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Development Prospectus 2017

MALVERN COLLEGE Planning for the Future

In the last two years, the following Development Plan objectives have been achieved.

Teaching and Learning We have: • enhanced the use of baseline and tracking data to be better able to monitor and support pupil progress • developed awareness of, and a process of reference to, Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) • improved the system through which we standardise the marking of pupils’ work • extended pupil feedback on teaching and learning and incorporated it into our staff review process • developed a new A level programme in response to the government’s reforms • introduced Life Skills into the Sixth Form and FY curricula • introduced Study Skills seminars for the Sixth Form • developed a programme of academic lectures delivered by external speakers, including high-profile OMs and parents

• enhanced teachers’ sharing of best practice on differentiation through the ‘Teaching and Learning Group’ • developed the university application programme, especially for Oxbridge and US universities • developed the use of ‘Buzz’, our virtual learning environment, for teaching and learning and used ‘Malvern TV’ to give pupils access to more extensive digital resources • developed a programme of ‘Masterclass’ lectures for the Lower School • introduced a Study Skills Programme in both the FY and Remove • decided to launch Computer Science GCSE in September 2017 • decided to launch IB Higher Business & Management in September 2017.

Pastoral Care and Boarding Malvern College was recently featured as a case study used by government researchers to illustrated the character of educational provision that is recommended. We have: • introduced an e-safety bulletin to enable parents to support the e-safety education provided to pupils • introduced a reporting system for peer mentors that tracks their work and ensures that trends are addressed • introduced a variety of additional social events for Sixth Form, pre-Sixth and FY • developed teamwork and leadership training for the FY and Remove • enhanced CPD for pastoral staff, through the use of online training modules, outside speakers and an enhanced process of cascading information • introduced a House self-evaluation process • increased e-safety monitoring of pupils’ online activity to support them better and restricted access to technology to avoid too much screen time

• introduced the online safety group comprising College Council, parent, pupil, ICT and pastoral staff representatives.

Co-curricular Activities We have: • introduced a broader range of creative and volunteering opportunities • introduced the Elite Performance Programme in Art • increased the number of representative teams in all sports and improved the fixture lists • developed the coaching of games through the involvement of more professional coaches • developed the Elite Sports Performance Programme • enhanced the ‘Malvern Development Programme’ • developed the range of outdoor pursuits offered.

Infrastructure, facilities and resources We have: • completed a major renovation of the Science Schools • built a water-based hockey pitch at the Court Road playing fields • designed a major improvement to the Rogers Theatre • upgraded dormitory and recreational facilities in Houses as part of the rotational refurbishment programme • improved pupils’ ICT experience • enhanced provision of information to parents through the Parent Portal • installed a short-game practice area for golf on campus • enhanced the landscaping of the estate • installed the Mindfulness Garden.

Marketing, communication with parents and development We have: • introduced the Parent Portal • introduced a greater number of sports courses during the holidays • enhanced our partnership with Worcestershire County Cricket Club • enhanced our partnership with Worcester Warriors Rugby Club • enhanced our club links with Stourport Hockey Club • established Malvern College Egypt and consolidated our position as a market leader in the development of branded international schools.

Key to all we do are the ‘Malvern Qualities’: • Resilience • Self-awareness • Open-mindedness • Kindness • Collaboration • Risk-taking • Curiosity • Ambition • Independence • Integrity • Humility

The Future… These are our aims in the next phase of our Development Plan. We intend to: Aim 1: monitor and develop the curriculum at all levels, and maintain and develop high standards of learning and teaching to: • improve further our systems for effective enhancement of pupils’ academic standards • develop further pupils’ ICT capability • develop further pupils’ study skills • promote creativity • continue to develop classroom and library facilities, principally through ICT • develop CPD (Continuing Professional Development) • provide opportunities for responsibility and leadership • develop, as a third Sixth Form programme of study, alongside A levels and the IB programme, a ‘mixed’ programme of some A level and some IB subjects • develop further our provision for Able and Talented pupils in the Lower School.

Aim 2: develop Pastoral Care and promote Boarding to: • enhance pupil well-being whilst continuing to develop a deeper awareness of safeguarding • develop the effectiveness of the tutor system • promote the co-educational boarding experience • promote pupils’ personal development • create pupil digital leaders to educate the pupils about the safe use of technology • identify early, issues that may affect the maintenance of mental health, through Affective Social (AS) tracking. Aim3: promote pupils’ spiritual well-being • develop opportunities for reflection on existential questions of human origins, identity and purpose • promote an appreciation of the aesthetic elements of spirituality • provide opportunities and support for pupils to direct their own spiritual development.

Aim 4: enhance Co-curricular opportunities: • introduce the Elite Performance Programme in Music • maintain the breadth of recreational opportunities • promote girls’ cricket and boys’ hockey • extend the range of volunteering opportunities • provide more opportunities for responsibility and leadership.

Aim 5: Infrastructure, facilities and resources: • complete a major development of the Rogers Theatre • install two additional artificial wickets at the Court Road playing fields • consider the wider use of access cards to register on-site purchases • continue a programme of improvements to dormitory and recreational facilities in the Houses • develop the on-site uniform and merchandise shop • broaden the scope of the Sixth Form Centre.

Aim 6: enhance parental and alumni engagement with the College’s key objectives: • develop our communication with present parents, and our marketing to prospective parents • develop further our website for use of current/prospective parents, OMs and supporters • continue to evaluate parental views on areas for improvement • continue to foster closer links with, and develop new events for OMs and EOGs • develop further the Malvernian Society Assisted Places scheme • increase philanthropic support to make exceptional projects possible • keep donors updated on the impact of their gifts to the College and on the College’s evolving priorities • develop further the Malvernian Society’s networking and career mentoring programmes.

Aim 7: ensure the sustainability of the College as an educational business: • continue to monitor and develop current non-fee streams of income. Aim 8: continue to develop the governance and management of the College: • ensure compliance with regulatory requirements • ensure that the College meets its charitable objectives • continue to operate the governance to ‘best practice’ standards.

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Development Prospectus 2017  

Development Prospectus 2017