David A. James Mr. Thomas Jarvis Mr. & Mrs. William Jekot Mr. Thomas Jenkins Mr. Kent A. Jensen Ms. Mary Johnson Mr. Charles A. Jones Mr. Michael J. Jones Mrs. Dorothy Jones Mr. George R. Jordan Mr. James J. Julio Mr. John F. Junod Mrs. Elsa E. Kachmar Deacon William A. Kaper Mr. Glenn Kauffman Mr. Robert F. Kaupp Mr. Joseph F. Keegan

Mr. Peter J. Keenan Mrs. Patricia Keevill Mr. Patrick J. Kelly Mr. Robert C. Kelly Mr. Howard T. Kelly Mr. Timothy E. Kelly Fr. Edward J. Kennedy Mrs. Elizabeth A. Kernozek Mr. Robert H. Kessler, Jr. Mr. Lawrence C. Killoran Ms. Virginia M. King Mr. John T. Kirby Mr. Richard A. Kirkpatrick Mr. William Klaus, Jr. Mr. Joseph T. Klinger Mr. Charles W. Knittel Dr. Joseph V. Koehler, Sr. Mr. Wilfrid J. Koprowski Mr. Paul Korkemaz Mr. Gregory B. Kranyak Mr. Michael J. Krauss Mr. George Kugler Mr. William P. Kuhn Mr. Walter Kurkowski, Sr. Mrs. Margaret LaCorte Mr. Brian F. Lafferty, Sr. Mr. Sandy A. Laghi Mr. Paul C. Lamanteer Mr. George William Lang Sr. John Regina Lang, M.S.B.T. Sr. Marie Bernadette Lang, M.S.B.T. Mr. Joseph LaViola Mr. Edward F. Lawrence Ms. Sandra T. Layton

Page 18 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Mr. Peter K. Ledwith Mr. Laureano Lelina, Sr. Mr. Ron Leonard Mr. Louis Leonetti, Jr. Ms. Mary Lesico Mr. Jeffrey M. Leskosky Mr. John Leskosky Mr. Benjamin Levinson Mr. George Lex Mr. Edward Lieber Mr. John Ligenza Mr. Frederick B. Little Mr. Bernard J. Long, Jr. Mr. Daniel Long Mr. James K. Longenecker Mr. Joseph T. Longo Mr. Rocco V. Lubrano Mr. Joseph P. Lucchesi Mr. Dominick Lucente, Jr. Mr. Anthony L. Lupkowski Ms. Judy Lynn Mr. James E. MacDougall Mr. Joseph Macknis Mr. Edward Madden Mr. Martin P. Madden Mr. Lawrence J. Magerko Rev. Edmund Maher Mr. Charlie Mahoney Rev. Richard J. Maisano Mr. Brett E. Malick Mr. William E. Malitsch Mr. Frank M. Mallee Mr. Joseph Manerchia Mr. Theodore Mann Mr. Warren F. Manuel Mr. John A. Marchesani Mr. Peter L. Marchetti Ms. Jean Markow Mr. Dennis S. Marta Mr. Myles R. Martin Mr. Norman L. Martinelli Mr. Anthony W. Martinelli Mr. Leonard F. Marzen, Sr. Mr. Anthony P. Marziani Mr. Thomas R. Masino Mr. Gregory J. Maskarinec Ms. Patricia Matthews Mr. Jack J. McAllister Mr. Martin J. McBride, Sr. Mr. Edward J. McCabe Mr. Robert T. McCaffrey Mr. Patrick McCaffrey Mr. John J. McCarthy Mr. Paul J. McCarthy Mr. Kevin M. McClellan Mr. Kevin M. McClellan, Sr. Ms. Mary McCormick Mr. & Mrs. William McCovick Mr. Joseph B. McCunney Mr. Frank G. McCurdy Mr. Francis J. McDermott Mr. Joseph A. McDonald, Jr.

Mr. Francis X. McDonald Mr. David T. McDugall Mr. Arthur R. McFadden Mr. Curtiss H. McGaffin, Jr. Mr. Cornelius P. McGinley Mr. James P. McGinley Mr. Charles T. McGuigan Mr. John J. McGuire Mr. Jeffrey McGuire Mr. Vincent W. McIlhenny Mr. John J. McLaughlin Mr. Michael S. McLeod Mr. William McMahon Mr. Fran McManus Mr. Joseph B. McNamee, Jr. Mr. William J. McNichol Mr. John McPhelim Mr. & Mrs. John J. McPhelim Mr. William McQuaid Mr. Francis J. Meade Mr. Francis B. Meehan Mr. Raymond N. Mesiah Mr. Anthony Messa Mr. Paul Messina Mr. John M. Mesure Mr. James R. Michener Mr. Dennis Mickles Mr. Joseph W. Mikalic Mr. Michael Millard Mr. Kevin Millet, Sr. Mr. Richard P. Milletics Mr. Harry T. Mirra Mr. Michael J. Moffa Mr. David G. Moitozo Mr. Christopher Mongone, Sr. Mr. Joseph E. Montgomery Mr. James Mooney, Sr. Mr. Robert E. Moore Mr. Michael F. Moore Mr. Daniel M. Moran Mr. Kevin P. Moran Mr. Dean W. Moran Mr. Gerald Morasch Mr. Joseph P. Morelli Mr. Joseph F. Morgenthaler Ms. Janice Morris Mr. Thomas G. Mulcavage Mr. Edward J. Mulligan Mr. Victor J. Muncy Mrs. Margaret T. Murphy Mr. Joseph Murray Ms. Kathy C. Myers Mr. Paul M. Nazar Mr. Mark Nederostek Mr. Frank J. Nenna Mr. Louis D. Nepa Mr. Leonard W. Nesterak Mr. A. Bruce Niccolo Mr. Richard Niwinski, Sr. Mr. Lawrence E. Nolan Mr. John Novak Mr. Ivar Nyhus

Mr. David O’Brien Mr. David O’Connor Msgr. William J. O’Donnell Ms. Ann O’Donnell Mr. Thomas J. O’Donnell Mr. Carl J. Ofria Mr. Charles A. Old, Sr. Mr. Fred G. Olson Mr. John M. O’Neill Mr. Kevin O’Rourke Mr. Joseph Paesani Mr. John Palladino Mr. Charles A. Palmer Mr. Andrew M. Palumbo Mr. Felix A. Paparo Mr. Henry G. Parker Mr. Raymond M. Parosky Mr. Raymond M. Parosky Ms. Frances Parzanese Mr. Michael Pascarella, Sr.

Mr. John V. Pio, Sr. Mr. Benjamin Piombino Mr. John S. Piontkowski Mr. John Pisano Mr. Ralph A. Pistoia Mr. Leon Z. Plocha Mr. Frederick J. Plumley Mr. Jeffrey J. Poehlmann Mr. David Pohlmann Mr. James E. Polisi Mr. Zadoc A. Pool Mr. Joseph Porretta, Jr. Mr. David Porretta Mr. Robert L. Porvaznik Mr. James E. Potts, Jr. Mrs. Theresa M. Potts John Potzner Mary T. Prendergast Mr. Ronald T. J. Price Mr. Philip Prinzi

Mr. Thomas G. Roberts, Jr. Mr. Mark J. Robinson Mr. Thomas E. Roesch Mrs. Grace Rogers Mrs. Arlene M. Rohan Mrs. Anne J. Rohrbaugh Mr. John Rojewski Mr. Edward F. Ronayne Mr. John F. Roselli Mr. George H. Rouillard Mr. Peter R. Roux Mr. Paul J. Rucker Mr. Charles F. Rueger, Sr. Mr. Robert T. Rueger Mr. Michael S. Rugalla, Jr. Mr. James Russo Mr. Joseph A. Russo Mr. Anthony Russo Mr. Cornelius W. Ryan Mr. Raymond A. Sabatino, Sr.

Rector, Fr. Charles Zlock, preaches about Malvern’s past, present, and future at our Communion Mass in Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul in Philadelphia on October 28, 2012. Mr. John J. Patriarca Mr. Joseph S. Pavlovich Mr. Zenko Pawlus Miss Rosemarie Pedicone Mr. Robert A. Pennestri Mr. Larry M. Pennypacker Mr. Dennis Perzacki Mr. Venino Petrella Mr. Lawrence R. Petrone Mr. Anthony O. Phelps Mr. Robert R. Phipps, Jr. Mr. Walter F. Piatek Mr. Stanley M. Piekarski Mr. Mark Pinto Mr. Anthony J. Pinto, Jr.

Mr. John L. Procopio Fr. Ronald Provost Mr. Francis L. Quinlan Mr. Frank C. Quinn Mr. John G. Quitterio Mr. Stephen F. Raab Mr. Thomas F. Rafferty, Jr. Mr. Thomas M. Rath Mr. Edmund Reardon Mr. Michael J. Reynolds Fr. Salvatore Riccio Mr. Edward C. Rice Mr. Harry Ridgway Mr. Felice J. Rizzo Mr. Mark T. Roberts

Mr. Larry Sabino Mr. Dale Sabo Mrs. Anne C. Sabol Mr. Michael P. Sabol Mr. Frank Saldarelli Mr. John J. Salpino Mr. Rudolph J. Salvucci, Sr. Mr. Carlo J. Salzano Mr. Stanley J. Samsel Mr. Roy E. Sanders Mr. Dominick J. Sano Mr. Peter M. Sarraiocco Mr. Lee J. Savant Mr. Frank A. Scafidi Mr. Charles M. Scarantino

Mr. John V. Scheurich Mr. Angelo Schiraldi Mr. Peter M. Schirmer, III Mr. Edward Schmalhofer Mr. Donald Schultz Mr. Peter M. Schumacher Mr. Paul R. Sci Mrs. Kathleen Aprile Sci Mr. Arnold M. Scott Mr. Vincent Screnci Mr. Thomas J. Scutti Ms. Anna L. Seier Mr. Shawn M. Sekela Mr. Robert M. Sells Mr. Frank S. Serina Mr. Albert Settembrino, Jr. Mr. James Shannon Mr. Eugene J. Shields, Jr. Mr. Michael J. Shields Mr. Allen T. Shourds Mr. Stephen J. Shute Mr. Peter S. Siegler Mr. Adam J. Slezak Mr. Harry W. Smeck Ms. Dorothy Smith Mr. Francis X. Smith, Sr. Mr. Joseph P. Smyth Mr. Michael A. Sobchak Mr. Eser Sokmer Mr. Anthony J. Sommer Mr. Erich M. Sondermann Mrs. Sandra Spadaro Dr. Norman K. Spencer Mr. Robert L. Speziale Mr. Albert J. Spinelli Mr. Michael F. Stankiewicz, Jr. Mr. Peter A. Stankiewicz Mr. Charles J. Stanz Mr. Joseph S. Stewart Mr. John A. Stickley Mr. Alfred C. Streleckis Mr. Robert C. Stump Mr. John James Sweeney Mr. Anthony Swetz Mr. Kyle Swetz Mr. Joseph E. Szczerba, Sr. Mrs. Joan M. Taggart Mr. Gerald A. Tammaro, Sr. Mr. Raymond J. Tatlow Mr. Nicholas Tedeschi Mr. Anthony J. Tenaglia, Sr. Mr. Mario F. Termine Mr. Gary C. Tesi Mrs. Doris M. Testa Mr. Angelo N. Testino Mrs. Kathryn R. Thomas Mr. John F. Thompson Mr. Henry Thompson Mr. Joseph Tinsley Mr. Henry S. Tokarski Mr. Fred S. Tomasone

Mr. Gregory T. Tomlinson Mr. Vincent Tonelli Ms. Sue Toole Mr. Ray Torella Mr. James N. Tota Mr. John J. Traub Mr. Rocco J. Travia Mr. William F. Treacy Mr. Charles J. Trees, III Mr. Mike Tressel Mr. William T. Trinkle Mr. James M. Turner Ms. Joan Urban Mr. Robert J. VanVessen Mr. Michael A. Veneziale Mr. John L. Venuti Mr. Paul Verna Mr. Robert N. Verna Mr. John A. Verrillo Mr. Joseph B. Vogdes Mr. Richard J. Vrabel Mr. Paul J. Wagner Mr. Harry J. Wahl Mr. Fredrick M. Walker Mr. John J. Walls, Jr. Mr. Harry J. Walsh, Sr. Mr. Thomas J. Walsh Mr. Thomas J. Walsh Mr. Thomas P. Walsh Mr. Joe Walsh Mr. Martin L. Ward Mr. John P. Ward Mr. Albert Ware Mr. Harry P. Wasson Mr. Roger J. Watson Mr. Kenneth G. Webb Mr. Robert V. Webb, Sr. Mrs. Donna Welk Mr. Joseph J. Werner Mr. Stephen E. Wessel Mr. Martin Westermann, Sr. Mr. George E. Westwood Mr. John T. White Mr. Richard D. White Mr. Stephen Williams Mr. Ronald L. Witmer Mr. Michael J. Wolfram Mr. Joseph J. Wozniak Mr. John B. Wrigley Mr. James Wynn Mr. Barry F. Yanders Mr. Charles J. Young Mr. Kristofer Youtz Mrs. Caroline Zablocki Mr. John Zagone Mr. Joseph P. Zarreke Mr. Philip L. Zeiser Mr. Michael Zeroka Mr. Anthony Zirilli

Annual Report 2012 | Malvern Retreat House | Page 19

A Snapshot of Accomplishments Executive Management

• Hosted the 2nd annual Malvern Cares retreat for 40 men in transition • Dedicated the new Our Lady of Fatima Shrine • Area Boy Scouts refurbished the Crucifixion Shrine at the bottom of the lawn • Good Shepherd Shrine was refurbished • St. Joseph’s statue was replaced • Renovated Sanctuary in Our Lady’s Chapel


• Prepared, organized and deliver a program of Malvern “theme-based” 3-day traditional retreats (9) • Prepared, organized and delivered a program of 1-day retreats/days of reflection (2) • Oversaw liturgical aspects of Memorial Mass, Advent Tree Ceremony, Memorial Service for Newtown, Families and friends have fun at Malvern’s Night at the Phillies Game Memorial Service for St. Joseph Statue, Our Lady of in July 2012. Fatima Shrine Dedication. • Assisted in planning and delivery of liturgical aspects of Adoremus Te • Oversaw creation, drafting, editing and delivery of various liturgical, financial managerial and strategic publications throughout the year of (Mass/Music Booklets; Prayer Service Programs; Report to Board of Directors; weekly status updates to President). • Developed and presented to Spiritual Director, President, Board of Directors and Vicar for Clergy a personal plan for ongoing formation for a priest encompassing human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral components by end of 2012. • Assisted in choosing, scheduling, contacting and confirming Confessors as well as location potential new Confessors. • Chartered, defined purpose of, and delivered plan of activities of Spiritual Committee to President and Board of Directors. • Responsible for planning and scheduling of “Saturday Speakers Program.” Developed draft of ideas for revised “Speakers Program” for 2013 and submitted to President. • Met with Director of Development in drafting strategy for Rector for fund-raising activities for 2013.


• Surpassed total development goal for a total of $642,648.41 • Silent Phase One Capital Campaign reached $1,682,970 • Surpassed the Membership goal for a total of $110,553.00 • Hosted the President’s Reception and installation of the new Stations of the Cross in FLC • Hosted over 150 family members at our Remembrance Mass • Received another golf cart from Carr-Duff • Received a $1,000,000 life insurance policy naming MRH as the sole beneficiary • Spring Classic Golf outing netted $18,000 • Hosted events to celebrate MRH’s 100th Anniversary • Dan Gallagher Golf Outing netted $9,000 • Hosted 75 CEO’s at the October 19th Catholic Business leaders’ Breakfast. First Niagara sponsored the event. • Received a $72,000 gift from the James P. Connor Estate • Knights of Columbus Council #869 funded the new carpeting on the 3rd floor of Our Lady’s Hall • Dedicated the new Saint Joseph’s statue

Page 20 | Malvern Retreat House | Annual Report 2012

Marketing and Public Relations

• Updated Databases of national media outlets and parishes to reflect recent changes (PA, NJ, DE, and NY.) • Marketing plan developed for promoting retreats. • Extensive promotion for all 100th Anniversary events. Radio: “Take a Deep Breath”campaign (WMGK, BEN FM). Social Networking: Facebook and Twitter posts and ads, increased event attendance; 750 ‘likes’ on Facebook Page. Ads in The Dialog (DE and MD), The Catholic Standard & Times, and The Arlington Catholic Herald; 900 parish bulletins. PECO Crown Lights—“PECO Congratulates Malvern Retreat House On Celebrating 100 Years,” message displayed in mid-July; “Malvern’s 100th” seen on big screens at nine baseball stadiums (minor and major league). • Extensive PR campaign earned media coverage in many local and regional publications, including the Catholic Standard & Times, Phaith Magazine, the Journal of the American Catholic Historical Society, (Villanova University), and Chester County Life Magazine. ArtShow2012 promotional hits included coverage by NBC10 News and its sister-station news channel. • Gathered Time Capsule items to commemorate Malvern’s 100th Anniversary. • Several Videos were filmed to commemorate our Centennial year: The Retreat Experience video was presented as a gift at Gala Dinner Dance event; “History of Malvern” video completed; and Video Christmas Card. • Malvern publications kept constituents informed about our activities. Prosit (distributed Winter, Summer, and Fall) to 16,000 members and posted on MRH’s website; the Winter edition included a four-page 100th Anniversary section; extra copies were placed in all media packets. • Website and e-blasts received a new look. E-blasts sent to 10,000 to publicize all events, including retreats, and link to Social Media sites. Added new website category: “Recovery Retreats.” • Redesigned flyer format/templates to help CA Captains with recruitment efforts for retreats. • Focus Groups met to explore new retreat initiatives for Young Adults and Women; new retreat initiatives planned • 2013 Retreat Schedule Brochure distributed to parishes


St. Joseph the Worker statue was completed in front of St. Joseph’s Hall with framed photographs of Bill McCormick’s parents shining brightly in the sun at its Dedication on September 16, 2012.

• Replaced all Immaculate and Assumption Hall lights • Assumption and Immaculate hallways were painted. Volunteers painted the hallways on all three floors of Immaculate Hall. • Replaced all B Pathway crosses that were damaged • Painted and refurbished A,C, and D Path Stations of the Cross • Replaced and refurbished shutters on St. Joseph’s • Painted porch at St. Joseph’s • Replaced carpet in B Wing Halls

Retreat Committee

• Named Michael Schiavo as coordinator of newly established Recovery Retreats position. • Assisted in securing prominent laywoman Heather King as a May 2013 retreat director for the Serenity Retreat, a women’s recovery retreat • Implemented Phase II enhancements to RPS. Enhancement included giving groups ability to room their men and make adoration assignments online. • Initiated new option allowing retreatants to put pledges on their credit cards • Developed pre-pay and pre-register procedures for 2013 retreats • Updated Captains Workbook to include new Phase II RPS Instructions

Annual Report 2012 | Malvern Retreat House | Page 21

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine Dedication October 21, 2012

“...To rediscover the content of the faith that is professed, celebrated, lived and prayed, and to reflect on the act of faith, is a task that every believer must make his own, especially in the course of this Year.’” Pope Benedict XVI, Porta Fidei, 9 Declaration of the Year of Faith

PO Box 315, 315 S. Warren Ave., Malvern, PA 19355-0315 | Phone: (610) 644-0400 | Fax: (610) 644-4363 |

Malvern Retreat House Annual Report 2012  
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