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Prosit \proh-sit, -zit\ A Latin word praising God that means: “May it be for your benefit.” Traditionally used as a closing prayer during retreats at Malvern Retreat House.

May it be for your benefit

Winter 2014

The New Evangelization is What’s New at Malvern Retreat House!


here is a lot of buzz throughout the Archdiocese about the New Evangelization effort of the universal Church, and Malvern Retreat House has dedicated our resources to play a major role in that effort in the coming years. Malvern is uniquely qualified to be at the forefront of this evangelization plan, with 15,000 potential recruiters. While most Malvern retreatants would not consider themselves evangelizers, that is what we are and what we have been for the past 100 years. At the Captains’ Conclave in June 2013, Malvern’s former Rector, Fr. Charles Zlock, made a presentation to the Captains detailing the principles of the New Evangelization and how Malvern was especially suited to be a big player in this effort. In July 2013, when Monsignor Joseph Marino joined Malvern Retreat House as our new Rector, he embraced the challenge of the New Evangelization and developed a plan of action for Malvern. He has worked closely with our Senior Staff and the Retreat Committee to develop a series of programs aimed


at building up in each retreatant a deeper personal relationship with Jesus and encouraging a new spirit of discipleship in our members.

setting. Monsignor Marino will provide the spiritual message and liturgies; President Jim Fitzsimmons ensures that the rooms are clean, the food is good, and the grounds are beautiful. Captains will do their best to assure a silent and organized retreat. As a Man or Woman of Malvern, your job is to bring them here; the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

At the June conclave, Retreat Committee Chairman Dave White pointed out four key components of the New Evangelization that connect directly to Malvern retreatants: 1) The need for every Catholic to experience a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. 2) Inviting And lastly, how can your other Catholics, including inactive Malvern retreat help you to Catholics, to experience their own become a more active witness 2 Corinthians 4:13 personal encounter with the Lord. 3) to the gospel in your everyday Seeking a setting where this personal life? Our theme: “We Believe, encounter can happen. 4) A call to and Therefore Speak” is a call a new level of discipleship; for each Catholic to be to action. Monsignor Marino reminds us it is not an active witness to the gospel truths by how they enough to simply believe. “Even the devil believes,” live and how they interact with family, friends, co- he said, “We Catholics are called to act on our beliefs.” workers and their parish. This year our Saturday afternoon retreat schedule includes workshops on how to start a prayer group What is the game plan to help or a scripture study group in your home or in your make all this happen at Malvern? parish using Ascension Press’s A Quick Journey It starts with the personal encounter each of us Through the Bible series. Monsignor has enlisted will experience at our 2014 retreat. Monsignor the aid of a team of deacons to provide hands-on Marino has asked our retreat directors to focus instruction and materials retreatants can take home, their conferences on ways each of us can deepen examine and hopefully use to start their own prayer our own spiritual relationship with the Lord: group or scripture study group.

e Believe,



Your job is to bring them here; the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Inside this Issue President’s Letter  Monsignor Marino! Development News In the Spotlight In the News Recruitment News Timeline of Events Young Adult Information Retreat Schedules A Legacy of Time 

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spending more time in chapel, being more silent and reflective and taking time to listen to the Lord will bring us closer to the Lord. The second leg of this is inviting others to Malvern. What is different this year? We are asking our retreatants to make a special effort to invite new people to Malvern, to invite inactive Catholics back to the church through a retreat at Malvern. Sometimes people just need someone to ask them to come back. Malvern can be a safe place for inactive Catholics to begin their journey back to the faith. The third New Evangelization component is providing a setting for people to have a personal encounter with the Lord. Malvern is the perfect

Following a recent lecture by Archbishop Chaput, someone asked, “Now that the Year of Faith is ending, what are you going to do next year?” The Archbishop smiled and said, “What am I going to do…what are you going to do?” At Malvern, we get the Archbishop’s point. What are we going to do? We are going to work hard to light the fire of Christ in all our 15,000 members to help them get closer to Christ in their own lives and to lead others to the feet of Jesus Christ at Malvern. We are going to work hard to arm our retreatants to take the blessings of discipleship back home to their families, friends their parishes and their world.

President’s Letter Dear Retreatants: On behalf of our Board of Directors, Retreat Directors and Associates, let me wish you all a happy and healthy 2014. This time of the year always brings us to make resolutions. Hopefully, by the time you get this newsletter, you haven’t broken too many of them. When I was a first-year seminarian, Father Fran Carbine introduced us all to the writing of G.K. Chesterton and other prominent authors. We tried hard to keep up with him, and I have the red ink on my papers to prove my search for the meaning of these inspiring individuals and our witty professor. It is a journey, right? There is one quote from G. K. Chesterton that I have often remembered this time of year. It goes like this:

“The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year, but rather we should have a new soul.” I used that phrase to kid myself that I didn’t have to lose weight each year. I just had to work on my spiritual life and relationship with the Lord and all would fall into place. Well, I am still struggling with both. It is a lifelong quest, but I have been assisted greatly by my tenure here at Malvern Retreat House. The peaceful, bucolic setting, and the opportunity to join with the prayerful gathering of people who are working on their relationship with the Lord, is personally strengthening. I wish you could have a weekly view of Malvern and see the number of people participating in the Eucharist, our Reconciliation services, Stations of the Cross and Rosary exercises. This is a huge ministry. Complementing all of the group gatherings are countless men, women, couples, families, youth and young adults walking peacefully through our 125 acres listening to and speaking with The Lord. What a ministry. If there is anywhere where one can find “a new soul,” Malvern is the place to start and return in your search.

Thank you for your prayers for our ministry, God’s blessings in your search – and hang on to those resolutions. The Year 2013 saw many changes. We were the grateful beneficiaries of new chairs for our Main Dining Room. Thanks to Jeff McFadden, General Manager of The Union League, for his support of our request. The former chairs went to The Broad Street Ministries for their assistance in supporting the homeless in the Center City area. A huge thank you to one of our Matt Talbot groups that supported our extension of the front walkway to the Main Dining Room Handicap Accessible door, eliminating the impasse with the steps at the end of the old walkway. A new hand rail will also be put in and the lighting has been upgraded in that area. In the near future we hope to have a memorial for our servicemen and women, first responders and police and firefighters. Shortly, you will receive your Malvern Membership request. Please be generous and enlist members in your group to become duespaying members. It helps support our everyday activities. I invite you to take a look at our new website and see the many new offerings we have for 2014. I think you will see interesting and responsive programs, thanks to Msgr. Marino, our Rector, as he works to reach out to current, former and new retreatants during our New Evangelization effort in cooperation with the United States Catholic Bishops. Best wishes, and be assured that we pray for you daily. May Saint Joseph, our patron, continue to bless you and your family throughout 2014.

Thank you to one of our Matt Talbot groups that supported our extension of the front walkway to the Main Dining Room Handicap Accessible door, eliminating the impasse with the steps at the end of the old walkway.

Prosit Published three times a year Francis J. Marx Sr., Chairman James A. Fitzsimmons, President Beth Racine, Editor 315 S. Warren Avenue P.O. Box 315 l Malvern, PA 19355 610-644-0400 Vol 75, No. 1 Winter 2014 Malvern Retreat House is owned and operated by Catholic Lay Leadership since 1912, Malvern is the oldest and largest Catholic retreat house in the country. We host 20,000 people annually at 250 retreats on 125 acres in beautiful Chester County. We invite you to find a spiritual retreat that’s right for you.

Reflect, Refresh and Rejoice Prosit!

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James A. Fitzsimmons President

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Monsignor Marino! Monsignor Marino Rector

The New Evangelization: BELIEVING & SPEAKING!

name. As the Church, we are commissioned by God to be the sacrament of Christ’s presence in the world – a tangible sign instituted by Christ! The following is a portion of the scriptural text that will guide our prayer and meditation, and focus the conferences given by the retreat directors: I, then, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to live in a manner worthy of the call you have received, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another through love, striving to preserve the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace: one body and one Spirit, as you were also called to the one hope of your call; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all (Ephesians 4: 1-6).

This year Malvern Retreat House is introducing a three-year arrangement of themes instead of a one-year theme. These themes have been carefully chosen to be in direct collaboration with the New Evangelization efforts of the Universal Church and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). The Bishops have their own three years of themes which emphasize: Faith – Worship – Witness. Therefore, to strengthen our relationship to the Bishops’ National Plan, we have incorporated their words into our themes, which also tie in nicely with Malvern’s logo concepts: Reflect, Refresh & Rejoice.

Biblical Faith is confidence in God, who so loved the world that He sent His Son to free us from sin and gift us with eternal life. Therefore, Faith demands surrendering one’s life to Christ by sacrificing service to our neighbor. In Baptism we were conformed to the image of Christ, like wax conforms to the mold into which it is poured. We were immersed into Christ.


St. Bede the Venerable, an eighth-Century saint of Britain, wrote this reflection:


(2 Corinthians 4: 13)



(2 Corinthians 4: 13)


It is my hope that this three-year outline will help the entire Malvern Community – Associates, CA Captains, Assistant Captains, Recruiters and all Retreatants – generate real momentum and enthusiasm, so we can achieve tangible results: a vibrant relationship with Christ and a committed life of discipleship. These themes, along with support materials from scripture and other sources, will be provided to all our Retreat Directors, so there will be one central focus for all conferences. This will encourage retreatants to daily intensify their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, meditation and contemplation, not as ends in themselves, but as means to producing in our lives the fruit called for by the Gospel – placing God’s Word in Action! All the Baptized are called to follow Jesus in Prayer and Action, to embrace the call to the New Evangelization by real, daily communion with Christ in prayer, participation in the Sacraments, especially Sunday Mass, and by vibrantly witnessing to Jesus by acting in His

Jesus saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax office and he said to him: Follow me. Jesus saw Matthew, not merely in the usual sense, but more significantly with his merciful understanding of men. He saw the tax collector and, because he saw him through the eyes of mercy and chose him, he said to him: Follow me. This following meant imitating the pattern of his life — not just walking after him. St. John tells us: Whoever says he abides in Christ ought to walk in the same way in which he walked. I have a very deep relationship with and devotion to St. Therese of the Child Jesus, the Little Flower. Saint Therese studied Saint Paul carefully, and initially was very upset that she felt herself too small for any of the ministries that St. Paul identified in his Letter to the Corinthians. However, when she came to the portion of the Letter that announced that Love was the greatest virtue of all, she became excited and determined to be the Heart of the Church committed to doing even small things with all the love she possessed. Let us commit ourselves to loving Christ more deeply, and doing even the smallest of things of our lives with all the love we possess. Faith and Action in the name of Jesus!

Prayer for the New Evangelization Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. But how can they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how can they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone to preach? And how can people preach unless they are sent? (Romans 10: 13-15)

Heavenly Father, Pour forth your Holy Spirit to inspire me with these words from Holy Scripture. Stir in my soul the desire to renew my faith and deepen my relationship with your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, so that I might truly believe in and live the Good News. Open my heart to hear the Gospel, and grant me the confidence to proclaim the Good News to others. Pour out your Spirit, so that I might be strengthened to go forth and witness to the Gospel in my everyday life through my words and actions. In moments of hesitation, remind me: If not me, then who will proclaim the Gospel? If not now, then when will the Gospel be proclaimed? If not the truth of the Gospel, then what shall I proclaim?

God, our Father, I pray that through the Holy Spirit I might hear the call of the New Evangelization to deepen my faith, grow in confidence to proclaim the Gospel, and boldly witness to the saving grace of your Son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.

Amen. (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) | Winter 2014 | Prosit 3

Development News In fact, in 2010 and 2011, we had to tap our reserves to help pay our expenses.

Michael Norton

In 2013, due to some unexpected capital repairs, we found ourselves looking at a $50,000 shortfall.

Director of Development


ave you ever been talking with a loved one, friend, neighbor or co-worker, and they shared with you a challenge they were facing? As they continue, you are thinking, I had no idea. From the outside everything looks fine. You stand there listening with two questions running through your mind: Where are they getting the strength to handle this, and what can I do to help? Now, I want you to think of your beloved retreat house. Like so many, Malvern is facing some big challenges. The first is as old as Malvern itself: how can we attract more retreatants? Don’t get me wrong, we have been averaging about 20,000 retreatants a year for the past several years. However, Malvern has the capacity to serve over 25,000 annually. You can help us reach this goal by inviting a friend to join you on retreat. Talk about a win-win. Someone you know gets to experience the miracle that is Malvern, and we see an increase in retreat attendance. Our second challenge is: what can we do to maintain and increase our financial stability? As for our financial situation, like most nonprofits, we operate on very close margins.

My hope is that right now those same two questions mentioned above are running through your mind:

“Where does Malvern get the strength to deal with these challenges?” Our strength comes from the Holy Spirit, the courage of our Founders, and from you, the Men and Women of Malvern. Each year that you come back on retreat, you send us a message that our mission is vital to you and the Catholic Community. Malvern is here to help bring more people to Christ through the retreat experience. Your commitment keeps us strong during these challenging times. Now for the second question:

“How Can I Help?”

2. Include Malvern Retreat House in your daily prayers 3. Support our Annual Campaign 4. Become a member of the Good Shepherd Club

$1.8 million $2.5 million


We crossed the 1.8 million mark!

$1 million

Are You a Member of the Good Shepherd Club?


he Good Shepherd Club honors individuals who have made generous commitments to Malvern that extend beyond a lifetime by naming Malvern as a beneficiary in their estate plans or by making a life-income gift. The Good Shepherd Club is our way to recognize the profoundly personal and meaningful commitments of retreatants that will ensure the sustenance of Malvern, bring future generations closer to God, and leave a Legacy of Faith.

Malvern Wish List

If you are interested in donating any of the following items, please contact Michael Norton at 484-321-2539 or

Cargo Van Passenger Van Signs for the Gates P.A. System

Malvern Mass Cards

The restoration of St. Joseph’s Hall is scheduled to begin this spring!


For information on how you can donate to Malvern Retreat House, please contact Michael Norton at 484-321-2539 or mnorton@ Or donate online at

1. Take an active role in recruiting others to join you on retreat.

Capital Campaign Update


It is only through your support that Malvern is able to continue its mission of bringing people closer to Christ. I thank you for your commitment to Malvern. May our patron, Saint Joseph, continue to bless and protect you throughout 2014.

$2 million

4 Prosit | Winter 2014 |

Enrollment in the Malvern Retreat House Remembrance Association is a thoughtful way to remember your loved ones, enabling them to share in the Masses and prayers offered at Malvern Retreat House. Cards are available in our main office. To place your order, please contact Marie Liebsch at 484-321-2513, or email her at

In the


New Installment Pay Options Now Available

An Interview with Jim Hall


ish you could spread your retreat payments or donations to Malvern Retreat House over the course of many months? With our installment payment option, it’s easy to do!

What is your job title? Food Service Manager How many years have you worked at Malvern Retreat House? 6 Years

Registering for 2014 Retreat Option When registering online for a 2014 retreat, choose “Register with Time Payment.” This calculates the amount due for your 2014 retreat, then divides it into equal installments to be paid monthly, either by credit/debit card or through your checking account.

What are your job responsibilities? I am responsible for the Family Life Center and the Cabrey Hall Kitchens, in charge of all menus, food orders, and cooking dinner in the Main Building. I also have three Chefs that work for me.

Make a Donation Online

What do you like most about your current job at MRH? I like taking care of the retreatants who come in. I also enjoy working with the staff we have here at Malvern.

When making a donation online, click on the website “Donate” menu item. Click “Annual Appeal,” then “Give Now.” Choose Method 1, then fill out the online form to submit payment information, either credit/ debit card or checking account information. Select frequency “Monthly.”

What is your favorite meal to cook at MRH? I enjoy cooking the meals for the Board of Directors; they are different every time. It’s just a little change of pace.

When registering or donating by phone, simply ask how to go about setting up your payments in installments, and we will be happy to assist you.

Pre-Register and Pre-Pay for 2015 Retreat League’s new software program allows members of traditional Theweekend retreat groups to pre-register for next year’s retreat while

on this year’s retreat. Member can begin to pre-pay for next year’s retreat as well. To pre-register and pre-pay for next year’s retreat, retreatants are given a blue pledge card at breakfast on Sunday of their retreat. the retreatant signs the blue pledge card authorizing the League to begin to charge his/her credit or debit card on a monthly basis. The amount charged each month is based on the amount the retreatant authorizes. Retreat Committee chairman Dave White sees this new feature as a winwin for the retreatant and the League. Says Dave, “It allows a retreatant to spread out the cost of next year’s retreat so it is paid for when he or she gets their “Dear Retreatant” letter of invitation next year and it helps the League’s current cash flow as well.” Another nice feature of the new RPS software program is it allows retreatants to make pledges on their debit or credit card. Instead of receiving monthly notices of pledge payments due, it allows a retreatant to give permission to MRH to charge their debit or credit card monthly based on the amount pledged. For more registration information, please call Malvern’s main number at 610-644-0400. For donation information, contact Michael Norton at 484-321-2539 or

Malvern’s Website has a New Look!

What is your favorite food to eat? I like Veal dishes—any kind is good to me. Can any retreatant who has a special diet or food allergy still eat the meals that MRH prepares? Most of the retreatants’ special diets are not a problem; I usually come with something for them to eat. Sometimes they choose to bring their own food, but these are rare cases. What is your favorite movie? DALE (it’s a biography of Dale Earnhardt and Tombstone). What is your favorite book? History of NASCAR. Who is your favorite singer or band? The Who. What activities do you like to do when you’re away from work? I like riding motorcycles, fishing, going to NASCAR races, and going to sporting events—basically anything outdoors. What place you would like to visit one day? Hawaii

Visit us at | Winter 2014 | Prosit 5

In the News Malvern Retreat House Communion Mass and Luncheon Honors Recipients of St. Joseph the Worker Medal and New Retreat Captains

Left to Right: Recipients of the St. Joseph the Worker medal, awarded to individuals who have reached significant achievements and have a strong moral compass that reflects their Catholic faith: Rev. Monsignor Richard T. Bolger, MA, MDiv, Pastor Emeritus of St. David Church; Joseph F. O’Donnell, a 76-Consecutive-Year Retreatant and former Chairman of Malvern Retreat House; and Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda, President of Neumann University join James A. Fitzsimmons, President of Malvern Retreat House, at the Annual Communion Mass and Luncheon.


ver 100 attendees celebrated Mass within St. Martin’s Chapel at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary on November 10, 2013. Monsignor Joseph T. Marino, Rector at Malvern Retreat House, was celebrant of the Mass with concelebrant Reverend Monsignor Richard T. Bolger, MA, MDiv, Pastor Emeritus of St. David Church in Willow Grove.

Group), Marguerite D. DiLolle (Our Lady of Peace Group), Dr. Stephen Humbert (Six-Three Group), Dr. Russell & Gina Montalbano (Our Lady of the Rosary Family Group), Robert E. Casper (Our Lady Queen of Peace Group), Andrew Bryan Woratyla (L.J. Ferdinand-Hazleton Group), and Philip Nicolo (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Group).

After the Profession of Faith during Mass, James A. Fitzsimmons, President of Malvern Retreat House, Francis J. Marx, Sr., Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Msgr. Marino led the Installation of New Retreat Captains. These people have pledged their commitment to lead certain traditional retreat groups, and encourage others to participate in the spiritual retreat experience. Malvern Retreat House congratulates the following new Retreat Captains: Armando Moral (Ss. Peter & Paul Group), Denis Reilly (PECO-Good Shepherd Group), Joseph Pagano (Sons of Italy Group), Michael McCarthy (Most Blessed Sacrament

“We were delighted to celebrate our Annual Communion Mass and Luncheon at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, which is the location of the first Men of Malvern retreat,” said James A . Fitzsimmons, President of Malvern Retreat House. “As we mark 101 years in 2013, we are proud to joyfully continue our retreat apostolate as the largest and oldest Catholic retreat house in the United States. Once Mass concluded, guests enjoyed a delicious buffet luncheon. They were welcomed by Kevin T. Brady, Co-Chairman of the Communion Mass and Luncheon, and Jim

6 Prosit | Winter 2014 |

Murray, Master of Ceremonies for the event and Founder of Ronald McDonald House. Malvern Retreat House presented its St. Joseph the Worker Medal to this year’s recipients: Rev. Msgr. Richard T. Bolger, MA, MDiv, Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda, President of Neumann University, and Joseph F. O’Donnell, a 76-Consecutive-Year Retreatant with Malvern Retreat House’s SixThree Group. The St. Joseph the Worker Medal, instituted last year during Malvern Retreat House’s 100th Anniversary, is awarded to individuals who have reached significant achievements and have a strong moral compass that reflects their Catholic faith in recognition of their spiritual guidance, professional accomplishments, and continued loyalty to Malvern Retreat House and the community. Rev. Msgr. Richard Bolger, MA, MDiv, is well-known for his advocacy of people with special needs. He has led Malvern Retreat House’s Our Lady of Confidence Retreat, and started

the Our Lady of Confidence School at St. David Parish. Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda shares her Catholic faith as an educator, author, and speaker, while also serving on several boards, including World Meeting of Families, Inc., the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and as chair of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary’s Task Force on College. Joseph F. O’Donnell was a former Chairman of Malvern Retreat House, and the epitome of the Men of Malvern through his leadership and friendliness to others. He has also dedicated numerous hours of his life as a Recruiter, CA Captain, and Board Member for Malvern Retreat House. “Malvern Retreat House appreciates those dedicated to ref lecting, refreshing, and rejoicing in their faith,” said Fitzsimmons. “Rev. Msgr. Richard Bolger, Dr. Rosalie Mirenda, Joseph O’Donnell, and our new Retreat Captains are shining examples of our mission; we were very pleased to recognize them all at this event.”

New Retreat Captains were installed at the Mass. Retreat Captains are those who have pledged their commitment to lead their retreat groups, which typically are traditional retreats offered at Malvern Retreat House. They also invite and encourage others to join them in participating in the spiritual retreat experience at Malvern Retreat House. Pictured from Left to Right: Dr. Stephen Humbert (Six-Three Group), Armando Moral (Ss. Peter & Paul Group), Michael McCarthy (Most Blessed Sacrament Group), Joseph Pagano (Sons of Italy Group), Robert E. Casper (Our Lady Queen of Peace Group), and Marguerite D. DiLolle (Our Lady of Peace Group).

Recruitment News Patrick Benner Recruitment Manager

A letter from the Recruitment Manager Dear Fellow Recruiters!


ecruiting efforts have been at full-throttle since late August of 2013. We have been meeting face-to-face with pastors sharing how Malvern can help augment the spiritual life of parishes. Our hope is that parishioners come to Malvern to get refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated in order to bring their renewed faith commitment back to the parish. I have two main goals for these appointments: to establish a public speaking opportunity at the parish pulpit on Sunday while filling the vestibules with our retreat schedules and brochures; and to establish an efficient avenue to meet the parish ministry and group leaders for an opportunity to speak at their meetings. I am always looking for more speaking opportunities to spread the mission of the Malvern Retreat House. So, if you would like me to speak at your parish or with your prayer group, please contact me at 484-321-2521 or


n early September, I kicked off an initiative offering bi-weekly recruiting thoughts and tips to help recruiters in the mission of bringing our brothers and sisters to a personal

encounter with Jesus Christ through the retreat experience. At least t w ice a mont h you w i l l see “Encountering Christ,” my blog posts on the Recruiting page of the new Malvern website. The posts will also be sent via email blast to all recruiters interested in receiving those emails. The goal of the blog is twofold: 1) by dedicating my daily energy to recruiting, and through my daily interaction with an array of recruiters, I hope to glean and pass along the most effective recruiting tips and insights, sharing these ideas to help us bring souls to Malvern and 2) to engage all recruiters in strategic dialogue with each other, in order to build off one another’s energy and help one another as we reach out to others. Right below my blog post you will see a comments section labeled, “Leave a Reply.” This platform will help foster supportive dialogue in our recruitment efforts. You have my assurance that if you do respond on the website, your email address will not be made public. All that will be visible would be your chosen username and your comment. In order to reach my recruiting page on the new website, hover the cursor over the “Retreats” tab at the top of the home page, then again over the “Experience a Malvern Retreat” tab, and finally, click the “Recruiting Thoughts and Tips” tab. Please join your fellow Captains and me in dialogue to help lead our brothers and sisters to a personal encounter with Christ at Malvern.




The Malvern

Anniversary Book

Don’t miss your chance

to own this limited-edition keepsake!

Prosit! Patrick Benner Recruiting Manager

Recruiting TIP!

Captures Malvern Retreat House’s entire 100-year history Archival photographs, personal accounts, timeline of events, and more.

$30 Softcover • $45 Hardcover

Pay attention to those in your parish or your prayer group who are highly energetic and refreshingly enthusiastic about their faith. Ask them if they have been to Malvern, and if they haven’t, tell them they’re your special guest at your upcoming retreat. We need to keep looking for those with a newly-lit flame for the faith, whether a convert or renewed Catholic, and help them channel that fire to spread among others in the community. This is how Recruiters bring groups of people on retreat. The springtime John Paul II talked about has arrived, and new and zealous souls are springing up in every community throughout the world. These souls, beaming with energy for the faith, have influence on people who are contemplating a renewed relationship with Christ. The inactive soul cannot help but desire the energy of the enlightened soul. Getting the newly enthused soul on retreat can cause a domino effect.

Available for purchase today; please contact Edie Petillo at 484-321-2544 or | Winter 2014 | Prosit 7

Timeline of Events

Family Labor Day re t re at a nt s e nj o y e d a wonderful spiritual weekend e x per ience at Ma lver n Retreat House, culminating in the celebration of the McShain-Horstmann Family Life Center’s 10th Anniversary! At left, Maryanne O’Donnell and S. Pauline McShain joined us for the outdoor liturgy and reception.


August 31, 2013



July 26, 2013

November 10, 2013 Malvern launches new website redesign!Check it out if you haven’t visited in awhile. November 22-24, 2013 (photo at right) Congratulations to the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Group, formerly known as the November Women’s Retreat Group, which celebrated its 10th Anniversary this year! Participants enjoyed a weekend of personal reflection and spiritual growth, with Fr. Dennis O’Donnell again serving as retreat director, just as he did when he directed the first retreat with this group 10 years ago.

8 Prosit | Winter 2014 |


Malvern Retreat House hosted 80 Catholic Business Leaders at its Annual Breakfast event held at the Union League of Philadelphia. Speakers Fran Dunphy (Temple University Men’s Basketball Coach) and Deacon Alvin Clay III (retired CEO of Davidson Trust), provided insights on incorporating their Catholic faith into their professional and personal lives.


October 18, 2013


Malvern Retreat House would like to thank these 24 Villanova University volunteers for their service around our grounds. Their chemistry department’s students, faculty, and staff members’ children helped by cleaning debris and re-painting benches, shrines, and railings. They also learned the history of Malvern Retreat House and the importance of their efforts with the day’s work. We appreciate them going above and beyond for us!


September 28, 2013

Camp Guadalupe at Malvern Teens and younger children, along with parents and other volunteers, participated in a beautiful outdoor Eucharistic procession, led by Bishop John McIntyre at this summer’s Camp Guadalupe. Camp Guadalupe helps to educate participants with cultural support while growing in prayer, faith development, community service, and enjoying fun activities.

September 15, 2013 Malvern Board Member Duane McCarthy and wife, Bernadette McCarthy, receive Holy Communion from Malvern’s Rector, Rev. Msgr. Joseph Marino, at Malvern Retreat House’s Annual Mass of Remembrance. Approximately 220 guests attended the outdoor Mass, which provided a prayerful way to remember Malvern’s beloved retreatants who have entered eternal life. The Mass is held each year as a way of honoring loved ones’ legacies and past spiritual involvement at the retreat house. October 8, 2013 Malvern Retreat House now has two St. Vincent de Paul clothing bins, located in the parking lot of Our Lady’s Hall. Your donation of clothing or shoes is greatly appreciated, and will help the St. Vincent de Paul Society assist those in need. October 29, 2013 Malvern Retreat House hosted its 25th Annual Don Gallagher Memorial Golf Outing at Sandy Run Country Club. Supporters enjoyed lunch, golf, cocktail hour, a silent auction, dinner, and awards in remembrance of Don Gallagher, a special Man of Malvern who wanted to “raise a few bucks and have some fun.” To view more photographs from this event, visit our Flickr page. The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Group 10-Year Anniversary

Young Adults A Heart for Young Adult Ministry An Interview with Rocco Martino


e u n d e r s t a n d t h at y o u contributed a monetary gift toward Malvern Retreat House’s Young Adult Ministry. Why did you choose to provide this gift specifically for our Young Adult retreatants? The future of our Church, our country, and our world rests with the young people of today. It is only a question of time before they will be making major decisions that will a f fect t he f ut u re beyond them. All decisions are based on facts and how we interpret those facts. Such interpretation relies to a large extent on the culture of the individual, the training, and exposure to the thinking and culture of others. Hence it is vital that we expose the future leaders to what we believe, why we believe, and how and why we act upon those beliefs. We have a great opportunity to meet the quest of the young people of today for roots that are realistic and that meet their stringent criteria for credibility – a credibility that extends to performance as well as words. That is why my wife Barbara and I support efforts directed to Young Adult Ministry.

Beginning in October, Malvern Retreat House implemented reg u l ar Young A du lt GetTogethers every fourth Sunday of each month, with Mass, dinner, and a social activity for people in their 20s and 30s. What would you like to see in our Young Adult Program for it to flourish and maintain success? Mirroring the message and words of Pope Francis, Barbara and I would like to see more realistic down-to-earth attention paid to the problems and questions of Young Adults. The approach should be one of inclusion and understanding, with forgiveness where necessar y and desired, and must never be preachy or confrontational. As Pope Francis has admitted, and stated repeatedly, “I am a sinner.” So are we all. As Jesus said, “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.” We need more understanding and less accusation, more love and less put downs, more understanding and less intransigence. The Young Adults as a whole include our most precious gift - our children. In summary, I would like to see more understanding, more support, more compassion, and more love.

Back in May of 2013, we had about 80 Young Adults attend our “Changing Water Into Wine” Retreat where they explored which gifts and charisms they have. What advice would you give to Young Adults who are still trying to figure out what gifts they have to offer in the world?

as God. We are made in the image and likeness of God in a spiritual sense. Hence, union with God does not require long faces, bowed heads, kneeling postures, or all of the above. It requires only a turn to thoughts of God, with thanks and conversation – mental or verbal – as if talking to a friend, as indeed God is.

The greatest gift they have is themselves. They are a gift of God to all of us, and especially to us as parents and grandparents. Hence the message is simple - offer yourselves. Offer the world your every thought, word, and deed. Do everything with a view to doing the best you can. Sanctity is not earned with long faces and solemn utterances, but with a joyful happy attitude towards life and everything around us. Life was meant to be enjoyed. The greatest enjoyment is that which is shared. Spreading joy is the same as planting little seeds which then grow and grow far beyond many times the size of the original seed. Have you ever dropped a stone in a pond of water? The ripples grow and grow, fanning outwards far beyond the little hole in the water made by the stone. So it is with a laugh, a smile, a cheerful glance, a word of thanks, a helping hand to someone who needs it.

Hence, I urge Malvern Retreat House to bring Young Adults into Conversation with God. This suggests a different format for retreats for Young Adults with more participation, more case studies and stories, and encouragement to live life with a smile and a laugh. With regard to Mass, this suggests a participatory service, with the Young Adults gathered around the altar in full communion with God, with the priest as leader. The rest will follow.

The population of Young Adults who attend Mass every week has been dwindling over time. How can Malvern Retreat House bring Young Adults closer to Christ through Mass and spiritual retreats? It must be recognized that Mass and retreats are only a formalization of conversations with God. They are public displays and rituals that reinforce our own personal faith, those of others with us, and offer an opportunity to express our gratitude as well as adoration. God does not require mechanical obsequiousness. We are made in the image and likeness of God. That means we think and exercise free will in the same manner

George and Althea Lane are pictured with daughter, Amy, inside the Saint Joseph’s Shrine, across from St. Joseph’s Hall. George, a member of Christus Rex Group, has been coming to Malvern for Retreat since 1986.

Word is spreading— Bring a Friend! Young Adult Get-Togethers at Malvern Retreat House meet the fourth Sunday of each month. We had 20 Young Adults attend our first get-together, in October and 29 in November. To view pictures visit our Flickr page. For more updates on our Young Adult ministry and monthly get-togethers, visit

Save the Date

Young Adult Retreat will be held May 30-31, 2014. Check our website for details as they become available. | Winter 2014 | Prosit 9

Retreats & Events This list includes Traditional Men & Women of Malvern Retreats, Recovery Retreats, and Specialty Retreats from January to April. For a complete list of retreats, visit our website at

January 17-19 | SS. Peter & Paul Men of Malvern Fr. Richard Boever, CSsR Fr. Charlie Smiech 22 | Day of Prayer & Penance Fr. Philip Bochanski For those not attending the March for Life in Washington, DC. Details on p. 11 24-26 | Holy Spirit Men of Malvern Fr. Raphael Bonanno Msgr. Joseph Marino 31-Feb. 2 | St. Blaise Men of Malvern Fr. Joseph Breighner Fr. Matt Guckin

February 7-9 | St. John Neumann Men of Malvern Msgr. Joseph Marino Fr. Emmerich Vogt 7-9 | Retrouvaille For stressed or trouble marriages 9 | Valentine Evening of Reflection Fr. Christopher Walsh Candlelight dinner for couples followed by inspirational talk and Mass, and renewal of vows for those who are married. 14-16 | Matt Talbot #97 Recovery Retreat for Men TBD A spiritual retreat for recovering alcoholics 21-23 | Phila. Electric/Good Shepherd Men of Malvern Fr. Francis Sirolli, OSA 21-23 | Matt Talbot #19 Recovery Retreat for Men TBD A spiritual retreat for recovering alcoholics 28-Mar. 2 | Pope Pius XII Men of Malvern Fr. Charlie Smiech / Fr. Matt Guckin 28-Mar. 2| Domenica Women’s Retreat Women of Malvern TBD


5 | Ash Wednesday For Men, Women, Couples, Families, and Youth Fr. William Dean

7-9 | Holy Family Men of Malvern Fr. Raphael Bonanno Msgr. Joseph Marino 7-9 | Women Afire Anna Iatesta, Kathleen McCarthy, Anne McGlone and June Piola. With Marty Rotella. 14-16 | Canaeculum Men of Malvern Msgr. Thomas Morgan Fr. Joseph Breighner 21-23 | Matt Talbot #57 Recovery Retreat for Men Fr. Tom Newton A spiritual retreat for recovering alcoholics 28-30 | Matt Talbot #8 Recovery Retreat for Men Fr. Edward Bradley A spiritual retreat for recovering alcoholics

April 4-6| Most Blessed Sacrament Men of Malvern Fr. Raphael Bonanno Msgr. Thomas Morgan 11-13| Palm Sunday Men of Malvern Fr. Michael Shea, C.M. Fr. Jeff Putthoff 12 | RCIA Fr. Dennis Gill Lenten Retreat for men and women elect and candidates, godparents, sponsors and RCIA teams. 17-19| C  elebration of Christ’s Holy Passion Men of Malvern Fr. William Gaffney, CSsR 25-27| Divine Mercy Retreat For Men and Women Msgr. John Esseff Fr. Stephen DeLacy 25-27| Matt Talbot #48 Recovery Retreat for Men TBD A spiritual retreat for recovering alcoholics

Interested in joining a retreat? For more information, please call (610) 660-0400 or email

10 Prosit | Winter 2014 |

Matt Talbot Retreats

…Finding Spiritual Discipline Many have found that the Matt Talbot Retreat Movement fosters the development and understanding of Spiritual Discipline and provides the opportunity to strengthen the concept of ‘Spiritual Growth’ in Alcoholic Anonymous. Practice…Practice…Practice! Most recovering alcoholics relentlessly seek God’s Divine Providence through the conscious practice of the Principles and their Virtues of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, brotherly love, justice, perseverance, prayer and meditation, trust, compassion, spirituality and service are recognized as Spiritual Disciplines. This requires rigorous honesty and perseverance, and a responsibility to our fellows and to our Higher Power, which we call God as we understand him. These spiritual retreats offer the opportunity to begin conditioning ourselves by practicing through prayer and meditation. In effect, we try to live our lives in daily reflection of God’s will for us by practicing these virtues daily. But regretfully, this has not always been the case. In our lives of recovery, spirituality had become convoluted. For example: “When people told me they were spiritual, I felt that they meant they treasured some vague feeling of a connection with God, nature or humanity, divorced from any behavioral obligation.” Hence, the disembodied spirituality spoken about by those who did not practice any spiritual discipline had rarely obliged them of anything, and often excused them of their grossest behaviors. Our Matt Talbot Retreats fortify the recognition that spirituality is not a feeling, nor is it vague. Spiritualty should be a direct result of practicing God’s Will for us that includes the highest ethical ideals in the rigors of everyday living. As for myself, prior to my initiation into the Matt Talbot Retreat Movement, I was an obligated Catholic, but had no spirituality or understanding of it. I was a dry-drunk and still very much undisciplined as I “talked the talk,” parroting what I had heard. In my fledging years in Alcoholics Anonymous, I attended Mass regularly in hopes of getting something right, but it made little sense to me—I could not discipline myself. And, as a direct result, it just didn’t work. I felt frustration and despair, because I could see it working in others, but I did not have the discipline to do what they did. While on retreat, my confusion was such that I finally asked for help. “Show Me!” I exclaimed, “Please show me how to gain a spiritual awareness.” It was then that I was connected. It was explained to me very simply: “Our spiritual recovery in AA, we honor and respect the existence of all God’s creations, including ourselves, practicing every day what God bestowed upon us since birth.” Remember - “Alcohol removed these God-given traits and forced us into a dismal existence, spiraling downward as the progression of the disease continued.” “But for the Grace of God,” “We are now capable of recognizing these traits and continue on the daily progression of life one-day-at-a-time.” What a concept! Now I am able to “walk the talk” both in my religion and my AA program, by practicing these Principles and Virtues. I cannot express the Grace and Gratitude I received through God’s Divine Intervention, through shared moments offered by other Matt Talbot Retreat participants. These men come to bear witness to the fact that they are sober-minded and willing to share their solutions. The result is a gain in blessed peace and serenity that every recovering alcoholic strives for. The proof of this is a direct result from those of us who attend these retreats and show others how practicing the Art of Spiritual Discipline will bring us in line with God’s Will… Michael

Upcoming Specialty Retreats Day of Prayer & Penance January 22, 2014 If you are not able to attend the March for Life in Washington, DC, in January, please join us for our Day of Prayer and Penance at Malvern Retreat House on Wednesday, January 22. Led by Rev. Philip G. Bochanski, this day of Prayer and Penance will commemorate the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in the United States.

NEW! Introducing Monthly Days of Reflection: Check our website at for complete listing of dates and topics.

National Charismatic Retreat June 27-29, 2014

Ablaze with the Spirit: Come Experience the Fire of God’s Healing Love Don’t Miss this Powerful Weekend of WorldRenowned Preaching, Teaching, and Healing Gifts! EWTN’s Jesse Romero, former kickboxer

and bilingual Catholic lay evangelist, and co-host of EWTN Radio’s “Reasons for Faith,” will be codirecting this powerful weekend with Kathleen McCarthy, president of In His Sign Network, and Fr. Larry Hess, Pastor of St. Anthony Church in Reading, PA, both known worldwide for their healing ministries. Kathleen and Fr. Larry will direct a special healing service on Saturday night.

Retreat for Single Persons June 27-29, 2014 “Be Still and Know That I am God: Coming Closer to God and Hearing His Voice in Your Life” Join our two dynamic and inspirational retreat leaders for a life-changing weekend that will help you grow closer to God as you take time away from the everyday cares and worries, enabling you to hear God’s voice in your life. Bryan Mercier, a popular Catholic retreat director, speaker and writer, is a contributor for the CatholicMatch Institute. For the past 15 years he has been speaking to groups of all ages on topics including faith formation, love and relationships, spirituality, and apologetics. He especially enjoys helping people to learn, love, and live out their Catholic faith more passionately, while helping them draw closer to God. Father Steve DeLacy is well-known throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and beyond as a popular retreat director, Theology on Tap speaker, and Young Adult ministry leader.

Ordained in 2004, Fr. DeLacy served as parochial vicar of SS Peter & Paul Parish and as school minister for Archbishop Carroll and Pope John Paul II High Schools before being named recently to his position as Director of the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Vocation Office. Open to single persons of all ages. Come by yourself or bring a friend. Includes Saturday night wine and cheese reception.

A Retreat with EWTN’s Fr. Andrew Apostoli July 11-13, 2014 “Why is the Message of Fatima So Relevant for Your Life and Family Now?” Discover why the messages given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to three Portuguese children at Fatima are just as relevant today as when they were first given in 1917. Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., a founding member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, has been active in teaching, preaching retreats and parish missions, and in giving spiritual direction. Fr. Apostoli is the vice-postulator for the cause for the canonization of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Fr. Apostoli is the author of numerous books, including Fatima for Today (Ignatius Press), Following Mary to Jesus: Our Lady as Mother, Teacher, and Advocate (Word Among Us). A frequent host on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), Fr. Apostoli hosted the television special, “Our Lady of Fatima and the First Saturday Devotion” seen on EWTN.

A Warm Welcome to… Bill Pastino

We are pleased to welcome William N. Pastino, the new Facilities Manager at Malvern Retreat House. He comes to Malvern with a wealth of experience overseeing the daily operations of building maintenance as Facilities Manager at John Middleton from 19942011.  Bill is a current resident of Bridgeport, Pennsylvania. 

Georgia Hockett

Georgia is Malvern Retreat House’s new Housekeeping Manager. She arrives at M a l v e r n w it h y e a r s of housekeeping and supervisory experience working most recently at Maris Grove in Glen Mills from 2006-2012. A former member of the United States Navy, Georgia currently lives in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. We are happy to have her as one of our associates.

Scott Fonda

Scott has joined Malvern Retreat House’s staff as a Maintenance Worker. An Exton native, Scott has an extensive background in the maintenance/building construction field, arriving here from work at West Whiteland Township. We are pleased to have him working on our grounds now. | Winter 2014 | Prosit 11

A Legacy in Time The Laymen’s Retreat League congratulates the following Men of Malvern on having achieved these anniversary milestones. Our prayer is that they return year after year to St. Joseph-in-the-Hills.

60-Year Retreatants Mr. Gabriel J. Orsini



Mr. William C. Foster


Atlantic City K of C Auto Club

Mr. Robert J. Kensil, Sr.


Furey Memorial - St. Gabriel

Mr. Michael F. Walsh


Furey Memorial - St. Gabriel

Mr. Nicholas Forgione


St. Joseph

Mr. Edward F. Mooney


St. Joseph

Mr. John P. Turnick


St. Joseph

Mr. Paul C. Peterson


Christus Rex

Mr. James A. Lindsay


Edward J. Freil, Sr. Memorial

Mr. David L. Abruzzi


Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Mr. Raymond Cooper


Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Mr. Morgan F. Haley


Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Mr. Glenn C. Lewis


Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Mr. Ron A. Herbst


Nativity B.V.M. Group

Mr. Arcides Cruz


St. Joseph

Mr. Kevin C. Flood


St. Joseph

Mr. Richard Schuberth


St. Joseph

Mr. Robert J. Valenti


St. Joseph

Mr. Michael T. Walker


St. Joseph

Mrs. Geri Bilinski


Our Lady of Peace

Mr. David J. Dembrosky


Matt Talbot #34

Mr. Joseph B. Dovi


Matt Talbot #34

Mr. David B. Errickson


Matt Talbot #34

Mr. Stephen A. Yost



Mr. Archie A. Vitale


Atlantic City K of C Auto Club

Mr. Edward J. Gardner


Christus Rex

Mr. Jeffrey J. Poehlmann


Christus Rex

Ms. Mary Eloise Hopkins


Legion of Mary

Mr. Peter A. Caracci


Ave Maria

Mr. Stephen J. Sykes


Ave Maria

Mr. Dennis C. Connelly


Furey Memorial - St. Gabriel

Mr. Domenick Lazzaro, Jr.


Furey Memorial - St. Gabriel

Mr. Albert M. Horn


Knights of the Immaculata

Mr. Frank Anastasio


Thanksgiving I.H.M.

Mr. James J. Donaghy, Jr.


Thanksgiving I.H.M.

Mr. Thomas R. DeVuono


Sons of Italy Group


Sons of Italy Group

Mr. Joseph M Petrongolo, Sr. December

Sons of Italy Group

50-Year Retreatants

25-Year Retreatants


Tee it high 6th Annual

let it fly!

Malvern Retreat Golf Classic May 5, 2014 | 11 AM • Talamore Country Club

Golf Classic Package


Includes lunch, golf, reception, dinner, auction and golfer gift

23 Talamore Drive Ambler , PA 19002

For additional information, please contact Michael Norton @ 484-321-2539 or

Mr. Gregory J. Gambescia, Jr.

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