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Small Business Associates ABOUT THE CHAMBER......................................................................3 COMMITTEES AND NETWORKING......................................................6 MEMBERSHIP AND WEBSITE SPONSORSHIP .....................................8 LOCATION AND TRANSPORTATION...................................................10 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.............................................................12 LIVING IN PORT ARTHUR.................................................................14 HISTORY OF PORT ARTHUR ............................................................16 ARTS, CULTURE, AND ENTERTAINMENT............................................18 EDUCATION ...................................................................................20 GOVERNMENT ENTITIES AND OFFICIALS..........................................23 NEWCOMERS INFORMATION ..........................................................24 EXCELLENT HEALTHCARE ..............................................................28 MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY...............................................................30

Cover and Directory Designed by Design2Pro The information contained herein was gathered by the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. Although every effort was made to assure accuracy, the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce does not assume any liability for errors or omissions. The cover design by Design2Pro; other various photographs provided by the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks to the following for photos: Port Arthur Convention &Visitors Bureau, T.J. Senters, Karol Allen, Port Arthur ISD, Economic Development Corporation,EDC, the Museum of the Gulf Coast, and the Port of Port Arthur. Copyright © 2019 Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including a photocopy, recording, or any information retrieval system, without permission in writing from the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. Produced for and distributed by: The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 501 Procter Street, Suite 300, Port Arthur, Texas 77640 409.963.1107 | Fax 409.962.1997 portarthurchamber@portarthurtexas.com www.portarthurtexas.com

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About The CHAMBER portarthurtexas.com

Our Mission

Our Vision

The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business and community representatives working together as a team to achieve a sound economic environment and quality of life for the entire community.

To be known as the unified voice and economic catalyst that ignites partnerships for the business community, local governments, legislative representatives, educational opportunity, that will positively impact the growth and development of the Port Arthur community and the region.

HOW DOES THE CHAMBER OPERATE? The Board of Directors is a valuable asset. Our Directors bring with them a sophisticated level of experience and expertise. They set the strategic direction of the Chamber and oversee the finances of the organization. The Board serves as a sounding board for ideas, policies, and reflects the thinking of a broad spectrum of businesses in the Greater Port Arthur area. The Chamber is not a branch of the city, is not a governmental entity, and receives no direct government funding. Chamber funding is in direct correlation to its membership dues and all fundraising.

How can I start a new business? What is the median income? Where can I go vote? What are my membership benefits? Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021


Ron Arceneaux, PE, PLS 2021 Chairperson of the Board Ron Arceneaux is Corporate Secretary of ARCENEAUX WILSON & COLE LLC (AWC) a consulting engineering and land surveying firm located in Port Arthur. Mr. Arceneaux holds licenses as a Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor in the State of Texas and has been in private practice for over 42 years in Port Arthur. Since 1988, Ron has been a member of the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce and received the Businessperson of the Year award in 1994.He serves as member and Chairman of the Transportation Division for the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. He is an FAA certificated Private Pilot Ron has been married for 43 years to the former Susan Chevis of Port Arthur and they have two adult children. They are members of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Port Neches. Ron’s interests include flying, music, hunting, fishing, and golf. He is an accomplished songwriter and bass guitar player in a local band and has shared the stage with national artists such as Chuck Berry, Charlie Daniels, Kix Brooks and many more.

2021 Executive Committee

Stuart Salter Chairperson Elect

Randy Sonnier Vice Chairperson

Art Thomas Treasurer

Carol Hebert Member at Large

Tonya Moses Member at Large

Ron Fletcher Immediate Past Chairperson

2021 Board of Directors

Tomara Anderson

Kenny Blanda

Eric Callarman

Vicki Derese

Luis Figueroa

Jeff Hayes

John Johnson

Anya Mclnnis

Amy Miller

Gregg Parker

Barbara Phillips

Tonya Petix

Mary Annn Reid

Dr. Betty Reynard

Nathan Rivers

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Verna Rutherford

Phuong Tat

Anthony Theriot

Daylyn Turner

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Staff

Pat Avery


Joe Tant

Financial Manager

Paige Snyder

Membership Director

Joliana Reyes

Communications and Events Coordinator

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021






COMMITTEES... Ambassador Committee

The Ambassador Committee serves as an active communication link between the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce and its members. Ambassadors serve the Chamber by supporting membership services through personal contact with Chamber members and participating in membership events such as ground breakings, ribbon cutting ceremonies, greeters for Chamber events, and other Chamber events. Meetings are held monthly

Contractors Business Development Committee

The Contractors Business Development Committee is composed of area contractors and businesses interested in obtaining information on current and future construction projects, networking opportunities within the group, the ability to learn how to do business with awarded contractors and how to fill out the vendor application. The opportunity to meet key leaders and projects managers involved in projects awarded along the Gulf Coast. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 9:00 AM at the LSCPA Carl A. Parker Center.

Economic Development

The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee is an advisory body on economic development priorities, policies and matters that will foster and enhance business growth in the community.

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Hispanic Business Council

The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce’s Hispanic Business Council was designed to help Hispanic business owners overcome their language barrier and to enhance their opportunities in the business sector. HBC has helped its members network with other organizations within our region. This committee supports the Hispanic businesses in our area.

Legislative - Government Affairs Committee

This arm of the chamber is committed to reviewing, developing, and supporting issues that promote a positive, pro-active business environment. The chamber believes that laws and regulations should serve the public without acting as a detriment to business development and growth. Our purpose is to work with our elected officials to establish regulations and policies that will affect the ability of a business to compete in the worldwide economy and continue to generate revenue and jobs that will help to improve the Greater Port Arthur area. Another integral goal is to see that an adequate percentage of the tax revenue that is collected locally is returned to support our infrastructure and there by support our industry and its workforce. The Governmental and Public Affairs Committee of the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce allow us the opportunity to fulfill our vision of being a unified voice and economic catalyst that ignites partnerships for the business community, local governments, legislative representatives, educational opportunity, so that we can positively impact the growth and development of the Port Arthur community and the region. With that end in mind the committee meets 2-4 times a year and on an “as needed” basis to address legislative issues as they develop. Working together as a team and appropriately addressing legislation we can achieve a sound economic environment and quality of life for the entire community.

Education Foundation

The Port Arthur Education Foundation is a separate organization that is administered by the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. The is governed by a board of directors. It is charged with funding, distributing grants and limited scholarships to benefit the students of Port Arthur. All funds for this organization are kept separated from the Chamber funds.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee focuses on new members and membership retention through communicating the benefits of becoming or remaining a Greater Port Arthur Chamber member. The committee will contact potential new members in partnership with the Chamber’s Ambassadors. The Membership Committee also has an aggressive program focusing membership retention through the delivery of informative programs and community updates from key city, county and business leaders such as the breakfast and lunch Leadership events.

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee focuses on state and local issues concerning the planning and funding of future road, rail, shipping, and air transportation projects for Port Arthur and the region. Works with the City of Port Arthur, Port of Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas Department of Transportation, and other stakeholders to identify transportation infrastructure needs within Port Arthur and the region.

Workforce Development Initiative Committee

This program trains job seekers on techniques and skills that are necessary for compiling a resume, developing interview skills, general Human Resource Instruction, Accounting Principles, Networking/Social Media Awareness, and overall office techniques. Our interns are trained on various skills that are needed to secure gainful employment. Currently the Chamber has an 84.2% success rate in either placing our interns into the workforce or having them registered for college. Meetings are quarterly/90 days before the semester ends.

Young Emerging Leaders

The Greater Port Arthur Young Emerging Leaders is an organization dedicated to the professional growth, education, and development of emerging leaders in Port Arthur and the Golden Triangle Area. The annual dues for the YEL Members are $100.00 for nonmembers, $25.00 for members of the chamber, and $25.00 for students. This rate will cover the membership for 1 year. The vision of The Young Emerging Leaders (YEL) chapter is to create a unique experience and opportunities for their members. The leadership team seeks to identify, engage, and connect like-minded individuals and recruit them to the organization to enhance YEL’s presence and impact in the community. The committee is currently putting together a 12-month event calendar and budget. A few events they will be focusing on are as follow: • Process and Procedures of City and County Government • How to Start a business • How to raise capital via debt and equity • Entrepreneurship. Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021


 NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES ... Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet Membership Luncheons (Once every month) Networking, Breakfast and Business Cards (Once every month) Cosmic Costume Bowling Tournament (October) Annual Golf Tournament (September) Ribbon Cuttings

Website Sponsorship

ROTATING HEADER SPONSORSHIP - ALL HEADER PAGES-640 x 215 Price Includes: This banner will be placed in the top rotating banner of the webpage and will be displayed on all header pages. (Five Sponsorships Available.) Rotating $1,600/ Annually SUPER BANNER SPONSORSHIP - Non-Rotating - EVENTS PAGE ONLY-480 x 60 Price Includes: Placement on the Events page. (One Sponsorship Available.) Non-Rotating $1,400/Annually LARGE BANNER SPONSORSHIP - Non-Rotating - HOME PAGE ONLY-360 x 60 Price Includes: Placement on the Home page. (Six Sponsorships Available.) Non-Rotating $1,200/Annually LARGE BLOCK SPONSORSHIP - Non-Rotating - BUSINESS DIRECTORY PAGE ONLY-215 x 120 Price Includes: Placement on the Business Directory page. (Three Sponsorships Available) Non-rotating $ 600/ Annually SMALL BLOCK DISPLAY SPONSORSHIP – Non-Rotating - HOME PAGE ONLY-120 x 60 Price Includes: Placement on the Home Page. (Nine Sponsorships Available.) Non-rotating $ 400.00/Annually DISCOUNTS Multiple sponsorships may be entitled to a 10% discount. Call for availability of website sponsorships. (409) 963-1107. Website: www.portarthurtexas.com

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce

Membership Application

501 Procter Street, Ste. 300, Port Arthur, TX 77640 (409)963-1107 | Office – (409)962-1997| Fax www.portarthurtexas.com Dated this___day of ___ Year ___the undersigned makes application for membership in the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce and for the value received agrees to the sum of $____ annually. Start date of Business__________________________________________ Business Name: _______________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ City: ________________________ State: ____________Zip: ___________ Primary/Voting No. of Employees Representative ______________________________FT:______PT______ (One voting Representative per business, unless otherwise specified by the PA Chamber of Commerce)

Phone: (____) ___________________Fax:(____) _____________________ E-mail: ______________________ Website: ________________________ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ __________________________ Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/ ______________________________ Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/ ____________________________ YouTube: http:/www.youtube.com______________________________ Additional Rep. ____________________ E-mail: ____________________ Business Classification ________________________________________ • Please refer to our website: www.portarthurtexas.com. Click on “Membership” on the left menu. Then click the “Choose a Category” menu and browse through our selection to select the category that best fits the description of your business. • Company Logo: Please Email company logo to Paige Snyder Membership Director at paige@portarthurtexas.com.

Brief Description of Business ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Recommended by: ______________ Signed: ____________ Date: _______ • Once the agreement is completed, please sign and return via fax at (409) 962- 1997. For prices, you may call the Chamber office at (409) 963-1107. Please note all Investment Agreements are brought to Board at monthly meeting. Dues are required prior to Board Approval check:

No. __________________________ Posted: ___________________________


Master Card

American Express


Credit Card Number: ___________________________ Exp. Date: _____ CVB Code ___ Name as it appears on card: ___________________________________________________ The fees, payments and contributions to the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes; however, the Chamber membership fees are deductible For most companies as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

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TRANSPORTATION BY RON ARCENEAUX Still today, our region’s transportation infrastructure plays a key role in the well-being of the community. The combined highway, waterway, rail, pipeline, and aviation transportation systems are strong links in the commercial and industrial network serving our area. The movement of people and goods is the backbone of economic development. In the Golden Triangle, nearly 110,000 vehicles pass through the region on Interstate 10 every day. A half dozen state and US highways also meet in the region, making the Golden Triangle a hub for national and international commerce and transportation. The Sabine-Neches Waterway, the nation’s fourth-largest ship channel, is America’s energy gateway. Each day, ships dock to more than 60 terminals and link the world to the region’s extensive industrial infrastructure system, which feeds a growing state and energy-hungry nation. Additionally, cargo moves along rail infrastructure operated by the Kansas City Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad. Since the discovery of oil in Beaumont in 1901, the region’s pipeline transportation system has grown to reach all US hubs and worldwide markets for refined oil products and natural gas. The Jack Brooks Regional Airport offers daily commuter connections to Houston and Dallas by major commercial airlines. Thus, our region’s goals for transportation improvements are to: � Support improved highways, ports of entry, and other infrastructure that facilitates trade, increases the effective flow of goods and services, promotes tourism, and increases public safety wherever these improvements can improve economic opportunity and productivity. � Support any opportunities available to the Legislature or state agencies to facilitate ongoing efforts to improve the maintenance and modernization of commercial waterways and ports. Support seeking funding through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) or other sources, and support state agency review and coordination of federal or state permits or authorizations. Further, support the continued priority of use of the State Highway Fund (Fund 6) for marine transportation needs. • Support any opportunities available to the Legislature or state agencies to facilitate ongoing efforts to improve the maintenance and modernization of commercial waterways and ports. Support seeking funding through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) or other sources, and support state agency review and coordination of federal or state permits or authorizations. Further, support the continued priority of use of the State Highway Fund (Fund 6) for marine transportation needs.

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If you live or work in Jefferson, Hardin or Orange County, you’re eligible for membership at Gulf Credit Union. Join today and let us help you through all of life’s financial milestones.

GROVES 409.963.1191

BEAUMONT 409.860.3600

MID COUNTY 409.729.8280


BRIDGE CITY 409.735.5156

Economic Development Your Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce plays an active role in economic development, with an emphasis on supporting and promoting the existing business community. It’s baked into our mission statement—to achieve a sound economic environment—and our vision statement—to be an economic catalyst that ignites partnerships that will positively impact growth and development in the community. The chamber’s work is organized into committees made up of member volunteers. Because economic development is central to the chamber’s mission and vision, the work of all of those committees touch on some aspect of economic development—from workforce development to transportation to education and legislation. The chamber has recently formed a committee to focus principally on economic development. We are neither the only nor the primary organization doing this work, but our emphasis on businesses who have already committed to and invested in Port Arthur is unique. There are nearly 1,600 separate places of employment in Port Arthur, from small businesses with just one or two workers to hospitals and petrochemical facilities with hundreds of employees, but nearly 60 percent of Port Arthur businesses have fewer than 10 employees. Our hope is that the new economic development committee will provide an increased focus on growing Port Arthur’s economy by working with these businesses to identify opportunities, including greater emphasis on our “Buy Port Arthur” efforts and connecting them with other resources. What can the business community do to support these efforts? First and foremost, active membership in the chamber ensures your business both supports and benefits from the chamber’s vision of being an economic catalyst igniting partnerships. Second, we urge you to make a commitment to patronizing Port Arthur businesses, generally, and other chamber members, specifically. You can find a list of chamber members on the chamber website, www.portarthurtexas.com. While the economic development committee will place an emphasis on supporting and growing the existing Port Arthur business community, we will also work alongside other economic development organizations, including the Port Arthur EDC, the City of Port Arthur, the Port of Port Arthur, and others, to create new investment and jobs to further grow and diversify the economy of Port Arthur. By John Johnson

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Transitional Healthcare, Close to Home Port Arthur’s newest resort-styled Rehab Center


Medicare • Medicaid • PVT Pay Managed Care Plans: Humana, BCBS, UHC, etc.

Elegant Resort Style Setting • Private & Semi-Private Suites w/ Private Patios Chapel • Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing • State-of-the-art Therapy Center Transportation Provided • Rehabilitation Courtyard • Library • 64 Channels of Satellite TV WIFI Access • Full Service Salon • ADL Suite (to assist w/transitioning back to home)


Natalee Shifflett (409) 719-6924 • Candice Hill (409) 988-3635 8595 Medical Center Blvd. Port Arthur, TX • (409) 721-8600 • www.bonneviecc.com

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Living in Port Arthur L BY TONYA MOSES

iving in Port Arthur is a unique experience. The area is just over 140 square miles with half being land and the other half covered by water. Despite the large geographic size, the population is around 50,000 so the town feels small and welcoming. The physical size only begins to tell the story. Port Arthur is blessed with rich geography which helps define life and the lifestyle along the coast in Southeast Texas. The city has a natural deep-water port. Our natural channel at the port is now being deepened to better serve our local industry as it grows. With increased shi pping capacity, easy accessibility, our petroleum and other natural resources, Port Arthur serves as a landmark home to the oil and gas industry. This association trickles down to all the businesses that operate in association, conjunction and support for our industries, their employees, and families.

plete. Houston offers world class entertainment, shopping, and dining. It also boasts one of the largest international airports in the country and offers many direct flights all over the world. Port Arthur has quite the culinary scene. Our proximity tothe Gulf of Mexico means we have some of the freshest seafood on the market. Our local restaurateurs know how to suit the taste of the most discriminating palates. With our diverse community we also have some of the best Tex-Mex, Mexican, South American, and Vietnamese food the region has to offer.

Port Arthur’s rich industrial history provides for significant investment in our local educational institutions from elementary level to college. This is the home of Lamar State College Port Arthur,providing a vast array of associates degrees,technical education, and specialized degree programs to support Port Arthur is a culturally diverse town. The friendly rapport our local port and petrochemical industry. The college was transcends physical differences. The most special aspect is the recently named by the Aspen Institute as one of the top 150 spirit of comradery. During the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, Community Colleges in the US. For those desiring to conthe community came together to help one another. This could tinue their education, Lamar University in Beaumont is an well serve as a role model for the rest of the nation. easy commute. They offer several advanced degrees including many Masters and PhD programs. So,unlike most other small We may be short on large scale amusement activities like some communities, Port Arthur allows you to attend school, intern more populous cities,but surprisingly our offerings are plentiful. and locate a good job in a desired profession without ever What we lack in commercial entertainment is more than com- having to leave the area. pensated by Mother Nature with our abundant fishing, hunting, birding,and nearby beaches. Then when you add the fact that In short come for a visit,stay for a lifetime,and enjoy all that we are less than 100 miles from Houston the picture is com- Port Arthur has to offer!

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A 24/7, one-call solution, specializing in rapid deployment of services across the U.S. • Industrial Construction and Turnaround Logistics • Commercial Construction Support • External Vendor Management

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Host your next event in Port


With more than 20,000 square feet of divisible space and over 1,200 square feet of smaller meeting rooms, the Robert A. “Bob” Bowers Civic Center brings it all together for you. Our centrally located facility offers quality service, free parking and a professional staff to help make your event a success – all this in a clean and bright atmosphere at affordable rates. Plan Your Meeting For more information about the Bob Bowers Civic Center, contact: Adam Saunders | 409-985-8801

Port Arthur continues to bring business to SETX. Whether your event is related to sports, social, the military, family or class reunions, religious, corporate or associations, our office can help you strategically plan and promote your event in order to increase success and attendance. Our free personalized servicing plan is sure to add a little lagniappe to any event!

FOR PLANNING ADVICE Callie Summerlin, Sales & Marketing Director 3401 Cultural Center Dr | Port Arthur, TX 77642 409.985.7822 | 1.800.235.8722 callie@portarthurtexas.com | visitportarthurtx.com

Arthur E. Stilwell, at age 34 a legendary pioneer in the fields of insurance, transportation and finance, came to the southeastern coast of Texas in 1895. Acting on a hunch, Stilwell built the Port Arthur Canal from Sabine Pass to Taylor’s Bayou. He created a deep-water port, “a landlocked harbor, safe from the most devastating storms,” naming it Port Arthur after himself. With the arrival of the British steamer Saint Oswald in August 1899, the port was opened for seagoing shipping. Stilwell proceeded to procure over $2 million in financing, and on March 17, 1897, the first excursion train arrived over the newly completed Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf Railroad. Stilwell founded the city of Port Arthur in 1898. Port Arthur pioneers promptly set to work creating homes and businesses for the hundreds of people who would come to Southeast Texas - farmers, seamen, businessmen, and their families. Stilwell built the magnificent Sabine Hotel on Lakeshore Drive, a natatorium to serve all the citizens, an export pier into Lake Sabine, and also brought 300 Dutch colonists to begin a new life as farmers in this rich coastal prairie. In 1899, Stilwell invited his friend, John W. Gates, to visit Port Arthur. Gates was feted at a magnificent banquet in the Sabine Hotel and quickly decided that he, too, wanted an interest in the development of this new and promising town. Upon being denied a position on the Board of the KCP&G Railroad, he promptly - by questionable means - had Stilwell’s interests declared bankrupt, making himself president of the

newly named Kansas City Southern Railroad. With this inauspicious beginning, Gates became the moving force in the development of Port Arthur. Aided by the effects of the Spindletop Gusher in 1901, he built the Mary Gates Hospital in 1909, and founded the Port Arthur Business College the same year (now Lamar State College Port Arthur). Gates built a magnificent home on Lakeshore Drive at a cost of $50,000.

History of Port Arthur

16 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

The Texas Company and the Gulf Refining Company were created as a result of the Lucas Gusher at Spindletop in 1901. The thriving shipping industry, mainly petrochemical products, was instrumental in Port Arthur becoming a port of entry in 1906. By 1957, Port Arthur was known as the center of the world’s prosperous oil refining industry. Today Port Arthur has a large, diversified and talented workforce. Port Arthur was the first city in Texas to adopt the 12-grade school system, setting the pace for all Texas schools to follow. Faith-based and private schools are at home in the area also. They city is governed by the council-manager form of government and is home to over 160 churches. The population consists of many ethnic groups, each contributing their own specific talents and lifestyles to the area. Citizens of Port Arthur have become considerably renowned - Robert Rauschenberg; Allen Shivers; Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Lucian Adams; Jimmy Johnson; Janis Joplin; Evelyn Keyes; Buddy Ben; Mack H. Hannah, Jr.; G.W. Bailey, and many others. These outstanding individuals and many others are honored in the Museum of the Gulf Coast in downtown Port Arthur.


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Arts, Culture & t n e m n i Enterta

Photo by

rs T.J Sente

Why you’ll love Port Arthur Texas, the Business of Good Times. Port Arthur welcomes you with Coastal and Cajun Hospitality on the upper Texas Gulf Coast. Our scenic views invite residents and visitors to cast a line in Sabine Lake, set sail from Pleasure Island and get birding at Sea Rim State Park. We work hard and then we have some fun with music, dining, and outdoor recreation. It’s our cultures – including Cajun, African American, Hispanic, Vietnamese, Italian and Indian – that join to let the good times roll in a festive way. Area annual highlights: Cajun Heritage Festival brings music, dancing, and spicy food to Port Arthur usually every year in the spring. CavOILcade honors our oil industry in the fall when Groves Pecan Festival inspires revelers; In spring Port Neches hosts Riverfest along the Neches River and Nederland Heritage Festival honors the city’s Dutch roots. Sea Rim State Park offers schedules family shore fishing and crabbing clinics and a KidFish tournament. Santa and Mrs. Claus visit the children by airboat on the park’s marsh side in December. Port Arthur and other area cities get excited about holiday parades. The Port Arthur Convention & Visitors Bureau has more info on history, activities, and attractions of Port Arthur. For more ideas like these, go to www.visitportarthurtx.com

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THINGS TO DO SeaRim State Park

Enjoy 5 miles of natural beach on the Gulf of Mexico, a boardwalk through the Gambusia Nature Trail, and spot birds from new beach and marsh side viewing platforms. The marsh unit features three levels of paddling trail. No kayak, no problem. Rent one. On the peaceful marsh, there’s a cabin and a raft where you can spend the night. Takers?

Museum of the Gulf Coast

From Jurassic to Joplin, get your groove on a replica of Janis Joplin’s psychedelic Porsche, see Pop Art’s Robert Rauschenberg gallery, and learn of locals The Big Bopper and Jimmy Johnson. Experience our oil, music, maritime and sports heritage. We’ve grown personalities with rock, country, zydeco, blues rap and swamp pop talents. Babe Didrickson Zaharias stormed the Olympics; Jimmy Johnson coached the Cowboys and Bum Phillips scored big. We’ve grown 47 NFL, 4 NBA and 4 MLB athletes including Elandon Roberts, Jamaal Charles, Stephen Jackson and Kendrick Perkins. Rauschenberg’s paintings have sold for millions. Gator Selfie Station: Post a selfie from Museum of the Gulf Coast’s new Robert Rauschenberg inspired concrete gator and see more “wildlife” inside.


Serious birders crave our shorebirds. Internationally famous Sabine Woods, Pleasure Island and Sea Rim State Park are among hot spots in our area, home to the Central and Mississippi flyways. International visitors love these bird-heavy times of year for colorful passers-through, lifer shore birds and our wading beauties. We boast 28 area trails in a 40-mile radius along the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail’s upper coast. Professional birders on a spring trip to our area spotted 214 species in four blissful days. Our feathered friends include: Roseate Spoonbill, Ruddy Turnstone, plovers, warblers, ibis, herons and hummers. Even novices are sure to fall

Have Faith

Diverse cultures have made Port Arthur home. Come see how we worship and celebrate life at these architectural and outdoor spaces of inspiration. Begin at Our Lady of Guadalupe, a 17-foot bronze statue of Mary set upon rocks from Mexico, where the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego. Visit Queen of Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church and Queen of Peace Shrine and Gardens. This Hoa Binh, or area of peace, shrine includes a large statue of Mary and tranquil gardens. At Buu Mon Buddhist Temple and Lotus Garden, monks serve as peaceful guides through blossoms and bamboo. Garden Fest draws photographers in June.


Photo by Karol Allen

Have a bite. Crawfish boils and festivals are our flavorful thing here. Get your fill of shrimp, gumbo, boudain, jambalaya, Tex-Mex, barbecue and all things fried. Tabasco, jalapenos, and cayenne flavor our bites. Both Cajun and Tex-Mex platters flash heat. Cajun-Asian fusion has a home here. Taste it in the crawfish.

Pleasure Island

The Martin Luther King Bridge offers Intercoastal Canal Waterway views from 138 feet above the Intercoastal Canal Waterway. Spanning 5,032 feet, it’s the gateway to a 17-mile long island. Pleasure Island Marina features 300 floating slips. Spend Island Time fishing from kayaks, boardwalk, levees, lighted piers, and boat launches. Walter Umphrey State Park, S.A.L.T. fishing events Port Arthur Yacht Club’s youth sailing classes, disc golf and birding are more draws. See why Texas Mariners Cruising Association keeps coming back.

Pompeiian Villa

Barbed-wire King Isaac Ellwood built this pink stucco mansion in 1900. What inspired this “fish camp” of to be built as a replica of a Pompeiian home of 79 A.D. with a three-sided courtyard? It’s got a peristyle, y’all! Ask about hundreds of Santa figures and three other historic beauty landmarks along Lakeshore Drive. for our birdies.

Sabine Lake

Anglers of all levels can hook up with charter fisherman, launch their own boat or cast a line from Pleasure Island or Sabine Pass area favorite sites. The lake is larger than 60,000 acres, no deeper than 8 feet and sits in two states. Sabine Lake, which is technically a bay on the Texas-Louisiana border formed by the confluence of the Neches and Sabine Rivers. Talk to experts about some of the best flounder, redfish and speckled trout in the state.


Diverse wetlands are home to critters and nature walk adventures. Just two of these properties cover 105.96 square miles of fish and wildlife habitat. That’s Texas big. Who knows what you’ll discover in the marsh, wooded uplands and prairie ridges? McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge is a wintering area for geese and ducks with 285 species documented in the largest remaining freshwater marsh in Texas. J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area is along the Texas Chenier Plain and Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge, a birder hot spot, extends along the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. Walk with wildlife! Written by Darrah Castillo

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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IS POWER LAMAR STATE COLLEGE PORT ARTHUR Lamar State College Port Arthur, located in the heart of Port Arthur, brings the hustle and bustle of life to downtown that only a college campus can provide. Founded as Port Arthur Business College in 1909, the school has provided 100 years of affordable educational excellence in a hometown setting, catering to thousands of students of all ages. The college, which celebrated its largest enrollment in school history for the Fall 2020 semester, offers academic and technical program paths to associate degrees and certificates. Lamar State College Port Arthur is also classified as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HIS). The HSI designation allows LSCPA to provide expansive support for students organized by the Excelencia Center. The Excelencia Center is home to several programs and strategies to support student success. A Parent Academy, supplemental instruction, online 24/7 tutoring, success coaches, and test prep courses are just a few strategies designed to support students. The academic associate’s degree includes the full core curriculum which means the degree transfers as a whole to any state four-year university. Technical programs offer a plethora of degree and certificate opportunities that help students capture their career dreams in a short period of time. The Workforce Development and Training office offers a wide range of non-credit training. Courses including software classes (Word and Excel), nurse aide, phlebotomy, scaffold building, welding, and several craft trades are some of the classes scheduled. A very robust commercial driving license course is scheduled throughout the year. Customized training designed to meet the specific needs of business and industry may also be scheduled with the Workforce Development and Training office. Students participate in a wide variety of student organizations and extracurricular activities, including intercollegiate men’s basketball and women’s softball. The Seahawks athletics programs represent the college on a regional level, extending to a national presence during postseason tournaments in the past. The college’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) plays an important role in helping prospective business owners secure financing and help in setting up a new business in Southeast Texas. The SBDC also helps clients identify and pursue non-traditional sources of financing.


The Port Arthur Independent School District (PAISD) has an enrollment of over 8,000 students and over 1,300 employees. PAISD offers a wide array of programs for children with differing educational needs, including full-day Head Start and Pre-kindergarten, special education, bilingual education in Spanish and French, advanced classes for high ability students, Vocational Education at our Career and Technical building, and the Early College High School. Students in this program will graduate with a high school diploma and an Associates Degree from Lamar State College – Port Arthur. The first graduating class completed the program in Spring 2020.

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All schools are accredited by the Texas Education Agency and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and 93% of our schools met the state accountability requirements. There are also a number of private and faithbased educational opportunities available in the Port Arthur area. Nederland and Port Neches school Districts are neighboring school systems that serve some of Port Arthur’s neighborhoods.


The Bob Hope School currently has an enrollment of almost 2,500 students across Southeast Texas with campuses located in Beaumont and Port Arthur, proudly serving students in Pre-Kinder through 12th grade. The mission of Bob Hope Schools is to provide a safe, orderly environment in which students are intrinsically motivated to become life-long learners in a global society and where teachers, parents, and the community collaborate to address the needs and diversity of all students. Bob Hope School’s philosophy is as follows: We believe each person has merit, dignity, and can make a valid contribution to society. We believe in the “total” child including mind, body, and spirit. We believe in hope. Hope for the future of each of our students. We believe in success, academic, vocational and independent living. Bob Hope Schools offer a Montessori education with a dual language program where students learn to read, write, speak, and think in both English and Spanish languages. All elementary students are taught to play the violin, middle school students participate in leadership classes, and all high school students attend TSI and SAT camp for the opportunity to enroll in dual credit courses through our partnership with Lamar State College-Port Arthur. These opportunities are provided to students at no cost to parents. A key element of our program is maximizing instructional time. One element of this is creating a distraction-free environment in which teachers can teach and students learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared commitment. At Bob Hope we believe in Honesty, Integrity, Respect, and Service. All schools are accredited by the Texas Education Agency.


The Sabine Pass Independent School District services students from all across the Mid-County area from Early Childhood through High School. SPISD offers specialized instruction for all levels of learners from a multitude of backgrounds representing the diversity of our community, Students can take Advanced Placement courses for college credits. SPISD also offers electives starting in middle school and going through high school with opportunities in Robotics, Video Production, Web Design, and 3D printing. Sabine Pass offers a variety of vocational classes including construction, culinary classes, and a fully operational Cosmetology facility. All students are provided with top of the line technology in and out of the classroom. The district, teachers, and students have been recognized by the Texas Education Agency as among the best in the state for academic achievement. Sabine Pass School received all accountability distinctions awarded by the state a feat achieved by less than 2% of all schools. Our Academic Team has also received state-wide acclaim as the Overall Academic Champions for the University Interscholastic League (UIL) for 5 straight years (2020-2021)


409-728-6464 Commercial • Industrial Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Port Arthur ISD Port Arthur Independent School District (PAISD) continues to push forward to become a leader in Texas through continuous school improvement by offering to its students a quality education necessary for them to achieve academic excellence. The District’s mission, as the primary source of public education in the community, is to meet the unique educational needs of our diverse population by providing a comprehensive quality education for students. PAISD is home to over 8,000 students and over 1,300 employees. The District has 16 campuses. With the passing of the $195 million bond in November 2014, the District constructed a brand new wing for Tyrrell Elementary School and constructed new buildings for Memorial 9th Grade Academy, Sam Houston, Travis and Port Acres Elementary Schools, with more construction on the horizon. Our district has completely eliminated all portable buildings, increased technology in every building as well as increased security district-wide. The District continues to foster a positive working relationship with Lamar State College-Port Arthur that will only continue to increase each year. The District opened the Wilson Early College High School in August 2017 and in 2020, the District graduated its first class of students from the program that have both an Associate’s degree and a high school diploma! This program is free of charge to parents. The District also continues its coenrollment program with LSC-PA. Our Career and Technical Education (CATE) program provides our students the opportunity to achieve access to the work force through hands-on training. Many of our students graduate with certificates in hand and job offers on the table. The District’s summer enrichment programs continue to prepare our students for the upcoming school year. Our Technology Department revamped the online student registration portal for the summer of 2020 to much success. This process allows parents to register their child for school 24/7 without having to leave the comforts of their home. The District continues to improve on its goal to increase the visibility of its students and programs. Every campus has a social media presence. Our website has gone through a makeover which makes visibility more accessible for those using mobile devices and can be translated in over 100 different languages. Every campus has a digital marquee and the District has a YouTube channel displaying the monthly Board meetings. Our Fine Arts and Athletics departments continue to push our students toward excellence. Our male and female athletes perform exceedingly and abundantly above their counterparts, where they continue to shatter records in all facets of the sports area. Our drama and band students earn top rankings at UIL competitions across the state and earn the most money in scholarships nearly every year. Our Personnel department focuses on the best practices in hiring highly qualified, certified teachers and placing them in every classroom in this district. Our Business and Finance department operates at or below our projected expenditures and our

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Bilingual and Migrant Education department works intensely with those that are new to this country and ensures them a smooth transition into our educational system. Our Curriculum and Instruction department is home to over a dozen leaders that work intensely with teachers and principals to keep our students on task to graduate. Our External Funding department works with campus nurses, security, parental involvement, Title I and more. Our Child Nutrition department feeds our children healthy and tasty food on a daily basis at no cost to the parent. Our district, like many, had to pivot quickly from in-person instruction to virtual learning in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but even with those challenges, we have made it possible for every student to be successful. The Board of Trustees approved a $2.5 million purchase for tablets and hot spots in July 2020. This purchase allowed the district to put a device in the hands of every student as well as provide free Wi-Fi access for those that need it the most. We also began using the Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) district-wide, which will make the transition from virtual to in-person instruction more seamless. PAISD is offering all students the option of receiving instruction virtually or in-person for the 2020-2021 school year. Our Child Nutrition Department is providing meals both on and off-campus and our Technology team works around the clock to provide technical solutions to students and staff and every building is equipped with an infrared thermometer designed to detect high temperatures. Everything we are doing and will continue to do aligns with this year’s theme: “Reopen. Reconnect. Reimagine.” Education is essential to the success of our nation and in Port Arthur ISD, we are ready to make success happen every day.

Port Arthur ISD Mark L. Porterie, Ed.D., Superintendent 4801 9th Ave., Port Arthur, Tx 77642 www.paisd.org

Texas State Governor- Abbott, Greg PO Box 12428, Austin, TX 78711 512-477-2002 Lt. Governor - Patrick, Dan PO Box 12068, Austin, TX 78711 512-463-0001 U.S. Senator - Cruz, Ted 404 Russell, Washington, D.C. 20510 202-224-5922 U.S. Senator - Cornyn, John 517 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 220-224-2934 andrea_mcgee@cornyn.senate.gov U.S. Representative District 14 - Weber, Randy 350 Pine Street, St. 730 Beaumont, TX 77701 409 835-0108 | 409-212-1997 Randy@RandyWeber.org U.S. Representative District 36 - Babin, Brian 2236 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 202-225-1555 bbabin@sbcglobal.net Texas House of Representatives District 21 Phelan, Dade 10984 F.M. 1442 Suite B Orange, Texas 77630 409-745-2777 dade@phelaninvestments.com Texas House of Representatives District 22 Deshotel, Joe 1Plaza Square #203, Port Arthur, TX 77642 409-724-0788 joe.deshotel@house.state.tx.us Attorney General Of Texas - Paxton, Ken 300 W. 15th Street Austin, TX 78701 512-463-2100 Texas Senator District 4 - Creighton, Brandon PO Box 12068 Capital Station Austin, Texas 78711 512-463-0104 brandon.creighton@senate.state.tx.us Texas Senator District 3 - Nichols, Robert PO Box 12068 Capital Station Austin, Texas 78711 512-463-0103 | 903-589-3003 robert.nichols@senate.state.tx.us


Entities and officials Jefferson County Clerk - Guidry, Carolyn P.O. Box 1151, Beaumont TX 77704 409 835-8475 guidry@co.jefferson.tx.us

City Attorney - Tizeno, Valecia “Val” 444 4th Street Port Arthur TX 77640 409 983-8125 val.tizeno@portarthur.net

Jefferson County Tax Assessor Getz, Allison Nathan P.O. Box 2112, Beaumont TX 77701 409-835-8714 agetz@co.jefferson.tx.us

Mayor of Port Arthur – Thurman “Bill”, Bartie 444 4th Street Port Arthur TX 77640 409-983-8105 City Council District 1 409-983-8100

County Judge - Branick, Jeff 1149 Pearl Street, Beaumont TX 77701 409-835-8466 jbranick@co.jefferson.tx.us

City Council District 2 Jones, Cal J. 444 4th Street Port Arthur TX 77640 409-460-3148

Commissioner PCT 1 - Pierce, Vernon 1149 Pearl Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 409-835-8442

City Council District 3 - Kinlaw III, Thomas 444 4th Street Port Arthur TX 77640 409-460-3071 thomas.kinlaw@portarthurtx.gov

Commissioner PCT 2 - Weaver, Brent 7759 Viterbo Rd. Suite 1 Beaumont, Texas 77705 409-727-2173 bweaver@co.jefferson.tx.us

City Council District 4 – Kenneth Marks 444 4th Street Port Arthur TX 77640 409-983-8100 marks.kenneth@portarthurtx.gov

Commissioner PCT 3 - Sinegal, Michael 525 Lakeshore Drive Port Arthur TX 77642 409-983-8300 msinegal@co.jefferson.tx.us Commissioner PCT 4 - Alfred, Everett (Bo) 1149 Pearl Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 409 835-8443 ealfred@co.jefferson.tx.us Sheriff - Stephens, Zena 1001 Pearl St. #103, Beaumont, TX 77701 409-835-8411 sheriffs@co.jefferson.tx.us

Jefferson County Sub Court House 525 Lakeshore Dr., Port Arthur TX 77640 409-983-8300

City Secretary - Bellard, Sherri 444 4th Street Port Arthur TX 77640 409-983-8115 sherri.bellard@portarthurtx.gov

City Council Position 8 409-983-8100 Constable Precinct 1 – Pollard, Jevonne 1085 Pearl Street Room 103 Beaumont TX 77701 409-835-8450 jpollard@co.jefferson.tx.us

Jefferson County Court House 1085 Pearl Street, Beaumont TX 77701 409-835-8475

Port Arthur City Hall 444 4th Street, Port Arthur TX 77640 409-983-8100 www.portarthur.net

City Council Position 7- At Large Moses, Charlette 444 4th Street Port Arthur TX 77640 409-983-8271 | 409-332-6081 charlotte.moses@portarthurtx.gov

Constable Precinct 2 - Bates, Christopher 525 Lakeshore Drive Port Arthur TX 77640 409-983-8335 cbates@co.jefferson.tx.us Constable Precinct 4 - Werner, Bryan 19217 Hwy 365 Beaumont TX 77705 409-434-5450 bwerner@co.jefferson.tx.us Constable Precinct 6 – Joe Stevenson Constable Precinct 7 - Adams, Bobby Constable Precinct 8 - Collins, Eddie J 525 Lakeshore Drive Port Arthur TX 77640 409-983-8311 jcp8@co.jefferson.tx.us

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Newcomers Information The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce


...................................................................................... (409) 963-1107

Port Arthur Public Library.............................................(409) 985-8838

501 Procter Street., Suite 300, Port Arthur, TX 77640

4615 9th Ave., Port Arthur, Texas 77642 - www.pap.lib.tx.us

Port Arthur Convention and Visitors Bureau

Gates Memorial Library................................................ (409) 984-6218 317 Stilwell Blvd., Port Arthur, Texas 77640 www.lamarpa.edu

......................................................... (409) 985-7822 / (800) 235-7822 3401 Cultural Center Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642

Driver’s License A driver establishing domicile in Texas is required to obtain a Texas driver’s license within 30 days. Vehicle registration is required prior to obtaining the license. Apply for a Texas license at the Department of Public Safety, 900 4th St., Port Arthur, Texas 77640. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Call (409) 982-1131 for more information.

Automobile Registration All persons who establish residence or domicile, or become engaged in gainful employment in Texas, must register and title their vehicles in the state. Vehicles may be operated for 30 days, after which immediate registration is required. For further information contact the Sub-County Courthouse at 525 Lakeshore Dr., Port Arthur, Texas 77640, or call (409) 983-8310.

Voter Registration To be eligible to vote, a voter registration application must be received at least 30 days before an election. Qualifications - Must register to vote in the county in which you live; - Must be a citizen of the United States - Must be at least 17 years and ten months old to register, and must be 18 years of age by Election Day; and - Must not be finally convicted of a felony, or if a felon, you must have completed all of your punishment, including any term of incarceration, parole, supervision, period of probation, or you must have received a pardon. To request an application by mail, to change your name and/ or address of your current voter registration, or replacement of current registration, you may contact any of the three

Tax Assessor/ Collector’s Offices 1149 Pearl St., Beaumont, Texas 77701........................(409) 835-8683 525 Lakeshore Dr., Port Arthur, Texas 77640............... (409) 983-8316 4605 Jerry Ware, Beaumont, Texas 77705 (mid-county) ...................................................................................... (409) 719-5975

Property Taxes Tax bills are mailed out by mid - October and are due by January 31 of the following year. All taxes become delinquent on February 1. Call the County Tax office at (409) 983-8316 if you don’t receive a bill by October 31. Jefferson County Tax Office. For more information, visit www.co.jefferson.tx.us.

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Groves Public Library................................................... (409) 962-6281 5600 W. Washington St., Groves, Texas 77619 - www.cigrovestx.com Marion and Ed Hughes Public Library......................... (409) 722-1255 2712 Nederland Ave., Nederland, Texas 77627 - www.ned.lib.tx.us Effie and Wilton Hebert Public Library........................ (409) 722-4554 2025 Merriman St., Port Neches, Texas 77651 - www.ptn.lib.tx.us

City Parks and Recreation Facilities Port Arthur, 52 Parks..................................................... (409) 983-8152 Groves, 5 Parks............................................................. (409) 960-5700 Nederland, 6 Parks........................................................ (409) 724-0773 Port Neches, 4 Parks..................................................... (409) 727-2182

Employment Workforce Solutions - Port Arthur……….……..(409 236.4680) FM 365, Port Arthur, Texas 77642 - www.setworks.org Cable Spectrum........................................................................(866) 406-7063 Electricity Entergy...........................................................................(800) 368-3749 Natural Gas Texas Gas Service Emergencies....................................................................800) 959-5325 Customer Service............................................................800) 700-2443 Telephone Spectrum.........................................................................800) 892-4351 Water Port Arthur.....................................................................(409) 983-8230 Groves............................................................................(409) 960-5700 Nederland.......................................................................(409) 723-1512 Port Neches....................................................................(409) 727-2181

Helping SmallBusiness Turning Small

Helping Small into SMART Business! Businesses Start, Grow Businesses Start, Grow Make an  appointment  today  to  meet  w ith  your  trusted  Advisor.     and Succeed!

Make an appointment todaywith to meet your Make today to meet yourswith There an is  nappointment o   c harge   f or   a ny   o ur   b usiness   a dvisory   ervices.     trusted Advisor. Business Advisor. trusted Business • • • •

Starting a  Business • Starting   a  Business Growing   a   B usiness • Growing  a  Business Business   Planning • Business   Planning Exporting • Exporting

• • Tax CCompliance Tax   ompliance • • Financial   Financial  AAnalysis nalysis • • Training Training • Social  Media • Social  Media

(409)984-­‐6531 (409)984-­‐6531 www.lamarpa.sbdcnetwork.net www.lamarpa.sbdcnetwork.net SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER


“The Lamar  State  College-­‐Port  Arthur SBDC  is  a  business  advising   Lamar   State   College-­‐ Port  Arthur   is  a  bTusiness   advising   and  t“The   raining   center   of   the  University   of  SHBDC   ouston   exas  Gulf   Coast   training   center  o3f  2  the   University   f  Houston  TTexas.   exas  GTulf   SBDC  and   Network   serving   counties   in  Sooutheast   he  CSoast   BDC   SBDC  is   Nfetwork   counties   S outheast  TA exas.   The  SBDC   program   unded  sierving   n  part  3t2   hrough   a  iCn  ooperative   greement   with   is  Bfunded   in  Apdministration.”   art  through  a  Cooperative  Agreement  with   the  Uprogram   .S.  Small   usiness   the  U.S.  Small  Business  Administration.”  

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Fingertip Information Emergencies.......................................................................................................911

Ambulance Services

Acadian Ambulance Dispatch.......................................................................................(409) 729-9300 Office............................................................................................(409) 833-3800 3720 Corley, Beaumont, Texas 77701


The Medical Center of Southeast Texas.............................(409) 724-7389 2555 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., Port Arthur , Texas 77640


Port Arthur...................................................................................(409) 983-8740 Groves...........................................................................................(409) 962-4460 Nederland....................................................................................(409) 723-1531 Port Neches.................................................................................(409) 722-5885


Jefferson County Sheriff........................(409) 983-8350 /(409) 835-8411


Port Arthur...................................................................................(409) 983-8600 Groves...........................................................................................(409) 962-0244 Nederland....................................................................................(409) 722-4965 Port Neches.................................................................................(409) 722-1424

Eastex Crime Stoppers

Anyone with information about a crime can call the hotline at 724-TIPS, or visit www.724tips.com. Callers remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward. EasTex Crime Stoppers serves Jefferson, Chambers, Hardin, Jasper, liberty, Newton, Orange, Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby and Tyler Counties.

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Lamar State College - Port Arthur 1500 Procter St.; PO Box 310, Port Arthur, Texas 77641-0310 Administration Office(409) 983-4921 Lamar Institute of Technology (409) 880-8321 Lamar University (409) 880-7011 Port Arthur ISD 4801 9th ave., Port Arthur, Texas 77642 PAISD Office...............................................................................(409) 989-6100 Sabine Pass ISD 5641 S. Gulfway Dr., Sabine Pass, Texas 77655 SBISD Office...............................................................................(409) 971-2321 Port Neches - Groves ISD 620 Ave. C, Port Neches, Texas 77651 PNGISD Office...........................................................................(409) 722-4244 Nederland ISD 220 N 17th St., Nederland, Texas 77627 NISD Office.................................................................................(409) 724-2391

Port Arthur Transit System

The Port Arthur Transit System offers citywide bus service Monday through Friday from 6:15 am to 6:15 pm. And from 7:15 am. to 6:15 pm. on Saturdays. Special door-to-door para-transit service is available for elderly and / or handicapped residents. For more information , call Port Arthur Transit during office hours - Mon - Fri from 8 am to 5 pm. Fixed route services..................................................................(409) 983-8767 Para-transit services................................................................( 409) 983-8794

71 IT’S TIME TO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING DIFFERENT Family owned and operated for three generations, Energy Country Ford is not your typical dealership. Family pride, dedication, and a rich history of community involvement have been the dealerships sources of strength and integrity since 1949. Giving customers a buying experience that makes them want to return again and again is the core value distinguishing Energy Country from its competition. If you want a different car buying experience come to Energy Country Ford where you are always treated like family.

4545 Twin City Hwy • Port Arthur • 409-962-8383 www.energycountry.com

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Healthcare Here in Port Arthur we have the ability to offer personalized healthcare services for every stage of life and every state of health. Our families, neighbors and colleagues and friends deserve facilities that put safety and patient care first and is committed to improving their health and quality of live.

health center is that their main hospital, St. Elizabeth, is only a short transfer away. CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth, is a 431- bed acute care and trauma center, and is the largest Magnet hospital between Houston and Baton Rouge. This provides a piece of mind when a higher level of care is needed for more serious medical situations.

FACILITIES The Medical Center of Southeast Texas is the community’s provider of leading-edge, quality health care services in a family-friendly environment. The full-service hospital is located in the Mid-County area of Port Arthur, Texas is a 204-bed acute care facility that has earned numerous distinctions for quality including accreditations for chest pain, Stroke, Trauma, Neonatal Intensive Care and Orthopedics. Highlights of the facility include all-private rooms, a state-of- the-art emergency room with a fast-track area for minor illness and injury, a dedicated heart center for cardiac services including electrophysiology, surgical suites with the latest in digital surgical technology, and an obstetrics unit that includes a neonatal intensive care unit for high- risk babies.

PHYSICIANS There are many top doctors who live and work in the greater Port Arthur area due to its excellent quality of life, educational opportunities, convenient location and proximately to the larger cities of Beaumont and Houston. Many are listed as “Best Doctors” in the Texas, selected by their peer for outstanding work.

The expanding medical district in Port Arthur offers facilities that treat a wide range of conditions. Christus Urgent Care, and affiliate of Christus Southeast Texas opened a location in Mid-County offering a wide range of emergency, health care and physical and occupational medicine services to individual suffering from non -life-threatening injuries an illnesses. The best part of utilizing this smaller, but yet very efficient

Whether you’re delivering a baby, choosing an elective surgery, dealing with a chronic condition, looking for relief from an illness or need emergency care, choosing the highest quality health care is convenient in Port Arthur.

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Urgent Care is also available at various locations from several providers at times when kids or adults get sick or have and accident after hours. Each have a team of trained, experience physicians, nurses and technicians treat “kids” of all ages. Most of these facilities offers patients the opportunity to check in online and are available weekdays, weekends, nights and holidays.

Written by Tonya Moses

Emergencies don’t wait. Neither should you. In a crisis situation, you need help fast. The Medical Center of Southeast Texas ER has a team of doctors, nurses and technicians who work together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you receive timely and efficient medical attention. • • • • • •

Staffed by Board Certified & Board Eligible physicians InDemand Interpreting Services including American Sign Language Private Exam Rooms Diagnostic Imaging Services Surgical Services Running fever? Cough getting worse? Cuts & bruises? Accepts most insurance providers

Skip the waiting room. Wait at home. Schedule online! 1 2 3

In Partnership with Physician Owners.

Learn more at medicalcentersetexas.org

Choose the time you want to visit Tell us the reason for your visit. Relax at home until your chosen time.

For non-life-threatening emergencies, wait at home. Schedule online. www.mcsetER.com

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MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY A #SmallBizMan Clarence Lyons Sr. (409) 549-3111 2701 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77640 smallbizman@legalidentityprotection.net www.legalidentityprotection.net Legal Services 24Hr Safety, LLC Wesley Littleton (409) 842-0024 3734 Hwy 69 N., Nederland, TX 77627 trent@24hr-safety.com www.24hr-safety.com Safety Products 2S Roll Off Service LLC. Michelle Stacey (409) 924-9212 5470 Hagner Rd., Beaumont, TX 77705 info@2sbox.com www.2Srolloffservice.com Waste Disposal 4-Horn Industrial Lee Smith (409) 245-0777 4900 Bourque Rd., Nederland, TX 77627 Lee@4hornind.com www.kmkindustrial.com Equipment Rental & Sales 5 Under Golf Center, LLC Austin Williams (409) 232-0205 5945 College Street, Beaumont, TX 77707 makenzie@5undergolf.com www.5undergolf.com Entertainment/Golf 9th Ave. Station Jessica Loeb (409) 729-5300 7225 Ninth Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 jessica.loeb@trivestcares.com www.trivestcares.com/ Apartments/Townhomes/Condos A & A Air Conditioning Thomas Ashmore (409) 769-2108 5299 Hwy 62 N, Orange, TX 77632 twaairconditioning@yahoo.com www.hvaccontractorbeaumont.com Air Conditioning/Heating Equipment & Repair A & L Industrial Services Misty Martinez (281) 470-9805 2910 East P Street, Deer Park, TX 77536 art.meza@anlindustrial.com www.anlindustrial.com Industrial Services

A-1 American Fence, Inc. Kyle Aguillard (409) 548-0856 6408 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 kaguillard@a1americanfenceco.com www.a1americanfenceco.com Fence Construction

Action Restoration Susan Rising (409) 962-1647 5215 Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 srisingl@aol.com www.action-restoration.com Disaster Restoration

A-OK Moving, Shredding & Storage Lane Olson (409) 842-9038 3692 Glenwood, Beaumont, TX 77705 lane@aokmoving.com www.aokmoving.com Document Destruction

Adler Tank Rentals Barbie Beanland (409) 813-2223 4855 Romeda Rd., Beaumont, TX 77705 sunni.moseley@adlertankrentals.com www.adlertankrentals.com Tank Rentals

A.G.Y. Enterprises Jack Yarbrough (409) 755-7200 9667 Hwy 96 S, Kountze, TX 77625 jackyarbrough@agyenterprises.com www.agyenterprises.com/ Construction - Residential & Commercial

Advanced Staffing, Inc. Crystal Thibodeau (409) 835-5566 2358 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77703 staff@advancedstaffinginc.com www.advancedstaffinginc.com Employment Agencies

AAY Security, LLC Martin Klucik (409) 548-0232 1323 S. 27th Street, Ste.800, Nederland, TX 77627 martyklucik@aaysecurity.com www.aaysecurity.com Security / Personal

Advanced Systems Wayne Duerler, Jr. (409) 840-2077 1130 Lindbergh Dr., Ste.C, Beaumont, TX 77707 wayne@texasalarms.com www.texasalarms.com Safety Products

ABC Travels/Radhe Hospitality Management Vinod Shah (713) 977-9802 6200 Savoy Dr. #550, Houston, TX 77036 www.abctravels.com/ Hospitality

Advantage Real Estate Jon Carona (409) 724-1000 908 Port Neches Ave Ste. A, Port Neches, TX 77651 jonc237@sbcglobal.net www.advantagerealestatetx.com Real Estate

Acadian Ambulance Service (409) 980-7701 3720 Corley, Beaumont, TX 77701 Mary.Reid@acadian.com www.acadian.com Ambulance Services Access Surveyors Mitch Brackin (409) 838-6322 11025 Old Voth Rd., Beaumont, TX 77713 rpls5163@aol.com www.access-surveyors.com Surveyors Acme Brick Allan Higgins (409) 899-4171 8185 Eastex Frwy, Beaumont, TX 77708 ahiggins@brick.com www.brick.com, www.brick.com/locations/BMS.htm Brick Manufacturing ACME Truck Line Inc./ABJR Genevieve Muehlbauer (409) 745-2900 12191 TX Hwy 62 N, Orange, TX 77632 orange@acmetruck.com www.acmetruck.com/ Trucking

30 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

Affordable Concrete Roger Bartlett (720) 427-0664 3044 Old Denton Road, #111-113, Denton, TX 75007 roger@copavement.com www.affordableconcretellc.com Industrial General Contractor Affordable Home Furnishings Paul Murray (409) 962-9900 3611 N. Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 affordablehft2@affordablerto.net www.theaffordableway.com/ Furniture Afton Chemical Additives Corporation Kevin Bates (409) 989-0699 4245 Savannah Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 pauline.brown@aftonchemical.com www.aftonchemical.com Manufacturing

Air Med Care Network Loren Tepper (409) 655-9614 1800 Air Medical Dr., West Plains, MO, 65775 john.donaghy@airmedcarenetwork.com www.airmedcarenetwork.com/ Services/Emergency Response Rescue

American Personnel & Temps Earl Frost (409) 892-0310 3450 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77703 amy@americanpersonneltemps.com www.americanpersonneltemps.com Employment Agencies

ArmorShred Ray Thompson (409) 727-7473 2928 Main Ave., Groves, TX 77619 info@armorshred.com www.armorshred.com Document Destruction

Air Products Gary Senior (409) 982-8600 1801 S. Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77641 klagesd@airproducts.com www.airproducts.com Manufacturing - Gas

American Red Cross Chester Jourdan (409) 832-1644 3901 Interstate 10 East, Orange, TX 77630 chester.jourdan@redcross.org www.redcross.org/local/texas/gulf-coast Crisis & Family Assistance

Ashley Homestore Shawn Hanley (409) 209-3900 2010 Hwy 365, Nederland, TX 77627 office@ashleyhomestoresetx.com www.ashleyhomestore.com Furniture

All-Phase Electric Supply Mark Herrington (409) 962-9698 5300 W. Parkway, Groves, TX 77619 mherrington@apegroves.com www.allphaseelectricsupply.com Electrical Supplies

AMPOL Ronald Villanoueva (337) 519-4595 101 Hwy 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 rvillanoueva@ampol.net www.ampol.net Environmental - Products & Services

Associated Builders & Contractors of Southeast Texas, Inc. Kimberly Bernard (409) 724-7886 2700 N. Twin City Hwy., Nederland, TX 77627 abcinfo@abcsetx.org www.abcsetx.org Industrial Trade Associations

All-Serv Industrial, LLC Jend Johnson (337) 882-5100 3221 Petro Dr., Sulphur, LA, 70665 quotes@allservindustrial.com www.allservindustrial.com Industrial Wholesale

AMSOL TX LLC Adrian Fernandez (936) 744-1800 308 LLeras Dr., Trinity, TX 75862 Adrian_Fernandeza@hotmail.com amsoltx.net/ www. Grupotorus.net Pipe & Steel Fabricator Contractors

Associated General Contractors of Southeast Texas Jennifer Gordy (409) 835-6661 5458 Ave. A, Beaumont, TX 77705 jgordy@agcsetx.com www.agcsetx.com Organizations - Trade Association

Allco T.W. Harrison (409) 860-4459 PO Box 3684, Beaumont, TX 77704 mdelord@allco.com www.allco.com Contractors - General

Angelle Insurance Agency Kari Hale (409) 466-9467 5455 Highway 105, Beaumont, TX 77708 kari@angelleinsurance.com www.facebook.com/AngelleInsuranceAgency Insurance

AT&T Texas Jonathon McClellan (800) 422-0499 6500 West Loop S, Ste.5100, Bellaire, TX 77401 jonathon.mcclellan@att.com www.att.com Utilities - Telephone Service

Alliance Engineers & Project Consultants, LLC Rob Fuselier, P.E. (409) 241-8020 470 Orleans St., Ste. 1150, Beaumont, TX 77701 info@AllianceEPC.com www.AllianceEPC.com Engineering Services

Apache Industrial Services, Inc. Clint West (409) 794-9090 11025 HWY 124, Beaumont, TX 77705 cwest@apacheip.com www.apacheip.com Industrial Contractors

Automatic Pump & Equipment Company, Inc. Aaron McKague (409) 866-2314 7280 College Street, Beaumont, TX 77707 aaron@automaticpump.com www.automaticpump.com Pumps - Industrial & Construction

Altair Strickland Holdings, LLC Rick Ramirez (281) 478-6200 1605 S. Battleground, La Porte, TX 77571 rvaldez@altairstrickland.com www.altairstrickland.com Industrial Construction

Apartment Association of Southeast Texas Hope Hilz (409) 899-4455 7770 Gladys Ave, Ste B, Beaumont, TX 77706 setxaa@aol.com www.setxaa.org Organizations - Business & Trade

Axil Group Keith Spoonmore (409) 466-1187 719 North 24th Street, Nederland, TX 77627 keith.spoonmoore@outlook.com Tribology Training and Consulting

American Cancer Society Desirre Dickenson (409) 338-1736 #4 Bayoubrandt Dr. Ste.B, Beaumont, TX 77706 desirre.dickenson@cancer.org www.cancer.org Non-profit Organization

Aqua One Professional Solutions and Services Krin Mackenroth (409) 718-7260 8145 Country Lane, Nederland, TX 77627 aquaone@aquaonellc.com www.aquaonellc.com Disaster Recovery

American Office LLC Sheila J. Faske (409) 212-0500 605 S. 11th St., Beaumont, TX 77701 sheila@americanofficellc.com www.americanofficellc.com Office Furniture Sales & Rentals

Arceneaux Wilson & Cole LLC Ron Arceneaux (409) 724-7888 2901 Turtle Creek Dr., Ste.320, Port Arthur, TX 77642 Ron.Arceneaux@awceng.com www.awceng.com Engineering Services

Aztec Bolting Services, Inc. Clare Wynne (281) 338-2112 3620 Hwy 69, Nederland, TX 77627 james@bolting.com www.bolting.com Industrial Supplies and Equipment Aztec Marine Agencies, Inc. Rosemary Asta (409) 866-6077 6885 Phelan Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77706 aztecmar@aztecmarine.net www.aztecmarine.net International Freight Forwarder

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Azteca Bilingual Services Christina Hernandez (409) 985-4742 3312 39th st, Port Arthur, TX 77642 info@azteca-services.com Tax and Financial Services


B & B Ice & Water Eric Wright (409) 727-5714 9555 Richard Wycoff Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77640 ewright@bnbice.com www.bnbice.com Ice Companies B & E Resources, Ltd Carl Tynes (409) 994-2653 350 Pine Street Ste.601, Beaumont, TX 77701 ctynes@berltd.com www.berltd.com Contractors - General Babe Zaharias Golf Course Mitch Duncan (409) 722-8286 3500 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77642 maduncan75@gmail.com www.aquilagolf.com Golf Courses Baker Gulf Coast Industrial Lance Arvel (225) 465-5500 14320 One Bengal Way, Prairville, LA, 70769 arvell@bakergci.com www.bakergci.com Industrial Contractors Bando’s Catering Debbie Bando (409) 212-8445 215 N. 11th St., Beaumont, TX 77702 debbiebando@sbcglobal.net www.bandoscatering.com Caterers Barfield Home Inspections & Pest Control LLP James Barfield (409) 313-2801 2011 Texas Ave., Bridge City, TX 77611 R1C2C3E4@aol.com www.BHI-Inspect.com Inspection Companies Basco Construction, Inc. Irby W. Basco (409) 722-4434 PO Box 1025, Nederland, TX 77627 bci1025@aol.com www.bascoconstruction.com Contractors - General

BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals LLC Greg Masica (409) 960-5470 PO Box 2506, Port Arthur, TX 77643 carol.hebert@basf.com www.basf.com Petroleum Refineries

Beaumont Freightliner Orry Jones (409) 951-8300 7390 IH 10 South, Beaumont, TX 77705 orry.jones@beaumontfreightliner.com www.beaumontfreightliner.com Truck Sales & Service

Baylor Wortham Baylor Wortham (409) 835-8481 1085 Pearl St., Ste. 204, Beaumont, TX 77701 Baylorwortham@gmail.com www.baylorwortham.com Individual Members

Beaumont Pediatric Center, PLLC Theresa Stuck (409) 899-1433 3127 College Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 beaumontpediatric@yahoo.com www.bmtpedi.com Physicians - Pediatrics

Baymont Inn and Suites Andy Patel (409) 962-9858 3801 Highway 73, Port Arthur, TX 77642 baymontinnpa3801@gmail.com www.wyndhamhotels.com/baymont Hotels & Motels

Becerra’s Tax Service Mary E. Quiroz Becerra (409) 300-4149 3015 Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 becerrasservices@gmail.com Accounting & Tax Services

Bayou Electrical Services David Barber (281) 215-2000 8036 Miller Road 2, Houston, TX 77049 ppell@bayouelectrical.com www.bayouelectrical.com Electrical & Instrumentation Contractor Baytown Seafood Tom Vidalier (409) 960-6052 4830 Twin City Hwy., Groves, TX 77619 bingolady57@yahoo.com www.baytownseafoodgroves.com Restaurants BBVA Compass Kaprina Frank (409) 729-0243 8150 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77642 kaprinaa.frank@bbva.com www.bbvacompass.com Banks Bearcom Mark Henderson (409) 985-4701 1910 West Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 www.bearcom.com/location/beaumont Radio Equipment & Repair Beaumont Coca-Cola Keith Haydon (409) 899-5080 11450 Eastex Fwy., Beaumont, TX 77708 keith.haydon@cocacolaswb.com Beverage Distributors Beaumont Enterprise Jay Wilson (409) 838-2820 380 Main Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 dlemen@beaumontenterprise.com www.beaumontenterprise.com Newspapers

32 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

Bechtel Bob Deatherage (713) 235-2000 1705 Center Street, Deer Park, TX 77536 becon@bechtel.com www.bechtel.com Engineering Services & Construction Beckman Audiology, PLLC Lindsay Shafer, AuD.CCC-A (409) 722-3400 2501 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., Ste. 306, Port Arthur, TX 77640 hearinghelp@beckmanaudio.com www.beckmanaudiology.com Hearing Aids Best Hospice Care of Texas Jennifer Burch (409) 356-9271 3120 Fannin Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 courtney@hospicebest.com www.hospicebest.com Hospice BETCO Scaffolds Kevin Houston (409) 842-6393 2535 W. Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 billy.schumaker@scaffold.com www.scaffold.com Scaffolding Better Business Bureau of Southeast Texas Liz Fredrichs (409) 835-5348 550 Fannin St., Ste. 100, Beaumont, TX 77701 www.bbb.org/local-bbb/better-business-bureau-in-southeast-texas Organizations - Business & Trade Biehl & Company John Tweekrem (409) 842-9295 2615 Calder, Ste. 1020, Beaumont, TX 77702 ops.beaumont@biehlco.com biehlco.com Marine Shipping

Big Boy Consulting Armando Ruiz (409) 365-4948 4347 Phelan, Ste.700 B, Beaumont, TX 77707 armando@bigboyconsulting.com bigboyconsulting.com Advertising and Media

Boiler & Heater Services, Inc. Jackie Williams (409) 745-3480 9668 South Terrry Road, Orange, TX 77630 boilerheatersvs@aol.com www.boilerandheaterservices.com/ Boiler, Heater, Erection and Repair

Briggs Equipment Gene Landry (409) 840-4463 6210 Walden Rd., Beaumont, TX 77707 gene.landry@briggsequipment.com www.briggsequipment.us Equipment Rental & Sales-industrial And Commercial

Bilfinger Westcon, Inc Chuck McCleskey (409) 962-5143 PO Box 1735, Bismarck, ND, 58502 chuck.mccleskey@westconindustries.com www.bis.tepsco.com Construction and Maintenance Services

Bonne Vie Ken Blanda (409) 721-8600 8595 Medical Center Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 kblanda@cantexcc.com www.cantexcc.com/ Rehabilitation/Skilled Nursing

Bruce’s Market Basket Mark Dixon (409) 962-8571 6001 39th Street, Groves, TX 77619 mgr001@mbfoods.com www.marketbasketfoods.com Grocers

Bill Clark Pest Control, Inc. Barry Bryant (409) 985-5700 2975 N. 11th St., Beaumont, TX 77703 bcpc@billclarkbugsperts.com www.billclarkbugsperts.com Pest Control

Boss Lighting Corey Bordelon (337) 515-4140 4608 E. Napoleon Street, Sulphur, LA, 70663 info@bossltg.com www.bossltr.com Manufacturer/Rentals

Buckner Children & Family Services of SETX Rhonda Robichau (409) 866-0976 9055 Manion Dr., Beaumont, TX 77706 rrobichau@buckner.org www.buckner.org Crisis & Family Assistance

Biztorming Training and Consulting Luciana Paulise (409) 626-4995 6130 Sheridan Oaks Dr, Beaumont, TX 77706 luciana@biztorming.com www.biztorming.com Training Consultants

Bradley & Steele, LLP Sarah Mann (409) 724-6644 3120 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 tbodin@bradlaw.net www.bradlaw.net Attorneys

Burrow Global LLC Kristi Mire (409) 239-5210 350 Pine Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 michael.burrow@burrowglobal.com www.burrowglobal.com Engineering Services

Blind Specialists, LLC Jason Cloyd (409) 729-2994 6301 N. Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 sales@blindspecialists.net www.blindspecialist.net Isolation Blinds/Flanges

Brammer, Begnaud & Lattimore David L. Lattimore (409) 983-1669 3240 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 davidl@bblcpa.com www.bblcpa.com Accountants - Certified Public

Business Health Partners Stacy Byrd (409) 299-5288 1005 Nederland Ave, Nederland, TX 77705 sbyrd@businesshealthpartners.com www.businesshealthpartners.com Occupational Medicine

Bmax Inc. Productions Bonnie Revia (409) 313-2514 8200 Mormon Church Rd., Silsbee, TX 77656 info@bmaxinc.com www.bmaxinc.com Marketing

BrandSafway Oscar Torres (409) 981-7200 10903 Boyt Road, Beaumont, TX 77705 mike.fugitt@beis.com www.beis.com Industrial Contractors

Bo-Mac Contractors Dan Brown (409) 842-2125 1020 Lindgergh, Beaumont, TX 77707 Ronald.Harris@bo-mac.com www.bomaccontractors.com Industrial Contractors

Braun Intertec Corp Bryan Landers (409) 842-0414 4770 Washington Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77707 clonsford@braunintertec.com www.braunintertec.com Geotechnical Engineering & Materials Testing

Bob Hope/Hughen Center Ellen Messick (409) 983-6659 2849 Ninth Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 ellen.messick@hughencenter.org www.hughencenter.org Organizations - Non Profit

Breaux Petroleum Products, Inc. Cheyrl O’Quinn (337) 602-6781 307 Bunker Rd., Lake Charles, LA, 70615 cheyrlo@breauxpetroleum.com www.breauxpetroleum.com Petroleum Products

Body Work and Skincare by Sandra Sims Sandra Sims (409) 571-0170 375 County Road 786, Buna, TX 77612 sjg.esthetics@gmail.com Health Care Services

Bridge City Bank Chris Kovatch (409) 735-3516 701 W. Roundbunch, Bridge City, TX 77611 ckovatch@bc-sb.com www.bridgecitybank.com Banks


Cal-Ixa Aggregates LLC Juan Luis Perez (832) 672-6264 525 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Houston, TX 77060 jlperez@cal-ixa.com www.cal-ixa.com/ Manufacturing Candlewood Suites Bruce Chi (409) 729-9543 2125 Hwy. 69, Nederland, TX 77627 cwnederlandds@gmail.com www.candlewoodsuites.com Hotels & Motels Canon Solutions America, Inc. Donald Rodgers (409) 225-9163 7510 Calder Ave., Beaumont, TX 77706 dorodgers@csa.canon.com www.l.csa.canon.com/tx/beaumont/7510-calder-Ave..html? Copiers & Fax Equipment

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Capland Speech Therapy Center Doris R. Hale (409) 729-2227 2660 Aero Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77640 drhale03@att.net www.caplandcenter.com Speech - Language/Pathology

CBC Arnold & Associates Sheri Arnold (409) 833-5055 One Acadiana Court, Beaumont, TX 77706 sheri@cbcaaa.com www.cbcaaa.com Real Estate Commercial & Industrial

Chick-fil-A Becky Tschirhart (409) 722-4536 8701 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 02419@chick-fil-a.com www.chick-fil-a.com/mid-county Restaurants/Caterers

Carabelle, Dr. Cate Cate Carabelle (409) 727-0014 7980 Anchor Dr., Bldg. 100A, Port Arthur, TX 77642 drcate@att.net Mental Health Services

Central Mall Jodie Galloway (409) 727-5592 3100 Highway 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 jodie.galloway@am.jll.com www.centralmallportarthur.com Shopping Centers

CHRISTUS Family Medicine-Port Arthur William D. Pickard MD (409) 982-6461 8445 Memorial Blvd, Ste. 500, Port Arthur, TX 77640 pamela.patterson@christushealth.org www.christusphysiciangroup.org Physicians - Family Medicine

Champagne Business Resources Dale Champagne (409) 344-9648 Home Based Business, Port Neches, TX 77651 dalechampagne831@gmail.com champagne-business-resources.business.site Human Resource Services

CHRISTUS Health Foundation of Southeast Texas Ivy Pate (409) 236-7555 2830 Calder, Beaumont, TX 77702 christussoutheasttexasfoundation.org/ Organizations - Health & Medical

Carl A. Parker Carl A. Parker (409) 985-8814 3838 Chandelle, Port Arthur, TX 77642 cap1934@aol.com www.theparkerlawfirm.com Lawyer/Lobbyist Carlsen’s Mooring Service David Carlsen (409) 962-5985 PO Box 1644, Nederland, TX 77627 dispatch.portarthur@carlsenmooring.com Marine Contractors Carniceria La Vaquita Inc Carlos Uriostegui (409) 982-5535 4925 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 lavaquitaenvios1@gmail.com Deli/Grocery/Meats Carrier and Allison Law Group, P.C. Melody Carrier (409) 835-8330 505 Orleans Street, Ste. 503, Beaumont, TX 77701 Law Office CASA of Southeast Texas Lauren Summers (409) 832-2272 2449 Calder, Beaumont, TX 77702 sborne@casasetx.org www.casasetx.org Social Services Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas Christina Green (409) 924-4406 2780 Eastex Frwy., Beaumont, TX 77703 catholiccharities@catholiccharitiesbmt.org www.catholiccharitiesbmt.org Social Services CAVCO, Inc. Parks Pace (337) 660-2895 4280 Goodman Ln., Lake Charles, LA, 70615 ppace@cavcovalve.com www.cavcovalve.com Pipe Valve Fitting Wholesale Distributor

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe Allen Perkins (409) 729-5800 8005 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 www.cheddars.com Restaurants/Caterers

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas-St. Mary Outpatient Center Mid-County Ivy Pate (409) 985-7431 8801 9th Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 www.christussetx.org Hospitals

Chemical and Petrochemical Inspections, L. P. Tiffany Liepke (409) 962-1318 5300 39th Street, Groves, TX 77619 liepke@cpilaboratory.com www.cpilaboratory.com Industrial - Petrochemical Services

Cigna HealthSpring LaKeithia Young (713) 240-3757 2800 North Loop West, Houston, TX 77092 lakeithia.young@cigna.com cignahealthspring.com Health Plan

Cheniere Energy, Inc. Matt Barr (713) 375-5000 700 Milam Street, Ste.1900, Houston, TX 77002 amy.miller@cheniere.com www.cheniere.com Liquefied Natural Gas

City of Port Arthur Ron Burton (409) 983-8115 4444 Fourth Street, Port Arthur, TX 77641 mayorsec@portarthur.net www.portarthur.net Government

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Vicki Derese (409) 985-0700 PO Box, 1547, Port Arthur, TX 77641 www.cpchem.com Chemical Plants

Clark Machine, Inc Dee Wheeler (281) 303-8698 6650 W Bay Rd, Baytown, TX 77523 Mark.wheeler@clark-machine.com www.Clark-machine.com Foundry & Machine Shops

Chevron/Port Arthur Lubricants Plant Rick Day (409) 985-3000 2700 W 7th St., Port Arthur, TX 77642 rickday@chevron.com www.chevron.com Manufacturing Chica & Associates Inc. Consulting Engineers Teri Wallace (409) 833-4343 505 Orleans, Ste.106, Beaumont, TX 77701 Twallace@chicaandassociates.com chica-assoc.com/ Construction - Civil Engineering

34 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

Classic Forms & Products, Inc. Nancy Worthington (409) 842-9229 4697 College Street, Beaumont, TX 77707 nancy@classicfp.com www.classicfp.com Printers Classic GMC Buick Anthony Toups (409) 892-5050 3865 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77706 anthony@myclassicgm.com www.classicsetx.com Automobile Dealers

Clayton-Thompson Funeral Directors, Inc. Matt Thompson (409) 962-8336 5200 W. Pkwy., Groves, TX 77619 ctfuneralhome@yahoo.com www.claytonthompson.com Funeral Homes

Communities in Schools Southeast Texas Reecie Goodman (409) 951-1810 350 Pine Street, Ste.500, Beaumont, TX 77701 lgoodman@cisset.org www.cisset.org Crisis & Family Assistance

Crown Electric Inc. David Jackson (409) 842-1306 1209 Lindbergh, Beaumont, TX 77707 maggie@crownelectricbmt.com www.crownelectricbmt.com Electrical Contractors

Clean Harbors Industrial Services Carla Williams (409) 796-1388 PO Box 5618, Port Arthur, TX 77640 dupuis.taren@cleanharbors.com www.cleanharbors.com Environmental - Products & Services

Community Bank of Texas Rhonda Conner (409) 962-2547 4749 Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.communitybankoftx.com Banks

CRTSM Enterprises Tonya Moses (409) 853-2808 7980 Anchor Dr. # 1100, Port Arthur, TX 77642 tmoses@mosesllp.com Legal Services

Community Retirement Home Kim Guidry (409) 985-2279 3141 Procter Street, Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.communityretirementhome.com Retirement Homes

Cruz Events Daniel Cruz (409) 273-4776 1519 N 20th St, Nederland, TX 77627 cruzd7@yahoo.com www.facebook.com/cruzevents7/ Decorators & Designers

Coastal Automation Services, Inc. Sidney T. Bertrand (409) 554-4500 2295 Delaware, Beaumont, TX 77703 sidney.bertrand@casinctx.com www.casinctx.com Engineering Services Coastal Industrial Services, Inc. Christene Sonnier (409) 736-3791 955 West Jade Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 coastal@coastaltxs.com www.coastaltxs.com Industrial Insulation and Asbestos Abatement Coastal Welding Supply, Inc. Thomas C. Johnson (409) 838-3757 PO Box 3029, Beaumont, TX 77704 tjohnson@coastalws.com www.coastalws.com Industrial Gases & Equipment Coburn Supply Company Brian McNeely (409) 962-8140 4048 Glazer Ave., Groves, TX 77619 bmcneely@coburns.com www.coburns.com Plumbing Wholesale Coldwell Banker Southern Homes Real Estate Ann Scoggin (409) 727-0420 3160 Merriman, Port Neches, TX 77651 cbsouthernhomes@aol.com www.cbsouthernhomes.com Real Estate Collins Engineers, Inc. Michael Schneider, P.E. (757) 873-0251 501 Procter Street, Ste. 324, Port Arthur, TX 77640 mkoxlien@collinsengr.com www.collinsengr.com Engineering - Civil & Structural Comfort Controls Tyler Troutman (409) 813-3356 625 North Main Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 ttroutman@comfortcontrols.ac www.comfortcontrols.ac Air Conditioning/Heating Equipment & Repair

Complete Staffing Stephanie Sonnier-Jeane (409) 735-2600 1154 Texas Ave., Bridge City, TX 77611 ssonnier@completestaffing.net www.completestaffing.net Employment Agencies

Cumulus Broadcasting Mason Benitez (409) 951-2500 755 S. 11th St., Ste.102, Beaumont, TX 77701 www.cumulus.com Radio Stations

Cotton Commercial USA, Inc. Kyle Williams (713) 849-9300 5443 Katy Hockley Cutoff Rd., Katy, TX 77493 kyle.williams@cottonteam.com www.cottonholdings.com Disaster Restoration

Cust-O-Fab Jason Church (409) 499-4749 7495 Garth St., Beaumont, TX 77705 lcaswell@custofab.com www.custofab.com Industrial General Contractor

Courtyard by Marriot-Beaumont, Texas Roy Arline (409) 840-5750 2275 IH 10 South, Beaumont, TX 77705 RoyA@drblp.com www.marriott.com/bptcy Hotels & Motels

Custom Touch Village Melissa Buchanan (844) 782-9288 1207 Ravia Road,, #1, Sulphur, LA, 70665 melissa@customtouchvillage.com www.customtouchvillage.com Housing

Coushatta Casino Resort Dee Lane (800) 584-7263 P. O. Box 1510, Kinder, LA, 70648 bwilliams@coushattacasinoresort.com www.coushattacasinoresort.com Casinos

Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting, Inc. Tyler Derouen (409) 883-7428 7000 Hwy. 87 North, Orange, TX 77632 bids@cypressbayoupainting.com www.cypressbayoupainting.com Painting & Sandblasting

Creole Trading Inc. Albert E. Brammer (409) 718-2404 PO Box, 685, Nederland, TX 77627 buddyonrc@aol.com www.triangleofficespaceforlease.com Commercial Office Rental and Leasing Crime Stoppers of SETX Stephanie Vanskike, ED (409) 333-4088 700 North Street C-15, Beaumont, TX 77704 director@833tips.com www.833tips.com Organizations - Non Profit


Dana Oil Trading Elfrid Ascencion (599) 786-2783 101 Procter St., Port Arthur, TX 776406 info@danaoiltrading.nl www.danaoiltrading.nl Specialty Lubricants and Industrial Chemicals Daniels Building & Construction, Inc. Janet Daniels (409) 838-3006 2898 W Cedar Street, Beaumont, TX 77720 daniels@danielsinc.com www.danielsinc.com Contractors - General

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Darr Equipment Keith Reese (409) 898-8700 5550 Washington Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77720 info@darrequipment.com www.darrequipment.com Material Handling Equipment

Diamond Refractory Services Jon Broussard (713) 378-9200 8412 Mosley Rd.,, Houston, TX 77075 jbroussard@diamondrefractory.com www.diamondrefractory.com Contractors - Refractory

DuGood Federal Credit Union-Beaumont Location Lisa Baione (409) 899-3430 7505 Eastex Frwy Ste. B, Beaumont, TX 77708 marketing@dugood.org www.dugood.org Credit Unions

Days Inn & Suites Port Arthur Ashwin Bhai (409) 999-3430 7340 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77642 gm@daysinnportarthur.com www.wyndhamhotels.com/hotel/49702 Hotels & Motels

Digital Workforce Academy, Inc/ GTEC Melvin White (409) 982-0522 617 Procter, Port Arthur, TX 77640 mwhite@mrswmanagement.com www.gtec-triangle.org Training & Education

Dylan Williams Agency Dylan Williams (409) 242-5840 785 West Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 alishathakkar@allstate.com www.agents.allstate.com/dylan-williams-port-arthur-tx.html Insurance

Debusk Services Group Gloria Finn (409) 960-6096 18960 Hwy 62, Orange, TX 77630 gfinn@debusksg.com www.debusksg.com Industrial Cleaning and Construction

Direct Auto Insurance David Ruiz (409) 962-0777 3811 Twin City Hwy, Port Arthur, TX 77642 david.ruiz@directauto.com www.directauto.com Insurance

Definitive Industrial Group, Inc. Robin Fore (409) 299-9631 4635 Jerry Ware Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 rfore@definitiveindustrialgroup.com www.definitiveindustrialgroup.com Construction - Concrete

Discovery Information Technologies Delilah Fadhli (409) 727-7080 904 N. Hwy. 69, Nederland, TX 77627 stephenc@discoveryit.com www.discoveryit.com Computer Sales & Service

Del Papa Distributing (Anheuser Busch) Alex Guidroz (888) 433-5727 410 IH 10 S., Beaumont, TX 77707 peter.williamson@delpapabud.com www.delpapabud.com Beer Distributors

Diversified Materials & Consulting James LeDoux (337) 564-3966 2122 Houston River Road, Westlake, LA, 70669 wlsales@dmcsafety.com www.dmcsafetysupply.com Safety and Welding Products

Delta Downs Racetrack Casino & Hotel Nora Popillion (800) 589-7441 2717 Delta Downs Dr., Vinton, LA, 70668 norapopillion@boydgaming.com www.deltadowns.com Casinos

Doguet Diamond D Ranch LTD Mike Doguet (409) 866-8873 2055 Diamond D Dr., Beaumont, TX 77713 miked@doguetturffarm.com www.doguetturffarm.com Real Estate

Delta Security, Inc. Chris Hughes (409) 982-1477 PO Box 2532, Port Arthur, TX 77643 dsecurityinc@gt.rr.com Security

Dominion Forms Mike Poutra (409) 886-0051 2501 MLK Dr., Orange, TX 77630 jvincent@dominion-forms.com www.dominion-forms.com Printers

Dental Dock, The George G. Scott (409) 724-6387 7860 Ninth Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 boat@thedentaldock.com www.TheDentalDock.com Dentists - Pediatric Deztex Industrial Services, LLC dba Ram Tex Tiffane Adkins (409) 983-5555 560 FM 365, Port Arthur, TX 77640 Angel@deztex.com www.deztex.com Industrial Services

Domino’s Pizza Accounts Payable (409) 983-7771 2448 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77642 portarthurdominos@hotmail.com www.dominos.com Restaurants Doornbos, C., Inc. Billy W. Doornbos (409) 722-0241 1148 Helena Ave., Nederland, TX 77627 doornbos@gtbizclass.com Real Estate Developers & Investors

36 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021


Eagle Electric Machinery, Inc. Sean Meche (337) 625-2070 360 N. Hazel St., Sulphur, LA, 70663 kirk.weldon@eagleelectric.org www.eagleelectric.org Industrial Eastex Rubber and Gasket Co., Inc. Regan Meaux (409) 727-6800 2633 Hwy 69 North, Nederland, TX 77627 regan.meaux@eastexrubber.com www.eastexrubber.com Industrial Supplies Echo Maintenance, LLC Mike Roebuck (409) 724-1512 6711 N Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 m.roebuck@echomaintenance.com www.echomaintenance.com Industrial Contractors Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Pawan Kumar (409) 962-4500 4500 Hwy. 73, Port Arthur, TX 77642 econolodge835@yahoo.com www.choicehotels.com/econolodgetx835 Hotels & Motels Economy Industrial Services Darlene Montagne (409) 999-6091 3701 Doctors Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 ei@economyinds.com Industrial Safety Edith’s Place Diane Guidry (409) 460-5256 743 Procter Street, Port Arthur, TX 77640 edithplace743@gmail.com Restaurants/Caterers Edward Jones - Gregg Parker Gregg Parker (409) 722-3133 7980 Anchor Dr., Bldg. 100B, Port Arthur, TX 77642 gregg.parker@edwardjones.com www.edwardjones.com Investments / Advisors

Edward Jones - Scott, Trenton Trenton Scott (409) 727-3392 8700 Ninth Ave., Ste. 101, Port Arthur, TX 77642 trenton.scott@edwardjones.com www.edwardjones.com Investment Planning

ENTACT, LLC Bob Emerson (630) 986-2900 2901 Turtle Creek Dr., Ste.412, Port Arthur, TX 77642 remerson@entact.com www.entact.com Environmental & Geotechnical Construction

Fallows International LLC Farhana Swati (409) 729-2401 2950 Turtle Creek Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 farhana@fallowsinternational.com www.fallowsinternational.com Pipe Valve Fitting Wholesale Distributor

Edward Jones - Steve Fleming Steve Fleming (409) 727-5583 4700 Highway 365, Ste.C, Port Arthur, TX 77642 steve.fleming@edwardjones.com www.edwardjones.com Investment Planning

Entergy Texas, Inc. Ron Fletcher (800) 368-3749 PO Box, 2546, Port Arthur, TX 77643 www.entergy.com Utilities - Electric Service

Farnham Park Apartments Coti Matthews-Wingate (409) 722-4100 3333 Turtle Creek Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 farnhamparkmgr@gmail.com www.farnhamparkapartments.com Apartments/Townhomes/Condos

Edward Jones - Mackenzie LaHaye Mackenzie LaHaye (409) 722-3133 7980 Anchor Dr., Ste. 100B, Port Arthur, TX 77642 mackenzie.lahaye@edwardjones.com edwardjones.com/mackenzie-lahaye Investments / Advisors Eight & Me Victor Andrade (409) 713-5224 5263 12st, Port Arthur, TX 77642 andrade.victor6@gmail.com Consulting El Viejo Tony Bar & Grill Juana Magana (409) 853-1301 4300 Hwy 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 juana1987@hotmail.com Restaurants EndPoint I.T. LLC Rick Bjerke (409) 835-1600 595 Orleans St. STE 1111, Beaumont, TX 77701 rick@endpointtx.com www.endpointtx.com Information Technologies & Computer Consulting

Entre’ John Hawa (409) 860-3333 3975 W. Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 johnhawa@entrebtc.com www.entrebtc.com Copier & Fax Equipment, Computer Sales & Service Envent Corporation Sharon Reyes (281) 715-2900 1310 Underwood Road, La Porte, TX 77571 timothy.white@envent.net www.enventcorporation.com Environmental Services Everlasting Changes, Inc. Elizabeth Cravens (409) 960-7400 3900 E Parkway Ste. B, Groves, TX 77619 elizabeth@m-ac.us www.everlastingchanges.org Non-profit-public Charity

FB&O Premium Services Carlos Ottati (409) 617-3837 2660 Quet Corral LN, Port Arthur, TX 77640 fbopremiumservices@gmail.com Janitorial Services Figueroa’s Welders Wear Luis Figueroa (409) 549-6031 5126 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 figueroasweldingwear465@yahoo.com Industrial Wear/Frc Nomex Firebird Bulk Carriers, Inc. Scott E. Bosard (281) 831-2416 PO Box 668, Humble, TX 77347 scottb@firebird-tx.com www.firebird-tx.com Transportation of Bulk Liquid Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Excavation & Construction, LLC Liz Lemoine (409) 962-2677 6601 Procter St., Port Arthur, TX 77640 del.mires@industriallogistics.com Contractors - General

First America Homes Angelina Naspretto (713) 452-1700 1401 Woodlands Pkwy, Woodlands, TX 77380 anaspretto@signorellicompany.com www.firstamericahomes.com Real Estate

Energy Country Ford Sheila King (409) 962-8383 4545 Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 leads@energycountry.com www.energycountry.com Auto Dealers

EXCEL Group Barrett O’’Neal (225) 408-1300 8641 United Plaza Blouvard, Baton Rouge, LA, 70809 kcarver@excelusa.com www.excelusa.com Industrial Contractors

First Financial Bank Blaine Caillier (409) 736-5951 8535 Central Mall Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642 bcaillier@ffin.com www.ffbtexas.com Banks

Energy Rental Solutions Richard Conner (281) 416-9604 5065 Washington Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77707 inquiries@ers-cat.com www.ers-cat.com Rentals - General

Exceptional Emergency Center-Port Arthur Charlee Chelette (409) 722-9554 3330 FM 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 info@eer24.com www.eer24.com Health Care Services

First Response Urgent Care Charley Nguyen (409) 344-4557 3620 Hwy 365, Ste. 400, Port Arthur, TX 77642 charleynguyen@aol.com www.facebook.com/firstresponseurgent Urgent Medical Care

Energy Transfer Callie Dockens (409) 721-4824 PO Box 758, Nederland, TX 77627 callie.dockens@energytransfer.com Oil Storage Facility


F2A, LLC. Eva Jackson (832) 875-8648 2314 Alassio isle ct, Missouri, TX 77459 jjackson2adore@gmail.com www.floors2adore.com Industrial Contractors

Fittz & Shipman, Inc Bernardino Tristan (409) 832-7238 btristan@fittzshipman.com www.fittzshipman.com 501 Procter Street Ste. 323, Port Arthur, TX 77640 Engineering - Civil & Structural

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Five Star Feed Store Tina E. Bean (409) 736-0777 580 Highway 365, Port Arthur, TX 77640 www.fivestarfeeds.com Feed Store Five-S Group L.L.C. Andre Smith (225) 749-5867 15555 Airline Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA, 70817 kacie@fsgrp.com www.fsgrp.com Heavy Civil Construction and Material Sales FivePoint Credit Union Karen Blum (409) 962-8793 1300 Hwy. 69, Nederland, TX 77627 info@5pointcu.org www.5pointcu.org Credit Unions Frank’s Trucking David Frank (409) 682-1480 349 E. 10 th St., Port Arthur, TX 77640 frankstrucking@yahoo.com Dump Trucks & Hauling Function 4, LLC Ryan Skinner (409) 892-0671 4785 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77706 info@function-4.com www.function-4.com Office Supplies, Copiers, Equipment & Furniture


G&G Enterprises Construction Corp Bryan Ardis (409) 883-5465 3260 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77703 natasha@gandgenterprises.com www.gandgenterprises.com Construction - Residential & Commercial GC Electric, Inc. Hector M. Alejandro (409) 983-6357 700 Waco Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 gcelectricha@sbcglobal.net www.gcelectricservice.com Marine Electrical Services, Motor Rewind, and Generator Repairs Gerald Condon Properties, LTD Gerald Condon (409) 659-1356 550 IH 10 South, Beaumont, TX 77707 gcondon999@aol.com www.geraldcondonproperties.com Property Development and Management

Germer PLLC Larry Simmons (409) 654-6700 550 Fannin Street, Ste.400, Beaumont, TX 77701 ggoodson@germer.com www.germer.com Attorneys

Golden Triangle RV Resort Casey Anne Mead (409) 299-8208 5760 W Port Arthur RD., Port Arthur, TX 77640 manager@goldentrianglervresort.com www.goldentrianglervresort.com Rv Parks

Giglio Distributing Company Charles Giglio (409) 838-1654 155 Martin Luther King Pkwy., Beaumont, TX 77701 cgiglio@gigliodistributing.com www.gigliodistributing.com Beer Distributors

Goodwill Industries Linda Williams (409) 838-9911 4352 Hwy 365, Port Arthur, TX 77640 randy@goodwillbmt.org www.goodwilltxla.org Non-profit Organization

Global Emergency Services, LLC. Bud Isakson (409) 656-9444 8050 Evangeline Lane, Beaumont, TX 77706 drcaji@aol.com www.globaldisasterusa.com Disaster Recovery

Goosehead Insurance Chris Chance (409) 332-4990 8700 9th Ave. Ste.107, Port Arthur, TX 77642 chris.chance@goosehead.com www.setxinsuranceagent.com Insurance

Gold Star Financial Center Angelica Lopez (713) 206-8131 990 IH 10N Ste 113, Beaumont, TX 77702 goldstarfinancialcenter2019@gmail.com Financial Services

Gopher Industrial Inc. David Jones (409) 735-3300 19312 Hwy. 62 South, Orange, TX 77630 sales@gopherindustrial.com www.gopherindustrial.com Industrial Supplies

Golden Pass LNG Mary Ann Reid (409) 971-4200 811 Louisiana, Ste. 1500, Houston, TX 77002 mary.a.reid@gpterminal.com www.goldenpasslng.com Liquefied Natural Gas Golden Port Construction, LLC Raquel Ochoa (409) 300-8543 3108 Highland Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77642 raquel@goldenportcontruction.com www.goldenportconstruction.com Construction - General

Grammier-Oberle Funeral Home Keith Brown (409) 962-4408 4841 39th Street, Port Arthur, TX 77642 Michelle.Kolb@DignityMemorial.com www.grammier-oberle.com Funeral Homes Grandma’’s Country Cooking John R. Smith (409) 727-1480 7217 9th Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 croy9876@aol.com Restaurants/Caterers

Golden Triangle Emergency Center, LLC. Katlyn Anderson (409) 237-5870 8035 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 jlewis@gtecpa24.com www.gtec24.com Health Care Services

Great Clips Pactrick Patel (409) 237-5695 8425 Memorial Blvd. Ste. 150, Pearland, TX 77351 gm_dawn.haygood@greatclips.net www.greatclips.com/salons/2856 Beauty Salons/Barber Shops

Golden Triangle Federal Credit Union Christa Hollier (409) 962-3434 5211 E. Parkway, Groves, TX 77619 chollier@gtfcu.coop www.gtfcu.coop Credit Unions

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Pat Avery (409) 963-1107 501 Procter Street, Ste. 300, Port Arthur, TX 77640 portarthurchamber@portarthurtexas.com www.portarthurtexas.com Organizations - Business & Trade

Golden Triangle Minority Business Council Beverly L. Hatcher (409) 962-8530 700 North Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 hatcher.beverly@gtmbc.com www.gtmbc.com Non-profit Organization

Greek Gyros 2 Syl Nikshiqi (409) 237-5665 36920 Hwy 365 Ste 100, Port Arthur, TX 77642 nikshiqiylber@gmail.com www.greekgyrosII.com Restaurants/Caterers

38 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

Greenlawn Memorial Park Keith Brown (409) 962-8448 3900 Twin City Hwy., Groves, TX 77619 Melissa.Livingston@Dignitymemorial.com www.gl-memorialpark.com Cemeteries & Monuments Greens on Turtle Creek, The Brenda Pratt (409) 722-7274 3200 Turtle Creek Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 manager@thegreensonturtlecreekapts.com Apartments/Townhomes/Condos Greson Technical Sales Co., Inc. Tammie Burge (409) 899-2351 8040 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77708 gresonsales@aol.com www.gresonsales.com Industrial Sales & Service Griffith Moseley Johnson (GMJ) & Associates Carl R. Griffith (409) 722-5100 2901 Turtle Creek Dr., Ste.445, Port Arthur, TX 77642 ctran@carlrgriffith.com www.gmjinc.com Consultant - Public & Governmental Affairs Grinnell Computers Kevin Grinnell (409) 838-1895 575 N 7th Street, Beaumont, TX 77702 kevin@grinnellcomputers.com www.grinnellcomputers.com Computer Technology Groves Laundry Basket Deborah Healey Drago (409) 962-5331 5900 39th Street, Groves, TX 77619 deborah@groveslaundrybasket.com www.groveslaundrybasket.com Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

Guillory Transport Xpress, LLC Joseph L. Guillory (281) 804-0820 2715 34th, Port Arthur, TX 77640 jguil2000@yahoo.com Trucking Gulf Coast - A CRH Company Kal Kincaid (409) 866-1444 12907 US Hwy 90, Beaumont, TX 77713 kal.kincaid@gc-texas.com Contractors - General Gulf Coast Health Center, Inc. Marsha Thigpen, MD (409) 983-1161 2548 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 karledge@gulfcoasthc.org www.gulfcoasthc.org Health Centers Gulf Coast Orthodontic Specialists Dr. Ronald Risinger (409) 729-2371 7900 Medical Center Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 bracedoc2000@yahoo.com www.drrisingersmiles.com Dentists - Orthodontist Gulf Copper & Manufacturing Corporation Steve Hale (409) 989-0300 5700 Procter Extension, Port Arthur, TX 77642 jchampagne@gulfcopper.com www.gulfcopper.com Ship Repairs & Maintenance Gulf Credit Union Ron Burkhalter (409) 963-1191 5140 W. Parkway, Groves, TX 77619 suerogers@gecu.org www.gecu.org Credit Unions

GSM Insurors Greg Chubon (713) 647-9521 10497 Town & Country Way # 132, Houston, TX 77024 gpchubon@gsminsurors.com Insurance

Gulf Health Care Center - Port Arthur Carrie Jeanis (409) 962-5541 6600 Ninth Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 GulfHCPAAdministrator@swltc.com www.swltc.com Nursing Homes / Rehabilitation Services

GT Logistics Bart Owens (409) 983-5350 1998 Highway 73W, Port Arthur, TX 77640 b.maida@gtomniport.com www.gtomniport.com Industrial - Petrochemical Services

Gulf Metal Recycling, LLC Johanna Coleman (409) 433-1404 3830 FM 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 johanna@gulfmetalrecycling.com www. gulfmetalrecycling.com Metal Recycler

GuardTech Pest Management Fred Turner (409) 813-2290 6550 Concord Rd., Beaumont, TX 77708 Fred@guardtechpest.com www.guardtechpest.com Pest Control

Gulfcon, Inc. David Montondon (409) 721-5500 PO Box, 1212, Groves, TX 77627 gulfcon@sbcglobal.net Engineering Services

Gulfspan Industrial LLC. Blake Smalley (409) 842-8808 5990 Chance Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 bsmalley@gulfspan.net www.gulfspanindustrial.com Industrial Construction


H.B. Neild & Sons, Inc. Thomas B. Neild (409) 842-2272 5950 Walden Road, Beaumont, TX 77707 thomasneild@hbneild.com www.hbneild.com Industrial Contractors H.E.B. Pantry - Hwy. 365 Tinnie Guillard (409) 722-1369 4800 B Hwy. 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 lee.michael@heb.com www.hebgrocery.com Grocers Haddon + Cowan Architects Michael D. Cowan (512) 374-9120 2301 E. Riverside Dr. Bldg A, Ste.90, Austin, TX 78741 mcowan@haddoncowan.com www.haddoncowan.com Architects Hallwood Modular Buildings, LLC - Gert Lessing Gert Lessing (409) 351-3222 19262 HWY 62 South, Orange, TX 77630 info@hallwoodmodular.com www.hallwoodmodular.com Industrial - Petrochemical Services Hampton Inn & Suites Brian Monte (409) 722-6999 7660 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.portarthursuites.hamptoninn.com Hotels & Motels Hansa Meyer Global Transport Rodney Revells (713) 993-7649 2315 North Street, Ste.112, Beaumont, TX 77702 brokerage@hansameyer.com www.hansameyer.com Transportation Hargrove Engineers & Constructors Shannon Cloud (409) 984-3684 410 N. Memorial Frwy, Nederland, TX 77627 jsnider@hargrove-epc.com www.hargrove-epc.com Engineering Services & Construction

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Hartmann Building Specialties, Ltd. Claude Whitaker (409) 866-6103 9610 Walden Road, Beaumont, TX 77707 cwhitaker@hbsltd.net www.hbsltd.net Disaster Restoration Civil and Building Construction

Hinds Quality Fences, Inc. Rhonda Schmidtke (409) 962-3801 5150 Hogaboom Road, Port Arthur, TX 77642 rhonda@hindsfence.com www.hindsfence.com Fence Construction

Hotard Coaches, Inc. Gary Chetoni (469) 307-6265 4700 Hwy 73, Port Arthur, TX 77640 Garyc@hotard.com www.hotard.com Motor Carriers & Busses

Harvest Time Bible Church Marvin E. Moore (409) 985-3787 4430 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77641 church@harvesttimebiblechurch.org www.harvesttimebiblechurch.org Churches

Hinds, Holly Holly Hinds (409) 728-6206 906 S. Twin City Hwy., Nederland, TX 77627 hollyhindshomes@gmail.com www.hollyhinds.com Real Estate

Howard’s Auto & Industrial Supply Butch Parks (409) 982-9478 3301 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 info@howardsauto.com www.howardsauto.com Auto & Industrial Supply

Hayes Real Estate Jeff Hayes (409) 728-6464 4101 Turtle Creek Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 hayesrealestate@yahoo.com Real Estate Commercial & Industrial

Hobson & Bradley Tina H. Bradley (409) 838-6410 316 N 13th Street, Nederland, TX 77627 tbradley@hobsonlaw.com www.hobsonbradley.com Attorneys

Howell Furniture Co., Inc. Shawn Hanley (409) 832-2544 6095 Folsom Dr., Beaumont, TX 77706 salesbmt@howellfurniture.com www.howellfurniture.com Furniture

HeatEx Industries, Inc. Troy Rembert (409) 751-3300 PO, Box 20211, Beaumont, TX 77720 sbender@heatexinc.net www.heatexinc.net Industrial Contractors HEMI Systems, LLC Westley Dorman (409) 299-9023 4849-C Lafin Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 w.dorman@hemisystems.com www.hemisystems.com Contractors - General Hernandez Office Supply Bernie Hernandez (409) 724-0135 119 17th Street, Nederland, TX 77627 info@hernandezsupply.com www.hernandezsolutions.com Office Supplies, Copiers, Equipment & Furniture HFG Wealth Management, LLC Larry A. Harvey (832) 585-0110 3240 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 larry@hfgwm.com www.hfgwm.com Investments / Advisors Hidden Palms RV Park Ken Keyes (409) 999-6066 412 Hwy 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 hiddenpalmsrv@gmail.com www.hiddenpalmsrvpark.com Rv Parks Higginbotham Insurance Agency Leonard Forey (409) 723-5900 3500 Hwy. 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 lforey@higginbotham.net www.higginbotham.net Insurance

Holiday Home Park Central Bally Singh (409) 724-5000 2929 Jimmy Johnson, Port Arthur, TX 77642 holidayin29@gmail.com www.booking.com/hotel/us/port-arthur-park-central.html Hotels & Motels Holiday Inn & Suites Beaumont Plaza Sara McDonald (409) 842-5995 3950 I-10 South, Beaumont, TX 77705 s.mcdonald@esperantodev.com www.ihg.com Hotels & Motels Holiday Inn Express Aireana Allen (409) 853-4114 3115 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 aireana.allen@dpgpartners.com www.hiexpress.com Hotels & Motels Holmes Insurance Agency Bobby Holmes (409) 982-1200 1120 Woodworth Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 bholmes@farmersagent.com www.farmersagent.com/bholmes Insurance Home Furniture Bill Gragg (409) 724-5760 2230 Hwy 365, Nederland, TX 77627 bgragg@homefurn.com www.homefurn.com Furniture HOME2 Suites by Hilton Port Arthur Dena Rambo (409) 999-3464 2750 Home Two Plaza, Port Arthur, TX 77642 dena.rambo@hilton.com www.home2suites.com Hotels & Motels

40 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021


ICON Builders LLC Chris Akbari (409) 727-0338 3800 Highway 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 Chris.Akbari@iconbuilders.net www.iconbuilders.net Construction - General iHeartMedia Ryan Tremont (409) 896-5555 2885 IH 10 E, Beaumont, TX 77702 timthomas@iheartmedia.com Radio Stations Impact Plumbing LLC Charles Marcum (409) 962-5547 3944 Main Ave., Groves, TX 77619 chris.marcum@impactplumbingllc.com www.impactplumbingllc.com Plumbing-commercial And Residential Inchcape Shipping Services Kevin Mitchell (409) 727-0588 2300 Highway 365, Ste. 220, Nederland, TX 77627 kevin.mitchell@iss-shipping.com www.iss-shipping.com Marine Shipping Industrial Pipe & Valve Aaron Hebert (409) 736-7667 5400 Twin City Hwy, Port Arthur, TX 77642 ahebert@isupplypvf.com www.isupplyrental.com Pipe Valve Fitting Wholesale Distributor

Industrial Power & Rubber, Inc. Scott Boaz (409) 886-5700 7310 Hwy 87 N, Orange, TX 77632 scott@industrialpowerandrubber.com www.industrialpowerandrubber.com Industrial Sales & Service Industrial Safety Training Council Katie Cellie (409) 724-2565 3749 Hwy. 69, Beaumont, TX 77705 savanna@istc.net www.istc.net Industrial Training Centers Industrial Specialist LLC Cody Kelly (409) 789-8849 5730 FM 646 East, Dickinson, TX 77539 mkelly@indspec.com indspec.com Industrial Construction Industrial Specialty Crafts, LLC Paul Brown (409) 813-1167 6164 W. Port Arthur Rd., Beaumont, TX 77705 paul.brown@industrialscaffolding.net Industrial Industrial Speed Group, LLC Chad Blanchard (844) 449-3769 7453 Frint Road, Beaumont, TX 77705 cblanchard@industrialspeedgroup.com Construction-hydroexcavation Industrial Thermal Services, LLC Ryan Aras (409) 886-9700 2711 Hwy 87, Orange, TX 77630 raras@its-thermal.com www.its-thermal.com Thermal Processing Infinity Staffing Solutions, LLC Nicole Phillips-Smith (409) 527-5463 906 Hwy. 69 North, Nederland, TX 77627 nicole@infstaffing.com www.infstaffing.com Employment Agencies Insulations, Inc. Clarence Cheatham (713) 263-0717 6650 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N. Ste.400, Houston, TX 77041 mail@insulationsinc.com www.insulationsinc.com Contractors - Special Services ISC Constructors, LLC Craig Messer (409) 842-3500 6350 Walden Road, Beaumont, TX 77707 cmesser@iscgrp.com www.iscgrp.com Electrical & Instrumentation Contractor

IWS Gas and Supply of Texas, LTD Ricky Byrd (409) 842-5795 2060 West Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 ricky.byrd@gasandsupply.com www.gasandsupply.com Industrial Gases & Equipment


J & C Brown Institute for Learning Dr Johnny E Brown (409) 332-8405 3950 Royal Meadows Street, Port Arthur, TX 77642 johnnedwardbrown@aol.com www.jcbil.com Education J. Z. Russell Industries James Russell (409) 300-4857 925 West Jade Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 james.russell@jzrussellind.com www.jzrussellind.com Industrial Inspection Jacob Transportation Inc. Tabitha Lewis (409) 548-0584 2100 Main Ave, Groves, TX 77619 lewisatj@gmail.com Transportation James J. Flanagan Shipping Corp. Tom Flanagan (409) 833-5053 595 Orleans, Ste.1500, Beaumont, TX 77701 tomf@jjflanagan.com Stevedores Jared’s Paint and Body Jared Trimble (409) 548-4969 4349 N. Link Street, Groves, TX 77619 jared@jaredspaintandbody.com www.jaredspaintandbody.com Collision Repair and Auto Body Jason’s Deli Accounts Payable (409) 727-6420 3260 Hwy 365, Central Mall, Port Arthur, TX 77627 cnm@jasonsdeli.com www.jasonsdeli.com Restaurants/Caterers JBS Shrimp Packing Company, Inc. Jack Hemmenway (409) 982-3216 101 Houston Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77641 jbspacking@aol.com Shrimp Packaging JD Knight Construction J.D. Knight (409) 727-3275 PO Box 263, Nederland, TX 77627 jdknightconstruction@gmail.com Construction - General

Jeff R. Branick,County Judge Jeff Branick (409) 835-8466 PO Box, 4025, Beaumont, TX 77704 jbranick@co.jefferson.tx.us Individual Members Jefferson County Go Texan Clint Burges (409) 201-8434 5802 Washington Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77707 clint@jeffersoncogotexan.com www.jeffersoncogotexan.com Organizations - Non Profit Jefferson County Republican Party, Texas Dina Carr (409) 861-4481 7060 Phelan Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77706 jeffcorptx@gmail.com www.jeffcorp.us@jcrp Non-profit Organization JJ&D Construction Joel Hernandez (409) 548-0828 6441 39th Street, Groves, TX 77619 jj.dconstruction@yahoo.com Construction - Concrete JK Chevrolet Subaru Daylyn Turner (409) 722-0443 1451 Hwy 69, Nederland, TX 77627 rturner@jkchevrolet.com www.jkchevrolet.com,www.jksubaru.com Auto Dealers JM Test Systems, Inc. Kathryn Kight (409) 460-5252 3947 Lincoln Ave., Groves, TX 77619 kathrynkight@jmtest.com www.jmtest.com Industrial Sales & Service Johnnie-on-the-Spot Wayne Colicher (409) 724-6647 4635 Hodgson Rd., Nederland, TX 77627 rtrahan@cjots.com www.cjots.com Portable Toilets JT Thorpe Company John Worthy (409) 838-9121 6001 Highland Ave., Beaumont, TX 77705 stephen.reynolds@thorpepme.com www.ThorpePME.com Industrial Contractors Julian Salter Co. Stuart Salter (409) 729-3298 3230 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 stuart@juliansalter.com www.juliansalter.com Insurance

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Junior Achievement of the Golden Triangle Patricia Woolridge (409) 833-3860 505 Milam St., Ste. 700, Beaumont, TX 77701 patricia.woolridge@ja.com www.goldentriangle.ja.org Organizations - Education


Karrena LLC Krystian Kozlowski (281) 520-7279 2319 Timberloch Place Ste.B, Woodlands, TX 77380 krystian.kozlowski@karrena-llc.com www.karrena-llc.com Engineering Services & Construction KAT Construction Belinda Trest (409) 753-1700 16531 Hwy 105, Sour Lake, TX 77659 btrest@katconstruction.net www.katconstruction.net Excavating and Equipment Services KBMT-TV, Channel 12 Bruce Cummins (409) 833-7512 525 I-10 South, Beaumont, TX 77701 12news@12Newsnow.com www.12Newsnow.com Tv Stations & Cable KBTV Channel 4 Darren Lehrmann (409) 840-4444 6155 Eastex Fwy., Ste. 300, Beaumont, TX 77706 dlehrmann@sbgtv.com www.setxhomepage.com Tv Stations & Cable Keller Shawn Jungwirth (281) 668-1870 509 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Suite 550, Houston, TX 77060 shawn.jungwirth@keller-na.com keller-na.com Environmental & Geotechnical Construction Keller Williams Realty of Southeast Texas Kathy Cleveland (409) 860-3170 6310 Delaware Ext, Beaumont, TX 77706 kathy@kathycleveland.com www.kwsetx.com Real Estate Kelly Educational Staffing/Kelly Services, Inc. Tomara Anderson (409) 989-6156 4801 9th Ave., B102, Port Arthur, TX 77642 toma919@kellyservices.com www.kellyservices.com Employment Agencies

Key Real Estate Properties, LLC Keely Ritchey (409) 722-5397 PO Box 249, Nederland, TX 77627 kmritchey@outlook.com www.keyrealestateproperties.com Real Estate KFDM-TV, Channel 6 Tina Laguna (409) 892-6622 2955 IH 10 East, Beaumont, TX 77702 news@kfdm.com www.KFDM.com Tv Stations & Cable KLH Equipment, LLC. Melissa Granger (409) 729-4000 2403 N Twin City HWY, Nederland, TX 77627 melissa@klhequipment.com www.klhequipment.com Equipment Rental & Sales-industrial And Commercial KLV Ventures Fred Vernon (832) 434-7951 2040 Williams Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 fredvernon@klvventures.com www.klvventures.com Transportation Knife River Albert Wamack (409) 981-7623 4825 Romeda Road, Beaumont, TX 77705 albert.wamack@kniferiver.com www.kniferiver.com Concrete Materials/Construction Materials Knight Industrial Services, Inc. Riley Knight (281) 421-5049 6802 East Freeway, Baytown, TX 77521 rknight@knightis.com www.knightis.com Industrial Contractors KT Maintenance Company, Inc. Melinda McNulty (409) 982-9952 800 Procter Street, Port Arthur, TX 77640 kenny.tims@ktmaintenance.com www.ktmaintenance.com Industrial Contractors


La Quinta Inn & Suites Vidia Persaud (409) 722-8383 7540 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 lq0869gm@laquinta.com www.lq.com Hotel

42 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

La Real Michoacana M. Quiroz (409) 989-8415 2949 College Street, Suite 135, Beaumont, TX 77701 mquiroz23@hotmail.com Restaurants LaBelle RV Park Steve Dengler (409) 796-2910 8351 FM 365, Beaumont, TX 77705 sdengler911@sbcglobal.net www.labellerv.com Lodging LaComb Health and Wellness Christine LaComb (409) 962-8509 6000 39th Street, Ste.B, Groves, TX 77619 lacombhw@yahoo.com www.lacombhealth.com LaGrone Services, Ltd (LSI) General Contractors and Construction Managers Kerry R. LaGrone (281) 444-9275 10204 Fairbanks N. Houston Road, Houston, TX 77064 krlagrone@lsi-gc.com Contractors - General Lamar Advertising of Beaumont Wendy Nicholson (409) 842-4881 4520 W. Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 wnicholson@lamar.com www.lamar.com Advertising & Public Relations - Billboards Lamar Institute of Technology Dr. Lonnie L. Howard (409) 880-8185 Po Box 10043, Beaumont, TX 77710 pltanner@lit.edu www.lit.edu Education-college, Academic, and Technical Lamar State College-Port Arthur Betty Reynard (409) 983-4921 1500 Procter Street, Port Arthur, TX 77641 Betty.Reynard@lamarpa.edu www.lamarpa.edu Colleges Lance Rental Company Jacob Marceaux (409) 736-2900 1060 Hwy 365, Port Arthur, TX 77640 Jacob.marceaux@lancerental.com Www.lancerentalcompany.com Equipment Rental & Sales-industrial And Commercial Larco Industries, Inc. Leroy Fagg (409) 866-9155 9655 Walden Road, Beaumont, TX 77707 leroy@larcoind.com www.larcoind.com Steel & Aluminum Fabrications

Larry’s Discount Liquor Thomas Messina (409) 982-4261 2606 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 Liquor Stores Law Financial Services Eileen Law Cure (409) 727-3877 3016 Nederland Ave., Nederland, TX 77627 eileen.cure@cureandassociates.com www.cureandassociates.com Investments / Advisors Lawton Printing Services Danielle Lamsma (800) 456-5804 4111 E Mission, Spokane, WA, 99202 donnae@lawton-publishing.com www.lawton-publishing.com Printers Leak Sealers, Inc. Matt Miguez (409) 755-7325 534 N. LHS Dr., Lumberton, TX 77657 info@leaksealers.com www.leaksealersinc.com On Line Leak Repair Levingston Funeral Home Kathy Levingston Lewis (409) 962-4455 5601 39th St., Groves, TX 77619 kathy@levingstonfuneralhome.com www.levingstonfuneralhome.com Funeral Homes LifeShare Blood Center Beaumont Shawn Melancon (409) 838-5289 4305 Laurel Ave., Beaumont, TX 77707 tifmoore@lifeshare.org www.lifeshare.org Blood Banks & Centers LJA Engineering, INC Donnie Courville (409) 813-1862 2615 Calder, Ste. 500, Beaumont, TX 77702 bworsham@ljaengineering.com www.ljaengineering.com Engineering Services Lofton Staffing Services Dustin Winn (409) 833-0800 85 I-10 North Regents Park, Ste. 207, Beaumont, TX 77707 beaumont@loftonstaffing.com www.loftonstaffing.com Employment Agencies Longhorn Steakhouse Jeremy Fults (409) 892-1212 5920 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77708 jfults@loho.com www.longhornsteakhouse.com Restaurants

Lower Neches Valley Authority (LNVA) Scott Hall (409) 892-4011 7850 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77708 annette@lnva.dst.tx.us www.lnva.dst.tx.us Government-water Authority

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc Jason Lynch (409) 835-4933 PO Box 5187, Beaumont, TX 77726 candace.clark2@martinmarietta.com www.martinmarietta.com Concrete Materials/Construction Materials

LSJ Trucking, Inc. Taslim Juman (409) 728-9597 5020 Fannett, Beaumont, TX 77705 lsjtrucking@att.net www.lsjtrucking.com Trucking

Marvelia’s Kitchen Marvelia Maldonado (956) 336-1581 2197 Washington Bld, Beaumont, TX 77705 vicentam91@gmail.com Restaurants


Magic Express Wash and Lube Megan Knott (409) 626-0743 2550 FM 365, Port Arthur, TX 77627 mknott@kempproperties.org www.magicwashexpress.com Wash & Lube Magnolia Manor Kenny Blanda (409) 962-5785 4400 Gulf Ave., Groves, TX 77619 kblanda@cantexcc.com cantexcc.com Nursing Homes / Rehabilitation Services Magnum Fire and Safety Systems Jeanne Licatino (409) 963-0161 6648 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 jml7117@aol.com www.magnumfire.com Manufacturing Mammoet Wayne Smith (281) 369-2200 20525 FM 521, Rosharon, TX 77583 wayne.smith@mammoet.com www.mammoet.com Transportation Manning’s Office Solutions Gale Daigle (409) 899-1122 1510 North 7th Street, Beaumont, TX 77703 info@manningsos.com www.manningsos.com Office Supplies, Equipment & Furniture Maplewood Industrial Bryan Miller (337) 313-1083 5175 Maplewood Dr., Sulphur, LA, 70663 bj@maplewoodindustrial.com www.maplewoodindustrial.com Industrial Support Services Marine Fueling Service, Inc. Christopher Bean (409) 962-8424 9000 Yacht Club Road, Port Arthur, TX 77642 Marine Fuel Services

Mary Ann Nails & Luxury Spa (409) 984-5555 3920 Gulfway Dr. #B, Port Arthur, TX 77642 tranduyentram@yahoo.com Nail Salon & Spa Mason Construction, LTD. Chad Mason (409) 842-4455 6285 Walden Rd., Beaumont, TX 77707 mail@masonconstruction.net www.masonconstruction.net Construction - Civil Engineering Mathews Jewerlers Mid County Michael Price (409) 724-2045 3308 Hwy 365, Nederland, TX 77627 michael@mathewsjewelers.com www.mathewsjewelers.com Jewelers MaxBowl Doug Davidson (409) 722-8300 3500 Regional Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 doug@maxbowl.com www.maxbowl.com Entertainment & Recreation Mazur & Vernon, C.P.A.’s Joe C. Vernon (409) 729-1234 1234 Boston Ave., Nederland, TX 77627 jcv@mv-cpa.com www.mv-cpa.com Accountants - Certified Public McAlister’s Deli Erik Roedahl (409) 729-3354 8393 Memorial Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77640 mcdeli525@thesaxtongroup.com www.mcalistersdeli.com Restaurants/Caterers McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Josh Davis (832) 694-6100 15415 Market Street, Channelview, TX 77530 jrdavis@mccarthy.com www.mccarthy.com Contractors - General

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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McDermott Ira McNeil (713) 369-6224 915 N Eldridge pkwy, Houston, TX 77079 www.mcdermott.com Construction - General MciLvain Enterprises, Inc. Lanny MciLvain (409) 296-4531 2510 McBride Devillier Loop, Winnie, TX 77665 www.mcilvainenterprises.com Industrial Supplies MCM Elegante’ Hotel & Conference Center Angie Schade (409) 842-3600 2355 IH 10 South, Beaumont, TX 77705 billbianchi@mcmelegante.com www.mcmelegante.com Hotels & Motels MCT Credit Union Sandra Duvall (409) 727-1446 2736 Nall Street, Port Neches, TX 77651 www.mctcu.org Credit Unions Medical Center of Southeast Texas, The Samatha Schroeder (409) 724-7389 2555 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 kcelli@iasishealthcare.com www.medicalcentersetexas.com Hospitals Mexican Heritage Society Zulema Escobedo (409) 724-6134 PO Box 1669, Groves, TX 77619 mheritage68@aol.com Organizations - Arts Mid County Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat Elizabeth Patten (409) 237-5500 8181 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 mwagoner@midcountycdjr.com www.midcountycdjr.com Auto Dealers Mid County Pharmacy Raj Iska (409) 853-4100 1505 South, Highway 69, Nederland, TX 77627 midcountyrx@gmail.com www.midcountypharmacy.com Pharmacies Mid County Plumbing Dale Fortune (409) 727-6833 3519 Central Blvd., Nederland, TX 77627 lg@midcountyplumbing.com www.midcountyplumbing.com Plumbing Contractors

Mid-America Contractors, LLC Elizabeth Cravens (409) 962-3600 3900 E. Parkway St., Port Arthur, TX 77619 elizabeth@m-ac.us www.midamericacontractors.net Industrial Contractors

Motiva Port Arthur Manufacturing Complex Claire Jackson (409) 971-6449 2555 Savannah Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 verna.rutherford@motiva.com www.motiva.com Petroleum Refineries

MK Constructors Carrie Vincent (409) 769-0089 16736 IH 10, Vidor, TX 77662 sales@mkconstructors.com www.mkconstructors.com Construction - General

MRC Global Kyle Krienke (409) 727-1411 6375 Hwy 347, Beaumont, TX 77705 kyle.krienke@mrcglobal.com www.mrcglobal.com Industrial Sales & Service

MMR Constructors, Inc. Jeremy Bruser (409) 727-0456 7065 Fannett Rd,, Beaumont, TX 77705 jbruser@mmrgrp.com www.mmrgrp.com Electrical & Instrumentation Contractor

Munro’s Safety Apparel Susan Gallier (409) 982-4900 8565 Memorial Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 cphelps@munrosinc.com www.munrossafety.com Safety Products

Mobiloil Federal Credit Union Lori Higgins (409) 924-5187 1131 S Memorial Highway, Nederland, TX 77627 lhiggins@mofcu.org www.mobiloilcu.org Credit Unions

Museum of the Gulf Coast Tom Neal (409) 982-7000 700 Procter St., Port Arthur, TX 77640 mogc.director@gmail.com www.museumofthegulfcoast.org Museums

Mojo’s Mini Mansions Bami Carmane (409) 769-5253 270 FoxGlove Dr., Vidor, TX 77662 bami_don@yahoo.com Cabin Rentals

Mustang Rental Services Ray Earnheart (409) 722-7368 3200 N. Twin City Hwy, Nederland, TX 77627 rearnheart@mustangcat.com Heavy Equipment Rentals

Monclas Ken Moncla (409) 840-9051 2530 W. Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 catering@monclas.com www.monclas.com Caterers Moran-Gulf Shipping Agencies Andy Collins (409) 722-9393 2615 Calder, Beaumont, TX 77702 pta@moranshipping.com www.moranshipping.com Marine Transportation & Dock Services Moses, Charles R., M.D. Charles R. Moses (409) 729-3294 7980 Anchor Dr., Bldg. #1100, Port Arthur, TX 77642 tonya@drmosesoffice.com www.drmosesoffice.com Physicians - Obstetrics & Gynecology Motion Industries Drago Supply Division Rachel Comeaux (409) 983-4911 740 Houston Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 brent.rozell@motion-ind.com www.dragosupply.com Port Arthur Business Enterprise

44 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021


Nance International Jacquetta Walker (409) 838-6127 2915 Milam Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 jacquetta@nanceschool.com www.nanceinternational.com Industrial - Petrochemical Services Natgasoline Vanessa Davis (409) 344-9105 2366 Sulphur Plant Road, Beaumont, TX 77705 info@natgasoline.com Chemical Plants National Networks Shawn Maggio (409) 724-0440 2909 Spurlock Rd., Nederland, TX 77627 info@nationalnetworks.com www.nationalnetworks.com Computer Technology

NDT Latinoamerica S.A. de C.V. Antonio Koloffon Lara (521) 442-3596 lateral norte autopista 57 Mex-Qro Km 201 + 100, Queretaro, Qro, 76240 akloloffon@ndtlatinoamerica.com www.ndtlatinoamerica.com Inspection Companies Neches Federal Credit Union Jason Duplant (409) 722-1174 776 Magnolia, Port Neches, TX 77651 jduplant@nechesfcu.org www.nechesfcu.org Credit Unions Neches Management Services Corey Belanger (409) 554-0966 1440 Spindletop, Beaumont, TX 77705 NMS@thenechesgroup.com www.nechesmanagementservices.com Project Management Neches River Wheelhouse Lance Bradley (409) 853-1249 720 Lee Ave., Port Neches, TX 77651 setxwheelhouse@gmail.com www.nechesriverwheelhouse.com Restaurants NES Global Talent Craig Paterson (713) 551-4416 2300 Highway 365, Ste.410, Port Arthur, TX 77627 craig.peterson@nesgt.com www.nesgt.com Recruitment Company New Wave Welding Technology Gary Metreyeon (409) 721-9199 7102 Patillo Road, Beaumont, TX 77705 gary@newwavewelding.com www.newwavewelding.com Industrial Supplies Newtron Electrical Services Misti Woodson (409) 719-5656 1905 Industrial Park Rd, Nederland, TX 77627 achassidy@ntned.com www.newtronelectricalservices.com Electrical Contractors Nicaraguan Caribbean Kitchen Dennis Medina (409) 460-2066 1629 Woodworth Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77642 nirio_del@yahoo.com Restaurants/Caterers North Shore Steel Lisa Domec (409) 832-5604 1795 Laurel Street, Beaumont, TX 77703 lisa@nssco.com www.nssco.com Industrial


O’Rourke Petroleum Elizabeth Cepeda (409) 209-2850 6454 Industrial Road, Beaumont, TX 77705 amacaulay@orpp.com www.orpp.com Oil Distributor Occucare International Lhoren Morris (409) 722-0600 3411 Spurlock Road, Nederland, TX 77627 krystina.podhorsky@occ-int.com www.occucareinternational.com Occupational Medicine Occupational Medical Care Kristina Broussard (409) 727-2334 1323 S. 27th, Ste.100, Nederland, TX 77627 kbroussard@occmedcare.com www.occmedcare.com Health Care Services OCI Beaumont LLC Penny Campbell (409) 723-1900 5470 N Twin City Hwy., Nederland, TX 77627 frank.bakker@ocibeaumont.com www.ocipartnerslp.com Chemical Plants Office Depot Joe Bares (409) 722-1902 8455 Memorial Blvd., Ste. 300, Port Arthur, TX 77640 ods02178@officedepot.com www.officedepot.com Office Supplies/Technology, Furniture & Copy Center Ohmstede Industrial Services Buddy Tucker (409) 840-6644 950 West Jade Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 btucker@ohmstede.net www.ohmstede.com Industrial Contractors OMI Environmental Solutions Jackie Smith (409) 962-7226 8725 Industrial Circle, Port Arthur, TX 77640 jsmith@omies.com www.omies.com Environmental - Oil Cleanup Onpoint Industrial Services, LLC. Timothy Long (713) 947-0721 12859 North Highway 146, Dayton, TX 77535 bmtaylor@crg-us.net www.crg-us.net Contractors - Special Services

Open Mortgage Gene Dupuis (409) 466-9799 2182 Hwy 69 N, Nederland, TX 77627 gened@openmtg.com www.themtgpros.com Mortgage and Insurance Orgain Bell and Tucker L.L.P. Jack Carroll (409) 838-6412 PO Box 1751, Beaumont, TX 77704 jpc@obt.com www.obt.com Attorneys Otra Hispanic Media Fernando Ramirez (409) 549-1901 2735 Lakeshore Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77640 framirez1@gt.rr.com Marketing Oxbow Calcining, LLC Mike Holtham (409) 983-8422 3901 Coke Dock Road, Port Arthur, TX 77640 sheila.garcia@oxbow.com www.oxbow.com Petroleum Products


Pak Oil Company Tayoba Swati (409) 727-6700 2950 Turtle Creek Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 tswati@pak-oil.com Oil Distributor PAPA - Port Arthur for Positive Action Harold Underwood (409) 722-8023 4110 Cobblestone Lane, Port Arthur, TX 77642 bu4404@msn.com Organizations - Civic & Social ParFab Larry L. Richard (409) 853-1159 15615 East 590 Road, Inola, OK, 74036 jmonroe@parfabusa.com www.parfabusa.com Oil & Gas Field Services Park Ave. Cleaners Jonithan M. Richards (409) 722-6645 8649 Ninth Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 jlparkave@yahoo.com parkavediscountcleaners.com Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services Parker Building Supply Scott Parker (409) 983-2745 2948 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.parkerlumber.net Hardware & Lumber

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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ParkNation, INC. Soen Sheppard (832) 667-8054 4740 Ingevsoil St. No. 103, Houston, TX 77027 salesmanager@parknation.us www.parknationliving.com Mobile Home Parks and Rv Spaces

Personnel Staffing Ashley Nelson (409) 835-1191 6755 Phelan Blvd., Ste. 28, Beaumont, TX 77706 ashley@personnelstaffing.com www.personnelstaffing.com Staffing Services/Employment Services

Porche Aerial Imagery LLC Cody Porche (337) 540-8522 5853 E Kayleigh Ln, Lake Charles, LA, 70605 cody@porcheai.com www.porcheai.com Photographers - Aerial & Industrial

Partners in Primary Care Robert Callahan (409) 978-9041 501 Procter Ste.300, Port Arthur, TX 77640 rcallahan@partnersinprimarycare.com Healthcare

Petix Properties Tonya Petix (409) 749-9100 2725 Miller Street, Port Neches, TX 77651 tonya@usfirepump.com Real Estate

Pat Holmes Real Estate Pat Holmes (409) 727-1600 3800 Hwy 365, Ste.151, Port Arthur, TX 77642 patholmesrealtor@aol.com Real Estate

Phillips 66 David Cagnolatti (225) 344-3201 1214 Pecan Glen Dr., Nederland, TX 77627 david.a.cagnolatti@p66.com www.phillips66.com Industrial - Petrochemical Services

Port Arthur Community Federal Credit Union Sabrina Miguez (409) 729-7938 3100 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 sabrina@pac-fcu.com www.pac-fcu.com Credit Unions

Patriot Construction and Industrial Teddy Twigg (337) 935-6314 1213 Brai Dr. Ste.B, Beaumont, TX 77705 teddyt@patriot-construction.com www.patriot-construction.com Industrial Construction Patriot Security EOC Kim Dillow (409) 727-4944 1824 Nederland Ave., Nederland, TX 77627 managers@patriotsecurityeoc.com Security PCI Performance Contracting, INC. Tim Freeman (281) 817-9625 221 Beltway Green Blvd., Pasadena, TX 77503 timothy.freeman@pcg.com www.performancecontracting.com Speciality Products PCL Industrial Construction Co. Don Knicely (281) 241-3936 2322 W Grand Pkwy N Ste 200, Katy, TX 77449 djknicely@pcl.com www.tetonindustrial.com Industrial Construction Performance Blasting & Coating (PBC) Danese Gralino (409) 962-2222 PO Box 2007, Port Arthur, TX 77643 www.performanceblasting.com Painting Contractor Performance Contractors, Inc. Matt Montz (409) 724-1160 PO Box 83630, Baton Rouge, LA, 70884 jeremyc@performance-contractors.com www.performance-br.com Construction - General

Phoenix Digital Marketing Jacob Robles (409) 460-8147 6025 Terrell St., Groves, TX 77619 phoenixdrone1@gmail.com Video Marketing Pipefitters Local Union 211-Zone 195 Jeff Broussard (409) 722-0434 3246 US 69 Access Rd., Nederland, TX 77627 jeffb@pflocal211.com www.pipefitterslocal211.com Unions - Carpenters Platinum Copier Solutions LLC Mary Alice Kibodeaux (281) 645-4036 3930 FM 1960 Bypass Road East, Humble, TX 77338 marcy@platinumcopiers.com www.platinumcopiers.com Copiers Pleasure Island Advisory Board Jimmy R. Dike (409) 982-4675 520 Pleasure Pier Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 picportarthur@aol.com www.pleasureislandtx.com Government Pleasure Island RV Park Jimmy Dike (409) 651-4171 540 South Spoil Levee Road, Port Arthur, TX 77640 www.pleasureislandtx.com/park_rv.htm Rv Parks Polish Nail Bar Viet Nguyen (409) 727-1400 1601 S Hwy 69, Nederland, TX 77627 vietam12@gmail.com Beauty Salons

46 | Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

Port Arthur Convention & Tourist Association Tammy Kotzur (409) 985-7822 3401 Cultural Center Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.visitportarthurtx.com Tourism Port Arthur Economic Development Corporation Floyd Batiste (409) 963-0579 501 Procter Street, Ste.100, Port Arthur, TX 77640 info@paedc.org www.paedc.org Economic Development Port Arthur Higher Education Foundation Sam Monroe (409) 984-6114 PO Box 1446, Port Arthur, TX 77641 sam.monroe@lamarpa.edu www.lamarpa.edu Organizations - Education Port Arthur Housing Authority Cele Quesada (409) 984-2600 920 DeQueen Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77643 cele.quesada@pahousing.org www.pahousing.org Housing Port Arthur Independent School District Kristyn Hunt-Cathey (409) 989-6100 4801 9th Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.paisd.org Schools Port Arthur International Seafarers’ Center Doreen M. Badeaux (409) 982-4504 401 Houston Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77640 paseafarers@sbcglobal.net www.paseafarercenter.org Marine Seafarers’ Welfare Port Arthur Land Company Jason Hayes (409) 724-0089 4121 Turtle Creek Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 hayesrealestate@yahoo.com Real Estate Developers & Investors

Port Arthur LNG Anya H. McInnis 877-SEMPRA9 488 8th Ave., San Diego, CA, 92101 www.sempra.com Liquefied Natural Gas Port Arthur Park Apartments Cassandra Sanchez (409) 982-5500 1348 Jefferson Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 portarthurparkmgr@oakleafmgmt.com www.portarthurparkapt.com Apartments/Townhomes/Condos Port Arthur Police Blue Santa Mike Hebert (409) 724-6644 3120 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 lbradley@bradlaw.net Non-profit-public Charity Port Arthur Smiles Dr. Dhaval Thakkar (409) 548-0685 4997 North Twin City Highway, Ste. 140, Port Arthur, TX 77642 info@portarthursmiles.com www.portarthursmiles.com Dentists - General Port Arthur Teachers Federal Credit Union Cindy H. Drummond (409) 729-3075 3001 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77642 patfcu@patfcu.org www.patfcu.org Credit Unions Port of Port Arthur Larry Kelley (409) 983-2011 221 Houston Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77641 Anthony@portpa.com www.portpa.com Port Authorities Post Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospital of Beaumont Malisa Gilcrease (409) 937-0414 3340 Plaza 10 Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77707 MGilcrease@postacutebeaumont.com Hospital - Rehabilitation Pot-O-Gold Rentals LLC Daniel Pena (877) 768-6465 17650 Highway 124, Beaumont, TX 77705 daniel@potogoldwaste.com www.potogoldwaste.com Industrial Waste Praxair, Inc. Tom Cronin (409) 963-6415 6710 Hagaboom Road, Groves, TX 77619 tom_cronin@praxair.com Industrial Gases

Prime Choice Rentals Ryan Thompson (409) 722-9599 6795 Patillo Rd, Beaumont, TX 77705 sales@primechoicerentals.com www.primechoicerentals.com Equipment Rental & Sales-industrial And Commercial Primoris Industrial Constructors Tim McDougal (346) 352-5241 14455 Primoris Way, Houston, TX 77048 tmcdougal@prim.com www.prim.com Industrial Construction Prioux Chiropractic Center Michael R. Prioux (409) 729-6003 7650 Anchor Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642 priouxchirocenter@yahoo.com priouxchiro.com Physicians - Chiropractors Prosperity Bank Marry Imhoff (409) 962-8457 3434 Twin City Hwy., Groves, TX 77619 maryimhoff@prospertybankusa.com www.prosperitybanktx.com Banks PV Rentals LLC Angela Benoit (409) 722-9090 1210 N. Memorial Blvd, Nederland, TX 77627 abenoit@pvrentals.com www.pvrentals.com Truck Rental & Leasing


Quality Mat Company, Inc. Joe Penland (409) 898-1170 6550 Tram Road, Beaumont, TX 77713 penlandjr@aol.com www.qmat.com Mats - Hardwood


R & P Employer Solutions of Texas Tommy Kerans (409) 838-1220 3280 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77703 tommyk@rpes.biz www.setxpayroll.com Payroll Services R.L. Eldridge Construction, Inc. Jerry Eldridge (409) 971-2495 5100 Pearl Street, Sabine Pass, TX 77655 darvis@hughes.net Marine Contractors

RA Automation, LLC Preston McPayne (281) 941-4522 23019 FM 2100, Huffman, TX 77336 www.richardIG.com Industrial Construction and Engineering RAG Industrial Solutions, Inc. Kevin Menard (281) 998-6500 6022 Sycamore AV, Pasadena, TX 77503 randy@industrial-solution.com www.industrial-solution.com Industrial Contractors Rain For Rent Tyler Anderson (409) 962-3121 6401 Gulfway Dr., Groves, TX 77619 tanderson@rainforrent.com www.rainforrent.com Pumps - Industrial & Construction Raising Canes Chicken Fingers Codey Guidry (409) 724-2226 3324 Hwy 365, Nederland, TX 77627 caguidry@raisingcanes.com www.raisingcanes.com Restaurants/Caterers Rancho Grande Bar and Grill Carlos Gabino (409) 729-9105 7670 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77642 carlosbg911@hotmail.com www.ranchograndebargrill.com/ Restaurants Rao’s Bakery Jake Tortorice (409) 729-7267 3504 Hwy 365, Nederland, TX 77627 midcounty_raos@sbcglobal.net www.raosbakery.com Bakery Rao-Kothapalli, S. S. Rao-Kothapalli (409) 723-6600 2501 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., #500, Port Arthur, TX 77640 rao2@exp.net Physicians - Cardiology Rape & Suicide Crisis of SE Texas, Inc. Cheryl Williams (409) 832-6530 PO Box 3208, Beaumont, TX 77704 crisiscenterofsoutheasttxinc@gmail.com www.rapesuicidebeaumont.org Crisis & Family Assistance Rayon’s Locksmith Vickie Rayon (409) 982-1223 3824 Rachel Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 vickierayon@att.net Locksmith

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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RE/MAX First Charlie Foxworth (409) 727-3999 3720 Nederland Ave., Nederland, TX 77627 Charlie@rmxone.com www.remaxfirst-texas.com Real Estate RECON - Remedial Construction Services, L.P. Monique Barroso (281) 955-2442 9977 W Sam Houston Pwy N, Ste. 100, Houston, TX 77064 leslie.nash@reconservices.com www.reconservices.com Environmental & Geotechnical Construction Recon Engineering Roger Boyette (409) 842-8103 550 Fannin Street, Ste 850, Beaumont, TX 77701 rboyette@recon-group.com www.recon-group.com Engineering & Construction/Heavy Industries Red Bear Industries Ron Hebert (409) 835-0888 7822 W. Port Arthur Rd., Beaumont, TX 77705 info@redbear.us www.redbear.us Industrial Coatings Redfish Rentals, Inc. Jay Spikes (409) 883-8705 1750 South Hwy 87, Orange, TX 77630 jspikes@redfishrental.com www.redfishrental.com Rentals - General Redwine Construction Company David Redwine (409) 722-8373 201 Valley Forge, Port Arthur, TX 77640 tredwinde@gt.rr.com Excavating and Equipment Services Refractory Construction Services Jason Allien (409) 201-7097 2730 Hwy 69, Nederland, TX 77627 jallien@refconserv.com refconserv.com Industrial Contractors Regina Rogers Regina Rogers (409) 833-3663 2390 Dowlen Road, Beaumont, TX 77706 info@giftoflifebmt.org www.giftoflifebmt.org Organizations - Health & Medical RelaDyne Clint Caskey (409) 985-2508 947 Procter Street, Port Arthur, TX 77641 cindy@derrickoil.com www.reladyne.com Petroleum Products

Repcon Mika Coates 4680 South Sam Houston Pkwy East, Houston, TX 77048 info@repcon.com www.repcon.com Industrial Contractors Republic Services Bill Voigtman (409) 721-2231 6425 Highway 347, Beaumont, TX 77705 bvoigtman@republicservices.com www.republicservices.com Waste Disposal Reserve At Pinewood Village Laci Becker (409) 299-4445 8449 Pinewood Dr. Office, Port Arthur, TX 77640 m3354.manager2@capstonemanagement.com www.reserveatpinewoodvillage.com Apartments/Townhomes/Condos

Romero’s Glass Company John C. Romero Jr. (409) 983-1371 2450 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 romerosglass@att.net www.romerosglass.com Glass Rose Place Senior Living Kelley Henry (409) 722-3423 8214 Anchor Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 khenry@enlivant.com www.enlivant.com Senior Living Rotary Club of Port Arthur Dr. Johnny Brown PO Box 2041, Nederland, TX 77627 portarthurrotary@yahoo.com Organizations - Civic & Social

Riceland Diagnostic Health Ed Field (409) 626-3648 3445 Regional Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 efield@dxhealthcenters.com Medical - Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Centers

RT Technical Solutions, LLC. Kasey Taylor (409) 721-9100 4484 Hodgson Road, Nederland, TX 77627 ktaylor@rttechnicalsolutions.com www.rttechnicalsolutions.com Pipeline Products and Maintenance

Richard Industrial Group Richard Gaona (409) 832-7827 750 Pearl Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 richard.gaona@rig-rds.com www.RichardIG.com Industrial

Rubber Lining Specialists, LLC Rene’ Naquin (409) 886-5787 321 FM 1078, Orange, TX 77632 rene@rubberliningspecialists.com www.rubberliningspecialists.com Industrial Contractors

Ridgewood Church Dustin Guidry (409) 722-6153 2920 Lake Arthur Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 office@ridgewoodchurch.us www.ridgewoodchurch.us Churches

RUS Industrial John Jenrette (409) 237-0111 7836 Beauxart Garden Rd., Nederland, TX 77627 vosonnier@rusindustrial.com www.rusindustrial.com/ Industrial Construction

Rifco Ltd. Sheila Wright (409) 783-0269 3830 Hwy 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 rifco@rifcoltd.com www.rifcoltd.com Industrial Construction

RUSH Resources John Rush Jr. (409) 781-5911 2781 CR 639, Buna, TX 77612 jrush@rushresources.com www.rushresources.com Industrial Construction

Ritter Lumber Garth Brentlinger (409) 722-7561 PO Box 1265, Nederland, TX 77627 garth@ritterlumber.net www.ritterlumber.net Construction - Materials

Russel A. Buss-Engineer Russel A. Buss (409) 983-1160 2810 Las Palmas Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 russel.buss@yahoo.com Engineering Services

Robert A. “Bob” Bowers Civic Center Adam J. Saunders (409) 985-8801 3401 Cultural Center Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 adam.saunders@portarthurtx.gov www.portarthur.net Banquet Facilities

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Rutty & Morris, L.L.C. Chad Rutty (409) 729-4822 3703 Nederland Ave., Nederland, TX 77627 office@ruttyandmorris.com www.ruttyandmorrisllc.com Air Conditioning/Heating Equipment & Repair


S & S Investigations Security Inc. George Adams (409) 729-5701 3946 Franklin, Groves, TX 77619 george.adams@swbell.net www.ssinv.net Security S.T.A.R. Concrete Pumping Company, Inc. Dustin NeSmith (337) 401-7749 24223 Hutsmith-Korhville Rd., Tomball, TX 77375 dustin@starpumping.com www.starpumping.com Concrete Materials/Construction Materials Sabine Neches Navigation District Randy Reese (409) 729-4588 8180 Anchor Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 kmeehan@navigationdistrict.org www.navigationdistrict.org Port Authorities Sabine Pass ISD Kristi Heid (409) 971-2321 PO Box 1148, Sabine Pass, TX 77655 kheid@sabinepass.net www.sabinepass.net Schools Sabine Pass Motel Heman Patel (409) 213-5020 5623 Greenwich Street, Sabine Pass, TX 77655 hamanmpatel@yahoo.com Hotels & Motels Sabine Pass Port Authority Mic Cowart (409) 971-2411 5960 South 1st Ave., Sabine Pass, TX 77655 debbie@sabinepassportauthority.com www.sabinepassportauthority.com Port Authorities Sabine Pilots Service, Inc. Virginia Sonnier (409) 722-3126 5148 W. Parkway, Groves, TX 77619 virginia@sabinepilots.com www.sabinepilots.com Marine Transportation & Dock Services Sabine River Ford INC Lee Reeves (409) 883-3581 1601 Green Ave, Orange, TX 77630 accounting@sabineriverford.com www.SabineRiverFord.com Auto Dealers

Sabine Surveyors Patricia Wallace (409) 989-0310 5700 Procter Extension, Port Arthur, TX 77642 Patricia.wallace@sabinesurveyors.com www.sabinesurveyors.com Marine Surveyors & Service

Salvation Army, The Bernard Tolan (409) 983-2229 PO Box 2725, Port Arthur, TX 77643 Richard.Sessions@uss.salvationarmy.org www.salvationarmy.org Crisis & Family Assistance

Sabine Universal Products, Inc. Mark Beard (409) 985-2448 PO Box 295, Port Arthur, TX 77641 pbeard@sup-us.com www.sabineuniversalproducts.com Wholesale Companies

Samaritan Counseling Center of SETX Robin McCutcheon (409) 727-6400 7980 Anchor Dr., Bldg. 500, Port Arthur, TX 77642 samaritancenter@sccset.org www.sccset.org Counseling Services

Safeguard Financial & Insurance Group Inc. Jennifer Lewis (409) 292-7233 3015 Plaza Circle, Port Arthur, TX 77642 Safeguardtax@outlook.com safeguardprofessionals.com Financial Services

Sandifer’s L.P. Gas & Service Co., Inc. Richard Sandifer (409) 963-1269 5812 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77643 rds@sandiferslp.com www.sandiferslp.com Propane Items & Service

Safety Wear, LTD Gordon Worlow (409) 883-8000 8740 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 safetywearltd@yahoo.com Safety Apparel

Sanitary Supply Company, Inc. David Henderson (409) 866-2305 6790 College, Beaumont, TX 77707 sanitary@swbell.net www.sanitarysupplyinc.com Janitorial Supplies & Equipment

Sage Industrial Chris Dougan (409) 735-7368 18803 Hwy 62 South, Orange, TX 77630 www.gtirental.com Equipment Rental & Sales Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic School Haidee Todora (409) 962-3011 3840 Woodrow Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 rtolin@stcats.com www.stcats.org Schools - Private & Parochial Saint Joseph Catholic Church Rev. Kevin L. Badeaux (409) 982-6409 4600 Procter St., Port Arthur, TX 77642 kbadeaux57@yahoo.com www.stjosephportarthur.org Churches Saladin Pump & Equipment Co. Inc. Tim Weber (409) 860-3442 4510 W. Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 mail@saladinpump.com www.saladinpump.com Industrial Equipment Saltgrass Steakhouse Cheri Hylton (409) 722-1175 7945 Memoral Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77642 sgpa@ldry.com saltgrasssteakhouse.com Restaurants

SAVARD Personnel Group Romi Hallmark (225) 930-0685 710 W Prien Lake Rd. Ste.110, Lake Charles, LA, 70601 info@savardgroup.net www.savardgroup.net Staffing Services/Employment Services Schaumburg & Polk, Inc. Steve Jordan (409) 866-1365 1 Plaza Square, Ste.208, Port Arthur, TX 77642 sjordan@spi-eng.com www.spi-eng.com Engineering Services Schooner, The Steve Megas (409) 722-2323 1507 Hwy. 69, Nederland, TX 77627 george@theschoonerrestaurant.com Restaurants/Caterers Scrapworks Recycling Husain Dadahoy (409) 796-2100 2901 Highway 365 W, Port Arthur, TX 77640 hyd@scrapworks.com www.scrapworks.com Metal Recycler Seabulk Towing Services, Inc. Buddy Hicks (409) 962-0201 PO Box 905, Groves, TX 77619 jwilliams@ckor.com www.seabulktowing.com Marine Transportation & Dock Services

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Security Finance Amy Davis (409) 960-6524 1907 Jefferson Dr., Ste. 400, Port Arthur, TX 77642 Installment Lending & Tax Service Senior Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center Candice Hill (409) 727-1651 8825 Lamplighter, Port Arthur, TX 77640 seniorrehabadmissions@swltc.com SWLTC.com Nursing Homes / Rehabilitation Services ServiceMaster Recovery Services by TLC Paige Bigler (409) 735-6700 1310 I-H 10, Suite 104-A, Beaumont, TX 77707 www.servicemasterTLC.com Disaster Recovery SeTEX Construction Corp. Nathan Rivers (409) 842-8181 PO Box, 20678, Beaumont, TX 77720 nathanr@setexconstruction.com www.setexconstruction.com Contractors - General Setpoint Integrated Solutions Sherri Horn (409) 293-3669 865 South Business Park Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77640 www.setpointis.com Industrial Sales & Service SETX Properties - Neil & Julie Sanders Julie Sanders (409) 729-7389 207 N. 14th St, Nederland, TX 77627 julie@setxproperties.com www.setxproperties.com Real Estate SETX Training and Staffing Services, LLC Erika Banda-Meza (409) 923-8880 PO Box 493, Port Arthur, TX 77641 training@setxservices.com www.setxservices.com Education - Tutoring, Consulting, Diagnostic Testing Sherwin-Williams Company Ken St. John (409) 962-8444 2425 Jefferson Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.sherwin-williams.com Paints - Manufacturers, Dealers & Contractors SHORES M.D.S. Derek Paterson (281) 323-3287 1200 Hwy 146 South, Suite 176, La Porte, TX 77571 derek.paterson@shoresmds.com www.shoresmds.com Industrial Measurement

Sigma Engineers, Inc. Dr. Sina Nejad, P.E., P. Eng. (409) 898-1001 4099 Calder Ave., Beaumont, TX 77706 mail@sigmaengineers.com www.sigmaengineers.com Engineering - Civil & Structural

Southeast Texas Human Resource Association Patty Collins (409) 728-1211 PO Box 222, Bridge City, TX 77611 sethra@ymail.com www.sethra.shrm.org Organizations - Non Profit

Signature Group Cecile Cosca (409) 729-9329 346 Twin City Hwy., Port Neches, TX 77651 atupper@ts-grp.com www.ts-grp.com Disaster Restoration Civil and Building Construction

Southeast Texas Nonprofit Development Center Deborah Drago (409) 832-6565 700 North Street, Ste.O, Beaumont, TX 77701 ddrago@setxnonprofit.org www.setxnonprofit.org/ Non-profit Organization

SIP Services, LLC Bruno Fernandez (409) 985-7077 3049 Gulfway Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642 bruno@sipservicesllc.com www.sipservicesllc.com Industrial Insulation and Asbestos Abatement

Southeast Texas Water Matthew Gilby (409) 838-6261 PO Box 7068, Beaumont, TX 77726 matthew@southeasttexaswater.com www.southeasttexaswater.com Water Products & Services

Small Business Development Center Lamar State College-Port Arthur Linda I. Tait (409) 984-6530 1401 Procter St., Port Arthur, TX 77640 taitli@lamarpa.edu www.lamarpa.sbdcnetwork.net Economic Development

Southern Avionics Company Brooks Goodhue (409) 842-1717 5055 Belmont Street, Beaumont, TX 77706 brooks@southernavionics.com www.southernavionics.com Manufacturer & Service Provider

SMC Industries Brandon Kangas (281) 860-9950 2260 Applet Dr., Houston, TX 77015 bkangas@smcindustries.com www.smcindustries.com Insulation - Industrial Soutex Surveyors & Engineers Paula Leger (409) 983-2004 3737 Doctors Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 paula@soutex.net www.soutexsurveyors.com Engineering Services South County Physical Therapy Rehab. Clinic Mark Culver (409) 985-9365 6767 9th Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 scpt@att.net www.southcountyphysicaltherapy.com Physical Therapy Southeast Texas Arts Council Sue Bard (409) 835-2787 PO Box 3925, Beaumont, TX 77704 director@setxac.org www.setxac.org Organizations - Arts Southeast Texas Building Service, Inc. Robert Bodin, Jr. (409) 722-4900 PO Box 1562, Nederland, TX 77627 setbs@sbcglobal.net Janitorial Services

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SpawGlass Jerry Vandervoort (409) 681-4547 350 Pine Ste.310, Beaumont, TX 77701 payables@spawglass.com www.spawglass.com Contractors - General Specialty Insulation Solutions, LLC Brandon Kunk (409) 729-0630 1050 Detroit Ave., Nederland, TX 77627 bkunk@specialtyinsulationsolutions.com www.specialtyinsulationsolutions.com Insulation - Industrial Spidle & Spidle, Inc. Bill Spidle (409) 727-4400 401 W. 19th Street, Port Arthur, TX 77641 spidleoil@yahoo.com www.spidleoil.com Oil Distributor Spindletop Center - Beaumont Heather Champion (409) 839-1000 655 S. 8th St., Beaumont, TX 77701 heather.champion@stctr.org www.spindletopcenter.org Mental Health Services Spindletop Training & Industrial Resources, LLC Phil Hallmark (409) 293-3352 8700 9th Ave., Ste.103, Port Arthur, TX 77642 lydia@spindletopsafety.com www.spindletopsafety.com Industrial Support Services

Sprint Waste Services Serena Copeland (409) 736-3600 1000 S. Business Park Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77640 ssinegal@sprintwaste.com www.sprintwaste.com Environmental - Products & Services

Stone Creek Apartments Georgeann Arsenault Richardson (409) 729-4100 3035 Lake Arthur Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 stonecreek@pacapts.com www.stonecreekpa.com Apartments/Townhomes/Condos

Standard Alloys Inc. Karli Goff (409) 999-6303 PO Box 969, Port Arthur, TX 77640 karli.goff@standardalloys.com www.standardalloys.com Foundry & Machine Shops

STORK, a Fluor Company Angelica Stork (832) 781-5717 4911 Fannett Rd., Beaumont, TX 77705 angelica.garza@na.stork.com www.stork.com Marketing

Standard Constructors, Inc. Steve Blackmon (409) 727-5464 3800 Hwy 365, Ste. 139, Port Arthur, TX 77642 sblackmon@standardconstructors.com www.standardconstructors.com Industrial General Contractor

Stratigos Dynamics, Inc. Jason Wilbur (337) 515-5833 3827 Phelan Blvd # 233, Beaumont, TX 77707 jwilbur@sdinc.us www.sdinc.us Security / Personal

Standard Crain & Hoist LLC David Cunningham (409) 344-8870 2160 Wellspring, Beaumont, TX 77705 dcunningham@standardcrane.com Crane and Hoist

Strike , LLC Jason Heckt (888) 353-1444 1800 Hughes Landing Blvd. Ste. 500, The Woodlands, TX 77380 jason.heckt@strikeusa.com www.strikeusa.com Contractors - Pipeline

Steel Painters Inc. Judd Adams (409) 842-6060 7453 Frint Road, Beaumont, TX 77705 jadams@steelpainters.com www.steelpainters.com Painting Contractor Stevedoring Services of America (SSA) Shane Taylor (409) 984-5777 100 W. Lakeshore Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77641 shane.taylor@ssamarine.com www.ssamarine.com Stevedores Stewart Title Company of Jefferson County Jeanne Rodgers (409) 727-1070 8460 Central Mall Dr., Ste. G, Port Arthur, TX 77642 jeanne.rodgers@stewart.com www.stewartjc.com Title Companies STI Group John Chesser (409) 994-3570 3127 Texas Ave, Bridge City, TX 77611 rwhite@setxind.com www.setxind.com Industrial Contractors Stine Lumber Katie Stine (837) 476-7614 2950 Ruth Street, Sulphur, LA, 70663 katies11@stine.biz www.stinehome.com Building Supply

Sun Industrial Group, LLC Brandon McGhee 7420 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 bmcghee@sunindustrialgroup.com www.sunindustrialgroupllc.com Industrial Sunbelt Rentals Beth Bellows (409) 724-7368 9991 Highway 69, Port Arthur, TX 77640 www.sunbeltrentals.com Rental Superior Energies, Inc. Sean Scott (409) 962-8549 3115 Main Ave., Groves, TX 77619 sei@insulationsei.com www.insulationsei.com Insulation - Industrial

Stronghold Companies Chad Edgar (281) 402-7656 1440 Sens Rd., LaPorte, TX 77571 chad.edgar@strongholdlimited.com www.strongholdlimited.com Industrial Construction

Suburban Lodge-Port Arthur Harry Patel (409) 722-9120 6900 Memorial Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77642 gm.txe73@choicehotels.com www.suburbanhotels.com/hotel-port_arthurtexas-TXE73 Hotels & Motels

Sun Coast Resources, Inc. Price DuBose (713) 844-9600 5255 West Calder Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 www.suncoastresources.com Wholesale Fuel and Lubricant Marketer

Swagelok Southeast Texas Stacey Watson (409) 722-5310 3231 Highway 69 North, Nederland, TX 77627 stacey.watson@swagelok.com www.swagelok.com Industrial Sales & Service Symphony of Southeast Texas, The Douglas J. Fair (409) 892-2257 4345 Phelan, Ste. 105, Beaumont, TX 77707 sost@sost.org www.sost.org Theater Arts

STS Industrial, Inc. Scott Habetz (409) 882-9296 2917 E. Roundbunch Rd., Orange, TX 77630 davidg@stsindustrial.com www.stsindustrial.com Industrial Supplies

Summer’s Abbey Flooring Center Summer Coshman (409) 727-6469 3161 Nall Street, Port Neches, TX 77651 summer@americansteamaway.com www.summersflooringcenter.com Carpet & Rug Dealers

Superior Supply & Steel Tim Woods (409) 840-4800 4855 Fannett Rd., Beaumont, TX 77705 veaves@supstl.com www.supstl.com Pipe & Steel Fabricator Contractors

Synergi Partners, Inc Vanessa Carmack (843) 519-0803 151 West Evans Street, Florence, SC, 29501 tnorwood@synergipartners.com www.SynergiPartners.com/portarthur Consultant - Public & Governmental Affairs


T & L Solutions L.L.C. Travis Woods (409) 781-2217 PO Box 1093, Buna, TX 77612 lois@tlsolutions.us www.tlsolutions.us Business Consultants

T.J. Morgan, Inc. Nicole Smith (409) 962-1263 4260 Sheppard Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 tjmorgancooling@att.net www.tjmorgancooling.com Air Conditioning/Heating Equipment & Repair

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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TAM Services Group, Inc Barbie Smith (281) 318-5560 302 W. Pasadena Blvd, LaPorte, TX 77536 barbie.smith@tamservices.com www.tamservices.com Industrial Coatings

Texas Regional Title Ken Whitlow (409) 861-7300 7980 Anchor Dr., Bldg. 800, Port Arthur, TX 77642 ken.whitlow@texasregional.com www.texasregional.com Title Companies

The Phelan Group Construction, LLC. Aislinn Phelan (409) 828-1315 4345 Phelan Blvd Ste 103, Beaumont, TX 77707 bids@tpgconstructionllc.com www.tpgconstructionllc.com Construction - General

Team Fabricators Mike Schmidt (409) 962-0266 650 Main Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 mschmidt@teamind.com www.teamind.com Manufacturing

Texas State Optical Pam Housley (409) 963-0173 3429 Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 tsojeffersoncity@yahoo.com www.jeffersontso.com Optical, Optometrists, Opticians & Labs

The Port Arthur News Stephen Hemelt (409) 729-6397 2349 Memorial Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77640 panews@panews.com www.panews.com Newspapers

TechCorr Thomas Holt (409) 721-5777 3177 Summit Dr., Port Neches, TX 77651 tholt@techcorr.com www.techcorr.com Industrial General Contractor

Texas State Optical - Central Mall Dr. Barry Davis (409) 722-6141 8700 Central Mall Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 pamh_mgr_tso@yahoo.com www.midcountytso.com Optical, Optometrists, Opticians & Labs

The Sabina Executive Suites Joe Escobedo (409) 332-3430 3330 Roshen Ct., Port Arthur, TX 77642 greyrider2000@yahoo.com Rental Property

Tegge Insurance Agency Reno Derosier (409) 768-0264 1028 Helena Ave., Nederland, TX 77626 reno.d.derosier@gmail.com www.agents.farmers.com/rtegge Insurance

Texas State Representative Joe Deshotel Joe Deshotel (409) 212-1400 505 Orleans Street, Ste.105, Beaumont, TX 77701 joe.deshotel@house.state.tx.us Government

Thermon Brian Huddleston (409) 729-3337 332 Twin City Hwy., Port Neches, TX 77651 jfrederick@indprocessinsulation.net www.indprocessinsulation.net Insulation - Industrial

TexLa Development Group Ja Cee Stanley (409) 656-8850 6840 Phelan Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77707 JC@TexLaDevelopmentGroup.com TexLaDevelopment.Group Real Estate

Third Coast Bank Keat Chiasson (409) 527-8235 2901 Turtle Creek Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 kchiasson@thirdcoastbankssb.com www.thirdcoastbankssb.com Banks

The Decorating Depot, Inc. Sheila Smith (409) 724-6852 2665 Aero Dr. Ste.B, Port Arthur, TX 77640 ddepotinc@aol.com www.thedecoratingdepot.com Interior Designers

Thompson Engineering Garrett Fancher (337) 263-6007 18301 Highway 62 S, Orange, TX 77630 gfancher@thompsonengineering.com www.thompsonengineering.com Engineering Services

The Examiner Don J. Dodd (409) 832-1400 795 Willow, Beaumont, TX 77701 mail@theexaminer.com www.theexaminer.com Newspapers

Threads Embroidery, Screenprinting & Promotional Products Leisa Street (409) 727-4848 7747 Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 art@threadstexas.com Embroidery - Custom/Digitizing/Silkscreens

The HT Group Stephanie Grubbs (409) 898-8449 5695 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77706 stephanie.grubbs@thehtgroup.com www.thehtgroup.com Employment Agencies

Three Rivers Inn and Suites Carolyn Brosig (409) 983-8000 2015 TX-73, Port Arthur, TX 77640 daisy@hotelthreerivers.com www.hotelthreerivers.com Hotels & Motels

The ITEX Group, LLC Gilbert Contreras (409) 540-7187 3735 Honeywood Court, Port Arthur, TX 77642 chrisakbari@itexmgt.com www.itexgrp.com Property Development and Management

TNT Crane & Riggins, Inc. Kevin Cline (409) 729-5600 5245 N Twin City Hwy, Nederland, TX 77627 info@tntcrane.com www.tntcrane.com Equipment Rental & Sales-industrial And Commercial

Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies Paula Richardson (409) 982-5400 326 Thomas Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 prichardson@tekoacharterschool.org www.tekoacharterschool.org Public Charter School TEPCO Solutions Brittnay Schires (281) 428-3726 507 E Cedar Bayou Lynchburg Rd, Baytown, TX 77521 info@tepco.us www.tepco.us Project Controls Terracon Consultants, Inc. Scott Englebert (281) 455-5123 105 West Highway 365, Port Arthur, TX 77640 scott.englebert@terracon.com www.terracon.com Engineering Services & Construction Texas First Bank Mid County Charlotte Braquet (409) 729-0513 10607 Hwy 69, Port Arthur, TX 77640 charlotte.braquet@texasfirstbank.com www.texasfirstbank.com Banks Texas Gas Service Art Thomas (409) 963-7117 4201 39th Street, Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.texasgasservice.com Utilities - Gas Service

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Tolunay-Wong Engineers, Inc. Tyler Henneke (409) 840-4214 2455 W. Cardinal Dr., Ste. A, Beaumont, TX 77705 thenneke@tweinc.com www.tweinc.com Environmental & Engineering Services Tony’s Barbeque & Steakhouse Albino Ruiz (409) 984-5444 2749 Memorial Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77640 ruiz_albino@yahoo.com www.TONYS-BBQ.com Restaurants/Caterers Top Maintenance Services, LLC Jorge Mancilla Jr. (409) 300-4502 6245 Gulfway Dr., Groves, TX 77619 jorgejr@topmaintenanceservices.com www.topmaintenanceservices.com Industrial Construction TorcSill Foundations, LLC John Mitchell (409) 739-6329 4820 Stone Oak Dr. B, Beaumont, TX 77705 jmitchell@torcsill.com www.torcsill.com Industrial Total Investors LLC Ashley Starks (832) 256-6527 5318 Weslayan St, Ste. 179, Houston, TX 77005 totallyinvest@gmail.com Real Estate Developers & Investors TOTAL Port Arthur Refinery Bryan Canfield (409) 985-0363 PO Box 849, Port Arthur, TX 77641 www.totalpetrochemicalsusa.com Petroleum Refineries Total Safety Daniel Ardoin (409) 723-7400 365 FM 365, Port Arthur, TX 77640 jjohnson@totalsafety.com www.totalsafety.com Industrial Sales & Service

TPC Group Sara Cronin (713) 627-7474 One Allen Center, 500 Dallas St.,, Ste. 2000, Houston, TX 77002 www.tpcgrp.com Chemical Plants

Turner Industries Group, LLC Mark Brittain (409) 722-8031 2005 Industrial Prk Rd., Beaumont, TX 77627 www.turner-industries.com Industrial Contractors

Trans-Global Solutions, Inc. William F. Scott (409) 720-5400 PO BOX, 1998, Nederland, TX 77627 dscott@tgsgroup.com www.tgsgroup.com Railroad Services & Bulk Handling

Twin City Dental Center Barry Robertson (409) 962-9391 3707 Twin City Highway, Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.twincitydental.biz Dentists - General

Tri-City Welding and Fabrication Randy Walston (409) 796-1883 8505 Hwy 365, Beaumont, TX 77705 sales@tricitywelding.com www.tricitywelding.com Welding & Fabrication Triangle Area Network, Inc Dena Hughes (409) 832-8338 1495 N 7th St, Ste. 5, Beaumont, TX 77702 agibson@tanhealthcare.org www.tanhealthcare.org Health Care Services

Twin City Honda-Nissan John Draths (409) 727-2779 10549 Highway 69, Port Arthur, TX 77640 www.twincityhonda.com Auto Dealers


U.S. Fusion & Specialty Construction Angela Mongiello (832) 968-6000 1220 W. Tyler Street, Laporte, TX 77571 angelam@usfusion.com Construction-specialty

Trinity Audiology Specialists, PLLC Rae Guerrero, Au.D. (409) 727-4327 7980 Anchor Dr., Ste. 300B, Port Arthur, TX 77642 rguerrero@trinityaudiology.com www.trinityaudiology.com Audiology

UniFirst Christine Huggins (337) 497-0061 240 Signal Street, Lake Charles, LA, 70615 christine_huggins@unifirst.com Uniforms

Trinity Industrial Services, LLC Bart Umphrey (409) 722-6700 13071 West Port Arthur Rd, Beaumont, TX 77705 bart@trinityinds.com www.trinityindustrialsvc.com Industrial Contractors

United Board of Missions Ora Mae Terro (409) 962-5661 6650 Ninth Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77643 jkuehms@unitedmissions.org www.unitedmissions.org Crisis & Family Assistance

Triple J Construction Jason Leday (972) 746-8027 PO Box 1148, Pearland, TX 77588 fred@triplejcontractors.net Contractors - General

United Communications Inc. Ricky Reese (409) 842-3790 5615 College Street, Beaumont, TX 77707 ucicom@aol.com www.unitedcommunicationsbmt.com Radio Equipment & Repair

Towers Elite Service Jim Towers (409) 832-2444 2910 W Cedar St, Beaumont, TX 77702 CustServ@TowersElite.biz www.TowersElite.com Janitorial Services

Triple S Industrial Corp. Rickey Simmons (409) 755-4077 PO Box 8069, Lumberton, TX 77657 gregs@triplesindustrial.com www.triplesindustrial.com Contractors - General

TownePlace Suites by Marriott Zoe Scheer (409) 722-2700 2700 Port Plaza Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642 cherneva.thomas@dpgpartners.com www.marriott.com/bptts Hotels & Motels

TROOP Industrial Brian Swindel (409) 727-7384 4330 North Link st., Groves, TX 77619 brian@troopindustrial.com www.troopindustrial.com Industrial Supplies and Equipment

United Rentals Meagan Reves (409) 729-1131 5425 N. Twin City Hwy., Nederland, TX 77627 rlandry@ur.com Equipment Rental & Sales-industrial And Commerciali United Site Services Eric Harrington (409) 540-2584 1497 W Cardinal Dr, Beaumont, TX 77705 Eric.harrington@unitedsiteservices.com www.unitedsiteservices.com Industrial Services

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United Sorbents South Ed Ceciliano (409) 813-8580 3250 Commerce, Port Arthur, TX 77642 ed@unitedsorbents.com Manufacturing & Distrubting United Way of Mid and South Jefferson County Karen Do (409) 729-4040 7980 Anchor Dr., #600, Port Arthur, TX 77642 karen.do@unitedwaymsjc.org www.unitedwaymsjc.org Organizations - Non Profit Universal Plant Services, Inc. Keith W. Browning II (409) 842-3700 2130 Wellsprings Dr, Beaumont, TX 77705 kbrowning@universalplant.com www.universalplant.com Industrial Services UP Texas,LLC Matt Hendon (409) 853-1008 2901 Turtle Creek Dr. Ste.417, Port Arthur, TX 77640 matth@up-texas.com www.up-texas.com Technical Staffing


Valero Barbara Phillips (409) 985-1000 PO Box 909, Port Arthur, TX 77641 www.valero.com Petroleum Refineries Vallen Wayne Cornwell (409) 749-3836 5375 N Twin City Hwy., Nederland, TX 77627 heather.gray@vallen.com www.vallen.com Industrial Supplies Vector Contols and Automation Group Nicki Bowling (281) 998-8473 4940 46th Street, Port Arthur, TX 77642 sales@vectorcag.com www.vectorcag.com Industrial Instrumentation

Verizon-Business Piarre Armstrong (409) 926-9237 4125 Dowlen Rd., Beaumont, TX 77706 piarre.armstrong@verizon.com www.verizon.com/business Telecommunications - Service, Equipment & Repair Vin’s Paint & Body Mid-County, Inc. Vince Oliva (409) 724-0169 1025 S. Hwy. 69, Nederland, TX 77627 vinsmidco@sbcglobal.net Auto Body Repair & Painting


Walmart Supercenter - Twin City #05-09000 Debbie Breaux (409) 962-7858 4999 Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX 77642 www.walmart.com Department Stores Waste Management, Inc. John Munoz (409) 727-3123 2175 W. Cardinal Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705 kbuckner@wm.com www.wm.com Environmental - Products & Services Weber, Congressman Randy Randy Weber (281) 410-8914 133 N Friendswood Dr, Ste. 353, Friendswood, TX 77546 Randy@RandyWeber.org www.randyweber.org Individual Members Wells Fargo - Twin City Hwy. Clint Linscomb (409) 365-1100 4000 Twin City Highway, Bldg B, Groves, TX 77619 www.wellsfargo.com Banks Whitlow Law Firm Ken Whitlow (409) 860-3228 7675 Folsom Dr., Ste. 100, Beaumont, TX 77706 ken.whitlow@whitlowlegal.com www.whitlowlegal.com Law Office

Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. James Harrison (409) 736-2821 PO Box 2563, Port Arthur, TX 77643 james.harrison@veolia.com www.veoliaes.com Environmental - Products & Services

Williams Fire & Hazard Control ( a division of Tyco Fire Protection Products) Robert Adams (409) 971-4100 9605 Richard Wycoff Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77640 robert.adams@tycofp.com www.williamsfire.com Firefighting Equipment

Vepica Eduardo Ojeda (713) 429-1246 2002 W. Grand Pkw. N Ste. 200, Katy, TX 77449 eduardo.ojeda@vepica.com www.vepica.com Engineering Services & Construction

Williams Florists and Gifts Alan Davenport (409) 962-4489 5890 32nd Street, Groves, TX 77619 williamsflorist@yahoo.com www.williamsflorist.com Florists

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Willows Apartments Richard Cox (409) 721-5204 7924 Willowood Lane, Port Arthur, TX 77642 willowapthomes@aol.com Apartments/Townhomes/Condos Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas Pamela Wise (409) 984-2573 4680 FM 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 imogene.chargois@setworks.org www.setworks.org Employment Agencies


Xylem Dewatering Solutions John West (409) 739-0780 4725 Mercantile Street, Beaumont, TX 77705 john.west@xyleminc.com www.godwinpumps.com Equipment Rental & Sales-industrial And Commercial


YMCA of Port Arthur Kevin Pearson (409) 962-6644 6760 Ninth Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642 kevin.person@ymcasetx.org www.ymcasetx.org Fitness / Wellness


Zachry Group Lee Peterson (409) 960-5037 P. O. Box T, Groves, TX 77619 thibodeauxh@zachrygroup.com www.zachrygroup.com Industrial General Contractor

409-727-7473 www.armorshred.com Serving Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana Contact us for a FREE Estimate!

Easy Document Shredding & Destruction Safe Document Storage Containers

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Young Emerging Leaders

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State of Education Luncheon

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Contractors Business Group

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Sabine Pilots are serving the shipping industry and the public ports of Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange as well as the private oil terminals and the industrial complex of Southeast Texas. The Sabine Neches Waterway is the economic lifeline and the gateway to world commerce. It is the duty of the Sabine Pilots to maintain the safety and the environmental integrity of the waterway. We have done so since 1881 and pledge to continue.

(409) 722-3126 • Fax (409) 962-4955 2605 Jimmy Johnson Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640 www.sabinepilots.com

P.O. Box 909 • Port Arthur, TX 77641-0909 • (409) 985-1000 We are proud to support the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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Representing Buyers and Sellers Serving Southeast Texas And Lake Sam Rayburn Areas


Spend. Save. Thrive.





Port Arthur LNG is a proud partner of the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. At Port Arthur LNG, we value working with businesses that reflect the customers and communities we serve and that enhance our efforts to contribute to a more vibrant and robust local community. For more information on how your business can work with us, visit PortArthurLNG.com

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce 2021

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We’re neighbors caring for neighbors. The CHRISTUS St. Mary Outpatient Center - Mid County is blessed to continue our mission to care for you with the dignity and compassion you deserve. The Outpatient Center provides greater access to a full range of services and programs for our neighbors in Port Arthur, Port Neches, Nederland and Groves.

Services include: •24/7 Emergency Center VOTED BEST ER IN MID COUNTY •Certified Concussion Center •Chemotherapy Services •Full-Service Imaging Center •Full Service Women’s Center •Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center •Infusion Services •In-house Laboratory Services •Outpatient Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy 8801 9th Avenue | Port Arthur | TX 77642

To schedule an appointment today, call 409.724.3600 or visit ChristusSETX.org. 19-3307

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PA Chamber directory 2021  

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