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Seth Levine & Hotel Chantelle Takashi French Louie Pines Pagani Red Farm Pastai & Eolo Restaurant Roundup

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Vanderbilt Grace Martha’s Vineyard Summer in the Hamptons Texas Florida’s Sweet 16 South Florida Roundup Cuisinart Glasgow Corinthia Palace Mandarin Oriental Singapore

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EDITOR’S NOTE EDITOR’S NOTE “What inmonth the world does the Resident really edition; know about Another and another successful wefashion,” are happy been theThe common refrain from manyThe hereimpetus on our staff When I tohaspresent Philanthropy Issue. of .the theme told my companions thatare we featuring will be doing ourJean first fashion edition developed because we Mrs. Shafiroff on the in March, nearly laughed. “Stickyou to travel, estate, cover. If you are everyone unfamiliar with Jean aren’t real a fan of the culture and dining but for God’s sakes -”. Well, I’m happy to gossip pages! With that being said, Jean is a wonderful, giving, report that impulse prevailed; the rest is for our readers to decide. generous New Yorker who has devoted time, energy and money she ishome passionate about. In that spirit, Becausetowecauses wantedthat to drive this fashion theme we chose to we wished honor her. Icovers! think Th you will find the piece (and the do two to fashion-forward is month features both Megan stunning photos) annew inspiration andThwe hope that can give Boone from NBC’s hit series, e Blacklist andyou Morgan back (in your Jean does. O’Connor, theown new way) face ofasRalph Lauren’s Polo. These two sexy New Yorkers exemplify the direction the magazine is headed and

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In exclusive, we both feature three charities weaddition think thatto youour willcover find their interviews enlightening and that Jean We is involved with. Couture NYC Mission engaging. thank them for gracing our Council, pages. Society and New York Women’s Foundation are all worthy This is also first fashion shootprovide that we produced fromour causes thatthehelp to uplift, and doourselves good for start to finish. have ten the pages bank robbery wonderful city.We I hope that(yes, you10) willpages read on these and learn story featuring up-and-coming male models. Shot by the wellmore about thetwo nonprofits. known Chinese fashion photographer, Jan Sol, the shoot evokes a

bygone era where robbery wasmake romanticized and criminal Talking about people who a difference, we alsoevents feature were subject to cinematic revisionism. Let’s might just say,beeyeable candy Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, who you to for guess fashion aficionado family. and blockbuster fans alike! addition, isboth from that patrician With a history of In giving in her we have a story called Fukushima, Mon Amor that pushes the blood, Consuelo has set off, in her own way, to help the city envelope for fashion being about body and emotion within the she loves. An accomplished singer-songwriter, she happens context of landscape and history as much as it is about style and to be as beautiful in form as she is in spirit. status.

In ourSpring culture pages,Guide you’llisfind a profile thetrends ballerina, Our Shopping devoted to the on latest in Marcelo Gomez. With a successful that spans beauty, color and accessories. Use this ascareer a tool when makingdecades, your asnext well as, the We’ve globe,culled he isonly at the of the ballet purchase. the forefront best and really think you world. will We have informative. reviews of Additionally, the revival we of have Les aMiz and the findalso the pages roundup of thenew play, theatWay. latestAll looks NYFW. This is our first time brining you extensive coverage; and it’s our hope you love it as much as we do!

Our dining and travel sections are well represented with As mustand be obvious, travel section far from hotels usual this trendy deliciousourrestaurants to isluxurious from month.Singapore, In keepingAnguilla with our theme, we decided to Malta, andfashion Newport to travel stories from theinFashion Capitals of the Texas to Scotland (and highlight everything between). World. From Miami to Milan and LA to

course) we’vewe gotran On a final note, a meaLondon culpa is(and in Paris, order.ofLast month your interest in couture covered! Each an editorial from Sadick Dermatology and used the incorrect image wasrerun especially because byline. We apologize and have thatchosen editorial withwethe believe it best represents the respective correct author’s name.

Enjoy the magazine!

city in which it was shown. Next time you find yourself in “Gay Paree”, think: Resident because no matter what your point of origin, feeling at home is New York specialty, one that our magazine has worked hard to master.

Christopher A. Pape Editor-in-Chief Twitter: NY_Resident Christopher A. Pape

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RESIDENT Editor-in-Chief Christopher A. Pape Features Editor Rory Winston

“There’s a Moon Out Tonight”

“Look Into My Eyes”

Assistant Editor Hillary Latos Editors-at-Large Norah Bradford, W.A. Muller Culture Editor Joe Alexander Social Columnists Flo Anthony, George Wayne Real Estate Correspondent Linette Semino Interiors Correspondent Kate Bidinger Featured Contributors Beth Landman, Bob&Sandy Nesoff, Isaiah Negron, Janis Turk, Jennifer Pelaez, John&Jane Meyer, Larry Greenfield, Spencer Bistricer

Art Director Michael Kurov


Larry Chance & The Earls

“You Belong To Me”

“Remember Then”

Tune Weavers "Happy, Happy Birthday Baby"

Photo Director Patrick McMullan Social Photographer Liam McMullan Publishers Andrew Marsico, Michael Travin, Rory Winston


JAY & The AMERICANS “Cara Mia”

The Mello-Kings “Tonight, Tonight”

PLUS Vito Balsamo & The Salutations The Belmonts Cleveland Still & The Dubs “Gloria”

“I Wonder Why”

“Could This Be Magic”

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Around The Town With Columnist Joe Alexander & Photographer Patrick McMullan


ohnny Depp on playing a scientist in Transcendence, “With technologically, I’m a complete and utter oaf. A grown man, attempting to send an important message with these thumbs? It’s truly given meaning to the expression, ‘I’m all thumbs.’”… His co-star Rebecca Hall confessed, “I really want to do comedy.” … Lady Gaga held a party at 42West after her concert at Roseland to celebrate transforming the Out NYC into the GUY Hotel for an art exhibition featuring stills and props from her new music video “G.U.Y.” Among those dancing were the hotel’s owners Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass, Leesa Rowland and Larry Wohl, Morgan O’Connor, DJ Alex Cecil and Altaneve Prosecco’s David Noto. 42westny. com …Tony Bennett and his daughter Joanna came to The OUT NYC’s KTCHN restaurant to celebrate the First Time Fest film festival…Need for Speed star Aaron Paul: “When you’re young and you get your license, it’s all about the freedom of

the road. My first car was an ’82 Toyota Corolla, goldish color, stick shift, anytime it rained the trunk would fill up with water but I loved that car.” His co-star Imogen Poots was asked if it was a easier to use her British accent: “Hell no! I wanted to play a redneck, but they wanted me to be British.” … Oculus star Karen Giillan: “Ghosts scare me. Rather than a violent, real person, it’s something otherworldly or demonic that you can’t quite control.” … Her co-star Brenton Thwaites revealed, “My first scary movie was I Know What You Did Last Summer. I was looking behind doors for five years after that.”… Tony Cointreau, the heir to the French liquor dynasty, read form his new book “Mother Teresa, Ethel Merman and Me” at the Drama Bookstore saying, “I could barely get it all into one book.” …Michele Riggi co-chaired the Winter Heat Dance Party for Career Transition For Dancers. She went on the arm of her Gossip Girl star son Chris Riggi.

Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner star in Draft Day

KC: “A classic movie is shared from generation to generation.”

JG: “I’m still conflict-averse. I don’t like to argue.”

Imogen Poots @ Need For Speed premiere

“ The cars would dictate. ”

DJ Alex Cecil and Sonja Morgan in LJ Cross Diamonds @ Tokya

14 ••Resident May 2014 Resident May 2014

Brandon Freid, Carmen Electra, and Hank Freid @ Sanctuary Hotel

Lady Gaga at @ 42West Event Space

BUZZ Karen Gillian @ Oculus premiere

“American audiences aren’t afraid of making noise.”

Michele Riggi and Chris Riggi @ Transition for Dancers

Oculus star Brenton Thwaites with Taylor Swift

“I was skateboarding and had no interest in acting.”

Robert Redford stars in Captain America Leesa Rowland and Larry Wohl @ Pergola

“Be careful of success; it has a dark side.”

Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal @ Mohonk Preserve Anniversary Gala

Beauty moguls Sarah McNamara and George Ledes @ Doubles

Scarlett Johansson @ Captain America Premiere

“It’s nice to have a crush on someone.” Rebecca Hall @ Transcendence premiere

“I grew up watching Bette Davis films.”

Leon Root and Elaine Sargent @ at Lincoln Center

“I go to the opera to get away from business.” Resident May2014 2014•• 15 Resident May


Chris Evans on his tats in Captain America – The Winter Soldier: “Anyone who’s had a tattoo knows once you get your first one, as you’re walking out the door, you’re planning the next.” … Scarlett Johansson confessed, “I don’t do damsel in distress very well. It’s hard for me to play a victim,” adding, “One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy.”… Robert Redford on his wrinkles and being healthy: “I’m not a facelift person. I am what I am… Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.” True! … Hoteliers Brandon and Hank Freid opened Tender, a restaurant and lounge featuring Modern American cuisine by Chef Dale Schnell in their Sanctuary Hotel on West 47th St.… Draft Day’s Kevin Costner: “Being a celebrity is probably the closest to being a beautiful woman as you can get.” Jennifer Garner: “I never had a problem resisting somebody that I knew was going to break my heart.”… Sabotage’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “wise” words: “It’s simple; if it jiggles, it’s fat. And Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer” … Night life legend John Argento and Chef Franco Robazetti opened two restaurants in Jersey City for the summer: Zeppelin Hall, an outdoor biergarten that features German faire ( and Surf City, a megabar and restaurant that boasts an outdoor beach and views of NYC that seats 4,500 guests. … In Greenwich Village, restaurateur Nick Boccio and Chef Carmine di Giovanni have opened a Spanish-themed outdoor garden dubbed La Isla Escondida at Mulberry Project and are serving a Weekend Tea for Two experience with champagne at the Greenwich Project.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in Sabotage

“The best activities for your health are pumping & humping”

Sports Illustrated model Julie Henderson and Dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Mark @ Beauty Expo

Chris Evan is Captain America

“You can’t make decisions based on fear.”

Jean Shafiroff with Frederick Anderson @ the Women’s Project Theatre

Mercedes Benz Fragrance philanthropic ambassador Morgan O’Connor and LJ Cross Jewelry designer Lisa Jackson @ Phoenix Rose

16 ••Resident May 2014 Resident May 2014

Rapper Consequence celebrated his birthday @ The Lion

Jim Russo and Tony Cointreau @ BPM

Kick Kennedy named a philanthropic ambassador for Mercedes Benz Fragrance

Johanna and Tony Bennett @42West Event Space

Merchant Solutions Group Billy Morrissey and Mica Hughes @ Tokya

Resident July 2013 • 16

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Facial Rejuvenation

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Helps Reduce Fat

911 Park Ave, New York, NY (212) 772-7242 Resident May 2014 • 17




he first thing you notice about the brawny Russian-born mastodon Alex Reznik is his immense barrel chest and the sprawling muscled mass that envelops his broad back and thick neck. If he looks like a personal trainer well, that is because he is. What makes him exemplary and the current talk of the body sculpting, personal training world is his uncanny rise to the top of the food chain where his business savvy and innovation have fitness experts dubbing him – “The Radu of the 21st Century.” Anyone who knows anything about New York City and fitness will know that Radu is considered the first personal-trainer-as-celebrity back in the early 80’s where he trained some of the biggest bold-faced beauties at the time such as Cindy Crawford and John F. Kennedy Jr. Alex Reznik is New York City’s gym mogul as the only person in the city with a solely privately owned gym conglomerate from uptown to downtown. HIs Complete Body Development group has set the new standard for gyms across the city. His gym complex at 301 East 57th Street is one of uptown’s bestkept secrets. Nestled in a highrise tower directly across from the iconic Mr. Chow restaurant is the large, airy Complete Body Gym replete with an amazing pool and the most gorgeous open-air deck where GW will be hosting a series of Summer Pool Parties this memorable summer of 2014. More on than later, suffice it to say – this gym is just amazing, never over-run with preening gym bunnies or some cruisy-after-hours-sports-club-as-night- club like the Equinox gym down the road in the Time Warner building. HIs Complete Body gym in Chelsea at 22 West 19th Street was the former iconic Better Body Gym where some of the most amazing

18 • Resident May 2014

By George Wayne

professional bodybuilding superstars back in the day trained. Frank Zane to Arnold to every other super bodybuilder has worked out at this iconic space. The third and newest jewel in the ever-growing Complete Body Gym brand is where GW works out alongside more famous folk like New Age guru Deepak Chopra, record industry diva Sylvia Rhone, sexy R&B superstar D’Angelo. Originally built by the billionaire barbarians of Goldman Sachs, it was their former corporate headquarters. What makes this new Complete Body Gym even more special is ‘’the Sandy effect’’ and what happened a mere two months after Alex Reznik bought his new gym and opened it to the public. “The gym was only two months old when Sandy hit,’’ the sexy, brawn of a man says in his thick Russian gravel of a voice. ‘’I will never forget that night when Hurricane Sandy rolled into Wall Street. I live upstairs in the penthouse of this building with my husband (also named Alex) and by midnight that night the light was gone - no electricity. We went out to look down with flashlight and all I could see all around us was ocean. The building was surrounded by ocean (Hudson River). I could not believe it, so in the dark that night we walked down every flight of stairs I just had to see what was happening at the gym.’’ What awaited him at his $15 million dollar state-of-the-art-brandnew-sparkling gym was a catastrophe no one could have fathomed. The entire property was submerged in water – entirely! The gym,

BUZZ which goes two levels below ground, was a complete loss. On top of that his crafty insurers found some hidden clause in the policy, which let them off the hook, and so Alex Reznik had to once again go to the bank to ask for credit to completely rebuild his brand new gym. That process took more than sixteen months and 10 Hanover Square is now back and better than ever and is without question the state-of-the art gym in New York City. Amongst the many amazing features in this gargantuan 30,000 square foot gym besides the impressive juice and salad bar with its own inhouse pressed cleansing juices, and the huge rock wall and the hunkiest personal trainers at your disposal on the planet, and the vast Ladies Locker Room complete with spa and along room with professional make-up lighting and mirrors. Simply chic! 10 Hanover Square is also the only gym in New York City where you can take indulge the CBXT Studio which is even more hard-core crosstraining than Barry’s Boot Camp with one of the elite trainers in the business, Laticia Harrell. The gym is the only one in the city, which is replete with Myride – the most amazing designed video console featuring more than 140 beautiful scenes completely absorbing as you cycle away. To understand what I am gushing about is to experience this Complete Body XT signature hit class yourself. Register now – 212-777-7702!!!!! As fate would have it, it was only a few days before jetting off to Nassau and Eleuthera in pursuit of Gwyneth Paltrow that GW was invited to a very exclusive, very private listening party by Sylvia Rhone, the new President of Epic Records and LA Reid the Chairman to a private listening party for the coming band new

Michael Jackson album called “X-Scape.” Let GW be the first to tell you that the new Michael Jackson album with eight brand new never before heard music is EVERYTHING! GW can tell you that the Pop song Summer Anthem for the summer of 2014 will unquestionably be Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good.” Think classic Michael infectious pop tune evoking his classic iconic hit “Beat It.” The exclusive VIP listening party held at the Top Of The Rock drew New York City legends like Fab Five Freddy and music critic Jim Farber and Ian Drew. You won’t be able to escape the pulsing new Michael Jackson album “X-Scape” coming the middle of May and for seasons to come! So GW has two fabulous suggestions for that first Match. com date! The first is at James Huddleston’s classic and still awesome boite on Lafayette Street called “Pravda.” The room is packed every night of the week with cool, beautiful people who seem to have the discretionary income to wash down the finest pearls of caviar and the best house champagne available. There is no denying Pravda will guarantee any memorable first date. The same can be said too of The Stand – this fabulous new comedy club with the most amazing food from the palate of Executive Chef Seth Levine. Long time impresario Paul Italia and his assorted partners have a new New York classic in the Stand, which is at 19th Street on Third Avenue. Stand-up is in again kids, ask the likes of Spike Lee, Tracy Morgan and Judah Friedlander who are regulars at this --the hottest new comedy club in Gotham! And I will be in touch.

Resident May 2014 • 19


Events that Matter By W. A. Muller

Love Heals 2014 Gala Raises Over $600,000


ove Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education raised over $600,000 at their gala event at The Four Seasons Restaurant. John Demsey, Group President of The Estée Lauder Companies and Chairman of the M•A•C AIDS Fund, Danielle Snyder, Co-Founder and Creative Director, and Jodie Snyder Morel, Co-Founder and CEO, of DANNIJO and Bronson van Wyck, Founder of Workshop

of the World and Van Wyck & Van Wyck were honored for their outstanding philanthropic work in the area of HIV and AIDS. InStyle’s Hal Rubenstein emceed the evening and presided over an exciting live auction that raised $185,000. Guests included co-founders, Dini von Mueffling, Stefani Greenfield and Victoria Leacock Hoffman, actors Mary Louise Parker, Kelly Rutherford and Kyle Maclachlan, Geraldo Rivera and more.

For more information or to donate to the cause please visit:

Jodie Snyder Morel & Danielle Snyder

Co-founders Victoria Lecock Hoffman, Dini von Mueffling & Stefani Greenfield

Mary Louise Parker

Jr. Committee Kick-Off Heart of the Hamptons at Tao Downtown


ore than 350 of NYC’s elite came out to support the American Heart Association at their kickoff event for the 18th Annual Heart of the Hamptons Ball. The kick off was held at Tao Downtown Lounge and put together by the Heart of the Hamptons committee members Paola Bacchini , Andrea Tese, Nur Khan, Peter Davis, Paul Goldstein, Rocco Ancarola and Cristina Civetta. Guests in attendance listened to survivors and committee members Rocco Ancarola, Arnie Rosenshein and Cristina Civetta share their stories of survival. They urged the crowd to get checked and pay attention to their heart health. In addition to the Heart of the Hamptons committee members other distinguished guests included actress Sandra Bernhard , Bravo’s RHONY reality star celebrity LuAnn DeLesseps,

philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, music composer Lucia Hwong, divorce expert Nicole Noonan, performance artist Consuelo Costin, CEO of Douglas Elliman Dottie Herman, Michelle Herbert, Ann Dexter Jones, Felicia Taylor, interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield, designer Douglas Hannant, Mark Newhouse, jewelry designer Roni Blanshay, board member of Watermill Center and Parish Museum Lisa Anastos, jewelry designer Margo Manhattan, theatre producer Wendy Federman, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Susan and Hunter Cushing, artist Chau Chiang, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, writer and film producer Sonia Cole, and DuJour founder Jason Binn, among others. This year’s Heart of the Hamptons Ball will take place on Saturday, June 28th from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

For more information, sponsorship opportunities or to purchase tickets, please visit:

Lucia Hwong Gordon, Margo Manhattan, LuAnn DeLesseps, Arnie Rosenshein & Dr. Karl Krieger

20 • Resident May 2014

Dottie Herman & Sandra Bernhard

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Angelo David Salon

By W. A. Muller Mother’s Day is the perfect day to spoil mom, here is a great selection of gifts of beauty and fashion for every kind of mom.

NEW YORK IMAGE CONSULTANT Give mom the makeover of her dreams with New York Image Consultant. Co-Founder and CEO Amanda Sanders personally provides an array of services such as styling tips, wardrobe makeovers, personal shopping, virtual makeovers or they will even help mom shop her closet. With assistance from New York Image Consultant, Mom has never looked better!

Pamper Mom with a day of beauty at the Angelo David Salon. Available services include couture hair extensions, haircuts, hair color, manicures, expert eyebrow grooming, makeup application, conditioning treatments and bridal services.


Bling Jewelry

You Can Never Have Too Many, shoe bag

Posh Parent Set — fits Pandora Help your mom add on to her favorite Pandora inspired bracelet with this stylish bead set, showing how much you care. She will love showing off her new charms.


Help send mom on the trip of a lifetime, by giving her a gift certificate to cover the trip design fee with Sienna Charles. Then, owner Jaclyn Sienna India will fly to meet your mom and help plan her dream trip. 22 • Resident May 2014

Send mom on vacation in style with Miamica’s “You Can Never Have too Many” shoe bag, filled with the pair of designer heels she has been admiring all season. This trendy bag has an adorable patent pump design and a practical divider inside that prevents shoes from scuffing. It also keeps her shoes separated and ensures everything else in her luggage stays clean.


Help mom rediscover her youth with a gift certificate to MedSpa44, Manhattan’s premier medical spa. MedSpa44 services include Botox, laser hair removal, body contouring, anti-aging skin treatments and much more.

Resident May 2014 • 23


Reshaping the Art of Jewelry By Hillary Latos


s Antwerp is known for being a hotbed for new designers, the latest Belgian jewelry line to emerge is Laurence Bruyninckx’s customizable, interchangeable, and stackable engagement rings. As a newly engaged woman, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for this talented young star who just launched the luxurious LX collection. The first interchangeable concept collection of its kind, you start with a base engagement ring, and from there you can choose to add other guard and stack rings which are meticulously crafted to interlock with the first ring creating a unique and personal ring combination that can be individualized with different stone and precious metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum ranging in price from $1000-50,000. From growing up around the world to studying fashion at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Laurence entered a jewelry design competition held by the Flanders Fashion Institute, emerged as a finalist, and has never looked back. Here Resident catches up with the determined and dynamic young designer. “My goal for the LX collection is to enable women to express their life’s milestones in a personal manner. With countless combination possibilities, each ring becomes a unique piece, all while serving as a symbol of love and connectivity.”

first ring they bought, combine it with others and change the look again and again. They can even have it fit their mood on any given day.

What’s your inspiration?

Who is your core customer?

After thinking for a while about what would be important in an engagement ring, I came to the conclusion that it is the symbolism behind it that is most important. The most symbolic thing that happens in marriage is that you form a union with your partner. So I thought, why not take that concept and bring it into the design. You start with your engagement ring and on the day of your wedding, another piece, the wedding band, is added, completing it. I designed the rings in the LX Collection to evolve as a woman’s relationship evolves, so that it changes as she reaches different milestones in her life. For example, one woman felt that her multi-piece ring could represent different people in her life: one part could be her husband, another her dad, another her son, and so on. I thought it was nice how the customers can decide how their rings could tell the stories of their lives.

My consumer is a woman who is creative and dynamic, is fashionable and likes to be unique.

24 • Resident May 2014

What does luxury mean to you? Luxury has a new meaning these days, it’s a mix of elegance, personal style and quality. Something luxurious appeals to every sense of the wearer. It’s more personal these days, it’s a unique experience for everyone and combines quality, beauty and a unique personal reflection. What makes you different from other jewelers? We live in an era where people want to be unique, have a say in the design process and have special meaning to their jewelry. With my jewelry, they can easily personalize it. My customers choose the color of the stones and the various colors of gold and then add other pieces. They can take the

Each collection is named after a different mythological goddess channeling the strength and power of what she represents. Now every woman can tell her life’s story in a unique and sparkling way. For more information:

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The New Era of Facial Rejuvenation By Dr. Zeena Al-Dujaili


ermal filler injections have literally changed the face of aging and have given us the ability to reverse the visible effects of time instantly. In recent years we have developed a better understanding of the aging process. In addition to changes in the skin, significant changes occur in the subcutaneous fat and craniofacial skeleton. This has led to a paradigm shift in our therapeutic approach to facial rejuvenation. Remarkably sophisticated and refined results can now be achieved by using these non-invasive techniques. As a dermatologist with a keen interest in the aesthetics of the aging face I gravitated to the idea of rejuvenating the face by replacing the lost volume. It’s logical that by restoring the lost volume you can create a more youthful appearance. Loss of volume in the cheeks leads to sagging skin and an aged, hollow appearance. Superficial and deep volume loss can also lead to the manifestation of wrinkles, folds, and lines on the surface of the aging face. Fillers aimed at restoring the lost volume both superficially and deep slow the impeding facial aging process. Ten years ago, dermal fillers would be injected to bring a line or wrinkle up to the level of the surrounding skin. However, this ignored other aspects of the complex aging process such as undereye hollows and sunken cheeks, a softer jawline, narrower lips and a flatter bridge on the nose — all caused by shrinking bones, shrinking fat pads and thinning collagen. As we age, our skin laxity increases because we’ve lost the volume over which to drape it. Adding a filler to replace the loss volume creates a more rounded and full appearance, which equates with youthfulness. The new generation of volumizing fillers allow us to recontour the face more efficiently than ever before. Volumizing fillers have been called “liquid facelifts” because they offer a lunchtime solution without the downtime of surgery. For example, judicious use of a thin filler underneath a flattened brow bone will result in a brow lift. And injecting a thicker filler along a sunken cheekbone will not only round out the cheeks but lift up the nose-to-mouth lines too. Volumizing the aging face achieves a more natural youthful appearance. Multiple injectable soft tissue fillers and biostimulators are currently available to provide facial volume such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid. The FDA recently approved Voluma, a hyaluronic acid, to temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheek area. It is the first and only filler approved to enhance cheek volume. All of these fillers work to reverse the signs of aging, however there are subtle differences between each of them. Set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable dermatologists to find out which one is right for you.

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Sadick Dermatology 911 Park Ave, New York, NY (212) 772-7242

Minimal Access Surgery Program

Oh my GERD.

Offering laparoscopic and incisionless procedures for patients suffering from severe reflux disease

If medications aren’t enough, the surgeons at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center can relieve heartburn (GERD) with laparoscopic or incisionless anti-reflux procedures. These options may offer: • shorter recovery time, less pain and fewer complications • best outcomes • no scalpels, no stitches, no scars It is important to know that if reflux or GERD are left untreated this can progress to a serious medical condition know as Barrett’s esophagus, or even cancer. Best Today, Better Tomorrow To learn more about treating GERD or to make an appointment, call us 24/7 at 855.CU.SURGE or call during office hours at 212.305.9506 e-mail: or visit us at


MEDSPA44 New Spa Infuses Traditional Services with the Latest

Technology in Cosmetic Treatments to Create a Unique Facility By W. A. Muller


mericans’ quest for ageless beauty and turning back time shows no signs of slowing down, with more than $12 billion spent on surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in 2013, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Among the top nonsurgical cosmetic procedures identified were Botox (nearly 4 million), laser hair removal (nearly 100,000) and microdermabrasion (nearly 500,000). Med Spa 44, a new “medical” spa recently launched in 2014, distinctively meets the demands for perfection of this nonstop market by providing numerous state-of-the-art laser and skin rejuvenation treatments in addition to standard face and body services. All skin and laser treatments are performed by Med Spa 44’s skilled team of physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs) and a Board Certified aesthetician. It is this dedicated group of highly qualified experts who make the Med Spa 44 experience a safe, secure and luxurious experience every time. NPs perform all injectable procedures, such as Botox and other fillers, while the aesthetician performs all laser treatments. In addition, three physicians are available at all times to offer expert assistance. Among the most exclusive and popular

28 • Resident May 2014

treatments Med Spa 44 offers are: Fraxel® Restore 1550 ($1,000 and up), a high-end collagen-boosting treatment that works by creating a thermal response in the skin; Lila® Strawberry Laser (prices vary), a non-invasive body-slimming treatment; Laser Genesis

Skin Therapy (prices vary), ideal for treating problems such as Rosacea, acne, scars, dilated pores, oily skin and texture issues, and the fillers Botox, Belotero, Juvaderm XC and Ultra, and Radiesse (prices vary). Med Spa 44 is the only facility in New York City that offers Lila Strawberry Laser. Fraxel Restore 1550, although not a new technology, has gained traction in New York City in recent years and is in high-demand

among Med Spa 44’s discerning and in-theknow clients. The treatment, which needs to be performed just twice a year, takes only 15 minutes, and the skin-smoothing results are immediate. Lila Strawberry Laser is an amazing innovation in body-slimming that Med Spa 44 is proud to introduce, primarily because it is painless, does not require surgery and takes half the time of competitive products – as little as 10 minutes! Plus, Med Spa 44 is the only facility in New York City to offer this innovative treatment. The most Commonly treated area is the abdomen. Med Spa 44 was founded by Ronald D. Blatt, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., an expert in the field of women’s health for over 30 years. Dr. Blatt has created one of the world’s top health care practices in New York City, where he is Chief Surgeon Chief Surgeon and Medical Director at Manhattan Centers for Women’s Health. Med Spa 44 is one of seven centers at Manhattan Centers for Women’s Health.•

For more information on the Med Spa 44, please call 212-308-4990 or visit


CELEBRITY Image & Wardrobe Specialist

Amanda Sanders By W. A. Muller manda Sanders is the co-founder and CEO of, a New York-based image and wardrobe consulting company that styles men and women, and has had both a private and celebrity clientele for nearly 15 years. Aside from her image consulting company and working with celebrities such as Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Amanda is also a TV personality for Bravo TV. She has appeared on the show ‘Love Broker’ as the stylist and image consultant. Her most current project is a jewelry line that she is collaborating with and launching through This collection will feature Amanda’s favorite jewelry styles worn on ‘The Real Housewives of New York City.’ A native of NYC, Amanda graduated magna cum laude from the prestigious School of Fine Arts at Boston University with a B.F.A. in costume design. Specializing in creating signature looks for celebrity and other high-profile clientele, Amanda has experienced tremendous success in both television and film, as well as in multiple print forms. Amanda has styled the biggest names in Hollywood and designed costumes for countless blockbuster movies and hit TV shows. She has done photo shoots and been quoted in publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time Magazine, People and more. Wanting to provide the same level of in-depth and personal assistance to non-celebrities, Amanda eventually branched out into image consulting. For the past decade, she has brought her unique skill and knowledge to all kinds of people. As a result of her direct and cut to the point approach to styling, she earned the nickname “Demanda” as well as won rave reviews for not only meeting the needs of her diverse clientele by going above and beyond. From instilling effortless confidence to providing everlasting fashion input to the public, Amanda Sanders is a premier image consultant and celebrity stylist. •

For more information about Amanda and NYIC visit: To view Amanda’s jewelry collection visit: amandasanders.html

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just bulbs.

let us light up your life. 220 East 60th strEEt I NEw York, NY 10022 I 212. 888. 5707



Ask Holly:

Advice on How to Start a Business By Holly Nicholas Signorelli CPA


tarting a small business and getting ready to open your new bank account? Here are six things you need to know before you do it.

1) Your business banking relationship is critical to your cash flow. I have found that working with local credit unions are the best bet for a new company because of the more personalized service that you get. When you are new, and especially if your credit is not stellar, larger banks are more likely to hold deposits and make you pay higher fees. Holding deposits on a small business, even for just two days, can cause major cash flow problems for a small business. Some of the bigger banks will hold deposits up to ten days!

2) M ake sure that you go all out and get the online features that allow you to transfer between business and personal accounts. Most small business owners that I work with have tax issues from paying excessive personal bills out of the company that are classified as draws. By doing this, they become “unaware” of how much they really are spending. They see the low balance in their business account and forget what they spent it on, and they assume that they owe little or no taxes. When I show them reports of personal spending, they are frequently in shock about their spending habits! By transferring money to a personal account as a draw and paying your personal expenses there, you become more mindful of your spending. 3) Online bill pay is the way to go! Even if you are charged a small fee, the convenience of paying on line and controlling when the draft goes is worth it. Small businesses need the flexibility to choose when to pay each auto bill, versus having a draft come out on the balance is low from the vendors’ account. 4) A lot of banks nowadays can pull up your corporate information online, but I still recommend having your corporate charter with you and a letter from the IRS acknowledging your status as a corporation and several forms of ID. It’s not difficult to set up the account, but it can take 30 minutes to an hour and it goes much more smoothly if you have all of the required documents with you. 5) Make sure you have one person that you deal with. You need to be able to call or email if you are out of town and needing to use your debit card, and you need to be able to contact someone in the event of a pending deposit if it looks like a check is about to clear before the deposit does. Personal bankers will assist with these types of issues that can snowball and it’s easier to communicate with one person who knows you rather than run to the bank in a panic if you think a check is going to bounce.

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6) The more business you do with the bank, the better the interest rates. You can finance your car through the same bank and as your business and credit grow you can get a line of credit to help you get to the next level. Banks are very appreciative of clients that give them all their business and you will find that you get more personal one on one help when you need it. Good luck! About Holly: Holly Nicholas Signorelli has twenty years experience working with thousands of individuals, corporations and partnerships. She is an expert in consulting and creating entity structures and internal controls, particularly for physicians, distribution, and the entertainment industry among others. She also has a video series on her website that allows viewers to ask questions that are answered on Mondays. For more information visit:

















THURSDAY –6 SATURDAY: DAILY:Light 11 AM – 9(casual PM (SUN. – 9 PM) PM & 8:15 PM 2 SEATINGS Fare lunch 3&PM dinner) ROOMS WITH 6 PM & 8:15 PM BATH HOUSE & HAMMAM, TREATMENT Light FareEN-SUITE (casual lunch &STEAM dinner) SUNDAY 11 AM –TUB, 2 PM SHOWER AND RELAXATION LIBRARY, TEA/TONICS BAR, SUNDAY BRUNCH: 11BRUNCH: AM – 2SOAKING PM MOROCCAN-INSPIRED NAIL SALON, FITNESS BY CENTER, STUDIO, GIFT BOUTIQUE Fine Dining (jackets preferred) Fine Dining (jackets preferred) BYYOGA RESERVATION : 845.469.1900 RESERVATION : 845.469.1900 By Appointment. / 845.469.1939 • 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. (day spa guests welcome) Spa Menu on line:

GLENMEREGLENMERE MANSIONMANSION Hotel Reservations 845.469.1900 634 PINE HILL ROAD CHESTER, NEW YORK 634 PINE HILL ROAD CHESTER, NEW 10918 YORK 10918 RESERVATIONS: 845.469.1900 RESERVATIONS: 845.469.1900 Glenmere Mansion • 634 Pine Hill Road • Chester, New York 10918 (10 minutes from Woodbury Commons/Hudson Valley) WWW.GLENMEREMANSION.COM WWW.GLENMEREMANSION.COM Resident June 2012 • 1


The Investors Corner: Castles in the Sky T

rading and investing is a mental game and mimics the game of life. Though most people will claim to think about the future in reality most of us live in the moment. “My name is Larry Greenfield and I have been a professional trader for a Hedge Fund. My first career ran for some seventeen years though as a private investor my trading career has been even longer.” Like everyone, I have made many mistakes but thankfully my triumphs have outnumbered my less happy moments – as Napoleon was quoted, “He only wanted generals who were above all lucky.” All personal investors should analyze Napoleon’s subsequent career as clearly despite conquering nearly all Europe his own ‘stock’ picking skills eluded him sufficiently that he met his Waterloo. I have learned many things about myself from trading stocks day to day and many of them have influenced my long-term investment decisions. For many, including some in the finance community the view of the trader is made by Hollywood – think of movies such as Wall Street, The Boiler Room or the more recent Martin Scorsese trip back to the 1980s. – The Wolf of Wall Street. While all these movies have an element of truth or build from a moment in time, trading is a short term game full of excitement but for those of us who

34 • Resident May 2014

By Larry Greenfield

suggest that you should reevaluate your allocation to any such investment. Know yourself is the basis for any investor. I learned early on that my conservative personality was holding me back in my trading career. While I still err on the side of caution in selecting my wardrobe I embraced this part of me and in turn was able to tailor it to become a profitable trader. There are super successful aggressive traders who fear nothing and believe in themselves and in some cases become the most profitable traders. There are so many types of traders though in my personal experience have never met one who was successful without demonstrating some degree of risk taking. made a living doing it being a professional and knowing yourself is the critical difference between success and failure. Trading is cold, it plays no favorites and for those who have tasted success mastered it there is no better satisfaction then mastering the craft. Let us for a moment look beyond the news headlines and consider the stock market meltdown of 2008. Were you personally too heavily invested in stocks? If you were or are panicked about your stock investments or for that matter any of your investments I  would

Today, in my personal investments I maintain a very conservative approach. I do not like huge moves down in my portfolio though of course the consequence is that it limits my upside. The number one benefit of this approach is that it makes me sleep better at night and smile more effortlessly when socializing. For other investors the feeling of missing out creates anxiety and a more aggressive portfolio is the way to go. Between these extremes there are many shades of gray – of the investment rather than the literary kind. To paraphrase the ancient Greeks “Know thyself” is the key.






Race through East Midtown with up to four of your co-workers, classmates, family members, friends, or neighbors in the first annual Great East Midtown Challenge! Solve trivia and compete in fun and interactive challenges, across East Midtown Manhattan!

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 2014 Challenge Start: 6:00pm Reception to Follow Registration Fee: $50 (per team)

Proceeds to benefit The East Midtown Partnership Homeless Outreach Program

Learn more about the challenge and register your team by visiting

A NEW WAY TO USE YOUR PASSPORT CARD The East Midtown App and the East Midtown Passport Card are now fully integrated with the release of our most recent update. The new version of the app includes a clear listing of Passport benefits and a digital passport card. You can present your card right from your phone and save. Visit to download the app today on Android and iOS!

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Making a Difference in NYC


ounded in 1812, New York City Mission Society is one of the most vital human services agencies in the city, providing support for children, youth and adults who live in New York’s most underserved communities. Our programs provide participants with the knowledge and life skills necessary to succeed as independent members of society, and make positive contributions to their communities. Each year, nearly 14,000 people in Harlem, the Lower East Side, the Bronx, and Brooklyn directly participate in programs and/or attend events. As an organization distinguished by over two centuries of service, New York City Mission Society has helped shape social services and influence institutions. Having once established systems of relief in the city, supported immigrant groups and promoted academic achievement, we have incubated and launched some of the best-known and most innovative programs in the nonprofit sector today such as The Fresh Air Fund, Children’s Aid Society, Community Service Society and Visiting Nurses. Today we continue our work by delivering services that encourage critical thinking, self-

36 • Resident May 2014

confidence and resilience in those we serve. We have four main service areas: education, workforce development, prevention, and youth development/ community-building programs. Since 1965, New York City Mission Society has owned and operated Minisink Townhouse, our flagship community center in Harlem. Built on the original site of the famed Cotton Club, Minisink has provided vital services to the Harlem community for 50 years. Each year, thousands of New Yorkers are provided with a safe space to learn, grow and play, helping them to create a brighter future. Our programs are all non-religious and work on behalf of all children. Recent achievements include: •  Maintaining or improving academic skills: achieved by 80% of our participants who either maintained or improved their ability to independently complete homework assignments; and 95% of Power Academy 1st graders improved writing scores over the summer;

By W.A. Muller

•  Promoting higher education as a value for youth: 80% of the graduates applied to college, and 78% of those who applied were admitted; •  Instilling responsibility: 90 teens spent another year without incidences of teen pregnancy, while attending workshops on sex education, financial literacy, and self-expression; •  Establishing work as a value: last year, we facilitated internships for 647 teens, who earned more than $717,158 while learning workplace skills and building their resumes; •  Combating health challenges such as diabetes through fitness: 89% of our Power Academy Summer Day Camp participants improved their fitness skills; •  Anti-Gang activities: working with 100% high-risk participants (including key gang members recently released from prison), we mediated 83 conflicts including responding to 18 shootings, 9 stabbings, and 9 assaults to prevent further escalation. To learn more about New York City Mission Society and how you can become involved please visit

We define our neighborhoods as much as they define us.



4 BR, 5 BATH WEB ID: 990936 $12.75 M VALERIE JEAN GARDUNO 646.790.2607 DEBRA STOTTS 646.300.6052

3 BR, 3.5 BATH WEB ID: 917657 $7.5 M ANDREW AZOULAY 646.738.2655



4 BR, 4 BATH WEB ID: 985992 $7.2 M TERRY NAINI 917.841.1826

3 BR, 2 BATH WEB ID: 181463 $4.5 M KEITH WOO 646.790.2631



2 BR, 2.5 BATH WEB ID: 242218 $4 M DEBRA STOTTS 646.300.6052

110 Fifth Avenue 212.633.1000

26 Astor Place 212.584.6100

730 Fifth Avenue 212.242.9900 239 East 79th Street 212.929.1400

3 BR, 3 BATH WEB ID: 822241 $3.993 M JOHN CARAPELLA 646.532.4904

446 West 14th Street 212.604.0300

88 Greenwich Street 212.269.8888

530 LaGuardia Place 212.557.5300

337 West Broadway 212.924.4200

33 Irving Place 212.557.6500

TOWN Residential, LLC is a partnership with Buttonwood Residential Brokerage, LLC and Thor Equities, LLC. No representation is made as to the accuracy of any description. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. The number of bedrooms listed above is not a legal conclusion. Each person should consult with his/her own attorney, architect or zoning expert to make a determination as to the number of rooms in the unit that may be legally used as a bedroom. TOWN Residential LLC is a licensed real estate broker, proud member of REBNY, abides by federal and state equal housing opportunity laws and owns the following subsidiary licensed real estate brokers: TOWN Astor Place LLC; TOWN Fifth Avenue LLC; TOWN Flatiron LLC; TOWN Gramercy Park LLC (“TOWN Gramercy”); TOWN Greenwich Street LLC (“TOWN Financial District”); TOWN Greenwich Village LLC; TOWN Soho LLC; TOWN West Village LLC; and TOWN 79th Street LLC (“TOWN Upper East Side”).




he Couture Council of The Museum at FIT, created in 2004, is a membership group dedicated to supporting The Museum at FIT, a specialized museum of fashion. The Couture Council helps make it possible for the museum to mount world-class exhibitions of fashion, to acquire important objects for its permanent collection, and to organize public programs, such as the annual fashion symposium. The Couture Council accomplishes these goals through membership dues and by organizing fundraising events such as the annual Couture Council Awards Luncheon, which presents a chosen designer with the Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion. Members of the Couture Council receive invitations to at least five special events a year, including behind-the-scenes tours of the museum’s collection and exhibitions, opening receptions, and

38 • Resident May 2014

visits to the ateliers of fashion designers in New York. Couture Council members are also the first to receive notice of the annual Couture Council Artistry of Fashion Award luncheon. In addition, Couture Council members receive complimentary admittance to all museum educational programs, as well as to the annual fashion symposium, acknowledgments in FIT’s annual report, in the exhibition galleries and brochures, and on the FIT website and exclusive opportunities to meet other patrons of the fashion arts. The Couture Council of The Museum at FIT’s board of directors includes Joele Frank, Laura Lofaro Freeman, Anne Goldrach, Carole Divet Harting, Yaz Hernàndez (chair), Celia Hegyi, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Eleanora Kennedy, Michèle Gerber Klein, Alexandra Lebenthal (president),

By W.A. Muller

Kamie Lightburn, Stephanie Loeffler, Julie Macklowe, Barbara Malone, Elizabeth Musmanno, Liz Peek, Darcy Rigas, Valerie Salembier, Peter G. Scotese, Jean Shafiroff, Nancy Raquet Shaw, Michelle Smith, Jieun Wax, and Sarah G. Wolfe. Couture Council annual membership is $1,000 per individual or couple, or $350 for Young Associates (under the age of 35). Membership is tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Please make checks payable to the FIT Foundation. Mail checks to The Museum at FIT, attention: Couture Council, 227 West 27th Street, Director’s Office, Room E304, New York, NY 10001-5992. For more about the Couture Council visit couturecouncil

Š 2012-2014 Laurence Bruyninckx

AVAIL ABLE AT MAURICE BADLER FINE JE WELRY 4 85 Park Avenue New York, NY 10022 I 800-622-3537

Pictured Rings : Chloris and Terra

A unique collection of stackable, interchangeable and buildable rings that come together in infinite combinations to tell your own love story.




he New York Women’s Foundation® (NYWF) is a cross-cultural alliance of women working to improve the lives of women and families in New York City. The New York Women’s Foundation funds women-led, community-based organizations that promote economic security, anti-violence and safety, health, and sexual and reproductive rights. From its start 27 years ago, the organization has grown from a small group of committed women to one of the top three women’s funds in the world. More than 5.7 million women and girls living at or below the poverty line in New York City have been served by Foundationsupported organizations. During the past 27 years, The Foundation has distributed more than $49 million to 308 grantee partner organizations working to improve the health, safety, and economic well-being of women and families in NYC. Each year, The New York Women’s Foundation hosts several events, including its signature Celebrating Women® Breakfast. Last year’s 26th Celebrating Women Breakfast honored Rachel Lloyd, Founder and CEO of GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services), Tina Brown, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Newsweek Daily Beast Company, and Nobel Peace Laureate and Liberian peace activist, Leymah Gbowee. This year’s sold-out Celebrating Women Breakfast will be held on May 8, 2014. Honorees will include: feminist, activist and writer Gloria Steinem, who will receive the Century Award; Jessamyn W. Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen, who will receive the Celebrating Women Award, and Soffiyah Elijah, Director of the Correctional Association of New York, who will also receive the Celebrating Women Award. There will also be a special appearance by legendary folk singer Judy Collins. Last fall, The Foundation hosted A Starlit Evening, a gala honoring Carolina Herrera, Morgan Stanley and the Ford Foundation.

The event raised over $700,000. For this special evening, NYWF President and CEO Ana L. Oliveira and NYWF Board Chair Anne E. Delaney united with leaders in the worlds of fashion, finance and philanthropy under a shared mission to improve the lives of families and women in New York City. NYWF Board member Diana Taylor, who presented the award to Carolina Herrera, also presented her with a proclamation from NYC Mayor Bloomberg recognizing Carolina Herrera New York for outstanding service to the city and community. Event co-chairs included Anne E. Delaney, Abigail E. Disney, Agnes Gund, Jay and Grainne McNamara, Yvonne Quinn, Jean and Martin Shafiroff, Regan Solmo and Geoffrey Brewer, and Diana L. Taylor. Vice-chairs included Sue and Rick Coté, Joyce Cowin, Ginny and Sean Day, Barbara and Eric Dobkin, Cathy and Walter Issacson, Michele and Jason Penzer, Sheri Sandler and Joan and Donald Sherman.

(L-R) Anne Delaney, Reinaldo Herrer, Diana Taylor, Carolina Herrera, Jean Shafiroff, Ana Oliveira

Jean Shafiroff, a current Board member of The New York Women’s Foundation, has hosted several annual luncheons in support of The Foundation and currently co-chairs many fundraising events. When it was founded more than a quarter century ago, NYWF began with $50,000 to grant to four organizations. In 2014, it will grant $5.5 million to over 70 grantee partner organizations in all five boroughs, making it the largest Women’s grant-making foundation in the United States, and among the largest in the world. •

For more information visit: (L-R) Diana Taylor with Honorees and Ana Oliveira

40 • Resident May 2014

(L-R) Jean Shafiroff, Diana Taylor

Celebrating Haute Horology with exhibitions and curated events at premier timepiece boutiques. ASPREY BUCCELLATI CHANEL FINE JEWELRY CHOPARD DAVID YURMAN



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This Page: Black Tuille and Embroidered Gown by Oscar de la Renta

By Christopher A Pape Photos By Shin+Christensen


ean Shafiroff is actively involved as a volunteer leader and fundraiser of several New York City and Southampton charitable causes. Her managerial skills, compassion, generosity and enthusiastic dedication are among her strongest traits. She possesses a remarkable ability to connect different charitable groups with interested people and resources. Jean’s particular interests include charities related to women, health care, animals and the people of the cities she calls home. Through her various roles as a board member, chairwoman, honoree, underwriter and hostess of numerous charity events, she has raised millions of dollars.

Resident May 2014 • 43


Giving Back in Style

Cover: Dress by Chrisitan Dior


Blue/Green Satin Gown by B. Michael

44 • Resident May 2014

Jean holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University and a BS in physical therapy from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. She has worked both in public finance and private partnerships on Wall Street. Prior to that, she was a physical therapist at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City. She is married to Martin Shafiroff, an investment advisor, and together they have two daughters, Jacqueline and Elizabeth, who share their mother’s interest in charitable causes. They reside in New York City and Southampton. Tell us about who you are? What makes Jean, Jean? I am someone who loves people and can’t stand to see anyone suffer. Through my travels to Cambodia, Haiti, Colombia, China, Jordan and other places, I’ve seen enormous suffering and inequalities among people. We should all be able to lead a good life. No one should go hungry, and everyone should have the opportunity to receive a good education and move forward. My beliefs help to mold who I am and what I do. As a wife, mother and woman, I care deeply about those less fortunate than myself. Probably my greatest virtue is that I am a hard worker. There is no greater gift in life than to be able to give back. I am very blessed and believe we have a responsibility to help those in need. A philanthropist is not just about financial resources but also about time. Time is extraordinarily valuable. How did you start your charitable work? As a young girl growing up on Long Island with my brothers, both our parents and school teachers taught us to always care for those in need. I grew up with great examples all around me. When my daughters were young, I was active at their schools and did volunteer work for a few charities. However, it wasn’t until my daughters went off to college that I finally had the time to become more involved with volunteer charity work both in New York City and Southampton. Living with compassion and treating others with kindness, dignity and respect are values that are vitally important to me.

Resident May 2014 • 45


Hair – Henry dela Paz of Warren Tricomi Salons. Makeup – Sarah of Kamara Ahnert on Madison. All Jewelry – Michel Piranesi. Post-Production by Eun_Sil Choi.

Jean is on the boards of The New York Women’s Foundation®, JBFCS (20 plus years), French Heritage Society, The Couture Council, Lighthouse International Advisory Board, Southampton Bath & Tennis Club’s Charitable Foundation and Honorary Board Member of the Southampton Animal Shelter. Jean is passionate about writing, style and fashion.


What is your proudest achievement in terms of your giving?

White/ Orange Dotted Dress by Christian Dior

The greatest achievement is to see those in need benefit from the work being done on their behalf. I’m proud that I was able to serve three times as the Chairwoman of the Annual Summer Party for Southampton Hospital.

Orange clutch by Chrisitan Dior Orange scarf by Christian Dior

What other organizations do you plan to join? Oh, I can’t really say. For sure I am always open to new groups. Were you instilled with a sense of giving, growing up? How have you instilled it in your daughters? Yes, my family and teachers instilled in me a strong sense of giving back. My husband and two daughters feel the same way. Jackie, our oldest daughter, will complete her Masters Degree in Social Work at NYU this May. Liz, our youngest, is studying photojournalism at the International Center of Photography. Liz has been very active in animal rescue. Tell me about your sense of style? Well, it’s a touch eclectic. Fantasy and fashion history play a key role in how I often dress. I love style and fashion and often mix designer and vintage pieces. It’s fun to add items from stores like H&M and Zara. Naturally, there are many times when I must dress conservatively because of the work I do. Favorite designers?

What charities do you work with? I am on 6 charity boards, including NY Women’s Foundation, JBFCS, Lighthouse International Advisory Board, Couture Council, French Heritage Society, Southampton Bath and Tennis Club Charitable Foundation and the Honorary Board of the Southampton Animal Shelter Gala. In addition, I am involved with a few others including – Southampton Hospital and New York City Mission Society. You were recently honored by NYC Mission Society and received the Dina Merrill Award for Public Service. How do you feel about being honored? It was a great honor to receive this award. Serving as an honoree generally means that

46 • Resident May 2014

you must do a lot of work for the charity. A good honoree gives time and resources to the organization honoring him or her. It’s work! How do you choose the charities you work with? Often I’m approached by many organizations and look for a way to assist them. However, I am passionate about women’s issues, healthcare, helping the underserved, and animal welfare. What do you do for those organizations? Generally I fundraise, advocate and encourage others to get involved in whatever ways they can. In addition, I also give a great deal of time and available resources. Often I serve as a leader and believe in the team approach.

There are so many – Oscar de la Renta, Zang Toi, Christian Dior, B. Michael, Carolina Herrera, Victor de Souza, Fabiola Arias, Milly, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Prada, Chanel and vintage Givenchy. Recently, I attended Angel Sanchez’s show and loved what he created. Probably the most spectacular show for fall 2014 was Zang Toi’s. I also love discovering all the young talented new designers. Why do you love NYC? It’s diversity, people and opportunities. There is no better place in the world! What are your future plans? Of course I plan to continue working with several charities. For sure I could never give this work up. It’s important to always grow and evolve – new projects that would help to motivate others to give back are of interest to me.


Orange Dress by Carolina Herrera

Resident May 2014 • 47

By Rory Winston Photos by Michael Loccisano for Getty Images Jewelry by Homage from Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin for Sintessi Fine Jewelry Clothing by Maggie Norris

Thanks to Fabio Cucina Italiana for use of the restaurant


To the Manner Reborn


he fame you earn has a different taste from the fame that is forced upon you,” stated Gloria Vanderbilt, the renowned artist and designer. The implications of this statement are evident when it comes to both her career as well as that of her remarkably gifted young cousin, the singer-songwriter Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin – a direct descendant of the late great Cornelius Vanderbilt. In a sense, Consuelo has made a name for herself despite her surname’s financial legacy. I use the word ‘despite’ because we often begrudge those born into privileged circumstances of the accolades their art might otherwise merit. In an effort to distinguish artistic gravitas from monetary gain, we’ve romanticized hardship till it smacks of posthumous critical acclaim while erroneously associating poverty with the inception of creativity. Though history is replete with iconic figures the likes of Goethe, Lord Byron and Elizabeth Barrett Browning whose not-so-humble respective origins did little to dampen their poetic gifts, our mystification of the ‘suffering artist’ continues well into this century. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of pop music where ‘Street Cred’ has, sadly enough, become synonymous with ‘profundity born of dire circumstances.’ Still, despite the PR value of an underprivileged background, it’s hard to deny exceptional talents like Carly Simon on the grounds that her father co-founded the Simon and Schuster Empire. Nor would it

48 • Resident May 2014

be savvy to underplay the value of Lily Allen or Julian Casablancas (of The Strokes) simply because of their good upbringing. Likewise, it would be insane to ignore the most recent singer-songwriter discovery to take center stage in the form of Consuelo Costin – the heiress related to Consuelo Vanderbilt the 9th Duchess of Marlborough, who could easily have followed in her family’s legacy of being a debutante. Taking the road ‘less traveled,’ Consuelo has altered the course of her life and made all the difference to the millions of fans who now regularly enjoy her music. With her first dance hit single Naked having peaked at #11 in the Billboard charts and her follow-up single Feel So Alive hitting

#2 spot for Breakout Artist of the year, it did not take long before Consuelo’s recent Here We Go garnered the attention of US and European DJ’s alike, thrusting her to #11 on the UK Commercial Pop top 30, German DOC top 40, US Dance Billboard top 15 and a myriad of other chart-topping categories. Although born in New York, Consuelo spent her formative years in London where she attended boarding school and understood firsthand what it meant to be bullied. “I was an outsider of sorts, teased quite a bit,” she admits with a charmingly self-effacing smile. “In those days, music became a refuge. I recall putting on my headphones and escaping into a different world - one that was far from the

“By 17, I had moved from London to Florence,” explains Consuelo; “Two years later I was performing with a German rock band.” Her insouciant reveries take a more pensive turn. “I had a bad car accident at the age of 19 and if it wasn’t for my mother…” she pauses in an effort to avoid tears before willing herself to continue at full throttle: “The point is she supported me and it was my mom who made me more determined than ever. A year or so later and I already had my first contract.” It was also shortly after this time that; tragically, Consuelo’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. “I wrote Better Days as a tribute to her,” explains Consuelo. The American Cancer Society ended up licensing the song while proceeds from her other single Find A Way were donated to the Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California, an organization in which Consuelo retains her role as Vice President. To this day, she maintains a close relationship with many charities, donating much of her time to fundraisers while also performing regularly for a battery of worthy causes.

floor or simply having some raunchy fun. As for Feel So Alive, it is a timeless paean to the inexplicable magic of love and all the romance associated with the heightened mood. “To be honest,” Consuelo ebulliently states, “I had become obsessed with the Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers classics – that era, the unself-conscious over-the-top romanticism of that world, the classy headiness and beauty of it all… and, well, it inspired the idea for that song.” Having shared the stage with legendary artists like Joe Cocker, Vanessa Carlton and notables such as Mya and Tweet, Consuelo went on to touring the South of France, being on Germany’s ZDF Show, and, more recently, appearing on Taft-Rockin’ Berlin which aired on Pro 7, the country’s largest TV station earning the network a record 5 million viewers. With an estimated 50+ million listeners in countries as varied as USA, UK, Germany, France, Vietnam, Mexico, China, and Brazil - just to mention a few – it is clear Consuelo’s success is far from abating. “The truth is I am as comfortable with large audiences as I am with more intimate venues,” reflects Consuelo with a girlie shrug. Her idiosyncratic approach to her art ensures that

she is forever engulfed in numerous projects and thrives under a chaotic schedule. “One minute, I’m there singing God Bless America at Dodgers Stadium and the next I’m performing at Fashion Week in NY and LA. Yes, they’re very different audiences but change is challenging.” It is not surprising that Consuelo had begun her own label, C&R Productions as far back as 2011. She is also collaborating with jeweler Michel Piranesi of Sintessi Fine Jewelry to create Homage, a classic diamond and pearl jewelry collection inspired by her great grandmother, Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl, slated to debut this June, as well as taking on a role as a philanthropic ambassador for Mercedes Benz fragrance. It is clear that Consuelo is at her best when multitasking. Like Gloria Vanderbilt whose interdisciplinary approach to life made it possible for her to be an artist, designer, author, actress as well as a socialite, Consuelo seems well on her way to receiving the level of fame that is earned rather than inherited. Listening to Consuelo’s recent releases, one can hear that she is less to the manor born than someone who has been reborn.

“While I love collaborating with other artists” (a fact that is evident after her recent work with producer Peter Amato of Miley Cyrus, Ricky Martin and LeAnn Rimes renowned), states Consuelo, “If I wouldn’t have need to write, I wouldn’t be singing. Every song I do is based on my own experiences… they are literally ripped from the pages of my journals. So while I am enthralled with the notion of putting on a big show, having catchy hooks, working with exceptional talents and making a real connection with an audience, it’s equally important that I am expressing something real, something that is an integral part of my very soul.” And Consuelo’s soul certainly seems to go a long way. Here We Go remains an evocative celebration of living in the moment whether that means getting down and dirty on a dance

Resident May 2014 • 49


taunting, immune to what others were saying. I understood then music was a powerful coping mechanism. It’s one of the reasons I still write music to this day – to give others that same sense of protection, an emotional space in which they can hide.” That the little girl who once fell asleep listening to Madonna’s Cherish still spends a great deal of her time devoted to supporting gay rights is in no small part thanks to her belief in music’s ability to bring solace while simultaneously delivering a valuable message. Having performed two years in a row at Washington D.C.’s Capital Pride, she is aware of the potential that performers have when it comes to uniting people and fostering awareness and understanding.



Port Royal

Mediterra in Naples

• Exquisite Waterfront Home • 6BD/6.5BA + Den • Negative Edge Pool, Outdoor Kitchen Cabana • Direct Gulf Access • $6,900,000 MLS 214000659 Linda Sanfilippo 239.595.1098

• Amazing Golf Course, Lake & Preserve Views • 3BD/3 Full & 2 Half BA + Den • Media Room, 28’ Ceilings • Custom Gourmet Kitchen • $2,795,000 MLS 214005494 Kristin Cavella-Whorrall 239.821.6330

Bonita Bay

Tarpon Point Marina

• Custom Courtyard 4BD + Den Home • Expansive Living Areas for Entertaining • Quality Finishes Throughout • Outdoor Kitchen, Water Features, Cabana • $2,750,000 MLS 214021549 Connie Lummis, Lummis Team 239.289.3543

• Resort-Style Living at Its Finest • Panoramic Views of Marina, River & Gulf • 4BD/4.5BA + Den • Over 4,000 S.F. + 3,000 S.F. of Roof-Top Garden • $2,220,000 MLS 214007072 Rosemarie Maatsch 239.292.9330

Sanctuary at Wulfert

Shadow Wood at The Brooks

• Over 200’ within Private Golf Community • Southern Exposure w/ Huge Fairway & Lake Vistas • 6BD, 6,000 S.F. of Luxury • Priced Well Under Reconstruction Costs • $1,950,000 MLS 2140505 McMurray & Nette 239.850.7888

• 4BD/4 Full & 2 Half BA + Den • Exceptional Lake & Golf Course Views • Being Sold Fully Furnished • Pool/Spa, Fireplace & Outdoor Kitchen • $1,899,000 MLS 214022749 The Bordner Team 239.989.8829

Shadow Wood at The Brooks

Lely Resort

• 4BD/4.5BA + Den Home on Premium Lot • Expansive Lanai/Pool/Spa Package • Large Guest BD Suites w/ Private BA • 3 Zone A/C System for Maximum Comfort • $1,425,000 MLS 214015924 Bob Nemec 239.273.2556

• Roughly 3,000 S.F. • Newly Remodeled • Lake View • 2-Story Beauty • $759,000 MLS 214022165 David Steele 239.287.7097

239.213.3311 Florida: Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Bonita Springs/Estero, Naples, Ocala, Sanibel and Captiva Islands North Carolina: Cashiers, Franklin, Highlands, Lake Glenville, Lake Toxaway and Sapphire Valley

50 • Resident May 2014

How much is this worth in sand dollars?

Those priceless memories are easier to create than you might think with the help of Royal Shell. Our customized service approach makes vacation planning seem like child’s play. Call today to explore our impressive array of vacation rentals including private estates, cottages, condominiums and golf course homes on the gorgeous beaches of Southwest Florida.

800-656-9111 • For real estate sales visit

VA C AT I O N & S E A S O N A L R E N TA L S Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel and Captiva Islands


At the Summit of Luxury By W.A. Muller


ne Madison, offering breathtaking views, luxurious residences and expansive amenities spaces, has cemented its place as one of Manhattan’s top new developments in a peerless location in the epicenter of New York. Developed by The Related Companies, and with interiors by Yabu Pushelberg, the distinctly contemporary tower is beautifully integrated into the surrounding historic architecture, offering dramatic views in all directions. The building is already over 75% sold. According to Leslie Wilson, senior vice president of Related Sales and Director of Sales at One Madison, “This stunning property has seen a tremendous pace of sales and prospective buyers continue to be attracted to not only the incredible 360-degree views, but also to the ability to step foot in their exact residence today. Purchasers also value the fact that they can close and move in to the property in a matter of months, not years. Interest continues to soar and there are still enviable homes available, including the gracious duplex residence on the 55th and 56th floors.” Carefully crafted by Yabu Pushelberg, the amenities space, One Club at One Madison will serve as a 10,000-square foot extension of one’s home. An elegant lounge, parlor and screening room offer space for relaxation or entertaining, featuring beautiful views of Madison Square Park through floor-to-ceiling

52 • Resident May 2014

as access to the most desirable entertainment destinations, coveted restaurants and lifestyle experiences in New York City and worldwide.

windows, and private parties in the dining room are facilitated with ease from the catering kitchen and enhanced with butler service. An additional floor offers a 50-foot indoor pool with bold marble-clad walls, state-of-theart fitness center, yoga room, a sculptural glass-enclosed steam room, and children’s playroom. One Club also offers 24-hour service including on-site expert concierge and butler staff, to support everyday needs as well

Not to be missed, One Madison also has available a 6,620 square-foot duplex residence on floors 55 and 56. The fourbedroom residence features panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline with direct elevator access into a private entry gallery. Residents enter on floor 55, which offers an oversized great room with north, west and east exposures that is perfect for gathering, a spacious corner eat-in kitchen with an adjacent formal dining room, as well as a corner media room and library and additional guest bedroom, which are both with equipped with en suite baths. The 56th floor boasts a luxurious half-floor master suite with views to the north, west and south, a sitting area, a dressing area and walk-in closet, a corner master bath with a soaking tub and oversized windowed steam shower, as well as two additional one word ensuite bedrooms and an open plan study. There are also two unique duplex residences located above the 22nd Street entrance that feature their own elevator vestibule coming to market soon. For more Information Leslie Wilson SVP of Related Sales and Director of Sales for One Madison 212-230-1130



















GLENWOOD Equal Housing Opportunity




Introducing Exquisite Full- Floor Design to the UES L

By W.A. Muller

ocated in the heart of the Upper East Side, 155 East 79th Street delivers a stunning 14-story boutique condominium replete with classic architectural grandeur to the storied neighborhood. Complementing the neighborhood’s refined architecture with a limestone base and marble brick on the upper floors, the property is outfitted with a distinct façade accented with oversized windows, French-inspired ornamental metal work and Juliet balconies. With the privacy and space of a townhouse and the full-service offerings of a high-end condominium, the exquisitely designed property injects modern luxury into timeless Upper East Side design. The grand residences by Andrew Sheinman, of Pembrooke & Ives, merge traditional elements with modern aesthetics to create unique spaces featuring wood and plaster crown moldings, imported Chesney’s marble mantels and hearths, and artisanal glass pocket doors. The classic enfilade design allows each townhouse to have a flawless transition between space and an abundance of natural light through the length of the home. Responding to the demand for five-bedroom residences on the Upper East Side, Anbau, a leading developer of luxury residential properties in New York City, developed 155 East 79th Street, which offers buyers

54 • Resident May 2014

155 East 79th Street offers five duplex homes with five bedrooms, five baths, one powder room and private balconies. Additionally, the penthouse includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, one powder room and private landscaped terrace, while the maisonette offers four bedrooms, four bathrooms, one powder room and private garden. All homes feature direct elevator entry, wood-burning fireplaces, grand foyers with custom marble flooring and exceptional lighting design that create a luminous quality in areas such as the dining room, kitchen and powder room. seven finely crafted full-floor residences, including a three-level penthouse and duplex maisonette. “Growing up right next door to 155 East 79th Street, and spending most of my adult life on the Upper East Side, this project truly offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present buyers with homes that, we feel, convey the best characteristics of this iconic neighborhood through and through,” said Barbara van Beuren, partner of Anbau. “For 155 East 79th Street, we sought to seamlessly blend classic old world elegance and the necessities of modern urban living with contemporary detailing, an infusion of rich materials and timeless layouts that maximize on natural light and private outdoor space.”

Amenities at 155 East 79th Street provide residents services and conveniences thoughtfully selected to help simplify the demands of urban living. The property offers 24-hour doorman, a fitness center, individual storage, as well as bicycle storage. 155 East 79th also features a gracious lobby that merges the inviting elements of an old-world library with the modern touches of a chic gallery to include personally curated art works, contemporary furnishings, floor-to-ceiling wood paneling and polished marble flooring. Exclusively represented by Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, prices range from approximately $8.95 to $18 million. For more information: 212.725.7979

212.557.7330 ♌


The New Upper East Side


ith all eyes on Downtown Manhattan, a fresh generation of buyers has been quietly turning to the Upper East Side, where the long-anticipated opening of the Second Avenue Subway has sparked a renaissance. The tell-tale signs are there: new restaurants are opening, retail space along First Avenue is filling up (and at record-setting rents), New York City’s biggest-name developers are assembling sites for future luxury residential, and existing properties are trading at higher prices. For Adam Lipson, it was a “no-brainer” to purchase at Azure, the full-service luxury condominium tower located at 333 E 91st Street in Yorkville. “I was looking for new development with high-ceilings, views and amenities for under $1,000,000, and quickly realized it wasn’t attainable downtown,” he said. “So I went uptown and found all of my criteria at Azure.”

range and microwave, Bosch wood paneled dishwasher, and Kohler stainless steel sinks. Master bathrooms have Italian marble floors, walls and vanity tops, oversized walkin shower, a graphite oak vanity with Kohler undermount double sinks, and Kallista brushed nickel fixtures.

Home to esteemed schools, from St. David’s to Dalton, and hemmed with lush waterfront parks, the Upper East Side has always been considered a peaceful enclave, with Yorkville being one of its best-kept secrets – and the lifestyle it affords is only growing richer.

Azure was developed by The Mattone Group and The DeMatteis Organizations, and today is attracting purchasers acquiring homes as their primary residence and savvy investors who, like Lipson, are seeking the value and promise of price appreciation as the Second Avenue Subway is completed in 2016. Now 85% sold, the 34-story tower has long been considered “a suburban home in the sky,” a moniker surely linked to its spacious 2, 3 and 4BR layouts and abundant amenities, including a children’s playroom, fully-equipped fitness center, resident’s lounge, landscaped rooftop terraces, valet and 24-hour concierge and live-in resident manager.

“Now is an exciting time to live and invest in Yorkville,” Lipson said, adding that just a few months after closing on his one-bedroom home at Azure, he purchased the adjacent studio to combine and create a three-bedroom. “There was such great value in combining those units, I just couldn’t pass it up.”

Residences at Azure feature floor-to-ceiling windows with dramatic river and city views, spacious layouts with exceptional natural light, rich Brazilian Afromosia flooring, ceiling heights of up to 11 feet, and walk-in-closets. Windowed kitchens feature European designed cabinets with CaesarStone counters, a Viking refrigerator,

56 • Resident May 2014

By W.A. Muller

Among the available residences at Azure are the 34th-floor penthouses. Designed in collaboration with award-winning interior designers James Rixner and Bjorn Bjornsson, Penthouses A and B celebrate the unique blend of cosmopolitan sophistication and suburban comfort that is the epitome of Azure. Envisioned by Rixner and spanning 2,620 square feet, Penthouse A is a bold yet welcoming villa in the sky. Each of the home’s regal living spaces are decorated with exquisite style and design. Bjornsson has transformed the 2,688-squarefoot Penthouse B into a vision of contemporary elegance, drawing inspiration from the remarkable views of the George Washington Bridge, Yankee Stadium, East River, and RFK Bridge. Prices start at $1,850,000 for a 1,212-squarefoot 2 bedroom and go up to $13,250,000 for a 6,000-square-foot penthouse with two stunning terraces. For more information: 212.828.4848

I can help when it’s time to sell your home My eight years of expertise selling elite co-ops and luxury condos in your area will help you achieve the best return on your investment. I’m regularly quoted as a real estate expert in prestigious publications such as The New York Times and The Real Deal as well as featured on news channels and HGTV’s hit TV show Selling New York.

Notable Sales • 10 Gracie Square, 1/2C - $5.8M

• 254 Park Avenue South, 6B - $1.5M

• 1199 Park Avenue, 19A - $2.295M

• 1140 Fifth Avenue, 4C - $1.4M

• 263 Ninth Avenue, 5B - $1.835M

• 27 East 65th Street, 11D - $1.3M

• 11 Fifth Avenue, 6D - $1.75M

• 969 Park Avenue, 10E - $1.051M

Linette Semino Licensed Associate RE Broker I (m) 917.362.7250 I

Equal Housing Opportunity. The Corcoran Group is a licensed real estate broker located at 36 East 12th Street New York, NY 10003.


A Place to Relax W

here design meets nature, Hudson Woods is the ultimate forest getaway in the Hudson River Valley-Catskill region. Meticulously crafted from locally sourced, sustainable materials, Hudson Woods promotes a quiet, healthful lifestyle and presents the ideal second-home opportunity. The environmentally friendly community will have 26 custom homes generously spread over 131 acres of land. Designed and developed by Manhattan-based architecture firm Lang Architecture, Hudson Woods promotes a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on design or amenities. Homeowners can personalize their lifestyle at Hudson Woods with a plethora of upgrades and amenities including an architect-designed treehouse, children’s playhouse, pool, pool house with sauna, guest house, green house, fruit grove and vegetable garden, which can be managed by Hudson Woods’ onsite property manager and master gardener. The 2,800-square-foot base home includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Upgrades to the base home include an additional floor, bedroom and kitchen island.

58 • Resident May 2014

By W.A. Muller

by Hudson River Valley residents who live within blocks of Hudson Woods, are mining a combination of granite schist, shale and bluestone minerals onsite in order to build the driveways and gravel roads without using outside resources.

Built to be environmentally sustainable, all materials at Hudson Woods are either locally sourced or obtained from crafters and manufacturers that share Lang Architecture’s commitment to preserving the environment. For instance, all of the wood – from the oak flooring, paneling, cabinetry and handcrafted stairs – is sourced from Hickman Lumber/ Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Floor, a family-owned mill in Pennsylvania. The Hudson Woods teams of subcontractors – from the onsite sawyer and forester to the property manager and master gardener – have a connection to the Hudson River Valley area to ensure that the property’s environment is undisturbed. The local excavation team, led

Surrounded by an array of activities, the Hudson River Valley region has a rich history of attracting city dwellers seeking everything from outdoor adventures to the pleasures of quaint upstate towns. Hudson Woods is filled with opportunities for family-friendly outdoor activities such as skiing, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, golfing and biking with Hunter Mountain Ski Resort, Minnewaska State Park and Mohonk Preserve all within 40 miles of the community. The lively towns of Rhinebeck, Woodstock, New Paltz and Stoneridge surround Hudson Woods and present unique culinary opportunities, such as the annual Hudson Valley Food & Wine Fest and Ulster County Fair. For more Information: 212.233.9187

Nick Sforza Realty

Fine Homes & Estates

Nick Sforza Direct: 516.314.7120

Manhasset This 6 Bedroom, 4.5 Bathroom colonial is located in the exclusive Plandome area of Manhasset and is on a private cul-de-sac, sitting on a picturesque acre of land. The open layout makes this home perfect for entertaining and with 5900 interior sq footage can hold any size family. Come see this 1200 sq foot master palace with 2 fireplaces, a family room with fireplace that opens to the eat in kitchen, cathedral ceilings, a formal dining room, sunken living room with a stone fireplace and walls of glass. This home is walking distance to the LIRR’s Port Washington line and is perfect for the Manhattan commuter. Call Nick Sforza for a private tour at 516-314-7120 or visit Asking $2.5 million


Enter through the electric gate and drive up a custom built estate which sits on 4.7 acres of manicured land. The beautiful entrance leads you into a gorgeous living room with a 36 ft ceiling, walls of windows and a wood-burning fireplace. This homes contains 12500 sq feet of living space, 7 total bedrooms, which includes a Master Palace, 8.5555 bathrooms, 3.5 car garage PLUS a car port that holds 3 additional cars. Enjoy the fully stocked bar in the billiard room, bedroom balconies that overlook the grounds, full finished basement, gas installed generator, in ground pool with a pool house that’s perfect for entertaining, or a guest. Private maid’s quarters and much much more. All custom made furniture and luxury cars, including the Ferrari, are included in the price!!! Asking $6.2 million Call Nick Sforza for a private tour at 516-314-7120 or visit

337 Plandome Road • Manhasset, NY 11030

Around the Block or Around the Globe • Sales/Rentals • Marketing • Home Staging •Buyer/Investor Services

Residential Real Estate

• Property Management • Estate Services • National/International Relocation & Referral Services

Serving Summit, New Jersey & Surrounding Communities


60 • Resident May 2014

92 Summit Avenue Summit, NJ

Resident December 2011 • 1

Live in a refuge of nature untamed Terra Ranches presents an exceptional and private lifestyle. These prairie-style ranch homes exude modern architecture, enshrouded amidst one-acre of lush land and pristine surroundings. A fortunate few will enjoy this remote, serene stretch of 11 single-family residences.

Enjoy the Exclusivity of

1 -acre LOTs 11 LUxUrY esTaTes

stirling road and sW 172nd avenue, southwest ranches, FL 33331

exTeriOr ameniTies:

- Private electronic gated home sites - metal roofed homes - Generous covered terraces - Luxurious oversized swimming pool - Homes complete with summer kitchen & pergola - Lushly landscaped & fenced home sites with automatic sprinkler system - serene lake view home sites available

Project represented by


Brokers Welcome

inTeriOr ameniTies:

954.744.1090 w w w . t e rr a ra n c h e s . c o m

- 5 & 6 Bedroom spacious Floor Plans - all bedrooms with en-suite baths - smart ready homes - contemporary finishes with high volume ceiling - european wood cabinetry in kitchen with Viking premium stainless steel appliance package - Homes feature impact windows & doors - spectacular floor to ceiling glass views - 11 to 13 - foot high ceilings

Developed by



Brokers of Choice By Hillary Latos


s experts in their field, becoming a successful real estate broker requires finesse, diplomacy, well-rounded world experience and most importantly a passion for their work. Navigating your way around the complex world of Manhattan real estate these well seasoned brokers are among the top in their field of finding the perfect Manhattan property for their clients while negotiating the best deal and navigating through the entire transaction process. As owners of property in New York they understand that real estate is as much of an emotional purchase or sale as it is an investment, and just as there are no cookie cutter apartments in NYC, there is equally a vast array of clients with different needs and goals. Not only do they know the city like the back of their hand, they are also instrumental in giving back and improving the communities they promote and sell.

Danielle Grossenbacher A graduate of the International Institute of Graduate Studies (IUHEI) in Geneva, Switzerland, Danielle selected diplomacy as her first career, causing her to relocate frequently and understand the special needs of newcomers to a city. Once she settled to raise her family, real estate seemed like the most appropriate career to use her multilingual and negotiating skills. Over the years, she listed and sold properties, managed offices, established her own real estate brokerage firm and, in 2007, joined Brown Harris Stevens, whose exclusive affiliation with CHRISTIE’S International Real Estate seemed the perfect match for her clientele. Catering mostly to international and American business people, Danielle speaks English, French, German and Spanish and enjoys taking care of all the real estate needs of her customers, whether residential or commercial. She specializes in Manhattan luxury condominiums, as well as in mixed-use and office buildings.

For years, Danielle has been a leader in FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, which has chapters in 65 countries and members from all disciplines involved in the business. The largest national chapter is the American Chapter, FIABCI-USA, of which Danielle was the 2011-2012 President. She also serves as President of the Professional Division of FIABCI since 2009 and will be World President of FIABCI in 2015-2016. Member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), Danielle is also proud of her affiliation with the NY Metro CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) Chapter and AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America) To contact Danielle: 212.906.9303

Marie-Claire Gladstone Marie-Claire Gladstone was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Amsterdam. Fluent in Dutch, German, English, Italian and French, she moved to Manhattan in 2005 after living in Monaco. Since joining Corcoran in 2010, Marie-Claire has successfully negotiated and closed many impressive sales and high-end rentals in Manhattan’s most prominent neighborhoods encompassing condos, coops and Town Houses and achieved membership of Corcoran’s prestigious Multi Million Dollar Club in only her first twelve months. In 2012 she was twice recognized as a Manhattan Top Rental Agent (May & June), and again in 2013 (April & May), and additionally in November 2013 as a Top Sales agent. She has successfully sold out prestigious development projects including Chelsea

62 • Resident May 2014

Modern and 57 Irving Place. Marie-Claire is currently sales director at 10 Sullivan, a high end SoHo residential project. Marie-Claire’s personal and professional qualities combine to make her a successful real estate broker. Her sincerity and warmth allows her to connect with customers and help achieve their goal of either selling or acquiring their home. In addition she is well versed with meeting the needs of international high net worth customers and celebrities. To contact Marie-Claire: 212.508.7167


Linette Semino A property owner herself, Linette Semino thrives at providing exceptional real estate services to all of her clients. She offers many years of real estate experience three of those years as a new construction sales agent with the prestigious Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group. During her career, Linette has also sold numerous elite co-ops throughout Manhattan. As a Real Estate Board of New York Board Certified New York Residential Specialist (NYRS), Linette is skilled with advanced negotiation techniques and strives to attain the highest sale prices and best values for her clients. By combining her broad expertise in the Manhattan market with genuine people skills, Linette efficiently guides her sellers and buyers through every facet of the transaction and aims to create the best possible experience for them. Linette’s commitment to service excellence began at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel where she learned the company’s highly regarded Gold Standards of Customer Service. Prior to joining Corcoran, Linette spent four years with a well-respected real estate firm which in 2009

presented her with its Rookie of the Year Award. Linette stays abreast of new market trends and her insight has been featured in The New York Times, The New York Post and The Real Deal. Linette has also appeared as a real estate expert on PIX 11 News, FOX 5 News, and HGTV’s Selling New York; and as herself on MTV’s The City and Lifetime’s Million Dollar Shoppers. Linette is a long-time resident of Lower Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village. She and her husband, a corporate attorney; enjoy vacationing at their family’s beach front cottage in Kittery Point, Maine and visiting Linette’s native country of Dominican Republic. Linette believes strongly in giving back and is involved with several organizations that help children affected by emotional or physical abuse. Linette loves attending performances at The New York City Ballet and New York City Center. To contact Linette: 212.599.7075

Stephen P. Wald A Manhattan resident for most of his life, Stephen P. Wald is a recognized expert in real estate with more than 28 years experience. Since entering the real estate brokerage community in 1985, Stephen has succeeded in building one of the most successful, full-service boutique real estate firms in New York. Wald Real Estate specializes in the sales and rentals of luxury New York properties including condominiums, cooperative apartments and townhouses as well retail and commercial leasing. By creating and maintaining longterm relationships with buyers and sellers as well as industry colleagues, Stephen has earned and continues to earn the respect of everyone with whom he works. Former member of the Residential Board of Directors of the Real Estate Board of New

York (REBNY) and Co-Chairman of both the Eastside and Westside Committees of the Board, Stephen P. Wald has his finger placed firmly on the pulse of the Manhattan real estate market. As a member of the Ethics Committee of REBNY and an advocate of ethical brokerage, he is credited with changing the way business is transacted within the local real estate industry. Most importantly, he understands his clients’ needs and provides each one with the highest level of service, expertise, and attention. Stephen resides with his family on the Upper West Side and maintains a home in North Haven, New York. To contact Stephen: 212.750.WALD (9253)

Resident May 2014 • 63

k Boo

nt i w No


am H e

! s n pto

64 • Resident May 2014

Find Your Place in the Sun

H B ar a bo l ur

EsGab ta le te s s

Warm up your spring with an exquisite piece of luxury real estate in stunning South Florida. Engel & Völkers Miami represents the region’s finest residential estates, commercial properties and yachts. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and let one of our highly trained advisors show you what Engel & Völkers can do for you.

Exclusive Bal Harbour Development

Incomparable Gables Estates Residence

Engel & Völkers Miami is proud to announce that we are the exclusive brokers for this 17-unit condominium in the heart of Bal Harbour, home to some of the world’s finest high-end shopping and beaches. For more information about this project, contact our team today!

H B ar a bo l ur

M B ia ea m ch i

110 Arvida Parkway | Coral Gables, FL 6 BD | 9 BA | 1 HB | LA 12,756 sq. ft. | Lot Size 78,408 sq. ft. Lourdes Alatriste +1 305 926 5322

Villa Bougainvillea

88 Bal Bay Drive | Bal Harbour, FL 7 BD | 8 BA | 2 HB | LA 12,341 sq. ft. | Lot Size 42,008 sq. ft. Lourdes Alatriste +1 305 926 5322 One United Properties Licensee of Engel & Völkers Florida Residential, LLC Brickell Shop · 1221 Brickell Ave. · Suite 1500 · Miami · FL 33131 (USA) · Phone +1 305 443 2424

Absolutely Smashing Loft Penthouse at Aqua Chatham 201 Aqua Ave. #PH2 | Miami Beach, FL 33141 2 BD | 2 BA | 2 HB | LA 2,485 sq. ft. | LS 5,000 sq. ft. $2,150,000 Petra Pataki +1 786 537 9008

A Cure for the Summertime – and Winter – Blues


o, I was stuck in my apartment, getting claustrophobic, sick of the city and itching to get away. I needed a change of scenery, someplace to relax, breathe fresh air and, well, here was my wish list: a place not too far away where I could play tennis, and be near downhill and cross country skiing and bike trails. Someplace near antique shops and entertainment. Someplace with nice people.

Lakeridge is just 2 hours from the city in bucolic Litchfield County, Ct. It’s a gated townhouse community with indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor tennis, kayaking, even, I kid you not, its own downhill skiing (you’re also minutes away from Butternut, Catamount, Ski Sundown and Mohawk Mountain), kid’s camps, social activities, community gardens and, well, would you believe a stable? Yes, a stable! (So if you Is there such a place? If so, could I afford it? The have a horse or want one, this is the place for you.) Hamptons were out… I do OK, but didn’t win You’re also near Tanglewood, the Yale-Norfolk the lottery, and I don’t want to spend all day on Music and Art School, Music Mountain, Infinity the LIE. The Catskills and Poconos didn’t appeal Hall and the wonderfully restored Warner Theater. to me either. Then a friend of a friend told me There are loads of antique shops, bike trails, golf, 2014RegesNYResidenthalfpg_Reges WW Chamber 2002 1/2 pg 3/10/14 12:32 PM 1 about Lakeridge. boating, fishing and antiquing. HavePage I mentioned

By Susan Davis Sherwin

everything? Probably not! You’ll have to check things out for yourself. Homes in Lakeridge have 2 to 4 bedrooms, all with fireplaces and private decks. Outside maintenance is taken care of so you can just sit back and enjoy. Some units are for sale, some are for rent. Some residents are weekenders, some are snowbirds. And some like it so much, they, like me, live here full time. (I was a weekender, now I’m not!) Haven’t heard of Lakeridge? It really is Litchfield county’s best kept secret. Check out or call 800-796-8929.

Children stay free with paying adult!

Scan Now for Our Specials!

You can have it all at “The Jewel of theCrest”… TM

From surfside, to poolside, to bedside… our guests enjoy casual, elegant oceanfront accommodations and resort amenities at an affordable price. All rooms are oceanfront with private balconies and panoramic views. Experience our newly decorated “Signature Suites” and new and expanded wireless high speed internet in all rooms and public areas.

On the Beach at 9201 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood Crest, N J 08260 • 609.729.9300


hether you’re interested in golf, tennis, fitness, or just lounging poolside Hunters Run Country Club has it all.

• 3 Championship Golf Courses • 21 Tennis Courts • 7 Restaurants (from pool side snack bar to fine dining)

Richard Ralston P.A., GRI Lang Realty Direct: 561.702.4241 Office: 561.853.2300 3700 Clubhouse Lane Boynton Beach, FL 33436

• Spa & Salon • Lodge • Fully Staffed Fitness Room • 23 Communities totaling 1649 Homes

It is undeniably country club living at its finest.

Resident May 2014 • 67

Celebration, Florida

Celebration, Fly & Buy

Florida ArtisAn PArk

• 6 Bedrooms + 7.5 Bath • Guest Cottage/Pool/Spa $1,248,888

• Travel expenses of up to $1,000 uSD** towards your Closing Costs • Many home designs available, including NEW Construction! • Watch a VIDEO of Celebration at www.ImaginationRealty.Net ** A minimum purchase price of $200,000 is required. sArAtogA

• 3 Bedrooms + 2.5 Bath • Custom Library & Fenced Patio $404,088


• 3 Bedrooms + 2.5 Bath • Amazing Additions & Pool Oasis $578,888

ArtisAn PArk condo

• 3 Bedrooms + 2.5 Bath • Penthouse Full Water View $448,000

Kathleen S. Carlson 407-361-7653

Kathy@ImaginationRealty.Net 617 Celebration Avenue Celebration, FL 34747


• 3 Bedrooms + 2 Bath • Newly Renovated One Story $462,888

bArbArA JeAn

• 4 Bedrooms + 3 Bath • Includes Efficiency Apt. $499,188

View Celebration Video @



Life. Well played. The game of life. The game of golf. So delightfully intertwined. Here at Old Palm, respect for golf’s great traditions harmonizes with a shared pursuit of life’s abundant rewards. Come and enjoy the game in an atmosphere that’s as fun as it is luxurious with impeccable service, resort-style amenities and a warm neighborhood feel. There’s more to this story at

R E S I D E N C E S F R O M $ 1 . 3 T O O V E R $ 1 5 M I L L I O N • A C R E H O M E S I T E S AVA I L A B L E

C A L L 8 8 8 . 9 8 5 . 0 0 2 3 • 1 1 0 8 9 O L D P A L M D R I V E , P A L M B E A C H G A R D E N S , F L O R I D A • B R O K E R S W A R M LY W E L C O M E D

Wardrobe by Saks Fifth Avenue. © 2014 Old Palm Holdings, LP, a Delaware limited partnership. All rights reserved. Prices subject to change without notice. All references to clubs, golf clubs and membership opportunities and other amenities are subject to fees, dues and availability. This is not an offering in jurisdictions where prior qualification is required unless the developer of Old Palm Golf Club has previously met such qualifications. Void where prohibited. Obtain the Property Report required by Federal law and read it before signing anything. No Federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of the property.

The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from the Sponsor. File No. H04-0007. Sponsor name and address: Old Palm Holdings, LP, 11089 Old Palm Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. Obtain the Property Report required by Federal law and read it before signing anything. No Federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property.

Beautiful waterfront 4Bedroom/3Bath home. Brazilian

3115 First Avenue S. Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 843-340-7850 $749,900

Sylvia Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Realty, Inc. 843-651-0003 900 MT Gilead Dr., Ste. 101A Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

cherry floors, gas fireplace, 23x16 master bedroom that opens to deck with fantastic view of Murrells Inlet. Beautiful kitchen with cherry cabinets, double ovens. Kitchen offers an eat-in area along with eat-at bar, trash compactor, drink refrigerator, microwave. Therma film windows that withstand winds up to 150 mph, 2 car garage, 19x11 workshop, well for sprinkler system, screened porch. Enclosed 22x16 full summer kitchen downstairs under the house with full bath, gas fireplace, family room doors that open to large covered patio with hot tub. Stroll out to the floating docks. Cedar siding. This home is a must see!

Call regarding these properties or any others in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. 2044 S. Waccamaw Drive Murrells Inlet SC 29576 $1,950,000

Located in gated community.

Large lot on inlet and across from the ocean. Best of both worlds! Boat ramp plus stationary and floating docks, brick pavers, new fence, underneath storage, outside enclosed shower, elevator. All new exterior and all new windows, wraparound porches, front porch overlooks ocean, back deck overlooks inlet. Pool, 2 outside entertainment areas, outside bar with ice machine and refrigerator, underneath parking. This home has been completely refurbished inside and out. Interior all new kitchen w/new cabinets, new appliances, countertops and lighting, central vacuum. 6 bedrooms 6 baths plus 2 half baths. Family room overlooking inlet. All new tile, carpet, hardwood flooring. Approx. 4700 heated sq. ft., 5200 over-all sq. ft. This home is absolutely breathtaking!



39 Luxurious Townhomes ■ 3 Bedrooms ■ 2.5 Bathrooms ■ Garages ■ Gourmet Kitchen Full Unfinished Basements ■ Starting from $525,000 ■ Clubhouse & Outdoor Heated Pool ■ Just minutes from beautiful private beaches, downtown Westhampton Beach, fine dining and so much more!


Call Today 631.998.4295

Open 7 Days a Week

10-6 Directions: Sunrise Highway to exit 63S (Westhampton Beach) follow for 2.5 miles and the community entrance is on your right. The complete offering terms are in an Offering Plan available from Sponsor. File No. CD12-0182

Williamsburg Virginia It’s Summer. Ready for a change? Buy or Build your dream house in historic Williamsburg


Water and Golf Front ~ 6,810sf ~ $1,175,000

Riverfront Chateau ~ 3,789sf ~ $999.900

English Manor ~ 4,878sf~ $825,000

72 • Resident May 2014

Marley Numbers

Marina Waterfront ~ 4,930sf ~

Stately & Private ~ 4,984sf ~ $869,000

Cull-De-Sac ~ 5,142sf~ $750,000

Realtor, ABR, CLHMS

WELCOME TO LAKERIDGE, LITCHFIELD COUNTY’S BEST KEPT SECRET Lakeridge is a unique year-round gated community just 2 hours from the city, with amenities you won’t find anywhere else.

What’s your style? Athletic? We have indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor tennis, a gym, kayaking, even cross country trails and downhill ski runs with snowmaking. Got kids? We have tennis, ski and riding camps. Got a green thumb? We have community gardens. Got a horse? We even have stables. Want to just relax? Soak up the sun by the pool or pond, relax in the Jacuzzi or take a yoga class. Lakeridge has it all, right in the heart of Litchfield County, near Tanglewood, the Yale-Norfolk Music and Art School, Music Mountain, Infinity Hall and the wonderfully restored Warner Theater. There are loads of golf courses, antique shops, bike trails, boating, hiking and fishing. Nestled in 235 private acres, our homes have 2 to 4 bedrooms, all with fireplaces and private decks. Outside maintenance is taken care of. There’s never been a better time to rent or buy a place of your own. Come see what Lakeridge has to offer; we promise you’ll want to stay. Call 800-796-8929 or visit


Marcelo Gomes W

By Joe Alexander

hen American Ballet Theatre opens its spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House on May 12th, Marcelo Gomes will once again capture the attention and imagination of sophisticated balletomanes from around the world. Born in Manaus, Brazil, and trained in Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Boca Raton, Gomes is a Principal Dancer with ABT. He has performed all over the globe with the world’s most prestigious ballet companies and prima ballerinas. “I started dancing at 5 years old to Madonna’s music. That is not a joke,” he laughs. “By the time I was 8 I knew that dancing was what I was going to do for the rest of my life.” In 1997 Gomes joined ABT as a member of the corps de ballet, and became a Principal in 2002. “I was 18 years old when I came into the company, and with that, we were off! Since then, I have worked with such wonderful ballerinas and have had the honor of dancing truly incredible roles.” Those roles have included Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake as well as leading parts in the works of virtually every major choreographer from Mikhail Fokine and Marius Petipa to George Balanchine, Sir Kenneth MacMillan and Alexei Ratmansky. At the age of 23, Marcelo was the first major male ballet dancer to come out as being gay on the cover of The Advocate. “It just seemed like the right thing to do at the right time,” Gomes confesses. “When I would do interviews, people always asked me how my love life was going, and I couldn’t really talk about it because I felt no one really wanted to hear if I had a partner or a boyfriend or not. But I also felt like I needed to put an end to this. I can’t be somebody that I’m not.” For the record Marcelo is currently single.

74 • Resident May 2014

Danseur Nobel & Choreographer

A progressive thinker, Gomes understands that the career of a dancer is relatively brief, so he began to transition into being a choreographer in 2009, while remaining at the peak of his life on the stage. “I’ve always been inspired by music and movement. There was one point five years ago when I was really itching to choreograph something, so I just did,” Marcelo remembers. “It was an absolutely amazing experience. I’ve had a handful of marvelous opportunities to continue choreographing, and I’ve seized each one. I’m so lucky with all the talented dancers I’ve had the privilege to work with from the Paris Opera Ballet, La Scala, and of course ABT.” Marcelo has had a long relationship with Youth America Grand Prix, the preeminent ballet competition that awards scholarships to the world’s most talented young dancers. YAGP founder Larissa Saveliev presented him with one of his first choreographic commissions with the composer Karen LeFrak. “I heard Karen’s music and immediately imagined a male dancer being at the barre. I titled it “Tous les Jours,” which means ‘every day’,” he explains. “It’s about every dancer’s struggle, the daily sacrifice that we have to make, working though the aches and pains, both physical and emotional. We all have a love/hate relationship with doing class, but we have to do it every day.” New York City Ballet’s Chase Finlay performed “Tous les Jours” at last year’s YAGP gala at Lincoln Center. “I love working with dancers on the other side of the studio, facing away from the mirrors, observing the dancers. It’s quite an experience

CULTURE when you tell someone to feel a kind of movement or do something a certain way and they ‘get it’,” he says. “I’m passing along my knowledge and it’s incredibly rewarding. Choreographing and directing are something that I would definitely love to do more of.” However his primary passion remains dance, at least for the time being. “I’m not thinking of that transition as quitting one thing and moving on to the other. I believe that time will just tell and my body will also tell me when it’s had enough. Of course in order to become a choreographer you need an abundance of time,” he remarks. “It’s a bit difficult if you’re attempting to do the two of these things together, being both a dancer and creating dance.” In his free time, Gomes says he likes to relax by cooking. “If it doesn’t work out as a director or a choreographer, I could go to cooking school and become a chef,” he chuckles. “My best dish is my roast chicken. I’m a big foodie and I love indulging sometimes, but I do try to eat healthy most of the time. For the most part, I succeed,” he says with a wink. Marcelo will be dancing with ABT throughout the season, which runs through July 5th. “It continues to be a wonderful ride for me, especially now with this additional aspect to my career,” he says. “I feel so privileged that I’ve been able to do what I love to do for as long as I have, and hope to continue for as long as I’m able.” Bravo!

Resident May 2014 • 75


Les MiserableS Hits All the Right Notes By Jane Meyer


he Broadway revival of Les Miserables has hit the Imperial Theater on Broadway. For those of you who may have missed the original, have no fear for you haven’t missed a thing! There are musicals and then there are MUSICALS and Les Miz is most assuredly in the latter category. After enjoying many Broadway productions over the years this is the first time I feel as though I have actually experienced a Broadway show. Les Miz transports the audience back to 18th century France and the growing unrest and ensuing riots which are now considered an epoch of French Revolutionary history. Victor Hugo’s tale is a familiar one to most by now, (in no small part due to the movie version starring Anne Hathaway). It opens with the story of Jean Valjean who is has been given an inhumane prison sentence of five years hard labor for stealing bread to feed his niece. After several escape attempts his sentence is extended each time and he is finally released 19 years later. While technically released- he is not truly free because he is required to present a yellow ticket everywhere he goes which identifies him as an untrustworthy criminal. Following a parallel path is the lovely Fantine who was seduced and left penniless with a baby and shunned, like Valjean, by her fellow factory workers. Her baby Cosette is her yellow ticket which prohibits rather than allows entry. Through a series of events, by the time Valjean and Fantine’s paths eventually cross, Valjean has become a wealthy and well-respected citizen successfully concealing his past. As Fantine lays dying, Valjean vows to raise her daughter Cosette just as his past starts to catch up with him in the form of the relentless police inspector, Javert. The Iranian- born, Canadian-raised Ramin Karimloo makes his Broadway debut as Valjean. His stellar leading man performance of the unfortunate Valjean laced with vulnerability is sung to perfection in Bring Him Home. The high octaves Karimloo reaches so tenderly in this song showcase his talent as not just someone who can belt them out, (which he can also do), but as a performer with control over his instrument. He is quiet and perfect at just the right moments. In fact the original, and well-loved, Valjean, Colm Wilkinson, has given Karimloo his blessings. Look for their outstanding duet of “Bring Him Home” on YouTube. Fantine, who is played by the very talented Caissie Levy also hits all the marks. Her version of “I Dreamed a Dream” is richly sung with just the right amount of grit for the subject matter while remaining Broadway worthy. Valjean’s archenemy Javert played by the impressive Will Swenson makes a great “bad guy” with impressive vocals and acting ability. Samantha Hill is reprising her role as Cosette she played in Toronto. Hill is no stranger to Broadway having played the coveted role of Christine in Phantom of the Opera. Here again her operatic voice and her petite stature make her perfect for the part. The entire cast of this Broadway production of Les Miz is a treasure!

76 • Resident May 2014

Known for its gut wrenching lyrics and swelling numbers, the longest running musical in the world, doesn’t disappoint. By the time the final and climactic “One Day More” number the audience couldn’t wait to get to their feet applauding and yahooing more fitting behavior, it might seem, for a rock concert but we all knew how magical the night had been. Les Miz is not to be missed! For more information and tickets: http://www.

Looking for a Country Home? This Killingworth, CT antique home was built in 1752 and is one of the oldest homes in this lovely rural town. Sited on 3.6 acres of land, this center chimney cape has over 2000 square feet and features a first floor master, three fireplaces, wide board floors, foyer with beautifully exposed stone chimney, newer mechanicals, new roof and a freshly painted exterior.Outbuildings include a 2.5 bay garage, and two barns in need of some renovation. Own a part of New England history located just 2 hours from the city. List price: $489,000.


Own your piece of the Hamptons Take a drive out to Killingworth – located off Route 95, exit 63 – and see how wonderful our little community is!

Shelly CumpstoneColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage 752 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT 06443 (cell) 860-391-2747 · (fax) 203-245-9548

Shark River Hills (Neptune) NJ Riverfront” – 65 mi from NYC. Zen ‘30s Modern Refuge on Shark River .72 acres on dry hilltop; park like, private setting; kayak/ canoe from property; Riparian grant for future dock; under 10 mins. Near Avon/ Belmar Ocean Grove/Asbury beaches; 3 BRs, 2.5 baths; 3 car garage.


Oceanfront Co-Ops from $150,000 Visit Lorraine Donohue, Sales Associate Ward Wight Sotheby’s Intern’tl Realty 1117 Third Avenue Spring Lake, NJ 07762 Cell (908) 675-5633 fax 732.449.0444

or Call Ken at

631-329-1233 x1004


Go All The Way


yndon Baines Johnson is not the first President who comes to mind when you think of a civil rights advocate and champion of the poor. His predecessor, JFK, is in fact the president many Americans might associate with the equal rights movement. However, without LBJ, many of JFK’s wishes for our nation’s unity could have died with him. This is the central message in the Broadway play, All the Way, (lifted from the campaign slogan “All the way with LBJ”). Bryan Cranston takes to the Neil Simon stage as the complex man and 36th president of the United States. Cranston, of tv’s Malcolm in the Middle and more recently of Breaking Bad, commands the stage the entire two hours and fifty minutes-an exhausting commitment for any actor.Cranston is at times manically energetic bringing both a voice and physicality to the spirit of LBJ’s charismatic and daunting persona. The play opens with LBJ on Air Force One, having just taken the oath of the president after President Kennedy’s assassination. The world starts to come out of its confusion and begins mourning while the threat of our involvement in the Vietnam War looms somewhat vaguely on the hazy horizon. Written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Robert Schenkkan, he was born in

78 • Resident May 2014

By John Meyer

his combination of passion mixed with a large dose of no nonsense attitude), character and therefore, rich one to write about. Surrounded by opposing influences, LBJ must balance his desire to “do the right thing” with politics and consequently, the key players of the early 1960’s. Edgar Hoover, Martin Luther King, Jr., Governor George Wallace, Senator Hubert Humphrey, and Secretary of Defense Robert J. McNamara superbly depicted by a stellar cast.

Chapel Hill, NC but raised in Austin, TX. The big Texan LBJ with a direct and at times intimidating demeanor must be part of what makes him a surprisingly enigmatic, (because of

Throughout the play we watch his public debates for what is right while being privy to his inner debates as to how best accomplish what JFK and his brother Senator Bobby Kennedy started. By alienating the South and the Dixiecrats, the South will be lost to the democrats ( to this day). Johnson knows what is right and forges ahead to create his great society. We also see the side of LBJ you don’t want to cross in the evolution of his relationship with Minnesota Sen. Hubert Humphrey, played by Robert Petkoff which was once one of mentors and a protégée but has disintegrated to one of a protagonist and adversary.. LBJ All the way is a must see for Fans of Broadway as well as American History.


Jason Boyarski, Marc Anthony and David Fritz

The Business of Fun

Entertainment Law at Boyarski Fritz LLP

By Isaiah Negron


he collaboration of Jason Boyarski and David Fritz of Boyarski Fritz LLP is proving to be one of the industry’s top innovative forces when it comes to transacting and protecting in the business of fun. This dynamic duo presents an offbeat approach to legal transactions, as they have been on both sides of the deal-making table, in fact, first meeting as rival clients’ attorneys. Together they have acute insight into the trends of the industry, turning a modest business with a slender client list into a distinguished source of many game changing deals in entertainment, media and technology. “We complement each other well,” Boyarski says. “We have different styles, and call each other into deals often. It’s definitely a true partnership, a perfect ying and yang arrangement.” The methods behind Boyarski Fritz LLP’s nonconventional success have resulted in high profile transactions including their representation of the alcohol brand “Myx” in its partnership with Niki Minaj, connecting Joan Jett with Clear Channel’s iHeart Radio Festival, counseling Jingle Punks Music in its

80 • Resident May 2014

sale to William Morris Endeavor and linking the tech company Mobli to top celebrities like Marc Anthony and Wyclef Jean. Jason Boyarski strategized several of the biggest deals of his life while training for two separate marathons within the first year of launching Boyarski Fritz LLP. With a broad array of experience in the entertainment, media and marketing industries, his background includes some of the most renowned names in the business including Warner Music, NBC, Universal Music, BMG Music, Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP, Sony Music and HeadOverHeels Collective. “Relationships are the currency with which we trade,” he comments. “We become partners with our clients and form lasting relationships. It then becomes about connecting the dots so our clients can benefit from our relationships.” Boyarski has nurtured the thought-making process of creators and entrepreneurs while simultaneously recognizing trends in the marketplace that affect them, making him an asset to many entertainment businesses, celebrities, consumer brands and technology companies.

David Fritz left his entrepreneurial endeavors in the toy and gym businesses to return to his origins and start a law firm 12 years after leaving one. Fritz is a trusted confidant with a long history in businesses beyond the legal arena. “Because Jason and I have been business operators, our clients benefit because we are able to say ‘Here’s what you could face down the road because it happened to me’,” Fritz remarks. On his partnership with Boyarski, Fritz says “We share every single relationship. We both know that we’re stronger if each of us is stronger, and our clients benefit as a result.” With prior experience at Grubman, Indursky & Shire, Alliance Entertainment and CAK Entertainment, Fritz is a seasoned professional who has been involved in an eclectic range of high profile transactions in fashion, advertising, television, music, live events, and retailers. Jason Boyarski sums up the company’s mission saying, “At the end of the day, it’s not about us. It’s all about our clients’ success.”

It’s fun, it’s furry, it’s the all-new

Sesame Place® is where families play together on whirling rides and water slides. New this year is Cookie’s Monster Land, with five exciting rides and all the furry friends your kids could ask for.

© 2014 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Sesame Street ® and associated characters, trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. ™/© 2014 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved.


What a Difference a Day Makes by Rory Winston


n the mid-nineteenth century, a successful French stockbroker had been forced by circumstances to abandon both his family and his middle class lifestyle; the derailment would eventually lead him to the Polynesian islands where he would spend the rest of his days creating impressionistic paintings of the indigenous people amongst whom he resided. His name was Paul Gauguin. By the mid-1980’s, it was former Wall Street broker, Jeff Koons who was experiencing a variation on this theme. As 2009 rolled around, history was ripe for another serendipitous adoption by the artistic community. This time it would come in the form of a seven-year employee at Goldman Sachs who was about to doff his three piece suit in favor of a chef ’s uniform. The 34-year-old executive chef Seth Levine recalls the day he decided to return to the passion that had gripped him since youth. “The financial industry had started its descent back in 2007 and things were certainly looking no better in 2009. Since finance had never been a passion – it was an easy choice. Deep inside, I always knew what I wanted. And so, I had just cleared my office

82 • Resident May 2014

desk, walked out the door and no sooner had I taken a few steps down the street than I saw this queue… and I just joined it.” The line that Levine had stumbled upon was an open audition to the popular chef competition TV show, Hel’s Kitchen. Whether the impetus to try out was a nothing-to-lose response to his recent lay off or the resurfacing of an earlier ambition is irrelevant. It was clear that from that day forth Levine would need every ounce of creativity, artistry and skill in order to survive. FROM STOCK MARKET TO FOOD MARKET Hunched slightly over -as though worried of making those around him feel short - and simpering like a young recruit who doesn’t know what he’s done to merit a purple heart, Seth is determined to make one feel at ease. It is this very need to make others comfortable while entertaining them that I am convinced impels him to create some of the most imaginative menus and venues in the city. Judging by his contributions to Hotel Chantelle in the LES,

Penthouse 808 at the Ravel Hotel in Long Island City, The Stand in Gramercy, Georgica in East Hampton and Wine and Roses on the Upper West Side, it is clear that Seth is as much about target specific entertainment and plating as he is about gastronomical delights – his sense for cuisine is both informed by and reinventing its surroundings. As for his love of cooking… well, like with most artists it began years before it became a career. “I’ve always loved it. And luckily, I had parents that allowed me to make a mess in their kitchen. I was cooking since I was eight, planning meals, watching every cooking show from “You can Cook” to Julia Child to “Great Chefs of the World.” When asked if he considers himself among the latter group, he concedes that he’ll have to defer to his patrons on that account. Seth does, however, admit that besides his self-avowed auto-didactic induction, he did supplement his skills by studying with some of the best. “When I turned 20, I went to study in Florence with Lorenza de’ Medici. I was enamored by what I can only call her ‘elaborate simplicity’. I learnt so much”. That he did learn so much from the heiress of the Tuscan dynasty who values the Chianti region replete with wine cellars, private salons, renaissance gardens and unadulterated flavors in equal measure is not surprising given

DINING Seth’s proclivity for setting a mood that plays off the dishes. Take for instance the integrity of having Bone Marrow Dumplings and Reisling Mussels collude with Tracy Morgan or Janeane Garofalo into creating harmonious moments where wit and good taste can be consumed in one sitting at a club restaurant called The Stand, a bastion for some of the city’s best stand up comedians. Or for that matter, Munchies where those bar hopping in the area concluded it was the best way to get both filling and healthy veggie burgers on a low budget. Or for that matter Pop Yogurt that is forever reinventing itself while still remaining dedicated to seasonal fruit and pure low calorie ingredients. The truth is there is hardly a situation that Levine doesn’t learn from and that includes his stint on Hell’s Kitchen. “Oh, I learnt a lot from that show. And though I didn’t make the finals back then, I took a lot from the experience – so much so that shortly after the season aired I was already working in Georgica in East Hampton and it did not take long from there to make my way to Wine and Roses on the Upper West Side.” As Lauryn Hill sings ‘Everything is everything’ … and Levines repertoire just keeps burgeoning. A DRESSING IN DISGUISE Located in the heart of the historic Lower East Side, Hotel Chantelle is Levine’s homage to New York’s multicultural beginnings. Juxtaposing

old world sensibility with contemporary flair, there is timeless allure to both the décor and the approach to cuisine. Entering the 1940’s style cocktail lounge with its recherché trappings and patina feel, one is immediately put in mind of the Stork Club and the ‘copacetic days’ of Dizzy Gillespe and Charlie Parker.

Of course, the smart set escape from such nostalgia has always been a mad dash into the highlife of an allegorized European past – the one associated with well-to-do immigrants who had made the Atlantic crossing and spun stories to furnish our dreams. Whether one is enjoying champagne and oysters under the translucent seashell of a frosted rooftop, or simply whiling away the hours alongside a cinematic Parisian lamppost, the Amelie-like spell of Levine’s bistro under the stars has the makings of reverie. Indulging in black truffle

duck pate, one is reminded of how well a French infused kitchen does when set to the music of park benches and floral greeneries. As Belle Epoch grandeur flirts with ethereal touches, the food gives us an earthy balance of regional and seasonal choices. Penthouse 808 at the Ravel Hotel in Long Island city will be given a makeover that includes a banquet hall and an 8000 square foot kitchen with a reflection pool. In addition, Seth Levine has decided on reinventing the overall theme so that it plays off Panasian motifs – complete with sushi and fun fusion dishes. Looking over the bridge from his restaurant rooftop in Queens, I drank in the full splendor of Manhattan with all its millions of beckoning lights. From here it was not hard to see how in choosing the road less traveled back in 2009, Levine had taken all of New York to an unimagined destination. All I could think was, what a difference a day made; and oh what a view. Hotel Chantelle

92 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002 212.254.9100

Resident May 2014 • 83


The Alter of Beef


ome restaurants sit in my imagination. Though I haven’t dined at it, it isn’t the most luxurious or it isn’t even my favorite cuisine, I still imagine I will love it. Takashi, a celebrated Japanese-Korean barbecue establishment in the West Village, is one of those places. I’ve been dreaming about coming here for years and glad to report that I’ve finally made it happen!

liver’s silkiness contrasted perfectly against the chewiness of the aforementioned dishes. The burgundy colored organ arrives smothered with sesame oil, cut into bite-size pieces and coated with sesame seeds. It slips and slides in your mouth, releasing its mineral richness. We also ordered the Rosu, or the ribeye, marinated in Takashi’s house sauce. The waiter came by with rice, the meat and an assortment of vegetables. I grilled carrots and peppers with my ribeye, allowing the vegetables to absorb the steak sauce as well. I left the rest of the vegetable raw to eat as a side salad with my meal. The food came out incredibly well. The sauce kept the ribeye juicy and delicious, and the vegetables were crisp and fresh.

Takashi is the perfect restaurant for a fun night out. The brainchild of Takashi Inoue, a JapaneseKorean who grew up in Osaka, the restaurant is in the style of a yakiniku – an invention by Korean immigrants shortly after World War II in the Kansai region of Japan. Mr. Inoue stands behind the bar, slicing liver or mixing his signature dipping sauce. The meat in question is solely beef; here one can try every exotic cut or offal. Cow stomach, heart, tendon, tongue and even testicles are on offer. To start, I ordered the bone marrow and crawfish dumplings with Hong Kong style hot peanut oil sauce. Although I think that cooking my own food is fun, it’s probably a good thing the chef handled this one. As someone who eats shellfish regularly, I can attest to the quality of ingredient and originality of flavor. It was a good portent of things to come. The bone marrow and shellfish combination was unique, and the peanut oil sauce added the perfect depth of flavor.

84 • Resident May 2014

By Spencer Bistricer

My guest and I also ate raw tripe that was expertly sliced with scallions and a lemon wedge. The cow’s stomach is made up of many folds and has a texture that takes a bit getting used to (but one that is thoroughly enjoyed when served with the spicy miso sauce that comes with it). We also munched on flashboiled tendons, which were moistened with a brick-red sesame oil and chili sauce. Raw

Takashi is more than just delicious food; it’s also changing how we think about meat. I will be sure to stop by Takashi again to grill my own food (after it has been expertly marinated by the chef, of course) and have already recommended Takashi to my adventurous friends.

456 Hudson St New York, NY 10014 212.414.2929


French in the Heart of Brooklyn W

hile it may be difficult to select a restaurant in Brooklyn, one of the most densely populated areas for fine cuisine, if you are as much a fan of French food like myself, French Louie is an easy choice. The decor alone seems to transport its customers; it was no surprise that with its French-American inspired cuisine the food harked to the land of gastronomy’s birthplace, France. I began with the roasted carrot and citrus salad. This was no ordinary salad. Sweet and tart – it was the perfect combination for a pre-meal course. The salad was garnished with coconut, pistachios and the most delicious yogurt-based vinaigrette I have ever tasted. My dinner companion began with a French specialty: snails “Marchand de Vin.” The escargots were served in a wine sauce with cured bacon and oyster mushrooms. Each bite of the plump and succulent flesh was mixed with the salty fattiness of the bacon and woodsy flavor of the oyster mushroom; it was truly one of the most composed dishes I have ever had. Following the salad, I asked my waiter to suggest his favorite entree. He brought out the bavette steak with French fries. As

86 • Resident May 2014

By Spencer Bisticer

rice and with the bisque on the side. The richness of the bisque complemented the fish well and was seasoned with a deft hand. The dirty rice was delicious. It was packed with flavor, and the bits of crabmeat were the perfect touch.

someone who regularly eats red meat, I can tell you that this was an incredibly prepared dish. The steak itself was top quality, and was served with very little fat. French Louie has its own steak sauce, which adds the perfect amount of flavor to the dish. This was one of the juiciest steaks and it was perfectly complemented with the skinny French fries on the side. My dinner companion was interested in trying French seafood with a hint of Creole, and ordered the pan-fried skate, which was served with crab “dirty rice” and spicy crab bisque. The skate was presented over the

We shared the chocolate caramel tart and pineapple tarte tatin for dessert. The chocolate was heavenly; it was served with a sour cream and almond brittle, the combination of flavors and textures made it irresistible. The pineapple tart was just as enjoyable. The crust was flakey and the pineapple could not have tasted fresher. The rum butter and vanilla ice cream on the side was the perfect end to a delicious French meal.

320 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11201 718.935-1200

” ng ati s br ear ele Y “C 120


Come in for our incredible Gelato!


A Culinary Gift to Gownaus By Jane Meyer


ost peoples’ ideas of Gowanus in Brooklyn are not ones usually associated with great food and culinary artistry. The Pines is leading the charge to change people’s perceptions of Gownaus. A challenge for any restaurant is to satisfy multiple taste buds in multiple ways and The Pines in Gowanus, Brooklyn does just that. Chef John Poiarkoff’s daily menu will satisfy the dedicated food geek always on the lookout for the next gastro adventure as well as the couple just looking for some good food and drink on a lazy Tuesday night. Chef Poiarkoff ’s contemporary American classic dishes are unique and delicious. The Pines boasts fresh market curated ingredients as well as in-house made specialties. For the wine and beer snob Zev Rovine has created a list that of artisanal vintners’ wines as well as craft brews and some snazzy cocktails. The interior of The Pines is inviting and warm and of special note is an open kitchen where diners are invited to watch their dinner be created. Born from the Gowanus’ Littleneck a few doors down, The Pines is foraging its own way. An interesting footnote to their story is that the Littleneck was funded through a kickstarter campaign. Residents can meet at the bar to sample one its many craft brews; from the very hoppy River Horse Hop Hazard to a session beer from Carton Brewery Boat Beer it’s

a nice list that will satisfy most beer aficionados. To The Pines credit that not everyone wants to challenge their taste buds they also of course offer Budweiser.

a mixture of spices. Anything that contains the word duck is sure to satisfy me and The Pines serves a cavatelli with duck – a worthy indulgence.

Many plates are designed to be shared. We especially loved the Agnolotti with bundles of fatty tender pork with a faint smokiness coming through. Cooked for 12 hours, as it cools it is cold smoked over pecan wood. Finally, it is whipped with straciatella, egg yolks filled with Pecorino.

As a final analysis, The Pines will entice both the couple just looking for some great food before they head home to catchup with John Stewart or Jimmy Fallon or the engaged food fanatic looking for the next culinary adventure.

Not to be missed is the Amaranth – not as meat laden as the Agnolotti, but not for a vegetarian, indulgent with maitake mushrooms and Nduja (spicy pork sausage from Italy) it comes from the shoulder, belly and jowl along with tripe roasted peppers and

88 • Resident May 2014

284 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215 718,596.6560

HOW WILL YOU SPEND YOUR DUTCHESS DAYS? Dutchess County is one of the largest in New York’s Hudson Valley, with too much to see and do in one day. You’ll discover experiences here you won’t find anywhere else! So, settle in, and plan your Dutchess Days around your interests: history, cuisine, outdoor adventure, shopping, family fun, and more! Get up early to tee off on one of our golf courses, cast a fishing line in the Hudson River, or get first dibs at a farmer’s market. Explore historic sites, shopping destinations, and the Culinary Institute of

America. Stay to wander our wineries, distilleries, and rail trails. Spend your evenings watching the sunset on the Walkway Over the Hudson. Just one hour away, and easily accessible by bus, train, or car. Go to to plan your visit to Dutchess with our Hudson Valley Trip Planner, and mention “New York Resident.” Get the most out of your getaway…when you spend your days in Dutchess County.

Simple and Sophisticated. You Deserve Dutchess. 800.445.3131


An Italian Aria


o the city and more specifically The Village need another Italian restaurant? If you are referring to Pagani, the new restaurant in the heart of the West Village, the answer is an enthusiastic yes! Pagani is an elegant yet casual Italian restaurant. And from day one it has been a resounding success. Occupying the old Pagani and Bros music store, the place features a unique layout and design. A nod is given to this linage; a few signature cocktails curated by Sean Mccure are in tribute to the space’s history. For example, Victrola named for a Victrola phonograph player is a tasty delight. Island records founder Chris Blackwell is paid homage with a rum drink called the Beach Bum. Designer Taavo Somer of Freeman’s, Gemma and Peels has created an elegant and cozy spin on the traditional Italian restaurant. The restaurant’s decor is enhanced by distressed mirrors, beautiful tile and wooden floors with a long marble bar. UVA Restaurateur Massimo Lusardi has assembled a who’s who of the restaurant world to bring the diner a unique culinary experience. The dinner menu is akin to the wine list in its affordability. Pagani should be commended on

90 • Resident May 2014

By Jane Meyer

egg with oyster mushrooms was delicious accented with baby spinach and crispy pancetta vinaigrette. Any Italian restaurant that doesn’t have fresh mozzarella cannot be considered truly authentic and Pagani does not disappoint. With warmed buffalo milk mozzarella served with fresh tomatoes, an herb and radish puree served on a toasted baguette, it is a homerun.

its exceptional and friendly service; as soon as we arrived a friendly hostess who took our coats and escorted us to our tables greeted us. Within a few moments our waitress introduced herself. The fare is also reasonably priced. Most pastas and starters cost less than most of their competitors. Main courses are a very digestible $20 and up. Something that is becoming exceedingly available in NY restaurants are gluten free dishes, Pagani offers all pasta dishes with this option. Mark Barrett’s menu includes a multi-regional Italian menu that is brimming with flavorful and fresh dishes. For starters the farm poached

Another Italian staple that is a winner are the pastas. With fresh pastas like Pappardelle, Ricciatelle, Tagliatelle, to the more traditional Linguine, ravioli – there is something for everyone. We especially loved the rigatoni with braised rabbit, carrots, peas, black olives and sweet onion. This one dish represented everything that I love about being Italian and it’s spectacular cuisine that features heartiness, saltiness, sweetness and depth of flavor. A visit to Pagani will make you as as fervent of a devotee as me.

289 Bleecker Street NY, NY 10014 212.488.5800


RedFarm: Twice the Fun I

f you remember my recent story on RedFarm, you’ll know how I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner there at their West Village location. So when the call came to taste the menu at their second location on the Upper West Side, I was stoked. For there are few places in the city, which elicit the joy and pleasure as a meal at RedFarm – from start to finish we loved every bite and it is safe to say that anything you order will be consumed with gusto. RedFarm brings a greenmarket sensibility to modern and inventive Chinese food combined with a décor that can’t be beat. While the menu offers many similar options as the downtown location, there are some specifically for this newer incarnation. My guest and I thoroughly enjoyed one of our first spoonsful – a hot and sour soup with grilled shrimp. Here Chinese flavors were full throttled and we loved the plump, juicy shrimp, which also added texture to the dish. From the old menu we loved each savory mouthful of the spicy crispy beef to the sweet goodness of the mango panna cotta and it didn’t hurt that the staff – hipsters and trendsetters – were friendly, helpful and interesting to talk to. Or that the space itself – almost a replica of the downtown location – with its communal

92 • Resident May 2014

By Christopher A. Pape

From there we moved onto the acclaimed (and I promise delicious) dim sum. It is here that chef Ng’s talent shines brightest. We enjoyed the crispy duck & crab dumplings – with its crisp exterior and juicy meat interior paired with the brininess of the crab made for a harmonious interplay. Other dumplings we loved were the pork & crab soup dumplings and the shrimp and snow pea leaf dumplings. Each was a standout in it’s own right.

table, moody lightening and rustic charm – was the perfect setting to enjoy the wildly popular creations of chefs Joe Ng and Ed Schoenfeld. Now Upper West Siders can say with confidence that they are as cool as their fellow Manhattanites in the West Village. Apprehensive, as I usually am, to make sure I order the best of the menu – I conferred with the knowledgeable waiter who steered us in the right direction. We began with the aforementioned spicy crispy beef, which had complexity, depth of flavor and excellent texture; it was a portent of good things to come. We also ordered a duo of shrimp dishes – shrimp-stuffed shishito peppers and yuzu-wasabi shrimp that were both seasoned perfectly and cooked to perfection – allowing the shrimp to be juicy, plump and tender.

We eventually moseyed along to the entrees and ate a deliciously innovative three chicken chili that was spicy (but not overly so) and moist. Another favorite was the sautéed lobster, egg and copped pork. Many adjectives come to mind to describe the dish, but succulent is the most apt. In the end, RedFarm is a restaurant that is both satisfying and hip – a rare combination in this city loves superficiality and pretense. My guest and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal and urge you to try it yourself!

2170 Broadway NY, NY 10024 212.724.9700




1655 County Road 39, Southampton, NY 11968, 631.283.6100.

161 Hills Station Road. Southampton, NY 11968. 631.287.0908.

Photo: Aaron Kotowski

Montauk’s premiere boutique resort.


Stay 2 mid-week nights & get 1 2 free!* * Restrictions apply. Please call for details.

At SolĂŠ East Resort:

At SolĂŠ East Beach:

Experience the warm, laid back, intimately shabby-chic atmosphere. This 1929 historical American Tudor beauty has a country club setting with a friendly, family approach to service. Features a lovely pool with oversized beds, a poolside restaurant-bar acclaimed for it’s fresh seasonal cuisine & weekly entertainment, free wi-ďŹ property-wide and beautiful landscaped gardens... Truly the hidden gem for those in the know.

Located across the street from the beach right in the heart of Montauk. Freshly updated with the key touches of comfort from SolĂŠ East: luxuriously soft linens & towels, wonderful bath amenities, atscreen TVs, complimentary wi-ďŹ , and a simple touch of shabby-chic remodeling.

SolĂŠ is pet friendly! Depending on room availability. Additional pet fee applies.

For reservations & information call: 631.668.2105 or visit:



Pastai and Bar Eolo T

By Bob & Sandy Nesoff

hose not in the know may confuse Italian and Sicilian as one culture. That would be a mistake. While both are proud of their achievements, many of the customs and, especially the food, have a distinct individuality from each other. Sister restaurants Bar Eolo and Pastai are prime examples of the cultures and cuisine of Sicily and Italy. Bar Eolo notes that Sicilian food is a blend of its history that includes what it refers to as “visitors” but often were invaders. This wonderful blend of foods includes a mixture of Greek, Arab, Norman and Bourbon as well as other cultures that combine to offer a wonderfully eclectic menu. Sicilian dishes offer seafood flavored with agrodolce, a tangy combination of vinegar and sugar usually more on the sour side than sweet. Dishes will also feature octopus, squid, swordfish and a large variety of oceanic foods. What is missing from Sicilian foods are butter and cream found frequently in Northern Italian cuisine but largely absent in Sicily. While sprinkling cheese on seafood is often considered taboo in other parts of Italy, it is quite common at Eolo and Sicilian cooking.

96 • Resident May 2014

Authentic Italian and Sicilian Eats

Photography by Lou Manna Bar Eolo has a warm and relaxed setting giving city dwellers a respite from the frenetic pace outside of its doors. We especially loved the eggplant caponata with raisin and pine nuts that transported us back to our last visit to the enchanted island at the boot of Italy. Another dish that stood out was the two fried salted cod and potato fritters with a garlic and lemon aioli. Basically, baccalà the briney goodness of the fish melded perfectly with the tanginess of the aioli. And if you’re in the mood for a pasta dish – try the bucatini cu cavulfiori arrimianti. Here the thick and hollow spaghetti (the bucatini) is served with a cauliflower-saffron ragu, pine nuts, currants then topped with toasted breadcrumbs that makes for a dish that is sublime in its texture, taste and overall mood that in conveys. At Pastai, Eolo’s sister restaurant, diners can sample more traditional dishes from Southern Italy. The ambiance features high-top tables and wooden bar stools to comfortably sample the extensive Italian wine list. Starters at Pastai range from fried olives stuffed with pecorino cheese to saffron rice balls stuffed with beef-pea ragu and

DINING fontina. Also available is an Italian cheese board with grilled bread and honey. With tongue-in-cheek Melissa Muller Daka, Pastai’s hands-on owner calls the pasta offerings a “carb feast.” Busiate con salsiccia, whole wheat twisted pasta tossed with chicken sausage, broccoli rabe, grapes and spring onions is a popular dish. Lasagna, made differently on a daily basis, is served in a generous portion and is always a crowd favorite. You might also opt for red tortelli di bietole or beet ravioli stuffed with a mixture of ricotta, gorgonzola and fontina cheese. It is served under a creamy walnut pesto and brown butter sauce. And melted in our mouths the moment we took a bite. Bar Eolo

190 7th Avenue NY, NY 10011 646.225.6606


189 9th Avenue NY, NY 10011 646.88.3463

Resident May 2014 • 97


Restaurant Roundup By Hillary Latos


s New York City is known for many appealing things, one of our favorites is the thriving food scene. Where else in the world can you get food 24 hours a day, virtually anywhere in Manhattan, and try dishes from cultures spanning the globe. We combed the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods from Tribeca to the East Village to the Upper East and West Sides, and everything in between to bring you the best of the spring culinary scene, from exotic Cambodian to Japanese pub food, Cinco de Mayo hotspots to classic Italian, and with the warm weather upon us, there’s never been a better time to get outside and eat your heart out.

Bustan Bustan, which means garden or orchard in Hebrew and Arabic, is the latest contemporary pan- Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper West Side that combines the ingredients, flavors and cooking techniques of Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco and Israel. It was the vision of proprietor Tuvia Feldman, Executive Chef Efi Nahon and Guy Goldstein to present New Yorkers with the eclectic gastronomic style of their native Israel that reflects the culinary diversity of the Mediterranean region. Signature dishes that are cooked in a wood fired taboon oven which is typical of the Middle East, include chicken with mushrooms, asparagus, frikeeh, foie gras and merguez; Lamb Terracottaa spiced lamb kebab with grilled vegetables, tahini and pistachio baked into a flaky bread; and baked flatbreads with cured tuna, zaatar, red onion, feta and fresh tomato and smoked salmon pastrami. A favorite is the whole baked fish and poached Moroccan halibut with a spicy tomato sauce, fire roasted peppers, black ink fettuccine & cilantro. Signature cocktails complement the Mediterranean cuisine with infusions from ingredients of the region like apricot, fig and lavender. Just like the Mediterranean way of life, the warm ambiance basks in a palette of blues and sienna representing the sea and earth tones of the glamorous area with a romantic outdoor garden in the back. 768 Amsterdam Avenue NYC 212.749.2929

487 Amsterdam Avenue NYC 212.595.5050

Orale Mexican Kitchen Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Orale Mexican Kitchen is the Upper West Side’s newest South of the Border cantina conceptualized by seasoned NYC restaurateurs Alex Mendelsohn & Louis Alvarez who joined forces with Cristina Castañeda. Reasonably priced, every dish is about as authentic as you can get up in the Northeast with dishes packed with spice and flavor. Formerly Café Frida, remnants of its previous life still adorn the walls with depictions of the iconic artist painted in a graffiti art style, which was prevalent in the pre-Giuliani era. Start with the trio of guacamole, which comes with various toppings like shrimp, chipotle, or crispy pork belly to add some zest. The $16 taco platter is perfect for sharing and comes with five tacos. Choose from a variety of delicious fillings such as fresh tuna, beer battered fried fish or roasted bone marrow. Complement the spicy flavors with creative tequila cocktails such as the Smoky with grapefruit and ancho chile, or the Sazerac with absinthe and orange bitters. Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo or not, it’s always a party here.

Andanada The highest seating area of a bullfighting ring that attracts the most vocal bullfighting enthusiasts providing a ‘bulls’ eye view of all the action below inspires the restaurant, Andanada. Paying tribute to this national sport, contemporary artists have recreated the bullfighting experience in a mural that lines the brick walls of this Spanish eatery. Born in Gijon, Spain, Chef Manuel Breganza is a 2 star Michelin rated chef who fell in love with the kitchen as a child and was influenced by the recipes of his mother and grandmother. Translating the intensity and passion of bullfighting into modern Spanish cuisine, Breganza weaves complex flavors into classic dishes for a mouthwatering experience. Start your meal with sharable tapas such as scorpion fish flan with eggplant caviar, slow cooked pork loin confit croquettes or fried calamari with squid ink aioli sauce. House specialties range from fresh seafood options such as Mahi Mahi in coconut milk and Vindaloo curry, salmon with chorizo in a saffron sauce, to rich meat lovers options like lamb loin with oven roasted onions in a bleu cheese sauce, or of course the renowned paella mixed with chorizo, seafood and meat. So grab the best seat in the arena and head to Andanada for a taste of Spanish authenticity.

98 • Resident May 2014

141 West 69 St. NYC 646.692.8762

Fabio Cucina Italiana Taking the fine art of Italian cuisine to a new level is Chef Fabio who recently opened his East 50s outpost, Fabio Cucina Italiana. He culled his 27 years of experience of training in two continents to develop delectable signature dishes such as his Fettucine alla Fabio featuring homemade pasta with a delicate porcini mushroom sauce, filet mignon with a cognac reduction, veal scaloppini with a lemon sauce accented with blue cheese and truffle, octopus carpaccio over arugula, and dentici al cartoccio, which is an oven roasted red snapper with zucchini, herbs and black olives. To capture the essence of contemporary Rome, Fabio oversaw the design elements of his airy space and imported everything from the furnishings to the fabric for the banquettes, lighting and commissioned artwork from his native Italy resulting in a striking and modern yet warm ambiance. Adorning the walls are some of his favorite Italian proverbs relating to food, such as “A tavola non s’invecchia,” which translates to, “At the table nobody grows old…” which sums up what it means to dine at Fabio’s Cucina and live in Italy - sharing a great meal with great friends over memorable conversation

Beer&Buns Don’t let the name fool you, there is much more than Beer&Buns in Midtown’s latest burger joint. Home to the city’s most expensive burger, their $250 “Indulgence” burger comes with a healthy heaping of chopped kobe beef, pancetta, foie gras and caviar. If this is too rich for your wallet and arteries, there are plenty of other tempting options that bring new meaning to a burger. The Seoul secret uses a steamed Mantou bun stuffed with slow cooked short ribs and vegetables drizzled with a sweet and salty Korean BBQ sauce. The Bangkok Dangerous is a Thai inspired burger with a tom yum shrimp patty seasoned with a sweet chili sauce. The featured beer pairing is the coriander and orange peel infused Harpoon UFO White that pairs well with Southeast Asian flavors. Other choices include the fried grouper on fire paired with a house spicy chili sauce and the Southern smack down which is a Japanese inspired burger made from a soy sauce marinated pork shoulder, herbs and vegetables. Experience the taste sensation of these bold sliders priced at 3 for $12 or 5 for $17. After this, you’ll never look at a plain hamburger the same way.

214 East 52 St. NYC 212.688.5200

232 East 53 St. NYC 212.838.5333

Lucky Cat In the East 50s it seems like there’s a new restaurant opening every week. One of the most-hyped additions is Hinomaru Lucky Cat, which symbolizes good luck to the owner in Japan. An indulgent and modern take on Japanese pub fare, this is similar to what you’d find in Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya district. The décor lends an authentic experience with kitschy photos of Japanese pop culture, ads, and anime that line the warm wooden walls above the banquettes. Casual fare is served including comforting noodle soups like the Lucky Cat Ramen with a 14-hour tonkatsu broth, and the Chiritori Nabe, a traditional hot pot, which warm the soul. Another favorite traditional pre or post pub crawl food is the Kushiyaki, Japanese grilled meats, as well as other savory tapas like gyoza, karaage- fried chicken, crab meat croquettes, tuna salad, pork buns, spicy tuna, and braised pork belly over rice. An extensive list of favorites and hard to find sakes like the Tedorigawa and Narutotai are served here along with an inventive imported beer selection with flavor infusions like red miso and wasabi that are only found here.

Resident May 2014 • 99


130 East 39 St. NYC 212.592.8888


Gaby Decidedly French, Gaby is Sofitel’s latest French import. Chef Sylvain Harribey hails from Rouen and grew up in Bordeaux and spent his childhood around food and wine and from a young age discovered that his calling would be in the kitchen. From there he has gone on to win the AAA 4 Diamonds Award chef, won first prize on the Food Network’s “Chopped” reality competition in 2011, and is now the Executive Chef at Gaby where he specializes in contemporary French cuisine using classic French techniques. He created a menu with a modern spin on bistro classics like the Hudson Valley foie gras scented with cognac and fig puree, crab cake with cranberry and scallions, Skuna Bay salmon with buerre blanc, grilled ribe eye au poivre, a tuna nicoise salad, and specials that change daily. Enjoy springtime in Paris stateside at Gaby’s, and be sure to ask for the Neighborhood card to get a 15% discount every time you dine here. 6 West 24 St. NYC 212.234.2373

Tablao Spain comes alive at Tablao tapas y restaurant, Tribeca’s newest tribute to the vibrant Spanish tapas and cuisine. Evoking the grandeur of old world Spain, the décor features exposed brick walls, rustic wood, antique mirrors, and chandeliers. While most of their dishes are served tapas style in small plates, this is an excellent way to sample the delicious flavors of Spain. Choose from a wide variety of choices like octopus in a spicy creole sauce, prawns ajillo, vinegar cured anchovies, fried calamari, croquetas, Serrano mashed potato balls, mussels with chorizo, seared ahi tuna with a sherry vinaigrette, dry scallops baked with Serrano ham and bread crumbs, chorizo and potatoes, or artichoke hearts stuffed with mushrooms and shrimp. Other small plates include their grilled seafood a la plancha or their traditional Montaditos, which are small sandwiches stuffed with savory fillings like filet mignon and blue cheese or sausage and eggs. For hearty main courses choose from classics like the churrasco- char broiled skirt steak, seafood paella, or short ribs braised in port wine with a port wine jalapeno reduction. And of course what pairs better than a pitcher of fruit infused white or red sangria.

100 • Resident May 2014

44 West 45 St. NYC 212.782.3040

Bo’s Kitchen &Bar Room Laissez les bons temps roulez (Let the good times roll) at this New Orleans inspired Southern charm of a bistro in the Flatiron. From the romantic French Quarter décor to the delicious crispy fried alligator with a chili remoulade sauce to the creative Mulberry Projects curated cocktails, everything embodies the spirit of the Big Easy and why we love it so. Bo’s Kitchen &Bar Room’s Executive Chef Alex Pirani, formerly of Acme, Todd Mitgang of Crave Fishbar, and Nikhil Khosla at the helm, sought out to create a menu with creative flavors that caters to New Yorkers with a New Orleans flare. Some of the standout dishes are the Andouille gumbo, crawfish etouffee, roasted oysters with Montauk pearls, catfish jambalaya, spicy shrimp fra diavolo with cheesy grits, and curried goat with braised and spiced cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Leave room for their savory sweet bacon pecan bar with bourbon vanilla sauce and cardamom ice cream that is as good as it sounds. Every Monday shellfish aficionados can experience their NOLA clambake with crawfish, shrimp, and clams for under $20, and every Saturday features live jazz in the vibrant and retro themed bar area where guests can sip cocktails from yesteryear such as the Decatur mule with vodka, lime, ginger, cherry and gingerale, a gin fizz, or sazerac.

361 Greenwich St. NYC 212.334.4043

The Writing Room After one of New York City’s most iconic and celeb magnet restaurants shuttered its doors, the beloved Elaine’s was resurrected and reopened as The Writing Room. Restaurateurs Michael and Susy Glick of Parlor Steakhouse had fond memories of the space and the illustrious clientele that it had catered to and wanted to pay homage to its history while ushering in a new identity that evokes a vintage and literary feel. The menu features a contemporary American cuisine which uses local ingredients that will change seasonally with specialties such as an apple butter BBQ baby back ribs, shellfish stew, lobster boil with clams, buttermilk fried chicken, smoked pork shoulder, dry aged strip loin, and veal meatloaf. To continue the literary lineage, the walls are lined with photographs of famous authors, libraries, writers as well as photos of Elaine’s in its heyday. Evoking the feel of an English club, rich leather banquettes are lit by pendant lights with exposed brick walls and a cozy back room dubbed “The Study” which is a perfect spot to live like Hemingway and enjoy a stiff martini.

The Little Prince Just like your favorite neighborhood French bistro, The Little Prince has all of the elements of a cozy vintage Soho version of that romantic spot you frequented in the Marais or Montmartre. Tin ceilings, Moroccan painted tiles, lush banquettes lit by globe pendant lamps, and a richly stained wooden bar complete the ambience. Classic French bistro fare is served along with seasonal specialties like a hearty Onion Soup, steak tartare with quail egg, skate grenobloise with capers and brown butter, duck cassoulet, and steak frites with hanger steak and a bone marrow sauce. Chef Matt Conroy’s specialty is the off menu juicy French Onion burger topped with Bechamel, caramelized onions, and Gruyere that’s packed with flavor, and if you’re feeling indulgent try the foie gras egg mcmuffin that’s cooked in duck fat. To add to the Francophile flair, Little Prince features a rotating beer program with French and local craft beers and seasonal French cocktails. Open daily for lunch, dinner, and late night. 1703 2nd Avenue NYC 212.335.0075

1278 3rd Avenue NYC 212.772.0404

T-Bar Upper East Siders following the Paleo diet will delight in the UES newest hot spot, T-Bar, which was formerly the steakhouse staple - The Lenox Room and has recently gotten a makeover to have a downtown vibe with a heart healthy menu. While the original owner Tony Fortuna hasn’t strayed far from the menu his carnivore loyalists enjoyed, the hallmark of the menu is still their traditional certified Black Angus steaks like rib eye, filet mignon and porterhouse, meat does after all fit into the paleo diet, along with all of the rich sides like creamed spinach, mac ‘n cheese, and roasted vegetables. However he has added lighter dishes like Mediterranean branzino, ginger soy glazed Chilean sea bass, and Japanese style seared tuna. Much like their menu, you can choose to dine in darker wood dining room reminiscent of a traditional steak house or their lighter more casual lounge area punctuated with bright banquettes and filled with bankers, young professionals, and pretty young things.

Resident May 2014 • 101


199 Prince St. NYC 212.335.0566


Dopo East Tucked away in a Sutton Place area townhouse, Dopo East is a welcome Italian addition to the tony neighborhood. With an airy indoor glass covered garden, guests can dine under the sky all year round and enjoy a romantic setting under twinkling lanterns and canopied wisteria. Inside the main dining room, prepare to be serenaded by live piano jazz musicians performing favorite show tunes and classical favorites. Fresh pasta is heightened to new culinary levels with dishes like ricotta and corn ravioli drizzled with black truffle sauce, paccheri with yellow fin tuna and saffron, and gnocchi with baby lamb ragout and mint. Mains are reasonably priced for the neighborhood and are executed to perfection. Grilled lamb tenderloin has a chanterelle mushroom sauce, and 28 day aged ribeye is succulent and pairs perfectly with a green scallion puree and porcini mushrooms. An Italian classic is the branzino in padella with local fresh greens and also the oversized grilled maya shrimp with smoked butter. Be sure to leave room for dessert to finish the night on a sweet note. 111 Avenue C NYC 646.370.5158

Tavola For Southern Italian cuisine, try Tavola, which is table in Italian, located in Hell’s Kitchen. Owner Nick Accardi has family roots is the small town of Castelvetrano which is where he sources local regional ingredients. To keep everything authentically Italian, he created NYC’s largest imported custom wood burning oven that was handcrafted in Naples using Vesuvio volcanic clay to ensure the right temperature at a sizzling 900 degrees to create the perfect consistency for a Napoleon style pizza. While the pizzas are the shining star at this casual Italian eatery, enjoy a classic Margherita that can be upgraded to use DOC imported bufala or try his exotic creations such as the Vendetta Sara with wild boar sausage and wild mushrooms, little neck clams, hot sopressata, Brussels sprouts & smoked pancetta, or the rich formaggi golosi with gorgonzola, provolone, and mozzarella. Other standouts are the grilled calamari, rice balls with veal and shrimp, wild boar & veal meatballs, and pasta with Sicilian eggplant and ricotta salata. Come with a hearty appetite, as portions are generous.

102 • Resident May 2014

345 E 62 St. NYC 646.484.6548

Café Cambodge While Cambodian cuisine hasn’t gotten its fair share of exposure compared to other Asian cuisines, it shines in its own right drawing on the delicate and exotic flavors of France and Southeast Asia and is one of the most unique and delicious cuisines to land in NYC. Just when you thought every ethnicity was represented in the world’s largest melting pot, Café Cambodge is the only authentic Cambodian restaurant in NYC and housed in the former French Caribbean restaurant, Arcane, in the East Village. Seasoned restaurant veteran Benjamin Alter tapped Cambodian executive chef Eric Meas has worked at some of the top restaurants around the world to hone his craft specializing in pairing refined flavors with a delicate finesse to produce unique flavors not found anywhere else. His signature dishes include a nine spice grilled hanger steak salad, Peking duck and spinach salad with a hoisin dressing, braised pork belly with an anise sticky rice, and the perennial favorite- braised ox tail with a Pernod honey and tamarind sauce. Take the time to explore the flavors of Cambodia and it may just become your new favorite cuisine.

488 Ninth Avenue NYC 212.273.1181

Resident May 2014 • 103


Old World Elegance in Newport O

By Jennifer Pelaez

n the coast of the small yet majestically beautiful, ocean-gripped Rhode Island, Newport recalls the splendor and opulence of the Gilded Age, the perfect blend of natural beauty and culturally rich architecture and history. It is no wonder some of the wealthiest families in America chose to build their summer mansions here; among them, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt’s summer home was built in 1909. Now known as Vanderbilt Grace, this historic and elegant brick mansion has been restored to its former glory and one of the proud few private homes of the era that successfully operates as a fully functioning top boutique hotel.

The hotel features two restaurants including Muse, a fine-dining restaurant helmed by one of New England’s most decorated chefs, Jonathan Cartwright. This award-winning restaurant prides itself on sourcing the best local ingredients prepared and presented in a most imaginative menu, which changes throughout the year. The dining room, romantically warmed by a log fire, maintains an air of elegance and sophistication and perfectly decorated, complete with a gorgeous grand piano on display. For a more casual dining option, The Conservatory restaurant offers contemporary cuisine and also opens for breakfast and lunch.

Perfectly located in the lovely Historic Hill neighborhood, the Vanderbilt Grace, is tucked away on a delightfully quiet and private street, yet also centrally situated and just minutes from the stunning waterfront and numerous cultural attractions. Boasting beautiful high views of Newport Harbor, guests can unwind after a long day of sightseeing with a cocktail at the Garden Terrace to take in the glorious ambiance or relax at the indoor and outdoor pools. And for spa connoisseurs, a luxe treatment at the sumptuous spa must not be missed.

Vanderbilt Grace’s acclaimed hospitality, exceptional staff and accommodating concierge, along with their fascinating story and history set the stage for a picture perfect holiday retreat amid the classical splendor of the glamorous and historic city of Newport. So step back in time and experience the glamour of the Gilded Age, when leisure, luxury and elegance were paramount.

While maintaining a true sense of authenticity, Vanderbilt Grace has also evolved with the time, harmoniously blending the traditional

104 • Resident May 2014

with the modern. The public open spaces retain their historical character while the 33 rooms and luxury suites range from classic to contemporary in style. The interiors are refreshingly updated, with bright white rooms and soft tones, an overall modern design aesthetic. The deluxe amenities and details, from the king-size beds dressed in Italian linens and cashmere throws, to the ample marble bathrooms stocked with Penhaligon products ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Vanderbilt Grace 41 Mary St. Newport, RI 02840 401.846.6200

s ’ t i n e “wh right

” ! t h ’it s rig

lifelong become n e t f o s pping, ildwood ing, sho o the W in t d s s ip s r t le to end ke er first o wond ’t just ta ardwalk n n o o ’s b d it s t , u u o o d cover. B orld-fam see and bout ily to dis s to a w ings to e m h t h a f c n r a rs love a u u e f e o b n s y l s io u d t le if t a n t un r you a e, beau ings vac With co aiting fo rom larg many th w F e . ll h s a t n f ’s io o it radit tions, d some family t ment op and rea in e a it t oods. r s e b t e n ds w e Wildw nd e o a h t o g w in in d g n il lod Vacatio o the W Family r it, go t a o f in d r W o o our w hance t d for a c n a , d n our isla

| 2 3 7 9 2 9 9 0 0 |8 m o c . J N s d o o w d Wi l

Resident May 2014 • 105 Love those wiLdwood days!


The New England Island Life of Martha’s Vineyard A

By Hillary Latos

s a favorite summertime destination for US Presidents from the Kennedys to the Obamas, Martha’s Vineyard is a quintessential New England island destination for the rich and famous, old money families, and those who come to appreciate the low key attitude, nature reserves, fine dining and gorgeous coastline. As the summer season is kicking off this month, we spoke to Nancy Gardella from the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce to find out her favorite island activities. “If people are brand new to Maratha’s Vineyard they tend to think of the Vineyard as three very busy port towns. Edgartown is a very historic area with old captain houses, a little bit on the sophisticated side or the Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven. Maratha’s Vineyard is all about being outdoors. It’s a place where there are no chain stores, no chain restaurants, no chain hotels, nor malls. Over a third of the island is protected from ever being built on. So that means there are lots of things to do on the water if you are a beach person like me. There is hiking, riding your bicycle, as well as arts and culture. The thing that seduces people is that it’s a really romantic place with the natural beauty of the island and being outdoors all day, all the while getting that farm to fork ocean to plate experience and luxuriating in that.” Edgartown was the first town to be settled with white picket fences and seaside homes dotting the coast. The historic town features plenty of farm to table and

106 • Resident May 2014

Oak Bluffs has a younger vibe attracting surfers to its renowned waves and beach scene. Charming gingerbread houses line the coast and town squares and surf shops. If you are a clam chowder aficionado be sure to stop by Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Co, which has earned the well-deserved title of Best Chowder in New England. Though it’s the least populated town on the island, Menemsha is a fishing town serving the best seafood on the island. Visit Larsen’s fish market before sunset to watch the fishing boats come in with their fresh haul, bring a bottle of rose and enjoy fresh steamed New England local lobster while sitting on the docks, taking in the sunset. With the extensive and efficient bus system, the island can be easily explored by the Vineyard transit system which runs into the wee hours of the night with affordable options running from daily to weekly passes. seafood dining options with cute boutiques selling preppy wares that embody the island spirit. Visit Vineyard Vines to pick up whale embroidered pants with a matching polo to dress like a local. Step back in time and experience Old World grandeur at the romantic Relais & Chateaux Charlotte Inn befitting of an Edwardian European hunting lodge and gardens that has been meticulously decorated with exquisite antiques sourced from around the world.

The fastest way to get here from NYC is on Jet Blue’s direct flights from JFK, and in less than an hour you can be whisked away from the city and experience everything this tony island has to offer. For more information:


TREAD YOURSELF TO THE GREEK ISLANDS/FRANCE/ITALY Escape to the extraordinary Greek isles/France/Italy for your most special days.

Destination….............. • US Office: 954.234.2203 • Greek Office: +30.69.747.88.888 Resident December 2009 Resident December 2009 • 1



Best known as the summer playground for the rich and famous, the Hamptons are home to the summer’s hottest hotels, bars, clubs and events. New York movers and shakers de-camp from New York City to their summer homes between Memorial Day and Labor Day to socialize, support charities and play. Below is a sneak peek of some of the trendiest hot spots in the Hamptons this season.

75 Main



ocated on Southampton’s Main Street, 75 Main’s outdoor seating provides some of the best peoplewatching in all of the Hamptons. Guests can start or end the night with cocktails in one of the sexiest lounges in town, or enjoy incredible Italian cuisine in one of the warmest fun-filled dining rooms . 75 Main’s lounge boasts one of the most intimate, yet energetic, dance floors in the Hamptons. The Celebrity clientele of 75 Main include Alex Rodriguez, Barbara Walters, Calvin Klein, Howard Stern, Vice-President Joe Biden, Jonah Hill, Kourtney Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio and 007 Pierce Brosnan.

Hampton Hills Country Club



ampton Hills Country Club is a tranquil golfing oasis located in the middle of a 2,000-acre pine and oak tree preserve in the northwest corner of Westhampton Beach and is the centerpiece between the US Open bookends of Beth Page and Shinnecock Hills. Celebrity golfers who have been known to play the Hampton Hills course include Tommy Hilfiger, Russell Simmons, Rudy Giuliani, Kelsey Grammer, Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck, John Starks, FOX’s Bill Hemmer, and NY Jets’ Nick Mangold.


108 • Resident May 2014

Osteria Salina


n keeping with tradition, Osteria Salina emulates the farm-to-table approach that is customary to Salinian cuisine. The focus at Osteria Salina is on hospitality – husband and wife team Tim and Cinzia Gaglio manage service and the kitchen to perfection. Expect to be greeted at your table and be offered a classic welcome offering of delicately sliced cucumbers with mouthwatering seasonings from this must-try dining hot spot. The celebrity following that loves this low-key dining experience includes Mary-Kate Olsen, Bradley Cooper, Rachel Zoe, Liv Tyler, Christie Brinkley, Alexa Rae Joel and Lloyd Blankfein, CEO Goldman Sachs.


Sotto Sopra


magansett eatery Sotto Sopra is a taste of Northern Italy in the Hamptons, inviting guests on a culinary journey that highlights the region’s traditional flavors and cooking methods. Sotto Sopra’s menu developed by Executive Chef Josh Savi takes advantage of the restaurant’s wood-burning oven to offer up freshly baked breads, crispy Italian style pizza and whole roasted fish. Deliciously fresh salads, antipastos and impeccably flavored pasta dishes round out the menu along with classic “Bisteccheria” options. Under the direction of Managing Partner Rose Evangelista, Sotto Sopra has quickly become one of the most sought-after restaurants on the East End, known for its frequent celebrity guests, relaxing atmosphere, exceptional service and fresh, flavorful fare. celebrities followers include Alec Baldwin, Bobby Flay, Cameron Diaz; David Yurman; DJ Cassidy, Michael Kors, Naomi Watts and Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson.

Bobby Van’s Bridgehampton


he Bridgehampton Bobby Van’s combines the sophistication of a classic steakhouse with the airy style of the Hamptons. This East End restaurant features signature Bobby Van’s decor such as a rich wood bar, white linens, and a warm cozy home feel. With both indoor and outdoor seating, this is the perfect yearround destination. Celebrity fans include Alan Alda, Bruce Springsteen, Howard Stern and Jimmy Fallon.

Amagansett Bridgehampton

Ocean Dunes



cean Dunes is an exclusive oceanfront property located on four acres, in Amagansett, NY. With 65 units comprised of one and two bedroom apartments – this is the perfect location for a second home or an ideal resort escape. Located on the beach, Ocean Dunes provides guests with privacy and a short walk to Amagansett’s charming Main Street. Those staying at Ocean Dunes can take the Hampton Jitney to Amagansett and never have to use a car, something unique to this resort. Amenities include an outdoor heated swimming pool, concierge, sandy white beach, bike storage and a picnic and barbecue area. Ocean Dunes offers guests a tranquil haven by the sea to enjoy the summer season. Do not wait to book your stay!

Whether you are looking for a nice stroll on the beach, a relaxing oceanfront weekend getaway or exciting nightlife, the Hamptons has always been a classic destination to escape the concrete jungle that allows you to rub elbows with the rich and famous. Whatever the case, don’t forget to bring your designer swim suit and dress your best, as you never know who you will run in to.

Resident May 2014 • 109


The Old West


By Bob & Sandy Nesoff

o most Easterners the Old West is a wild, backward region populated by Red Neck cowboys and everyone with names like Billy Ben, Henry Sam and an IQ somewhere south of the horses they ride down Main Street.

Most visitors to the Lone Star State, aside from pure business, are looking for that Old West ethos they are so familiar with from watching all the celluloid cowboys. Fortunately much of that atmosphere remains, albeit somewhat updated.

lore and tradition and enough Western wear stores so that even the most citified tenderfoot can dress like a local. Check out some of the better shops such as the Maverick on the main drag in Fort Worth’s historic Stockyards District.

Others only know what they know from the TV series Dallas or Killer Women and would rather spend a vacation or business trip where they can enjoy luxury, entertainment and the company of people who can hold a conversation using more than two one syllable words.

Houston hosts the annual Trail Riders gathering and parade, usually in February, that brings thousands of cowboys, cowgirls, horses, chuck wagons and everything a trail drive of the 1800s would provide. They camp outside of the city and then in a massive parade trek down a main street in an impressive show of history. Many of the participants are actual working cowhands. The parade usually coincides with the opening of the Houston Rodeo, one of the great society events of the year in Texas.

The variety of clothes and boots available here are hard to match. The only downer for anyone looking for the traditional pointed toe cowboy boots is the fact that many of the shops offer what looks like a work boot with a round tip. One of the few stores with a sufficient variety of boots carrying the traditional is Maverick.

Stop watching television. Forget what you’ve seen in the movies. Texas ain’t what you think it is. Dallas is as modern as any city in the Northeast and more than some. But Dallas retains precious little of the flavor of the Old West having sacrificed it on the altar of commerce.

110 • Resident May 2014

A glance around the state will show opportunities to immerse the visitor in

While Fort Worth revels in its history as a “cow town,” there is also a modern side to the city. It has excellent entertainment, restaurants, dining options and cultural activities. Central to much of what Fort Worth has to offer is the Hilton Embassy

TRAVEL the Fort Worth Convention Center. It’s also a short drive to the Historic District via Fort Worth’s excellent roadway system that is currently undergoing major improvements and expansion. Trip Advisor has given the Fort Worth Embassy Suites an almost unanimous five-star rating. The hotel is an easy 25-minute drive from DFW International Airport. Immerse yourself in the offerings in the Historic District that range from the world’s greatest honky tonk, Billy Bob’s, the daily cattle drive down the main street, the Stockyards Hotel where Bonnie and Clyde spent some time and the old puffer train running from Fort Worth to Grapevine.

Suites Hotel, conveniently located in the heart of everything. Embassy Suites offers so much more than a “hotel room” for the overnight guest or someone planning an extended stay. Cut costs with the hotel’s complementary, cooked-to-order breakfast and the comp

evening reception with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. There is also comp wifi, an amenity many hotels still inexplicably charge for. Embassy Suites is literally steps from the downtown entertainment and dining district, the Bass Performance Hall and

Not far off is the Will Rogers Memorial Center, the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art with its fabulous collection of Remingtons, the zoo and the botanical gardens. Motor enthusiasts can entertain themselves at the Texas Motor Speedway, enjoying NASCAR races. For more information:

Resident May 2014 • 111


Florida’s Sweet 16 Words and photographs by Janis Turk


lorida is always an easy sell for New Yorkers. It’s a no-brainer destination: You leave cold and grey JFK and in a few hours you land sunny side up someplace warm and welcoming. How sweet it is. But Miami and West Palm Beach are just so been-there-done-that, aren’t they? And The Keys are fun and funky, but they lack good beaches. None of those places has the same allure as the topaz Gulf waters and white sugar beaches that edge the Florida Panhandle, and they don’t offer as many options for a custommade coastal vacation as South Walton. MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER PRETTY BEACH In the southern half of Walton County, Florida, are 16 neighborhoods from which to choose and an array of unique vacation experiences available. Want a family-friendly getaway with the kids and the dog? No problem. Booking a romantic honeymoon? Forget the Bahamas; this is just as nice. Want a man-cation – you know, golf with the guys? Tee up here. Need a wine and retail-therapy girlfriend getaway? Got it. Each of its 16 perfectly planned communities along the Florida Gulf Coast is unique, offering a bespoke experience: a tailor-made Florida to fit your personal style.

112 • Resident May 2014

NOT THAT KIND OF FLORIDA First, leave your stress and old Florida stereotypes at home – this part of the state doesn’t cater only to retirees. South Walton beach communities are young and vibrant, hip and happening. Sure “snowbirds” flock to Florida, but many visitors are young professional couples who love watersports, fine dining and good wines. At first it can be hard to conceptualize what the communities of South Walton are all about. They’re not really towns, and they’re a little too large to be considered neighborhoods. What they are is young, planned developments that follow the New Urbanism concept of design: walkable communities with diverse housing and amenities within steps from your front door. That may sound fake and Disneyland-like – but they’re not. They’re a string of 16 unique pearls – small pedestrian-friendly, residential, retail and entertainment developments that tug at the sleeve of a pristine 26-mile shoreline along the Florida panhandle. Just a few short hours by car from both Atlanta and New Orleans and 45 minutes from the small Panama City airport, each has its own architectural style, colors and personality. Some are upscale and new, while others

have a wind-blown, laid-back beach village vibe. Whatever your preference, there’s a beach community that’s right for you. ROSEMARY BEACH, SEASIDE, AND WATERCOLOR Seaside and WaterColor stand shoulder-toshoulder along the whitest beaches and the bluest waters I’ve seen since Aruba and are the perfect Florida vacation spots. Seaside is the oldest of the young communities in the area. Founded almost 35 years ago, Seaside is a carefully planned idyllic quarter of pristine pastel-colored houses, white-picket fences, tree-lined cobblestone streets, a chapel and town center. Small wonder it was chosen as the setting for the Jim Carey movie “The Truman Show,” where characters lived in an eversunny Utopia that turned out to be a reality show set. I went expecting Seaside to be too perfect, plastic and commercial. Turns out, it isn’t phony at all: The past 30 years have softened its edges and allowed a real neighborhood to take root. Tall trees shade the sidewalks, flowering bushes and sturdy hedges line broad streets. Food trucks and open-air markets line the town center. It’s charming, but not contrived. Condos, vil-

TRAVEL las and small bungalows near the beach are available to rent by the day, week or month. WaterColor is another community visitors adore. Architecturally attractive, featuring colors in softer hues like sage and café-aulait, WaterColor is home to excellent restaurant options like Fish Out of Water, a fine-dining destination with sunset views over the water, and local artists’ shops and galleries. Nearby, Gulf Place and Grayton are known for art studios and galleries, too. Rosemary Beach is perhaps my favorite South Walton place to stroll the streets and duck into a bar for a mojito after a sunny afternoon at the beach. The architecture is entirely different here – its Main Street has Spanish-style buildings like those in Key West with wooden second-story balconies. Some even have a Mediterranean look, with white stucco walls. While in Rosemary Beach, be sure to stop at The Pearl, a bright new five-star boutique hotel with a rooftop pool and a handsome Havana-themed bar and restaurant. GRAYTON BEACH STATE PARK, MIRAMAR AND SANDESTIN If you don’t have five-star funds or champagne tastes, and your style is more statepark than condo-centric, don’t worry. South Walton has more than 70 public beach and

bay accesses, affordable vacation rentals, and a state park with RV-hook ups and cabin rentals at reasonable rates. Grayton Beach State Park is more than just a family beach with good bathrooms and great camping; it also is perfect for eco-friendly

fun: nature hikes, bird watching and watersports. Shutterbugs adore photographing its line of wind-sculpted pine trees. Miramar also has a popular public beach with nice facilities and superior family-friendly beaches. For a resort with golf courses, shopping, an active marina, and fun for the kids, look no further than Sandestin, a 2,400-acre gated property of golf courses, condos, homes, a Hilton hotel, and bungalow vacation rentals sprinkled between the beach and bay. Be sure to visit Baytowne Wharf, Sandestin’s shopping village with restaurants, diners, bars, shops, bicycle and watersport rentals. With a zipline and a high ropes course, Baytowne is a favorite of kids. While there, be sure to check out the plantation-style Grand Sandestin hotel. HOW SWEET IT IS With so many diverse communities hosting popular events year round, like wine and food festivals each season and a songwriter’s festival in January, as well as fine art, food and music every day, South Walton is Florida’s best-kept-secret sunny escape destination. You’re sure to find your own favorite Florida along its shore. For more Information:

Resident May 2014 • 113

The key to unlocking your Upper West Side experience. Boutique accommodations. Savvy meeting space. Near Central Park & Midtown. 114 • Resident May 2014 212.362.7700 /

GRAND OPENING! GET HERE... Now Trading... The Concrete Jungle for Miami Beach!

Leslie Hotel in South Beach Miami After undergoing immense renovations, we are now opening our doors to discerning travelers looking for a sleek, sophisticated, yet unpretentious boutique Hotel. Situated directly on the beach, an onsite restaurant and bar, gym, business center, media and game room, rooftop pool and terrace... And if this isn’t enough, to ensure guests’ complete satisfaction, returning time and time again, Leslie Hotel is now managed by the very successful Alquimia Hospitality Group. With limited availability, book now to get your preferred dates; visit for all onsite amenities, activities, rates, packages, et cetera.



Florida at its Best By Beth Landman


fter months of bone chilling temperatures, spring is finally here, but what’s this? 35 degrees in mid April? There’s a place where flowers really are blooming and you can dine under the stars – right now. And best of all, JetBlue has multiple flights every day from all the New York area airports, and the trip is just a couple of hours, so it’s an easy commute.

Resident ResidentMay May 2014 • 117


WHERE TO STAY: Eau Palm Beach

Formerly a Ritz Carlton, this is the ultimate destination for a romantic getaway. Lanai rooms have private patios, so you can step directly out to the pool or ocean without walking through the lobby. The spa is a wonderland: relax in the steam room while soft lights change color, or lie on a hammock over a little pond in the outdoor lounge. Eau Resort-100 South Ocean Blvd. Manalapan; 561-533-6000

Brazilian Court

New Yorkers will feel right at home with a Café Boulud and Frederic Fekkai salon on premises. The chic boutique hotel is also a shopper’s paradise. When you are done lounging by the pool in the lush courtyard, stores, galleries and restaurants are just steps from your door. Brazilian Court- 301 Australian Ave., Palm Beach; 561-655-7740

Four Seasons Palm Beach

The oceanfront pool scene is perfection: servers even come around with frozen fruit to cool you off. Book a massage on the beach, then check out new modern Italian restaurant, Jove. Four Seasons Palm Beach-2800 South Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach 561-582-2800

Boca Raton Resort and Spa

There is something for everyone at the resort designed by legendary Addison Mizner. Spend the morning playing golf or tennis, take a yoga class at the fitness center, jump into one of the five pools and end the day with a ritual bath at the spa, modeled after Spain’s El Hombre Palace. At night dine at new “elevated American’’ spot The Blue, or head to the resort’s beachfront and enjoy the freshest catch at Sea Grille. Boca Raton Resort and Club -501 E Camino Real, Boca Raton; 561-447-3000

118 • Resident May 2014

PGA National

A haven for golfers, this property also has a pool area at the spa where you can soak in salts from different areas. Dead Sea healing today? Pyrenees stress relief tomorrow? A new glass enclosed piano bar brings an upbeat mood to the Ironwood steak house. PGA National Resort and Spa-400 Ave. of the Champions, Palm Beach Gardens; 561-627-2000

Ritz Carlton Ft. Lauderdale

Situated across from the ocean, the resort has rooms that open on to the pool deck, a club floor overlooking the sea and Intracoastal, and service so caring and personal you will know the staff by name when you leave. Facials at the spa use premium SkinCeuticals products, along with high tech micro current for a lifting effect. Seaside restaurant Villa Luna has local cobia that will impress any fish lover. Ritz Carlton Ft. Lauderdale -1 North Ft. Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale; 954-465-2300


With just four sweeping suites per floor, this hotel close to the Bal Harbour shops offers some of the most elegant accommodations in South Florida. There is a magical spa and four swimming pools just steps from the ocean, as well as an outpost of Il Mulino that has waterfront vistas. Acqualina 17875 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach; 305-918-8000

Turnberry Isle

If you like to accomplish something over your vacations, this resort is the place to go. Check out the golf and tennis clinic, or if you are really ambitious, the tri-athlete training. It’s not all challenging: stop in for a “Detox and Revive” treatment at the spa which includes a scalp and foot massage, then check out Bourbon Steak House with star chef Michael Mina, or the Mediterranean Cascada Grill, where much of the produce is grown on property Turnberry Isle 19999 West Country Club Drive, Aventura; 305-932-6200



Where to Eat: Pistache

The quintessential French bistro complete with red leather banquettes, brass railing and antique mirrors is located in bustling West Palm Beach. In addition to classics like moules frites, there are more inventive offerings such as winter squash and goat cheese salad with baby kale and wheatberry . croutons, or fennel spiced mahi mahi. Pistache -101 N Clematis St Ste 100, 100 West Palm Beach; 561-833-5090

Burt and Max’s

The new Delray Marketplace is a hub of activity, anchored by this restaurant from veterans Burt Rapoport and Dennis Max. Apart from a hopping bar scene, there is something for everyone, from onion soup dumplings to blackened fish tacos. Burt and Max’s – 9089 West Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach; 561-638-6380.


Yup, that’s Molly Ringwald singing on stage. Dishes at the Mizner Park supper club such as salmon with quinoa and Greek yogurt or scallops with curry and roasted grapes are also a pleasant surprise. Jazziz -201 Plaza Real, Boca Raton;561-300-0730

Coco Asian Bistro

It’s a party every night at this Japanese/Thai hybrid, which has oversized cushy booths – outdoors as well as in the dining room. There is a wide array of sushi rolls and simple Pad Thai is elevated with chunks of lobster. Coco Asian Bistro 1841 Cordova Rd., Ft. Lauderdale; 954-525-3541

Vic and Angelo’s

One of the most welcoming spots around, this Italian place on Atlantic Avenue offers a variety of options, from gluten free vegan pasta to lobster risotto with truffle oil. Vic and Angelo’s – 290 E Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach; 844-842-2632


It’s pure theater as you watch chefs in the large open kitchen expertly prepare their lighter interpretation of Greek classics. Fish, whether it’s local or from the Mediterranean is grilled to perfection, tomatoes are sweet and fragrant, horta is organic, and moussaka is made with goat cheese in place of béchamel. Thasos-3300 E Oakland Park Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale;954-200-6006

Oceans 234

One of the few places where you can dine on the beach and watch the waves roll in, the atmosphere is festive at this place that focuses on local fish. Stop in for bar bites, sushi and tropical drinks or a more creative fare like shrimp and corn-crusted local snapper. Oceans 234-234 N Ocean Blvd., Deerfield; 954-428-2539.

Casa D’Angelo

One of Florida’s most impressive dining spots, D’Angelo serves authentic Italian cuisine in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Try the spaghetti with tiger prawns, pesto and house roasted cherry tomatoes, or an oven roast branzino in a lemon garlic sauce. Casa D’Angelo – 171 East Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton; 561.996.1234

Where to Beautify: Salon Magrit


Salon Magrit - 165 Brazilian Ave., Palm Beach; 561-655-3430

Salon Oasis -6100 Glades Rd., Boca Raton; 561-482-9610

Owner Magrit has exquisite taste, and she peppers her jewel box of a salon with her findings from sequined dresses to faux Chanel flip flops. Best of all she has lured eye lash guru Alicia Hunter to offer extensions so well done you never have to bother with mascara again.

The newly remodeled spa, which recently appeared on the show “Split Ends’’ offers top notch services including a new express conditioning treatment that removes frizz quickly and without formaldehyde, and the Red Carpet Metamorphosis, that transforms you in 3 hours.

Resident May 2014 • 119

Have a Memorable Vacation Experience Warm smiles Friendly service Great restaurants Fully equipped studios & suites Located in front of quiet Eagle Beach, votes as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. An intimate resort with a cozy atmosphere and unique Dutch architecture. Beach dining, live music, free Wi-Fi, free beach chairs. | 1-800 969 2310 |


3n m u r. im in offe m e n th it o get d e to cr ge R E S a r Y ve B e de N d o a n se c U od o 0F

ts ig h

. t ay

Grand Cayman Beach Suites, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, West Indies. Ph: +1 345 949 1234 //


Is Coming Fast!

Georgian Lakesid

e Resor t

k Lake George! 2014




159 Rooms/Suites | Walk to The Village | Vacation Packages | Dining | Weddings & Meetings

Georgian Lakeside Resort | 384 Canada Street, Lake George, NY 12845 518-668-5401 | | 800-525-3436


Long Island’s Only Luxury Oceanfront Hotel

Dine | Vacation | Escape | Rejuvenate where the



New York City

80 West Broadway | Long Beach NY 11561 Resident May 2014 • 123 | 516.889.1300 |


The Art of Serenity N

amed after the shape of an eel, Anguilla is one of those classic Caribbean islands whose beaches look like your favorite screensavers. About the same size as Manhattan it too is fairly flat and measures approximately 16 miles long and 3 miles wide. At the heart of the picturesque curve of Rendezvous Bay is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, CusinArt Golf Resort and Spa, which is not to be confused with the line of gourmet kitchenware products. This sophisticated and casually elegant beachfront resort was inspired by the Mediterranean architecture of Mykonos with its whitewashed architecture featuring 97 suites and villas. With plenty of activities to recharge and rejuvenate, guests can make the hard decision to play a round of golf at their Greg Norman championship golf course, relax at the Venus spa, or just simply enjoy snorkeling or laying out on the white sugary beach. Balance and serenity wait as the calming ocean breeze mixes with the abundant and fragrant flora against a long Zen like pool that runs from the entrance of the property

124 • Resident May 2014

By Hillary Latos to the beach bar. The luxurious rooms are housed in three-story bungalows that all face the sea with marble bathrooms and private terraces and are decorated in the same beachfront scheme of white and deep sea blue with touches of Caribbean flair. For those looking for more privacy book one of the luxurious villas- the beachfront villa can be configured from one to three bedrooms and the garden view can be configured into a two, three or five bedroom villa for your own private hideaway. Each villa comes with a private courtyard with a soothing fountain, gourmet kitchen, spacious living and dining area along with breathtaking views. In keeping with the green theme and the first for any resort in the Caribbean, CuisinArt also features its own onsite hydroponic farm protected in an 18,000 square foot greenhouse where fruits and vegetables can grow all year round in a soil free environment cultivating lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplants - ensuring the purest and freshest salads on the island. By saving and recirculating the

water through drip irrigation, they also recirculate the water to hydrate the lush vegetation and exotic manicured gardens landscaped throughout the property. The Venus spa is one of the best spas on the island that combines the synergy of the Old World European spa treatments with modern spa techniques. One of the most popular treatments is the healing waters aqua therapy that mixes sea water in a hydrotherapy pool with sea salt exfoliation and a tropical rain Vichy shower. Other luxurious treatments include the escapes packages which use locally sourced ingredients to give a true Caribbean experience. Scrubs are made with Anguillan coconut and pineapple, kiwi, mango, ginger, lemongrass or the sinful chocolate all grown locally on the hydroponic farm. Or relax with a warmed seashell massage, exotic essence aromatherapy massage, or deep tissue massage. Their $50 Million Greg Norman golf course is Anguilla’s first and only course. Adding to this challenging course are the dramatic

TRAVEL avid foodies, be sure to book the Chef ’s table held every Wednesday. This intimate six course meal is unique each time drawing on the chef ’s inspiration for the day and paired with individual wines. Tokyo Bay is Anguilla’s first Japanese restaurant with an authentic sushi bar and teppanyaki grill served in a modern and minimalist chic setting with expansive views over the ocean. By day the clubhouse overlooks the stunning golf course serving classic grill favorites, and by night it becomes the romantic Italian trattoria, Italia. Chef Massimo Seletti has created a menu of Italian classics along with his tempting tiramisu.

views of the Caribbean Sea and St. Marten as well as changes in elevation which make this a sought after course to play. Embark on the gastronomic journey with Chef Jasper Schneider who has created an

international menu using locally grown ingredients and fresh seafood caught daily. For fine dining, Le Bistro at Santorini Restaurant is the island’s only AAA 4 star restaurant serving local seafood with a contemporary Mediterranean flair. For

Whether you’re looking for some rest & relaxation, a honeymoon, girlfriend’s getaway or escape from civilization, the CuisinArt Resort has everything you need to soothe the soul - a beautiful backdrop for a vacation with memories that will last a lifetime. CusinArt Golf Resort and Spa Anguilla 800 943 3210

Resident May 2014 • 125

Lehigh Valley is a quick 90-minute drive from the city and is packed with family activities. Check out the thrilling rides at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom or explore the kid-friendly Da Vinci Science Center. The winner of this Ultimate Lehigh Valley Experience receives a getaway to where your kids can ride something way more exciting than an elevator or subway. To learn more and to enter, visit Don’t wait – this is the last month of the Ultimate Lehigh Valley Experience promotion!


THE MANY FACES OF GLASGOW Words and Photographs by Janis Turk


landed in Scotland with a suitcase full of stereotypes and unimaginative expectations. I pictured rolling hills carpeted in tartan plaid with bagpipers in kilts and coats of arms on every corner – a land with lots of sheep. ResidentMay May 2014 Resident 2014 •• 127 127


Indeed Scotland’s scenic highlands are spectacular, and there are countless bonny banks, monster-filled lochs, ancient castles and, yes, sheep. However, I quickly learned it offers much more than green hills, single-malt Scotch whisky and rich history. I also discovered Scotland’s best-kept secret: Glasgow. GLASGOW RISING Home to more than a half-million citizens, Glasgow is a modern, forward-moving city filled with arresting architecture, pristine parks, shopping streets and bustling public squares. Respectful of its past, with its face set toward the future, Glasgow is on the rise. Emerging in the new millennium as a hip cultural Mecca of museums, music, shopping and culinary delights, Glasgow is a thriving community committed to the arts and a hub for new digital media businesses and more. One of the UK’s most vibrant stylish cities, Glasgow is also consistently voted as the top place to shop in the UK outside London’s West End. With over 1,500 shops, ranging from unique vintage stores, independent record shops to brand- named chains and boutiques of exclusive designers, Glasgow is often considered as fashionable but more affordable than London. To borrow a Scottish colloquialism, Glasgow is “pure dead-brilliant.”

128 • Resident May 2014

“Each time I return, I am surprised by the changes I see,” says world-renowned photojournalist and Glasgow native Harry Benson, who holds the royal title Commander of the Order of the British Empire. “Today Glasgow is an exciting, modern city: 25-30 years ago you would never have seen an outdoor cafe, but now they are all over the place. The art galleries and the

museums are also some of the best in the world, but of course that has always been true,” says Benson, who once attended the Glasgow School of Art. Today he resides on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. “I am very proud to have come from Glasgow. It has a tremendous history in myriad fields, including commerce, medicine, architecture, ship building, education and art.”


MUSIC FOR ART’S SAKE Music always takes center stage in Glasgow. For a good overview of the local music scene, duck into Stereo, a hip vegan-friendly restaurant /coffee shop with a basement music club located near the popular Buchanan shopping street. While there, upload GuidiGo app to your phone and enjoy a “Walking Heads” music-themed audio walking tour with the inside track on great Glasgow music venues.


WHAT TO SEE AND WHERE TO STAY IN GLASGOW? First, settle into a centrally located hotel, like the Blythswood Square Hotel & Spa. Located close to the city center on Blythswood Square Park, this posh boutique hotel offers an utterly civilized retreat from the bustle of the city. An award-winning 5-star spa hotel with 100 guest rooms, including individual suites and a magnificent penthouse, this contemporary hotel is housed in a historic Georgian property that served as the clubhouse for the Royal Scottish Automobile Club from 1910-2002. Less than a mile away, Buchanan Street offers a golden style-mile of boutiques, department stores, designer brand shops, cafes and restaurants. Nearby, there’s also a major train station and handy metro stop. The Gallery of Modern Art near George Square is close by, as well as outdoor cafes and park-like plazas, music clubs and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. ART IS ALIVE Glasgow’s most beautiful building and finest treasure trove of art and antiquities, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is an enormous Spanish Baroque-style building featuring a large arms and armor collection, extensive natural history collections and works by the Old Masters, French Impressionists, Dutch Renaissance painters, Scottish colorists and artists from the Glasgow

School of Art. A must-see at the museum is Salvador Dalí’s famous painting of Christ of Saint John of the Cross. The Kelvingrove offers free admission, as do all civic museums and galleries in Glasgow. PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES If your idea of fine art is a souped-up muscle car or motorcycle, the Zaha Hadid-designed, multi-award-winning Riverside Museum is for you. Named the 2013 European Museum of the year award, it is housed on the banks of Glasgow Harbor and attracts a half-million visitors each year. It’s a thrilling place for visitors of all ages because it is home to over 3,000 objects that detail Glasgow’s rich maritime past, as well as trains, planes, automobiles, bicycles, streetcars, skateboards, boats and the Tall Ship Glenlee anchored in the harbor just outside the back door. Even the building is exciting – its roofline is shaped like an EKG readout of a healthy heartbeat. MACKINTOSH’S MASTERPIECE The creative heart of Glasgow is the Glasgow School of Art. Founded in January 1845, in 1896 a then-unknown junior draftsman, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, won a competition earning the chance to design a new building for the school. Today Mackintosh is considered one of the finest architects of his time and his Art Nouveau masterpiece building remains an active working art school and an important architectural monument in its own right. Enjoy

Two of the city’s best most famous music clubs are the famous King Tut’s Wah-Wah Hut, where international and Scottish bands have played since 1990, and the Barrowland Ballroom, a popular venue dating back to the 1930s. With a rich history as a ballroom dancing site standing adjacent to the Barras Market, Barrowlands has welcomed world’s most famous musicians, including Bob Dylan and Bono. Also check out The Arches, a non-profit arts venue, nightclub, bar, theater and live-music club situated in the City Centre under the Glasgow Central station. In Glasgow’s West End, visit Òran Mór, a live-music club, restaurant and pub set in a converted church, known for its “A Play, a Pie and a Pint” lunchtime theatre programs. While in the West End, be sure to dine at Cail Bruich, named Glasgow’s “Best Restaurant” in the 2013 Scottish Entertainment Awards. For another fun dining experience, waiters at Mister Singh’s India wear kilts while serving authentic Indian cuisine. CELTIC CONNECTIONS On my last night in Glasgow, I attended a Celtic Connections winter music festival concert by Mogwai, an internationally famous Glaswegian band. Their music, like their hometown, is unique and difficult to categorize: Both are an amalgamation of vibrant colors, experimental artistic threads, serene spots, loud eruptions, bright lights and beauty. Both draw from their roots yet offer something new and inspiring. Like every great city, Glasgow is mercurial. It defies stereotypes and exceeds expectations. It has many faces: some as old and smooth as Scotch whisky, some young, rough, ready and hopeful. Yes, Glasgow is many things, but most of all it’s the modern Scotland I’d hoped to find For more Information:

Resident May 2014 • 129


a Mackintosh Building Tour to see where Glasgow’s most talented and famous artists get their start.


A Regal Setting


egal…palatial… majestic… are words that can attempt to describe the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa in Malta. Formerly a private 19th century villa owned by the Pisani family, a portion of the private residence was converted in 1962 to the restaurant, the Villa Corinthia. A few years later in 1968, Prince Philip converted the entire property to the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa with 152 rooms & suites & a luxury spa. As one of Malta’s leading hotels, its classical columns inspired the name, Corinthia Hotels. Nestled in the center of Malta the five star hotel Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa is surrounded by lush gardens and lies adjacent to the President’s Palace. It is the perfect vantage point to explore this fascinating country’s key attractions, such as the medieval ancient city of Mdina and the UNESCO world heritage cultural center of Valetta which are only a short drive away. Luxury awaits from the beautifully appointed rooms to the revitalizing spa, as no detail has been overlooked. Generously sized suites are 645 square feet that encompass a spacious bedroom and separate living room/lounge with private terraces overlooking the awe inspiring ocean. The deluxe rooms have 350 square feet of living space and a view of the hotel’s peaceful landscaped gardens from their private balconies. Be sure to take the time to relax and rejuvenate at the world class holistic spa. Escape the outside world in their secluded pool surrounded by the fragrant

130 • Resident May 2014

By Hillary Latos

The Water package has a revitalizing coconut body scrub and radiance facial while Air has a marine exfoliating body therapy treatment.

landscaped garden or revitalize through hydrotherapy in their specialized indoor pool. As the ancient Greeks believed that our personalities and characteristics are governed by our particular zodiac sign and worldly element- Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the Athenaeum spa has designed four spa packages around these themes. The Fire package encourages “touching base with those you love for brain fuel to tackle the next big project” and features an aromatic candle massage or refreshing beauty facial. The Earth package sees growth as a long term effect “like a seed in Earth” with a blissful massage and deep hydration facial.

As Malta is one of the oldest countries in the world with its first inhabitants dating back to 5200 BC,, the cuisine is a testament to influences that have visited and occupied this strategically placed trade route island on the edge of Sicily and North Africa. While their regional dishes are largely Mediterranean there is an infusion of the exotic North African spice with the restraint and delicacy of the English palette. Experience a gastronomical journey with the Corinthian Palace’s award winning restaurants. The Villa Corinthia is a formal and elegant space housed in a century old villa restored to its previous grandeur. Specialties include Mediterranean seafood, authentic Italian pastas and locally sourced meats with dishes that are bursting with flavor. For exotic Far Eastern flavors dine at Rickshaw with haute interpretations of the delectable pan Asian cuisines of Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and China. For an informal light bite, dine at the Orange Grove Brasserie that serves an authentic English tea and light bites and drinks. The Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa is part of the Corinthia portfolio of luxury hotels which includes the recentlyopened flagship Corinthia Hotel in London, as well as award-winning Corinthia Hotels in Budapest, Malta, Prague, St Petersburg, Tripoli and Lisbon.

The Ultimate River Cruising Experience

Order your FREE Scenic Cruises Brochure at To book your FABULOUS Luxury River Cruise, contact your travel professional or call Scenic Cruises at 1-844-788-7985

Everything Under The Sun...

In Beachfront Resort Perfection! l Coronado Resort is a beachfront full-ser vice condominium hotel located in the heart of Wildwood Crest just minutes from fine restaurants, nightlife, the world famous Wildwood Boardwalk and just a short drive to Cape May and Atlantic City. With a variety of accommodations, from single guest rooms to spacious 1, 2, 3 bedroom suites, El Coronado can meet even the most discerning traveler’s vacation needs! Enjoy breathtaking ocean views from your balcony or relax on our beachfront

sundeck. El Coronado offers Kiddie Pool... to name a select free poolside barbeques and few. live entertainment* in season for your enjoyment along with To view all onsite amenities, area attractions, availability, weekly many other amenities. rates visit us at B e a c h f r o n t , c h e c k . 1 2 3 And call direct to book your Ocean-view and Oceanfront preferred dates... 800-227-5302. accommodations w/ Private Bath. Efficiency and Full Kitchen We look forward to hosting your units available. El Coronado next vacation in the Wildwoods. is smoke free, all rooms have Whether a Romantic Rendezvous private or semi-private balcony. for Two, a Family Escape or an Other onsite amenities include Extended Group Getaway to In-house Cafe with Patio Dining Wildwood Crest, we’ve got an serving Breakfast, Lunch & accommodation package to suit Dinner*, Poolside Movie (3 x’s any and all, see you at the Beach! weekly*), Oceanfront Sundeck with heated Swimming Pool and *In-Season July/August

Your premiere Oceanfront Destination... on the Corner of Atlantic Avenue and the Beach...

THE WILDWOODS DO YOUR FAMILY A FAVOR This summer’s premiere oceanfronT resorT... now booking...

Summer Promotions: Labor Day Wknd $699

Sept. 14-19 Down By The Sea $599

Sept. 2-7 Life’s a Beach $749

Sept. 18-22 Luck of the Irish $477

June 12-16 July 6-13 Jersey Boys $499 Family Week Father’s Day Special $1299

Sept. 5-11 See You in September $699

Sept. 14-22 Jersey Daze $799

June 22-28 Jersey Devil $888

Sept. 7-11 Escape to The Cape $519

Sept. 22-28 Spectacular Sept. $699

June 27-July 3 May 23-26 Memorial Wknd OH! Bama Breeze $999 $399 May 30-June 5 May Daze $499

June 29-July 6 Holidaze Special $1299

August 22-29 Changes In L’Attitudes $1359

$20 discount coupon on reservations less than 7 nights, and a $50 discount coupon for 7 or more nights.

Granada Ocean Resort Your Oceanfront Family Resort Located Directly on The Free Beach of Wildwood Crest! Oceanfront Pool Jacuzzi BBQ Facilities Efficiency Suites with Large Refrigerators Free Wifi Free Parking Free Smiles

Visit for all SUMMER PACKAGES, onsite amenites, in-season beach activites or call – 609-522-9020 to chat with one of our reservation specialists! 8801 Atlantic Ave. & The Beach, Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260 •

Think of us as

A BEACH HOUSE with 84 bedrooms


ho doesn’t love the beach? The salt air cleanses us and the sun’s warmth embraces us. The ocean heals the heart, mind and soul—in summer, fall, winter and spring. The Boardwalk Plaza is fortunate to call the ocean’s edge our home, and happy to offer you a unique and comfortable respite from the world, where you can truly get away from it all.


rom the moment you step under our antique wrought-iron canopy and enter the lobby, the Boardwalk Plaza’s staff stands ready to offer you exceptional service. Whether you choose a suite with a private balcony, a deluxe accommodation that adds a whirlpool bathtub-for-two, or something in between, you’ll find an artful combination of freshly updated, Victorian-reproduction furnishings and can’t-do-without amenities like free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs.

46 • Resident May 2013 134 • Resident May 2014


rom heavenly bedding to downy-soft bath towels and robes to remarkable room service with a smile, we do everything possible—and then some—to make you feel truly pampered. For adults traveling without children, our keyed-access concierge level offers accommodations enhanced with genteel extras like evening turndown service, the daily newspaper, morning coffee in the garden (depending on the season), a later checkout time, and use of the private rooftop sundeck and spa.


ur on-site restaurant, Victoria’s, offers fine dining in a charming setting. Drink in the view of the Atlantic from every table, and enjoy outdoor dining on the boardwalk patio during the warmer months. Beyond breakfast, lunch and dinner, we serve a traditional Victorian afternoon tea. The Plaza Pub, an oceanfront lounge

with a cozy walnut bar and inviting leather chairs, welcomes guests with a convivial atmosphere for cocktails and light fare.


oth the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel and Victoria’s Restaurant are open yearround. So plan a week-long vacation or a romantic escape in any season—from a summer beach holiday to a cozy winter getaway. You pick the season that suits you best and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Boardwalk Plaza 2 Olive Ave & the Boardwalk Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 1-800-33-BEACH

Resident December 2011 • 1


Oriental Reveries in Time by Rory Winston


he renowned Singaporean poet Alvin Pang once described the half-fish halflion national mascot, Merlion in the following way: “Even though there are more websites on you than verses, even though you evoke cameras more than pride, postcards more than praise, still you seem to have a face poets love to woo.” The same could easily have been written about the city’s paragon of a luxury hotel, the Mandarin Oriental. Designed by John Portman, this local variation of the lady’s fan is a virtual theatre where Singapore itself takes center stage. With enormous windows opening onto Marina Bay, the Pacific Ocean and the breathtaking city skyline, the establishment evokes a sense of timelessness – one that straddles the organic splendor of the island while simultaneously paying homage to both contemporary and historic European and Asian influences. Besides being situated alongside the muchlauded Orchard Road (which boasts some of the best shops in all of Asia, let alone the city) the Mandarin Oriental celebrates culturally diverse influences by hosting a full range of culinary traditions. As the establishment’s executive sous Chef Eric Cheam is aware,

136 • Resident May 2014

Singapore is a juxtaposition of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan and European themes. While Mandarin’s Cherry Garden plays off an eclectically Cantonese menu wherein the Feng Shui inspired trappings collude with contemporary culinary whimsy to create a nuanced balance between authenticity and reinvention, Melt World Café addresses island traditions by employing a colorful ‘show kitchen’ that highlights the intricacies involved

in chefs reworking selections as varied as Thai to Tandori to Hainanese. In truth, there’s probably no better way of ending an excursion to Singapore’s Chinatown Heritage Centre – with its faithful renditions of nineteen century bedrooms, kitchens and street scenes than by returning to the Mandarin Oriental to indulge in some chicken and rice from Hainan province, some delicious Cantonese dim sum,

TRAVEL or some spicy Szechuan dishes. But whether one’s day follows the usual American plotline which includes anything from turning up at the Camden Medical Centre for a quick nip and tuck to taking in a panoramic view of the city from atop the 165-meter high Ferris wheel known as the Flyer - the perfect denouement for any story is recounting the day over some of the fine Malay foods on offer at the hotel. Nasi Lemak, Rending curry, satay or a light gado-gado all make a convincing case for how multiculturalism enhances rather than impedes time honored traditions. The Perankan Chinese who immigrated to Malaysia in the 15th to 17th century infused their stews with motifs that ran the gamut from Chinese to Indonesian. It is this legacy of fusions that still pervades the local approach to cuisine. In addition to the more expected Asiatic concoctions on offer, Mandarin oriental celebrates the Hindi and Indian Muslim specialties with grilled tandoori meats and seafoods, as well as nasi biryani and spicy mutton curry. For a more Japanese oriented day, take a quick trip to either Know It Nothing – where fashionistas pick through Garni labeled attire

– or go to Funan Digital Mall for the latest in electronic gadgets. Regardless which venue one chooses, Mandarin Oriental can give you perfect closure with its Wasabi Bistro – a Californian edged Japanese restaurant that makes a perfect companion piece to your Nippon adventure. Of course, Singapore is more than just a slice of Asia. It is also a city-state that has inherited certain features from its colonial days as part of the British Empire. Local nightlife is a testament to this fact. Bustling clubs like Zouk or Ministry of Sound are inherently European and American in nature. Similarly, Mandarin Oriental’s contemporary Italian kitchen Dolce Vita and its all-American dinner, Morton’s Steakhouse, are as much a part of the elite Singaporean experience as their exotic Asian counterparts. Sloping towards the stars like an ancient temple, the bone white Oriental property cradles a 25-metre outdoor pool as though it were a contemporary mote – there to keep the world at bay. With expansive beds-complete with custom linen and down – each of the 468 rooms and 59 suites has a separate bath and walk-in shower. The large working desk, LCD TV’s, quality sound systems and high bandwidth, all attest to

the notion that state-of-the-art technology does indeed thrive within a Zen-like atmosphere. The design elicits Singepåorean sensibility – ultimate practicality with unlimited comfort. With private yoga lessons, foot spa and stateof-the-art fitness centre, one gets the sense of just how well a Sri Vijayan emperor would have lived centuries ago. It does not take a wild leap of the imagination to understand why so many nations have fought so hard to keep this region of the world. Sitting in my room at the Mandarin Oriental, I looked out beyond the palm trees and took in the star-studded sea where a half-moon dangled over the waters in what appeared to be no more than a vain attempt to catch a glimpse of its own reflection. With a similar level of self-indulgence, I admired my silhouette in the room’s window while announcing to no one in particular: yes, I am actually here. 5 Raffles Ave, Marina Square Singapore 039797 +65.6338.0066 singapore

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In the tropical setting of Puerto Rico, facing the deep turquoise Atlantic Ocean and the lush greens of the signature 16th golf hole of the Fazio-designed Ocean Course is Ocean Sixteen. An extraordinary beachfront, golf-front resort community located within the Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa –a Wyndham Grand Resort. Ocean Sixteen’s spacious and modern villas offer you the opportunity to live in a Caribbean beachfront property with prices now starting from $520,000, a 40 percent discount from the original price. In addition, Law 68 allows potential buyers to purchase new residences, without paying property taxes for five years, and also without capital gain taxes, among other benefits. This is your opportunity to have a resort lifestyle and a gorgeous Caribbean home at Ocean Sixteen. All villas offer breathtaking views that inspire functional, beautiful, and comfortable spaces with luxury features and finishes. Details in marble, granite and natural woods blend exquisitely to create the perfect ambiance. Adding to its beautiful tropical setting are the amenities provided by the renowned Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa –a Wyndham Grand Resort. Over 500 acres of beautiful land host miles of golden sandy beaches, two worldclass golf courses, a Peter Burwash International Tennis Center, Mandara Spa and Fitness Center, over 12 restaurants, lounges and entertainment venues, a thrilling casino, and quaint shops and boutiques.

Ocean Sixteen offers 87 luxury condos located in four separate ‘clusters’ that are unique for its Mediterranean style architecture. These amazing villas, including the penthouse, offer amble space for living, from 1,646 to 4,145 square feet. All villas have European style kitchens with granite tops, ample master baths, marble showers and sinks with granite tops. All condos have large balconies with beachfront views, that complement the perfect setting for relaxation and family activities. Ocean Sixteen residents enjoy extraordinary recreational facilities, including an infinity pool, a kid’s pool, and a spacious deck to relax and enjoy the sun. The exclusive Owner’s Lounge offers a comfortable space for relaxing with a flat screen TV, pool table and bar ideal for activities, and a private wine cellar with a tasting table for the enjoyment of every resident. Another big plus for water sports’ enthusiasts is that each villa has a storage area for watersports equipment. The complex offers a full capacity generator, water cistern, 24/7 security and two parking spaces per apartment. Access to Ocean Sixteen in Rio Mar is now more convenient than ever through Route 66, ending near the Wyndham Grand Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Do not miss out on this great opportunity, come visit our sales office and model apartments. For more information call us now at 787-593-9949 or access our website

Treating families

“like family”

for over 100 years.

• “State-of-the-Art” Spa • Two 18 Hole Championship Golf Courses • Private Banquet Rooms • Indoor & Outdoor Pools • Horseback Riding • Flyfishing • Archery • Clay Shooting & More!

The Inn at Pocono Manor PO Box 95, Rt. 314 Pocono Manor, PA

Call 800-233-8150

Skydive Long Island in Calverton

We offer the Jumps on Long Island WeHighest offer the Highest Jumps, At 13,5000The ft from a Million Dollar Largest Planes andAircraft. The We own aMost 23,000 sf Hangar & Instructors Have Experienced on The Largest Landing Area! Long Island!

Established in 1986, we are the only full service skydiving facility on Long Island. We have the most experienced instructors in the industry and have maintained one of the best safety records in the United States.

Gift Certificates Available!

$20 OFF With this Coupon!

Skydive Long Island

Book a reservation today, call 631.208.3900 or book online at

Tandem Jump Only/RES/Expires 12/2013 12/2014 Discounts Discounts can’t can’t be combined.

631.208.3900 400 David Court, Calverton NY 11933

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The best of family resorts: TYLER PLACE I

magine a family vacation where the bond between the two of you is rekindled and sustained. A vacation where kids learn, grow and play in Vermont – and limiting “screen time” becomes irrelevant. A vacation that inspires laughter, cultivates kinship, and refreshes camaraderie.

Located on the shores of Lake Champlain, the all-inclusive Tyler Place Family Resort is a getaway that offers the perfect balance of family bonding and unhurried time just

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for you. Whether it’s a morning yoga class, a hike to new heights, a family fishing trip, or a zipline glide before evening cocktails, these moments are yours. What keeps families coming back to the Tyler Place year after year? • Age-defined kids’ programs with morning and evening activities, from toddlers to teens • One-on-one Parents’ Helper care for infants • Personal bikes for every guest • Countless sport, water, and land activities • Guided nature-based discovery and exploration • All-weather family activities • Delicious, locally-sourced stress-free meals (and kid-free dinner and cocktails for Mom & Dad) This is just the beginning of an experience that is so much more than vacation. With over 80 years of experience, expertise, and a sprinkle of Vermont alchemy, the Tyler family has perfected all-inclusive family vacations. One guest described the

formula… “How to design the perfect vacation for our family: mix one part excitement and one part relaxation. Add the familiar and the novel. Stir in wonderfully attentive staff and friendly, interesting guests and combine together in a gorgeous spot.”

This summer, the Tyler Place is open from May 23 through September 6. Be sure to ask about early and late season rates up to 40% off high season prices. Call 802-8684000 or visit to start planning your bliss.

Four Seasons of Family Fun

#2 Resort for Families in America! ~ TripAdvisor 2014

800.woodloch |

Nestled in the picturesque Pocono Mountains

Le Vele Turks And Caicos Resort turquoise tranquility in the lap of luxury

the caribbean remedy for snow

Centrally located on the world-renowned Grace Bay, Le Vele Resort, A Romantic Rendezvous Getaway & An Extended Family Vacation Choose from among our large variety of travel packages and promotions: Family Time, The Perfect Family Escape Plan Quick Getaway, The Discerning Lover’s Route To Paradise Simply Romantic, A Romantic Triste For Sophisticated Lovers Wedding For Two, Destination Weddings Turks & Caicos Style Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our packages, amenities and availability.

Grace Bay Beach Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Office: 649-941-8800 Toll Free: 888-272-4406

Website: General Info: Concierge: Reservations:

A “year round retreat” just 40 minutes from NYC. Handcrafted details abound in this granite estate on a quiet culde-sac in Morris County, NJ. This home will captivate you with its handcrafted, custom details and luxurious amenities including paver circular driveway with front fountain and gated entry, 5 masonry fireplaces, Brazilian mahogany floors, media room, upper balcony, lower level with sauna, stone terrace, and spa inspired pool with waterfalls. Attend award winning Mountain Lakes High School.

Anne Fisher

Route 46 & Crane Rd Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046 Office 973.263.0400 Cell 201.602.1301

Sales Assoc. Previews Property & Relocation Specialist

“year round retreat” just 40 “Our audiences and staff raved about [O Sole Trio’s]Ashow...virtuosic...beautifully minutes from NYC.again Handcrafted details composed and performed...a show audiences would attend and again.”

abound in this granite estate – Hillary McAndrew Plate, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on a quiet cul-

de-sac in Morris County, NJ. This home will captivate you with its CHLOSO PRESEnTS handcrafted, custom details and luxurious amenities including paver circular driveway with front fountain and gated entry, 5 masonry fireplaces, Brazilian In COnCERT mahogany floors, media room, upper balcony, lower level with sauna, stone l Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall Friday, June 6, 2014 at 8:00 pm terrace, and spa inspired pool with waterfalls. Backed by the 20-piece AttendTICkETS: award winning Mountain $35–$55 David Shenton Orchestra, Lakes High School. Student and senior discounts

Beverly Taki d O Sole Trio

dynamic singer BEVERLY TAKI performs an eclectic range of R&B, pop, and Great American Songbook favorites, from Elvis to the Beatles to Michel Legrand. Classical crossover ensemble O SOLE TRIO opens the evening with its Lincoln Center-commissioned show “From Prima Donna to Post-Madonna,” which illustrates how Italian Americans from Enrico Caruso to Frank Sinatra to Madonna have influenced American popular music.

available at the box office.

Route 46 & Crane Rd Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046 CarnegieCharge 212-247-7800 Office 973.263.0400 Box Office: 57th St. & 7th Ave.

Anne Fisher

Cell 201.602.1301 Sales Assoc. DISCOUNT PreviewsSPECIAL Property & Relocation Specialist

25% OFF PARTERRE SEATS Use discount code:


A portion of the concert proceeds will be donated to

EDGEWATER ON THE HUDSON Rarely available 2bdrm/2bth 1250 sq. ft. high floor corner unit in luxury high rise Condo complex. Sweeping, panoramic views of the NYC skyline, Hudson River and GWB from 40 ft. wraparound balcony, and all 5 rooms. All new granite kitchen and baths, wood flooring, crown molding and 5 lg. closets. Mtc. includes utilities, and 2 parking spaces (one covered). Pool, tennis, gym, Beauty Parlor, 24-Hr. Doorman, 24-Hr. Gatehouse and NYC bus at entrance. Walk or take the shuttle to NY Ferry, shops, restaurants & park. Maintenance: $1299.53, Taxes: $5,606.00; Price: $540,000. Sale By Owner. Call Marlene at (305)865-9574 or (786) 877-3750.

Welcome to


Offering a pleasant, friendly atmosphere

Pocono real estate?



WE’LL HELP WITH YOUR ESCAPE. Depart from the ordinary and arrive at the home of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a vacation home, a primary home or a vacation rental property, CENTURY 21 Select Group will find the right community for your lifestyle.

On-premise pool and tennis, attractive rooms and efficiencies — each offering many amenities. Free access to a neighboring boat ramp and plenty of parking for your boat and trailer. Complimentary wash-down service available, too! Tel: 631.668.2511 371 West Lake Drive, Montauk, NY 11954

When you’re ready to escape to the Poconos, CENTURY 21 Select Group will put you in the perfect setting.

“The Only Name You Need to Know in The Poconos” 877-538-2100


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PORT WASHINGTON – JUST LISTED! – Mint 4 bedroom 2 bath home on pretty fenced property. LR/fpl, Dining Area, renovated kitchen with custom cabinets and granite countertops. Full basement with playroom and laundry. CAC, gas heat, attached garage. Walk to shopping and railroad. Move right in! $719,000

PICTURE PERFECT! This bright and sunny home is situated on beautiful oversized property. Living Room with fireplace, Formal Dining Room, incredible new granite kitchen with breakfast area, vaulted beamed ceiling and beautiful architectural windows. Four bedrooms, 2 full baths. Full basement/playroom. New bright and sunny Laundry/Mud room. $849,000

IDYLLIC SETTING! This pristine 3 / 4 bedroom 3 full bath home is situated on a beautiful private professionally landscaped property. LR/fpl, Stunning custom gourmet kitchen with vaulted ceiling dining area and gas fireplace. Granite and marble countertops and Island. HW floor w/radiant heat. Beautiful Family Room w/butler’s pantry. Covered outdoor patio. Attached 2 car garage. CAC, gas heat! $$1,295,000.

PORT WASHINGTON BAXTER ESTATES – Classic 4 bedroom 2.5 bath Center Hall Colonial set on a beautiful level professionally landscaped property. LR/bay window, Formal Dining Room/bay window, exquisite custom granite eat-in kitchen with bay window overlooking yard and pool. Beautiful Family Room with fpl. and doors to yard. Full finished basement with large laundry room. Attached 2 car. CAC, Marvin windows. Must see! $1,299,000

WALK TO TOWN AND RR – Charming 3 / 4 bedroom 1.5  bath colonial. Large Living Room opens to Formal Dining Room. Renovated kitchen with separate eating area and access to deck and yard. Large Family Room. Gas heat. Absolutely charming! $559,000.

PORT WASHINGTON – SALEM – Bright and sunny 3 bedroom 2 new bath home on pretty landscaped fenced property. LR/fpl, remodeled kitchen open to Dining Room with door to lovely sun room. Separate laundry room and finished playroom. Attached garage. Generator hook up, CAC. New windows, hardwood floors!. Great buy! $739,000

From cottages to castles, Long Island’s North Shore offers the best of both worlds! Top notch schools, beaches and parks, golf courses and marinas, incredible shopping and restaurants and, best of all, just a short 35 minute direct train to the heart of Manhattan. Come check us out! ACCENTS ON REAL ESTATE 917 PORT WASHINGTON BLVD. PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. 11050 516-944-7171




* 1,200 FEET OF BEACH *


M O N T A U K ,












Three Fabulous Resorts... One Great Vacation ROYAL ATLANTIC BEACH RESORT “On the Ocean” Standard and Extra Large Hotel Rooms

ROYAL ATLANTIC NORTH “All Suite Resort” One and Two Bedroom Suites

ROYAL ATLANTIC EAST “Oceanfront” Luxurious Two Story, Two Bedroom Townhomes

The only thing we overlook is the Atlantic Ocean... 126 South Emerson Avenue • P.O. Box 936, Montauk, NY 11954 • Tel: (631) 668-5103 or 5104 Double K Management Corporation


gives me the natural energy that I need for my busy schedule.” McCarthy will need the extra energy to plan her wedding. The gorgeous blonde got engaged to actor/New Kids On The Block star Donnie Wahlberg on April 13...


resident Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama enjoyed a date night recently at the theatre. Potus and Flotus checked out Denzel Washington, Latanya RichardsonJackson, Anika Noni Rose and Sophie Okonedo in the Broadway revival of “A Raisin In The Sun” at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. They were joined by administrative adviser Valerie Jarrett and NFL star turned TV Sports Broadcaster Ahmad Rashad, who have been dating since Rashad and his third wife, socialite Sale Johnson divorced last year… ABC’s “The View” co-host Jenny McCarthy, helped the Vemma Nutrition Company, introduce its newest ready-to-drink beverage, Vemma Renew at the Bryant Park Hotel. Jenny shared her personal experience with Vemma Renew and discussed how the lowcalorie beverage offers a healthy approach to beauty from the inside out. McCarthy told Resident: “I believe in receiving your daily dose of vitamins per day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vemma Renew makes it easy to get those vital nutrients in just one can. The flavor of mangosteen is delicious and the silica really helps improve your body, skin and nails. Vemma Renew

James Turley, Lily Tomlin, Kathy Najimy, Kristin Chenoweth and Bruce Whitacre (Courtesy of Lyn Hughes Photography)

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Talk show host Bethenny Frankel toasted her Skinny Girls cocktails’ longstanding partnership with Dress for Success at the Something to Share Gala in the Big Apple. Bethenny officially opened the bar and later did some bartending and poured the Skinny Girl cocktails herself, which included new wines and ready-to-serve cocktails. They now offer Skinny Girl Sweet Arita and Skinny Girl Sparkling Margarita... According to sources, Kristen Wiig, was hot on the red carpet at a screening of her new film “Hateship Loveship” at the Museum of Modern Art. The Jenny McCarthy with Vemma Nutrition adorable actress rocked a J Mendel dress and Alejandra Ingelmo shoes. The film is about a wild teenage girl who orchestrates a romance between her nanny and her father, who is a recovering addict. Kristen was joined by her co-stars Sami Gayle, Christen Lahti and director Liza Johnson... The National Corporate Theatre Fund (NCTF) honored the Edgerton Foundation for its leadership in the theatre arts at the NCTF 2014 Chairman’s Awards Gala at the Pierre Hotel. The event raised $815,000 for new theatrical works at NCTF’s member Bethenny Frankel with Skinnygirl theatres, which includes a generous matching grant of $250,000 from honorees the Edgerton Foundation. Tony and Emmy Award Winning singer and sctress Kristin Chenoweth was recognized with the Theatre Artist Award. Said Chenoweth: “Giving a voice to original work, that’s mostly what I’ve done. This award means so much to me and I proudly represent all of you and thank you for what you’ve done and will continue to do.”... Last month, some of New York’s fashion elite gathered to celebrate OWN’s new reality series “Love in the City,” which stars real life friends Kiyah Wright, Bershan Shaw, Chenoa Maxwell and Tiffany Jones. Sponsored by Clairol, the event was held at the chic Mondrian Soho Penthouse and welcomed an esteemed collective of VIPs and tastemakers who enjoyed a fabulous dining experience and cosmopolitan-inspired martinis. ...

44 Gramercy Park North

Available for the First Time in 45 Years! ___________________

Exclusive Agent: Joyce M. Jackson Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

917 710 1277

Imagine living in your version of Downton Abbey and owning a much desired key to Gramercy Park! This twelfth floor aerie is the perfect living and entertaining space: -spacious entry gallery -30’ living room with 17’ foot ceiling -wood burning fireplace -two en-suite bedrooms -eat in kitchen -powder room -490’ terrace -stone walls, carved wooden doors and 14 stained glass windows This fabulous sun filled property has 85 feet of continuous frontage overlooking Gramercy Park. 44 Gramercy North is a pet friendly, full service cooperative.___________________ Price: $7,000,000

The Alwyn Court

180 West 58th Street Live above Petrossian at the landmark Alwyn Court. Possible combination offering up to 3700 sq ft to include 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, wood burning fireplace, 11 ft ceilings and fabulous details. Just off the Park and Carnegie Hall. Price: $5,750,000

Exclusive Broker: Stephen P. Wald Licensed Real Estate Broker

917 821 8056

The Next Move is yours...

On Site at The Lombardy Hotel 111 East 56th Street Between Park & Lexington Avenues One of New York’s Best Kept Secrets! (212)-750-WALD (9253) Condominiums - Cooperatives - Townhouses - Commercial - Investment Properties

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