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AUG. 31-SEPT. 6, 2012



HOSPITAL BIDS $12 MILLION FOR NUMBER SIX SCHOOL; BIDDING PROCESS STILL ON By Danielle Puma Another bid was made to buy the property of Lawrence’s Number Six School on Church Avenue in Woodmere by Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. The bid, reportedly over $12 million, includes about $600,000 for cleanup of the former elementary school. If the bid is accepted, the property may potentially be used as a multi-doctor

Crabbing on a Weekday Afternoon (From left) Connor Doyle (5) and Brendan Doyle (7) of Hewlett enjoy catching some crabs at the dock at North Woodmere County Park with their new friend Jovan Rodriguez (7) also from Hewlett. Photo by Raimundo Ortiz

practice. Residents of The Five Towns have mixed feelings about the construction and its lasting effects. Mt. Sinai Hospital and developer Simone Development Companies placed the $12 million bid. Other bids for the school include $9.1 million by the JCC of the Greater Five Towns, $9.2 million by the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, and another bid placed by a de-

veloper. Mt. Sinai outbids the other parties by about $3 million. According to David Sussman, Lawrence Board of Education Trustee and Republican candidate for New York State Assembly, the bidding for the property is still wide open and anyone that has a high bid is asked to contact the school board.


FIVE TOWNS REAL ESTATE MARKET REBOUNDING SLOWLY; BARGAINS FOR BUYERS, PRICES ARE FALLING By Raimundo Ortiz The Five Towns real estate market is currently very kind to buyers. A combination of depressed prices on homes and historically low interest rates have made the present an excellent time to buy a home. Interest rates are currently at three to four percent according to Marjorie Hausman, who said “these are the lowest interest rates I’ve seen in over 40 years of being in this business in The Five Towns.” Hausman, who recalls points in the 1980s where interest rates skyrocketed to 17 or even 18 percent said these low rates are a tremendous impetus for potential buyers. For sellers, this is not necessarily excellent news, but Lori Schlesinger has seen positive signs in the past few months. “Things are starting to move as of this past winter and it continued through the spring and summer,” said Schlesing-

er. There is a caveat, though. “The sales that are happening are below value,” said Schlesinger. “The buyers are getting houses at prices that are substantially lower.” According to realtors throughout The Five Towns, the severe drop was not a complete shock. “In 2004, 2005 and 2006 anyone with two arms, two legs and a pulse was getting a mortgage, which is totally out of line,” said Larry Chorne, a broker and sales manager at Island Advantage Realty. Schelsinger seconded Chorne when she said, “Although there’s a little improvement it’s not back to where it was. However, we were seeing numbers that probably shouldn’t have existed.” While there has been improvement in the market, Chorne is wary of a looming issue he called a black cloud hovering over the whole market — shadow inventory. According to Chorne, people


(From left) Kelly Cheng, Sarah Husain, Oren Mizrahi, Louise Levine, Geri Barish, Michael Friedman, Andrew Loh, Licethe Friedman, Guy Friedman. (Front) Zoe Slatest. Michael Friedman and his musical friends with the co-founders of Hewlett House, the parents of Michael Friedman, and the little lemonade saleswoman with a heart of gold. Photo by Raimundo Ortiz

Kids Step Up for Hewlett House By Raimundo Ortiz

The sweet sounds of a harmonica playing Billy Joel’s be-

loved “Piano Man” emanated from the lawn of the 311-yearold Hewlett House, a haven for cancer-stricken people

looking for support which is run by Geri Barish and Louise


Times Getting Tough for Tiny the Ice Cream Man By Ryan Lavis

kled face. A custodian who stopped to buy a soda called Tiny a fixture of the community – “Everyone knows Tiny,” he said, ordering a diet soda. “No diet today, but I’ll have it next time,” Tiny responded, letting out an old-timers laugh as he said goodbye. But despite his loyal fan base and name recognition, tough times have hit Tiny as a summer of high gas prices, bad business, and repairs have left him wondering how much longer he has left in the ice cream business. “This truck is in bad shape,” he said, removing the oil stick and shaking his head in disappointment. These days, it burns oil constantly and needs a new engine. Chipped, green paint and a musky smell inhabit the interior, where three large coolers and a noisy compressor keep the product cold. “The only thing that works good still is the refrigeration,” Tiny said. And while ensuring that his ice cream doesn’t

As 89-year-old Dominick Magliaro shuffled around his white, rust-covered ice cream truck and lifted its hood to check the oil, one thing was for certain – this 1974 Chevrolet and its owner have seen better days. Known as ‘Tiny’ throughout The Five Towns, he and his truck – called ‘Tiny’s Ice Cream’ – have been a mainstay of the community for over 40 years. He mostly does business in the towns of Lawrence, Inwood and Meadowmere Park, peddling ice pops and beverages for about eight hours a day, sometimes seven days a week. Sitting in the Lawrence Middle School parking lot on a recent Tuesday morning, several people said ‘hello’ as they passed Tiny’s familiar, wrin-

Dominick Magliaro, better known as Tiny, standing outside his ice cream truck.


Photo by Ryan Lavis

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Five Towns Milk Tracker

For The Week of August 27, 2012

Average Prices per Gallon of Whole, Skim, and Low Fat (1%) USA Gasoline (Inwood) Trader Joe’s (Hewlett) CVS Pharmacy (Woodmere) CVS Pharmacy (Cedarhurst) Brach’s (Lawrence) Food Town (Hewlett)

$3.25 $3.39 $3.59 $3.89 $3.99 $3.99

Glatt Farm (Lawrence) Gourmet Glatt (Cedarhurst) Key Food (Woodmere) Stop & Shop (Inwood) King Kullen (Hewlett) Smitty’s (Woodmere) The Barn (Hewlett) LOCAL AVERAGE LOCAL AUGUST AVERAGE

$3.99 $3.99 $3.99 $3.99 $4.19 $4.49 $4.59 $3.94 $4.02

Five Towns Gas Tracker Your Guide to Where the Cheapest and Most Expensive Gas is Station




Sunoco 1291 Peninsula Boulevard and Mill Road

$3.93 10 cents more for credit

BP 336 Rockaway Turnpike & Nassau Expressway

$4.31 Cash and credit are same price

Mobil 605 Burnside Ave & Nassau Expressway

$3.98 Cash and credit are same price

Sunoco 1291 Peninsula Boulevard and Mill Road

$4.23 10 cents more for credit

CITGO 668 Central Ave & Grove Ave

$3.99 10 cents more for credit

CITGO 668 Central Ave & Grove Ave

$4.11 10 cents more for credit

Getty 350 Rockaway Turnpike near Buena Vista Ave

$3.99 Cash and credit are same price

Getty 350 Rockaway Turnpike near Buena Vista Ave

$4.11 Cash and credit are same price



Inwood Now in Mostly Queens Congressional District where Jennings is Challenging Meeks By Danielle Puma


ew York’s newly configured 5th Congressional District will extend from southeast Queens as well as parts of Nassau County including Inwood, Elmont and areas of Valley Stream. Inwood was shifted out of the 4th Congressional District after a federal court approved a new district map in March. U.S Rep. Gregory Meeks, the current representative of the 6th Congressional district, won the Democratic congressional primary on June 26. In November, he will be running against Republic nominee Allan Jennings to represent the new 5th District. If re-elected in November, Rep. Meeks has high hopes of creating jobs and bringing affordable health care to the 5th District. Other issues he will focus on are to protect Medicare, Social Security, and veteran benefits. He has

also been focused on making education accessible and affordable for everyone. To improve a student’s progress, he supports legislation that reduces class size by hiring more teachers and helps local school districts finance school renovations. Inwood resident John Moore said that he thinks Rep. Meeks is the go-to candidate because of his track record in office. He believes he has a strong approach to issues in regard to education and the economy. “Now that the town has been taken out of the 4th District, people need to adapt. We are a part of Queens. Someone needs to be representing us that cares about the kids in school and the people who live here. I also have family in Queens. We all need jobs and we need a better quality of education in some of these schools,” said Moore. According to Inwood Republican Club President Frank Mis-

Rep. Gregory Meeks tero, the issues that Jennings will focus on all deal with jumpstarting the district’s economy, particularly in Queens. “There will be a focus on school aid for the Lawrence School District. Other things to focus on will be providing good service and bringing back money

Republican nominee Allan Jennings to the community. It’s what the Republican platform has always been saying about education and providing jobs,” said Mistero. “It’s all about the economy no matter how you slice it. But most of the issues, I’d say 85 percent within the 5th District, are in

Queens.” Both candidates have different approaches and solutions to problems that will arise closer to the November election. But Rep. Meeks and Jennings have both experienced past scrutiny and allegations. Rep. Meeks was under investigation by the Department of Justice, the Office of Congressional Ethics and the House Ethics Committee. Federal investigators were looking into a number of things that seemed to have illegally benefited Rep. Meeks and other Queens politicians. In 2006, Rep. Meeks bought a house from a campaign contributor for $830,000 but it was assessed at $1.24 million by the City a few months later. He also received two loans to pay off the house -- a $40,000 loan in 2007 he received from a personal friend and a $59,650 loan in 2010 he used to pay off the earlier loan. Rep. Meeks was served

Hospital Bids $12 Million For Number Six School; Bidding Process Still On CONTINUED FROM P. A1 “We haven’t started the process of picking a bid since they have only been submitted. At the present time, all we are asking from them is bids. We have not negotiated with anyone. That comes after and that is with any deal that anyone makes. We talk to the bidders and other things come out. But we are far from that stage,” said Sussman. Sussman said the board will look at the terms of the bid and make a decision on what is best for zoning. If the school board accepts the bid, it will go to a public referendum where District 15 residents can approve or deny the sale.

In 2007, the school district sold the Number One School for $29.1 million and proceeds went to renovating schools within the district. That is about a $17 million difference of the highest bid placed for the Number One School to the Number Six School. Some residents feel that difference shows the plummet of the real estate market. “Unfortunately, because of the state of the market, we are aware that bids won’t be as high. We look at the bids in the same way as the Number One School bids, although they are not as high, the process has not changed,” said Sussman. Lawrence resident Christine Burke said this is not a good time to buy any

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The Number Six School in Lawrence closed in 2009. The property remains open to bids.

Photo courtesy of Scott P. Moore. property and the school board should wait before making a decision. “I think if and when the real estate market changes for the better -- that is the right time to sell. The board should wait longer before making a decision

because that decision, whatever it is, needs to be for the good of the district and residents. Having a new multi-doctor practice may be a good thing because it will help out the local businesses,” said Burke.

with a subpoena in 2010 and allegations against the $56,650 loan were dismissed, but the status of the investigation of the remaining loan remains unknown. Allan Jennings served in the New York City Council from 2001 to 2005 and was censured by the council for the alleged sexual harassment of female employees. In 2009, he got into a fistfight with a council race opponent at the Board of Elections. In June 2012, he became the Republican nominee for the 5th District because he ran unopposed. Jennings also ran in the Democratic primary against three others, including Rep. Meeks, and lost. Mistero believes that Rep. Meeks is a strong challenge in the upcoming election due to his 14 years serving the people of the 6th Congressional District. “There is no question about it. [Rep. Meeks] has been there a while and is well-known,” said Mistero.

Cedarhurst resident Ana Feldman said there is the potential that a new doctor practice could have negative effects, but is hoping the school board would address these issues before a decision has been made. “Honestly, let’s hope more high bids come in because I think change is good. The only concerns that I have are the high volume of traffic this construction may cause, and if a new practice is built, this could jeopardize the local practices. That would not be looking out for the best interest of the town,” said Feldman. Sussman said that after 17 years on the school board, he hopes residents know that he likes to hear what people have to say in regard to any issue. “I’m hopeful that if there are people that have views, the only positive I can see is they should make their views known in a transparent fashion and [the board] will review them before making any decisions,” said Sussman.

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Five Towns Real Estate Market Rebounding Slowly; Bargains For Buyers, Prices Are Falling CONTINUED FROM P. A1 who are three months behind on their mortgage payments (the minimum standard before banks file lis pedens) or more catch up at a rate of only four percent. However, they can remain in their homes for up to three years without making payments before they are forced to do short sales or go into foreclosure. Chorne sees these properties eventually flooding the market and causing the prices to dip even more. Schlesinger acknowledged this concern but does not think The Five Towns will bear the brunt of the shadow inventory’s wrath. “We’re not looking at an influx of that. Not all, but many people from

the area have family and friends who are affluent and somehow help so there aren’t many foreclosures,” said Schlesinger. As far as the properties that are moving, single-family homes are moving more than condominiums and co-ops. “The prices are good right now,” said Ronnie Gerber of Prudential Douglas Elliman. “People are seeing more value in houses because you can get more property.” In addition to more property the price gap between homes and condos or co-ops has shrunk in a big way. “Houses are now in the $300,000 to $400,000 range,” said Chorne, “whereas a few years ago you couldn’t afford a house so you bought a co-op or a condo for

somewhere near $250,000.” One trend that Hausman noted was an increased number of young people among the 25 closings she had this spring alone. “They’re buying homes anywhere from $400,000 to $700,000, many of them with help from their parents,” said Hausman. Strict guidelines on the maximum debt-to-income ratio that potential homeowners can have and still secure are being enforced by banks in the wake of the market’s downturn. During the housing market boom banks were giving loans to people with DTI ratios above 50 percent, but now anyone above 42 percent is struggling to get a loan, according to Chorne. Schlesinger believes that although times are tough, improvement is to be expected. “The market has not been wonderful, but the fact that houses have started to sell. Next year prices may go up, but it likely won’t be a big jump.”

Kids Step Up for Hewlett House CONTINUED FROM P. A1 Levine. “We can’t take away the disease but we can take away just about everything else that pertains to the disease,” said Barish. “We try to ease the pain of the unknown, through hugs, love, and support.” The young man behind the keyboard and capably performing “Piano Man”, was Michael Friedman, a Hewlett High School student who organized a concert featuring himself and his friends to raise money and awareness for the Hewlett House. “When you talk about young adults and music that’s right up our alley,” said Barish. “Cancer can be such a sad disease but we try to make Hewlett House a happy place to be and a lot can happen through music and kids.” Friedman’s efforts were greatly appreciated by Levine as well. “Michael is a wonderful young man with a good heart.” After a few songs, Barish paused the music to introduce a very special young woman, five-year-old Zoe

Five-year-old Zoe Slatest who took it upon herself to run a lemonade stand and donate all the money to the sufferers of breast cancer. She raised $61 and after her story was told at Hewlett House during a concert to raise awareness, those in attendance boosted her total to $101.


Photo by Raimundo Ortiz



8JUI"OZ.FEJVN-BSHF.FBM1VSDIBTF MON-FRI: 5 Pm - 9 Pm 450A Rockaway Rockaway T urnpike 516 516 - 3 71 - 2 433 450A Turnpike 371 2433

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Five Towns Crime Tracker:

The Recently Busted and How They’re Doing By Ryan Lavis, Photos courtesy Nassau County PD


he Five Towns is known as a relatively tranquil community but over the past year, The South Shore Standard has covered many alleged crimes ranging from grand larceny to possession of drugs and explo-

Name Marc Ringel


Tripped silent alarm at parents' Woodmere home on March 6, 2012, exposing to police a cache of guns, explosives and garage full of marijuana plants.

Arrested after police responded to a report of gunshots in an Dwight Inwood neighborhood on February 26th, 2012. Seen loading a Stephenson weapon into his vehicle; not licensed to own weapon.


sives to assault and burglary attempts. After the arrest, many of the accused disappear from the pages of the newspaper and are rarely heard from again and leave readers wondering what has happened to those arrested. Our Five Towns Crime Tracker attempts to dispel that by keeping a tab on those whose arrests make it into an issue of The Standard by periodically keeping our readers up to date on court proceedings, trial status and bail amounts.



Narrow Lane, Woodmere, NY

Unauthorized use of a firearm, B Felony; Criminal Possession of a Firearm, B Felony; Reckless Endangerment, D Felony

Pled not guilty to all charges at court on March 12th, 2012. Bail set on April 4th at $3.5 million cash. A pych exam was ordered. A conference was held August 20th.

130 Henry St., Inwood, NY

Two Counts of Criminal Possession of a Loaded Weapon, 2nd Degree; Reckless Endangerment, 1st Degree; Criminal Possession of Weapon with Intent to Use, 4th Degree

Pled not guilty. Arraigned and bail set for $50,000 on February 27th, 2012. Bail not posted. Due back in court Septmeber 5th for a conference.

Menacing a Police Officer, D Felony

Pled not guilty. Due back in court September 7th for a conference.

George J. Towns

Involved in altercation with officers investigating incident from Mott Avenue and night before; was shot by officers and arraigned from hospital on West End Avenue, February 27th, 2012. Inwood, NY

Duncan Jordan

Arrested with over 40 pounds of marijuana on his person on January 24th

966 Park Lane, North Woodmere, NY

Criminal Possession of Drug, 1st Degree

Pled not guilty. Arraigned and placed on bail for $5,000 on January 24th, 2012. Not posted. Due back in court September 14th for a conference.

Kevin Roldan

Stole a large television from Munch N' Stuff in Lawrence on January 24th

206 Rockaway Turnpike, Lawrence, NY

Burglary, 3rd Degree

Pleaded guilty to burglary, 3rd degree on June 19th. He was sentenced to six months in jail.

Steven Pirrera

Forcibly removed a security guard from his vehicle at Five Towns Shopping Center and beat him up after a disagreement on November 19th.

Five Towns Shopping Center, Lawrence, NY

Assault of Victim 65 Years Old or Older, 2nd Degree

Pled not guilty. Arraigned on November 27th, 2011 with Temporary Order of Protection for victim; Warrant re-issued on February 3rd, but vacated on March 9th with bail set at $1,500. Due back in court on August 31st for a conference.

Michael Wright

Fled officers from Cedarhurst Citibank after being alerted of fraud on account; was chased through Cedarhurst before fighting with and be arrested by NCPD on October 7th.

"Citibank, 530 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY”

Pled not guilty. Held on $50,000 bail, not posted. Released on Grand Larceny, 3rd Degree; Two counts of Assault, Recognizance on October 19th. Due back in court September 13th 2nd Degree for a conference.

Nicole Goldenberg

Arrested for possessing a controlled substance in Woodmere; associated with the deaths of two local men due to overdoses at her home.

Conklin Avenue and Broadway, Woodmere, NY

Criminal possession of a controlled substance, 3rd Degree; Criminal sale of a controlled Substance, 3rd Degree; Misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

Pled not guilty. Held on $25,000 bail, not posted. Bail forfeited on January 26th and warrant issued. Remanded and jailed on January 30th. Due back in court September 20th for a conference.

Isaac Zucker

Former local synagogue treasurer allegedly stole over $600,000 from Congregation Aish Kodesh from 2008 to 2011 before fleeing 894 Woodmere Pl, and being arrested at a Holiday Inn in Ronkonkama on June Woodmere, NY 29th.

Grand Larceny, 2nd Degree

Held on $150,000 bail, posted on July 17th. Pleaded not guilty to charges. Due back in court on October 15th for a conference.

Daniel Miller

Inwood man charged with sexual assault after allegdly drugging and sexually assaulting a 17-year old male,then allegedly plotting to kill the same teen in order to prevent him from testifying in the sexual abuse case.

West Broadway, Inwood, NY

Conspiracy, 1st Degree; Sexual Abuse, D felony

Held on $5,000,000 bail. Pleaded not guilty to charges. Due back in court on Sept, 13 for a conference.

Tyrone Hayward

Allegedly stole items from vehicles on Lord Avenue in Lawrence on Aug. 8, then assaluted police officers trying to arrrest him.

Central Avenue and the Nassau Expressway

Two counts of assault-second degree, criminal possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest.

Arraigned on August 8. Pleaded not guilty to charges. Due back in court Septmeber 6th for a conference.

Cordially Invites the Comm unity to jo for Rosh in us Hashanah an Services and for S d Yom Kippur abbath Se througho rvices u As Our H t t h e Year onored G uests, wit h call our o

ffice to m

no charg e ake a res for seating, plea se ervation .

no charges







Kids Step Up for Hewlett House CONTINUED FROM P. A4 Slatest who was accompanied by her mother Irene. She also brought former Lynbrook Mayor Brian Curran to the forefront. Barish went on to explain that Zoe Slatest also wanted to help women with breast cancer. Zoe took it upon herself to put up a makeshift lemonade stand in Long Beach in front of the Kings and Things toy store, and raised $61 that was placed in a card she made herself. “People can’t resist a little girl selling lemonade,� said Irene Slatest. “People were so amazed though that

Zoe wasn’t keeping the money. ‘You’re not going to go buy toys with the money they asked?’ But she didn’t. She didn’t keep a single penny.� Her two aunts have been diagnosed with breast cancer, but amazingly, Zoe’s lemonade stand idea was conceived without any knowledge of her aunts’ situations. She became shy with all eyes on her, so her mother handed the card to Curran and they all took photos together. “I didn’t want her to just come and drop off an envelope,� said Barish. “I wanted it to have more meaning that that. She was entitled to have her moment to

shine and for people to say thank you.â€? Concertgoers were so moved by little Zoe’s kindness that they lined up after she was ďŹ nished presenting her card and pushed her total from $61 to $101 in mere minutes. Brian Curran is another ďŹ gure near and dear to Barish’s heart. “I am a believer that mayors can do a lot more than they sometimes actually do.â€? During his time as Mayor, Curran sent a crew to ďŹ lm a segment on the Hewlett House that eventually ran for several weeks on local television. “We received 17 phone calls

after he ran that,� said Barish. “Six of those calls were from young women who watched that show and found out they had cancer. Because they were so young and caught it so early it saved their lives. He relates to us and really cares. He went out of his way when it wasn’t election time, and those are the important times.� The combination of Friedman, Zoe Slatest, and great music made the event a rousing, touching success. Barish summed it up by saying, “All I could think of was this group of young kids doing this incredible thing, and then you have this generous little one (Zoe). How could I not combine these forces?�

Times Getting Tough for Tiny the Ice Cream Man CONTINUED FROM P. A1 melt is essential to any ice cream man, it isn’t enough for him to stay aoat. Tiny said his mechanic told him his truck – and inevitably his business – may have reached its ďŹ nal summer. Tiny said he spent about $3,200 on repairs this year. He estimates his gas bill to be around $4,000 – around the same as last year. He also pays a costly monthly insurance, plus a fee to store the truck at a gas station in East Rockaway.

On top of that, Tiny said people aren’t buying much from him this summer. “This is a loss – a total loss for the ďŹ rst time in years,â€? he said. “I’m trying to survive, but the buying power just isn’t there anymore.â€? Before becoming an ice cream man, Tiny attended an aviation school in New Rochelle. When the United States entered the War, he got drafted and served in the Army Air Corps. He was stationed at a


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Times Getting Tough for Tiny the Ice Cream Man

ly sold in Woodmere, but said his competitor, Good Humor, drove him out. “You couldn’t go up against them. It was tough. It’s always been tough surviving in this business. It was Good Humor then and it’s Mr. Softee now.” Back then, Tiny said he could buy a box of vanilla pops for $1.25, sell it for 15 cents, and still turn a profit. Gas only cost 40 cents a gallon, and customers always seemed abundant. Now, he said a box of pops costs him about $15. “I’m not making any money on this anymore. I lost my shirt this year,” he said. “It’s a null ending, but I always liked my customers and I like that everyone knows me.” Between his age, the arthritis he has in both hands, and the poor condition of his truck and business, Tiny said doesn’t know how much longer he’ll sell ice cream in The Five Towns. “When you reach a certain

After he was laid off from that job, he decided to go into business for himself. Tiny began selling ice cream from a walk around truck in the 1950s (basically a pickup truck with an attached cooler that required him to get out to serve the customer.) Tiny went through two other trucks before he acquired the one most Five Towners recognize today. At the time, the truck was in such bad shape that the man who gave it up didn’t even bother charging Tiny. “Oh forget about it, the truck was garbage when I got it. I don’t know how it’s lasted this long.” Tiny hired a flatbed truck and transported the truck back a gas station in East Rockaway – the same station he uses today. In those early days, he most-

CONTINUED FROM P. A6 base in England from 1942-1945, fixing planes that were “shot to hell by the Germans.” As he remembered his experiences in England, Tiny began to romanticize wartime generals such as MacArthur and Patton – “They don’t make them like that anymore,” he said. He also has a strong affection for Franklin D. Roosevelt, and said “it’s been all downhill since he left office.” When he returned home, Tiny never got married or had kids – “There was no such thing as the right one for me,” he said. He worked at an oil refinery in Inwood. But he said he had awful experiences working there, and soon left to drive a truck for a railroad company.

Tiny inside his truck, where he has served ice cream in The Five Towns for over 40 years.

Photo by Ryan Lavis age, you can just feel when things are about to end,” he said, reciting a quote from one

of his favorite generals, Gen. McArthur: “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away,” Tiny

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Standard Sports

Participation and Grades Up Across LHS Sports Programs By Raimundo Ortiz

Aside from the Conference III champion football team, Lawrence offers boys and girls teams in soccer, volleyball, and cross-country track and field. They also offer boys golf, but female golfers are welcome to join. Lawrence’s boys’ volleyball team is the most prestigious non-football group in the school. “Boys volleyball is a perennial playoff team, and we have a good number of them coming back so we expect to be there again this year,” said Pizzarelli. The girls’ volleyball


n America, football is king and at Lawrence High School that fact remains unchanged. Despite the football program’s success and prominence it is not the only sport being played by Golden Tornadoes this fall. Patrick Pizzarelli’s athletic department offers a host of teams Lawrence High School students can join to satiate their competitive desires, and according to Pizzarelli, the students are chomping at the bit. “Participation continues to go up. We’re getting a lot more kids involved and we also want them to improve academically too,” said Pizzarelli. He said that the last few years his goals of academic improvement among the athletes have been met.

Lawrence High School athletic director Patrick Pizzarelli is very proud of his reigning Nassau County champion football team, but has high hopes for all of his Lawrence teams, as well as high expectations for their grades.

team has not enjoyed the success of their male counterparts, but head coach David Mayerson, a former student at Lawrence High School, was brought in last year and the team got better, according to Pizzarelli. “Boys soccer has been in the playoffs every year or on the verge,” said Pizzarelli. “Even though we’ve only had one practice we’re expecting a playoff season.” He also expressed confidence in the direction of the girls soccer program. “The girls haven’t won a lot but last year they won more than one or two games. We’ve seen improvement.” Pizzarelli showed comparable confidence in the golf and cross country programs. He noted that Lawrence is returning their top two golfers and had a young team last season

that is now more experienced. As far as the two cross-country squads go, “We aren’t going to light anything on fire, but we’ll definitely compete and represent Lawrence well.” Still, Lawrence’s athletic director couldn’t hide his excitement for the upcoming gridiron men. “We have the number-one rated team in the conference in football, that plays on our synthetic turf field which we believe is the best on Long Island.” Pizzarelli also said that he is happy with all his teams as long as they “play the game right, behave like good sportsmen, and represent themselves and Lawrence the way they should. Obviously injuries in any sport can change things, but besides that we’re optimistic about all our fall sports teams.”

Pick Wick Defeats The White Shul, Remains Undefeated By Raimundo Ortiz


hen the White Shul and Pick Wick took the field Sunday morning, Pick Wick was looking to protect their spotless record this season while The White Shul was fighting for their playoff lives. Unfortunately for The White Shul, their desperation could not pull off the win, falling 4-1. With their ace Eli Shapiro on the hill, The White Shul began the game well enough. After retiring leadoff hitter Ephraim Templeman, Shapiro walked Evan Blachman then surrendered singles to Adam Ofman and Shmuel Gestetner. Shapiro buckled down after that inducing a groundout to the mound by Yossi Davidson that forced out Blachman at home plate, and then a pop up to short by Ezzy Unger to end the inning without any damage done. In the bottom of the first Doniel Pearlman slapped a single, moved to third on an Ari Glazer single, and then scored on a third base hit by Dovid Bloom. Pick Wick starter Ushi Rosen retired the next two batters to end the inning, but The White Shul had jumped out to a 1-0 lead in this must-win contest. In the top of the second, Rosen led off with a single for Pick Wick, but the eight, nine, and ten hitters were dispatched quietly by Shapiro to end the threat. The bottom of the second was the mirror image of the top. Number seven hitter and starting pitcher Shapiro singled to

(From left) Yossi Davidson, Ephraim Templeman, Ezzy Unger, Shmuel Gestetner, Ari Bodner, Adam Ofman, Evan Blachman, Bari Azman, and Ushi Rosen, and Zemi Unger, comprise Pick who knocked off The White Shul 4-1 on Sunday, keeping their record a pristine 8-0 while dropping The White Shul to 4-4. Pick Wick has a chance to complete an unbeaten season against 0-8 Woodsburgh on Sunday. lead off followed by three consecutive outs, the last of which was a strikeout looking. After two The White Shul was clinging to their one-run lead. In the bottom of the third, Pick Wick came alive. Templeman kicked off the third frame with a double. Blachman flew out to right field in the next atbat, but Ofman bailed him out with an RBI triple. Gestetner sin-

gled home Ofman and just like that The White Shul’s lead disappeared into thin air. The bottom of the third was a fruitless endeavor for The White Shul. Pearlman worked a one-out walk but he was the only base runner in the inning. Shapiro showed toughness in the top of the fourth, retiring Ari Bodner, Bari Azman, and Zemi Unger in order, hoping the of-

fense would come alive behind him. The bottom of the fourth inning only brought more frustration, however, for The White Shul who seemed to be pressing. Zezzy Fuld, Sruly Lieber, and Shapiro were retired onetwo-three and the entire lineup seemed to be under a spell cast by Rosen. In the top of the fifth, Pick Wick cemented their lead. Evan

Blachman jump-started the offense with a one-out single, followed by a pop-up out by Ofman and a single by Gestetner. With Blachman on third and Gestetner on first, Yossi Davidson rose to the occasion and cracked a two-run double to push Pick Wick’s advantage to 4-1. The bottom of the fifth was gloomy for The White Shul, as Aaron Jonas was the only person able to get

on base, via base on balls. Shapiro never showed frustration with the offense’s inability to score runs and kept his composure on the mound. He got Rosen to fly out to center field, then surrendered a hard single to Bodner. After the single, he set down the ninth and tenth hitters to end the inning. The bottom of the fifth showed promise for The White Shul, but was eventually snuffed out by Rosen. Pearlman tried to spark the team with a leadoff single, his second hit of the game and the third time he reached base in his three at-bats. Glazer flew out to right field and then Bloom singled. With men on first and second with only one out, powerhitting outfielder Fuld stepped up to the dish and hit the ball hard to right field, only to see it settle into a mitt for the second out of the inning. The story was the similar for Lieber, who failed to drive in a run on his hard liner to left field. After Pick Wick was retired in order in the top of the seventh and final inning, Rosen coldly slammed the door on The White Shul after a leadoff double by Shapiro. The 4-1 loss could be a death blow to The White Shul’s playoff hopes. Captain Sruly Lieber lamented the midseason vacation of Shapiro that cost him two games. “Those two games without Shapiro killed us,” said Lieber. “It’s a totally different season if he doesn’t go on vacation.” Pick Wick will be defending their 8-0 season against winless Woodsburgh (0-8) this Sunday.

Girls Volleyball, Boys Soccer Looking Strong for LWA By Raimundo Ortiz

The boys’ varsity soccer team was also a strong component of LWA’s athletic program last year, finishing their season second in the IPPSAL standings and bowing out of the semifinals in the playoffs. According to Weiss, the Tigers’ are returning the nucleus of the team and only lost two starters to graduation. He is expecting another competitive season and playoff berth. They will kick off the year against The Waldorf School of Garden City on September 12th. The girls’ soccer team was not as successful on the pitch as the boys, but


awrence Woodmere Academy Athletic Director Jeff Weiss has high hopes for the school’s fall sports program, and expects his teams to compete at a high level and represent LWA with equal prowess. Weiss touted LWA’s girls’ volleyball team as perhaps the school’s finest unit. “The girls’ volleyball team was very strong last year,” said Weiss. “They were second in the league (Independent Private Parochial School Athletic League) last year and are returning four of their six starters. These girls were just points away from winning the league.” They begin their season September 20th against The Kew Forest School.


Ask About our Affordable Annual Maintenance Plan! “The Neighborhood Leader in Roofing Service!”



Lawrence Woodmere Academy athletic director and varsity boys’ basketball coach Jeff Weiss, who is a 2010 inductee of the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame.

Standard Style


Saving the Universe





Page B1




Vol. I No. XIX | | | Ph.# 516-341-0445


JULY 29 - AUGUST 4, 2011



Standard Associate Editor

Standard Staff Reporter

On August 1st, Nassau residents will head to the polls to vote on a $400 million bond issue that would allow for the construction of a new sports arena at the current location of the Nassau Coliseum, this would be the new home for the New York Islanders. However, the general consensus is that the average Five Towner hasn’t even heard of the plan on the special election. The plan would keep the team in the county through 2045 under the deal, as well as provide a new venue for concerts and other events. The bond also calls for the construction of a baseball stadium that would be home to an Atlantic League of Professional Baseball team. Nassau County’s Office of Legislative Budgeting says the plan will cost the average Nassau County homeowner on a property worth $400,000, about $58 per year, however County Executive Ed Mangano has projected that the plan will cost tax payers an average





Peninsula Hospital Center in Far Rockaway is in a “deep financial crisis,” and may soon have to close if no solution is reached. “Peninsula has been struggling financially for several years prior to its sponsorship by MediSys, the Queens and Brooklyn based network that has attempted to make Peninsula financially viable in the current difficult economic market… Without a long-term solution that puts Peninsula Hospital

Photo by Jonathan Walter

Paddling ducks patrol the shoreline at Willow Pond in Hewlett

No Solutions in Sight for Plane Noise TEXT AND PHOTOS BY SCOTT P. MOORE Representatives from the FAA and JFK Airport assured residents and local government officials action was being taken to try and alleviate air traffic noise at a Monday evening meeting of the Town-Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee (TVASNAC) in Lawrence Village Hall.

“This is not a rehash of the previous meeting,” noted TVASNAC executive director Kendall Lampkin, calling the meeting a “part two” instead. He clarified TVASNAC was not a lobbying group, but rather a sounding board for both residents and officials to discuss solutions. “We reemphasized what the criteria for runway selection are,” noted David Siewart, Air Traffic Manager at the JFK Air

Inwood resident Nancy Manara thought it was “the end of the world” when planes were taking off continuously over her home.

Traffic Control Tower. The criteria are, in order, as follows — availability, wind and weather, and operational efficiency. He said surveys were being taken to make sure that officials follow the standards and procedures in place to keep noise levels down. A single-noise reaction committee, suggested at last month’s meeting by Lampkin, was


Center on the path to fiscal recovery, an organized closure may be the only option,” they said. Neighboring hospital, St, John’s Episcopal is preparing in the event that Peninsula does close. “We are very saddened and concerned by Peninsula’s situation,” said Nelson Toebbe, CEO of St. John’s in a statement. “Peninsula has been a valuable resource to this community for decades. We have been aware for some time of the financial challenges Peninsula faces and we have both short-term and long-term plans in place to care for Peninsula patients who wish to use our services.” In preparation, St. John’s said in a statement that once the state approves their expansion plans, they will start increasing the capacity of the emergency room, ambulatory care, surgery, intensive care and in-patient facilities, Toebbe said. St. Johns may also hire Peninsula employees if Peninsula closes. They number of employees hired will vary, but it could be 250 employees, nursing staff in particular. “We will do our best to be


Standard Staff Reporter

Trinity-St. John’s Episcopal Church, a parish with an unmistakeable landmark house of worship on Broadway in Hewlett, recently celebrated its 175th anniversary. “We are acknowledging the legacy given to us,” said Reverend Owen Thompson, Rector of the parish for the last six years. “We are looking, not only at the past, but the present and the future.” Thompson said the anniversary was significant for his con-

gregation especially due to the changes in both the demographics of the local area, especially with many churches closing, and how people perceive God in their everyday lives. “We are here to stay… and there’s much we want to continue to do for the next 175 years.” Trinity Church was founded on May 3rd, 1836 as Trinity Chapel, a mission of St. George’s Church in Hempstead. The chapel itself would be erected and completed a year later on May 8th when it was consecrated by the Bishop of the Diocese of New

York. The chapel, moved 100 feet north of its original location during the 1870’s to make room for the current church, now serves as the home of Trinity Church’s offices, school, and social events. The chapel would separate from St. George’s in 1844 and be called Trinity Church, Rockaway. In May 1878, the current church building would open its doors for the growing population of the area. In 1978, Trinity Church would merge with Far Rockaway’s St. John’s Church to form Trinity-St. John’s Church, due to decreased attendance and finan-

A stained glass window shows Trinity Church’s history as of 1936.

What the Well-Dressed Student Will Be Wearing This Fall BY SUSAN VARGHESE

Glitz and glam minidresses from Heartloom at Flirt boutique lau laughing. “But, they fit amazing. It’s a pa for everyone. Half the battle is getpant ti women to try it on, but oncee they ting d they love it. It’s about how you u put do, t look together to bring it into o curthe rent times.” Other must-haves include the leathwhich er Ponte pant, and a parka (which ackBonauito explains as a light jacket with a touch of fur which iss “yummy”). As for tops, the more shoulders, the better. “There are still a lot of tops that are one shoulder, cold shoulder, or a cutt out sleeve. Plus, nobody has bad ad wing shoulders. It’s a way of showing ut beenough skin to be sexy without ing self conscious.” Tops and pants at Lonny’s start at $48. oad• Lonny’s is located at 1312 Broadcom. way in Hewlett. (516) 569-4884.


Sheryl David Sh Leggings are essential, and vests embelLeg mbellished with fur are the best way to make ke a state anagstatement this fall. Sheryl David Manager, D Diane Lipton explained, “ Leggingss are alw always important because it pairs perfectly with peoples’ boots. Women spend pend a lot of money on their high boots, so they something tight to get the look.” need som Besides footwear, Lipton suggested pairing ring leggings with a long sweater and scarf. “A great reat oversized cash ings cashmere sweater works with leggings and tight jeans. It works with everything,” Lipton ton said. She noted tha that for chillier days, a sweater blazerr is a unique touch with atwithout being too stiff or heavy. Sweaters start at $82, trouser art trousers and jeans start at $110, vests start at a $100, and belts and sscarves start at $30. To minimize shopping in excess, Lipton emphasized the iming to portance of focusing on pie pieces. “Always try and think is it going make my wardrobe better? Is it going to add to it? “ • Sheryl David is located at 1584 Broadway in Hewlett. (516) 2951412.


Wide-leg trousers from Beyond Vintage at Sheryl David’s

For a perfect first day outfit, pair cuffed grey trouser shorts (($19.80) ($ 19.80) paired with knee-highs or tights, a feminine peasant ttop to p and some Oxfords. Forever 21 is located in The G een Acres Mall in Valley Gr Green Stream. (516) 256-0700.

Standard Associate Editor



bit up. Give it a little extra.” A couple of practice swings and a putt later, the ball sinks into the hole with a stereotypical “plunk.” “Nice putt, Jim!” said Sable, as he put the flag back in, collected Marigotta and friends’ golf clubs and headed to the next hole. “Thanks,” said a grinning Marigotta before stepping off to the side to let his friend Paul Amttie take his shot. “Golf runs in my stepfather’s blood,” Sable explained. His stepfather, Cameron Wood, is the one of the country club’s pros on staff. “He takes me out here sometimes and gives me lessons. I’d like to be good at this some day.” Sable said his stepfather got him his position at Inwood to help him make money during high school. Now after completing his undergraduate studies and moving on to earn a Master’s in special education, Sable caddies to earn extra money Caddy Jon Sable helps a golfer aim up his putt on the third hole.

Going Back to School in Style

An ode to the 70’s complete with wide leg pants, brick reds, browns, and terracottas are how Lonny’s Buyer, Ellie Bonaiuto envisions fall fashion. “It’s kind of re-inventing the 70’s. The flare and the wide leg pant are very important, denim especially. Corduroys have made a big comeback.” Corduroys are now more than just a childhood memory, Bonauito explained. “It’s definitely reminiscent of being 13 again,” she said

A Day in the Life of a Local Golf Caddy

C l a s s i f i e d s B 8 • E d i t o r i a l s A 8 • M i l k T r a c k e r A 3 • M o v i e s B 8 • S p o r t s B 5 • We a t h e r A 5



cial strains for both houses of worship. The former St. John’s Church, also called Trinity Chapel, is now owned by Beth-El Temple Church of God in Christ and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The church itself is gothic in design and features a trademark large spire atop the building, with white siding and a large flower-like glass window facing out towards Broadway. It was designed by architect Josiah Cleveland Cady of New York City


A golf ball rests on the green no less than five feet from the hole, on a barely noticeable hill which is tormenting its owner from putting it in its final resting place. Jimmy Margiotta, a food services business owner from Long Beach, is crouched down staring at the slight incline, using his putter for leverage. A slight frown appeared on his face before he stands up. “Jon!” he called out. “What do you think? Slightly uphill, right?” A young man donning a green pull-over vest atop a white polo and khaki shorts jogs over from where he was holding the hole’s flag marker and crouches down where Margiotta had been a moment before. He observes it and squints for a moment as the sun bakes the course. “Oh yeah,” says Jon Sable, his golf caddy for the day, with a quick smile and light pat to Marigotta’s back. Sable is a 22 year old graduate student at Manhattanville College and has been a golf caddy at Inwood Country Club for six years. “That’s just a

Standard Staff Reporter

ur vests, and oversized sweaters in brick reds, blacks, and jewel tones are just some of the trends that fashion-forward female Five Towners will be wearing this season. Fur seems to reign as the top trend among local stores like Lonny’s, Flirt, and Sheryl David. Contrary to popular belief, however, fur doesn’t have to be a splurge; faux-fur capelets and vests are practical, chic, and versatile. Using accessories like a waist-cinching belt or layering a sweater underneath makes it flattering for nearly everyone. When it comes to showing skin, less is more, but off-the-shoulder tops and dresses with open-backs will add a touch of allure without giving too much away. Fitted cardigans have been traded in for chunky sweaters, leaving prim and proper styles in the past for a more relaxed and bohemian look. Leggings and a good pair of jeans are fundamental, but options like leather leggings and flared jeans create more interesting looks. Corduroys are an emerging trend rising in popularity, and some buyers, like at Lonny’s, swear that the impeccable fit make it a must-have.


Hewlett’s Trinity Church Celebrates 175th Anniversary

By Scott P. Moore

Fur vests from Heartloom at Flirt boutique

Standard Associate Editor

A knitted poncho at Flirt boutique

In the world of dresses and flirty casual wear, black is back, lace is in, and fur is taking over. “Start with a little fur vest, layered with a bulky sweater, and finish it with a belt,” advised buyer and stylist, Maria Danca. To transition a summer piece into fall, like a long and whimsical maxi skirt, pair it with a sweater or leather jacket, Danca said. Emeralds, sapphires, and deep purples are this season’s go-to colors. The jewel tones and a touch of sequins or beads are just the right amount of glitz, according to Danca. “No matter what figure you have, a safe dress is a beaded dress because it’s forgiving of figure flaws.” As far as lengths and cuts go, Danca noted that a micro-mini only really works for beaded dress, but a dress hitting right above the knee is sophisticated and classic. High necklines and open backs in dresses add flair without going too over the top, Danca said. The average price of tops and dresses are $98-$398. “Buy the navy or black dress, or a beautiful silk top,” Danca added. “They last. Invest in classic pieces and add trend with an accessory.” Flirt was opened a little over a year ago by owner, Carla Haynes. Danca is previously the owner of The Strapless Dress boutique in Lynbrook. “Flirt is a place you come for a special occasion, for a birthday dress, party dress, date dress, dress,” Danca said. “It’s a more going out look. We have a few long, formal gowns, too.” • Flirt is located at 5 Franklin Avenue in Hewlett. (516) 295-0206. Flirtfabulous. com.

Standard Sports

Golden Tornadoes Advance to Semi-Finals vs. Lynbrook

Fur, Flare, Sequins and Sweaters Set the Styles



Lawrence Rumbles Through Hewlett 62-32

F A L L :

ack to school signals much more than class and homework, it’s also the perfect time to start fresh with a new fall wardrobe. From polka dots to fringes and hoodies, there are a few new back-to-school looks that are essential for everyone from elementary to high school.

Max & Gino’s

Denny’s At Denny’s, guys have some unique options to stand out on the first day of school. “Volcom sweatshirts are very big. There’s a hood that also zips over ov ver their face and boys get su uch a such kick out of it and nd love it,” Ma Mann ager, Sher errii Sherri said. Asid de Aside

Hewlett’s Jermey Leguillow gets great blocking on a run up the middle. Lawrence seemed more than eager to put the nails in the coffin as Tyler Fredericks rushed 56 yards down the field on the team’s next possession for another touchdown, giving the Golden Tornadoes a 26-10 lead, followed by a two-point conversion from Lawrence sophomore quarterback Joe Capobianco to freshman wide receiver Jordan Fredericks, Ryan and Tyler’s brother, for a 28-10 lead. Hewlett turned the ball over on downs in four plays and the Golden Tornadoes took advantage. Capobianco threw 35 yards to wide receiver Eddie Robinson for another touchdown. The extra point kick was good and Lawrence went up 35-10. The Bulldogs refused to go down quietly and mounted a huge comeback. On their next possession, Leguillow rushed two yards into the end zone to bring the team within 18 points at 35-17. An onside kick gave Hewlett the ball back and the Bulldogs capitalized with quarterback Zach Richman throwing to wide receiver Sam Grill for an 11-yard touchdown pass. A faked

extra point kick turned into two more points as Grill ran the ball into the end zone to tighten the lead to 35-25 at half time. After the teams came back on the field in the third quarter, Hewlett continued to pick up steam. Two plays into Lawrence’s possession, Capobianco was picked off giving Hewlett the ball deep in their own zone. The possession produced no points, but the shock and anger was evident on the Lawrence bench. On the Bulldogs next possession, Richman found wide receiver Sam Martorella for 16 yards and another touchdown. The Bulldogs closed the gap to three points at 35-32. The tight score seemed to wake up the beast in the Lawrence offense, however. Tyler Fredericks rushed 72 yards down the field into the end zone for a touchdown, his third of the day, and putting the Golden Tornadoes up 42-32. The Lawrence defense, seemingly missing in the second quarter, prevented the Bulldogs from getting a first down on their next possession and quickly got the ball back to the offense.

Photo by Jonathan Walter.

3rd Quarter













1st Quarter

4th Quarter


H - Eliman, 30 yard field goal L - Ryan Fredericks run, five yards (Fragner kick) L - Tyler Fredericks run, six yards (Fragner kick) L - Ryan Fredericks run, one yard (two point fail) H - Leguillow run, 10 yards (Eliman kick) L - Tyler Fredericks run, 56 yards (Capobianco pass to J. Fredericks) L - Capobianco pass to Robinson, 35 yards (Fragner kick) H - Leguillow run, one yard (Eliman kick) H - Richmond pass to Grill, six yards (Grill run) H - Mortorella run, 17 yards (Eliman kick) L - Tyler Fredericks run, 76 yards (Fragner kick) L - Ryan Fredericks run, six yards (Fragner kick) L - Capobianco pass to Tyler Fredericks, 50 yards (kick failed) L - Ryan Fredericks run, six yards (Fragner kick)

Ryan Fredericks fumbles on a run, but was recovered by Lawrence later in the play. A seven-play, 75-yard drive for Lawrence was capped by Ryan Fredericks running into the end zone to give the Golden Tornadoes a 49-32 lead starting the fourth quarter. Hewlett lost control on their next possession with a fumble recovered by the Lawrence defense near the middle of the field. The offense hit the gas as Capobianco threw a huge pass from the 50-yard line

Text and Photos By Scott P. Moore

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2nd Quarter



to Tyler Fredericks into the end zone to give Lawrence a comfortable 55-32 lead. Hewlett’s final chances were squandered as the Lawrence defense became a solid wall, allowing only five plays before Hewlett kicked it away. The Golden Tornadoes responded by putting the icing on the game as Ryan Fredericks ran the ball five yards for his fourth touchdown

Photo by Jonathan Walter.

and a 62-32 final score. Hewlett ends the season 4-4 and 0-1 in the playoffs while number two-ranked Lawrence, 7-1 in the regular season and 1-0 in the playoffs, will move on to face number-three Lynbrook on Saturday in a semifinal playoff game at Hofstra University Stadium at 10:00 a.m. See our Semifinals Preview for a look at the LynbrookLawrence matchup.

Despite Close Call, Lawrence Runs Away to Victory Skinny jeans paired Flow Society shorts and a vest from Denny’s A loose and effortless t-shirt paired with a touch of fringe from Max & Gino’s

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he Lawrence Golden Tornadoes ended the Hewlett Bulldogs’ season after defeating them 62-32 in the first round of the Conference III playoffs at Lawrence High School on Saturday afternoon. Hewlett received the ball first and things looked promising on the team’s first drive down the field that took the Bulldogs 87 yards over 11 plays, but the Lawrence defense prevented Hewlett from reaching the end zone. The Bulldogs were forced to go for the field goal which put the team up 3-0. Lawrence struck right back on their first possession with senior runningback Ryan Fredericks rushing four yards for his first touchdown of the day and a 7-3 Golden Tornadoes lead in the first quarter. Ryan’s brother, junior runningback Tyler Fredericks, also added another touchdown in the opening minutes of the second quarter to give Lawrence a 14-3 lead. Two plays into Hewlett’s first possession of the second quarter, Lawrence defender Mike Fragner intercepted the ball and ran it over 30 yards to the Hewlett 11yard line. Two plays later, Ryan Fredericks rumbled through the Hewlett defensive line and barely into the end zone for another touchdown, giving Lawrence a 20-3 lead. Hewlett, down 17, was not finished though. On the Bulldogs’ next possession, the offense pushed down the field 55 yards before Jeremy Leguillow rushed nine yards into the end zone, bringing Hewlett back within ten at 20-10.

boundaries. “It is all layering ring in polka dots, plaids and stripes with collegiate te pieces. We are obsessed ssed with adding a masculine culine flair g; Oxfords to everything; and printed bow ties and bowlerr hats are our favorite way to accessories !” for the season!”

with loose-fitting shirts with Aztec style designs are in, assistant manager Josie Sorbara explained. “A great first day outfit would be a printed


Towns rival Hewlett in the first round of the Conference III playoffs. “The same broken record – we’re tough offensively and hard to stop,” said Martillotti. “As long as we have the ball though, it’s really hard to stop us.” The Bulldogs struggled throughout most of the game trying to find a way to stop the Golden Tornadoes. Runningback brothers Ryan and Tyler Fredericks showed off why they had a reason to be feared, each scoring four touchdowns during the game accounting for over third-quarters of the team’s points on those plays. “No matter what they did today, we were still throwing the ball, running


he mood during the “Five Towns Bowl II” – Hewlett-Lawrence matchup – at Lawrence High School dramatically changed during the second quarter – the normally loud and rabid Golden Tornado fan base were stuck in a stunned silence as they watched the team’s 25-point lead slip away during the second quarter as the defense allowed three touchdowns to score. “Defensively there during the second quarter, we had a little bit of a brain fart,” said Coach Joe Martillotti. The team gave up the majority of its lead during the final eight minutes of the second quarter. “They had a couple of big plays on us and that on-side kick.” During the Hewlett comeback, the only sounds from Lawrence’s fans, coaches and some players was to referees as six flags came out for penalties, most against the Golden Tornadoes. Heading into half time, the mood was eerie – the players looked a little shocked and the fans, while applauding, could

Running back Tyler Fredericks makes a huge jump into the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter. be heard saying “if we win this game” rather than “when we win this game” they had all said earlier in the quarter. With the score standing at 35-

32 Lawrence in the third quarter, the Golden Tornadoes’ offense suddenly reawoke and scored 27 unanswered points to the relief of worried fans and leading the

team to a 62-32 win over Five

the ball,” Martillotti said. “We’re just talented on all fronts.” It was the starting defense though, which had shined in the team’s previous three games by not allowing a single point, that gave up the lead. “It is what it is,” he said, shrugging. “It’s a matter of time though because when we get the ball, we’re going to score.” Notes: QB Joe Capobianco was 9 for 15 on passes during the game, throwing for one touchdown and one interception... Ryan Fredericks scored four touchdowns in the game, giving him thirteen straight games with a touchdown since last season... 62 points was a new season high for Lawrence’s offense, but the 32 points given up was the most in four games as well... wide receiver Eddie Robinson had one of his best days of the year with two receptions and one touchdown as well as two fumble recoveries on defense.

Hewlett’s (#6) Sam Martorella cannot keep Lawrence’s Tyler Fredericks (#3) from running down the field in the second half.

Heartbreaking End to Bulldogs’ Football Season school halls, Sherri noted. However, basic must-haves are pencil skirts ($22-$60) that can be paired with printed wide-dolman sleeved tops, and Sugar lips tank tops, which are a necessity for layering. In accessories, “feathers, feathers and more feathers!” Sherri said. Soda pop bracelets and slap watches are a colorful and youthful way to add some life to any outfit. For younger girls, Sherri advised to stock up on the Hello

By Jonathan Walter

Standard Staff Reporter


Looks from The Children’s Place

Hewlett running back Jeremy Leguillow bounces off of a defender as he makes his way toward the end zone for a touchdown.

Photo by Jonathan Walter

ewlett Bulldogs Varsity Football saw its season come to an end on Saturday when they fell to the Lawrence Golden Tornadoes in the second slugfest between the two teams this season. Hewlett got back into the game when, down 35-10 in the second quarter, they scored 22 straight points to make it a three point game. That was all she wrote for the Bulldogs though, as Lawrence dashed their hopes by stepping up defensively and scoring 27 un-

answered points of their own to win 62-32. “We fought hard,” Starting Running Back Jeremy Leguillow said. “It’s just that we couldn’t finish in the second half. They are a very good team, but I feel like we should have won. They came back hard and we didn’t know what to do. We didn’t regroup the way we wanted to, but it was a good game.” Leguillow scored two rushing touchdowns in the game for Hewlett. “I’m just so happy that I got to play on Varsity this year,” Leguillow said. “All of the seniors are

like crying right now. They wish we had this game back, but it was a great experience and a great season.” After the game, Hewlett Head Coach Jay Iaquinta was not pleased with the result, but was happy about his team’s performance. “We are real proud of our kids,” Iaquinta said. “All we asked them to do is give us effort for the full 48 minutes. We’re thrilled with the effort they gave us. We had a lot of adversity. We had some injuries and a lot of things to deal with. These kids persevered all the way through and never stopped fighting. Lawrence is a re-

ally good football team. We probably had to score one more time in the third quarter. We didn’t and that gave them an opportunity to score. It kind of got away from us.” Iaquinta is looking forward to next season now and is excited about some of his breakout players making strides next year. “We have some good kids coming back in Richman and Leguillow plus some good kids at the end,” Iaquinta said. “We’re a grunt team. We have to work hard and we have to make up for deficiencies with hard work in the off-season.”

Weiss chalked that up to their youth. “Girls’ soccer was very young last year, but we have two ninth graders that are exciting,” said Weiss. Weiss noted that relying on ninth graders does not help the fact that the Lady Tigers’ youth was a problem last season, but he believes the new players’ talent overrides that concern. These new additions will get to strut their stuff on the road September 19th when they take on The Waldorf School of Garden City. LWA also offers a co-ed cross-country team that is always competitive if rarely spectacular. Weiss trumpeted the turnout that LWA sports teams attract, and is very proud of the school’s “no-cut” policy. “Large groups of kids participate here and is a philosophy of ours to be

competitive but also give everyone an opportunity to play,” said Weiss. “I don’t want to be the person to tell a 16-year old kid that he can’t do what he wants to do. We give our kids a chance to play and achieve their goals and we’ve also remained very competitive.” Their season starts on September 20th when they will try to outrun Long Island Lutheran. Academically, Weiss said participating athletically has generally been a positive in the classroom. “This school is tough. The courses are rigid and the kids take lots of AP classes,” said Weiss. “It’s preparing them for college. I think it gives them better time management skills. The standards are high academically but our athletes tend to be on the higher end of that spectrum.”

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Inwood Country Club Captures 2012 NSMTL Title


nwood Country Club won the NSMTL Championship on August 21, 2012 defeating the Shelter Rock Rebels in the final held at Inwood Country Club. Captained by Jonathan Klee and Co Captained by Lionel Goldberg, Inwood Country Club finished in a three way tie for 2nd place in the regular season. Inwood defeated Piquet Lane in the Quarter Finals and Engineers Country Club in the Semi Finals on the way to their first ever NSMTL title. The North Shore Men’s Tennis League (NSMTL) or Tuesday

Night League as it is known currently consists of 10 teams with clubs and players from all over Long Island and New York City. The Inwood Country Club team which is predominantly made up of club members is the only team from the South Shore of Long Island which has home tennis courts. Match play consists of five doubles courts on a har tru surface and rosters are limited to 30 players per team. Each team plays a nine-match schedule with the top eight teams advancing to the playoffs. Limited to players 35 years of age



and over (each team is allowed one player over 30 to play at one time), the teams are also limited to playing one teaching professional over the age of 50 and/or one USTA ranked 5.0 player at a time. Inwood Country Club used their Head Pro David Brent in this position. Founded in 1983, prior winners of the NSMTL Championship include Piquet Lane, Shelter Rock, Roslyn Country Club, South Shore, North Shore, Fleetwood, Cove Tennis Center, Carefree, Great Neck Park, Country Estates, Woodbury and Cold Spring Valley.














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Howa r d Ba r banel

Animal People

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Maur y Wars hauer

By Miriam L. Wallach

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Rubeni a C a na s Office Manager

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Political Theater

y the time you read this, the balloons will have all descended on the GOP National Convention and the turbocharged delegates will have decamped for their respective homes. The Republican all-stars will have given their rhetorical all. Some Americans were persuaded to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket, some had their beliefs confirmed and some were unmoved entirely. Republicans proved they can field a diverse team of Baby Boomer and Gen-X women, blacks and Hispanics (and some were women and Hispanic) along with the usual cadre of middle-aged white guys. There is a stark contrast between the GOP’s positions and those of the Democrats, who’ll be having their convention after Labor Day in North Carolina. Aside from the multitude of giant screens behind the podium in Tampa, the GOP convention was a pretty standard and formulaic affair, its what we’ve come to expect from made-for-TV conventions in the last 20 years. Long gone are the days when nominations were in doubt, in play or subject to suspense. We listen to a hundred different ways to make the same point and the Democrats will do the same thing in their three days of speeches next week. Where the conventions will differ though is on the final night when the party’s nominee will make his acceptance speech. Like 2008 and every convention before, the GOP nominee makes his speech from the same podium everyone else spoke from. On the other hand, the Democrats, with the advent of Barack Obama have taken their show outdoors. In 2008 then candidate Obama spoke to a huge crowd at Denver’s Mile High Stadium. This year the Democrats are visiting Bank of America Stadium, home of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. The stadium seats about 74,000 plus more seating on the field. This is a far cry from traditional convention centers and basketball arenas that typically hold 15,000 to 20,000. Frankly, we find something oddly totalitarian-esque about political mega rallies with almost 100,000 people even though the intent is totally the opposite. Hordes of political acolytes in those numbers remind us of the endless sea of faces we see in televised images of North Korea’s Kim Jung Il personality cult rallies or the kind of thing we used to see on May Day in Red Square. That everything will be televised from probably two dozen cameras for consumption and inculcation of the broader masses is reminiscent of Leni Riefensthal’s Triumph of the Will. It’s not that the Republicans can’t put 80,000 in a stadium (no problem in the Sunbelt) it’s that never in our history were American political conventions turned into giant rallies of faceless masses walking in lockstep in salute to the “Great Leader.” The coming grandiosity of the Obama acceptance rally is indicative of the Democratic Party’s state of mind – spare no expense in pursuit of the goal regardless of whether it is fiscally prudent to do so or fits in with the way Americans have been doing things for centuries. The stadium rally is huge and expansive, just like the Obamacare legislation and just like the extra $5 trillion (that we didn’t have) spent by the President since assuming office. By the way, there are one million millions in one trillion, so the President’s unprecedented $5 trillion in spending amounts to five million millions. Boggles the mind. Kind of like the image the Democrats intend on projecting on TV to more than a hundred million Americans next week. From where we’re sitting the Democrats’ numbers are out of control whether in packing a football stadium or spending our grandchildren’s money (and borrowing from the Chinese to do so). In these tough economic times, a more scaleddown acceptance speech would have been more appropriate, just as a more scaled-down government will soon be a necessity if we’re to avoid becoming the next Greece.

Personal Liberty


n many respects there is a fundamental contradiction in logic that pervades a huge chunk of the Republican Party. At their convention there was no end of talk about freedom of this and freedom of that along with freedom from this and that. Yet there is one aspect of the GOP that is not in alignment with all of this and those are the areas of personal status – abortion and same-sex marriage. The GOP wants to ban both of these things. This is incompatible with advocating for all the other kinds of unbridled freedoms. We’ve written before that the government ought not be in the marriage business at all. Government shouldn’t be sanctifying any kind of intimate interpersonal relationships. Let folks sign civil property contracts and then have any ceremonies they want, free of government permission or registration. Additionally, abortion is the law of the land and it will take a constitutional amendment to overturn it (which is highly unlikely to pass most of the states) and even if that happened, individual states could still legalize it, as New York did before Roe vs. Wade. Given that, the GOP should not get into that debate. Thankfully, Mitt Romney is at least a moderate on the issue. For the GOP to become a true majority party, it needs to get out of the business of prissy Puritanism or any kind of religiouslytinged compulsory behavior and let grown-ups decide these things for themselves. Religious people won’t get many abortions or see a lot of Gay marriages. Secular people will. Live and let live. The GOP needs to be the party of personal freedom, not just of economic liberty. A party focused on fiscal, defense and foreign policy issues has a real shot at an enduring majority. Inserting oneself into peoples’ bedrooms is a losing proposition.




word of caution to my fellow Republicans; don’t go long on President Romney t-shirts. I’m pretty sure that in a district that went overwhelmingly for McCain in 2008, my vote included, Mitt does not have to worry about winning The Five Towns. Nonetheless, despite the conservative bent in suburban neighborhoods like ours, New York State is still blue and will likely go to Obama in November. The real battle for the White House will be fought in states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, the ubiquitous “swing states” where the outcome is less obvious and polls show a tight race. That is precisely why I’m bearish on Romney’s overall chances, he should be killing it, he’s not and the convention that nominated him is not helping. Romney may have had to make a right turn on the way to Tampa but if he doesn’t get into the middle lane soon, he’ll never reach Washington. Sorry folks, but Rick Santorum’s speech in prime time was just as scary as Pat Buchanan’s at the ‘92 GOP convention. I get it; he earned a spot there by winning a bunch of primaries, but unemployed and under-employed folks in Ohio and Pennsylvania care about their pocket books, not abortion. That bull in a china shop Chris Christie did not win Romney votes bashing unions and

Joel Moskowitz is a businessman and writer who resides in Lawrence NY. His blog “The Ranting Heeb” can be accessed at http://therantingheeb. -- Joel prides himself on being outspoken and welcomes all comments.

American labor, many of those people are conservative by nature but they have to eat. Even Ann Romney who was eloquent and elegant couldn’t help shed Mitt of his biggest albatross, the silver spoon, Wonder Bread image he has that just won’t play well in Allentown. Obama is a lot of things but he is not Jimmy Carter. The economy may still be dragging along, the recovery sluggish, but most people are not worse off than they were four years ago. They may not be better off, but unlike 2008 no one really thinks we’re moving completely backwards. Additionally, Obama has been anything but weak on national defense. An issue that buried Carter, it is unlikely to make any undecided voter’s top ten list this year. Romney needs to beat the drum of the one message that can get him elected; that the hope and change Obama promised never panned out. Lots of people were enamored with the image Obama portrayed in 2008 and he conveyed it quite well, just ask Hillary Clinton. He fed the hearts of a disappointed and dejected electorate with the image of transformative leadership – what they got was a mediocre technocrat who increased the national debt without creating too many jobs. Romney won’t win this election trying to convince people that Obama will take away their guns, that abortions will become available at your local CVS, that we are slowly becoming socialist, that he is anti-business, that he wasn’t born here or that he is a Muslim. He needs to convince people that he offers an alternative that will work, that he feels their pain and that despite anything said about him he can do the job of making people’s lives better. If we keep hearing about guns and abortion from the GOP, the likely result will be voters holding their nose while pulling the lever to reelect Obama.


Reject the Albany Pay Raise By Dr. David J. Sussman


ere’s a way to make more money. Tell your boss you just voted to give yourself a 20 percent raise. Sounds crazy, but rumor has it, that’s exactly what your representatives on the New York State legislature plan to do right after the November elections. By the way, the not-yet-scheduled salary bump is not so much a rumor, but more like the worst kept secret in Albany. Lawmakers deny planning an increase, but many are just as quick to justify such a move by pointing out that Albany’s last pay raise vote, for 36 percent, was back in 1999. Assembly Majority Leader Sheldon Silver supports the argument by saying that, “Any full-time job where there hasn’t been a raise in 14 years, people ought to look at it — if the economy is right.” His logic fails at several points. First, being an Albany legislator is not a full time job; it’s considered a part time job. Second, it’s hard to sympathize about the 14-year gap knowing that the base salary for a New York State lawmaker is already $79,500, the third highest in the nation. Ranking first and second are California ($95,000) and Pennsylvania ($82,000), respectively. Albany’s barely-secret pay hike scheme is to increase base salary to $100,000 in 2013, catapulting New York State’s lawmakers to the top of the salary scale. That’s even more money than it appears because the dollar value of the base salary increase is only the beginning. It doesn’t include the additional $171 representatives receive for every day they spend in Albany, and “lulus,” which are extra bonuses worth tens of thousands of dollars given to committee chairmen, and those in other in leadership positions. The largest failure in Majority Leader Silver’s statement is how he could even contemplate there being an “if” when it comes to the economy. Responding to the same question about a salary raise, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos dismiss-

Dr. Sussman has been a trustee on the Lawrence District School Board for 18-years. He is the Republican candidate for New York State Assembly in the 20th A.D.

es the 14-year gap, stating unambiguously that, “… circumstances now are you just can’t do it.” And the circumstances certainly are unambiguous. New York is still suffering the effects of America’s worst economic downturn since the 1930s, and remains mired in the slowest, weakest recovery in U.S. history. What can possibly be right in an economy where unemployment in New York City is about 10 percent, the Nassau police force is forced to downsize, and Nassau University Medical Center just lost over 400 jobs? Incredibly, where Majority Leader Silver’s “if” should have signaled the end of the discussion, was just the beginning. Just look at the cynical calculation to hide the truth about this raise until after elections -- when it’s too late to harm wobbly incumbents, and too soon to affect the next election cycle. It just spells out everything wrong with the corrupt and broken Albany culture. This is the same culture that created an unsustainable pension system, outrageous tenure policies, and the Tri-borough Amendment that precludes virtually any chance of fair union contract negotiations. Rigged for abuse, these contribute to forcing public sector salaries up and up, with no relief, by never failing to put the demands of special interests before the needs of regular taxpayers. Yet they say they need a raise. Does someone like incumbent Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg need a raise? While he takes home close to $200,000 a year (because he draws a salary and a pension for the same job), the median household income in New York is $55,603 -- and that’s only those fortunate enough to still have a job, and hold on their homes. I say, until Albany fixes the mess Albany made, we must answer their demand to take more of our money with our demand that they do no such thing. You can be sure I will not vote for a raise, nor will I support any raise until we fix the mess you sent your representatives to Albany to fix. New York is still in the thick of some pretty tough times: People are out of work, and in a lot of pain. The only raise our elected officials should be concerned about is to raise New Yorkers’ prospects for employment and financial security. If not, we should vote for our own raise. A raise in the quality of our leaders … and the quality of life we deserve.

s a child, I had always wanted a pet. Not looking for a fish or anything else I could not take for a walk, I asked my parents for a dog. “When you move out,” they said, insinuating that as long as I was living under their roof, it would not happen. The closest thing I was getting to a pet was my stuffed animal, “Scruffy”. As an adult, I like dogs, not cats, and have no interest in having a pet in my home. With a blessed and full house, I need no more mouths to feed. I even resent when the token goldfish is brought home from the local carnival. I have enough to do. And with every year that passes, I consider myself less of an “animal person,” and more of a “people person.” I will pet my neighbor’s dog as she walks him around the corner and even pick him up on occasion, but I do not want him staying with us while they go away on vacation. I respect that people love their pets and consider them part of the family, but I do not completely understand the craze of pet outfits and accessories which have erupted like a untapped market akin to striking gold. I am not knocking it nor am I passing judgment -- but I just don’t “get” it. I would not buy some of those luxury items for my own children, let alone a puppy. And while I would never think of putting my child in a car without the appropriate car seat or booster, I did not realize until recently that people had car seats for their dogs. Sitting recently at the nail salon (yes -- it seems many crazy things happen when I get my nails done), I received a thorough lesson from a woman near me about the lengths people will go to for their pets. The woman, who must have been in her 40s, was there with her mother who she says is constantly on her cell phone. She refers to her as a serial caller and even had to get a new phone plan for her mother because she went over on her minutes every month. “She’s like a Kardashian,” says the daughter, admitting that her mother spends even more time on the phone than her own children. While drying our nails, the woman is informed by her mother that the woman’s daughter is going to be meeting them, and is bringing the dog she is watching for someone. It seems that the dog needs to be taken out for a daily activity beyond just going for a walk and meeting them at the nail salon was the event for the day. “And the dog has a car seat,” she said. “Really?” I asked, incredulously. Before giving birth to my eldest, I knew the baby would not be released from the hospital if there was no infant car seat present. I be-


Miriam L. Wallach,

M.S. ed, M.A. is the General Manager of The Nachum Segal Network. Her show, “That’s Life,” can heard every Thursday @2pm ET on She lives in Woodmere with her husband and six children, who provide lots of love and plenty of material.




The Neil Armstrong Era – Boldly East End Boys and West End Girls Going Where No One Went Before. A

genuine piece of America passed away last Saturday. The man who really, truly boldly went where no man had gone before – Neil Armstrong, the first human being ever to leave the confines of Earth and set foot on any extraterrestrial body (that being the moon) was gathered up for one last voyage to the stars and beyond. Interestingly and coincidentally, I was at a dinner with a large group on Friday evening where some of the younger people in attendance brought up the subject of whether man had ever in fact landed on the moon. The various Hollywood sound stage conspiracy theories ricocheted across the room when I felt compelled to inform those born after the 1970s that like 600 million people in July 1969, I was a witness to history. I was an 11 year-old camper at a place called Camp Equinunk in rural Wayne County, Pennsylvania and they had a hotel atop a hill where parents would stay when visiting. This hotel had a big dining room and a large (well, for that time) 25-inch tube-fired TV which was wheeled in and about 100 of us got to watch the moon landing in real time in living black and white. There are nutty revisionists and deniers who feel the whole thing (and subsequent moon landings) were completely contrived, but I know what I saw. As a kid, to me it seemed that America in 1969 was a magical place of infinite possibilities. Aside from the moon landing, what could be more improbable than the expansion New York Mets winning the World Series or the expansion AFL New York Jets winning the Super Bowl? It was a time of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock on NBC, Larry Hagman as Major Anthony Nelson as the bemused astronaut on I Dream of Jeannie, Dr. Smith mucking things up in Lost in Space and Charlton Heston battling for the dignity of humanity in the first Planet of the Apes movie, which I saw for the first time that summer while lying on a blanket in the social hall of the aforementioned sleep away camp. To paraphrase Tom Wolfe, America to us kids at that time seemed like a “country in full.” Yes, the Vietnam War was raging but this concerned people seven to 10 years older than me and the other kids playing ball out in the street in front of our houses. We were busy living never-ending “Pleasant Valley Sundays,” riding our Schwinn Stingrays to the candy store. Our parents drove Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles in snot green or dark orange with black vinyl tops. A slice of pizza was a quarter and you could get an ice cream pop for ten to

15 cents. We collected 45 RPM “singles,” the way people download one song at a time now to their MP3 players and phones. There were but a few television stations, no way to record shows and we tended to live more of our lives in real time than it seems we do today. In the 60s we had JFK urging us to land a man on the moon “in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.” It was a time of LBJ prodding America towards civil rights and equality for all its citizens. It was a time of almost unparalleled economic prosperity and opportunity where we as a country dreamed big dreams and actually fulfilled a good many of them. Neil Armstrong was the physical embodiment of the metaphors for Americans in the 60s. He was handsome, heroic, modest and self-effacing. He was a man of few words and great deeds and those few words, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” in a sense were the preamble for the age of high technology that the space race ushered in, to a point where we now hold in our hands everyday the kind of gadgets that we used to see imagined on TV and in the movies. Armstrong was the “all-American boy,” the paradigm for what so many of us then young boys aspired to be regardless of our backgrounds, ethnicity or science skills. Armstrong represented an America of really big dreams and of infinite possibility. Today, what passes for discourse in this country? Celebrity divorces? Politicians vilifying and dehumanizing one another over the relative merits of the federal budget? For that kid sitting cross-legged on the floor that July evening in 1969 it seemed as though there was nothing America couldn’t do. Simon and Garfunkel asked “where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?” For us in our time, it might very well be “where have you gone Neil Armstrong?” We hope he’s looking down on us from that big lunar module in the sky and puts in a good word for America with celestial “mission control,” because if our country deserves blessings going forward it’s in part due to the kind of people we’ve produced like Neil Armstrong.


Clergy Exemption Costing Millions To the Editor, I just received a printout from the Nassau County Department of Assessment listing the 608 private homes granted a NYS Real Property Law 460 ( Minister/Clergy) exemption. As I have previously written there are 45 alone in my school district, Hewlett-Woodmere. This exemption of $1,500 gets inflated to an average of over $12,000 in Hewlett-Woodmere due to the 0.25 percent equalization rate used in calculating the assessed value.  These vastly inflated, exempted taxes, unintended by the state,  gets passed along to all other taxpayers. How many unintended millions are passed along to other tax payers throughout the county? And...why is no one writing about this? How big of a mistake does this have to be before somebody writes something?

C. Brozik Woodmere

Web Comments on Neil Armstrong Article Above The “Zeitgeist” column above by Standard Editor Howard Barbanel appeared originally this past Sunday (August 26th) on The Huffington Post. Because it had been on the web for nearly a week before being printed in this issue of The Standard we are able to share reader reaction from around the country to the piece while you get to read it in print on this page. HuffPost reader Anne Siperek said: “Wonderful post! I was twelve and on my parents 38

foot cabin cruiser, docked in some marina on the Chesapeake Bay. I believe on the east coast it was late at night. And hot and humid! But oh so magical. Truly and honor to have him as a fellow American.” Many people who comment online use pseudonyms such as “the mighty aberird” who remarked that, “There were many downer aspects to 1969, but one does recall it as an era when many public figures behaved like Armstrong, a time when reticence, modesty and dignity were highly prized attributes. There were colorful demagogues and hatemongers back then, but they had less power & fewer platforms from which to spew their bile. I enjoyed the references to cars, etc. My friend’s parents had a TV with a remote control that was the size of a brick of cheesevery impressive then!” Web poster “Peabodies” posed the following question: “Am I the only one who remembers that this momentous event happened in the early a.m. hours on the East Coast, at night? Someone on HuffPo, claims it happened in late afternoon. Someone can’t fool with my memory.” Mark Dorseysr remarked that, “There are million issues facing us today, and I know there were a million back in 69, and like the author I was just a kid (13) then but one thing is for sure.. That era of “can do” has turned into “can’t do”. I will readily agree that spending is out of control and we waste a boatload of money, BUT, the moon landing, and the exploration that went before to get us there were all a product of the National Effort to do so.. Mo-

tives aside.. this was not private enterprise, this was our nation, being great.. Your tax $$ at work. To think we can so lower taxes that we are out of the hole is such a simplistic view it just amazes me that our entire presidential election is going to be based on this. If you want to be great again, it is going to cost something.” Blogger “BassguyGG” stated that “July 20, 1969 was perhaps America’s finest hour in my lifetime. Certainly, I have never been as proud to be an American as I was that night! People forget that these astronauts risk their lives every time they launh. Tragedies like Apollo 1, Apollo 13, Space Shuttle Challenger will always remind us that as hard as we may try to minimize it, there will always be a risk in “Boldly Going Where No Man has Gone Before.” Neil Amstrong was a true American hero who always seemed to handle the “First Man on The Moon” mantle with grace. I’m sure it had be a heavy burden at times. Thank you Neil, and God Bless.” “Gutenmorgen” posited that “Even though I profited from the repeated landings on the Moon by studying lunar soils I have always been slightly puzzled why it was necessary to repeat these visits to the Moon. What President Kennedy wanted the nation to do had been done. What else was there to prove? Sure, the study of the geology of the Moon was a fine challenge but it could have waited for more sophisticated and possibly unmanned trips. It was rumored that the Apollo 12 landing site was chosen to prove to the Soviets that we could land pinpoint


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Editor’s Note – This column is being reprinted again this week because in last week’s paper the continuation of the story from this page to the “b” section was incorrect – due to a streaming error the bottom third of this story was replaced with a column written a month prior about the New York Mets. We regret and apologize for the error and any inconvenience. The entire correct article is reprinted below:


ack in the mid-80s a British group called the Pet Shop Boys had a number one hit single with “West End Girls,” which was a synth-pop song talking about class and socio-economic differences in Britain. Some of the lyrics are: “You’ve got a heart of glass or a heart of stone Just you wait ‘til I get you home We’ve got no future, we’ve got no past Here today, built to last In every city, in every nation From Lake Geneva to the Finland station In a West End town, a dead end world The East End boys and West End girls A West End town, a dead end world East End Boys, West End girls West End girls..” Being Brits, the Pet Shop Boys were talking about the perennial differences between the posh West End of London and the hardscrabble lowrent Cockney East End and a tale of lovers from different sides of the tracks which is as old as Shakespeare and as 20th Century as West Side Story. In the microscopic demimonde of middle aged Orthodox Jewish dating there is an emerging phenomenon of cross-hashkafa dating. Hashkafa is a Hebrew word which in Orthodox parlance refers to one’s “perspective” or “outlook,” referring principally to socio-cultural (which sometimes overlaps with socio-economic) preferences or differences. As I’ve written before, there are probably a half dozen major hashkafot, or socio-cultural groups within American Orthodoxy that have nothing whatsoever to do with theology but everything to do with what you wear, how you look and the image you project to the world. To a lesser degree it can manifest itself in degrees of observance, but more so on the style of one’s observance. The spectrum ranges from Modern Orthodox Liberal (my spot on the hashkafa scale) making stops at “Centrist,” ‘CenterRight,” “Yeshivish,” “Modern Chabad” and Haredi. To non-Orthodox Jews (and to non-Jews not interested in social anthropology) this all can seem a bit mind-numbing. To Orthodox Jews who’ve found themselves single (or who never married) again in one’s 40s or 50s, one’s hashkafa is fraught with meaning – these are the “gang colors” that signal to would-be mates what your whole life-

style is probably like. My estimation is that there are perhaps 1,000 Orthodox singles in all of the U.S. between 40 and 55. This is because most are married, whether happily or otherwise. At events and online, there is never more than one degree of separation between people in this demographic as everyone knows everyone, knows of everyone or knows someone who knows the other. Because of the paucity of potential mates there is a fascinating cross-pollination of people of differing hashkafot taking place. Slumming (so-to-speak) are the “frum Barbies,” women who hail from Lubavitch (Chabad) or “Yeshivish” (black hat) backgrounds who because there are even fewer eligible single males in their world have been dipping into the Modern Orthodox dating pool. Although the guys might not fit with their families’ sartorial choices and Yiddishist mannerisms, these ladies, like everyone else would like a little company. The “frum Barbies” generally are very slim and pretty (hence they are confident), the divorced wear extravagant sheitels (wigs) of real Eastern European hair that can cost upwards of $5,000 to $8,000, which when combined with high-end makeup gives them a movie star presence, especially when they’re clad in skin-tight designer pencil skirts and equally skintight tops that leave nothing to the imagination. Although showing no arm skin and nothing above the knee, it’s actually quite a sensual presentation that in my view has not a thing whatsoever to do with “modesty.” Like all pretty women they want attention and adoration and they dress the part. Many of these women are already grandmothers at 45 but they don’t look like it. A lot of Modern Orthodox men will date up or down, meaning they’re happy to date the “frum Barbies,” but don’t want to be pushed into becoming “Yeshivish,” but they’re also dating outside of Orthodox parameters. Many ModOrtho men will go the JDate route and date non-Orthodox, also because of the dearth of dating options. A percentage of ModOrtho women do the same thing and sometimes find themselves “falling off the derech (road)” (becoming less observant) as a consequence. As I’ve written before, there is an enormous aversion to commitment as the divorced (often for reasons of abuse of some kind) are once bitten, twice shy and many never- marrieds are petrified because of having never taken the plunge and are very set in their ways. For all the dating and partying that goes on, there are very few weddings in this demographic, unlike the profusion of nuptials among twenty-something Orthos – it’s like the polar opposite phenomenon. I’ve also not yet seen or heard of any “East End boys” getting hitched to any “West End girls” despite all the teasing between the two groups.


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The Stuff of Fantasy: Local Dream Homes for Sale: By Danielle Puma


magine driving down a long, private road and you come across an estate that is fit for a king or queen. There are tall trees that line the property and immaculate landscaping by the front walkway. In the backyard, there may be an in ground pool with a waterfall gently trickling into the cool water. Open the front door, and inside you see master bedroom suites, an eat-in kitchen large enough for a cooking show, and a library. Sound too good

220 Causeway in Lawrence to be b true?? You Y may be b in luck because there are properties like this nestled in The Five Towns that are currently on the market. Whether you are looking for a luxurious multimillion-dollar home or a magnificent historic estate, these houses are filled with every amenity imaginable. Looking for a home me that overlooks the waater and has immacculate landscaping?? oThere is a 1990 colonial-style home loocated at 20 Heron n Drive in Hewlett Bay y Park that has amaz-ing views of the wa-ter that you can see while relaxing in the tub or throughout the rest of the house. Resting by the water, it sits on over two acres of land and is over 8,000 square feet. There is a brick patio in the backyard that is perfect for family get-togethers in the evening and a dock attached to the home, perfect for spending a sunny day out on your boat. If you have a large family, space is not a problem with 15 rooms, nine bedrooms, and six bathrooms. Love to cook? There is an updated eat-in kitchen complete with a stove-attached island that is great for preparing meals or hosting a dinner party. There are four fireplaces, a large dining room, den, and living room. The master suite has its own closet room and terrace to enjoy the sunset or stars at night. Additional amenities include a bulkhead along the waterfront, hardwood floors and central air conditioning. The home is for sale through Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate for $4,400,000. Please contact Ronnie Gerber at (516) 238-4299. If living on the he open bay front is 20 Heron Drive in what you’ve always Hewlett Bay Park dreamed of, take a look at this expanded-ranch style home. The property at 1890 Bay Boulevard in Atlantic Beach is in a prestigious neighborhood and has beautiful waterfront views that can be seen while relaxing on the back porch or patio. The back of the house is also home to a large dock that can accommodate any y size boat -- the perfectt touch to this proper-ty. The home is new w construction and feaa tures seven rooms, three bedrooms, and three-anda-half bathrooms. There is a large master suite on the ground floor, a huge family room with ceilings that are close to 14 feet high, a formal dining room, a family room, and a full basement. If the kitchen is your domain, indulge in the custom-designed Italian gourmet kitchen with granite countertops. The

rroom. The original beamed ceilings also give way ffor more space to entertain. Other features include a library, a large eat-in kitchen with stainless steel aappliances and a breakfast room, an office, hardw wood floors, wall-to-wall carpeting, and four firep places to keep your family warm and cozy during tthe winter months. Take a moment to step outside and you’ll find an iin-ground heated pool and a patio deck that overllooks the bay. The home is for sale through Coach R Realty for $2,825,000. Please contact Marsha Ander ((516) 287-6513 Imagine yourself poolside after a long week at tthe office? Look no further than 125 Cedar Avenue iin Hewlett Bay Park. This 1906 colonial-style home h has a beautiful cabana and in ground pool in the b backyard. The best part – it’s heated. The colonial rests on over an acre of land and h has ten rooms, five bedrooms, and five bathrooms. There T is a fireplace, two skylights that give the home h a bright appeal, an eat-in kitchen, living room, dining room and den. The home is for sale th through Marjorie Hausman Realty fo for $1,850,000. Please contact Marjo jorie Hausman at (516) 569-5110. If you’re looking to live beachsi side, 1181 Harbor Road in Hewlett H Harbor is a split-style home for sa sale that rests near open water. The ho home, built in 1954, is situated on over ov a half-acre of land and has its own ow private beach. home h is i for f sale l through h h PruP D Don’t worry about where you can dential Douglas Elliman Real do dock your boat or other toys; there is a lift in the backyard that can hold Estate for $3,100,000. Please contact Thomas Tripodi at two jet skis or a small boat. The back (516) 902-3497. area are is completely fenced in comThis home defines luxury plete ple with a gate to the beach and a as long as having mini golf in dock. doc There is also a wood deck that 180 Bay Boulevard your will have you enjoying the majestic in Atlantic Beach view of the beach at night. The Th house features 12 rooms, six bedrooms, bed and 125 Cedar fou four-and-a-half Avenue in bathrooms. bath Hewlett Bay There The are Park three thr skylights throughout the thr home, ho hardwood floors, a wo fire replace, and cen central air condit ditioning. Addit ditionally, th there is a livin ing room, dinin ing room, two de dens, and an ea eat-in kitchen. Th The basement 360 Longwood is full and finCrossing in is ished and Lawrence ccould be conv verted into backyard is part of that aanything your definition. The 1967 h heart desires. ranch-style home at Living in this dream h house would b 220 Causeway in Lawbe like being on vacation year-round rence sits on over an w without having to go to an airport. The acre of land and has 17 b beach is found in the backyard and is rooms, nine bedrooms, id ideal for a family that enjoys being and eight-and-a-half o out on the water. The home is for sale bathrooms. th through Majorie Hausman Realty for A vacation is as far $1 $1,600,000. away as your backyard Interested in living in a brand new -- enjoy a dip in the lu luxurious condominium? Now und large saltwater pool or der construction is The Regency Contake the time to relax d dominiums at 260 Central Avenue in in the hot tub. No need L Lawrence. These apartments are the eepitome of lavish living and are custo tomized with finishes and products 1181 Harbor Road w with names like Jenn-Air, Kohler and in Hewlett Harbor B Bosch. Available residences can featu ture one bedroom to three bedrooms riage riag house that has it’s own sepa- and one-and-a-half bathrooms to three-and-a-half rat bedrooms and bathrooms. Your bathrooms -- all dependent upon the condo’s dirate guests gu will never need to stay at a ho- mensions. They all include valet parking, a doortel for the night with this addition. man and concierge service, a wine cellar, a banquet The Th home is for sale through Pruden- room to host a shower, dinner party or office meettial tia Douglas Elliman Real Estate for ing, and an indoor and outdoor pool. $2 $2,995,000. Please contact Ronnie At the current time, a five room, two bedroom, Ge Gerber at (516) 238-4299. and two bathroom residence is on the market for Is it your dream to live on a se- $695,000. Aside from being able to enjoy your own clu cluded hill and has incredible private pool, there is a private courtyard that has views? The one-of-a-kind grand es- beautiful landscaping and a fitness center that is vi ta tate at 360 Longwood Crossing in fully equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipLa Lawrence would be an ideal fit. The ment. co colonial-style manor, built in 1895, is Take your Mah-Jongg card game from the beach at the end of a winding private road club to the card room at the Regency. If you are a aand overlooks the water. It has al- resident, this room gives you the chance to orgam most three acres of spacious land nize a weekly game of poker or bridge with your aand is lined with trees, flowers and friends. For additional information on available sshrubs. The aesthetic appeal is per- residences and pricing, please call (516) 592-5670. to dry yourself off before heading inside be be- fect for someon someone who enjoys gardening or landFrom a villa to an estate, finding your dream cause there is an outdoor kitchen -- perfect for en- scaping. The house features 15 rooms, seven bed- home that embodies luxury is not far from The tertaining and grabbing a quick drink. In the back- rooms, and four-and-a-half bathrooms – a perfect Five Towns. If you have a large family and are lookyard there is also a playground and patio that kids fit for someone who has a large family and wants ing to purchase a home that is stunning and has will go crazy for with their friends. to settle down in The Five Towns. breathtaking views, take the time to call a realtor. Something else to mention is the master suite, Enjoy having parties at home? This large piece of Then maybe one day soon, you can be standing in complete with his and her baths that are heat- property offers space for entertaining guests with your own gourmet kitchen staring out onto the ed. There is also a separate 2,000 square foot car- a huge, palatial dining room and an attached bar waterfront that is your backyard.

The Regency Condominiums in Lawrence




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Totally Updated And Beautifully Maintained 3B/3Ba Ranch InExcellent Condition. Huge Den And Lovely Built-In Bar In Lr For Entertaining.New Kitchen Appliances. 2 Additional Bedrooms In Fully Finished Basement.Enormous Storage. Large Cedar Deck. 2 Car Attached Garage. All Systems. MoveRight In.

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Magnificent Large Custom Built Split Level Home Peaceful, Gorgeous, Scenic Sprawling Ranch On On 1/2 AcreProperty With In-Ground Gunite Pool 3/4 Of AnAcre. Charming Living Room, Formal Setting. Over Sized Dining Room, Gourmet Kitchen WithHigh End Appliances, Wood Floors Through Out, 2 Magnificent Dens And Sunroom.Cul-De-Sac And Water Views.


Lovely Ch Colonial Updated Hi ceilings, Low Taxes HeatedGunite Pool With Cabana Amazing Property.

Over 1/2 Acre, Open Water WithPrivate Beach 2 Jet Ski's/ Small Boat Lift, Backyard Is Fully Fenced In, WithGate To Beach & Dock Great Views, All Systems.



1424 Park St., 9/2 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $799,000, Petrey Real Estate, (516) 889-9700 40 Oneida Ave., 9/2 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m., 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, $1,249,000, Petrey Real Estate, (516) 889-9700

CEDARHURST 647 Park Ln., 9/9 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m., 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $499,000, Morton Haves Real Estate, (516) 239-0100 696 Broadway, 9/4 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m., 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $635,000, Realty Executives 1st, (516) 881-7700

HEWLETT 38 Prospect Ave., 9/1 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $605,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651 1555 Stevenson Rd., 9/8 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $649,000, Morton Haves Real Estate, (516) 239-0100 160 East Rockaway Rd., 9/9 12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m., 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, $749,000, Morton Haves Real Estate, (516) 239-0100 1534 Broadway, 9/2 by appointment, 4 bedrooms, 3. bathrooms, $579,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651 1 Steven Dr., 9/2 by appointment, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, $579,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651


381 Everit Ave., 9/9 1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m., 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $675,000, Morton Haves Real Estate, (516) 239-0100

Phone 516 238-4299 Ronnie Gerber

LAWRENCE 285 Central Ave., 9/2 by appointment, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, $81,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651

LONG BEACH HEWLETT BAY PARK 20 HERON DRIVE Waterfront Gem on Over 2 Acres. 9 BR, 5.55 Bth Contemporary Colonial. Bulkhead, Dock & Guest Wing. Property is Subdividable..$4,400,000




Private Road Leads to Hidden Gem on Over 2 Acres. 5 Br, 6.5 Bth Colonial, IG Pool, Tennis Court, Bulkhead, Dock, 3.5 Garage.. $3,599,000

Most Spectacular 7 BR Exp Ranch on Acre Plus Property with Beautiful 2 BR, 2 Bth Carriage House. IG Pool, Outdoor Kit, 8 + Car Garage.. $2,995,000

5 BR, 4.5 Bth Traditional CH Colonial on an Acre of Parklike Property. Spacious Rooms, Fin Bsmt, 2 Car Gar, Near All, SD#14.. $1,275,000

142 East Market St., 9/2 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m., 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, $599,000, Realty Executives 1st, (516) 881-7700

LYNBROOK 14 Hillside Ave., 9/2 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m., 4 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, $455,000, Realty Executives 1st, (516) 881-7700

Open House Sunday 9/2/12 11-12:30





NEW TO MARKET! Completely Renovated & Expanded 4 BR Brick Colonial in SD#14. New Gran/ Wood EIK, FDR, LR, Den & Fin Bsmt. Det Gar. Near Trans & Shops!..$459,000

MOTIVATED SELLER! Country Style Colonial on Over 1/2 Acre with IG Pool. 5 BR, 4.5 Bth, 2 Car Gar, SD#14.. $799,000

Property Lovers Delight! 4 BR on One Level, 3.5 Bths, CH Colonial in SD#20. LR/Fpl, FDR, EIK & Family Rm/Fpl. HW Flrs. Circular Driveway.. $599,000

4 BR, 2.5 Bth Ranch on .25 Acre Property. Sunny Family Rm with Vaulted Ceiling/Fpl. HW Floors. Large Deck, SD#14.. $519,000

64 Page Rd., 9/2 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m., 4 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, $817,000, Prudential Ronnie Gerber, (516) 238-4299 66 Birch Ln., 9/2 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, $285,541, Realty Executives 1st, (516) 881-7700

NORTH WOODMERE 911 Jewel Dr., 9/2 by appointment, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, $599,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651 845 Fanwood Ave., 9/2 by appointment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, $439,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651 8 Delores Dr., 9/2 by appointment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, $424,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651

WOODMERE 8 Hazel Pl., 9/2 12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m., 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, $410,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651 562 Sunset Dr., 9/2 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m., 5 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, $725,000, Realty Executives 1st, (516) 881-7700 896 Central Ave., 9/2 by appointment, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $875,000, Milky Forst Properties, (516) 239-0306 344 Warren Dr., 9/2 by appointment, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $649,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651 1085 Lynn Pl., 9/2 by appointment, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, $799,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651 905 Mayfield Rd., 9/2 by appointment, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $499,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651 1076 Highland Pl., 9/2 by appointment, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $549,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651

WOODSBURGH 847 Ivy Hill Rd., 9/2 by appointment, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, $879,000, Jan Kalman Realty, (516)-569-5651


sales & development • 516-569-4980 OPEN HOUSE BY APPOINTMENT


WOODMERE, S.D.. #15 "New Construction" Two minute walk to shul. Classic 6 Bdrm/4.5 Bath. Center hall colonial. Fabulous entry foyer. Nine foot ceilings. LR with fireplace. Large formal DR. Huge kosher EIK. Top of the line. Must see. Call Susan for details. Walk to Young Israel and Aish. Come view the plans and specifications. $1M+




499 Harbor Dr.







354 Longacre Avenue



647 PARK LN.

Ranch on over sized property. 3br, 3ba $579K

Water View. Large 4br home. Fabulous location. CAC $499K

HEWLETT: SUNDAY 12:00-1:30










Pristine ranch Enclosed breezeway, 2 FPL, Exceptional master suite! Cabana room and beautiful heated IG Pool. $749K

968 East Broardway





Great Location with a large corner property. SD #20 Six bedrooms, Three bath’s, Expanded ranch. CAC, Gas, $675K





185 Alden Road, Hewlett Neck Stats: A lot size of 23,625 square feet (125 x 189). The home has ten rooms, four bedrooms, and two-and-a-half bathrooms. The property is selling for $849,000 with annual taxes of $26,525.67. Details: The ranch-style home, built in 1951, is built on almost an acre of land. The house features a living room, large formal dining room, gourmet kitchen with highend appliances, wood floors throughout the home, two dens and a sunroom. It also has views of the water. Contact: Marjorie Hausman Realty, Marjorie Hausman (516) 569-5110

$1,649,000 $459,000

186 Hollywood Crossing, Lawrence

64 Page Road, Valley Stream

Stats: A lot size of 33,250 (190 x 175). The home has ten rooms, five bedrooms, and three-anda-half bathrooms. The property is selling for $1,649,000 with annual taxes of $20,798.08. Details: A colonial-style home, built in 1936, on almost an acre of land. The house features a grand center hall, a formal banquet dining room, an eat-in kitchen, and five fireplaces. There is also a two-story great room. Contact: Lori & Associates LI Realty, Lori Schlesinger (516) 791-8300

Stats: A lot size of 4,000 square feet (40 x 100). The home has eight rooms, four bedrooms, and one-and-a-half bathrooms. The property is selling for $459,000 with annual taxes of $9,925. Details: The colonial-style home, built in 1930, was completely renovated and extended this year. The house features new granite and wood eat-in kitchen, a formal dining room, living room and family room, updated bathrooms and finished basement. There is also new energy star windows, roof, gas boiler, hot water heater, washer and dryer and front walkway. Contact: Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Ronnie Gerber (516) 238-4299


930 Madison Street, Hewlett Neck Stats: A lot size of 32,802 square feet (213 x 154). The home has nine rooms, four bedrooms, and four-and-a-half bathrooms. The property is selling for $1,049,000 with annual taxes of $37,767. Details: The colonial-style home, built in 1923, is on a large park-like property with open views. The house features a tennis court, heated pool, living room with a fireplace, and a large eat-in kitchen with new appliances. The master suite has cathedral ceilings and there are open views to the pool from the glassed terrace. Contact: Realty Executives, Lizzette Anderson (516) 881-7700


Jennifer Bartko Owner/Broker

Vicky Bartko Managing Broker

E. Atlantic Beach

$950,000 Lido Beach



50 Agents + 3 Locations + 1 Successful Team = “Your Realtor for Life”

Spectacular Ocean views „7 Br „2.5 Bth „Central Air „Multi Level Decks „Spacious Yard „Pvt Beach Comm. „1 Home from Ocean Call Steven Borkum 917-783-0096 Luxury Waterfront „5 Br „3 Bth „Central Air „New Bulkhead „Multi Decks „2 Car Garage „Fireplace Call Robin Bokor 516-287-5626

This is not intended to solicit properties listed with the MLS

Point Lookout

$1,149,000 Atlantic Beach

40 Oneida Avenue


4+Lots Bay Views Traditional Style „3 Br „3.5 Bth „Cabana „2 Car Gar „Mechanic Pit Elev. „8 Car Parking „Green House Call Barbara Meyers 516-359-5971 Ocean View Masterpiece „4 Br „4 Bth „Granite Kitchen „CAC „Fireplace „Hardwood Floors „Guest House Call Randy Scott 516-650-4711

Atlantic Beach

$699,000 Long Beach


Short Sale Pristine Condition „4 Br „3 Bth „Chef’s Kitchen „CAC „2 Fireplaces „Skylight „Detached Garage Call Wendy Etrog 516-316-8517 Beachside Charm Legal 2 Family „4 Br „2 Bth „Redone Kitchen „Wood Floors „Archways „Porch & Patio „Off Street Parking Call Jean Sondergaard 516-238-2594



ON THE MARKET $1,100,000

354 Longacre Avenue, Woodmere We have spent over 60 years helping families choose the right floor for them.

Stats: A lot size of 6,500 square feet (65 x 100). The home has twelve rooms, six bedrooms, and four-anda-half bathrooms. The property is

Let us help you choose the right floor for your home. selling for $1,100,000 with annual property taxes of $7,296. Details: A colonial-style home that is a new construction. The house features a grand two-story entry foyer, a large formal dining room, a large eat-in-kitchen, master suite, wood oors, and a loft above the second level. Contact: South Shore Estates, Susan Hollander at (516) 569-4980

Carpet Tip Of The Month: Make Sure Your Carpet Is Fuzzy Side Up!


637 West Beech Street, Long Beach

Dee Jay Carpet, Inc. 395 Pearsall Ave. Cedarhurst, NY 11516 3KRQHn)D[

Stats: A lot size of 4,000 square feet (40 x 100). The home has six rooms, three bedrooms, and one-and-ahalf bathrooms. The property is selling for $429,000 with annual taxes of $7,730. Details: A beachside ranch-style home, built in 1928, on a double lot. The house features a big backyard and driveway, a kitchen, living room and dining room combo. Contact: Petrey Real Estate, Jean Sondergaard (516) 238-2594

314 Sunrise Highway Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Marsha Ander

Licensed R.E. Salesperson

516-287-6513 Your Referral is the Best Compliment!

360 Longwood Crossing, Lawrence $2,825,000 Grand center hall colonial at the end of a winding private road. 2.8 acres of spectacular tree lined land. Residence highlights 7 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, solarium overlooking endless views of Hicks Beach area. Living room with extraordinary original beamed ceilings offer impressive entertaining space with attached bar room. Palatial dining room with fireplace. IGP with cabana. Shown by appointment only.

1 Edward Bentley Road, Lawrence $1,498,000 Unique contemporary home on lush secluded property. Beautifully appointed home with open floor plan, updated chefs kitchen, breakfast area with wood burning stove and master with loft leading to large attic area. Special home feels like vacation all year round. Shown by appointment only.

37 Green Avenue, Lynbrook $374,999 New to market. Updated kitchen, formal dining room and large den highlight cape home on fenced, manicured property.

Is your home valued over 1 million? As an Exclusive Christies In ternational Real Estate representative in the Five Towns, I am able to offer you the services of the world wide network of Christie’s International Real Estate. Admittance to this network shows our firm has earned the reputation for meticulous service to clients buying and selling important properties. The combined marketing efforts of Coach and Christie’s create an extraordinary ability to bring buyers and sellers of luxury real estate together throughout the world. Please call for a confidential meeting so we can evaluate your home for admittance into this special marketing program.


30 Waters Place Valley Stream


(516) 881-7700 930 Madison Avenue Hewlett Neck



1459 Hewlett Avenue Hewlett


ct er Contra

1338 Vian Avenue Hewlett


75 Captains Road North Woodmere




NEW ntract Under Co


If you know anyone interested in buying or selling a home in our neighborhood, perhaps a friend, a family member, or even you, please give us a call

(516) 881-7700 We Make It Happen

Jan Kalman Realty, Ltd.

330 Hungry Harbor Rd, North Woodmere $599K Beautiful 4 bedroom split with renovated EIK, formal dining room with French doors and living room with wood burning stove. Well decorated home highlights spacious family-sized den with French doors leading to patio. SD 14.


188 Canterbury Gate, Lynbrook $649K

Luxury living with super-large EIK, along with FDR. Den with FPL and sound system throughout. Fenced 99x109 yard with IGP.

516 569-5651

Proudly serving the 5 towns and Long Island's prestigious South Shore for 30 years

1049 Broadway, Woodmere

1992 Merrick Ave, Merrick

516 569-5651

516 377-1500

1149 E. Broadway, Hewlett $599K Now also for Rent at $3,800 monthly One-of-a-kind decorators dream. Country colonial set back from road. Renovated 4/5 beds with finished basement. Large EIK with pantry, low taxes. Recent price reduction.

CT A R NT O C R E D UN 894 Shubert, Baldwin $329K

Estate home ready for quick sale. Large 4 bedrooms 2.5 baths on very large corner property. EIK, formal dining room, large den with sliders to patio. A great deal at 329k.


Hew. 38 Prospect Av(1-3) 5BR,3Bth Rch $605K Hew.1 Steven Dr(B/A) 4BR Col.Prof ste



Hew 1534 B’way(B/A)2BR Condo.Red!


N.Wdm. 911 Jewel Dr(B/A)Fab Spl.IGP

$599K N.Wd 845 Fanwood Av(B/A)Mint! Red!


Wdm 344 Warren Dr (B/A)Renov 5BR

$649K Wdm 8 Hazel Pl(12-1:30)Updtd3+BR Rch $410K

Wdm 1085 Lynn Pl.(B/A)Fab Col.IGP

$799Đš Wdm 905 Mayfield Rd (B/A)4BR Col. Red! $499K

Wdsbg 847 Ivy Hill Rd (B/A)6BR

$795K Val Strm 38 Dolores Dr(B/A)SD.24.Ren Rch $424K



Getting Your Home Ready for Colder Weather By Ryan Lavis


s the heat and humidity of the summer months fades away into the fall season, homeowners throughout The Five Towns might ďŹ nd now a good time to complete home renovation projects in preparation of the upcoming winter. Whether you’re looking to ďŹ x up a roof, insulate some plumbing, or seal some windows, many local businesses offer tips and great deals to help out homeowners.

Roof Maintenance Preparing a roof for winter weather is important to ensure it stays protected from the harsh cold and snow. A good ďŹ rst step for any homeowner is to clean out those gutters that get clogged with leaves in the fall. For those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, using a leaf blower or hose is a simple way to clean out gutters. There is also the option of hiring a company to clean those leaf-ďŹ lled gutters. Abraham RooĎ?ing in Lynbrook offers gutter cleaning year round. Abraham RooĎ?ing offers its custom-

Properties Sold in the Five ive Towns since October 26th th h 231 Everit Ave, Hewlett Harbor A colonial, detached home with 12 rooms, ďŹ ve bedrooms, seven-and-a-half bathrooms and an attached two-car garage. A lot size of 144 x 162 square feet. Year built: 1928. The home sold on August 22nd for $1,400,000.

382 Barnard Ave, Cedarhurst A colonial, detached home with nine rooms, ďŹ ve bedrooms, three bathrooms and an attached one-car garage. A lot size of 50 x 100 square feet. Year built: 2011. The home sold on August 21st for $980, 600.

61 Neptune Avenue, Woodmere A colonial, detached home with 10 rooms, ďŹ ve bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and an enclosed porch. A lot size of 70 x 100 square feet. Year built: 1918. The home sold on August 10th for $765,000.

316 W Ivy Hill Rd, Woodsburgh A colonial, detached home with 10 rooms, ďŹ ve bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and

an attached two-and-a-half car garage. A lot size of 100 x 292 square feet. Year built: 1970. The home sold on August 21st for $775,000.

46 Clubside Dr, Woodmere An attached townhouse with eight rooms, four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a private tennis court and twocar garage. A lot size of 35 x 64 square feet. Year built: 1990. The home sold on August 15th for $550,000.

572 Donald Lane, Woodmere A split, detached home with eight rooms, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. A lot size of 62 x 100 square feet. Year built: 1955. The home sold on August 14th for $432,000.

1268 Waverly St, Hewlett A cape, detached home with eight rooms, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a one-car garage. A lot size of 49 x 100 square feet. Year built: 1948. The home sold on August 15th for $346,000.

ers a maintenance program in which Abraham roofers periodically clean out homeowners’ gutters throughout the year. According to the pros at Abraham the fall is an important time to inspect the roof to ďŹ x any damages from storms and prepare it for the winter. It is vital to clean out leaves so it does not freeze in the gutters during the winter months. Abraham Roofing is located at 23 Blake Avenue in Lynbrook. For more information, call (800) 347-0913.

Replacing Windows and Doors Homeowners



pane windows might want to spend the fall upgrading to more energy-efďŹ cient double pane windows. These types of windows are supposed to reduce energy costs during those rough winter months. New Roof Long Island in Woodmere can install these windows, and according to the company’s website, homeowners can claim a tax credit of up to $1,500 for these energy efďŹ cient windows. It is also important for homeowners to make sure there are no gaps or cracks between the doors and the frames. Any gaps could cause heat to escape, which will

drive up those already expensive heating bills. For more information on New Roof Long Island, call 516-986-4156.

Pipes and Furnace Homeowners should always make sure their heat is working before the winter starts. Several local plumbing stores in The Five Towns suggest turning the heat on in the fall for a brief length of time – just to make sure it’s working before the cold hits. Another suggestion is to insulate those exposed pipes with foam wrap. This is a good

idea for two reasons: First, exposed plumbing lines in cold areas use up more power. Secondly, unprotected pipes can freeze and burst if temperatures get extremely cold in the winter. Any home improvement store usually carries foam wrap that can prevent these sorts of things. But just in case some assistance is needed, Pipe Doctor Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, in Woodmere can help get everything in working order, and well as provide routine maintenance. For more information, call (516) 295-2448

Help Your Child Realize Thir Potential at A+ Achievement Learning Center


+ is a full service learning center and educational services company located at 589 Willow Avenue, Cedarhurst in Maple Plaza. A+ moved into its new facilities in September of 2011. The facilities include two spacious classrooms and two private ofďŹ ces to accommodate group and individual sessions. A+ offers tutoring in all subjects from English and history to math and science. A+ does not just offer the band aid approach of tutoring at test time. Many students at A+ attend sessions in Algebra, Geometry or Trigonom-

etry throughout the school year to focus on building skills for the future. A+ also offers the services of an experienced reading teacher, SAT/ACT prep classes, assistance with science projects and research papers, tutoring for college students and much more. All of these services can be delivered on-site, or via Skype. At home tutoring is available as well for many services. The A+ approach emphasizes that each student is different. Unlike some of the franchise learning centers that have their unique method of teaching, an

individualized plan is formed for each student based on his or her needs. A+ has two new offerings this year; a study skills course and an after school homework program. The study skills course is a unique blend of motivational exercises based on Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and practical academic skills. Students learn how to set achievable goals, how to use a calendar to stay organized, develop listening, note-taking and test-taking skills, and learn how to take notes from text books. There are six lecture sessions

and six supervised homework sessions. The special introductory price is $300. The after school homework program was offered on a trial basis during March April, and May of last year and was a great success. The program is for parents who want their children to receive additional help with their homework assignments and with studying for tests. This an ideal program for parents who do not have the time or knowledge to help their children with homework or study-


New Jewish Education Program for Russian Jewish Kids


ongregation Sons of Israel, Woodmere will be offering a new addition to its array of After-school Jewish Programming beginning September 2012. J-STARS, Jewish South Shore Teaching Acade-

The Religious School for Jewish Children with Special Needs

Does Your Child Have Special Learning Needs?

my for Russian Students will target Russian Jewish Children ages 6-13. Educational Clubs followed by classes on subjects such as Russian and Hebrew Language, Jewish History, Jewish Music and Dance will be offered once/twice week-

ly. Transportation is available form local elementary schools and First Year tuition is free for new synagogue members. The outstanding faculty includes awardees of the prestigious Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Edu-

cation and we are excited to be welcoming Anastasia Izrailtyan as head teacher of J-STARS. For registration and information, visit our website at or contact Harriet Gefen, Educational Director at 516 374-0655.

111 Irving Place, Woodmere, New York 11598 (516) 374-0655, (516) 374-0805

GANONI PRESCHOOL 4VMBN-*PòFSTZPVSDIJMEUIF opportunity to connect to our heritage in an appropriate MFBSOJOHFOWJSPONFOU We Meet Sunday mornings from 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

Bilingual (Hebrew/English ) Program For Toddlers 17 months to 3 years • Warm Personal Attention • Indoor/Outdoor Playground • Licensed by NYSOCFS • Reasonable Rates

The Only Hebrew Immersion Program Of Its Kind Limited Room in Some Classes

JEWISH LEARNING AFTERSCHOOL FOR 2012 Morgenstern Hebrew School Mechina - Pre-K, K, first grade – Ages 4-7 Hebrew School- Ages 8-13 “Kesher� Hebrew High School- Ages 13-17 Paam B’Chodesh Family Education Program Shalhevet Israeli Program- Ages 4-13



Visit us at

Jewish SouthShore Teaching Academy for Russian Students 1IPUPHSBQITCZ.JMDI1IPUPHSBQIZ

Temple Hillel, 1000 Rosedale Road North Woodmere Enroll now to reserve a space with our highly trained, caring special educators.


For Registration Contact: Libby Adler, Educational Director (516) 474-1500

SULAM-LI is a collaboration of: Congregation Sons of Israel t)FXMFUU&BTU3PDLBXBZ+FXJTI$FOUSF t3FDPOTUSVDUJPOJTU$POHSFHBUJPO#FUI&NFUI t5FNQMF"N&DIBE5IF4PVUI4IPSF3FGPSN$POHSFHBUJPO t5FNQMF#FUI&MPG$FEBSIVSTUt5FNQMF)JMMFM t5FNQMF*TSBFMPG-BXSFODFJODPPQFSBUJPOXJUIUIF #PBSEPG+FXJTI&EVDBUJPO '&(4BOE/$+81FOJOTVMB4FDUJPO 5IFJOJUJBMGVOEJOHGPS46-".-*XBTQSPWJEFECZUIF$BSJOH Synagogue affiliation. SULAM-LI SULAM-LI is a section 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and does not require synagogue affiliation. SULAM-LI does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality or ethic origin.

Ages 6 - 13, 3- 6 p.m. Educational Clubs: • “Jewishâ€? Math/Science • Chess • Debating • Jewish Art

Hebrew School: • Russian Language • Hebrew Language • Jewish History/Tradition • Jewish Music/Dance

TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE FROM LOCAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS! FIRST YEAR FREE TUITION TO NEW MEMBERS! *certain exclusions may apply For Registration and information contact: Harriet Gefen, Educational Director

(516) 374-0655, 374-0805 Affiliated with COJECO Synagogue Outreach Network Funded by UJA-Federation NY

ДОБРО Đ&#x;ОЖĐ?ЛОВĐ?ТЏ! WELCOME! Anastasia Izrailtyan, head teacher of J-STARS




The Times of London







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ACROSS 1 Speed out of hell, right out (10) 6 Pilgrimage held prior to start of jihad (4) 10 Clutch at straws, holding talks (5) 11 Schoolboy’s in such a state, turning up with rifle (9) 12 Might they decide who’ll win holidays in Bangkok, say? (3-6) 13 Socialist secure with revolutionary sanction (5) 14 Servile type offering casual cleaning service? (7) 15 Records calls on the phone (5,2) 17 Fashion worn by the retiring mimic opposite (7) 19 Kid wrapping present that’s stuck together (7) 21 Film cast (5) 23 Martial art event — at the outset, it’s announced Yorkshireman was champion (3,4,2) Solution to Crossword 21,755 V I N DE A GR N BE S S T AR E VA C SH





Our recommendations on where to go and what to do

24 Spy’s expressed thanks before greeting master (9) 25 Starts to identify duke as head of state (5) 26 For a Highlander, used one to be short and to the point? (4) 27 Decade in women’s movement ultimately most important? (10)

DOWN 1 First wife summoned to court in an agitated state (7) 2 Worry and uncertainty, say, dispelled gradually? (6,3) 3 Biased Democrat is wrong to ignore Liberal and Conservative (14) 4 Supporter on board includes Prime Minister in tribute (7) 5 Propose replacing member of resistance movement? (7) 7 Northern Ireland chief put up once more (5) 8 Simple chap given most of work on English TV series (3,4) 9 Mild reprimand when trial stops unexpectedly (4,2,3,5) 16 Reduction in amount of time under the psychiatrist (9) 17 Medusa’s hideous? That’s taken as read (7) 18 Artist portrayed mother, using nonU material (7) 19 Revolutionary faction coming to the crunch? (7) 20 Unconventional person? That’s a little bit inaccurate (7) 22 Work hard on Irish land, rich in precious metal (5)

BIKE 4 FRIENDSHIP Chabad of The Five Towns is hosting a Bike 4 Friendship event, rain or shine, this Sunday at 12:00 p.m. The eight-mile bike ride begins in Cedarhurst and ends at Long Beach where there will be a carnival waiting at the finish line. There is a $180 minimum commitment to fundraise and all proceeds will benefit the Five Towns’ Chapter of the Friendship Circle. The family ride begins at 12:00 p.m., the ladies and girls ride begins at 12:15 p.m., and the boy’s ride begins at 12:30 p.m. Please wear a bicycle helmet and bring a chain and lock for use during the fair. For additional information or to register, volunteer, or donate to the event, please call (516) 295-2478. The event will begin at Chabad of The Five Towns located at 74 Maple Avenue in Cedarhurst.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 FIVE TOWNS MEDITATION CIRCLE The Five Towns Meditation Circle is hosting their weekly sitting meditation session this Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in Cedarhurst. This first session is a “Beginner’s Sit” and is open to people of all levels, backgrounds, and experience. It is designed to introduce Jewish meditation and their specific teachings, practices and styles. There is a suggested donation of $5.00 per sit. For additional information, please email or visit 5tmeditation.wordpress. com. The event is located at The

Peaceful Presence Yoga Studio at 436 Central Avenue in Cedarhurst.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 FLOWER ARRANGING DEMONSTRATION The Jewish Community Center of the Greater Five Towns is hosting a Flower Arranging Demonstration this Thursday at 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Cedarhurst. It is $25.00 per person. The demonstration, taught by Rose Edinger, will teach anyone who is interested in how to create beautiful floral arrangements for your home or Yom Tov table. For additional information, please call (516) 569-6733. The JCC of the Greater Five Towns is located at 207 Grove Avenue in Cedarhurst.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 LIPA’S EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND STORM CENTER PROGRAM Nassau County Legislator Howard J. Kopel and representatives from LIPA will present LIPA’s Emergency Preparedness and Storm Center website enhancements this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in Lawrence. LIPA will educate customers on the various aspects of preparing for a storm as well as restoring power after the storm has passed. With storm season approaching, the presentation will provide essential information to local residents. The event is located at the Lawrence Middle School at 195 Broadway in Lawrence.

We welcome submission of events of interest to the community. Please email your event information, including any photos to


321 Merrick Road, Lynbrook, NY (800)326-3264 The Possession | 92 min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT&SUN: 1:50, 4:15, 7, 9:20pm The Campaign | Rated R | FRI&SAT&SUN: 1:40, 3:55, 6:55, 9:10pm The Odd Life of Timothy Green | 102 min | Rated PG FRI&SAT&SUN: 1:10, 3:45, 6:45, 9:15pm Sparkle | 116 min | Rated PG-13|FRI&SAT&SUN: 9pm The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure | 88 min | Rated G FRI&SAT&SUN: 1:45, 4:10, 6:30pm Premium Rush | Rated PG-13 | FRI&SAT&SUN: 1:30, 4:20, 7:10, 9:30pm Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days | 94 min | Rated PG|FRI&SAT&SUN: 1:20pm Hit and Run | 100 min | Rated R|FRI&SAT&SUN: 4, 6:40, 9:05pm


350 Hempstead Avenue, Malverne, NY (516)599-6966 2 Days in New York | 91 min | Rated R|FRI&SAT&SUN: 3:20, 7:45pm The Queen of Versailles | 100 min | Rated PG FRI&SAT: 1, 5:30, 9:55pm | SUN: 1, 5:30, 9:35pm Robot & Frank | 90 min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT: 1, 3:20, 5:35, 7:45, 9:55 | SUN: 1, 3:20, 5:35, 7:45, 9:35pm Sleepwalk With Me | 90 min | Not Rated FRI&SAT: 1, 3:20, 5:45, 7:45, 9:55pm | SUN: 1, 3:20, 5:45, 7:45, 9:35pm The Matchmaker | 118 min | Not Rated FRI&SAT: 1:45, 4:30, 7, 9:55pm | SUN: 1:45, 4:30, 7, 9:35 The Untouchables | 112 min | Rated R FRI&SAT: 1:45, 4:30, 7, 9:55pm | SUN: 1:45, 4:30, 7, 9:35pm


18 N. Park Ave., Rockville Centre, NY (888) 262-4386 The Bourne Legacy | 135 min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT&SUN: 10:45, 1, 4:05, 7:10, 10:15pm ParaNorman | 93 min | Rated PG|FRI&SAT&SUN: 3:35pm Hope Springs | 100 min | Rated PG-13|FRI&SAT&SUN: 10:30, 1:55, 4:25, 7, 9:35pm Lawless | 115 min | Rated R|FRI&SAT&SUN: 10:40, 1:30, 4:15, 7:15, 10:20pm ParaNorman 3D | 93 min | Rated PG|FRI&SAT&SUN: 10:35, 1:05pm The Dark Knight Rises | 164 min | Rated PG-13|FRI&SAT&SUN: 6, 9:40pm The Expendables 2 | 102 min | Rated R|FRI&SAT&SUN: 11:30, 2:15, 4:50, 7:35, 10:10pm


750 West Sunrise Highway, Valley Stream, NY The Bourne Legacy | 2hr 15min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT: 12:40, 3:35, 6:35, 9:30pm, 12:35am | 12:40, 3:35, 6:35, 9:30pm Brave | 100 min | Rated PG |FRI&SAT&SUN: 12:05, 2:15pm Marvel’s The Avengers | 142 min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT&SUN: 4:25, 7:25, 10:25pm The Possession | 92 min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT: 12:15, 2:30, 4:50, 7:20, 9:40, 11:55pm | SUN: 12:15, 2:30, 4:50, 7:20 The Campaign | Rated R | FRI&SAT: 4:20, 6:45, 9, 11:05pm | SUN: 4:20, 6:45, 9pm ParaNorman | 93 min | Rated PG |FRI&SAT&SUN: 12:10, 2:25pm Lawless | 115 min | Rated R FRI&SAT: 1:20, 4:10, 7:15, 9:55pm, 12:35am | SUN: 1:20, 4:10, 7:15, 9:55pm Sparkle | 116 min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT: 1:35, 4:25, 6:30, 7:05, 9:15, 9:45, 11:55pm, 12:25am | : 1:35, 4:25, 6:30, 7:05, 9:15, 9:45pm ParaNorman 3D | 93 min | Rated PG FRI&SAT: 4:40, 6:55, 9:10, 11:25pm | SUN: : 4:40, 6:55, 9:10pm The Dark Knight Rises | 164 min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT&SUN: 12, 3:30, 7, 10:30pm Ice Age: Continental Drift | 94 min | Rated PG|FRI&SAT&SUN: 12:05, 2:10pm The Apparition | 82 min | Rated PG-13 FRI&SAT: 12:30, 2:40, 4:55, 7:10, 9:20, 11:30pm | SUN: 12:30, 2:40, 4:55, 7:10, 9:20pm The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure | 88 min | Rated G FRI&SAT&SUN: 12, 2:05, 4:10, 6:15pm Premium Rush | Rated PG-13 | FRI&SAT: 12:45, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 10:10pm, 12:30am | : 12:45, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 10:10pm The Expendables 2 | 102 min | Rated R FRI&SAT: 12:35, 1:30, 3, 4, 5:25, 6:40, 7:50, 9:25, 10:15pm, 12am, 12:40am | SUN: 12:35, 1:30, 3, 4, 5:25, 6:40, 7:50, 9:25, 10:15pm Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days | 94 min | Rated PG FRI&SAT&SUN: 12, 2:15, 4:25pm Hit and Run | 100 min | Rated R|FRI&SAT&SUN: 8:20pm, 10:35pm


Late Night Humor The Best of This Week’s Post 11pm Wit Jimmy Fallon

David Letterman

“President Obama is seeking to make his case with firsttime voters. Well, you can understand why. Second-time voters have graduated and can’t find a job.”

–Jay Leno “President Obama is brewing his own beer in the White House. Actually, the White House beer is a lot like the Obama administration – great buzz, weak finish.”

–Jay Leno “According to a poll released last week, Mitt Romney has zero percent of the black vote. In fact, if it weren’t for John Boehner, Romney wouldn’t have any support from people of color at all.”

–Jay Leno “This year the theme of the Republican convention is ‘50 Shades of White.’”

–David Letterman “This is my favorite statistic so far. According to a new poll, Mitt Romney is at zero percent among African American voters. And I don’t think the GOP slogan at convention is helping any: ‘See what white can do for you.’”

–Jay Leno “According to a new poll, Mitt Romney is at zero percent among African Americans. Here’s the sad part: That’s up 5 percent from last week.”

–Jay Leno “A group of coal miners in Ohio said that their bosses forced them to attend a Mitt Romney campaign event. You know you’re boring when people would rather dig coal than listen to you speak.”

– Conan O’Brien “Herman Cain was in Tampa. When a reporter asked him if Isaac reminded him of Katrina, he said, ‘I never even met the woman.’”

–Jay Leno “Last week President Obama met with the White House press corps for only the second time this year. He said he would have met with them more, but he’s been so busy campaigning, he didn’t have time to write their ques-

Conan O’Brien



Jay Leno


–Jay Leno “The Obama campaign announced that theirs will be the first political campaign to accept donations via text message. The president is hoping it’s a way to engage grass-roots supporters to give money. A friend of mine tried to donate money and ended up voting for Sanjaya.”

–Jimmy Kimmel “President Obama’s supporters can now text the word ‘GIVE’ to donate up to $50 dollars to his campaign, although it’s frustrating when autocorrect keeps changing it to ‘Fix the economy.’”

–Jimmy Fallon “New research found that people who wake up early are more productive than people who sleep in. Or as Congress put it, ‘Whoa — is it noon already?’”

–Jimmy Fallon “According to The New York Times, Iraq now loves American fast food. They hate us but they love our fast food. This is how we work. We force democracy on them and then we sneak in morbid obesity.”

–David Letterman

A margarita pizza fresh out of the oven.

Photo courtesy of VariEaties.

A sushi platter prepared at their sushi bar.

Photo courtesy of VariEaties.

There’s Plenty to Choose From at VariEaties They say variety is the spice of life, and that is true at VariEaties in Cedarhurst. Opening its doors in July, this restaurant features a variety of kosher Italian food, salads and sushi choices that brings new flavor to The Five Towns. The freshly painted green walls are lined with striped booths and colorful chairs for hungry patrons to sit and have a bite to eat. On one side of the restaurant, there is a pizza oven that creates cheesy creations with vegetable topping choices. On the other side, is a full sushi bar and all rolls are made to order. If you stop in for lunch, there is a special that runs from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00


“An all-female rock band from Russia, in a Moscow cathedral, played a protest song about Vladimir Putin’s ties to the church. Putin’s henchmen tracked them down and threw them in prison. They were charged with hooliganism. Is that a crime? That’s like being charged with tomfoolery. Or shenanigans.”

p.m. – two regular slices of pizza and a can of soda is $4.50. Pizza by the slice, $2.25-$3.75, can be layered with fresh vegetables like peppers, onions, olives, and spinach. Other options include their white slices, Sicilian, grandma, pesto, fra diavlo, and whole wheat slices. These slices can also transform into an entire pizza pie that is $14.99- $22.99. VariEaties also makes rolls stuffed with cheese and vegetables all for $3.99 each. For only $8.99, you can take home a pasta dish, or enjoy it in-house, such as penne ala vodka, cheese lasagna, or eggplant parmesan. In the mood for an appetizer before you dig into that fettucine alfredo? Try their homemade garlic knots, four piec-


es for $1.50. Or end with a homemade dessert - zeppoles, six for $1.50. VariEaties also has a sushi bar that features many hand rolls. All sushi rolls are $4.00- $6.50 each and include rolls such as the Futo Maki, with mock crabmeat, oskinko, cucumber, avocado and tomato. The Philadelphia Roll, with salmon and tofu cream cheese, the New York Roll, with avocado, sundried tomato, shitake mushrooms, and

carrots, and the Tuna Crunchy Roll, with tuna, tempura, spicy tuna and avocado. The chef’s special rolls are all $12.00$15.00 each and include choices such as the Dragon Roll, made with spicy tuna, wrapped in avocado and topped with sweet sauce, and the Green Mountain Roll, made with mock crab tempura, spicy tuna, and wrapped with avocado and topped with green sauce.

The restaurant is open Monday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturday nights 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., and Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. For additional information or to place a delivery, please call (516) 341-7205. VariEaties is located at 140 Washington Avenue (inside the Gourmet Glatt Shopping Center) in Cedarhurst. Kosher. Check for certification.

Bill Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, and former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry. The final night of the event will be held in Bank of America Stadium, home of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, where Barack Obama will accept the nomination for reelection.

Wednesday, September 5th NFL Kickoff Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants:

NBC. 8:30 p.m. The defending champion New York Giants will kick off the 2012-2013 season by hosting their hated rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. Last season, the Cowboys had a chance to knock the Giants out of playoff contention, but a crucial miscue between quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Miles Austin allowed the CONTINUED ON P. B8

–Craig Ferguson “Some Russians are claiming that Putin’s election was rigged and that he has no legitimate claim to power. You know what these Russians are called? Missing.”

–Craig Ferguson “NASA has actually landed a car on Mars. It’s called the Curiosity. That vehicle, now on Mars, cost two and a half million dollars. But when you drive that thing off the lot, instantly it’s worth less than half that.”

–David Letterman

President Barack Obama, who will receive the Democratic nomination on September 6th to run for re-election as President of the United States, delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

New on TV Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday September 4th, 5th, 6th. Democratic National Convention: CBS, NBC (Tuesday), ABC. 10:00 p.m. The Democratic National Convention will take place

in Charvlotte, North Carolina, the first time the state has ever hosted a major nominating convention. The first night will feature Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio as the first Latino keynote speaker in the history of the Democratic National Convention. Other notable speakers include former presidents Jimmy Carter and




Shia LaBeouf stars as Jack Bondurant, the youngest of three bootlegging brothers in Prohibition-era Virginia, in Lawless. LaBeouf and his brothers battle a strict new sherriff who threatens their business and their control over their county.




Real Estate for Sale

Real Estate for Sale

Advertising Telemarketing: Cutting-edge full-color weekly newspaper in Nassau County has opening for an effective, experienced and ambitious phone sales professional. Position entails telemarketing sales of display and directory advertising to area businesses. Prior experience required. Good prospecting and closing skills essential. Friendly, pleasant work environment, great group of people. Great product to sell. Base plus commissions. Part-time/flex-time OK. Contact Maury at 516-341-0445 or Ad Sales: Sitting around waiting for that next big opportunity? Getting bored of daytime TV, Facebook and job sites? Looking for a challenge, want to make a few dollars and work with some nice people? If you can sell and know something about the media, we’ve got a really spiffy weekly newspaper and website in an affluent part of Nassau County that is looking for a couple of can-do, know-how-to-close ad salespeople. You’ll earn a base salary and commissions right from dollar one and you’ll have no end of support and encouragement. Zap us with your resume and cover letter. We can start you right away and get you off your couch with a reason to get up and get dressed in the morning. Please send resume and cover letter to

516-238-4299 Hewlett Harbor: NEW WATERFRONT EXCLUSIVE!Tucked Away in Cul de Sac, Prime Waterfront Property on 3/4 Acre.5 BR, 4.5 Bth Chateau. Endless Possibilities..$1,700,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett Harbor: Diamond 6 BR,5.5 Bth Contemporary Style with Open Floor Plan on Over 1/2 Acre. Waterviews, Dock for 2 Boats, Main Flr Master Suite, 3 Car Garage..$2,295,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516238-4299 Hewlett Harbor: GREAT VALUE!! Mint 6 BR, 5.5 Bth Waterfront Exp Ranch Overlooking Golf Course. IG Saltwater Pool, New Dock, Chef’s Kit.SD#14 ..$1,349,000, Rent $10,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett Harbor: Private Hideaway on Over 2 Acres! 5 Br,6.5 Bth Colonial, 200’ of Bulkhead & Dock,IG Pool, Tennis Ct...$3,599,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516238-4299 Hewlett Harbor: PRICE REDUCED!!Fabulous Location in Heart of Hewlett Harbor, 6BR, 3.5Bth, Exp Ranch, Fabulous Location..$859K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett Harbor: STEAL IN HEWLETT HARBOR! 4 BR, 3 Bth Colonial w/ Updtd EIK,FDR,LR/Fpl, Den, Encl Porch & Full Fin Bsmt.Possible Professional Residence,SD#14..$749K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516238-4299 Hewlett Neck: 4BR, 4.5Ba, Tennis Ct., Frplc., Pool, Glassed Terr., New Cac… $1.049M – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Hewlett Neck: REDUCED!!Country Style Colonial on over 1/2 Acre of Manicured Property w/ IG Pool. 5 BR, 4.5 Bth, Spacious Rms,SD#14..$799K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett Neck: Near Harold Rd. Half acre lot for sale. Build your dream home. Walk to Irving Pl Minyan. Ask $700’s. Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516569-4980 Hewlett Neck: Quality new construction. Walk to Irving Pl Minyan. Over 5K sq ft quality new construction on 1 acre lot- Call for plans and specifications. Ask $2.4m. Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516569-4980 Hewlett Neck: Expanded Ranch. O/s Property. 5 BR, 4 bth. Marble Baths. Spacious Property With Beautiful 20X40 IGP. $1.1M VI PROPERTIES 516-791-1313 Hewlett Neck: All New Under Constr. CH Colonial. Planned 4 BR 3.5 Bth. Owner Will Customize To Suit. $1.699M VI PROPERTIES 516-791-1313 Hewlett Neck: Lovely 4 bedroom expanded ranch on gorgeous property. Approximately 3/4 acre. regulation size tennis court surrounded by 10’Fence. New roof, plus room for a large pool! $949,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett Neck: Spectacular Young Brick 7Br English Manor Home, Custom Built. Boasting Magnificent Architectural Details. Formal Living Room, Formal dining room, Library, Den, Office, 10.55 Baths, Indoor Basketball Court, Movie Theatre Room, Luxurious Master Suite With Changing Room And Balcony Overlooking The 1.59 Acres Of Beautiful Property Including Tennis Court, In ground pool and full size basketball court. Separate Guest Quarters. $4,400,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Inwood: 3BR, 1.5Ba, EIK, New Roof w/10yr Wrty., New Heater…$325K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Inwood: Legal Four Family House. 2-2 Br, 2-1Br Apts. Large Property With 60 X 98 Vacant Lot. Good For An Investor. $650K VI PROPERTIES 516-791-1313 Inwood: Free standing mixed use bldg, 2 stores 2 apts, parking lot $599K MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-239-0306 Lawrence: 4BR, 2Ba, Frplc, Hdwd Flrs., M/D w/permits, Wine Cellar… $440K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Lawrence: NEW!! Most Spectacular 7 BR Exp Ranch on Sprawling 1.35 Acre Prop with Beautiful 2000 Sq Ft, 2 BR, 2 Bth Carriage House.IG Saltwater Pool, Outdoor Kit, Patio & Mini Golf..$2,995,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Lawrence: REDUCED!! Professsional Residence with 4 Room Office. 4 BR, 2.5 Bth CH Colonial, Updated EIK,SD#15, Near All Shops, Trans & Houses of Worship..$699K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-2384299 Lawrence: The Carlyle , Luxury Doorman Building * Lovely sunny apartment in move in condition recessed lighting, huge bedroom, closets galore, washer and dryer in the unit. Personal terrace. $300,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Lawrence: The Plaza, Beautiful and immaculate 1 bedroom, New 1.5 baths, parquet wood floors, terrace, lots of closets including 2 walk-ins, pool, in prestigious 24 hr. doorman building. $359,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Lawrence:New! 5 Bdrm Bi Level Home On Quiet Child Friendly Country St,Beautiful Lg Property $799k MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-239-0306 Lawrence: (back) True Center Hall on 1/2 Acre property w/inground Pool. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Lr,Fdr, Den/fireplace. Asking $1,250,000. LORI & ASSOCIATES (516)791-8300 Lawrence: Co-op, Elevator building, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Lr/ Dr, New Kit, Hardwood floors. $149,000. Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Lawrence: Coop, Garden Apt, Large 1Bedroom w/lg foyer, Lr, Dr, Kit $89,000. Call Lori & Associates 516791-8300 Long Beach: 7BR, 4Ba, FBsmt, Newly renovated, Terrace off Mst BR … $599K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Lynbrook: Wyndahm Lovely 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath. Top floor – elevator building $295,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Lynbrook: 3BR, 2Ba, Fin. Recreation Room, Cedar Closet, Util. Rm..$375K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Lynbrook: 3BR, 1.5Ba, EIK, FFBsmt, Hardwood flrs., Htd Encl Porch….$379K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 North Woodmere: REDUCED!! 4 BR,2.5 Bth Hi Ranch in SD#14.Ext EIK, LR,FDR & Family Rm, CAC, HW Flrs..$438K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 North Woodmere: Mint 5 Bdrm Woodmere 400,New Eik, Den, Finished Basement Wonderful Location. New Roof,Gutters And Front Walkway. $799k MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-239-0306 North Woodmere: 5BR, 3Ba, FDr, Den w/Fireplace, Balcony, EIK..$699K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 8817700 North Woodmere: 5BR, 3Ba, Lge EIK w/sep. entr. to Deck, Den w/Frplce ... $529K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Rockville Centre: First Time On The Market Mint Colonial In Sd #21. 4 Br, 3 bth. $849K VI PROPERTIES 516791-1313 Valley Stream: NEW TO MARKET! 4 BR, 1.5 Bth Brick Colonial Completely Renovated This Year. NEW Gran/Wood EIK,LR,FDR,Den & Fin Bsmt. NEW Windows, Roof, Gas Boiler & HW Htr, Front Walkway, SD#14..$459,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-2384299 Valley Stream: 3BR, 2Ba, Fully renov. EIK, SS Appl., Hdwd flrs., Brick Patio … $498K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Valley Stream: 3BR, 2Ba, FDr, FFBsmt, Open flr plan w/skylights …$332K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 8817700 Valley Stream: 3BR, 1Ba, Cozy Brick Ranch, EIK … $249,000 to $285,541 - Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Valley Stream: 3BR, 1.5Ba, Large Updated EIK, Full Bsmt … $309,999K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 8817700 West Hempstead: 4BR, 2Ba, Excellent Cape Home, Large Updated EIK, $299K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Woodsburgh: Mint 7 BR, 5 Bth Exp Ranch on 1/2 Acre. Beaut Main Flr Mstr Suite/Fpl,Dressing Rm/ Bth,SD#14... $1,499,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516238-4299 Woodsburgh: PRICE REDUCTION!!Over 4000 Sq Ft Trad CH Colonial, 5 BR, 4.5 Bth on Acre,Fin Bsmt,Near All, SD#14...$1,275,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516238-4299 Woodsburgh: 180 W Ivy Hill Rd Near B’way loc. 5+Br, 3.5 Bth Rex. Huge Granite EIK, FDR. $899K JANKALMAN.COM 516-569-5651 Woodsburgh: Traditional Mint Home With Architectural Beams, Wood Floors And Fireplace, New Eik, New Bths, Beautifully Landscaped Park Like Property $1.299M MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-239-0306 Woodsburgh: Beautiful Home With Amazing Master Suite; Open With Plenty Of Closets And Built In’s. Two Dens, Wet Bar, EIK, 5 Bedrooms Total! So Spacious With A Full Basement. Must See This Lovely Home. $795,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Woodmere/Hewlett Neck: 1 acre lot for sale. Walk to all. Call for details. Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516-569-4980 Old Woodmere: Classic 3Bdrm center hall colonial on huge country like property. Exquisite custom kitchen, oversized den. Great open flow. Walk to all.Must see. PRESENT ALL OFFERS!REDUCED TO $599K Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516-569-4980 Old Woodmere: Grand 5 Bdrm Brick C/H Col On Tree Lined St With Lg Flr/Fpl, Fdr, Den, High Ceilings, Hardwood Floors,New Windows, Gutters Leaders And More $799k MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-239-0306 Woodmere: 3BR, 2Ba, Den, 2Car Garage, Brick Patio, Porch… $398K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Woodmere: 4BR, 2Ba, Big Family or Investment Prop., Priced for Quick Sale …$369K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Woodmere: 6BR, 3Ba, FDr, Large New EIK, Walk-In Closets, Hdwd flrs., …$758K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700

Woodmere: 5BR, 2.5Ba, Frplc, Vltd Ceilings w/skylights, In-ground pool, Cedar Deck …$725K - Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Woodmere: REDUCED! 4 BR,2.5 Bth Ranch on 1/4 Acre Parklike Property. Beautiful, Sunny Family Rm w/ Vaulted Ceiling/Fpl.HW Flrs,SD#14.. $519K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Woodmere: DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION! 4 BR, 3 Bath Colonial on Oversized Property in SD#14.Spacious Rooms & Lots of Room For Expansion. Full Bsmt w/ Hi Ceiling, 2 Car Garage. Near All. $550K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Woodmere: Cedar Glen Condo, 3 BR, 2.55 Bth,LR/ Fpl,FDR,Patio off EIK,LR/Fpl,FDR,Fin Bsmt,Gar, SD#14...$499K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Woodmere: Mint condition. 1 bedroom, full bath, open kitchen, 1st floor, fully furnished $149,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Woodmere: 2BR, EIK, W/D in unit. Nice Windows w/ Golf Course views. High Ceilings $325,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Woodmere: Found A New Home. Available ASAP! Walk In Thru The Large Entry To The Beautiful Spacious Living Space With Fabulous Wood Floors And Stunning Stone Fireplace. The Flow Is Flawless! A Must See! $350,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Woodmere: 4 br, 2.5 bath Very quit street. Open flow. Great home $425,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Woodmere: Unique opportunity for investor or family. Two lovely side by side attached duplexes can be bought together to make 1 large home or use as Mother/Daugther; live in one side and use other as rental income to defray costs. Both 3 bedrooms, Beautiful Backyard Oasis with IG Pool. Private Entrances. $587,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Woodmere: Academy area. Walk to aishe. Charming colonial on approx 100 x 100 lot. Room to expand. Present all offers. $699k Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516-569-4980 Woodmere: “New Construction” Two minute walk to shul. Classic 6Bdrm/4.5 Btah. Center hall colonial. Fabulous entry foyer.Nine foot ceilings. LR with replace. Large formal DR. HugeKosher EIK. Full height basement. Top of the line. Must see.Walk to Young Israel and Aish. Come view the plans and specications. $1M+ Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516-569-4980 Woodmere: “New Construction” Custom built 6BR/4.5 Bth. Grand entry foyer. Huge Kosher EIK. High ceilings. Master suite with oversized master bath with Jacuzzi and shower. Come walk through the house. $1M+ Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516-5694980 Woodmere: 905 Mayfiled Rd 4Br, 3Bth Tudor. Newly renov EIK. Near All!$599K or Rent $3,900 JANKALMAN.COM 516-569-5651 Woodmere: Co-op. Accross from the Woodmere LIRR, Elevator building, 1 Bedroom, 1 New Bath, Lr/Dr, New Kit. $99,000. Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Woodmere: Coop, elevator building, Studio w/lots of closets, Kit, Bth $45,000. Call Lori & associates 516791-8300 Woodmere: Coop, Elevator building. Huge 1Br, 1Bth, Lr, Fdr, Eik, Hardwood floors, washer/dryer $99,000. call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Woodmere: Wide Line Multi Level Home On Beautiful Cul-De-Sac 4 Bdrms Lg Eik Den Basement $699k MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-239-0306 Woodmere: Wide Line Multi Level Home On Beautiful Cul-De-Sac 4 Bdrms Lg Eik Den Basement Magnificent And Dramatic 5 Bdrm Contemprary Col With Scenic Water Views, Soaring Ceilings And Windows 5,000 Sq Ft Of Beautiful Living Space $899K MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-239-0306

Real Estate for Sale Cedarhurst: 4 BR,2.5 Bth Split, Updtd EIK,Full Basement, 2 Car Garage,HW Flrs,CAC. Near Shops, Trans & Worship..$550K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-2384299 Cedarhurst: PRICE REDUCED!! 5 BR,3 Bth Split on Lovely Property in SD#15. Updtd EIK, LR w/ Vaulted Ceiling, FDR & Family Rm.Lots of Room For Expansion..$569,900 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Cedarhurst: 4BR, 2.5Ba, Fireplace, FDr, Den, FFBsmt w/Ose..$525K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Cedarhurst: Spacious Studio Co-Op, 2nd floor Elevator Bldg, Lge LR, … $65K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Cedarhurst: 3BR, 1.5Ba, Great Starter Home, EIK, Lge Backyard …. $245K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 8817700 Cedarhurst: Tremendous potential large 4br, 3ba home. CAC $499,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Cedarhurst: Centrally located this lovely 3 bedroom spacious home boasts of new kitchen, gas heat, quiet street. $589,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Cedarhurst: Cedar Bay Park-totally renovated mint condition 4 BR split level. Main floor bedroom and bath. New windows, new roof, marble baths, finished basement. Great yard. Must see. Walk to all. Ask $599k. Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516569-4980 Cedarhurst: Charming 3 bdrm col ,attic ,basement, lg rooms $410K MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-2390306 Cedarhurst: New! Wide Line Split With Double Height Entry 4 Bdrms 1 Level, Main Lvl Den Full Basement Walk To Worship, Shopping And Transportation. Prestigious Cul-De-Sac $815K MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516-239-0306 East Rockaway: Two Floor Rental. Both Floors Have 2 Bedroom, Kitchen, Bath, Full Size Laundry Machines. Zoned For Business/Office Or Residential. $279,000 Very Motivated. Morton Haves 516-374-0100 East Rockaway: Home in excellent condition. Open flow layout. Large den. $710,000 Morton Haves 516374-0100 East Rockaway: Diamond Condition Colonial With Extended First And Second Floor. This Home Was Completely Renovated Within The Last 10 Years. $799,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Far Rockaway: Spacious 3 bdrm home + den attic, basement $400’s MILKY FORST PROPERTIES 516239-0306 Hewlett/East Rockaway: 3 BR,3 Bth CH Col on Lovely St in SD#20,Fin Bsmt..$549K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett/East Rockaway: PRICE REDUCED!! Spac 5BR, 2.5Bth CH Col, Huge EIK/Great Rm/Fpl, Fin Bsmt, CAC, SD#20.......$669K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516238-4299 Hewlett/East Rockaway: Property Lovers Delight! 4 BR,3.5 Bth Colonial in SD#20(Waverly Pk)..$599K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett: 4BR, 2Ba, FDr, Huge Den, EIK, Private Backyard, Full Basement... $439K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Hewlett: 3BR, 1Ba, New Cac, Granite EIK, Wood floors, Fenced Yard…$400K – Realty Executives 1st (516) 881-7700 Hewlett: Totally Renovated 5 BR, 3 Bth Colonial in SD#14. Open Floor Plan. 2 Story Entry Foyer, Large Bedrooms, Circular Driveway & Beautiful Landscaping..$589K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-2384299 Hewlett: Mint 5 BR, 4 Bth Split in Old Woodmere Area. SD#14.Move Right in! $769K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett: 3 BR, 2 Bath Colonial in Old Woodmere Area. Updtd Country EIK, Fin Bsmt, Great Location & Nice Yard, SD#14..Near Shops, Trans & Worship..$485K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett: FIRST TIME ON Market! Spacious 3 BR,2 Bth Co-op, LR,FDR,New Gran/Wood Kit/Breakfst Nook,Enclosed Porch & Patio,SD#14,W/D, Priced to Fly!... $249K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett: 4 BR, 3.5 Bth CH Colonial w/ Lagre EIK & Den, LR/Fpl,FDR,& Fin Bsmt.Beautiful Property, Owner Willing to Participate in First Year Taxes! SD#14 $579K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett: REDUCED!! 2 Br, 2 Bath Co-op in Hewlett Townhouse, 24 Hr Doorman, Valet Pkg, IG Pool, Near All..$369K PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett: This Home Is Bigger Than It Looks! 5 Bedrooms! Over 1800 Square Feet! Cedar Closet. Formal Dining Area. 4 Floors! $450,000 Morton Haves 516374-0100 Hewlett: Beautiful ranch on oversized property with patio. 2 1/2 garage with great storage, living room with fireplace, L- shaped dining room, kitchen with large eating area, 3 brs,3 ba’s, large great room with stone fireplace $599,000 Morton Haves 516-3740100 Hewlett: Fabulous pristine ranch home in SD 14. Enclosed breeze way, FDR w/FPL, FLR, Den w/FPL, Exceptional master suite! Powder Rm ,2nd Floor: 2Br, Bonus Rm, full bath, Cabana Rm, & Beautiful Gunite Heated IGP. $749,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett: Garden Town, Spacious Five Room Garden Apartment Featuring Two Bedrooms And An Open Feel. The Large Terrace Overlooks Private Peaceful Views Providing An Escape To The Everyday Bustle. Easy Access To Parking With Underground Parking Available. $125,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett: Mint 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Updated open Kitchen, high hats, New neutral carpet. $109,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett: Town House, Price Reduced! Motivated Owner. Beautiful 1 Bed 1.5 Bath With Enclosed Terrace, Newly Renovated Granite Kitchen, New Bath, Washer/Dryer, $187,500 Morton Haves 516-3740100 Hewlett: Town House, Picture perfect with crown molding. New everything. 2 enclosed terraces. 24Hr doorman, Maintained IGP. Duplex. Open Auction. Best Bid Over $399K Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett: The Gables Move In Condition. Quiet Location. Walk To Train. $475,000 Morton Haves 516374-0100 Hewlett: Town House, Fabulous one bedroom two bath. Terrace. Doorman building. UG Valet parking, Card room. $259,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett: Spacious Apt with large entry and fabulous bonus room. private terrace. Debbie Borgia $225,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett: Garden Town, 1st floor, Lr, Fdr, New Eik, 2Br, 1 ne Bth, very spacious $175,000, call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Hewlett: Townhouse, 3 Floors, 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Lr, Dr, Eik w/granite countertops, Den, Laundry room, private backyard, 1 car garage $399,000. LORI & ASSOCIATES (516)791-8300 Hewlett Bay Park: Prime Location. Spacious Multilevel Home. 5BR, 4.5 bth. Two Master Suites. Beautiful Property.$1.1M VI PROPERTIES 516-791-1313 Hewlett Bay Park: Updated Raised Ranch.6 BR, 5.5 bth. 1 1/4 Acre Park-Like Setting. IGP. Enclosed Patio & BBQArea. $1.695M VI PROPERTIES 516-791-1313 Hewlett Bay Park: WATERFRONT EXCLUSIVE! 9 BR, 5.55 Bath Contemporary Colonial on over 2 Acres. Bulkhead, Dock & Guest Wing...$4,400,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett Bay Park: Private 1.25 Acres Waterfront Property. 4 BR,3.5 Bth Exp Ranch with Open Floor Plan. Chef’s EIK/Great Rm, Main Flr Master Suite, BiLevel Deck & Hot Tub, 135 Ft Bulkhead..$2,995,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN 516-238-4299 Hewlett Harbor: Balin Expanded Ranch On Beautiful Corner Property. Plenty Of Room For A Pool. 6 Bed, 3 Full Baths, Great Open Layout, CAC, Wood Floors, In Desirable Waverly/Lynbrook School District. Owner Motivated * Price Reduced! $675,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett Harbor: Extremely spacious main floor living area plus beautiful den with sunroom. Large master suite with attached spa room opening to the grounds. 4 bedrooms total with 3 full baths $869,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett Harbor: Spacious 5br home w/a Brand New Granite Kitchen Incl. New Appliances And Gorgeous Bar In Den. Includes A Heated Pool W Lovely Patio. New Roof, CAC, Alarm And Updated Windows $915,000 Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Hewlett Harbor: NEW EXCLUSIVE! Sprawling 5 BR, 5.55 Bth Split on 3/4 Acre Parklike Property with IG Pool, Deck & Cabana.Wonderful Flow for Entertaining Inside & Out..$1,625,000 PRUDENTIAL ELLIMAN

Real Estate for Rent Cedarhurst: Upstairs of a 2 family home. Lr/Dr, Large Eik, 1 Br, 1Bth, All utilities incl cable included. $1500/ month call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Cedarhurst: Townhouses with Central Air and Heat, and your own washer/dryer in unit. Lr, Dr , kit, 3 Bedroom/2 bath $2295/month . Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Cedarhurst: Townhouses with Central Air and Heat, and your own washer/dryer in unit. Lr, Dr , kit, 2 Bedroom/2 bath $1995/month . Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Far Rockaway: 3 family (3rd floor aparment) 3 Bedroom, 2 Baths, Lr, Dr, Kosher Kit, $1600/month Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Far Rockaway: 1st floor apt in a 6 family. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Lr/Dr, Eik, $1350/month. Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Hewlett: 2 family house. 3 bedrooms, new kitchen and bath with full nished basement. sd14 - $3,000 Also 3 bedroom, new kitchen and bath - $2,500 Call Susan at SOUTH SHORE ESTATES 516-569-4980 Inwood: 2 Br, 1Bth, Lr, Fdr, Large new Eik, Heat included $1500/month call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Inwood: Amazing 4 bedroom, 2 bath. Newly renovated for rent. $3200/Month Morton Haves 516374-0100 Lawrence: 2nd floor of a 2Br, Lr, Fdr, Lg Eik, 2Br, 1Bth, all utilities included except electric $1550/month call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Lawrence: Lovely, clean studio apt on lower level of house. Good closet space, Fpl, W/D, dishwasher, Street parking, Use of backyard, Small pets OK, Rent includes Gas, Electric & Water. Walk to Cedarhurst train station $1150/Month Morton Haves 516374-0100 Lawrence: Nice 3br, 2ba cottage in the back of Lawrence. $2100/Month Morton Haves 516-374-0100 Lynbrook: Top Floor Unit In A very desirable building. hardwood floors under the new carpet, Large closets. New IGP and gym. Air conditioned building. Heat/Water included in monthly maintenance. Laundry facilities on each floor. New EIK. New bathroom. Large closets. Also for rent $229,000 / $1650/ Month Morton Haves 516-374-0100 North Woodmere: House Rental. HiRanch, water view, 4Br, 3Bth, Lr, Fdr, Eik, Den, Large yard $3300/ month call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Woodmere: In a house. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Lr/Dr, Lg Eik, All utilities included $1500/ month. Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Woodmere: House Rental on Doctor’s row, 4Br, 3Bth, lr, Fdr, New Kosher Eik $4000/month includes all utilities Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Woodmere: 4 br, 2.5 bath Very quit street. Open flow. Great home for rent $2700/Month Morton Haves 516-374-0100

Commercial Real Estate for Rent/Sale Cedarhurst: Medical office on Grove, accross from the post office. Was a Dental office. Beautiful waiting room, Reception area, 3 Operatories, Private Office, 2 Bathrooms, Good traffic area. $1995/month. LORI & ASSOCIATES (516)791-8300 Cedarhurst: Office space. Private office plus loft space. All utilities included. $750/month, or can be subdivided and just the private office at $500/mth. Call Lori & Associates 516-791-8300 Cedarhurst: Stores For Rent or Sale. Offices For Rent. U want them, I have them. Call ! Call ! Call ! Randy Green 516 295-3000 Cedarhurst: For Rent $1250/mo. 3 rm Prof’l suite w/Bathroom, Waiting area, Reception desk. Randy Green 516 295-3000 East Rockaway: Furnished office spaces! Appx. 600 sf- 3 ½ rooms ($1,200) or 1,200 sf ($2,000) Large, cherry wood business desks with modern chairs. Private bathrooms. Central A/C. Newly renovated! Owner: 516-593-0962 East Rockaway: Appx. 2000 sf office space with warehouse area. Perfect for any company requiring a shipping/stock room. Double doors for easy access. Great for contractors or import/exporters. Parking spaces included. $2,300/month. Owner: 516-593-0962 East Rockaway: Store for rent! Highly visible location in a great strip mall on a busy street. Convenient parking nearby. A long or short lease available plus time to renovate. $1,650/month. Owner: 516-593-0962 Five Towns And Lynbrook: Professional/Medical space available for sale or lease, call for more details. Lori Lewis 516-295-3000 Hewlett/Woodmere: Medical/Dental Spaces For Sale or Rent. We have all areas, all sizes. Call Randy Green @ Pugatch 516 295-3000 Lawrence: “THE PLAZA” - For Lease. NO FEE!!! Professional Space Available In 24 Hour Doorman Building, 685 Sq Ft. Terrace, Pool, CAC, Includes Indoor Parking Space...$1595 - Contact Andy Kropp At Pugatch Realty Corp. 516-295-3000 Long Beach: Professional/Medical suites available with good Parking, call for more details. Lori Lewis 516-295-3000 Rockville Center: Medical and professional office building at 165 North Village Avenue in Rockville Centre has 500-5,000 SF space available for rent. Centrally-located near many area hospitals. Parking for 400+ cars. Call 917-715-2415 for more information. Woodmere: 1,600 sq.ft fully equipped Restaurant in high traffic loc. Full basement. Turn key operation. Municipal and on street parking.Red! $2,700 . Call Rick 516-319-2506. Jan Kalman Rlty Woodmere: Office suites for rent, all utilities included, copy center, conference rooms, free wifi, reception, 24/7 access, fully furnished, central 5Towns location, near LIRR, restaurants, call 516-374-6080 x 19 Woodmere: Bldg For Sale or Rent - MOTIVATED SELLER. 5500 sf can be divided Info: Randy Green 516 295-3000


Animal People CONTINUED FROM P. A10 gan to wonder if people rescuing animals from shelters were held to the same standards. Did anyone really say, “I’m sorry, ma’am - but without a 5-point car seat, we cannot give you the poodle?” “Oh, that’s nothing,” continued the woman. “My mother has a stroller for her cats.” At that point, I began to stare, unable to blink and certainly unable to speak. It seemed her mother took all of her cats for walks through their neighborhood in a stroller and while the daughter was embarrassed initially, now the community is used to it. The woman’s mother began to defend herself. Her cats are so good, she said,

that “they are really like dogs.” I laughed. “That’s the ultimate compliment cats can get,” I joked. “To be told that they are really like dogs.” She explained that she even sleeps with one of her cats right on her, or even sometimes on her head. I was stunned, but again: I am not an animal person. This might be completely normal, though I could not imagine that it was. “If you treat them this well,” I said, “they’ll never move out and will live with you even as adults,” but I was ignored. I listened intently as the daughter then explained that her mother will not go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, should it be necessary, so as not to wake the sleeping cat. Again, I began to stare in disbe-

lief, but the mother defended herself. People say cats rule you and are very bossy, she explained, but said that was not the situation in her case. Her cats were great, she continued, and all get along really well, but she was still in charge. It was at that moment that her daughter had heard just about enough. “Oh, yeah, Mom” she said. “You’re ready to catheterize yourself in the middle of the night before waking the cat -- you are really driving THAT ship!” I would have responded, but I was too busy crying from laughter. Once someone uses the word “catheterize” in a nail salon, even I am left with nothing to say.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR CONTINUED FROM P. A11 if they ever placed a nuclear device on the Moon and disarm it but as I said, it was only a rumor at the time.” HuffPost reader “conal6” was in agreement with Mr. Barbanel, saying, “I agree I was 4 in 1969 I remember in 1970 watching The Eagle has landed. Its kind of strange but I just finished reading Alan Shepard Jr’s Biography “Light This Candle” The morning it was announced Neil Armstrong Died ( I stayed up all night reading it) . I was telling my wife about the book and amazed how many of the early astronauts I knew off the top of my head. The shuttle astronauts I couldn’t tell you more than 3 or 4. Those were heady days the great thing it was America it wasn’t democrat or republican. It really is hard to explain the nationalism that the space program and NASA sparked. When you hear and read about Gus Grissom and those Apollo astronauts burning up on the launch pad in a very horrific way to go strapped in a seat. I don’t even entertain, The we didn’t go to the moon nonsense. God Bless

Neil Armstrong . RI.P.” “Plymouthrock1635” said, “I enjoyed the article very much. Loved the references to the Jets, Star Trek and Schwinn Stingrays. “Our parents drove Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles in snot green or burnt orange with black vinyl tops.” If I remember correctly this was called “Corinthian Leather.” To which Mr. Barbanel replied, “Corinthian Leather” actually was used in the interiors of late 70s and 80sera Chrysler cars like the now defunct New Yorker. Richardo Montalban was the TV pitchman for Chrysler and he spoke of “rich Corinthian Leather” as a great luxury. The vinyl tops on the cars we usually black, but sometimes white.” Lastly, HuffPost reader “Karpy” asserted that “I read that Obama said some words for Neil on his passing and found it typically hypocritical. Obama and his lackey Bolden have overseen the destruction of America’s hard earned leadership as a manned space fairing nation. In the process, he flushed 90 Billion taxpayer dollars down the drain, and tossed 30,000 world class American

rocket scientists and 150,000 aerospace technicians into the street. He killed the Constellation program just as it was starting to return the taxpayers investment for no other reason then to say “we certainly ARE NOT going back to the Moon.” I believe he did this in order to take America down a notch. When he appointed Bolden as NASA ‘s Director, he assigned him the task of building Muslim “self esteem” as a first priority and sent him to Egypt to get started on it. He dislikes the concept of American “exceptionalism”, and seems determined to make the United States “just another country at the world table.” He has destroyed our status as a space fairing nation to that end, and Neil Armstrong knew it. Armstrong, (the first man on the moon, Gene Cernan, (the last man) and 12 other Apollo Astronauts lobbied Congress and Obama hard to bring NASA back on track to no avail. Good Bye Neil, I watched you leave Earth and thank your for being such a truly brave and wonderful man and for trying to save NASA in your final years with us. God’s Speed.

Help Your Child Realize Thir Potential at A+ Achievement Learning Center CONTINUED FROM P. B5 ing. Many students can’t focus at home. They are very sensitive to distractions around them. A+ has created a “quiet room” at the center where students can do their homework in a comfortable, quiet room,


with softer lighting where no conversation is allowed. There are separate sessions for boys and girls. Since A+ offers a wide range of services, it is in the unique position of being able to deal with students who have missed school for sev-


CONTINUED FROM P. B7 Giants to keep their hopes alive. The Giants eventually stunned the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl for the second time in five years. The Cowboys return with improved cornerbacks that they hope will slow down the Giants vaunted passing attack led by Eli Manning.

New in Movies Friday August 31st Lawless: (R). Shia LaBeouf

and Tom Hardy star in Lawless, a film based on The Wettest County in the World, a novel by Matt Bondurant. Lawless is about the three Bondurant brothers who are bootleggers in Virginia during the Prohibition era who make and sell their own brand of moonshine. When a new sherriff, played by Guy Pearce, arrives and begins to crack down on the sale of alcohol throughout the county, it throws a wrench into the brothers’ operation and changes the dynamic of the family. LaBeouf’s char-

eral weeks or months. Howard Daar, the owner of A+, will meet with each teacher and the parents to develop a customized plan to bring the student back up to speed in all subjects. He will meet regularly with the parents and students to track progress.

acter even creates his own moonshine and begins selling it to a notorious gangster played by Gary Oldman. Women complicate matters further, leading to an inevitable showdown between the Bondurants and law enforcement for control of the county. The Possession: (PG13). The Possession is a film based on an article by Leslie Gornstein, a writer for The Los Angeles Times, about a young girl who spots an interesting box at a yard sale and buys it, setting off a series of horrific events. The box is discovered to be the Dibbuk Box, containing an evil spirit that frightens and torments owners of the box until they die or solve the mystery of the box’s strange contents.

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Dr. Jay H. Rosenbaum, Rabbi Galina Makaveyev, Cantor

Temple Israel of Lawrence, 140 Central Avenue Lawrence, NY 11559 - (516)239-1140


James Rotenberg, President

Service of Selichot Saturday evening, September 8, 2012- 9:00 PM Dessert collation to follow Guest Speaker: Mr. Shlomi Kofman, Deputy Consul General of Israel Topic: Dateline Jerusalem With the Selichot Service, we begin to usher in the New Year 5773. It is a spiritually moving and uplifting service reflecting our most heartfelt prayers for the New Year connecting us to the Holy. This year we are fortunate to have as our guest speaker, Shlomi Kofman a leading member of Israel’s elite Diplomatic Corps and internationally renowned economist and political scientist. He will address the pressing issues facing the Jewish State and World Jewry in the coming year. Please invite your friends and neighbors to join you for this most inspiring and special evening. * Please park on Central Avenue and adjacent streets as the parking lot will be closed because of a wedding reception. Please enter the Temple through the main entrance on Central Avenue.

TEMPLE ISRAEL OF LAWRENCE 140 Central Avenue Lawrence, N.Y. 11559

Manicure & Pedicure New Customers Only.

Any New Service of $50 or More New Customers Only.


24.99 25% Off

Brazilian Keratin Treatment New Customers Only.






With this coupon only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or sale item. Offer expires 8/31/12. SSS

With this coupon only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or sale item. Offer expires 8/31/12. SSS

With this coupon only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or sale item. Offer expires 8/31/12. SSS

How do High Holiday Services leave YOU feeling?

If you’re tired of nodding off into your Prayer-Book, join us for a High Holiday service that’s meaningful and easy-to-follow.

Suggested donation, $120 for a seat. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Chabad of Hewlett is an affiliate of Chabad of Five Towns

(516) 295-3433



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